7 Stars Holistic Healing Center

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3223 Pierce Street, Richmond, CA 94804


37.8993642, -122.3093011




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Call for questions: 510-527-7827

The 7 Stars philosophy is simple – Provide great medicine and great service in a friendly, informed and secure environment. We work hard to develop a patient service model that is well-respected and focused on the needs of members. Our dedication to medical cannabis and patients that benefit from its use is present in every aspect of our history, operations, and core values.

Proudly Serving Patients in Richmond, El Cerrito Berkeley, Oakland, Marin, San Francisco Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato,Sacramento Vacaville, Fairfield ,Vallejo , Benicia , Fairfax ,San Anselmo ,San Rafael , Ross, Kentfield, Larkspur, Corte Madera,Mill Valley ,
Belverdere ,Tiburon ,Crockett ,Rodeo ,Hercules ,El Sobrante ,San Pablo ,Albany ,Kensington ,Emeryville ,Alameda ,San Leandro
,Hayward , Piedmont ,Orinda ,Lafayette ,Moraga ,Danville ,Alamo ,Walnut Creek ,Pleasant Hill ,Concord ,Pacheco ,Martinez ,Bay Point ,Pittsburg , Antioch , Brentwood, Pleasanton and all of California since 2009.


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79 reviews for “7 Stars Holistic Healing Center

  1. killshark

    Quick and easy

  2. GucciKush707

    Thumbs up

  3. megstar73

    Great service! Friendly bud tenders with great tips.

  4. pkeefe86

    The atmosphere, service, as well as the quite are top notch. Great selection of vape stuff and edibles.

  5. madfoot

    This is where all the pta moms go!

  6. Nneka

    Cool place good buds

  7. garynboggs

    I have sampled many dispensarys around Northern California and the Coffee Shops in Amsterdam. By far my best experience has been with this dispensary.

    Well stocked with fresh meds, very knowledgeable and friendly bud tender, and the location is great. In a discreet location inside an shopping center that is mostly Asian oriented markets, restaurants and the like. I experienced being respected and cared for.

  8. mckenziered

    7 Stars is by far and away my favorite Dispensary in the East Bay. Wish they could open another shop in Richmond. Best customer service, get to know the folks and you will be blessed beyond measure. The owners are kind and generous hearted folks who really care about your well being. Love the meds here, lots of top shelf variety, excellent assortment of oils, waxes and other concentrates, as well as, flowers and edibles, tinctures and salves. Plus they are located in a shopping mall where you can pick up some really special and delicious Asian foods to snack on. Great place, awesome people, the best meds! Can’t beat that combo!

  9. potgeko4599

    I’m a very huge fan of this place, completely knowledgeable about product, not pushy like alot of other clubs. Prices are great and the staff is amazing

  10. tenjing

    Just say 7 star is no one for more discount

  11. Coachgomezz

    Small place but really chill vibe. It’s a nice stop if you want to just go in and out without to much extras, but definitely a smaller dispensary with limited options. However there are really nice people who are happy to help.

  12. 420vtec

    For a first time visit, it was a little difficult to find. It is in the back left hand side of the mall, upstairs.

    I came for flowers and was impressed by the quality. The selection was smaller than what I’m used to, but this helped me select quicker.

    The staff was great, very friendly in person and on the phone (I had to call because I got lost). There is a great pipe/smoke shop downstairs that offers discounts to patients which is very convenient. The staff there were great as well..

    Next time I take my dog to pt Isabel I will be back to 7 dYOEY

  13. C-Dub

    Great place! I have been to many dispensaries and this is by far one of the easiest ones to deal with. No line, great selection, good service!

  14. larayne

    Great atmosphere..

  15. AliceinEpicland

    This dispensary is really cute and it’s typically my go-to. The Budtenders are friendly and helpful. I’m kind of picky and I always really appreciate it when I can speak to a knowledgable Budtender. As a type 1 diabetic I liked that I was able to find edibles that I could have, even though I’m usually just there for flower. Great place, decent selection, fantastic staff.

  16. thebatpanda

    Honestly there are only two things that aren’t great about this location: no card processing ability, and the mall it’s in is hard to get to and can be overwhelming on weekends. Other wise great selection and prices! (and cc processing is a must as we move forward, and I know places that have it so that’s not a valid exscuse.

  17. patty33

    Nice selection of flowers. Even wider variety of CO2 cartridges. First time customer so I got a free edible sugar cookie. Everything I bought was great quality. Staff was very welcoming and nice. Plenty of parking and it was nice that there were a few different price points, even good for those on a budget.

  18. younique68

    its great i can walk there from my house..

  19. david121510

    good service

  20. coertan

    Located in a complex where it is incredibly difficult to find parking, and the location itself is fairly hard to find. 1 star because they wouldn’t let me in as a new CA resident, despite having my California doctors recommendation and proof of residency (electric bill). The front door guard was also pretty rude, and insisted that I call the dispensary on my cell phone to get any information about whether I could get in or not, despite having a radio which he used several times to contact the indoor staff for other reasons. Will not be returning.

  21. maxiecar

    It’s coo.

  22. mjone081


  23. cytestfp2

    Great location.

  24. Lasto

    This place is old school, that’s why I go. Helpful staff, good prices, just enough selection to keep you happy and not confused. I highly reccomend to any patient out there.

  25. fahdibles

    So I heard about this place from a friend like most of us have and have been coming here ever since. All the staff are super friendly and want to help you find the right thing for you. we all have been to other dispensaries where they try to sell you on what they want or what they like. I have been perfecting my edible making now for 2 years and they have been generous enough to sample my edibles give me feedback and even go to the lengths of getting them tested for me. I gotta say hands down one of the best dispensaries in the East Bay

  26. Zack0613

    They always got the joog

  27. scrappyanddapperdan

    Very very good service! everyone who works there is super knowledgable and very helpful! Love the krispys and brownies! Very delicious 🙂 thanks for being around you guys!
    My first time in here is always matched with the same customer satisfaction every time.

  28. pinkvenus

    Love this place! 7 Stars is the best!!!

  29. Nyetah

    It’s hard to use terms like “average” when the average dispensaries in the area are so high. But not much sticks out above other East Bay dispensaries.

    Quality: yes they have good strains but unlike every other dispensary around, test results are not emblazoned on their product. Besides a sign that says they test, there is no easily viewable proof.

    Service/knowledge: I have spoken with one person there that easily doled out advice and information. The several other times the folks either didn’t know or were too aloof to share with me. Again this is in contrast to the exuberance of most of the budtenders in the other East Bay dispensaries.

    Price: Oy! 7Stars is quite easily the most expensive in the East Bay. I find that they charge $15-20 more, for some of the strains that I’m interested in. For example, they sell ACDC for $55 1/8. I can drive a bit further to Berkeley and on average I can get it for $27-35.

    Location: Yes, it’s conveniently right off the freeway. But unless you’ve been there before you will get lost the first time. And during peak shopping times the parking, think crowded mall parking.

    Overall: I’m glad they are here but for me they leave a lot to be desired. I wish they’d replace all of the customer service PR/marketing language you can read for them and actually show that in their actions.

    P.s. Yes, it’s a cute place with a good selection for such a small place.

  30. Cachi241

    Hi there! Do you guys have free classes?


    I think it’s a quick stop location. Compared to upscaled dispensers 7 stars is like a stop for cheap convenient gas.

    The product they had was served in bags and the vendor kept coming with more junk behind the counter.

    So many stems and very leafy.

    Pretty much if I was with family and I wanted to show them a good time. This place is not that.

  32. kandiihartz89

    Great! Love the energy! Great stuff for great prices too!

  33. dash5254

    Thank you
    7 Stars Holistic Healing
    for their generous support of my fundraising efforts for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for many years!

  34. Shoe215

    At first it was a little weird looking for a dispensary in an Asian shopping mall, but I’ve really grown to love this dispensary. Everyone that I’ve ever dealt with has been knowledgeable and kind. Thank you.

  35. douglasalanpratt

    I’ve been coming here for the past few weeks now. they have GREAT service and great Flower, Extracts, You name it! I cant name one time that I’ve left this Despensery unhappy.

  36. Prince2Smoove

    Great location for me. I can go get some crab from ranch99, get my raw papers from the smoke shop, then pick up some good good from 7star and in straight. Good prices for good weed. Ice cream, lemonade, edibles, etc. they got it ALL!!!!

  37. krs94547

    i think its a fine lication but i get rushed when i go. i do like the fact thats in a mall for safety reasons. i like to see what they have not have the feeling like im going to dealer where i just get my meds and leave a quick as possible! !

  38. keaf81

    Good selection with great staff…

  39. cashinheavy

    Pineapple Thai is my favorite strain here dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  40. samhouston

    Had to review to recognize the great improvement this place has made in recent months. I visited the new location today and it’s SO much better! There’s a little bit more room, at the very least a much better flow and a MUCH better vibe.

    The old location felt like a doctor’s office and was tucked into the corner of a dark corner of a mall. The new location is bright, parking is easy and the layout of edibles and clones is much more approachable and accessible.

    Prices have come down a bit but they’re still kind of high. I’m hoping things will equalize a bit as supply catches up with demand, now that we’re a Full Rec State.

    Besides prices, I also feel like the budtenders can improve. I asked questions about each strain I picked out, in particular, I was interested in what’s in the strain and what’s it like. The Budtender couldn’t answer any of these questions, he could only say “Uh…it’s selling!”. To be honest, if you just printed out Leafly cards for each strain you carry, that would make things way better for everyone. I’d like to know the lineage of the strain so that I figure out if I’ll like the effects and taste. Hopefully this will improve over time.

    All in all, I’m rooting for 7 Stars. We need a great dispensary in this part of Richmond/El Cerrito. 7 Stars is on the way there 🙂

  41. tmonet

    I LOVE seven stars. They are very knowledgeable and always have a wide variety to choose from. Happy Hour Every Friday also

  42. daninegrinca


  43. glider40

    The folks at 7 Stars have always been great to visit. High quality medication and super friendly service. I’m not new to cannabis but many of the new products are new to me and the staff here is alway very helpful.

  44. asmoovy

    by far the most expensive club I’ve ever been to! $75 eighths! FOH! No way I’d purchase from here. they advertising platinum kush for $55 then when you get there they want $74 bucks

  45. bethie47

    Seven Stars is #1! Kind, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Free goodies on Fridays. Wide variety of product with prices for every budget. If you’re a first time visitor it can be hard to find, it’s in the back and side of the mall, upstairs next to the massage place.

  46. dsharp

    I really love this place! Tucked away in a discreet, secure spot in the Pacific East Mall, the staff here are knowledgable and friendly and the selection is great. I love how easy it is to just stop in, get some suggestions on new strains to try, pick something, and be on my way. This is my go-to spot 🙂

  47. BBostic1

    Nice and private.

  48. LS87

    On my mission to try all clubs in my surrounding area, I came across this one. I did get a little lost in the mall, but eventually located it and went on in. The security at the front door was a little grouchy, but whatever it’s all good we all have our days. The intake for my first time visit was quick! The selection was awesome, I like how they have some items on display so you can view at your own convenience. My bud tender was chill, knowledgeable. Not that I asked to many questions because of my anxiety LoL, but I managed to get what I wanted (vape set up) and left. Then returned five minutes later because I forgot flower…overall I would return to this location, I like how it’s small and tucked in an Asian mall with a great selection.

  49. amwuffy

    hard to find though the mall its located in is nice, so if you get lost you have something to do. it was my first time there i first went because i looked up my favorite strain and they were the only dispensary carrying it, but after getting inside i saw they had an amazing wide range selection. the staff was well informed, chill, and since it was my first time i got a free cannabis cookie and 10% off my purchase. highly recommended dispensary 🙂

  50. madmanThc

    7 Stars has a very nice atmosphere and is very good at educating as well as knowing their patients. Great Service!

  51. mdoobie

    iLove the variety at this dispensary. There is literally everything here:) and everyone who works here is so kind. The security guard who sits in the front is also always very kind.

    BIG PLUS is that it is not located in a sketchy location. This is definitely my go-to club ever since my friend brought me here

  52. dubelstep

    Great staff, excellent edible selection along with affordable bud and top shelf stuff. I’ve been coming here for the last few months and have been satisfied with everytime i go in there. Some of the hash might be a little overpriced but like i said, they have a great selection of just about anything.

  53. mrharrislucas

    I love the staff and just the vibes.
    They are very knowledgable and just great people. You can tell this dispensary really cares about the patient and not the money.

  54. CallMeGracie

    I got lost the first time I went to 7 Stars because I had no idea they were upstairs in the mall where they are located. Quick registration as a first time customer and the staff were friendly and helpful. I didn’t get to look around as much as I would have liked because my ride was waiting outside for me. I will definitely be back though; they are relatively close to me locally and have a nice selection with good prices.

  55. humlifelivin

    Nice selection, very knowledgeable staff.

  56. Wabadabadubdub

    Don’t buy the $5 pre rolls. Amongst the shake of leaves and stems you’ll find hair.

  57. flex1

    Very nice location with friendly and knowledgable staff.

  58. OutKasT

    Somewhat Pricey
    Good edible selection
    Good Quality Bud
    Nice Environment
    Solid service
    Free Edible Friday’s

  59. karen.randolph1

    love this dispensary! great product always consistently good. great staff; they’re helpful, knowledgable, and nice.

  60. burtsbeesDUP

    Was in the El Cerrito/Richmond area and in need, found this place. Great selection & really nice people!

  61. Laurenelise

    This club is great, the people who work here are also wonderful as well as the flowers too.

  62. dclift2007

    Awesome service!

  63. mursil

    Friendly and very helpful, quality options.

  64. natrlmama

    I’ve been coming to 7 Stars for almost a year. It is my favorite dispensary. The staff is friendly and knowledgable. They have a great selection prices are reasonable and the location is very convenient.

  65. Crazee4Dogz

    It’s all about the medicine quality and staff attitude! Knowledgeable & friendly staff are happy to guide first time users as well as the OGs. Trish is great, but all the budtenders have great attitudes!

  66. cliffdiver25

    easy to get to and great prices

  67. Smylee1125

    Great service and knowledgeable friendly associates!

  68. tannerdad01

    Outstanding and knowledgeable employees. I have asked for suggestions on different occasions and the staff listen and make great recommendations!!! I always enjoy going there simply for the variety offered, and the friendly staff!

  69. chillblanko

    this place is tight
    a lil pricey but hey
    security guards out front are super chill
    budtenders are always friendly and helpful
    hard to find for your first time but you never forget where it is after that

    – White Dave

  70. JMarkus

    Got exactly what I needed…and then some! Thanks, ladies. Y’all are crazy cute. I’m coming back.

  71. Fourtomene

    It is in a great location and the service is always wonderful and the staff is very knowledgeable. Stop by and tell them “7 Stars is #1!”

  72. migsilva88

    great location next to El Cerrito,knowledgable and friendly staff always a plus,definitely coming back here again 🙂

  73. Throes

    7 Stars donation prices are decent but their high quality flower and CBD products are overpriced in my opinion. All the wax is the same price and I haven’t had bad quality wax from here. The edibles are decent and a normal price. The budtenders are friendly, I’ve never had a bad experience with the staff. The location of the dispensary is in a mall, which was unexpected my first time there but it is a nice dispensary.

  74. ydizzle

    My favorite club so far! Imelda is the best! Have recommended and will be back!!

  75. Gram57

    Anyone living in El Cerrito are will Love the clean, secure, location located in a strip mall. The staff is friendly and are willing to keep if you need them. The prices are very responsible not to mention the quality is GREAT. I also Love the points carddY~f Can’t wait to try the whole menu.

  76. DoubleOh

    Good selection, knowledgeable and friendly staff

  77. Coppla

    friendly staff

  78. betterme

    Initially I liked this place and made the trip (40mi) a few times but was disappointed of last to learn that their menu was not current. Do call first, and do not ask questions of guy wearing a ball cap..arrogant!

  79. eddislicc420

    Excellent service and very professional , would def return every time I’m in the rich

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