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5142 Vineland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 91601


34.1638419, -118.3700182




10:00 AM – 9:50 PM


10:00 PM – 9:50 PM


10:00 AM – 9:50 PM


10:00 AM – 9:50 PM


10:00 AM – 9:50 PM


10:00 AM – 9:50 PM


10:00 AM – 9:50 PM


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RECREATIONAL – 21+ Zen NoHo, a.k.a. Downtown Collective, is a pre-ico entity and fully compliant with Prop. D, and also licensed for recreational use. Our team has been serving patients with the highest quality products at an outstanding donation since 2006. Our knowledgeable, friendly, and fun staff will show you the wide variety that we have to offer.

M10-18-0000220-TEMP, A10-18-0000174-TEMP


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146 reviews for “Zen Noho

  1. Ikechi91

    awesome spot
    Noro is the man!!!

  2. trc

    A friend told me about ZenNoho about 2 months ago and ever since then its been my go to dispensary. The employees are friendly,knowledgeable and there is always great specials to be had.

  3. Trayski22

    My favorite shop by far nice atmosphere and chill Budtenders
    On My way here for my weekly pickup I highly recommend this shop great deals as well and nice yummy buds dY~<

  4. Cbrechem10

    Very good and nice.

  5. PolyCypherpunk

    Was given a completely arbitrary rule, went to another dispensary (pre-ICO), said they never heard of THAT rule, must be a personal preference for the dispensary owners aEUR” The (fallback) dispensary got me in, got me sorted.

    The security guard, was aggressive, needlessly combative, and in my opinion looking for a confrontation; completely unprofessional!

    For first-time patients, do yourself a favor, go elsewhere aEUR” avoid the aggravation, they don’t have anything here that you can’t find elsewhere!

    I will never go to this location again, and will be making sure that I renew these reviews often…

  6. cemoll

    Wham, Bam, Thank You Zen!

  7. Jacobmmm

    I love their wax for the price. The staff their is the best too.

  8. soul68

    one of the best dispensaries I’ve ever encountered an excellent variety of medicine kind and friendly budtenders great disabled access and and abundance of specials deals as well if you’re in the area Zen NoHo is a must visit

  9. Ernir7559248

    The bomb deals all day

  10. JT818

    I love this store! Great selection and very friendly staff. I never go anywhere else.

  11. will268

    let me be the first to write a review that talks about disability access and kindness towards folks who are disabled speak to the staff here and they will educate you on all that is available they are kind and knowledgeable and have a variety of medicines to help you deal with your medical needs. really an a-plus-plus establishment with a lot of choice deals and varieties of Medicine overall you have to give this place a shot and once you go in you’ll be back

  12. Darkadian

    This is my all-time favorite dispensary. Everyone is so kind, even the security always has a smile and a kind word.

  13. colinitquits

    Lulu was cool, hooked me up. They have a prize wheel for first time customers which was very fun, very chill

  14. cesarm98

    Great selection of herb and awesome people making it a great friendly shop 🙂 Recommend as a must to visit for any patient.

  15. chacho0627

    I’m a first timer to this dispensary and “Cat” was absolutely tremendous in helping me discover a suitable medication for my needs. I will definitely patronize Zen again and recommend it to others.

  16. PJS777

    This place is awesome! I’ve been to nicer dispensaries but none have ever checked me in that fast for being a first time visit. You do all of your paperwork via a touch iPad and Boom! You’re right in. Everyone from the receptionist to the budtenders was friendly and nice. I drove from Sherman Oaks to there just to grab some J1… wow… super good, my new fav strain, plus they had a few CBD strains I was happy to find. Easy experience. I’ll def recommend.

  17. Ekehler

    I spoke with Zoe about my issues. Panic attacks, sleeplessness and general anxiety. I told her I wanted something that would calm my mind but not to the point where I couldn’t go about my day… Also something as a sleep aid. She suggested Sour Maui, White Grape and Dreamland. So far, I feel much better! I look forward to going with my wife soon. This location is very convenient for us too… walking distance!! Thanks!

  18. Erupt8229

    I really like the atmosphere and the very very friendly and knowledgeable staff have always been able to help me with my ailments, thanks again

  19. mpetrosk

    Friendly knowledgeable bud-tenders!!!
    Great buds at good prices!!!

  20. vicfirth98

    Noro is the man. The best dispensary in No Hollywood

  21. Lancelot79

    This is a great store, I don’t live over there anymore. I sure do miss it the staff are great. X-lant selection..

  22. kimmyattisson

    i love it. the staff is great. the place has a great energy. the flower is top shelf. and its affordable. i love how they run it!

  23. billh68

    few dispensaries can maintain quality while providing good deals as well as kind and knowledgeable staff a variety of products to help you heal and recover Zen NoHo is the dispensary for you

  24. tjinca1

    Location is great. Right on Vine, and they are an actual legal dispensary so they have signs that make it easy to find. The budtenders are so knowledgeable, they sound like they have degrees in this stuff, yet they are really helpful and cool. And they have a lot of products. They will always have what you want. Highly recommend!

  25. majorstoner42000

    ilove the fact that wen im have a fucked up day the bud in the shop make it hella better

  26. SimplerJack

    REALLY knowledgeable bud tenders who are suuuper chill and helpful. I went in on the day before my birthday, and the gentlemen helping noticed that, and ran to the fridge and gave me an edible cake. I used to go all over trying new places. This one is the best!!!

  27. karek68

    best dispensary in the valley
    this place has great deals excellent medicine they even have a raffle they are accessible for disabled patients and have a variety of Edibles as well A+ + a must-visit

  28. thoma110

    Great deals and high quality! Zoe was very helpful and knowledgeable. It’s always nice when the staff is nice too! I will definitely be coming back and telling friends to come as well!

  29. Logan5ive

    Great location, great atmosphere, asweome selection. Super friendly and knowledgeable.

  30. kcounts

    awesome location!!!!! great deals on excellent herb. they truly care about servicing you well! Lulu was awesome and so are other members of staff. been here a few times, on my way there now! and would definitely shop again!

  31. tiny2773


  32. Amal1988

    Be very careful,they are crooks. They show you and make you smell the most wonderful stuff that is put for display. You make your selection and get out your money to buy the stuff you selected. The sales lady puts something else that is old and hard like a stone. The problem is that she already got your money and gave you the stuff in a stapled bag. The receipt you get doesn’t even carry the store’s name and practically worthless. It reminds me of the old days of buying bad weed from a dealer in the back of a car except now you have to pay a 10% county tax, 15% state tax and 12% city tax.

  33. Goldaline

    The budtenders here are very helpful in selecting the perfect strain! All the staff I’ve interacted with have been very friendly and welcoming.

  34. Deardanii

    This is my go to shop! They always have good deals, and the vibes are great all around. I honestly don’t shop anywhere else.

  35. Leiser44

    Love this place! They always have great deals and some of the best bud! Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly! Just renewed my medical card so I can go back!

  36. mwcstoner

    5 stars all around!! I was in the area and decided to stop by. A lot of smiles, great vibes, and super dank flower and shatter!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this shop!!! THANK YOU ALWAYS ZEN!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  37. ptcemma

    Everyone is so friendly from the front security guard to the budtender. They always make sure to hook it up .2 each time I’ve gone.

  38. ferreroe

    Great place. Really friendly and cool staff . Had a lot of great information and very patient.

  39. wakeupj

    Deni and the whole team there is top notch – my favorite dispensary in Noho!

  40. ChrisTurnerMusic

    Great bud, great service. Thanks u

  41. aRTbyLadyDaDa

    ZenNoHo is one of my favorite collectives! One of the few collectives in LA County to have a genuine compassion program, regardless of donation, and always met with positivity from the receptionist, to the budtenders, and even the security guards, there is a real sense of community here. Although it is super busy, budtenders always take the time to answer any questions and help you find a quality cured strain to alleviate whatever ails you.

  42. sfvproducer

    Hey! This place Rocks! I really enjoy coming in every couple days to see what new strains they have on shelf. The prices are awesome, many deals on boards always.
    Noro, Cat, Ally are my favs, appreciate your chill energy peeps!

  43. ccpants

    Love this place. Chill staff. Great selection.

  44. fishsteve12052

    zen noho is …….,amazing location. awesome n super tenders quality is fire all day

  45. PauleyD

    Convenient parking, friendly & knowledgeable staff, and everyone was exceptionally helpful as this was my 1st experience. This has been my only visit to a cannibis dispensary and they made me feel very welcome. The product recommendations were right on target and high quality. This will be my “go to” store when I need replenishment.

  46. Disnyhaunt70

    Zen Noho is the friendliest place to get weed in the Valley! Everyone is always super nice and I never feel uncomfortable there. Great prices for some excellent product

  47. reasoning420

    Great place slymer is on point!!

  48. smokeysmokeyhighbitch

    This is overall my favorite dispensary so far, everyone is so nice and makes you feel welcome whenever you stop by. Their deals are awesome too !! This is my main dispensary 🙂

  49. PayasoPhD

    The Bargain Bin is always worth a look into. With some pre-made top shelf 8ths, you’re bound to find something good in there. The Green Lantern pack they had was awesome. Better than the movie by 0><0.

  50. kdermod

    Absolutely fantastic dispensary; bomb ass bud, friendly as fuck staff, and a location too convenient to beat!
    Bonus points: pretty much the only place where I don’t get a panic attack in a crowded room

  51. Romero08

    Second time coming back and I love the customer service. Always very nice and they know their inventory. And have to love the music! From all the dispensaries i been to the atmosphere here is unique.

  52. Bradfromtexas

    The best weed shop in LA you have to give them a try

  53. happyjack42

    Easy, friendly, excellent flower

  54. cthulhu12

    I had never been to a dispensary so I didn’t know what to expect. This place has a very professional set up and a very knowledgeable staff. Good deals at any given moment. I’m telling all my friends My friends to go here and I’m going back today. I love it!

  55. Espnrockz

    Glamour weed all day

  56. tylesulk

    The staff was extremely welcoming, knowledgeable, and professional during my 1st visit to this shop! Zoe took the time to show me around the shop, and explain the products to me in detail. Great products, great prices, plus they carry XJ-13!!

  57. JohnSegalla

    Such a great location! Felt more like a friend than a costumer. Allie was my bud-tender and she was so informative and nice :). Would highly recommend this place for anyone that wants quality.

  58. Jresch123

    Loved the place, all the bud tenders are very friendly, they always have great deals! Definitely coming here again.

  59. ssfox21

    Denny is
    awesome and great

  60. MantisToboggan28

    This place is the best!! Awesome quality for awesome prices. I will definitely be back again and again.

  61. theastrotraveler

    I just visited and let me tell you….this place is DOPE! Sam is a awesome bud tender and made my experience super chill! If your in the area cruise through.

  62. getfin321

    Great customer service. Ryan was super helpful and the experience felt personal and friendly. Very knowledgeable staff and great selection!

  63. kjplayz

    I love this place, I refer all of my friends here. I won’t go anywhere else.

  64. ShaneK818

    Dee is the best budtender, great prices and quick service!

  65. shadowzeroR31

    I’m new to all these marijuana strands and zen noho has helped me a lot to understand them and what is quality for the best price

  66. amnorvend

    Great service. Great weed. Great benefits. A tad expensive though.

  67. Mccracken420

    Very Rude. just wanted me on and put. could knowledgeably answer questions. would not recommend!

  68. ahhnahh


  69. alexajar

    Great place, great weed, great deals.

  70. Goldstone8

    Best service I’ve ever experienced. Lauren was a delight to work with.

  71. finebrudda

    Awesome place. These guys know their stuff, have it all, and are totally helpful and informative. They Rock.

  72. eklektikos

    The quality is bambastic! The service is phenomenal! The atmosphere is great but not perfect. Ironically I’m writing this review on ZEN NOHO after smoking some PURPLE ZEN, recommended by miss TayTay. Staff was attentive and genuinely concerned for their patients safety. Especially if this patient has never taken edibles before. And 1000 thank you’s for introducing me to CBD! Overall I would definitely go back. Friendly staff, awesome environment and quality kush!

  73. plomtumley

    why do I keep coming here? amazing deals friendly staff. there’s no need to go anywhere else!

  74. Ggm8413

    Amazing customer service great deals with quality flowers to match. Im always catered to. Thanks Zen.

  75. sam.H

    Pleased with bud. Was good. Delivery time was quick.

  76. wmc413

    great customer service.the employees are awesome.the flowers are danky and beautiful thats why im always going back and forth.ZEN NOHO#1

  77. GArnold

    I went to 20+ shops before I came here and the staff was so knowledgeable and friendly with great flowers that I’ve never gone anywhere after. Very professional here.

  78. qonos1

    really a class dispensary excellent staff very kind and helpful security staff is very helpful to disabled people they also have wonderful selection of medication good deals what else could you ask for a must visit

  79. bluejen

    Easily my favorite dispensary. The help is superb; so friendly and funny and I always walk away with a recommended strain that I end up falling in love with. Their selection of edibles is also top notch. Always a pleasant experience from A to Z.

  80. danlookdown

    Great experience. Friendly people nice prices.

  81. Tattoosndank4200

    Bomb kush for a good deal

  82. Stacv

    Excellent qualities!!!

  83. dude68

    excellent medicine wonderful kind staff disabled accessible brilliant deals a must visit

  84. Fuzzywuzzyblah

    It’s great!

  85. Islandbun

    Came here on a Saturday around 6pm. Walked in through the side door and was assisted by some cool chick. Wish I got her name because she was awesome. Took my information and got buzzed in. I decided to give this place a go because of the strains they offer. But of course it also helps for them to have awesome Customer Service. Lulu assisted me and she was a cool chick. Super cute and very helpful. I will definitely be coming back. Thanks for a good first time visit.

  86. Camdcald8

    Great service, friendly staff, and the know their products. Yes

  87. stevenkesten

    Zen Noho is tops! Anna and entire staff are truly there for their patients! I have said it before….GOLDEN SOULS!

  88. miyadung

    Great first time patient deal. Won $20 for next purchase by spinning the wheel! Super friendly budtender. Would recommend.

  89. currentlysmacked

    Great variety of herbs, sweet deals and chill ass budtenders

  90. jythegr8

    Probably come back

  91. chevskidon

    Good deals and chill people

  92. PollyPothead69

    My favorite dispensary in the val!

    Great staff!
    Awesome selection!!
    Terrific deals!!!

  93. Mauricio8

    Great location! By far the best shop I’ve been to so far! Great variety!

  94. jajabing

    This place is the best! I keep coming back because everyone treats me so nice. I highly recommend this place to everyone!!!

  95. slowrey116

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selection.

  96. chrisdart

    Love it

  97. inkarn8

    Great dispensary. One of my favorites in the East Bay.

  98. gabbagabbahey

    I will no longer patronize this dispensary as they charge 35% tax instead of the standard 30%.

  99. PuddingsHarley

    Been going here for a while and they have some awesome quality would definitely recommend for service and knowledge

  100. sunflowerweed22

    Thank you Zen noho for always making me feel welcomed as soon as I walk in!
    Lots of love for the joints and all the tenders <3
    Shouts out to the homie Anna!! 😀

  101. poisonivy47

    Friendly staff with the best flower in town. My new favorite shop!

  102. treker68

    wonderful place to go for the holidays to get what you need for medicine excellent service for disabled people wonderful deals kind staff

  103. zacroane

    Zen Noho is by far one of the best dispensaries in the San Fernando Valley. everytime I come in no matter the hour Everyone is always courteous and helpful I look forward to my trips to Zen. Deni is so courteous and helpful when I don’t know which strains to choose from. I highly recommend this dispensary to anyone and everybody!

  104. bretts34

    Can’t say enough good things about magnolia. Great caring staff and quality medicine.

  105. CjHook

    Great place to go

  106. 2SloJo

    Just moved here, the reception is super chill and the budtenders are on point. I am extremely happy this is my new spot. I can’t wait to go back.

  107. Alacrity

    This place is amazing- but waaaaay off the beaten path hidden away in a corner of West Oakland. Not only do they offer amazing meds, and a variety of concentrates that will literally blow your mind, but the member patient services are even more impressive. From 3 kinds of massage therapy, to acupuncture and chiropractic as well as a barber- all are at no charge to the members of the collective (just be sure to tip- these people deserve to be paid for their services) and all are professionally administered. Donations are reasonable, top shelf is under valued- you will pay more for the same quality elsewhere. The daily specials are pretty good too.

    Check em out- they are definitely worth the time.

  108. token710

    this place is amazing for there wax I’m doing this for free joints but there wax is dank

  109. Rodas27

    Great Place! Came for my first time and loved it. Great staff and Great Supply.

  110. cnavy

    Great customer service! Solid strains. Highly recommend. Will come back soon!!!

  111. theeverhigh

    Exceptional staff, quality products, a large menu to choose from, what more could you ask for!

  112. currentlyshlumpd

    Amazing herbs, great deals, chill

  113. unknownklone

    It was my first time and they got me in quick. Took maybe 5 minutes for the whole process. Once I was in I was helped with knowledge and kindness.

  114. bawkk

    its bomb here! dY’PSthey have a large variety of options. the staff is extremely friendly, they make you feel at home! highly recommend this shop to any one by nh . 🙂

  115. leaflyweedmaps

    Went here for flowers and asked for seven different types. They didn’t have one and didn’t offer up any other ideas. Came all the way coz of the reviews were good. So I made one last pitch. How about Girl Scout Cookie? We ran out three days ago.

  116. Earshavewalls

    Nice stuff but watch out! The clerk charged recreational taxes on my purchase even with my medical card. Will NEVER go back to this place! RIPOFF ALERT!!!

  117. su8zero

    Quick, easy, and affordable.

    Moro helped me out tremendously.

  118. aarquia

    Great Staff
    I was super happy with the friendly and genuine service. Really accommodating and great selection, I’ll be back!

  119. Kevin818

    It’s in a great loacation, parking is small but next door to plaza, the staff is sweet and easy to talk to, the atmosphere is mellow and everything is laid out nicely. They’re shatter is smooth and the house joints aren’t harsh, have to come back to try other stuff but for my first visit i wasn’t disappointed. y’all are great keep doing what your doing.

  120. dirkcalloway

    Cool spot with great and helpful staff.

  121. kendallpaul

    I love zen noho! The bud tenders are all so nice, helpful, and patient. Noro is my favorite! Thank you for your great service

  122. dtalifersr

    A newbie and my first spin of the wheel I hit the jackpot dYZdeg for that alone the get 5 stars.

  123. PollyPothead88

    Best deals ever!!!

    Example: my last several purchases were either 3gs for under $20 and 5gs for $30. All premiun or top shelf. Very happy with the product and the price.

    And the people work there are just super cool.

    Feeling Zen. 🙂

  124. Prettybud

    Whoever is choosing the medicine, clearly knows what they’re doing. The quality is top shelf on all the products in my opinion. From Cheerful Jade at the front window, to delightful bud tender Katherine and last but far from least, I felt very safe with Kevin (Security Guard), great team work. Awesome medicine, I am thankful and grateful for your services. It is well worth the drive for me to get quality and quantity from Zen NoHo. Thank you, your hard work shows. My pain appreciates you.

  125. Billmitchca

    Very good location and staff is wonderful. Jasmine worked with me and she’s terrific. I only spent $17 but she treated me as well as I could ever expect; as if I were buying $700 worth of product. That’s great customer service–to make people feel appreciated, no matter the size of their purchase.

    The the Cherry Pie I purchased was terrific. I’ll be going back here for more.


  126. jbm93

    Love the weekly specials that turned us into regular visitors. only thing bad is parking, we have to park on a side street that’s usually nearly packed.

  127. mrfunnyman

    I must say this is one of the most professional locations I have been to in California. Great deals, Great selection, and they take care veterans too.

  128. tardis68

    this dispensary has it all great deals kind staff who are very knowledgeable of the medicine. many different forms of medicine available. And there are even is an occasional raffle so if you happen to be in the East Valley give them a definite visit

  129. ToneDef9999

    Tried another location, just to see. I think customer service and friendliness is what sets Zen apart from the others. When you come in, you feel like a friend and not a customer.

  130. jenbcab

    This location has high quality product, exceptional service and a wonderful vibe and community. I’ve recommended it to several friends who have become avid patrons.

  131. pinkmantis

    My first time at a dispensary. Everyone was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and awesome. Including the armed guard! They hook up first timers with some goodies. I’m a total newb but they treated me like snoop dogg! hahaha. Highly recommended! I’ve already been back.

  132. MBallzz

    Awesome place…awesome staff!!!!

  133. specialagentmulder

    Very good shop, staff is very nice and polite and willing to take their time to answer your questions. Thanks Zen, I’ll be bringing a friend next time

  134. RayAnderson

    Always good deals and selection. And staff knows their stuff too!

  135. jaystee420

    cool shop thanks to Allie for helping me out I went to other shops same day and this one was the best…I’ll be back…lmao

  136. Howdysteve

    Good customer service and selection

  137. BudsLA

    Will not return. Outrageously expensive.

    They charge new CA tax on top of thier old prices, so they make the same money, but thier customers pay more. Dispensaries were already required to pay taxes before 2018, now it’s enforced and places like Zen should have been factoring the price of thier medicine accordingly. To add taxes and not drop prices is simple greed and consumers should not shop at any place thats going to pass thier personal income taxes off on their customer.

  138. smeghead68

    great dispensary kind staff quality medicine excellent deals I must visit

  139. brionesinla

    It’s a no-brainer folks.
    By far the best menu and the best crew!

  140. Ranreno420

    Great place. Awesome deals

  141. shrano

    nicest budtenders ever!! shout out to noro.

  142. DarthVader38

    Noho is my go-to spot. The location is the best part about it. Friendly budtenders. Good music. Fast wait times. It’s like a Patton Oswald skit in there.

  143. Armanichanel

    I love Zen! They have the best deals and the best strains whether you’re looking for Indica,Sativa, or Hybrids! In my opinion they carry the best OG CALI KUSH strains if you’re looking for that fire dY”Y= in the middle of summer smelling like some good good!!!

  144. kranyb16

    This shop is awesome! The staff is super friendly and they have a huge selection of Top Shelf bud. I definitely will be coming back VERY SOON!

  145. roccodenzi

    La..la.de.da…da..da$me and the homegirls hit up this spot the day before tomorrow and yo the girl steph was on it Super chill but so attentive bottom line she hooked up 411 on the fresh fire we even spun the wheel and smacked for 50.straight up legit left with a ounce of fire fresh gg#4 thanks again steph bb4s

  146. dskreetiam

    First time at a Dispensary, was nervous, had no idea what was going to happen once I walked through the door. I opened the door, and right away I was greeted by the counter at check in. I was asked if it was my first time (guess I looked nervous), I said YES. I was given a quick run down of the process. Then I was In. I left with way more than I thought I would with my budget. Great Deals great products, will be going back for sure

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