Cannabal City Collective

Craft Cultivation



547 Seaton Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013


34.040151, -118.237474




9:00 AM – 8:50 PM


9:00 AM – 8:50 PM


9:00 AM – 8:50 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:50 PM


9:00 AM – 8:50 PM


9:00 AM – 8:50 PM


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Hello Cannabals & future Cannabals. Here’s a little bio about Cannabal City {MEDICINAL ONLY} if you haven’t yet heard of us (and for those who have, check out the referral coupon!)
Cannabal City, formerly Grateful Meds, is a Pre-ICO collective operating in compliance with Prop D & SB420 and are recognized by the City of Los Angeles. Our staff consists of very knowledgeable, friendly faces. Upon entering, our Security staff will open the door for you and assist with any special needs upon entry. Into our lobby where you will be greeted by one of lovely receptionists. Once all checked in, you are now granted access onto our showroom floor. Cannabal City is an official provider of 3C Farms genetics. At any given time we have 20+ strains grown in-house! This gives us the ability to be consistently offer superior medication. Beyond our 3C Flower counters, comes walls and alls of Cannabis Products. from high grade extracts, to CBD Dog treats, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Oh ya, we take Credit Cards. but we dont take American Express…




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265 reviews for “Cannabal City Collective

  1. pabloorue

    Def the best store I’m town so far. Always good deals, nice environment.

  2. redHood2190

    I think I found my one and true place to get all my medical needs. this is how shops are supposed to run.

  3. Fellyfresh216

    This place is Epic!!! It’s like in half baked when they snuck into the hospital and saw all the best bud on the planet in that room, that’s what this place is. 3C has the best service, grade A quality flower, it’s the best. Always a great deal any day you visit, I recommend you visit them you won’t be disappointed.

  4. ThisCharmlessMan

    Nice selection, amazing swag for new patients. Will be back and suggest this place to friends!


    Best shop around always fire buds best experience. Credit card accept dY’

  6. ZachP89

    This place by far is the best Shop in DTLA. The tebders are great and the flowers are always top shelf!

  7. rushisgroovin

    Amazing place. There’s a big difference between this shop and others, you’ll notice BEFORE you walk in the door. Everyone is super sweet, welcoming and helpful. There’s a genuine feel about the place. Also, they are clean, neat and professional. Never once did I feel any pressure to buy any more than I had stated. They are very educated on their strains – tell them what you would like to feel and they’ll serve it right up. I’ve been telling everyone one I know to come here, great buds, amazing prices and superior customer service. 11/10

  8. ensnare

    These guys grow their own flowers and simbce there’s no middleman you get the best buds! A+++

  9. jessicaarteaga

    I love their choices in balms

  10. garzasteve420

    My favorite spot, been here more than a couple times!

  11. rudedog69

    real simple I’ve been medicating on cannabis for multiple years I recently came down was diagnosed with a major health issue which is called fibromyalgia so what the proper cannabis and help from certain individuals and Industry I have found ways to overcome my pain and anxiety there cannabis one of my biggest helpers are cannibal City Collective they put so much hard work and dedication into there medication you can tell when using it then she still clean and tasty just amazing indicas, sativas and all the concentrates you can tell that they go through a big test before they hit the floor and that’s what I really like the most there bring nothing but quality keep up the good work guys I thank you again see you soon

  12. Citizensplicer1959

    First time here and loved it. Very clean and friendly.

  13. ElChuy

    Awesome dispensary! Really great medication the best quality you can find in Downtown LA best bud tenders ever always recommending the Best! 5 stars all the way!! Definitely recommend to everyone

  14. johnrodiles

    I’ve been coming to CC for over a year. Danni was great and knowledgeable of her products and helpful for what I was looking for.

  15. alexch

    Best bud ever & great costumer service!

  16. knowers

    Staff is very knowledgeable and professional. Will fore surely be coming back

  17. ottolit

    great herb and customer service, the budtenders are very helpfuldY~+dY~+

  18. yodaOG

    High quality, professional and the best CBD options around. Unusual, effective & great value strains that work as medicine.

  19. dabber710

    great quality amazing herb greeat atom sphere very friendly most def recommended to someone else

  20. EDDIEEE23

    Love it here. They got the best LA grown dank! Always fresh inside. Also friendly staff.

  21. shananys

    My new favorite spot. Friendly knowledgeable staff, the best products, great specials. Arts District location.

  22. djaku

    Great products and knowledgeable staff. Very cool space/location. Good vibes.

  23. johnnyb113

    Best ever

  24. Sirbudds

    Love this place hands down. They have the greatest strains and their flowers are always nice no matter what you get. Came here as a first timer a while ago and I keep coming back. Thanks Cannabal CitydY’dY3/4

  25. kants323

    best medicine anywhere in Los Angeles.. this place never let’s me down recommend to everyone.

  26. TheCannoisseur

    Today I stopped by Cannabal City the first time. With a nod to my usual favorites Mr. Nugget, Green Tree Remedy, and The Pottery – now that I’ve gotten home and smoked the 3C flower, I can confidently say that this is my favorite dispensary of all-time. Apparently, their business model was “grow the best cannabis in the city, and sell it at the best prices”. Here are some reasons why this place is an unparalleled champion -> 1. The flower is absolutely top-quality (and pesticide-free to boot). Well-grown, well-cured, unique, flavorful, and potent. 2. I got out of there with a%0^ 1 ounce of various strains at a far lower cost than I’ve found at any other dispensary in the city (for quality). 3. Extremely classy interior with a welcoming vibe. Stylistically they managed to merge “sleek” with ‘accessible’. I am put off when places have that teenage stoner ‘skate shop’ feel, but I’m also slightly put off when the shop feels like a jewelry store on Wilshire. Cannabal City hits the ideal sweet spot. 4. The budtendress was super patient and helpful. 5. The Sasquatch Sap is amazing. I took one puff and said out loud “holy $#@% @#$%$@#%”. It’s slightly different than anything I’ve ever smoked, the stone is fantastic, and it was love at first puff. Mmmmm. 6. Even the artwork on the containers is great. I’d love to hear the stories about how each strain got its name and whatnot. VERDICT – Overall my experience couldn’t have been better. Every aspect of Cannabal City Collective is a 10/10 in my book, from the service to the atmosphere to the prices, and of course, the premium flower. If I had to muster up a drawback, it’s that the drive from the coast isn’t exactly a breeze… but that’s why I plan to stock up whenever I’m there. SCORE – 100/100 (ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED – first PerfectScorea,,C/ in Cannoisseur history)

  27. jonathanchen

    Amazing service and people.. Really impressed that they grow everything under their own grow op. Would definitely come here again. Also not to mention that they hook it up for first time patients so definitely worth checking out at least once !

  28. Jerricks

    Place is great Danni and the lady at the front were great. Explained the deals prices and how to use certain pipes. First time but not the last time Danni thank you so much.

  29. TheWeedConnoisseurLA

    This is how modern day dispensaries should be run! Home grown, in-house produced product at reasonable prices. Good vibes and overall a very pleasant experience.

    The Sasquatch Sap is incredible and one of my favorite strains! I highly recommend Cannabal City!

  30. acrter22

    They are awesome great bud great service well worth it

  31. Lalaluz

    This shop has great product and an awesome staff

  32. bond007420BlazeIt

    great flavors. fresh herb. great prices. nice people. I am what else do you need? Easy breezy beautiful and high!

  33. rthach

    awesome place for the best tasting and hitting weed for me in LA. awesome people behind the bar to talk to and knows the product their serving. would always recommend.

  34. 2ndwndstudio

    Love this place!

  35. dank26

    My favorite neighborhood dispensary. Lots of cool and knowledgable tenders. My second home!

  36. Reyes94x

    First time here and it certainly won’t be my last.. I came in today based on the raving reviews I’ve seen off of WM and also that they were named Best Dispensary in SoCal so it only made sense that I pull up and see for myself. Wow. Now, this is what other places should strive for.. The staff was courteous and professional, while at the same time making you feel at home. Their showroom is the perfect size not too big or small and their selection of high quality products from their exlusive 3C flowers all the way to their vapes was impressive to say the least. Laura, the very knowledgeable (and beautiful) budtender, assisted me in finding the strains that fit my personal needs and preference. I swear I could be there all day just checking out and admiring their inventory. It’s that, damn, good.
    -Gracias to the team at Triple C !

  37. Theworseone

    I return to for the outstanding service and consistently high quality meds.
    Our budtender is wise and well informed about the various strains that best suit my needs.
    I’m going back and bringing friends!

  38. nfrixl

    Everyone is always super friendly and helpful!

  39. ericktrippy

    so profesional and has very good quality weed.

  40. El_Mm1

    Always has the dankest buds & great service!

  41. CDub130

    This spot was awesome! They have so much to chose from, edibles, oils, to flowers. Service was awesome. I got a free gram of any flower & a little gift bag of a bowl, lighter, grinder, hemp string. Definitely going back!

  42. Lilariesgirl

    Ive been coming here since they opened up after greatful meds. I have to say its a definite improvement and their 420 carnival was off the hook! I drive an hour away just to come here.!!

  43. jairockwell

    They are well informed great attitude ! Must check out !

  44. hey4717

    They have some really good bud and bomb ass sativa

  45. Davethebowler

    This is a really nice facility that cares about their patients and has high quality meds!

  46. bg81la

    This is a great shop in the Arts District with ample parking nearby and very nice looking flowers. I had a great conversation with Nikita about OG and all its varieties that 3C offers. In addition, if you’re bored, go on Youtube and type in “Between Two Strains”; Nikita made a bunch of entertaining and informative interview videos, including one with a firsthand account of how OG Kush came to LA. Many options for concentrates, edibles etc. as well. I feel that flower enthusiasts will find the most to appreciate here.

    I recommend!

  47. oghector

    Great location in DTLA. Quality strains and great customer service.

  48. martap

    I love you guys.

    Excellent service with super good stuff.

  49. edwardburks

    Awesome service

  50. GuntherWolfgang

    Great staff and awesome products!

  51. Metripp

    Really beautiful people, deep convo & ballin flowers U(c)(a1> E~ A3E~)UPatmY=

  52. TheVapedCrusader

    I’ve been coming here for almost two years and rarely shop anywhere else. The quality of the flower, the price point, and the staff are very hard to beat. You’d be foolish not to come here.

  53. danman6

    Must say, 3C definitely knows there stuff. Very consistent strains, what’s labeled is what you’re gonna get, which is a huge plus. The 3C lime sherbet will taste and smoke the same next time you decide to pick it up. None of that, “this was a bad/better batch”
    Illuminati OG is a must try for indicate lovers!

  54. marga420

    Always happy with the product here and great oeaople and spin Wednesday’s are the best!

  55. inhaletime

    Best shop around LA

  56. navarroevictor

    Great customer service, in and out experience, great security – handsome!

  57. dinahovak

    This place is awesome, FTP gift package was much better than most places for sure.

  58. crystalgee

    Love this place very friendly service and great product.

  59. OGLolaBee

    Hands down, best shop in LA. Genetics are really valued here, so that’s one of the main reasons I come, you get designer strains at discount prices. You really must check this place out if you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur like myself.

  60. jimmygreen3

    My fav spot in LA. Wall to wall dank, 24/7!

  61. ozzy84

    Great customer service,friendly staff and the quality potency is great. This is my new favorite place.

  62. nonolee

    it’s a really nice low-key spot
    with quality flowers well worth
    your money and everyone is very
    friendly and give good advice about to buy

  63. kingiaacisrael

    Best dispensary in LA. HANDS DOWN!!! All fire at CCC

  64. LauraneBean

    this shop is great the staff is knowledgeable, and nice.

  65. nenaganj

    My favorite location especially for 3c bud.

  66. TrichomePrincess

    Not only the best bud in California, but the best bud in the fucking world. Everyone here is intelligent, kind and conscientious.

  67. Fufinono

    Great selection. awesome daily specials. Many I house strains are top shelf.

  68. beanzie9

    the budtender was chill and the stock was of a variety. didn’t wrap my head around it all. some impressive strands, Blucifer for example. nice stuff guys

  69. SmoothOperator

    Patients need to look no further than Cannabal City. Located in the heart of the arts district, this dispensary has the tastiest and cleanest buds. You can tell in the way it smells, looks and SMOKES.

    With a vast menu which is inexpensive and full of daily deals, you won’t want to go anywhere else after your first time visit. All the employees are friendly and knowledgeable and they get you in and out FAST

  70. Masikr1

    Amazing place will guarantee satisfaction.

  71. casey828

    Wonderful strains, great prices and a knowledgeable staff. Would recommend this place to anyone.

  72. Weedsmoker91

    Wow the weed is surprisingly superior and the place is extremely artistic. My Budtender Waylon was a rockstar and also really helpful having an atm there.

  73. PRonlybudy

    I love this spot.they have everything you can think of.

  74. yogaveritas

    Really friendly staff and a large variety of high quality products to choose from. Also really liked the fact that they have nice CCC originals if you want to experiment something brand new – e.g. The Chardonnay – which was super pleasant to smell, inhale, and give you the perfect feeling of relaxation without the lethargy.

  75. Rasalrew

    My go to spot. Staff is friendly, products are amazing, store is clean and organized, and plus they do amazing deals.

  76. themadabber

    where do I start let’s see most positive dispensary out there for sure always a positive vibe and showing the most love. no doubt shout out too Marco always having knowledgeable choices and helping me out the service is top notch the atmosphere is great perfect fresh air and cold water available

  77. dfriedman

    Always nice people! Credit cards!!!

  78. nomad3812

    Geat Location!!! budtender EJ was very knowledgable on all the products they had to offfer. made me feel comfortable since being my first time in a dispensary. this is now the only place i will go for my cannabis!

  79. thatmixedboy

    Some of the most beautiful buds I’ve seen in Los Angeles! I love the fact that they grow their own flower and that it’s also organic and pesticide free. I personally like knowing where my bud comes from, so knowing that is great! Very clean professional shop with top of the line products.

  80. seanp6942

    I came in here for my first time and was very impressed. Very clean. Friendly staff. And great selection. I would recommend this place to anyone in the downtown la area

  81. jimmietheblack

    This is by far one of the best shops I have been to since moving to LA. Not only do they provide veteran discounts, they have an excelent selection of strains. Good values on concentrates and a diverse selection of eddibles. Most notably, Hillbilly hash tea. You can even repurpose the mason jar to stash your flower. What really makes this shop stand out is that they can process debit and credit transactions.

  82. cl44

    I love three Cs!!! They have a great friendly staff that is super knowledgeable, awesome fun deals everyday of the week and super accessible 🙂

  83. Juicy-J

    Very Reccomendable
    Love The Strains
    Good Service
    Good Prices
    Location Perfect.

  84. moneygrip7

    They have a very consistently high quality selection, all grown in house!

  85. Dhorn420

    been coming here for a good a while. i bus it all the way from ktown just for their buds. they always got deals too. sasquatch is the go to strain imo, all their buds are good tho, they got good topical products too. all their strains are grown by solely them. simply said f*** all the other shops in LA. come here if you’re not trying to be disappointed

  86. shetriedtocare

    They have great PR. Great variation of strains.

  87. HivicriCloudfall

    It’s a very professional establishment. Great selection to choose from. Nice customer service.

  88. YLIN0429

    Honestly this place rules! I got some good quality weed at low cost. For first timers, they really hook you up. I will definitively go back. staff is awesome as well.

  89. amcee1

    The best dispensary in DTLA period, from the world class flowers and products to the first class staff. This place can’t be beat. Thanks 3c.

  90. pozzy86

    The illuminati is my fav and they have a really good atmosphere

  91. miguel336

    Best shop in downtown

  92. hipandahi

    I think it’s definitely the way a shop should be. friendly staff. awesome security. super great selection. it’s just the place to be for good vibes, stellar buds, and smart buys

  93. cliffygeez

    fast friendly service and amazing products. will definitely make this a regular stop.

  94. alternativefactsrob

    This shop has the best bud I’ve had in SoCal.

  95. greenbaypackers47

    Just left this place and it’s by far the nicest shop I’ve been in in LA. The girl up front and the girl helping me behind the counter were super nice and friendly! Great prices and lots of street parking around! Definitely only coming back here!

  96. jfarock

    Came in for the first time the other day and was incredibly impressed with the experience. The budtender was knowledgeable and you can tell that they really care about what they’re doing. Ended up getting the Lime Sherbet and Banana Split. Very happy with the quality, will be coming back soon!

  97. alysha420

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE this place!! Fair prices and amazing products! I come about once a week!

  98. erod1390

    This dispensary is amazing, great consistency with the strands and product.

  99. freqstyle

    Finally stopped into this neighborhood dispensary late last week and was pleasantly surprised by the kindness and beauty from staff that I found within. Looking forward to my next visit.

  100. korova

    very warm welcome from the staff, Kristine was knowledgeable and kind taking the time to explain certain deals and aspects of the location, great experience all around I’ll definitely be back

  101. raddrii

    Today was my first time coming here , and I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else . From the moment I stepped foot in this location I was treated really well everyone here is really nice ! The pricing is good they really hooked it up and I most definitely recommend this place !

  102. savagesteezy187

    20 years old and I have never had a problem! I love the shop, bud tenders and atmosphere! Don’t forget to leave a big tip!!!

  103. egarciae23

    This is one of my favorite shops love the top shelf indices and the customer service is awesome everyone is so friendly

  104. merayda82


  105. patEmelt

    Dope spot. Super knowledgeable staff, with great service and selections. Whatever you need,it’s here. Plenty of parking and lots to check out in the neighborhood.

  106. robdav

    The atmosphere of this collective is very professional, from the workers to the bud, down to the location and facility, not like other collectives in our community. At Cannabal city you leave with positive vibes, great medicine, and my personal favorite, knowledge. Great service and well worth your money. Come see for yourself.

  107. teddygum

    Thank you! Make sure when you come in next to ask about our text message system – you can get in on some last minute amazing specials!

  108. sanjose7

    From the front reception to inside the dispensary, the staff here is totally awesome!

  109. licgutierrez69

    awesome place. great strains. friendly budtenders.

  110. molson420

    Knowledgable staff, clean, and chill environment. Highly recommend!

  111. GizmosisJ

    I’ve been here about 5 times and each visit gets better. Not only is the environment super clean with super friendly and helpful staff, but their products are off the chain!!! They carry such a variety of strains, edibles, medicated bath bombs, oils, and even lube!!! They keep a file for you on record so that if you’re like me and always forget what you ordered last, all you need to do is ask!!! I’ve been recommending the hell out of this place!!! It’s a must for card-holders!

  112. ellen12x

    My fav!!!

  113. Honda513

    It’s the best shop in Dtla mad hook up deals got to love the place Dank wax all day everyday!!!!!

  114. lovesha22

    Perfection! Ask for Lizz – she was super helpful!

  115. alligator22

    I don’t buy flower much anymore so I am sort of out of touch. However, even I noticed a serious difference between the buds under the counter here and the ones I’m used to seeing other places downtown. The different shapes, sizes, and shades were easily discernible. Smelled fab, too. The budtenders have actual knowledge. I could hear them speaking because their words weren’t being drowned out by techno or rap. They grow all their own flowers. That’s pretty awesome these days. Everyone on staff was super friendly and helpful. I enjoyed it so much that I brought a friend back a few days later. He agreed about the quality of the buds. Very frosty. Thanks guys! You are my new go to spot. I’ll see you soon.

  116. willymosk

    Awesome atmosphere. People are extremely friendly and welcoming

  117. MikeyNajera32

    This shop is really dope great high quality buds also First time patient deal is pretty cool awesome Gifts. 😉

  118. kupofjoe

    The shop is great! The bud is fire! Staff is helpful! Service is there! Price is on point!

  119. reddevils

    Great service and product

  120. tommydoom13

    Cannabal City Collective is by far my favorite dispensary in Los Angeles. I Love their Illuminati OG and their Strawberry Fields. I recently purchase Their Private Reserve of Lime Sherbert, and I am always pleasantly surprised by the care and quality of their strains. Friendly Staff, professional, and 3C always has the best flower! Thank you CCC!

  121. Chefjoeyla

    The best in town

  122. fry421

    Hands down the best dispensary in DTLA. They cultivate everything, pricing is great (even after the prop 64 taxes), and the customer service is amazing. From the staff to the stock, this place has me! I will not go anywhere else.

  123. sethds01

    great selection at good prices, wax always $40 per g. Friendly staff with cool deals and giveaways.

  124. andyroman96

    Great location, staff, and bud!

  125. JVCookiesLA

    My best caregivers in los Angeles. 3C Farms continues to show major compassion for there patients. Best strains and great deals. Keep the publication’s in stock, because educated stoners are more powerful.

  126. dirtmcnasty

    The BOMB

  127. stith1983

    Great selection!

  128. ogdehier420

    Must Visit Cannabal City !
    Quality and Variety medicine one of a kind , it is the reason to visit Highy RecommendeddY’-

  129. fluxlife

    Came by here last night for the first time, it’s a very nice shop. The banana og and ac/og are amazing! Jessica was great. Thanks again!

  130. CharlieGood

    really pumped for this place. the location is sweet and the waylon is AWESOME! selection is outstanding and the people are super friendly.

  131. maxorange

    Nice. clean. safe. affordable.

  132. teamezy

    I love this place, clean, friendly and top quality!!

  133. Libertian

    Amazing shop! Great buds and super friendly staff!!

  134. MarioTHC

    Always a pleasure coming here. Very convenient location and very friendly staff. All 3c products are awesome and potent. Get hooked up at Cannabal City Collective! Thanks guys coming back soon!

  135. Toms89

    Great and very helpful staff, good security. They have some of the best flower and lots of edibles, would recommend this shop to anyone

  136. Koreanqueen

    visited this shop back when it barely opened. A guy helped me out. Had some money to spend. The 3C strains are great. Smoke was satisfying. Taste was smooth. Went back today after about a year. Glad to say my experience was still pretty great. Young lady that helped me knew her stuff. Definitely my go-to spot from now on. Thanks.

  137. gootecks

    Best spot for arts district and little Tokyo residents!

  138. RAUL323

    Best spot in downtown! Love their buds!

  139. Kickpwns

    Great spot with greater buds! A must try for all LA patients

  140. gonzo16

    the quality and potency are fire of the shatter and or crumble, I will definitely recommend this place to all my friends thanks Cannabal city collective

  141. magbar

    Love Marcos and the girls are cool too. All staff are knowledgeable.
    Love my Asian security friend. This is my spot.

  142. olangford

    This space is amazing! It’s going to be the flagship of cannabis clubs. Waylon is genius! I’ve been a customer, a friend and a fan for years.

  143. Veronica1

    felt very welcomed, their servers were friendly, deals are great and the quality is mind blowing .
    I’m definitely coming back and recommending some friends to go here for the best quality and time….

  144. eyeszik

    Great product. Great service!

  145. heyjesshello

    Always the best bud and service ! They grow the best in LA

  146. erhi1989

    First off, 3C was one of the most clean, serviceable, and professional storefronts out there. From the menus to display, everything is crystal clear and well organized. And most importantly their 3C buds are dangerously potent. It’s a very simple idea to internalize your own products and line them out to sell, but ti do that to near perfection is just unbelievable. I’m definitely coming back.

  147. Briangee877

    This place is great!! Went in for the first time a couple days ago got the best deal for weed and wax! Anyone that goes will fresher be satisfied!

  148. macrich

    Wonderful place and AWESOME BUDS!! FTP was fire! Prices are right.

  149. dajhan44

    Perfect setup , I recommend this shop to all my friends

  150. sirrkenneth

    this place is awesome overall. great cannabis & amazing service. lots of variety

  151. Spacechild

    I’m leaving a second review to say that CCC has only improved since my last glowing review. The 3C strains are fantastic and I’m always excited to try new ones when they come out. The staff are all friendly, and when I recently had a small problem with my order they were happy to fix it, no questions asked. Nicole in particular is extraordinarily knowledgable and really regards this as helping to meet the medical needs of their clientele. No sketchy dispensary behavior or bud tenders pretending to flirt with you; The staff are all friendly and helpful. Just don’t spoil Game of Thrones for Sarah, she’s only on season 3.

  152. sunny1992

    Service was fast and easy for a first time patient

  153. andrewgold4

    The best place, I love it, nice people, good strains and all that fun stuff

  154. yomansmitch

    By far my favorite collective! Always have the biggest buds of the best strains!

  155. iicolors

    Cannabal City Collective is the best!

    They are by far the most ‘official’ dispensary I’ve been to. All (or most) of their buds are from the same growers, so quality is always consistent.

    Also they take credit card!

    I always look forward to coming back. Check this place out!

  156. wicked710

    sick shop… one of the best in LA.. always got the deal and fire strains. wax always on deck, good costumer care fast and always are up to date with the new.

  157. monito420

    Been coming to this shop since they opened up and I’ve come back every time I need to re-up. Amazing staff and high quality strains. Highly recommend this establishment.

  158. kushedoutteddy

    great meds 3c strains rock

  159. cmaumu1

    Friendly, quick service with a good variety. A small shop, but packed with a mix of everything.

  160. scrumptulescence

    Cannabal City is great! The staff is awesome, EJ and Markus are true connoisseurs. They have a wide variety of strains for what mood you’re swinging for or whatever ales you. Love the location, right in the arts district.

  161. Nanners_orisit

    For sure going back! 🙂

  162. mallatin

    With an extremely friendly, knowledgeable staff and quality product there is no reason not to check out Cannibal City Collective. A wide array of options means you will find exactly what you’re looking for here. I have dispensaries minutes from my house, but will gladly drive the 15 minutes downtown to get what I need.

    Highly recommend!

  163. marcusbmx1991

    Great service, the budtenders are wonderful, customer service always on point and I always feel at home when I come through. Sasquatch is the bomb!

  164. derkaderka420

    Nice stop very welcoming EXCITED

  165. martin1256

    I love the environment is real nice and calm. Everyone that works there is very down to earth. The product is really good everything from their flower to the edibles! I would definitely keep coming back.

  166. ozenjoal

    very good place!!! they have a lot stuff

  167. KUSHHEADD420

    Never been here about to go today! Have heard nothing but good things about this Dispensary so im excited to go

  168. dgamb

    The staff and strains are top notch.

  169. Essai

    this shop is probably the best shop i have been to in a while. most shops have a person they get the weed from but this place grows its own and its sooo good. the 3C strain they have is just impeccable. i cant wait to see what they have available today 🙂

  170. Fhong13

    Perfect! I only had to smoke a 1/4 of a blunt of 3C Anonymous and I was done for the whole dayy. Got thaaaat fire you guys are looking forrr!!

  171. junior2828

    Cannbal City is the shop to be. Friendly staff… Nikita Sara Marco Jim Wyatt etc.. everyone is dope… I highly recommend it best shop in LA..3C Farms

  172. 420lxh1

    what a classy place,with great service and great meds.They carry a huge variety and types of medicine.I highly recommend them.

  173. feds01

    Love this place! Their flowers are magical! I’ve not been able to go to any other dispensary after finding out about this one!!! Also, their budtenders are really knowledgeable and friendly! Definitely recommend!

  174. willbassett

    Greta shop. 3 in the area and I always come here. Great service and selection.

  175. HissKiss

    First of all, I like the name, and their location is classy and cool. Second, their flowers are extremely high quality, and my bud tender actually listened to me and recommended strains based on my preference (high psychoactivity, etc.) I will definitely be going back!

  176. strangestrains

    They got the best strains and best deal. Please come to CCC

  177. kingchamuco

    Must stop for weekend fun

  178. ElDabber710

    This shop is one of the few shops in LA that really stand out because they have a little bit of everything from flower, concentrates, edibles, and gear! But the main reason why I love it’s because this is the only shop I’ve been to where they accept VISA!!!!

  179. Joint9

    Great service, Nice selection of flowers. I recommend you visit this shop.

  180. cheffym

    My only go to spot dY~ love love love!

  181. ganjaisthehealingofthenation

    Dank hydro grown without pesticides. I discovered them recently been coming back ever since,

  182. lyndsayp

    Super cute!!!

  183. BreezySauce

    I would definitely refer over to the whole 3c collection with a variety and quality. Not Your Average Pre Rolls and always keeping me update with they magzzz.

  184. palominzky

    They’re my go-to spot! Super knowledgeable and are always willing to help

  185. dasbanana

    This shop has a wide variety of medicated assortments. The flower at this shop is pretty prime. What a great place.

  186. marshawnlynch

    Awesome meds great price definitely will come visit again

  187. BlissPilot

    I have to say my overall experience going to this shop was very enjoyable. It started from the moment I walked up to the nice zen-like garden at the front of the store, and ended with the friendly farewells from the security guard and receptionist. The selection of product was phenomenal! Everything from their in-house 3C flower, variety of concentrates, and plethora of edibles! I was like a little kid in a candy shop! The staff was very friendly and helpful with knowledge about their product. And I’ve gotta say my new favorite cannabis cocktail is 3C Strawberry Fields, 3C Blucifer, and 3C Banana….I highly recommend rolling this up and smokin it aaaaaall day eeeeeveryday! Thanks Cannabal City! I’ll be back!

  188. jdwright

    The only place I go and I’m a luxury lifestyle publicist that knows the best!

  189. violins

    I really like the location it is kinda hidden and feels very secure. I really like the deals they have in this place for first time patients.

  190. 12seers

    Hands down, best price for the potency and taste for the buds.

    The budtenders are all knowledgeable in their buds and will find the strain that suits you.

    Great selection of products from nugs to concentrates to their enormous selection of edibles.
    seriously the most diverse collection of edibles in the whole SOcal.

    I cant stop raving about this place, im probably gonna make a stop today!

  191. kennbender

    Great place to be great deals

  192. Black525

    They had really friendly staff and were very helpful. My new favorite place even though it is a little far away from my home.

  193. Chris_420

    This is the best shop in LA Ive been coming to this place since the first time I found I found out about it, they have really good flowers, edibles, and concentrates and the budtenders are really knowledgeable and helpful, this place always has me leaving happy

  194. sachterhof

    Awesome shop with a lot in stock! Great service!

  195. wife01

    best buds wouldn’t go anywhere else dY~+

  196. stonerchick42023

    Great strains, knowledgeable and friendly budtenders -it was my first time, but I’ll definitely be back!

  197. vsacks

    this place is awesome love the staff n their flower is great… not to mention
    the concentrates are wow dY~S if u haven stop by u do it asap….

  198. espbrenda

    Love this place

  199. mrjones103

    There is nothing that isn’t great about this shop, I come here daily for the best bud in town.

  200. kroo21

    My fave strain is project blue book!!! The taste is so good the nugs are big and full. It’s a stativa so it gives you a bit of energy.

  201. Cj91030

    Awesome club. Best bud downtown. You won’t be disappointed.

  202. Dabosaur

    This place is great!some of the best flowers clean concentrate and tasty edibles and my new favorite budtender there is Lizz, shes friendly extremely knowledgeable on the products and didnt try to up sell anything she was keeping it real.

  203. columnyc

    Best staff ever


    i always loved that terrafarms has some of the best genetics i come across.. if im looking for some dYa or tangie i always hit this spot.. the concentrates are always top shelf..the staff is very knowledgeable on the products..and very respectable to the patients..


  205. Jaygreenbay

    Great place for all my medicinal needs. Staff is awesome.

  206. tmntkbg123

    Fire bud always dY~

  207. PourUpBrody

    It’s the best shop with the best flower

  208. wasef

    Great people = great service + great quality. Glad I live nearby cuz I love coming here.

  209. milkman12

    The service is excellent. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

  210. tinybird

    great bud, great staff, and inviting enviroment

  211. Jesusfuma9

    Best shop in town! The cannabal always carrying the Best medication in town and at a reasonable donation required! Staff’s are always friendly and knowing what to recommend to everyone! You can never go wrong with the cannabal!

  212. M1Jeep

    Very good selection of many strains to choose from. Always fresh and consistent. The customer service here is second to none.

  213. flowerpower5

    Really nice staff and great selection, my favorite dispensary in LA so far!

  214. Grizzthehuman840

    Best dispensary in LA, they got the best strains and the best budtenders that have a mass quantity of knowledge on there buds highly recommended daily visits!

  215. whatthefucktony

    This is by far the best shop I have been to. The staff is great and the bud is really high quality and it’s not expensive. I recommend this place to anyone who wants that dY”Y=

  216. Eb323

    Everyone is so polite…from security to the front desk to the budtenders. Free pre-rolls on Friday!! Yay! Ask for Charla she is great!!

  217. Horacio_C

    Cannabal City is a great collective to visit near downtown, they have friendly staff and quality meds. They also have sweet deals and vendor days with gifts. Thank you Cannabal City for taking care of your patients!

  218. Huera15

    It’s a great location easily to find and parking is no trouble. Friendly people great atmosphere and pricing you can’t beat. I would recommend the private reserved its on dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  219. bravoactual

    3C Enoch is all I smoke!!

  220. theben101

    Love this joint!

  221. cakegypsy

    Great place, Higgghly recommend

  222. MeHoff_Jack

    I am utterly appalled at the service and racism…… LOL J/K!

    I saw a review from the other day (now removed, for good reason) that made me chuckle so hard that I almost spilled my bong water. It’s so sad that people will turn to the race card when they don’t get their way, it gives people that really suffer from suppression due to race, a real bad name. Please don’t do that and really do your research before crying the race card. If you look at all the reviews this establishment has, not one complaint about any type of racism. I’ve been coming here for years and they have the most diverse staff I’ve ever seen.

    Second of all, it doesn’t matter if you’re well dressed or if you’re in your 50’s, the rules of the law will not bend for your sake. Do you think this establishment doesn’t know how to run a business after 3 years of success? Do you think this establishment doesn’t want your money? LOL. I’d say their policy is more of an issue with the city of Los Angeles rather than Cannabal City. They cannot serve you if they have not received their license for adult use. Just like how a bar cannot serve alcohol with out a license. Now granted, it does list Cannabal City as a recreational shop here on Leafly and they really need to fix that, but I would’ve called before hand since Leafly is not owned by Cannabal City.

    As for my experience… Always superb and sometimes the best conversations with people in the business. Shout out to Waylon (Director of Operations), Karla, Laura, Dan (Security), and Frank. All good people.


  223. frank625

    Great weed dope workers

  224. Allenpie01

    Best shop inLos Angeles Prices are Great Flowers Are on HIT!!!!!

  225. cadet-3po

    This shop has great flowers and excellent customer service. Always leave with some fire meds.

  226. jblanfor

    I’m new to all of this and had an amazing experience. I’d been to another dispensary on Leafly’s top list and had crap service. The woman manning the front desk was happy and friendly. She made me feel welcome and let me know that I was going to be taken care of. After heading to the back, I met Sammi. She walked me through a lot of different strains and everything I needed to know. I walked out of here happy and confident about my purchase. Though it’s not close to my place, I’ll definitely come back here.

  227. Frydchikin2

    Amazing Herb with dedicated budtenders that actually know their shit! Best Dispensary in Downtown LA HandsDown!!!

  228. chewymuzik

    Right by my studio, so GREAT!

  229. diimples.420

    super friendly staff! great buds, which happen to be grown in house, so u know they care about their strains. best of all.. $30 bomb ass eighths (weighted heavy too) n a free gram for yur first time of whatever you want! will definitely be going back

  230. puffmama61

    I enjoy my visit to this dispensary. the staff is always super helpful and knowledgeable. the quality and diversity of product is

  231. hags420

    I think it’s beautiful! Good vibes and top quality bud!

  232. m1jeep3

    Great customer service. Quality flowers and great prices.

  233. arosa0929

    There is glorious everything. Coming back everyday from now on

  234. spencertheox

    Great staff, great meds, great attitude very happy with this collective.

  235. cristian2814

    awesome dispensary with great selections. they also have great service, very informative. definitely recommend giving it a try!

  236. ash2017

    Love this shop. They take credit cards and that’s the most convenient thing ever!!!

  237. woohoolakers

    Great quality flowers great staff great buds. This is a solid spot!

  238. lb728

    Everyone and Everything

  239. tacoboy

    One stop shop for me,
    Love this place customer service is great all the time.

  240. cndygrl18

    absolutely amazing. Laurn at the front desk was awesome and so inviting. Kris was a very helpful and knowledgeable budtender. all their flower is organic and fire

  241. nac2135

    I really like the skin care products!!

  242. kelzdad

    awesome place great meds friendly service check out the 3C selection

  243. studder

    I hate writing reviews and I’m serious but this is an exception. This right here, 3C’s, is my go to clinic (calling it a shop or dispensary won’t fit this place), I’ve driven and skated from Inglewood just to arrive here. The reason I call it a clinic is because they are extremely helpful and knowledgeable in their medicine. I highly recommend anyone to stop by and get what they need there. I may not be known to them since I’m not a local patient but I always feel welcomed whenever I stop by and their prices are reasonable especially for the quality they produce. Even though this is a review, I want to thank them (if they ever read this) for always making me feel welcome and for the service I have constantly received every time I stop by.

  244. 2elevated

    Local and awesome!

  245. adrianorbe

    They were wonderful. Very safe environment and very sweet. Gave me a really dope first time patient goodie bag that came with a tote bag, free grams and pre rolls!!!

  246. WayOutWest

    First Time Patient as of yesterday and this is the best collective I’ve been to yet. Love the house-grown strains, the staff was friendly and respectful, sign-in process was easy breezy, and the FTP deal was outrageous. In addition to a free gram of flower I got to spin the wheel and scored a free eighth! Ended up getting an absurd deal on what looks to be (and so far, IS) some truly top-notch flower. A high class operation, I’d recommend anyone in driving distance of DTLA give Cannabal City a shot.

  247. erniem93

    Just love it so much!dY~Z

  248. eileen805

    Enjoyed my first time here. Great people dY’*

  249. allerimirella

    Always friendly staff and great variety of products

  250. Demise562

    Love this place, great selection and bomb buds.

  251. RedMartinez

    Awesome shop.

  252. tafaraibayne

    Awesome selection, great quality!

  253. wrhenriquez

    Excellent service from knowledgeable staff.

  254. Notorious_havok

    Best 3c strains in downtown, come check them out you will leave satisfied

  255. GonathanJaray

    Great buds, convient location, and excellent service. love that they carry a wide variety of potent edibles and the prices and weekly deals take care of their customers. dY’OE

  256. karomello

    Awesome, high quality buds. Great selection, and good range of prices. The staff is very friendly and gives knowledgeable recommendations. Also good deals!

  257. fastcash662

    The best club I have seen in la hands bye far hands down . Nuff said they there own plug

  258. ash1616

    The only place I go, because they have the best

  259. RolandoMota323

    Marco and Nikida and the rest of the budtenders are really cool people. Very informative and the 3C Chardonnay is amazing .

  260. kaos323

    I love going to this place!!always dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= and the girl in the front is pretty awesome all the time dY~SdY~S

  261. palewailer

    Absolutely spectacular. I am an Epileptic, which is a neurological condition of reoccurring seizures. So, marijuana helps me in MANY ways. I spent my first time at 3C this afternoon and the ambience immediately absorbed me with grins, simple paperwork, and an INCREDIBLE variety of anything my body and mind desired. Overall service was great with 5 stars. Not one ounce… of discomfort to hurry up on my decision. The quality of flower is currently glowing in the bowl and breathed into my system as I type out my review. Slowed down my shaking hands and stomach ache. Completely beautiful feelings. Thank you very much for your help today and I will see you all again!

  262. twistedgiraff3

    Great fun and service

  263. Gabrielt14

    Best bud around. Amazing servicedY’dY’

  264. Carleob

    Great shop, will definitely be back soon to try out some of the high quality strains available.

  265. Johnnymm95

    Very good sevice

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