OC3-Orange County Cannabis Club (Santa Ana)




3122 S Halladay St, Santa Ana, CA 92705


33.7052022, -117.8601554




9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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119 reviews for “OC3-Orange County Cannabis Club (Santa Ana)

  1. MeMyselfAndWho

    Nice place, fair prices, good people.

  2. sunny637

    Awesome quality with amazing staff. Would come again. When I’m in the area

  3. oceanwest

    There are several dispensaries in Santa Ana , this one ranks among the top. Great location with a wide selection of products reasonably priced. They have bonus points and daily discounts, this is my favorite one out of all of them.DM

  4. mhedge45

    great products for the price and friendly budtenders. easy to access and great daily deals.

  5. miller2007

    Visited this dispensary earlier today, had such a great experience going through all the different strains they had. They had so many, they all smelled and looked amazing. It was hard to make a choice! I also got a couple edibles which I took a bite of one and it’s so delicious and I only needed a bite to feel it and I’m not a light weight. Probably the best dispensary I been to

  6. jaysin1134

    OC3 is awesome! The location is chill in that its not in the middle of a strip mall. The receptionist was nice and explained everything as I am a fresh fish with visiting dispensaries. When walking into the the actual shop the staff was extremely welcoming and made what I feared to be an awkward experience a very comfortable one. I can’t recall the gentelman’s name but my budtender answered evey question I had (and i’m sure there were a few dumb ones) with professionalism and he schooled me good on their wide array of medicines. I litterally felt like a kid in a candy store. He informed me about their deals and I even got a punch card! All that to say, OC3 comes with my highest recommendation. The location is clean, safe, professional and welcoming, what else could you ask for…oh yeah, their flowers and concentrates are of the highest quality with some amazing deals!

  7. Trickricks

    This is my favorite store to visit. Everyone is always super friendly and helpful. Stock levels are usually great with a wide selection.

  8. Kirak123456

    love this location. customer service on point.

  9. Evdoggy

    I was amazed with how my bud tender was so knowledgeable his name is Travis and everything he has reccomended to me has been absolutely amazing. I would highly reccomend this dispensary like they say on the website every shelf is top shelf and I will back that. If you want quality this is the club for you…. Peace out…live long and prosper.

  10. ShleeDaisy

    Staff is knowledgeable and informative, helped a lot with my understanding anxiety and depression effects. Definitely recommend

  11. enrightttt

    Super clean and professional location. Basically no wait, friendly and helpful staff. Definitely my new favorite spot in the area, happy to have found this place.

  12. zartann6

    This place is Great! A+ , Really knowledgeable, friendly and helpful service. Sunday deals were awesome!!!!!

  13. Lovelyhotmess

    Love the staff and their knowledge

  14. angelarosebud

    GREAT service, selection, and overall amazing shop with affordable high quality products! Also great deals and first time patients freebies! I’m from Vegas with a Cali rec and they let me right in, and we’re super friendly and helpful, unlike the terrible, rude dispensary a block away called 10 Spot or something stupid like that..don’t waste your time there and come HERE instead!! You won’t regret it!!

  15. Flurishgroup

    Great shop with wonderful tendors! Be sure to check out the Flurish gummies amazing flavor and potency!

  16. SK007


  17. greengirl12321

    Convenient location

  18. Capodude

    Great location, never super crowded.

  19. ikf5

    First time ever in a dispensary and couldn’t have been more pleasant.

    Staff here is super helpful and informative when it comes to what you need. I actually found this place from another site, that’s how good their word of mouth is.

    That plus the selection, good deals, and service. It’s the best. Definitely coming here whenever I’m down in South OC and this store is a big plus one in my book.

  20. Cali_king_420

    Great place my number one place to go big selection and great staff

  21. meza1675

    looks alright..but overpriced. .sells a gram of crumble for 50 bucks ..

  22. KateDawg

    Super easy to find off the 55 and Dyer. This is a licensed shop, so I feel safe here. The quality and service have led me to become a regular patient. The selection was beyond impressive, they got the whole buffet up in there. Everything that was advertised on the online menu was actually available in the dispensary, no BS excuses like “we just ran out” or “more on the way soon”.
    I’ve tried 5 or 6 strains here now, and all the buds I have tried are top notch, quality flower, even the top shelf, non PR strains. I’m also an edible gal, and I have yet to try something from OC3 that didn’t do it for me. There are always daily deals and ads in the OC Weekly that make my trip well worth it.
    It is clear a lot of love was put into the dispensary and that it is well cared for, I’ve never seen one this clean and stylish. The staff here is also a breath of fresh air, and I enjoy seeing the same friendly faces every time I come in. I’m done with the sketchy pop up shops and scammer delivery services, and hope to be a lifelong patient here. Thanks for always putting your patients first, can’t wait to see what will come in next 🙂

  23. backinthegame

    I went here for the first time and the staff were incredibly kind and helpful. The buds I picked up were also reasonably priced with amazing quality.

  24. Jdmo

    My go to spot. The tenders are all well versed in the variety of products they carry. Just a high class place. Grade A dispensary.

  25. calslam

    Great friendly service!

  26. Kpbob

    I like the welcome feeling you get from the moment you walking the lobby. The staff is knowledgeable about all the product their professional and respectful. The quality of flowers is top shelf I am a loyal patient/customer.

  27. nuggz714


  28. BRBruce

    OC3 has the best products and lots of great offers and discounts.

  29. megabaked

    The staff of OC3 is very knowledgeable, personable and hilarious! I am always laughing with the budtenders and Megan always remembers my name.

  30. Eddiecast949

    My go to spot in the OC, hands down best flower and prices!

  31. emilyg0328

    I went in today for the first time (first time in any dispensary) and was greeted at the front with a smile. The front desk was nice. After some quick paper work I walked right in and was greeted and helped by Jay. He was super nice and knowledgeable and got me everything I needed. I will be definatley be back and would recommend

  32. surfwire

    The personal service is why I thing this despensery is top shelf private reserve Last time the bud tender PG. was very helpful and kook only hire these kind of people you business will grow even more

  33. desp

    Even though they were closed they still were super nice and the place looks freaking AWESOME!! Menu has a little bit of everything! Can’t wait till they’re open!

  34. ultradank420

    Really clean and really helpful always stocked up on raw garden

  35. mrbedhead

    Very convenient access. Centrally located right off Dyer exit off the 55!

  36. iowaboy

    Top ranked and undefeated ! Everyone was extremely friendly, and they knew what they are talking about. My wife and I feel very welcome and very comfortable ! More business for these folks !

    Dennis and Susie

  37. guywiththecoolhat

    OMG. My friend recommended me to this place and we went there together. He’s been a long time customer but it was my first time. I think they had a deal or something (which they have every day) but I got Lemon Sobret which was premium grade pre-roll and the woman helping me told me that literally two hits will be enough to just put it in a bowl. I did just that and let me tell you it felt like my body was vibrating from the purr of a thousand cats while being hugged by Winnie the Pooh.

    The customer service was (inter)stellar lol.


  38. Dtrey000000

    Great selection with competitive pricing. Super friendly staff that is really helpful. Good location and hours – plus awesome reward deals. No complaints in several months of frequenting this place and don’t plan to stop visiting anytime soon… really glad I found this spot!

  39. Tracie alvarez

    I actually enjoy coming to this spot. All the staff are great, friendly and very helpful. I recommend this place to everyone, good deals and good smoke.

  40. alexd13

    Great place! Helpfull and fast service. Great daily specials as well!

  41. Bobbymo

    It’s good the employees are helpful but it’s a tight space and not a friendly atmosphere

  42. RScottM

    I felt welcome as I entered the reception area, and staff was friendly and helpful. At the time I visited (mid-afternoon on a Tuesday) there was no line, but I can’t vouch that that would be so for busier hours or days. I was pleased that the items I was looking for were in stock.

  43. OG_Smokez

    5 star dispensary, it’s actually licensed, most aren’t. High grade bud and great service

  44. ttdubu

    My friend and I were in there for the first time and it was an awesome experience! We didn’t get the name of the girl who helped us but she was awesome. She helped us with our questions about vape pens and answered all of our questions! She was the best! We will definitely be returning! The security guard and the front desk guy were all very welcoming. 10/10 would recommend

  45. lyssvas22

    Everything about this place is awesome from the staff to the flower

  46. DanyHero

    I love this spot! I’ve checked out all the dispensaries around the area, and they kill it with quality, price, availability and discounts! Haven’t disappointed, I’m here once a week.

  47. Donnyd29

    This place is the best. Best products, best prices.

  48. ogdoll

    I want to say I am very quite impressed with the customer service here at OC3. Not to mention the beautiful nugs you are now carrying along with my bud tender Ellina. I come in mainly at nights and enjoy the atmosphere it’s a complete turn around in the marijuana industry I’m happy to see the growth I usually get all I need in one stop. Keep up the great work dY’dY>>

  49. ena3646

    I have never been to any Dispensaries. I made some phone calls and I live in San Diego County. Not one dispensarie in San Diego helped me like here. I drove up here and will continue to for the excellent and friendly service that started on the phone.

  50. MarOfMadness

    Very helpful for my first time. answered all my questions.

  51. sarahquist

    Small little place limited variety but I am in and out which I love !

  52. ganja_don

    So much great selection here I left with a gram of wax which I got at half price (bogo) and some flowers, i am enjoying it right now. Will return

  53. 3632936

    Just the coolest little quiet spot, parking is a bit rough…but honestly, who cares.

    Super Super Super friendly staff, guys and gals.

    They also have amazing discounts everyday!

  54. Terptime610

    Stopped in today and was greeted right away by friendly knowledgeable staff. I will continue to come here for sure.

  55. backtrackmac

    Megan was great. I’m pretty new to all of this and she helped guide me to my medication. Thanks OC3

  56. ryguymaeda

    Went in yesterday, quick check-in, and the place is super clean and really well-organized. Megan helped me and really informative of all the buds. Highly recommend this place for great service and strains.

  57. dirtyscoobiegal

    Great location. Huge selection. Loving the reward card. Great customer service.

  58. beccamedina

    Great shop great product great people!

  59. budsmokersocal

    The people are cool and chilled out.

  60. docb91b

    Great location and safe. First time discount was great! Nice and friendly people.

  61. bobzilla0

    Awesome place!!! So many strains!! Nice location, very fancy

  62. Heyitsjb

    I love this spot! always great people and deals, especially love for the medical ppl still which is unheard of. do yourself a favor and stop by!

  63. BBlitz76

    One of the best clubs I’ve been in. The atmosphere, service, variety of product offered, presentation & packaging all 5 ai,. Walter White dY’OEdY1/4 It was a great recommendation while down in the area from up in the North Bay. dY

  64. CaliTokin420

    This is my go to dispensary. A few weeks ago, I was looking for a good indica. The knowledgeable staff introduced me to Chiquita Banana by Good Flower. What an excellent strain at an incredible price. I hope they have it again! Great place to shop for cannabis.

  65. Spacedman

    This is my go to spot, all the tenders are super helpful and I always leave with some bomb bud and a smile. Im excited to see what the future holds for them!

  66. Jfremont

    I am very pleased with the promotions and the quality of the products. Most of the bud tenders are friendly and quite helpful.
    This is the first dispensary we tried on the recommendation of a good friend over a year ago and while we have tried others we always return because of the helpful attitude and friendly folks.

  67. toognu123

    the best spot to get meds

  68. yarlzxmyrsh

    Extremely friendly and helpful people. It’s my new favorite spot. I’ve already recommended it to all my friends.

  69. KJC727

    I have visited various dispensaries in the area. This one is my favorite. Great quality and pricing along with some good deals and perks. The people have always been helpful and polite.

  70. MRH0901

    They were very friendly and had great customer service. Assisted my husband and I very well with our purchases and made sure we got what was best for us. It is very good quality and exactly what we needed for pain for my chronic illness as well as giving us energy at the same time. Loved it!

  71. Jewbaccagold

    OK so OC3 I have been going to for many years it feels like and I think it’s really been like many years I love them to death!!! I met a budtender named Ashley at the very beginning and she has become such a help and almost like a bartender for me because I can tell her my problem that I’m trying to fix and she will legitimately go through the products with me and tell me which ones will help me in the direction of what and kind of items Will help me in different forms or to accomplish what medically is bothering me. I definitely come to OC3 for all my needs!
    I don’t understand why people do bad reviews saying that things are expensive…ever since the July 1 compliance things went up everyone voted it in so stop complaining about great places like this because this shop runs smoothly has great products and overall the staff is un-beatable, also they are not provocatively dressed like so many other girls in the dispensaries are. I’m there to get my medicine not to see your body that’s great…. sex sells I get it. However, I don’t care what you look like I rather talk to you and have you understand my medical issue then show me your chest or ass. I’ve never met such nice security guards… who Genuinely make you feel safe because their presence is always known or there and they say hi and bye to you which is friendly and I like friendly
    Soooo …Just stop reading what I’m writing because it’s amazing there amazing Oc3 is amazing so get off this f*cking site and go now!!! Get your ftp and score some epic deals! Ok I’m out … Heading to see my good friends now.

  72. anthony57

    First time there today, very impressed by the selection and quality of medicine. Will be a frequent visitor

  73. D.M.

    There are several dispensaries in Santa Ana, save gas and money , i’ve tried them all ! come here first you will not regret it.Huge seleCtion daily discounts and MORE !!!

  74. luve8ali8

    The most extensive collection of medical cannabis products in OC. Knowledgeable staff and clean facilities

  75. Drnassh

    Absolutely love this place. The employees are knowledgeable and friendly, and their inventory is out of this world!!! Cannot see myself going anywhere else for my smoke!!!

  76. bmankinen

    I chose this shop because it was close to work, but I’ll probably make it my regular place. Everyone is super friendly from the moment you walk in (even the security guard). I purchased a defective disposable vape, and was able to exchange it with no problem. Great service and atmosphere.

  77. greenmrgriffin

    Fantastic service. Definitely my favorite in OC

  78. bryangrandy

    I’ve been clean to various marijuana shops since 2013 to purchase medical marijuana for chronic pain, depression, anxiety, Etc. And Juan was a breath of fresh air in the marijuana cloud of life so to speak. The store itself was very Hi-Tech modern in design and yet calming and comfortable at the same time. It’s my favorite location since I started using marijuana and I will go back there definitely on a regular basis due to their customer service which was flawless and friendly and professional thanks to Juan and the gentleman at the front door who is very cordial and friendly. They have a very intimidating yet friendly large muscular guard at the front door yet their location is that of an Irvine industrial complex area so I felt completely safe at night driving in and thankfully they even had a handicap space right at the front! If I could give them 20 Stars I would. They had a full menu that they said is being updated frequently with the latest and greatest and I even found a strain that had some of the famous Jack Herer and it which is helpful for appetite control. I bought all premium Brands and I’ve only tried one so far but it was very helpful. A plus for this place and it’s worth the drive if you’re a little far away from it but it’s just off Dyer Road and the 55 so if you go on a Saturday afternoon there’s no traffic at all! Best place I’ve ever been inside to buy marijuana and I’ve never felt safer leaving. You get your product in a reusable ziplock heavy duty black bag. I felt like I was at the Nordstrom’s of pot stores

  79. Meredius

    One of the best dispensaries I have been to. Nice staff, cool atmosphere and great selection.

  80. greenzgreenz

    These people are also awesome when I call! They are very attentive over the phone (as well as in person). They do not try to “hurry up” the call. Friendly, professional and knowledgeable!

  81. Rondeez

    My go to place, favorite brand is always in stock and wait is never too Shout out oc3

  82. Happygolucky609

    Staff very helpful..Helped with my vape pen that I didn’t know how to use with cannabis . Going back today for additional help, My first time visit was quite nice. They even gave me a discount card to use.

  83. Shooby43

    safe and friendly store. I come here twice a week for extracts. they got great deals on it and brand products.

    staff is great. down to earth normal people. if you haven’t been here yet, it’s worth checking out.

  84. MuscleLtn1

    Nice place

  85. Ms.colin

    Very outgoing knowledgeable sweet staff. I was excited about getting 15% off for mentioning their website and the first time patient sign in was quick. Very good selection and prices. Lovely exterior and interior. Will definitely being good back and referring my family and friends

  86. TheTedinator90

    Everybody at OC3 is extremely helpful and the strains are all amazing. For all of my visits I have never left 100% satisfied. Thanks guys!

  87. Anjunabeats

    Top notch staff. Top notch location. Adult oriented. Most reputable and best products. Knowledgable staff. Daily deals. Very clean. Very safe. Feels like going to the bank. Definitely would recommend coming here.

  88. Ashlee526

    This was my first time to any dispensary and I had a wonderful experience. I was nervous about it before I went in because I didn’t know what to expect but I felt right at home very quickly. The guy who checked me in was super nice and friendly. Travis helped me with my purchases and was really knowledgeable and personable. I will definitely be coming back here and recommending this dispensary to everyone. Thank you OC3 for being awesome! I am looking forward to seeing you all again.

  89. Medical.Grade

    I have been coming to OC3 for almost a year and the staff is EXCELLENT. Ashley is AWESOME and OC3 sets the bar very high on what patients should expect in a dispensary. Huge selection of concentrates, flowers, and edibles. The environment is clean and organized. The budtenders are knowledgeable, friendly, and fast! They always tare the scale and take the time to pull the stems and choose the best nugs. I really cannot say about OC3.

    -One Happy Customer

  90. T-Rad

    This is my favorite dispensery! From the moment you walk in the front door everyone is very helpful. The budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable and are there to help. If you have alot of questions, like I did, they don’t make you feel like you’re asking the wrong questions and every suggestion they had has been great!!

  91. thaphilasafa

    I really like the prices a lot! Friendly place! I was there in and out; no waiting at all!

  92. Nainai85

    Really clean super fast service and good staff..

  93. Easylivin

    Definitely coming back! Great experience, awesome people! Mike my budtender was chill down to earth & knowledgeable. A must stop for anyone looking top shelf products .

  94. Somuchawesome

    I recently moved to California and this was the first dispensary I visited and I promise you it will be the only one I visit. Everything is so quick and convenient from the membership to speaking with the bud tenders. They are always knowledgable and recommend specific strains to help with my back pain. Plus you can’t beat their daily deals. Overall, every experience I’ve had here was excellent and I would recommend it highly 🙂

  95. Dichelcantor

    Best atmosphere in the OC. Prices are great and the flower is the best!!!

  96. Smokensocal

    I love how cool and down to earth the Bud Tenders are. Good prices too.

  97. PlatinumHotness

    I have been to OC Cannabis Club numerous times and every time, they are more than friendly budtender, they are informed business people who both understand products AND the business of selling recreational cannabis.

    I’ll be returning later this afternoon to buy flower and edibles.

    Two thumbs up.

  98. DaGuru5

    Still my go-to dispensary in the area. Budtenders are always knowledgeable and never disappoint with whatever product they’ve suggested. Daily Deals and Happy Hour is what draws me in but the experienced and knowledgeable staff is what keeps me coming back.

  99. CaMartian

    I had a great experience. The budtender was really nice she helped us out a lot. I took my gma and mom, they were really happy with their purchases as well and the service. Only thing I hate how much Cali taxes rec users; I could have bought a whole other item on the taxes alone…but that isn’t the shops fault. Prices were decent but I do like the discount days. I wish I was able to buy more items but my total price was really high once the taxes were added in. I went on the 15% off edible day, only bought one edible and a disposable vape cost me $71.03. My mom and gma on the other hand got great deals for sure! Everyone was friendly and helpful in the shop. I like the shop and will go again. I will also recommend to anyone. Just make sure u have some money or medical card or a good discount on your items.

  100. leehunter

    They were very nice and answered all my questions the first time I went in. Have been back a second time and equally as helpful as the first time.

  101. Pman0611

    amazing forst experience

  102. oc3 is the best

    Location had lowest prices within area.
    Experience was short and simple.
    I find items here, that are usually out-of-stock at other dispensaries.
    Quality has been good.

  103. Mikers29

    Good place with helpful and nice people.

  104. OnigenZero

    Great atmosphere, friendly staff, lovely selection. We have enjoyed our experience here so much that we never even bothered to check out any other dispensaries. I would definitely recommend a visit if you haven’t been here yet, you won’t regret it.

  105. Amiro

    Always a friendly atmosphere with knowledgable consultants.

  106. Jon_p

    good shop with good prices

  107. nick3309

    Very cool spot and great service. The shop was clean, welcoming, and every employee I interacted with was kind and knowledgeable.

  108. Skankditto

    great selection of concentrates. really enjoy the raw garden. good costumer service very helpful, was able to explain all the deals for me. would definitely recommend this place if you are a mednical patient. you get better deals at the this place then others in the area. the parking lot is sort of small and tight but there is street parking. would go again.

  109. Tonybonez215

    One of my favorite places in oc. Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and always has what im looking for.

  110. Behike54

    For whatever reason, this place just feels comfortable, feels right. Easy access but security is good/friendly. No hassle, easy-going check-in and access.


    I am a newbie, or someone dipping their toe back into the pool after a long time off. Patience with all my question is not only astonishing, the ppl there no there stuff and aren’t shy about sharing their opinions, but in a good way!

    My “go-to.”

  111. shine_blunts

    Best bud in town hands down!

  112. ChicoFlair

    The strength of this location is its friendly staff. Everyone so far has treated so well! They answer all your questions and give you recommendations based on your needs and wants. I highly recommend everyone to OC3 Dispensary!

  113. lolitago

    Hands down best dispensary I’ve been to so far. From the service to the environment and the cleanliness, I had a fantastic experience! New favorite!!

  114. atilaht00

    Great customer service ,cool bud tenders, they know their marijuana highly recommend this place

  115. dkang02420

    This is my go to place. The budtender girls are really helpful and down to earth, no rush either! I’d def recommend this place to all, consistent flower and prices plus great incentives. 🙂

  116. MIA2theOC

    Extremely friendly and helpful.
    The front desk was very nice and accommodating, got membership in less than 5 minutes. Inside was rather small, but very clean and everything is artfully displayed.
    The young lady who helped me (I think her name was Brittany?) was very nice and patient with my many questions. Overall great experience, although their selection of vape cartridges could be more extensive

  117. Dizope

    Great service, super professional atmosphere. Knowledgeable and detailed

  118. herewego784

    If you are in Orange County then this is THE PLACE TO GO TO!!!!! I’m new to this and not as knowledgable about all the product, but I had Ashley help me out. Ashley was AMAZING!!!!! She was patient with me and told me all the best deals that were going on. Ended up saving me A LOT of money. I was impressed with the selection and service that was given to me. Thanks again Ashley for your help! I’ll be back and make sure to recommend you and this excellent company to anyone I can!!


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