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1695 S. 7th St, San Jose, CA 95112


37.313761, -121.8657119




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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Caliva is California’s premier marijuana dispensary, delivery service, and cultivation facility. We were ranked #1 dispensary in the nation by Business Insider. Our facility is one of the most advanced pharmaceutical-grade cannabis cultivating, manufacturing, and dispensing facilities in the country and a model for energy efficiency, safe access, and compliance.

We started Caliva because we believe strongly in the wellness applications of cannabis. From inception, our goal has been to establish a regulated, safe and consistent source of cannabis for our patients. We believe strongly in a medical cannabis industry that is well-regulated, highly professional, and rigorously secure.

Each of our strains is selected for its genetics and superior medicinal effects and then tested to ensure that the quality we offer is only the best. Our attitude is easy, but our focus is to provide the highest level of service in the industry; our educated and passionate team provide a comfortable, safe and easy buying experience.

Our delivery service recently launched and is available from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. every day. Visit for more information.


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228 reviews for “Caliva

  1. NachoSmallz

    Love the level of service at this club! It’s consistent, professional, and welcoming. All budtenders I’ve interacted with (at least 7 different people) are equally knowledgeable about the products (flowers, concentrates, edibles,etc.) and really go the extra mile to make sure you walk out with that you want (provided you’re clear, of course!). Even if you’re not sure what you are looking for or are new, the staff is super friendly and patient to help you find something. You’ll never feel rushed here or silly for asking questions, which is why I’ve stopped trying other clubs and only come here now.

  2. tahoebud

    Great selection of meds….

  3. ddddddaryl

    I came to Caliva about a couple of weeks ago looking for a good topical for aches and pains as well as CBD tinctures. I specifically came to Caliva knowing they usually have bigger selections and finding CBD products can be tricky sometimes. Luckily I got Breanna J as my Wellness Consultant and she was able to inform me about the different topicals and what components treat specific things. I especially liked that she had personal experience using such products and made me more confident in my purchase especially since this purchase turned out to be a little heavier on the wallet. She provided examples of times she had used certain products and even when I decided to pick up some flower last minute she still had plenty to say about the different strains and help my cousin pick out some flower for a particular activity. Breanna is the one! Made my experience here very enjoyable!

  4. Lordwashingv

    always looking out for patients with great deals and give aways they are now working on their own collective line of private label product their leroy OG looks fantastic will for sure come and see whats up next time i slide through

  5. Burnupdubs

    Always get great service including this awesome chick. Very lovely environment. No hassle what so ever. Fair prices

  6. Amywhale95

    First time doing anything like this. Doing and buying cannabis. I don’t remember our tender’s name but she was very helpful and friendly. Answered any questions and really gave her professional opinion on what I should take and what is in it, all based on what I was explaining my symptoms were. (She recommended Tinctures for my Migraines). Also helped my boyfriend pick out a couple edibles for his sleep problems and focusing problems.

  7. Gggddd3

    I was helped by budtender Jarred Does, he was very helpful and friendly. I will definitely be back!

  8. Benny9

    Great Dispensary. Friendly staff, good selection.

  9. RrrrricoSuave

    Just wanted to say they have a great thing going here. The location looks clean and modern. Staff is knowledgable and courteous! Most importantly though the quality of flower is great, especially for the pricing.

  10. Datayoda

    Very nice staff. No pressure. Expensive but nice selection.

  11. CC0420

    This was my second Calif. dispense and liked the best. I’m from Utah, but we’re only an hour forty from Colo. dispenses and the differences are negligible. Chris M. was quite helpful. Thanx.

  12. crockettc

    The location is good. The staff are kind, considerate and helpful. I need CBD for pain, they guide me thru what would help. I recently had a stroke and they were kind when I couldnt remember words. Thank you guys!

  13. MidnightShadows

    First time here as a new patient. I have to say it was brilliant, easy service, clean, friendly, helpful, a variety of selections to choose from, and they even provide you with goodies each time you come back.

    I didn’t see any clones to buy there. I will come back for sure though!

  14. omgkatie

    I love coming here for some of the best top quality flowers from any shelf, they also carry some really great medicinal rubs too. The staff if super friendly and help answer any questions I have to the best of their ability. Also they have everything on the front counter so you can get in and get out without wasting much time.

  15. devilslettuce88

    first visit to caliva and San Jose! my budtender was extremely friendly and helpful and the security guy was hilarious. if I’m in the area again I’ll definitely return!!

  16. belizeanclouds

    You want proper meds? Go here. Caliva is awesome and they keep bringing me back. I go here and buy GRAMS. What does that say? The staff is extremely knowledgeable and I definitely will be referring everyone I know here. Appreciate everything you guys.

  17. legasi

    Great friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff and ambiance!

  18. GinaCochina

    I want to take the time to acknowledge Danielle Noel for her excellent customer service. She was very patient as my husband redeemed his points and pulled money from the ATM. While he was doing that she talked to me about CBDs and how beneficial it could be for my anxiety. I really appreciate the time she took with us. Thank you Dear.

  19. ac426mb

    people are great, atmosphere is great, quality is out of this world.

  20. mairerooney

    The staff here is super welcoming and there is always a positive atmosphere! The budtenders are very informative as well

  21. honeyspiderzero

    One of the BEST MMJ dispensaries I have ever visited. Simply beautiful, great selection, knowledgable staff. Definitely will return!

  22. Dirtaaaaymike

    Joe n sophie gave great service

  23. CaptainUglyboi

    First of all, I love this place and I will definitely be returning. Second, I got Danielle N as a customer service rep and she was helpful, quick, and effective; exactly what I was hoping for. She also had a bubbly charisma that made you really comfortable. Thanks again Danielle! She left me with a great impression on the store (really clean and had a lot of what you’re looking for).

  24. 420king408

    Best place in san jose have the best products and prices in town

  25. Carrotcake55

    The Meds. here are -well ” What can i say”Fantastic”!!! There top shelf prices are Great , especially there daily deals. They normally have the Kordova “51/50 bar.. I highly recommend if in need of stress and or pain relief. Everyone there is friendly and very helpful with any of my ???’s and they always make me feel welcome. There parking lot is Hugh and open w/ security to escort you if you ask them. they are always very professional…. Major bonus….. that i really like….. been going back pretty regularly…… would recommend to anyone you like good MEDS……

  26. franky93

    its prety cheap compared to other despenseries plus the budtenders actualy kno wat to recomend nd theyr frendly

  27. vickyz

    great atmosphere. friendly

  28. sanjossalien

    Hands down just plain awesome! Adam is the man in there I mean don’t get me wrong every single person in there is rad! But Adam knows his stuff. Best quality flower, best quality concentrates that I’ve come across yet. I will definitely be coming back and recommending Caliva to everyone

  29. neonjim77

    excellent, very friendly

  30. lkumar11281

    Very friendly staff and cool looking floor. The clerk Paula was responsive and open to my questions about the inventory. Excellent service and selection.

  31. laskeyb

    location is key! service is great and prices are what i really come for… my gf and i drive from san mateo county at least once a week! thanks for the great staff and atmosphere!

  32. Ak94

    I had a great time at this location. EVERYONE was super friendly and helpful. I ask a lot of questions when I go and the budtenders were very patient with me. It was my first time the other day and I will be go back !

  33. Rinweed

    Good buds, good service

  34. thevapeape

    Top quality, and hands down the best deals on top shelf flower. Always my go to club.

  35. DeJaySmalls

    I really wanted to like this place. At first, I went in with a flyer for an extra 10%. I got some Super Jack. Straight fire! Went back a second time and got some XJ that too was fire. My last time I went in, I was pretty disappointed. I was trying to look at their menu, and when I saw that the menu had different prices than what was told, I started getting disappointed. I was on a budget that time and got B4. When I smelled it, it looked good. Once I got home and ripped open the bag, it was a different story. My herb smelled like hay and was dry. Throughout the week, the quality declined and I started finding seed casings.
    For a club with “higher standards” I shouldn’t be finding seeds, and my herb shouldn’t smell like hay.

  36. maritza.408

    The employees are friendly, from the staff greeting you as you check in. To the informative budtenders. There was also a vendor in store with sweet samples!!

  37. JamaicanMan

    This place is definition of Quality and what the Standard should be in California. Caliva goes above and beyond.

  38. FoxUup

    not only does this dispensary look amazing, the staff is super friendly and incredibly informed about what they carry!

  39. indicakingzzz

    My go to spot. They have never done me wrong. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Very modern and trendy atmosphere. This is not some hole in the wall back alley spot. They always have a good selection of buds, concentrates and edibles. And they also have a loyalty program just ask the budtender.

  40. hi1mjsea

    HIGHLY recommend visiting this store if your looking for excellent customer service who and a really chill/friendly atmosphere.

  41. jermcito

    Went in today. Had a great experience. I’m new to going to clubs. The person who helped me was very informative. We talked about the quality of their stuff compared to other shops. I felt really comfortable and welcomed since I walked in. I will definitely see myself becoming a regular!

  42. KingPolaris

    This spot is legit, trust it!

  43. realist408

    Caliva has excellent customer service and the staff was very helpful.

  44. weed_demon

    aEURoeCaliva is the place to go to get quality medicine with quality service. I consistently have positive experiences with the employees and have always been satisfied with the quality of the services/products offered. Whether a newcomer or seasoned pro I recommend Caliva.aEUR

  45. joecoffee

    The location throws you off a bit but all you have to see is the front of the building to know your in the right spot. The atmosphere is serene and feels like your in a spa. At Caliva they have good bud and great bud tenders. It is my home dispensary for sure.

  46. tgigrass

    Excellent location, very professional atmosphere. Their C02 wax is some serious stuff, would recommend to anyone. Especially when they have it on sale or in a bundle.

  47. cheesyme

    Nice building and decor, friendly staff who went out of their way to help us patients.

  48. kaddour95

    Great place nice very friendly good selection

  49. Trapmatik

    Excellent atmosphere, bud tenders and top shelf meds and beyond. Try Caliva you won’t be disappointed.


    New patient, first time visit and a wonderfully, informative, educational one to say the least. Staff, from security officer out front, to receptionists and bud tenders, were very professional and efficient. Very safe, comfortable, being home with the family atmosphere exudes profusely from this establishment and its very knowledgeable staff. ATM is available in the dispensary with credit/debit cards soon to be accepted. place just opened up but they have wide selection of medicinal product.

  51. UWhusky13

    amazing location with great staff and selection!

  52. chilicheese2

    Great atmosphere, and helpful and positive staff.

  53. listensilent

    The location is great and the service is great. These are common attributes to many dispensaries in the Bay Area, but my favorite part of Caliva is one of my favorite Budtenders!

    Chris M. you rock! Chris did a great job educating me on Caliva’s signature strains and made a solid recommendation that I can vouch for!

    Thanks for the service and the warm, genuine smile Chris! I’ll be coming back!

  54. piii

    Top shelf staff and top shelf flowers!

  55. hellohumankindness

    First place I signed up for and I’m so glad I did. I am always impressed by Caliva! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and always welcoming. The store itself is beautiful and clean and they have the best selection of quality products in the South Bay. I highly recommend Caliva if you’re looking for a professional collective.

  56. droolingbed

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selection as well. Definitely worth a visit.

  57. grace09

    Simply put, they are the best. Best prices, best bud, best atmosphere, best service. It makes me excited knowing I get to head there after work!

  58. weedwisdom

    Best consistent cannabis experience EVER! Also, Toasties are fabulous!!

  59. doobieluva69

    Such a wonderful collective, really happy they are in SJ…its a bit of a drive for me but I like it better than the other dispensaries and it is worth it. Excellent staff and they are really friendly/knowledgable. They bud quality is superior and even their bottom shelf isn’t actually bottom shelf – its very good!

  60. t2bags

    Very impressed. Warm, open reception area, with friendly greeting. Paper work for new patients is quick and stress free. The area where you shop is also open, warm, and modern. The service was great, no pressure or rushing, and knowledgeable. It will certainly become one of your favorite dispensary.

  61. Weasel777

    Awesome place and T was beyond helpful.

  62. hiLarry69

    Super chill spot, very professional. I picked up a 8th of zkittlez and OMG AMAZING!!!! Tasted just like the candy!! I’ll be back in a month!!

  63. bloadmonkey

    Very helpful staff, good experience, reasonable prices and very clean facility! I glad I became a member of this fine establishment!

  64. BBurnsSF

    Awesome staff, location and product! Will definitely be coming to Caliva anytime I need medication!

  65. mysticreflectionz

    i really enjoyed the building being spacious, the staff is very friendly and like their daily deals they offer through out the week.

  66. Allergens

    Caliva has been a great experience for me. They provide great quality flower and have knowledgeable bud tenders. I also was introduced to the candyland strain through Caliva and it sparked a really great nostalgic feeling I am very pleased with this whole experience.

  67. FloralExp

    this place has good flower however pricing is rather higher then whats around the corner . see to be paying for the building sometimes then the flower however staff is knowlede-able enough to help any patient in need

  68. relliott6636

    Fantastic and very helpful and nice staff. They answer any and all question’s. Beautiful setup. and I got some great deals.

  69. stacys1

    Great! Aaron showed me around and ended up getting a great deal and had some good laughs! I’ll be back again and you should try it too! Thanks!

  70. OrdinaryLady

    Caliva is a nice high end shop, good selection of flower and knowledgeable friendly staff. Checkin was a breeze, first time gift is a token for an edible or preroll the next time you visit. The shop only had three sativa strains, but it’s been hard to find a good selection of sativa flower in South Bay lately. I bought viper cookies and red alien; viper cookies was a lovely clear, alert high that settled into a comfy body buzz. Knowledgeable staff, and no tipping allowed. I’ll be back to this shop.

  71. Steveandliv

    You’d think you were in Napa in an upscale winery, beautiful inside. Very good product, and great specials. I live 20 minutes away and 5 blocks from another dispensary, but I still go to Caliva.

  72. BlackBudd

    Best products and customer service! No where else comes close in the South Bay.

  73. d4ni3ll33

    offers good customer service, fair prices and lots of sales, and has good product

  74. moeser

    First off let me say I’m a big smoker and been to all of dispensaries, this place is hands down the best place I’ve been to! All around perfect place everything from the staff to the products.

  75. DrSS

    Great! It is a little bit in the “hipster” side, clean, lots of room, great Budtenders, very knowledgeable and very “cool” dudes and cute girls, every time that I have been there, I go out with some freebies and a big smile.

  76. Jaiwallace408

    I could not have wished for a better dispensary than Caliva! The staff are always warm and welcoming with genuine smiles. They go out of their way to make sure your medication is exactly what you need. The budtenders also recommend new and upcoming products that might benefit you. I can’t say enough nice things about this place or the staff!!

  77. jenniefordyce

    This is my favorite location. Nice people and great customer service. Great inventory too.

  78. cgrosenick

    Just moved to this area from Washington and Caliva blew me away. Clean, organized, relaxed atmosphere and some of the best buds in the South Bay. THC content available for most buds, and both mid and top shelf have a lot to offer. Budtenders always really chill and want to help. All around great setup, thanks Caliva.

  79. jefferson

    Superb staff, product and communication .A must visit. The staff is so happy I thought they were artificial intelligence . The Gelato is A+ a must try. Did wonders on my arthritis.

  80. rmontaguem

    This location is how a Dispensary should be. It feels safe and secure and the Staff is so friendly. Caliva is setting the bar high. I highly recommend making a stop to this shop if you ever find yourself in San Jose. Their Manager is really friendly too.

  81. ozziea

    close to home

  82. siress87

    great place in general and the staff is the best.

  83. thrivingforgreatness

    very affordable and strong meds very friendly securities and excellent staff

  84. acreativeboi

    Pristine. A place you’d take your mother and your best friend to get cannabis from.

    Product was true to strain and potency was intense and I’m no novice. The 420 deal was definitely a good value for price.

    Even applied for the gardening/ trimming position they have. Hope I can be a great addition. I’ll definitely be a continuing customer.

  85. Krog7d7

    Caliva is the standard for which dispensaries should be judged. Great product, great people and super helpful and informative! Nice perks as well! Taco Tuesday is a blast!

  86. jjdozerman

    Wow this place is definitely “modern”. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist (didn’t catch her name). I gave her my recommendation and ID, then filled out some paper work. Later was greeted inside the bud floor. I was warmly welcomed by a woman. She showed me a few good strains and decided to take her recommendation. I will be back.

  87. larrycoleman

    The best customer service a patient could ask for. Even the Security Guard (jeff) was super helpful. The great staff make showing up worth the trip every time. Thanks guys and gals!

  88. G3n3515

    Great staff! Awesome selection!! Convenient hours!!! Specials are rad!!! Highly recommend check them out!!!

  89. crashoverride121

    Always friendly staff. Chill spot.

  90. BobSJ

    Honestly, I have never been disappointed with my experience at Caliva from the Security Guard out front to the budtenders. Always professional and pleasant and have always been happy with my purchases.

  91. 420flowersandwax

    This place is awesome! Enjoy the atmosphere so much, great herbs and edibles selection

  92. DeliaM

    wonderful service,great quality products. love this place

  93. ZEROga8

    Best location in every way. Very nice looking inside, very friendly workers, and a great selection. Everything I’ve purchased has been quality, well explained to me, and fairly priced. Always good music too. worth the visit

  94. lizzieluv

    everyone was very nice.. started from security to the cashier ! i forgot my cashiers name but she was so helpful! will go again dY~,,

  95. JoshStar54

    Love this collective. Been hooked since day one by the great customer service (sarah) and everyone else there. Top notch quality through the whole product lineup that they carry. Did I mention I love this place?

  96. norcalgolfer

    My go to dispensary. Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. The menu is fantastic. The location is very clean and safe.

  97. SKuDXVI

    I am writing from a trailer that travels around to different states to represent leafy. They are super nice people in a super chill environment. Check it out!!

  98. tree01baby

    It’s ok. very aesthetic, but the house products arent great (cartridges and batteries); the battieries really suck: low life and and it’s so so so difficult to pull, that it not only hurts but i want to quit vaping because i feel like i dont get anything. The design is that you pull to turn it on, and that’s why it’s so hard and literally burns up your product so much. not worth it. and 4/5 times the cartidges malfunctions.

  99. jnjnjoann

    Great service freindly

  100. jdauth9

    Cool to have a place like this in SJ!

  101. michael5763

    I’ve been going to this dispensary for a while now, and I am consistently happy with the quality of the flowers, and the budtenders are always friendly and helpful. I also love the living wall behind the front desk!

  102. acad

    Woah. I’m guessing their pre-roll blend changes from time to time, but they do not mess around. The blend I had the other day was nothing to take lightly. Surely got me stoney and you could tell it was a high-quality blend. Well done!

    Bud-tenders are always nice and helpful. Caliva always has the best smoke/edibles around.

  103. evandank


  104. SteveValdez

    Excellent staff, informative, and a great help to new comers.

  105. NikaC408

    It’s very professional and the budtenders know their shyt!

  106. recliningbuddhazz

    The best in San Jose! Very friendly staff and a nice, clean, modern facility.

  107. L.A

    I get hugs from my favorite staff. Atmosphere in this location is refreshing from the time I walk into the time I walk out to my vehicle. And I say that because even the security outside the door is pleasant, professional and says have a good day every time. I love this place. Thank you Caliva. Lynda Airrington

  108. rp11k

    Always enjoy stopping by Caliva. The best buds and people!

  109. wsp2014

    Splendid service by Chad! Been coming here for years and definitely the best storefront and selection in San Jose.

  110. Mrs.mendoza0809

    The staff is so friendly and welcoming here. The facility itself is the nicest I have ever been to by far and I have been to my fair share of clubs. The selection is alright, a little bit of the expensive end but it’s well worth it. They really know what they are talking about here. There is something for everyone here. The people in the back are very knowledgable and honest. They aren’t going to recommend something if they don’t think you will enjoy it. They are not fueled by the money but they are driven by customer satisfaction and it really shows. I’m a loyal customer here! Come in once and you will be hooked. Guaranteed!

  111. camcam522

    Hands down one of my favorite dispensaries in the bay. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable about all their products and they always have sweet deals going on. They have the best oils and a pretty solid selection of flowers. The only thing I wish they had was some sort of frequent customer or rewards card since I’m always going back.

  112. pedro10

    Love the location, close to my house and school. Comfortable waiting area, friendly staff. You only need your id when you return. They got superior bud, and they got your back when your on a budget. Not to mention theyre fully stocked with edibles and wax!

  113. M0nkey91

    This place is perfect because it’s close by and they have great deals and they are all super nice!

  114. MarijuanaManson

    Great looking dispensary! The staff were friendly and knowledgeable.

  115. ayoashkash

    Great calm atmosphere with knowledgeable staff. Extremely friendly and welcoming

  116. Nightsnyc

    Amazing spot!! Got to there

  117. munchmeat2015

    The best dispensary throughout time and space! EVERYBODY here is AWESOME, HELLA friendly and SUPER knowledgeable! It’s the cleanest and most organized club I’ll ever visit! Keep up the amazing work!

  118. Bonez2326

    My wife and I both came here and we spoke with Mistie. She was very informative, friendly and knew exactly what we needed. I would highly recommend speaking with her! Thank you Caliva for being the best!!!

  119. Fval408

    Everything is great about the place !!

  120. dante381

    awesome location. great prices. friendly service.

  121. miralachina

    This place is awsome! Great friendly staff and very nice high quality strains. The budtenders are real knowledgeable and helpful as to getting you what you want. Definitely coming back for more!

  122. cckats

    Great service &a friendly staff

  123. Snickerdoodlexx1

    Cassandra was amazing, knowledgeable and very kind. Anytime I come back I will be looking for her.

  124. dakimul8r

    I love this place!! Everyone is so helpful and friendly!! I sport there hat all the time =0)

  125. LKeegs17

    Caliva has been my dispensary of choice. The change from medical to recreational has been, sometimes, confusing and cumbersome. So many bags! Although, Caliva can’t control taxes and fees they make an effort to have specials, Taco Tuesdays, and other fun events that feature varied products and discounts.
    Above all, the budtenders can make or break a visit. Recently, Danielle went above and beyond to search for my favorite pre-rolls. In addition, she made a great suggestion for a sativa when my preferred one wasn’t available.
    In fact, several of budtenders make the experience comfortable and fulfilling. Shout out to Gabby and Chris, too! On other occasions they have been welcoming and helpful.
    As a former employer, I recognize it’s often the employees that represent the mission of the business. Caliva, your mission is clear, provide quality products with refreshingly, service-oriented representatives in a cool, modern space. Thank you!

  126. elujano

    This place has been my mainstay for the last 3 months, Informed, Positive Folks, chill atmosphere, No rush ever. This club actually cares about its patients and has deals from low to high, so nobody is left out; there is something for everyone. A gram or an ounce same treatment thats real customer service. I come here once a week to pick up and always leave smiling.

  127. rbuckles35

    Great people. Great weed. Ok prices.

  128. joex094

    Wonderful Flowers and great prices. I always feel good about my decision to come to caliva.

  129. jose84

    Love this place wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  130. flower62

    I love how I’m treated and how helpful everyone is at Caliva

  131. theoriginaldoobiebro

    Next level delivery of ambiance, quality, and customer service. A weed shop experience that surpasses it’s competitors and leaves you begging the question, “why would I go anywhere else?”

  132. suprman2000

    The staff at Caliva are very professional, friendly, and helpful. They helped me find what I needed. I will definitely continue to use this excellent location.

  133. BlueStank

    Great place, aesthetically appealing while Still being able to serve the right kind of product.

    Their workers are always professional and super helpful! I forgot te guys name but, I was in there on Saturday and purchased a half gram of ABX Gorilla Glue. The clerk was super helpful and even hooked me up with details on the Kiva Terrabites!!! Awesome blueberry and coffee flavors. My fiancA(c)e was with me and it was her first time. He showed us the various cartridge options and was super patient while we decided.

  134. 1blondie408

    Friendly staff, awesome flowers, & my favorite club dY~

  135. kjihnson

    Super clean highly educated bud tenders !! They carry treat yourself 🙂

  136. rick94063

    great place and service.

  137. doyouevenlift

    First time in here and I had a good experience. Knowledgeable staff that will help you no problem.

  138. adubthedrummer

    The staff is super friendly. Great flowers here. The Red Congo is some of the most fire sativa ever. Much love to Claire for always being super nice.

  139. Elisheva

    Beautiful place & clean! Friendly. =)

  140. MBee2016

    Caliva has great customer service and good quality products, friendly and knowledgeable staff. I wish the website broke out indicas from sativa and gave more description on the effects of the flowers.

  141. Ballsonyourvideo

    Awesome spot. Miranda was very helpful and knowledgeable!

  142. dan852

    Great atmosphere. Nice staff. In a large comfortable building.

  143. Rrock

    I’ve been a patient at Caliva for 2 months and I am so impressed by their professionalism, customer service and attention to detail. I am always greeted with a smile when I walk in the door and the budtenders always remember my favorite: the red congolese…it’s seriously out of this world and the most euphoric high I have ever experienced. Can’t wait to watch them grow!

  144. sharkcity408

    location is nice area easy check in and great Rosin and Hash and there flowers are bomb!!!!

  145. Varias

    Today was my first time here and Chris M. my bud tender made me feel so welcome. Not being a heavy smoker she gave me exactly what I needed. Very informative, I learned a lot. Thank you!

  146. mtorz

    I loved my first experience everyone was super awesome and very informative. Can’t wait to go back to taco Tuesday free tacos n yes they have a taco truck until 6pm if u spend $45.00 or more

  147. hellohumankindness1

    I love Caliva. I am never disappointed with the flower I choose. The staff are always kind and helpful.

  148. SummerofGeorge

    Just went into Caliva yesterday and had a wonderful time. Shawn was my salesman and he knew his stuff. I suffer from fibromyalgia and he knew exactly what to get me. I also walked away with some Sweet Purple Punch. It should be delicious. It looks like an upscale coffee house inside. It reminds me of Peet’s. They play amazing music and have some of the best people. I just want to hang out there!

    Highly recommended!

  149. akiki

    A really chill atmosphere inside–decorated with woods, polished concrete, stone, and lots of green plants. Smell of herbs is very strong and intensely relaxing. Membership process is very simple and quick, with reception staff on point and helpful. Friendly, knowledgeable bud tenders with a nice compact but well-curated stock of flowers, as well as edibles and some concentrates. I can’t speak for the quality of their concentrate stocks as I haven’t tried them yet, but their flowers are top notch–their daily special being their house Black Jack, and their featured top shelf items including a house strain of Sunset Sherbert.

    Plenty of parking at the facility, definitely wheelchair and walker accessible, friendly to service animals, and really well-secured facility are just bonus points here, too.

  150. wetwill

    this place is super clean and modern. they have good herb selection, and a nice edible selection as well. I purchased some of the thc syrup when I got my wisdom teeth out and couldn’t smoke, and man that shit had me feelin wavy af. also, check em out on Taco Tuesdays, they have a food truck out front and give you a ticket for 2 tacos and a drink with any purchase!!! how dope is that????

  151. sophiaelisa

    I love everyone here! They are so sweet and welcoming. Everyone knows my name and welcomes me with a smile. I feel really at home here.

    Great prices, always a deal of some sort. Just few free to ask anyone any questions they will always answer it !

  152. LumpySpaceCats

    Great deals, with consistent and fair pricing otherwise. The staff is really friendly and usually useful. They’ve also improved the website and organization a lot since I started coming here.

  153. ThomasMctague

    Super service even better medicine!

  154. hawkduo1

    good spot in SJ

  155. migsmikes

    I think this dispensary is superb, the design of the store is upscale very spacious, gives you that exclusive feeling when you first walk in. The staff makes you feel very welcomed and are more than happy to answer all your questions and give you any tips and recommendations on what you’re deciding to get. They have a great selection, lots of variety, and plenty of parking space. Make sure to stop by this place if you haven’t yet!

  156. Beeboy12

    Yes yes yes

  157. BelialNine

    Absolutely the best dispensary around. Great people, always very knowledgable and professional. Very comfortable atmosphere.

  158. gr33n0rchid

    very classy place…love the decor! First really nice “high-end” collective in the South Bay with a spa type feel. Staff is always super friendly and everything is well organized and clean. Down side…prices are higher than some clubs but so is the quality.

  159. jdaviss

    This place is welcoming, courteous, and the U.S. has flavor. Place is dope.

  160. Tlk81

    I have been coming here for quite some time. I absolutely enjoy the presence of everyone that works there. They are polite, and very personable. Super easy to talk to and know their stuff!!!!

  161. tayelliott99

    Easy parking, great staff, nice setup and good selection.

  162. ganjabwoi

    Regular member here used to always love whatever I got for flowers off the top shelf. lately though the selection of top shelf and connoisseur strains have been lacking. I picked up some Girl Scout Cookie last week that was terrible. it was featured on the top shelf and was most definitely not top shelf flower. Tasted bitter and smoke was harsh. Wasn not dried properly it burned like it was still a bit wet. was not flushed properly or at all. tasted like shit and made my mouth a bitter mess. seemed a bit moldy possibly from the way it smoked and tasted. Really dissapointed from that last visit. If this keeps happening I may have to stary going somewhere else 🙁 Would hate to i really love this place and the staff. Would love to see some more top quality flower here. Like that Leroy OG they had for a while was amazing. I would normally rate this place 5 star but not after that last experience. I have been back since then and explained to the tender in hopes I would be taken care of a little better but no such luck. at least take that strain off the top shelf guys come on now.

  163. johnjames420

    Staff very nice, super clean, nice selection…. Current sale on cbd rolls which is bomb

  164. Half12

    Used to only go here, but they have gotten greedy. Tax now added on top of price, specials aren’t what was advertised and bud tenders even tell you how to talk. Hate this place now!

  165. Chiapet

    First of all, you can find it. Very well lit and good signs. Often brick and mortar speed are hard to find or in the back. It’s also nice to have people working there who don’t look like they just rolled out of bed and are still in their pajamas. I noticed everyone is helpful and patient without a condescending hipster attitude, I left feeling good and you will too. Oh also, the selection and prices are good. And they offer a veteran discount which is nice.

  166. 408northface

    Great close to my home and awesome strains

  167. mgarner311

    Very nice and welcoming environment. The budtenders are knowledgeable and very helpful. This is definitely a high quality dispensary inside and out.

  168. anthonywalkling

    Love this place.its the nicest dispensary ive been to. Today I was served by Jarrod. He was really helpful and knowledgeable and found me exactly what i neeeded.

  169. sparerib78

    Beautiful place! I had an Excellent first time experience here! Bryan was my budtender and we probably talked through my first purchase here for about an hour. It wasn’t very busy at the hour that I visited but I still got the impression that the customer experience is extremely important to Caliva because from the moment I walked up to the entrance everyone was very friendly and personable. Check in was simple and easy and the receptionists were friendly and polite. Walking inside the dispensary sales floor was amazing the atmosphere is modern sleek and designed to feel welcoming and positive. I really enjoyed feeling comfortable and not rushed. Bryan and I went through many products and I ended up buying flower that they grow on the premises. Their flower looked and smelled great and the price points are just right for this product.

    I’m very happy with my experience and I think Caliva has a loyal customer if the herb is as good as the customer experience!

  170. deathofavscodancer

    Rocks my socks off!

  171. DylanBrewington

    This is an amazing shop. The most modern I’ve seen.
    Amazing medicine, on Halloween I got Alien O.G. and Phantom cookies and they were both beyond great. Highly recommended.

  172. Ikes420

    Great people there love it

  173. Jonithomas

    This is one of the most upscale dispensaries I have been to! Love the atmosphere, employees and products. Will definitely be back!

  174. schmokes2120

    Great shop. Good homegrown buds.

  175. jsherman88

    Everyone was very helpful here!

  176. enuffwitit

    this is probably the most nicest looking clubs in san jose, once you walk in your kindly greeted by the staff and the atmosphere of the building is awsome. it feels like you walked through the closet that takes you to narnia. keep an eye for their
    specials, because when they have specials they are usually a good come up

  177. dinkleberg

    This is my favorite collective I’ve visited in the Bay. Friendly and attentive staff, willing to spend time with you and answer specific questions. They had a fabulous 4/20 week with tons of awesome deals, and I can’t wait for next year already. I’ve been back countless times since my first visit. They really took the time to listen to my medical concerns and what products might work best to alleviate pain and anxiety.
    Beautiful, clean building, friendly security and even available collective merchandise such as hats and lighters. Really happy with this place.

  178. Streetkingz420

    Very nice store. It was my first visit here and I was given a very warm welcome to the establishment. Looking at the surrounding area outside of the building, I was surprised to see such a clean and stylish interior as I walked in. It’s like finding a pretty oasis in the midst of the sweltering desert.

  179. frogskillkids

    This was my first time here and it was awesome! Everyone was really nice and helpful, even the security. It’s a really nice looking facility that’s kept clean. Came in today and its their “canniversary” so they had free ice cream and a prize wheel (free preroll ftw!). really close to my house too so this will probably be my go to club dY~S

  180. Ilikemymetalold

    Awesome club, great atmosphere, good service, good buds and great daily deals! Defiantly worth checking out, especially if you are looking for quality and quantity flower.

  181. ZipAdeeDooDaa

    Great location!

  182. publicpsi

    This dispensary’s FB page is a bunch of fake reviews from their staff and a social media marketing company before the dispensary even opened. It seems like they have removed the other negative review left on here which strangely was also my experience today. Rude security guard, rude manager. I couldn’t be bothered putting up with their behavior so I left. Plenty of other options. As I said to the security guard as I was leaving, behaving the way they behave only ensures they will go out of business. I will never go back again and I live within a mile of this place. Don’t waste your time. There are plenty of friendly dispensaries in San Jose that don’t treat their patients like criminals. Avoid this place. It deserves to go out of business. It seems like it is run by a corporation that wants to cash in on medical cannabis rather than offer a service to patients.

  183. alwyzjokin

    Best place ever!

  184. hferrante

    Honestly love this place! It’s my go-to club in San Jose. Everyone is always so friendly and the atmosphere is great.

  185. surfpunk38

    This is the best dispensery I’ve experienced in California! 5 stars across the board! This should be the example of what a dispensery should be like! They test which is really important to me, I like to know what I’m getting! High quality meds!

  186. Brandeezworld

    Super beautiful, great staff and amazing products.

  187. HyeChef

    Caliva reminds me of my trips to the clubs in LA. super high quality goods and the staff knows the products. so glad this place opened up.

  188. Neilrieg

    Nice clean place with security and helpful nice staff.

  189. corradooo

    Beautiful brand new building, friendly knowledgable staff, great selection of top shelf flower, concentrates, and edibles. Good demo’s on the regular. Def my favorite place in the Bay Area

  190. DanksMcbuddington

    From the time you pull into the parking lot you can tell this spot is above the rest. The flower quality is second to none. Also the wax game is on point. With Panacea and West Coast Cure you cant go wrong.

  191. Cynthiah1

    I love the location because it is close to my work. I love the weekly e-mail discounts that you give your customers. The staff is ALWAYS nice and helpful. The girls in the front are always happy to see you. And of course you have the best bus in town!

  192. azuffi

    One of the most upscale collectives I have been to. Great deals and good selection. Most definitely going to come back.

  193. lildreamer14

    how old do you have to be to get in

  194. LBoogie88

    This place is the best! The bud is always great and tenders and super helpful..

  195. NY1972

    Nice and clean atmosphere. Great selection of products. One of San Jose best Cannabis clubs around. dY’dY1/2dY~dY’-

  196. greenbudz42069

    Hands down the best dispensary I’ve been to yet. It’s like a W hotel with marijuana behind the counters. Beautiful art, music, and incredibly friendly, knowledgeable staff. A winning combination for enthusiasts and medically-bound people alike.

  197. thecen0byte

    this location can be summed up in 2 words: super fancy.
    receptionist, budtenders & the oh so dreamy security guard were all very professional & courteous….i will def. be a returning customer!!!

  198. McFearless

    My experiences at Caliva have been consistently great. The service is fantastic and the vibes are always positive. The variety of marijuana products and goodies is solid and the quality, even for bot shelf, is solid. I enjoy going here every time.

  199. patriciabond70

    Thus place is beautiful. Staff is awesome. They just opened so Patients need to understand that it does take a little time to establish good vending relationships. Which is very necessary in order to provide their patients with the best possible medication. As a new patient I highly recommend not only checking this place out but also keep coming back and support them. You will find that there inventory will progressively become more significant.

  200. algowl

    easy to find

  201. discgolfer42480

    very expensive here, 1/2 oz cost me almost 3 bills. c’mon, 70 bucks an 1/8 is too expensive for medical, I’m not rec. And I’m going elsewhere.

  202. Revere408

    Awesome legit place, very professional I just came from there the flower is awesome. Service is great awesome people. New club . flowers are fresh. There sealed n labeled. My only thing is the price least have good quarter n half deals. Grams for 10 deals. and mainly good deals for those who sign up. Keeping patients happy is what brings them back. Just my thought. I’m sure it will come as the good start goes. I shall return thanks for good service I recommend check it out. N I’m picky on flower trust me they have the right meds

  203. Stephankushpush

    Delivery is excellent with services and more.. Look no further cuz everything you want is here, Check profile out and get back.

  204. enough152

    This is a great place with quality meds. The staff always has good recommendations whether looking for flower or wax. Here I can pick up Flav RX cartridges at a price that no else has. Fyi

  205. Therace1

    I love The cornbread and the caliva mix people are fantastic always happy to help never annoyed or rushed I can’t recommend this club highly enough

  206. imjohnboc

    great dispensary great service. everybody is so nice welcoming informative and friendly. hands down the best dispensary I’ve been to.

  207. SteveMcQueen36

    I have been coming to this store now for a few months and have had virtually no issues. They have some really top notch buds. However, they can’t keep some stuff on the shelf for a long time. I guess that’s weed right?

    I picked up some Blue Dream and it felt amazing. i was back in highschool for sure. my lady got a couple of pre-rolls. Good weed for watching tv.

  208. wexican

    I think it’s a great looking place but they had issues with locating my membership at first which delayed my entry. Then when I got some help at the counter I was hoping the gentlemen would mention the Labor Day deals but he said nothing. I intended to spend around $90 on a few variation of items. My first and foremost need though was a concentrate for my vaporizer and he couldn’t think of anything good. The first time I went they had CBD for vapes/mods but apparently were sold out today. He then recommends a concentrate by wonder that is 1:1 CBD to thc. I continued to ask about other edible options that are vegan and he says they have none. I could of sworn Caliva had that option when I was there last. So I just agree to go with his suggestion and then want to get bud but realize I get a free gram. Cool I then debate on my final item but never asked/never was told the price of the concentrate and he tells me it’s a whopping $85. Holy moly, I almost got mad but didn’t want to make him feel like a dick so I said ok I’ll buy these two products and be on my way. I feel like he pushed me towards a really expensive product which doesn’t even work well with my Vape. Left disappointed and now with a migraine when going over things in my head. Technically my second visit but was my first purchase because I didn’t bring Cash.

  209. Mellyelle27

    Dany is the best! She is always so kind and she knows her stuff.

    Hi Dany! I’m the one with the magneto pen 🙂

  210. mrwalkercomedy

    Nice fun dope chill

  211. ToTheMoon1122

    This place is an absolute gem! This is my go to shop. The people are fantastic and the products they provide are quality!! Keep up the excellent work Caliva Crew!

  212. ndcadzdsc

    The security is always efficient and polite, the staff always friendly and knowledgable. Most of the strains I’ve gotten here have been great, with the exception of the recent “Platinum OG” special, which tasted like chemicals.

  213. hawkduo2

    Good daily deals, knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  214. Bran408

    I love the fact everything is spacey and makes you feel ur actually in a store not some underground room dY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4 the flower and the people who work here also are very friendly and helpful CHRIS M WAS A VERY HELPFUL SWEET AND THOUGHTFUL PERSON she helped me out so much with everything from choosing my selections to the different quality and feelings u get with each flower I also must say the chocolate chip cookies hit pretty good. I personally had 1 and felt soothing . My gf took 2 and knocked out like a champ . His was my 2nd visit too thanks again for your help I hope to run into you again it was delight for your business. Thanks Caliva dY'”dY1/2aEURdY’>>dY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4dYtm,dYtmfdYtm,dY'”dY$?”dYZ-dYSS~dY1/4aEURatm,i,dYSS~dY1/2aEURatmEURi,dYZYdYOE

  215. 1995smokeboy

    It’s a clean, easy to navigate, user friendly dispensary. Online Ordering is the way to go here! shout outs to Regyna & Dennis

  216. EdwardEnigma

    They were so friendly. So professional. Felt like I was in an Apple store. I will be going there again. I feel like I can really relate to these ppl and felt welcome. My new primary spot.

  217. Jeffs763

    Beautiful dispensary. Too bad I have to pay the taxes, which means I have to add 20%. The prices that look good are not out-the-door. Boo 🙁

  218. redtikifox

    Very cool location. Pricing wasn’t exactly clear or explained. Staff was very nice and helpful.

  219. csfu

    Such a nice club! nothing like the rest. average prices and great daily specials. very friendly and knowledgeable budtenders.

  220. COYS

    What a great place!!! So glad I found it. Jen was outstanding in her knowledge of the product. And a great person to talk to! I will be coming back!

  221. Mavrill

    I’ve been coming to Caliva for about 6 months now, and never once have I been disappointed. The bud is always of the highest quality, and the staff is friendly and great with any specific questions you may have. Their super lemon haze is probably my all time favorite strain, it keeps me lifted without knocking me out. 10/10 would recommend

  222. kickbxrr

    I got one of their Caliva branded vape cartridges. It’s OK, but I would not get another. Maybe it’s the strain but since it wasn’t strain specific I don’t i know. Otherwise, the ABX cartridge of Sour Diesel was nice. Their prices and selection are pretty much the same as all the other dispensaries in the area. Still a nice place, and I would go back if I’m in the area.

  223. mrgreenthumb408

    this place is awesome great flowers at a great price.
    and great wax also

  224. solsayswuddup

    Beautiful and thoughtful ambiance inside. Excellent customer service in and out.
    I’m horrible with names, but my first visit I was greeted by who I think was a manager and we spoke for a while about the variety of products available. She was extremely informative, patient, and welcoming. Every visit I’ve had with budtenders there have been helpful and super friendly. They care about their brand and it shows. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat.

  225. Bc41

    Great atmosphere, great selection and products and the customer service is amazing. I was helped by Jarred Doss, he was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Would highly recommend to anyone.

  226. dankville408

    Simply the best club in the south bay!

  227. jimmysafe

    It’s my favorite in San Jose !

  228. cookiemonstrr

    I love everything about the location. It is so convenient because I live a few blocks away!

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