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Trulieve is a Gainesville Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Trulieve goes above and beyond to provide lasting, natural relief to qualifying medical marijuana patients in Gainesville and beyond. The Trulieve team operates in full compliance with Florida’s Amendment 2 to craft pharmaceutical-grade cannabis and improve the lives of their many patients through medical marijuana.

The founders behind Trulieve rooted their organization in decades of healthcare and cultivation experience. The entire team advocates passionately for medical marijuana, especially as an alternative to prescription drugs. Trulieve’s founders wanted to provide Gainesville medical marijuana patients with a more holistic path to lasting relief. When Florida voted to pass Amendment 2, Trulieve transitioned their low-THC cannabis organization to include full-plant cannabis therapies into their many dispensaries. Trulieve is proud to open the latest in dispensary stores in Gainesville to better equip individuals with effective cannabis care.

Trulieve’s dispensary staff makes every effort to improve the lives of their Gainesville patients with detailed education and compassionate care. They will tailor medical marijuana healing plans to fit the specific needs of individuals and often collaborate with the patient’s physician to offer optimal marijuana healing. Trulieve’s care team holds a wealth of knowledge, compassion and research to share with their patients. Every visitor is welcomed with a smile and dedicated aid, ready to help them achieve wellness.

Trulieve’s cultivation center crafts a wide variety of marijuana products to relieve seizures, pain, appetite loss, muscle spasms and other qualifying conditions in Florida. Their dispensary’s stock of oral syringes is pre-filled with cannabis oil and easily placed under the tongue or added to empty pill tablets. Trulieve also crafts cannabis oil capsules pre-dosed for patient convenience. Patients may also purchase a range of discreet vape pens and cartridges, made in high-CBD, Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa formulas.

Patients may pay with both cash and debit card at Trulieve-Gainesville. The Trulieve team welcomes scheduled appointments as well as walk-in medical marijuana patients. Patients will find plentiful parking with ADA accessibility.

Service Locations:
Trulieve-Gainesville lies in the northern half of the city, easily accessible on NW 6th Street. The Trulieve staff welcomes patients from Pine Park, Oakview, Florida Park and Cedar Grove to explore their medical cannabis. Patients from Rainbows East, Northwood, Spring Tree and Madison Park will find lasting relief at Trulieve. West Hills, Arredondo, Rochelle and Windsor medical marijuana patients can rely on Trulieve’s cannabis. Throughout northern Florida, patients are welcome to explore the medical marijuana care at Trulieve-Gainesville.

Location Information:
Gainesville is a northern Florida city, notably home to the University of Florida’s sprawling campus. Visitors explore Gainesville’ many cultural attractions, such as the Florida Museum of Natural History’s exhibits featuring local history. The Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park features plentiful walking trails and wildlife habitats for outdoors people to explore. Newmans Lake offers boating and fishing opportunities, while the Oaks Mall is an attractive venture for shopaholics. From the blooms of the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens to the Gainesville Regional Airport, Trulieve offers a haven for those in search of alternative healing.


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26 reviews for “Trulieve

  1. allisonables

    Awesome people, great products, only drawback is parking but worth the trip and wait.

  2. Rianr14

    This is the Apple Store of Dispensaries…you won’t find anywhere else with more variety, quality, and service.

    If a product causes you an adverse reaction (certain strains give me tachycardia for some reason), they will gladly exchange it…No where else does this.

    Best dispensary in Florida hands-downaEUR| I’m talking about the Gainesville location specificallyaEUR| The staff at the Gainesville location is on another level. They were SO patient with me, and really helped direct me to the strains that ended up helping me the most (And yes, they are all extremely differentaEUR| Medical marijuana is not aEURoeStreet potaEUR…All of the strains have very particular profiles that have been thoroughly documented on sites like Leafly.

  3. Sinatra82

    Every single employee at Trulieve really gets it. They treat people like PATIENTS and not just a source of money. The product is high quality and so are the delivery devices. Definitely recommend!

  4. FiDOpi

    I was greeted by a large gentleman named Peter who smiled and asked what he could do for me.

    This first impression was indicative of the service which was to come. Peter was efficient, and exceedingly polite, as he answered my various questions about the store policies and state regulations.

    Once a consultant was available (which did not take long at all, in fact, my consultant was waiting for me before my profile had finished being checked in!) I was escorted into the showroom where a boy-genius named Jacob Gagne voraciously attacked my curiosity with chemical specificities unique to each strain, the pros and cons of my available “intake” methods, and his very best and honest opinions of which strains he believed would help me the most.

    My experience with Trulieve’s knowledge, and customer service, has never waned or faltered from this very high standard.

    Truliever forever.

  5. Closby

    A relaxing store, but I waited 40mins in an empty store to be helped, I couldn’t get any information on the effects of any products, and both the CBD and THC vapes I tried tasted chemical and even the CBD flared up my asthma (vaping had not been much of an issue from other dispensaries until I tried these). I was also surprised to see my ACDC CBD vape was extracted from Remedy and I assume artificially “flavored”. Definitely more of the budget option, I got what I paid for. Have not tried any oral solutions yet. I had this visit back in mid 2018 (I believe it was August) and just never got around to reviewing until now.

  6. Klstewart03

    Very knowledgeable friendly service! Highly recommend!

  7. andrewkirk00

    Best location I’ve been too. Kristin is the best patient consultant I’ve ever dealt with she was so knowledgeable and so kind and helpful. Thank you so much. I’m a #truliever for life thanks again Kristin I hope to see all y’all again soon aoeOEi,dYOEzaoeOEi,

  8. Samabate

    As always my Trulieve experience was great! I would like to recognize Michelle, Genesis and the awesome security guard Kelly. Vandy was helpful as always as well. Also Trulieves social media person Emily Woods she is such an asset to Trulieve and amazing resource for patients on social media. I drive from near Jax to Gainesville just for the experience and the people. Thank you Trulieve! Gainesville Trulieve the best dispensary in the state!

  9. Princessbuddercup

    Awesome service. Everyone is always super friendly and helpful. Dog friendly a plus. I highly recommend Gainesville Trulieve to everyone.

  10. bigfoot2975

    amazing product and bye far the best !!!!!

  11. Beaverjones

    Had products in stock. Friendly and willing to answer questions ,most importantly they had what they said they did. I would recommend only Trulieve. Unless you’re in California its the best around.

  12. Msfino

    The reason I give the atmosphere a three is because of their waiting room chairs. To serve a community that is in pain, it is plain cruel to make a person sit on those wooden, non-cushioned chairs to wait. I have waited up to 30 minutes before, and even 10 minutes are agonizing. Someone wasn’t thinking, Truelieve.

  13. flaOutlawbiker

    wounded usmc veteran here. OUTSTANDING SERVICE in the gainsville location. I have severe PTSD and shrapnel and combat injuries. Bought a 250 mg vape supersourdiesel in jax location and it clogged up and wouldnt dispense. went to the gville location they not only exchanged it for a full replacement but they also were super professional in dealing with….well me…..I did rant about the company charging twice the price that you get for the same meds in cali or colorado. How much profit does a company need to make???? the quality of the ssd vape is good i bought a 250 mg vape of girlscoutcookies while i was there and i highly recommend this strain very uplifting and it keeps you in your head so your still functional and can do things, but really helps with pain relief as well. the gsc is not as oily tasting as the ssd so in my opinion is a better product. well thanks for reading, i will review more as i test the products they have, that are overpriced. thank god its finally available in florida. next legalization on the ballot for 2020. go vote in 2020 and lets get it legal…

  14. CraftyNanaNat

    Comfortable and friendly!

  15. Mr.CannaBus

    My favorite Trulieve experiences have happened here. Although there is typically a wait due to the limited dispensaries in and around the Gville area, or the specials, there are always some wonderful people, the staff is cool and fully knowledgeable of questions and products. One girl was keeping up with inventory in her head it seemed. Impressive place and the best part may be running into one of the guys from Sunshine Cannabis, which somehow happened the 3 random visits I’ve made up there.

  16. parkerh188

    Absolutely fantastic service. The staff is really nice and extremely helpful. Everyone should visit the store their first time; you’ll leave with exactly what you need and tons of stuff you’ve learned.

  17. tom177

    This is an easy place to visit, fast and efficient service. I posted this after second visit. My first was excellent, also.

  18. gingersnap79

    I had a delivery, but the staff went out of thier way to help me get what I needed as the Jax location is my actual delivery area but they were out of both products I was looking for.

  19. sarahannn

    Everything and everyone is absolutely amazing!

  20. Mday6

    Amazing place, love the product and people

  21. Ralphtoppins

    The staff are helpful and just nice I enjoy the clean bright surroundings and the products are top notch.

  22. jwd1946

    Very good visit very helpful

  23. Flbear

    This is my favorite dispensary. The employees are very knowledgeable and caring. Great place.

  24. Brian033078

    Treated poorly by manager. Have not been back to this location since.

  25. TheRipper7

    This is the only dispensary that I use. I drive 45 miles one way because they’re worth it. I could name off everyone that I love there bit go stop in for yourself. Great rapport and confidentiality between patient and reps.

  26. Tdaisy

    Wonderful experience every time. Always ready to answer questions and tell me that I can call any time if I think of anything I want to ask.
    I love how caring, knowledgeable, considerate,
    patient oriented, and polite they are at the Gainesville Trulieve location. I greatly appreciate the quality Trulieve has taken in their choice of representatives.
    Great products, representatives, delivery, and service. A++

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