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10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Founded in 2006, Harborside was the first cannabis dispensary in the nation to form a lab to test cannabis; first to support education for seniors, veterans, and families with severely ill children; first in the country to offer CBD-rich medicine; and the first to treat children with Dravet syndrome. With locations in Oakland and San Jose, Calif., Harborside continues to set an example of diversity and compliance, and is one of the prime advocates of sustainability and economic justice in the industry as part of its core mission. In 2017 Harborside was awarded aEURoeBest DispensaryaEUR in California by the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Harborside, is looked upon as a model of how others could operate." – The New York Times


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74 reviews for “Harborside

  1. Skiingfo0

    Great selection

  2. Fat1Bear

    HTC has the best selection of cuttings in Northern California. They are very understanding of Patients using mobility devices.
    Very helpful to those with disabilities

  3. CharleeDabzit

    The most compassionate people work there, questions answered without feeling rushed, very knowledgeable, smiles all around… They truly care about their patients.

  4. 2bC

    This place is great! Very helpful, knowledgeable on products, & everyone is super nice. Great experience! I’ve gone back multiple times and brought people with me.

  5. FixItJim

    Well-organized. Being able to order online or call-in and pick up is great. You can use your Debi card. ATM available, as well. Large selection of quality accessories.

  6. pirateonwheels

    I’ve gone to Harborside many times and I’ve always found them to be helpful and supportive. I have severe neurological issues due to an action which have drastically affected my physical condition. I’ve gone there for high CBD products and the staff has always directed me to the most effective cannabis to deal with my issue. Thank you Harborside!

  7. mikaylapaige14

    amazing people,place, and experience

  8. johnwilkins845

    this is the nicest club I have ever
    been to. it is spacious, well designed, has 3 different desks for different product and have only the highest quality product. these guys are the best of the best. its not cheap tho dont get me wrong its quite expensive but you really are paying for what you get which is very high quality.

  9. gus.green

    Fantastic products. Customer service was phenomenal.

  10. ganjamonsoon

    Love this place! Always great service and great prices. The honeyfarm fruit cartridges are the best!! Love these things! Thanks Harborside for always hooking it up! 🙂

  11. Linn

    Best dispensary around the Bay Area. Yes there is a tour, but it actually shows you what more they have to offer, so no biggie to me. Feels extremely safe,clean and very professional. I hope it stays open forever.

  12. Bodie

    Purchased Sour Diesel and Grape Ape clones from Harborside. They have been the most awesome producers and I will return next year for more. Can’t wait!

  13. Allthetimegrrl

    Steve DeAngelo of Harborside has made a difference. He stood up to help provide medicine for those of us in need, for that I am ever grateful and forever a patron. It helps that they have a wonderful atmosphere and staff as well, and their product lines are first class. Thank you Steve and Harborside for all of your wonderful work, pleasant experience, and alleviating many patient pains.

  14. Slightlybeefy

    first time ever in a dispensary and the staff and atmosphere were amazing. Plenty of easy going staff with an abundant amount of knowledge

  15. FluxElvis

    The gold standard for a reason. Would be nice to get a larger section of solvent-less contentrates

  16. texasoutlaw616

    Harborside is the most informative place and I love it.

  17. Rocky1971

    Clean and helpful

  18. GanjaWifeMomBoss

    I couldn’t leave the Bay with out checking out harborside stores dispensary while my visit in Oakland. 40min drive from where I was staying and I have to say I was very impressed. Wonderful atmosphere: bright, open and spacious. Friendly staff, who are knowledgeable professional and enthusiastic. Congratulations Berner #berner415 on dropping that #gelato42! aoeOEdY3/4dYa

  19. Lizas

    My favorite of them all. Never a bad atmosphere. Everyone is always helpful. Love it!!!

  20. glasspipe

    I can’t imagine a better possible experience – in fact, this could be one of the finest customer experiences I’ve had in any retail establishment in years. Friendly and educated staff, clean and organized location, tons of options, high quality, fully tested cannabis. Introductory walk-through with valuable info, and free health-conscious classes. This is what the medical cannabis experience should be.

  21. zzera

    Harborside has always been a great place. But now they are even better! I live in Fairfield and used to have to drive an hour to get to them, but now they deliver! The delivery service has been great! Exactly as advertised. And the guys who have come to deliver my order have always been wonderful! Great service!

  22. redwood

    This place is lovely. I’m mostly interested in high CBD strains… and while they don’t always have a variety (like SPARC) they pretty regularly have the best. I’ve only seen Lemon Remedy here and in my book it’s the best, hands down.

  23. bmorales91

    I have been q patient at Harborside fine two years now and I must say harborside is the most professional and respectable dispensary I have ever visited I have referred many friends to here and they have all been pleased they have the best medicine in stock and many vagaries to choose from if you love flowers edibles and concentrated thus is the dispensary to visit cbd patients I suggest harborside the professional staff there is very knowledgeable and can direct you to the medicine you need to heal your pain I love this dispensary and staff there I will always be a harborside patient

  24. Dzillax

    Great meds

  25. meowz

    Everyone was very welcoming! it was my first time going to a club so I was a little nervous, but everything went smoothly and I didn’t feel rushed or anything and there is so much to look at and they’re very informative about any questions you could have. plus they have a bunch of extra activates there. can’t wait to come back

  26. chadchadchad

    The standard for California!

  27. dhonurg

    I recommend Harborside to everyone i know.

  28. daninegrinca

    Its like the Apple store for cannabis!!! Looovvveeee ittttttt

  29. bhoblaster

    amazing place. seen it on tv multiple times love it! just recently turned 21 on the 10th. saved all year for a trip to visit but just wasnt enough. hope to finally visit here sometime. btw leafy what an AMAZING app you have here. love it use it everyday!

  30. cannedass

    I love the activism and patient resources alone then add a great selection of clones, edibles, accessories, you name it. It was a great visit.

  31. mollyanna

    I love harborside! It’s pretty close to my house, they have a rewards program and they have free delivery.
    If only I could get the clear for $55 a gram with tax included like I can get in SF at the Green Door. Otherwise, being able to get it delivered to my house is very convenient. Thanks harborside for being my local MMJ dispensary!

  32. Joaquin410

    Excellent experience overall largest selection In the us great medication

  33. quakecountry

    I’ve always felt, this dispensary should be the poster child for all Medical Cannabis Dispensaries! Over the six years being a patient at Harborside I’ve encountered patient, professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate employees. Their selection of medication, flowers, concentrates, edibles, etc . . . have been unsurpassed.

  34. quenga215

    I went here on 4/20/13, it was by far the best experience I’ve had at any dispensary. They had a lovely staff, a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere and a wide variety of product to choose from. They even had a complementary massage therapy room. I was very impressed and wish I live in the Bay Area so I could visit Harborside more often. I now understand why they have such a big reputation. I got 3 Ken’s GDP Clones, 1 Purple Diesel Clone, 3.5 Grams of Silver Velvet, 3.5 Grams of Purple Cookies, 1 Gram Pre-Roll, 1 Gram of Cookies BHO and A Brownie. Everything was absolutely amazing and I got a bunch of free stuff for it being 4/20 and my first visit. I received a Medicated Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Medicated Vanilla Iced Coffee and some Keva Medicated Chocolate. Overall it was a fantastic way to spend my first time in San Francisco and visiting Harborside was like the cherry on top. Thank you so much for an experience I will never forget and such wonderful hospitality and for opening my eyes to an industry I can’t wait to be apart of someday.

  35. chefswoop001

    Harborside is def my ALL TIME FAVORITE spot for trees in the east bay. TOP QUALITY FLOWERS & EXTRACTS. Their OG’s are always strong. And their staff is super friendly patient and knowledgable. Amazing selection of clones for growers and days specifically for vendors and other Cannibus community needs. Yoga, acupuncture, the whole nine yards and complimentary too after registering at the dispensery.

  36. lexicanium

    Excellent, clean, and well lit store with friendly and knowledgeable staff. As a new user, this is exactly what I wanted to find.

  37. P.urklers.Greeners

    From whence the mother of Chow Tongue came and a constant source of inspiration and hope. I love you Harborside! Better medicine and patient care than you’ll find at any Hospital in America. The Platinum standard for what medicine should be. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the compassion you showed me; and the medicine you’ve had the courage to find and keep in the face of scandalous and outrageous threats to close your doors during these the final death throws of the anti-Cannabis conspiracy. Thank you a million Harborside!

  38. Cachi241

    Great location! I’m interested in your yoga classes!

  39. xleelum

    Great place bud tenders know there stuff they were fast and gave me the best strain for my pain and the best donation price.

  40. derrk33

    I’m an avid patient @ HTC, very knowledgeable and make you feel at home. Very good concentrate selection and good herbs and clones.

  41. Veteran420Patient

    Great place, great staff, great prices!

  42. laogongtutu

    Harborside is the Bay Area’s leading medical cannabis provider setting the bar for patient services and providing a beautiful example of conscious design that enhances the pleasure of visiting this wonderful dispensary. Really great folks helping organize things with a fantastic flower, concentrate, and other premium other meds selection at reasonably priced amounts. A fantastic selection of clones, certainly the biggest selection I have seen in the East Bay.

  43. matt022394

    I think this is one of the most amazing stores formed from a true cannabis activist that we should all strive to model our take on the herb after support the right sources and people to obtain your meds!:)

  44. devonia

    I enjoy the simplicity, cleanliness and patient flow of harborside. The building is large so I don’t feel anxious being crammed in a small space and I order my meds online and RARELY have to wait in line for anything!

    All of my meds have been good quality and sometimes I even score a surprise gift. I’ve only needed staff assistance on two occasions and they were very helpful and pleasant to deal with.

  45. Darcysunflower

    I started going here in 2009. It set the standard. The best stash in the whole world. Great staff. Love the fresh flowers.

  46. dardanus

    High grade weed; varied and changing selection; friendly and professional staff. Spacious environment but a tad sterile.

  47. xicanorizo

    Beautiful and friendly atmosphere. Very clean and well organized with a pretty simple but effective layout. The line can take a while so I would suggest pick up orders if you already know what you’re interested in. If not, the budtenders are hella friendly and informative and will give you any information you need.

  48. mralamo612

    Awesome place and great service. Wish I knew I could of paid with debit card but it’s ok. A lot longer wait then other places.

  49. kbanshee

    You can view their menu on their site:


    They are very secure, but don’t make you feel put upon with the security. They are supportive & explain everything clearly. The initial visit takes some time, as with many places – getting registered & such, but after that it is quite quick to get in. They have many support services & opportunities for educating yourself. They also have a wide selection, so if all you want is to grab & go, then grab & go.

    I really like them.

  50. Jackdahrippah420

    Everything is great

  51. RasAsilat321

    Very informative my #1 choice for knowledge

  52. andrea099

    The best of the best. I took a grower’s class here that was absolutely top notch! The staff is warm and knowledgable, and the facility is beautiful. Excellent selection too!

  53. Monster1913

    Great place to experience. I love it there

  54. JAE214

    They made me feel like family

  55. byteme

    good vibe

  56. WhiteAsh

    Hands down, one of the best dispensaries in CA. Love the mercy too.

  57. jackmcguire

    friendly people, very well-organized operation, tidy and ship-shape.

    I just wish there were some way they could post the clones they have in stock before my visit–but I guess they can’t, ’cause of legalities.

  58. TheHecticTurnip

    Everyone is so friendly and helpful

  59. bentundra

    Love this place. Great medicine, clean, professional spot. Service has always been excellent and the staff are probably some of the most patient people I’ve ever come across. Great selection of glass, too.

    Edibles are the best in the area. The THCoffee was probably the greatest thing I’ve ever drank.

    Only bad things I could say are that this place is pretty much always busy and packed. I’ve been there at opening before and still had to wait 15-20 minutes. Wouldn’t recommend going if you’re in a hurry.

    Everyone should at least try this place. Super consistent, great products.

  60. cannafan8888

    I was not treated well as a patient here. I was offered a chiropractic treatment as a patient service upon my first visit. I was given a card with a date on it. Harborside then botched my appointment three separate times. I never got to see the doctor. My appointment was handled by over 4 different employees over the span of one month, and each time I showed up for my appointment I had the appointment card but was not on the calendar. Their product is fine, but not outstanding. This dispensary despite their reputation put a bad taste in my mouth. Their staff contacted me to correct the issue, but I have since found a chiropractor and a new dispensary. So, I will not be returning here.

  61. CraigWilliams420

    Impressive! Love the service first. Everybody is treated like a local in a non rushed atmosphere. Very chilled dispensary with an abundance in selections. Highly recommended to friends.

  62. doug94550

    Welcome Home!!

    This is exactly what a dispensary should be. We have been patients of Harborside for years and have never been disappointed.

  63. blueshifter

    Harborside always carries a huge selection of classic and new strains, all high quality, at price points to fit everybody’s budget. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the vibe is the exact opposite of a skeevy “head shop” – it’s more like a cross between the produce aisle at Whole Foods and the gift shop at a planetarium. And there’s PARKING! No matter what your cannabis needs are, you’ll leave satisfied!

  64. the_lost_coast

    Great bud selection, high quality product, and a vast array of products to select from. On the other hand I’ve got a lot of clones from here and have had mixed results. DHN is always a safe bet, so I try and stick to buying those.

  65. GoodVibes33

    Great selection and top products, very well established service. I am so grateful to you guys (& gals)! 🙂

  66. LJB01


  67. JeremyBro30

    Best dispensary around the Bay Area, possibly in the world.

  68. Throes

    Harborside has great quality medication and has a wonderful staff but their bud and concentrates are overpriced in my opinion. When they have C02 oil it is usually a good donation price. Their edibles are the same/similar priced as other local dispensaries. There’s sometimes a lot of people in line, Harborside usually has a lot of budtenders working at the same time but it does seem to take a while to get to the counter. There is a big parking with security which is always good. I go to Harborside every now and then when they have a good deal but there are usually better deals at other local dispensaries. Look around before you shop.

  69. Hazenberg

    I love and owe Harborside my life. From True Blueberry X OG Kush forward, I will always be in debt to them. Thank you!

  70. hartliss

    I came in going through a pretty bad panic attack and really, really wanted and NEEDED an emergency Indica pre-roll or three to get me through the long, monotonous ride back to LA.

    First, I was forced to endure a, “tour,” of the rectangular, clearly marked, “Health Center.” When I say, “forced,” I literally mean the tour ‘guide’ snatched my rec out of my hands and said, “If you don’t take the tour, you don’t get any medicine.” WTFamI. a 6 year-old child? THEN, I finally make it to the. “Nurse?,” who insisted a CLEARLY typed, black and white labeled pre-roll that said, “SATIVA,” was in fact an Indica, despite the GIANT, WHITE sticker that directly contradicted her in an EMBOLDENED, BLACK FONT (no less!) that indicates that the strain is most definitely not an, “Indica,” but something that would make my heart explode and my eyeball go flying out of its socket.

    Honestly, the place looks and feels like a prison. Me’thinks the goons everywhere don’t help dispel the Alcatraz vibe you get, despite the blonde, hardwood floors, the stupid, stupid tour and the most pathetic looking flowers, not to mention the most indifferent people I have ever had the chance of meeting under the guise of, “Compassionate Care.”

    I left with an even worse panic attack and had to resort to dabbing at a rest stop like an animal.

    NEVER, again, will I step within 20 miles of this place. Besides the fact it looks as if one of the goons is ready to throw you into the harbor if you look at him askew. This is supposed to be the premier facility in the US? HA! Then we are ALL in for a very rude awakening. Get your strains RELIABLY tested. Just get it together, already. What a excellent way to abuse an international spotlight. Great jobs guys! Stop making stupid brochures that nobody reads and pay attention to the patients walking through the door CLEARLY in distress.

  71. lehn6

    Harborside is a victim of its own success, I think, in terms of atmosphere. I had heard about this place so long and from so many people, had checked out the San Jose location, so when I went up to Oakland and had the opportunity to check out the original Harborside I had to. I ended up feeling like I was in a bank; the atmosphere was really impersonal and I ended up feeling a bit lost. The personal touch I like from the smaller clubs just wasn’t there and the quality of the meds was no better than anywhere else. Overall, it was cool to check out but I am apathetic about going back.

  72. nrbcog

    I am new to using this medicine for pain refief. I think the people who helped me were very sensitive to this and really took time to find what would meet my needs. I have actually had times of no pain for the first time in 9 yrs. And never is my pain unbearable anymore.

  73. UnkieVal

    A little pricy but would go back in a pinch.

  74. owslas

    Harborside is amazing! Everyone is so knowledgeable and nice. If you buy something and it doesn’t work for you it can be returned for a full refund.

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