Elemental Wellness

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985 Timothy Drive, San Jose, CA 95133


37.363632, -121.881406




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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~HUGE Selection! We carry 25+ Flowers, 50+ Concentrates, 100+ Edibles, plus award-winning clones and seeds. We only offer the best in lab-tested cannabis. Your well-being is our top priority!

~ Home To 7 High Times Cannabis Cup Winners!

~Awarded Metro’s "Best of Silicon Valley" – 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

~Awarded "Best Collective in NorCal" at Weedmaps Cannabis Classic!

~15% OFF all high CBD medicine every Sunday.

~10% OFF your total from 4:00pm-6:00pm, Monday thru Friday.

~New members receive $15 OFF their first purchase of $30 or more! *State photo ID required for all new patients. 21+ Only.

+Extra Services Available At NO ADDED COST:

*Grow Class – Monday: 7-8pm

*Private Massage

*Yoga Class

*Sound Healing Class – 2nd Tuesday: 6-7pm

Adult-Use License: A12-18-0000082

Medical-Use License: M12-18-0000078


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47 reviews for “Elemental Wellness

  1. paul.t

    always great meds and good advice from all at elemental!

  2. jrhealy

    Waiting to get med card when attractive lady comes in telling all and handing out a flyer. Since this was my first buy, I checked it out after getting my card.
    Great location, near major freeways, plenty of parking, very professional staff, large offering, daily deals, knowledgeable on effects, helpful.
    Really like that they assure quality (no mold/pesticides). Being a co-op, where employees are part owner is a great incentive/booster for customer service.

  3. marmotdd

    I’ve been going to Elemental for a while now. Their staff is very knowledgeable, they have great services, and an excellent menu. There are plenty of dispensaries in the San Jose area, but I really suggest you check out elemental if you’re nearby.

  4. mellamojoe

    I visited for the first time today because they had an interesting lineup of edibles online that peaked my interest. I got checked in, was given a brief tour of the place, then got in line to see the display. Right as it was my turn to pay, however, the power went out. I had the fortune luck of working with Brian, the manager, who was beyond amazing. He was calming, reassuring, and didn’t let the inconvenience of what was happening dampen his mood. After a while of things not getting back online, it turned out they wouldn’t be able to take cards, and I didn’t have cash. Brian was able to make the only cash I had on me work, and was beyond kind in how he took care of me. I will now be back many, many times. I came because of the good reviews, and I’ll go back because of my experience.

  5. Atari2300

    EWC is an extremely professional dispensary/collective. All of their medicine is lab tested and the THC/CBD percentages are listed on their web site. They have a rewards program as well as many other services that they offer free of charge to all of their members (i.e. massages, yoga, etc.) A full-service wellness center with a trained and curteous staff!

  6. BayareaGuy

    It’s nice inside and the parking lot, location and staff at club are cool. I unfortunately tried their delivery service and that was not so cool. 1. I waited three hours for delivery. 2. Out of three items ordered, one was not brought and another was the wrong item. I will probably never use the delivery service again.

  7. Shadow121799

    good area and great staff and welcoming to all members and very knowledgeable.

  8. ChocoFox

    Elemental Wellness has consistently been welcoming, friendly, knowledgable and helpful. The staff is always happy to answer my questions and follow up won me to ensure that I’m getting what I want. Highly, highly recommended.

  9. rdlc500

    excellent customer service and support for the products they provide. 5 star

  10. Captain1047

    Thanks for the cartridges the Jilly bean was perfect to ease back into my appetite. I’m getting a wedding cake cartridge, and it was alright , but the delivery service you guys provide with dispatch and drivers , super smooth and chill. Good job guys . Thanks ewc team! Can’t wait to come by tomorrow to check out the blueberry mix with cookies n cream joint

  11. josephs614

    Wonderful people and great service.

  12. staymedic8ed710

    Great staff, very friendly and knowledgeable! Amazing facility, I love all the extra things they offer here

  13. Robbinwilliamsrip420

    Love this place, very impressed by the product and people. Will return soon

  14. VapeQueen710

    Elemental is a nice dispensary. It’s very clean and a place you can do more than buy product at (they’ll help you grow and have complementary yoga and cooking classes). Their referral program and discounts are wonderful. However, I wish their selection was bigger. I felt a little rushed because they have viewbooks of their products but it’s in a streamline to a budtender. Our taste in strains were opposed and she ended up recommending me an Elemental-exclusive strain that was just alright (felt a little pressed into this as well).

  15. cberes

    I love these guys. I have been a member here for a few years and mostly buy my clones but each visit they get better and better. The location is right off 101 and feels like where most dispensaries should be going, which is like any other retail location a consumer goes to buy products. The place has a great design look and feel, the staff is professional, I’m in and out quick and leave happy. Highly recommended if you are a grower and looking for high quality clones.

  16. tgigrass

    Extremely expensive, but highest quality around. If you’ve got the bucks, you won’t regret your purchase.

  17. chicharon

    Awesome shop. It’s huge and everyone in there knows their stuff. good selection.

  18. tommydoom13

    Comfortable and great quality! I purchased flower and edibles here, prices were great and quality was some of the best in the bay area!

  19. herjana

    3rd time in about a week and they asked me to fill out new paperwork again. Forget the lines and lack of service/competency.

  20. jlcoles1990

    It’s always clean and friendly environment.. the staff is awesome about helping you find exactly what you need for you.. very knowledgeable and patient..

  21. karrambashmarramba

    nice place with great quality strains

    several free classes like yoga, taichi, cooking for members

  22. BrannaKush

    This is my favorite dispensary. My husband and I first went there because we got a card for a free gram at hempcon. We were impressed! It has the atmosphere of an alternative pharmacy. It is very professional, yet welcoming. The staff are always more than willing to help and are very knowle

  23. BPROsek

    Everything just keeps getting better; these folks are for real & just keep getting better!

    From Security to front desk the atmosphere is serene and tranquil with good vibes all around, helpful staff ready to get your journey started – sign up, learn to grow, or schedule a massage; yup, they got you….Save a bunch of money and stretch your dollar further, yes they will get you hooked up! Don’t be shy to ask about other ways to save, they seriously support Veterans, and show mad respect with a solid discount % everyday!

    One of the main highlights at Elemental is their fantastic people, and that doesn’t change the further in you go!

    A warm thank you to the especially wonderful budtender Adrian, who is nothing short of amazing! She has ninja level skills for slicing and dicing to the heart of the matter and coming up with a plan that flat out does it! Along the way providing extremely helpful and relevant insight, critical information and opinions that were critical to guide my ultimate satisfaction with the purchase.

    In short, She ROCKS! THEY ROCK! Just Go 🙂

  24. Daggg

    Friendly staff and a huge variety of quality products.

    Some of the best medicines I have ever come across came from Elemental Wellness; the Super Silver Haze, Casey Jones, and their classic True OG.

  25. pitjunkie

    I have been to a few clubs/clinics in the San Jose area this is by far the best. everyone is knowledgeable and friendly the only negative thing I can say is we were being helped by the sweetest helpful and knowledgeable cute young woman with blue in her hair who was helping me tremendously when another young woman came up and said she was needed in the back and the other girl would, helps us but she was NOT helpful short with her responses and, seemed a little upset we were taking so long there are alot of thing to choose from feeling rushed we just picked a few things at random since the girl was making me mad with her attitude I’m a mother of a 20 yr old girl and if my daughter EVER acted that way to anyone she would get one up side her head. I’ve been back a few times since then and if I see that young rude girl at the counter I will make sure and not let her help me.

  26. gr33n0rchid

    I have mixed feelings about this place since it looks a bit like a warehouse and there system of helping patients is a bit confusing. Also was pretty excited when I was asked about interests in massage, cooking classes, etc then found out that most of these things are no longer offered…some never were. Why ask about interest if you don’t offer the service? Over all I’m not impressed with this place enough to return

  27. hexixt

    This is by far my favorite dispensary. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable, and the interior is spacious and modern. Additionally, their prices are very reasonable.

  28. dragoon2000

    Elemental wellness is one of the most professional places I’ve been to. From the classes to the friendly staff, they really know how to put out a good vibe. 5 stars all across the board!

  29. sm

    Great group of people! Grow class is awesome. Knowledgeable staff.

  30. Flameflyer1

    Great text/holiday deals !!!

  31. rose94040

    As an older woman, I was hesitant to go into a dispensary even though I knew I needed the medicine. Elemental Wellness is so professional, clean, well run. Everyone from the greeter at the door all the way through the establishment is friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. Their clone nursery is well stocked too. And they offer a lot of “extras” that are free for all members from a cooking class, a class on growing your own, yoga, and they have guest speakers too.

  32. adamantium323

    They don’t make the process too complex and it’s a very inviting place.

  33. archos

    Good friendly and knowledgeable people. Decent selection – great atmosphere

  34. HoodratStuffWithMyFriends

    Dude this place is pretty epic. Friendly people who are bud savy. Plenty of staff so even when they’re crowded it is still easy to get service. Pre-ordering and the cute guys make up for the extra tax.

  35. Bridger2

    I’ve been here several times and been very happy every time but the last time I went. After my last visit, I won’t be back because I do question the ethical standards of their employees. When I pulled out my cash to pay, the guy’s demure changed when he saw how much cash I had. I made a mental note to double check the change. When he gave me back my change it was $10 short, which he did correct when I showed him that he shorted me $10. The whole transaction didn’t sit well with me and I just don’t want to go to a dispensary that I can’t trust.

  36. jimmydead

    Highly recommended. I love that they have a little catalog at each cash register so you can look through it and help you choose. They have so much variety of everything….I love edibles myself and there’s a ton of different kinds available here (at least for now…we’ll see what the new San Jose regs do). A tad on the expensive side…you can find better deals if you shop around….but this is a great one-stop for anything you need…..

  37. unraveled

    When I got my recommendation a month or two back, I tried checking out as many collectives as I could and Elemental Wellness was by far my favorite.

    The place is really clean and professional, the staff extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Didn’t have the sceezy or “here’s your _medicine_ wink wink” vibe that some of the other places I visited had.

    If you live in the area, definitely check this place out.

  38. SmokemonG0

    The hype is REAL! Up until my first visit, I had heard a lot of hype about this place and I thought everyone was exaggerating. I was wrong. Everyone working here seems to have been finely trained to be true professionals. Not only in regards to having vast knowledge of their products but also in supreme customer service. I really felt like a welcomed guest. The interior of the facility is spacious and comfortable. The wait time is a little longer than I had anticipated but now that I know they have pre-order service on their website, I’ll be sure to make use of that option in the future.

  39. flocculonodular

    Cool place. Not too flashy or bright, nice wood tones everywhere. Budtender was helpful and had great suggestions. Atmosphere is a good blend of friendly and professional, and I got a nice extensive tour.

  40. griffincockfoster

    Amazed with the service… Took in my doctor’s note, and they knew exactly what kind of medication I needed for my ailments… Great atmosphere, gave me everything I needed… Could not have loved it more!

  41. WendyGrace1

    Love it here. Feels comfortable and professional, yet still inviting.


    First thing I felt was a very comfortable genuine vibe upon being asked to sit down for processing. Very clean, well organized and extremely professional. Felt very welcomed as I was invited in and given a tour by a very friendly staff! First experience at a mmj dispensaries but felt like it was so much more than just a dispensary. Helped by one of the best bud tender. Very knowledgeable in answering my questions about bud, specials and available strains and genuinely cared about helping me pick the right medicine I needed and what I was looking for

  43. Volare

    Great setup and helpful staff. The complimentary classes and services are awesome.

  44. spandexman

    Man second time there and I got sum white fire and some true og i tell you I live in pain 24/7 and finally slept for 5 hours so awesome thanks

  45. DakineGirl

    While the surrounding area seems sketchy, I’ve never had a problem. This place is fabulous. Knowlegeable, friendly staff, top shelf flower, nice tshirts, and a massage therapist (Elone) who really is brilliant, kind, and a great neck and back fixer. The front desk staff isn’t that friendly, but the budtenders really make up for it. Nice diverse staff without the surliness or disinterest of some other places. Wellness indeed.

  46. Msunapologetic

    I love the bright clean atmosphere here and staff are always friendly and helpful!! And They have Great Goodies!

  47. andrewhhicks

    Elemental es un lugar muy sagrada para mi. Amo mucho el hachAs aquA. Buena gente, y buenos ratos. 🙂

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