1859 Little Orchard St, San Jose, CA 95125


37.304567, -121.872374




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Lux is a San Jose cannabis club that provides high quality cannabis to adults over the age of 21. We take pride in having a friendly and knowledgeable staff along with large selection of flowers, concentrates, and edibles both for the connoisseur and value-seeker. We test our cannabis strains to discover their Cannabinoid profile, which allows our knowledgeable staff the ability to recommend the best medicine for each member’s unique symptoms.

Lux is conveniently located off of Highway 87, only blocks from The Plant shopping center. We are close to major freeways and thoroughfares.

Lux is a grassroots, community-based San Jose dispensary where our primary goal is to advocate a proactive approach to health management by providing a safe environment to dispense affordable medical marijuana.

All final prices will include sales tax (9.25%), State Excise tax (15%), and San Jose’s medical marijuana tax (10.0%)

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82 reviews for “Lux

  1. 100Steve100

    Always consistent service and strains

  2. alexander

    Great place. Awesome service. The quality of the bud was great, and so are their prices. I already recomended this place to my friends.

  3. Alexdelarge408

    really friendly and have a great selection of herb. friendly as you walk in, you’ll be in and out in no time!

  4. nippon

    This was the second dispensary I visited outside of SBHC in the southbay. It’s very easy to get to and close to some nice spots to eat. This place is probably one of the largest that I’ve been to after visiting many now. The outside part could use some sprucing up, but the staff and selection overshadow that.

    Great place.

  5. Platinumpennyman7

    Very nice environment with great customer service you will be treated right

  6. nanatonga650

    Good quality service & flower. Friendly bud tenders. The enivorment is very inviting. I will be back & recommend this dispensary to my friends & family.

  7. codenut27

    great place, great deals, awesome strains

  8. Babalu04

    Staff here is always super friendly and knowledgable. A really comfortable environment. I love their selection and variety of items, and the ability to pre order online. I get weekly texts with specials, which is a nice feature as well.

  9. 7r0b1emaker

    quality meds and knowledgeable staff.

  10. HumBelle

    Been here twice. Friendly staff thus far and some awesome strains, large menu- great prices . Downfall- place is a little skanky but in remodel mode? Flower packaging is low grade comparatively to Revolution.

  11. jschappell

    Best of the best. Been coming to these folks for 5+years. Large variety. Well informed and courteous staff.

  12. Sjnewbie

    I love this place! They always have specials for all grades. The staff is Super knowledgeable and always in a good and welcoming mood.

  13. sanjoselux420

    Nice location in San Jose where you can stop by and grab quality meds.

  14. Cannabis_best_medicine

    Coolest most attentive and helpful people i have had the oleasure of working with as a new cannabis card patient, they always help me get the most with what i am looking for and big selection, love that, a for sure place that i will continue to visit

  15. Dreamac14

    This place is awesome I am a returning member and for my first time visit I got a free gram!! The staff is super friendly and always informative!! Great place I’ll be back not only for the buds but the service.

  16. LilBunnyFruFru

    Love this place, always friendly faces and very helpful. Affordable and high quality. 10/10

  17. mscain

    I love this dispensary dY'”dY'”dY'”dY'”dY'”dY'”dYtmOEdYtmOEdYtmOEdYtmOEdYtmOE!!!!!!!!! I moved here from Mississippi and they made me feel like family

  18. kidnovii

    Great/knowledgeable/personable staff. Quality buds. Nice services for patients.

    Wish there were more pure indica selections. Though the indica dominant hybrids dont seem to be too edgy.

    I will absolutely be back. Just made my third visit and plan to return this week.

    Theyre really nice here.

  19. tgigrass

    Very average place. Too large a facility, hard to read strain board, overall below average experience, would not recommend.

  20. CJPalJazz

    Very knowledgeable and helpfull in finding the right strain just for you. I recommend MedMar, now Vox to everyone eligible.

  21. jlong337

    Great staff! They are knowledgeable and super helpful. The atmosphere is relaxed and I always feel safe/secure. Quality and variety of products is top notch. Even though there are other dispensaries closer to my home I will always go to Lux because they are the best in town!

  22. luckygirlcyn

    The people that work there are the best. I only get my medication from them. I’ve been shopping with only them since having my prescription.

  23. babyhulk370

    Great service easy to join and friendly staff. Couldn’t have asked for a better place in a convenient spot.

  24. FloralExp

    great FLOWER HERE they are so committed to quality flower with the best price i can not seem to think of a better place to come be on the look for the nicest mid shelf flower with bottom shelf pricing when top shelf is filled be the first ANT to the outdoor eating event because that flower is sure to be gone fast. great staff always helpful with a smile and continuous deals given even through TEXT . SIGN UP TODAY

  25. alan95110

    Great place to shop for meds. Great selection with friendly bud tenders. Easy to get to location. Huge selection of flowers and pre rolls. Edibles awesome. Will always come back. Thank you.

  26. alrich68

    Don’t get me wrong, this place is great but it’s getting harder and harder to find what you want since marijuana was legalized. The flower selection is small compared to other dispensaries and they often run out of anything bigger than grams. This didn’t used to be an issue because they used to give eighth pricing on grams if they were out. No more. You pay the higher gram prices. They also have no discounts on quantities greater than an eighth. The best thing about Lux, hands down, is happy hour but since it’s in the middle of the day it can be hard to time it right. If they have what you want, this place is the best. If they don’t or they’re out of eighths…do yourself a favor and walk out.

  27. mikec91683

    I was super impressed with Lux. High quality products, very knowledgeable and friendly staff and great selection. I’ll definitely be coming back.

  28. erikamezheritsky

    Always go to LUX! Very cool, laid back atmosphere.. They have a good collection. Definitely will always recommend LUX to anyone!

  29. jaydencorona17

    Great buds. Great budtenders. Definitely a place to go

  30. Wildchild408

    Staff is super friendly and the bud is great!
    They have cool deals for first time customers, definitely worth stopping by!

  31. bavarsaji

    They have the best customer service. And know to treat you well.
    They have some fire like the dutch crunch and the j1. my favorite place in san jose

  32. Davids1258

    Very chill staff, very generous with free things for renewal, etc. Felt very relaxed here, not cramped or claustrophobic.

  33. MrsConley27

    The ppl are real nice and helpful..the prices and meds are koo to

  34. cwlong

    It was my 1st go round at Lux, and it was a nice place to see. Quick efficient, met my budgeted needs with a satisfactory amount, taste, and of course the needed effect it is intended for! Kudos to the staff and operation of this place.
    I shall return. aoeOE

  35. Henry03


  36. shearer23

    Get personal with your budtender so they can get familier on what you need for your best results. Everytime i go to this place i can count on haveing any problems or questioned asked and not have the feeling of being in a rush they all ways take time to talk to you. Thank you guys over there for all your info!

  37. laneyott

    This is a great location. The service and the products are good.

  38. spacecakez420

    I got the best service the evening of Friday, 2/9 from an attractive male budtender with sick braids. Attractiveness aside he was very helpful to my friend (who had never purchased marijuana before) and he was super cool to point out specials and promotions that were available. Not only did I get the best possible value, I also got to try a wide variety of pre-rolls and edibles due to my excessively awesome haul. My only regret is not purchasing the THC infused lemonade.

  39. george91

    very helpful and friendly staff, down to earth, great donations. love the happy hour. very nice definitely gonna keep coming back .

  40. the420mon

    Good place. Decent selection of bud. Great people who work there as well.

    But there is no reason why a top shelf hybrid is dry. So dry that I didn’t need my grinder. I could just twist my fingers, and viola, ground weed. My grinder turns the herb into powder, not very conducive to anything really (rolling or a bowl).
    The high is decent, but, 18 bucks will get you some sticky and stinky stuff from another dispensary.

    They’re charging top shelf prices, for bottom shelf bud. Maybe worth 9$ a G at most.

    Not coming back, sorry 🙁 not sure where the great reviews come from TBH.

  41. ernieamps

    Great place great staff always helpful and the place is nice and clean. I would definitely go back again and again I love all the strings that they have and the deals

  42. Treenewbie

    I ALWAYS stop by here when I’m in the area. This place is clean. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. There is never a wait. There are lots of tenders available to help and they move quickly! Product is Great but the Service is Superb!

  43. honeydohandyman033

    great service and great advice

  44. roxsl38

    friendly staff

  45. Fredosj408

    Always got the fire, staff are always glad to see u. Go here,coming from a everyday patient

  46. lfrazier6091

    Lux is awesome and always looks out for me. Hella deals

  47. saintsfan4u

    knowledgable budtenders with great service and above average medication

  48. Violet.rt

    Excellent customer service. Bud tender knowledgable about product. Very personable experience. One of my favorite dispensaries in San Jose.

  49. redtikifox

    Location is (currently) closed. Would’ve been nice to know before heading there.

  50. lwinslow65

    Awesome shop! Love the friendly staff… Great product and good deals! Love happy hour!

  51. jess26

    It looks sketchy on the outside, but it’s quite nice inside. Every staff was extremely nice and very helpful. They show you around and the budtenders really know what they are doing.

  52. lilmonster213

    First time here today and it was awesome. Gave me that cafe chill atmosphere. The lady that helped me was super friendly and was giving out good information towards the questions I asked!

  53. paxon100


  54. mtapdancer10

    I’ve been going to Lux since before they moved and I’ve followed them to the new location. Great staff! Always friendly and willing to suggest new and better products. Excellent text deals and renewals deals. Love coming here!

  55. Rocko62

    I like it. It’s convenient, quality is very good and the people are very friendly.

  56. spearreb

    Best place around. Everyone is so friendly you leave feeling so cared for. I cannot day enough: they have Happy Hour, you earn points with purchases that can be redeemed, new members get perks and they have various sales too! Seriously, once you visit you will not go anywhere else.

  57. wtnt123

    lux is an amazing dispensary, I have been going hee for many years.

    Out of all the dispensary’s I’ve gone to, Lux has always had the most potent meds hands down.

    I would highly recommend Lux for any and all medical marijuana needs, especially for those looking for fire meds.

  58. JBear94

    smart staff, friendly, knowledgeable, overall good location, good selection, a little cramped and narrow inside but otherwise a quiet, calm atmosphere. I will make it a frequent stop for future pickups.

  59. kc420moore

    Great place to get what I need . Everyone knows me on a first name bases “just like Cheers” makes me feel very welcomed !

  60. zjamesh92

    Every time I have gone here I have been greeted enthusiastically and everyone is so nice! The weed is pretty great too!

  61. acreativeboi

    Great place and service. I work nearby so ease of access. Have a great rosin deal. Prices vary from budget to a bit much for an 1/8th. All my product is great from here. Good consistency. Friendly and knowledgeable budtenders. Also tried a cavi Coke for my bday (since they have the only decently priced one) – it actually got me drifting right now. I’m a habitual smoker.

  62. slapstickiigemini

    good medicine. great deal on rosin. friendly, helpful staff. good dispensary.

  63. linzy5546

    This is definitely a nice place to get your meds. Front desk is nice, everyone in the back is very pleasant and easy to talk to and they are always courteous so it’s definitely with visiting. This place has some secondary things as well, such as a massage station (I haven’t had a chance to use it yet) and though it makes no difference to the rest of he place they do have a awesome eel in a tank in the front. Pretty cool place overall

    Overall the meds that I have gotten from them are definitely worthwhile, everything they stock seems to be very fresh and I have yet to have a bad med.

  64. Inkdbishhh

    Crappy location due to homeless around the area…but I don’t count that against them. The guy at the counter was super nice and informative, CA prices are high but I’d come back next time I’m in town.

  65. nveles

    was very helpful & knowledgeable about various different products that are helpful in different situations. was able to get 2 different strains that are nice and dense with strong aromas. can’t wait to get back to you on the taste.

  66. doktahworm

    Their Location is awkward and out of the way due to San Jose’s crappy zoning/ dispensary rules.

    The service is normally very quick and extremely helpful. I observe a lot of smiling faces pass by during every visit. Budtenders have a pretty consistent level of product knowledge. Prices range from “Brother on a Budget” to “I would never pay that for an eighth.”

    Lux is definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been in before.

  67. 8hu

    I like it they have good deals and good med . their always respectful to my needs when they can be met .

  68. kp58778189

    great place and employees and great products

  69. Lips

    Went into this dispensary a couple minutes before they closed. Bud tender was extremely helpful and knowledgable with his buds. Didn’t have the buds I wanted but the bud tender was able to help me decide which buds were closest to what I was looking for. Excellent customer service. Will go there again.

  70. djackson09

    Nice location easy to find

  71. mahobbs

    Friendly and also convenient location for your canna__noid needs. Ample selection of goods including your edibles and concentrates.

  72. checkmate

    Love it

  73. pleosnusmc231

    Very friendly staff, knowledgeable, easy to talk to. It’s small, but organized. There’s places to sit if there are no available employees to help you, but you won’t wait very long. I came in, every employee was with a customer and there were 2 people sitting/waiting. I was seen in under 10 minutes. The atm is right there and they’ll ring everything up for you and wait for you to pull money out. I believe it’s a $2 atm fee. They have an awesome discount for veterans. Convenient restroom and lots of parking. Definitely my go to place!

  74. doowop80

    I absolutely love this place. I moved to San Jose from the East Bay and this is the only place that I felt comfortable at. everybody here makes you feel at home very educational on everything that they have. I have tried other clubs but this is the only one that I am coming to while living here in the south bay.

  75. JosephCastro2

    I went there yesterday, I was a first time patient. The lady in the front was very nice, showed me how to sign up and made me feel welcomed. The guy who showed me around the facility was great, it was very relaxing and chill place to be. They had a good selection of everything and nothing to over priced. I would recommend this to a friend and can’t wait to go back!

  76. MoreDan

    Great service and excellent selection

  77. Clarinet42

    This is a lovely facility full of botanical wizards. Friendly and truly compassionate people and medications. Some dogs walking around behind counters. Water jet massage table. Events. Fresh and potent.

  78. ntrublue

    This is the only place i will return to. Thank you Lux staff for your quality help and products.

  79. duribe99

    Lux always has excellent quality products, great prices, and fantastic customer service. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They can answer any questions you may have. They also have excellent promotions and there is never a long wait. I will always be a loyal Lux customer.

  80. pwwsparky

    I love Lux, the atmosphere is so friendly and professional. The people definitely know their business and they remember their customers. Always have great recommendations and give you great opinions based on their own knowledge of the products. Kevin is the Mgr and one of the best guys you can ever meet. The owners are great also and I don’t think that you can find a better place for your Medical needs.

  81. KushLion

    absolutely amazing…haven’t been to many different dispensaries but i am superbly pleased.. picked up some maple wreck off the connoisseur shelf and ive never smoked something so perfect.. also picked up some silver haze with 31% thc and wow, if you need potency then this is the way to go… thanx medmar!

  82. noah0714

    nice people, Quality flowers great location

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