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9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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All first-time patients get 10% off their first visit!

We are a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, located in the foothills of San Andreas, CA. Become a patient today and get instant access to our store. Delivery available, please call store 209-674-8008 for prompt service.

Marijuana is the most therapeutic substance on earth. It literally helps almost any ailment a person can have. Medical marijuana is supposed to be about compassion. Helping people have a better quality of life. A miracle medicine, natural remedy, far safer than any pharmaceuticals, which if any person in need, should have access to.

My partner and I had been going to clubs for years and the prices did not seem fair, the markup was huge. Making it hard for a lot of people to be able to afford the meds they need, especially when insurance companies don’t help with any of the cost. So we decided to use our resources and start a true Non-profit for patients. We wanted to help people, compassion for the patients.

The best way we could help was make the meds affordable and available 7 days a week 363 days a year. We only close Thanksgiving and Christmas day. We want to give patients the best meds at the lowest possible cost. So we provide the best meds cheaper than anyone.

We carry lab tested edibles and medicated drinks, our concentrate boards are always stocked with top quality shatters and crumbles.

We don’t want patients to have to go without. We put a lot of thought and effort in what would make a great collective. So we made the biggest Bud room around. Huge counters display with everything out for patients to see touch and smell. Over 30 different strains at all times, bigger selection than your average collective. We want to have a more personal experience with each and every patient and their individual needs, never rushing anyone answering each and every question. Feel free to take as long as you need, looking at our huge selection making sure you get what you want, not what the budtender is trying to push. We want every single patient to be comfortable, happy and 100% satisfied. We are here for the patient, not profit and that’s why we are the cheapest in the state. If there is ever anything you feel we could do better please let us know, we are here for you.

You now have a friend in the medical cannabis business.


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82 reviews for “Green Gold Cultivators

  1. Kmak59

    They take great care of the customer and are always helpful with selections. They have great stock on hand and are always generous.
    It is always a pleasant experience.

  2. Blizzard73

    green gold is just that gold always prime buds and good prices i stop by everytime i go throu san Andreas would recommend to anyone who wants good bud at good prices

  3. nanapapa1990

    The people are knowledgeable and courteous. They are very helpful with all the questions I have.

  4. kthom4466

    I was very impressed by staff knowledge

  5. Ratto1

    This hands down has the best customer service and do their best to make you feel like family. I would recommend this dispenser to anyone. They have good prices and always have what I’m looking for

  6. kaypasa45

    I love Green Gold. They are the first dispensary I have been to and I have been twice now! They were very helpful and they always hook you up with some pre-rolls and a little bit of flower. They’re very friendly and will give you good advice on the bud.

  7. jamaral

    I’ve been a customer since the start! Love these guys! I’ve been to dispensaries throughout the state and these guys are by far the best!

  8. Smokestax209

    Amazing shop. Knowledgeable staff. Quality products. Would stand up to any dispensaries in the bay area. Will keep coming back

  9. Briano13

    love this shop in my opinion one of the best club from L.A. to Sacramento. Dave I have known,since they opened and is always theor for you to make sure you get what you want need or have questions that they are answered . love this show keep up the great work Dave and your team.

  10. kittykat1569

    i love your store. i love the edibles. and the friendly people

  11. binja

    This is the best medical marijuana dispensary in the area!! The staff is always helpful, there is always a positive atmosphere. The selection is large but not to the point where you are over whelmed. And they the just really care about my patients. I’ll never go anywhere else.

  12. LaMartens


  13. donezo80

    This has been my go-to place for all my MMJ needs. Great guys/gals at the door and behind the counter. I live just under an hour away and do not mind the drive for quality service and meds!!! Thank you Green Gold Family!!! a~oi,

  14. kalekae

    Green golf is amazing! The staff is so knowledgeable and friendly I get so disappointed at other dispensaries because they’re not as good as Green Gold. I drive about 45 minutes just to go here and it’s completely worth it every single time.

  15. flomajoe

    Best shop ever!!!!

  16. ConnorE

    Everyone on staff is very helpful, and the variety of products in stock s great… not to mention they’ve always tried to help out a patient.

  17. jlm80

    They really care about their patients!

  18. donnagilliam

    i love this location the customer service and professionalism is amazing. they are well then more educated in their field. my wife has a rare but extremely form of lupas along with rumatoid arthritis and sojens disease. she takes 32 pills a day as well as infusions. we have been doing everthing we can to get her off of the deadly pills like morphine oxycodene and prednizone
    its starting to take toll. but after visting the medical center. We left with some very well suggested products a creme for her joints and some cbd pills to help her sleep and eat after infusions. these product were right on the button. it was almost immediate. an amazing thank you to everyone there for caring and understand and providing us with some solutions to help my wife keep moving and feel better. when shes not in pain she smiles and you guys put a smile on her face we dont get many days like that. thank you

  19. adamup67

    great selection with awesome staff

  20. Brandy420

    Great location..

  21. CaliTT

    The best dispensary I’ve ever been in. They truly care about their patients and their needs. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Awesome place

  22. barbaralight

    Helpful staff, good selection

  23. PioneerJ

    Always great service.Budtenders are always helpful and friendly.Excellent selection.

  24. DanielVaz

    Great selection Great people always eager to inform you on any bud greatest options and deals evrytime I come!

  25. Thadabdiva

    Best medication selection around with pretty reasonable prices. lots of different daily specials to mix things up.

  26. nonameisthename

    Awesome and staff was helpful for my first time.

  27. GoldiePuffs

    At Green Gold Cultavators, the workers there are very friendly and knowledgable. It is the best store I’ve been to so far in my area!

  28. bighead82

    great staff, prices, and always helpful.

  29. Pandaxian29

    This location is the best dispensary in my opinion. You can’t and won’t find a better one here.

  30. Mlf2484

    Great place, awesome staff, good product.

  31. Studlylpman

    I’m VERY pleased. I was a firstly time patient today and the staff made me feel right at home. Clean safe environment, I couldn’t ask for more…

  32. remyboypabz209

    Great prices on bud and great staff I love it here

  33. MW209

    Great people and great knowledge about products! Would highly recommend!

  34. anciolafam

    best club around

  35. Indianajones

    GGC is the bomb. Great selections, friendly staff and easy location for quick access.

  36. Whitear

    The best help i’ve had so far b far

  37. Hemp4knight20

    Always got something new! Love this place!

  38. RBolyard

    The location is wonderful. Great staff – very knowledgeable and helpful. Great prices too.

  39. F8thch917

    Perfect! Great products, Love the atmosphere, location and customer service.

  40. katie0413

    These guys rock!! the selection and prices are great and everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. this is our new go-to dispencery.

  41. vonbailey209

    They are incredible, they go above and beyond for their patents. They are my main spot….

  42. maaikajohn

    Today was the first time I had been to this dispensary and was very pleased. Very nice, easy paperwork, great waiting area with snacks(who does that with coffeedY~) very helpful, epically with a new be like
    me, Great, great selection of items and tincture.

  43. Allonsyhuntress

    very friendly I love how much the people know and how laid-back it is.

  44. Brownfield1995

    awesome place to get your meds

  45. mandaxo

    The guys here are always helpful and nice. Never fail at opening the door when you walk in! I just love tht!! 🙂 I’ve been VERY happy w the quality, the prices, AND the hookup each time I’ve been in there. Thank u green gold cultivators for keeping it real, an always having the hook up!! LOVE THIS PLACE!! 😀

  46. MissAlyx

    I love shopping a this location because they have an AMAZING selection, great prices, educated bud tenders, and delivery to my very far away home when I cant make the drive. I definitely recommend trying this diapensary out.

  47. kimberwolf

    Great selection, awesome staff, amazing freebies

  48. colredfive

    Questions Answered, A pleasant conversation to ascertain you exact needs, then recommendations are curated for your unique needs. Gotta love this place

  49. Bigsavagerodgers

    Best club in California period

  50. smokeylq

    Great service

  51. stonerkahrs420

    i love the way this club supplies its patients with the best possible medicine for donation

  52. dtruman

    The service, atmosphere and quality are all five-star worthy. The best dispensary I have been to.

  53. Dirty_white_boi

    Sorry about that FOUR stars… thought I hit FIVE on all three but accidentally missed one. So just in case, here’s five ai,ai,ai,ai,ai,

  54. ShelbySavage

    The staff is wonderful and the selection of products is great. Definitely my go to place and I would recommend it to my friends and keep returning. Keep up the nice work.

  55. LavishLady

    Great products, great prices, and great service every time. Thank you!

  56. Amanda86e

    I love this place! The best customer service, cool setup, huge selection of products, and always have great deals!

  57. utarobinson

    I believe that Green Gold has the best environment that makes you feel comfortable right when you walk in. Many strains to choose from along with the ediables. love it there

  58. gramma8

    I always come to Green Gold. Lots of selections, knowledgeable staff, friendly people, and very reasonable prices for today’s market. Anyone that needs quality cannabis should check out Green Gold.

  59. buttercup1849

    Best first time experience. I will be going back.

  60. sierragrass

    Very friendly, helpful atmosphere. Good prices, nice selection of products, great budtenders. This is my go-to store.

  61. medinajrs

    This is a nice dispensary with a very wide selection of edibles! Best deals ’round!

  62. LoveCats780

    Fantastic service, attentive people who are happy to help even if your question seems silly. I’ve asked what I thought were pretty dumb questions (though they still needed an answer) yet they answered knowledgeably and respectfully. I will keep going here for a long time!

  63. dirteater23

    best prices & awesome staff.The bud tenders are very knowledgeable and helpful. very relaxing atmosphere.

  64. Jdp1

    Best dispensary ever.

  65. Leesalookin2

    best place around, been stopping in every 2 weeks. the best tenders in the area would highly recommend

  66. albert65

    this place is the best one around the staff is great they know there job

  67. JolineKey

    Great service and great people! They are always so nice to me and they always have what I’m looking for! Every time I go to a different dispensary I’m let down because no other dispensary is as good as green gold!

  68. Famanciola

    The 1 Place that truly cares for the patients and not out for the quick rich schemes like many others are….hats off to Green Gold

  69. jackiefritts

    really love going here they are so friendly and answer all of my questions l don’t like going any were else good job green gold

  70. mjgottselig

    Finally a dispensary that actually cares about it’s patients. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. The prices are always fair and they have sales all the time. They even have a cookout now and then for patient appreciation. If you’ve never been here then you’re missing out. I have tried other places and by far Green Gold is the best. I will never go anywhere else.

  71. Seanyewest11

    Every staff member at Green Gold Cultivators knows their stuff, whether it be you are trying to get something to relieve pain, help you sleep, or focus; they know what you need.

    I am a return customer and will continue to shop here, I’d also recommend them to everyone I know that has their medical marijuana card.

  72. sandi4jr

    best place around for Brass knuckles and oils. I stop by every 2 weeks. Best and very knowledgeable tenders

  73. drew2175

    These guys are awesome!

  74. william2316

    awesome quality, service and the atmosphere is great. only thing is, it could use some more parking.

  75. Yggep

    Good selection, and very welcoming. Prices are reasonable, staff very nice and knowledgable.

  76. groza1518

    Green Gold is very welcoming and are vary helpful and informative.

  77. jordantilt19

    Awesome place always hookin it up

  78. PopoMcBobo

    terrible selection way over priced

  79. 4leafclover4luck

    One of the best in the west! You do not even need to bother with the rest!! I only wish on Fri they were still open till 7:30 😉

  80. edz1

    “I’m goin’ up the country, goin’ to Green Gold Cultivators” I think of that Canned Heat song when I’m traveling to the best dispensary around.

  81. flygare33

    Great place! Great people! Best prices and quality around

  82. Marinnajasmin

    My favorite dispensary! The guys are knowledgeable and the service is always great. Thank you!

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