Purple Star MD

BOGO Flower/Wax



2520 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110


37.7566342, -122.4190327




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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Purple Star also offers free delivery within San Francisco with a MINIMUM ORDER.

-$50 Mission District, Hayes Valley, Castro, SOMA

-$75 City Limits

Outside San Francisco:

Same Day delivery orders must be placed two hours prior to closing time.

– Golden Gate Bridge to Mill Valley: $200

– Tiburon to San Rafael: $250

– South SF to Burlingame/Pacifica: $200

– Hillsborough to Foster City: $250

The staff does not deliver to canna customers in Treasure Island from 2-7 p.m. Monday-Friday.


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Credit Cards

Money Back

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239 reviews for “Purple Star MD

  1. monkknows

    Purple star has become my favorite shop in SF since legalization. Lots of variety in both bud and edibles, always a few cbd edible options, and good deals on cartridges. Would definitely recommend and will definitely be back

  2. kirkinsf

    I’m in there once a week it is always friendly and knowledgeable bud tenders

  3. imhighbigguy

    its great good place to go

  4. Emryverner

    Highly recommend Purple Star MD. The staff is wonderful, the product is wonderful, it’s overall a great place. I’m always welcomed with a smile and my questions are always answered. They aren’t just about selling a product here, they are about educating their customers and helping to ensure the customer leaves with exactly what they were in search of.

  5. Reakyrosay

    Very clean nice and super friendly!

  6. throw_away_leaf

    I just wanted to write a quick review to say thanks. I’m a complete n00b and asked a bunch of dumb questions when I visited. They answered all of my questions and were super nice doing it. I don’t live near the location but will visit again the next time I’m down in the Mission.

  7. wkittler

    Helpful staff with a great selection and great specials/deals.

  8. AlexanderG

    I’ve been coming here for about a year now and it’s the only place I come to. Great ownership, great staff, great bud. Look forward to being a client here over many years to come!

  9. meandmytree

    Great spot. Friendly informed staff!

  10. amurphy37

    My favorite dispensary in SF. Pretty tough to beat their prices, and quality is top notch.


    My go to spot, I always recommend Purple Star to anyone that is looking to try out other dispensaries.
    The BOGO is killer, good quality! The herb is fire, good selection of edibles and cartidges!
    I’ve never had a bad experience here with staff, everyone is super chill and knowledgeable.

    My favorites here are Platinum GSC, Super Silver Haze and OG Kush. Consistently good!

  12. greysonmay

    Service was great. I didn’t actually go my friend did, a paid for a lb. and get once a months by 8ths.

  13. rcar1986

    Had a great experience as a first timer. Nice little freebie bag and frequent flier card. Decided that one of the items I purchased wasn’t for me, brought it back, no problem, no fuss. Great customer service. Great staff. Prime location.

  14. mugwort

    I love PSMD. Their selection is great – overwhelming sometimes – but the thing that keeps me coming back is the service. There’s never a wait and the staff are consistently friendly and helpful. Best option in town when you know what you want and are short on time.

  15. maxwellmallen

    This place is great! Friendly staff and they always have great deals. I particularly like the shatters they have. I would reccomend it to anyone looking for a good place to pick up flower or concentrates.

  16. RAE2016

    Great Club and friendly dY’dY1/4 I would shop here again dY~

  17. akakutoo

    Bomb deals….love their selection and customer service…friendly staff and great location!

  18. laurenph724

    Amazing staff members. Answered my questions quickly and easily. Hard to find parking but it’s a dispensary worth circling the block a few times.

  19. RenegadeGirl

    Great people, large product list, I love the BOGO deals, expect to wait about an hour for delivery. I only wish they could be open 24/7.

  20. hrhnicho

    This is my go-to shop. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. Great selection and great prices! I highly recommend Purple Star!

  21. treesnsuch

    Bright, good vibes, friendly helpful bud tenders, great deals! Love this spot

  22. sidviciously

    I have been coming to Purple Star for over a year, and have never had anything but friendly, knowledgeable service, including from the security guard outside! They always give great recommendations, and are patient with my questions. Their space is pretty small, but it’s comfortable, abd they have a great selection.

  23. acerezo

    Easy and quick dispensary with quality products at a good price. Also, in the heart of mission so easy to get to from Bart.

  24. jnr420

    purple star has got it going on. From the product quality to the customer service it’s all on point. would definitely recommend others to stop by and experience it for yourself. This place rocks, shout out to DJ for his patience, knowledge, and great recommendations.

  25. Twilbury

    Having newly received my MMJ recommendation, this was the first dispensary I have ever visited and it was a very positive experience. The staff were welcoming and professional from the door guard to the young woman who helped me with my order. I have not had a chance yet to try the products, so can’t comment on that yet, but I would definitely recommend this dispensary for it service and atmosphere.

  26. dangerouslytoasty

    There’s a reason Purple Star has such great ratings. Their service is fantastic, strains are very nice quality, and a wide selection of edibles and other great products. Everyone at Purple Star makes you feel welcome and makes sure you’re taken care of immediately. The budtenders are very helpful and knowledgable too. First time patients are hooked up with a lot of goodies so definitely make sure to check Purple Star out if you’re in the Bay Area! They also deliver too, which is beyond cool.

  27. ccatt

    Wonderful place thats pretty close by to where I live so I will definitely be back!! The entire staff were really friendly and super helpful. Got a cool little goody bag since it was my first time there. Thank you Bo & DJ for all your help!

  28. jwattyyy

    This is an awesome dispensary!!! Great staff, very friendly and helpful! Always have great deals and great products!! 😀 Definitely recommend

  29. Gregisf

    Good prices, good product, and very friendly staff. Best dispensary in the area.

  30. Pablopicasso10

    I’ve been to a ton of dispensaries but this place is top shelf. Emilio helped me out without hesitation, although new he made a brother feel like I was amongst people I e known. Awesome atmosphere and great deals. Most definitely be coming here from now on.

  31. stanceD

    I love the location and D J and the staff were so helpful and cool…

  32. cyclical10

    Always friendly, amazing BOGO deals, great product, and it seems like a free pre-roll mysteriously falls into my bag most times, too…

  33. Zhraath

    First time sign up and gave out free lighters. Very ungenerous compared to competition

  34. drdoob

    Not a bad complaint! Just need some help here, I plan on traveling to San Fran in the near couple months. I have my ct mmp card. I know if I want to carry via flight to come in contact with TSA, but when I get to San Fran do I need to do a prior registration and transfer or will this shop or another take my card?? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

  35. limo4usf

    Excellent Staff!, Excellent Products!, Excellent Delivery!, Truly outstanding customer service that totally blew away my expectations and far exceeded my experiences at other dispensaries. I was totally taken care of my first order and every order since then, with an exceptional inventory, reasonable prices, and a super knowledgeable staff, this dispensary has truly set the standard for the others to envy.

  36. shaunwelsh

    Good prices, variety, and the best buds. My go to spot when I’m running low.

  37. tommy.ramos

    When I visit San Francisco, this is my go to spot. The staff and menu are among the best in the industry.

  38. solyy

    amazing deals, 5 prerolls for 25

  39. whatwouldlucasdo42o

    I’ve only been here once and its by far one of my favorite clubs in SF. The herb is exactly what I was looking for, the deals were great, they gave me a nice gift bag, and the staff was the icing to the cake, or should I say flame to my bowl. They treated me like I was their first ever customer, and I saw them treat other patients just the same. In my eyes that’s what makes a place 5 stars, I could easily drive 10 minutes down mission to Cookies, but even if they have better product than purple star I would chose purple star just because of the staff and the unrushed, mellow atmosphere. Hopefully I’ll win their warriors tickets raffle, another reason to make good healing choices

  40. frost59

    I thought location was great! Not to far from bart.

  41. jwasney

    Great place, I’m a regular!! Fantastic service, chill employees, and fucking great weed and deals. Say no more.

  42. PolyGlob

    The best neighborhood dispensary, hands-down! Good location, chill folk working the counters. But most importantly, they consistently have the best prices in the city for great quality bud. Their BOGO deals are out of control – you’ll walk away with a dank quarter of prime-time nug for $65! The discount 8ths for $25 are usually better quality than any other discount strain under $30 I’ve ever bought in a dispensary. Solid hash and edible selection too.

  43. AcidAlex1994

    I love their selection of waxes and concentrates and the deals they have on them. BOGO all the time on select waxes. Great environment as well

  44. corradooo

    This place is amazing, the staff and selection are great and bogo is unmatched

  45. pacificbaer

    Always excellent prices on top shelf product without any pompous attitude. My regular spot for many years.

  46. purpelab

    I’ve been a patient at Purple Star for over 5 years and it is by far my favorite dispensary in the city. Anytime I have issues with my O’pen vaporizers they are ready to help and if they can’t fix it, they will replace them no hassle no fuss. And it’s rare that I walk out of there without a little ‘for the road’ treat from one of the smiling faces behind the counter. Quality products at reasonable prices, and fantastic staff and owner.

  47. seba415

    this place is awesome and knowledgeable they have everything at all different prices.

  48. brittanycharter

    If the service wasn’t already good enough, the tree was just as great! These guys are the real deal. It was my first visit and I was treated a lot better than most other places I’ve been to in the city. This is my new main spot to go to now (:

  49. XeroHS

    (Taken from my Yelp.)
    They have a large selection of concentrates and good looking bud, what’s not to love? There’s a nice relaxed vibe throughout the store, the staff are really friendly and helpful but not in your face constantly which I like. I got some great recommendations to help deal with anxiety and hunger loss and the tenders were spot on, very knowledgeable which is a huge benefit for patients. Individually, the wax is a little overpriced overall but they have fantastic deals (BOGO, etc) and some cheaper varieties available. I constantly dab and $89 here should get me through the month. Great quality too, everything works and tastes amazing! (Whatever that free kief was made me giddy as hell, I want more of the stuff next time.) Nice sized variety of bud available, they have White Widow in so I won’t be going anywhere else any time soon.

    I found my new regular dispensery! Thank you for an amazing service, Purple Star MD. 5*

    Update: Did another run here, concentrates galore but I picked up some Blue Dreams and Master Kush bud. I’m skeptical of $50+ 1/8 because I can get the same quality for $35 normally but here, it’s worth every penny! Top notch stuff across the board.

  50. 840twiceasbaked

    I knew I was getting the bang for my buck. It’s fire! $25 1/8ths of 3 kings and sour diesel was the shit. Plus they give you an amazing joint, house kief, a lighter, and a grinder your 1st time. Basically a 420 goodie bag. Tasted edibles that were really good while there and got in and out really efficiently.

  51. Mal1218

    Awesome place. Very clean and professional looking shop. Absolutely love the customer service here. All the employees behind the counter are always ready to assist you in picking just the right strain from their extensive selection of medicine.

    Each time I walk in, i’m greeted by the check in table area. Little touches like this make for a superb customer experience. When you’re ready, one of the staff members will come to you and answer any question you have about your specific needs. once you’ve selected what you want, they even give you a smell of the jar. I’ve been to this location a bunch of times and have never had any issue. Not to mention they even deliver!

    There is a reason this place is the best location in San Francisco.

  52. TSNOOP650

    I first came here because it was convenient to the 24th BART station and I’m very happy to say I have become a fan of Purple Star MD . First thing that hit me was the friendly and knowledgable staff that welcomes everyone with smiles . Every staff member knows their store products very well and are very helpful to answering questions regarding products and their qualities. I’m a budget guy, so I’m all about the BOGO’s and the BOGO strains are right up there with the rest of their buds that are top shelf. I buy my vape cartridges here also, but not BOGO that they do have. I like their top shelf vapes by “Bang”. Hats off to the manager who runs the place like a true business that takes care of their customers. If you haven’t been here yet, I highly recommend it.

  53. willywest

    These guys are great. Customer service is on point. Deliveries on time. Product always what it should be.

    There are several great companies in this space and I will hold Purple Star above the rest until proven otherwise. They do provide great service consistently.

    Special shout to DJ. The guy just gets it.

  54. aphidsace

    this dispensary has amazing personable customer service. they genuinely care about their patients. they have an amazing on going bogo deal. their flowers vary from good to top shelf. I’ve had about forty different concentrate strains and about 37 of them are great. every now and again some taste like sulfur.

  55. khershman

    This is my go to location for fast service when I know what I want. I’ve had a few pot snobs guiding me but it has seemed to level out.

    Really good prices!!!!

  56. BlazedHaiku

    I love the convenience of location, the selection of strains, not to mention they’ve got damn good prices/deals

  57. DED15

    Good product, nice (probably best in the city) selection. But one thing appears more and more often: they loose interest in you the second they got your money and show you right away, that you should move. It like someone teaching them – hate that, see it more and more usually goes pared with power tripping – have the power to not let you get what you depend on.

  58. Seabass4151

    Great place, I visit here regularly the bud is amazing and the the people are super friendly and knowledgeable

  59. Indicant

    Wide selection, helpful menus, and good service

    They have nice deals often which makes coming back almost an obligation.

  60. wacky.kitty

    Purple Star carries Xternal Mud!!! It is a cannabinoid based mud mask. I rub it on my achy arthritic bones and joints and I get instant cooling pain relief that lasts. It was recommended to me by Mara Gordon, founder of Aunt Zelda’s….. and I recommended it to everyone I come across!! Especially to my friends who are in their 70’s 80’s and 90’s. I frequently take my senior citizen friends to the Mission to get their first ever medical cards and then walk them straight over to Purple Star. What a nice companionate staff they have!! My friends leave with an education and all the products they need to improve the quality of their lives. Purple Star offers a wide range of buds, edibles, topicals and even cannabinoid infused bath salts. I find that the prices are lower than the other dispensaries in the neighborhood. * pardon the typos as I’m a bit medicated ;0)aEUR

  61. Thomasnelson82

    top shelf an very good friendly service

  62. Aton47

    on a curve, I rate this place 4 stars. Best part about it is that they have buy 1 get 1 offers

  63. picnicface

    I have searched far and wide for the finest medical establishment to relieve my CHRONIC aches and pains. Like a purple dank diamond in the night, this dispensary dispensed my needs to me with prompt service and witty commentary, with the fire wax that I came to pick up eventually taking the backseat to meaningful life discussions and observations toward the cannabis plant that brought all of us to that room in that fateful evening. I would give my firstborn son to receive service like this again, and would do so in good conscience, knowing that his new adopted parents can hook him up with the dank for a low price. These fools have it for real.

  64. KweenKush

    One of my favorite dispensaries in all of San Francisco. They have great flowers, concentrates, and edibles, you just can’t go wrong at Purple Star!

  65. StevoFan

    The service is very good

  66. IvoryCoast1

    From the minute you walk in the door, you feel the Love! Highest Quality Medicine, Best Vibe, very Professional & Fast, & Deeply Respectful of their customers. This is the BEST dispensary in San Francisco. I tried every other Cannabis Shop in S.F. before finding Purple Star M.D. where they treat you like family. Now I have been a loyal customer for 2 years. Their selection is fantastic, and they always have Organic Flowers. The Best! I love Purple Star MD!!

  67. boshi420

    awesome place guys aoeSdY++!dY++

  68. Aristotlev

    Great place. Only ever come here. Bogo

  69. shinzon

    I wanted to register online as a member last week, but noticed their web-based registration form is NOT secured via encryption, even though the form says: “This page is secure and your information is safely transmitted with AES-256 bit encryption.”

    No way am I using an insecure web-based form to submit my ID and other documents, or to do anything else for that matter.

    I wrote them last week about this, and it’s still broken, and the lie about being encrypted is still up on their form. I worry, if I can’t trust them about this, what can I trust them about? What a shame.

  70. CitricAcid13

    Located 3 blocks north of the 24th St BART. Knowledgable, friendly staff with good prices. Was a new patient and they threw in a free joint and grinder.

    A+. Would Recommend

  71. erik831

    Been to a few different dispensaries and to find one that gets it right every time is hard to do. Purple star gets it right every time I visit! Quality, price and customer service. I’m new to the medical marijuana and as a new person it feels nice when they can get it right every time in suggestions on what meds are right for me!
    Good job.

  72. etbender


  73. collazos

    The best Club would recommend

  74. ltncalioak

    I really loved the service here at purple star md , the budtender knew his stuff and made it really easy to understand the differences between weed. Easy to become a member , and really good prices . I highly recommend this place.

  75. briezzy

    Friendly staff, good selection and deals, chill vibe. Deff will be back

  76. samv93

    my one and only club, good tree, best staff, in the heart of the mission what more could you ask for

  77. Earvandal

    I would fuck with place again. Bocar is proper biz. Big up to the selecta

  78. Noahconstrictor13

    When I go to a dispensary, I bring a lot of questions. The folks at Purple Star really know how to stay with me. Favorite dispensary in the city, hands down.

  79. yunghuman

    I love it!

  80. tjayy415

    This club is the shit no doubt boi! I always come here for my medication and once i go in theres always a staff willing to help you out even when its busy they still give excellent customer service awesome staff and nothing but smiles and good vibes i highly recommend this club foreal come to the city, go to this club, and get your high on dY~SdYdY’OE

  81. daninegrinca

    Best place super compassionate dY’OE

  82. mandokush

    Everyone who works here is super chill, down to earth, and very friendly. Right in the heart of the mission too! They know their strains perfectly, and love to help you find what you need. This is my favorite spot in the city, hands down.

  83. gersonjon

    Great selection of goods and they employees are knowledgeable and helpful

  84. butane

    first dispensary experience in CA couldn’t have gone better. friendly people/security, excellent selection. what a civilized experience. will be back often.

  85. kumar510

    Great service and great prices. Always top notch.

  86. TheApprentice

    I went in and the first thing that greeted me was a smiling and friendly guy with the sheet I had to to fill out for my first visit. The employees were all really nice and the man who helped me was able to answer all of my questions. It felt like a more personal experience rather than just walking in, buying, and leaving. Definitely coming back!

  87. phatpat19

    Love the people, the bud selection, and the deals. Take advantage of their BOGO deals, they are amazing quality with even better price

  88. badboy01

    Purple Star carries Xternal Mud!!! It is a cannabinoid based mud mask. I rub it on my achy arthritic bones and joints and I get instant cooling pain relief that lasts. It was recommended to me by Mara Gordon, founder of Aunt Zelda’s….. and I recommended it to everyone I come across!! Especially to my friends who are in their 70’s 80’s and 90’s. I frequently take my senior citizen friends to the Mission to get their first ever medical cards and then walk them straight over to Purple Star. What a nice companionate staff they have!! My friends leave with an education and all the products they need to improve the quality of their lives. Purple Star offers a wide range of buds, edibles, topicals and even cannabinoid infused bath salts. I find that the prices are lower than the other dispensaries in the neighborhood. * pardon the typos as I’m a bit medicated ;0)

  89. rbartel90

    Best dispensary in SF. Great friendly service by knowledge people and affordable prices. True SF vibes staying alive in purple star

  90. qweenj1

    I go here for the first time. No freebies for new patient/customer except, told but hey no taxes for patients. Ok. Then the girl tinder needs CSR training. She gets annoyed with me and lets be known because shes not really listening to me shes listening to someone elses convo behind me. I have to keep correcting her on which i want. She can’t answer any of my questions about product, but she tried it all….A few days go by and i decide to crack open the gram i got. I throw it on the scale and it deosn’t even register. I push the scale its working i checked the weed twice, nada. For shits and giggles i decide to put the canister on scale with pot. BINGO that adds up to a gram. Thats to bad, Not sure if I’m coming back, but If I do it wont b w/her. Guy at door was real cool. Parking can b hard liked where they were located.

  91. Sgoffiii

    Friendly staff and great prices

  92. lizardo

    best club in the city Walmart weed

  93. woodlandbunny

    Amazing service and they are very kind. They back their medicine and have both great prices and selection.

  94. LunacyLukas

    Great medicine and good staff! Lots of Options.

  95. jgarcia9

    Purple Star has a wide collection of top shelf greens. Very welcoming environment and great staff.

  96. ssfesteban

    I’ve been to this location twice now and I’m not a huge fan. The product was subpar yet I paid top shelf price for it. Wouldn’t recommend especially if you’re new.

  97. rmontaguem

    This location is straight and to the point. No games, no gimmicks and the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The Security Team is great and they have a great selection of medicine and you can feel that they care about your well being.

  98. cytestfp2


  99. erikaslane

    Best spot in SF. Truly a space full of healers. Always ready to do whatever they can to help customers. Assist in choosing the most appropriate medicine for each individual and offer many awesome discounts.

    They give a goody bag to each first visit! Super rad!! Came with a free pre-roll, grinder, lighter, and papers!!

    I love these guys so much. Truly the best spot in town.

    Highly recommend the spot to all!

    A place of love and healing!!!!!

  100. churtonk

    I found this dispensary a little over a year ago. When I first got my card the doctors office recommended this dispensary saying they were very compassionate and understood much about strains and the proper edibles or teas or whatever would be best to help you. I love this club and most of the staff is fantastic the owner and manager care so very
    much about people’s health. They never let me down with there recommendations.


    loved the service! BOGO 1/8ths too?! so rad. Bo is a great help I’ll be back soon!

  102. Jakum

    Nestled conveniently amidst some of the finest taquerias around, Purple Star is my absolute go-to for the city. I haven’t bothered to shop anywhere else since I found this place.

    The service is impeccable – super friendly staff will match your taste (however refined) to a product quickly, and you won’t regret taking their advice if you aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for. They really know they’re stuff, but if as long as I’m the one being asked…

    The Platinum Jack Herer is must-try for those interested in an energetic, giddy, and creative high ideal for those days in which you just can’t shy away from the tasks at hand, but still need a pick-me-up to get through it all.

    Their two-grams-for-one deal on the wax is strange. I wonder how they keep in business, with a steal like that on the forefront of their menu. Any wax lover will find this place as wonderful in economy as it is in selection. Although they only have crumble, the list runs wide.

    If you’re ever in the Mission, this little hole-in-the-wall is unbeatable. Check it out.

  103. chklate

    The spot is kinda hard to find due to a lot of construction but that’s not their fault I guess. The inside is chill but not a hang around environment. More like buy what you need and quick leave. I also feel they specialize more in wax and edibles. Enjoyed the place very much though.

  104. CDubya

    Purple Star has an awesome assortment of high quality products to choose from. Love their in-house vape cartridges and the staff is excellent. Hard to go anywhere else.

  105. patrejo

    this place is awesome! Never a

  106. tiva1010

    It’s a cool spot with wide variety of concentrates, flowers and edibles. It’s allreasonably priced.

  107. sfemet

    Stopped by on my way to acupuncture today. As others have said, overwhelming selection, lovely service. I was fortunate in that I did not have to pay too much attention to donation prices, rather focus on their extraordinary selection of edibles. I’m not buying flowers right now and I took home several new high
    CBD items, in addition to a couple of 1:1 chocolate bars. I look forward to stopping in again.

    The benefit of coming here is it’s proximity to Lucca Italian Deli and the opportunity to pick up the makings for a pasta dinner (yup, there’s ravioli, tomatoes for sauce and fresh parm and asiago waiting for me).

    And it’s always sunny in the Mission. Lots of smiles as I walked around today.

  108. nikki91

    Loved this place! Their prices are the best I’ve ever seen, the people were very knowledgeable and friendly! I will definitely be back and I will definitely recommended this place!!!

  109. star415

    My favorite club in the city great
    variety and deals you can’t get
    anywhere else

  110. Caymcvey

    This is my favorite club hands down! I pretty much only come here for my wax. They have THE friendliest staff -who truly understands the importance of customer service, and some of the best prices/deals. I am always greeted by name with a huge smile, am attended to quickly and never leave unsatisfied or feeling like I was tricked into spending more money. LOVE purple star md. Would recommend to anyone.

  111. GrapeApe510

    favorite dispensary in the bay area.

  112. Domaos

    Great place. Quick and easy. Good prices.

  113. meadowblaze

    Place is sooo compassionate

  114. glowstick23

    Everything was great the people were cool and friendly and the medication was on point

  115. tatianachantal

    Dope service, great concentrates, and always hooks it up. Totally recommend it!

  116. itsthemyth

    The best

  117. xGameChangerx

    Every time I come in a get a high five from the guy outside, Howard, and am warmly welcomed the second I walked in the door. Most of the bud tenders are very educated and I have brought quite a few regular customers to purple star (: best meds in the area for sure. Thanks guys!

  118. artmollies

    I have lived in the city for over 8 years and this is by far the best dispensary I’ve visited! They’ve got a fantastic staff who are knowledgable and passionate about their trees and the specials they run are unbeatable! And a shout-out to Howard for being the cool cat that he is! If anyone tells you they know of a better dispensary, then they have clearly never been to Purple Star!

  119. mary420smoker

    This place is great. I’ve been here once and they do a fine job! The atmosphere was a little busy, not enough help. Great products.

  120. SanFranKnowsBud

    conveniently located near home and great, friendly staff. lots of organic options.

  121. worldofwasney

    My favorite club in the city! They’re always nice and they’ll often throw in a little something extra. Great Custer servics

  122. Jbaraka

    This is the only place I go to. And when I don’t go to them.. They come to me. Delivery service is dope. However I only use it when I absolutely can’t make it to Purple Star. Everyone from the cool black guy at the door, to the bud tenders inside, always has a smile their face. I Highly recommend! Pun intended. Lol Keep doing your thing Purple Star!

  123. jevans


  124. KoreSnow

    Purple star has great service let a lot top quality strains no matter what your favorite is from Sativa lovers to Hybrid lovers they have something right for you. You gotta go because I sure don’t go to any other club anymore

  125. Danielle2300

    The delivery was fast and the products are quality. Thank you

  126. Rchu

    Awesome location and always friendly employees. Their BOGO, you CANT beat it!!

  127. math450

    Best place in town. People work work there is very nice and helpful. Great location. I always go there to get gummy bears.

  128. ExerciseFreedom

    Great place for deals, organic buds and lots more! Everyone is super nice and helpful. Free preroll every time I buy an 8th….love the extra gift. Open late and on most Holiday’s too. Safe area and easy to find in the Mission.

  129. selimxxi

    Best quality ever

  130. Procana

    Purple Star MD is a very professional and trustworthy provider of Procana, and we are excited that they are focused on providing patients an option with a controlled dosage softgel pills, available in CBD and THC. Beautiful store!

  131. nerveana

    Small storefront, good security, friendly folks. Parking sometimes difficult in the mission. Usually get delivery and I think they have the best value with their BOGO strains.

  132. desireemonika

    this place is great! I love how nice and helpful the staff are and prices are the best ive seen! I can’t wait to go back 🙂

  133. stonerstudd420

    The people are super chill the shatter I got (green dream) was awesome and even better it was BOGO free for top shel that’s really good deal.

  134. merib

    My favorite place in the city

  135. sfsp

    One of the two dispensaries that I buy from in San Francisco. The staff is knowledgable and compassionate. Both the BOGO wax and bud are awesome. Vast selection of edibles. Free joint with most purchases. Purple Larry organic is fire. Awesome place to by cannabis medicine.

  136. fullofhell415

    My favorite dispensary in SF right now. They have an excellent selection of flowers and concentrates, sweet BOGO deals, and great customer service.

  137. thebearcub

    Finding parking was rough (I am disabled and this neighborhood is busy and full of hills). The budtender spent time with me while I figured my order out (though I brought my own notes from their online menu).

    The new patient discount really helped me out. It’d be great if they offered disabled patients a discount, but they did throw in several gifts. I have recommended this place and brought other patients here. I think they are cash only – which catches me off guard. A cash discount would be nice but the extra fees for atm and dispensaries that charge for using a card – not into it.

    I’ve found other places that beat the prices here and the bud is fresher and more potent – and getting it delivered to my door and charged less for taxes – dispensaries are going to have to work harder for my limited but reliable funds as a customer.

    I want a place where I am treated like a valued customer and respected as a patient with privacy concerns and medical needs that brought them there. So be kind. I want places that offer alternative medicine/healing like Reiki and acupuncture and massage. Offer customers some tea/coffee, samples of products, that kind of thing.

    It’s 2018 – remember that us patients still matter, even with this recreational boom.

  138. mivargas420

    Great staff and service! Buds are quality and the deals they have are worth it! Purple star blend for $20 an eighth is always good as well as the bogo wax deals they have! Came here when I first got my cannabis card and I’m a regular customer! Loving this storefront , delivery is always reliable. One of the best dispensaries in SF

  139. Leoncruz

    All smiles when you walk in always!

  140. keithdavis18

    good strains…nice deals

  141. tbonethemerciful

    Gyep. Best prices, good products, chill spot with zero hassle, & they offer a 20% military/veterans discount.

  142. Jcamps73

    Great service with friendly bud tenders. Overall great experience.

  143. nael

    Employees are friendly and knowledgeable+ prices are good= a~…a~…a~…a~…a~…

  144. MrEnigma88

    Started going when I got my rec a few months ago and since then I am a faithful customer. Everyone is nice knowledgeable, and very compassionate. You aren’t rushed out the door and the budtenders actually show that they have a pulse and have great conversation while you’re picking out your selections. Everything is labeled correctly and weighed out right in front of you no pre-packaged ordeals, I hate those they aren’t ever true to the gram. No one can touch their BOGO deals hands down! Even the door men are extra friendly and always dap me up and welcome me back. Even when my cartridge for my pen began to leak they replaced it with no issues. I’m totally a happy customer and unless I leave the city I’ll be coming here for a long long time :). Only thing I could say that could improve is get some liquid form edibles like drinks great way to take meds on the go. Oh and maybe put random strains that aren’t usually BOGO for like a day or so once a month. Let’s people who always get BOGO try something different for a change.

  145. optist650

    1st dispensary I’ve ever been to. Went as soon as I got my medicinal prescription right down the street from them. Very nice staff, kinda tight spaced in there. If your claustrophobic you won’t like it. Very good organics and bogo specials. If it’s your first time going there you get a goodie bag that comes with a free pre roll(which I recommend nobody to smoke pre-rolls for health and safety reasons), a gram of bomb keif, a Purple MD lighter, & grinder. you also can get a stamp card that allows you to get a free quarter or 8th I believe of any strain off the wall if you visit over 9 times. My recommended strains are the Cherry Pie and Super Silver Haze.

  146. 510futureclubowner

    Been here a few times and feels like a spot just for a younger more hip-hop geared crowd. Down to the feel of prison visitation to check in, and OK quality buds. But they do offer a rewards program if you want to keep coming here…not me though.

  147. hhenley

    Love the budtenders and quality of bud . the kief is also awesome. Shout out to purple star dispensary..best in town.

  148. ayylmao503

    Great selection of strains, really awesome tree at average price. Only downside is it’s a little cramped but it’s not that big of a deal.

  149. abars

    Great selection, service, and prices! The house shatter pre-rolls are legit!!

  150. jsateeva

    My favorite club in the city. Great 25 dollar eighths, and the staff is so friendly and helpful. They also got that Chocowaska!!

  151. Duff003

    I found purple star to be very welcoming and professional. My verification took mere minutes and I was served promptly. Satisfaction all around.

  152. ripzippysf

    the best deals in town with awesome quality. Very nice team and laid back atmosphere. They are all knowledgeable about everything they carry. Tried lots of places around the city and never got the deals I get here….period.

  153. navilaa

    Purple Star has always given me great service as a store and doesnt treat me like just a costumer.. but a friend! Always super friendly and welcoming. I’ve never once left without a smile. Great people great flower! They also dont lack edidles waxes or kief.

  154. violetmadder

    This place looks tiny, but the selection is HUGE. Very fast, very efficient, good deals and wonderful staff. It’s not a place where you can hang out and chill, but the people are great for the few minutes you’ll be in there. Whenever I need CBD flowers, I can count on these guys to always have at least Harlequin in stock– so many dispensaries almost never have CBD flowers at all, and if they do it’s unreliable… which is not what you want in pain relief! If you’re hurting and you need to make a stop and get it done NOW, or if you need to stock up on something, Purple Star has your back. Love it.

  155. burningman

    The proprietor is incredibly helpful and generous. And he turned me on to Open Vape. Love it! Great location. I’d like to see an upgrade on decor and lighting, but that’s lower priority, I know.

  156. mexijess

    Awesome place. Great selection. Staff is super friendly. Def coming back!!

  157. ggeorge

    Friendly people, great quality, good prices. Recommended.

  158. donpoisson

    I have been a patient for over 3 years. The office is well lit and secure. Although they provide delivery, I prefer to make the drive and see the always cheerful and eager to help staff. The selection of product availableA wouldA satisfy the most astute epicurean’s palette. I believe in being loyal to those who are loyal to you. The last place didn’t get this.

  159. eliseee

    awesome place. it was my first time at a dispensary and DJ helped me. he was super friendly and helpful.

  160. mcbsf

    Great vibes, really helpful staff, low prices. Excellent place!

  161. PaulaGeezy

    A variety of selection flowers, concentrates , and edibles. Very friendly staff. Great BOGO deals!

  162. pman1029

    welcoming environment, also very knowledgeable about the products they sell

  163. oneword

    BEST dispencery in San Francisco, hands down!

  164. Leesus

    Hands down the best shop. DJ and the PS crew are 100% powerfully legitimate

  165. Leafly47

    Very helpful for pain consultation. Informed, pleasant, welcoming, efficient. Thanks.

  166. keats1964

    Compassionate and knowledgeable staff. I’m a newbie to the medicinal properties of cannabis, and the staff at Purple Star provided valuable information to help me with my decisions. I got hybrid hash oil honey to help me sleep (worked great last night), purple kush tincture for evenings and yoga, cannabis rub for muscle pain relief without psychoactive properties, and 100% CBD edibles for pain management without psychoactive properties.

  167. lsbarton127

    I’ve been to many Bay area dispensaries and am happy to say I’ve found my favorite. Every member of staff is personable and friendly; from the security, to the bud tenders, to the management team. Won’t go anywhere else. Keep up the great work Purple Star and Thank You.

  168. dendonc

    Purple Star is great, its the only place I go now. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Great selection and even better prices. Def the best dispensary Ive been to in SF

  169. calvinm123

    Good selection and price range. The staff is cool too

  170. Muchmore

    I love this dispensary. Everyone is super friendly, and they always have helpful suggestions. They’re also patient when I want to explore various strains, which the indecisive shopper in me appreciates. Sometimes I come in just for the house blend – an oz for around 120 with tax is unbeatable. I have yet to be disappointed. 5 purple stars!

  171. dmac143

    I came here earlier today with my friend, had a great variety of flowers, wax, & eatables. Great BOGO deals for a great price. Awesome staff got a nice gift bag and a free platinum og w/ hashoil pre-roll. Definitely coming back & bringing my friends.

  172. Morganjayne95

    Purple star is awesome, and DJ is the coolest bud tender. Can’t wait to come back with my friends

  173. yusuf27

    they have great products in good prices

  174. rickf

    great dispensary with large selections of flowers and concentrates and edibles. Definitely recommend.

  175. BorrisThePider

    this is the second dispencery in the mission I have tried and its the best. the inside does get somewhat cramped but the staff really helps move everyone along and get what they came to find. They have a large selection of meds be it flower, wax and shatter, edibles and kief. The rollies they make in house are not worth it so ho with an ed rosenthal preroll. They really know how to run it. The eighths of house blend purple star hybrid aint bad at all. Goin back again.

  176. Boogiedawn

    Man I checked this place out over the weekend and as a new patient I have to say these guys got all the goods. I would definitely recommend if in the area, fire selection and the guy helping me definitely knew what was up.. I’ll definitely be making the trip back from SJ!

  177. Coco26

    Nick is awesome! Super friendly and always helpful! Quality is great, love the buy one get one free deals!

  178. Kflo95

    There’s nothing but good to say about this club!

  179. RahViaTonga

    Whoa, bruh…One of the hottest chics in the Bay area works here:) Service very pleasant. Selection is not deep but great bud. Picked up a rare strain and some Haze. Will definitely stop back by for the…BOGOs:)

  180. neekdasneek

    AWEsome sport great staff and amazing selection.

  181. mattbyrne

    The service is outstanding!

  182. jrdopeman

    Great club. Awesome service. Beautiful trees. dY~

  183. Czechchick5

    Great dispensary. Felt comfortable discussing different strains with the budtender, which has been intimidating at other places. Product is easy to view and atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. Will be coming back!

  184. quasar720

    Not the best ambiance, kind of spare inside but service was great and good wax selection.

  185. tuffpuff

    Purple Star MD is my go to local dispensary and I love it! Great selection and the people who work there are super helpful and friendly. They always make great recommendations too.

  186. DanSuMoo

    Good spot!

  187. Belmo

    Excellent experience every time. Great staff that’s always friendly and doesn’t mind giving recommendations from their good line up of concentrates which is what I mainly go in for.

  188. yamgpotter

    By far one of the best places I’ve been too since moving to the bay. Their medicinal is top shelf. great service quality and atmosphere. can’t go wrong here.

  189. princessluv

    Just got my card in October but I think I’ve found my place dY~S AWESOME first gift (with a $30 donation) and great $25 eighths. Clean store, helpful and friendly staff, great quality flowers. Couldn’t ask for anything more

  190. bustosmike

    Love to come here ,great sevice

  191. TroySF

    I haven’t been to the store yet but the delivery service is excellent. The buds were high-quality and they throw in a bunch of goodies for new patients. It was easy to sign up and the delivery was fast. Outstanding customer service! I highly recommend PurpleStarMD.

  192. queenamor

    Always a pleasure coming in and being serviced by all their friendly knowledgeable staff.they have the best deals for wax and cartridges that I know of and hear from friends. thanks for doing what y’all do(:!

  193. judithbudler

    Excellent, my go-to place in the neighborhood. Good quality bud and great deals on concentrates. Highly recommend! Only downside is they’re cash only.

  194. lizandgage

    This place is low key and quite pleasant. This is only the 2nd dispensary I’ve been to, but I really like the “packaging”. They weigh it in front of you and package in a purple medicine bottle/film container. This is nice. I can leave it on the counter without feeling awkward while I medicate. It feels much more legitimate and I appreciate that.

  195. thommygirl22

    This has to be the best dispensaries I have ever been to, both in Cali and Colorado. Not only will you have a difficult time finding better quality, but the service cannot be beat. No matter how busy it is, you always are treated like you are the only customer there. They take their time with you to make sure you get exactly what you want, and if there happens to be an issue with what you purchased, they will make sure to fix the problem. I one got some shatter that turned out to be a little unstable, and the next time I cam in, they not only gave me a discount, but a free cartridge. It is very obvious they care about their customers satisfaction.

  196. dflores83

    Great inventory – lots of options! Staff is friendly and helpful! It’s a tight space next to busy el techo.

  197. jocierose

    Purple star is the best dispensary in the mission. They have amazing prices, quality flower, strong concentrates and a huge selection of edibles… Last time I went, DJ hooked me up with some delicious Kushlope and Humboldt OG. I love this place!!

  198. goonbaby

    Very nice, I liked it alot, come here quite a bit

  199. johndavidfeldman

    Best Bud, Best Prices, Great Selection, Awesome Staff

  200. evossy

    Great customer service, very friendly and knowledgable. Would definitely come back again.

  201. UnlawfulFalafel

    I tell people about this location. They ask where I get my cartridges, I tell them they are twenty dollars for the house blend purple star. They are quite effective. I understand if you have to do the first time patient thing and skip around, but if you find your roots, trust me, this is the place. I get off at 24th bart and its a skip away. They occasionally throw freebies my way (that doesn’t mean you need to expect it. Be friendly, above all don’t be a dick–these people treat you right). Today I picked up four house cartridges, all sativas, and an oasis cartridge. They threw me a gram of blue dream shatter as well as some unlabeled stuff in a vial that is truly omni-potent 😛

    Smiles all around and honestly I never have to wait to be helped in the store unlike some places that have you wait in single-file. I think more people may do delivery but this is a super intimate and courteous location.

  202. Michee

    As a preface to this review- I had 3 different people recommend this club to me before i finally went in!

    ..i love this club!!! It is walking distance from my apt (and the best taquerias), has a huge selection of all my favorite types of bud, ridiculously friendly budtenders (s/o to Sky! Thanks for the help during my first visit!), and most importantly, phenoooomenal deals 🙂 I’ll be back!

  203. AnthonyShaneEwing

    Great staff, great medicine, great service, great selection, thx purple star!!

  204. pamdizzle

    Purple star is the best! They give you the best deals and quality! Check them out!

  205. 415dabM

    Best club in the mission! Staff is awesome and very welcoming.
    Very good flowers! check them out

  206. Finity.Complex

    Always giving the best deals and with the nicest staff . Love the bogo deals on shatter. This is the epicenter of awesome medical compassion in the mission.

  207. jahmaine1

    Purple star has a great high grade selection and the people that work there are so friendly definitely A+dY’

  208. frfoghorn

    Gold standard in terms of fast, professional, accommodating staff, constant demos and promos. As an intermediate enthusiast this is the place I return to most often.

  209. SarcasticFringehead

    Small and busy, but they had great first timer deals and April 20 freebies.

  210. sovereignindeed

    [I love PURPLE STAR. staff is very kooL, respectful, polite, timely. huge selection of flowers. If you ask for a BLINK it means you want a half eighth of “Purple-Star-Blend” aka Good- Cannabis.]

  211. sidorenko91

    Quick service! Friendly bud tenders! Great deals! What else can I ask for. If you are in the mission, stop by. You won’t regret it!

  212. CatDaddy52

    Great service and bud!

  213. runnyrose

    This is one of my top dispensaries to go to. Always great service and variety.

  214. potsmokinghippie

    You guys are awesome. I love your BOGO deals on wax. Gives me shatter for dayyyyyz

  215. Dkrmlobato


  216. Praupr

    They always have great selection of strains and their customer service is on point when it comes down to recommending what I am look for on any given day that I walk in.

  217. cmoneys905

    Amazing service and great first time bonus.

  218. jrksn

    Good values good people.

  219. shpen

    I’ve lived in San Francisco for 17 years, and this is where I prefer to get my cannabis. Quality of the product is top notch. Most useful and friendly budtenders I’ve yet found in the city.

  220. aliciakiah

    As a new patient , I got all my questions answered. I got blue dream and space queen! Two fav strains, the edible assortment is to die for is you are a edible fan! As I am a huge one, it felt like Christmas in there! dY~

  221. Kush415

    This location is very friendly. First time I went and everyone treated me very nice . The atmosphere is very chill ms they have some awesome product.

  222. thespb

    I love this place and have frequented them since they opened. The staff is friendly, knowledgable, and offer up great recommendations when asked. Their BOGO deals are awesome and available every day, and they always have their house blend available for $20 an eighth. If you’re a smoker on a budget (like me!) this place will still have a ton of options that for your price range.

  223. c00pal00p20

    For an entire year this was the only place I would go. It’s hard to beat the quality of BOGO options on flower and WAX! All the bud tenders are super patient and very informative!

  224. schweitzer29

    This is a cosy little spot that will give you great service and close proximity to all the wonderful strains of herb. Specifically, Dustin was a tremendous help and is very patient. He is very knowledgeable, attentive and super down to earth. Will definitely be coming back.


  225. shesastoner

    Great deals, good service. Our go to delivery option. $100 minimum. They always throw in a joint which is cool. Don’t miss the $25 1/8ths and BOGO deals.

  226. Nighshade586

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff made me feel at ease and they found something to help ease my back pain promptly.

  227. smorley74

    This was the 4th place I’ve been in. by far the nicest people and great choices!
    I’ll be back for sure!

  228. bubbastoner

    This place has the best pre rolls in town and really awesome service

  229. dleecious

    Purple star has de best deal in the city with their Bogo deals. Best first time gift set ive receive so far!! love you guys!

  230. Ryndaleigh

    Love these guys! Have yet to meet someone here who isn’t completely knowledgeable about their products, friendly and super helpful. I’ve been to quite a few clubs in the city and they are my favorite, hands down!

  231. danicake

    I have been here two times, both experiences were great. I like their wide selection (they have O Pen cartridges and Bhang!) of items and top shelf flowers. Emilio and all of the staff there are great, and it’s a nice atmosphere. When I’m in the area, I’m there, no question.

  232. SFDoug

    I love this dispensary. The Doorman; The Staff; are all very friendly and anxious to be of service.

    The shop is well maintained. I no longer smoke, but I am especially fond of the large array of edibles that are offered … especially, “Morsels”. Yum!

    One other little mention here: they are located just a few feet from the bus stop on 21st Street and Mission.
    Both the #14 and #49 will get you there.

  233. rablove

    i think purple star is fantastic! not only is the place giving people a cost effective way to recieve their medicine but the owner is really nice along with the rest of the staff. i also love the immense amount of options they have.

  234. idreamofdabbing

    I’ve been going to Purple Star regularly for about a year now. The staff and security are super friendly, the meds are quality, the prices are right, and it’s easy to get to. keep it up guys!

  235. Hfo415

    Great meds, prices, and customer service

  236. ledhead1

    Great place that I frequent! Highly recommended. They have one of the best selections around and are very knowledgable, friendly, caring, and helpful. Something for everyone. A must go-to club in SF in a nice part of the Mission.

  237. DabzForDays

    This is the spot you want to go to. Great service and you cant beat the BOGO deals!

  238. slyygreen

    I like how friendly they where. there weed was pretty good. they have a lot of really good deals as well

  239. UnkieVal

    Great deals and quality. Friendly Service, ATM available, looking forward to winning a bundle for XMAS!!!

    They are the best yet!

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