AHHS West Hollywood




7828 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046


34.0907837, -118.3602418




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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19 reviews for “AHHS West Hollywood

  1. plemot

    Love this place! Always have what I want and the stuff is not only knowledgeable but also hilarious! Had a great time coming here!

  2. tcallday

    Such friendly staff! This place had the CBD strain i had been searching everywhere for but it was the outgoing staff that made my visit. They had me laughing the whole time and I got some free goodies as a first time patient!!

  3. infantry126b

    First time here, or ever really buying anything legally and they were so helpful and nice. Going to be back here (especially since it’s the only place I can go and buy without a prescription) love you guys!

  4. igutoskie1

    A+ Service! Sweet friendly and fun!! Will be back! Also super knowledgeable which is the most important!!!

  5. Xo_Lito

    #WestHBuds Good dank. aoe< down one of my personal favorite places around and great deals

  6. lfe369

    This Place is total Heaven on Earth. They have the best Cannabis and concentrates in planet Earth. THANK YOU Dr.Dina for having and Eden in the heart of WeHo 🙂 Also Gia and Tula are always super helpful and happy!!! This place is the best!!!! A+ 100% the best bud for the price.

  7. LynnesterMcdaniels

    I think this place is the bomb the location is very nice and worker are just so cool and I’m going to make this my favorite place for me to visit. c you guys soon

  8. DunningKrugerInFullEffect

    Been here twice, both times the amateurish and unknowledgeable staff were mostly interested in getting me in and out as quickly as possible. for starters, they cram some 10 customers at once into a tiny, stuffy shoebox. But the workers are the worst part: completely unhelpful both times. Multiple staff members appeared to be wholly unaware of what “bubble hash” is. I said “You know, the kind we’ve made with bubble bags for decades?” and the poor, pretty-faced sap behind the counter says “Sir, we don’t know each individual method.”

    Was he joking, lying, or completely inept?

    If your staff don’t know the difference between solvent extractions and water-based hash, your weed store is a complete and total joke. And the prices are nothing to write home about either. This place is the afterthought of pot shops. They’re not really a dispensary, they’re a hole-in-the-wall that sells weed to WeHo people and doesn’t usually have a long line.

    0/5 stars, go to MedMen instead, where the abundant workers are knowledgeable and informative and friendly and upbeat and helpful, and the selection is actually legitimate. I hit up MedMen immediately after this place and left there an extremely happy customer. By contrast, I believe that AHHS actually stands for “Amateur Hour Health Services.” Only bother with going to AHHS if you want a quick fix and don’t care about consistency, accuracy, comfort, or customer service.

  9. tonisolorzano

    Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Really make you feel welcomed and a great selection

  10. smokeythebear33

    selection of flower is good&the quality of their bud is great. i have been going here for years!

  11. aronatherapy

    Top quality product and people who are very helpful and kind working there. From the moment I was greeted at the check in with security to the time I left, every person I interacted with was very helpful and kind. Dispensary’s tend to be intimidating to me. This one didn’t have that effect on in, in fact it was quite welcoming and they were able to help provide me with information on products that could aid me in my pain management (multiple surgeries due to stage four osteosarcoma, former cancer patient, etc)

  12. topshotta1989

    Nice storefront. Terrible buds. Overpriced. Poor quality. Avoid at all cost.

  13. retta13

    Toulah was super happy and helpful. The bud tender was great and knowledgeable. They had two cool vending machines that I’ll try next time I visit.

  14. Obfuscous

    My friemd and I made this our very first stop right after newly acquiring our MMiD’s. Unmatched customer service. What had I learned? This city has culture. I’ll return

  15. chicharon

    Awesome shop. This place has been around forever and their selection is INSANE. Staff is great and every now and then a celeb walks in. It is West Hollywood after all.

    I Love AHHS

  16. OGLolaBee

    This is my one stop shop! With over 100 varieties of concentrates, I call ahhs my home. You won’t be disappointed, the staff is awesome, you can’t go wrong!

  17. Alex30

    Love this place! I’ll make sure to stop by whenever i’m in town!

  18. Jabo2179

    AHHS is the best. I love the new Design of their space. It feels much cleaner and modern. Although I miss the attractive woman behind the window. Toulah! (sp)

    With all the new lays and packaging problems they’ve been able to help me find replacements for the brands no longer doing business in Cali.
    I feel like I leave with well priced flower and not pigeoned into a selective price bracket to find a quality flower.

  19. Mark90046

    This is my neighborhood shop. I prefer shopping here over MedMen or Zen. Better prices and a fun staff.

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