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9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Welcome to Desert Organic Solutions Collective, The longest running licensed dispensary in The Coachella Valley. We are licensed by the city of Palm Springs located right off the I-10 Exit 120 at Indian Canyon- By the windmills- We offer the best deals in the valley. If you are coming from out of town or just passing through there’s no need to fight traffic. We are the closest dispensary to the Highway- All New patients get a free gift!!! So come check us out we specialize in the finest of Natural Pain Medicine, in a safe Discreeet, Quiet, Relaxed and professional environment. Please check out our website for additional information. Come see why we were voted the number one dispensary in the Coachella Valley


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50 reviews for “Desert Organic Solutions — Palm Springs

  1. rjwband

    I have always been well treated and well taken care of here. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The quality of their medications are excellent and the prices are competitive. Give them a try. You will go back!

  2. Mom2Bug

    The previous reviews stated the female staff was friendly and knowledge. For a first time visit I did not experience that. The gal that assisted me seemed bothered each time I asked a question due to my inexperience. The medicine I got was very dry and brittle so that was disappointing. Not really sure if it was worth the 30 minute drive.

  3. Melodyg311

    taxes are out of this world.. $72 in product. and $41 in tax. total was $ 113
    crazy and that was with a discount.
    ( $ 1.60 ) as a 1st TIME CUSTOMER. I was not impressed at all with customer service…. STAFF Didnt try to explain anything….
    I was buying for my son who is ADHD, ODD AND BIPOLAR.

  4. kweenofthegreen

    truly amazing clinic they have a wide variety of medication wheather you perfer flower, concentrates, topicals, or edibles… wow do they have it all!! on top of the large selection they also have great deals like bogos and compassion prices! I HiGHLy recommend desert organic solutions and will deffinetly be a returning patient.

  5. FoxyClouds

    Nice place! Friendly and informative. A bit cramped, hopefully they can expand a bit.

  6. Desertmagnolia

    Best Bud tenders ever, Very knowledgeable . Best deals in town too.
    Has awesome price on Purple Haze very affordable and Great quality . Sure keeps my HBP low

  7. Kellyjo87

    The staff are wicked helpful and nice and the flower is on point here

  8. Syf

    Wonderful first time user and patient. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable about all their products. No pressure, Hassel Free, thanks again Marisa Recommended to all…

  9. mrcaliman420

    love this place Garry went out of his way to get me three acdc clones that I had been looking for over a month now and there
    cbd hash oil is excellent as well as there other meds try Willie nelson its definitely top shelf

  10. Cutencharmin

    I’ve actually been a patient of DOS for a couple of years now but after a recent event in my personal life I felt I needed to share how happy I am with DOS.
    A few weeks ago we found out that one of my aunts was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer, it has infected her Pancreas. She was given only a short time. My Auntie loves her family more than anyone I know and her dying wish is to just spend as much time as possible with them. The pain is already severe and it’s only going to get worse. She knows Morphine will rob her of that quality time so she got a Rx for Medical Marijuana in her state of Nevada. She went to the one dispensary in her town and told them she wanted to try something that she was dying and she didn’t want to smoke anything. They sold her a cookie the same size as a Mrs. Fields and sent her on her way with the only advice being to start with half a cookie. I should add that she had is over 70 and doesn’t inbibe in anything short of black coffee. She went home and before bed ate that half. She overdosed and became violently ill. Needless to say she will never touch it again. Her pain management now will unfortunately be that disgusting Morphine. . I tell you all of this because I have MS. I’ve never shared with any of the family that I use Cannibis to manage my symptoms. When I first visited DOS I had no idea about anything Cannabis aside from the dime bag I scored back in the nineties…yeah I’m middle aged…the back side of the middle. Anyway on my first visit the Weed Tenders there asked me questions and answered all of mine. I wasn’t and I am still never rushed. I gave a donation for a small chocolate and was told to start with a small dose at first! That I could always build up until I got the effect I was looking for. I was put at ease and any feelings I had had that I was doing something dirty or illegal were soon diminished.
    Even if California does become a recreational state I believe that because of the proven medical benefits of Cannabis Weed Tenders should have more knowledge than this one will get you stoned and this one won’t if they are behind that counter. Having said that, you can rest assured that, in my opinion, you will find that kind expertise at Desert Organic Solutions.

  11. brandan760

    I would have to say this is the best place I been too so far in the desert. Great prices, and a lot of different bud to choose from. The waiting room was nice and clean.

  12. ghost760

    i love this place.the staff is super friendly and the girls know their stuff.waiting room and the back area where the meds are,are very clean and professional

  13. Smittyofdhs

    One of the best shops in the valley. Highly recommended.

  14. tastietoast

    Ladies on staff are all professional well informed on all strains a pleasurable dispensary with quality and BOGO value.

    Return customer after 5 years now

  15. Armblessed

    My favorite dispensary near the Coachella valley. Wide selection, friendly & knowledgeable staff, and constant stream of excellent daily deals for their exceptional inventory. Worth the drive when you’re looking for something special.

  16. ringer

    Friendly helpful staff, decent variety of strains. I really appreciated them giving me a free pipe on my first visit.

  17. kendrahemp

    I had the best time at Desert organic. These people are really cool. I met Jeannie Herer, Jack herer’s widow when I signed in. She works there and I am such a jack Herer fan that I was kind of star stuck. This Dispensary is beautiful. They have a really nice waiting room. Beatiful wood floors , nice flat screen and a real secure and comfortable feel. The day i went thaey were packed…. I mean like people waiting out the door packed, but the staff was really pleasant and I didn’t have to waite long at all. The buds are pretty much all top shelf. I was surprised to learn they are 100% Legal with a permit from the city of Palm springs. This place is totally legit and the prices were very compassionate. $10 grams and $30 1/8’s of really great meds. They hav e really good Ice Cream made by Friends of Jack Herer and it is great. I got the Los Marijuanos Mint Flavor and loved it. It was the stoniest edible I ever had. The Bud is great and the people are great. I love these guys and you will to. check out thier web page. I think it’s for reviews and photos and videos of thier strains. this place is a hidden gem and very discreet. It’s a great find and I recommen them highy.

  18. Toef

    I stopped here on a trip to LA. The service was wonderful. I was in and out of there in 10 minutes flat. The bud tender answered all the questions I had. It is a small shop, but clean and nice products! Very conveniently located!

  19. Cognician

    Great selection, exceptional prices, super budtenders. And the Purple Haze? Best value ever!

  20. AlwaysOn

    Great dispensary! Their strains are fire and they get them tested. Budtenders are very helpful and nice. This is definitely a cool spot and great place to get meds. Thank you!

  21. queenogreen

    Best Medicine In The Valley

    Desert Organic located in North Palm Springs is my favorite dispensary in the valley. The kosher kush I picked up the other day is one of the best all time strains I have actually ever smoked and I have been a long time smoker. If you are looking for a dispensary that consistently carries very high quality medicine then I recommend you check this place out. I also recently bought some of the pre 98 bubba and the pure kush and loved those statins as well. I don’t know how they do it but It seems like all these other dispensaries get a few good strains here and there but are not consistent, Desert Organic always very high quality medical grade bud that is a cut above the rest. They have a very warm and friendly atmosphere and the bud tenders will always point you in the right direction with a smile. If you are looking for a clean professional dispensary with very high quality medicine then I suggest going in and checking them out. Also have the best daily deals. I have not found any other store front dispensary that does such high quality buy one get one free deals. You can go in there pretty much any day of the week and get a top shelf Quarter ounce deal on a bogo special for only $59 bucks. I always pick up some of their shatter wax when I go in and it’s the best shatter around. Check out the King Louis shatter if you go there you will not be disappointed. Thanks for all you do DOS we appreciate the Attention to detail and quality. You guys truly are the best!!!!!!

  22. noirgreen

    Great selection and resupply of clones.

    Very knowledgeable. Medical quality got a five but I haven’t tried it seemed very good and I had to rate it. Overall I can’t wait to go back.:)

  23. Skellingt0n

    Stopped by from outta town hoping to score some bed time relaxation and could not even make it to the back. Security guard takes the gig a bit too serious. No wonder I was the only client! Save your $ and time get it delivered dY~%0

  24. Lolo_dro

    This is the first dispensary I have visited in the last 3 years, (3 states) that offered NO first time patient deals or ANY deals. There was no edibles over 100 mg.and a very limited supply of gear. This was black friday.

  25. Shawn92220

    Nice selection. After spending 540 dollars on my first visit I would of expected a little more than a pipe.

  26. lubar777

    I love these guys, edibles in abundance, and worthy of all my $.

  27. ivokovitch

    Everyone is awesome and I get great service every time!

  28. shadow4097

    First visit for my wife who knows nothing about this medicine made a 70.00 donation and was given hemp products. Total waste of time money and pain. Second visit the person helping was great made a donation of 156.00 a got some really effective meds.

  29. missionmany2k

    Great location and convenient – staff were fantastic and patient with us first timers dY’

  30. SGreed

    Really laid back tenders with vast knowledge. Great strains and deals available. Will definitely go back!!

  31. chicharon

    Killer bud. Great service. I love this place

  32. goodbud420

    Everyone was nice but the bud was over priced and poor quality.

  33. kot_carson

    Though it was a bit of a drive from Palm Desert, the girls at Desert Organic Solutions were amazing to work with. I’m really new to medical marijuana, and they told me just about everything I should have been told by other dispensaries in the area. Their suggestions were great, and I felt like they really listed to what my medical needs are before suggesting something. Would totally go back here, they were great!

  34. pete3072

    Great selection of high quality bud, good prices, great daily specials. Not too busy, easygoing staff.

  35. iVividz

    bought shake for the first time in my life. Nameless Genetics – Nectarine. will not be returning.

  36. Johnstevens2

    great store great bud and edibles overall a 9.5

  37. blackwidow69

    On vacation in Palm Springs – with my California card, and they sent me away because I didn’t have my paperwork that I used to get the CALIFORNIA CARD. Tell me, when you get your drivers license, do you keep that paperwork just in case an officer asks for it? On the card there is even a website that says “to verify, visit” – but I didn’t have the original paperwork. Guess what? The public health department keeps that when you get your card!! Not happy. Looked like a nice shop but I wouldn’t know.

  38. karynl11

    This is a friendly comfortable place, with very helpful staff. This was my first visit, and the people were patient and offered great suggestions. The strains they suggested were fairly conservative, but they did tell me that at the time. I will be going back for more adventurous strains when I am back in the area.

  39. dreadpiratepatty

    Was a good first experience. Have been researching cannabis for pain relief and am happy that my first shopping experience was positive.

  40. elaineb420

    Too expensive,good meds,seemed stuggleing. Maybe reason for high price,but thank u for having GDP freqently.

  41. TheHootKush

    the edible was the best part… meds were okay… i would come here for edibles if i was in the area…

  42. msjessicarabbit

    Nice selection. Safe neighborhood (industrial). Could have used more help selecting strains as I am new to this. Nice fresh herb.

  43. Mimi26

    Great strains and service. Local and the staff is verry friendly

  44. mrkaliman

    desert organic solutions is the best dispensary in the desert very friendly and knowledgeable staff. they always have a very large assortment of meds and bogos all the time you really can’t beat this place I drive about a half hour to go there every Wednesday and it’s well worth the drive and there the only place up here for good quality clones if just could give it ten stars I would and I have been to several dispensaries all over California

  45. flashpio

    Phenomenal service and strains. They are very on the dot and by the book but still in my opinion the best clinic in the valley.

  46. crb760

    Wow! what a treat. I was a first time patient and wasnt sure what to expect. I was kinda scared to be honest but felt reassured when I was told this is the only dispensary that is 100% legal and certified by city hall. The staff was great and didn’t have no problem with security, he was very friendly and helpful, and told me about weekly raffles they have. they do have a waiting room and let one or a few people at a time to the back where the medical marijuana is at. what a treat to smell all these great strains and see such beauty, it was like being in heaven and there were so much to pick from at a great price. they had plenty of sativa and indica to choose from, plenty of edibles and candy’s and hash. wasn’t sure what to buy but was caught of guard by their special. buy one 1/8 get one free of fire og for $59, what a deal, I basically got a quarter ounce for $59 of top shelf weed. I’m gonna be coming back ever week.

  47. cabdygirl

    Awesome shop. Will definitely be back

  48. Yoartee

    I got nothing but Love within me for all meds shops.

    First time patient at this facility also an out of state patient

    – bud tender lacked knowledge on its own deals or even specials they have
    – there profile says free gift for first time patient, this isn’t so. Asked about a discount or deal for a first time patient they have none
    – I’m from outta state I’m use to paying a taxes on all transactions. This shop I paid $20.00 of taxes I wish I was made aware of this beforehand

    -seeing is believing. Upon arrival to the bud desk, I asked to the flower I was purchasing to my surprise I wasn’t even allowed to see what I was buying nevertheless smell it.

    – upon arrival to my destination all I had in mind was to enjoy my aEURoeCali meds aEURoe to my suprise this doesn’t even come close to being quality, I’m not a big smoker I limit my usage substantially but I required almost 3x the amount I would need compared to other meds out here in Phoenix.

    The discreet package and the Chong bottle where the meds would be are favorable and just fabulous
    This was the only positive about the shop

    Overall I was very disappointed by every anomaly I analyzed and was baffled by the lack of true care for customers

  49. DevilsLittleOne8

    They’re really nice but not super knowledgeable. It’s also very small. I do like the location.

  50. philipdavidson

    Had a great time. Stopped off on a trip to California and the server was patient and super knowledgable. Perfect recommendations and a great guy. Highly recommend. Was very busy which is a good sign.

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