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3033 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705


37.8540407, -122.2660439




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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We are a patient-centered cooperative focused on bringing access to a natural perspective of wellness through high quality medicinal cannabis, support groups, individual patient consultations, and a variety of other services. All services are included in membership with no additional fee.
Please give us a call for more information, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook! @CBCBerkeley


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59 reviews for “CBCB (Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Berkeley)

  1. jeffdiver1

    Good location. Crap atmosphere. Bait & switch on their menu. Said I’d get more than what was said but when actually purchased was much less.

  2. OGpandakush

    The location is ok, service before walking in the actually dispensary wasn’t very help full and none to bright also ladies at the front desk are the “best at their jobs”.

  3. ShaniAnne

    Always friendly. The staff were also very helpful in teaching me about products I had questions about. Love this place!

  4. tpo

    Street parking sucks. They can’t handle their lines at all. Offers have even been made to help them handle them and they can’t even get it together to call people back! Product is pretty good. Have a good variety of edibles etc. Its rare that I get someone who I feel confident knows the answers to my questions. Pre-order online is a good idea. Have someone drop you off and circle if you are in a hurry! Seriously….parking sucks.

  5. adam.robinson.142

    always the best

  6. JennyH76

    I have been a medical patient here for years, but since they have been serving adult non-medical customers, the service has deteriorated. They separate the lines from medical to recreational, which results in extremely long waits. I was there this morning, and the recreational line was moving quickly, but the medical line wasn’t moving at all. Instead of calling a medical patient to the counter, they called and served five adult recreational patients while the medical patients waited in a line that did not move. I asked if I could move to the shorter line that was moving, but I was told by a security guard that I could not do that, in spite of the fact that I am an adult resident of California. When I finally reached the counter, they called me to the adult recreational line, so clearly they can take medical patients on that side of the store. It appears that CBCB is NOT interested in serving the medical community any more, and instead is focused on making money on the recreational side. I’d rather drive to the city. A simple solution would be to make one line and serve customers in the order they were received, but that apparently is too complicated for this place.

  7. kushcode

    The second I walked out of the waiting and into the main sales area, I was shocked at how nice and calm the atmosphere was. I like the free coffee and excellent customer service! I am going back again and again. Also the menu was EXTENSIVE. The lab tested concentrates really impressed me too.

  8. luke62

    hella cool workers and DAB bar

  9. jackpacks

    CBCB is amazing. Friendly employees, great service, quality bud, and a very chill vibe. It was my first time going there but I felt very comfortable from the moment I walked in. One of the guys working there was a friend of a friend, which made it very easy to communicate and get what I needed. Would recommend to anyone in the Bay Area 10/10. It’s places like this that are going to make the medical marijuana business take off.

  10. taylee2x

    Love the staff and the medicine is amazing!!

  11. pmslewis

    First time going to a dispensary so I didn’t know what to expect. Sign-up process was simple. I waited a minute or so to be helped and the guy who helped me was able to recommend two strains right away for my panic attacks and depression. He even gave me some pipe screens for free that they had just lying around. Cool people, cool vibe. Parking is a bit tough.

  12. darmeekw

    The really good stuff is a little pricey but overall a very good club and I would definitely recommend this club to anyone that I know

  13. Roehl

    Quality strain! Thanks guys!

  14. cannaasada

    My fiance and I love this place, because they have very knowledgeable and friendly staff and great selection of high
    quality medicines. Everything we’ve been looking for in a medical dispensary. We’ll be back very soon!

  15. laxbbombers21

    patient and helpful staff, great specials on 1/2 oz mid 20% and large variety of affordable shatter

  16. daninegrinca

    Favorite club in Berkeley. Hands down.

  17. cali415bayarea

    it’s nice place

  18. ajr819

    I really love the CBCB. It is modern and fully stocked. The prices are great and they often have specials. They give a preroll or edible for every fifty bucks purchased.

    The service is hit or miss. The security guys are quick to recognize you by face, and checking in is quick and easy. The check-in atmosphere is a bit rugged.

    Service is 90% hit, 10% miss. Nine times out of ten, the bud tender is quick to make recommendations, ask questions about personal preferences and experiences, and walk you through something if you only kind of know what you’re talking about. The other one time out of ten, you get Shruggy McShruggerson shrugging his way through the transaction.

    The quality of bud hasn’t let me down yet. They have everything. A great rotation, a great variety of methods to take cannabis, an organized menu, quality paraphernalia, and helpful bud tenders. Highly recommended for a visit.

  19. Brxnsxn

    Great place, no membership cost. I received two free joints for spending more than $50 in donations. I will come again.

  20. bigbird007

    This place is very friendly and I have never had to deal with any unfriendly or grumpy people. Including the security people outside. They are very helpful and have answered all my question, giving me great advice on different things to try.

  21. BaklessWagmore

    Lex At CBCB is the person to talk to if you want an awesome experience here. Seriously some of the best customer service out there!
    Medicine was quality as well.

  22. bflow

    Love this place staff is helpful place has a very hippie 60’s vibe prices are good selection awesome a

  23. pooh1202

    Best people, best 1/8 deals, great selection of concentrates. Always change flowers. Overall great place.

  24. THEduderabides

    I was really nervouse when I got my 2:15 card for the first time but finnaly going into a club was the icing on the cake. After signing up I walked threw the doors to the sound of chill music people laughing and all around a good vibe was felt along with the actually caring service I received along with a great conversation and of coarse a wide smile when I left. Thanks duders! dY~SdY’

  25. Sarahc

    This is the only place I go anymore. I always leave with something free, they are real nice, and the prices are right! Love this place!

  26. WhyNotToke

    Folks here are so attentive and helpful.
    Nice and spacious, so my agoraphobia is barely triggered. I’d go again.

  27. sirsmokealot908

    Good deals, DANK meds, cool atmosphere!

  28. tonisicola

    It’s like a party in here. Probably awesome for recreational users and pretty annoying for someone coming because they’re in pain. The line was super long and I asked someone if she could let me know if they had a specific thing so I didn’t wait only to find out they don’t have it. She directed me to their mobile site, which is a jumbled mess. You can’t search by brand, by type, by potency, by anything. It’s just a long, scrolling, no -alphabetical list with headings. And you can’t search by heading either. Apparently the web version is better. I’d do pick up here again, but probably won’t walk in again.

  29. thecremaster

    Friendly staff, fantastic top-shelf strains.

  30. pufftaylor

    I’ve been to this dispensary 3 times now would recommend to anyone!! Great place the people are awesome very friendly and helpful, great prices on everything the product is high quality, just a great place to go to get your meds.

  31. mrgreen908

    Good deal$, great meds, good people, good vibes.

  32. Sheyparkerr

    I usually pick CBCB when I’m in a rush but I also love the staff, the security and front desk remember familiar faces and I usually skip the hassle of checking in, any time I haven’t been satisfied with a product, I’ve been able to exchange with no problem.

  33. maxtude

    Great donations! Great service, good location and always short lines. Good selection products and pieces!!t

  34. guy2552

    great people and great meds love this place alot. one of the best clinics I have been to.



  36. pancho999

    All the workers were so great and nice very friendly environment and helpful

  37. danieloneil

    They take credit here, but it is very, very slow: two of the three registers are usually occupied by your grandmother, who is here as a tourist, and the third by an excitable UCB student. The line is poorly defined and unmonitored, so you may be smashed into the wall so that the person in front can stay 20ft from the counter. The medicine is fine, (if priced and organized confusingly), and some of the staff try to pretend they care, but there’s nothing they can do; it’s just a badly designed shop.

  38. marijuanaelf

    I had so much fun coming in here! Place had a great vibe and a lot of energy. Great strains to choose from, employees seem to know their stuff, cool products to buy other than just weed. This is now my go to dispensary.

  39. Dropper

    they got a fridge with good kombucha. would think that would have brought me back. somthing about the female budtenders upset me. seemed nice enuf, just not professional enuf.

  40. lilithlerma

    Amazingly positive and welcoming vibe! They offer awesome products across the bored. They have a range if services for members ranging from yoga classes to growing classes and more! Totally a fave!

  41. heisenberg911

    Very pleased. The meds did exactly what I told the budtenders i needed them to do. 🙂

  42. Camra17

    I thought it was totally Awesome and all. It was super fast and easy, they had really top line Marijuana and the people were super friendly. Location was easy to get to, near the freeway by the coledecot tunnel. But traffic is a total bitch. gotta go at the right time of day, seriously. Lastly I bought a Klone of Super Sour Deisel of of them but the dude didn’t know the gender or how old it was. they also couldn’t give me a packet on how to grow and the website that they recommended wasn’t good either. I’m a first time grower and totally have no idea what I was doing, but for $14 the price was AWESOME.

  43. Kbdub11

    Terrible service. Rude desk employee. I have brought in my new paperwork several times, only to have that information “not be in their system” so I have to leave and come back with my paperwork, even though they tell me every time that I don’t need to anymore.

    Today was the last time. The lady at the front was rude to the person in front of me, just because he was asking a lot of questions and was clearly new to the MMJ scene. She snapped at me saying that I lied about coming in with my new paperwork because my account expired. It hasn’t.

    CBCB will no longer have my business. In the growing market of delivery and dispensaries that attitude and way they treat people is unacceptable.

    0 stars and I will be using one of the MANY other options in the East Bay.

  44. kimskitchensink

    CBCB is the best. Super friendly to newbies and always willing to talk about things and answer questions.

  45. Markhm

    Really great. Friendly and smart and patient. I got an education and great product. She learned my name and told me hers. The Giant at the door is actually very nice too. (and crazy gorgeous, lol)

  46. corapiki

    This is by far my favorite dispensary. Amanda is wonderful and so knowledgable. If you are looking for something different/new, you can sit down with her and get recommendations based on what you have tried. Either way, all the staff knows their stuff 100%. They grow their own products here as well, but have a truly large and varied menu. They also do product demos frequently.

    It can get a bit full since its so popular. So be sure to visit during low traffic times. Several lines and you can order online and pick up at the store. There is also a line for people who know exactly what they want to order.

  47. OAKOG

    It has a broad selection of edibles, concentrates and flower. It’s selection of quality accessories is excellent. The staff is good but they won’t be a proactive salesperson unless you ask them. It’d be nice to be greeted and the staff start the sale with some info about what’s on the board’s, what’s hot, the specials, or that there’s a workshop that starts in 20 minutes so patients might attend. You know, communicate. The lounge and DJ setup are under-used. The parking is a disruption mess for the neighborhood – I wonder how long before the neighbor’s start causing a ruckus over it. More than anything it needs to make it policy to not serve anyone that brings someone along to stand on the corner or sidewalk or sitting in the car — it’s turning the neighborhood into a weed hang-out zone. I have a love hate relationship with cbcb.

  48. OutKasT

    The menu isn’t updated enough to show the frequently changing lowest price bud. They also don’t offer the student discount on their lower/lowest price items.
    CBCB isn’t located near the freeway and parking is mostly residential, not to mention difficult to find during busy hours.
    But here are some reasons, you may want to come to CBCB:
    – Consistency & Quality for Top Shelf Options
    – Quality & Variety for High-Mid Grade Options
    – Usually have a $15 1/8 though you may not see it online
    – Quality concentrate options & good variety (Including Gold Drop)
    – Wide Range of Edibles & Solid Selection of Topicals
    – Service varies from great to satisfactory, although frequency & familiarity with staff seem to affect the level of service you receive
    – They offer many other services & groups/events both informational & otherwise

  49. hastobeNIXON

    Dope place. Nice people. fast lines…

  50. ilovekissesxoxo

    Always good shit, OG Grouch is amazing! Clears the head, perfect for Anxiety/Depression.

  51. nellythegee

    every one at this place makes me feel very welcome! I love the tree tree and its pretty easy to go to, great place!

  52. SimPLeDoNuT

    Go here all the time for some pretty decently priced strains! Definitely worth a visit if you know what to pick up!

  53. Cachi241

    Hi there! I haven’t visited yet, but do you guys have free classes or pamphlets?

  54. LoudPack908

    This is my favorite medical dispensary. Best prices/deals/quality. Highly Recommended.

  55. webdaemon

    Great people. Very helpful. Great selection.

  56. biggbluntzbril

    the best damn club in the bay I will
    go there faithfully everyday I wish I could work there coolest club in the bay best donations by far love cbcb.

  57. totheredwoods

    Great atmosphere and good people. Was rather disappointed in Ed Rosenthal pre roll. Tasted like shake. Also don’t understand their compassion program. I had to withdraw from their plan after less than 6 months. Have to reapply later.

  58. BlackOxx

    I have been to CBCB at least ten times. The service is really terrible. I know we are working with a dispensary here. However, a lot of the employees are super stoned, rude, short, and extremely unhelpful. The guards are bad people to deal with if they have to do anything regarding traffic in their own parking lot. They can’t even maintain their lines during peak hours. The only thing this place has, is a large selection of product. Good luck.

  59. Throes

    CBCB has a wide variety of bud, concentrates, edibles and tincture. I go to this dispensary every now and then to get their high quality products. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, I haven’t been there many times but I have not had a bad experience other than buying cheap wax that wasn’t good. There are some good glass products to buy at here. The parking lot is small. I plan to visit CBCB again.

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