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8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Cali Xpress is home of the original $99 oz! Although we specialize the art of the ounce, that is not all we deliver. We have expanded to delivering Disposable Vapes, Vape Cartridges, edibles and, recently, CBD products. For all of your medicinal needs, Cali Xpress will supply all over the region.

We deliver all over the Bay Area. From Vallejo to San Jose, from Half Moon Bay to Livermore. We strive to reach as many people as we can in the hope all patients have the ability to be supplied with their medication. Our delivery service works endlessly to ensure a 2 hour delivery to each and every patient for the prices they need, in the time that they want.

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Minumum Order is $69 (Recreational)

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Call or TEXT 415-295-6999 to get 2 medical ounces for $200 out the door

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29 reviews for “Cali Xpress

  1. busubear

    Wow!! The first time I thought that I would try a delivery service and I call them and all I get is a answering machine…. really….

  2. Psynaps101

    Good prices and quick delivery. No complaints

  3. KeithBlackstone

    Quick delivery and strong weed

  4. JeromeK

    Fast and friendly

  5. Dhirench



    Purchased an ounce of Banana Split because it was advertised as a Sativa. When I received it, it was clearly labeled Indica. Customer support won’t respond. Avoid these guys!

  7. freaki_tiki

    Shady, Shady,

    I haven’t ordered from a delivery service in a while. I decided to chose this spot due to its price, aEURoeYou get what you pay foraEUR with that one. Let’s get into my review
    First, all I had to do was text a pic of an ID with no confirmation about who I was.
    Second, I placed my order at 7pm and the order came at 10:30pm. I had to call and about the ETA of the delivery after waiting two hours. I was told they needed to fill the order and use a different driver from another location. Only after I had called and was never notified of any changes.
    Third, I watched the driver, drive up and down my street several times looking for my house. aEURoeWhy not make phone contact with me?aEUR I had to walk out into the street and meet the driver for my delivery. aEURoeRidiculous!aEUR
    Fourth, the total was $210 for two once’s of cannabis, I gave the driver $220 and she said aEURoeaw cool I get to keep this?aEUR Who the FUCK gets a $10 delivery tip in any business let alone a tip for being three and half hours late. Then when I got inside, it was a five.
    Fifth, I get inside to find one the weakest looking once’s I’ve ever seen (SFV OG). Ive purchased littles before, however this was like littles, littles aEURoeHorribleaEUR! This ounce was opened and the other was sealed(Sunset Sherbert). I had to weigh it to believe it was an ounce. And it was a gram short.
    This has been the worst experience I’ve had with delivery service in a long time. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a recreational user with a Hawaiian ID, or what the deal is? I’m a California resident with an expired medical rec. I’m in the process of getting my medical rec renewed. I hope this has nothing to do with the service I received. I sure would like to think that the service I received would be the same even if I didn’t appear to be a visitor form out of state. This isn’t about trying to steal money from people, this is about proper medicine to patients who need it.

  8. stonedknight90

    Amazing bud for the price. I have never had a problem with this friendly service. They will always be my go-to.

  9. tommy.ramos

    Got a couple ounces from these guys! Such good flower! Def my go to now!

  10. satantheklown

    Good delivery and great product best price in the city.

  11. Citadelplayer

    Service is great and prices are the best.
    quality was great also!

  12. WoodyBob1

    I had a great experience with CaliXpress. The customer service staff was helpful in choosing the right strain for me. I chose Purple Dragon, the buds were pretty, smoked well and had that perfect indica relaxation vibe to it. At $123 for the oz I’m not sure if these guys can be beaten. I’ll definitely be returning here soon.

  13. mrhalostone

    My new plug for high quality yet inexpensive flower. their dispatch staff and delivery drivers have carved out a little place in my heart.

  14. DaveGilbert


  15. MrCrisTCB32

    They say that it takes up to two hours for a delivery to arrive. After three hours had come and gone, I called and was told that it would take another 45 minutes. An hour later, I called and was told that they didn’t know when the driver would arrive. Four hours waiting for nothing but some parasites incompetence. Worthless dispensary.

  16. JamesBlunt.

    Was looking for blue dream but I ended up going with something different…blue cheese! I thought I hated blue cheese but this stank in all the right places. Knocked me off my @55

  17. Zachisbeast1

    By far the best delivery I’ve used. I’m new to the bay and they immediately became my go to. 10/10 would recommend.

  18. Alcorn.dalton5


  19. Bigkevthegreat

    This is a delivery service. The bus are ok. Price is great but the product is not. You literally get what you pay for with the $79 oz.

  20. JayDot21

    They got the best weed for a great price! Try their 99$ oz! You won’t regret it. People who deliver for them are extremely nice.

  21. JuanpaBurillo

    It’s ok

  22. crzyportagee

    it was my first order got a reply fast, driver called said 45min to an hour and was right on time. only down side was half a gram short of my ounce.

  23. Pinoybabe92

    I was a little nervous about ordering medical marijuana from a delivery service, but the lady on the phone named Amy made me feel comfortable telling her about my health issues and was really knowledgeable about the products they offered. I ended up deciding on a strain called aEURoeIndoor PoohaEUR and also got a bottle of CBD pain cream. Delivery time was about 45 minutes which I think is reasonable. So far the products do exactly what I wanted them to, so I think I may have found a place to permanently do business with. Thank you Amy and Cali Xpress.

  24. Latavia42095

    Awesome! $79 zip of purple dragon is unbeatable. I’ll be back!!

  25. Matthew415

    I am really satisfied with this service. My driver was kind and went out of his way to offer recommendations and let me know about a promo they were doing that day. Decided on blue cheese and the effects were just what i was looking for.

  26. kiely

    they do not offer $99 ounces to rec patients. so not trust info on Leafly and do not trust that you’re out will be handled correctly. I wouldn’t trust anything about these guys. website barely works and customer chat support will just ghost you after a few minutes.

  27. BookerTea

    That indoor lamb’s bread is no joke! By far the most potent Sativa I’ve had from any club! I tried the full oz special in the past and don’t get me wrong that was good too, but this indoor bud is at a whole new level. Looking forward to seeing what else they add to the menu

  28. ChicIrene

    I’ve order from both of the sites before. One is medical and one is rec. the meds on the medical site and very substandard compared to the recreational meds. That’s not why Cali made marijuana legal. Patients are suppose to be getting the highest quality of meds and the best prices not the other way around.

  29. VagabondJeff

    First off, Leafly lists these guys as servicing Morgan Hill. I made an order on Friday night for Saturday morning delivery.

    I get a call on Saturday morning saying that they really don’t deliver to my area, despite them being the only service listed by Leafly as doing so. They tell me they are going to go ahead and deliver, but then I find out that the menu on Leafly is well out of date.

    I had made arrangements to Simply look at with the driver had so I could find something comfortable to what I’ve used in the past. As an aside, I am an MMJ patient. I was told that they really rather not do it that way because they didn’t want the driver to come all the way out here and not make a sale. I get that.

    Nevertheless, the whole thing was a cluster you know what! If you’re going to put a menu up on Leafly, then have the integrity and the care of your customers to keep it current. Otherwise, don’t post a menu! And Leafly, you need to do a better job policing this.

    A waste of time. I cannot recommend this company.

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