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182 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90057


34.0643216, -118.2714597




9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Our cannabis dispensary is located in plain sight on Alvarado st. Look for the giant blue aEURoeLos Angeles KushaEUR sign, you can’t miss it. Free parking is available just outside the entrance. In addition to our dispensary in Echo Park, we are also a cannabis delivery service for the Los Angeles, CA area. Visit our store to check out our prices, promotions, and products.


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63 reviews for “LOS ANGELES KUSH

  1. Turnzy1992

    I have yet to visit LAK but have heard great things from friends. I also have tried a lot of their cartridges and disposable vape pens. Their pens are the best in quality and taste dY”Y=dY”Y=

  2. JVCookiesLA

    I began my LAK journey many years ago at California Herbal Remedies. I then seen the LA Kush brand begin to establish itself ant the CA Cannabis cups in LA and Santa Rosa (Nor Cal) in 2017. Since then I’ve continued to rely on LAK for all the best meds I am in need of. I Love the LA Kush strains but i also especially like the partnership you have established with Pearl Pharma on thier strains and the LAK concentrates. AMG-17 and Kosher Jack are the bomb. Most important is the fact that LAK is very paitent oriented and supports its community through many Paitent Appreciation Days, giveaways, promotions and amazing Raffles. This Location has become a perfect addition to the evolution of LA Kush and is serving the community well. Plus no other collective has come close to matching the first and second time specials here.

  3. Agrocksthehouse

    The $99 ounces are the best quality for the best price no doubt

  4. Donramon323

    I used to go to The LAK collective on valley Blvd but it’s great that they made one closer to me in down town. This spot has everything I need when it comes to concentrates or flower and the bud tenders always help out. My fav bud tender is Rosie because she’s helped me out for awhile and is there consistently. The security guards here are also very chill and welcoming. This is all around a great shop I usually come in for LAK strains like strawberry blondie.

  5. snapz4201

    This is a top dispensary in the area good prices and there strains are soo good and tasty that your gonna come back and back

  6. rafa82

    I love the location it’s so great and convenient. Rosie is my favorite budtender she is so smart. my favorite strain is la kush it’s so good. All the security guards are professional and don’t try to loc up on you. My vape pen ran out of juice so I need to return it, they said to bring it back. Big 420 deals so it should be fun. Give this place a try it’s cool. The high chews are strong don’t eat the whole thing I forgot how to breath lol. They have alot of good products and deals all the time and a safe environmental to buy your meds.

  7. Shelykush

    100 %

  8. Hec6898

    Great positive vib. Good quality buds. Great wax!! Cheap wax that’s quality

  9. Mizzdaze

    very helpful staff

  10. Castillo_d1992

    had exactly what i was looking for, like many have said, chill cool spot with friendly welcoming customer service

  11. Lifted_Jay310

    What’s up my name is Juan. I’ve been going to LAKush for 3 years, and let me tell you this is my favorite place to visit. The flavors are the best. The service is amazing and you are they make sure you come out that door happy! My favorite strains are illOG, LAKush, Scouts Honor, Orange Cookies, Strawberry Blondie, and Black Gelato. All these flavors are top shelf and do the job! I can say LAKush is my favorite place to get my Meds from! This is really the best dispensary in Los Angeles. Thanks for the great service! By the way good stuff at Kush Stock best festival I went to !!! It was so fun Adam hill & Bert made it so lit throwing free stuff best way for appreciate the paintent !!!

  12. Holygrailog7

    Great buds and music!

  13. Claralupe420

    I came to this shop when you first opened. My bestie was your second patient. Lol Bomb bud. Love the diamonds super bomb. Be having me lit. Im for sure hitting this shop on 4/20 and getting there early for my goodie bag. We spending that day. Love your deals. Really hope you guys come out more with Oz. Deals 99$. That strawberry blondie taste pretty bomb. Going to back this 4/20. You paying for some good bud. Man love and respect..dY~dY~

  14. johnp4817

    this location is beautiful and so well done. this shop has top quality product and variety. the ladies are so nice and make you feel welcomed. they were so knowledgeable and helped me not be so overwhelmed. I would definitely recommend this shop to all my friends to show how great this shop is and all the great quality products they have. This shop is definitely my main shop to go to now and get all what I need to get through my week. thank you ladies and rest of the staff for making this happen!

  15. earriag7

    My coworker was a budtender at CHR. She recommended I visit and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The quality of their bud was magnificent, I grabbed an 8th of their lak blue jar. When I heard that they were opening one up right down the block from my house I was so psyched!!!! I still remember the line on opening day (crazy) dY~,. Everytime I come in, I’m greeted with a smile and casual conversation. My usual consists of LAK cartridges, whether that’s a disposable or a full gram. Whenever I’m in for flower, I always ask for my budtenders opinion on what bud will be my best fit and I have yet to be disappointed. Theres never really any wait time, they have guarded parking, quality, and great people all around. What more can you ask for?dY~ZdY~ZdY~Z

  16. Vs1963

    Excellent buds !

  17. Septike84

    I have been making the drive to the valley location because of their quality and now thanks to the new location I don’t have to drive far and this 2nd location has just as good of products and quality as their 1st with same prices best in town and now that they are lowering their taxes and accepting credit cards their is no other place like it around I recommend it to all my friends and hope they keep on having such great services and special promotions and prices. And they stay open late which is always saving me on those late nights and free parking I will definitely be coming back for the strawberry blondie

  18. Bangingbudzo

    They have the best selection and everyone is nice and knowledgeable, great place all around !

  19. Hellocanni

    Very good spot, I love their deals!

  20. Mightythaking

    Great bud great service I love this place

  21. mattbardov

    During my 6 years in LA, I’ve been to more dispensaries than I’d ever care to admit. LA Kush is by far the best one. The freshness of the packaging, the presentation, the marketing, the experience, all beyond phenomenal. The parking and security are on point, the bud tenders are friendlier and more knowledgeable than most shops, and communication is perfect. I once called asking about a product, and they texted me back 45min later to let me know that the product had become available! I feel bad because I’ve stopped frequenting my local shops, because LA Kush is simply superior. Great work fambam. Definitely a company I’m proud to rep.

  22. Chris8585

    Great service and product

  23. seannwats

    Great place!

  24. 420Endo

    Best la spot hands down

  25. Edw00rdd

    I enjoy coming here for the deals & their vape cartridge selection… but what ticks me off is that their own brand LAK Vapes aren’t ever filled up to the top & it’s supposed to be 1000mg though there is still room to fill the tank with oil . Say if I buy brass knuckles or another brand those cartridges are filled to the brim with oil.

  26. Inferno626

    Great place easily visible. It’s has convenient hours and all the stuff you find at there first location. They even have a parking lot that is free so no worries about finding parking. Worth checking out. Great deals all the time.

  27. captainrod

    I drive over 40 miles to this shop because I think they their vape strains are the best vapes available anywhere in the Los Angeles area. They did a buy one get one for $1 a couple months back that was a great deal. I can’t wait for the next one. Also, the staff is really nice and the prices are what I expect to pay for top shelf product. Their ILL OG strain is my go to. Tastes like lemony piney buds. You should also check out Flight Farms. Really good vape strains and also super high quality. Definitely worth the trip and I definitely will be going back.

  28. Bird006

    They are real helpful and the service is good

  29. Jovanygucci

    This place is an iconic place to los angles. There is tons of strong product , i love the la kush idica kush super strong. I have also tried the cartridges they are super fire, better than brassknuckles

  30. caliking34

    I’ve been a patient of Los angeles Kush collective for a few years now and I must admit there is no dispensary out there who can match up with them. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of other dispensaries that carry fire weed but it’s over priced and patients nowadays are always looking for the daily deals and a good bang for their buck. Los Angeles Kush collective definitely has it all, from low-shelf quality to award-winning strains such as the Ill Og and the Los Angeles Kush which are both tested about the 30% range. If your not looking for flower then you can move on to the collection of extracts such as sauces and different rosins which carry a heavy percentage of THC, those are for the smokers who love to dab! The entire staff is amazing as well as super nice and welcoming, they are all very helpful and educated when and if you have any questions about any type of strain. A good way for me to show support was to purchase the sweaters and hoodies in every color that was available so I can wear around to school or when I go out.

  31. jammese

    Great shop with free parking. Some of the best flower out there at all price levels! This has become my new go-to shop in the area for sure.

  32. omarc91732

    Los Angeles KUSH #2 dispensary is a must stop shop if you’re in LA. It’s easy to find , plus the parking in the corner with security is steps away from the door.They carry the best quality flower, hands down. All the staff from bud tenders to the security are all kool AF. So don’t sleep on the all the daily deals they have going on as well.

  33. 2high3232

    I’ve been to Los Angeles kush about twice now , and let me tell you they got some of the best flower selection in Los Angeles and some of the best staff in the game very friendly and knowledgeable , it’s a definite spot to check out Cali resident or not you gotta check it out also don’t forget that they do the text messaging so you can skip the line to get that good medicine you need. They also carry lots of selection when it comes to wax and concentrate . I usually come here to get the LAK disposable pen ( Ill og) best flavor in my opinion although I haven’t tried the rest . Last thing that makes this shop so great is they actually have a parking lot most spots don’t have that and you run the risk of getting ticketed !!! And who wants that when they’re about to smoke … So come down to Los Angeles KUSH if you really want that dank good medicine .

  34. Smg9208

    Super great buds and friendly ladies!

  35. AngelSmokesDank247

    I’ve been coming to Los Angeles Kush Collective #2 since they opened and have never been disappointed. They always have great deals and specials going on for the patients. I love the entire LAK family the budtenders are beautiful the weed is beautiful and the atmosphere is beautiful come in and check it out only here in LA I recommend this shop to anyone looking for high-quality at at the right price 😉

  36. Kvala

    Very chill, professional, personable and informative. Thank you

  37. Amydillard

    as a new patient these staff have me the peace of mind I needed for my meds.

  38. oscar89

    I’ve bin going to LAK for a few years now. love their new location and as always one of the shops that you are going to find great products and very knowledgeable staff. always friendly from the guards to the budtenders very professional. the deals are defenetly worth it. the quality of their products is insane flightfarms and lak Vapes defenetly medicate you right! and very tasty. I’ll og, strawberry Blondie, Federal reserve, platinum gsc all strains that will get the job done! love the vibe of the new place. Sabrina is a great budtenders I’ve dealt with her from the other shop always polite and professional. I’m always recommending this shop best in LA!

  39. kmoreaux

    great location

  40. Bcaiazza

    Best pot shop in LA

  41. Clay916354

    Amazing product and customer experience, came all the way from sac town

  42. Mabrookins2

    Great service

  43. Dwntwn213

    This place is amazing! Where can I start?!?! First of all they open at 7am which is great because after a long day at work there’s nothing better than a dab before sleep dY$?(c) Security staff is always very friendly and the bud tenders always on point with recommendations and knowledge of the products they carry. Rosie is usually there in the mornings and always waiting to help you with a smile. I usually only dab and LAK extracts are honestly the best quality for your money. LAK vapes are also really good! Federal Reserve, ill OG, dY” Blondie, and LA Sunset being my top favorite. Oh and did I mention that the only tax you pay is the usual state tax! Amazing deals,Amazing events, Parking, ATM, Debit Card payment accepted, and open 7am-10pm. Come check them out!

  44. David032715

    When i pick up weed i usually try to pick up some los angeles kush cause i never am dissapointed. The qualify of the weed is great and it definitely does the job. Prices are high but i dont complain because in the long run you always get what you pay for. I would strongly recommend anyone who is looking for top shelf no bs weed to give los angeles kush a try. As for the bud tenders, they are always friendly and welcoming with a smile. My favorite strain would probably have to be the strawberry blondie because im pretty sure thats the one with the highest thc, it has great flavor and a smell that you wouldnt want to stop smelling. Theyre location is great because they have a huge parking lot so parking is never an issue. I am nevegoing dissapointed when i get los angeles kush and i will always return as a customer. Thanks a lot to the los angeles kush fam!

  45. Reneefaith01

    Fuckin best shop everrrr

  46. Dykar

    Love la kush. Great customer service and even better herb.

  47. Shadowsfall736

    Tons of products to choose from at all sorts of different price ranges. They are the ONLY shop I know to include excise tax in their prices (!). They also didn’t jack up the prices when making this change. They are quick every time I visit, but they don’t rush you. Even the lower end bud was decent for the price. While every other shop feels like they are abusing their customers by pushing the tax on the them LA Kush shows they care about their patients a d customers. A+, would recommend to friends and will be coming back

  48. chwilo88

    Great place, friendly staff! Lauren is the best <3

  49. Steezus47

    Arrived at 830 am and there was one person in front of me in the waiting room… waited for 30 mins shit was absurd

  50. Mrs. perez

    I’ve been going to the collective that is on valley Blvd. for several years now. I couldn’t tell you more how very, very excited I am that collective number 2 opened up over here on Alvarado. Thank you very much for all the hard work and dedication you guys bring to the community. You guys truly have some of the best herbs around. I would recommend this collective to all my family and friends. I love all the great deals you have to offer especially the shake. Although I come all the way from Rancho Cucamonga it is well worth the drive. Can’t wait till more shops open up like this one.

  51. BRYAN2199


  52. Duane1

    Since the days of the great CHR I’ve been fucking with them.they have always looked out for there customers. I can guarantee that they have had more customer special days then any other clinic. The security are some cool islanders. This is a good clinic. Seems like they have a tight nip operation. I highly recommend checking them out. Ftp is off the hook. They even have a 2nd time patient deal. It’s funny because you see LA kush hats and gear everywhere. Even when you be at TLc u see a guy wearing a la kush hat. So so mad love for y’all though I’m not kidding. That blookwalker is super fire wen fresh. Their OGs are better then 98% of clinics. They even have parking lot that is easy accessible. No worring about street meter maids. I will be going here soon. I just wish they had nugg salad and shake to weight out. Last but not least. They have evolutionized the disposable game. Their disposible are the most solid ones you can get. I got a lot of good compliments on there disposables. Once again I will gladly and surely recommend this spot. I honestly wish you guys would have opened in Pasadena. Well everyone have a blessed day filled with ganja. One last thing. Y’all should rent out your clinics for parties. With those couches that are nice af, it low key looks like a chill bar lounge. Like private smoke out parties for the %1 or whoever. Anyways I’m obviously on my way after this long ass review. It’s bout to get hot drink a lot of water y’all. They have good parking and good weed. What more can u ask for in LA

  53. MoBcastC

    Location is great. People there were awesome and helpful. Coming back again.

  54. Bigpimpin5

    It’s convenient

  55. Free_smoke1

    Best in the west… Straight fire!!!


    Quality spot with those name brands that you can trust. Girls are all dY”Y= and the ftp deal for medical patients is one of the best in town. Can’t beat that.

  57. Heymvn

    I started going to this shop pretty much since it opened so I’ve seen it evolve into a better and better shop as time passed. They have a daaaaank dank bud selection, good deals altough sometimes a tad bit overpriced if I’m being honest. But like I said, they’re getting better, starting with the excise tax being included in your purchase because it used to be like $10 on top of a $40 purchase, for instance. As long as they keep listening to the people, they should keep improving. The staff and guards are really chill, my favorite guard is one that hangs in the parking lot, he always tells me to enjoy my meds, what a guy. The bud itself comes in these glass jars with really cool and clever designs. Their Snapchat is entertaining and keeps you in the loop of things. This is definitely a spot.

  58. Seananold13

    Friendly staff

  59. Thetruthsayer

    Big selection but Rude staff. Walked out without buying anything, looked overpriced tho

  60. Jahreal87

    Best, awesome service and quality product!

  61. Christopherbrown1

    I like this location cause the sales people are very much helpful

  62. Reca

    Greatest shop in Los Angeles best spot to get all you medication needs theyhave the variety from topicals,edibles,flower, concentrates you name they’ll have it ! Not to mention the amazing deals they have from budget to high rollers what ever your trying to spend they got you . They have there tax included in the price you only have to spend sales tax depending on your recreational and medical needs. They have the most friendly and knowledgeable tenders there as well they will gladly help you with all your needs ! If you have not stop by this shop idk what your waiting for remember weeds legal now so stop by Los Angeles kush #2 !!!

  63. beaboutit

    This shop is known for its quality of products. I love buying my products from this shop because they are always consistent. They carry all the great brands in the business and only charge 9.25% tax. This shop is highly recommended for people seeking QUALITY!

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