Hazy Bulldog Farms



1243 Mono Way, Sonora, CA 95370


37.975231, -120.361997




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Hazy Bulldog farms is dedicated to bringing high quality and affordable cannabis to Sonora Ca. This area has had a depression when it comes to cannabis accessibility. I am proud to say that is no longer the case and people can safely access cannabis at The Hazy Bulldog dispensary. Patients will enjoy top grade flowers, portable vape pens/carts and delicious edibles. CBD always in stock


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29 reviews for “Hazy Bulldog Farms

  1. AliceCollier

    Very happy with my experience at this dispensary. Good products, great prices, and the people are very nice.

  2. skyeisland

    Wow where to even start! The environment is beautiful! The products are laid out in a way that makes it easy to find the meds that you need! Quality products at a very affordable price make this my new go to dispensary! Staff is very helpful and joyous and the overall accessibility makes this place a must for any local cannabis patients. I highly recommend

  3. jweeks14

    My all time favorite dispensary dY’> The people are amazing!

  4. Ceciliaaw

    Perfect! Easy access.

  5. LaadeeeGaga

    Visited on opening day. Very friendly, clean, love that you can see and smell the products.

  6. Heyzeusramirez

    went in the first day they opened and grabbed some Stardawg from Fun Uncle. great batch indeed & I’m definately coming back and referring other patients to come as well. wonderful location, very nice inside aswell.

  7. 321Curtis123

    Thank God for bringing a new dispensary to Sonora. Only went once but it is convenient, friendly, and pretty good selection for a new club. Prices are equal to other clubs. I like Skunk Feather brands if you could hook up with them that would be awesome. Be patient they are new and am sure they are working hard to bring us our favs. See ya soon.

  8. ANBfan420

    These people are legit, medicine is top quality! They’ve got my business and the prices are fair dY’dY1/2.

  9. Tyler_John024

    Very friendly staff, great quality bud.
    Cheap and affordable prices. Defiantly going to be a repeat customer.

  10. BassSlayer420

    Been here twice now, convenient location, friendly staff, just getting setup. Prices are pretty consistent for good quality cartridges at other dispensaries. They’ll be adding more stock and are open to customer suggestions. Wishing them good luck!

  11. hhaukm

    One of the nicest dispensaries I have visited! The product displays were phenomenal!

  12. Ebolduc

    Finally, a dispensary in our area! I’m really happy with the atmosphere and service. Great selection (especially for just starting). I would love to see more tinctures or cannabutter in the future, but really happy with the current selection.

  13. Julia914

    Hazy Bulldog Farms is awesome. The owner is super nice and focused on supplying tuolumne county with high quality products. Great brands, taxes included in the sticker price, friendly atmosphere, and they even plan to deliver soon! So excited to save money and time by skipping San Andreas dispensaries and instead making a quick trip to Hazy Bulldog!

  14. PaPaBear80

    Great place, great prices, great people that work there. It’s nice to have one so close and convenient. Cant wait to see more. they got tea there that is great by the way.

  15. rob1337x

    Cura, Cs or Ca is out of California their business is based out out Sacramento I buy Select Cart. all the time out of dispensaries in Modesto.

  16. Richardflorez

    Had a great visit got good service and very good medicine.prices are affordable and it’s in Sonora will be definitely visiting again soon thank you hazy bulldog farms dispensary.

  17. KelleyDambacher

    Would be nice if it was off the beaten path… I’ve had people tell they won’t go unless there’s a back door …but I don’t care !! I’m glad there’s one in town!

  18. Liketorock59

    Nice little dispensery. Good prices. I like that they post price with tax included so no guessing at checkout. Will definitely be going back!!

  19. NayJ

    Thrilled with my first visit. Very friendly, good prices and a wonderful selection.

  20. Ezemoney

    Very limited selection and high prices also bud tenders were not very educated about products they do have wasn’t very satisfied.

  21. Bowllover21

    you guys should think about matching flavor’s, I know why to many people that will go there instead just for the the 10-20$ difference.

  22. Mamaskunk13

    First time in was yesterday excellent help an excellent service two of the nicest people I’ve ever met!

  23. twoscoopcoop

    Everyone is super nice and helpful. Great selection and great store layout!

  24. LuSolari

    Loved it! Love the location! Excellent flowers.

  25. momzyp

    Thank you, great service and very nice prices. It would be great to get delivery service as well.

  26. DippinDotts

    I thought the atmosphere was great and the people were super nice and helpful! No complaints here! I also like the location, its close by and I didn’t have to go far! Thanks!

  27. ccain85

    I went in for the first time yesterday and the atmosphere is very nice. Both employees were helpful and friendly. So thankful that we have a dispensary close by now. Prices are affordable and they even gave me a military discount.

  28. lhyde420gland

    lovin it…small but set up really super nice. easy to see product, prices good, and they have a amazing array of edibles

  29. doc.lov1234

    Jeff and Courtney are a breath of fresh air in Sonora. They have fought for their right to help all of us who depend on our right to have medical marijuana needs met. There prices are affordable and the quality of the products are fantastic. Visit them for a five star experience. WOW

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