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Plants of Ruskin and AltMed Enterprises joined resources to form AltMed Florida to serve Florida patients in their home state. Together they bring an unappalled track record of expertise to serve patients. AltMed Enterprises, also a Florida company, brings pharmaceutical industry precision to the production and distribution of medical cannabis products under the MAoeVa,,C/ brand. The MAoeV Brand is driven by research and development and has received national and international interest for it quality, consistency and safety.


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31 reviews for “MuV

  1. KronenbergMorty

    love this environment. Some of my FAVORITE Vendors in the area. Great products. I’m enjoying some concentrates NOW!

  2. Phlat

    I had a great first visit to the Muv store in Tampa and made a significant purchase with a variety of products to try. This is where the positivity ends and disappointment begins… The Gio pen that I purchased was compact and comfortable, but the first draw smelled and tasted like burned plastic. I gagged that out and took a few draws without inhaling until I could taste product. This issue intermittently occurred throughout the week that I used it. I typically use 500-600 mgs a week vaping, but I easily burned through the two 500mg cartridges that I purchased at Muv within a few days. I should have taken the product back sooner, but I had a busy week and it’s a long drive. I also tried the transdermal patch, but I felt absolutely no effect and the patch began peeling off on its own. I attempted to reinforce the patch with medical tape, but I gave up since it the patch seemed inneffective anyways. I decided to make the hour and a half round trip drive to Muv this evening to take advantage of a sale they texted me about. I was also in need to have them look into the issues I had with their products since they they pumped up their quality guarantees on my first visit. I informed Muv’s manager about both of my issues, but rather than do any investigating, he suggested trying a different strain or product. I didn’t expect a refund or an exchange, but I did expect that the manager would care. He didn’t. At that point, I decided to purchase that product that Muv texted me about that I was their to try. It turned out to be 100mgs less than they show online. I pointed out the discrepancy to the manager, and his response was, aEURoeDoes it really make a difference?aEUR I left without making a single purchase and will be back with Trulieve.

  3. TktCrstls

    We went out of our way in the middle of a road trip to check this place out based on a recommendation, and it was absolutely worth the drive. Muv’s products and selection are far superior to everything I’ve tried from my regional dispensaries. The staff was compassionate, knowledgeable and incredibly sincere. (I’d actually go as far to say that this was the best dispensary experiences I’ve had to date.) I’m already looking forward to my next visit!

  4. TmpMedic

    Great location. On a busy day parking can seem to be an issue, but that’s the norm for all dispensaries in the area. Staff is very friendly and hare always willing to explain or find the info you need. I had a small issue with a cartridge and their customer service at the store couldn’t of been nicer and easier to deal with. Their product line has a little something for everyone and their product quality is superb. Wish they had a bigger veterans discount but they do have great sales. Highly recommend.

  5. Ldhjr1

    The staff is first class, product has been top shelf ,I have had some problem with the disposable but y’all fixed the problem .I just wish u had a ongoing sale for the 2 for 1 helps out tremendously.
    Thank u Landon Halstead jr

  6. MattA-FL

    MA1/4V is the move! I’ve been to the other dispensaries in Tampa and MA1/4V is the best. The layout of the dispensary is upscale and very professional yet has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The staff at MA1/4V is great and they’re very knowledgeable on all the products and strains they have in stock and can help you decide on which product and strains would best suit your needs as well. One thing I like a lot is that they are always rotating inventory and introducing new strains for you to try and see what you like not to mention that they are always listening to the patients feedback on products and refining them as they need so you always have the best medicine and medical devices to use. I can’t say enough good things about MA1/4V and it’s been my goto dispensary for awhile now. If you’ve been wanting a bigger selection or better quality medicine then MA1/4V is the move.

  7. tatianadc4

    I visited mA1/4v for the first time for shatter and was greeted with such great smiles and attitudes that definitely made me want to come back. Me and the medtender discussed the different strains listed for wax and all of their different products. I felt welcomed and felt like I fit right in as opposed to some other dispensaries.

  8. Motoman86

    This place is like the apple store but for medicinal cannabis . Very clean and new store . Smelt great inside . This was my first visit but I’ll definitely be back to try the gpen .

  9. Amsterdamom3

    Perfect, their product in concentrate form is not comparable to anyone else. I had a great experience on my first visit, new lifetime client, thanks!

  10. FLliving12

    Two visits down…. Many to go if any indication. Product so far – above average. Staff Friendless – has thus far beyond succeeded expectations. Grade – A

  11. dc86

    Muv has THE best products in the state. Bar none “blue” is the best product you can find in florida. The peppermint distillate cart is out of this world smooth and tasty. and they always have atleast 10 different strains of shatter. Always. Try that with similar competitors. A+ service and great on delivery as well. please give them a shot. I know the prices are slightly high but they run discounts and promos all the time. soon the gold is coming 🙂 cant miss that.

  12. Dmcdona38

    I’ve been in a few times and each experience has been great. Super friendly helpful staff.

  13. SherBear777

    I have been to several other dispensaries but never one like MAoeV. They were over and above for in every way. We even met one of the owners, Glenn who spent quite a while talking with us. I felt like I met a great bunch of new friends. People who are concerned about the patient getting the correct product they need. And taking as much time as is needed to make that happen. Our bud tender Ashton was incredible. She must have spent at least two hours walking us through nearing every product available. She had first hand knowledge on many products and extraordinary advice on my needs. I am definitely making this my number one dispensary!!! Thank you MAoeVaPSi,aPSi,aPSi,

  14. iancremisio

    Manager Bill was amazing. He and his staff were welcoming, kind, and knowledgeable. Great Place and I’ll def be back

  15. MobileAJ

    Wanted to wait until my second visit to write this to make sure they were just not giving me extra service being it was my first time. Second visit was just as amazing. Great people. Very professional setting. The products are amazing and work better than anything I have ever tried to elevate pain and all day discomfort. Still have a couple of products I want to try, but so far everything has been great. Thank you to the great staff and AMAZING company.

  16. gunderthunder

    Absolutely stellar products! Highly recommend there tinctures and patches. Black fire, Banana, garlic shatter are excellent! Gpods are wonderful and very very tasty. Everything taste like cannabis. You will not be disappointed.

  17. BradCornelius

    This is by far the best of the dispensaries in Tampa. Everyone that we have come in contact there is outstanding and very knowledgeable and helpful. They have given our son who suffers from severe anxiety and mood disorders a great way to manage these disabilities and have productive days.

  18. SenaBoBeena

    Absolutely adore the Selection! Sarah helped me last night, and was so welcoming and helpful! Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly! Down to earth and will definitely be returning. I recommend this location to everyone, ESPECIALLY my Veteran counterparts

  19. BjornForsburg

    I don’t know how anyone would ever complain about this place! Not that I have heard anyone but just saying it would be nearly impossible. Every staff member I met there is amazing. The prices are the best around especially if you wait for a sale. The place is clean and comfortable to wait if you need to which I have only had to do once. Who doesn’t want to sit in a building full or weed? I look forward to getting my medicine there!

  20. KarenSkop

    the aEURoeApple StoreaEUR of dispensaries. Transdermal patches provide amazing pain relief!

  21. Elev8ted78

    I just went to their newest location on Dale Maybry… let me start by saying I didn’t have a very pleasant experience at their first dispensary but they more than made up for it on their second attempt first thing you notice when you get let into the center you’ll notice five cylinder clear containers each one having its own strain of Bud in these buds Are the prettiest and best looking and smelling that I have seen in Florida I’m from Los Angels East coast is given West Coast a run for their money. Everybody stay Elev8ted dY~Za>1/2i,dY”Y=dY$?-

  22. Goochermatthew

    Current patient that switched from Trulieve, I like the atmosphere of MUV they are very quick so their is almost never waiting, they are very passionate and caring and all of their products are easy to see and learn about as they are placed very well within the patient area. They also include brief discriptions on each product, along with a basic picture of each product. The staff are all very professional and lovely to be around I’ve visited Apollo Beach and Tampa and have nothing but great things to say! I find they also have ALOT of other products like vape pens, shatter, distillates, etc..

  23. TevaToes

    Excellent location, and for grand opening day parking was fairly reasonable. Nice bright store front, extremely inviting. It was crowded, as expected, but very open and the wait was an easy one. As I’ve gotten used to with Muv, the service was stellar. Excellent experience today, super helpful and friendly as always.

  24. kdykes

    I am always impressed with MuV! The employees are super knowledgeable, and they ALWAYS have plenty of and a VERY nice variety of concentrates in stock, unlike the dispensary literally less than 2 miles North of MuV that cannot keep concentrates in stock. You feel like every transaction is personal and tailored to assist in finding the best medicine to treat your symptoms! MuV Tampa, in my opinion, is, by far the premier and go to dispensary. I REALLY wish they’d kick it up a SERIOUS notch on their distillates. I can’t stand that metered dosing pen and would prefer they actually use a syringe, unfortunately, this is where another dispensary gets my $$. If MuV were to change their distillates to a syringe AND offer the strain selection they do with the concentrates, I’d NEVER have a reason to step into another dispensary and drop $500 in one visit again!

  25. Tacojohn2

    Shout out to Jason and the crew. The store is running like a top. I was able to get everything I need. A wide variety of shatter fully stocked. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. Good job guys and thank you for providing me with the medicine I need!

  26. BuzzStupor

    Very nice product line. Lovely facility and a very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Always a pleasant experience. 10% discount for seniors and veterans. Weekly specials. I get much more product for my money and the products are excellent. Love this place!

  27. martinmarten

    One of my favorite dispensaries, great selection, amazing customer service.

  28. brodprop

    Nice place, good atmosphere

  29. qburnett99

    When they make a mistake, they don’t try to make it right and act as though they don’t even care they messed up. Now I have to go out of my way.

  30. tami7257

    Great staff!

  31. valeriemp

    They are wonderful and their product is the best that I’ve tried in taste and effects!

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