22831 Ventura Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 91364


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10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Welcome to MNR Co-Op!

We offer over a hundred items including amazing strains, concentrates, edibles, ointments, liniments, tinctures and custom global herbal remedies. We specialize in holistic medicines that support healing for patients who are chronically ill or undergoing chemotherapy.

Our staff members are knowledgeable regarding the healing products we offer. We provide safe access in an out-of-the-box, innovative, free thinking manner. Here at MNR we offer an alternative approach to modern pharmaceutical drugs.

We have plenty of free parking, new patients can save time by pre registering online at! We have a variety of deals and gifts for our members every week. At MNR, we truly care about our community. We look forward to caring for your cannabis needs!



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19 reviews for “MNR Co-Op

  1. PhotoGuyS13

    Everyone is extremely knowledgable. If you don’t know what you need, just ask.

  2. JaseKiz

    Awesome staff, Friendly, Knowledgeable. Good product at Great Prices.

  3. BearM1995

    was super dope first time patient today and talked with the budtender (super friendly dude!) and talked about oils and different types for about 10 mins cary knowledgeable of his strains will go back.

  4. ZeroPoint

    Just got my card and this was my first stop. I’m glad I chose this place. They were very friendly and patient. It’s a little overwhelming diving in, with the amount of options available. But the staff was helpful in getting me set up. Look forward to returning!

  5. pizzalamp123

    I love quality flowers, and this place has some of the best strains directed at the most medical purposes possible. This place has everything, but high quality flower will keep me coming back. Killer price, helpful and patient staff

  6. 818DabberManSFV

    Very knowledgable and friendly staff, AMAZING QUALITY OF FLOWER & CONCENTRATES!!! I’ve been dealing with these guys ever since they were H.I.M. In like ’04-’05 and haven’t been let down yet!!! Last visit I noticed an “FTP”, First Time Patient, very inquisitive about the concentrates having each and every question answered by a very patient Budtender whom appeared to know what he was explaining and wasn’t just trying to “push a product” to an educated virgin patient like SO MANY OTHER PLACES DO!!!! It was really good to know that I could feel confident and satisfied with any recommendation he might make, might I need one sometime!!!

  7. Kcncolby

    Great location. The staff are truly awesome! Would highly recommend.

  8. FrankRsmoke

    Skip this place! I went in for an 8th and an oil vape cart. Budtenders had a bad attitude, they didn’t have what they listed on their menu, and after looking at the bud, it seemed that prices were steep. With almost a dozen places to shop in a few blocks, skip these losers and try another!!

  9. westby22

    MNR is the most welcoming dispensary in the valley. Their location is classy, clean, and most importantly their flowers are top notch

  10. sketchv

    Great place! Lots of great selection and super friendly staff willing to work with the patient. They also have a great customer appreciation day last Sunday of the month.

  11. magicwoods

    This is my favorite dispensary. The selection is excellent, the quality of the weed is good, and they also have a wide selection of edibles, waxes (C0-2) and oils. The staff are friendly and helpful, and there is generally a good deal to be had. It is possible to get outdoor organic cannabis here – ask for David’s stuff.

  12. Tierramama

    They carry outdoor grown flower on a regular basis. It may not be as pretty, but you can’t beat the power of the sun. The bud tenders are knowledgable about their product, and they make you feel welcome.

  13. cronfitz

    1st time visit was a pleasant one, Left with an 8th of the Hit it Once… Very Decent BUD… but you will need to hit it more than Once…HAHA… Came from Oxnard and will visit again!

  14. Elaine3263

    Friendly people, knowledgable and low key. My new favorite place.

  15. AlwaysOn

    Great place with wonderful selection. Staff was helpful and nice. Definitely coming back and will recommend to anyone in the area.

  16. xjd4220

    It’s the best club in the valley, everyone should go to this club

  17. dylhigg

    Love the staff. The selection is second to none in the Valley. Ariel was especially helpful

  18. ShelbyBrookeZ

    I have been to mnr a good amount of times and I usually have a good experience but this time I brought my grandma in with me and I referred her. I know someone who works in the front and he says his friend would take care of me and my grandma. So they buzzes us into the back and he was standing there and I asked him to show me all his top shelf sativa’s I smelled them and I only really liked one so I chose that one for my grandma it was Jack Herer so my grandma got a quarter of it. Then I heard the bud tender say he likes working in the front so I was guessing he doesn’t really bud tend it was probably his first time or something. So my grandma was telling him she gets really nervous in dispensaries and he said lets all be calm here or let’s try to calm down. So when it came time for me to smell the indica’s he was trying to show me hybrids and indica’s and I told him she only wants to choose from the indica’s. We asked him if they can split 3 quarters in half between two indica’s and he said yes. So we asked him how much grams is half of 3 quarters and he was trying to do the math all in his head. My grandma asked him if he has a calculator he should be using and he said my calculator is all in my head. He took 3 minutes to figure out the question even though another bud tender gave him a calculator to use because he didn’t trust him doing that math in his head. He never picked up the calculator he insisted doing it in his head. He finally said it would be 10 1/2 grams so my grandma asked him how much it would be with 2 indica’s 10 1/2 grams in each vile and 1 sativa of 7 grams and he says the total she would be paying for an ounce is $360. I told him no she isn’t going to pay that much so I smelled the strain gorilla glue on the top shelf and it smelled pretty good. Then my grandma wanted to see the ounces they had on special and it was an outdoor grown gorilla glue for $200 an ounce. So he pulled out a mason jar of the outdoor gorilla glue from the bottom shelf and I smelled it and it smelled like dirt compared to the regular indoor one. I told him to put the outdoor one away and if he could weigh out the rest of the indoor grown gorilla glue because there wasn’t a lot left. So he weighed it out and it was 14 grams and he put 7 grams into a vile without asking how much of it we want and they kept telling us it would be 360 and my grandma became impatient she didn’t want to spend that much on an ounce. They were out of most of the indica strains I wanted to smell and there weed is way to overpriced. So my grandma said okay just give me what you weighed out in a vile how much would those 14 grams be he said they were both $90 and it would her total would be $180 for half an ounce. So she said ok it’s fine I’ll buy it and they put 2 welcome joints in her bag and gave me 2 private reserve joints in my bag and I got a free gram for referral. I picked out a gram of tangie. So we ended up leaving and my grandma spent way to much on a half ounce when she intended to go in and buy a full ounce for a good price. We ended up spending unnecessary 45 minutes there and they gave us a hard time. I will never come back to this club again. They need to work on their customer service and stop ripping people off.

  19. jedilaxer

    Great location, reasonable prices, excellent service.

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