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1190 Coleman Avenue, San Jose, CA 95110


37.3568083, -121.9318392




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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Airfield Supply Company is a full service marijuana dispensary. Our boutique style retail store offers a wide selection of the finest cannabis strains, concentrates, edibles, and clones. We strive to provide a retail experience that excels with quality and professionalism.

Airfield Supply Co. (formerly South Bay Healing Center) was created to provide medical marijuana patients with the highest quality cannabis products available in a stress free setting. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about the marijuana plant and products that we offer. They are well trained to provide excellent recommendations for any ailment or situation. Whether you are looking for pure THC products or CBD rich options, Airfield Supply Co. offers a wide selection of everything marijuana. We encourage our guests to ask questions and utilize our collective knowledge base to select the best cannabis product for your particular needs.

Feel free to enjoy the view of our marijuana nursery when checking in at the font desk. At Airfield Supply Co., we have an on-site cannabis grow. From the lobby, you can observe our mother plants and clones as our expert growers tend to the cannabis plants. Some of these clones are available for sale on our dispensary sales floor while a majority of them will be sent upstairs to our flower rooms. Eight to twelve weeks after being transplanted upstairs, we harvest the large marijuana colas and send them to the processing department where they are dried, cured, and trimmed. After trimming, the manicured cannabis is sent to our retail department, offering our customers the freshest indoor marijuana available on the market.

Smaller buds and byproduct are extracted to provide a wide variety of concentrates. On our cannabis concentrate menu, you will find kief, cold water hash, wax, budder, shatter, live resin, sap, and distillate to name a few. Whether you want to fortify your joint, make your own edibles, vaporize, or dab, Airfield Supply Co. has you covered. High is a place at Airfield, prepare for take-off!

Located on Coleman Avenue, near San Jose Airport, our knowledgeable staff will make your marijuana retail experience comfortable and convenient.

Airfield Supply Co.
1190 Coleman Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110

*All transactions are subject to State Sales Tax and San Jose Marijuana Business Tax.


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504 reviews for “Airfield Supply Co.

  1. Ghostyoda

    Great place! Been comming here for almost a year now and can say this my go to spot!

  2. vans829

    Excellent dispensary. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Great selection. Looking forward to coming back.

  3. ubercaff

    Love it. It’s the best.

  4. BuddyVonToker

    always a pleasure to go there. it’s my favorite spot!

  5. tcrowell-12

    Awesome place. I talked with Sam, who was super patient in explaining the differences between different strains on the various shelves. Will be coming back.

  6. eliseayres

    The best!! My first and favorite dispensary and I wouldn’t trade for no other!!

  7. laneyleaf

    The finest Marijuana collective around. Been coming here for awhile and always impressed by how much knowledge they have about the products. I feel very comfortable coming here and would recommend it to my friends and family.

  8. jana4200

    Location Location Location! This place is so easy to get to right off of highway 17 at Coleman Ave. The convenience of this place is the reason I keep coming back besides the cool aviation theme. All the good clubs offer top notch products but this place goes beyond. Not to mention they are near a Lowes, Costco, The Wine Club, Inn & Out, and several other businesses like Target right down the street. All the other good collectives are in bad areas and to me not worth the drive, when Airfield is right there in the middle of everything I need when I am running my errands. Shout out to the super nice staff that makes me feel comfortable and welcomed everytime.

  9. South_Bay_Healing_Center

    BEST Dispensary in California! I’ve been to the majority of them up and down the California coast and this one is the best. Friendliest staff, excellent customer service and their in-house strains like the Jack Herer are by far the best bud out there.

  10. Bruiser711

    I’ve been there twice, love the facility and how light, airy and well-organized it is and it’s easy access!

    The people have been great, especially Jennifer who was very helpful.

    Prices are reasonable and they have a decent selection.

  11. Gabby22290

    Friendly staff helpful and respecteable great product and prices

  12. anyoni

    THis place is awesome, the budtenders are super knowledgeable and very friendly, I have never had anyissues with this place, I will always come back to airfield

  13. mthkr

    This place is run more professionally than most other businesses, regardless of what’s being sold. I don’t shop anywhere else; this is my goto place. The flowers are exceptional, service impeccable, and facility spotless, always! I have never had a negative experience here and always feel welcome.

  14. Happymrs

    First time in a dispensary. Daniel was so helpful. He explained everything. And made us feel comfortable. Thank you so much!! We will be back again.

  15. jungkova

    This place rocks! Best selection in the area, great prices, and very knowledgable bud tenders

  16. steff121212

    It’s always a pleasure to visit Airfield- not only is the selection superb, and the staff above-parr, the house grown flower is one of my favorites. Check it out today, it’s like the Tiffany’s of Santa Clara county cannabis shops, and you won’t be let down!

  17. Ysemenov

    Great place!

  18. mikec91683

    This was my first visit. I did some research first but they definitely have a great selection of tincture. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They also offer free massages and acupuncture which is neat. Not close to my house but I’m sure I’ll return.

  19. Bo408

    Don’t go to airfield for hash especially not for Nasha hash they open the containers from Nasha and split them into there own airfield half gram containers they skimp you for one and they break down all the hash to try to make it look like there’s more sucks I only came here because there menu said they carried Nasha but all they have is tampered with I personally don’t want my Nasha opened up and touched up

  20. adrianleafly

    Awesome dispensary!

  21. msfrizl

    Excellent service, facility, product, etc. The hours are great as well. I may be biased as this was the first club I visited, but I’ve yet to find a reason to try elsewhere!

  22. justinlackmann

    awsome great medication!!

  23. alextalav

    Very knowledgable and friendly staff. Great product!

  24. Angelaharris9

    Place is very clean and staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledgable about their products. The “Airport” theme is really neat!

  25. Brneydbeauty

    dY’oedY’sdY’oedY’s My favorite club. I HIGHLY recommend this place. The staff is awesome and the product is tested and quality.

  26. cgmixn

    contempory and friendly place

  27. Brelee420

    nice unique and there friendly

  28. Tint

    Rachel was patient, knowled-
    eable, & very attentive to my needs. Excellent personal skills.

  29. mailee18

    Great customer service and quality trees!

  30. Goosebeans

    Professional staff
    Nice selection of edibles

  31. jhoff23

    Very professional, makes the process super easy. Also very helpful.

  32. the420mon

    Great quality, with a great rotation.
    I’m glad they have a normal rotation of my most favorite strains as well. Most other locations can be up and down.
    The place it’s self is very clean and spacious as well with great workers.

    I’ve already recommended airfield to numerous other friends.

    You won’t be disappointed here 🙂

  33. Pstringari13

    Awesome knowledgeable staff. Very clean very professional. Has an all-around great vibe and feel to the place. Laid back and not at all intimidating

  34. BigJerms

    Love the atmosphere and deals

  35. sterfanlugo

    Best dispensary in the Bay Area. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Can’t go wrong with Airfield!

  36. Dustfire3

    The entrance is nice, and the window into the grow house gives you an interesting view as you wait to be checked in. There was an employee talking about the discounted items of the day before going in, so you could get more info on the different products before going in.
    Everyone was friendly!

  37. closonrzrs

    Ive been to quite a few places but AirField takes the cake! all of the employees here are really upbeat and are really helpeful when it comes to any questions that you have and also alot of patience! if you get a chance stop by and ask for Kyle & Jason! theyr really chill guys and always have me leaving Airfield Content. 10 stars!

  38. homer1388

    Best dispensary in town . Always fully stocked and have a great and very knowledgeable crew working . Iv tried others but airfield is the number the best .

  39. avsmoke

    I enjoyed going to a dispensary and having it be a complete experience and I found it a nice change from the aEURoehole in the wallaEUR places. Thank you all for your help and I will be back.

  40. Breckman

    Very convenient The front desk personnel are very nice. The sales people, the one I dealt with was very very easy going and more so, knowledgable. I needed information on outside growing strains and I was not dispappointed

  41. dangogo

    Very easy and convenient place, great quality and customer service!

  42. Sprinter1088

    I was a first time customer this week and needless to say I will be back again. Extremely friendly people from the moment I walked onto the property. Very knowledgeable staff and everything was quick and painless! I love the online order pick up option which is quite amazing as a time saver!

  43. chilligoss

    Friendly and informative, great vibes and deals all around

  44. CDXX2015

    Awesome place, tons of options, tons of staff and great vibe

  45. Spidermom

    First place I signed up for! Incredibly knowledgeable people and very sweet to first-timer/newcomers. I never leave with an unanswered question about products or flowers.

  46. DrSS

    Great service, bud tenders are awesome and the product is excellent! My favorites are Sour Tsunami and sour diesel, last visit I got some Panama Red woo hoo
    Also I really like the cheeba chew high CBD edibles, really good for pain and inflammation management, no more NORCO for me.

  47. Mateohitta

    Great location and set up but prices a little steep for top shelf

  48. Euryale

    Just hit the Bay Area for a convention, and after landing at the airport, my first stop was Airfield. It was about a half hour before closing, the place was packed and they had us in line, served and out of there in no time even with a crowd.

    I got three single grams, Roc OG, SVF and Jack Herer. All fabu and very enjoyable.

  49. Brittanycarey04

    dY’dY1/4 Great location!

  50. diplomat1992

    Clean facility, professional, patient and friendly staff and a great selection to choose from!

  51. Ras1994

    Awesome service!

  52. jillwheels

    Airfield is a great dispensary. Diana was very patient, friendly and helpful with all my questions! They even do complementary massages on certain days…which I have never seen before. They have great products and it is a clean and organized. I’m definitely coming back!

  53. turdferg

    Staff has knowledge and plenty of options. Location is in a nice area.

  54. AlyssaNguyen

    Every visit is a good experience. Love the employees- always friendly and make an effort to remember your name. The main reason I come back is because the staff is knowledgable on the products.

  55. Lrg2128

    This spot is amazing, plants growing in grow rooms. 8ths for days and green cloned

  56. TomTwohy

    Airfield supply is a truly great establishment for me as it’s just down the street from my office! Win win win!

    But don’t let its convince (for me) convince youaEUR| it is a truly great establishment, they are thoughtful, have good supplies, great Decor and truly delightful employees. They take the time to make sure your purchase is exactly what you’re looking for, they always have good supplies of whatever is necessary aEUR| They certainly always have what I need.

    Cannabis use (and the way to get it) has changed over the years, Airfield Supply is a whole new way for me to get what I needaEUR| It’s time has come!

    Highly recommended!

  57. geoknght

    Just got my card lease than month! I’ve been like a kid looking for new rides. Airfield supply has turned out to be one of the best !! No wait, no attitude , 10 min away !! Coming back again and again!!

  58. DJMumbles

    loved the classy look and awesome service. great selection and prices. convenient when traveling

  59. adigrwl92

    Great variety with great price

  60. phbracero

    Best dispensary by far. Worth the visit. Good prices and great strains

  61. 5xBAMF

    It’s a great dispensary. Very professional and knowledgable.

  62. Bodiesmon

    First time visiting this place and was really impressed with the service I received. Loved the lobby area with all the beautiful mommy plants that I had to go home with a few beautiful clones aside from my regular stuff. Pricing a bit higher than where I usually go to, but people sure as hell are a lot nicerWill come back again!

  63. DJ_Groundscore

    What can I say, this place is great! Happy to see it’s success continuing to grow as California finally legalizes marijuana. Overall, their selection is pretty solid and the staff are incredibly awesome to work with. The line can get a little crazy since this is one of only a few dispensaries in the South Bay – Id suggest getting their first thing in the morning if you plan to pick up on the weekends, or sometime between 11AM and Noon on week days. Glad to support local business.

  64. mamaholmes

    love this place. would definitely recommend to anyone..

  65. jenlarson420

    Love the new location! I swing by the club and then head across the street for Mcdonalds and then do my Costco run. Makes errands much better being so close to other businesses on Coleman. They have a great selection of flowers and edibles. I have always experienced top notch service. They are very professional and clean. I love the blonde girl, I’m not sure who she is but she is, she seems to be a manager, she’s at the front sometimes and then walking around overseeing things, she is very welcoming, helpful, always stops to see if I need anything. Great experience these past few months. I would highly recommend the Korova bars, my favorite. I think this is the best place in San Jose.

  66. Farbyonddriven

    great place, great prices, and friendly people!

  67. Michotomy

    I was very impressed with this location’s design and ambiance. Very tasteful ideas and good selection of whatever you’d need, from liquids to solids and lots of good flowers. I’ve been going to other dispensaries for years and this may just be my home base now. Cheers!

  68. Rubenrojr

    Awesome fresh herbs always

  69. tomk1

    Super nice budtenders, meds. for every budget. Best price I’ve found for Korova 51/50 bars. I’d recommend this place highly.

  70. vladskiy

    Great place and service. Amazing product as well.

  71. goomba650

    Great storefront to come into and get all our quality meds. Good location.

  72. nippon

    I visited this dispensary after I got my cannabis card, it was my first time back in August. The staff was nice and helpful especially seeing that I was a first timer. I got True OG as my first strain and enjoyed it. The place seemed really clean, professionally ran and the other customers seemed nice too. It seemed like they had a lot of regulars which is a good thing.

  73. r3dn1k

    Awesome. Huge selection and great service.

  74. Jailbreakmyheart

    Rude service and bad selection, better places on San Jose

  75. ctakagi

    Awesome customer service and great selections

  76. kentsessions


  77. toddandhisdog

    I feel comfortable when I’m there. Any questions I may have get answered. Their knowledge is awesome. Duh. I dig this place.

  78. AlbertoTheThird

    I love this place, the receptionists and budtenders are always super helpful and they have a ton of affordable flowers. The Jack Herrer and girl scout cookies that are grown there are the best ive ever seen and will keep me coming back for sure.

  79. vonmixer

    Good place

  80. drobro420

    Great deals on the wax got honest extracts (PEAR) Delicious best deal I got for some straight rope,fire,murder…. and I will go here again

  81. lexicanium

    The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and incredibly patient. At no point did I feel rushed or pressured.

    Quality and variety was impressive, with an excellent selection of formidable medical strains.

  82. JustJaysen

    I have been to Airfield a few times now, and my favorite budtender (I can’t remember her name) is a shorter girl, brunette, olive complexion, and tattoos. She was super nice, and able to explain a lot to a newbie like myself. Not only was she able to help me navigate my way through the varying strains, but ultimately suggested a great variety for a laser light show (Blue Dream). When I left I thought to myself, “I want to hang out with her.” A+ Staff at Airfield!

  83. mmblaze

    Great interior facility with an aviation theme throughout. The medicine is by far the best in the area. Some of the meds are grown at the facility too. They also have a great selection of edibles unlike any other place around. I am very satisfied with the budtender’s ability to recommend meds that actually help with my ailments.

  84. bkhoshnoud

    The most friendly staff! And very knowledgeable.

  85. Arc211992

    Awesome place to get stuff.

  86. TrueFurby

    Amazing place! Friendly staff!

  87. jalexcarter

    Great looking shop. Has a premium feel to it with detailed information on flower on each bottle.

  88. shaundavis11789

    the store front is welcoming and easily accessible with large private parking lot with privacy of entry away from the street front. its always a quick yet quality experience no matter what time of day I visit. the quality of the buds is top notch pretty much haven’t been disappointed in a single hit from airfield yet. the selection is good and always has something to fit just my need.. a nice variety of uncommon and common strains and edibles.

  89. Stevem90

    This is an extremely professional medical dispensary, Jean luc gave me some excellent knowledge on my medicine. Thanks!

  90. Gingingingin

    Professional and efficient, this place surpasses my expectations.

  91. Cabernet69

    Clever and perfect! Brought my mother and 2 sisters. Very cool indeed!!!

  92. Stonergirlz

    My go to great spot very clean professional staff very knowledgeable also they have a big range of strains and edibles they always got strain of the day 10% usually what I go for and of course the budlets 8ths fojr 25 when they got it

  93. ddubl24

    awesome from front door throughout!!! I will be a regular.

  94. cjburns21

    Great selection and friendly staff

  95. extrabaked

    One of the best dispensaries I’ve been to hands down.

  96. Mary1122

    Staff is very friendly and helpful,very knowledgeable, always come here when visiting from Texas

  97. JerBear1290

    Great people – awesome selection – resasonable prices. Check them out.

  98. obeycal

    this place is great!! i come here at least 4x a week and they always have great services. the staff is amazing and very helpful. they always have the highest quality goods.

    the only downside is the half gram joints are rolled to tight where you cant smoke them.

  99. sadboye

    Love this place. Everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable. Great selection. You know it’s legit.

  100. luzana08

    Clean location. Very quick & many options!

  101. Clout408

    The atmosphere of this place is great! Staff is well informed of all their products and the line moves fairly quickly.

  102. Billybgoode

    Have been a very satisfied customer for over a year! This place has great customer service and great deals.
    Ordering is easy and lines move quickly. This is my goto dispensary.

  103. Snoogbilalsalam

    Awesome product !!

  104. Jacob21004jrp

    Love this place. Professional and friendly.

  105. sara731

    Friendly helpful staff, cool atmosphere, and great selection! Highly recommend visiting!

  106. Meshi428

    This place is great! Clean, organized, staff is super cool, lots of choices and it’s so pretty!

  107. CasCassidy

    With a fantastic selection and an incredibly helpful staff, Airfield Supply Company has been a fantastic location to learn about and purchase marijuana supplies. I have gone around to a few other local locations and have not been happy with either their knowledge or how they conduct business, but Airfield has had no such problem. Their employees have even steered me away from products I wished to purchase but would have been bad choices for me. This is the only dispensary I will be using while living in the area.

  108. aghodke

    Really good stuff!

  109. Usha1166

    Super cool service

  110. enotsen

    My favorite dispensary, I’ve been going to them for years and have never had anything but a stellar experience!

  111. sscgonzalez7

    Love love love this place. Great atmosphere, super friendly and knowledgeable staff

  112. Ballzley

    35$ item came out to 42$ after tax for some crumble that I otherwise would only pay $35 for. But theyve always been on the pricier side. Most of their top shelfs are of steady supply. Have been going here for a few years occasionally when other dispensaries dont have what i am looking for.

  113. docjd

    Easy to find and get to

  114. MACALLAN18

    That this place great. Friendly, knowledgeable of strains, A K@@L Experience!

  115. sunrisingoverthesea

    My first time experience was wonderful! They were really busy but I still go really great service. The front desks gals were sweet and kind. The dark haired girl signed me up and gave me a very well explanation of everything that goes on at this place. They have a window that looks into the garden, I am AMAZED! Like jaw dropping, all the plants they are growing, so cool to see. I walked to the back and everything has an airplane motif which is very fitting for their location. A small woman helped me at the counter and she explained in detail the differences between all the flowers and directed me to some fine and frosty nugs. I picked up Green Goat and let me tell you it’s some of the BEST I’ve ever had hence this review!!! Overall this collective seems well organized and professional. I’m very happy to say I will be back! Thank you Airfield!

  116. PlaguedWinds420

    Always great service and helpful staff!

  117. jleno422

    This place was awesome flew in from Florida and it was right around the corner from the airport! Super fast and friendly! Love the plants in the lobby!

  118. WalterDimwitty

    Great place, excellent location, plenty of parking, very nice, safe, great selection.

  119. javondo

    Of the four dispensaries I’ve been to with 4 stars on Yelp this is by far setting the standards to high class.

  120. Quacy10

    Quick and easy

  121. Cupidappa

    Great service

  122. anajvallejo

    I love coming to airfield. Their bud tenders are always super helpful and know exactly what to recommend. It’s easier when you order online ahead of times cause there can be a bit of a line sometimes. But usually no more than 10 minutes. Overall it’s my favorite place to go.

  123. guero408

    I love coming here, and the service I get is fantastic. Rachel and Leslie are rock stars.

  124. littleleeann

    Love this place! They know their shit and don’t over charge (:

  125. sph8411

    Great service and amazing products. By far my favorite place

  126. sixpaknitsuj12

    Great place

  127. bloomingstars

    Every clinic should be like Airfield. This is only the second one I’ve been to, but it is everything I would want a clinic to be: safe, varied and fair prices, and great bud. As another person mentioned, this place is not in a sketchy area, and it is very discrete. The budtender spent a long time with me helping to find the best strains for my medical condition, and not once did I feel rushed. Prices are tiered, which is great given that I actually prefer lower THC strains. THC and CBD of each strain are clearly labeled. Lots of edible options. Purple Dream from here is fantastic.

    Only downside is that they applied the freebie coupon to the wrong edible. It was only a difference of a couple bucks, and I will bring it up next time I visit.

  128. sarafromsantaclara

    I’m forever greatful to Dr.Kinney the Club chiropractor for the weekly free adjustments.
    Also I must give a shout to Erin Hartnett for all the great health advice and Acupuncture.

    Airfield has been lifesaver.

  129. mariebuds

    Great customer service, they make sure you’re taken care of. dY’dY1/2

  130. ktch

    Hipster font, hipster interior, hipster greenhouse, hipster music. dY’dY1/4

  131. Scribzilla

    Stopped by Airfield for the first time last weekend while I was in town for a health conference based on overall convenience and the fact that it was 9 minutes away from the hotel I was staying at. Here in Arizona my job consists of doing medicinal sample reviews for my local dispensary so I’m fairly well versed on my strains and what they should taste like along with the effects they produce when consumed. I ended up picking up two eighths while I was in the shop, one 707 Headband and one Jack Herer. The overall aroma and bud structure was spot on and after making my purchase I was excited to head back to my hotel and medicate. Unfortunately while both strains were effective to an extent, both strains were fairly harsh and tasted as though they weren’t flushed properly before being cured. My advice to Airfield would be to simply SLOW DOWN. Show your plants some love. It’s not about how many strains you can pump out of your grow. It’s about quality. Regardless of recreational or medicinal a little bit more care can set you above the rest.

  132. archangelz001

    This is a great dispensary, one of the 16 that are in compliance with San Jose’s new regulations. It’s located near the airport, and an added bonus is that it’s right next door to a great wine shop!!

    I brought a friend, a first-time patient, new to MMJ. he was well taken care of and given all the time at the counter to look, smell, and decide on his first legal purchase. The bud tender was knowledgeable and gave great recommendations on the 4 different levels of bud quality – from $10 to $17.25 per gram. We both got some some Juicy Jack, a sativa with a fruity, citrusy, piney nose that was only $12 but looked top shelf. And my friend got some piney, fuely, Tahoe OG. The nice thing about the offerings at Airfield is that quite a few strains have good levels of CBD (1-2%) in addition to 15-20% THC. And it’s all tested. Exactly what many SJ dispensaries are not doing (yet.)

    Oh yeah. The lobby has a huge window into the grow room. Very cool. And they have free acupuncture and chiropractic. Just sign up on the sheets at the front desk. My only criticism is the senior discount which used to be 10% is now only 5%.

  133. enjday

    Friendly and helpful staff. The receptionist Snow was very nice and helpful on my first time there. Quality products with a good variety. Cool atmosphere. Definitely would recommend this place for all your cannabis needs.

  134. drerodriguez

    Super impressive facility. Front staff is very friendly and informative. Budtenders are helpful and eager to give recommendations. Quality all around from beginning to end. I will forsure be coming back! 🙂

  135. RandyMarsh21

    Have been a patient for 3+ years experiencing the previous location too. Great service, great bud (i stick to B shelf), prices are better than Elemental.

  136. Zombieblazer

    Awesome location and friendly staff!

  137. josiewilder420

    The quality of buds and edibles are excellent. The service was very attentive and helpful. And the atmosphere is unlike any other club. It has the vibe of an underground secret society, which I love.

  138. hightyguy

    This is review is from a bias consumer. This has been my place for medical marijuana since their prior SBHC (South Bay Healing Center). They put forth quality marijuana that been tested and clean for regular consumption. Staff is enjoyable to speak with and provide good insight into the medication. Been a consumer for over 5 years.

  139. Rawroller

    Love the location, super easy to find parking.

  140. plra

    Great service and product! Very friendly atmosphere, clean and professional.

  141. Jds132132

    Great deals for quality and service

  142. droolingbed

    Amazing service accompanied by a friendly and super knowledgable staff.

  143. Faeryfey

    Airfield is fantastic!! Whether you’re stopping in to shop or to pick up an online order (a great option!!) the customer service is top notch, with incredible products, great prices, and a Happy Hour on Monday’s and Wednesdays!

  144. jbeck4

    By far, THE best dispensary I have visited yet in the Bay Area. From the interior design to the atmosphere and service delivered, I give it a 10 on all accounts! Keep doing you Airfield and see you again real soon.

  145. RamiKash

    Very nice shop layout, helpful staff, and beautiful plants.

  146. Pop300

    Clean. Nice People. Efficient

  147. spyroswulf

    I love this spot. A very very cool place I recommend above all.

  148. GreenArrowDC13

    Clean interesting design

  149. Nurbslife

    They have the best selection around!

  150. wexican

    Awesome location to pick up some high quality medicine. Good variations of Cannabis, concentrate, edibles and more specialized products for everyone’s needs. Friendly staff that you sometimes have to wait for if it is extremely busy. Worth the wait every time though, especially with strains like White Rhino. Very clean and welcoming environment around a industrial airport location. Staff is knowledgable and can narrow down a strain to your choosing if need be. Very diverse and understanding group that wants to help you out. They take cash or credit and have a point system!

  151. gr33n0rchid

    recently tried the online order service. My order was packed and ready before I arrived. Check in is slightly faster but when lines are long…a separate line for pre-orders would be extremely helpful.

  152. missdee13

    This is my go to spot! I love where it’s located super accessible from 880 and 101. The staff here are friendly and have great customer service! My favorite are the display cases and the menus posted up on the wall. Love this place all around!

  153. Heather0725

    I shop this location frequently. Love it! Great selection of smokable product and they also sell quality clones. Clean, friendly, relaxed, professional and knowledgeable. Are happy to go out of their way for you to answer questions. Quick service and works with any price range as well.

  154. Luchadora

    Beautiful, like an Apple store dispensary! Great, knowledgeable staff!

  155. joncarter64

    Always have what I’m looking for

  156. mttt92

    Best Top shelf sativa’s in bay area!

  157. damonkaiser

    love it. clean. low donations. high quality. highly recommend.

  158. Leaflyfan2016

    Very nice dispensary! It was very clean and professional. The staff were wonderful answering any questions I had. The quality of the medicine looked kinda dry but smoked fine.

  159. Amanruprell

    Amazing staff and service

  160. cammyd

    The best joint in the South Bay, the only place I’ll go. Friendly, helpful, and great deals.

  161. Andre95117

    Great quality!

  162. Jennabunny11

    Great service, friendly staff, and awesome products!

  163. abramos

    Great place!

  164. Mike80

    Place is awsowme. Great view room and knowledgeable staff.


  165. Fritalicious

    Great spot. Everyone who works here is very friendly and helpful. A regular stop for me after work.

  166. Jeller0450

    Airfield is my favorite place without a doubt! This is my go-to dispensary dY~!

  167. DakineGirl

    Amazing budtenders, friendly welcoming staff, too quality. Simply the best in Silicon Valley and not in a decrepit area.

  168. tpole1

    First time! Helped with all questions and left happy!

  169. soulamazin

    Favorite place

  170. SR71Blackbird510

    Great location. Love the atmosphere and the people who work here.

  171. Thisis3GOD

    The edibles are on point, definitely one of the best place to get your meds in the bay area.

  172. KonchogYeshe

    Great first visit. The check-in process could use a little improvement and research.

    Once inside the atmosphere was delightful: clean, organized, spacious, and simple.

    My herbalist was great. Was a great listener with attention to detail. I ended up making some changes in my selection and couldn’t be happier.

  173. cauly2

    Wonderful Atmosphere, Good prices.

  174. K19

    Very cool people

  175. robbythundah

    These guys are my go-to dispensary. They carry a large volume of edibles, and their flower selection is all focused on quality, even for their economy strains. At other shops I’ve noticed that tenders don’t always give you good information, but that isn’t true at airfield, the tenders here are very compassionate and fairly knowledgeable. The couple times a tender didn’t have the information I was asking about they admitted it and didn’t try to throw me BS, and for me that is HUGE. I also think their branding is the tightest of all of the collectives I’ve visited, and the location is bright and beautiful.

  176. perkax

    Great service

  177. wenpigzfly

    This place is awesome! the employees are super friendly and helpful. I’ll definitely be back.

  178. capgoggles

    Great environment, knowledgeable staph. Awesome product.

  179. StocktonStoner

    Nice setup, budtender was very polite in showing all the products i was looking into.

  180. TheJeneral

    Efficient service despite the line, good selection of products. Always friendly service. Like the decor as well.

  181. Tricomb.troll

    I wasn’t sure about going into this place at first, but once I checked in and walked through the door that immediately changed. the workers were all cool, the atmosphere was neat, the bud tender I had (Sam) was awesome! The prices were supurb as well. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in, or near the area!

  182. Cpeezi408

    Very chill & polite service..

  183. priskillets

    This location is very flattering and is very spacious.

  184. Rewsch23

    I really enjoy Airfields location since they moved from South Bay Healing Center. It is a lot easier to get to the location as well as get in and out of the parking lot without headache, which makes it well worth the trip. On top of the convenience factor of the location they also have a stellar building and set up inside, very well lite, open floor plan, viewing window to garden and plenty of budtending stations to allow quick service if need be. They also have a very knowledgeable staff from the budtenders, to front desk personal, to the managers and even the grow staff is very friendly. All in all Airfield supply is a really awesome dispensary to get your medicine from whenever in need, I would always recommend Airfield over other dispensaries.

  185. codenut27

    It’s one of the most well maintained dispensary with a great collection of Vapes and edibles. Definitely a must visit!

  186. foxpaw

    I love Airfield! I go all the time! And recommend it to my friends all the time!

  187. Toastedpickle

    Amazing! Been coming here since 2010.

  188. nimbleOG

    Nice environment with plenty of help so there is rarely a wait. Great staff, edible selection, and top shelf flowers.

  189. jrozzy

    love all the budtenders. truly a quality dispensary

  190. TheTheaterGeek

    Hands down, best place Ii, have been. Wonderful service and atmosphere. Selection was great and first and second time patient deals are awesome. The theme is an airline company which really makes for a cool experience.

  191. Han Deckard

    Amazing selection, service and plenty of parking! See you again!

  192. josb88

    Great atmosphere, loved the aesthetic of the place. Was met by a rude budtender, thought those didn’t exist in this industry. Asked him about CBD since I’m trying to gain the benefits I’ve heard online, but he didn’t seem to care. I asked about a recommended dose and he said don’t know. It’s up to you and how you react to it. Fair answer, but was still getting attitude and felt like I was annoying him by not buying and leaving. Felt uncomfortable and wanted a different budtender since the people around me were being greeted with smiles and no judgment from lack of product knowledge. What really threw me off were his sneers when I asked the price point on flower. At that point I had enough. I just wanted to say aEUR~cut the attitude guy, it’s my first time here’

  193. insaneindia5665

    Super friendly staff, clean establishment, and great strain selection. Ever since they were South Bay Healing they had me hooked. Definitely my preferred dispensary.

  194. Ortize

    Perfect when leaving work.

  195. Mirijadesky

    I really like airfield, my partner and I have been customers for awhile, they retain knowledgeable employees which is a hard thing to do it seems.

  196. Mcmillens8087

    Fantastic. I wish I had come here sooner.

  197. Andrewrr73

    I really like how easy it is to tell the quality of the products available.

  198. Stara

    Best location, close to major highways

  199. lcomms

    Great place

  200. soulproof

    The environment was super clean and professional. Everything felt hip not sketchy. The staff was knowledgeable and very courteous.

  201. thisislindy65

    Love this place! Made me feel welcome and answered my numerous questions. Busy, but in a good way!!

  202. jaywoodrow

    Super cool atmosphere. Great place.

  203. GoldenBear408

    Without a doubt my favorite place. The staff is very friendly & knowledgable, and they have a great selection to get medicated.

  204. shearer23

    They Introduced me to RSO and it saved me as far as everything I was getting from smoking or dabbing. Something that can control my pain at an afforable price! This is the only dispensery where i can find it and a great , great price too!

  205. Diagoras

    I was in from out of state and what an awesome facility. Very welcoming and kind. Everyone was so inviting and helpful. Sativa was my budtender and she was fantastic! Can’t wait to come back to San Jose area and visit them again.

  206. Kelhutch17

    Great place to buy! Went here for my first recreational purchase and everyone was super nice and helpful. Definitely recommend. They have great selection too.

  207. DieselDude420

    I think the stuff isn’t new / fresh. It’s already packaged and put into vials. It’s some big basket of vials and to me you have no clue. I’ve bought two things there now fresh and seemed old. Harlequin and LongValley. Seemed hard and not fresh. I’ve been to others and they are picking it perfectly and smelling it and weighing it in front my of you. Seems better and more value. Desk staff seemed a little stand offish and the staff is boring and not pleasant. Just matter of fact. Other place I go is beyond friendly and helpful.

  208. jwentz9

    Extreme quality, great staff and location

  209. xZac

    The cleanest and most organized dispensery.

  210. justin128

    Beautiful place. When you first walk in to the right is a beautiful garden. Great polite knowledgeable employees pointed me to the write type of medication for me.

  211. Bigpascman

    Hands down favorite dispensary in the bay area

  212. sanjose33

    Great help for new consumer. Clean, chic, comfortable

  213. jdubbz420

    place is awesome. Excellent service, very profesional. The bud tender was extremely nice and very helpful. lots of variety. Overall a very enjoyable service

  214. Bimmer36

    Great staff very friendly outgoing and knowledgeable about all products in the store. Never had a bad experience definitely my number one choice for dispensaries.

  215. Myles619

    Came here for the first time to pick up some clones, the budtender was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The store has a classic and simple vibe, I will be definitely returning.

  216. Kenway

    I love the staff here…very friendly.

  217. Aheliod91

    This place is amazing! I have been to a few legal dispensaries (CA/NV) and I gotta say this place has it all! The staff is very helpful and answers any and all questions and does not make you feel rushed! Be prepared for a 34.25% tax as this is not included with posted prices.

  218. Ekhoury93

    I like their free t-shirt

  219. misterkmh

    I honestly can not say enough good things about Airfield Co. The staff is incredibly informative, outgoing and beyond friendly. I am visiting from LA, if I am EVER back in the area I will make it a priority to go back again. Keep up the amazing work.

  220. amanyadava

    This is my go to place for recreational marijuana. I like the general service for weed and I am definitely going to buy a plant to grow some of the strains I like for myself.

  221. juanelos16

    Easy to find and discrete store front.

  222. Savagescience

    Very solid merch and customer service

  223. Supermom2zwxy

    Ordered ahead, little to no wait time.

  224. hale910

    Only complaints is that it’s little more expensive than others and the prices don’t include tax or are rounded, otherwise definitely the most well put together place I’ve been to. Very friendly people all around, and the setup in the back is very well maintained. Dainel was a huge help.

  225. ararisis

    Good shirts.

  226. wthepig

    Best I the Bay Area.

  227. jessicapalmer

    Best dispensary in San Jose by a long shot. Airfield has been very attentive and helpful these past few years. I suffer from severe chronic migraines and am in and out of the hospital because of it. They have been extremely compassionate and helpful throughout this nightmare that I am living. Together they helped me find a strain that best helped me and I have been more mobile ever since. I have continued to have a close relationship with the dispensary, they often call me when my strain is available. I recommend this dispensary for people with real physical and medical issues. Thank you Airfield!

  228. Filthytrips

    best club in the Bay. service, selection, it’s all top level. go here for all of your cannabis needs.

  229. kmgravitt

    Top notch in every way! Staff has expert knowledge and advice.

  230. twobarryz

    The service is great and and staff is very friendly and extremely helpful.

  231. Mikesgonemad

    Really chill and friendly staff.

  232. bethstone

    Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Nice range of product.

  233. richie797

    love that it is close to the airport and opens early (9am).

  234. jazzydiva66

    I really love this place! The people are wonderful and the products are consistently wonderful. This is a nice place even your grandma would feel good about coming to! If you are searching for a professional, clean place – this is where you should go.

  235. Jonmonca

    I Love this location! Have been a long time patient since SBHC. Everyone here is super friendly and knowledgeable about products.
    I even tried to apply here but alas my email didnt get a response.
    This is a very secure, comfortable and relaxing environment for all of your needs. Highly recommended.

  236. K8babe22

    This shop is super cool i love the friendly staff and good vibes!! The green is nice 🙂 a bit pricey but worth your money!!!

  237. BuckyBuckerson

    Airfield Supply is what a dispensary should be. Everyone I’ve ever dealt with here from the front desk to the bud tenders was super friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.
    I’ve tried a the other dispensaries in the area but find myself comparing them to Airfield. You won’t go wrong by trying them, I’m sure you’ll be a fan too.

  238. Gram1994

    Great place, really nice folks, cool atmosphere. Prices seem a little high compared to Oregon and Washington State. Quality of bud was really nice. I tried their strain aEURoeOregon LemonsaEUR Indica it was a nice soft buzzy high behind the eyes to start off, moved into a thought provoking analytical/creative high, slight bit of paranoia, finally ending with a nice sedative feeling and a great sleep. I look forward to trying other strains in the near future.

  239. beahdawn

    This was my first visit to any dispensary. I can not write this review based on any comparisons of any other dispensaries because I have not been to any others yet. I plan too look around though but my visit here was very nice. We were clueless about everything and the young man that helped us answered all our questions and he was patient and never made us feel stupid for not knowing anything. We were greeted from the front door, the desk, and the staff inside all very pleasantly.

  240. jaanmiichael

    I highly recommend this place! You should check them out! All the staff are friendly and there’s alot of strains you could choose from!

  241. medusadabs710

    Even with lines almost out the door they always take care of me in a timely manner! First time back as a recreational patient! Definitely my favorite place to be

  242. Makinaloca

    Great dispensary in the South Bay. High quality stuff and great staff!

  243. obeyface

    If you like the retail type shops this is the place to go. Very clean and professional. Will go back to re-up.

  244. Inocencio

    They are very helpful and have a good selection.

  245. brittaanyps

    absolutely love the feel of this place. everyone is so friendly and informative. have already recommended this place to many friends.

  246. FrostedMint

    Very quick and friendly service. Employees very helpful and seem to be having a good time at location! Good cartridge selection and quality products. Would definitely recommend to a friend and will continue to come here for all my needs!

  247. TravelingMan397

    Good parking, excellent lobby and bud tenders are on point. Always a variety and when ordering online they give you a place to list options or filling direction.. Cool theme. Online orders never wait more than a few minutes as far as I’ve experienced. Recreational use has made walk in’s a lengthy ordeal.

  248. Acraighead

    Classy and stylish, great tree for moderate prices.

  249. Macarius

    Great service

  250. Armenta26

    First time walking into airfield, nothing but chill vibes and smiles! I was checked in no problem, and got a complimentary massage, Julia thank you so much! Massage is FuegodY’OEdY1/4 Definitely be coming backdY’dY>>

  251. lmichelle6585

    I love this place! The staff is always really professional and helpful. I really appreciate them making recommendations for what will work for migraines. I finally got my paws on some Harlequin. OMG, it works wonders for migraines.

    This place is super clean. The front desk staff are always friendly. I feel safe here, there’s a security guard guy that’s always in the lot. I really appreciate that since I come up from Gilroy, usually late. I’ve been to a couple other places in San Jose, Airfield’s flowers are always better quality.

  252. gavitia

    Awesome customer service. They are very knowledgeable.

  253. thoushallnotknow

    This is the worst dispensary I have ever visited. The budtender who helped me (no physical description allowed on leafly) was extremely rude and kept talking over me, perceiving that I knew nothing about cannabis, and proceeded to forcibly have me purchase an incredibly low quality 1/8th of dry, yelllowing, innefective cannabis labeled as “Royal Kush.” Let me explain what I mean by forcibly, the budtender literally asked me if i wanted to purchase anything else after showing me the product, implying that i had already decided on purchasing the product, which was not the case whatsoever. Furthermore, after pressuring me into making the purchase, i was denied the option of looking at more product, because the budtender once again went on assuming, that i was finished shopping. It was my first time visiting this dispensary and I feel, through the experience that THIS dispensary CHOSE to provide me, that i was exploited based on reasons of perception of lack of knowledge and upselling. Be warned fellow cannabis consumers, on your first visit this dispensary will take advantage of the fact that little is known of their product and will maliciously try to sell patients product that is absolutely terrible at prices comparable to other dispensaries top tier shelves. And, this dispensary charges you $2.50 for a resealable bag if you use up the original two they provide. Another way of exploiting patients who are just trying to afford their medication. 0 stars if I could.

  254. jrdelacruz777

    Very helpful and nice people not to mention the flower 100% recommended to everyome

  255. grundleson

    Place is great. Friendly people and quick service. Would be back for sure

  256. Jamieamaro

    Love the people here always helpful

  257. korelick

    Great first visit. Knowledgable staff that will spend time to help you make right choices for your specific need.

  258. lil rascal

    Excellent location near airport. If traveling from Sunnyvale best take Central Expressway after 3″30pm as 101 gets jammed.

  259. kikicatmeow

    Very convenient and safe!

  260. Jabjlb

    This place is great !!!! The budlets are completely off the hook for price / quality.

  261. Dumagan6

    Fantastic place

  262. Lordwashingv

    Buds are very nice cool concept inside the facility.

    Wish buds were larger in appearance

    Love the clear display of plants and flowers in the lobby. Ladies upfront are very knowledgable.

  263. akiki

    Super convenient location, REALLY truly nice people–all of them patients, like me, which is fantastic–and a knowledgebase that far exceeds most other collectives around here. They have my favorite strain at great prices (Grape Ape), and they always have everything I want in stock. Love!

  264. GarlicBread

    Ive gone here for over a year and still continue to come back. Love this place!

  265. jcr723malakas

    love the flowers. 5 of 5 for sure

  266. jetpackjones

    This is one of my favorite dispensaries because not only are the budtenders very knowledgeable and also they keep items in stock. I hate trying new things that go away when I want them, and Airfield is best for keeping what I like in stock.

  267. igena

    Its Kinda far from My house But worth the Drive.

  268. Kidelgado1

    Love it! The people who work here are so helpful and nice.

  269. buckeyes2013

    This place is awesome! Super helpful and professional. This place is a 6!

  270. whaatt

    Love it! Great service.

  271. mvansickle11

    I’ve had nothing but good experiences at Airfield Supply Company they’ve got fast friendly service.

  272. Colormebrooklyn

    Honestly best dispensary!

  273. michaelinpaly

    I love this place. It’s my favorite dispensary. Bring paperwork, not just card. They let me in the first time with just card. I appreciated that.

  274. Zainabaltai

    The staff is always so nice

  275. Jamieknows

    Fantastic Service! Highly recommend Airfield!

  276. dalehenry21

    I’ve been to a bunch of spots in LA and Denver, and I have to say this spot is top rate. Presentation is excellent, Karina the budtender was SUPER helpful and friendly. Would definitely return anytime I’m in the area.

  277. Lex408

    I really love the improvement, i use to go to SBHC all the time and i was sad when they moved but the new place is a longer drive away but completely worth it.

  278. braddahhi50

    Amazing store set up. Very blown away.

  279. catleffew

    Very professional! And a beautifully run setup! Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. They have yet to steer me wrong. 🙂
    I will be a loyal customer for Life!

  280. sampura

    Always very nice, prompt, clean, and knowledgeable. The product is always fresh and good that it often takes me a while to browse it all and make a decision.

  281. Ramirezray408

    extremely professional, always good recommendations.

  282. jessegerl

    Can’t say enough great things about Airfield. Just tried The Sauce!!! It really knocked me off my socks and I actually slept last night without waking up. This place has great customer service and a wonderful vibe.

  283. Amynakaya38

    Great selection. Great customer service! Would definitely come back.

  284. bayser

    excellent customer service! very friendly and helpful. Great selection of medicines. I will be returning.

  285. Yannie6

    The best I’ve been to. Bud tenders always informative and guide me tho the right meds!

  286. missjoy0us

    I love the location of this spot! So many are too far downtown and its super convenient since I live in Santa Clara. Super open, safe feeling facility the view of the grow room inside is pretty amazing! Everyone is super friendly, the quality and variety of flower is great. Staff is super knowledgeable and helpful I suffer from migraines and they always have recommend something that has helped. If you appreciate good cannabis and good customer service you will love Airfield!

  287. kellimlang

    Not only is the atmosphere beautiful but the quality of people that are employed there… they ALL are friendly, amazing & are very well knowledge. But customer service IS HANDS DOWN AWESOME!!!
    I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND and experience it!!!dYOE?dYOE?dYOE?dYOE!i,

  288. alanm821

    This place amazing! Would absolutely recommend to anyone, super knowledgeable

  289. scum31

    The staff are friendly and the service is good. Helped with questions that I had

  290. MaddC0w

    Long lines sometimes but they work them fast.

  291. aydensdad65

    Very nice people and make you feel at home. I like the variety and the concentrates are awesome. Always make sure to stop in when I am close by. Definitely my go to place.

  292. Cguuchi

    Helpful staff. Good selection. Very convenient.

  293. nicolehan

    Great knowledge and great products. Very clean and friendly, I love buying flower from this club

  294. l-design

    Best dispensary in the Bay Area! I have been a patient with them since they opened about 4 or 5 years ago and always have a great experience. I finally went to check out their new location and this place is exceptional!!!! They have three Girl Scout Cookie strains all testing over 20% Thc. They have a huge selection of flowers and edibles, which is why I always went to them in the first place. I can always find what I need here and can count on the quality being high end at an affordable price. I will be recommending you to anyone that is in need of a medical marijuana collective.

  295. Luis12

    The best and only place I get my meds. The employs are very helpful and the medicine is always on point. Every one should visit.

  296. sundevil1987

    Happy 420 !

  297. xyentific

    The location and facility is top notch. I love the quality of their product and the branding.

    The beautiful Rachel helped me out today and guided me to some good flower to try out.

  298. bwalkejunk

    Staff was friendly and helpful. Nice selection of products.

  299. TimShady

    Love this place 5 stars every time I come!

  300. bgichane

    Great people, great weed.

  301. jcvalle23

    HAPPY 420!!!dY’S

  302. KatLatt2017

    XBy far my favorite dispensary in this area. Place has a chill vibe and quality product. Great selection, plenty of parking and friendly staff. What more could you ask for?? Highly recommend!

  303. BayareaGuy

    The location was easy to get too and had plenty of parking. Sign-up took like literally 20 seconds. There was ample staff and I went from line to counter in about 3 mins. The person helping me didn’t rush me at all which is appreciated. Buds looked well manicured and I’m completely happy with my purchase.

  304. khrystyne93

    The service is EXTREMELY great here! Everyone is always in such a great mood ready to attend to everyone coming in and you’ll actually leave happy and satisfied. Location here is great as well! It’s not downtown in a crazy area like all the other ones. Honestly, all in all, if you’re looking for LEGIT quality bud, this place has got it and even more. They’re always having different promotions going on which makes me want to come back for more every time. Give it a visit, you will not leave unsatisfied!

  305. illestj5

    It’s in a easy to access location and plenty of parking. Love the design aesthetics. By far my go to place.

  306. NeelV

    Been going here (previously SBHC) for about 3 years now and it is by far the best dispensary around. Even when they moved locations (the old location was 5 minutes from my house), I am willing to drive the extra 15 minutes for the quality service, great prices and amazing medicines they have available to their patients. All the staff are extremely polite, respectful and professional; they have always guided me on which medicines will work best for my needs. I always feel safe when entering their dispensary and their around the clock security makes it comforting knowing I can leave and walk to my car without having to watch my surroundings. I will continue to visit this location and am glad to have discovered it.

  307. Cpilato16

    Great place! Friendly staff! dY’dY>>

  308. Sunbum1978

    Best place I’ve ever been! Awesome Staff!

  309. Bachelortwo

    The Jack Herer was honestly the best I’ve ever had and the price was great for the bud!

  310. Bibisu

    Nice place

  311. jcstar007

    Awesome place!

  312. Trueog123

    Great place

  313. wolfy0587

    im sad to say i thought i found a place i can be comfortable with going to on a regular basis but ive come up short on my packages i have no proof becuz everuthing is pre packaged but i rather not go somewhere i cant have it weighed out in front of me ….

  314. hockey89

    great people wonderful service and great products

  315. swede_mcbeed

    Used to be a patient when they were SBC. Airfield is a hidden gem. Always have great deals and what I am looking for.

  316. Milpitasmonster408

    An amazing spot with fire for days!!! Plus they have smokin women that work there!!! Aka eye candy!!!

  317. Rayahsm

    Love the glass window with the plants as soon as you walk in!! Lots of options!

  318. myleafs87

    there the best !!!!!!

  319. thatguyshaz

    Everyone here is super knowledgeable and welcoming, it’s a great place

  320. Avquach

    Awesome products. But the lines!! The lines are so long! That means they got good stuff.

  321. kjjimenez

    This is the first location I checked out after not having my card for over two years and let me tell yah, I’m definitely going back! From the moment you walk in you know you’re in for a treat. The staff is super friendly and I felt a genuine vibe, they really care about their customers. The overall looks of this place is absolutely captivating. If you’re ever in the area, you have to check this place out!

  322. metokesalot

    Great selection & knowledgeable & friendly budtenders. Best dispensary in the area hands down.

  323. PurpleHazeSatyr

    I come to this dispensary when I need to grab a couple of edibles. Not the largest selection of flowers, but they have a nice edible selection. Staff is friendly and the shop is very clean and presentable. SBHC also tends to have a 2 dollar cheaper price on edibles than other local dispensaries which is a plus! Overall I would recommend this dispensary to anyone looking for a nice convenient place to get their medicine.

  324. nall420

    This place is a very great club. The budtenders are so professional and there prices are good. There bud is tested for thc

  325. bewils

    Great location. Very modern. Very upscale. Bud tenders are knowledgeable and nice.

  326. spordniar

    The setup is very clean, and staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, highly recommended!

  327. WaxPoetDanger

    I’ve never had a bad experience at Airfield. It’s convenient and low-key location is complimented by a friendly, knowledgeable staff and top shelf flower to concentrates. Highly recommended – you won’t be disappointed.

  328. Patbud73

    Very professional, comfortable and welcomed atmosphere. aEURoeHighaEURly reccomended.

  329. Killakushc

    Great deals and flower !!

  330. corinal

    The staff is wonderful been going here for a few years.

  331. Ovarybusta

    Best place in the area, has everything you need even papers!

  332. apisano408

    Great place. Awesome staff.

  333. Marshy

    I have been visiting this location once a week or once every other week since they opened. Airfield Supply Co. has a lot of good things going for it. The location is easy to get to with a lot of parking available. There’s enough variety in medicine to keep me interested in coming back and the quality in medicine has generally been consistent.

    The service however is hit or miss. True, there are staff members that are very attentive and informative but there are also staff members that seem more interested in talking to each other rather than engaging with their patient as they wait for you to choose a product– offering little to no guidance. This makes for a poor experience because the lack of understanding and empathy makes me feel like a money bank more so than a patient.

    One experience particularly stood out to me as I asked the budtender assisting me what the strain of the day was. I was told immediately that I have to check online myself. I have no problem with being self-sufficient but then i wonder why another employee assisting another patient was able to tell my budtender, the answer. When I asked to see a particular strain, my budtender proceeded to dump all of the other display containers on the floor- something I’ve never seen anyone else do before. It was almost as if I was being told, “Why that strain? It’s so hard to get to”. Furthermore, I had asked for a pre-roll and even though the request was acknowledged, the pre-roll did not end up in my bag and I was not charged for it. Needless to say, it was an experience that has made me weary of coming in and nowadays when I’m standing in line- I’m secretly praying I do not get certain individuals to assist me.

    One other small thing to mention is the inconsistent quantities that are in the pre-packaged eighths (may apply to other quantities, but I only buy eighths) or rather that some staff members will allow you to choose the eighth that you want while some grab whatever is available for you. I cannot say whether or not I’ve ever been shortchanged with 100% certainty as I do not have a scale, however, there have been times where the eighth that I received paled in comparison to another eighth that I had purchased from Airfield. Case in point, I’d really like to see all staff members being consistent and allowing the patient to choose their eighth.

    Overall, Airfield Supply Co. is a good dispensary that has some easily remedied problems that are hopefully addressed in the foreseeable future.

  334. Madeline0818

    Love this dispensary. I come here everytime I’m in California. Great staff wonderful atmosphere and very helpful!

  335. phillanza11

    Awesome place!!!!!! I love the scenery

  336. julamor

    love the atmosphere and customer service.

  337. legolasislove

    I’m always welcomed warmly. Budtenders are knowledgeable and helpful.

  338. Ketchem1991

    it feels exclusive. friendly staff that work hard to answer everyone’s questions and know their providers products. I have social anxiety but always feel at ease when I walk in this place. =)

  339. joaoluiz1234

    Great place

  340. Mariana81mr

    Clean and professional.

  341. Jennyzelmar

    Great location but a bit crowded and overwhelming but staff made up for it

  342. Porygon42

    Having a medical card for bad anxiety, it can be difficult finding a place and staff that make you feel welcome and not like an idiot for not knowing everything about the cannabis world, but this particular dispensary by all accounts accomplished all of that. The interior was well furnished and very inviting, the front desk staff, helpful with signing up. But the aspect that really sold me as a permanent customer is how amazing the “Budtenders” were. I wish I could remember the name of the guy who helped me, but he was able to help me work within my budget, help me find the best product for my personal tastes/needs and he did it all while being friendly, chatty, and patient even though I didn’t know what I wanted before I came in, and was feeling pretty anxious.

    overall, I loved the Airfield and will definitely be coming again in the future!

  343. tsell41

    I have been coming here since February and I have never left unhappy. Katie is my favorite bud tender and always recommends new strains that blow me away. This place is clean, friends, quick and always a great experience. I’m really stoked that they have set a new standard for cannabis collectives.

  344. Yasmin89

    Love this spot. Great service and selection!

  345. DRERODZ

    First dispensary I went to and frequent the most. The staff is knowledgeable, EXTREMELY helpful and the product is top notch.

    Service is great and above all very professional.

  346. nikspartacus90

    Absolutely a great location for all that you ask for in a dispensary. Knowledgeable, very polite and service is impeccable. I will always come here to get my supplies that i need for just being a well rounded location and never dissapoints.

  347. EntKing

    Great place! Awesome staff and product is exceptional quality! 10/10 would recommend

  348. kirkwoodarachel

    Clean, friendly, and offers lots of free samples

  349. omds710

    great atmosphere, awesome customer service great on prices:) going to be my go to place now

  350. sarelle

    great atmosphere, great vibe. I love this place the customer service is on point and they have a lot of good variety for a great price. I recommend it to all my friends.

  351. aztecprime7

    Very professional and was offered tons of advice.

  352. HighNeighbor

    Great atmosphere and service! It’s so clean and nice here!

  353. bluedreamlover99

    I feel extremely comfortable and welcome in this collective. The bud tenders are knowledgeable and the medicine is quality. They have a large range of options when it comes to CBD products and edibles and the prices are reasonable. I’ll definitely be back. If they have the GSC grab it, its fire!!

  354. wd4dd

    The BEST been coming here for a long time Medical patient

  355. ogphotographee

    I enjoy how easy it is to find. The marketing and store layout is dope!

  356. claspe

    Great, upscale vibe!

  357. Cherries Jubilee

    It was my first time to any dispensary and I was blown away. It’s so clean and organized. I bought medicinal cream and tincture. Excellent products.

  358. Streetkingz420

    All my stressful anxiety fades away as I walk into this place. I am treated like family here and that means a lot to me. I rarely go anywhere else. Thank you Airfield Supply!!

  359. Orreagan

    Superb buds and prices for everyone

  360. Rudy24831

    Awesome place!!!

  361. RabbitKing

    Nice atmosphere with awesome staff. Can be crowded, but the customer service makes it worth it. My absolute go to.

  362. Xoprincessval

    This place is dope.

  363. VapeQueen710

    I had heard so much about Airfield and thought I was going to end up disappointed but I had a great time. They have a wonderful selection (flower, capes, edibles, etc.), great deals, and knowledgeable + attentive budtenders who take themselves just seriously enough. You can browse their up to date stuff online (with pretty solid descriptions) as well as pre-order for pickup. They exchanged a cart I had a problem with very easily. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s Halloween weekend (I went Saturday and Sunday) but it was poppin’ in there and the line was quite long (only downside but others said it usually isn’t so busy). Very classy, futuristic vibe.

  364. cblack09

    This location is so nice! Awesome staff and easy to choose selections! Would 10/10 recommend

  365. Eggnug

    By far the coolest dispensary, the new online orders only area is super efficient! Really great for those busy rushes. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable.

  366. Spikiera

    Very nicely decorated place and friendly receptionist. I love the store setup and the quality of the goods. Make sure you get one of their bag, the quality is ridiculously awesome.

  367. MaggieP143

    Absolutely an awesome place to go to if your in the South Bay area. Great selection, friendly staff, and easy to find location.

  368. christian

    Great spot in the San Jose area. Clean, mature and professional. Very nice and professional staff. Good strain and edible selection plus they offer clones. Plenty of parking and close to freeways!

  369. mitchtrev

    one of my favorite places to visit! amazing, friendly and very knowledgeable staff! and a wide range of edibles this is my one stop shop!

  370. relliott6636

    Extremely helpful staff from the desk to the budtenders. Wonderful product and great pricing. Can’t wait to go again.

  371. hshm

    Scott was great!

  372. carlosrod2426

    Good variety to choose from

  373. aa7650

    First time here and such an awesome place. Very cool waiting are. Great prices.

  374. RTP_vistor

    Wow!! What an awesome first experience! Welcome to Cali!

  375. Readthebook

    Been coming here for years and it’s my favorite spot. Knowledgeable and quality meds.

  376. leonardmontoya

    I love the new location. The staff is great the product is awesome. I only visit this club no reason to go anywhere else. If your looking for an awesome club visit Airfield.

  377. lorindaw

    Wonderful location and facility! Just had a free chair massage today from a very nice woman. The little extra perks go along way with me. I feel like these guys are incredibly professional and knowledgeable about cannabis. This is my spot. Thanks Airfield

  378. Beverlyfierce

    I come here often a long with my friend who comes here even more often ! Talk about frequent flyer ! Anyways these guys and gals always go above an beyond and really work to accommodate everyone’s needs ! They are very informative and great! I would recommend anyone here for a high class experience!

  379. Debbiej958

    I have been coming to Airfield since way back when they were called SBHC. Always my favorite dispensary to go to. Always professional, clean and super friendly and helpful. Love it!!!!

  380. brooklynt

    Friendly staff, great products! Skip the line and order online!

  381. DTKS

    I LOVE it. We’ve been twice, and each time we are amazed at the service, cleanliness, and knowledge of the staff. Today’s budtender was Bryce and he took great care of us. We’ll be back.

  382. lovelesskat

    Friendly staff. Great selection.

  383. eldonalex

    great worth the drive.

  384. SammyDiesel

    Airfield is AWESOME! When I first got my medical recommendation, a friend of mine who frequents Airfield said it’s the best place to start, and sure enough it was.

    It’s very close to the San Jose, Ca airport hence aEURoeAirfieldaEUR. The shop itself is very clean and staffing there from receptionists to budtenders are very friendly.

    The budtender I had at the time, aEURoeSammyaEUR was very helpful and educational about any product questions I had making my experience very easy and fun! First timers also walk away with a bunch of goodies including a preroll.

    Their Sativa menu is limited compared to their Indica/Hybrid menu which is my only complaint if I had to give it one.

    All in all if you’re in the San Jose, Ca area I highly recommend checking this place out!

  385. MPMedicine

    I love this place. I’ve been here a handful of times and they are awesome. The employees are super friendly and the shop itself is really nice. The interior is nicely decorated but more importantly the quality of medicine is exceptional. All flowers have been great and the edibles are great quality. This is my new go to dispensary.

  386. mostdope95

    I like how helpful and welcoming the staff is. Jonathan helped me get some awesome products today like the absolute vape products and korova brownies 😀

  387. alimarie420

    Absolutely love Airfield. Convenient location. Knowledgeable staff. High quality flower and edible. Easily my favorite club, stands up there with the best of Santa Cruz clubs. I’ve tried other places and always come back. You can’t get better quality and honesty than from here in this area.

  388. Rusty831

    So for the best dispensary I’ve been to

  389. gega75

    They have best stuff

  390. jcubeddddd

    Jack Herer (Best Sativa) + GSC Blue Cut (Best Indica) +
    Airfield Supply Co = Priceless!

    An establishment that is focused on making each and every patient satisfied and healed with the correct treatment and dosage. Plentiful parking with a large amount of products at great prices. Take Flight @ Airfield!!

  391. sotoabh128

    Awesome place good environment good quality meds and products

  392. herjana

    Not too shabby.

  393. Robkingasu

    Great experience

  394. snobles

    Airfield always has great deals and awesome service. I go here to get great quality meds for my budget, and the scenery is wonderful as well. I even love their awesome med bags.

  395. Brandeezworld

    From the high concept design and well executed airport theme, to the overall interior, this place is first class (pun intended).

    Great selection and for me, good variety of edibles.

    Travis was uber helpful and I can’t wait to come back.

  396. bumblebee23

    My last visit was great! I got the special for the day which was blueberry kush and it was some of the best weed I’ve had in awhile. I appreciate this place so much.

  397. runnerofmarathons

    It was pretty busy on a Saturday, but great service

  398. bm_183

    Excellent and quick service

  399. puffmonster

    Awesome location, people were helpful, would definitely return when in San Jose

  400. kyky_blue

    Budtenders are awesome. Nice selection and not too expensive. Convenient location near the freeway and the airport.

  401. lballest86

    Great location, very professional and most important great product

  402. Apz27

    My favorite dispensary by far!!
    Very clean & professional

  403. pdub

    Great variety. Convenient location.

  404. tinknocker7

    Only place that accepts my union medical prescription card a little pricey but great place excellent quality

  405. Eggdeath

    I love this place!!!!!!!!

  406. Spack408

    Great location and prices

  407. oozingplazma

    The moment yoy walk in, the environment is friendly and professional. It is in a really nice area, and not downtown which is great! The staff are all friendly and extremely knowledgable. The flower is always incredible, and I love how they price based on the cost to grow. Their edible selection is the largest I’ve seen, and they have the most CBD products too! This is my go to club. Thanks everyone at Airfiled =)

  408. rayraypa1

    Best in the west

  409. 420buds

    The entrance is in the back! The lobby was spacious and the membership process was painless. There was a view of a grow room with tall mother plants. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, the flowers selection was great . I was impressed with the greenhouse and outdoor selections. I paid $43 for an 8th of sweet tooth Maui out the door. Looking back I probably should have spent the extra $$$ for some (first class) grape kryptonite, which would have cost close to $60 the price of cannabis cannot-willnot be raised!it is absolutely absurb as is. The 8th I got was OK it did taste good and was stoney and everything but there was a misfit nug that wasn’t as good as the rest. I’m pretty sure you don’t have an opportunity to inspect what your purchasing. The old bait and switch. all and all great all around. I will return sometime.

  410. gordopunk80

    Love the new facility great staff insightful very knowledgeable clean atmosphere it’s a great place, check them out!!!!!!

  411. Cassiereece

    Great customer service

  412. SummerofGeorge

    Beautiful design. Great environment. The marijuana was alright. I bought some Blueberry Kush and it treated me very well. I felt rushed when I went in. It wasn’t relaxed. I suffer from fibromyalgia and the salesman didn’t really know what would work. I will return if I am in the area.

  413. Yunghd94

    Super dank club. Very modern design. Great selection. My budtender was really knowledgeable.

  414. kickbxrr

    My 1st time there I almost had an anxiety attack, It just felt wrong. I almost chickened out, but once I got inside everything worked out. The staff was very professional and friendly. The selection was a bit overwhelming. I felt a little bad for the bud tender that got stuck with me. I had a million questions and not a single clue. He was patient and helpful and explained all the options. I’ve been back several times. I keep trying to check out other dispensaries but I havn’t fount a reason. The prices are all pretty close and with the Veterans discount they are hard to beat.

  415. Noneedforaname6

    I really love this place, the quality of medicine is amazing, the people here are so friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is very happy and relaxed. Really good choices in flowers, and top quality concentrates. The edibles are really good too. Also: really cool logo and t-shirts! I definitely recommend this place.

  416. ceilingphan

    A real sweet place and a website to match. The friendly person at the front asked me if this was my first time visiting; yes it was. Inside, the transaction was quick but I felt welcome to stay. And free, dope stickers!

  417. rp52

    Been in twice now. Great selection of edibles and flower, at least as compared to the “#1 dispensary in Silicon Valley” Elemental Wellness, as voted on in a local publication. Prices are about the same. Be nice if Airfield delivered, as Elemental does.

  418. estevanwong1

    Cool people good bud

  419. ScreamQueen64

    This is a great location for a most positive experience.dYtm,

  420. SmokemonG0

    I often consider visiting a dispensary I’ve never been to so I can reap the rewards for being a new patient. Everytime however, I find myself driving back to Airfield instead. There is something about it that keeps my loyalty in check. Perhaps it’s the high quality buds or the professional service they provide. Or maybe it’s the friendly front desk staff that welcomes me. Or maybe it’s the convenience of the location that separates it from other dispensaries. It’s not just some random hole in the wall in the slum side of town. Well for whatever reason, I hope it stays the way it is for a long time.

  421. PaientQ

    Recently moved from the east bay, the leaf and service are wayyy better at Airfield.

  422. Amggutz

    Awesome place and Great people. They have a smooth process that allows me to go in get what I need and be on my way. Quality products and knowlrdgable staff.

  423. Irishblackdog


  424. mchief101

    I love this place! Very clean environment and the people that work there are so chill and probably the nicest people ever. They will help you with whatever medical marijuana strains you need 🙂 and the service is quick and easy. I also really enjoy going in and seeing the little grow room which is awesomely green :). This dispensary is my main one and hope they stick around for a very long time.

  425. Mike_Wazowski

    Airfield Supply Co. is the best. Super fast help and cool budtenders.

  426. StonedKappa

    A nice, friendly place with a great location (easy access from the highway). The reception area and dispensary itself are both clean, well-organized, with a very helpful staff.

    I’ve been extremely satisfied with both the services and the product, and it’s my go-to place now. Can’t recommend it enough.

  427. Calvinr35

    Great atmosphere

  428. ktleaf

    Great place, knowledgeable staff

  429. Agowda

    Pretty awesome.

  430. cbrucecrawley

    Great service!

  431. dislodge112

    for an out of towner, their website was very clear about visiting protocol

  432. thebzknz

    Great place! Made my first visit today and I will definitely be heading back. They have a great selection of edibles with prices similar to other local dispensaries. They also stock all 6 types of Hmbdlt pens – which i was looking for! The staff was all super nice and welcoming. I will be back.

  433. zaroni

    Great location, large space but looks small from the outside. Beautiful interior design, top quality product. I love the airtight bags they provide.

  434. Pugzie

    Great! Ordering online is so easy 🙂

  435. Queen belle cruz

    Awesome and cool

  436. Nikki21artea

    Convenient. A Favorite

  437. todaysfish

    I am a grower and am always successful with the wide selection of clones

  438. epasibe925

    Great service, always. Quality product. Always stop here when I’m in town!

  439. llloyd

    This is the best place for medicine in the campbell/saratoga/santa clara area that I’ve been to. Very professional and compliant with the law. Analysis is run on all the product, always great quality. Every time I go they seem to have new stock which lets me find strains that best help my affliction(mental health, inflammation, as well as sleep issues) without going to some of the more questionable dispensaries in the area.

    There are certianly places I question whether or not they comply with the law. This is one of them. Great ethics and product.

  440. helloimfaded

    super friendly, great atmosphere and great customer service from all within the store. great prices and super good tree’s! thank you for the great experience! Will definitely. be back!

  441. kesiarcee

    This is the only place I’ll go to tbh.

  442. wwwMarKc0m

    Great looking place. I love the whole theme of “aviation” The options were really really good. And the customer service they provided when purchasing my meds were Sooooooo AWESOME! The two girls I was with were great, had a good short conversation and was very much so entertaining, and i’d have to say this is my go to place now when purchasing my meds.

  443. billchase

    Best dispensary in San Jose! Welcoming vibe and excellent medicine. They have their shit together, they follow the law and all the medicine is tested. It’s hard to find a trustworthy dispensary, this place is very honest and I appreciate that.

  444. g223

    Cool, Clean place, love the vibe. Good tree and reggae.

  445. gcampos84

    great place, but i must say the old place was much more Homie …. just saying

  446. Batgirlmp1977

    I love this location so much. My father comes here as well to buy topical lotion.

  447. largeman

    Fantastic products at affordable prices, and great customer service. Definitely one of my better experiences! I have returned multiple times and intend to continue doing so. Don’t forget to ask about the edible/strain of the day!

  448. Cookies925

    This place is very nice I really like the way it’s layed out and the theme. Bud is good, I stick to top shelf typically. I’ve been about 3 times now, twice I was helped by guys once was a female. No offense at all to airfield, but both male budtenders I dealt with behaved like tweakers! The first guy actually was a lot of help, but it was very hard to have a conversation when he was all over the place. The second guy I dealt with yesterday was the same way, but not very helpful. He barely even knew what they had in stock and it felt like he couldn’t wait until I was done deciding. Almost like he had more important shit to do and I was holding him up. Most likely he had to get to his phone to text I’m sure. I felt rushed and didn’t even bother looking at some trees cause I didn’t wanna hear another ” sigh” or get asked “is that all” for the 5th time. I just chose the eighth of platinum cookies, but before I was done I asked for a couple grams of a strain I wanted to try and he grabbed a couple out a box from the back. When I got in my car I noticed he gave me 2 different grams. So I didn’t get 2 grams of what I wanted, but on the brighter side one of the grams was better weed with the price of the cheaper gram.

    Bottom line, this place has a ton of potential cause they went full blown on there image and theme which is very nice, but their customer service was terrible out of the male staff. This is where you think about all the budtenders at places like harborside and magnolia. They really take all the time you need to make sure the medicine is what you’re looking for.

    Ps. Female staff was great every time. So helpful and up to date on the medicine at the club. Sometimes the female staff answers questions the dudes can’t answer.

  449. PurpleHaze711

    I LOVE IT. Great help and advice!

  450. idgaf408

    My favorite place to buy cannabis

  451. Cannaloc

    Amazing dispensary! Matthew is so knowledgeable about the different products and stains; he made it a wonderful experience…hello $500 later…yes, they take credit cards!

  452. Jennywalsh

    Loving this collective! They have a great selection of herb, concentrates, and tons of edibles to choose from. This spot is very clean and professional.

  453. xDarkHero

    Awesome place for anything weed related. Even if you have no experience with marijuana, the employees have the proper knowledge to help you get the hang of it. Definitelt recommend checking out this spot.

  454. timdagner

    Very happy customer! I just came here for the first time and found everything I needed and more! They have a large selection of flowers that were tested above 20% THC. The top shelf prices are pretty good if you compare to any other place worth walking into. The edible selection seemed endless with cookies, chocolates, honey, candy, pill, and tons more. I have been to many other dispensaries and was surprised to find such a wide selection than what I am used to at other places. The staff was knowledgeable about the industry, product, and legal aspects. They were very nice and compassionate to me and helped me since I am a handicap. I was pleased by one particular strain Great White Shark that had a great effect to help with my pain. They offered a free chinese medicine consultation which I signed up for along with other things like a chair massage and growing classes. This dispensary should be rated at 5 stars because they gave me extra assistance, spent more one on one time with me, and their flowers are some of the best I have ever seen. I’ve been around before dispensaries opened, I know when I try something good and this place has got it!

  455. Bigdaddyjesse

    The best not far from home.easy to get to.very happy with the location.

  456. NEhighlander

    Great location, clean friendly shop and knowledgeable staff. Had a good experience and will be returning soon!

  457. mdsLeafly

    Super easy and professional. Nice, courteous, and knowledgeable staff

  458. ooktar

    I’ve been coming to Airfield Supply since they were South Bay Healing Center. I’ve never had a bad experience here. The staff have always been courteous and helpful. They have reasonable prices and tend to have good deals often. Airfield is one of the few dispensaries I shop at regularly and I would recommend them to anybody.

  459. d8r3m

    This place is the best around, super clean and the staff is awesome. Check them out!

  460. Chief_lotsakush

    My go-to collective in San Jose! They have a wide selection of quality medicine, (their grown-in-house Jack Herer is my favorite!) and the always friendly budtenders really know their stuff and take the time to ensure that you’re getting what’s right for your needs. They also have one of the most consistent and healthy looking selection of clones I have seen in any south bay collective.

  461. bpash

    Everyone was very helpful during my first visit. The front desk was extremely nice, and everyone else helped me find exactly what I wanted. The store itself has a nice atmosphere. Even better, it is in a great location.

  462. mrserra007

    The best medicine, staff, and facilities I’ve experienced anywhere. I’ve searched from Humboldt to L. A. and all in between. Nothing compares to the quality and pricing here. The overall experience is truly exceptional.

  463. normanaman


  464. anthead

    Great staff, product and prices

  465. Jb34498

    This is my favorite spot in the South Bay! Great selection, love the lab test results and presentation. Design is off the hook.

  466. sicvic09

    This place is awesome. Great environment, friendly people, and very good quality meds.

  467. Westerner

    I have been driving down here from Burlingame for a year because I love this place! Cool decor, knowledgeable staff, and plenty of parking.

  468. mellownectar

    Awesome, good selection

  469. luisss310

    Great place to get flowers from. Highly satisfied.

  470. cannabiskane

    Great product, and great service/help while shopping, front desk personnel very helpful, will return and buy soon!

  471. coralivory93

    One of the best places I’ve been to so far. Budtenders are always so friendly and helpful. Will definitely recommend Airfield to a friend!

  472. TonyHenderson

    Great selection of edibles and strains broken down by “Class”.

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff!

  473. DanielTCano

    Hands down the best dispensary in San Jose. The Airport theme is awesome, their logo is super clean and professional and the lobby has a lovely view of their plants. The whole staff is always super friendly and very helpful. The daily deals on different strains and edibles are great. Their flowers are great and at an incredible value. Very good edible and concentrate selections as well. I tell all the patients that I know about Airfield, it’s the only club you need to go to if you’re in the South Bay. Period.

  474. michellleerrrr

    Great people and service!

  475. Rtcjr

    Great place, great product, knowledgeable staff

  476. curlsforthagurls

    Comfortable,friendly,great products

  477. Andrewreyesgolf

    Super great place to come if you are a first time buyer!!!!

  478. fulgentius

    I haven’t been to very many dispensaries, but I have been to some highly regarded ones. This is one of the best. So far the quality of the in house flower is excellent, service is very friendly, the atmosphere is great, prices seem reasonable to me for the quality you get.

    It does seem to get very crowded at times, but they have a decent size staff and the line moves very efficiently.

    Glad to have this place nearby.

  479. anton.kirillov

    Absolutely the best dispensary in the area, great selection of high quality products, great atmosphere and staff.

  480. Woohooitsrissa

    Always fully staffed and stocked. Everyone there seems happy to be working

  481. WhimsicalHippie

    Amazing staff and vibe of this place. The stuff they sell is also good quality.

  482. 442broke

    Professional establishment. They know there stuff! Great service. They seem to have a lot of repeat customers or they treat everyone friendly as if they know them. Kinda place i’ll visit again.

  483. lbs123

    cool spot – nice people

  484. adamH16

    Extremely professional and welcoming environment. Huge variety of products.

  485. crepecrumb

    The only shop I would ever go to for all my needs

  486. DabbyGabby

    I have had a great experience here! I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for top shelf flowers, good outdoor flower prices, and dabs. This spot became review worthy today when I went to return a disposable vape pen that didn’t work. When I got there they switched out the vape pen with a freshy and the guy was sincerely apologetic. He even gave me a compassion cone. You guys can give me a broken vape pen any day for a free J. Also, I recommend a strain called Great white shark……FIRE FIRE! Top shelf has never failed me! This is my go to place and I plan to keep it that way. A very special gem of a dispensary!

  487. rchayor

    Great location just off of 880 on Coleman near the San Jose Airport

  488. Brian

    The meds were fairly priced and of a good level of quality. I got an eighth of the mendo purps that looked beautiful and tasted nice and grapey. The budtenders were knowledgeable and very helpful. Thanks for a great first experience!

  489. mistertrac

    quick, quality, and informative kind service

  490. killachris420

    This is one of my favorite clubs in San Jose. The staff are super professional and informed. The medicine is always top notch and fairly priced. Make sure to stop by when you’re in the neighborhood.

  491. ajz2017

    Great deals, very friendly staff, best dispensary in the bay area.

  492. cali49er420

    Great customer service!! Nice flowers.. Friendly environment

  493. chino117

    Great customer service. Very nice clean dispensary. Definitely recommend for good quality flowers!!

  494. mellopanda619

    I love this place! The entire staff was welcoming and helpful, from the front desk to the gentleman who helped me choose my meds. This is definitely the nicest dispensary I have been to and I especially love seeing the growing room. I’ll be back often!

  495. hmodi

    Wonderful place! great staff!

  496. hillaryisamazing

    Awesome service!!!

  497. Bettybad

    Easy to find get in and out of wish it was closer to Campbell

  498. Darshanl37

    It is a good place

  499. Emicheli

    Jay was Very very helpful and friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you

  500. JesicaRabbit420

    Excellent service, great quality buds, and all around best collective in the area. My experience was so good, I wish I had the option to give them an extra star. The facility is clean and welcoming which matches the quality of flowers and edibles!!! Its nice knowing that all the meds are tested they even have the potency on the bud jars so when you open your buds at home all the info is right there on the containers. They have a really great selection and not to mention I’ve always had extemly helpful people take my order. I am so stoked to find a great place like this.

  501. patbills88

    Airfield Supply is awesome! They have everything I need and the online ordering is extremely convenient!

  502. john112233

    great place with great staff, clean facilities and great products

  503. Johnnyray07

    Great visit friendly environment good products love this place.

  504. PuddingShots

    Greet people, great selection, nice atmosphere. This is going to be my spot from now on.

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