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2366 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702


37.8632729, -122.2906103




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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Welcome to America’s oldest dispensary, proudly serving our community since 1999.

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128 reviews for “Berkeley Patients Group

  1. TheNinja

    The staff is really nice and the budtender was very knowledgeable.

  2. CannaMom420

    This place is by far one of the most friendliest dispensaries I have ever been to!!! Not only is all the staff really sweet but also super helpful in finding what medications work best for their patients. Quality is always great and even the quantity too. I definitely recommend trying them out!!! Plus if you are a first time patient you get a pretty sweet welcome package.

  3. burnie

    I love Berkeley Patients Group. Being a user of medicinal marijuana and patient of BPG this year this dispensory has been the best. Their recommendations are very helpful and they are all very knowledgeable. Id give them 10 stars if I could.

  4. Tank44

    BPG is very professional and knowledgeable. They also are willing to take the time to talk to you and listen to figure out what you really need. The only reason I gave four stars for atmosphere was due to the girl at the front desk who was cold and not welcoming. However, do not let that be a reason to discourage your patronage.

  5. tourkid

    Love the place and the all star critical Jack is awesome.

  6. Flowery

    Going to BPG is my favorite errand to run. For perhaps obvious reasons, people usually seem in good spirits, both the staff and patients, despite sometimes long lines and limited parking. Still, this is my go to dispensary. They usually have a pretty extensive menu, too.

  7. Ahonie

    Great price on editable chocolate dY<< 100mg THC for 15$, and they sell clones for 22$ if you have the patience to grow

  8. jkserial

    it’s amazing they do an amazing job of keeping their customers informed as well as having high quality thc products.

  9. feojames4200

    BPG has great quality of medicine, but it’s way too pricey.

  10. hannahg123

    Great for medical marijuana! Very professional

  11. steenug

    the place is decent. they have a variety but it’s way too expensive. and there is NO gift bag. Its a free lighter and a kid-sized piece of chocolate they tore off a bigger one.

  12. Lizas

    Very helpful staff. Great product.

  13. joespit

    Always go to this place everytime I’m in Berkeley, it’s in a nice area with some great coffee shops and the place is clean professional, great parking, great fun staff, and lil clones on display for purchase. Huge selection and I great bathroom facilities. I know some places I’ve been to they treat you like you’re going to shoot up. Not here currently favorite dispensary in the bay area

  14. devonia

    The building is small, but there is a lot of parking. I always order online and pick up in the express lane and have only had good experiences with the service and medicine.

    The building is very small and I always have to wait in line. Because I order online, my line moves quickly, but it’s normally at least 6 people deep.

    I will continue to shop here, the service is good and they have a nice selection.

  15. dopekristine

    Place is nice. Way too expensive. Line is always long

  16. BathtubShitter

    Helpful and expedient service even on a busy Friday night. Excellent facility

  17. 9thi

    Amazing! Always helpful

  18. DuanetheCat

    great flower!

  19. shibbydabeast

    love bpg! the donations are fair, the quality is great on most top shelf, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It’s no wonder it’s been around so long

  20. MissBritt91

    Friendly and fun and informative

  21. claylewis2

    Great place

  22. cocov16

    Loved this place. Great meds!

  23. GanjaInfoSec

    awesome service, friendly people. very knowledgeable. Excellent strains and flowers. great place overall.

  24. noshow150

    I received a delivery, however, I spoke with Heaven via phone call. I was never rushed and she was helpful, intelligent, informative, polite, and funny. I felt like i left the phone call with a new friend. Delivery was on time, the gentleman who delivered was also polite and informative. Thank you Heaven and thank you Berkeley Patients Group

  25. moneybag

    Friendly staff, great selection.

  26. karen.randolph1

    the quality that ive found here is a consistent C+, not great but ok. atmosphere is distracting, the menu boards change constantly, & most staff are impatient and bored. not even as good as harborside

  27. SimPLeDoNuT

    Pretty decent place to pick up some good top shelf! Very expensive though! I go every so often. They have decent staff that know what strains are good.

  28. Amurua

    I like the products available. However the atmosphere is a little rough.

  29. dredd1

    Love this place a diverse workforce is very important to me in this place has it. Also it’s the home of the $100 ounce got to love it!

  30. UnkieVal

    This is my regular dispensary. I’ve been coming to them for many years and through the changes I value their professionalism and outstanding customer service and security staff.

    The medicine is always great and the sun grown is a good value.

    Their clones are healthy and lush and the staff is knowledgeable.

    Although I miss the old location with its volancos lounge, head shop and french roast coffee. It still has a following and a pleasant visit every time.

  31. sfemet

    I stopped by on May 13, while in Berkeley visiting a friend. I had heard great things about BPG. Everything went fine until I was at the counter. The dispensary is quite busy, with two lines for new and returning patients. It’s surprisingly small, compared to other places I’ve been to.

    I had a shopping list after checking their menu online, edibles only, as I do not use flowers and told the attendant this. They were out of Auntie Dolores Pretzels (regular strength). The attendant handled my transaction as well as could be expected and included a new patient gift.

    I tried to pay with my credit card, as I could find nothing on their website that prohibits this. They don’t take credit cards. I paid with my debit card. The total was $68.17. He said he would charge $70.00 on the card and return $1.83 in change. This felt shady, but as I did not have enough cash, I approved the transaction. When I left the counter, I looked at my patient gift: a Bic lighter and a gram of Blackberry OG flowers.

    Today, May 26, I checked my bank statement. I was charged $71.25 for the purchase PLUS a $2.50 “fee”. No where on their website does it state that A) they do not take credit cards, B) that you will be charged two fees for using a debit card.

    Please, provide alternative new patient gifts for those who do not use flowers and tell your staff to ask if an optional gift is needed.

    And add a payments page on your website. If I missed it, please make this information available on your home page.

  32. spareohs

    My favorite dispensary in the east bay. BPG has really friendly bud tenders, a well-stocked selection of herbs, oils, tincture, and edibles, all at affordable prices. I always feel safe and comfortable when shopping in store, and I can’t say the same for some other places I’ve been to recently. I love the rewards card so I can get a discount on my order or choose to roll it over into future purchases.

    The parking lot may be small but I’ve never had a problem finding parking. Lots of street parking is also in the area.

  33. bpverbera

    This is a very welcoming space.

  34. Mali

    BPG has employed a bunch of pompous, pretentious, uncompassionate a$$holes. I guarantee that most of these positive reviews are coming from people who work there. The delivery service is an absolute joke. It takes forever to get the delivery and they just cancel your orders without calling you to let you know, so you just end up waiting for hours before you realize nothing is coming. Their policy for discounts vary from person to person, so sometimes you may get a discount, other times they refuse to give it to you. The front desk staff girls are extremely rude! If you call and ask to speak to the delivery dept, they refuse to transfer you and make you hang up and call back and press the correct buttons to get to the delivery dept. They just don’t care about people. I will never go to BPG again.

  35. Mallinalli11

    Good spot

  36. OldScratchJohnson

    This is my regular club. I’m a club crawler and have tried almost every club in the bay. This place is at the top of my list. Some people are complaining about the prices, but take some time to learn the menu and you will realize that they care about the customer getting good medicine more than charging you crazy amounts. I’ve purchase $45 eighths at BPG that rival $60 eighths at much lesser clubs. They pass the price they pay on to the customer. Not all of their strains are amazing, but they have a huge variety so if you don’t want ditch, choose from one of the 20+ other options. They have the sungrown menu for those that want to pay less for flowers grown naturally. Still great quality though! I’d say I’ve interacted with almost every member of the staff at this point and I’ve always left with a huge smile on my face. There are one or two that aren’t as knowledgeable about the products as the rest, but generally you can’t go wrong! Express Lane for if you know what you want when you get there and want to get out fast.

  37. guhjar

    My favorite place to go

  38. 5ftarmy

    I’ve been coming here for years. Always super helpful staff and great products! Very informative on strains and their uses.

  39. nostram

    Efficient and friendly, love this place

  40. Cachi241

    Haven’t visited yet, but I am looking for free classes!

  41. StevenWrytyr

    Parking is always easy at BPG and the have my cartridges most of the time. I love to make use of the pre-order and loyalty program.

  42. Prince2Smoove

    THE BEAT HANDS DOWN!!! Good weed at the best prices. Whatever you need they got it. I pass up other places to come here.

  43. laogongtutu

    As Berkeley’s premier dispensary I’ve had nothing but good experiences at BPG, from the pleasant security and check-in staff to the helpful bud tenders and easy to access parking lot. The variety and quality are very good, and while they do cost more than some alternatives, they have frequent sales and rewards to faithful and attentive customers.

  44. summermessenger

    I’m in Marin, do you deliver?

  45. xenocryst

    I want to like BPG, but there’s just too much wrong with them. Their bud can be very good, but it’s just too inconsistent. Their organization is horrible, and they’re often are out of what their organizational system says is in stock. The lines are always long, and the people are always rude. Also, last time I went I was told misinformation about the bud. They told me the strain I was getting was a sativa dominant hybrid, but it was actually a full on indica, I couldn’t believe that they would be so indifferent about doing a good job and giving proper information, I would love to have a good dispensary so close to me, but unfortunately I just can’t go there again after all of their problems.

  46. fbarajas97

    Usually pretty well stocked. Service is friendly. Better prices than other dispensaries in the East Bay, and much better inventory

  47. emily.s.howard.1

    Nice friendly place for a newbie.


    I haven’t been to this location in a year. I came back it’s exactly how it was when I last left.

    Clean and Organized. This place I always busy and the customer service and product are consistent.

  49. Trezzy

    they really know there stuff and ver

    great people

    y helpful and always great customer service.

  50. xochhh

    Love this place! They take care of you 🙂

  51. coffeebeverage

    Probably the best dispensary I’ve been to so far. Amazing service, you can even order ahead if you don’t wanna wait in the line. They offer a wide variety of edibles and bud. The best thing is that they have quality sun grown bud for low prices. Highly recommend checking them out.

  52. aramshaw33

    BPG….my most favorite dispensary in the whole wide universe!!! Boy do I miss everything about you….the prices, quality of bud, the budtenders, delivery service, variety of affordable products….no one compares to you…..especially where I live now in the Portland, Oregon. Thank you for spoiling me. Hoping to see you again before my MMJ letter expires in June.

  53. Jewnie

    They really have my cod and when I need it .

  54. imightnotloveyou

    Unlike any other club I’ve been to. Super upscale and they seem to have the biggest selection around.

  55. pufftaylor

    Very professional places. Everything is tested they can tell you the thc content and cbd content of everything in the shop. I got the platinum bubba, all star Larry og, a 10$ mystery gram, and what they call black pineapple. All very quality medicine great place. It’s a little expensive but the quality is worth the price.

  56. lfcsf

    Absolutely the best dispensary in the Bay Area. First class product at a great range of prices. It’s pretty much the only place I go.

  57. Ronil

    Great place very professional. Great prices and great bud.

  58. captainzach

    very convenient!!

  59. blakeriot

    They haven’t really figured out the express line… but the delivery and online ordering is awesome and pretty flawless. There can be long lines, but this is one of the good shops out there. They stand by their product, update their menu and are pretty professional for this line of work.

  60. Rosalesjoser63

    Treated with respect, hospitality and great service. ATM jus outside, nice.

  61. corradooo

    Great selection, knowledgable staff, great looking clean location

  62. Sumoracer

    Love BPG!

  63. nervouscorps

    Really nice folks, organized, on time and professional all the way.

  64. Davesnotherr419

    Great selection of goods, fast service, and they know there stuff.

  65. foozle

    This is my steady place. Courteous friendly service, always good stuff on the menu. Parking can be tight during rush times, but you can usually find a spot nearby.

  66. 404barnotfound

    it’s pretty

  67. dlapidus

    Convenient and friendly customer service.

  68. mrsrice

    Very helpful

  69. BeautifulFlower10

    Convenient. Staff was Very friendly, knowledgeable,patient &a upbeat.

  70. dboyw420

    Been coming here for the past 6 years. Only been to their new location a few times but nothing has changed. Still a really good dispensary with a good selection of medicine, everything from flowers to medicated drinks, good atmosphere too. Went there yesterday and was really happy with my visit. The bud tender that was helping me actually took the time to listen to what I had to say about my condition. I want to give a shout out to the bud tender Brian for taking the time to listen, helping me choose some good meds and for writing down a recipe to make Turmeric milk for my stomach problems. BPG is a very compassionate dispensary with everything you need. Definitely stop by and check them out if you’re in the area!

  71. beltonl2002

    Very knowledgeable, fast service. Thank you

  72. jalaloby

    Way expensive.

  73. luis2144

    Great atmosphere . Excellent products and quality. Staff are always friendly and willing to help

  74. graymay

    Amazing weed

  75. BennyHunny1004

    Great. Loved meeting the people at leafly. I’ve been using the app for a year or so. Always my go to

  76. apilar

    nice and nice people

  77. dotsonregina376

    My visit was good it help me out alot

  78. rawdog510

    Friendly staff, well stocked

  79. jadenprendergast

    nice, friendly atmosphere. great prices and products

  80. marydirks

    BPG is by far my favorite place in the East Bay … Why? Quality, Selection, Staff, Atmosphere … it is all top notch! I would recommend for the 1st timer or anyone 🙂 I have shopped around so I know, BPG is #1!! Peace

  81. MP4

    Every time I come here the atmosphere is terrible and the customer service is absolutely the worst I’ve ever dealt with. The flowers here taste like your granny’s hidden stash she forgot about for 15 years. Never come here if you want good quality weed and good customer service. I hate this club and honestly this is the WORST place to go for your meds. These poeple need to grow up here and treat others with authentic respect. Some workers here are okay but most of them are RUDE

  82. abravadabra


  83. rjfarhoud89

    Nice spot. Great varieties

  84. Delacroix187

    The location is great, usually VERY BUSY…As for the Delivery Service…it needs work.

    I won’t be buying from BPG unless they make up for what happened today. My fiance was trying to Register and order while i was out(@2:45PM and it’s now 5:30) something for her pain cause she hasn’t slept in 3 days. I get home around 4:45 and place an order and they called me a half hour later to LEAVE a voicemail.
    Take in mind i don’t listen to the message I just return the call within 1 minute of their’s and get no answer…i got an email saying my order was canceled cause they aren’t taking delivery orders for the rest of the day. (3rd time this has happened so i guess you cant place an order after 2PM?!?!?!?! YET says they deliver from 2-9pm?)

    LACKING severely in order/Delivery consistancy, menu accuracy, follow-up with New patients and orders with any issues.

    the one time I did get to order, they didnt have the strain i ordered anylong and this was a hr after placing my order! So i got oz of the bargain flowers. No Smell or flavor, but a decent buzz for the price, but i cant let myself do business with unprofessional’s such as these whom dont offer and service just product…

  85. emhoward

    I love these guys. Sometimes I just go because it really feels nice in there. Always got an answer, always willing to suggest.

  86. Geotheleo

    Great parking

  87. oxnard331

    Great !

  88. jacquelinemknight47

    I just Love them

  89. miqqy510

    great club

  90. soukey

    I love it

  91. dontcallitacomeback

    imo the best place to go in the entire East Bay. wide selection. competitive prices. great atmosphere.

  92. CallMeGracie

    BPG is great. This was my first visit so I went through the full service line but I am definitely going to take advantage of their online ordering and express pickup in the future. Lines were long, but I expected the wait at a busy place on a Sunday afternoon. The staff member I spoke to was very friendly and helpful. She helped me to pick out three different grams and was very patient while I decided. This place had a great energy and all of the staff seemed genuinely happy to be there (even on a Sunday at 3 pm). I will be coming back to BPG for sure.

  93. samuraitrimmer

    Nice atmosphere and quality bud. Short lines

  94. leafyo123

    I came here to check out the Leafly truck and decided to check this place out as well. Everyone was really nice as it was my first time here and I really appreciated the level of care provided by the butender. As a whole, I would definitely come back again!

  95. BigBluntBrandon420

    It was great because they have a restroom!

  96. nightnurse53

    Good customer service !

  97. runaround

    agree with most of what’s already been said, it’s a clean professionally run dispensary and I particularly like the fact that they cover a wide range of prices on their products.

  98. toekneeee

    BCP staff was very friendly and knowledge. They give you a very cool first time patient gift.

  99. tigerlilee1706

    It’s great if you get someone to help you who is knowledgeable. I’ve had the same person 2 x who didn’t know much.

  100. MissZombette

    Bpg is an amazing collective with a friendly staff. They have low cost budget medicines as well as top shelf on the pricey side. I love their 420 event and look forward to seeing their selection of clones. Definitely recommend.

  101. magictriangle

    Quality selection and friendly service.

  102. speechless

    As I’m new to the medical marijuana scene, this was my first excursion to BPG . I must say that I was very impressed with every aspect of the operation. Friendly, knowledgeable staff in a clean, well-planned business. I was made to feel right at home and the staff went out of their way to help me make the right purchase. Highly recommended !

  103. pahuerta

    I use their delivery service to the East Bay … free delivery … nice drivers … great product

  104. warpedwoods

    These guys are amazing

  105. bigbird007

    They always have what I am looking for and they are friendly. Staff is friendly. The only down side is no CC which can be hard sometimes when cash is low, but other than that all is good.

  106. Pretty_rubi

    I have been a patient since 2010 & I HELLA love this place. The staff knows how to cater to us & the atmosphere is very relaxing…

  107. queembrooke

    The best thing in America I love it

  108. jimitrimble

    I was there on the 1st, did a preorder and it was great. Got Purple Kush and Ghost OG.

  109. rogermitchum

    Easy and smooth

  110. 4lorryk

    Very friendly and helpful, extremely knowledgeable. Definitely will come back.

  111. adriansantos007

    Great service

  112. blankreb

    Quick when needed, plenty of help when wanted.

  113. jillianj13

    love BPG! great quality and service!

  114. davedab

    Tia is an amazing addition to your team. She listens to the patients very attentively. Its hard to find someone who really cares and knows what they r talking about at the same time. great addition to a great club. I always appreciate good people.

  115. buffy5

    Amazing people work here!

  116. Hedgehog95

    As a kind of terrified newbie medicating for anxiety and panic attacks, the staff here was SUPER nice and understanding, they take time to chat as they’re working and make you feel welcome. They have good strategies to keep the lines and wait time under control. Knowledgeable too! It’s pretty out of the way for me, but they have a great selection, I would definitely shop here again.

  117. jannabb58

    I’ve been here for 5 years . Since they opened !

  118. rettad

    I like the cartilage s & info given on them.

  119. FluxElvis

    A great dispensary with high quality products. One of my go to places for solvent-less concentrates

  120. yalmang

    When you walk to the front security is not rude, the ladies at the desk were cool, but otherwise it went smooth Very Helpful Bud Tenders. First time patient gift is awesome too

  121. jokersmmj13

    First, I have been a long time registered patient with BPG. But, I’m thoroughly pissed off with them. BPG asked my partner to buy medical marijuana from them ON THE STREET!
    I’ve been a medical mj patient and customer of BPG for many years, and have appreciated what they do, overall. I’ve had deliveries from them (with occasional problems, nothing major) at least a dozen times at my home. Recently, my partner, who owns our home, also got her medical mj card. Today she put in her second order for delivery to our home. (The first one was totally botched by BPG, who screwed up the address AND phone number and never showed–another story for another time.)
    So, BPG knows (or should) that they are delivering to a 60-something year old woman who resides at an address that they have delivered to numerous times. Nonetheless, when the delivery driver got to our neighborhood in Richmond, they called and told her that she had to meet them outside on the sidewalk to get her $300 worth of medicines. If you think about it, this so WRONG, it’s bizarre. BPG claimed because it was their first delivery to her, they could not bring it to our door. The delivery person (who was 5 or 6 inches taller than my partner) would not only not come on to the porch, he wouldn’t leave the sidewalk, so as not to be on our property. This is not “home delivery.” Suppose this patient’s medical condition prevented her from getting up and out of the house to the sidewalk. Would BPG have denied her the medicine she ordered?
    Prop. 215, under which BPG operates, was supposed to mean that PATIENTS would no longer have to buy their medicines (“drugs”) on the street. BPG’s action today was treating a legitimate patient–fully registered with BPG, with a history of buying in their store–like a good old fashion drug-buying-customer-on-the-street. Meaning, BPG behaved like a black market drug dealer today in front of my house. A house, again, that their delivery personnel have been INSIDE of many times before.
    This was a complete violation of the patients right to privacy, for starters. But more than that, it’s a wrong-headed approach to safety for both the patient and the driver. Since the PATIENT is registered (including drivers license, phone, home address, etc.) with BPG, it is clearly safer to count, check and verify the cash or card and the items delivered INSIDE the home, or at least on the porch, out of view of neighbors and passers-by. Would BPG demand that first-time PATIENTS at their store on San Pablo do their first transaction off the property, on the sidewalk there in Berkeley? Then why would they make my partner buy her medicine on the sidewalk in Richmond like sketchy drug buyer rather than the legally registered PATIENT that she is?
    Shame on you BPG. You need to rethink this “policy”. It’s bad for the patient and less safe for both the patients and the drivers.

  122. GravityBlaze

    This place is prime! They’ve got a decent size selection to choose from, which is always good. They have a nice, central location in Berkeley and they are always in good spirits. Definitely worth checking out sometime!

  123. shmopboss21

    Nice spot with nice hook ups!

  124. sherrydavis644

    They provide great service !

  125. Throes

    BPG is my favorite dispensary. It’s been my main dispensary for over 3 years. If you’re looking for quality or if you’re on a budget, BPG is the place to go. There is great quality bud, hash, hash oil, wax and edibles. I wish they had shatter more often. They have a wide variety of high CBD products which I enjoy. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and they offer great service. There is a parking lot with security which makes me feel safe. The parking lot is small, large vehicles would have a hard time driving though it. Overall, I would recommend BPG to anyone in the Berkeley area.

  126. gayle64


  127. flowerzzz

    My favorite dispensary in the East Bay!! Great service, amazing product, & clean atmosphere!! The employees are always happy & full of product knowledge. I love
    that BPG does there own analysis of each product before they put it on their shelves to sell. The place is always super clean and organized which makes the shopping experience cozy & convenient. They have a large selection in their inventory & something for every type of patient. I recommend BPG to everyone!! =)

  128. LadyByrd1990

    I ordered online for delivery from this dispensary. BPG has a pretty wide variety of medicines, ranging from top shelf flowers to budget buds. They update their menu very frequently. The sign-up and ordering process was not painful, they were quick to call to confirm/explain problems with my order, and ultimately my medicine came at the expected time. Everyone I’ve talked to over the phone was polite and concise. The one thing that I could even try to complain about their delivery system is that it’s not clear (at least it wasn’t to me) on the time frame in which you can qualify for same-day delivery. For example, I ordered from Pittsburg, quite a ways away of course. I got a call within an hour of my placed order that I wouldn’t be getting same-day delivery, because it was late (I believe between the 6-8pm range?) because the delivery service had already gone through my area and wouldn’t have my order. I may have misread something on the website, but the worker on the phone informed me of delivery times and routes, so I now have a much better understanding of their process. If some of these other reviews put you off from trying BPG’s delivery service, I still believe you should give them a chance. More than likely, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Just make sure you place your order before 1pm if you’re further away in the east bay, if you want same-day delivery!

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