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3760 Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91604


34.136382, -118.3621675




6:00 AM – 10:00 PM


6:00 AM – 10:00 PM


6:00 AM – 10:00 PM


6:00 AM – 10:00 PM


6:00 AM – 10:00 PM


6:00 AM – 10:00 PM


6:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Welcome to WHTC!!

WHTC is an original Pre-ICO collective in Studio City, CA operated by individuals who have had a family member stricken with breast cancer and know the painful struggles of the process from diagnoses, to treatments, and to hopefully a healthy recovery. After experiencing this challenge they wanted to help the people in their local community find a place that not only provides them with natural medicine but also is a therapeutic, compassionate, and professional environment. They strive to provide a place where patients can learn about everything from eating well, to learning to live an organic lifestyle, or even just a member of our staff be their for them by listening to what they are going through. People with cancer, HIV/AIDS, sleep disorders etc are only facing a portion of their battle of healing through medical marijuana, the rest needs to be physical, spiritual, and emotional and WHTC wants to be here to help with that process for their patients.

Our Mission

To help every patient who walks through our facility feel comfortable, safe, and truly cared for.
Patients are respected, and treated with the utmost professionalism and compassion.
To go beyond just the medicine of marijuana and provide our patients with physical, spiritual, and emotional support.
To provide a place that a sick elderly person can feel supported.
To uphold and honor the state laws of California.
To provide a safe and clean environment.
To get involved in our local community through education and philanthropy work.
To provide the highest quality medicine to our patients.

WHTC is a California Medical Marijuana dispensary providing safe access for medical marijuana (MMJ) patients in compliance with SB420 and Prop 215.

WHTC offers medicinal-grade cannabis in a diversity of strains to provide relief for various conditions, as prescribed by licensed physician.


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115 reviews for “WHTC

  1. mooglecloud

    This place has, hands down the GREATEST staff, deals, atmosphere you name it! I totally recommend this place to anyone looking for an amazing dispensary! dY~dY~

  2. sconks

    My go-to spot! I drive here all the way from Highland Park simply because it’s always clean, they have an extensive selection, and the staff is incredibly professional, present, and helpful.

  3. Nylighting

    I’m in love I’m in love I’m in love I’m in love I’m in love with a wonderful dispensarary…dYZP

  4. jasminesanders

    Awesome place. Great staff and great selection!

  5. tkq411

    Amazing shop. Super heady flowers.

  6. dave78art

    Nice spot

  7. cubancase24

    I’m telling you right now that you will not get better medical grade anywhere in California!!!!! Everything at WHTC IS FRESH! High quality stuff!! Been a patient since 2013 and I’m telling everyone to come here. Trust me try it once and I bet you won’t go anywhere.

  8. ttrav94

    super chill & not pressure-y at all. they listened to my needs & the product is great dY$?a

  9. TribbleCon32

    This was great. Didn’t have the high CBD strains I was looking for, but the staff was super insightful and knowledgable and helped me out.

    Will definitely be coming back.

  10. clerd

    Great spot!

  11. Arloooo

    Good place, I trust it

  12. Henhen

    This place has good weed and very friendly staff.

  13. bravoactual

    The Blucier is straight fire!!

  14. Stoner_

    Great deals great prices and great atmosphere and service.

  15. jacobtweedy

    Love these guys. Great bud and awesome bud tenders!

  16. slothboy28

    Legit shop and they really take care of their patients.

  17. standifer818420

    It’s a good location as long as you go at lunch time your in and out it’s by the freeway also which is a great convenience

  18. IndoFern

    Absolutely fell in love with this place. Clean, abundant, and friendly. Every person I talked to that worked there was extremely nice and genuine. GREAT edible selection. Iris helped me and she was so freaking cool. Will DEFINITELY be coming back.

  19. dresote

    awesome dispensary! always on deck with dank

  20. Rama

    Always get hooked up when I come here!! Will be back

  21. smbuck13

    Very patient and knowledgeable and Super Selectiin!

  22. Brads44


  23. dbryant2016

    Love this shop. Great bud tenders and good strains

  24. Mrsharkey

    ‘Tis my first LA dispensary! I love that I got to spin a wheel on my first visit! Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean environment. Excited to try more of their selections and specials! aoe”dYtm< aEURC/ @MrSharkey

  25. dlgral

    Best dispensary in the valley. Best flowers in the valley. Best people in the valley.

  26. Puma818

    My 1st review ever and would like to say that this shop is proper. Friendly people all around and their buds are fire and $$ is legit too.. $100 OG KUSH strain I’d bomb and so is the Jolly Rancher. Cool spot

  27. JenniferGarza3

    I honestly never go anywhere else! Best shop in SoCal! You’ll just have to come in and see for yourself, they have the best quality stuff! 🙂

  28. Jddmbth

    The place is the best!!!!

  29. ninelevels99

    Best bud around with the best prices….hands down the best

  30. SDKevin

    Great selection and awesome customer service. Would definitely recommend!

  31. kandi31plur

    Best place ever! Always fire and new flowers to try! Always find myself Making a skate trip out of it from hollywood.

  32. Ernir7559248

    Clean safe nice

  33. baconmobile

    This is my favorite store in the area. They understand my condition and have treated me with the kindest respect. I appreciate that they remember me and always looks for medicine with extremely high quality healing properties!

  34. nixja

    Great place. The guys are super friendly and knowledgeable.

  35. nschechter

    This place is great. Good bud good prices

  36. miraclemile

    Great location and support. Staff is very knowledgeable.

  37. ogkay

    Super helpful dY~S will be returning

  38. musash1

    Always greeted with a smile

  39. jenniferkirkendall2

    Their customer service is amazing! I love this place!

  40. Woodys232323

    Most amazing shop for bud ever

  41. ninesixeng


  42. actor4you

    Amazing.bluesifer is my fav

  43. ggbronzie

    Amazing place with knowledgeable staff and top quality product. The best shop in LA, it’s not a bs type of place with overpriced, condescending staff. These people get it done very well!

  44. chloeeoc

    Best place ever!!!! A
    Really good meds always on point. My regular spot!

  45. luke6stars

    Was helped by the wonderful Sahjay. Great Ned’s for a great price. Check out the Blucifer!

  46. KyleKStoopid

    Always a pleasure to visit these awesome individuals. Quality meds at prices you can’t beat. Plenty of specials for each day to fit all needs. Nice clean, friendly environment.

  47. votemona

    Best place ever bomb meds

  48. brandonps91

    Come here often and will continue to do so. Great bud and great customer service

  49. jlhnix

    Home of the best $10 gram in town. Staff are friendly and actually know about the products they sell. For indicate lovers this is the only spot for real gorilla glue

  50. cannasaurus83

    This place is really awesome! Great Location, dedicated staff, this is it for me

  51. Alley420to710

    Great staff and affordable prices always got top shelf!

  52. fataveli

    Awsome spot, amongst the best in the city….

  53. gangjamam

    Very clean environment with knowledgable staff and best medicine I’ve seen.

  54. sdsurichard

    Great thank u

  55. MissKittyKush

    Pretty chill. Nice open space. Good parking.

  56. Blackseries

    Best dispensary in the valley hands down! Shout out to steve!!!

  57. chilla22nh

    I wish I had 10 stars to give,this place rocks.

  58. jswentkowsky

    Hands down the best shop in the area. Definitely do not pass up on this place. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable and take care of all your medicating needs:)

  59. brigiger

    So pretty. Staff is so nice and accommodating. I’m so high and happy


    This place is the real deal. 10/10 across the board, great front desk, great bud tenders and the flower quality plus the amount of different genetics. Not to mention lowest price on top shelf flower you will find. Pick your flower and get it pressed to rosin on the spot. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

  61. microjubei

    Great shop, great mess, low donations

  62. youknowitskjay

    Best shop by far… Have to goo for best meds.

  63. localwakko

    Best prices and friendly staff

  64. henry17248

    Awesome, good quality at good prices. 10 stars

  65. andre42082

    This is by far one of the best clubs in LA. Great product, amazing staff and professional atmosphere!

  66. kushedoutgod

    This shop has very good organic smelling cannabis. Very good prices for the quality you receive.

  67. Ramon2402

    This dispensary is amazing with nice service

  68. chico874

    The only place I go now!!

  69. Easy_E_Leafly16

    This location is perfect! All the guys are very cool and knowledgable! The nugs are nicely sized. It’s very clean and prices are well worth it for the great quality. Check them out!

  70. samlrich

    Super great atmosphere and customer service. I am a new customer and everyone was so welcoming! Definitely coming back.

  71. broadcitybitch

    the selection of products is unrivaled, the bud is super fresh, prices are very reasonable, and everyone who works there is so kind and helpful!9600

  72. jakewatson

    Their flowers are gorgeous to look at, and even better to smoke. Some of the best bud I’ve found in LA so far. Staff was also very friendly and fun!

  73. aliciamua

    BEST place to go in LA! Amazing flowers and knowledgable employees. Great customer service, they always take care of their patients here. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

  74. cameronsteez

    Staff is super knowledgable and not pushy. Gives you space to decide but makes suggestion. Plus fresh. Pressed resin is so bomb.

  75. leaflyweedmaps

    So knowledgeable. Well stocked. Helpful full of suggestions. Great service. Happy days

  76. Pagansaviour

    Honestly one of the best shops in the valley. It might be a little pricey here but it’s all worth it cause the customer service comes through. There genuinely take their time to know you, they always check in and ask how you’re doing and engage with you. I’m so glad I ran into em

  77. briana333

    Been coming to this shop for over a year and it never fails me love

  78. purpleswan85

    the attendion & very committed services there herb is a sure relief your true pain.

  79. lwla24

    Best store I’ve been to over the last 5 years as a patient. Quality strains & knowledgable staff. Always a pleasure.

  80. mystagigglez

    Whtc has the best meds @ the best price. Chill ass bud tenders and staff, weekly and daily deals. Patient appreciation day. What are you waiting for ?quit playing and stop by!

  81. mikeyhighlife420

    Got the dank tho

  82. d1010

    I have been coming to whtc for years. I love this place, hands down my favorite to come to. I drive out my way to come here even though I have a treatment center across the street from house. You will not be disappointed.

  83. drkissimger

    The best prices in town by a mile plus there’s Sage!

  84. nhlgirl

    This is the cleanest and most professional collective I have ever been to. I have never tried any strain I didn’t like. Terra Cookie is amazing!

  85. ValleyToker

    One of the cleanest shops ever. Quality is always on point and so are the staff. Terraform genetics kills it!

  86. lft315

    Awesome dispensary. Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable and their products are great.

  87. AlvinBlock

    I’ve been coming here years and always get the same great service! Everyone there is knowledgeable and make you feel right at home.

  88. bb65

    Best quality…always fresh…coolest staff!

  89. zwise

    Great place to buy bud

  90. oscarm55

    Amazing shop great deals sexy ass fat nugs of kush!!!!

  91. nyarmo

    Great quality bud and excellent service. Best shop in the valley

  92. bgreenforever

    I’ve been coming here for years now, best bud and best prices in Los Angeles. Love the staff too!

  93. amer5

    Chris is so helpful and kind

  94. dummytux

    Love this spot! they have, hard to come by strains, plus I got a free gram of my choice!

  95. Cameren12

    It’s always a great shop to come here they always have great bud, great deals, and great prices and the tenders are always cool to talk to

  96. mnolan8

    Love this shop, they always have the dankest bud and the costumer service is A1 dY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4

  97. SarahJoR

    This is my favorite dispensary. Been to several others but always come back. All the staff, security included, are so friendly and helpful. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys marijuana.

  98. ponchita

    By far my favorite place to pick up. Best experience ever

  99. Lafosta

    Great people and high brow bud. Mos def a keeper.

  100. brirob

    By far my favorite place. Amazing and knowledgeable staff. Always a great experience!

  101. Tysonpursley

    Been going here for a little over a year and will keep going. The staff is amazing and there product selection of wide.

  102. fishekog

    The medicine is truly second to NONE. Can’t beat the service or the prices. The bud tenders are stoned weed ho’s.

  103. justincase24

    This shop is the best shop you’ll ever go to in Cali!! They are the winner for the cup 2016 Mai Thai cookies. Highest cbd!! The staff is amazing and it’s not just about getting your stuff and get out, they take there time to find what you really want. Trust me come here!!!!!!

  104. connermceuen

    Awesome atmosphere, great service, the darkest bud around town!

  105. macfaded

    Awesome shop, great vibe- Jeffrey’s a great budtender, loved the service

  106. Thehigherpathisdank

    Very easily accessable

  107. Ash93

    I’ve never anything but very pleased by anything here. Especially the Blucifer.

  108. lazygrouch

    This place is insane as soon as I drove in my car to this WICKED SHOP!!!

  109. jalbert69

    Cool place and nice staff. Great selection most of the time, but way better than any nearby locations. It’s the only place I don’t see complete garbage.

  110. BigB13831

    This has great product, knowledge sales people and great customer service

  111. thriftstoresofa

    Always has a great selection. Great variety of edibles, concentrates and flower. I’ve never felt rushed here and all staff is very knowledgable.

  112. stinadee87

    Definitely found my home dispensary! These guys know their shit and they are super friendly and pet friendly! Got my pup the Vet-CBD my first visit and he’s been taking it for about two weeks now and it has helped him adjust to our new home wonderfully ! Thank you for all your help!

  113. mrjoshua2013

    Great location great med best service

  114. artofgia

    The people are a blast! I love coming here!

  115. grexsmoke

    Jeffrey is awesome

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