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El Camino and Harvard Street, Sacramento, CA 95815


38.61142, -121.437801




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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Humble Root is a non-profit co-op in Northern California that specializes in providing qualified patients, a pleasant environment to access their medical cannabis.

Please feel free to Call or Text us at 916-793-5182 for Ordering and New Member Sign Ups!
All new members that register through us must provide a valid original copy of their full-sized letter of recommendation with Physician’s signature and valid California state I.D. or Driver’s License.

**We have upgraded our phone system to help serve you quicker! If you are a returning patient and want to get straight to a dispatcher just press "2" and it’ll connect you right away! You can still use 916-793-5182 to text orders in.**
Visit our website to SAVE 10% on your FIRST order using coupon code: "Save10" —> HUMBLEROOT.COM
*Only 1 claimed discount per transaction*

!No Knock Policy!
For the safety of everyone, we do not knock(or ring door bells) on doors after 9:00pm. All patients will be contacted prior to our delivery drivers departure. The driver will send an updated ETA. Failure of contact with delivery drivers will result in a rescheduled delivery to the next available route. The rescheduled delivery may occur the following day or later depending on office hours. We apologize if this policy causes any inconvenience. We do our best to strive for safety and discrepancy. Thank you kindly.

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179 reviews for “Humble Root

  1. DeadCoughin

    This place is the best. They always answer promptly and know who you are, they’re so kind and they really know their work. I’ve never had to wait that long and the quality is amazing! Even a decades old smoker can enjoy everything on the menu.

  2. missgreenQueen

    Great delivery service! Very helpful staff.

  3. hiighgeek

    I’ve been a fan of Humble Root for about a year now. They have a good stock of strains, and always keep old favorites stocked as well. Plus, they really take care of their customers with little extras in your bags, really great prices and specials, and you can order online, by text or by phone. Seriously, Humble Root is hands down my go to.

    And the drivers are AWESOME, they will call you when they’re on their way and then will call you with an update if anything happens. They are also very respectful and don’t pull up music blaring. They’ll call when they’re at the door and hand you a discreet bag, you give them the money and it’s good to go. Almost as easy as ordering pizza …

  4. DeadElvis

    Wicked awesome!
    Excellent quality.

  5. JasonC420

    First time customer. Very good first experience overall. I ordered Orange Crush. It is a strain I know from back in the 90s. Different now than the one I remember, but still a VERY good quality flower! Friendly service over the phone from Ryan. Driver was friendly, too. He also called me to keep me updated on his progress and ETA. The only negative and the reason I didn’t give “Service” a full 5 stars was because they failed to deliver my free pre roll as a 1st time customer. I was promised that it will be made up to me, so no biggie. I will be going through Humble Root again.

  6. LitOne916

    Best place to get your meds from hands down. Great meds, staff and at the best prices . Although having someone come to your house at first might feel strange they are very professional and answer all your questions. Thanks again, Colin. ( Delivery guy )

  7. JSpires2015

    Love this place. once you start getting your meds here you will keep coming back.

  8. Jordena916

    Humble Root did an amazing job with providing me the information I needed. Customer service was top notch and very detailed. Quality was outstanding!

    Jordan R

  9. 1gary

    This delivery service is top of the services that I have used before. They have several high CBD products and it is the one I have come across that has them. They carry some of the which has information on all facets of cannabis and it many strain and the equipment needed. With the many items that you need for using cannabis, if wanted.

  10. Yeseniamarley11

    I have been with humble root for about a year now and they are by far the best delivery service out there. The flower itself is great quality. Another thing I love is they offer new deals everyday once I got a half ounce of AAA FLOWER for $100 best deal ever. Every time i receive an order I receive a lighter or joint papers, so many good things i can say.

  11. MonsterSamba

    Always professional, pleasant and quick on delivery. Xavier and Brandon (and others) are so polite and amazing! Their prices are great, selection is decent and I highly recommend them!

  12. Mderner10

    Very nice and timely service. They provide services that other delivery places make seem like a hassle such as bring multiple strains and choosing the bud after you have gotten a look. Also of course extremely competitive prices with great rewards plans. Will defiantly be using humble roots service again

  13. EnjoeyC

    Awesome service! Polite, informative and gives frequent updates about their ETA. Highly reccomemd!

  14. Mztalford

    Always the best prices. Friendly staff. Cool turn around time on deliverys. They are worth the wait.

  15. neesh4689

    you guys seriously rule! product is great service is great!!! u must go here to allll reading this!

  16. melissacee15

    Very friendly, professional staff. Great quality product. My definite go to delivery service!

  17. ksofm666

    Xavier is the man. He hooked me up with all the things a first timer needs ; a lighter, papers and a roller, plus a sweet hemp tote bag. The quality is top notch and fairly priced ( they even have budget options). The wait time is short and verification is a breeze. I will definitely be calling again.

  18. sorenacontreras83

    Awesome and great selection..

  19. VETMEDS2

    great, fast , professional, always something extra included in my orders!

  20. DJHardnoxBeats

    Its an amazing establishment. The quality of meds to people are second to none!!! The enrollment process is easy and you get top shelf a1 meds to your door with great prices!!!! A MUST TRY!!! I GUARANTEE IT!!!

  21. thatonemexipino

    Good service, but the pineapple express I did order, kind of had a little more stems than expected. Other than that I believe the guys name was Colin, he was very knowledgeable and had good customer service.

  22. KLG12

    Hands down this is the best place to order from in Sacramento.

  23. itsperik

    I first used Humble Root about a month ago and have been meaning to leave a review since then. The quality of the strains I got was some of the best I’ve ever had! The verification process went quick and smooth, all of my questions were answered, and the delivery service was really good! It was really funny though because since I still live at home, the signing of papers was interrupted by my parents, but they didn’t know what was going on. That story aside, I would definitely use this service again!

  24. ryanm0312

    Fast registration and delivery, would recommend. Definitely coming back

  25. NicholasN

    This is the best delivery around I got a great deal for confidential chees and it is the bomb, will keep coming back

    -Nicholas N

  26. CANDIE9912

    OKAY if you like to feel of importance when you spend your dollars this is the RIGHT place for you!!! Everytime I call I feel like I matter, way better feel then the store fronts. Sense I have found HUMBLE ROOT, I have said GOODBYE TO STOREFRONTS. I HAVE NOT BEEN TO A STORE SENSE. I LOVE SOME of the prices but all the tree is great! Most of all the staff is the Shit!

  27. Sorcererspledge

    I really liked this delivery service. The driver was not too late, everything was very high quality and the driver was really nice. The only problem was that they forgot one of my items at their location, but they said for the next delivery I’ll just get that one for free. Would definitely recommend their service, if not for the products alone.

  28. defnu

    Awesome people!!

  29. samantha989

    These folks are fast and discreet, they have excellent quality medicine and are always professional yet relaxed. They followup and always tell you of deals. Ive recomended to friends and will continue to order from them! 5/5!

  30. Bwilli420

    Great delivery, super fire bud and wax friendly drivers. I’d totally recommend anyone to use them when they need their meds delivered

  31. Outlaw_JZ

    Great first time with this delivery service, they had my medicine within less than an hour of me initially calling, friendly driver very knowledgeable and great meds. Will def be coming back … and they have a punch card WHOA

  32. stoner1189

    I love the service and convenience and gifts to me and also they have very fast service and always a good selection of of meds and is also very helpful when it comes to the knowledge of them

  33. StormyMcNeal

    Delivery only. Very friendly on the phone. Knowledgeable. Very nice delivery transaction. Nice stock and menu items for those that don’t smoke.

  34. NathenWheelies

    This service is exactly what I need to meet my cannabis needs. Friendly staff, reasonable prices, and quality product. Would definitely recommend to a friend or family!

  35. Deshanique707

    Humble root is truly the best delivery in sac. Thay have variety on the menu selection. Normal prices, unlike other deliveries where they charge extra. I got a stamp card where i can earn a free 1/8 , 1/4 and 1/2 oz. Over time which is great. My bag ALWAYS comes with something extra in it as a gift. Humble root is my go to for delivery.

  36. TheMusiqMan

    I love the pricing and the quality is great too. They’ll have my continued business for sure

  37. riniguez

    All 5’s for Humble Root! The customer service was prompt, professional, safe, and knowledgeable! This will be my go-to delivery service from now on!

  38. LO3D3DZ00

    I love this place and forever we’ll go through them for now on I love their service very friendly helpful fast and professional another quality of medication and the unique variety I recommend to all first-time patients and if you haven’t been here and have your recommendation I suggest you stop by thank you guys for your service – loaded Zoo

  39. MarDog25

    outstanding !! great customer service ! top notch meds !!! loyal customer here !

  40. BigGoofthetruth

    awesome place.

  41. elunounkstaar

    This is the standard for a delivery service. Prompt, professional and courteous. This is my new favorite.

  42. lorraineski

    Great product. Delivered in a timely manner.

  43. tdub007

    this delivery service was great and great price also and came with awesome gift bag for first time patients they were friendly and quick I will definitely return here.

  44. Smittymatt23

    It was my first time using a delivery service they really took their time to talk with me and make sure i was one happy patient.

  45. rgamb25

    I think this place is great. the service was Excellent and that was before I even received my medicine.

  46. slimshadeey

    Well given that the location is my own home, I would have to say the atmosphere is possibly the best around. One of my favorite parts about Humble Root is they are always open about everything going on. The drivers are always respectful and courteous when entering a customers home and they generally are helpful. The kush is also excellent. I find that their selection can be much better than walk in dispensaries at times. In all, these guys are awesome! Keep up the good work.

  47. stinkerpuppy

    I was very happy to have found humble root. I was also very glad to find a quarter for $40. It’s great to find a dispensary that has deals for different budgets. Delivery was Timely and that lady was very nice I would definitely recommend humble root to my friends

  48. Sonny3098

    Humble Root is a very professional and friendly service that always arrives in a short amount of time. They are my first choice of deliveries. I would recommend them anyone who uses Medical delivery services.

  49. Seroshka

    Great selection and always very professional when handling patients!

  50. krickardlohner

    so convenient! literally like hitting up your friendly neighborhood weednman to order. super friendly and great communication for ETA. have ordered a few times….not firmiliar with any sort of loyalty program they offer though

  51. Rtakeshia24

    Everytime I order from humbleroot they are polite, fast order for delivery and great flowers…they make sure they satisfy there customers

  52. Cue.

    All I have to say is 5*’s about this place of business. The delivery man was extremely kind. The people behind the tech end are knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions you have. Keep up the great work.

  53. sparrowquinn

    kind and friendly services

  54. michellescarrone1963

    I was Pleasantly surprised how wonderful the product was. Tried other places sadly to say with not best results. Hats Offa~oyours is truly wonderful. Service 5 Stars. Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
    Michelle Scarrone

  55. Kostonsk8r

    They are always right on time with great selection and prices. The only delivery i use.

  56. warlordgrunt

    Takes care of veterans, good promos.

  57. WinSlowRanger

    Humble Roots Excellent Trees

  58. Sam7117

    Every time I’ve ordered I’ve been pleased and they keep in touch with you while in route, great price great quality great service.

  59. Fruitypebble

    I love this place. Everyone is always so nice and professional and not too mention helpful. They always have great deals too. I love Humble Roots!

  60. PapaSmurf213

    Eric was my delivery driver, he did an awesome job finding my place. My apt is hard to find and he Indiana Jones’d it like it his last crusade. 5/5

  61. 840twiceasbaked

    I’ve used humbleroot over 9 times and I’m never disappointed. The selection is always the best and their cheaper strains are still fire. I recommend the service too they hook me up 🙂 after the 7th order you get a free 1/8th. They always call you with eta and are friendly. Love their product but keep ordering for the deals and quality service.

  62. CBlowEm91

    Great service! Great deals! Great bud! Order delivery for my first time they quoted me an hour and a half and the driver took less than hour not to mention it was rush hour time!! My roommate is regular all the time and now I will be too 🙂

  63. Just_Awkwardd

    One of the best medical marijuana deliveries in sac. My all time favorite as long as there around I will always come back! You will never be disappointed 🙂

  64. JDriver

    Ordered yesterday (4/20) at 3pm and my meds were delivered 1hr 30 mins later. Very impressive considering you go to a shop on 4/20 and the line is out the door. Very convenient! This was my first time using a delivery service and I will be back. They seem to have great deals and I received three 8ths for $85 (1 AAA and 2 mid shelf) the AAA ghost train haze is fire. The other two “mid-shelf” is good as well. Looks and smell not so much but it medicated me (a daily user) quite nicely. My delivery guy Justin was clean and professional and his quoted time was spot on. The entire experience was pleasant and I’ll return. My only gripe is I could have gotten 3 AAA strains for $20 more, and i docked a star on quality because no testing and you really don’t know what your getting until you get it. Regardless I’ll be back, cheers!

  65. Quartkne3

    These guys are awesome, always on time and so friendly. Last time they delivered I was running late to my house when they had arrived and they waited for me with no hesitation at all. Also, they ALWAYS honor the deals on the website if you ask. By far the best delivery service I’ve been through. The quality and customer service is definitely what brings me back every time.

  66. Thejimius

    I’ve been shopping here for a few months now, and they’re my favorite delivery service in the Sacramento Area. Quick turn around and friendly employees who care about good customer service. Product is always good. My only complaint (and its a minor one) is that they have a hard time keeping Sativas consistently available, but that seems to be a problem with most dispensaries around here.

  67. CAC916

    Great customer service! I was referred by a friend and was not disappointed. Great selection and quality. Would recommend.

  68. eazyparker

    Humble Root is above the rest! Top quality products at the best prices! Hands down top notch!

  69. Xoya

    I will be honest, I was a little nervous about getting cannabis delivered, but this was a very comfortable experience. The courier was very friendly and easy going, but also professional. Everything was packaged very well and the products are high quality. I will definitely order from them again.

  70. davidpuga1

    I give them a 5/5 great and awesome

  71. LilMissHarley

    Love this place! Always super friendly and i love how well they keep me updated about my orders.

  72. Clank9199

    overall great my driver Alex was early which is awesome and very professional very much recommended

  73. charhowe

    Ordered on 4/20 late afternoon,Justin got here in about an hour, very impressed.Your AAA PGSC was outstanding and the free goodies are very nice.
    Have been using three other delivery service this past year and would rate Humble Root the best in service and quality.Please keep up the good work.

  74. hushhushhippie

    I had an awesome first experience here dY~S. I just got my recommendation and wanted to order for a delivery. Didn’t know where to go, so I decided to look at humble because I know a couple who loves this place, and I know a a friend who won some edibles here so I was like why not it’s a liked place. Great prices, stuff on the lower end and higher end! I love a good selection. The guy who came was super friendly and nice! I forgot his name but my delivery was more exciting dY~,dY~S. Def will be coming here again thanks guys dY~S.

  75. SRBuds

    Humble Roots is the best value in Sac! Great Deals and service.

  76. amandalivelove

    the combo of the menu, the extras with delivery, and their efficiency, its not worth going anywhere else anymore. tha me for being great!

  77. cali.druid

    Humble Root has rapidly become my all time favorite cannabis service. Their staff are both professional and engaging, and always make me feel safe. Their product continually surpasses expectations. They bring you your medicine in a discreet bag, cleverly branded. And they spoil their regulars with testers and accessories that have pleased me with every order. I love these guys and their brand.

  78. brittanybatson1

    I really like this place!! They made it super easy to order I will be ordering from them again very soon!

  79. jowning

    Awesome service. Always punctual with great quality bud. Good prices and great convenience. Would recommend to anyone in the area. Top-shelf service

  80. sacam7

    Great service, very friendly and keeps you in the loop to know when your delivery will be arriving. Nice packaging. I got tangerine dream on special and it was pretty good, great price. I will use this delivery service again.

  81. tammybarker

    I am so very impressed with this dispensary! Delivery time was shorter than expected. Delivery man, Brandon, was very well informed and presented his product and company with confidence!
    The product was beyond AAA+ I will be back… think I became a regular!

  82. tarabarnreiter

    Love, Love, Love Humble Roots! Seriously tho, I couldn’t be happier. Service is wonderful. Every time I place an order, they are so on top of it. Immediate response, quick delivery, and very friendly. 🙂 the product and prices make me one very happy lady to say the least. I cant forget the number of free gifts either. Definitely recommend Maple Leaf. My favorite at the moment..I suffer from Fibromyalgia and my many symptoms can get get quite severe. For the first time in a very long time, I slept like a baby pain free. There are not enough words to say how thankful I am.

  83. Cvankirk11

    High quality medicine, brought to you by high quality people!

  84. Hairyeyeball

    I have used many delivery places and this one is the best I have found. I will be going here from now on. 🙂

  85. pincheerik

    First time using a delivery service. Super GREAT service. Bud was also great, and they even hooked it up. Will definitely use them again.

  86. paulcamarena

    Brandon is a very professional highly knowledgeable driver that was prompt and respectful the flower I ordered was also very quality medical grade cannabis I look forward to ordering again soon ! thank you !

  87. Bells1993

    I order from them a few days ago, the guy was very professional and knowledgeable, really represented his company very well. They have great service and very good medicine. Amazing staff and very cooperative! I’ll be ordering from them again and again 🙂

  88. xmooneyxonex

    Top notch service! I’m literally days in to the world that is cannabis and I’ve never done delivery before so I was skeptical. But I’m a believer now! The sign up and verification process was quick and easy, I did it while on break at work, checked back a little while later to confirm everything and received text updates (you can choose phone call or email as well) throughout that let me know how far along everything was and what I needed to do next. After all that, I placed my order and not 5 minuets later received a text of when it was going to leave and a phone call when they were on their way with an ETA. Took only about an hour if that! They gave some free goodies for being a new patient as well. The product is good quality as far as I can tell (remember, newbie here) and nicely packaged in child proof canisters that are labeled clearly. The delivery person was very friendly and professional. This was all in all a wonderful first experience and I will absolutely be ordering from them in the future.

  89. Hdwatkins

    I love how they always have deals and the quality of weed is always high.

  90. huff1978

    Delivery always feels professional and respectful. I have enjoyed every interaction and I appreciate the updates on my orders. HR has been so helpful in providing suggestions to this novice.

  91. boohanky

    Wonderful service that never disappoints. Great customer service and fast delivery. Thank you guys for always being there.

  92. kparker426

    I love this place! they always deliver quality products in a timely manner! i actually really like that they are delivery only because i can just sit at home and watch t.v. or do some chores before i get STONED!:) highly recommend!

  93. adestroyedswivel

    I’ve used humble root twice now and I am so impressed by them! Great quality bud and amazing customer service! I do wish they had more locations though. The $40 minimum is totally worth it because of the service, but I budget myself so that means I have to wait to stock up. I would order more often if there was a lower minimum.

  94. frankskanks

    I’ve gone through HR twice, and I’ve been very pleased both times. Great weed, great prices, fast delivery. They also have a rewards card. I will definitely order from them again, they are my new go-to delivery service

  95. Kemo31086

    Great customer service, and product I have been going to humble root just recently but it is already one of my favorite good prices for some really good concentrates.

  96. donatoirac

    I have had nothing but professional, informative, and positive customer service.from the entire staff.
    And thank you Miles for your attention to detail and your infinite patience.

  97. ewhite1

    They give excellent customer service and they do their best to ensure each patient is treated well and taken care of! 100/100

  98. lbcon26

    I would recommend Humble Route to anybody. Whether I place my order through text or call on the phone or use online always a pleasant experience. Recently I had a hick up in one of my orders it was a little short. No big deal they said the next round of deliveries said send someone right out with it my said no problem with my order came not only did I get what was missing but more than compensated me for the inconvenience. My experience with Humble Route is they always make sure the customers are satisfied and happy with the customer service is through the roof I would rate them a 10 star if I could.

  99. glitchbrake

    10/10 quality with 10/10 staff, consistency, and variety! You can not go wrong with Humble Root, I promise you that much. With a stamp card, offering incentive for future business, this service has earned a return customer.

  100. lmh82

    my number 1 place. great people great deals

  101. Pattyrocks

    This was the first time we used humble roots, and it was such an awesome experience! Awesome quality flower! The delivery guy (alex) was really informed in the products and what he had. They quoted me at least an hour and showed up in less than 40 minutes, and brought me an edible that knocked me on my butt! In a good way! 😀 well definitely be going back!

  102. audrab

    great delivery service! the people are friendly and professional. definitely my go to 🙂

  103. nellab

    Great Service! Sign up was fast and easy and I had my first delivery in no time. The drivers always communicate with ETA and are always really nice. The flowers have not disapointed and I love their concentrate options. I highly recommend Humble Root!

  104. merriweather9

    The service was great. I would recommend to anyone looking for a new delivery service.

  105. AHuskey

    This place is great always professional!!

  106. kylebell

    very easy to use, prompt, professional, & courteous delivery dervice. I will be calling again.

  107. Ciskoe559

    Best place number 1 no where else i would rather go too

  108. BBking777

    Extremely friendly and professional, prompt services, quality of product was beyond expectation!
    Thank you very much,
    Will recommend to all.

  109. otto24

    Great place to order from staff is just perfect and if they make a mistake they make it their priority to fix it plus some. 10/10 customer service. 10/10 would recommend Great people great prices Great selection

  110. daddybearlarry

    Was super easy and really good prices and on time professional driver , very nice, will continue to use them. Outstanding experience, thank you.

  111. Smoke.alotta.pot.amus

    I would never go anywhere else!! The staff always knows me by name, they’re so nice and always know their stuff. The prices are arguably the best around and the quality is out of this world.

  112. Mynameismud1812

    This is the best place I have ever been with. They provide excellent customer service. Always great by name. Never a bad feeling. I would recommend this place to anyone with medicinal needs. Very timely and and great communication with delivery. Thank you guys!!!!

  113. jjj666

    Since I have moved to Elk Grove and tried out several delivery services I will have to say that Humble Root is by far my favorite. Their buds actually match the pictures that they have on weed maps and they always made sure they gave me an accurate timetable to my drop off. I appreciate their service and plan to order from them more often and we have even sttled misunderstandings.

  114. 5258

    Good fast delivery,awesome customer service please try them out.

  115. Nina916

    Great customer service an knowledgeable about the product! Well definitely use them again .

  116. OverwatchRob

    love this place the guys are always nice they have an awesome reward system and there awesome meds not to mention the awesome gifts with every purchase one of my favorite places.

  117. sw333tz

    They’re a great dispensary, with some great people who have a lot of knowledge as well as a wide variety of products. . . It’s definitely my first choice to call (quite frequently too)

  118. Oniwaban

    great customer service. very professional and prompt with updates. buying weed online is kinda scary because you have to validate your drivers license. I feel safe entrusting these guys with my information.

  119. LDNINJA

    fantastic selection great service and the most important great bud

  120. Kimandjc

    I’m beyond satisfied with my transaction including the medication and I have found my home delivery service!!

  121. TylerJennings

    the service was awesome they where extremely nice and they have good quality products

  122. Tink62

    Staff is very personable and professional. Excellent communication, great product, and great deals. The best delivery service I have ever used!

  123. Missuribe

    Love them ! The driver Brandon was awesome ! Definitely going to order from here again

  124. GraceNMercy

    Another satisfied visit. Very generous deals, thanks Alex!

  125. Trufflez916

    Great quality at a great price. This has become my go to delivery service. No need to look elsewhere.

  126. Mrsbeck1

    great services

  127. lm916

    Quality service & meds. I’ll be back.

  128. raregemgirl

    I have only had delivery, but the experience has been excellent.

  129. Drewfin420

    Great delivery service w good products and cool gifts every once in awhile

  130. purplebluntblazer

    I love the variety of quality and the friendliness of all good people

  131. hectorocket

    Best delivery service in Sacramento. I have been getting 1/4 weekly for the last year with them and never had a single problem. Their service, packaging and reward programs are better than any other delivery service I have tried so far (around 10)

  132. foodpornlover916

    i cant say enough about this place. impeccable service, amazing product. the tony stark cookies is fire. head to toe body high. feel like im wrapped in velvet. very glad i took a chance.

  133. D2LiTT

    As of today my only delivery service ive ordered here seven times and each time customer service bud quality is always what i ordere funny i have to say that but its happened with other places no shade but yeah the best highly recommend anyone to try them one time and not have a great experience

  134. usethfilms

    Always will buy from this wonderful store, because of the great deals for great weeds and friendly workers!

  135. Loyaltyy

    the best delivery service that I’ve ever used. Very professional.

  136. artmartinez85

    I came across this club about a month ago and I’ve been consistently ordering here. Their bud is good, drivers are all friendly and very knowledgeable and they have loyalty cards for those of you frequent buyers.

  137. CrocodileTears

    This place is awesome! I ordered from here for the first time the other day and had a great experience. The delivery guy was a pro and the products were top notch. Great place to get meds. First timers get hooked up and the prices are on point. Everything about about HumbleRoot is great, I highly recommend it.

  138. Jazminadele

    All love for the folks at humble root! Great product great prices, professional and on time! Love the rewards card and how my meds are brought to me with a smile and in good nature. Thanks guys!!!

  139. Ms_honey_baybee

    I love this place. They are quick and always available for my order. Will definitely come back again and again

  140. LeaflySavv

    Best in Sac. I have tried A LOT of dispensaries, this one is the best…that is all.

  141. coffee.sparkle.laugh

    Humble Roots is my #1 Place, I only order threw them now. The Customer service is awesome, Drivers are super polite and professional, I love how easy it is to order.

  142. sadienoel1105

    hands down the best service in town!!! best quality best drivers. 1-10 they’re a 420!

  143. zorrac

    Quick review of my card and timely delivery with clear communication the whole way through. Professional driver (Brandon) dressed in a company shirt, well spoken and personal. Flower was high quality and on point. Very pleased.

  144. cdevlin

    This is the best delivery in town, the quality of the meds is top notch. Very fast and friendly deliveries and good prices. I’d recommend Ghost Train Haze or Super Glue, they’re amazing

  145. jacob3599

    great dilvery was refered by friend and now this is my main dilvery service have great prices on wax plus they are fast and professional.

  146. AdamTing

    Easily 1 of my top choices. my last 3 orders have been through them. They r always spot on. Drivers r great & professional. Which is a big deal to me b/c I live in an upscale neighborhood. Definite pros! Great promos constantly & nice hook ups. Also their point system on their site is great!

  147. Mrfrankc420

    Best delivery service in town …..
    I would definitely recommend them to everyone…… outstanding service and always on point with delivery time.. dYtmOEdYtmOEdYtmOEdYtmOEdYtmOEdY’dY’dY’.

  148. pandabutts

    Have ordered from them a couple of times now and they’re always very friendly, professional, and have very good quality product. Happy to continue being a repeat customer. 🙂

  149. allyfoshizzle

    My roommates and I choose Humble Root every time! Excellent service, excellent weed

  150. aNewLeaf

    First time visit & first time trying delivery service (but I’ve been using dispensaries for over a yr). Have to admit, my experience was pleasant. After the paperwork was settled, delivery was timely & convenient, flower (3x crazy & mr Nice) was top shelf; fresh, stinky. & potent. That’s all I ask…Humble Root nailed it. Will def be back.

  151. Quilldoos77

    delivery took 2 hours but it was a Friday night and the staff where awesome! most importantly, great flower and proper prices

  152. Aynatapayne

    I love humble root I’ve been a customer close to a year now and I just love the service. When I ask about info on a particular strain, they go over and beyond to make sure the client is happy

  153. HOWARDS420

    I love their service and the quality of their meds is Supreme cool staff and great time management would definitely come back and have

  154. vincentt24

    I think they have the best delivery service in town by far! They are so nice and helpful over the phone when helping you choose your medicine. Will come back again and again. Thank you humble root!

  155. piercethewizard

    this place always has a great menu and their product is always good quality and affordable. my go to delivery service for my medicine

  156. TBreeze

    everything you want in a delivery service. on time. with good quality bud. The reward program is also very rewarding.

  157. Diamond707

    I would never get my medication from anywhere else these guys rock always have a special election and very informational when it comes to there products ive been a patient for all most 6 months and i will when do recommended for prop 215

  158. Pitbullmama91666

    They are relaible and quick to deliver. They always seem to have what’s on their site. Quality of product is great

  159. 420auntie

    great flower. great prices. excellent customer service.

  160. haeleymoore

    Great service! For being a first time patient I got hooked up with a joint, lighter and even a reusable bag! Friendly staff and great attitudes! Would recommend and the prices are fair!

  161. shuffleboard

    I’ve never been to the location but delivery is amazing the customer service is top notch and the quality is awesome.

  162. 01em2

    So I decided to try out a new delivery service in my area, and came across Humble Roots via Weedmaps and checked out their menu. Quality Meds at affordable prices, very convient for a patient. Sign up was super easy, did it online, response was really quick, signed up, for verfied and placed my order all within like 10 min!!! Delivery time was bout an hour, awesome for me, thank you Humble Roots. When my delivery driver had arrived, I was very pleased with Xaviers professionalism and customer service, very informative and it felt like I was at a dispensery but at the convenience of my own home. I highly recommend Humble Roots and will most definitely or from them again. This Purple Tahoe is great, beautiful purple in color, smells great and the taste is pretty good. Again thank you Humble Roots for the meds, and Xavier is awesome!!!

  163. karrRamrod

    Once again y’all went above and beyond in customer service. I referred one of my buddies and I was there when his order was delivered. Mikey was very friendly and helpful with recommendations. You guys are awesome. Got some amazing purple punch too. All time fav 🙂 thank you guys, i will definitely recommend to anyone who wants quality and professionalism.

  164. catchingmilton

    First time here the flower was amazing nice high surely going to have order again soon

  165. ramenjess

    I have never had such a terrible experience with a delivery service– I WASTED AT LEAST $80 and am now left with a product that DOES NOT WORK.

    I really wanted to like the battery I ordered, as I had been using my friend’s one of the same brand for weeks with no problems. Because of this, when the battery and cartridge I received failed to work, I put up with 4 different exchanges in addition to the original order. BUT, after all of this, I was not able to use anything I ordered– I bought 1 $45 cartridge, then even paid an extra $25 for a replacement cartridge, in addition to the battery. Humble Roots claimed to have tested a replacement battery, but while it worked once for them, it only worked for about 3 draws for me. This is clearly a faulty product, yet I am now unable to get any of my $80 back, as Humble Root refuses to honor their return policy, despite the fact that each one of these issues was reported within at least 3 days of the deliveries, which fits within their return/exchange policy.

  166. crystal28

    The initial set up process was very easy and quick. customer service over the phone was efficient and friendly. Delivery time was pretty good, and the delivery guy was very kind and educated and he took the time to get to know me a little bit as well as informing me about all perks of ordering through Humboldt Root delivery. The prices are fair And the weed is pretty good. Thanks Humboldt Root I will definitely be ordering again soon!

  167. KingSvad

    This is the best delivery service I’ve ever used, they’re always fast and have great buds. Definitely my go-to.

  168. CrossyBistacio

    Love this place! Ordering is super easy and they come right to your house. They have great flowers. Great deals! And the delivery drivers are always nice to my dog. Would definitely recommend them.

  169. Indigo_hippy

    awesome, they had a really cool delivery guy and they had amazing customer service. the quality was good for its price. would recommend and have recommended to friends.

  170. KernalSpanky

    they are great will continue to use them…

  171. lwatkins90

    Punctual, communicate very well with you, and they keep their menus updated. I only go to Humble Roots now.

  172. Gdele1

    ive only been using this delivery service for about a month, but they offer some absolutely fire bud for very do-able prices. nugs are always fresh and crystally. theyre always friendly over the phone and deliver in a reasonable time. cant go wrong with hr!

  173. bchbum

    Great service, excellent strains, new deals daily, flowers are amazing with a nice selection. They also deliver to Folsom.

  174. patsmi300

    What an amazing service. The meds are cheap and the driver (Chris) was amazing. Most professional place I’ve ever gotten my meds, and the best customer service I’ve had EVER.

    I’ve already recommended 2 people get their meds here, and I’ll be using exclusively Humble Root in the future.

  175. pothepanda90

    Always such friendly delivery people and always a positive experience. I love the quality of the products and the free gifts with purchases! You guys rock! I’ll come back to you always.

  176. Sacramentostate

    Good service. Top notch flowers. A simple and easy way to buy.

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