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, Oakland, CA 94609


37.8321173, -122.2625529






10:30 AM – 9:00 PM


10:30 AM – 9:00 PM


10:30 AM – 9:00 PM


10:30 AM – 9:00 PM


10:30 AM – 9:00 PM


10:30 AM – 9:00 PM


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We are passionate believers in the healing powers of the earth’s bounty and the idea that natural methods of relieving pain, stress, relaxation and enjoyment are the least invasive, and, ultimately, the most sustainable. So that others might experience the benefits of safe, effective non-pharmaceutical remedies, we formed an organization in the bay area to procure premium cannabis products from responsible cultivators and deliver them to your doorstep.

We’re grateful that we’re one of a select few companies that have been approved to serve California’s recreational market and that we can introduce the wonders of stress-free cannabis consumption to a wider audience other than to those who hold medical recommendation.

All our products are grown, extracted or developed using environmentally sensitive methods and then lab tested for optimal safety and comfort. And the concern for quality doesn’t end there. We store our products in humidified, temperature-controlled environments to ensure the greatest consistency, moisture content, and freshness. We regard cannabis as a gift and we want the world to experience this wonderful plant in its most beneficial form. Why do we insist on these standards? Because it’s important to stay true to your principles and it’s important to Stay Mellow.


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25 reviews for “Mellow

  1. xaqt93

    The delivery was quick and ordering was super easy. The only issue I had was that my cannabis was a little damp, which probably came from the cannabis sitting in the hot car for a long period of time.

    The driver was awesome and very professional. I will be using this service as my permanent delivery service from now on. Better then everyone else!

  2. vanooka

    Great product quality, value and customer service. They respond promptly and were very professional. You can’t say that about some of the big dispensaries around the bay.

  3. juscervantes

    Great meds. Top quality and good background on each strain. My courier was also awesome!

  4. Kjgamble

    This business is shady and unreliable. They gave 90 min window for delivery. Drove 30 to my office to wait. Just prior to the 90 min, he called to say running late…they can come 3 hrs later. Ok. I drove 30 min back home. As I was omw back to my office, he called and said could not make it but can do next day. Then 2 more calls about paying cash vs atm. Then another call to verify cash. When I got frustrated he got attitude. Wow.

  5. MsOldSchoolinOaktown

    This was my first purchase with home delivery and what an awesome experience.

    Mellow offers fresh, unique, top self strains that I normally only find in San Francisco. Ordering online was quick and easy. Delivery was estimated in 90 minutes but the order arrived in 15 minutes!

    No driving, parking, BART, security guards etc.

    Fast, friendly customer service with potent products delivered in the comfort of your home. What more can one ask for? Mellow exceeded my expectations!

  6. Jm1m

    Great service, speedy delivery and great medicine.
    Mellow dispensary is my go to from
    Now on dY’

  7. fernandou101

    I got in and out great customer service, and good vibes all around I give it a thumbs up dY’dY>>

  8. steera

    Really love ordering from Mellow. They have the most top-notch strains. They’re also super fast with delivery and really friendly. No need to shop around anymore!

  9. OakKells

    They were super helpful with my first order. Delivery took less than an hour! Will definitely be ordering again.

  10. Mme_L

    Outstanding: I made a mistake on registration and was not only out of delivery zone, but their official close time had past. They really went out of their way on my order. The gent delivering was very nice and had some professional polish. Tipped him all my singles, which he deserved. Aces.

  11. Kdabrowski

    Have not gone to the actual location, but have had products delivered to me and could not have been happier. Very fast delivery service, amazing quality product, prices are reasonable and the man who delivered was very peasant and friendly 10/10 would recommend to any one.

  12. Titoodakiddd

    How can I make a order?

  13. errzy

    Very professional, and fast. One day I found that one of my jars was damp, I made a call, driver was at my house in under an hour and replaced it without question.

    I highly recommend this service.

  14. AngelasAshes

    Wow! Great service, packaging and knowledgeable staff. Will be ordering soon again!!!

  15. PositiveKarma24

    Excellent service and amazing flowers. These guys are great…super professional, knowledgeable and friendly! Definitely ordering again!

  16. badguy415

    It was great

  17. DopperSFO

    I got everything exactly as I ordered, the driver(Bobby) was very friendly and reliable service I like the tracking giving heads up… thanks

  18. Jgriff90

    Amazing service, the drivers are fantastic and personable, not to mention some great product.

  19. AlderNys

    Amazing customer service, driver was super nice, bud was packaged in sealed glass jars rather than those new plastic packages. Astonishingly simple online shop, can track the driver which is pretty interesting. This is definitely my new main delivery service.

  20. courtneyember

    Great service! Ordered online and it got to me very quickly. I was a new customer but the driver got everything set up for me with my recommendation when they got here and the dispensary called ahead of time to let me know what to expect. Product came sealed, packaged, and labeled nicely and was good quality. Overall a great experience!

  21. ezzym3

    I have to say the buds they carry are top shelf. They come in class bottles with a cool logo. I will definitely order again. Thanks Mellow!

  22. grasseater

    I just moved here from Asia and I was doing my research on delivery services. Gave Mellow a shot and found them to be discreet and reliable . I tried the Girl Scout cookies Liv Pen and some edibles. They were really great. I will be placing a new order soon!!!

  23. Im314285

    Great Location and Very friendly people. Emits positive vibe.

  24. adi18

    If you’re looking for a delivery service, Mellow’s where it’s at. Fast, reliable and friendly service, and a great selection to choose from…. everything from classic Northern Lights to new strains, I especially recommend their gorilla glue. I’ll be calling them again.

  25. CBudz88

    I was kinda nervous about ordering for my first time, but everyone who helped me was so friendly and knowledgeable! The delivery was very fast, and the driver was super nice and made me feel safe. Product was great! I will be returning to this service for sure.

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