Urbn Leaf Southwest

#1 Legal and Licensed



658 East San Ysidro Blvd, San Diego, CA 92173


32.5464208, -117.0333314




8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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As California originals, we have a style all unto our own. In order to provide the worlds best weed we scoured the Trinity Mountains, rode skunk trains through Mendo forests, and slept under the worlds tallest trees in Humboldt County, naked! From Diego to the Bay we’ve connected with the best geneticists, indo growers, and champion extract artists that the worlds ever known. We love breaking bread with the worlds best canna chef’s, but our favorite part is bringing it all back to you. We’ll never sacrifice on quality and we always put our members first. Join us and become part of the journey…


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214 reviews for “Urbn Leaf Southwest

  1. MollyStevens420

    I like that this place is spacious and has plenty of selection and plenty of daily and loyalty deals. This is now my only pot spot.

  2. Jodyj619

    Ii, was very impressed with my entire experience

  3. renebimbo1

    Beautiful Quality of flower, would npt go to another dispo!

  4. SmokingHazard

    They have a great setup, a large selection and the staff is very knowledgeable. plus they always have good deals and hook it everytime.

  5. ms.salas08


  6. Jamarley1Love

    This location is the best location for information. information meaning marijuana, if you want the best buds from your best buds come to SWPG!!! They are professional, they have strong strains. they are very compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable! Shout out to D the guard though he hooks it up with the extra security.

  7. ivanreyes123

    its right next to the San Ysidro Border, i cross & dont even have to walk along ways to smoke
    Amazing Service & Tasty Dank Buds

  8. disoneicankeep

    Great experience, very personable staff members and overall great atmosphere. Finally reasonable prices & discounts I can get get accustomed to. Excited & can’t wait for when the get some more new stock in! Definitely my new go-to place. They also have a large variety of teen & mother clones at great prices for those who have a green thumb or want to give growing their own a try. Best FTP bonuses I’ve come across and monthly specials & discounts I have yet to see anywhere else!

  9. gonzalez502

    Stopped buy yesterday and to my surprise 420 deals were already in place!!! Thanks Marcos P. and staff for always delivering good service every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy 4/20

  10. alexis98janell

    Staff are very welcoming, friendly and helpful. Pretty chillen place. Can’t wait to go back dY~+

  11. Whid1sus

    Very knowledgeable staff. Great informative classes.

  12. crybaby619

    Damn! This place is incredible. I felt like i was in weed wonderland! From the outside i wasn’t expecting much, but was surprised seeing a huge sign for dispensary! When i walked in i was blown away. It had a gorgeous aquarium, polite security guards and free coffee while i was checked in. The place is so big they offer a TOUR! My favorite part was seeing weed plants growing, i want! The weed was super quality, good prices, and the customer service was noticeably awesome! I highly recommend!

  13. JonXss2390

    best place to go get top shelf flower and great edibles. Go now and join the group.

  14. SDigits

    good bud, good prices. can’t really beat it

  15. Itsdavidv

    One of the best Dispenseries in San Diego, they have great service, knowledgeable staff, fire meds and prices for any budget. Thanks SWPG!! Always treat their patients wel

  16. Enunez97

    This dispensary is amazing. They carry an extensive selection of product that ensures you will never run out of things to get. The medicine is top quality and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely continue to come here for my meds.

  17. daddylazy

    I personally think this is one of the best shops in SD. Very clean and professional service. they have everything in stock and offer awesome deals with or without the FTP deal. they even have a TV room!

  18. innaparadigmshift

    Many high quality and interesting medicinal pruducts at Southwest Patient Group.
    Must check it out.

  19. greeneyes09

    love this place, not only is it close to home it also has fair deals and the staff is always helpful ! This place is great.

  20. Mike1934

    The team at SWP Group is by far knocking it out of the park with outstanding customer service & quality/variety of product. Totally knowledgeable on current and future laws.

    Very Happy Customer!

  21. Drcasta

    Lots of variety, no hassle

  22. jchingas

    Awesome shop 🙂 they got the good stufff

  23. Steelintheblizzard

    I have never been to a dispensary so amazing, the product is just amazing, then have learning seminars, the associates are just so nice, waiting room has coffee, and movies, and regardless they are very fast at helping customers !! Thanks guys!

  24. cali1619

    great place very professional and friendly

  25. nrios619

    Best deals and huge selection!!

  26. Tuticoolguy

    This place is awesome! Naw reason to go any other place!

  27. Purfektionist

    Atmosphere is awesome, Best flower in all San Diego! Budtenders are very helpful!

  28. kanehwars

    I love this place. Has anything and eberything a patient can need

  29. Sergio1234

    Best spot in South Bay SD. They carry the best and purest meds. The space is huge, they even offer a tour for first time patients. Also they offer x3 first time patient deals! Even a loyalty reward program. If your looking for a new spot, look no further.

  30. natally619

    Best deals and flower in the South bay! Extremely knowledgeable budtenders. Highly recommend this spot!

  31. missscabtree

    Their edibles are awesome, and their lemonade are delicious. Centric location, great atmosphere.

  32. tenchu

    Clean and great staff

  33. Huenemewoman

    Patient and helpful to us less savvy, technologically & retied! Thank you. .

  34. Grcastro7

    Loved the size of the collective. Great buds and awesome staff. Will definitely steely recommend to all my people!

  35. CrimbsCreme

    Great knowledgeable employees and dope ass products. I would go out of my way and take the extra time to come down here than to go to any other shop closer to me

  36. sevillasoh

    When I come down to visit from down South this is my go to spot! I love the selection, high quality bud and great specials.
    The employees are extremely patient and calm.
    I would recommend this place to anyone

  37. honesttree

    I had to make a Leafly account to warn people to stay away from this dispensary not only will they changed their price upon delivery but they will say they quoted you a different price and then they will take 2hrs getting there on top of all that they sent a driver to the wrong address I understand these things are case-by-case basis but this company it was utterly ridiculous

  38. Bryder

    this dispo is safe, clean and has very good quality. love the indoor vs sungrown options. they have great deals and giveaways for ftp and returning patients. No lock down facility here, they make you feel welcome and comfortable.

  39. Casey_cousins

    I had an excellent experience, everyone was kind and very helpful. Check out the first time specials

  40. wanableton

    This is hands down my fav place to buy meds.

  41. malverde664

    Best quality meds in town no doubt.
    Friendliest and most helpful staff in sd.
    Best atmosphere in town.
    Highly recommend to new patients.
    Favorite place in town!

  42. Daisyalover33

    I love this shop! Everything about it, is awesome! They have a great selection of glass and gear. The meds ate anyways top notch. They specialize in rosin Tech. And their hash is fantastic! The staff and security ate super friendly and helpful and will do anything to ensure your needs are taken care of. Don’t pass up on a great shop 🙂

  43. jlock420

    best place close to the border

  44. Bdavalos22

    Awesome selection! Great meds highly recommend

  45. cvega1990

    I love this place thanks for everytink

  46. Alfred7

    Love this place great people great herbs great prices

  47. triston96

    Best dispensary there is in San Diego. Everything about this place is awesome.

  48. danielrr33

    My second dispensary love it! I’ve been here about 10 times professional clean.

  49. Phanyyy

    Best place to get medicated cannabis items and recreational weed. Thanks to Tony for the help and all the other staffs there. Definitely recommend this dispensary because its certified, local grown, and five star customer service!


    The bud here is freaking awesome great price and the great thing about them is you can choose from indoor bud or outdoor bud which is very cool

  51. therealcesar23

    my new favorite shop. there is no other place close to this one. the attention to detail and the knowledge their staff has to offer is like no other shop.

  52. FrankRa

    Best dispensary around

  53. thechampisbax

    visiting from out of town and i def left impressed. the guys out in Pasadena could learn a thing from you.

  54. Oscarswife420

    Kind staff always there to brighten your day.. good meds.. What more could you ask for?

  55. AlejandroCruz

    great cutomer service good store great people best dipensary store i been so far

  56. jshmokes98

    The location is great. The bud is amazing. The service is great, nothing but quality!!

  57. Dojadolly

    It’s in the perfect spot it has lots of variety! I have never seen another place with dog treats.

  58. Sergmutt1974

    Location is blocks from my house, and the selection is second to none #1!!! Oh and did i mention they have a movie theater!

  59. Lakers3.5

    I love the atmosphere the people are great it’s an fast friendly service from Security to the workers inside wonderful experience I recommend anybody to this dispensary.

  60. angelmtz

    This is the spot!! It’s the only place I shop. It offers a verity of medications and even provides plant growing classes.
    I recommend everyone to check it out!!

  61. TylerDale25

    Love this place. Best FTP deals and awesome flowers!

  62. D2theave1904

    Love this place everything great from selection to prices and help.

  63. Cile79

    I love this location surprised I’m just writing a review!! From the great customer service to everybody just having great knowlegde of the product is always a great thing!!!

  64. Mikeybush420

    Education to me is more important than being sold on something. always chill staff is down to help with whatever questions you may have. from growing to consuming. this place is bomb.

  65. Buddahman619

    They Really Hooked my friend up for 420 Head there now so should you they giving out the best deals today!

  66. Enchantedtflowers

    The professionalism of this dispensary is absolutely incredible; unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Every business should strive to be at this level. Great staff, parking and selection. Highly recommended.

  67. Juanmagic120691

    Great place to shop with mice people.

  68. krasjer

    I couldn’t ask for anything more in a warm and inviting shop. Every time I come here I am greeted and treated with professionalism all the way from the security to check out. I have and will continue to recommend this place.

  69. tjs2154

    Nicest dispensary in town, great prople prices and selection.

  70. Emmanuel113

    The most nice dispensary in san diego

  71. Fabiandg1097

    I really love this place, the staff is always doing a pretty good job with us the customers, you get a comfortable dealing, the place is awesome, lots of strains, and variety of eadibles, I like visiting this dispensary rather than others because of the big variety of products.

  72. Albertogamez95

    Great location close to Mexico !!! Very convenient great prices awesome staff very knowledgeable and friendly !! Never felt misplaced here ! Defiantly won a loyal customer recommend this place for first time patients !! Really helpful with their products !

  73. MGDockery

    I’ve said it before – best dispensary atmosphere in San Diego. Also you must go here for their selection of organic outdoor if you’re a purist like me.

  74. fusetohismatch

    Best shop in San Diego! high end products. Friendly Staff & welcoming atmosphere!!!

  75. fiv3ptsl0w

    best place is been to so far. staff is always extremely friendly

  76. Giselle92

    Amazing dispensary! Excellent selection of products and a very courteous staff make this my go to place for my cannabis needs!!

  77. cannnablisss

    Love this dispensary! Great place for a creative cannabis flow 🙂 they offer classes and demos, Patient Appreciation Days, and always have great Meds to chose from! dY’s

  78. Dragndon

    When legalization was looming in the distance SWPG was one of the few dispensaries that I shopped that didn’t slip away into the abyss. My wife and I have attended grow classes here and my wife ended up winning their raffle, something like a $300 value. We’ve become fast friends with Karim and other staff members. Bud, wax, vap and edible produces have all been top notch although since legalization some of my favorites have disappeared 🙁 All in all, I recommend SWPG for their product, professionalism and atmosphere. Delivery service ain’t bad either.

  79. Murrgh1

    good trees and very knowledgeable about MMJ

  80. misshadyy420

    Loved the place, good quality hash, concentrates, edibles and flower. Will definitely be back 🙂

  81. Leechongchee

    Best in the WEST

  82. Jetpeace8

    This place is very professional and clean. Also has quality products and prices.

  83. DonaldJ17

    Honestly one of the best dispensaries I’ve been too in Southern California, the budtenders are always extremely friendly and knowledgeable, also the prices are definitely reasonable !

  84. nunumtz

    Beautiful dispensary, amazing quality CBD, and extremely helpful, chill, and considerate staff!

  85. casitaiboga

    This is definitely my favorite San Diego storefront dispensary! They do everything right. Top quality meds, great staff who are knowledgeable and friendly, and for me a great location easily accessible. I’m a bit spoiled coming from Northern California, as far as prices are concerned, but I never have to worry about quality here. The division of flowers between outdoor and indoor is unique in my experience, and I like having the choice to get outdoor organic. I highly recommend the $10 edibles. Just can’t go wrong here 🙂 …

  86. flutterfly13

    Since getting my card I’ve been to 2 shops & researched other shops in & around my area. I love this place. 5 minutes away from my house, great buds/ selections, prices /deals & products, & the staff are really awesome people.

  87. hi5babygirl1

    Everything about this place was a 5 Star. I havent had any problems, everyone is friendly, and makes sure you get exactly what you want, and the prices are the same as everywhere else. Fair.

  88. seahawksoldier12

    A step away from perfection.

  89. host84

    When i walked in to this dispensary for the first time I was tripping out all the things they have and they allways have the best hash and wax all teh meds here are BOMB

  90. bbdbdf75

    Friendly/informational staff. Awsome products. Great environment. This will definitely be my go-to dispensary.

  91. lilchris1206

    This medical facility is the BEST in Southern California hands down!!! Excellent customer service and they provide you with the best meds for your needsdY’OEdY3/4dY’OEdY3/4dY’OEdY3/4

  92. Albert422

    One of the best shops in town ! Great staff and Great Products. All of there strains are on leafly ! Definitely recommend stopping by ! You wont be disappointed.

  93. kareemkanaan

    It’s like a weed super marketdY~,. It’s big and has a variety of options. The quality of the flowers sold there are another leveldY’OEdY1/4

  94. mikeydbajaTJ

    I love Southwest Patients! I go here once a week and never disappointed, best weed in South bay.

  95. MelissPadilla49

    The best in the West!!!!

  96. Mark455281

    Awesome buds and super friendly service. Their frequent customer card with the hole punches is pretty sweet too.

  97. IZGDP07

    Best quality and quantity of bud and it’s also super potent and the service is great definitely coming back here.

  98. Lokey.23

    There are lots of helpful ppl who know about bud(:

  99. chelsymistler

    Southwest patient group is amazing, the staff is great and super knowledgeable about the different products my favorite thing they have is probably the pet edibles.. & I don’t even have a pet lol but the fact they thought about the pets is awesome in my book. Definitely will be back

  100. happz43

    great location
    great bud

  101. DankyDani

    Went last weekend for the first time and plan on going again today. The budtender was knowledgeable about the strains and very friendly. I got a very cheap 1/8th because I was short on cash but needed meds, and I am happy I decided to try this dispensary. The meds were great quality even for being the cheap end, which says a lot when at other places what is considered “top shelf” takes a whole joint to feel effects, and from here a few hits of the med and I was good. Also they have a legit parking lot which is nice and doesn’t feel sketchy like they are hiding like many other dispensaries around.

  102. gugu100

    Great clAnic one of the best closest to mexico! Great bud and workers !

  103. JulySD1Cees

    Great Location, Close To Home For Easy Access! Wonderful Selection Of Flowers, Concentrates, Edibles, n Clones…!!! dYOE?dYEURdYdY”Y=dY’PSdY’Y=

  104. khaos001

    the place is great and the selection they have are good and they offer many other stuff. the people there are bevery friendly

  105. monicam22

    Love this new spot… The only one I go to now… They do care about the patients… The quality is always great for the price.. They also offer discounts to the veterans,and the disabled.. They also know alot about the different kinds of meds..keep up the good work!!

  106. Culturehigh95

    This shop is not your ordinary mom and pop shop! Its like the Cannabis Cup but in a warehouse haha literally anything you can think of! They have some of the better topicals and healing medicine for those that need it (RSO). i have been coming here for over a year and have never had a complaint! i get the bang for my buck and you should too!

  107. MimiWood

    I’ve been to this dispensary about 10 times. Quality flowers – consistently, frequent great specials, friendly and knowledgeable staff, they carry my favorite edibles, there’s eye candy in every direction. The displays make you want to look and touch everything – which is a nice change from usually seeing everything in a case. Movie theater / education center are a wonderful plus. It reminds me of my favorite dispensary up north in Oakland called Harborside Health Center. Will definitely seek their advice when I start growing my own.

  108. tommy420tj

    I love it, best hash flower and concentrates in town 🙂

  109. gahboo

    fan-freak’n-tastic! so much help from kim who patiently answered all of my questions with a sincere smile. being new, sometimes, the variety and benefits can feel overwhelming. but this place is warm, welcoming and offers all the education one can absorb.

  110. PhloMaster1108

    Best dispensary…. Friendly and educational.

  111. GDrumBuds

    SWP is the best place for meds in South Bay. Great selection for all prices, awesome hash bar, and great environment. Come by and check it out.

  112. Mill_k

    very convenient location, great staff and they took the time to answer any question that I had, happy costumer.

  113. itchypup619

    love this place

  114. Wookiep

    Excellent service, good quality products and very friendly professional employees

  115. LuisR.

    This place has very good strains, the fact that they charge taxes wont bother me at all because its so strong

  116. fcosarabia1109

    Awesome place so stoked of going back no better way to get this week started

    I’ve been here only once and I got to say i had no idea of what I was about to experience, no issue signing in as a new member and had a great first time patient service.

    I got to say it was a very cool trip heading over there and I’m really looking forward of visiting any time soon

  117. josetorressss

    the budtenders are awesome and the place is super clean, they have the best bud also

  118. Derek_Bullard

    This is by far the best dispensary in San Diego. They always have great deals on quality product

  119. cruz124578

    excellent location

  120. Fw808

    This place is very good! The staff is very knowledgeable of their product and helpful when you need information!

  121. cali4nyaguy619

    Complete one stop shop. Dont understand the bad reviews, I love this spot..

  122. Lvargas4

    Best dispensery in the county!! Good service and great deals!

  123. Srgio2383

    Huge! So much to choose from! Budd-tenders are amazing and will help find what you want!

  124. tails04

    Clean. Wide open space. Even have drinks cookies, brownies, sour belts. Even plants!!! None of that smokey sketchy stuff like other shops i’ve been too. Highly recommended

  125. kareem101

    Quality products, amazing staff !!

  126. leftym282

    awesome staff good buds I definitely recommend prerolls are one of a kind

  127. Cookiedough69

    The music is what chills me out when i go in the dispensary,and they have a great customer service by the way,keep it up SPGdY~ZdYtm,,dY’OE

  128. mrsolive

    amazing all around. great customer service. great atmosphere. very knowledgeable employees.

  129. Montes0825

    Great place to go you feel welcomed as soonest you step foot in. From the security to the workers, everyone very professional, polite, and spot is super clean. Definitely going there for now on

  130. vellyone1

    Everything is great weed staff delivery!!! Like this spot is perfect right next to the boarder and outlets

  131. Papaxtrox

    Top of the line ! Best spot ever

  132. Tazdatscorpio

    Has fire bud and great deals! dY’-dY”Y=dY-‘

  133. igut619

    Very knowledgeable staff and they have great product. Will visit soon

  134. DrMota

    They need to train the staff about Customer Service & Customer Satisfaction.

  135. TankRitt65

    Far and away my favorite place in San Diego! Huge space, knowledgeable staff, and they sell the best stuff too!!

  136. wearelikeshadows

    Great location and very convenient to shop. The staff is amazingly knowledgeable and friendly – I can personally vouch for Damian’s superb customer service!

  137. georgek451

    Best dispensary in san diego

  138. tylerkewl

    Great store. Price is good. Selection much better than average

  139. JayceeLaraine

    First time getting delivery with this dispensary. Gotta say really impressed with the service. They even have a tracker so you can see where your delivery guy is at when they are on the way. I can’t wait to try my flowers!

  140. aicerg1

    I love Southwest Patient Group! It is a huge dispensary and the staff and the security guards make you feel welcome every single time. I’ve been here 10 times already and I will continue coming back. They have the freshest flower from any other dispensaries that I have visited. I’ve already recommended it several times and I highly recommend anyone looking for any sort of cannabis products to come to Southwest.

  141. directorgonzalo

    The best store in San Diego, hands down. The nicest people work here and the product is excellent.

  142. Yavida

    Amazing meds and wonderful stuff ! Great location & really easy to find

  143. Jorgef

    Great stote to visit great quality products and great costumer service. I would rate it 10 stars if possible ill be going back deffinetly.

  144. 2TooSavage

    Space is amazing. Creativity is out of this world and the flower is a great selection and fire asF. Cloud 9

  145. Julioflow_93

    This is the best place to, not only get the best deals, but also to get informated about weed and medicinal properties, and to have fun.

  146. lynadams

    The best dispensary in San Diego no doubt. Friendly knowledgeable staff as well.

  147. Atapia18

    It’s been an amazing experience thus far. the bud tenders are very professional and knowledgeable in all areas. Thank you for the pleasurable experience, and the science center is pretty coool.

  148. markyano

    Best spot in town for sure!!!!

  149. abegonzalez

    best place ever, super clean, good flower,good quality, great service!!

  150. Daveee95

    They have the best flower and the staff members are really nice, SPG has all kinds of good brands in cartridges and the best deals around SD.

  151. JettyChef

    Excellent selection, service, and prices!

  152. marjanesy

    Not only is it in my home town but this is my go to collective. Every staff member that I have encountered has always been very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. From when you check in with security it’s a good experience. Their products are as great as them. It is also really awesome that they offer veteran and senior discount.

  153. Benadame49

    It’s very convenient I live close by. They also have wonderful first time patient deals.

  154. Pugster209

    Best deals in town. Real deal spot for fire meds. prerolls taste great

  155. mszeto

    I’ve been here three times so far, and I love it. It’s my first ever dispensary, so I don’t have anything else to compare it to – but I’ll never want to. Facility was clean, well-lit, and spacious. Staff was friendly and helpful. And of course, the meds were awesome. So far we’ve tried over 35 strains and liked pretty much every single one. We’ve mostly stuck to flower and pre-rolls, but we also have had their medicated drinks, ice cream, gummy candies, and hash. A few cool things about SPG: their events (though I haven’t attended any yet), specials and deals, and the setup that they have near the front of the store that shows a nug of a few current strains under microscope. They aren’t just a shop to buy cannabis and cannabis-related products; they are also a place to learn and grow.

  156. gabrielflores77

    best dispensary in town and nicest staff

  157. blowhardfour20

    My second visit exceeded the quality of my first. The service continues to be tops and caring. The pricing is competitive. The product — I left with a sativa that addressed my complaints of headache and congestion from a cold. The specials for ftp folks are also generous.

  158. Raquel1173

    The best location around. They have the best quality of hash, edibles, and cannabis. The dispensary is big with alot of staff and security. They have great customer service and they are very knowledgeable of their meds

  159. JellyOceana

    I’ve never been to a dispensary like this.
    Amazing set up, amazing customer service. I wasn’t rushed at all. I took my time looked at all the strains, was actually able to look at all of the things they had without feeling rushed like most places in San Diego.

  160. AnthonyGato

    SWP is by far my favorite spot.Always great selection of wax, edibles, and flower. Friendly knowledgeable staff.My favs are the 250mgMoon Bars and emerald sour d shatter. FIRE AF!

  161. brandonarmo

    Southwest is definitely the way to go! The quality and the staff are great and everyone is super knowledgeable.

  162. Jmoney21187

    Great place to be at friendly staff and great selection of flower

  163. margalily

    Staff is very friendly, great products and prices. love the discounts and rewards.

  164. chithc

    this is a great place and the staff are really helpful I will definitely recommend too friends

  165. MacSlay

    Place is rad! Always has great deals, bomb tree, and friendly service! See you guys soon!

  166. ernestoroca15

    buenos precios y atencion al cliente

  167. reeferrick

    One of the best dispensaries I’ve seen yet. They have such a huge variety of items and are displayed extremely well. I attended a clone workshop that they hosted this last Saturday and it was a great learning experience full of useful tips and information. They taught us with hands on experience of how to cut our own clones and get them ready for rooting (we were able to take our free clones or leave them there for the next session).

  168. Danteethan

    Perfect and great deals, nice customer service awesom administration

  169. itsmarco

    Get the best meds here. 10/10 will visit again

  170. shaba1989

    Just perfect. Service. Establishment. Location. Product. Just perfect.

  171. TheOgDutchMaster

    Best dp in Sd dYtmOE 5 star service

  172. mnkn

    awsome staff great spot b7t even better weed. i have found my go to spot from now ondY’OEdY’OE

  173. superlex2000

    excellent selection, deals and service. I will most definitely be a returning customer.

  174. rmoreles101

    Great stuff. staff is great and deals always come in clutch

  175. mr.cast

    this place is a museum of cannabis the best medical products and professionals at their best!!

  176. dallasallad95

    I love this place! Very mellow and great employees. All and all great vibe. The security is really nice too :3

  177. eminellenbach

    Love this dispensary!

  178. nugsandbeans

    This dispensary is my go-to for all medicinal needs. Friendly staff and great prices. Would recommend this place to everyone.

  179. RedDiablo1980

    I love the layout of this store.

  180. BigHouse71

    Great place to go. Very professional

  181. southwestpatient619

    Music is chill nice and ac unit blowing dank and the very nice customer service and attention to detail

  182. diegorganic

    best spot in the south bay, quality meds from flowers, concentrates & edibles. great ftp deals.

  183. Erickcorte09

    Southwest patient group is simply the best one in town they have the best selection and the best atmosphere and the friendliest people to answer any questions you have! Would recommend it to anyone.

  184. Marriiah99

    Number 1 dispo in San Diego. Highly recommend to anyone who is definitely a new to Cannabis and want to really gain knowledge while using the best of the best

  185. Nina190

    Good spot for cannabis they have a wide selection of everything also custumer service is great.

  186. Dooie8787

    Dope atmosphere and their selection and staff are superb

  187. ottops619

    Amazing location

  188. Mario0420

    best dispensary here in our San ysidro location very convenient for us. very good selection and variety.their indoor garden is dome TOP definitely bringing more people than what give reffered already

  189. elihuosuna

    awesome place! staff is extremely friendly and patient. This dispensary has the best variety of product and also the vest FTP deal in the city.

  190. killerOGkush93

    it is awesome, its the first diapensary I have ever gone to, and it has been great, from the security to the staff and stuff its simply awesome, on top of the rock on deals they constantly have, its like Weedneyland 🙂

  191. stori23

    Best products in the area! No dispensary compares to this one , great deals and quality products, and the staff is super friendly! , definitely check it out if you’re around the area!! dY”Y=

  192. darkita26

    The best!

  193. krystalka10

    I love that this place is across the border cause it’s so easy to walk to!

  194. Rigo1989

    Great selection, very friendly staff, did not feel pressured or like they were in a hurry to help me. Consumer focused business. This location also focuses on the educational aspect and offer regular classes to the community.

  195. alienkitty

    Definitely my favorite shop in town. Great shopping experience, good quality products, knowledgeable staff, and awesome loyalty program. Always my go-to shop!

  196. camacama10

    Perfect location crossing the border.

  197. keikotokuda

    Southwest is a huge place with lots of options for flower and anything else you could need. I mostly get cartridges, flower, and wax and am yet to be disappointed 🙂

  198. Arthurmcaldas

    Best place in town! Dont miss out on it

  199. BenDouver

    The dispensary’s safe, clean, stocked with quality, variety. Backed by a helpful and knowledgeable staff, that will call you by your name. I picked up both cartridges and flowers, Green Crack to be specific. HiGh 5

  200. aleenaxp

    Great deals and great bud definitely my favorite place to hit up for all my needs!

  201. galindo5363

    Great overall experience I will definitely be coming back and highly recommended

  202. kmariep3

    Awesome! And they have an amazing selection.

  203. jesuseuribe

    Amazing selection with the most friendly, knowledgeable staff. My favorite place in San Diego!

  204. marthavmeza

    Outstanding costumer service. Always ready and happy to help. Has great discounts and a wide variety of options to choose from.

  205. omarx23

    Best dispensary in San Diego. Great staff who is very helpful. High quality flower at fair prices. Definitely coming back.

  206. mrbloodsaw

    Love the service and wide selection

  207. Bassstoner69

    The best place and best prices in San Diego. Highly recommended!

  208. amoakatia

    Best prices, best quality products

  209. gtrzaileen

    Excellent options , great staff and nice vibes c:

  210. ssilvajr81

    Chill staff , nice variety of meds , cool atmosphere I definitely recommend this spot for all your meds

  211. jrussellzey

    Great atmosphere and nice budtenders. 3x first patient deals and some great incentives will keep you coming back. Loyalty program is the best anywhereaoeSdY1/2dY’-

  212. haarleeqwinn

    I love the clean, professional atmosphere.

  213. Tastytender420

    I love this place / awesome atmosphere- knowledge staff and very dank meds

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