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Is info on this listing outdated? Are you owner of this business? Register and claim it now. is devoted to safe, discreet, and affordable access to cannabis. Goddess has been delivering cannabis to California since 2011, and we are here to help you shop the best cannabis products in the comfort of your own home. We pride ourselves in offering personalized and caring support to every customer. We carry a wide variety of flowers from growers that follow the best practices, and sell premium edibles, concentrates, and tinctures that are potent and reliable. Not just a delivery service, we are an online community of people who use cannabis to enhance their entire life. Visit us at, or send us a note at!


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52 reviews for “The Goddess Delivers

  1. Gromstomper

    I made my first purchase from them on Thanksgiving. I was not expecting to get it delivered until Monday but they were nice enough to get it to me on a Saturday delivery free of charge. Can’t wait to do business with them in the future!


    Have used the Goddess Delivers for about a year – FANTASTIC! Just log on to

  3. Interference

    Very impressed with the quality and professionalism from all sides here. The website is very well done; it looks sleek, is easy to navigate, and is very informative/descriptive without being long-winded.
    The packaging, labeling, and shipping is top notch!

    I was happy to try some of their house brownies and they were in turn happy to offer some gingerbread bites to try as well! I am eager to return to try their house butter and use their excellent service again.

  4. kervinf

    The first collective I ever joined. Their next day delivery is the best thing ever. Their customer service is even better. Once, they didn’t deliver my package on time. They contacted me about the mix up, and included extra samples in my package to make up for. This place is golden.

  5. kevinpquirke

    After a long process of checking to make sure I checked out. Which is a good policy. I would of liked to have it same day, but it was worth the wait, The quality, and quantity was great! the free bee was nice too!I will be calling back.

  6. Spud5150

    Very very happy! First time using delivery service. I’m in the middle of nowhere. Placed an order on user friendly website. Recieved in super timely manner! Excellent products with a few extras! Totally recommend for people in remote locations without access to quality meds
    I could go on and on, but I think I’ll just sit back and enjoy.

  7. spotteddikkop

    Great selection, fast response time for any questions that I have, and quick delivery. The only place I use. Thanks Goddess!

  8. Pvt57

    From the first delivery almost a year ago until today, top quality medical cannabis products delivered to my front door! Top Quality! Professional, Discreet!

  9. JahYoda

    Hoping to get Some New patient love ! Signed up, made an order….product looks good, I like POTENT medicine, not to much here …..but got what they had….excited !!

  10. CaliChris

    Very good selection of medical marijuana products. I like that they always carry cbd products too. Ordering is easy and delivery is fast. This is my #1 spot, online or storefront. My only complaint is they recently gave me the wrong product, but they corrected it and had it delivered the next day. I just wish they would have gave me a little pre roll or gift for my troubles. After all, they did ask me to rewrap and box the products they wrongfully gave me for return. Not a big deal, but was kinda annoying I had to fix the mistake for them. I’m still giving them full stars.

  11. Ron1234

    ive heard good things about this place but ive never been so i personally i dont know

  12. drewfb55

    Great online outlet harboring a plethora of MMJ in all forms. Fast, discrete, overnight shipping and deep selection give this online venue a 10/10 from me. Log in and give them a try!

  13. MMJNurseCA

    Everyone at Duchess is top shelf!!!
    Always fast, highest quality, and the best service!!!

  14. RoseMFQuartz

    I recommend Goddess Delivers to anyone in California. The prices are fair, the deliveries so far have always made it to me in a timely manner, and their customer service is great too. They obviously care about their patients.

  15. pugley

    I registered online on Sunday afternoon while they were still open. The signup form said I’d receive an email of confirmation. No email.
    I left them voicemail to inquire about the order, but my call was not returned.
    Called Monday when I saw that my debit card was charged to find out status, because there had been no response to my email.
    Person I spoke with offered that the email may have gone into the spam folder. It hadn’t.
    They told me that I should get it Tuesday.
    When no order had arrived by 5:00, I phoned Support, but not return call. Maybe they were understaffed for the amount of calls they were receiving.
    I called again at 6:00 and the person asked if I wanted her to contact the delivery service.
    I said, yes, because it was my first delivery and I had expected the product by now.
    This time, the person returned the call to say that they were using contractors to deliver in my area (SF Bay Area), and that they said their delivery vehicle had had problems, making them late. I was told I could expect delivery by 8:00 pm. It’s now 9:16 pm and no delivery.

    I think they probably made a bad choice in whomever they contracted with to deliver locally. It gives me the impression that that company doesn’t maintain its vehicles properly.

    I guess this is part of the “wild west” of Cannabis new or existing dispensaries trying to expand before they’re really ready.

    I think this will be my last order with Goddess.

  16. logicali33

    Goddess Delivers a great dispensary with great product. I’ve had 2 orders thus far and both were at my door the next morning, for me the use of a credit card also allows me to take care of everything online.

  17. tien71700

    I ordered from their website. Very easy to navigate. Got my products in a timely manner and they even threw in some goodies which I’m very appreciative of! Will be ordering here again.

  18. kmpfeifer10

    Shipment came timely and well packaged. Will definitely be ordering again!

  19. Fishinjim

    One of the best!!
    This is my second order and Perfect plus the great gift,
    Excellent 🙂
    Thank you

  20. moktay

    great selection of products but would love to see him carry more products

  21. susiebbuds

    They really took car of me on my first time delivery awesome flowers will be trying again soon !!!

  22. Summer11

    Very professional and discreet delivery. They carry a very wide range of CBD products. Try them, you won’t regret it!

  23. phdguru

    I have ordered from several delivery companies and none of them even compare to the overall quality and experience you will get with TGD.

    My few points:
    1. Menu is always very good and, at times, exceptional (for a delivery service). From flowers to edibles, great selection.
    2. Quality is pretty good. Flowers arrive in good condition – I use a humidor for my flowers but have never had anything I would consider too dry. I did have a butter that was not great but all the other edibles I have bought were consistently decent.
    3. Service is awesome. Any question or issue I have had (maybe 2), were handled quickly and professionally. Very transparent and customer service oriented. Great for this middle-aged dude living in the burbs.
    4. Delivery is excellent. Their delivery company blends with all the other delivery companies, even in my OC suburb neighborhood, and brings a package that is packed better than anything you would ever get from Amazon.

    There you have it. My opinion.

  24. Suki9Pancho

    I absolutely love Dutchess. They are there WHENEVER you need them!

  25. walrus937

    I’ve tried a number of delivery services. What I love about Goddess is their selection. It’s pretty good!

    Their customer service is just amazing. My very first order got delayed by one day because of some kind of transportation trouble. Goddess staff called me immediately tor an update. When I didn’t pick up the phone, they emailed me. They then threw in some free product for my trouble!

    Seriously, give these folks a try.

  26. Sally333

    Great customer service, fast delivery and discrete transactions. Best dispensary by far!

  27. bgeeknet

    Incredible. 2 lost packages, they replaced them both. Goddess has THE best quality flowers & concentrates with detailed descriptions of contents of products. Every dispensary should be this professional. I have been weekly customer for 3 years now. Local guys seem amateur in comparison.

  28. ExtractKings

    First timer here and they really impressed me! got my delivery out quick and the flowers were on point!

  29. KittyAngelPrincess

    The quality of the herbs I received was amazing! I also really appreciated that they threw in some samples because I prefer to buy in bulk but still wanted to try some new strains.

    The only thing that I found a bit inconvenient is that I saw that they sold AYA cartridges but not the AYA pen set. I choose Goddess Delivers because of the convenience of their delivery. I just found it interesting that they didn’t carry the product I need to use the product I wanted to buy.

    Other than that they are excellent and I tell all my friends about them.

  30. Mrbr8side

    Great, fast delivery. Excellent bud. Caviar gold preroll made my night ^_^

  31. laceylaplante

    OMG this place is amazing. Super generous and curteous. They are definitely in the people business as well. You will get addicted….BE WARNED!! 🙂 Thanks, guys!!

  32. thebuddude

    Great service fast delivery will call again!!!

  33. greentara1

    I’ve been using this collective for over a year now and I must say….. they really do deliver. Outstanding customer service, i.e. they go the extra mile to make you happy. their meds are always over the top shelf…. seriously good stuff. I love the Yoda, the Super Lemon Haze and the gingerbread and brownies…. let’s just say that you should start with a smaller dose than you think you need (I do a 1/4) because they are strooooong! They taste super good.

    One time they left out something in the order, and they made up for it by sending it right out, plus two extra grams of afgooey. They have been really patient with me, always taking the time to answer my questions (i’m kind of a pain, so props to them) and recommending good stuff. They also weigh pretty heavy and nine times out of ten, throw in something new for me to try. I wouldn’t waste time by going anywhere else now! And wow. super convenient. Thanks goddess!

  34. erikleon420

    Sick af

  35. rhawk

    Great people and products.

  36. testUser

    Good Product

  37. rdjacobs30

    I love these guys!!!! Product is always A PLUS topshelfdYOE* all the time. I always get the 4 gram deal can’t beat it! Thanks guys for changing my life.

  38. StickyStrains

    A+ high quality service. The Goddess Delivers has an amazing selection of strains, edibles, hash and tinctures! The products all have a great description to help you find the best medication to help ease your pain. The Goddess really delivers!

  39. Ncmedicine

    I placed my order and it arrived before 7am the next day so I was very impressed with that. Great selection and I was very happy. They included some generous freebies as it was my first time. Their own brand of gingerbread brownies and vape liquid are on point. Thank you!

  40. tamaraselvig

    I have been taking yak product for 6 months from another location at same dosage with no problems. had a horrible reaction to items GG sent. I even spoke with prior owner of Yak who said it sounds like the wrong product was in the bottle. They refused to refund ANYTHING despite the fact the product is unusable. Once they have your money, it’s over folks. Be careful.

  41. GranteWickham

    This place actually threw a package full of Hashish, WITH THE CUSTOMERS NAME AND ACTUAL ADDRESS, over a fence AT THE WRONG ADDRESS! Who the hell knows if it was law enforcement, or worse!! That’s putting your customers in danger for no reason!

    I called about this, and even though I have a medical need for Medical Marijuana, this place (Specifically “Jerry”, and the owners) REFUSED to go retrieve the package, with my name on it, but also REFUSED TO RESEND THE ORDER!! WTF!??! There are just WAAYYY too many dispensaries, and delivery places, to continue to dodge those kinds of mistakes! Who the hell now knows that I have Cannabis and at what address,.. UNBELIEVEABLE. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

  42. libraluna

    Being a new customer here, I thought I’d get an incentive but that didn’t happen – a little bummed out by that part as every other place I’ve been have been so welcoming, spoiling their customers. But I really didn’t know what to expect with this ‘exclusive’ delivery company. If your wondering about their delivery process be sure to click the link on their website under “shipping”. TGD is awesome with their online delivery process! I ordered on Tuesday and received my order the next day, nicely packaged on my doorstep – totally discreet! Looked like an amazon package or something. SUPER COOL! GREAT timely service and the quality of my purchase completely on point for me! I have fallen madly in love TGD and will be a loyal customer from here on out.

  43. alphazed

    I’m looking at the web page right now. I’m trying to decide what to ask when i call. I’m a chemo patient and new to this process. But I have GREAT hopes. The web site and the reviews are great. Talk to you soon!

  44. rolonmascara

    Amazing service with overnight delivery. Goddess is always a go to place for fine product and great service.

  45. Lilypaddy

    Wow, first-time customer and I can’t believe how easy and fast ordering/delivery was. I placed my order last evening, and it arrived this morning around 8:30 am. My order was correct, and I even got free brownies. It’s so much easier than trying to find a storefront. Goddess Delivers will definitely be my go to place.

  46. annedrea333

    I am a newbie to all things cannabis and i was having high anxiety about going to a brick and morter location. They made it so easy to find what I wanted and even easier to place my order. The delivery was a quick, no nonsense drop-off and the delivery person was friendly and efficient. I will definitely continue to order from them.

  47. Casey562

    Their website says they deliver orders that are made before 6:30 p.m. Friday on Saturday. I ordered before 6:30 p.m. today Friday. They put my order on hold. When I contacted them as to why it was put on hold they said orders under $100 are not shipped until Monday. Nowhere on their website is this stated as a matter of fact it says ALL orders placed by 6:30 p.m. Friday will be delivered Saturday.

    To be fair, the quality of their products is high and I will probably use them in the future but their service is kind of sucky sometimes.

  48. JRozema

    Love shopping with them. Great selections on flowers and cartridges as well as the shake offerings if you’re looking for something cheaper but still very good. Ordered 4 1/8th’s today myself to go along with a couple of cartridges and a little flower.I know I’ll get it right on time too…always do with them. Super customer service. Thank You All for that..can’t go wrong here so happy shopping GUYS 🙂

  49. mastakillah576

    A++ I love the Goddessdelivers! Its the best. I Order all my meds from them. Much thanx to the team there.

  50. JLC1981

    I’ve been ordering with these guys for a few months now. At first they were great, but the quality, selection, and service have gone down hill since then. The last two times I have ordered, the flowers were super dry. I just placed an order yesterday, and they had no indicas available. Furthermore, they guarantee next day delivery if placed by 6:00 PM, but I am still waiting on that last order. According to their website, my order has been placed “on hold.” No reasons listed at all. And no one told me that my order would be delayed. So disappointing for a place that started out great. After my last experience, I see no reason to continue ordering with them, especially when I can have it delivered locally in an hour.

  51. Camfucius

    Fantastic packaging and labeling. Products ( from edibles, to flower, to concentrate ) are Top Notch in quality and priced well! Diverse menu with lots to choose from. They have many top notch vendors. Next day delivery to front door! Amazing delivery service. Been going to this delivery for 3-4 years now. I enjoy all the products but enjoy the concentrates best. Being a connoisseur of sorts I enjoy/need my quality meds and GoddessDelivers does not disappoint.

  52. jkg441

    Wonderful packaging and labeling. Product is of quality. Service is great as well.

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