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Alternative Patient Care is HAPPY to accept both medical and recreational members! We offer prompt, professional, and FREE delivery to most areas of San Diego County with a $40 delivery minimum. APC is a HIPAA compliant, San Diego patient-tested and approved, premier cannabis delivery service! 5-Star Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Experience the delivery difference with Alternative Patient Care to see why everyone is saying, "It’s as easy as A-P-C!"

Always offering great FTP deals and return patient specials! Check out APC’s rotating happy hour, special discounts, and be sure to sign up for our VIP E-Mail Blast to guarantee savings all month. Now offering online ordering!


VETERAN: 10% off (up to $10 max) … EVERYDAY, ALL DAY
STUDENT: $5 total … EVERYDAY, ALL DAY (w/ valid ID)
INDUSTRY: 10% off (up to $10 max) … EVERYDAY, ALL DAY (w/ valid pay stub)
COMPASSIONATE: 10% off (up to $10 max) … EVERYDAY, ALL DAY

We are a premier delivery service specializing in pest-free, private-reserve, lab-tested medicine. We are a dispensary operating as patients, FOR THE PATIENTS, and we do our best to honor San Diego!

We are confident our delivery service will be your first and last stop, a company you can rely on.

-> Ask us about our price-matching policy and our 5-star satisfaction guarantee! <-

Our extensively trained operating staff can guide you in the right direction towards a delivery experience that you can rely on! We take immense pride and care at every turn, ensuring quality and accuracy from your first delivery, onward.

Say GOODBYE forever to …





***CALL Alternative Patient Care (APC) at 619-794-7395 for the 5-star experience you deserve!***


We PRICE-MATCH Against Other SD Delivery-Only Services on Industry Standard Products!

Verification as Easy as A-P-C

Timely, PROfessional Delivery From Trained, Educated, Compassionate Staff


Specials we ALWAYS honor:

*We PRICE MATCH against other San Diego based, DELIVERY-ONLY SERVICES on all industry standard products for an equal donation price at the time of your order, or APC credit on a future order. Note: We cannot price match competitors’ coupons and/or specials. Please inquire with APC for more information.

*REVIEWS/REFERRALS: APC always gives away FREE APC CREDIT ($10) for referrals with verification of the members’s name whom you referred. Please also try and have the members say who referred them at the time of their first order. $10 FREE CREDIT PER REFERRAL!

*FIRST TIME PATIENTS (FTPs): A free gift with every order updated regularly on our menu page! Usually it’s a free non-cannabis related item due to California’s new regulations.

*GIFT CERTIFICATES: Yes, you are reading correctly … APC offers gift certificates for patients who would like to buy credit for other patients at our delivery service. These are valid certificates logged and recorded. We also provide one copy for you and we hang on to the other copy.

*RETURN PATIENTS: Free extra gift included with every donation, every time!

*FREQUENT DONOR CARDS: An APC tradition, we like to reward our return patients, too! With your first order your will receive a frequent donor card attached to your bag with a stamp already on it. Show your card with each returning delivery for a total of $30, NO RESTRICTIONS. After 10 stamps on your 11th visit the reward is yours! Mention it over the phone or online in the notes section to be used towards ANYTHING in your cart! We even combine punch cards later if you misplace your original at the time of our returning delivery!



Do you offer any veteran or senior discounts?
YES! Veterans receive 10% off up to $10!! Seniors can enjoy SENIOR SUNDAY! Anyone over the age of 62 qualifies for $5 off their entire order EVERY sunday! ** Please note, for all special discounts valid proof is required, thank you!*

Do I need a California I.D. to be a member with APC?
No! Due to new regulations in the County of San Diego, APC as a fully licensed and permitted delivery service now recognizes both in-state and out-of-state IDs (as long as they are government issued)! Student I.D.’s are not acceptable forms of ID.

Do I need a doctor’s recommendation to order from APC?
No! We accept BOTH recreational 21+ members, as well as medical patients with a valid and current CA Doctor’s Recommendation!

What Should I Order?
APC’s up to date offerings are online here on WeedMaps under the menu tab. Having a general idea of your order doesn’t hurt when placing your call, although, our office staff is happy to help with any and all of your questions or concerns. We strive to offer you the best recommendation based on your medicinal needs. We take pride in our expertise on cannabis.

Do you have clones?
Often we do, updated regularly on the menu! We typically have many clones at various life-cycle stages available for same-day delivery! Please note however, that the availability of certain strains depends on popularity at the given time and some strains may require a pre-order. Placing a call to APC never hurts though, so feel free to phone in with any questions about clones.

How far is your delivery radius? Why the charge?
APC has an extensive San Diego County delivery RADIUS … and it’s FREE! There is NO extra charge to have a professional APC staff member come directly to your location with your cannabis order! Save the gas and the hassle, let APC take care of it.

***Effective January 1, 2018: In order to maintain 100% compliant with CA state law as a licensed and permitted facility, APC will be accessing mandatory taxes based upon Proposition 64. There are three (3) tax distinctions: (1) Patients with a valid California Medical Doctor’s Recommendation will be accessed the traditional 7.75% CA Sales Tax on all orders. (2) Medical patients with a state-issued Medical Marijuana ID Card (MMIC) from the Dept. of Human Health & Services are exempt from paying any additional taxes above the listed menu price. (3) Non-medical, recreational members will be accessed the traditional 7.75% CA San Diego Sales Tax, plus a mandatory 5% San Diego City Cannabis Business Tax. We have tried to keep our prices as low as possible for many years, and unfortunately, legislation requires that we mandate these inevitable fees in order to continue providing safe access to medical and recreational cannabis for our members. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we thank you for your cooperation and support! License Number: A10-18-0000108-TEMP***

By contacting APC, you the patient are acknowledging the following:
I am a California resident age 18 or older. I have a written recommendation for the use of medical cannabis from my doctor under Prop 215. I am not a law enforcement officer, nor a postal inspector, or operating under an assumed name or in cooperation with any criminal investigation; nor am I seeking out evidence which may serve as the basis for any charge of violating federal, state, or local laws. I will not use the medication provided for any non-medicinal purposes. Anyone who uses the provided medication for any purposes what so ever, will be assuming their own liability, and are responsible for their own actions. Any donations requested are only compensation for time, nutrients, electricity costs and other factors involved in the process of producing and delivering medical grade marijuana and not toward the sale or purchase of the medicine itself. This information is intended for doctor recommended patients in compliance w/Prop 215 and S.B. 420, California Health and Safety Code Section 11362.5 and 11362.7 et seq. and all local regulations. APC has the right to refuse service to anyone, and may request additional verification details prior to delivery. It is in your best interest to remember that APC is a working collective and together we must be tolerant and patient of each’s others questions, concerns, and otherwise rights of individuality.


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54 reviews for “Alternative Patient Care

  1. rogerdee

    Fast and efficient service

  2. EskimoPiezzz

    APC has excelled in all aspects of great establishment. Great customer service and communication. Courteous and friendly delivery staff. Plus, useful information available online. As a first time patient I was totally in the dark about this whole process and they definitely shed some light on the questions I had. They have a reasonably priced menu. Even giving out some free stuff! Last, but certainly not least, superb herbs. Wish I would have explored this form of medication earlier. Will absolutely recommend you all to others.

  3. durrrtyd

    The only place I will ever go for my medicinal needs. These 2 lovely and professional ladies really make you feel like family. Even if you’re from NC and just moved to Cali 2yrs ago, they make you feel like family. They care about yours needs. Love this company.

  4. MiKaeOG420

    Hi APC, and all patients. On my last order from this great delivery I got some super dank Indica dom. Headband which I definitely loved! And highly recommend to the high tolerant Indica lovers! Also I thoroughly enjoyed the medicinal benefits from the joint of OG18 as well as the Cherry OG kush J. The service and atmosphere from Lauren and Sara is always above and beyond what any other delivery in SD has done! Check out APC all around a wonderful place for absolutely dank meds!!!!! Love you APC Peace, Michael Kae

  5. amtobin85

    I am a repeat customer of APC. I love these guys. All of their inventory is exceptional, and what I absolutely love about them is their appreciation for the customers. All of the staff is so kind, and so helpful. Quality and great staff? Can’t ask for much more. I would recommend if you haven’t given them a chance that you do now!

  6. GimmeSomeMo

    These peeps are great. I love their easy service, I love their selection, their product-to-value…it’s all awesome. They also price match other places as well. I will be a full time patient with them from now on. Even when I move next month to N.County, I’ll pay the extra gas fare to support them.

  7. dg5001

    This has got to be the best delivery service in town. Reliable, professional and always fully stocked. I have found my delivery service!!!

  8. austin2113

    This shop always has good service and friendly people. I always get a great product and have never been disappointed. I would recommend them to anyone.

  9. inkedmommy

    The customer service I receive from APC and its staff, is phenomenal. The drivers and service center are extremely friendly,knowledgeable and professional. Not only is the service amazing, but they’re Menu, specials and new patient deals are one of a kind.

  10. hayleymarian

    This is by far the best dispensary in San Diego! The two ladies who run it are very professional and extremely helpful! Every experience has been so fun and I am always more than satisfied with the product! I only buy from APC:)

  11. rmk0928

    This place is awesome. Great prices, great green, great service. I will definitely be using them regularly. If you haven’t tried them, DO IT NOWWWW!!!!

  12. rdjacobs30

    So I just wanted to let Lauren and Sara and the rest at APC and anyone who reads reviews of places…I am not kidding, I just got the best strain I’ve ever had from anywhere, Cypress OG!!! The smell is true OG flava but a hundred times more brilliant. This kush is the best flowers I’ve ever possessed. It’s power is matched only by its beauty and this is one strong woman. Anyone who is potentially seeking a new dispensary and reading reviews to help them pick, call APC and hopefully they still have Cypress OG bc it will blow your mind. b real has to agree that it’s genetics have the right to bear the word cypress. Everything else Lauren and Sara have is top notch, so you will never be disappointed. I’ve been a regular customer for almost a year, they are my shop and I’ll never seek my meds from anyone no matter what. You guys have a customer for life!! Great awesome buds that cypress OG has, it’s truly amazing. Thank you for impressing this bud snob !!! Love you guys!!

  13. paidhaid123

    very friendly delivery staff. at other dispensaries I have met shady characters. I feel very comfortable doing business with APC. also if your on a budget try the purple elephant. for the price this is really good quality.

  14. sassi

    APC is The BESTEST in all of SoCal

  15. Ryanfeuer


  16. andiggidogg

    APC had a fast over the phone verification process that was over in minutes. I then proceeded to place my order and the delivery was made within the time they promised (around an hour or so). Extras included in the bag were a sample of Alien Kush and even some Super Lemon Haze which was really kind of them. Overall an awesome experience!

  17. Heatfreeze

    I was very impressed with the product selection and customer service with APC! They were very helpful and I look forward to ordering from them again in the future!

  18. wiseman1

    Very professional will always come

  19. guylouis

    Definitely one of the best and most professional delivery services in SD. Have ordered quite a few times. Quality is always 10/10, service and delivery times are exceptional. Highly recommend.

  20. Ryfe

    I think it’s superb

  21. NotMyStyle

    Great service. Will be buying again soon. Thanks!

  22. Jaketheginger

    Amazing customer service from Lauren you know it! Haha she was awesome and definitely took care of all of my needs!

  23. krb72

    First time delivery service user. She made me feel comfortable and the service was awesome. Thank you, will definitely use your service again.

  24. Potheadwitdreads

    All good

  25. ogs456

    Excellent delivery service and great quality buds.

  26. sailorjenna08

    awesome customer service. as a ftp I got a free gram! the quality of the product is unbeatable!

  27. couch1994

    I love APC! the women who run the show are super welcoming and are very
    concerned about making sure you get a product that you will be happy with. They are also very prompt and professional. Ive only had great experiences at APC and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality product as well as stellar costumer service

  28. erikleon420

    Awesome products

  29. jinsd

    The flower variety here is quite extensive! But I’m coming back for the service! ! Just an all-around great staff!

  30. brandond12

    I recently started going to APC for all my cannabis needs. They are very honest, professional, precise, and on point. From what I’ve experienced so far from ordering from ten is that they actually care about their patients and for that I will be returning to them for a long time to come. Thanks so much Sarah and Lauren.

  31. MiKaeOG

    Dear APC and all patients. I recently tried some 4kings in a cart. It is truly a medicinal hybrid strain good for basically any problem. Love this strain! Check it out! Thanks APC! PLC, Michael K.

  32. hindukushprincess

    We were more than pleased with this business. The order process was fast and professional and the delivery service was outstanding. The driver was at my door within a hour (on a Saturday) night. She was very personable and professional. The verification process both over the phone and in person was very quick and painless. I see no reason to try any other services.

  33. rzading

    prompt delivery great quality edibles for days
    highly recomend

  34. Edibull

    I have not been here but am writing this to express my joy in seeing the questions and qualifications you must have to be treated here. If the bud is anything like the detailed and informative service that is displayed at this location, I’m sure it will be top notch.

  35. Paperchic

    Loved this Delivery Service! APC has a wide variety of products to choose from! Edibles, Flower and vaping tools! Their service was professional and the driver was courteous. p/s they give excellent first time/returning patient gifts as well! Have yet try another! No need!

  36. Zebra8

    “Atmosphere” is a 4 out of 5 stars, only because I haven’t been to the location yet, so that might change. There was some awkward silence in my house with the delivery driver, but she was very respectful, professional, reassuring, and formal. She was very good and polite ALL around. I’m sure some patients are very appreciative of the formalism, but it was a bit awkward for me. I just think it would make for a more comfortable interaction if the driver tried reading the patient’s personality and the surroundings when meeting them. Be intuitive if you can. If the patient is layed back with a chill environment, probably shouldn’t continue on the drop off SO formal. I’m really trying to help, and hope I do. Thank you all very much!

  37. CassieReneeRejoiceRenew

    Five Stars are not enough gor the great service this company provides! Top of the line quality extract and edibles, and not to mention their Candescent strains. A must try over and over again!

  38. jej2281

    APC is unmatched in service and selection! They also make great recommendations. Try the cinderella strain, it’ll knock your glass slippers off!!

  39. blasianlady

    I am a repeat customer and will always shop from APC. Sarah is always extremely helpful and patient with me in explaining everything and answering my questions. They also always have great deals and extra goodies for their customers!! Thank you!!!

  40. smhensley

    Sara and Lauren were professional, knowledgable and helpful. Excellent customer service. Delivery was on time and no hassle. Excellent all around and I urge you to give them the opportunity for your business. They are passionate about their service. Well done APC!

  41. rraquel

    They are one, if not the only delivery service that will price match their products against other San Diego delivery services; that is on industry-standard products. Their edible selection is crazy good as well their flower and concentrates. They also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all flowers!

  42. godssin2k3

    great place. great medicine. great variety.

  43. AshleyCouch

    I love apc!
    every experience is easy and enjoyable. the ladies who run the show are friendly and welcoming as well as committed to ensuring you will be happy with your purchase. I would reccomend apc to anyone looking for quality product as well as awesome, personalized costumer service (:

  44. CommandoAndo

    Every time I have used A.P.C. they have had top shelf service! Lauren is the best. Keep San Diego smilin’!

  45. csw

    This is a great place with various high end strains that accepts proof of residence in lieu of CA ID. They also have hipaa form to protect your privacy as a patient, something few other places offer. Great customer service, Lauren helped me over the phone find the meds I needed. Since it was my first time they included an 1/8 of top shelf, a strain i had been planning to order anyhow because of its high reviews, it’s great to be able to try it for free. I don’t have a fondness for edibles but she talked me into getting a few by offering a deal and i was pleased i did. I’ve tried the red velvet cake on her recommendation and the chocolate chip cookies. The cookies were delicious. But half of the slice of cake was enough to put me under. I don’t usually order edibles, but i’ll be ordering some now whenever i order from them. The pre-rolls are well worth the money, unlike some places where they’re thinner or they leave a portion without herb like a cigarette filter, this place rolls them right and packages them in their own plastic vials. They’re worth ordering if you’re just interested in trying this place out. You’ll probably be so impressed you’ll be back. Even though i was about 50 miles away, they were still prompt and true to the time they stated and arrived within 2 hours. The delivery fee was $15 for it being outside of their 15 mile radius which was listed inaccurately due to the wrong address online but they tell you upfront over the phone and will check the radius before you place the order. Overall i was extremely pleased with my order and actually look forward to my next one, not something i normally feel. Oh, and they included a free plastic grinder which i thought was nice. Thanks!

  46. austin61921

    I’ve been going to this place for a while and they are always helpful and usually can answer any questions I may have. Always top quality flowers and great gifts with every purchase.

  47. ryan.dennis.1612

    Great service and a wide array of products to choose from! Will definitely be back for more!

  48. CMoneyFreshYo

    APC was really great to deal with. They were surprisingly professional and didn’t mind answering my questions since this was my first time gettjng legal medication 😉

  49. americajr

    APC is the most professional and pleasant dispensary to order from. I have ordered 3 times now and I’m hooked. You can pay with credit, they give you a printed invoice, their flower is top notch and they’re never late! 5 stars.

  50. KaeisforKushPLC00

    Dear APC, and all patients, recently I tried some Afgoo honey oil by MedWest, as well as GDP in a cart. Both strains are very medicinal for pain, stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms. I always appreciate the peace love n cannabis from APC! PLC!

    Love, Michael Kae

  51. unblest

    This is the best place period. Those 5 stars were definitely earned. First of, the products are great. Awesome flowers, credible edibles, and some of the best concentrates out there. And really what sets APC apart is the service! From the first phone call, I felt like they really cared. Lady on phone was so helpful and friendly, and my driver was the most professional I have seen. If you truly want a great experience when you get your medication, this is the place.

  52. hollyflowerchild

    My first time I used APC, I instantly knew this was the service I had been looking for. The woman who took my order (Sarah) was very friendly and informative. Her customer service was on point. My delivery dude (Cooper) was equally awesome. You guys have definitely made a returning customer!

  53. theDee

    This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been around with quite a few collectives and delivery services in 3 cities of CA, and I must say that APC is my favorite. Not only is the quality of their flower impeccable, they are extremely professional and knowledgeable. But most importantly they do an amazing job at providing the patient w/ the info. they TRULY NEED. None of the lofty language, “fluff” descriptions provided by some other collectives where every strain seems like it does the same thing. Or the description is flat out nonsensical. At APC, each strain is scored numerically and number ranges given a name which basically sums up aspects of the sort of day/moment you’re looking to achieve (calm, create, connect, cruise, charge). APC provides a card that describes each day/moment categorized strain accurately, yet succinctly. THAT, my friends, is critical to successfully using this product medicinally so one can live OPTIMALLY. So THANK YOU APC and Canndescent. You’ve got a new fan.
    Only things I would suggest for potential improvement are:
    -Get your delivery drivers to loosen up a bit. Being professional is great, but try not to be too rehearsed or stiff. Feel out the patient and cater to their needs as much as possible. Talk to them like a normal human being. Some people may need rigid…but some like a few genuine chuckles lol.
    -It’s not really cool to buy people’s reviews. It defeats the purpose of a review.

  54. samiamsd

    I have used Apc exclusively for over a year. I can’t emphasize how professional they are. They are always within the window of time they give you. I have never had and issue with the quality of my order and the staff is lovely. They are genuinely good people which is a nice change from some of the asshats I’ve dealt with at other places. I live outside their zone so I do pay a delivery charge, but it’s completely worth it. They also have a veterans discount which is nice. You can’t go wrong with APC.

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