7213 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046


34.0909552, -118.346741




11:00 AM – 7:50 PM


11:00 AM – 7:50 PM


11:00 AM – 7:50 PM


11:00 AM – 7:50 PM


11:00 AM – 7:50 PM


11:00 AM – 7:50 PM


12:00 PM – 6:50 PM


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Dispensary for the community.
Providing cannabis for Medical + Adult Users

LAPCG’s mission is to provide the finest and well-curated selection of flower and products to our community. All of our flower is organically cultivated and lab-tested.

We support Americans for Safe Access, the largest medical cannabis patient advocacy campaign in the United States

– The Loyalty Rewards Program
– 10% off 1/2 OZ. allocations
– 15% off OZ. allocations


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223 reviews for “LAPCG

  1. Charlesilunga

    First time coming to this dispensary, and the service was excellent. The people are very nice and helpful and the place is very clean, and has great varieties of buds, edibles, and concentrates. First timers will also be blessed with a free gift bag. Best dispensary I’ve been toso fardY’dY1/2. Highly recommended.

  2. lanirenemciver

    I think this is one of the best locations to enjoy a nice eighth from. They have amazing service and always accommodate to my needs! 🙂

  3. Microweb4

    This is my local dispensary. Their product is always top shelf, it is always clean, friendly and professionally run. The patrons are friendly and the staff are exceptionally welcoming and knowledgeable. If you’re in the area, go check them out.

  4. coaster31

    When I got my medical card, i looked for a place local and fantastic and i found exactly what i was looking for in LAPGC. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the quality of the meds are always great and a variety of options. I only go here.

  5. zpeterson7

    By far one of the best dispensaries in the area. Extremely friendly staff, and amazing deals.

  6. Kev404

    This is the best spot in LA, anywhere!!!
    Really chill,vibey staff! Top quality flowers, but also a lot of affordable mid level bud toodY’dY’dY’

  7. zodolo

    Awesome place and people , comfortable location also the blue diesel try it, I started really liking this flavor and could only find it here. Zo Dolo

  8. willixell

    Love it!

  9. PhineStoner

    I really like it! They’re friendly and knowledgeable. Great products at decent prices.

  10. crugzy

    Conveniently located on the Santa Monica boulevard’s west Hollywood main drag, this collective is the quintessential “weed shop” experience. Home of the 15$ eighth and with just about every 420 concoction from vape pens to gourmet desserts, all served up by a knowledgeably quit witted staff, you,ll want to come back again and again. In fact there aren’t enough stars to say how
    Great this place is! Namaste….

  11. pillster

    Well schooled budtenders. Very efficient operation. I first went there because they have the new cartridges for my Open.Vape.

  12. jtfromdaeast

    Great place in the weho neighborhood. Good daily specials and large selection of edibles. Clean place and friendly staff

  13. micfamiliar

    Such a friendly staff. Good strains and very warm to their patients.

  14. Ashrenae28

    My favorite clinic in LA! Great product, amazing staff, super clean…I could go on and on. Thank you LACPG for the great service, you’re always my go to.

  15. AlexDelur

    This shop is probably the best dispensary in town. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and decent people. Its got a wide variety of products for all “pocket sizes” its organized, fast and easy access. 5 stars

  16. parisrae1

    This place is awesome! Very clean and professional environment, the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and the cannabis products are top notch. You cant go wrong, I love LAPCG:)

  17. raghnaid

    My favorite shop locally. Tidy & bright, knowledgeable staff, big bowl of candy

  18. taltal76

    I love this place.
    The atmosphere is lovely (they even decorated for Halloween). The staff is super nice and very knowledgeable. And you can’t beat their specials!!!

  19. DanielleJordan

    Great dispensary! Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about all products. There’s always water, coffee, and snacks available. They have great deals my favorites being the 15$ eighths and spin the wheel Sunday. Highly recommend checking this place out.

  20. LukeTrees

    LAPCG is Awesome!!! Warm service and you can’t beat the prices!!

  21. NoNameLn

    Definitely was a good experience and company! Love the product

  22. graphic_taco

    This place is the best! Everyone is super friendly, they always have a great selection, and the staff are knowledgeable. I’ve been coming here for years and I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

  23. hipp1124

    Knowledgeable staff that is extremely friendly. I will always go here for the best service.

  24. yazzyjazzy

    Love this place and these people. I live an hour away but still only buy from LAPCG. The people are super friendly, helpful and efficient. They have great customer rewards programs. Just all around awesome.

  25. catpack281

    Dopest dope you’ll ever smoke

  26. tymax12

    the vibe of the people, selfless & caring. they show love even when just passing by but the deals special & trees make it unique. one love folk. blessings

  27. Who_Is_David_Reid

    Have been a member for over 10 years.
    Never disappointed.
    They have some cool 20th century posters up.
    I wish there were more. Also lobby music, low, but there to welcome you in and out. 21st century musak would be perfect. They have a magazine rack with all the area publications. and Spin The Wheel Sunday is worth the weight, er, wait.
    This is a great a store for celebrity sightings.

  28. dtrain44

    went in on a sunday.. spun the wheel got a free price. service was great and meds where on good.

  29. Lisamo1965

    The shop has really friendly staff. The budtenders are very knowledgeable and helpful. The pre-roll prices are really good.

  30. dcaaronson

    Very convenient and I always find a parking spot nearby, often in the three space right in front of the shop. Sales people are all knowledgeable and the guard that lets you in make the place very safe at all times. Been going here for several years.

  31. arobertsjr

    Love this shop. I stop in almost everyday because of their prerolled joints. Can’t beat em. Especially for $4 or $5. Two thumbs up.

  32. cjlee01

    Great scenery great help everyone in there is very knowledgeable I would recommend this to any first-time patient as well as the veteran users

  33. ultrawirt

    My go to spot since 2005! Hands down the best service and prices!

  34. Fuzzybutts

    I had a dispensary I liked and then it disappeared. So I tried almost every other one in West Hollywood–and I finally found my new “home”. Well established with great staff–loved that there was no one rushing me through my first visit. And they have CBD flower!! Still learning their products, and the only suggestion I have is that it would be nice if they would consider a veteran and senior discount.

  35. sticksandstones

    first of all, everyone that works there is super nice. I usually feel a little awkward when meeting people for the first time or going to a new place, but the staff was really welcoming (not in an overbearing way). the medicine was great, I mean you get what you’re paying for, and they have a bunch of options for edibles/other items if you’re looking for something besides herb. they seemed genuinely interested in helping me find what i was looking for and providing me with as much information as possible. also I don’t hate the free coffee and candy

  36. TeddyBonkz

    My husband and I travel from NYC to LA just for this dispensary!!! It’s incredible from the staff to the products. You won’t be disappointed!

  37. marcinla

    great, friendly, knowledgeable crew.

    I recommend!

  38. SYLAR420

    Banana Nut Bread….A+

  39. E.R.

    If you are looking for a little kindness, professionalism, courtesy and top notch quality, all in a pleasant atmosphere then this is the place. You won’t be disappointed.

  40. mc1234

    Super friendly, helpful staff. Good prices. Overall awesome location.

  41. belloso

    Great flowers. Great prices. Vibe and ambience is chill. Parking is rough but they give you quarters for the meters. Love this place.

  42. BohoV

    Super friendly, unhurried and

  43. atheodos

    High Quality, Laboratory Tested, Safe & Effective Products.
    Friendly, Curious Staff.


  44. seanieboyy

    Convenient, clean, and all around good vibes. Lindsey at the front desk helped with all my needs and the product was exceptional.

  45. PollyPothead69

    I have been coming here for 10 years as a medical patient. Now it serves recreational users as well.

    As one of the first dispensaries in the area they have a very knowledgeable and helpful staff and offer a reliable selection of quality no nonsense goods at reasonable prices.

  46. Odiggitydog

    Very helpful and generous with their welcoming gifts.

  47. Marcofthepeace

    These folks aree solid professionals excellent client service excellent product

  48. bakeamericagreatagain

    Great location! I come here all the time! Great medicine! Great people!

  49. Procana

    LAPCG is a very professional and trustworthy provider of Procana, and we are excited that they are focused on providing patients an option with a controlled dosage softgel pills, available in CBD and THC. Beautiful store!

  50. swedwards

    Just stopped at LAPCG. Great service, great store front. They even offer free quarters for parking. Good deals, I will surely return

  51. StrainedReviewer

    Really welcoming feeling here, and they know their stuff. Nice bud as well…

  52. RoyalPrince

    Only shop I know with $15 eighths donations & they’re bomb!

  53. photoweed

    A friendly and knowledgeable staff with decent prices and insane deals. Continues to be my one of my favorite shops.

  54. Babyclio

    generous staff, always legit with their flower, this is what a professional dispensary looks like

  55. niknax

    I love LAPCG, I only come here!! Staff is very helpful and friendly!

  56. bodapunk513

    good place great vibes

  57. k9bourne

    clean friendly atmosphere, very knowledgeable staff ready to help with any questions

  58. kjpesanelli

    Best store in LA

  59. tokerfish420

    lapcg best flowers in L.A.

  60. yrahcaZZ

    Ben RULEZ

  61. James.hernandez_12

    amazing staff love it

  62. 323yes

    Well stocked. High end or high quality products. I don’t think I have to go anywhere else now.

  63. foxywolfe

    LAPCG has been so good to me. The entire staff is personable, knowledgeable, and are beyond welcoming. I am able to walk there which is very convenient, though they offer quarters for the meters out front in case you run out. They constantly have deals and demos with great products and brand ambassadors. Even the cheap products are of good quality.

  64. lauras

    Each time I come in, everyone is awesome to me; super sweet, caring, light, happy and helpful attitude. These people are kind and these people are genuine. It’s also a great relief to know their bud goes through multiple tests to ensure potency of health benefits and strain purity. And the great customer service starts out on the street with their friendly security officer. I’ve also met the managers: Shane and Michelle, they’re very generous with their knowledge and work side by side with their team- great vibe in there. So happy I found this place!!!

  65. mazzu

    Very friendly staff and nice atmosphere. I’ve been buying flowers here and the quality is great. I’ll be back for sure and would go out of my way to do so.

  66. Blakebedirian

    Chill,clean,and always on point.

  67. hunterhardness

    This is definitely my go-to store in LA! Locals love this place because of the GREAT prices and smaller, laid back atmosphere. It’s not as crowded as the other flashy, tourist-trap dispensaries in the area, which is convenient AF when you’re just trying to pick up some bud after work. Best low key spot in town.

  68. raymondpmata

    Great staff! Very clean, well lit, comfortable atmosphere. The complementary coffee is nice too 🙂 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  69. holysmoke1

    So friendly, helpful, & knowledgeable!

  70. mayeezy

    great shop ill be back

  71. AmericanSwede

    The people are so knowledgeable and super nice. This is my #1 place in L.A.

  72. xZerate

    I have been going to LAPCG ever since I first got my medical license. The staff are great and the environment is welcoming. I have taken plenty of friends to LAPCG and they all have been satisfied with their visit.
    I greatly recommend LAPCG for your go-to dispensary.

  73. gottadon

    Very great squick & friendly service!!! Will be coming back for sure dY’dY1/2

  74. AJPace

    Clean, efficient layout. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff who listened carefully to my interests and concerns as a first-timer and recent surgery patient.

  75. Tramon

    Very nice and well worth the drive

  76. emmaxjill

    This was the first location I visited by myself after moving out here and getting my doctor’s recommendation and everything and it quickly became my goto. The staff were very friendly and welcoming, and also so helpful and knowledgeable when it came to recommendations of strains at affordable prices. I always like to get an 8th of each (both an indica and a sativa), and they were always ready to help me find new strains of each that fit what I liked as well as how frequently I smoke.

    The location itself is larger than most others I’ve now been to, however it does look somewhat empty. Although I was never disappointed when it came to their product, there just wasn’t much of a selection after a few visits (having tried a good amount of them). On the other hand, a big plus for me was getting the free top shelf pre-roll with every purchase over $50 (which ended up being on every visit for me).

    Overall their quality is great and I would definitely recommend them to others and shop here again in the future!

  77. brandontmauro

    Great service, super casual, nice meds. Recommended to everyone I know!

  78. awolf

    Favorite dispensary around, best service, and quality medicine.

  79. Bcaffpitt

    Great deals, great strands, and the prize wheel on Sundays is a nice touch too.

  80. psychochris

    Cool staff!

  81. voo

    Great shop! It’s been there for years, and these people know medical marijuana.

    Go for great consistent meds!

  82. HansSoHigh

    5 stars great ftp deal cool people clean look

  83. cnewmon

    I am new to Los Angeles and wanted to find a legit, safe, clean, respected and respectful dispensary. LAPCG is definitely all of that and more. LAPCG never disappoints. I always have questions and they never judge or condescend. They are very helpful and compassionate. Go visit! You won’t be disappointed.

  84. cgmcb

    Very friendly and knowledgable staff. I found exactly what I needed for my ailments. Also they take credit/debit cards, so that’s a plus!

  85. popgod

    One of my favorites. Great crew, Knowledgeable and friendly.

  86. dadis

    Awesome staff-very informative and friendly. This is my go-to spot.

  87. ryderdye

    David is amazing. the herb is equally
    great. best club in la

  88. kenhunlee

    I come here often and it’s always a pleasant experience. Front desk and the budtenders are super helpful and educated on the products. Really great prices as well. I recommend this place to others pretty often

  89. andrewmg95

    Good club. My go to spot in Hollywood

  90. Pvtlancejohnson

    This spot is really nice, can’t believe I haven’t been here yet as it is the oldest dispensary in Los Angeles. Very helpful staff and a really interesting menu. I came for the Marley Natural but was recommended a couple different strains as well and they were so on point with my needs!!! I will be back as soon as I have a chance to get to West Hollywood!!!



  92. jasotana

    This is my favorite dispensary! It has dependably great flowers, edibles, concentrates and accessories. There is a candy bowl filled with deliciousness and they are super friendly to dogs and humans alike 🙂 Good vibes and also perks for frequent customers and holidays!

  93. alieninvasionz

    Love this place, everything you could ever want, some great deals, lovely staff, and free things on Spin the Wheel Sunday.

  94. yougonbpind

    Best place in Los Angeles. Hands down. From service to selection, this place has all the top quality essentials.

  95. florie

    The location is perfect. Easy to get to no matter your method of transportation.

  96. nickpar

    Great atmosphere! really enjoyed it, would absolutely recommend!

  97. randowithaweedcard

    What a wonderful place! This was the first dispensary I went to after getting my card and it has set the bar high ever since. I wasn’t sure what to expect at ANY dispensary, but the people and atmosphere there made me feel comfortable and at ease. Knowledgeable and friendly staff, good products, and great promotions, like “Spin The Wheel” Sundays. This is my main “go-to” spot and would definitely recommend to all!

  98. asacredbass

    knowledgeable staff
    always freshest stock
    #1 choice every time

  99. marcomilani

    Great atmosphere! Great people! High quality everything!

  100. thatashlee

    It’s awesome!

  101. bstewa14

    Christoff was especially charismatic and helpful! Wonderful experience, HIGHly recommend!

  102. jaySonlee

    Great staff…knowledgable and helpful.

  103. discojesus

    Favorite in the city!

  104. txmikess

    Wooohoo!!! This place is AMAZING! They have everything and there donations are right on point!

    The staff is incredibly helpful and nice. They even have a rewards program.

    I highly recommend this dispensary.

  105. Patricia2014

    Not to impressed with the medicine here….purchased a top shelf “classic purps” for $55…they have all the sample jars visible for you to smell and touch the nugs. Problem is they offered me 2 top shelf options. I had stated I wanted a nice strong high, good sense tasty nugs. The sample jar had great nugs, I get home open up my medicine that was in pre packaged sealed jar, so they don’t weigh it in front of you was extremely dry and not the same quality as the sample jar. None the less the medicine doesn’t even give me any side effects except a headache…very bummed I spent $55 here being I was told this place had amazing meds…not the case…def won’t be back…

  106. sharif1376

    i will do all of the above this shop is the bomb good meds

  107. FunTimesLA

    This is my favorite dispensary for a number of reasons. The location is great for me as I can walk there. What keeps me coming back is the great staff who are always friendly and helpful. The selection is great and always something new to try.

    Don’t forget their “Spin the Wheel” Sundays where you always win something and of course, they have coffee to sip while deciding what you want to try next and it’s always free – what’s NOT to like about this great place!

    Highly Recommended – Lee

  108. ladevelopment

    Good staff and great prices. This is my go to dispensary.

  109. innerreaches23

    Great hashish for a greater pry e

  110. Jaspr187

    I love LAPCG they’re always friendly and helpful and they hook it up. I’ve never walked out of there unsatisfied. I recommend this store to anyone out there.

  111. Tarxan331

    Love it!!! Great deals!!! The $15 eighth was my initial draw to the location and I do not regret it!

  112. pnoto

    I have been coming to LAPCG for over 10 years because they always have excellent , fresh products and courteous service. As the competition gets tough, the LAPCG stays on top of it all. They lead the way in “how to” run a successful service for cannabis patients. I highly recommend the LAPCG to all of you out there. Once you come in, you will be back!

  113. erikmcd

    very helpful staff. they had answers to all my questions.

  114. sharif1024

    i will do all of the above good meds

  115. nutchayac

    Polite, easy parking. Nice staff. Great stuff!

  116. hannahnaners

    Amazing! One of the best in West Hollywood!

  117. freereg

    Bar far one of the most informed bud tenders when it comes to medical effects and all of the products are top of the line making the price reasonable as you are buying quality for a good price, not garbage at a premium. The security and reception staff are fantastic, IMHOP its always best for the initial contact with staff To set the tone on professionalism, welcoming, informing and how the process works. Thanks for all the help team!

  118. alanisko

    Absolutely love this place, everyone is extremely helpful and they have great selection of buds for sweet prices. Lindsay is totally sweetheart.

  119. erikam

    Cool specials awesome selection! Will be back!!

  120. ItsMrJ2U

    Hands down my favorite dispensary. Super friendly, very knowledgeable employees, and even they weren’t, they make it easy for customers to understand! Fantastic weed at low prices?! I’m hooked

  121. capocostello

    Great staff and A1 product!

  122. Bm77

    This shop has it all, great flowers, friendly staff, and affordable donation prices. I highly recommend coming here and checking it out.

  123. sunsetsherb73

    very nice atmosphere and customer service, awesome looking bud

  124. MMastersPhoto

    Amazing place, good people, good service, great product for a great price. Nothing better.

  125. jasont1

    Great been going for years

  126. Jeano

    I love going to this place. I really do. Top Quality products. Knowledgeable staff that is very welcoming and friendly. Diego explained the detailed characteristics of every strain I asked him about. Despite the fact I had a lot of questions I did not feel rushed at all. Very good security as well. You are screened at the door and only members go in. A pleasant neighborhood also. Felt totally safe. Really a top notch place!

  127. kharim


  128. XavierLT

    Great Area, Great People, Great Strands, Great Prices!

  129. Abanueloss

    The employees are extremely friendly and helpful, always a pleasure. Down to the security guards.

  130. carolanne

    Heard it was a long wait after 4pm and that’s no joke. Walked up at 5:35 and walked out of the store at 6:25. Everyone I interacted with was nice, helpful and patient. One girl behind the counter was having a bad day, wasn’t helpful and rushed my wife a bit. Suggestion to the business: have your menu inside list all products, not just the flower. And def hand the menus out to people as they’re waiting inside to take some guesswork out.

  131. forty2

    This is my favorite dispensary in LA. The deals are great but I feel a genuine happiness from the people that work there and it makes me happy to come in.

  132. namalama

    One of my favorite spots. And I enjoy Spin the Wheel Sunday.

  133. bwit

    #1 Go-to place because they’re always the friendliest, I will continue to go to this location

  134. sstacy2

    Really quality shop, nothing shady at all. Even take plastic!!!!

  135. cavalaxis

    Professional, inviting, knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

  136. cfwendt87

    Far and away the best club in LA. They are icrsibky knowledgeable and very friendly. They have a huge variety and there own house strains are fire! They have two sister dispensaries in Oakland and Berkeley and they bring that same quality down here.

  137. Brownja7

    I love this place! I stopped going to all the dispensaries close to my house because this one is the best! They have great deals, a great rewards program, the staff is AWESOME and they have free candy in the lobby! What more could you ask for from a place?!

  138. tealmercury

    Everyone here is always nice and helpful. The service is always excellent and I recommend visiting.

  139. jewsus

    This place is clean and friendly and professional dY~EUR

  140. briankboni

    Great atmostphere, location, etc. would come back! Cool buds and tenders

  141. alex30737

    The only place I go…

  142. Kev310

    Nice friendly staff, great selection, and they take credit cards!

  143. mghtyred

    Woman at the desk was kind of a jerk. Explained I was looking for something specific, and was on my way to another dispensary, but saw hers and decided to see if they had what I wanted at the same price.

    She proceeded to tell me “Only WE have the real organic high quality medicine. EVERYTHING everyone else sells is crap. Our prices are higher because we’re the best. Better prices or better meds?” As I walked out after hearing this obvious BS sales pitch, she yelled at me “Better prices or better meds? You’re making a huge mistake!” My mistake was ever walking in there.

  144. kservelle

    This is the most friendly location in Hollywood. This is the first location I truly felt welcome at before even walking through the door. With a great selection and low prices, this is definitely my go to dispensary.

  145. rexal1

    Best place in LA!! Great staff – awesome flower!!

  146. BrittBonnell

    I will always recommend this incredible shop!! The staff are friendly and super knowledgeable, and their product is always the best. For those saying they are pricey- it’s false. Their prices are completely comparable, and yet you are getting great quality every time with LAPCG. They regularly have awesome deals, just ask for their daily and monthly menu. 🙂
    I’m thankful I found this place, and suggest you go try it!!

  147. phantomof89

    I started coming here with my Bf. The deals here are Choice. The 1/8 1/4 and Oz. are the best deals by far. The black out is amazing I highly reg that one.

  148. jcf108

    I have been going to this dispensary for 12 years and they are exceptional in 3 ways that matter to me most: safe and clean; quality product and free gifts; and the best long term staff I have seen anywhere! Victoria there is awesome and I have known her all these years!!

  149. karinavanous

    Good vibes and nice selection for good prices

  150. mike.antonellis

    1st time at a dispensary and I couldn’t have left any happier. Everyone from the security guard to the crew behind the counter was super polite and professional.

    And I must say, I mostly picked this place because they are one of the very few dispensaries that have what I could call a well-designed website. Looks very modern and doesn’t have any hippie-related, Bob Marley-esque, overtones. Hope to see more of this as marjuana laws relax across the nation.

  151. katbuns1

    Donations were better than The Farm and other clean dispensaries but they had few choices for people who aren’t recreational users but have serious health concerns. The staff was excellent!

  152. ShuaB

    I love LAPCG! They are knowledgeable, professional and warm. Their donations are reasonable and their selection of medicine is abundant. One of the things that I look for in a dispensery is consistency of medicine as far as strain availability and quality. LAPCG had both.

  153. wmanelos

    Friendly, clean, and always stocked.

  154. SolsticeManor

    Customer service was exceptional. Morgan was the one who took care of myself and my brother in law. She not only helped guide us to the products we needed (by asking us a series of questions) but she also explained how the process of the items took form. It was extremely educational and rewarding to be there. Was an amazing experience.

  155. kaywil

    LAPCG is like a home away from home! Everyone from security, to the employees and the other patrons are so warm, welcoming, friendly and understanding. It’s one of the best dispensaries in LA! (also they’re dog friendly which is a plus :))

  156. Ckln88

    Easily by far and hands down the best dispensary I’ve ever been to. I’ve lived in every state on the west coast and no one comes close to these guys. Super professional, always friendly, and even more helpful. It just feels like I’m going to a friends place to pick up some quality stuff, that’s how comfortable it is there. I’ve lived up the road for over a year and there’s no where else I even care to try. I’ve found home! Thanks guys, you’re the best.

  157. Zornnnn

    Favorite dispensary in Hollywood! Everyone who works here is kind knowledgeable and committed to getting you exactly what you need!

  158. peterparker23

    great staff friendly prices and smoke thats all choke get up and wake nd bake

  159. jay2427

    this place is awesome love shopping here.

  160. sam2you

    Love this dispensary. Great selection at reasonable donation rates and a great staff!

  161. StacczProof

    Great Place, Great Meds, Great Staff..Must check it out

  162. mistazipps088

    This has been my go-to for a couple of years now. They have the highest quality and best deals I have seen in Los Angeles. A++

  163. Rose555

    Friendly and helpful staff! Awesome atmosphere! Quality product for affordable prices and giveaways and samples almost every week! Love this place…check it out!

  164. garoh

    LAPCG knows how to make you feel appreciated ! They “do it all” well !
    answer phone calls (and actually check for strains)
    They offer to pay for parking ( (meter coins)
    GiftBag is a generous surprise (impressive, makes oxytocin ! )
    Product display is easy to navigate
    (not confusing)
    Even coffee !
    You feel like you went to a party.
    And they have the stains listed on menu !
    (did i mention the Gift Bag ?)

  165. mccoyadrin

    This place is Awsome this was my first time and I was blown away by the service.

  166. krissauvage

    I love that you guys have amazing services.
    Great job! dY$?tm

  167. bacarmi


  168. jewls1111

    Awesome customer service and awesome bud !

  169. tori214

    This place is always super knowledgable and helpful for those who have any questions. the selection for pens are great and they allow for sampling so you love what you get! Come in on Sundays they have a prize wheel that makes you a guaranteed winner!

  170. carlbud69

    Staff is always friendly, great prices and nice incentives.

  171. jens11

    This shop is incredibly clean and beautiful!!! You can purchase quality and clean medicine, an the staff is VERY knowledgable about all of the products and care about the patients’ well-being.

  172. buddyplant

    This place has always treated me excellent and has a wide variety of the right products.

    The staff will go out of its way to help you and take the time to expalin about different strains and what strains are for pain medication etc.

    I highly recommend LAPCG. I have never been disappointed…

  173. tokerfish

    LAPCG is dope az fukkkk…. Good quality and selection, very nice and knowledgeable staff.

  174. JamesLykins

    Excellent shop! The only place I go

  175. DCjulesdoesLA

    Love me some LAPCG! Great WeHo neighborhood spot. Friendly/knowledgeable budtenders and quality meds. First rate!!

  176. princeofegypt00

    Great location, awesome friendly staff, super clean and professional spot with a great selection! And they take credit cards and quarters for parking! What more could you ask:)

  177. D.A.R.E.

    Positive environment and a well informed and patient staff. I look forward to going back.

  178. nunyabidness2

    Great staff that knows their bud, great coffee and medicene that is Bay Area quality!

  179. TheChronic310

    What’s not to love about this place!! Amazing staff and amazing bud… I enjoy coming to PCG and do often, I am made to feel at home and welcome. Thank you to all who work in this awesome place.

  180. Jamester

    I keep coming back cuz the amazing customer service

  181. mrbroski

    The staff is super friendly and helpful. The store is clean and product is great! My favorite store in LA.

  182. mugatuxx

    Mid-range product for top-shelf price. Tax is not built into donation price so prices seem better then they are. Very friendly service and nice facilities, its a shame their product doesn’t measure up.

  183. CaptainKushina

    Welcoming, friendly, and patient staff. Always wonderful high grade sativa available and wide array of edibles. i even get cbd for my cat and my family’s dog here. Also constantly updating everything. I love this place.

  184. dwerthe

    My new go to spot. Fantastic buds and service.

  185. ScottClapson

    You all are awesome !!! Thank you !!!

  186. ggg910

    The best! Always so happy here esp on spin the wheel Sunday!

  187. kbandy

    These folks are great dY’dY3/4
    Friendly and kind and very helpful…

  188. puff4prez

    Very easy going environment. Also very welcoming for first time visitors.

  189. Nuve

    I actually came here with a buddy of mine on Sunday. Really enjoyed the visit. They had the best selection of meds I have came across. NICE! Budtender was cool Af. Ran me down the shelves and explained every strain. I really like that.
    Biking there right now!

  190. alpinetiburon04

    I’ve been going here for about a year, and had one bad experience. I was livid enough to write a scathing review, but after today, I must recant. The staff knows me by my nickname, takes time out of their day to chat with me about my life, (issues and events they’ve heard of before and are interested to hear more of) and makes great recommendations. Even after my horrible experience here months ago, I kept returning as it’s the best Shoppe in the area, but the service has been top notch and the staff makes me feel like I’m in my own living room. “Best Shoppe in the area!”

  191. jmarquez

    Super friendly. Huge selection!! Love coming here

  192. Valkirya

    Great location with nice people, and best prices! Favorite shop.

  193. Dominican1

    it’s great

  194. WestHollywoodPeter

    Great, friendly service, knowledgeable staff.

  195. Wesleybangbang

    Been coming to this shop for over 2 years and they have really become extended family if your looking for good prices & product #LAPCG is your place!

  196. keesvv

    Extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

  197. waitthatstori

    This place is great ! The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is chill, they have plenty of different options and the prices are good

  198. DrSpacemonk

    Super friendly and bud-wise staff. Inside is clean, open. Has more of a nice Cafe vibe than the average shady dispensary.
    Their eighth specials are solid strains and the prices are damn hard to compete with.
    It helps that the bud tenders are cute too.

  199. CarsonElizabeth

    This is my absolute favorite and #1 go to dispensary. They have great weakly deals and the staff is incredibly helpful and informative.

  200. jesusthongs

    Very welcoming and informative. Don’t mind taking time to explain products and how it works. Great products.

  201. CaroLeaN86

    GREAT MEDICINE/ PRICES / MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!! (aEURC/I(c)I(c)I(c)I(c)i1/4?aEURC/I(c)I(c)I(c)I(c))dY~ZdY~oedY~dY’OEdY”Y=dY’fdY’-

  202. Eeetip72

    This place is the BEST! Knowledgeable, friendly staff and the best product. These people really know what they’re talking about!

  203. amazenkingroe

    Happy, Trendy, Best Deals under $20 in West LA!

  204. Heatherautumn27

    One of the best places in LA. They have been solid for many many years, and have some of the most knowledgeable and friendly people working there. This place has been recommended to me time and time again by many friends. I live and work in the area and always enjoy walking over here. Lots of free perks too!

  205. jjem

    For my first time, I enjoyed every single minute I was in there. The staff was knowledgeable and attentive. Can wait to go back.

  206. Fordworks

    Knowledgable, patient, efficient.

  207. BillMurray

    Great: staff, prices, bud, free coffee
    Cons: none

  208. kriswak86

    Really great atmosphere for a new patient. Flower, wax, hash, and every the pre rolls are worth the money spent. Will most def be back

  209. Adammw

    Truley amazing shop. Everyone is super friendly and helpful

  210. SirSAGE

    The medication is always top shelf, strong, well grown & cultivated, and beneficial. The strains are named for what they are based on their parents vs. being named some “off the brain-mood-induced” named that’s subject to change with the next shift & staff change.

    The service is top notch, professionally run, well managed, lacking attitude & drama, and the energy of each staff member brings a smile to any face having a bad day.

    The atmosphere is very Medical, constantly filled with the smell of fresh herbals, very well lit, very organized, neat, clean, orderly, well-kept, well swept, and full of an energy that mere simple words cannot define. I’ve recommended this spot to many friends who are still current patients.

  211. Coreyblaze

    I love how knowledgeable they are with different strands of weed. The guys there are really nice and friendly and let you preview each type of strand before you purchase which is super helpful in my opinion
    They take card also which is super convenient

  212. Cannyanabis

    Not only is the product always great quality as expected, the employees are friendly and knowledgeable with the product (which is a huge plus), the prices are great, they always have great deals, and they even take credit cards. One of the best dispensaries in the area.

  213. Corinthia1221

    This is one of my all-time favorite dispensaries in all of Los Angeles. I’m a huge fan of pre-rolls and they always come with fire and their pre rolls are made with top shelf and bomb hash rather then some funky swagy shake. The people are very knowledgeable, very helpful, and make you feel very comfortable when you’re inside. They also do awesome giveaways on Sundays and I always feel like I get my moneys worth when I shop there.

  214. mpaton91

    Love them. Easy parking and Spin the Wheel Sundays.

  215. mmmmmmbeer

    Clean, safe location with the most polite and knowledgeable staff. An unbelievably wide selection of strains. I was looking for a high CBD strain and was recommended Harlequin and Cannatonic, both of which I now consider all-time favorites.

  216. sogent47

    very helpful, a pleasant visit, and great service

  217. podfather

    the staff is truly amazing,and they have an amazing selection,would
    definately recommend checking them out

  218. vikiviolea

    Best staff best deals best dispensary by far!!!

  219. nataliegroman

    Definitely would recommend anyone to go and stay at this collective.

  220. grg20

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great deals and good stuff.

  221. Blahblahbalah

    Everything about this place hit the mark! Great selection, atmosphere, etc. Also spinning the wheel is fun.

  222. sir.toakes-a-lot

    perfect location very relaxed has a small head shop so if you need a pipe and some pipers you only need to take 1 stop they take debit everyone there is super kind and helpful great prices love this place

  223. fishsteve12052

    amzing place amazing bud

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