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5745 Peladeau St, Emeryville, CA 94608


37.8383, -122.2902876




10:00 PM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 PM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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East Bay Therapeutics is Emeryville’s first cannabis dispensary powered by the Ohana Brand serving cannabis customers throughout the State of California with Storefronts & FREE Delivery! We are permitted and licensed across the state in conjunction with our Ohana brand and carry fully compliant, tested, and high quality cannabis products. Our Cannabis Consultants work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering recreational, medicinal, and therapeutic products and services.

From exemplary customer service to top-of-the-line product selection with FREE Delivery, we are focused on providing a safe, secure, and rewarding experience with responsible cannabis use as life solutions for recreational, medicinal, and therapeutic purposes. State License # A10-18-0000103-TEMP.


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153 reviews for “East Bay Therapeutics

  1. Supera2t

    My new favorite dispensary! Diverse and friendly staff. The layout is awesome bc you get to see and smell everything- plus theres an educational and art component to the experience. The price is also fair. Will definitley become a regular

  2. dkitt

    The staff here is very knowledgeable about the products they sell, and like other dispensaries they try the products and are able to give you personable advice. They also are aware of returning customers so it makes you, and th money you spend valued. The store has a beautiful layout, a definite 5 star experience.

  3. Kanyonmike

    The staff is extremely friendly and will go out of here way to help. The best store I have been to in the Bay in he 30+ years I have lived here. Will recommend to all my friends.

  4. Elf528

    Awesome friendly staff, quality products at great prices, open store like atmosphere

  5. Sativa1986

    Yee best medicine in East Bay!

  6. StagRabbitFox

    They are OPEN and doing business. Clean environment and working on bringing in a smoking lounge – this is my new spot!

  7. muvadesign

    EBT is an amazing dispensary. Quality product with a pretty fun bunch of staff. Can’t wait to see how this place blossoms

  8. Ebunnys

    I love this place. One of the great things are they close at 10!!!! Do you know how hard it is to find a place open after work! Not anymore. I come here often because everyone is super nice and patient. I never know what I want but they always know their products.

    Thank you!!

  9. Rmackey1

    This is not only a really convenient place, but he atmosphere is second to none. I will definitely become a regular and recommend my friends to this awesomeness.

  10. Goobie510

    Best cannabis place around the area very clean and professional and with allot of selections on stock would come here anytime

  11. Julianhb510

    Staff is very polite and welcoming I’d give 10 stars if I could I enjoy every single visit I make here the bud is quality you get what you pay for you guys are awesome!!!

  12. Relliebee

    Awesome location easy helpful employees. Great products!

  13. Bblips8

    Went there today for the first time met a budtender name Cristal. Who was very helpful,and the staff was very understanding, patient with me, because I walk with a cane. they also have a Handilift, in case you can’t make it up the stairs. This is a nice place. it’s big, its clean, can’t wait to come back out and hopefully participate in some of their events. I am from out of town so sometimes I may be able to and sometimes I may not be. but I will be back lord willing.dY’aoeOE

  14. FabioRo


  15. Angineh

    This place is dope very friendly.

  16. deeesh21

    Loved cristal! So helpful and nice 🙂 will be back

  17. Papa.caktus

    Friendly atmosphere for people new to marijuana. Interesting set up, very friendly bud tenders.

  18. Cappie123

    I love this place! New! Clean and the staff is amazing!!!

  19. ofnazareth

    Super friendly people, aaaaand their flower was dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  20. Yaysin12

    Great stafff and wonderful product. Would recommend to my friends.

  21. skiya

    Noice place

  22. Lyss17

    Great experience here, awesome staff, will be returning when in the area

  23. Webejamin730blue

    Can’t beat the location as you make your way in & out of the nickel and dime. Always friendly, knowledgeable, stocked and promoting good products. Have instructed friends and family to stop in and all they have to offer.

  24. Bunny_Buddy

    Clean, well lit, great service, good selection. Think Apple Store for cannabis. Very nice. Will return.

  25. Goldteeth666

    Great people. Nice spot

  26. Playlay

    I love the environment here at East bay Therapeutics. They have great customer service and I leave pleased every time !!!

  27. Ijordandavid

    Quality, selection and great service

  28. SleazyCZ

    I really like this dispensary. Good location, friendly staff, great selection, and good deals

  29. RichHey

    Best. Neighbors. Ever.

  30. Winterknight69

    I love his place the people are friendly and the selection is awesome my favorite place to go to “relax”

  31. dank_you

    Dope selection, people, and vibes

  32. Arinyc

    They are really knowledgeable and really cool people.

  33. Emilyemcgovern

    Awesome service and they have amazing Kikoko tea– try the Sympa-Tea! Will was very helpful

  34. Carlosw23

    The coolest dispensary I’ve ever been to.

  35. Rmadrid10

    Great prices! Friendly atmosphere! Everything you need medecially or recreational they got it!!!!

  36. Dancert

    Looooove this place!!!

  37. Tomasoquista

    Close to home!

  38. Samsandt

    Helpful staff and great prices. Better than BPG.

  39. Chevyb900

    No better place to go in the day! I have over 20 trips and I have one disappointment! They are setting the standard for customer service

  40. Killa_chryss

    Love it!!!! Definitely going to come back as soon as they reopen.

  41. ajones412

    Super nice location since they opened up the new area. Staff is helpful and extremely knowledgeable with their products. Always a good time here. Thanks again.

  42. Alexhanke

    Best dispensary around!

  43. MsQiqi01

    Good marijuana great prices!

  44. Cultplayne

    Great atmosphere and high quality product. great service and experience overall.

  45. AsleepStandingUp

    staff knowledgeable and friendly quick and attentive. The atmosphere was open and somewhat consuming, and relaxed. They accept cash only so I recommend hitting the bank ahead of time. But they do have quality buds so the secondary stop will be worth the time.

  46. Czmoney

    Nice store, friendly staff, good selection of products. Will definitely be back.

  47. Sfhitz

    Staff seems very knowledgeable, vibes are nice. Product is high quality though budget options are limited.

  48. lilywhite

    This is the best dispensary in the Bay Area. You are always greeted with a smile. If you are unsure which product may be best for you the staff members can recommend products to fit your needs.

  49. Johngonzales779

    I love that the team here are very attentive and knowledgeable of their product,
    Not to mention their fabulous show room for the product.
    Everyone should try this place at least once your for sure to like it!

  50. Rsd35

    Great service

  51. M4assassin

    This place is lit

  52. Car10s818

    The service was 5 star. Immediately after walking in I was greeted and escorted by Crist’al. Questions were answered that I didn’t even know I had. They also gave you room to breathe. The store was very neat and clean.

  53. Bhowse12

    Ok so this review is long overdue. I’ve been coming to EBT for a month or so now and the customer service is ALWAYS fantastic! I started coming before they opened up the large area they have now and Will is always so welcome and accommodating. Laura is always helpful and quick to assist customers with what they need and the rest of the staff from the security check in to the people that check you out with your order, are always so nice and friendly 🙂 I also absoulely love the new open area they have now, you can tell that they want their customers to feel welcomed while also allowing people to have space to move around. EBT is my new weed home lol 🙂 dY’oe

  54. Philm10

    Awesome staff! Great selection and customer service. Excited for what’s to come!

  55. Treethan

    These guys know how to do it right. If you want your selection of quality products and expert advice, come here.

  56. Hayley1234

    Cool vistit

  57. Stukov

    Favorite dispensary in the east bay. Great staff

  58. Ramosg96

    Nice place and welcoming

  59. Shannonnoel

    Gas brought my dawg here to cash out after my first time.. all the staff knew the stuff

  60. weedboy510

    Great customer service everyone was very knowledgeable about the product and eager to share info. They also have a great variety of product. They also have a cool art selection to look at while you’re browsing.

  61. Dsf4

    Great atmosphere. Amazing staff. Hope to see you guys in the stock market.

  62. Tommy152

    Great space, great selection

  63. Bullweiser

    The service is fantastic. The staff is very knowledgeable and the smell boxes are a great addition so you have an idea of what you are buying before purchase.

  64. Rambitoo

    Great service

  65. Cravenhead

    Awesome customer service very knowledgeable

  66. Jvd9

    I like this place.

  67. Ryanschlag

    Great selection and nice cartridges! Best prices

  68. Monkinwood

    Super spacious with great deals n selections!

  69. Bk6789

    Great service by Cristal! She was so helpful and cordial! Great products too dY’dY1/4

  70. toobakedeverytime

    The service was outstanding. I was helped immediately find something within my budget, and there was a great selection to choose from.

  71. Dizzydreamer11

    Beautiful space and huge selection! Never disappointed!

  72. Revephraim

    Prices are great for the quality products they have. Also much cheaper than other places I’ve been to.

  73. Trevorstrong1

    East Bay has the herbs dY’

  74. Jayjay_sergipe

    Laura was just the best! If you come over, contact her!!! 6 stars

  75. Wayneee

    Love this place! Been coming to the Oakland area recently and this is always a stop. Saw their transformation over the past few months and can’t wait to see what’s in store for them. Make sure to come through.

  76. Jamal777

    Love how they decided to set up the floor plan. Totally awesome you can walk around and smell/look at everything they have

  77. tikimcfee

    Came here weeks ago when this spot was tiny, now it’s got some of the best selection I’ve seen in the East Bay. prices are pretty competitive and you will NOT get friendlier people.

  78. PrincessRena

    Awesome place,friendly staff!

  79. Robinsign123

    Great customer service! Made my experience very nice and they were welcoming and helpful!

  80. Mrgrey333

    Look it’s nice but common I spent 120 on 6 gs of semi flame

  81. sairuhsmilez

    This is a great dispensary! The staff is super friendly and accommodating and they have a pretty large selection of product, from flower to cartridges to even some bath salts and pet CBD. I’ve been to a few events here and they’ve been fun and make a lot of efforts to bring in local artists or vendors (they’ve catered free food from the bar across the street for the last two events I attended. They also have opportunities for local artists to participate in events as well. I’d definitely recommend to anyone coming through Emeryville!

  82. Noodraider

    Great club. Always stocked on Indica which I like. Friendly staff, right off the freeway. I haven’t fou d a reason to go anywhere else recently.

  83. Vacation

    Awesome personal service. Nice and clean and organized

  84. BoaMedicina

    Great dispensary, staff and selection were all top shelf!

  85. tommy.ramos

    Such a great shop, one of my go to’s when i’m in the Bay Area.

  86. Jc789

    Big loacation, awesome parking, friendly staff, good flower!

  87. Ogbigbucks

    First time here and I love it. Nice vibe & the staff were super helpful.

  88. Soura2112

    These guys know how to do it right. If you want your selection of quality products and expert advice, come here.

  89. Rosalesjoser63

    like the concept in the way they do things, best in my book. Gota try em.

  90. deztwav

    Great service!

  91. Suzisnaps

    Will was excellent loved the new show room

  92. Jvlsf11

    Great place! They get busy a lot, the atmosphere is very inviting and you meet some friendly people. Quality prices at a reasonable price.

  93. R001dhillon

    My experience was dope and they got all the gas what’s not to love ?

  94. Shonye

    Walked in and was greeted with a hello and a smile! Products are great, strains are dope and the people are super cool. Definitely recommend this place if you’re local to Emeryville.

  95. Cthomp0604

    Dope club in emeryville! Always can come in and grab some good quality at an even better price . dY’OEdY3/4dY’-

  96. Malrizzle

    So friendly, knowledgeable of product, helpful, open late!

  97. cmart4634

    Open spacing and very welcoming environment with awesome displays to look and smell product

  98. Francisco07

    Awesome customer service and dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=product

  99. Molly-B

    The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and provided exceptional and quality service. 10/10 would recommend.

  100. Yeehaw321

    Nothing to complaindY”Y=dY”Y=

  101. AaronItem9

    Only dispensary in Emeryville so be sure to stop by if you live or work in the area. I like the fact that they are open until 10pm every day and also have delivery. Picked up some Lemon Fuel OG and 24k so I can’t wait to smoke it!

  102. Dorian007

    I love this place people product and prices are all amazing

  103. DrewBleez

    Like an Apple store for cannabis

  104. Chrisfoley404

    They were very helpful with my 1st time experience and also gave me a 10% discount….will definitely be returning!!!

  105. Bdinh

    High quality

  106. lvgreensalldal

    Great place to come

  107. AHaywood77

    I’ve never had a bad experience here. The employees are always extremely courteous and knowledgeable. Between that and the modern floor setup, you can’t go wrong with East Bay Theraputics.

  108. Valeriez10

    I loved the way everything was setup, being able to look at and smell the products I wanted so easily was great. And all of the employees were super nice and knowledgeable. Really great experience!

  109. ButteryRoach


  110. Ahubb

    cool location, big shopping space, good products and rad staff

  111. Logan_Rankin

    Great use of negative space and I really enjoyed their products. Bud tenders were knowledgeable and helpful. Brought my friends it was a great experience.

  112. Itsweights

    The customer service was amazing. I’m truly looking forward to coming back

  113. VenomSpecter

    Budtender was nice and very helpful! Will visit again dY’OEdY1/4

  114. 2deadlegz

    Staff is da “dopest” lol. Dey is str8 stoners but useful n shit. Highest recommendation cuz.

  115. Sebrad13

    As my first time, it was really relaxing and informative. I had a great experience.

  116. Jbgomez

    Staff here was hella friendly. Selection was really nice. Im actually going to hit them up soon again.

  117. skymilesbreeze

    One of the best dispensaries I’ve been to in the Bay Area. Customer service is A1 and there’s a huge selection. Will be back soon.

  118. Lovelycarey1

    They were super nice & they got some dopeeeeeedY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  119. Dudeman122

    Green girl!

  120. Godsson2018

    Always treated great here. Love coming back. Very open and clean store.

  121. Daffyduck13

    Very helpful and friendly

  122. jeenadiv

    Will helped me out to make my purchase easy and quick

  123. Jds209

    Great customer service and friendly staff. Will come again.

  124. teenyhuman

    place seems awesome. great modern vibe and decor. spacious interior. right across from where I work. great location

  125. Troy-jack

    Service was great felt like a real gust got some great employees

  126. Kowalskihemi

    good clean buds

  127. arawatgabi

    The staff is super friendly, and this place is honestly the best dispensary I’ve been to. SD has SO many storefront dispensaries, but they are so limited here. If you want to be able to make informed purchases that can best suit your medical needs, with the help of their lovely staff, I’m sure you can find something for you!

  128. Llamajo

    Things are very well laid out and organized. Very impressed. Glad to have a spot in emeryville now.

  129. Jbsmoove1984

    Good excellent

  130. Geo760

    Love the staff and products. Would recommend to my friends.

  131. indygent26

    Very friendly service. Prices were reasonable.

  132. Kmm786

    Friendly and knowledgeable

  133. alex18134

    I love this place! Each time I come I get the best service, and I always have a lot of questions but never feel rushed. Emily is awesome and super patient. Definitely my go-to spot!

  134. Cohnjampbell

    The service was patient and thorough and they had a great selection, deals, and prices. Would definitely recommend it.

  135. Orheally

    I’ve been coming here for a few weeks and always appreciate the high quality of service and honest feedback from the staff regarding their product . Excited to see what’s next for the location

  136. spencqoln

    I’ve been coming here steadily since they opened up and the experience keeps getting better. Everyone is so friendly and all the products are amazing. It’s the kind of place where everyone remembers your name and what you like to get, what could be better than that!

  137. Jamers003

    Super welcoming, great selection, knowledgeable staff! I’ll definitely be back!

  138. Brainey23

    The staff was super friendly and kind. They were extremely helpful and got me exactly what I wanted and more. Definitely will come back.

  139. Chris_m52

    Awesome staff amazing selection just the best

  140. fedordoesbjj

    Great dispensary!! Visited after work around 6pm and it was empty, only 2 other people. Super clean showroom, friendly and helpful staff. Will be returning!

  141. inkarn8

    Great new addition to the East Bay. Great options, friendly service in a cool environment.

  142. Vibisuars

    I loved the serivce and how everything is setup. Can’t wait to see how it will look later in the future.

  143. kahutch44

    1st time in a CA dispensary – would highly recommend!

  144. Lakemerrrittgoddess

    I LOVE east bay therapeutics!! Amazing staff! Very knowledgeable of products and cannabis! And, the new expansion is beautiful!

    Love love!

  145. Tiawan5

    Mannnnn every time i come it’s like a new experience every time! The friendly faces them great customer service! They are always helpful! They also have some very great deals and always always try to work with you for whatever you my desire and need!

  146. Djmilli1618

    Best place in the east to come for anything you need. Great prices and very open friendly.. your not a customer your family to them.


    Great staff, knowledgeable and very impressive inventory. Will definitely be coming back!

  148. Crankgoon

    Great prices

  149. Thciswealth

    New spot in town. Very clean great atmosphere. Amazing staff. Hope to see this dispensary extended there revenue to stocks!

    Much love.

  150. Gsalzano

    I like the open spaces they have in the establishment. They have a great selection of flower and other products. A great place to visit if you’re a cannabis lover.

  151. kbye22

    Love this place

  152. Hussainobad

    I loved it the people were nice and helpful

  153. SBuxxJunkie3

    My fav dispensary in the Bay. Atmosphere is open and new layout allows you to walk around and see the products available. My bud tender was cool and knew her stuff! Love their new technology with checkout!

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