CAC Venice

Recreational and Medical



122 S. Lincoln Blvd., Venice, CA 90291


34.0023056, -118.4692007




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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CAC Venice provides high-quality recreational and medical marijuana in Venice Beach, CA. We have an extensive selection of flowers, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, topicals, and seeds.

Established in 2005 as the first legal collective in the city of Los Angeles We strive to provide the highest quality recreational and medical cannabis in a safe, welcoming environment.

We offer a wide range of strains including kushes, pure sativas, pure indicas, hybrids, and budtenders that know the difference. Our large selection of edibles includes vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free and tinctures (glycerin).

Our aim is to educate our patients on the different effects of strains as well as edibles and smokeless vaporizing. We will help our patients find the most effective form of cannabis to fit their individual needs.

Recreational customers – 21 and over with a photo ID.
Medical customers – 18 and over with a photo ID and a doctor’s recommendation.


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26 reviews for “CAC Venice

  1. thetasig

    Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, competitive pricing and close enough to bicycle to. No reason i would consider going anywhere else.

  2. elixdelta9

    Offers a beautiful selection of flowers and edibles. Best service of any of the dispensaries.

  3. Ram30

    Love the venue and folks at Alternative Caregivers. Clean, well-lit, great parking and abundance of inventory. They have what you need and are happy to chat with you. Wish there were deals or price breaks but thems the breaks when you deal with a pre-ICO SHOP. Recommend highly!

  4. greatjobjenny

    One great thing about this place is that is serves a more mature crowd, so you won’t find a bunch of kids in the lobby or sale room, the product has also been consistently good. However, there are a few things about this place that make it “not my first choice”. 1. Street prices, Gs are generally 18, 1/8s are 50, kind of a rough split, there are no incentive programs, quantity discounts, heavy weights, plus they charge a tax on top, so a gram is going to be basically $20. I also find it odd that the flowers are pre-packaged, and while I trust there’s no funny business, after going here, I realize that I prefer to see the weed get weighed and packaged. Edibles, cartridges, etc run 5-7 more than other spots I’ve visited. I guess they’re paying that sweet Venice overhead. Anyways, the last thing that isn’t really a problem but amuses me is the “pharmacists” wear white coats, I get the intention but it comes off as costumey and gimmicky, and when you put a white coat on top of one of the quintessential LA young hottie short skirt, belly out outfit that the “pharmacist” is wearing, it just reads porn movie, idk, maybe I watch too much porn. Bottom line, chill and works in a pinch but pricey and a little different. dYudY'”dY’s

  5. KennethHammon420

    The quality, and beauty of the appearance of nugs was spectacular. The price was reasonable for the quality, and the staff could have been little friendlier, but they were busy at the time.

  6. zaaachiam

    Convenient, knowledgeable, and friendly. Great selection and awesome prices 🙂

  7. lilfrankie

    One of the originals and one of the very best. These guys are serious and professional and have a fantastic selection. Best of all, they de-seed and de-stem their buds, so you’re getting an 1/8 that’s all pure bud. Support this Venice institution!

  8. GIJoel

    My go to dispensary.
    Well educated and professional.

  9. tanefendi

    I needed a dispensary for whenever I am in the Santa Monica area. I went to this place trusting the reviews. I bought an 1/8th of a sativa, I can’t remember the name. Paid $45 for it bc it was “prepackaged” it didn’t smell like the sample they showed me, felt wet and did not properly get me stoned. Worse money I ever spent at a dispensary.

  10. PlumeriaD

    I like that it’s upstairs, not street front.
    I like that they are adults: Professional setting and staff, very comfortable for women, non-pushy, well informed., friendly and helpful.
    Parking in the lot in back, usually plenty of free street parking on Lincoln or side roads. Three blocks from Santa Monica.

  11. Alex30

    My favorite shop in Venice, always a great experience!

  12. m1keyLikes

    Friendly staff with good selection of meds.

  13. ForestDogg

    Great find! People who are truly dedicated to their craft.

    Wish I could access their menu and prices on-line, however. Their website does not seem to list prices on my computer (?), but I see others have the same situation.

    Will definitely return and shop here again.

  14. keirby

    I love the integrity of the care here. featuring all tested, organic Amsterdam strains, there just aren’t many out there like this one. very knowledgeable staff looking to help you feel better. if you want there menu go to the website. I got a balm there that I want to slather on my whole body. it was shocking to me how much it helped with my arthritis in my neck.

  15. benpomeroy

    This has been my spot for five+ years and it’s the only place I go. Small staff of knowledgable pros in a clean, welcoming , neighbourhood shop.

    Great value on highest quality strains. Best and oldest shop in Los Angeles.

  16. keikokeiko66

    located close to my house and they say it’s the oldest in Los Angeles but I didn’t know it was there and I just live a few blocks away. the people are awesome and the quality of their weed is world class they have their own Growers and apparently all the marijuana comes from seeds that come from Amsterdam and they’re all award-winning. as a girl I felt really comfortable there, this place is amazing.

  17. desertmoon

    My go-to and that’s saying something since I travel over 2 hours to get here. Professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful. They have much respect for patients and their various needs. Since it’s far from home, I do sometimes visit other dispensaries but always come back to CAC. Great supply of everything. Top notch in every way.

  18. SuperJoey

    Super helpful and totally chill. Was able to take the time and ask Qs

  19. realvaped

    Great dispensary. Good selection. I wish they would publish their menu, but they have great prices and many different strains, concentrates and edibles. Very helpful and pleasant staff.

  20. sirenadolci

    Great staff. Great prices. My favorite place in town.. and the gummy bears ROCK!!!!

  21. Papa2000

    What’s not to like aoeOEdY1/4

  22. theantidiva

    After trying all the other dispensaries in town, I keep coming back here. Look no further.. you’ve found the best place to go in the area.

  23. jj90094

    This has been my go to since I started medicating. Perfect place for people that are into the science of the strains and are trying to ease into it. Carry a smaller sampling of organic buds, mostly award winning smaller batch strains. Best medical strains I’ve seen, super knowledgeable staff. Paul and Velentina are amazingly helpful, funny, and trustworthy. Have yet to be steered wrong here.

  24. qatest

    Incredibly helpful staff, excellent selection, go to storefront if you live anywhere close

  25. Sheldel

    This shop is great! The staff is super friendly and knowledgable. Love that they carry Heavy Hitter vape pens! Definitely a good place!

  26. chicharon

    I can’t believe it took me so long to come here. Apparently they’ve been around forever! Great spot and really easy to get to. Awesome staff. coming back for sure.

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