Earth’s Healing South

2018 Voted Best Dispensary



2075 E Benson Hwy, Tucson, AZ 85714


32.1670589, -110.9408969




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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2018 Tucson Weekly Cannabis Bowl

Cash only aEURC/ ATM onsite

10% Veteran, Senior, & Student Discount*

*Cannot be combined with Daily Deals

ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX. for the most updated menu!

State Certified Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Tucson.


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910 reviews for “Earth’s Healing South

  1. emusitano

    I’ve been to a couple of dispensaries and this one by far is the worst. Not just because it’s always packed. But for the fact that I went In and purchased some tinctures and basically got what seems like tap water. I tried it and then tried 1/4 of the bottle and nothing. And I don’t use often but I use tinctures because I don’t like smoking. I will never go back to this place. I felt like I got ripped off and I’ve had no issue at any other places. I’ll just stick with my regular place.

  2. DreamWalker520

    Best around!

  3. TucsonGuy85711

    Earths Healing South is the one of the best dispensaries in Tucson. The medicine is always great and the staff is very knowledgeable. I love the daily specials and referral bonuses.

  4. andyboy

    Went in a couple of days ago and was pleasantly surprised. This is the only dispensary in Tucson that tests their medicine for thc, cbd, and cbc, so you know exactly what you’re getting. The hash is excellent, and the buds look and smoke like they’ve been grown to their full potential.

  5. Puffinsureal

    Loved it here. It’s a little pricy compared to some of the other dispos around town but it’s worth it, you get what you pay for! Excellent atmosphere and clean nice location.

  6. therealpuffdaddy1

    very great quality strains for great prices specials are amazing and staff environment is great would recommend this place only bad thing is how pack it get sometimes but other then that Monica was very helpful with my selection and they were all great people am going back for amazing specials and staff

  7. zukowski13

    totally loved my experience! as always the flower was amazing and the staff pleasant!!!!

  8. Amandamatrecito

    Earth’s healing is the best dispensary I love their flower going in.

  9. tachi3000

    always has the best buds

  10. Khadijahs

    If you want to go to a dispensary to receive GREAT bud, GREAT service, and just all around a great time lol I’d come hereaPSi, it’s by far the best dispensary in town. Always satisfied and everyone is so friendly dY~S

  11. isabel.figueroa.581

    I love it here cant wait to see whats new!!!!!!

  12. Davidb1986az

    great place to go great quality stuff and informative emplouees

  13. sita3

    Favorite dispensary to come too great prices and amazing flower

  14. Soloman85

    Still is and always will be the place to get the BEST FLOWER FOR the prices!!

  15. dyoung32

    great bud and great people!

  16. Dread420

    I live in sahuarita about a good 25 minute drive one way. For the service alone its worth a try. Amazing people, atmosphere and a welcoming enviornment. They knw u by name like that show “cheers” and theyre always glad u came….lol. But on a real note this place is legit and the meds are great and their new medicines their bringing out are top notch. This place i love. PeaceaoeOEi,

  17. Libra61

    Once again the trip to see these guys was well worth it. Over the past two I have been checking out the other dispensaries but NOTHING compares to the service and inventory that this place offers. friendly, knowledgeable staff great selection. 30 miles one way is well worth it. Yeah I know they deliver but its fun to visit. I look forward to the next high CBD strain and will def miss the Cannotonic !!

  18. Kermit

    This is a few times now that I have been there and this review is long overdue. Great location and facility. Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. The products are GREAT quality and the strains are tested so you know exactly what you are buying. Suggested donations are great and include applicable taxes as well. One of Tucson’s best dispensaries in my book.

  19. WesydeUnderground

    The staff is friendly and quick. The bud is good and the earthvape cartridges are my favorite!

  20. ArmandojRobledo

    The location on the south side is full of very helpful and knowledgeable bud tenders! Thank you so much Emily!

  21. Chalpr73

    very clean and professional

  22. trips13

    I have tried it all from this place and by far the mix found is the pineapple express either the kief sprinkled on top made for a great pain relief and long lasting effects. Felt euphoric and pleasant

  23. lexiferdanger

    Very clean and nice location, staff was very friendly and I got in and out a lot quicker than expected! They have good top tier flower!

  24. jjram

    was my first time visiting this establishment the atmosphere was great and the service was also great keep up the good work. dY’dY’dY’

  25. bigdawg520

    Its my first choice to go! Great atmosphere! Great flower!

  26. Beaver520

    I like earths they always have atlease 1 good fire

  27. screamer27

    The 18 mile round trip to Earth’s Healing is worth my time, effort and expense; considering there is another dispensary about a half mile from my house. Without exception, everyone at EH is very friendly, professional, and helpful. I made the mistake of going to the dispensary near my home…big mistake. Their service sucked and the product was overpriced. So I will never stray again. Thank you guys at EH. You rock it!

  28. Cloud_Walker32

    Love da weed!.

  29. Jrzpda

    Always with a huge selection of product and friendly knowledgeable staff

  30. cezuh

    if you want top quality non packaged meds earth’s will never let you down 🙂

  31. Miguelfabian420

    Great meds great service and real good prices a definite must come back

  32. tokersmoker420

    an awesome place with great bud and concentrates

  33. elgrande243

    Great place

  34. Chris0214

    great every one is awesome ! i love it here

  35. djenigma36

    Hands-down this is the best dispensary I’ve ever been to! Just last weekend I was in Tempe and stopped at one of their dispensaries, what a waste of time! The best flower, best customer service and the best prices! They never disappoint, I highly recommend their ‘Earthvape’ pen!!

  36. tony_xt600

    Great fast service, meds are always great .highly recomend them , they always have great deals also thank you !

  37. dante520

    This is one of the best dispensaries in AZ. Both the staff and the medicine are top notch!

  38. Kms1969

    You can’t beat the price for the vape cartridges. Excellent quality

  39. brenda.sch

    The quality is amazing. The staff is also great.

  40. viconeofthefew

    love the flower deals and two for one vape Mondays…..return customer for sure

  41. jlleviathan

    Earth’s Healing has a great staff, selection, and service.

  42. dean85

    The meds were fantastic and the service was fast, courteous, and knowledgable. I’ll definitely be coming back

  43. chrisabc90

    dont buy the 800 mg cart.. there cheaply made. just bought 2 for one on monday and 24 hours latter both have broken. called and was told that it wont be replaced. never going back

  44. kamisato05

    This was our third overall experience in acquiring our meds via dispensary/caregiver sources. The physical ambience is professional yet casual and I feel the location will need expanding or re-locating to meet patient needs.

    The quality, selection, and pricing is competitive and discounting is generous regarding “specials” and promotional offerings. Quality-wise, the products are fresh. In terms of selection, they carry a wide and balanced variety of sativa and indica.

    The techs (Ryan assisted us) are knowledgeable and informative without being condescending (elitism has no place in this emerging field of personal well-being yet can be found in too many dispensaries)

  45. HSE85

    EH is the best as far as giving away freebies such as papers and lighters I haven’t been to a dispensary that does this thanks Earths Healing!

  46. stockjay

    I was impressed with the grand fire blue berry and the service was top notch…the dude jumped up and let me in the door himself. They usually have some of the best deals around….10 percent off for students is killer!

  47. cece2328

    Awesome customer service.
    Love the environment and music being in the welcoming vibe as soon as you walk in the door. the flowers just make it a plus 🙂

  48. redeyes1255

    hands down this place is the best in tucson ,
    I’ve been to everyone in tucson and they are ok but o will never go no where else cause right here is where it’s at from dro to wax they have what u need

  49. jpov2017

    My friend Adam made my day. Best dispensary customer service, and selection I’ve ever seen. Make this your next stop you will greatly appreciate the service. Thanks Adam for your expertise.

  50. TheUndertaker

    I’d like to tell you a short story about; Earths healing and there staff. I had just had my third knee replacement surgery and was in severe pain during my first visit there was a very pretty lady who helped me with information regarding medication , a free gram,info on there points system for free product and also recommended a thc ointment cream which I applied in the store and must admit made my knee feel much better before I even left the store!

    I have returned here several times for my meds and later learned the pretty lady is the owner!! All the staff is really knowledgeable when it comes to flowers and really friendly!!!

    New patients ya’ll need to go check out Earths Healing!!!

    Sincerely; The Undertaker

  51. Ezekiel_1977

    My first time having a peanut butter Blue Dream Cake it is and was the best feeling I had in a long time I wasn’t expecting the reaction I got It sure did me right . Lasting very long and did not have any side drop’s the people working there always ask me how my day is and I sure do like that thank’s.

  52. day1dope

    Awesome service and great experience

  53. Falkhorn

    its coo. favorite place to go

  54. tgomez2011

    Very pleased with this dispensary.

  55. Mrndvs

    Locations great for wear I come from I’m an hour and a half out of Tucson. The service is great five star always been taken care of I. A professional manner. The buds are always good quality.

  56. Olivera3

    good service and good quality

  57. Goblin1

    Good product, good service. They hand picked me some very nice flower and honored a deal/coupon from my smart phone. I work all week and have Sundays off and it is great that Earth’s Healing is open on Sundays. Donations are more than fair, I defiantly recommend this dispensary.

  58. King-Jay520

    Always fire! My go to place after work when i need to relax

  59. msjanet3217

    Great product, service, & staff.

  60. Squeek1987

    love this spot great price good flower dY’zdY’zdYOE?dYOE?dYOE?

  61. jellybelly520

    Green Friday Deals! I love these amazing holiday deals dY~dYOE2a>,,

  62. swisher_smokin

    The best grade A stuff comes from here. Fast , and friendly service as soon as you walk into the door. Cant stop coming back!

  63. ganjagodess11

    Absolutely the best location I have ever been to I always get the best service. The people are wonderful and they always know how to help. They are very knowledgeable of all the different products and their benefits. The flower is amazing and they always have good deals. I also prefer to use their personal cartridges it’s a great way to medicate without the smell of flower or delayed effect of edibles. No matter where I try I always have to come back to earth’s healing because I know they are the best.

  64. Speelo

    I love this dispensary. The staff is friendly and helpful. There are other places here I love too but Earth’s Healing has the freshest flowersaEUR”period. Great place!

  65. pinkgreenbay

    i love this place

  66. newkillab420

    My first time here was on thanksgiving day. I was in pain and needing some medicine and every place i had called was not answering. So i had decided to go to earth’s cause it was closest to me. They where closed when I got there but I noticed an emergency number listed by the door and called it hoping to get some help as Vicki answered she said she would be there in 30min. I was very surprised that she got there in 20 and was very pleasant to speak with this being my first time i got a free gram a free candy and an awesome experience I mean how many people would drop what there doing to help someone they don,t even know I have been back there several times and will continue to go back definitely an awesome place if you haven’t gone then go like NOOOOOW!!!. Plus I love there point system its literally money in the bank

  67. art3rd

    The customer service was great and the train wreck is very good

  68. keyahnajoyxoxo

    Best spot best buds always come back

  69. azrr520

    this place is awesome staff is very friendly good quality meds this is the spot go by and check it out

  70. Ljpar

    the awesome service

  71. dreallen748

    Great atmosphere and bud tenders

  72. eluch106

    Earth’s Healing Rocks! They have great specials all the time. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. Love the concentrates!

  73. cecilia1313

    great nice how the
    y remodel

  74. treez773

    I would definitely recommend this dispenser the quality and care of the buds was exceptional. the discoloration and hairs were very good. very pungent smells and experienced and excellent trim job as well. best dispenser I been too by far.

  75. Memo.g

    I love the point system

  76. Jcord85

    loved this place as soon as i went inside

  77. Esmy1997

    I love there’s pre packs for only 19$$

  78. jhayb2003

    This is the best place out in Tucson….fast service and very supportive staff.

  79. stellaR113

    Love it

  80. Bigcrashzone

    My favorite dispensary in Tucson, fast friendly service and a large selection of high quality products.

  81. wajunk40

    I love Earths Healing!! It’s the best. best product and ppl.

  82. DANIEL520420

    great meds

  83. GlennB

    Best place in Tucson!

  84. jinman1296

    Could be better

  85. alternatecanon

    My favorite dispensary! Quality at the right price and I can always count on the staff recommendations!

  86. Pattygollnick

    Love the dispensary!! They have the best flower!!

  87. theresa.bedorehfar

    Love this location, it’s the kind of place where the budtenders know you by name, it’s definitely a part of the medicating community, and I’m lucky to be able to shop here.

  88. 710lover

    Overpriced wax..please don’t sell black ass wax for 65..the northern lights wax was really bad tasted burnt af

  89. ElOzone

    The best dispensary in tucson hands down! Great service and excellent service

  90. Theblooks

    Earth’s Healing represents the best a dispensary can offer. Their knowledgeable staff guarantees superior service.

  91. Ezr9thomas

    Best in Tucson

  92. ehendricks76

    Awesome staff, Awesome product.

  93. Mike0461

    Great customer service and great quality meds.

  94. cathykhellesto

    I don’t think anyone could know less about this kind of stuff than I do. But Muscular Dystrophy is forcing me to look for other avenues of pain relief. The staff here was so patient, understanding, knowledgeable, and helpful. They took as long as I needed – both there in the shop, as well as on the phone before and after my trip out there. They valiantly put up with me being a complete idiot. I appreciate that. 😉

    Thank you for being great! I’ll see you soon!

  95. wolffec

    Beautiful interior, helpful budtenders, and pretty good medicine for the price.

  96. Sndjay

    love the new price change on top shelf but we need some new shatter please

  97. Rwand1979

    Awesome staff, very friendly and knowledgable on different strains. Very large selection with all the stats on the different strains. Reasonable prices as well. I would not go anywhere else.

  98. Mj1520

    Awesome staff

  99. LisaC

    good location but would like to see earths healing in east Tucson

  100. Wildcat3

    Prompt service! Thank you Reilly! Your the man!

  101. alyciacorral

    Very satisfied. Very friendly

  102. jls1990

    Fast, friendly, and always on Point

  103. Deadshortspark

    Best place in town

  104. djstanley9

    Earth’s Healing was the most inviting dispensary out of the many I’ve visited over the past year. The staff is professional and knowledgeable and the product exceeded my expectations – at a reasonable price. “Highly” recommended! 🙂

  105. porkinbeans

    I will forever be grateful for the customer service and the high quality of product that they serve!

  106. vggarcia

    nice and clean with awesome customer service..

  107. Lilmijamireya

    Great customer service and great prices!!!

  108. irie520

    love the 1 ounce pre packs for 100$ good deal

  109. CLK1985


  110. cannabiscowboy

    Third time I have visited earths Healing. Every day they get a little better. The just started out so they informed me today that “as soon as everything is done being built and things are in place the strain list and their quality will be even better”. All the other dispensaries in town use other peoples meds, like caregivers making donations and stuff. Earths healing has their own kitchen and grow room but since its so new they are not in working order yet. With that said, the dispensary is already top notch so when they say they’re striving to become even better, that is a really really cool thing. They also said they would have more concentrates than the two they have now, in a couple weeks. The 3 gentlemen on staff knew the answer to every question i asked them so im extremely excited to see what they come up with when they fully hit their stride. two thumbs still up, and ill be checking in with them often as they continue to grow.

  111. bigtaz745

    always has good medicine! Love the point program.

  112. beas87

    love this spot all day everyday best dY~ZdY~~dY~

  113. ElChele

    I’ve been to this location a few times in the past few months as a new patient for my PTSD. The vibe here is very much get in and get out once you finally get to the counter. They have so many options on the menu that the staff almost seems annoyed when you try to verify what’s on the menu and what’s in stock. I recently went in to buy 2 indica pre pack ounces. I specifically requested indicas because of my ptsd since sativas drive my anxiety up. It wasn’t until I arrived home and used some of the product and then researched on the app that I realized the budtender gave me 2 ounces of sativa. This dispensary needs to better train their staff and remind them that not everyone is there to just get high, some of us are there for medical reasons as well. I don’t think I’ll be returning to this dispensary anytime soon. Or maybe just label all of their product with indica/sativa/hybrid like like some other dispensaries. FAIL!!!

  114. Moontreader

    Always good, with new specials, flavors, and options for value; Earth’s Healing does it again!

  115. Ladystina81

    cool atmosphere. dY~~

  116. courtney.brock.37

    This is the friendliest place in Tucson to get help with medical Marijuana. I have stopped by everywhere in a 20 mile radius over the last year to find what right for me and I’ve come to realize I can always find it here with great security, and super friendly service.

  117. kindnana

    I live in Mesa, but thought I would pop in on the way to New Mexico . I will go back , the buds are all nicely trimmed and the suggested donations are reasonable . Staff is friendly and fun, knowledgeable and helpful.

  118. jesus1a13

    best buds best birthday deals

  119. Savage_santi

    great place for bud always good defently tell my friends.

  120. TravisW2294

    It’s always a pleasure going here.

  121. greenvet

    best customer service in town, i cant see how someone could get the wrong product as they weigh out the product you choose!!. . they have always gone above and beyond to help me and my wife. i am a vet woth ptsd as well and each budtender always takes the time, and is very compassionate to our needs.. again there really osnt a way that you get the wrong product unless you choose that. everything is weight out in front of you. smh

  122. woodbutcher6854

    Sugar Cookies is a fantastic choice for a Hybrid, but I think for a Sativa dominant hybrid it has a lot of very enjoyable relaxing quality’s as well.At first I felt as though I was melting into my chair, but soon after I was up to my daily task’s without pain …Give it a try !

  123. stevemon

    The N Lights x Skunk shatter tastes like leaves and trim. I almost puked after taking a dab. This is the lowest quality wax I have tried.

    When I entered the dispensary the worker did not greet me. He just made a gesture with his hands for me to hand my card over. It seems like he was annoyed I was even there. I am visiting from Phoenix where paying 32.50 for a .5 is unheard of. So, I mentioned, “how long do you think you guys will be able to rip people off like this.” He said something like its Arizona what do you expect? I told him the price is way off. He said the wax I get is prob from swag. LOL Nug run amber colored shatter in Phoenix all day. I told him I’m out of town visiting family so I will pay the scalpers.

    I paid 42.50 ($2.50 in quarters) so I could get a $10 back. The guy says thanks for the quarters.

    So, I get home to try this 32.50 a half g premium shatter. It tastes like shit. The people who invented BHO would laugh at people who run second rate material. These guys grow the medicine and good material is plentiful. In my opinion these places are not compassionate at all, they do not care about quality, or their patients. Don’t believe the fake ass review someone got a pre roll for. THIS IS THE TRUTH.

  124. NikkiG138

    Love this place .. only place i get my meds from

  125. Fauver5150

    I was immediately greeted by a employee and was asked if i had been there before i said no he gave me some paperwork to fill out and then not any more then 5 mi.utes i was in the back picking what i wanted and out the foor i will definitely go back

  126. inkinsideu

    i love this place, second trip threw i got some bubble hash and purple urkle, both great choices, top shelf products with great prices and service

  127. francisco1

    I have been to four different dispensaries in Tucson and my experience here has been by far my best one the service is fantastic and its a friendly atmosphere! Highly recommend it to any one!

  128. Ms.Franco

    I love this location Reilly and Mr T always offer me great deals. I’ve never been disappointed with what I recommend when I don’t know what I want. Friendly and fast service.

  129. Thisemaster

    These guys are great and have good quality for the price. Good stuff.

  130. vbustamante

    Everyone at Earth’s Healing is very helpful.

  131. dave187

    There is a large sign out front so its really easy to find. The waiting room is clean spacious and professional. They were really busy but they had 5 or 6 budtenders so everyone was in and out in a timely matter. Dylan ended up as my budtender and he really helped me. He explained all their deals and all the cool things the dispensary does and has to offer. He recommended strains and I ended up with the Skywalker OG Shatter and Pineapple Express Shatter. Along with my free gram of Sour Tangie. All 3 were delicious and potent. Will definetly be back. (Especially for my free preroll coupon they gave me.)

  132. JawsTaughtMe

    Earth’s healing is by far my favorite dispensary! I’ve been to all the dispensaries in Tucson and none of them compare to Earth’s Healing not to mention the quality of top shelf they offer. The fire alien strawberry is a must try!!! One joint did the trick!!

  133. sat.yuga

    Excellent dispensary. The staff is professional and well prepared to discuss details of their inventory. The atmosphere is apothecary quality.

  134. SuP3rS1GhT2

    Great store

  135. Denasambrano

    I love it here the bud it’s great I never had a problem yet.

  136. Marcos520

    great buds n service

  137. IraqArmyVet08

    Quality has been good aside from a small piece of wax paper that got left inside my product. The new attendant at the dispensary was completely worthless and kept suggesting I put the wax paper in myself; however, after calling a manager he did eventually provide an exchange for another product of slightly lesser value and unfortunately a completely different strain. The previous employees used to offer information about the strains the new employees couldn’t offer information about the different medical values of different strains of concentrates. I really hope this place gets back on track.

  138. R3DL3AD3RON3

    This is your one stop shopping for any and all medicinal needs.

  139. AZTiG

    Called and asked about their bday special, was told I would get a free pre roll. . After driving 30 minutes , and waiting 10 minutes in the waiting room, I was then told I have to purchase something to receive the bday special.. I didn’t have cash on me.. And walked out with nothing

  140. guccimarcos

    This place has good quality of flower and wax and their staff are always nice as well. the deals on some days are great too

  141. NakedNando

    Friendly staff and great selection. In and out quickly and thrilled with my purchases. Would recommend to anyone in the area.

  142. Doubleupkush420

    Great spot nice people

  143. bdoggydogg

    Commitment to excellence continues at Earths Healing. Tier 3 Girl Scout Cookies is an excellent cost effective flower. The quality of the flower is strong at this location and far exceeds any quality of product at any location in Southern Arizona. YES I SAY IT BECAUSE I CAN. LEGALLY TOO! WHO WOULDA KNEW?

  144. leajose


  145. kookie0102

    I drive all the way from Bisbee AZ just to go to this dispensary. I have been to every single one in Tucson and This place is my go to. Super rad customer service, awesome atmosphere, and the best quality.

  146. Martinaromero1022

    the best in town hands down

  147. Primer07

    best in tucson

  148. lolporcupine

    This place is located in between two really sketchy apartment complexes but apart from that I couldn’t have been happier with my visit. The meds I got are some of the best i’ve ever smoked. The staff was totally knowledgeable and helped me pick a strain that most helps with my stomach ailments. After checking out the other places in town to pick up top shelf meds Earth’s Healing has the best at the best prices. I will be coming here again.

  149. 22bsmith

    I love to go in and check out their new selection in flower they always have good choices to choose from not to mention the best customer service in town.dY’tmdY’

  150. tallboy78

    This is, hands down, the best dispensery in Tucson. Consistently the best buds and service.

  151. amynicolerocha

    best specials

  152. sailordaniel

    Top shelf herb that isn’t overpriced or dried out. Love this dispensary. The points club thing comes in real handy on those days your broke and need a gram. Probably some of the friendliest staff of all the dispensaries in town. If your on the south side its one of only ones you can find without a road trip too

  153. Cnashb7586

    clean always great flower

  154. Mr.tucsonGuy

    This is Tucson ‘ s best. . . The environment is uplifting, the staff members are very knowledgeable and down to earth. You will not find a better place. Always has the biggest selection at the best prices. Thank you for the earth’s healing! ! !

  155. Sararidley7

    I adore earths healing!! my fav so far, Good prices, They always have awesome specials and the service rocks 🙂

  156. msfoto1

    Longer hours, delivery and did I mention the best buds in Tucson? No need to shop anywhere else!

  157. ccschmidt

    Great staff and probably the best prices in town. I never have to wait and their product is always wonderful.

  158. bminley

    luv this dispencery
    great staff
    low prices

  159. dc4424

    awesome staff n meds

  160. vmtrujillo2

    Wise knowledgeable budtenders with amazing service and dedication! And the Flower is ALWAYS Fire!

  161. HaterProof520

    this is a great location for quality and professional employees.

  162. Blunted34

    Best bud tenders

  163. Alex88

    Top shelf is one of the best in town. Creme de la creme of medical marijuani. Impressive to say the least

  164. Austinmendez115

    To expedience. And didn’t have any concentrated rip off forsure. Can’t even lower theirr prices when buying in bulk

  165. Galaz4518

    great flower

  166. Sabali520

    Was my first time coming here. I though the in house meds they grow are super delicious. Must try

  167. carnie43

    Dang, guys. You know how to treat your patients right. Not only are the folks at Earths Healing extremely helpful, but they speak with the confidence and punctuality that lets me know they’re knowledgeable about the medicine aEUR” which has always been incredible. Plus, the wheel of weed fortune is a really nice touch.

  168. Jus1001ram

    This place always has a great selection and variety and always has the best quaintly in town!

  169. Juanespinoza

    One of the best spots in town for flower and vapes! The staff is awesome and always friendly! I always recommend this place to friends and family!

  170. kenn13

    Earth’s Healing presents a great atmosphere and sells good quality meds for good deals compared to other Tucson dispensaries.

  171. Veroyjorge

    love it great bud good customer service and fast and easy toget to

  172. fatboyz101

    best dam service ever awesome stuff best ppl their always their 7 days a week

  173. finkelroy

    Earth’s Healing is my all around favorite dispensary. Fast, friendly service, student discount and test results are displayed. They have some of the best buds you will find anywhere. Purple Chemdog is awesome. The Purple Yumboldt is a good value, as is the OG Kush.

  174. victorandjayme

    Amazing quality! Amazing customer service! Everyone is so knowledgeable! Great prices! I used to go to another dispensary closer to my home, however, after the quality started diminishing, I decided to try this place. Even tho the drive is farther, the quality is worth it! Everything I have ever tried from this dispensary has helped me relieve my pain in my knee. Also a good sleep aid for PTSD. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of great quality and great customer service!

  175. SF49ers89

    Best place in town. You guys are great. Keep it up

  176. Elsmok74

    This place is Definitely worth the drive!!!!!! Great Customer Service, Great Buds. The Purple Urkle was Awesome I have a messed up lower back and it was Great For my Pain. can’t wait to see them again in the morning.

  177. cddevil

    it was clean and the employee that helped was great. the product was bomb really like valley og preroll. Thanks a lot

  178. lilybutterfly

    Everyone is friendly. Good start on the business. The medication is great. Hope this business grows

  179. miamar42

    It’s great on tuesdays. I really like how the staff here, specifically KC helped me get my meds dialed in

  180. P4nchoB

    Great meds and good servicedY’dY>>

  181. cynz2787

    really good bud

  182. weedolympian

    The quality of the flowers I purchased were top notch. They have a 3 tier pricing/rating system, which is cool, because you can walk out with quality medicinal flowers at an affordable price. They also, have rare & specialty flowers in their tier 1 & 2 line up. If you have a specific medical condition, that requires specific strains, they’ll most likely have something for you.

    When I visited this dispensary they had 4 CBD strains in stock, which in my experience is rare. I found the bud tenders to be very knowledgeable and helpful selecting strains for my medical condition. I got the FTP deal, a free gram, of some super delicious Grape Ape.

    I do feel that the FTP deal could be way better & that’s why they got 4 stars in the Service category. In my opinion, compared to other dispensary’s FTP deal, they fall way short. Especially since they have a 3 tier system!

  183. Rayrodsauto

    Great smoke

  184. Karenator

    Highly Recommend! Great service and educated employees plus awesome deals.

  185. dclaussen04

    best of the best for sure. no question as to why theyre voted the best consistently

  186. Steelcity1989

    Been here a few times, prices are great for the quality. Particularly the $70 1/2 Oz.

  187. CaseyJ0nes

    Love you guys! Great products and service dY’s

  188. Kimbie

    great deals and great people.

  189. bakedintuc

    One of the best in Tucson! Ii, highly recommend

  190. Stillmalex

    Great fast service, knowledgable staff.

    Great facility… Will come again 🙂

  191. tankgirl42088

    Great product! Never disappointed!
    Alan is an awesome budtender with great recommendations!

  192. Keyahnajoyxo98

    Wonderful place great strains

  193. woodyt69420

    I was in and out quickly and very satisfied

  194. rbt

    I found this like every most other dispensaries. security doors like buying your medications in a prison commissary. It is geared toward their market students, veterans, not the medical needs people. the Kush I bought at market price was dry and burnt quickly, most of the product I seen was way over dry and for medical in my opinion not medical quality.

  195. SkreWLoose520

    I think this is one of the best places in town always a good time

  196. MikeRod2

    I absolutely love this spot the wait time is never to bad live the atmosphere the profesionalism

  197. Julianm1811

    Place is lit . Thanks for the goods earth keep up the good work

  198. CanBoy420

    First and foremost, much mahaloz to my girl Vicky for holding down the fort and opening up shop. Considering just how f*cked family is about to get when alcohol is added, its always a pleasure knowing Aunty Mary Jane is there to comfort me. As always, Earth’s Healing is very professional only this time I was dissappointed that the woman ahead of me in line purchased the remaining Girl Scout Cookies, so I opted for what I am basically known for; the OG Kush. Again, Vicky, thank you and until then, stay medicated.

  199. DReal420

    Best in Tucson!

  200. Nancy1963

    Outstanding. Had an issue a few months ago and they really cared. Also, they greet by name and make you feel at home. Great place.

  201. gRingo07

    The office is clean and inviting. People there are very helpful and pretty awesome. Will definately be going back.

  202. baez420

    The best strains in Tucson has never disappointed ! Best quality for your buck!

  203. pitbulbill69

    Great dispensary, great staff. Always helpful and knowledgeable. Great product to.

  204. Andozier

    Try them…their meds speak for themselves

  205. regnarokq

    1FEB19…..This place is soooooo nice, I’d bring my mom here!

  206. nadiigirl

    Has the best variety of strength and everyone is always nice best customer service I still haven’t been to the North location because I love this one so much!

  207. LLchocolate99

    I do like this location always happy with the products the north is closer to me but when on the Southside I use you always pay a visit

  208. Devynnkay

    Best service of any dispensary I’ve been to in Tucson!

  209. Gable4207

    earths healing is the best dispensaries ever its the only place i go to get my mmj stuff the bud tenders are the best and know what there doing

  210. Stillj94

    I like earth’s healing south location because of the quality service and product ,which in the end let’s me save money for Bill’s and other important things,riley the bud tender makes my visits run smoothly.

  211. 326destiny

    Best dispensary in Tucson! Staff is friendly and knowledgeable

  212. streetfield

    quality buds

  213. happy2bemejami

    Love this place… been driving from Marana to hit this place up…..

  214. MoeBiscuits

    Fast, VERY friendly service. Good selection. First time visit, was not disappointed. This will be my go-to whenever I’m in Tucson.

  215. markr752

    this place is chill and has great meds budtenders are cool and very helpful.

  216. JoeyArenas

    Very great flower and always excellent helpful service.

  217. marieeyvonne3

    I love coming here fast service

  218. awwww

    you guys have great customer service great flowers and I miss the wax

  219. Sadieog

    If you want quality buds but dont wanna have to pay hundreds, this is your place. Get some of the stickiest flower for 70$ an ounce! This is the place!

  220. ptaylor

    I’d like to see larger inventory of edibles.

  221. always420inthe520

    My favorite dispensary in Tucson. Best flower, best deals, best service hands down. I hardly ever go anywhere else!

  222. Pwnagraphik

    Kacey has done an amazing job helping me out

  223. Rookmeza

    my favorite spot in town everybody is treated like fam, and the service is impeccable

  224. bob1917

    Great quality and service and easy access from freeway.

  225. johnluke

    The Girl Scout Cookie was excellent! I also recommend the Sweet Tooth. The staff was friendly, professional and informative.

  226. redeyedsolja

    Great deals every day, great service.

  227. Alexisa1

    Great flower

  228. hugo2017

    Great Bud Tenders and a variety selection of Flower and concentrates

  229. Azcannajly

    1 of tha top shops foe cheesy…

  230. ramor86

    love this place. Since getting my card, Earth’s healing and purple med are the only dispensaries I tend to go to… Earth’s has the BEST vape cartridges and I’ve tried plenty, clear as a cartridge can get, manufactured by the dispensary and very potent! For the best, friendliest and most knowledgeable budtenders, ask for Alan or the awesome lady with the amazing colored hawk. 🙂 Never disappointed with this place!

  231. Emenater

    Best in town for price and quality! Always a fan!

  232. Uakats

    First off I would like to give Kyle at EH for doing an amazing job with their new strain Killing Fields… Bravo my friend… This is the finest sativs in town…. under nAtural sunlight , it glissens from the trichomes embedded into the buds!!!!!!For those who haven’t been you must check out this dispensary! It is clean with accessibility for those who need it and they are caring towards your needs… I am sick of saying this but they have dank and potent pot for the best prices… Don’t compromise convience for quality…. Buds are tested and you know where your meds are coming from. They have specials and tier pricing….. It’s just off the freeway …. I have been to them all but this one stands alone … It’s the passion they have for you and they plant… It’s legit!!!!!!

    At least try them I think u get a pre roll by just coming in! Go with a purpose to find other options in town … Truly fine hydro / indo

  233. Bubbalicious666

    Unlike most patients I really look for the lowest THC, and highest CBD plants to handle my pain but not get high. This is the only location I’ve found that carry’s something like that. They have ACDC which is perfect for my needs. Most places are dumping CBD and just going for the plants that are the most potent. To me these plants aren’t focused on medical use, but rather recreational. I’m glad one shop still has medical marijuana on their minds.

  234. corella1134

    It is a great place

  235. Lisacb

    BOMB spot. Shout out to Alan the bald guy..You ROCK

  236. Mhellpap

    this is hellpap and since I’ve been in there a few times without leaving a review, I wanted to square up. This is the best, hands down, walk in dispensary in Tucson. I dare you to test any staff’s knowledge and/or integrity. They do not disappoint, and where the budtenders are knowledgeable, the medicine usually reflects their experience. No exception here folks, the owner knows who to hire, and who to let control med quality. I highly recommend Ogre, and Jack Herrer. I miss you Commerce Kush!!

  237. Sagey2010

    This is an amazing place to come to. Great products and great prices.

  238. manwhale520

    Great dispensary people are always helpful and friendly and meds are always great. I will definitely visit again

  239. Latashar0209

    love it here!!

  240. Deaththekiddou

    My first dispensary purchase was from here. my second purchase was from here, and im positive my third will be too and so on. I really love the clean and comfortable atmosphere of this place. The employees who serve you are very nice and quick to help you with what ever you need. 10/10 would recommend!

  241. johnnymendez2016

    First time was a good experience all around will come here to purchase again I recommend every patient come here once and check it out very professional and quality medicine was tended to fast left satisfied.

  242. azok

    Just think about it…

    – If the competition has better prices, why wouldn’t they post them?

    – If the competition has great meds, why wouldn’t they be willing to pay for testing and publish those great labs for all to see?

    – If the competition really wanted your business, wouldn’t they offer military, student, and senior discounts?

    Well, Earth’s Healing…

    – clearly post their prices at the facility and on-line.

    – clearly post lab results both at the facility and on-line.

    – offers discounts for military, student, and senior patients.

    When you add the staff’s obvious enthusiasm and pride in their products, why wouldn’t you go see Kyle, A.J., and Will at Earth’s Healing?

  243. Cortez512

    Great meds all the time.

  244. Loopyass83

    Great place with great people.
    best menu in town!

  245. julie91

    Awesome dispensary, great daily deals

  246. CrespinC

    hands down best dispensary in Tucson.

  247. csfuller53

    The place is clean and friendly. With a great selection of smokes, edibles and candies. Donations for every budget. I have been satisfied every time I have gone there. They have frequent shopper rewards that work.

  248. jes135

    best budtenders and staff

  249. dimples602

    So as a patient with epilepsy wasnt to happy with my budtender today comp 7 he opened the jar and turned on the light so the light was in my eyes rather then in the jar tripped out my eyes and raddled my brian for a second… born with an avm and have aneurysms on the left lobe of my brain the reason i have a medical card please pay better attention you are dealing with patients that have conditions thats the reason we go to the dispensary (pharmacy) for our meds

  250. RobynP

    $10 Tuesday’s, Sonoran dogs don’t hurt, either. Get to choose buds when in store, but love that they deliver as well. Points/reward system. Very clean and professional. Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, they are very passionate about helping. Mystore4life!

  251. Leafaruizz

    Always my go to dispensary the flower is great!!!

  252. guess36

    AlwAys bomb dY’PS

  253. Mamaof3green

    it was a great experience staff very knowledgeable and caring

  254. Lauren0991

    Love this Dispensary The Bud tenders Were very Professional and Answered every question I had dY~EUR

  255. dsannicolas

    I love this location! They have the best staff.

  256. Lollipop4

    I come here for the bud,the staff is another, Thanks for the recommendations and the hospitality.

  257. Mserbe.

    Absolute best flower and service in town

  258. Nic520

    Great place. Great delivery range

  259. JamesAllen

    Great location awesome atmosphere even better staff great quality meds.

  260. timebombb420

    Great service n flower

  261. bertalv23

    Really great customer service. Always quick and good service every visit.

  262. mccain5

    definitely worth the drive,staff very friendly, donation prices are posted with each tier,all three tiers are good meds will definitely be back for future purchases and will recommend to any other patients for good first time experience thank you earths healing!!!!!

  263. AdamBau89

    Great place. Everyone hustled and my Bud Tender Alan was great

  264. Budisbest

    what can i say…always back for more!!earth’s healings #1 folks

  265. Hooptyscoops

    The best in Arizona

  266. momma2E

    no matter what you need, this shop has a deal for yeah.

  267. XIslandz

    Very friendly, helpful, and patient with newcomers. Will definitely make this a regular stop on my airport commute!

  268. MissEllie87

    Best vape in town

  269. opulent_terror

    Best dispensary in Tucson! Great deals and awesome people shop here!

  270. zacm12

    i love it! best dispensary in town!

  271. ChinaMan94

    Tucson One Stop Weed Spot Gots Everything You Might Think Of And Always Great Service

  272. Dru520

    My go to shop in town for flower and oils

  273. GGalaz18

    very good bud and nice workers

  274. thebot520

    I’m going back after 4 or 5 months of boycotting the joint. I was there with a buddy weeks ago who took advantage of the 10 dollar Tuesday. He mentioned that he was happy with 1 of the 3 he bought. Let’s have another go at it! Good job at finally lowering the prices.

  275. slyrye

    Top notch Sativa “killing fields” once again. Superior “blue dreamz” & Tasty Authentic “cookies”. Thanks AJ & Kyle for taster’ choice. Dudes are real kool ..and keepin’ proper! Also I appreciate the fresh exceedingly 5 star nuggets & point system credits…4 realreal.

  276. Heavee

    Awesome dY’ love them

  277. Valenzuela_j

    The flower is always on point. If you’re looking to try something new give road dog a try.

  278. shannonodannon6711

    Love 10$ Tuesday!!!!

  279. naturegal14

    I really appreciate this dispensary. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I was happy to hear that all the medicine is tested to make sure it is free of chemicals. Clean herbal medicine of any kind is of utmost importance to me. The owner Vicki is a great person with integrity. She is certainly a leader in the Tucson community, as she and Florence, the social media director, put together and hosted that great MMJ event at the Whistle Stop. They brought together other dispensaries, vendors, educators and doctors. The people at Earth’s Healing are team players, and that is another thing which deserves deep respect!

  280. natedawgg420

    Love leafly great menu for earth healing south

  281. crunchd440

    Love this place…the point system is the shit, best in town hands down.

  282. FROSTY1

    Place was clean and everyone in the waiting room had nothing but good stuff to say about the spot. Had a nice selection and 3 tiers of price points. also a few kinds of hash.

  283. D.S.R

    Earth is on TOP of the game best deals if your medical patient I recommend you stop at Earth’s healing for the best service

  284. malomex

    Being a first time patient I was somewhat nervous waking into a dispensary. The staff at Earth’s Healing was very knowledgeable, courteous and professional, they took all the nervousness I had away. They walked me through the different kinds of medication they offer and made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend Earth’s Healing for all your legal Cannabis medication. They have a wide verity of edibles, dry herbs and
    concentrate medications. I will definitely be a customer for years to come.

  285. tcoles1869

    bud tender was rude and wasn’t clear on special felt mislead

  286. SmashleysReviews

    love the buds and the tenders

  287. ErnieMac420

    best dispensary in Tucson , best flower ,fast service , reason why I only got to earth healings 95% of the time lol

  288. JordanWentzel

    One Of My Favorite Dispensary’s!! They Have The Best Flower & Concentrates! & The Best Deals! Great Place To Get Medicaid!

  289. davodgreen

    Great budtenders have never steered me wrong. Fresh products at fair prices. There are a few good dispensaries in Tucson but Earth’s Healing is the best.

  290. drizzlemynizzle

    Fire dY”Y= producers

  291. nicole.ramseur

    Reason for my rating, we are well aware customer service has went straight to hell, this location is at the top 10. First timer here, walked in about 3pm mst on 05/05/2018, lady at the glass window , played on her phone and would not acknowledge me what so ever. I am sure Candy crush or texting was more important. When she did realize I was there she was discourteous and rude, made for a bad experience. 1st and last visit, came from the Phoenix area, will make sure I will tell others on a day trip to go to the downtown dispensary

  292. vmak420

    Always got the best trees and service!

  293. Zonabb

    great bud, awesome budtenders

  294. gcol

    Great dispensers at Earth’s Healing, always knowledgeable about the different strains and what would best alleviate my condition. They put the patients first. But best of all they sell great product and are always smiling.


    Stopped by to check this place out and see what the Tucson flower was like. I had a good experience at this location and would visit again!

  296. Jordan Chinky

    Amazing products!!

  297. LouDude

    I’ve shopped at all of the places in Tucson and most in Phoenix. Earth’s Healing has the best flower, most knowledgeable staff and awesome deals. Thank you for your kindness!!!!

  298. Drkush420AZ

    Great products and awesome customer service. I don’t mind the drive cause I know I’m getting the best.

  299. LindaShaw

    It’s always very very fast

  300. BernsPESOS

    Best $100 ounce in town

  301. JOP1

    Adam is a great budtender. He is always taking that extra step to help me out all the time. Thank you so much Adam. Johnny

  302. Danny29az

    You NEED to fix and address the issues after your POS crashed. Points are no longer on the receipt ( but happily given)
    Your app is either down or broken…no bueno guys

  303. Mosoacct

    This is where i go when I want guality medicine and want knowledgeable staff!

  304. Skrewloose407

    best spot for cartridges, the flavors are amazing. tenders are always helpful and informative. I love this place. W2t guys

  305. Dvalezone

    Best in town great service and they have the best meds staff so good service

  306. dianabel

    thank you!

  307. Squeek87

    love this spot awesome flower great prices dY’*dY’*dY’*dY’*

  308. Queenmomo

    It’s great

  309. Brittlebush

    Always the best products, value, and customer service!! Earths Healing is the best!

  310. Heximus

    Great the staff is amazing always make you feel welcome. Best in town hands down

  311. 420tuc

    Best dispensary hands down

  312. catsBiff

    The people are nice and it’s affordable.

  313. RazAlGhul187

    Great place with great staff. I’m from phx but when I’m in Tucson this is a must stop.

  314. desireesky

    staff is always friendly and the flower is good quality

  315. Taerence09

    Great service

  316. bubba03

    Definitely one of my favorite places to go hands down!!!

  317. mindman

    for my first time visit. i loved the customer service, and amazing product for the price. definitely coming back again

  318. TracyDreadstarz520

    My week doesn’t feel complete unless I have made my stop by this dispensary to purchase meds and speak to the employees behind the counter. I look forward to my visits.

  319. greengoblins

    I’ve been a customer for about a year and was super happy up until my last two visits.

    Wednesday they have double points so I visited and picked up about $150 worth of items, including 10 prerolls. The guy helping me was cool, but told me that since it was double points the military discount was 5% instead of 10% and then proceeded to charge me full price which I didn’t realize until later. To make things worse 2 of the pre-rolls were super short. I brought one of them back and they traded it out, saying that the weed used was super dense for that run.

    On my last visit I bought 6 prerolls of Sour Diesel and the green was DRY as FUCK and super harsh.

    What’s up with quality control guys? So disappointed and I don’t think I’ll go back. It’s fine if you use old stuff for the prerolls, but come on! Why would I pay for shitty weed?

  320. cata0212

    it’s close, it stays open for a long time, treats the product like a fine wine, and hook you up (during times they can).

  321. Smokez520

    it was awesome the customer service is great as well as the prices and the quality. I’m definitely going back.

  322. Melisdad

    great deal

  323. tiffgutierrez06

    I love going to this dispensery. if I’m having a bad day once I walk out I’m so happy because of the staff there awsome havingi always recommend people to go there first because you can never go wrong with Earths Healing

  324. sl1524

    friendly staff keeps me comin back;) also happy with the product!

  325. ThickThighsStayHigh

    Best cartridges ever

  326. jarthe3

    Been here a few times now and every time they provide clean/ quick service and amazing customer service. + the products I’ve tried so far have all been great!!

  327. jackieraeofsunshine

    I’m a total noob and I really appreciate how everyone I encountered here was patient and very kind explaining the basics and answering my questions and helping me to make my purchases. I visited several shops in the area, but this one is my favorite. I love all the specials they have too.

  328. Bjack1975

    Very professional and great product!

  329. Ktriny68

    this is a great location with awesome service products and prices thanks Althia and feli are great bud tenders

  330. swamidude

    Made my first time experience chill & informative. Only wish i would’ve caught some of that Lemon haze sooner. Shop is tight fellas… T town baby!

  331. zsamone

    Since day one my experiences with Earths Healing has been great. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I love that you guys have your own strains.

  332. ochoaschica8a

    The BEST dispensary in Tucson!! All products are 5 stars!!!

  333. prismCat

    I am a new patient who is new to mmj. I appreciate their patience with my questions. Great experience, I will go back!

  334. betrixkiddo1

    Love this spot! Didn’t discover it till one day coming home from the airport and I’ve been pretty regular since. always courteous and prompt service, good music and lovely waiting area. Good bud all the time!

  335. Clozoya20

    Really good quality and great bud tendersdY’OEdY1/2

  336. TheSawce

    best variety, quality, and daily deals in tucson.

  337. JPGrowing

    I always get dank wax and other great and potent concentrates. I always enjoy talking to the staff. and the have a big selection of delicious edibles. Everything is at a good price too.

  338. StevenMorales91

    Best wax hands down!!

  339. Ladimples66

    Love the prices and quick service.

  340. kyletimothygomez111

    Great Location, Happy Employees make for a great atmosphere. The prices are fair if you get in rotation during the week they run specials and can save you 10%-65%or buy 1 get 1 my favorite. My own personal experience is I have never bought anything bunk from here this is the only location in Tucson would like to see more discounts for customers that are freq buyers lol ahhh you give an inch we want a yard. Keep Up The Good Work there and I will Continue to medicate here- Kyle Gomez

  341. Kandy143

    the best

  342. pjctz1991

    They have the best selection by far

  343. spoonplug2

    Very friendly and very helpful. Thanks!

  344. miklo77

    Staff is very helpful and knowledgable. Keep up the good work!

  345. CoVAz

    best dispensary in tucson hands down

  346. hi2

    Currently, the best dispensary in Tucson. Beautiful, spacious waiting room, nicely designed product room. Budtenders are friendly and helpful. You never feel rushed. First rate, tested flowers. Huge menu. Typically, I decide what to purchase before arrival and inevitably change my mind after consulting with the budtenders. Take their recommendations seriously. I’m glad I did.

  347. raider1

    the staff very helpful and knowledgeable. I love this place!

  348. moegreen27

    love nature meds they always have the best quality of flower. im never unpleased if your looking for grate meds this is the place. keep it up guys

  349. lagucci

    great products! friendly staff

  350. tlocc88

    great meds nice ppl

  351. Dream_walker420

    Great all around.

  352. ohana2015

    love Tuesday’s over here

  353. kevski69

    Great flower.Fresh every time.Never an old dried up batch yet.Something to be said about quality.Tuesday the day to go if you want to save scratch,but expect at least an hour wait,or more.This isn’t a “stop on my break and pick up some medicine”kind of place.They have a large parking lot in back,but small waiting room for the volume.So plan accordingly

  354. Crystal_Renee

    Best flower in Tucson!!

  355. Summerov1983

    Love this place and the location. The people are real nice too.

  356. theghostofaldavis

    Extremely cool place. My first time there the staff was helpful and discussed the best options and values. I was impressed with the service. i went early join the morning and was in and out quickly. I will be back.

  357. Sporque

    Boy, zoning restrictions have made for weird dispensary locations in Tucson. Nonetheless, Earth’s Healing had taken all security precautions with steel walls, a building that’s spitting distance from the PCSD, and, supposedly (though I haven’t ever seen a gun there), 24/7 armed security guards.

    Security aside, this is one of the friendliest and most knowledgeable staffs I’ve yet encountered as an MMJ patient. Walk though the front door (that’s right, siblings; NO buzzers to walk inside) and into a lovely waiting area. A smiling face greets you from a banker’s window (just a preview- there are lots of warm smiles awaiting!).

    Paperwork is the minimal standard and soon you’re escorted to to a room with display cases; meds and staff to the front and right, a variety of glasswork to the left. Atop each case, lots of great information about strains (THC/CBDs/CBNs) and the medical uses for each.

    One VERY important thing, as a patient; strains are consistently available. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a strain that’s good for what ails ya, then, POOF, it’s gone. Earth’s Healing provides it’s own supply chain, so great strains, like LA Confidential, will be waiting for you. Growing your own also means a LOT of potential for quality control.

    Another plus, Earth’s Healing has stated that one of their goals is to keep prices reasonable for patients. Price breaks at 1/8 and 1/4 are pretty good for their “Tier 2” medications though “Tier 1” meds still run close to old street values. As someone on full disability, I tend to shop the specials offered online and through Tucson Weekly. As a cost-effective measure, I also recommend the icewater hash. Made from Sour Diesel, it packs quite a punch and, used judiciously, lasts a good long time.

    Earth’s Healing is, as far as I know, only the second Tucson dispensary offering edibles- a BIG plus for non-smokers. According to staff, a proprietary kitchen is in the works. For now, edibles come from another dispensary. When my companion chose another edible, the staff quickly recommended a brownie as an stronger alternative. My companion couldn’t stop smiling for the next several hours. I was steered toward the LA Confidential. It was great for mitigating the cramping and nausea I endure during dialysis.

    All in all, I was grateful for the knowledgeable staff, competitive pricing (competitive vis a vie other dispensaries, but not cheap), I will be telling friends; Earth’s Healing is worth the trip south. Just pretend Benson Hwy is our own Route 66.

  358. Rafaelruizz

    friendly bud tender good flower too!

  359. jesta_j

    Great meds and great staff.

  360. miguelmusa


    No other dispensary in the state delivers REAL “Top Shelf A+” meds than Earth’s Healing!!!

    Staff is incredible, down to earth, VERY knowledgeable, 100% professional, just what a mmj patient needs.


  361. Juan1523

    Perfect. Number #1 dispensary in Tucson hands down dY’dY’dY’… Staff is knowledgeable bout meds… Can’t complain keep up the great work.

  362. oo420show

    i love the express window and delivery service.

  363. Sunnyarinello

    this place is the best. the staff is awesome the medicine is great if consistently potent I recommend this place everybody 18 thumbs up

  364. Xmas2169

    I don’t care about the customer service nor do I care about how knowledgeable the aEURoebud tenderaEUR is to me. Seems most people have been smoking below sub par buds. Because those who’ve smoked the good stuff. Know that this place and others around town don’t have the quality bud they say they have and sell.

  365. Noram0529

    There always super fast and friendly and always giving me advice on strains when I need it this is definatly my favorite dispensary

  366. JCPMedsXanaxRx

    Amazing and friendly staff, they are always able to answer any questions. As Well, they have a great selection of everything you need from bud and wax to topicals. I always go with something I love, this dispensary is 10/10!

  367. Riverwillows

    Nice selection to choose from. The guy at the desk was friendly and knowledgable. Will definitely go back.

  368. CherryVolt420

    Atmosphere was great and staff was very friendly. My bud tender was very knowledgeable and helped me find the right medicine for my needs. He also made sure I know about all the promotion they offer. Flowers are not prepackaged and dry here which is a big plus. Overall great experience great quality.

  369. mikesmiley

    They always are friendly helpful and point you in the right direction in ur hunt to find the right strain for ur condition. I drive from the northside to see them. That should say it all with gas prices… great ppl and good deals.

  370. deana03

    The service was great, good selection and knowledgeable about products. Construction and busy roads make this location a little bit inconvenient but the shop is worth the traffic.

  371. Manolo520

    Easy to find great area

  372. Sortahigh

    Used to be my favorite dispensary, BUT the last 4 months, staff change to uneducated, condescending, youngers that don’t really care, cheap repack flower, and lower quality top shelf. What’s happened Earth’s? What happened…

  373. MannyDawg

    Customer service is 100!!! The guys provided me with a lot of useful information for being a first timer. Great deals, great location, great peeps and great meds!!!

  374. Methodthc

    Great atsmophre ,good deals and awesome staff ..most definitely coming again.

  375. Rrashad

    Earth’s healing is the only dispensary I go to in town, best flower, concentrates, and edibles if you want greatness go see the great people at Earth’s healing

  376. Esko24kk

    The right location the right price the right items love the flowers

  377. jerrywhite

    Earths healing has great customer service!

  378. Sunny30

    love this place g there everyday it’s a great place with great medicine and great people I recommend this place everybody

  379. jkitts

    I just got to say that grape ape wax is well worth the trip it’ll put you on a whole nother level….

  380. marycjuana

    Best place in town!

  381. rachel_celaya

    They are nice friendly people they give great advice on what’s good an always well mannered also there products are on point. My FAVORITE BUD TENDERS

  382. apfaffe77

    Let me start by stating that both the staff and meds are top notch, however, given that other local shops have deals for $10 a gram (no limit other than your 2 week limit) on meds that test at 20% and higher they may have some re-thinking to do on the pricing. Would you rather have a 1/4 oz for $115 or 11.5 grams?

  383. juan001

    always good stuff

  384. vfigueroa86

    about to try some super lemon haze!! Earth’s healing is helping me smoke in the new year right!!

  385. chrisau4fun

    I tried their Purple Urkle and Trainwreck and they are very good and dense nugs.

  386. slbutterfly

    I love Earth’s! Great dispensary, nice atmosphere, kind knowledgeable staff, providing quality medicine at competitive prices.

  387. Josie1419

    Best quality in Tucson, excellent customer service fire concentrates at a reasonable price best dispensary in town hands down would definitely recommend to a friend

  388. seasruiz

    perfect location

  389. Yolo4200


  390. Mike520mike

    real well grown flower

  391. Az_blaze

    I like going to Earth healing MJ the staff is very curious and they have what I need pluster Edibles are very good.

  392. Brooklynshadow

    Best Dispensary in Tucson. Not a shop that bought their title as best of Tucson. Looks at how packed Earths Healing is every day and see why they are TRULY THE BEST DISPENARRY IN TUCSON. Meds are all top self. Staff is on point. Budtenders leave there old shops to come here. Brian and Lisa

  393. Queenhazy

    Best dispensary in Tucson

  394. Tanya007

    Great dispensary. Good service and product. Great deals!!

  395. BlazenGreen

    My favorite of all the locations available in Tucson. Staff is on point with information and questions I have and the flower is always much better in quality and can’t wait for my next visit.

  396. DniceSerrano

    I love this location. I’m a loyal customer. I drive from Bisbee Az just to come here.

  397. 520bo

    Nice , clean, great ,knowing staff!

  398. AZDESERTMAN2016

    This is the friendliest dispensary in Tucson!
    The selection is enormous: Flower, Concentrates, pre-rolls, Vapes include many different flavors. Service is great, the bud tenders work with you to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

  399. KateN

    I agree with McDoobie, this dispensary is great!!

  400. timebomb0420

    Great flower and service

  401. J.S.Duron

    I love this place! This staff work really well, I had Mr. T and ever time I get him man hes got you I trust him to help me 100% ! Don’t get me wrong everyone is great to ! Little miss cutie in the front always smiling helpful! Love everyone and the product! Just 1 suggestion please change the music in the lobby ! I went yesterday and 70’s was playing ? That don’t want to make me shop! Working at a grocery store they play oldies, and today’s music clean version uppity music the get the guest happy chilled ready to buy and in many cases they buy more ! Love the music in the back when it’s chill or a little uppity ! PLEASE! I was not chillin and ready to buy with that music :-(, but dang I got Mr. T and man he’s great in remember people what going on with the person and suggest flowers I havnt tried for sleep, uppity,chill, and happy! LOVE ALL YOU GUYS ! MUCH LOVE


  402. knightjoker7

    Used to be my significant other’s favorite place to go, and now they really screwed the pooch on this one.

    So we live at least 40 minutes away from this place, and always enjoyed the atmosphere and the people. One night my partner purchases her prescription from them and after getting home, she discovered they gave her the wrong product. We think no worries, we’ll just return it intact and with the receipt the next day since its a bit of a commute.

    So she gets there and explains the situation and the rude girl there tells her it was her fault, and they cant do anything about it.

    How infuriating that is to have medicine that she can do nothing with and even worse, it’s to treat her PTSD which she sustained from a decade long domestic abusive relationship. She was already on edge and the heartless lady didn’t even try to make reprimands to help her and basically said it was her fault.

    Classy customer service. This triggered her and did not help in anyway, not to mention she has $40 worth of useless product and is already struggling financially.

    Shame on you Earth’s Healing. Way to treat a loyal customer.

    This is absolutely disgusting.

  403. bhann

    Awesome place best buds in town

  404. Jchandlershaw

    Emily is the budtender is the year for 2019!

  405. Manwhale

    I believe this is the best dispensary I’ve been to in Tucson. This one was the first one I went to and I am most definitely gonna go back. I’ve already been there for a year or two and most of the staff knows me, even all of the security, and the whole staff is very nice and knowledgeable about alo of the different types of flowers and what illnesses it would help. This is the only place that I’ve been to and they have never been rude or mean to me. Damn this is the 1st time I’ve ever wrote a review on leafly or another website like it, and I hardly ever write anything this long but I really want people to know how great this place is and I’ve been hearing alot of people saying that it isn’t good. I think they say that it sucks or the prices are too high is because they like a different dispensary and they are trying to get them to start shopping at theirs. I really hope that this changes at least one persons perspective. I hope you guys from Earth’s Healing read this too. Sorry it’s so long
    -Manny Espinoza

  406. hypertencio

    Courteous, informative and professional.

  407. veeloves69

    awesome sauce !!!

  408. marijuanaboi96

    Pretty nice place that’s easy to find down Benson. 1st time going in there with a budget of $10 and ended up getting 1 free gram of my choice and I got the pineapple Express on both. I was kinda in a hurry just cause, but the budtender was very cool and understanding. I would recommend this location anyone within 20 miles of this place. It took me about 30 mins to get down there from where I’m at in tucson but I would say it’s worth it without a doubt. Excellent selection of Flower and concentrate samples that you can smell PLUS the medication isn’t prepackaged like alot of dispensaries do it, they NEVER touch the buds with their hands which is kinda new to me living down here. GREAT JOB GUYS!

  409. criskg12

    On my way home from workdY~

  410. BuckedNasty

    Love it! it’s been my “go to” dispensary for 2 years now. never been pretty down. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for great staff, products, and prices.

  411. armando1943019430

    best despensarey in tucson. best buds. great deals

  412. armando73086

    best despensary n town.. good prices. shit is the best

  413. BiGTriPP

    love this place don’t go nowhere else great atmosphere welcoming servers good quality medicine

  414. Imsorrychamp

    I felt like Norm from Cheers the first time through the door. Great experience, helpful bud tender. 10/10

  415. Jonjon2271

    I just love the place, the staff are great, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the products there are always top notch, I highly Recommend Earths Healing.

  416. 3opper

    Great quality and deals. Best pens and shatter in town. Staff is super helpful and friendly especially arsenio!

  417. mashorejen

    This place is awesome. Great customer service. Very knowledgeable. Thanks for everything dY’tm

  418. jnmoreno3

    Love it here! Love the atmosphere always chill dY’OE the service is amazing! Everybody always has a great attitudedY’ and don’t get me started on quality, they have the best strains, prices and deals in all of Tucson. The only place I go too and ever recommend to anyone I talk too!! Good job guys!!

  419. avengingboar

    Seems to be amount the highest grade flower and concentrates I can find in town.

    Grabbed the katsu kush shatter , i was told it was 80+thc, and the sour d shatter.

    Both concentrates are priced competitively and are rele good terp profile.

    Love seeing the test results on everything as well. keep it up..

  420. Monticello

    Just loved going over to Earth’s Healing to help them celebrate their first year in business. Congrats on having such a nice dispensary with great choices (three tiers) and fabulous pre-rollies with real herb stuffed in there not low grade trim! Best of all today I did the spin of the wheel and “won” two free grams of my choice and wowie zowie love the Jack Herer to pieces.

  421. Joshua280

    this is my favorite place in town they have thw best flower and shatter

  422. Cody420520

    Amazing place to go staff is great and so is the flower

  423. rgarza

    you’re Earth grown purple chemdawg is just absolutely amazing. The effects are amazingly intense and you’ll feel everything it says you’ll feel. Perfection!

  424. dwreck42

    Definitely my favorite dispense in tucson at the moment!!

  425. svigil

    Everyone was very nice and helpful. They have a great selection and I didnt have to wait long at all. I will definately visit again.

  426. MotorheadEsc

    The best place to get any of your medical needs. They have absolutely the BEST service all around. And my only go to for my medications, I am known there by name and my unique medical container. Been a patient here for 3 years solid and will never refer anyone anywhre else. Tall Paul is the shit!

  427. Cscooksey1

    I absolutely love this place! The staff is both personable and extremely knowledgeable in all things cannabis. I’ve been a patron here for several months and the quality, variety and cost of the medicine at Earth’s Healing is second to none. It is by far Tucson’s best dispensary.

  428. Sour-then-sweet

    bomb buds

  429. wishallb

    I liked this place reminded of some of the original shops when California legalized medically. Got the cheese and jack herer both were pretty dang good. My only complaint is that their menu wasn’t updated so most of the meds I wanted to try were not in stock. Obviously not that big of a deal considering I’m heading there in a few.LOL

  430. cassma


  431. patbgabe

    Hands down my favorite dispensary great flower great products and nice people!

  432. pkcapito

    The music is great, the people were very helpful, and the meds are top notch!

  433. MyStoneyBaby420

    BEST DISPENSARY in Tucson! Flower is on point, lots to choose from. Concentrates are great. Keyon is my fave budtender. Very knowledgeable & friendly.

  434. bedlam520

    My go to for sure! Everyone is super friendly and the meds are great! Everyone is always ready and willing to suggest a product or educate people. Definitely a good stop if your a new patient.

  435. finder

    Top shelf product! – to say nothing of the WONDERFUL and knowledgeable staff. Christina is always on mark recommending quality product specific to my need;
    The huge discount offered on Tuesdays makes it even better … and the delivery to Quail Creek makes it perfect!

  436. carollinn14

    Tasha was excellent. Fast super friendly service. Best place to go.

  437. sam911

    always busy but worth the wait for the level of service I get. will was awesome and patient with me. great daily deals too. Thank you earths healing!

  438. micojosh

    The Jesus OG Shatter was by far some of the best wax in town!

  439. imanscrfn14

    Meds are weighed out in front of you, not pre-packed, unlike others in Tucson. Good place.

  440. MrNatrl

    Stopped by on my way to pick up my wife at the airport and I’m glad I did. Wow, this place could be a model for what a dispensary should offer. All strains have been tested and their THC & CBD levels are posted. Let me go back, Earth’s Healing has good parking, a clean and comfortable waiting area, and a friendly attentive staff. Medicine is dispensed in upscale flip-top containers and unlike the majority of dispensaries/collectives I was given an itemized receipt of my purchase. Thank you EH, I will be back.

  441. Grimdfa

    Always very clean and professional with the best flower in town

  442. ruffus

    I love this place – customer service is just awesome. The guys behind the counter are always trying to look into what discounts/deals I can get when I’m buying. The quality of the product is also unmatched compared to the other dispensaries I’ve been to in the area. Hands down my go-to.

  443. jaedreams

    Cali connect really good strain!!! Smooth concentrates as well

  444. cactusgirl

    Great dispensary for young and mature clients! Helpful knowledgeable staff, great product and point system. Thanks for being my dispensary of choice!!!

  445. travelingpothead

    love this place

  446. Redhatchsss

    love the staff and the service is great

  447. amish102

    I love everything about this place. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, quality medicine, and fantastic Daily Deals. Monday BOGO EarthVape is the best. Never been disappointed with their flower. Please keep getting the Sour Tangie, my personal favorite. The Sublime caramel popcorn is delicious, I highly recommend it!

  448. Zephyra81

    This is the only dispensary I use! They are so amazing! The staff is knowledgeable and fun to be around! Best deals in town too!

  449. BeAmazing

    Amazing product; Amazing experience.

    You got people that go to work and Care about others. They do so much good in this establishment. Thank you Alan for today! See you guys in 2wks, 3hr drive per month just to go to you guys only!

  450. titox3

    love this dispensary, always got good quality buds, superior customer service, and the atmosphere is amazing always feel welcomed n appreciated, still my number 1 go-to dispensary!!A!A!

  451. worshipaliens420

    the marketing manager is going to loose you business for false advertising that u give anything for your reciew. also the main place to get an attitude with your flowers. won’t be going back at all.

  452. LoriAReid

    Alex is just wonderful!!! Every time I visit I am excited to go and treated so well! Thank you!!

  453. tucsonmeds520

    I now see why this place is getting so popular. The buds are far above the others in town and they have great hash! No more per-packaged crumbs. 😀 I’ve been spoiled growing up in California and this place has the products that remind me of home. I tried the Hash, OG kush, Sour Diesel and La Confidential. They all tasted exactly like I remember. Perfect curing and flush job were done to make the taste and effects right. They test all the meds like everyone should be, and they printed another copy so I could take it home! Great job Earth’s Healing I will be back!

  454. Sarahurrutia110

    love all the budtenders good weed

  455. kingsley11

    I must say earths healings has quality products the best in town. you can’t go wrong coming here from the customer care all the way till you cash out. thanks earths healing

  456. Sycness

    Very friendly staff great service always worth the drive.

  457. chanel248

    I love, love love Earths healing, they have have the best selection of flowers always medicine for my needsdY~~

  458. Coleromick446

    love this place great flower nice staff

  459. HotMama520

    Premium Pre-Pax are
    Best in the Southwest

  460. sndjay2067

    Are there new hundred-dollar ounce deal on Wednesdays and Thursdays is the best deal that I’ve seen in town no one else is doing that and it’s quality flower

  461. Teenagerikki

    Alan was especially helpful and knowledgeable, great product and excellent service. I will be going back.

  462. theafricanstar

    I love that the guys not only know my name when I come in, but they also know what I like. When a new strain comes in that the guys think I will like, they tell me about it and I ALWAYS love it. Sisco told me about Cherry Pie, and I loved it. My other buddy told me about Tahoe OG and so far, Tahoe is my favorite…right next to Dream Queen. They know what I like…let the guys get to know you and they will never steer you wrong. Earth’s Healing the best around…

  463. Bobby_420

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s $10 grams of that northern lights!!! You guys are the BEST!! See you soon!!

  464. mserbeniuk

    By far the best dispensary I have been to. The quality is phenomenal. This place will not disappoint.

  465. Dabj

    always top shelf nature’s cure

  466. brokenmirror1

    Excellent meds and friendly customer service. Easy parking and convenient south central tucson location. This after 2 visits will probably become my go-to dispensary. Not an enormous selection of flowers but the quality more than makes up for it.

  467. SpadeVxx

    Great customer service, got exactly what you need and know what they are talking about. Quality at a great price!

  468. Infam0us420

    awesome flower, great concentrates.

  469. thewhites1359

    Great place can’t wait to come back!

  470. kristinasaucedo

    I Love this Place

  471. PlaboySmokesAlot

    My favorite. the selection cant be beat. all their sttains are fire! go, go now!

  472. Marijuana500

    Great selection, great prices and service, showout to Emily for great service

  473. chadzizzle151

    i feel so bad for the people who think that they are getting top quality meds because of the location or price, all of my meds have been flushed properly and the ash burns white and i love the quality of meds and customer service i always recive here the staff is super knowledgeable and always willing to go through their many choices of great quality strains might i suggest the moose and lobsta.

  474. Alondra08

    Great friendly and fast service
    Best flower in town hands down !!

  475. hellknight33

    great atmosphere positive vibes

  476. Atequida85

    I never go anywhere else there is no need to!! They have any and everything you need!No one will can beat their awesome quality products and outstanding prices!! Seriously whatever you need, look no further this is your spot!

  477. bethhann1

    This is a awesome place would recommend it to everyone! Great deal.

  478. Bud520

    Love it fire bud

  479. kcarter

    Great place and great service.

  480. redraider

    Great staff product and prices

  481. Fatmack101


  482. meagangr30

    Best meds in town, fresh and not prepackaged. Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Prices are great and the deals make having to spend money fun.

  483. jedi_jedi

    I love this place , the blue dream hash is the best in town !

  484. npeterson

    Knowledgeable staff can always help me choose the medicine best suited for my needs. The atmosphere is comfortable as being at home. My favorite locally!

  485. Delcid57

    Great flower.

  486. MrNiceGuyTucson

    its so cool of you guys to think of the little guy. i maean all i have to do is donate 1000 dollars (or 333 on a friday) and i get a free 1/8! thats amazing. i can totally see why you cant combine this with a 10% student discount…i mean shit…could you imagine if i had only spent 900 dollars (or 300 on a friday) and would expect an 1/8 in return…that would be like a decent deal instead of the thinly veiled rip-off it actually is.

  487. 1dianag

    I was please with my first time visit, I got my senior discount plus a free gram. I selected Blue dream & Cheese, both where Very Nice Dense Nuggets and weighted out right in front of me! I Like that better than pre-packaged, dried out, pretty little packages like at other places. The flower POWER of the 2 strains were the best I’ve had in a long time, medically they did Great for my pain relief and comfort me that I may sleep well. I recommend this place is a must, I did have some trouble finding it at first but it’s an easy exit from I-10 or Kino express way then LEFT to Benson Highway. Staff is very Friendly and Helpful and each visit gains points for freebies! This is my new favorite place for my Meds, Thank You EH.

  488. Dopedopedope20

    On this visit here was just awful. I am a new user of the Earth vape I had a pen gited to me so I returned the 2 cartridges the first one was the worst I have ever had to taste! It was like smoking Mace! I took the new replacement right back and the manager would not be of any further help so I am out 40 bucks and I can’t taste or smell anything at all!!

  489. kinglouie89

    Budtenders are knowledgeable, the flowers are always fresh. One of the best dispensaries in town. Gotta love the specials!

  490. emmybee8

    I love earths healings o so friendly staff .. they have the best trees in town !

  491. tuc13520

    best dispenasry in tucson az

  492. Eliseovalenzuela

    Earths has the Best medicine.

  493. Aklyk

    I love this place!

  494. Wespino520211We

    Good product an prices

  495. LesTadO

    I love this place. They have become my favorite dispensary in AZ.

  496. NICKDADD7

    The customer service was great with Reilly and the products were all good quality and a great price.

  497. blueberrie

    great flower….good service…

  498. meganizzle45

    best dispensary ever!!! awesome bud tenders!!! Kacey and Keon are the best!! this is my number 1 dispensary go to!!

  499. frankfaris

    Excellent selection and prices. Friendly and well informed staff

  500. xxxmandi82

    earths healing south has a great selection of flower, wax and edibles. great knowledgeable staff and fast service. very convenient location

  501. Abraham4207

    earthhealing has to be the number one spot to get your mmj needs i never ben to a nicer place and the bud tenders r the coolest people on earth.

  502. Goldylocks9263

    This is my go to shop!

  503. enrique.santiago

    Very professional with knowledgeable staff. Also, very nice selection as well as great deals.

  504. donmckee

    This is my dispensary of choice. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

  505. Brandon0308

    First time stopping in on 08/17/18 & to say the least I was very impressed! My budtender was Kace, and she’s as sweet as it gets! She was not only knowledgeable, but also very friendly & informative not only about cannabis, but about the whole store in general. She definitely knows her stuff & deserves a shoutout! I was in town from Scottsdale visiting a few dispensaries in the area; Earth’s Nature being the BEST. Can’t beat the tax inclusive flower pricing, convenient location, along with dependable product & service. You just can’t get better than this is Tucson. You’re missing out if you don’t stop here! Thanks again Kace!

  506. Izzyfelix

    Earths healing is the best in tucson not only the weed but the prices as well. the crew is awesome they treat you like family

  507. scotty61591

    Wow! I have consistently gotten some of the best flower I have had in a long time for the best prices that I have gotten in a long time the last few weeks after trying Earth’s Healing again. The expanded waiting room and increased staff on sale days has turned what was once a 3 hour long wait into a 30 minute long one. Even with 40 people in front of me, I was able to get in and out of the place quickly and the staff was accommodating every step of the way. I have been enjoying the Lemon Head OG immensely, along with their own grow of Gorilla Glue, True OG and Roll’s Choice. Not only does Earth’s healing provide great prices, they are the first dispensary that I have come into contact with that provides the top top shelf flower for those prices. For instance, EH has recently gotten in the Lemon Head OG every Tuesday and Friday due to it’s extreme popularity and ridiculous potency. Since Friday and Tuesday are the sale days, you usually get their amazing flower for $10 a gram when it would be $20 elsewhere for comparable medicine. I would recommend this place to anyone and I actually have suggested them to fellow patients multiple times in the past few weeks. Each one of them received an similarly excellent experience and are likely to be lifelong customers.

  508. jaymi333

    Best Dispensary in town hands down. Great meds, wonderful daily specials, friendly and educated staff.

  509. Yeekimm

    Earth’s healing is by far my favorite medical marijuana dispensary in
    tucson az at the moment. The staff is very nice and flowers are just what I’m looking to smoke thanks for supplys me with some good quality meds 🙂 just brought my dad in today for his first visit and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna feel the same way.

  510. Youngstoney07

    get that herb from riley

  511. Ioio420

    great staff very helpful and knowledgeable .. love the lobby so far so good

  512. CarlosJames1010

    Some how the atmosphere here is almost as legit as the flower. I have nothing but positive stuff to say about this place. And Arsenio’s legit!

  513. gigi23

    best place in tucson by far I freaking love the staff!!

  514. 4everhigh92

    This was my first time into this dispensary it was very nice! There staff is really good, They have fast service which I like very much! Also with great variety’s of strains.

  515. mattmoves

    This place is a bit out of the way butt worth it. They hav everything incl best wax/buddr in twn! Lab#s on everything too! 13$ gm BEST in town with highest CBN/CBD, CBD Gum 4 z non-drug responsive epileptic children on hand 2!!!

  516. sixstringsent

    love it here, product and staff are always incredible. Will keep coming back!

  517. Mike3048420

    Great selections

  518. chronicgore

    Earths healing is the best

  519. liquidmatter

    this place has an excellent variety of good smoke at cheaper prices than any dispensary I’ve seen.

  520. Jonahvarela

    5 star all around

  521. Hellknight133

    i love earths healing great atmosphere great staff best flower and concentrates it town

  522. phat_stoner

    Best Meds in Tucson, great staff with good customer service. Go and visit them it’s worth it.

  523. Breonnah

    staff and flower selections are great! their shatters are my absolute favorite!

  524. afterblaze

    This use to be my go to dispencery, but they’re inconsistent and don’t have value for customers. I hat how they advertise prices on Leafly and bait and switch you when you go to make a purchase. I will never use them or recommend them to friends or family. If you cant have respect and integrity towards your customer and card holders. I don’t want to support a dispencery like you guys so disappointed.

  525. Stella113

    the best vapes

  526. jeffreyhill987

    Good space, polite and friendly staff.

  527. CHEF_JEFF

    Great prices great selection

  528. SenorCacita

    love this place

  529. kmr

    I love the new rewards for loyalty points. everyone wants my EH lighter. Keep up the good work EH.

  530. sixstrings87

    Great staff, amazing product, stellar location. I’ll always be back!

  531. freeoats

    Service is great, earthvapes are low quality. Nice flower

  532. Rxg632000

    Pax Pods are taking over the game best products in town all around

  533. jason1982

    I was very happy with the service and selection here, but most of all I am extremely impressed with their house strain Champ-a-Tsu. I suffer from chronic back pain and had one of the worst acute episodes of extreme last night. It was so bad I could not lift my legs to get a pillow put under my knees. After medicating with this strain my muscles relaxed and I was able to fall asleep and was able to stay asleep through the worst of it. I am still in pain this morning, but I was able to get up carefully and can move around a bit. Thank you!

  534. NicoleGomez3

    Love this place.. Best Place In Town To Get All The Best Of Everything .. Staff Is Great Nice n Friendly n Ready To Answer Any Questions U Got

  535. mrsrich

    Cherry Ak is an excellent hybrid strain that gives you a good long lasting buzz (yet doesn’t bring you down) and (even better) good long lasting pain relief.

  536. scarradine

    Asweome green

  537. Exel7

    Best customer service best flower and best deals

  538. Trees1984

    its the best around town great deals great atmosphere great location

  539. azdana

    I think this is one of the best dispensaries yet. Very friendly people, nice atmosphere, great prices, not prepackaged…so they always give you a great deal. I don’t live near this one, but I come here the most!

  540. HigherHeights

    I use Earth’s Healing for about 90% of my medications. For the other 10% I like to visit some of the other dispensaries in town.

    What keeps me coming back to Earth’s Healing are the cordial & knowledgable staff (I usually see either Thomas or Cortland), the excellent selection of flowers, and the quality of flowers. Secondarily, I like the rewards program and the frequent specials that Earth’s Healing offers.

  541. kdeal22

    Great dispensary with a large selection of high quality strains. The staff is professional with a refreshingly positive demeanor. Highly recommend this location.

  542. Hb00110

    Great deals without having to sacrifice Quality.

  543. AndreWill1988

    Got nothing but good stuff to say bout this place thx yall..

  544. jeffmckinsey

    tubular dude awsome wow yeah….

  545. marcelgarr

    Great customer service, good strains, and awesome edibles :). ill be back.

  546. rektless

    I think this is my favorite in-site location in Tucson. This dispensary has all the bells and whistles with a wide variety including house grown strains (that are usually more dank). I go on the $10 tuesdays for a steal of a deal. If you want quality flower and concentrates, this is the place. Currently #1 in Tucson.

  547. imblazn

    The people here are always so courteous and knowledgeable about their merchandise. Needless to say the quality of their merchandise is supreme!

  548. StephanieCr

    I absolutely love their fast, professional, and incredible customer service and products. Best flower compared to other locations I have tried and I would highly recommend this location to everyone and anyone.

  549. 36st

    grear dispensary

  550. Clevermariah

    5 stars all around ! Emily was so nice and friendly dY~++

  551. Ohhmyjesusss

    Best in town!!!

  552. marysolc123

    Great Service

  553. Kelilovescannabis

    My favorite dispensary in Tucson. Always great deals and incredible quality. I am never disappointed.

  554. joeg6172

    best in town

  555. Creken

    The quality is excellent, staff always happy to help!

  556. H3R

    Love it!!!! Everytime!

  557. Tasha2018

    Great selection, great prices

  558. trynaman

    great staff, great product

  559. Lovehaley23

    They are so kind here, good service and they helped me out so much. I recommend everyone to go here.

  560. Heaveebee

    Awesome flowers

  561. Youngron215

    quick service, great tenders and awesome bud

  562. coridorey74

    this is my favorite dispensary in tucson!! They have great daily deals! friendly knowledgeable staff, and great prices. my go to place!!

  563. MrRavenclaw

    My favorite dispensary hands down

  564. Lorri2160

    favorite place!

  565. KingOfXy

    Earth’s Healing has what I need for my medical needs. From flowers to eatables and concentrates they have it all. Plus, their nice and friendly staff is very knowledgeable of all their products. Furthermore, their reward system well see you get free product. For me I just got a free 1/8 of Blue Dream. So, if you are looking for a good dispensary I suggest Earth’s Healing, because they keep me so satisfied.

  566. ciriaBeas

    awsome place love the flower on mondays special

  567. JG99

    Only one I go to in Tucson proper. Good buds and good service. Try it for yourself. Current Redhead OG18 is pretty cool.

  568. ctucsonmeds

    Loved my first visit to Earth’s Healing today! Compassionate care is something I’ve been looking for! Best meds in Arizona. Check them out!

  569. gpistolas07


  570. catsfan520

    I have come to love this place! Whenever I walk in I am greeted very warmly and welcomed with a smile. The meds they offer are all “A” grade and are tested by another company. The LA confidential is SO good. The OG kush and Blue dream are also the best I’ve ever had. Dream come true to have these people in town now! Thanks again Earth’s Healing!

  571. Yazytreez

    Eveytime I go in to this dispensary I get great fast customer service and they’re always so nice to me and they always have great deals and they’re 100$ Oz’s are amazing and worth the money. ALAN was always great to me so big shout out to ALAN dY~

  572. ZzzJd4204lifeZzz

    Awesome staff, meds, and prices.

  573. Carlosdog

    Best dispensary in town

  574. Waiting2xHale

    I tried the EarthVape cartridge and was disappointed. I’m used to O-pen cartridges so I probably have high standards. The EarthVape had a funny taste and wasn’t effective in relieving my symptoms. In the future I will stick with O-pen cartridges. I was given a gram of Dutch Treat. It looked beautiful and tasted delicious. I don’t usually smoke flower so it was a treat.

  575. MrMalak

    I want to write this review because I posted a negative review and my latest experience was good.

    I recently visited Earths Healing and did not fully inspect the flower that I purchased. It was really bad and I had a bad experience when I tried to tell my budtender about my experience. I have never had that issue before at any of the dispensaries that provide non prepackaged MMJ before so it was really upsetting but a manager contacted me and dealt with my problem.

    I visited the store last Tuesday and purchased some space bomb. The MMJ was again great quality and I feel bad about having to post a bad review. This shop isn’t perfect but they do try and in my limited experience are the best in Tucson.

  576. kachimbo1

    Earths healing is by far the best dispensary I ever been to, best flower in all Tucson I’d say always fresh. U been to most dispensaries in Tucson and around Arizona and all these other dispensary are yet to satisfy me like earths healing friendly and knowledgeable staff did

  577. DDpere22

    Love the flowers one of the only two better dispensaries in town, great deals all week including $10 Tuesday.

  578. padilla1

    it’s a great location

  579. Harleysanders

    My Favorite place to go these guys are always helpful to me



  581. Badass6868

    Excited to try this place out! Coming from Phoenix.

  582. frankdaniels

    Fast and friendly service. I have not been disappointed with any of my experiences there. Quality is great. Cannot go wrong.

  583. DreamerX3

    I love coming here to see Kacey. Shes my favorite tender here, always happy and professional!

  584. Delora138

    Horrible management. Faulty cartridges. Doesnt stand by the product they sell. Never shopping here again!

  585. ElenaC.99

    I love that you are the only dispensary in town that carries AC/DC. I really appreciate that.

  586. JCgreenhorn

    I am on my way because this place is the best in Tucson. JCgreenhorn

  587. mikefitz

    Great location!

  588. Kataz77

    Best dispensary in town

  589. Lyconius

    I felt like this location was quite good! Excellent product and professional customer service. The gentleman that helped me was quite knowledgeable. Nice comfy waiting room that gives off a welcome vibe.

  590. Randall.lucas

    Staff is extremely friendly and always know what’s best for medicating.

  591. memo.g8619

    Good buds

  592. lam1112

    The best is town!!!!

  593. Alisharobby

    Place to be. Good deals!

  594. finallylegal

    There is hardly any reduction in price for ounce quantities vs.gram price. Only the greediest of dispensaries have kept the ounce cost equal to the black market marijuana costs. These are the same ounce prices that were being charged when mmj dispensaries first opened in Az.
    Saits is the only dispensary that cares about keeping prices lower than its competitors.

  595. trujillo420

    great deals on og strains on 10 dallor tuesday

  596. SK8.fallen

    As soon as I walk in I am blasted with the smell of good medication. The atmosphere is perfect and the staff are friendly and knowlegable.
    You guys definetly take it far past the standard, I can’t wait till my next visit!

  597. fuel218

    I’ve been visiting her for about half a year now and find that is the best dispensary for me. Great staff and selection goes a long way…

  598. devonc

    friendly staff great medicine

  599. datham97

    The best

  600. Moppolliss

    I visit this dispensary fairly regularly but have grown rather annoyed lately with some of the things they have given up on; for example, not updating their website and not deactivating it or posting a message telling people that their order will not be fulfilled. They have also not updated their leafly account, even though they say that they do. Several times I have used both sites to research strains before going in and then when I get in there I find that it is a completely different selection. Also, seeing the lack of professionalism when dealing with business executives in the waiting area, it really makes the client wonder if the business is not doing well. If you have an appointment to see the office manager and your security tells them they have no time for said appointment is not good business.
    The reason I mention this is because we are trying to show people that this is an industry to be taken seriously, not one where the manager (or owner) flake out on the people they are doing business with.

    Oh, and if orders being placed online are not being taken care of, shut it down and call the people placing the order at least so they don’t wait around wondering what happened to it. Seriously, you need to take care of your business.

  601. lizjoanie


  602. Aracelimendoza

    The best place in town dY'”dYZ+woot woot dY’OE

  603. mercury69

    1st disp that i visited in Tucson. FTP BOGO was nice. Still haven’t sparked the freebie preroll. Looking forward to it and remembering good times in Tucson!

  604. fatdabsguy

    good place good meds

  605. bcrios13

    I cant say anything bad about the staff here. They’re friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful!

  606. manuel.espinoza.5030

    Great service, meds, and atmosphere. I will definitely be back again. Thanks guys

  607. accreta

    Alan was amazing helping me out my first time there. Quick quick service, knowledgeable staff, and an inviting atmosphere!

  608. Gradeagrowersclub

    awesome customer service I would recommend everybody to go there especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays hundred dollar ounces out the door

  609. jorge4

    The service is great and the meds were even better. I also like the way the store Is setup. It makes it easy to find what you need. I will defenetly return.

  610. Victor93

    Great place to get quick and easy service for great quality products!

  611. Rodbuster

    Bomb always

  612. JohnnyNC3

    I love this location!

  613. Manda420520

    Earths Healing is #1. The only place I go is Earths Healing!

  614. Sadietwojoints

    what to say about my favorite place…. Welp, the moment I get paid I hightail it over there for them sweet deals. I don’t even have to spend too much to get exactly what I want!

  615. huronglamf

    knowledge helpful staff. meds were fresh not dry and crumbly. Grape ape suggested for pain worked great. Long drive but it is one that I will use again

  616. cccmm

    Very pleasant experience. Helpful staff, nice quality meds.

  617. wsh0088

    Their OG 18 is one of the best tasting OGs I have had. They have really good pre pack deals

  618. Jstephannie

    great customer service and awesome service from employees.. T and Diego are my favorite assistance.

  619. VinaBoBina

    love the product as well as the friendly faces

  620. beardown55

    Great meds and great donation prices! Definitely my new favorite place.

  621. omnizone

    never again

  622. Fmgarcia520

    Great products great prices great service

  623. Mgonzales2168

    love it here my favorite dispensary

  624. NikkiG831

    I just love this place .. Always have the best
    Love there daily deals the best

  625. mslyn

    great atmosphere

  626. Csteezy

    Earths healing is easily the best place in tucson . best leaf,oil and edibles in tucson ! Great customer appreciation as well

  627. Aylin420

    Really good quality meds!!

  628. Monica Alonzo-Celaya

    Amazing and friendly

  629. Dubman520

    Love the buds great service always feels like you’re in a friendly place would recommend to anyone

  630. Sadiesmurf2

    Love this place and Emily thank you again

  631. TucsonsMon520

    This place best in town hands down

  632. Sarah_0088

    Earths Healing has the best OG 18 flower!! I love this dispensary. Their deals are amaxing too!!

  633. popup777

    I love this dispensary. The staff is so helpful and upbeat. Great products and great specials. Beat in Tucson!

  634. tucsonbear

    service is usually prompt. Flower is fresh.

  635. meatbag420

    Awesome place!

  636. Redgirl1991

    They have the best deals hands down!!

  637. himself184

    Great vape cartridges and flower

  638. GueradeAriza

    no matter how bad I feel or how well I’m doing..I always leave Earhs feeling better…I love genuine concern for my health and the real people who really care… I’m in love with RedBerry Kush and Green Kush….I be tryn more hybrids to help me thru therapy….The tacos on Black Friday hit the spot for the morning after turkey comas!!dY~~dY~~dY~~dY~dY~dY~dY~

  639. Nucklqueen

    The young ‘uns I dealt with here are so professional, knowledgeable, helpful and fun! I had never been to buy mmj legally before and they literally shared in my joy and excitement, the second time I went in they were just as spectacular…FAN-FLICKING-tastic is what I say about this place! Great medicine too!

  640. Infin8mind

    Most progressive dispensary in Tucson!

  641. ScrlettsGG


  642. shawn240

    awesome people and meds

  643. Stina81

    weekly stop

  644. gbeee08

    Great place!

  645. ScoobySnacks93

    This has got to be the best dispensary I’ve ever been in. The budtender was the coolest bud tender I’ve had, (which I forgot her name) but the service was on point. She hooked it up with a free gram my first visit, was very knowledgeable about anything I asked her, and she knew exactly what I wanted. On top of that she was gorgeous lol. But on top of that the buds were the best I’ve seen , well taken care of , the smells were amazing. This place is the best, their customer service is on point, if you’re looking for quality this dispensary doesn’t mess around. If you haven’t tried this place , might as well give it a try because this place deserves to be recognized as the best dispensary in Tucson. Apart from that I was having a very shitty day (excuse my language) but after leaving this dispensary I left with the promise that I will never buy no where else. If you’re the person thats worried about the grower being lazy (or just simply doesn’t know what they’re doing) then look no further, their buds are the best. Shout out to my budtender (which I sadly forgot her name) , you got yourself a loyal customer. Thanks for everything Earth’s Healing!

  646. Doll1990

    Prompt knowledgeable service and killer buds… I forgot the whole name something critical was awesome buds and can’t wait to get more 🙂

  647. Spanktastic1

    Highly recommended, my budtender Rielly, was informed and efficient.

  648. sublimejay

    They have the best product and the best prices in town

  649. thelotusgypsies

    Fantastic people, uber friendly, knowledgable, and helpful.

    Great products, love $19 eights all day long and 2 fer new patients…hundiez Wednesdays and Thurzdazes!

    The place is nice, clean and classy,,,and you feel safe…I did not see a uniformed security officer.

  650. chaz21

    Love this dispensary: top flight all around. Miles was my budtender today and he’s super chill and steers you in the right direction with flower selection without making you feel like it’s a chore opening 5-10 huge mason jars. Great specials and the best selection of flower this side of Phoenix.

  651. frederickrowe

    The staff was fantastic the first time I came to the facility. The meds are top quality and everyone there is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Great place and super easy to find.

  652. Ray1118

    Great place to get my meds and great people that are very helpful.

  653. wedpro2

    Great meds !

  654. seanc0803

    I think this place is fast and they help u out

  655. edgardosoto724

    great service . knowledgeable staff great products

  656. ammarquez82

    very disappointed right now in the quality of The Vape cartridges few of them that I bought last week snapped and an odd spot which would be a manufactured defect. Upon taking it back I was treated very rudely. I watched as other people were having the same problem as me.

  657. LinxYoung

    Best quality

  658. GrandDesignfm79

    From my experience, Earths healing has the largest and most consistant strain selection. Also constantly revolving strains with even the cheaper strains are very strong. If your looking for a consistant supplier of high quality meds, its a no brainer. I would recommend to anyone. Thanks earths Healing

  659. juanthedon_

    Great daily deals and staff, awesome product !

  660. LilLuckyG

    Great prices fire buds I would definitely hit them up if you haven’t already dY”Y=dYdY'”dY’-

  661. azass


  662. birdman1041

    High-quality experience to be had here. The scent alone walking in the door was a good sign that I was in the hands of professionals. Every patient should be so lucky. Earth’s Healing hooked up the FTP free gram so eagerly expected and wow. Some excellent strains these guys are carrying. Not prepackaged and rewards program, nice touch. Will return in the future.

  663. jimmyboy15

    great location now it’s $12 grams all the time great news

  664. Beardown_55

    Great meds and great customer service! I absolutely love the prices, definitely my go- to place.

  665. jdwaskom42191

    The grape LA is flame.the lavender is even better and the northern lights x big bud is decent there concentrates are definitely the best in Tucson if you’re going the dispensary route 4.4 stars

  666. kiamarie85

    I think it get super packed sometimes…. and I am a bit claustrophobic , however they are speedy and quick good bud tenders . I only come on Monday because of cartridge deal, but there flower excellent too! dY’OEdY’OEdY’OE

  667. MonYaready

    i really think its the best dispensary in Tucson, Az

  668. gbr0401

    Great place for meds. Great customer service, would highly recommend earth’s healing. Keep up the great work guys!

  669. gomp

    i like it a lot.

  670. Harone02

    great experience and awesome prices very welcoming feel. you feel like family and you get fresh flower and education tips .

  671. bruno2010

    love the new and improved look!

  672. Aparra82

    best staff, service and products in town!!!

  673. SkolltheMad

    Well educated tenders, as well as friendly and very informative. Been to a few other places but this is my #1 pick!

  674. Myunit5

    Best dispensary in tucson… they have great deals…

  675. A851

    Best dispensary in Tucson. Highly recommend the bluberry Tahoe shatter.

  676. Phil112

    Very professional and friendly every time I’ve stopped in for a convenient pre-roll 🙂

  677. ysl20

    Very great bud tenders great service and it’s fast !

  678. Sleeptech35

    One of my favorite dispensaries. Great specials!

  679. sabbycat95

    Earths Healing is great! On my first visit I received a free gram, and their deals are some of the best in Tucson. I will definitely keep coming back.

  680. mcarter320

    awesome buds

  681. Ajhernandez5

    Clean, friendly environment. Staff are educated about products and really take time to help you through selecting, smelling and purchasing.

  682. Alextequida85

    This is the only dispensary I ever go to the prices are great and the quality is always better!

  683. Hectorious

    don’t waste ur time anywhere else. this is the best. Keyon is da man!

  684. mrshuerta

    Very friendly. Nate answered all questions i had? i would be going back again.

  685. pthompson517

    always have good meds

  686. Cece23

    Love me ten dollar Tues.. I call it phat Tues best selection of flowers ALWAYS THANKS TO THE GREAT STAFF FOR THE BEST SERVICE EVER a$?i,

  687. DodgerBlueLA

    My favorite place ! 5 Stars from product to staff !!!

  688. 9053mj

    Always the highest quality strains and selection. Love the daily specials as well. Great customer service.

  689. AKidwell47

    I love coming to this place well worth the drive product is always good

  690. Smoker520

    Bust place to get flower

  691. molenator5152

    The staff are great and friendly. Never have to wait too long and the facility itself is kept to excellent standards. Finnaly and best of all, all of the medicine is great, whether it be flower buds or eatables.

  692. jar520

    this is the place to get great meds top shelf .the staff is friendly, helpful and caring they help me so much controlling my pain with the cbd and cannabis i been looking around for some kind of pain relief and they were the ones that help me .so check them out they can help you too you won’t be disappointed .

  693. W.L. Jahner

    I am a Veteran and also permanently disabled. In less then a year , I have donated well over $3000.00 at Earths Healing. When I went there during the three day “Customer appreciation days” , I was denied my advertised pre rolls because I used my veterans card to pay the tax part . This is an illegal and immoral sales practice. I will never go back there and suggest that all you stay away from greedy, non-compassion , slippery sales practices. That is a form of discrimination !

  694. Jlavender

    Great Place my budtender Alan knew what he was talking about overall I would recommend it

  695. julmer01

    these guys have never disappointed. I have come to expect nothing but the best and they always come thru. thx guys

  696. posey13

    People are very friendly and helpful. Security man in front probably fav! Flower is good and they open early:) only problem I have is the wait. Other then that great:)

  697. bigshifter69

    I’ve been here a few times and it just keeps getting better. I just had back surgery at the VA hospital and it was 10 min. Till closing and Miles & Will stayed till 7:30 so i could get some pain meds instead of taking the synthetic narcotics the govt feeds us. I got to feel pain free all night and next day with a good tasting chocolate bar and some bomb ass purple chemdog for some instant relief. I can’t say enough about this place, great meds, great prices, and an excellent very knowledgable friendly staff that actually cares about its patients. I hope Miles & Will win the lottery. Can’t thank those guys enough. You won’t be disappointed here guaranteed!

  698. 8100Green

    I just love everything about this place

  699. Tkinyon

    Great music, comfy chairs

  700. larryw420

    Best Dispensary in town always have the best deals!

  701. Erniesmokes

    Thank you for providing quality service and quality medicine!

  702. davod420

    My #1 go to and delivery.

  703. Donutdev

    The workers are very sweet and always have a positive attitude

  704. 420chris1991

    I think it’s good always packed but worth the wait and strains are best I’ve had

  705. coridorey2

    best dispensary in Tucson hands down!!!

  706. Misstinamartinez

    Home of the $25 prepackaged 1/8… best quality at the best price!

  707. lexyrene90

    Earth’s healing is the best (; highly recommend them.

  708. kenziisemm

    This is absolutely one of the best dispensaries in Tucson. I usually get a bit anxious going into dispensaries, there’s a lot to choose from. But all the staff was so kind and helpful. My new favorite place to pick up from, I look forward to every visit!

  709. gomwzgabe820

    Haven’t been here in a while, but this dispensary has the best buds selling the best buds in town…

  710. joev23

    best place in town

  711. Skitzofranic

    Flower is fire!

  712. snrkingz

    earths healing is the top dispensary with the best meds I love coming in the staff are nice and down to earth . you will not be disappointed!

  713. cake369

    awesome store

  714. ragd

    great place great guys!!

  715. BSal520

    Best flowers, best staff, best dispensary!

  716. litta

    love the ounces & brownie edibles, def will recommend a friend

  717. Heavveebee

    The Best staff,great people and Bud is Awesome!Love it.

  718. JordanChinky

    This place is bomb af bro

  719. Philblert

    the pre-rolls are great and the staff most knowledgeable about new products I wish to try.

  720. Esko24k

    Great place, awesome flowers, one stope here I say ,

  721. tdaddy87

    great people very friendly and humble. their edibles are great as well as their different strains.

  722. MrFranks420

    Everyone is super friendly and I enjoy the good quality flower they have. Love them!

  723. seannsb

    excellent customer service! great meds!

  724. caraloc94

    Went in for my first time, and will definitely be returning. Blackberry Kush is the ish! Very knowledgeable staff and excellent service. So glad to find you so close by! Thank you!

  725. cstreet84

    I love the bud and prices! Everyone is so friendly. Definitely the best in tucson!

  726. lockwoodtuc

    The staff is very friendly. Very short wait times. They have a big selection of strains. I go a few times a week. Just absolutely great.

  727. Darkpartoflight

    Best of the best forever! There’s a reason this place has one Best In tucson two years in a row, because they truly are. Every detail, unbeatable. Quality, price, atmosphere, staff, you name it. Thank you for doing what you do, and let’s keep this train rollin’, EH!

  728. CynnyCynCyn

    I love their selection, process, quality, and freshness! Great Service too!

  729. keyahnajoyxo

    Best dispensary in Tucson

  730. Davod49

    Good aura, friendly staff, good buds and edibles. I take advantage of frequent flier program. What’s not to like?

  731. Lizzynmariannsmomma

    i love this location!!!! the product is very good. the people are amazing and give you the best information.

  732. edgarlopez

    earths healing is the best dispensary in town with top quality meds edibles and concentrates

  733. toon38

    best place in town love it here

  734. armandocanez


  735. Mickeyg1928

    my favorite dispensary

  736. Tmiller1230

    I love the variety and I love the knowledge of the staff dY~S I also like that the flower is tested so you know the strength of each string you’re buying

  737. yashira15

    great service

  738. caliwali47

    Best flower and pens are bomb!!

  739. cy70x7

    Excellent customer service. Nice atmosphere with friendly knowledgeable staff. Prices are competitive with other local dispensaries. I will shop here again.

  740. nbeeunas

    Nice facility and good selection. Friendly and informed employees. I got 10% off on my total 1/4 plus a free gram for new patient. I understand that they have daily specials. Go to this establishment. I’ll probably see you there :<)

  741. E416

    Very professional and knowledgeable staff and great quality products

  742. Bcrios44

    absolutely love the people, prices, and product!!

  743. Lela

    Tuesday is an amazing day for
    stoners at Earth’s Healing ..$10. a gram…I scored…Merry Christmas to me…hehe

  744. ovoqueenv

    Definitely love coming in here! Great deals and good vibes.

  745. Prothunder97

    Out of the way for me, but worth the drive. Friendly and helpful staff, good product and they include taxes in their donation prices. Definitely one of my favorites!

  746. OutlawKush

    great visit. Slow or busy I never have to wait long. great product with decent prices! will continue to be a satisfied customer of theirs.

  747. Lex5582

    Best place to buy your flower good qualitydY~

  748. tattddad12

    The people were fantastic and super helpful.

  749. Farmer Mike

    FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!!! Best flowers anywhere!!! EH is my 2nd home!

  750. Jgo1999

    Great place

  751. Abcom12

    Fantastic prices, great staff, definitely worth the drive.

  752. monicon

    I am always happy with the service I receive. I never have to wait and the people are very helpful. Thank you for your service.

  753. jensmokesalot

    I think this place is outstanding. I love the staff and the product! Keep it up.

  754. salterr

    This was my second visit to Earth’s Healing. I took my bud tender’s expert advice, along with greenvet’s review below, and tried the sfv dog and the rolls choice. Both were high quality hard hitting meds that worked great for my pain and ptsd. I’ll be back!

  755. Armeda

    I love the royal lemon og and lots of strains and edibles the monstoned 250mg cookie is awesome

  756. betolini

    so helpful and good staff.



  757. smokymcgroggins

    the tahoe og is bomb as fu** so is the blue cheese nd the gdp and the berry white thanks again for the bomb meds

  758. Smokez420

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  759. Caroline55

    Best dispensery in Tucson

  760. RickGat

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  761. Dabbz520

    The best flower in tucson . and people who make u feel like family.. #feco #terp sauce

  762. yawknee

    This is my go to place to pick up. Usually I’m in and out within like 5min unless it’s like within the hour they close they get really busy. All the staff are great and friendly. They explain and answer any questions and always suggest good s**t. My favorite for the flower is $19 for 1/8th and they are usually good strains dY~dY’dY1/2

  763. ccarroll520

    Best place to go in Tucson, Phoenix, or anywhere for that matter..

  764. VeeMarie88

    best prices and awesome staff

  765. pothead4evr

    They have a great staff that are helpful and knowledgeable!! They have had some killer MMJ and some of the deals feel like they were tailor made for me!! Both the Purple Chemdawg and the Mr. Nice Guy are strains to remember!! Definitely going back there next time!!

  766. RyanSuazo

    Earths Healings best dispensary in town hands down friendly staff always good flower and they’re always fast!!! Thank You Earths Healings!

  767. ezardlizard

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  768. solovely310

    I love this place because they are fast, professional, and friendly! My number one place to go and soon to be my only place to go!

  769. Osheanu3

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  770. Ezrathomas09

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  771. Bluediamond84

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  774. Zulamita21

    great flower an prices.

  775. YoSaffBridg

    Love coming here for leaf! Their Grapefruit is off the rails awesome,and they’re the only ones in town who have it. Super, super yummy stuff.

  776. avb

    Earth’s Healing is, hands down, the best dispensary in Tucson. The meds are high quality and the edibles are delicious to boot! The staff are the most knowledgeable and helpful that I have come across. They act as though they are always happy to see you come through their door and appreciate your business. They will continue to get my business.

  777. TheDreamWalker

    Great place to shopdY’

  778. Dennis71178

    don’t get to come to this location much but when I do they treat me well and I enjoy their deals when you go to the north location and the south location they treat you as two different patients I love that

  779. cdawg82

    Wish they could keep the Lemonhead Og on the menu. I see it at other dispensaries and yes it’s from RCF. Please get it back on the menu. Thanks.

  780. Chris887

    best in Tucson for meds friendly staff helpful always be my number one dispensary

  781. Jorgecarlos

    best place in tucson

  782. Ezekiel76

    I have been with these guy’s for a great part of there year .They have helped me threw treatment with there meds .They have great donations and good attitude always asking how am doing and that means allot to a person .Check this place out for your self you will enjoy it tell them Zeke sent ya .atmY=PEACEatmY=LOVEatmY=WEEDatmY=

  783. Dani7787

    I try to come here once a week if possible because they have hands down the best strains and a beautiful variety that’s always changing. So grateful for this place

  784. wcblack

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  785. libraryplay

    Nice remodel job! Spacious, friendly & occasional parties! Always lots of flower available

  786. GaPeach7

    Great Dispensary. They always find great products for good prices. Keep up the good work.

  787. claysmagic

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  788. maryjanez1

    Always 5’s for EH!

  789. BluuBaybee

    I love how you get “LOYALTY POINTS” I never knew and when I used it I was excited because I only paid 3$ for my 8thdY~~dY~,,

  790. RedRumAZ520

    The cheese was amazen…plus I got free snacks!

  791. Machiavelli36

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  798. enriquehammond

    $29 grams of shatter and $48 for grade A live resin. might as well take both. awesome shatter here all day everyday.

  799. bear_king13

    I’m somewhat new to this, but the experience I had was the best. They made me feel very comfortable and answered ant question that I had. I will be returning to continue services from them.

    thanks everyone,

  800. MandoMota56

    Earths healing on Benson hwy is hands down the best dispensary it Tucson. great parking & atmosphere, with an incredibly knowledgeable & helpfull staff. I can always count on having the best meds at the best prices. If I’m low on funds it’s ok because they also have some of the best daily specials around.