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Botanica is Tucson’s premier dispensary. Located just off I-10 at the Orange Grove exit, Botanica actively works to redefine your expectations about dispensaries.

We believe in setting the bar high, and pride ourselves on exceptional staff, products, and overall customer experience.

Stop in soon and become part of #BotanicaNation.


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181 reviews for “Botanica

  1. deedubya

    Ive had my card for a year now. Can only say I wish i had tried BOTANICA sooner. Best meds in Tucson for sure.
    It really has been a “Crap” Shoot here lately. Too many dispensaries pushing inferior Medicine. Sooo hard to find Medecine that smells and tastes “good” and lives up to the hype blurted out 1000 times a day by these so called “bud tenders “.
    Ah! Alas, I have found Botanica. Complete 180 from the rest. I have a new found hope for the Local scene.
    Oh by the way, they gave me a free shirt today. XL. Just my size. Uh wait. WTF This is a ladies XL.
    Now i have a delima. Totally cool Leafly shirt, but no cool ass chick to give it to. Who wants it?

  2. maxflow1996

    Do not waste your money here. The Dispensary agents here love to upsell and pressure patients into buying products THEY DONT EVEN KNOW ABOUT. I started noticing this every time I come in and tell them what I’m looking for they pull out the lowest selling product onto the table and I’ve been told it was some of their best. luckily I’ve literally tried almost every concentrate brand there is in Arizona so I know better, I know to ask for strain/brand specific. Then just day before yesterday one of my favorite cartridges brands changed their packaging so even I couldn’t tell what type of cartridge this was other than it was the brand that I like so I asked the dispensary agent if this was the elite cartridge she said yes but I could tell she really was not knowledgeable about what she was handling. she even went and asked one of her managers if what she had was what I was asking for and they told her yes. I got home immediately knew that it wasn’t what I wanted and called the dispensary to get a replacement/a refund and was told I would be given store credit, no problem. I get there for my refund and the same “manager” I talked to turned out he wasn’t even a manager, and the real manager told me they couldn’t give me a refund/store credit but only a percentage off my purchase that day.

  3. azkandy420

    Friendly staff, Knowledgeable,products are affordable and effective atm!

  4. Hookakat1

    I just discovered this shop recently but I’ve been very impressed. I’m OMMP and I’ve only bought concentrates from here so far but the quality of their in-house concentrates is comparable to about anything else in town with THC percentages in the high 60s and the prices are the best I’ve found for grams in SE PDX.

  5. Jenojar

    very clean and very friendly

  6. shattershooter

    Very friendly staff! Lovely products

  7. Pvl123

    Amazing product and some bad ass knowledgeable staff

  8. GuyWhoTriesThings

    The staff are really knowledgeable and helpful, and the meds are fantastic. I tried the Durban Candy shatter and the Golden Goat budder and both were VERY good, and the price is consistent with other clinics. A+ recommend to all!

  9. coridorey74

    great dispensary with great buds, wish they had more daily specials.

  10. smcm

    Botanica is a great dispensary knowledgeable staff and very beautiful space

  11. joshmckay78197

    Service was incredible. Great selection on premium weed. Also, the blonde girl with the sleeve is beautiful dY~%0

  12. JustSoDifferent

    Hands down the best in Tucson all around.

  13. Cannasseurs

    This is hands down our FAAVORITE dispensary! We have to drive out of our way to visit Botanica, and we don’t mind one bit. Amazing selection, staff, atmosphere, prices/value,…everything! Owner and staff all care very genuinely for their customers and practice with ‘patient over profit’ values.
    We bring all of our friends here- Botanica will take care of you! Highly recommend!

  14. fRicknMorty

    Nick and the girls always make me feel comfortable. Location is low key and environment is chill. Products and deals are on point. Overall great quality service and business is ran extremely well. Wubba lubba dub dub Botanica!

  15. cindypopz

    Great products, the staff is super helpful, knowledgeable, and very friendly.

  16. angelabesemer

    I love Botanica, especially when I get Dee to help me! She is very helpful, informative, and listens! I’ll keep coming back, especially on Wednesdays for “happy hour”.

  17. chicanaqueen

    Love the quality of the products here, love the atmosphere, but what I don’t love is that the staffs personalities seem like they’re trying so hard to be happy and upbeat that it doesn’t seem genuine. Otherwise this is the perfect dispensary. Flower comes pre-weighed and sealed here so if you’re looking for a scale and it to be weighed in front of you, look elsewhere. Love their “The Clear” concentrates. This is what keeps me coming back here.

  18. Deadhead78

    The atmosphere is really nice, big menu however underwhelming products. the flower here is more mid-grade, not top-shelf. There is much better for your $$ in Tucson.

  19. Publicenemy420

    Drove 3 hrs to come check this place out, plenty of dispensaries along the way. but were now looking to come here for all our Cannabis needs.

    Also had the pleasure of meeting the owner, great guy! took his time to tall to us and answer every question we had!

    10/10 very impressed, my best experience so far… looking forward to doing business with you again in!

  20. rkennedy84

    I Love their selection of strains and also a affordable price. I will be definitely return for more

  21. Ladimples66

    I like this dispensary it has some great deals n giveaways. Great budtenders.

  22. 22bsmith

    there staff was very friendly i love the follower an the customer service.dY’oe

  23. TwoPuff

    I LOVE Botanica! Best dispensary in all of Tucson! Every time I come here I have the best experience! The flower is always top shelf and very fresh with lots of options to choose from! Their concentrates are amazing, super high quality for a great price! The employees are always so sweet, very helpful, and extremely knowledgable! The atmosphere is relaxing and the rooms are very well decorated. Every aspect of this dispensary is on point!

  24. hayden_g

    Great stuff will be back again

  25. Lilhunnibee

    This place is great, cool set up and a really knowledgeable staff.

  26. Igotthatfire

    I love the products especially the flowers. The deals on their shake bags make it very affordable for me. The staff has excellent customer service and are very knowledgeable.

  27. miamar42

    at first i thought.. this is too trendy, no way, this will not be for me.. so glad i was wrong:) it’s nice, maybe i’m just not as used to nice things as i should be?;) awesome happy hour daily, friendly budtenders, wide variety. I’m not a fan of prepackaged meds just bc i have ocd tendencies that make me think about possible moisture and i just always like to pick my buds, haha:) will be back

  28. aruppypuppy

    This is a clean place and a very comfortable lobby. I bought three different strands of their flower and have enjoyed all of them. I’ll try any place once and only ever return to businesses that meet my standards. This place did and I’ll return again.

  29. greenvet

    i really wish they wouldnt pre package the herb, tends to be dry and not very potent. not a bad spot tho, and would go back if wasnt so far

  30. crank420

    Some beautiful flower and quality prices for it. This is the only dispensary I go to cause whether on a budget or looking for top shelf it’s the place to go.

  31. CooperGueller

    great shop! Gonna need more parking really soon!

  32. Swaugh25

    First time here. No wait, great new pt special. Regina was very friendly and helpful!

  33. Grizzette007

    Great selection. Great service. Good prices.

  34. katgreenlove

    My favorite spot! So hip and professional! Great quality!

  35. cdawg82

    Honestly everything is good except for there flower. Sometimes it can be OK. But they need to figure out the cure and dry stage better cause it smells like grass clippings a little bit. Other then that the happy hour specials and card punch is awesome.

  36. SKX

    Really nice waiting area and always quick service, one time they accidentally skipped me and I wondered why 2 people who came after me went back before I did but when I brought it up they apologized a lot and gave me a free preroll, bud is always really good and I love the cheap shake 8ths, 5/5

  37. LoneCub25

    Super friendly staff, awesome environment, I can’t wait to go back! Definitely recommending it to other patients.

  38. dimples602

    Best meds in Tucson hands down always have the most awesome energetic staff and they are really helpful when it comes to picking meds

  39. rosietron415

    Had a really great experience. It was a relaxed atmosphere and the girl helping was lovely.

  40. Labonita

    Not only is the staff great, helpful, and honest, but the quality of the herbs is amazing! I can tell they like to take care of their product and customers.

  41. onesimop

    Great for new customer deal

  42. harleyquinn79

    love it onexof my favorite in town !

  43. heshbuds

    awesome place

  44. nboswell2016

    Very nice place great atmosphere and great people especially Leo what a HOTTIE !!!!

  45. Julianm1811

    This Place was awsome grate staff .good flower keep up the nice work. Botanica.

  46. Red311939

    What a Great Dispensary! I can’t say enough good things about them! They are very helpful and Welcoming! When I first went in it was a little Dumb about Sativa ! I didn’t feel Stupid for asking about the different strains! And their location is Absolutely Convenient!

  47. Dubman520

    What a great location with premium buds at a good price… Y’all get an A+ from WILLY DOJA

  48. eriklop26

    Always a great experience when I go here. Best waiting room, great vibes.

  49. Dmac1090

    Great selection and prices…super cool atmosphere all around!

  50. DoubleBeanie

    Superb! Loved the girl that helped us out, so friendly! Had just what I needed for a great price. Thanks guys!!

  51. Ohsknapp

    By far my favorite dispensary in Tucson. Vicki and Dee are awesome, and everyone there is friendlier than any other place I’ve been. Excellent quality and consistency across the board. Always clean inside, doesn’t feel like you’re waiting in a clinic, really great, modern decor adds to a great vibe. I love their specials/promos, they always have something fun! 🙂

  52. goldflakepaint

    I’ve been coming here for awhile. I started because it’s close to home, I’ve branched out some but every time I return here. The flower selection is low(which is a positive to me) because they always have high quality medicine to choose from. Atmosphere is very nice, mellow and clean!! No janky stuff. Get it. Go here. You don’t be disappointed. Staff is always friendly and courteous, it really is a good experience.

  53. TucsonToke

    Best atmosphere in town once you enter the lobby. They have some good deals if you watch happy hour, get the punch card stamped, and watch your email for weekend specials.
    Budtenders are really friendly and helpful.
    Always a pleasure to stop in and see my amigos at Botanica
    You popped my legal cherry, first shop after getting card, how could I ever forget?

  54. jlydon493

    Amazing!!!! Hands down best live resin and best prices. This is the only place I buy my concentrates!!!

  55. tdz6969

    I recommend this location to everyone. They have a loyalty punch card for every 12 gram or eighth you get one free, no other dispensaries in Tucson has that. And they gave a $10 off coupon for next visit.
    Fridays they have $10 grams. Their buds are better too. I might be paying a little more here than the others but that’s ok cuz 12 purchases later I get a free one. Other shops seem to only give free gram for new patients only.
    Only wish this one was more accessible using the buses.

  56. slbutterfly

    Great Dispensary, just off I10. Quality medicine at competitive pricing. Botanica could use a little more light inside, while remaining considerate to those who are experiencing migraines..

  57. DZAST3R

    Decent place, okay location. Very spacious and well put together inside, definitely appreciated compared to many other dispensaries in Tucson. My biggest concern is their product; I asked my budtender where the flower comes from, she replied that it is all caregiver donations. The flower is definitely all over the place; some of it looks good, some of it looks like street weed.

    When I asked about the concentrates, she replied those are all made in house; how? From whose flower? Admittedly, they have some fine looking concentrates. I picked up the Lemon Skunk crumble on my visit and it is GOLDEN. However… my main point is, if they are using caregiver flower to make the concentrates and not their, how do we know what has gone into the flower… let alone the actual concentrate?

    Perhaps I should have asked more questions, but as it stands it kind of weirds me out a little.

  58. thebluedream

    Most beautiful, serene environment I have experienced. The staff is unbelievably kind and helpful. This was a 5 star experience from start to finish!

  59. 420inthe520

    New budtenders need more training . Asked girl what was closest to 9 lb hammer and she named even Indica strain out w no info on any of them also didn’t know she could enter sku manually so she spent 2 minutes trying to work the scanner . Very unknowlegable .

  60. evoljess

    I love the vibe of this place… First impression was a smash hit 4 me…

  61. Sunkist67

    The most pleasent atmosphere, Zen like. Best costumer service. Everyone is informative and so kind. Products are always excellent! Thankful for this location.

  62. cindidoooo

    Solid option for flower.

  63. thisfreshman

    very well kept great atmosphere and very great service. quality was out standing and worth the price for being a premium dispensary

  64. Beasley12

    Had more to choose from (in flowers) then the other dispensary I visited. Does not have their own grow (yet).

  65. jubiebluez

    Love everything about this dispensary!

  66. Yesca_jon

    Only dispensary I will use. Carlos was very friendly and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend enough!

  67. manwhere

    Great people, great prices and great location. Love that they are a wholesale carrier of Dr. Jolly’s extracts!

  68. Drj0006

    Nice location. Was pressured into buying a battery for cartridge use. Was told that they’re cartridges only work with this particular Battery!

  69. richardboam

    Great atmosphere, nice staff, and a decent selection at a competitive price.

  70. shanam

    Over by RV Central. I love this place couple of blocks south of Costco off Thornydale. really nice


    Stopped by this location when I was visiting Tucson for the day. I loved this building and the way they were set up! Very professional! I thought that the flower could have been better but it wasn’t bad. When I am in Tucson again this will be my spot! Thanks BotA!nica!

  72. mattsmoneyshots

    I loved the welcoming atmosphere, customer service, and cleanliness of the place. the staff is incredibly respectful and knowledgeable. however the prices are outrageous for “top shelf”. I am a seasoned smoker and I was not impressed with the medicine for the price.. it was 52$ an 8th.. which is outrageous for people seeking relief, there meds are medicore pre packaged weed, very similar to what u would get at bloom for 35$ an 8th. the medicine is nit very dense and grinds up to powder for a smoke that ends before u even get started. I have found better buds on the streets.. I cannot speak for their concentrates or edibles because i wont be back anytime soon.. kuddos to the froendly staff there tho.. the place really does look high end, if only they had the buds to match 🙁

    i recommend the releaf center on 22nd, same prices but there meds r more acceptable for what they ask for them.

    thanks for reading

  73. rkadis

    Sort of convenient

  74. Raynewolf

    good medicine and friendly staff

  75. greengoddess111

    Great selection of products. Budtenders are a hit or miss with service. Employee let me know they do not post specials on their websites to keep prices competitive with other dispensaries but I feel it would be useful. This dispensary lets people come in with no card to buy CBD (hemp based) products which is good to note.

  76. elee1972

    Beautiful and tasteful…. and amazing staff

  77. Raihan

    I’m from New York. I been to quite a few dispensary, so far this place is the rest I been. My man “Matt” was very friendly and super knowledgeable about the strains.

  78. Jdman069

    They always have exactly what I’m looking for.

  79. charliemcpuff

    THE BEST! New card holder here. Botanica is a dispensary for people who like competitive prices and a nice atmosphere. No headshop BS no gas station quality. and you have not been properly served until you meet budtender Regina!!!! The sataff here is 100% top quality

  80. Jonnyboiboi

    Its awesome

  81. erikevery

    I enjoyed the waiting area, very pleasant.

  82. rocketshas

    wonderful location and knowledgable staff very friendly and willing to help you with any question. Amazing selection of strains.

  83. TRD2010chik

    I am new to medical marijuana, and marijuana in general. I suffer from extreme anxiety, and I did not know what to expect going to my first dispensary. I was blown away. The waiting lobby reminded me of an upscale vape shop, without all the smoke, and a light sweet smell of weed was in the air. The girl at the counter greeted me, and walked me through the new patient stuff and then I went into the back to pick out my flower. Everything was very clean, and upscale. They have all of their current strains lined up, and available to look at and inspect. I am bad with names, but the girl who helped me was so nice, and very informative. There was also a guy, who offered good suggestions on different strains for my anxiety. Within minutes I was put at ease by them. In all, it was one of the best experiences I have had in a retail type store. I will definitely be back!!

  84. Dubb2747

    Really impressed me, and I’ve been to just about every big name dispensary in the Phoenix area. I was in Tucson for a family event and thought I would try them out. The shake was great quality, still very moist, most shake I see in Phoenix dispensaries is dry and turns to dust, not at Botanica. Also tried the Krypt strain, what an amazing Indica, great smell and trichome coverage, and was very moist. Highly recommend to anyone in the Tucson area.

  85. Becky2113

    The staff was super friendly, I felt welcomed the minute I came in. They were very knowlageble about the products and I was very satisfied with what I got. I will be coming back for sure!

  86. Joadoty

    Great service! Nice Job!

  87. tucsonblonde

    Classy, relaxed and helpful, the building is decorated beautifully which can help make the buying experience more user friendly. Quality meds, a good variety without being overwhelming and really friendly bud tenders. Maybe slightly pricier, but quality of the meds makes up for that. Highly recommended!

  88. braebizzle

    Staff is very laid-back and knowledgeable about strains, products and new devices, etc. Definitely a favorite.

  89. tesasanti

    It’s my first time at any dispensary but it is very clean, very safe, very out of the way on the north side. good vibe here from PTSD girl.

  90. MillyMaren

    The people were super friendly. I went with some friends and it was our first visit. The front desk lady was super sweet and made us feel comfortable. The other lady was super informative. She knew her stuff especially when helping find strains for a friend who suffered from mental illnesses.

  91. onsimpleterms

    This is by far the best dispensary on my side of town. Friendly staff and a nice waiting area. No new patient kit, but they give you a free $15 off your first purchase. It is much more helpful than the other “kits” I have been given. Wonderful assortment of flower which organized by Sativa, Sativa Hybrid, Indica Hybrid, and Indica. Knowledgeable bud tenders who aren’t afraid to just look up information if they aren’t fully sure about a particular strain. Their “Shake Eighths” are a steal. Definitely inquire about these. All in all, Botanica is a place I will be frequenting often. Hopefully they will continue to keep CBD -Rich Strains on hand.

  92. SnMPoe

    LOVEatm!LOVE Botanica this place is #1 in Tucson for sure! GREAT slections on beautiful flowers!! TOP notch. And awesome staff, very knowledgeable. Reviews who claim to have had a “Bad” experience must have been in a hurry..or assholes from the start…YOU get what you are projecting into the universe, that’s Life. It’s pretty simple! Botanica staff talk to patients here people and don’t rush you along!

  93. Somuchweedallday

    love the bud

  94. BobbaSmo

    Great product & friendly service.

  95. CSMediaGroup

    Not only the best facility in the entire state of Arizona, but possibly one of the best in the country.

    You don’t have to sacrifice style for price and quality. This establishment provides the higher standard that I have been looking for. I finally feel comfortable presenting my questions and acquiring my cannabis in a fashion that matches the rest of my life.

    Had a very pleasant interaction, will be recommending for my associates that aren’t comfortable getting their cards. Great introduction into the service and products

  96. shoag1

    All around great experience and service, definitely will be returning!

  97. BryanSchmidt

    I love that I work next store! But, it’s so clean and the staff and owners are phenomenal!!

  98. DH27

    Best dispensary I have been to. They have great deals, great staff, and great product. 10/10 would recommend

  99. lleghred

    The personnel are helpful, cheerful and kind. I have been going here for 3 years. I have tried several other dispensaries. They were good, but the personal touch at Botanica is just so much better. Easy access, easy egress( no not the white birds, the exit!)

  100. GenoYeti

    An actual “top shelf” dispensary in Tucson. From start to finish this place is quality. Ring the bell to get in and the friendly staff is quick to check you in. The waiting room is comfortable, naturally lit, there’s magazine selection and has free bottles of cold water. There’s no menu on the wall, no TV playing CNN, no music. Just relaxing, When you go back to the business end, the place is just as high class. Properly understated. Product samples are laid out in small jars with good lights and magnifying glasses to check them out.

    The meds are top shelf and so are the prices. That’s a moral issue for some but it’s a systemic problem with MMJ. Doesn’t bother me.

    The bud tenders have all been top notch. The most helpful I’ve found in Tucson, and the most honest.

    The flower is true top shelf. It’s well grown and properly dried and cured. Botanica sells by pre-packed 1/8ths. No dried out deli style! There is a high turnover rate so if you find a strain you like, might want to buy some up. I’ve had about 15 strains and all have been top shelf with 0 seeds. Great variety too, at least 18 strains at all of my visits, and always some high CBD flower on hand.

    One negative is the location. It’s just not convenient.

  101. tsound

    Great location, great prices on quality live resin

  102. MegE77

    Friendly staff, clean facility, safe location. Great quality weed 🙂

  103. mikesz1369

    Excellent place, friendly, helpful staff and great products and deals.

  104. Slhsnoopy1

    As a newbie searching for help I was treated with respect and a huge amount of kindness. They are extremely helpful, know their products and even advised me of what I should start out with and not try at this time while NOT making me feel stupid asking all my questions! Very comfortable atmosphere. Highly recommend!!

  105. Smokinpanda96

    By far my favorite dispensary. The quality of all their products is always top-notch, everyone on staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. The prices great, and the happy hour makes them even better. On top of all that, the place has a premium, casual atmosphere.
    My only negative, and it is a small one, is that the reward system can get a little convoluted. I routinely forget my punch cards, and the aEURoebuy 12, get one freeaEUR method they use doesn’t seem to apply to concentrates, which is frustrating considering they’re mostly what I buy. I think a simple dollar to point program could be better if done well.
    That said, this is still my go to dispensary. An improved reward system would just take it from a 4.9 to a full 5 for me. Would absolutely recommend

  106. dapratt0414

    Absolutely love this place. When I was searching for a dispensary, this place rated in the top 3 of choices. I have to admit I went here first and never made it to the other 2 places to check them out. The staff at Botanica were amazing. I didn’t want to go anywhere else because they made me feel like it was MY dispensary. All my questions were answered and I never felt rushed. Everyone was super knowledgeable and helpful. They have my business for as long as I need them.

  107. scummybstrd

    Great staff and excellent products. Had a slight issue and resolved no problem from prior visit, this place knocks it out if the park.

  108. thegreatghastly

    Great staff and products

  109. kevinngo001

    it’s a really good store on the inside too

  110. RobC.

    Friendly bud tenders. The place smells amazing and they offer great deals. Definitely worth checking out.

  111. MidnightWhite

    This place is pretty rad!
    They live across the street from me and the staff is super helpful (they have things for guilt if youre like me and makebad choices on a saturday night)
    top shelf quality on all products! i reccomend the quantum kush!

  112. jlp09

    Grow Hydro. Everything is great except the flower isn’t very strong. I only go because it’s close by and I don’t have a car. This is not a good place for good flower. I wish they would grow some dro…..we all know hydro is 5 times maybe 10 times better than any soil grown plants.

  113. Snack_Master

    Once again, can’t express how much I love this shop. Really great staff and I love the layout of the place!

  114. pnkcld13

    Best packaged bud in town. Employees are extremely compassionate and knowledgeable. As an above knee amputee, they knew exactly what strains would work for my current symptoms-and they were dead on! Prices are reasonable, with a very calming atmosphere in the waiting area as well as inside for purchases. Thank you, Botanica!!

  115. rawnst1

    The Botanica has one of the best environments I seen in a dispensary. Their flower is top notch and their employees are well informed.

  116. Cev

    Cool! I was so stoked they were open on Jan 1st so I could take advantage of more edibles!!!!!

  117. kervyn

    Great customer service

  118. farrar

    Very clean and great atmosphere

  119. roycccarter

    Very outstanding environment once you walk in. Great staff that will help you what you want or ask what you want just for you. Great screnary and always kind to help if you have any questions!

  120. Sabali520

    First time I have visited and the quality and environment was on point. I would have gave it 5 stars but I only grabbed some crumble and a cartridge. Was fully satisfied with both of them. Next time I’m in there I’m hoping to try the flowers and give this place the 5 stars it deserves.

  121. Haggas

    Great budtenders! They were very knowledgeable and excited to help.

  122. PivotalPotMaySmokeItself

    These guys are the best. Their prices are no higher than $52 an 1/8 and the quality is there.. every time.

  123. dianabel

    great location great service thank you

  124. sweeks11

    Amazing service! worked with me very well and were very understanding.

  125. Bigdpower6927

    Great store and awesome customer service employees are well rounded in the products they offer!!!!

  126. Courtlallen19

    best deals I’ve found friendliest service with the best bud highly recomend

  127. jefferyshannon

    I completely LOVE this store! No attitude, super friendly and their even nice to mt dog! I live downtown and will ride the bus to support this wonderful establishment!

  128. Gbrown1569

    Great buds great service and great prices

  129. Jmayne193

    Great staff and great product

  130. CaseyJ0nes

    This dispensary is really great all around. They have a pretty wide menu filled with great selections, good deals, and a super friendly and helpful staff. I definitely plan on being a regular customer, and would highly recommend this place to anyone in the Tucson area.

  131. heavn420

    I’ve given this place several tries and while the building is beautifully staged and the staff are very nice, knowledgeable and professional, the quality of flower is a tad bit underwhelming and a little dry. The price, in my opinion is very high at $15/gm….especially since I can get far better quality at another local dispensary for $10-12/gm. Furthermore, despite my inquisition and insistence, they still do not offer discounts for those of us on disability, however they continue to provide “student” discounts. Which I will always take offense to, no matter which dispensary.

  132. KindGodess420

    Upscale in Every way! dY~ I find All the Budtenders here to be Kind, Professional, Friendly, Well Informed & Patient. I appreciate the Clean storefront & Ample Parking. I do Not usually purchase Pre-Packaged Herb, however the Flower here is fresh ‘n nice! Always a Good selection of High quality Az strains to “Bud Pick” from. O.PEN Vapes are a +!! Having visited Botanica many times, we feel quite comfortable recommending this shop to All our Az cannaFriends & Family. This dispensary seems to be a well-kept-secret here in Tucson.dY~tm Thank you, Botanica, for setting the barr High!!

  133. Titoh69er

    Love this place! Always helpful when I stop by.

  134. Aztowwife

    I have to start by saying I love their meds. However, I won’t be shopping here again. The last two visits I have had issues with their credit/debit card system. of course, they don’t have an atm and there isn’t a bank close. The system they use cannot be used with a pin number and my debit card. They said some cards it isn’t compatible with. I have had similar instances because the system doesn’t recognize that you enter a pin number, but run it as credit and it works fine. I have done this at other dispensaries with no issues. here they won’t even let me try. Sadly because of this I will find another dispensary to go to.

  135. donlibya88

    I bought all the Hindu Kush Adam rocks.

  136. Rocket0023

    My go-to dispensary. Great and helpful staff. As well as a good menu and prices.

  137. FAMS420

    Absolutely Love This Place!!! dY’sNot a regular only for the fact that I stay in Mesa but ocasionally I drive down to Tucson and I ALWAYS make sure i make my way to BOTANICAL. Especially During Happy Hour dY~+dY~+dY~%0dY~tm. Where QualitydYOE3dYOE3dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= definitely meets Affordability! dY’dY’2 thumbs up!! only because thats all I Have! lol See you soon! a3a3

  138. BananaCOIn

    One of the best in town. Never had a long wait. Never felt uncomfortable in any way. Friendly staff and a great location.

  139. jlo666

    Very friendly staff and an excellent variety of grams and pre-rolls!!

  140. gomwzgabe820

    Of you don’t have a vehicle, it makes it hard to travel out there, but conveniently near the freeway. Great strains no other dispensary have, and good shake also.

  141. juic3man3

    Awesome. Walk into early to smiling helpful faces. Was able to make my selection and save a few bucks too. Highly recommend this place to anyone in the area

  142. CannaCona

    Stopped on my way to the valley, I thought the price would not match the quality to some of the competition in the area, some strains look like some of the stuff in the valley, regardless quality was on par.

  143. Mrtjw89

    Ive been here a handful of times and the Staff has always been real friendly! Usually a pretty good variety/selection of quality flower! If youre ever in the area and lookin for sone good smoke id recommend stopin in and checkin them out for yourself!

  144. Rveine

    Excellent experience fast and extremely nice staff and killer products

  145. OnceUponABlueDream

    Wow. Definitely did not expect an environment more like an expensive hotel lobby than a cheap waiting room (which seems to be more common in some dispensaries). Lights are respectfully dimmed for comfort and other patients are respectful.

  146. rc350

    Great experience but didn’t have the product I was looking for.

  147. BLOWLOUD81

    first time here and I will say I will be returning

  148. highimangeel

    Love all the servers there and the bud is A1

  149. Anthon520

    the best dispensary

  150. AmoladoraTT

    Very knowledgeable and super friendly staff. There’s usually a fair amount of deals and the product is excellent. Only bummer is it’s only open till 7pm.

  151. raefried

    Botanica is right around the corner from my apartment which is beyond convenient. The selection is limited but it’s a great place to run to when I need a joint. Also, it’s been recently renovated and is looking great.

  152. mosesr45

    the po people are great the deals are gray they have a great atmosphere they have a lot of knowledge


    This was my first time at any dispensary and I’d have to say that I was definitely impressed. This is the type of place that you go to when you don’t really want people to know what it is that your getting there. It is more natural in a way. The wonderful Jen at the front window was very nice and held a wonderful conversation. I love how the front room was srt up, the place was bright and open with lots of seating. In the back were two separate counters where two people were called in one at a time and it was very educational and “hands on”, well as much as it can be without actually putting your hands on anything. lol… Sarah was my bud tender and knew the perfect combination to help ease my back pain and settle my PTSD. It even gave me an appetite, all while making me smile! The high CBD and the gummy’s along with a couple grams and a couple pens and I left spending just over 125… Not bad considering how much I got. So with great employees, wonderful products, and killer prices… I would say I found my favorite dispensary, (went to two in a row). I will be back for sure! Thanks again to Sarah and Jen!!! You two rock!

  154. Neitousama

    Alright, so I’ve been to every, single, dispensary in Tucson, (not the Oro Valley area). The only place I found to be relatively decent, was, “Earth’s Healing,” pretty much every other one had either hit or miss strains, and or just outright terrible ones. Well, after coming here, I have to say, I am excited to try out the rest of the places up in this area!

    It’s a shame it’s so far away, but oh my goodness, Micheal was an amazing budtender also, the specials and the prices for the quality? I have to say, I will be making this 30 min one way drive, as often as I possibly can.

  155. PurpleVampire

    I dY’oe this place! Great people, atmosphere & flower.

  156. baileybee503

    5 stars. A short walk to a quality place.

  157. SackAttack13

    Great place, seemed a little empty but great potential!

  158. juliet331305

    What a wonderful dispensary! The staff is always very friendly and knowledgeable in the products they carry. Can’t beat that they offer a punch card and some other specials for being a customer! Love love love Botanica!

  159. niftyifty

    I’ve been here many times. I typically like it due to atmosphere and the people. Lately the flower has been very disappointing. My last three visits left me feeling like I wasted my money. Dry buds, no flavor, lots of undeveloped seeds, and generally just underwhelming. I haven’t had a problem with efficacy which I guess is nice, but not enough to keep me coming back. I unfortunately rate their flower just a notch above bloom now, but at twice the price.

    Not saying don’t come here, but a couple new shops in town are worth checking out and making your own decision.

  160. jarthe3

    this place is so clean and nicely decorated. the product from flower to edibles and concentrate have looked and felt amazing. and on the plus side the budtenders are smart and cute.

  161. ezln29

    green dragon shatter was legit. TY Botanica.

  162. sully520

    Botanica is quickly becoming my favorite dispensary here in Tucson. It has a feeling that is unlike any other shop – every time I visit, I feel like it’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience (put it this way: it’s simply beautiful!). Even better than that are the prices, though. I use a lot of edibles, and the edibles here are less expensive (especially during “happy hour”) than any other dispensary I’ve been to. Keep up the great work, Botanica, and I’ll keep on coming back!

  163. Ceidee57

    The atmosphere here is very comfy and the staff of very nice and helpful. Quality is by far the best from a lot of other places i have been!

  164. NS8632

    Very friendly staff. Wish you guys were to closer to me! Do I see a Botanica East in the future? Thanks for the great service.

  165. JenGH

    Visited Botanical the other night around 8pm. It was fast and easy to get in (just prove you are over 21 with your drivers license) then head into a separate room. The prices are good and you can smell and handle anything you’re interested in. We left with a pre roll and good info about lounges in the area. Nice neighborhood spot.

  166. Brandon0308

    From the moment I walked in the door, I was impressed. The Gentleman at the front counter greeted me, asked how my day was, & then continued to explain to me that they were only accepting cash for the rest of the night. I thought that he was super kind for informing me of that! I then took a brief seat in the lobby & after just a few short minutes I was taken into the medicine room by my budtender (Carolyn) or (Caroline). She began by handing me an educational packet, filled with lots of information about how the medical cannabis program works, and even included logs to track your usage. That to me, was pretty cool! As a first time patient, I was able to scoop up a half gram of some Phoenix Cannabis Co Shatter for $5 out the door! With a convenient location for those traveling between Tucson>Phoenix, & some of the best products in the industry, I will indefinitely be back. Will Recommend!

  167. wvuq8

    amazing interior design! I am a student who just came to denver to visit. The interior design really gets you hyped about what you’re about to get. Amazing music and a good looking staff too!

  168. InkGirl

    When I am in Tuscon, this is my go to without a doubt. The selection and the benefits you get, the staff, the price are top notch! Big city place with a small town feel.

  169. JG99

    Nice staff and atmosphere but “premium” cannabis? Nope.

  170. leastwood2

    Pleasing sales room, knowledgeable staff and good range of product make Notamica

  171. kaschwab

    Amazing atmosphere and quality but budtender seemed rushed to get me out which kinda sucked cuz it’s my first visit to a dispensary… it was busy though

  172. vonklick

    great location, great deals! also, space candy!

  173. Jaredjjohnson

    This spot is great. Awesome product and people.

  174. Jtttt

    been several times never been disappointed from flower to edibles to concentrates my opinion all well priced and tax is already included and they have a nice glassware selection been to almost all dispensaries in town and really I have no complaints about any of them just look out for the deals if you have questions ask they are very nice and knowledgeable we never use to have this service be HAPPY

  175. soto9

    great location

  176. 520chip

    AAA PLACE WITH GOOD AND FAST SERVICE **This is a very nice place the people are great and so helpful. I was so lucky to get Regina as my budtender she was so nice and helpful this was my first time to any dispenary. The day my card came in the mail was on 420 every place I went that day was packed but they got me in with a very short wait. There lobby was the nicest one I have gone to good seating very clean. All the products that I got here where first class! This is my favorite place to go now after going to a few other places in Tucson. The prices are very good and top quality products only. Thanks to the people at Botanica I got just the medication I needed. (Regina your the best Thanks you)

  177. monstermaya

    Amazing atmosphere! As soon as I walked in the door, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist. She checked me in quickly as a first timer and the medicinal area is clean, welcoming, and just gorgeous to look at. You have to see it for yourself. I would get married there, that’s how appealing it was. They have their edibles showcased openly so you can actually see what your munchies look like before purchase! They had their bud out in jars, named and categorized for you to smell (no touching!) and admire. It is pre-packaged when you purchase it but still great quality. They also had visuals on your concentrates, cartridges, syrups and pipes and bongs. My budtender was friendly and helpful. She let me know the indicas, sativas, hybrids and heavy-hitters (yes!) on flower. I went with a g of Sugar Kush and Lemon Skunk for the flower – both smell awesome. The Sugar rush has already started, making this purchase a definite thumbs up on the bud. They give you $15 off for being a first timer, and a $10 off your next purchase, as well as a punch card – getting all stamped is going to be cake with the friendly staff and great medicine. Oh, and don’t forget to look behind you when you’re at the register – the wall of flower is easy on the eyes.

  178. curiositykildcyd

    When it comes to Tucson dispensaries botanica is hands down the best in down. There aren’t enough good things I can say about this gem. If I’m interested in trying a strain I know without a doubt that botanica’s buds will be top notch and exactly what it says it is. Their employees are absolutely wonderful and the customer service is by far the best in the area. With their happy hour prices and tax included the $12.75 a gram is hard to beat for such premium quality.

    And the Jamaican dream is on point dYOE?dYfdY’OEdY1/4dY'”aoeOEdY>>dY~a$?i,dY’>dY’s

  179. Alchemy480

    Great staff!

  180. JamesZachary

    Truly the top dispensary in Tucson! Botanica has a huge lobby, a friendly knowledgeable staff, and best of all everything sold is top shelf even the weekend ten dollar grams! I have a whole slew of ailments and Botanica having such a huge selection of great strains really helps me find something that works for me. Anybody stating that this place sells lacking/dry product is high lol everything I’ve received has been fresh and extra tasty. The budtender I recieced was Vicky (I think that was her name) she was very polite and helpful, she recommended “Rare Dankness” and “Vanilla Bean”, they have both easily become my new favorite! Thank you for providing such a great experience! …….p.s. please keep growing those two strains lol.

  181. _edgein

    If you’re looking for an upscale dispensary this is your place. Average prices for products. Accessories reasonably priced.

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