Reef Dispensaries

Free 1/8 for new patients!



18423 E San Tan Blvd STE1, Queen Creek, AZ 85142


33.2117972, -111.6846575




7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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We are setting new standards in the medical cannabis industry. Beginning with our state-of-the-art, large scale manufacturing facilities we breed and cultivate a vast selection of medicinal strains. Our medical grade processing laboratory uses the plants we grow to create the purest and most potent medical cannabis products available.

Our extracts, concentrates and other infused products provide targeted relief for many of the symptoms from which our patients suffer. Once our manufacturing facilities have created our exceptional medicines we then provide them to patients in our clean, safe and comfortable clinics. We staff our dispensaries with well-trained aEURoepatient-consultantsaEUR who assist patients in the selection of medicines that will be the most effective in treatment of the symptoms from which they suffer.

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2,970 reviews for “Reef Dispensaries

  1. TCB42087

    this place is my favorite thanks IRA for giving me great customer service

  2. kmarquand

    Reef just got in a new batch of KK for the first time in months. come check it out and get yourself some, you won’t regret the decision.

  3. hurlyboy

    Had the best customer service with Ira he was the man helped me with everything I needed! Definitely recommend him!!!

  4. RxPhile

    I went to RDQC last night to get MMJ. It was my first time at that location, and the two staff members I interacted with were quite helpful and knowledgeable. David, my budtender, was especially helpful in making sure I got the two strains I wanted, plus making other suggestions. I’ll be back the next time I’m in QC. Thanks!

  5. blacksupersaiyan

    One of the best experiences of my life! Great selection, knowledgeable staff, and spectacular prices. I will be back

  6. mrtindle

    Its a good spot. They are well informed and can help some one like me who is still new to having an MMJ card.

  7. Dopey911

    Great service!!!

  8. drum51

    Love Reef dispensary like today there open when we need Them Which is great because they’re open on most holidays

  9. mrosoloco

    2/25 The place has undergone some changes . But the the new cbd rubs are great . I picked up three the other day to help with my arthritis and it helps a lot .

  10. Kawiiiboy27

    Cactus states best dispensary, Andres your awesome.

    Gelato & strawberry pie are my choices for this month thanks again for the exotix strains you bring to the desert

    Sincerely Isaac.

  11. jtbrad99

    Really nice staff, good prices, and then opening early and closing late is cool.

  12. ArrowsArsenal

    This is the best dispensary I have been to. They have a very helpful staff and knowledgeable. The reef has some of the best product I have came by. Thank you Reef Dispensary!!

  13. logan321

    Reef dispensaries is by far my favorite the bud tenders are awesome and the weed is great also

  14. Djklick

    The best staff in Arizona and great prices on all products. My favorite dispensary yet!

  15. biggreenmack

    Very professional and welcoming environment

  16. 69cuzo85

    Reef has an awesome daily pre roll deal and excellent veterans discount. Ask for budtender Jasmine for knowledgeable & professional service.

  17. whitney19

    Always am pleased with Reef, love the Khalifa Kush products you need to try the amazing quality of there concentrates!

  18. sno283

    Place has great deals on concentrates. Shout out to Nick and Jasmine for helpm me put. Cant wait for Berner!

  19. trillstylez

    Best trees in the valley dY’-dY”Y=dY'”dY'” thanks Dakota

  20. thuglife1994

    bus is fire as hell. budtenders nice as hell. love this place.

  21. dudestarbuck

    Awesome prerolls
    Get 3-4 a week

  22. Justinyu619

    Best dispensary in the valley!! Great service and product!!

  23. breantichrist

    I went here recently for the first time and got half off a great eight of flower. prepacked and was fresh and well cured.

    As a new patient though, their process was slightly confusing and the staff didn’t help much to explain it along the way. The budtender walks you into a small room with a couple vounters and and stands infront of it with you. My budtender stood more off to the side and I felt a bit pressured to choose quickly. Once you pick, you go back up to the front where the front desk staff exhanges the money/medicine through a passage in a glass wall. The lobby was nice to wait in though, nice art and good amount of seating. Will go to again

  24. Kaniebu

    Staff is friendly and very helpful.

  25. romanblunt

    Ira was great with customer service. Great attitude. The meds here are excellent.

  26. jo3s

    best spot in San Tan valley. love the daily 25.00 8ths

  27. swagdos

    I loved reef! It was my first time in and the budtenders and staff are very friendly and helpful! The quality of their product goes unmatched in the state! Seriously amazing flower!! The only downfall to this place is that it is in the middle of no where! It is so far from the city and is definitely worth the trip but I just wish it was closer!

  28. Desmondbleck9271

    I was in an out employees have lotta knowledge and I like the cheap prices

  29. Jayvon123456

    I like that I had fast and steady service and the staff was very helpfull

  30. detroit777

    best prices best quality Best of the Best budtender are cool I recommend anybody this is the spot to go

  31. Carrie888

    Buyer be aware they do not honor their prices listed on Leafly

  32. Photoforce112

    Worked with Joel today who was so helpful at suggesting different strains to help with sleep. Love whoever I come into contact. Product is alway up to par!!

  33. z0nin

    went here for my very first dispensery and it was great really helped me out with the information I needed tha K you will be back again

  34. deontay21

    its nice to know how your dispinsary we comes new patients. that’s more than enough for me to come back.dY'”dY'”dY’oedY’tmdY’oedY’tmdY”Y=

  35. fatkidjayk

    Always a friendly staff, and you get for what you pay for! Ira, Jake, Jeff, Savannah, Chidera, Danielle, Barry, Mike, Randall, pretty much everyone that works there has hooked me up tremendously from advice on meds, to giving me free pre-rolls and meds. Ira hooked me up and gave me a free pre-roll today! I recommend to anyone if you are looking for quality medicine at the price ranges affordable for all.

  36. acelaya3

    Evening Fellow Reefers! Andres, your fellow bud tender… If your scrolling through reviews trying to see what’s good right now I would like to personally recommend ANYTHING Tryke BLACKWATER. It’s been the best thing in my personal opinion to match the infamous Wizard Dick! I’d even put it up against a Sweet batch of Jupiter OG!

  37. pondedhard

    Best product in the valley!

  38. Brittaaaaany94

    I love it here. Everyone knows who I am and they always get me what I need. They have really good prices and always the best quality. I would recommend to everyone.

  39. Josh1057

    My favorite place to go. Best prices around. 6/13/18

  40. ahow24

    Great customer service the product is great at amazing prices and the staff always have mass knowledge on all the products

  41. Gabrielrey32

    very chill, everybody was very nice and helpful@

  42. erios

    Totally worth the 30 minute drive lol

  43. DominiqueWagner

    This was my first time here. I love the fact the the flower comes in jars dY~S and it tastes really good. (My bud tender David was awesome)The phx location is closest to me so that’s the one I’ll be going to so hopefully I like his location too dY~SdY~S

  44. Juicyy_J_7

    Very fair prices and a great selection!

  45. Justinwjaycox

    The best dispencery in the valley!! Love the prices and people!! Shout out too Marcus and Nick!

  46. C.eng1371

    this is a great place. great prices and a great staff. always good for recommendations. Mathew was a great help.

  47. mckinna

    prices Rock. The only smoke shop I
    go to

  48. mustangmicky53

    Love this location so friendly

  49. jennagraceee

    Ii, love it here! Friendly staff.

  50. shhurricane

    Place has a really chill vibe. I thought the set up and lay out of the place was cool. This dispensary is at a very convenient location and glad it is a good one. Has a good selection of cartridges and quality of the flower was superb. Reef is a great dispensary.

  51. medifit710

    Great price, products, people and hours .dY’

  52. ameerahmystique

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I felt welcomed as a first time patient.

  53. cheese7474

    my tender was Jake always friendly, flower is always nice

  54. acmeamber1076

    Excellent quality, consistant product, knowledgeable staff, good deals

  55. austyn43

    Good buds and friendly service. Reef is one of the premier bud locations in the valley. Thanks team! Special shouts to security always being so cool too!

  56. nerraw13

    The friendly staff always helpful, very close to my home.

  57. nhernandez1989

    Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Selection always great. Everything top notch here

  58. erica.fohrenkam

    The reef is my go to any day every day. Great staff and great meds. Im taking my son there for his pain and ailments. I know they will treat him right.

  59. disc0

    Great little spot with AMAZING prices and super-friendly staff. The flowers here a top-tier in my book, don’t let the deals fool you. Makes it worth the drive out there to be honest… keep it up!

  60. chrispeight

    best flower and edibles, super fast pick up service

  61. Gestrada420

    the flower always good new strains super flame. an staff pretty chill Lil place but not to crowded ever

  62. arizonatreez

    Favorite shop, best meds and better staff

  63. jgeorgitso

    This place is so laid back. Always helpful with making choices, great customer service! And the flower is top notch! Love Reef!

  64. Buudahblaster13

    I love visiting reef in Queen Creek. The staff is always kind and accommodating. They always got good deals going on over the weekend!

  65. IsiahP23

    This is a great dispensary ! I’ve been coming here for about a year and I have not had a bad experience . they have great products and the staff is always very welcoming. I would definitely recommend checking them out especially if you’re a new patient .

  66. MCGalyon

    New card holder and first time visit. I got to talk with Ira and I learned a lot from him, very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for your help Ira.

  67. beattybaby57

    I don’t know what else to tell you but Go this place is amazing there always friendly they always have the top deals you’re going to get what you want and you’re going to get blowed if you’re from Queen Creek or not I would recommend the drive you can’t beat the five dollar blunt grams of top qualitydY’-dY’-dY’-dY’-

  68. ogkushgod1997

    I love reef!!

  69. AZgunner

    going out to reef again today to get more fire, great staff great product..pretty good drive but well worth it..need a reef mesa..

  70. Wildboy1091

    great workers and a great environment with good products love this place

  71. Z3Infantry

    Good clean place with employees who know how to laugh. They were knowledgeable and very respectful. Definitely coming back for the flower too!

  72. Christopher1989

    I have been going here for some time now. they have the best weed hands-down in the world. their service is great they really have really good people skills and I recommend anyone that I run across that has a medical marijuana card to shop at this reef.

  73. rickmckinley

    Came in today and had Sweetie and Vanessa make recommendations that were awesome, will definitely visit again!!!

  74. ifocus1776

    Very fast expedient service and knowledgeable bud tenders! I usually have Alison to rely on, she knows the percentages of thc/cbd of flower and always looking out for the latest deals Reef has to offer that week.

  75. DeanSki

    I have yet to be let down at this location! The bud tenders are always super kind, the bud is always super fire as well as their Shatter! I haven’t got to try the vapes or the edibles but I wouldn’t put it past me that it is fire! Definitely check this place out if you haven’t!

  76. dankfish

    Fast and friendly, and they won’t give you no bammer weed. Good meds and even better prices, especially after their new discounts

  77. j4m35

    I want to thank all the staff at Reef dispensary Queen Creek. Allison, Megan, Marqus, Andres, Isiah, Nick, Dakota, Ryan and Alexis. Special thanks to the Eman and the security for keeping us safe and the express window for making things fast. Go to Reef

  78. Deerizzy

    Alexis was a wonderful budtender. the whole staff is very knowledgeable. Great prices for flower or wax.

  79. bigghappy

    Great Deals Great Prices Great People I Absolutely Love This Place Worth Five Stars Fo’Sho

  80. farisint

    This place is amazing! Everyone that works here is always nice and professional. Kelly’s always kind when I come in. Prices are always on point. They always have good deals.

  81. Kushaid

    never new strains. same strains month after month. their teir system is flawed when trying to mix and match. Their nugs are hit it or miss, the Khalifa smells bomb but youll never find a nug heavier than a .3-.4 larf nug

  82. Sedohr

    great location and the best flowers in the Valley

  83. Jlucero91

    brad did a good job

  84. naturesRx

    I have been a patient almost as long as they have been opened, always have great medications and deals. My issue is the last 4 times i have gone they have forgotten 1 or more of my medications. Extremely frustrating and sad to see such a great dispensary have a consistent habit of not getting my order right.

  85. Victor928

    First time there and loved everything the tree, atmosphere, and people. Can’t wait to go back!!!

  86. MrsZy

    I LOVE your Vitamin CBD!!! Please bring it back and keep it stocked!!! Love Jasmine!!

  87. Zie7778

    Thank you for being so knowledgeable and experienced! Can’t to try this new strain!

  88. Sentient

    What happened to the Berner strains???

  89. jason25

    the staff was super friendly! so much parking! I had tried the king louie and it was phenomenal! I recommend stopping in here!

  90. yaboy123ghty

    great location, super tight

  91. baliweed

    amazing people, very helpful. they really take the edge off for first time patience.

  92. class3felon

    Fast service. Great Vape products.

  93. PapaKip

    Reef is the best shop that I’ve been to in Arizona. Every other shop I’ve been to I would get some top shelf but it would all be dry. Not once did reef give me dry weed. The staff at reef are very helpful also their very knowledgeable about the products and super friendly. Even the customers that shop there are very nice and will recommend different strains to you if you’re not sure what to get. All in all its a great place to get some bud and the atmosphere is so laid back they’re is no way you can be nervous. Plus the donuts in the lobby, Excellent. Two thumbs way up.

  94. Reese7097

    Great prices and quality products just wish they had a closer location to me.

  95. Dizzlebud

    Love this dispo. Brad is dope af. Always down to help same with the rest of the crew. Bud is nice but carts could be nicer

  96. OmgUGuys

    Everyone at this dispensary is really helpful. You tell them what you want and they are cool to get you their best selections and give more suggestions. As soon as you walk in someone acknowledges you. I don’t mind the long drive from Tempe because it is worth it. They have so much selection good thing I had them help me decide or Id never leave. Lol

  97. SchizoSloth

    Went in today and was helped by Dakota, he was helpful and welcoming, and got me a sweet V kush preroll. The staff at this location never fails to impress me.

  98. Al83rt0420

    I came to the reef for the fist time awesome staff very knowledgeable and helpful I will recommend reef to the next person

  99. mac214

    Awesome location, always stocked and always quick.
    Never a dull visit, and the product stays fresh.
    Definitely a convenient location and an even better staffdY’OEdY3/4

  100. elliediane24

    I LOVE Reef. Not only is there flower top notch, but the people there are great. I really don’t ever want to go anywhere else For my product. <3

  101. Pauldu

    Great products friendly service just all a nice experience and quick

  102. AZSteve

    This place is great! The selection of cartridges is awesome, and the in house Tryke brand is pulling out some good, clear oils. Good staff, good product.


    The reef has new exotics .. I recommend the gelato. Can’t go wrong with the 30$ gram shatter deals

  104. Drewsimpson777

    Best out here

  105. Lecia06

    Very convenient and friendly

  106. kjvance

    Clean. And fast A good experience going there

  107. UncleTubbster

    Greay service and super friendly

  108. donothing

    I absolutely love this place. The people and the weed make me come back over and over. I love them.

  109. Cedrososteezy

    Best service and flower out here in the east no doubt!

  110. Sman69

    Best dispensary in the valley! Flash sales are the best!

  111. Mikelaez29

    Always happy when I leav here the staff rocks and knows a lot

  112. theryguy1974

    Great place to get bud. Always great specials/prices. Take advantage of preorder pick up window.

  113. Triskt430

    great staff

  114. abbzflowerz

    The customer service is amazing and I love the medicine too! Great location 🙂

  115. Lneighbord

    Always nice and great service

  116. Tylerthadabgod

    Christian is a very helpful and knowledgable bud tender He would be awesome he always spends time with me on my product and makes sure I get the right smoke for myself help from one genuine smoker to another much love to reef!

  117. SabrinaSandoval

    Best dispensary around the city. They have super awesome prices and amazing quality! Drive from Mesa every week just to come to Reef


  118. Jeffery.r.coy

    Love this place! I always recommend heading here if you’re in the area.

  119. Damonink

    Cool place… Megan this place def better than that place I was talking bout in mesa

  120. alexandruhduh

    they employees are always super knowledgeable and friendly and they have THE best tree my favorite dispo 🙂

  121. Alchemy480

    Great prices and fast!

  122. Sergionoriega

    good price shatter

  123. Momoc83

    Close to my house and the hours of operation are more convenient than other dispensaries!!!

  124. Jolaf

    I’m always greeted by nice people who inquire how I’m doing and how they can help. Best prices in town

  125. rauljrf

    fast good people

  126. Mbattle001

    Great people here with great prices!

  127. Nayr1234

    I was always told about this place and it took me a while before I visited them but I’m sure glad I did. Some of the best quality meds for a great price. Not to mention the fact that everyone that I’ve met there is always friendly, energetic and always eager to help me with any questions I have. Don’t miss out.

  128. crazycatlady1234

    very welcoming place with great bud

  129. DatsDboy

    I love the wax deals great service

  130. kmoug16

    Love coming to the Reef in queen creek the staff is always friendly with a smile on their face, busy or not. Their products will never let you down or empty your wallet. Definitely my go to place

  131. kushndab420

    hands down the best dispensary in the valley and the only dispensary that will let a first time patient make a minimal donation for flower and walk out with a free top shelf strain not to mention the prices are killer thank you to the staff at reef I never leave reviews but you guys rock

  132. Hdwrencher

    David was great, very friendly and knowledgeable. He was quick with any info I needed, definitely knew his stuff. The quality of products I tried was good.
    Will go back for sure!

  133. BobaFettTokes

    Good meds, friendly service. Worth the drive from Mesa.

  134. Beardedstoner1

    Amazing first time experience. Knowledgeable friendly staff, great product and unbeatable prices. Thank you for all you do!

  135. nick876

    Great quality and awesome customer service

  136. garyclone1

    Ira was super helpful and friendly

  137. jjlauren

    This was the first dispensary I went to because it was highly spoken of from a friend of mine. The staff is always happy and super friendly. I’m the type of person to always ask a ton of questions so I just really appreciate they’re so willing to help guide you in the right direction for all your medicinal needs. Always recommend to friends, it’s my home dispensary.

  138. derylstorck

    Best dispensary in AZ by far! The service is great all the budtenders are super helpful. Iyrah is an awesome dude and will definitely take care of you. The quality is great and the price can’t be beat.

  139. Butternickels

    Absolutely amazing here! The service is great and the staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Beautiful selection of medicine too.

  140. kevinmcd89

    I love it here the vitamin cbd has been a life saver recently. The amazing quality makes me want to drive a half hour dY~,,

  141. Holy ghost

    Wondering why the owner has pre-rolls dated back almost a year ago? Answers why it’s been so dry.

  142. IamMikeRoots

    Serena thanks for the gas!

  143. mariahlynn41112

    Reed is awesome!!! Ira helped me he was great and the surprise was amazing thanks man!! The quality is perfect and you can’t beat the prices!!

  144. jeffordsjaden18

    awesome customer service and mario hooked me up with some fire sauce!

  145. GiZat420

    Very nice, extremely helpful budtender, the ultra Skywalker crumble taste excellent.

  146. Nina9ueve

    Great service and excellent selection of distillate cartridges. And I travel from tollesson to Queen Creek to pick up Khalifa kush pre rolls.definitely worth it.

  147. Gilbyvildosola666

    Great prices! Knowledgeable staff. Thanks Dakota for your help last time I was in.

  148. Alexismarquette

    This is one of my favorite locations. The staff is welcoming and very educated. They don’t have much of a selection quite yet but they informed me that more well be coming soon! I can take my time and ask any questions I’d like while there. I will be returning and making this location my “go-to”!

  149. abroadstudent1996

    This place is banging I like how free flowing they are

  150. liamhighguy1

    Everything about this place is amazing. I’m happy every time I come in!

  151. Horan2017

    love this place. Always nice helpful staff. plus they have their tryke shatter on sale for $25 a gram. can’t beat that!

  152. Marpimentel

    Great deals n great costumer service

  153. imsoprettie

    Love that it’s close to my house. Love the prices and bud. Convenient because it’s close and open after work.

  154. tnd2003

    Always a good stop for yummy 1gram pre-rolls! Was sad to see Green Halo rub not being carried…that’s my fav!

  155. CannaBri91

    Stopped by on 4/26, love the later hours because I don’t live close to any dispensary.. plus Great service from the staff and quality product! I will definitely be back for more..

  156. mhanson57

    Top notch service and product very impressed with the 3 stains I bought even the bottom shelf stuff tasted great and was high quality.

  157. jon2149344

    Love the staff and the express line is amazing.

  158. Cookies_OGs_Glues

    Always a great day when you go to Reef!

  159. Menaceobez

    Mo is dope

  160. boogiebands420

    great atmosphere love the staff the location as well as the quality of the products best in AZ

  161. Fitz78

    Really good

  162. MacHilda14

    I Still Love my Reef Family

  163. Myreeezy

    maaan 4/20 is tomorrow and y’all STILL can’t let me know what deals you’re gunna have? for that reason alone I won’t be there lol other dispensaries have “first 50 people in line” type deals that I’d have to prioritize them due to its exclusivity.. but dude told me when I called in.. ” I don’t think our deals tomorrow will be monumental, you might as well come in today, we have 25$ 8ths all day” I mean I understand that, and respect tf out of that, it’s the main reason I come ALL THE WAY out there to y’all, but considering the fact that it’s 4/20.. there are PLENTY of dispensaries selling their top shelf at 25/8th and their reserve for 30/8th… they’ve advertised it as such in advance and for that reason, they will get my business on this joyous holiday. That is all.

  164. Desmond2626

    It’s a very friendly environment.

  165. Bryansoto

    Always got fire n wax on point too

  166. milletra001

    Back room is always exciting to look at and the express window is life saving!

  167. Dmg03

    #1 Dispensary in AZ

  168. Honbadge420

    My fav dispensary i definitely come here way too much all of the employees are super chill and got some great vibes

  169. jessenia1990

    beautiful flower great prices and awesome knowledgeable employees.

  170. minihorseshoes

    This is the ONLY dispensary I use. Comfortable environment and very knowledgeable staff that are amazing. Chrissy helped me me last visit, while Mickey and Kiara helped, as well. Love my girls & guys there. Always a pleasure to visit!

  171. 420litboi

    Reef in Queen Creek is the best despensory around and they always seem to sell the best bud. ask for amanda when you go because she is the best and knows her stuff. go to reef.

  172. Conradkowalski

    I tried the Ghengas chron this last time (I believe cornbread too) anyways the two strains are amazing for the price of 4 grams!! I had a blast rolling these bad boys up in a backwood!

  173. Lebo89

    This was my 1st trip to a dispensary. I was so pleasantly surprised. Didn’t know what to expext. The lobby/waiting area is very comfortable & modern looking. There was a nice flow of foot traffic which made me feel comfotyable. My bud tender was very knowledgeable about the product sold. Will definitely be back.

  174. Jgoss1717

    Exotics are very high quality meds. Love the tricombs. My pre roll had a rip it in, but I patched it up and got LIT BOY

  175. apecor34

    Great place for anything you need.

  176. austincurtis367

    It is so beautiful and nice inside the waiting room of the reef there quality of bud is awesome the God bud there and blue cheese is awesome!

  177. rflozo

    great prices and very friendly budtenders

  178. carefreeangi

    Awesome customer service for PC. Priced well, with No Tax!!! The location is a little hard to find, but well worth the adventure.

  179. Kidvmack

    Ira was super chill and laid back , helped me with getting Meds and got me out quick .

  180. araecar

    love this place. great hours, friendly and knowledge staff. this is my go to spot. Ira is my favorite.

  181. drewslum

    Reef is iiiiight 😉

  182. debdoss

    Pre roll heaven. Love the prices and sales. Great flower.

  183. caporeviews

    favorite place to get my flower. always friendly stalf. best prices I have seen so far.they still have $6 GG prerolls $8 KK . Trainwreck & sour diesel in the Tryke cartridges.

  184. Ptovta21

    The reef is awesome! Definitely recommend this place dY~Z

  185. z4ck4tt4ck

    this location is worth the drive no matter where ever u live. they got the best deals and best tree around.always supporting that kk! shout out to all the budtenders.

  186. AngelaRose888

    I love this location! They have an express option which is great if I already know exactly what I want though most of the time i go through patient care because I love learning from the staff and exploring new products. Their hours are unmatched morning and night being open 7am-10pm daily!
    Another bonus is that they serve the flower in reusable glass jars!
    I Highly recommend a visit or 5 here!

  187. fiinnyy

    I love coming here! Definitely the best dispensary I’ve been to so far! I love the meds, and the budtenders are always able to answer any questions I have. definitely recommend coming here!

  188. NickelBrain

    Dry and Harsh G.G. throat burner..
    Great staff tho Dakota was great … super kool.
    Flower still isnt of my liking but ya got other
    options to satisfy any patient. What happened to
    Darth Vader, and Honey Bear? its been over 2 years
    But I was here twice a week just for these 2. Now I check in every so often.. Bigger buds Better curing is what is lacking,Is it the fact that you sell more pre-rolls than flower tis why I only see pretty labels with micro buds? The amount of $$ in packaging spent must be HUGE.. put it in a bag and lower your prices to what its worth.. Like buying a car with shinny paint and a blown motor.You can do it REEF.. come on lets see what chas got over there.. You have the location the staff just get them buds to be what we all love ..sticky stinky and size does matter in this discussion.
    Popcorn buds are bigger than yours.. and in the valley you can get popcorn bud 1/2’s for the price of your 1/4’s so this is where you need attention.Will be back to check in 🙂

  189. suburbansquad

    Hands down my favorite spot in az, best prices and great people working. Open later than any other place I know of. definitely would recommend.

  190. spicyveggies

    Nothing beats reef… best quality, best staff, best buds in town.. everyday I stop by just to say hi to the amazing staff… this place is my home away from home

  191. dylanwells40

    Great prices, great staff. Never had an issue with this place. I mainly buy concentrates from here with the occasional flower, but both never fail to disappoint. I will continue to come here for a long long time.

  192. TrippyKaio

    I love reef! still my #1 go to spot, I recommend this dispensary ALL DAY!

  193. momtyson3

    Great location with smooth meds. Bud tenders are very knowledgeable. Not very close but worth a little extra.

  194. Zleeper300

    very friendly staff. came on my first day and everyone was great! love this place!

  195. Raven26

    Thank you reef dispensary for making my patient experience the best and providing great customer service and knowledge about the product.

  196. amsajs1990

    great service! love the selection dY~,,

  197. _mc_co

    Fast service & great customer service!

  198. tiffanieah

    This place does not sell weed… they sell cool glass jars and GIVE you amazing weed! Tax included it’s awesome

  199. Greatness93

    Hilda was great when I came in today she had great service and recommended great choices

  200. crazydoglady

    love this place. everyone is great. tax included, nice budtenders.

  201. Kndgrl

    best place for your quality meds affordable prices best around

  202. ntyler

    Understood them being super busy with there sale but taking 20 minutes to help someone who came in 20 minutes after I did really upset me. She stated she was in a hurry and knew what she wanted so she didn’t have to go back then spent 20 minutes going over all of the products not sure what was up with that. Probable won’t come back even though they have a sale and it’s close to home

  203. Cjames7319250

    Too Much Good Meds

  204. imbeatty42

    Been coming to the for a while And it’s been nothing but good to me love it at the reef and the give the best deals Ever IRA works there he is dope ask for him when you come tell him charles beatty said wats good

  205. cosgrove307

    Reef is my favorite dispensary and my favorite neighbor. Their Cartridges are one of the best they beat Timeless all day and they have the best customer service in the game

  206. jholladoe

    best ten dollar grams in Arizona. Love the staff and their sense of urgency.

  207. SullivanS

    Went to Reef today and encountered the most amazing budtenders!! Allison and Jasmine were the best!! The made my experience one for the books!! Please have them working more! Their Welcoming friendly vibes and extensive knowledge was fabulous! thank you Guys!

  208. Jorellvincent

    Best pre-roll deals around

  209. gio420blazes

    hands down the best dispensary. they treat you like family. they got the best tree no doubt. prices are a little crazy sometimes but its worth it!! always leaving this place satisfied dY’-dY

  210. Calim0420

    Reef always has what I need: fast service, quality products, and friendly staff. Can’t wait to see what goodies they have when I visit!!

  211. AnthonyOlea

    Bud has no taste and no smell

  212. Jayray1993

    The reef has to be the bat dispensary I’ve been to. Always has the best buds and concentrates can never go wrong I would recommend to all friends and family. Also always has the best bud tenders that are always willing to help and answer any questions. Will most def come back

  213. mattboy77

    Very helpful and friendly staff. Amazing prices and deals. This dispensary can’t be beat!

  214. Trace111

    My favorite dispensary! Shout out to Kevin, he was very helpful last time I was in!

  215. jbiz

    Was my first time here this past week. I love directly around the corner and have door 6 months. I’ve read the horrible reviews and decided to give it a shot.

    Big mistake. Great first timer special but horrible meds. Sold me 3 gram bag of “shake”. In actuality the shake is at least 80% trim!! It smells awful taste awful and looks awful!! Shake is supposed to be bottom of the jar not trim and cuttings!!

    So disappointed.

  216. MmjNB

    It’s really neat atmosphere for the community and especially young people bud is great it’s the only place I’ve found that sells the official khalifa kush

  217. Johnnyboy24

    Great people & prices!

  218. reeferboy

    everyone is always helpful,qulity of product always great.

  219. BlazinJaney

    I was helped by an associate by the name of Ira and he was great. He helped me to understand better and has a genuine kind personality. I like that the displays have microscopes built in to get a closer look at the buds. The ONLY bad thing about this place is the glass window you have to communicate through in the lobby to the desk girl and it’s super hard to hear them when they don’t speak into the microphone

  220. Bigdpower6927

    Service was amazing david was an amazing budtender

  221. sanchezw

    This place is fantastic. Great bud!

  222. nsanboy174

    Very nice and helpful. Thanks you to Ira got me what I needed..

  223. ChefChristopher

    Nice location! Ian was super helpful. Ended up getting the Vapen Inhaler. So far so good. it took me about 7 puffs to get comfortable, so I think I may use it as more of an in between or on the road solution. I was super stoked to find it there, though. I’ve searched a few other dispensaries with no luck. Thank you!

  224. Nickridge42

    Love this lovely location, and the people! dY~

  225. tfoggs06

    This was my first visit to the Reef Dispensary and it was excellent. The staff was welcoming and super nice from the moment I stepped through the door. I will be coming back againa and again!

  226. indy313

    Purchased the new Terps cartridge from them and I am very impressed. The old cartridge never worked, but these are a dramatic improvement. Love this place and will definitely be back.

  227. Marisolblackwell

    Really good deals and the workers are really helpful !

  228. Triceradactylops

    Always good medicine and friendly staff

  229. hjointsmoke

    Nice place with a lot of variety and good prices on top shelf medicine. Staff is..chill, helpful bud tender..Good experience, will be back.

  230. beccckkyyy

    Reef is both my fiancA(c)’s and my favorite dispensary! Talk about bang for your buck! They’ve got great priced flower and even their “lower tiered” strains are better than other places “top shelf.” We drive 25 minutes at least twice a week just to get great quality and amazing service! Their employees are excellent, but Jake, Nicholas, and the sweetest, most chill girl whose name I have forgotten are the best! She’s super pretty, always wears three pigtails, and is African American; she is our FAVORITE. She always gives us the best advice on what to get, and she has never steered us wrong. Always coming back!

  231. sjolinjosh

    these guys at reef have the most patience. shout to Megan the best bud tender.

  232. gt0620

    best spot around been going here for about 2 years definitely a regular spot for Ira and Vanessa always hooking it up with the fire!! great flower and great budtenders A++++

  233. NoYouCant

    Great place!

  234. Heysissy

    On Tuesday January 1, about 6:45pm I placed a pick up order.
    When I arrived, not one thing I had ordered was available and was out of stock.
    The female bud tender at the pick up window, whom also took my phone order, said maybe I could just pick different items/strains.
    WTH! Maybe they could’ve called me before I drove all the way there you think! They don’t know my medical needs
    Didn’t offer anything except a sorry

  235. jkfoster

    always helpful friendly service and great flower

  236. LSB

    Im never going back here either. I drove 88 miles only to be told they were low on flower the faciltiy was super small and they didnt have any bud knowledge which was odd. I really wanted to try the Presidential…

  237. DisneyGirlSims

    Love the staff at Reef Christian recommend some great strains for me I will definitely be back!

  238. karma1989

    Good deals and buds

  239. Margaret.Lewis

    This is my favorite dispensary – the courtesy and knowledge of the budtenders is a great help when choosing the best product for my medical conditions.It’s worth the trip from Florence!

  240. Aznicky

    love reef! best prices and best staff!

  241. tony_yayo13

    Great customer service! A++

  242. Jazzyjayyiv

    Budtenders are awesome! Service is never disappointing! Mo is always helpful and very cheerful! Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting an awesome dispensary visit reef!

  243. Clewisgizmo1192

    Best customer service in the world great place to go!!

  244. MakaBryant

    My favorite dispensary, so far! My budtenders have always been pleasant, knowledgeable and make recommendations best for my medical conditions. I purchased some of the Forbidden Fruit flowers today. Another winner, recommended by Christian, for me.

  245. jackary599

    This location is always super fasts and very reliable with its customer service. The reef is always great for solid deals with quality flower and buds. Their concentrate is very strong and tastes superb, and the prices are better than anywhere else. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and have so much knowledge to politely share with customers. My favorite dispo by far and I always talk very well about this place.

  246. 007KK

    Solid spot! Great people and quality is always solid!

  247. ashandblaze420

    this place has great quality and the tax is included in the price thats a plus would refer to friends

  248. Fr35h480

    Amazing selection of meds for great prices,
    Staff is very informative and friendly

  249. WestonParent

    Alexis was my budtender and she was fantastic! She knew was she was talking about and was very nice.

  250. lunavoid

    love this place and the service

  251. GucciChuy

    Love how late they are open and how nice they are in every transaction

  252. jjoslin

    you can’t beat their $25 eighth deal!!!!

  253. Alspeer

    Christina is awesome. Going back soon

  254. ltflex

    great atmosphere. knowledgeable and friendly staff. I frequently am helped by Ira. Ira is a top notch tender. I recommend Reef to anyone.

  255. victoriafarmer15

    Reef is the BEST dispensary in the area. Their quality is on point and they are incredibly affordable for patients like me that are on a budget and going to school. i drive from Coolidge and they are worth the drive for me.

  256. Ambreparker

    Great products and prices! Quick service and friendly too. April 26th 2018

  257. Leezy19

    I was looking for a store open late. I found The Reef, and It was like love at first smoke. I love the location of the shop, and the greeting from the 2 ladies in front (I just cant remember names) were absolutely inviting. I was a first time patient, and gave me the tour with accuracy. I came in on Friday, and there was an 1/8th special happening, ended up paying 1/2, found great pre rolls, and the shop is small, and easy on the eyes. The Bud tenders are super nice, and explain the specials in detail. I got to get in on a “Top Shelf” strain that blew my mind, and changed my whole order just to take advantage. Im definitely coming back, and will probly make this my new “Go To”. Thank you Reef.

  258. IkeFu

    The Professional knowledge.

  259. Manders1081

    Love Reef. It is my go to spot. Amazing staff and great product. All the prices include tax

  260. SuperDave70

    I’ve been here 10+ times now. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Always really quick service. The atmosphere is okay, but paying and receiving your meds through the glass is a bit off putting.

    They have a nice selection of vape pen cartridges, which is a plus for the wife. Prices on cartridges and edibles seem about the same as everywhere else.

    I have to subtract a star on quality for the flower. It seems pretty hit and miss. Everything is prepackaged, so you don’t see what you are actually getting until the transaction is done. At times I have gotten dense frosty buds and other times I got dried out, stem filled, broken up nuggets. If you stick with the top shelf stuff you will usually be happy, but the top shelf prices are a bit high compared to other places.

    Altogether, it is a good place with decent meds and a good location, if you live in the far southeast valley. Like I said, I’ve been here a lot. The positives far outweigh any negatives.

  261. topher2488

    This place was great…really enjoyed the “Honey Bear”. I’ll be going back!

  262. Bzebra35

    Best dispensary I’ve been to yet. It’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve been here and everything is fire as always. And the concentrates on point.

  263. Keepdreemin

    Walmart of weed. Decent product and good prices.

  264. mommamj92

    They have awesome prices and such a good selection. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and great vibes.

  265. danielv1213

    This place is amazing, the customer service and atmosphere is top notch and I enjoy coming every time.

    PS the khalifa Kush is amazing!

  266. kennebnigga

    reef is honestly the best dispensary in Arizona. I have never been disappointed by then and I have been coming here for 6 months at least 2 a week. Berner has the best bud in Az also the best price for concentrate. there is always a warm welcome coming to the reef so stop by and toke up!!

  267. SDGMa

    the knowledge of what will work best for me. I’m always in great hands

  268. AzNfooManChU

    A+++++, great meds

  269. ganjabaca

    I thought the location was a little ways out there but it was worth it. Probably the best flower I’ve seen and tried and Az

  270. loading427

    The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you for your help.

  271. NeedsMeSpinach

    Helpful, friendly staff, and always pretty quick on transaction time. GG4 aka Gorilla Glue #4 is super duper fire!!! Go get some before I do!!!!dY’dY”Y=dY”Y=dY’-

  272. AustinGauthier32

    I have to thank everyone over here at the Reef for providing the best services at a dispensary I’ve ever had. They have the best selection for the best prices never go anywhere else!

  273. Brandonjohnson143

    Best place ever weed is amazing

  274. Joedalgar420

    Reef, payday and my budtender Lo. three of my favorite things!

  275. jenworthley

    love this place! Ira is the best! quality product every time!

  276. SamiPeterson123

    Usually the quality of meds have been pretty good, but the last couple of times ive been there all my shatter has been sugared and i found 3 seeds in one 1/8th i got. And i know for FACT they keep their shatter in either a refrigerator or freezer because the paper was moist and, like i said, the shatter was sugared up.

  277. Chandlers

    Absolute best place to purchase high quality cannabis! super friendly and knowledgeable staff!

  278. cesar420420

    The bud they have is the best I have had

  279. Dojay

    Great place, friendly staff

  280. tafoya53

    I was visiting my parents in Mesa and decided to give reef a try. I went early in the day and got one of their shake packs and it was pretty good flower. I went back later in the day and got four more packets of shake and the quality was absolute crap. The flower was so dry and had the worst taste imaginable. The service and atmosphere was nice, but you guys need to step it up on your flower.

  281. eatsdinosaur

    Best prices for the quality! Can’t get myself to go anywhere else and worth the drive!

  282. RollTideandWeed

    BERNER…IVAN of Jungle Boys they are ruining your name. Their Exotikz are not kosher. You should check that out. Joel the GM is very shady. Not a straight forward guy. Be careful he’s a snake in the grass.

  283. dannydiarte

    Amazing service!

  284. loverofallmuzix

    I enjoyed my experience. I wish that I would have come sooner! Great Customer Service, Quick and Quality Product! Loved the Girl Scout Cookies will return Soon!

  285. juju0156

    I love everybody here. Everyone always remembers my name, knows the best deals, and gives me solid advice. it’s like a little fam in here!

  286. Jmarreola11

    Amazing staff!

  287. MelissaTomassacci

    Very friendly people. Bud tender Meg’s was an amazing help. She really know what she is doing and I left with everything I needed. Thank you Megs

  288. legalizenow

    I think it speaks a lot about berner that out of all the dispensaries he chose this one. What?!? When he came to town he brought his 2 strains that were fire. It was actually laughable that you could easily tell which strains were his, and which ones were reef boo boo.

  289. ckgriffin11b

    So I’m a rookie and just got my card, this place was highly recommended and close by. very clean professional Micky was a huge help in explaining everything and making recommendations to help me and my issues. I will keep coming back for sure !! Thank you guys !

  290. AZdabsngrass420

    great flower!

  291. Sexymaillady69

    11-15-18dY~EUR Reef is the best dispensary ever! They got Tuesday deals on flower ! They are so friendly and and knowledgeable! Awesome customer service compared to other dispensaries I been to. Reef got great deals and bomb strains, you won’t regret stopping by ! a~o

  292. nayeli91

    Easy location to find, super quick and friendly. Amber was very helpful and the GM was there to greet and even showed me around and welcomed me to my first visit. I will definitely be returning dY’s

  293. Jbadou

    I only go to Reef. The people and the bud are the best around

    Jamila 10/9/18

  294. RuniReally8Dat

    The flower is top quality and all of the employees were super friendly and engaging. This made my first time visit a very pleasant experience and I’ll definitely be coming back again.

  295. A.Meyer87

    Kyle was nothing but AMAZING he’s always helpful when I go in for my Leafly dY$?tmdY$?tm

  296. suhhhdude2017

    Shop with great prices good environment to going to have a good location

  297. GlowingOne

    I’ve never smoked anything as strong as the stuff they have here. The quality puts every other dispensary to shame in the Mesa area.

  298. Anthonyz243

    Great service amazing flower

  299. Jacobwintersole

    Reef was awesome! Great FTP deal and amazing, quality flower.

  300. maaaaay199x

    This is my go to location, the staff is great. Charlene is really nice & helpful. Reef never lets me down.

  301. bsimon1001

    Very friendly, Was my first time they made it fast easy and enjoyable.

  302. santanman

    Fast and convenient service

  303. julesisstoned

    Such comforting and helpful budtenders, best medication around!

  304. Herban87

    Shout out to reef .. everything is fire in here .

  305. mundusvultdecipi

    I go out of my way for this place because they go out of their way for veterans such as myself. That means a lot to me, being that the VA is a joke. Great quality flower & concentrates, friendly staff.

  306. Brandon143216

    This place is really amazing I love reef so much it’s the best

  307. Mhammond236

    Always great deals and every single person I’ve encountered here has been incredibly friendly and helpful. They never make me feel like I’m asking too many questions and the quality of the products are beyond amazing.

  308. funnygrl85140

    Amazing friendly helpful staff, flower is dY”Y=would highly recommenddY~

  309. taerron

    I was a first time patient and was treated great. The staff was friendly and helpful.

  310. blahblahblah420

    haters will hate but reef is boss.

  311. Sibua02

    Gr8 first impression. Everyone was helpful and happy to be there. I will be back later today.

  312. dabairs29

    Way too many seeds. Do not waste your time….

  313. Papamarc

    The people who work here are top notch. I love shopping at reef. I always leave happy

  314. 23truths

    Great place to be, the changes they have made are so much better than before and a much wider variety to choose from.

  315. jloop23

    always a great helpful staff filled with knowledge. awesome prices too!

  316. coppersaurus

    I’ve been to reef a few times and they are a great store. But before I continue I have one request. BRING BACK KUSHLY!!!!!! I REPEAT BRING BACK KUSHLY!!!!!! Their edibles are awesome. Start carrying them again. Now back to your regularly scheduled review. I was in there yesterday and Alison was my bud tender. She was friendly and helpful and informative. She helped me get the best deals on flower, pre-rolls and edibles. I will definitely be back. Enjoy the store and the people.

  317. X1134x

    This dispensary does everything right. My favorite dispensary. I drive past other dispensaries to get to reef, they are that much better. Their lower tiers are good quality usually, higher tiers are fire.

  318. hyphymotivation

    came in for the cornbread, as I havnt seen it in some time.. cornbread was great, ended up with some gorilla glue #4 which is some of the best I’ve seen in this strain, also got hooked into trying the Genghis Chron, it was pretty good for the price. the flower is great here, I stuck with top shelf as usual and left very pleased.

  319. Icon93

    Beau had great service today had great conversations

  320. Mdink

    Great service!

  321. Jtrush1992

    Spectacular! Reef is by far the shit!…phenomenal meds and staff!….Check out reef queen creek peoples!

  322. filkinsm2008

    great service and atmosphere, also their always switching up what kind of buds they have to maintain variety, one of my favorite dispensaries hands down

  323. beezy37

    I absolutely recommend coming to reef dispensary for all your medical marijuana needs! Their fast, friendly service beats the rest when it comes too getting in and out with ho hassle! They are always having sales!

  324. mattare16

    Great service! It was worth the drive. I know I’ll make that trip again!

  325. austincurtis

    awesome people positive energy they seem happy all the time

  326. mdb81575

    The staff is very very friendly and is willing to help out with any questions you have. I highly recommend them!

  327. NMES

    Being my 1st time here I found the staff very helpful & kind. They were helpful & took the time to answer all my questions. They didn’t try to push anything on me & let me do what I wanted to do, but were helpful w/what I wanted/needed.

  328. anamfk

    Reef is the best dispensary in the valley. Bud is always on point.

  329. fuzzyballz23

    Everyone there is super friendly and always knows exactly what I need when I talk to them about what I’m looking for. Quality Dispo

  330. jakeeyy

    Really good place definitely going back

  331. eli8914

    This place is really laid back & chill. I always come here & the staff are definitely cool people!!

  332. Cmk75

    The best dispensary for miles. If you live in Queen Creek or San Tan, go here. Great flower, even better prices. Always good service

  333. musclesforme

    Reef dispensary is the best dispensary in Arizona. Best flower in town and a very helpful staff. Big thanks to Markus for always being so friendly.

  334. Coltagize22

    Great service everytime I stop in, thanks AJ!

  335. ohlookabird

    Reef products and staff are the best in the Valley. I reccomend it to other patients

  336. TommyTrevizo

    Great location, always fast service. And the girls are sweet!

  337. Dre1024

    Reef is amazing can’t say Ive had any bad experiences and I have been a customer since day one when Matt was the bud tender. The exotics sale that was rolled out and then the double down of that and it was offered again shortly after, nobody is doing what you guys do for your patients on this level with this type of quality of flower. Even the lower levels of flower get the job done, case in point the Sour Kush is phenomenal. To make a long story short always trust your nose but very rare you will leave this place unhappy. Dre

  338. JRivs67

    I absolutely love this place Crystal is so educated on indica !!!!

  339. burnsfire

    Was working in the area. First time I came to Reef. Products looked amazing. Great staff and atmosphere. Will definitely return and recommend others. In fact want to get back soon and pick up that hat lol. Thx.

  340. Hales710

    I don’t like the location very much but the prices are good. Customer service is nice

  341. Bmade2121

    Love this place always very helpful and nice.

  342. francisco6

    Tried the online ordering for first time , it was easy and fast service.

  343. SHarmy8

    David was an amazing Budtender!

  344. ZeekSenpai

    Best deals in AZ! GO TO THIS DISPENSARY!!!

  345. BrotherBrad

    This is one of the best dispensaries I’ve come across in the desert, can’t be the prices and their deals

  346. Kyle23420

    I absolutely love this place, i’ve been coming here since I became a patient and they keep me coming back. Amazing to see the change and how it was handled so well. Began specials which brought in an explosive amount of biz, having other stores to help implement a more efficient system to help asjust to the change. Literally no reason to ever complain, keep it up guys!

  347. Benjamin23

    Awesome place

  348. wakenbake_420

    Been coming to this dispensary since it opened. And as long as they got that FIRE, they got me as a patient for life!! Keep up the good work

  349. Myouri

    I personally found the service and the atmosphere to be great. Very clean place, and the girls at the front were very friendly and helpful.

    I went with an 1/8th each of Blue Dream, Haole, and Cherry Skunk. The price was definitely right at 35 per 1/8th, and it was definitely fresh, but like another reviewer said, there was just no smell or taste. Even after breaking the buds open, there is just no scent.

  350. zonajenn

    always helpful and worth the drive.

  351. qbertaddict

    quick service and good product. prices are great

  352. livjax420

    like my second home

  353. gushkarden

    Great quality flower and $25 eighths for all of August! Great deals for great herb

  354. Happy234

    best place ever every time I come in there’s always new improvements, awesome customer service.

  355. UncleTubby

    Really friendly, great prices, and love the express checkout.

  356. jmoneyhoney

    Best bud in the game! My go to dispensary have been all over the valley and never left here not satisfied!

  357. xliqxuidx

    Budtender Serena is very helpful and knowledgeable in all the meds. She provides great customer service to her patients. The meds prices are very affordable.

  358. godmike11

    love the selection

  359. PAUL_2102

    Always the best products, services, and deals. Why go anywhere else?

  360. amgrossano

    This is my favorite dispensary in Arizona. I’ve been a car holder for 2 years now and nobody beats Reef Queen Creek. Their staff is always friendly, knowledgeable, and happy 🙂 best quality for the LOWEST price.

  361. RyGuy90

    This is the best dispensary around! I’ve been to plenty, but this one has the best prices and biggest, best selection! Won’t waste my time going anywhere else ever again!

  362. tracyh67

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  363. NinjaCrow420

    Gotta love the fast lane and they include tax that’s always a plus. Always super friendly and I’m always in and out fast, with a smile on my face

  364. Azgracia420

    this place always has that fire. it’s a must drive to spot. also the quality is on point. the the new atmosphere is a chill an relaxed makes you wanna stay for awhile.

  365. Crystalstar

    I LOVE this place!!! This is the best dispensary in Az. They have the BEST flowers in Az, straight up. Great quality and amazingly beautiful!! I have never been disappointed from here. They have the best customer service too!! Christain was my budtender and he was Awwwesooome!!!! He answered all of my questions, he was helpful, informative and patient. He did a great job at making me feel welcome and at home and was smiling the entire time!! Thanks for all you do! Keep up the great work guys!!!

  366. ganjamama0420

    Weird corporate vibe in the lobby – sterile. Waited 15 minutes to go back even though I was the only customer in the building. mr. budtender didn’t know anything about concentrates. guess I’ll stick to delivery service in the QC/STV area…

  367. mrpaguilar1

    First time experience was easy fast and awesome Dakota was very helpful and I will be coming back to this location

  368. Payne0310

    Pre rolls are my favorite!! Love this location

  369. billcoll01

    Best deals on pre-rolls in the valley with a big selection

  370. vm0425

    cool place. disappointed in the review for preroll. you only get a free preroll if you spend 25 or more.

  371. Generalxxx420

    I’m from Colorado and the reef is the closest I’ve found to home. Their quality is top notch and I drive out of the way to come here. I recommend you try them at least once.

  372. akomish

    Never had any issues going 🙂

  373. kursk

    Stopped in to try the EX products. They didn’t disappoint!! Amazing shatter, flower, and costumer service. Can’t wait for a return trip for more meds!

  374. xxdlmerc

    I love this location. Cant argue expenses with the AMAZING 25 dollar 8ths!

  375. Lexoxoxo

    all of the changes that they have made have been so nice. Chrissy is beyond amazing and kind. definitely will continue to come here

  376. Svgpatch

    Always great strains. Alexis is a great friendly and knowledgeable bud tenders . Always a great experience

  377. gluxdator

    I love going here. best product, great price, cool staff.

  378. ryanisbosss

    Awesome place, amazing products.

  379. Elizabeth92

    Love it! Nice staff and always super helpful.

  380. Saint311

    best place ever

  381. nsg050707

    Amazing shop with amazing high grade strains. A lot of variety and products. Great hours until 3 am every day. The bud tender helped introduce me to the concept of terpines and how they can guide my choices based on reliefs I’m looking for. I saw them on Berner and was super impressed with them. High quality for sure. I wish they didn’t use trimming machines though. Staff were all awesome!! Love the exit bag.

  382. DAMj

    Ira was the best bud tender I’ve come across in a while. very insightful, highly helpful and intelligent. I will be recommending this place to people.

  383. azkicker1970

    Prices have jumped. The lead is dry as hell lately and management/owners don’t seem to care as they don’t respond to phone class and emails.

  384. Tyrone1980

    reef is one of the best places to go to and if you have a chance you will return over and over again to receive great treatment and products. I can’t think of any one person who is greatest because all the employees are great

  385. Nicchploense

    This location always has amazing and personable service with the highest quality flower, also there is a security guard at all times which is very important to me

  386. Ltbands

    Definitely love this place staff is always pleasant and ready and willing to assist can’t complain about the prices either I always come back

  387. SicilianGirl

    Absolutely LOVE everyone from security to the budtenders! Great product and atmosphere.

  388. Byclops

    Berner threw his reputation in the trash for THIS? LOL i dont know the guy but I know what he smokes, he wouldn’t touch this stuff with a 10 foot bong!

  389. surtiny

    well done… I think reef us finally getting the hang of things. well done on the new display case . I got the Northern Lights this round and by God Jim I think they got it.. i have tried 3 other places n WOW… THIS IS THE SHIT. This is what I remember of this oldie but goody.. AND I thanks Matt for your suggestion…. Thanks man this was great meds… keep up the good work guys…. Keep up the good work guys n gals. and thank you for being so great to me n my fiance.

  390. jo187

    not going to disclose the name of the female who helped me but as a first-time patient you would normally expect to be talk to little bit asked if you’d like some information, you know the normal welcoming stuff. she was more of a what can I get you I’m trying to get you out of here as quick as possible. Grandin when you get off of work at 9 and you’re headed home you tend to not look like you’re going out on the town but I would still expect as a patient to be treated like I’m wanted in the facility. she was helpful when I ask her questions but I had to ask for my change after having to ask if there is a welcoming gift for being a first-time patient.
    the thing is, when you don’t feel welcome and you really don’t want to spend your money

  391. chandler23golden

    Amazing place, lots of dope people who work there. Bunch of cute girls so that’s always a plus and the weed is always bomb. Definitely come back everyday and buy more.

  392. Zachary1

    I love coming here, I’ve recommended it to multiple friends.

  393. SammieG

    This location is very far from me, but I still don’t mind driving the 30 mins one way to get some of the best flower, in my opinion!! They have great prices! I like that the price already includes tax, making it right in line with other shops. Another great feature is they’re open til 10pm every day!! I LOVE the Tryke concentrates as well that I use in my Puff Co pen. Great tastes all around!

  394. dab7474

    1stboff Reef is my go to hone !## today they had there awesome deals on 8th and grams, I got home and noticed I had something missing from my purchase I called and told them I was short and that they had it set aside, they told me to go back and would replace what was missing. Walking in the ladies always smile they had my order ready and for the inconvenience they gave me a goodie. Reef you guys rock !!! Employees always take good care of me.

  395. brookestutting

    they always got really good $5 prerolls which are full grams. Staff is always very nice and welcoming. Never had a bad experience with their weed/wax or staff.

  396. Mylady

    The pre-rolls and the edibles are my favorites at The Reef. I can try different strains by purchasing $5. and $6. pre-rolls. Mr. Durbz is my new favorite Hybrid that I discovered by purchasing from the $5. and $6. pre-rolls that are always available. The Ganga Goo Taffy is my new favorite edible. There is a 150mg. taffy that is perfect for those nights when you want a little extra!!!

  397. bmacuna

    This is the best dispensary around, I always get quality products!

  398. atriche15

    Best place around for quality tree and low prices

  399. lpeterson40

    I love everything about this location, best prices and selection. Friendly staff too

  400. alimicwil9

    the best part about coming to reef is feeling like you got your money’s worth plus better knowledge when you walk out.

  401. kallhoff77

    The guy that helped me out was awesome. Can’t remember his name but very friendly

  402. The_Great_Dabbereno

    Definitely impressed with mikel she is awesome super nice super cool super helpful just super all around I feel like reef has a lot of people that make you feel comfortable because they’re relatable to you and she’s one of them good job reef….

  403. blglovet96

    Quick in and out, usually around 5 min. I like not having to wait in line forever. The buds are good and I like the different selections. Flash sales on the pre rolls I get are awesome, saves me some money. Used to be a fan of other dispensaries but Reef Queen Creek is definitely now my favorite! If you haven’t had Katie or Kelly yet, ask for them for a bud tender. They’ve never steered me wrong when I’m looking for buds that smack. 2/14/19

  404. Tyler_33

    Very good quality! Everything is nice

  405. Jasbd51081

    Clean, friendly, great deals I love coming to this place 🙂

  406. zippers1

    The only PLACE to get your meds.. staff is very HELPFUL TY REEF

  407. sassafras71

    Great customer service and product

  408. caseymayy13

    Omar was awesome!!! He explained everything to me and was awesome since I’m still new to this! dY~ZdY'”

  409. Klotz24

    I love coming to this place great bud and i love the jars they put it in 🙂

  410. DispensoryCritic

    do I really need to fill out ppw
    every time…wtf? get your shit st8

  411. Jon420Hemp

    50% off your first Eighth HELL YEAH!! Anyone with that top shelf love must try there Gorilla Glue #4. Solid strain! Everyone was helpful and friendly. You’ll definitely be seeing me again.

  412. Ksl5

    Love the service and selection!

  413. ericchiefs

    Great quality buds loved the khalifa kush! dY’

  414. Vicwearsgold

    It’s tight lowkey spot good weed

  415. Dlok

    Bomb wax almost every single day along with awesome staff and the atmosphere is really comforting, most definitely a place you have to check out!

  416. ValleyVandel

    Love the location and love the meds

  417. Therealdill91

    I come here for the great flowers and products the friendly staff and especially Megan. She’s very pleasant and know her stuff!

  418. Ginanorris1

    I was welcomed by Alison who was super helpful! They have some super weed. It’s my go to place now.

    We need a reef dispensary down in San Tan valley dY~S

  419. Notthathigh

    10-4-18 best bud in town

  420. kmbaby4200

    everytime i come in always super friendly dawn is really new and helped me out pick out a new bubbler along with andres!

  421. littlebud420

    They have great buds for $25 an 8th can’t go wrong with that and they’re new system is great you don’t have to wait long anymore. dY’

  422. ABN42088

    Love Reef. Nice little easy to get to lots parking. The people are awesome. particularly Dawn dY~ZdY~%0. Super friendly! Enjoyed talking to her awesome! Strains are always great and never fall short on quality. 2/15/18 11:41am

  423. CStu21

    Reef hell yeah feer love this place save money live better reef you feel me

  424. shannonr2007

    I have been coming here for a long time, great medicine, great deals amazing staff!!! Jake has always taken great care of me!!!

  425. Rejetta

    Great deals. Great prerolls. Always smiles. Would recommend

  426. Emshagriff11

    favorite place to shop! love everyone there

  427. Nikki7477

    The staff is always friendly! Knowledgable about the buds, this is just a great place to get your meds!

  428. Kylecoleman0915

    gas tree always love coming in and the staff is always friendly

  429. One1One1

    Top Dispensary in AZ for flower hands down! They always have fire at amazing prices! Make sure to try the Berner strains!

  430. TurquoiseCactus

    This was the first dispensary I visited when I first obtained my medical card, and from day one I’ve seen Reef strive for greater success with their meds and costumer service. Reef is employed with the most outgoing and helpful staff throughout the whole east valley. When meds are ever in need, this is the place to go! P.S. “Dutch Treat Haze” strain is where it’s at.

  431. chr2131015

    Best FTP Deal anywhere most definitely. No purchase necessary and you get a free eighth and their flower is FIRE. THE BEST and you get a jar

  432. OILIFE

    Great service awesome selection

  433. Chazzlerazzle

    Great shop, this place has a huge selection and the people are super helpful! And they are open until 10!

  434. aimeeqt1025

    Great service and never disappointed! I always leave here with more weed than i plan on buying since they have great deals! Alexis is great! 🙂

  435. Shariedee15

    Great prices, quality flower, and the staff are awesome & helpful.

  436. joshnambermason2011

    great quality flower. service is never an issue and the atmosphere is very chill…

  437. amycatlud

    Reef is amazing. Great qualitu, great service, and good deals. I love it.

  438. Fuqtard666

    Best place in SE valley AZ. Always with the quality flower and deals out the wahzoo. been getting acquainted with a new strain called Mosaic. good for getting chores done and haveing a blast doing it. shout out to Marcella for recommending it. thanks so muchdY~aoeOEi,

  439. bestbudddsiess

    I love reef! Fast service, quality medicine and even better prices! The staff is great, super friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend checking this place out!

  440. stergold33

    Ira was my bud tender and he was awesome. This was my 2nd visit and he helped me calm down and kindly recommended strains for me and they helped tremendously. Great people, great prices. Awesome quality. Check it out if you haven’t.

  441. brothakane420

    I love it staffs amazing always feel welcomed

  442. dmason55

    Beat Location in the Phoenix Valley, highly recommend !! Great staff thanks

  443. JakeStuart

    Nick hooks it up with the best service, always a friendly comfortable environment.

  444. ashricky

    Tonight I visited this despensary. I grabbed the Bordello and Kilimanjaro Crumble. Receptonist was very very nice she did a great job. Service was great! Now the quality of the crumble…. The Bordello was a little bit better than the Kilimanjaro but both were very disappointing. .definitely some very low grade medicine. ..I guarantee If you guys step up your quality you would get a ton of more business you have a great staff as well as facility … Thanks guys

  445. Seandis

    Excellent as always, quality goods at fair prices.

  446. djules3hotmailcom

    Excellent service and product! Love all the peeps here!

  447. mariscal420

    Best dispensary in Arizona by far ! Best prices as well as amazing staff!

  448. Yazmika

    Love the flower here. No complaints!

  449. Nicolegarvey

    Staff is great! Large variety of products.

  450. lucky1313

    everyone at this place is amazing they will help you find exactly what you need and tell you the new stuff every time you come in their fantastic!!!

  451. elurababy

    love this place

  452. Raloz

    Great flower and greater service. Mario is such a wonderful guy. Helps you find what your looking for

  453. Rivers2016

    Good looking plants, great service.
    Nice drive!

  454. michael6cart3r

    you can’t go wrong with a 25$ eighth. love coming here.

  455. reedup

    This was my first time here and was definitely glad I stopped in. I was unsure what I was going grab until a cool patient next to me recommended the Khalifa Kush which to me was a no brainer. so I picked up an eighth of that and an eighth of god bud which was amazing for only being 25 an eighth. I like the exclusive size of the place once you get in. I will be back, no A
    Arnold. Can’t wait to review the Khalifa Kush tonight!

  456. Cubancutie91

    Great staff & product! Definitely recommend to others

  457. Pb3289

    I love all the new upgrades! Quality bud!

  458. BlazinAz

    Awesome staff and some fire flower.

  459. Arizonacannabisconsumer

    i dont like to go here but i do when i cant go anywhere else.

  460. kik2nek

    love this place… best prices… best bud

  461. walli420

    Stopped at Reef for the AK-47 that is only a donation of 35! I love this place. Only been in three times, but the staff is always friendly, the selection of everything is amazing. The largest selection of concentrates, the flower is completely frosted with trichomes and one strain, can’t remember which, had some of the largest calyxes I have ever seen. Very legit dispensary. Thanks for opening out here in Queen Creek.

  462. nickbahan

    Best selection and staff in the valley. I drive 30 minutes to come here when i can walk to two dispensaries by my house. Forever a patient here

  463. Hkirk42

    Had a great time on my first visit- the staff were polite and super helpful! They were knowledgeable about the flower and had a good first patient deal! Overall got the hook up here- and will be back for sure- it’s a long drive but super worth it!

  464. djbernal12

    Great service, great service will be back again!

  465. M.Ayo93

    great selection. great prices. best dispensary in town

  466. jwylde1970

    absolutely the best dispensary in the East Valley…. worth the trip down. Beautiful Buds and friendly knowledgeable staff….

  467. Zkray12

    Great dispensary overall!!

  468. londell1984

    I don’t have anything bad to say about this place awesome products at low prices staff is great, always willing to help and I always walk in and out of this place quick lines

  469. mrkjones

    this place has friendly staff and nice buds people get you quality where it starts which is here

  470. sistilio

    Quality flower, knowledgeable staff, may have to wait but the prices can’t be beat.

  471. CTDominguez27

    i live that they stay open later then any other place our here there deals and flower are always on point there staff are always friendly and welcoming what more would you want in a dispensary

  472. Slhlwd1

    No selection, too high priced, no good specials, staff not knowledge of product whatsoever, checkout slow. Will not be back.

  473. mdgreen03

    Elizabeth and Naomi were the best so was Marquis he was dope great service fire weed

  474. xx2bluexx

    My meds are always on point and with the staff I have no problems ever. I’m thankful for the Reef

  475. KitchenCailleach

    I really love this dispensary, however today I was disappointed. I purchased a preroll today that was supposed to be Jupiter og, but definitely was not. Absolutely no pain relief, no head change, nothing and on top of that it was only half full. A preroll is a treat for me, so I’m positive it’s not a tolerance issue. I hope to never have this problem again as Reef is generally on point.

  476. lmeeker4

    best dispo in the west!! best product, best prices, best bud tenders. Recommend to any and all MMJ patients

  477. CashMarley

    Only dispensary in Arizona with the official Khalifa Kush. Been smoking it all week very impressed. Drove out the way just to get it and will be making the trip often. Definitely recommend KK

  478. Cjmicdaniel

    I’ve been in a few times now and the staff is very nice and informative.

  479. peach2625

    This is a really clean and excellent dispensary filled with knowledgeable and friendly people… my first visit was fantastic and their product is top notch!

  480. mochalopeOG

    Great customer service, possibly could be more knowledgeable about items carried.

  481. biabia90

    The staff is always helpful and friendly! Very knowledgeable on products

  482. Dugstur

    I had a very bad experience. Purchased an electric pipe with a known recall defect. Even though it broke on the first day. They would not refund. Hard to get a hold of. I got stuck with it. This was the closest place to me. To bad for them. Been certified for only 4 months, have already spent hundreds at other places. $47 Loss for me. Hundreds of potential earnings of loss for them. These people are UN-Caring and don’t take care of their customers. I don’t think they will be in business long.

  483. IsmokeyT

    Baller staff always hook in it up

  484. sexystonerslut

    best price for what you can get anywhere in gilbert AZ

  485. flojoalex35

    I got a head ache from the flower service is five star cause they really sale this crap

  486. Deezletron

    This place is my new dispensary of choice. I’m usually very apprehensive about trying new dispensaries due to past horrid experiences, but this was definitely a welcomed experience. Got in and out quickly and the meds are top quality. Nick helped me out with some choices and I can’t be happy enough. Fruit Salad and Chiesel are a must for any daytime fan. King Louis and Khalifa Kush were fantastic as well. Will definitely go back soon.

  487. Kaliclarkee

    it’s pretty chill.

  488. GBowlandtokes

    bud tenders were awesome! loved the orange zkittlez/ and Khalifa kush was the shit… was in and out in about ten minutes. reef is the bomb!

  489. JIMB06

    I’ve been here a few times now and I am sold. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. The dispensary is very clean as it is a new establishment. Some strains here are better than others, just like any other dispensary. I have never had no complaints on any of the 10+ strains that I’ve tried. However, their Headband and Kilimanjaro strains are seriously exceptional.

  490. 420trappstoner

    December 5, 2018
    Reef is my all time favorite dispensary! Great quality great prices great service! Budtenders really know their bud!

  491. dsanch

    Really seem to be stepping up their game with the product quality and pricing. I recommend if you’re in the area and looking for a good deal dY’OEdY>>

  492. jilliancazzolla


  493. viejokats

    Reef dispensaries always have really good buds and for a great price. The staff is always friendly, I was taken care by Shelby, and she not only recommended something but she also gave her personal opinion on the buds and was very honest. I will be back definitely, you always leave the place with good vibes.

  494. ericstoner69

    I honestly love Reef it’s close to home and it is always great product. Jasmine was very helpful budtender and her being Beautiful only makes it more of a Plus

  495. gawgeousgreenqueen

    I wanted to try something different other than flower and try out the concentrates for the first time. The Budtender was very helpful, educating me on everything I need to know baby steps at a time. I have now tried their clear cartridges and moving to the crumble and shatter. They have a great selection for every category! I send my friends no where else but here! Thank you again Reef!

  496. 1996est

    Nice how they have the menu on the screen in waiting room. Like the edibles from here but are a bit pricey. Buds are nice and orange majority of time, like the location because it is low-key.

  497. jared2613

    Awesome place to shop. Huge variety to select from. Good deals and always a friendly and helpful staff. Love Reef!

  498. mlybarger83

    security is good. very helpful. great place to go.

  499. Humper

    Best in the valley

  500. brady4mvp

    Wow now this is how a dispense should be ran. Truly a humbling experience.

  501. Goat711

    This place is a gem. The consistency and quality of service amazes me every time. Every budtender is eager to help and is full of knowledge. Matt is the man too.

  502. Redd480

    Still #1 price/ quality

  503. Wiseup

    Quality meds and friendly people.

  504. ocosta

    Love this place! Fast and convenient.

  505. thern6686

    I just got home and smoked the blackberry 5$ preroll and I’m starving and feel alot better than I have all week. thank you all for the help!

  506. k2b

    It’s the BEST!!! I and open til 10pm

  507. twcrofts

    Very professional, very quick on patient turn, great girls at the front desk! Ira was very friendly and helpful as my bud tender. Great experience!

  508. DaKinePakalolo

    Great customer service, friendly staff. Of the three strains tried here over a few visits, two were mid grade at best and the Khalifa Kush was the highest quality. I tried it based on the bud tenders recommendation. Good day time hybrid.

  509. amberspicer102

    my favorite place!

  510. punchy420

    love the environment. reef has a great friendly environment.

  511. tonyv5559

    been a customer since they opened & love this place, worth the drive, the crew is knowledgeable & kind & love going here to get my meds, one of the best in med marijuana

  512. thomas483

    I think the location is fantastic hello I want you make some points on Reef this place has the best quality of grass than other places that I’ve been to the prices here or more fair then the others the quality is much better I’m happy that you put them in jars instead of plastic black bags and or tubes thank you

  513. adrian1148

    This is my favorite dispensary in Arizona! Hands down they have the best pre-rolls for the best price and quality bud

  514. Jacob8297

    I love reef dispensary and the products they sell 3/22/2018

  515. mrwutang

    I love coming here ! Always got a wide variety of flowers and concentrates for low price. Staff here is amazing as well

  516. SonofDavid

    Reef surpassed my expectations. This is a fine establishment. I was astonished by their prices! Everyone helped me feel comfortable.

  517. manseraider33

    They fixed the flow, so wait times are way down. Now easily best shop around. KK is amazing

  518. Greggerjo

    First time visit… to ANY dispensary. First time cannabis user… ever. I was a little nervous, knowing nothing about my options. The staff was very patient and friendly, beyond also being professional l, patient, and knowledgeable. Really helped me feel educated and comfortable. Thank you!!

  519. dguth5150

    A friend of mine told me about this place, and even though it was a 30 min drive from where I live, it was well worth the trip. Comparing it to other places, this place has much better pricing, or better medicine for less. I admit I was a little skeptical when my friend first told me, but seeing it believing. The same medicine that’s mid level and starts at $45 elsewhere, here is sold for $25 in many instances. Plus, they have a huge variety vapes, and their $25/8ths variety is huge also. They sell the good vape pens/cartridges too, not the cheap stuff. I’m telling you, after just one visit, this is my new spot (even though I have a dispensary 1.5 miles from my house, and this place is 30 minutes away). It’s well worth the trip, I’d highly recommend it!!!

  520. ChefSuzy

    Reef has GREAT selections. The prices are the best in the area. Staff always friendly an very attentive.

  521. dabaton

    I think this location sucks ass if you have been to any other reef dispenseries like the 1 in Vegas or even North Phoenix you will be extremely disappointed to walk into this club …

  522. chandlerbud

    Favorite store. Been coming here since they opened. Great place!

  523. illrasta79

    My first visit to the Reef in Queens Creek and I was well taken care (as I knew I would be because I had a great experience at one of Reef’s Las Vegas dispensaries). They have one of the best first time patient deals of all the dispensaries I’ve visited i Arizona (27 and counting), a free 8th of Tryke flower and they had a few to pick from, very convenient. My only “issue” is distance, if they were closer they’d be my go-to spot

  524. Rjstoner15

    Love reef! #Lo rocks!

  525. Imadivein

    Very good service

  526. arieleve710

    The new remodel is awesome and so is the quality of bud!

  527. ps2014

    Very disappointed in this place….been there about 4 times and only once did I feel I received value. 3 times the “special” was yesterday or they were out the day it was posted! Today was the last time they suck me into that….the “special ” was yesterday even though it’s still listed….done

  528. 60s2oner

    reef is awesome! good products, cool budtenders with great recommendations.. love this place!

  529. heckdyl

    It’s a wonderful place to get meds!

  530. Roachy0409

    I love the reef!!

  531. Boss16415

    100 dollars a gram for concentrate pshh, who do they think they are? Dumbest prices ever!

  532. Sammydabs

    Mo was fast and friendly and got me everything I needed

  533. Brometheus7

    always solid, always cheap!

  534. KoMMaNdO666

    great prices and awesome staff I will definitely be recommending

  535. Lilbast1

    First time here, let’s just say the sign up process is a mess, but I was informed that this was do to an expansion and will be temporary. They have express windows that will expedite buying once registered

    I’m a vape guy so the free 1/8 for FTP doesn’t work for me and the flower Mosaic is similar to mid-shelf at other locations.

    But the vape is Top Shelf! I prefer sativa’s I purchased Apple Jack & Cantaloupe Haze. I’ve never seen these strains in vape and their in house brand distillate Yryke is among the best I’ve tasted. The THC affects are what the Doctor ordered. All this for $35!

    definitely recommend for the vapester’s..dY’dY’

  536. anthonyeradu

    Best dispensary to keep me out of pain . they have the best bud for my stomach issues and migrains I love everything about them . thank you sooooo much for giving me what I need
    December 9th 2018
    Shayna ballinger

  537. inachair

    Last couple times I went in the morning either Mario, Dakota, or Kiara have helped me out. awesome crew keep it up! new store changes look awesome

  538. FliNHiAz

    One of the best flower in Az! #Topshelf

  539. Islandboyfiji

    All the bud tenders have been really nice and if there’s ever been a minor issue has been solved in a timely fashion thank you Reef!!dY~Z

  540. Trent580

    Fuck yes !!!! Love this place

  541. Dominiqquearamirez

    11-23-18 I almost come to the reef all the time their flower is great And their service is just magnificent and the employees are nice and sweet people Overall This is the best dispensary

  542. Zed83

    Got Mr. Durbz for the second time, great indica hybrid especially for the price! Great visit as usual, sweet and to the point. Thanks Reef!

  543. zacksly

    This place has the best prices man! Ira is the homie, he is The Weed Doctor! They also sent me to an amazing Doctor to renew my card. Natural Pain and Fatigue Relief Center, very low renew prices!! Keep up the good work Reef!!

  544. A1inAz

    I love it at Reef! I come in almost every day and all the staff is friendly and very knowledgeable of the different strains and really good at recommendations! The $10 specials are amazing also my personal favorite was the Grape ape! I would definitely go check this place out if you haven’t already!

  545. vikkivik

    I loved it the first few times but lately it has become more antiseptic. It just seems like it’s changing at the expense of customer service

  546. Mermaidma90

    Love this place
    Wish it wasn’t so far
    Great selection
    Great prices

  547. HighJacker

    Going down hill quick. Wowsers
    Unfortunately I don’t feel like waiting for an hour in your lobby. And unfortunately you’re not doing express today. Guess I’ll go back to my regular shop. Hope you figure out your system isn’t working before all your customers do!!

  548. cs5577

    Reef is a great place to go and Ira really took the time to make sure I had the right medication for my needs. I’ll always go to Reef!

  549. nickmar

    Favorite shop workers are always friendly Isiah helped me in express made it super easy and fast love this place!

  550. Kirsten10

    So apparently you now need to spend $25 minimum to receive a free pre roll now. Super LAME. Time to shop elsewhere

  551. Jashleydubb

    David is just the sweetest bud tender ever! Does that guy ever have a bad day? I have never had a $5 pre roll that I haven’t enjoyed! I feel REEF sales affordable and good quality meds! I don’t buy Flower any where else dY’s Reef completes all my Hippie happy smoking needs!!!

  552. Slafree

    Quick and good selection

  553. sleepyleef

    I have to say, I’m a little annoyed. This is the most convenient dispensary for me, because they are close to my home and the Express Window is incredible. But, I’m not sure if I’ll be back.

    I’ve found foreign powders in my pre-rolls and I’ve bought shatter that, in a few days, turned into a sugar scrub consistency. The shatter issue more recently; I mentioned it to a budtender on my most recent visit. He informed me of a 72 hour timeframe for complaints but didn’t feel motivated to do anything beyond that.

    Daily specials would be nice, too.

  554. Azch4nce

    Reef is the best dispensary in town hands down. They are great with cusomer service. You never have to wait more the 5 to 10 minute in line. But most of all of course is the great prices. $25 eighths all day.

  555. i.want2bme

    nice place but pricey

  556. snackdraggin

    I love this place. Hilda always makes me laugh and has great recommendations. Amanda also always knows what’s up. prices are great, something for everyone.

  557. theenamesjon

    Shoutout Danielle she helped me out big time tonight! Thanks y’all! Try them out sometime everyone!

  558. JohnnyAppleweed1980

    Was told their daily special was still quality. It was a CBD strain that didn’t even give a head change. Wouldn’t recommend.

  559. mcfarlandd

    I enjoyed this location very much. Shelby was very helpful finding the flower I wanted. The space is very chill. I will be coming back again.

  560. laleahhh43

    This place really stands out! The product is super high quality and all of the packaging is great. There’s always so much flower to choose from and a wide range of prices. Love this place.

  561. 21gramz

    Along with it’s second location in the Phoenix area, Reef sets the HIGH Standard for Quality Customer Service. They offer Exclusive Flowers from Cannabis Connoisseur/Rappers Berner’s EXOTIKS Collection and Wiz Khalifa’s KHALIFA KUSH. From Quality Smoke to Knowledgeable and Friendly staff, REEF is No. 1. Take the scenic drive through Queen Creek and visit the good folks at REEF Dispensary, it is all worth it.

  562. SimianSlacker

    Just stopped by and visited with David (budtender) and picked up some shatter. Great experience and super friendly. I’m an extrovert who works from home so I’m always up for a good conversation with a fellow enthusiast.

  563. JapersMacM

    This is my fave dispensary in Phoenix. Very friendly, wide selection and right next to my my favorite pizza place too! lol

  564. tydings

    Everything about this location is fabulous. I worked with Iran, he was knowledgeable, super nice, and most importantly, he listened.

  565. Speazysquad

    Reef always holds it down for ya boy thank you Mario for the great customer service

  566. MiracleMedijuana

    On my third visit here, I’m increasingly impressed! Ira (I hope I have his name correct) went out of his way to answer my questions, specifically about edibles and vape products. The service I received today from both him, and the two receptionists was outstanding. The specials are PHENOMENAL. This is the second time I received text notice about a screaming deal they had on some of my favorite products. My definite go-to dispensary.

  567. azgrowerx

    Second to none, Great staff, deals, product and atmosphere… Too Notch Dispensary!

  568. ChandlerGirl

    Everyone here is friendly and helpful. Their prices are very reasonable.

  569. ApexZack

    Best shop in the valley! Amazing customer service and quality product.

  570. Nelsonbrandonl

    Awesome meds and prices! My man Ira gave me a good medicinal strain. That Blue Cheese is fantastic!

  571. Jud_az

    One of the best places to go in sorthern Az. The staff is very helpful and I like the deals they have. They have some of the best meds as well. Love that KK and the location.

  572. Rais4

    very informative. love coming to reef

  573. drew237

    best place in town

  574. Maleekking21

    I drive all the way from Tempe an this dispensary is grate

  575. jamielee01

    great location close to home.
    first place I went to When I got my medical card. 🙂

  576. Jeffgwin

    Great product and friendly people

  577. RAERDabs

    always my go to place! best quality for bottom shelf guys! no joke! you get your money’s worth always in my opinion! OZ KUSH I HIGHLY RECCOMEND AND JUPITER OG

  578. logans12345

    This is by far my favorite dispensary they have the budtenders that know what they’re talking about and the best bud in town 10/10 forsure

  579. Justinclude

    I love it so much highly recommended to all my friends

  580. Jay2raw1104

    This place is too lit! Customer service is outstanding and the bud and wax options are dope I never get bored going here.

  581. Jamjr214

    I love this place always is giving me the best stuff with great deals

  582. GabeW32

    Reef is a great dispensary for patients of all needs, go to reef is you need some weeddY’dY?.

  583. grahammer

    Last time I visited, I was short 50 cents. Kyle was nice enough to make up the difference for me. Just another example of how Reef treats their customers. Will continue to be my go to dispensary

  584. jalenross19

    Best dispensary in QC

  585. bigbtassainer

    it was great ira helped me with everything i needed and i will be here again

  586. blakenitup

    Quality tree, fire in house concentrates, knowledgeable bud tenders and always with a nice selection. Would recommend

  587. bebop_angel88

    Everyone who works there are always really nice and I love their preroll selection!

  588. jenwen

    If you’ve not visited here, try it! Each time I’m greeted nicely and folks are very helpful and knowledgeable.

  589. Sadlilperson

    love it… great people and prices

  590. Qhill3

    Best in the valley hands down

  591. bladebc55

    The best place in az

  592. Jonr94

    Great service flower and a price in town highly recommend

  593. coltenkramer1995

    profit hungry and do not care about providing quality medicine especially for the price here. total rip off use 10$ in gas to drive somewhere else

  594. Benny1127

    Great service, friendly people, and a wide selection of product.

  595. mistermynini

    This location continues to excel in both product and customer service!! Staff are all super friendly and they continue to have frequent sales!! Highly recommended and my “Go to” place!

  596. yuboigomez

    Great service and amazing competitive prices!!

  597. dspeazo

    Always great service thanks everyone !

  598. Scapleton0911

    one of my favorite places. I grab a pre roll for 5 south a review weekly.

  599. elevateyourmind

    friendly staff

  600. cmt

    Awesome place great service love the buds and people are so chill

  601. nb13

    Pretty easy to find and good parking.

  602. michaelpalma87

    great bud tenders friendly environment good prices for what you get. love there heavy indicas.

  603. Crzynut

    I’ve been to the Vegas location and this location is small but for obvious reasons. This location is great and the staff is friendly and quick. They are also really helpful.

  604. Carlosfernandez1998

    Reef is always my go to, my most favorite dispensary that I’ve been to so far hands down dYtmOEdYtmOE

  605. RML18

    I’m headed over to Reef dispensary tomorrow morning which will be Sunday morning to go pick up some Awesome flower, and hopefully get a birthday pre-roll awesome come on down and join us at Reef dispensary in Queen Creek dY~++

  606. JR.STEEL

    Great service staff very knowledgeable IRA spent a lot of timew working with me on my firstp purchase I hope this will work

  607. V-Zoo

    been here a few times and love the crew that works here. also love that they are open till 10pm and somewhat close to where I live.

  608. msollazzo12

    Great specials and customer service is top notch.

  609. eezychrist

    It’s a little drive for me but well worth it. The tree is top notch and the products are exceptional!

  610. 502nick1

    2-13-18, Great store and great staff. It’s been my go to store for quite a while. Great prices and great bud, it’s hard to beat

  611. Dboy7979

    shout out to tha bud tender IRA he really helped me out thanks i recommended him he knows his stuff very great place

  612. Dannycav92

    good location and not a lot of traffic

  613. 1234MJ

    I had a wonderful experience there, newly renovated looks nice, people very helpful and they had what I needed.
    I will go back

  614. tarantulateaparty

    Attendants were fantastic, business is easily accessible, but word of warning; they round down when weighing their products. One of the few places open past 8pm, so I’m not complaining too much. Worth mentioning though, a tenth of a gram off every eighth can add up over time.

  615. C0RNDAWG

    this location is fantastic! the staff is very nice and welcoming. the only critique I would have is that some of the staff isn’t too knowledgeable about the growing methods used to cultivate their bud. I’d also like to see cool new strains like Peanut Butter Breath or Loctite or The MAC.

  616. jeremybaseball9119

    Great place, the tax is included. The staff is friendly and the express window gets you on your way nice and easy.

  617. Nelielnel

    First time in a dispensery and it was such a great and easy one, my bud tender, dnt really remember the name unfortunately but she was so friendly and it was such an sweet experience definitely going back!!!

  618. sunhun714

    I love Reef. The people there are very knowledgeable and professional and they are all very friendly especially LC. He’s always eager and willing to help. I highly recommend Reef.

  619. Ericajc

    Great location! All bud tenders are amazing and very knowledgeable!

  620. 7Ben710

    killing the game with cusyomer

  621. tiarabrown

    this dispensary always has great deals. they always have great sections. I drive 45 minutes just so I can see all the employees happy faces. This place is so inviting and you won’t regret coming here. Plus their product is out of this world!!!!!

  622. jessierochelle21

    I’ve been coming here for several years now. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience, everyone has an awesome attitude. I drive at least 45 mins out just to come here for the prices and the service. Megs has taken care of me the last 4-5 times and she’s definitely my favorite. super sweet and engages in a conversation.

  623. FIREthePyroFox

    everyone is so relaxed and patient. everyone, even the customers are chill af. love going there and they are so nice and willing to work with me. even though I’m kinda slow dY~,

  624. lizottepj

    Best dispensary in Az by far, best customer service!!

  625. alex_2311

    Reef has some of the best deals in the valley and always has high quality products. I would definitely recommend going to Reef!

  626. fuckyou97

    My favorite dispensary in AZ! Cheapest deals too, highest quality

  627. hhappy42779

    great service and product! 4/14/18

  628. Cheri65

    I had a great time at the Reef I am new to the area and a new patient got a great deal on some Jupiter OG and was very pleased with the results. Great service and friendly and attentive staff.

  629. jrreyesfam

    The wait was long, and my cousin did get skipped a few times in line when we were there. But other than that best quality medicine by far . That burner pack tho dY’EUR

  630. aortegasyd

    My first time going I was very disappointed. We walked in the place it was boring and white when we were taken into the back room it was the same way and the service was terrible the employees were rude and rushed me to make my decision. Over all it was not a pleasant experience.

  631. MPLynch

    Matthew is one of the finest customer-focused and helpful people I have met! I am an older patient and new to this and he hears me and recommends solutions. Matthew has an easy going, kind approach & was excellent at offering & explaining products I have not tried before. Count 4 new sales as a result! I love this place & will not shop elsewhere!(P.S. Your fellow at the front door is a real gentleman, too!) Thank you!

  632. Gigum

    While the product has a nice buzz, when on sale you end up getting small buds and loose leaf. place is normally too high priced. I seek my meds elsewhere.

  633. Erininaz

    love the Reef . lo is ithere .

  634. mcwillybee

    Reef has the bombest flower out of any local disenery. I am very pleased with the herbs I picked up on my first visit, the Dutch tree was had a fantastic aroma and was high powered.

  635. celly22

    great spot to there all the time

  636. NoahPanetta

    This dispensary is very interesting it always seems to be packed but the staff get you in and out in a very timely manner. The staff is super friendly especially Iree ( my apologies if I misspelled the name ) he if very friendly and helped me understand the concept of many things that were unclear to me and was very interested in what I had to say I would recommend this location just because of his attitude toward the patients. Every staff members here feel like they are working just for me and it’s a great feeling, I highly suggest this reef because if the device doesn’t make you wanna come in then the flower and wax should because it is some of the best in Mesa.

  637. Blazer1017

    Awesome Flower Awesome service I’m very happy

  638. YourHighnest

    I love this place and the staff.

  639. Emeraldtrashu

    Just the fact that they include the tax on the price tag just made this place shoot up to #1 dispensary in the area!

  640. 1BayFan

    They are the best around

  641. lucifer5brazy

    i like the flowers and great prices everytime!

  642. Aisha33

    nice dispensary good deals and awesome staff!!!!

  643. Sammyetch

    This place was amazing. The people were so helpful and kind. Really down to earth and knowledgeable about different strains. I highly recommend coming here!

  644. LeMangeLumiere

    I came here on a whim and I must admit, this is probably a contender for one of my favorite dispensaries, next to Health for Life in Mesa.

    First of all, the products here (aside from some of the edibles of course) are, for the most part, grown, harvested, and prepared by Tryke, the company that actually runs these dispensaries. I thought that was pretty neat, and a testament to the care put into and quality of their products. (I mean, they actually put their bud in glass jars instead of plastic!) You have to be putting out good products if you’re able to run as a self-sufficient dispensary chain.

    The place itself is rather small, but very clean and professional. They have a really nice pickup area for online orders, and despite the size and popularity of this place, it’s very well-organized. Their products are displayed very neatly along the walls behind the counter in their naturally very appealing individually packaged glass jars.

    Another thing I really liked about this place is that instead of having to use the ATM to pay with cash (where you can only withdraw set increments at a time), they have these “Linx” gift cards that can be loaded and reloaded right there at the register. Sure, there is a $3 fee each time you do this, but my fee at the ATM is almost always a minimum of $3.50; so at any rate, it is both cheaper and more convenient to use the Linx card.

    I also HAVE to mention how awesome the people here are, from the guy at the front (security?) to the budtenders! The budtender I had, Lo, was AWESOME, definitely one of the best (if not the best) I’ve had! She was very pleasant to talk to, extremely knowledgeable when it came to cannabis and its terpenes (not JUST THC or CBD), made excellent recommendations for what I was looking to treat, and really seemed to have a passion for what she was doing. Plus, she loves cats, and anyone who loves cats is amazing. Thanks for being awesome, Lo!

    I will definitely come back here. It is probably the closest dispensary to my house, plus the quality of service, product, and environment can’t be beat. Well done!

  645. QBERT11

    Hopefully my issue 4 my 1st.
    Visit will be resolved.

  646. landonii24

    Love the flower

  647. H.Brinkin

    I have been coming to this location since it’s humble beginnings. They facility has always been beautiful with products and atmosphere ever evolving. A pleasure to see the growth but their #1 feature has ALWAYS been the staff. Great Job Reef!

  648. OpenYour3rdEye

    This location has always been good to me, quick service and good prices. My go to spot when I’m running low on funds, they always got the preroll & 1/8 special

  649. Cannamama13

    I come here for the meds and the budtenders; the deals they have just make it that much better.

  650. catherinedickerson86

    Always an easy experience picking up from The Reef! The budtenders are super friendly and knowledge! Love seeing the familiar faces when I come! Nice atmosphere!!

  651. nikkiiphoneaccount

    Amanda helped me with my meds and I’m super happy with every thing I get from them worth the drive every time and cartridges are on sale a$?i,

  652. Jmgonzo60

    My favorite dispensary in the valley. Product always top notch and staff friendly and knowledgeable

  653. teefest70

    Love this place! High Quality Meds. Lowest prices. Friendliest Staff.

  654. EAZ24

    Ira was one of the best bud tenders I have meet, he was cool as a cucumber! It was my first time to visit and it won’t be the last. The strains & prices are lovely! Dearth Vader was a dream come true & the Afro was really heady, to say the least! It felt like an Afro was growing when I would cough! Great QUALITY!

  655. Wemobb23

    nice 100!/+

  656. Jon9999

    Always 5 stars great selection and prices!

  657. Ajschaper1

    12/9/18- Best dispo and great customer service!

  658. Barrington

    People are really great

  659. ChemicalPrisoner

    The pre rolls are the best. Great people and hours. Dope spotdY’

  660. 1bytchymom

    awesome place n staff great choices and cute clothing

  661. Kels3222

    Kevin is awesome! Everyone at this location is amazing and they always have great quality flower!

  662. Hakee

    I went to different location and unlike other dispensaries when u visits there other location u still get your deal this story said no so u suck I was at my aunts never again

  663. Lucciman228

    nice meds a n great staff well be back soon i love there every day deals (=

  664. Michael.posey

    This is my go to spot for weed wax and everything lol

  665. homiejdog

    the wax is always good at a good price

  666. afiebhc

    Very knowledgeable and wicked friendly staff. Great selection of products.

  667. Halloka

    Great place with amazing product. WIll be baack

  668. mylovalb1

    Reef Dispensary is a great source of medical marijuana. The online ordering, except for one anomaly one time, is the quickest way to receive your medicine.

  669. Ptrshg91

    My fave place to go. Best tree in town! dYCant go wrong with burner strains! dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=Fire prices! Plus rewards w every purchace! Friendly staff! dY~,,dY~,,

  670. psycowizerd

    this place is awesome, best selection, best staff, awesome store

  671. slamwagon81

    11-13-18 love reef always great service

  672. DJH68

    Love this place been going since I first got my card, the bud is far superior to almost any other dispensary valley wide, especially for the price. Can’t beat it !!!!!

  673. 40ozblunt

    Loving how much they’ve improved and expanded! Best staff out of any dispensary.

  674. bleland23

    Ira was a great help! Everyone was really friendly and knowledgeable. Ira helped me find everything I was looking for and everything he suggested was great. Thanks

  675. justthere420

    I love how quickly I’m served… in and out I. 3 min love the express

  676. sierrasprat

    Reef is awesome and one of the best dispos in AZ! 1/3/18

  677. sandrews387

    This is the first place after receiving my card. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable; the lady who helped me was so nice. There is a nice selection of products and the first time buyer discounts are super. This is definitely my go-to place.

  678. Letrice777

    The location is always clean and neat. all products are secure and security is always present.

  679. Ghost0912

    Hands down the go to spot for late night pick ups. For someone like me who wrk 12 hours days it’s nice to have a despencery open late nights. Meds are always really good. All bud tenders are product knowledge. Not to mention great price. AMBER AND DEANA

  680. Bhatfield28

    Great customer service from LC amazing worker!

  681. nitty420

    Awesome staff always take care me without trying to get over will highly recommend

  682. DaddyLinoKush87

    I really enjoy comin to this despencery for numerous reasons. 1 the budtenders are always nice,kind & knowledgeable on every product they have. I live in Chandler so I dont mind the drive at all. The Flower & concentrates aredY”Y=AF, great quality products. Oh and best of all NO SALES TAX!dY’dY’OE. The best despencery around hands down.

  683. 420lovebug

    Drove 40 minutes to get there. Was told all of their systems were down, and I could not be helped. Thanks for wasting my time, and gas. You people apparently aren’t considerate enough to put something online such as LEAFLY where people could be informed. Thanks for nothing, but wasting time. Maybe take a little more pride in your business than just a piece of paper outside the door. Unreliable, and I bet your menus aren’t even updated.

  684. 420planetj

    First time budtender wasn’t knowledgeable about anything but flower. Return visit budtender knew more.

  685. TriiippyJ

    right on Thx reef for the recommendations for some night time bud… definitely put me out

  686. TT_2018

    Perfect for me!

  687. glord22az

    Best in town!

  688. Ben-157

    the reef dispensary has a great strain selection.!! The bud tenders are Great-the service is 5-*****!! Thank You-Ben L.

  689. kac1916

    If you’re going anywhere else it better be because of location…Prices and flower at Reef can’t be beat. Great deals.

  690. dajaxmasta420

    A little pricey but decent deals. Would shop here again if in this area.

  691. beatnannn

    Reef is the most professional and friendly dispensary in AZ. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. The environment is clean and classy. And the bud selection is vast. The prices can’t be beat. I’ll be coming back.

  692. Smokeweedplease

    Reef is #1

  693. Earthpixie

    Always great service and product. David, my budtender, was awesome!

  694. erndoeaz

    great product and great prices!

  695. johnny5k

    they really have stepped up since they first opened. Berner got em right, and that Khalifa kush is some of the best flower I have ever smoked in my life.

  696. Trichombre1

    Just picked up some blackberry. Did you even let it finish its grow!!?? Extremely disappointed I got a jar full of IMMATURE BUDS, and leaves/stems. NOT COOL GUYS!!!!!!! what a waist!

  697. Orientalmexican

    Did an express order today. Kyle took my order and when I got there I avoided the long line and went straight to express. Thanks!

  698. michaelposey

    You guys are the only dispensary that is open before I go into to work..

  699. Btendaz

    Reef is a great dispensary I come here and didn’t leave disappointed. I find good deals and some of the best strains. The staff is also always very friendly and helpful during visits

  700. ajnewma


  701. McGoldrick13

    Great service, very knowledgeable, very quick and easy. Great prices and great specials. Great bud as welldY~Z I will visit again soon

  702. AshlynC

    I love the staff! Everyone is really friendly, but Ira and Nick are two of my personal favorite bud-tenders at The Reef. The quality is there and competitive prices keep me coming back!

  703. Cstiles

    Smaller shop with great quality products.

  704. derick421

    Very friendly knowledgeable staff making my first experience easy. Great product and prices. Will be going back.

  705. Meshakeshia90

    This is my one and only dispensary! Love the staff! David and Mickey always remember us and when we come in we are always welcomed by everyone!

  706. emilybabb

    I love this dispensary!! I went as a new patient and they were very informative and welcoming. Plus the new patient special is one of the best around! Will definitely be coming back dY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4dY’OEdY1/4

  707. treeburners

    Ira was a great help, great place good bud

  708. bigjohnbud

    Best shop around!! Not like other sh*t shops that sell you shit with mold on it and don’t know how to grow! Reef is the spot to go best flowers around and all kinds of other goodies. Thanks as always Reef!!

  709. Nikkialec123

    Very nice quality and very nice price ranges. Awesome and polite staff. Very welcoming. Highly recommend.

  710. svitalec

    When you advertise 1gr prerolls. How about some honest weight’s on the products. You have 1gr prerolls only if you include the paper @.30gr. REEF needs to STOP stealing from everyone. This is the exact the reason I STOPPED going to ANY storefront dispensary!!! Check your products, make sure you are not paying for gross weight, when you should be paying for usuable product weight!!!

  711. msmomof4

    Fast service… amazing staff. Helped find the right fit for me.

  712. demonswife

    Love the 25 dollar 8ths! Thank you for bringing express ordering back, it’s in and out. Flower is always great. Love the pre rolls.

  713. Madisonl21

    awesome all around come almost every day… good trees 2-5-19

  714. Craziecasie13

    Friendly and fun place. Meds are great majority of the time.

  715. mustangstalker

    great bud at great prices! the staff is friendly and knowledgeable! definitely recommend

  716. Bigbrynyc

    Andrey was great and reed never disappoints

  717. JaydubDaddy

    been coming here for over a year now and always reliable with wax and flower

  718. bcoartney

    Alexis is the best budtender! Thank you for your help.

  719. SSanteo

    Amazing and quality service as well as products!

  720. JenaLouise

    Discovered Reef last week, Marcella is super knowledgeable and introduced me to CBD products and edibles that will serve me best!

  721. Bonjamin

    Always a must stop place if I’m in the area, great prices, friendly staff, and quick express at stark

  722. sunhun763

    Great place awesome customer service as always !!! Reef will always be my go to place .

  723. Rickmercure

    Great selection.

  724. srandall

    Has always been my go to place.

  725. Higgh

    love the location and always have the best deals in town

  726. Crown.theking

    Great Service & Prices. 5 Prerolls for $20. I will be returning.

  727. jfroemel

    By far my favorite dispensary in the valley, great prices and super nice staff!! Definitely worth stopping by

  728. kobepenny

    nice place. good meds. will go again soon

  729. dfresh520

    everyone seems to know what they are doing… they are friendly and as quick as they can be with the volume of people that go there daily and we love that they stay open later then most in the area.. this is my go to spot!! the oils are great BTW!!!

  730. And2075966

    They never have the product in stock that it says on their menu even if it was just updated a second ago. I drive 30 minutes to get there in 30 minutes back home and it is very irritating when I come for a specific item that is says that is available and when I get there you’ve been out of it for a long time, so why is it still on the menu? Why was it just updated but not changed? Realize that people depend on this menu two decide whether or not to drive into your location so when your menu is constantly wrong people are constantly having to drive there and get frustrated when they find out that you are incompetent at updating the proper menu

  731. Impackintheheat

    today I visited Reef, Ira was my bud tender and he is very knowledgeable I highly suggest that anyone who hasn’t had an experience with him to do so today, thanks

  732. kasondra79

    This location is open 365 days a year until 10 pm every day. It’s always supplied with quality medications with a reasonable price. They offer the best deals and discounts that keep you coming back. The staff is knowledgable and professional but also friendly.

  733. Shrader8

    Love their flash sales. LC was great at answering questioning and helping me find just what I needed for a rainy day. Service is always top notch. Product is always great for the price and love when I can get what I am looking for on a flash sale.

  734. Silgar99

    New to dispensaries, but reef is the bet one I’ve been to so far. I highly recommend people check it out.

  735. CaptnKronic777

    Excellent flower, & awesome prices!

  736. Jimmy25ray

    Great store!

  737. ganjatoke420

    honestly this is my favorite dispensary everyone that works there are dope and always ready to answer any questions you have. if you have never been here stop bye berner has the best bud in az

  738. tpruett6

    Reef is my go-to dispensary to pick up pre-rolls. They typically have strains I can’t find anywhere else and are the best prices around for a full gram.

  739. Lbrady713

    Came here because of the kk, and it lived up to the hype. Truly amazing bud and the staff was very friendly

  740. irish7

    I dont like the half hour wait after i select my meds. Meds are kick ass people are awesome. But waiting was just unnecessary when we choose our meds we should be able to leave. not be put back into a waiting room with 10 chairs and 30 people waiting. Was also very uncomfortable with the fact that kids are in waiting room. i recommend this place only if you have no where to go for atleast an hour.

  741. shaved4once20

    I’m #1 patiet by name. Randall. ira. jeff. second family. your loved

  742. stonerpenguin420

    Want other sativas besides DTH and leamonage the worst thing is that they are low shlf flower 🙁

  743. jac12up

    weird location but great dispensary!

  744. angelaconforti

    Awesome! Prices are fair and customer service is always fast!

  745. joshshaleen

    the folks at reef are astonishingly, very polite. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of service received at this shop.

  746. HazelBWag

    Always friendly and ready to help. Love the cheap prices

  747. shabrada

    Best customer service Jessica is one of the best people I have ever met the buds are the best I seen

  748. thraxinthetrap

    Great buds.
    Great service.
    Amazing pricing come down to queen creek

  749. AzClockwork

    only negative feedback on Reef is their waiting room. since there is barely any sound dampening items in the room, the music is louder and you can’t hear them while the talk thru the electric speaker. other than that, great place.

  750. WhiteThought

    Seems like the only place I go to these days for quality flower at every price point. Still hoping for more sativa options, drop a Durban on us please

  751. MrCup

    For a first time visit is well worth it, but I don’t think I will be back a third time. Brought a friend in with me to refer and was then told I would have to spend at least $25 to get a preroll for bringing someone new in and he had already spent $50.

  752. michaeljc

    I love coming here, always have the best buds, prices and staff.

  753. clynch90

    Went in around noon place as not super busy. I decided to use the expess lane and was in and out. Shelby helped me make a good choice between killer kush and purple sherbert afgooey. Very pleased with the product and service. This is my favorite dispensary as none of the others in the valley even compare to reef in any way.

  754. Allmoneyin3

    Man……reef despencary has some of the most attractive female employees! Awwwww man! Double the experience! Good bud , and attractive woman serving you! dY’dY3/4dY’dY3/4dY’dY3/4 I have no complaints about the ‘REEF’ keep doing ya thang!!!!! Salute..

  755. LJ9

    Amazing bud. Friendly, helpful staff. This place is out of my way, but well worth it. The prices are awesome. I will definitely be back.

  756. Kellygirl13

    This was my first time to The Reef dispensary. I was beyond impressed with my “bud tender” Ira. He was extremely knowledgeable about the products. He answered all my questions and I did not feel rushed like I often do at other dispensaries. I would highly recommend The Reef to everyone. I will be back for sure!

  757. Phildoh22

    Great prices great location

  758. SheilaKori

    best in town

  759. QCBIZZ

    I love everything about Reef. Their speedy “order for pick up” on line service is amazing, I’m in and out the door in under 2 minutes!!

  760. donyale123

    I must admit the quality of flower that I get out of the reef is excellent most excellent and the service is also most excellent

  761. isaac1010

    Been coming here since it opened always great deals on great products

  762. Brittbritt2316

    Kevin was awesome

  763. m42089

    Everything is good great prices an atmosphere an great meds. Major setback is understaffed an extremely long wait times. Expect to spend min of 30 min to an hour if not more to get any product.

  764. Writer2018

    Great Meds – always worth the drive… don’t settle for less

  765. CaliBredTokester

    dY$?”dYOE2dYtmOEdY3/4 The Products,
    dY$?’dY–dY3/4The Prices/Deals,
    dY~Z The Staff

  766. katie7780

    I really like this dispensary it is clean ,the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I will go back when in need and refer my friends cause this placeis awesome.

  767. Mario82

    Great atmosphere and informative staff. A added bonus…..the girls are super cute!!! So it’s a win-win in my opinion. You get quality product, at a cheap price, and cute girls to assist you with you medication. I’ve been to other dispensaries and the $25 eighths here are good strains. In my opinion, it’s always worth picking one when you go there.

  768. nick7347

    Very professional but friendly dispensary! Been there a few times now and love there budget shelf, very large selection as well. great for the southeast valley!

  769. shariedee

    Love this place!

  770. Dlong4875

    Finally a place that has good quality MMj for great prices- 25$ eights with tax included! Wish it was not so far away but that’s okay. Also like how they have the medicine in glass jars and not stufff in pre-packed bags!!! They need more 25$ select eithts thought or switch them around like Khalifa Kusk 🙂

  771. kburkardt

    I drive around 30 minutes each way to go to this dispensary when there is one less than 10 from me. Best dispensary in AZ, best prices around

  772. BrandonR30

    Love this place and the staff is awesome!! Definitely recommend

  773. brettb93

    First time here was a great experience, I drove an hour just to check it out and Ira was very helpful. I will definitely be going back.

  774. crazymamaRST

    this place is soo worth the drive!! great buds, good selection to choose from. VERY good prices right now as well. ( which i’m hoping lasts for awhile lol) will be coming here for awhile dY~SdY~SdY'”dY'”

  775. samtiva

    I drive past 3 dispensaries on my way to reef because they have quality flower at amazing prices.

  776. Shannonvillarreal

    Best location and prices!!!! Deal after deal !!!

  777. relawson05

    this place is amazing and very friendly! very helpful 🙂

  778. kojack47

    Only dispensary where the quality is still there with cheaper prices.

  779. freedomefighter

    Irie is the most knowledgable bud tender I have ever had! Great experience chill environment I will definitely be back for more top notch flower at reasonable prices !

  780. iiKielerv3

    Super nice location with a beautiful inside, the flower and budtenders are more then amazing

  781. 419smoker

    Best quality and service in phx

  782. Anthony1575

    Everytime I come in I get a great experience last time Dakota made sure I got everything I wanted and was the absolute best!!!

  783. gmr29590

    It was my first time ever visiting a dispensaries and Alexis made me feel comfortable, thank you.

  784. Travis18

    grate place my mom worked here

  785. 23Smoke420

    Dakota usually helps me and every time I’ve been pleased as I leave. I appreciate it Reef.

  786. magnoliafreak6

    Honestly, the first visit was great. The person who helped me was friendly and informative. I can’t remember his name but it started with a “J” and he was a big guy with a shaved head. Again, he was very friendly and welcoming and he took the time to answer my questions and even made some excellent recommendations. Every visit since I’ve unfortunately had the pleasure of being “helped” by an employee named Barry. Total 180 from the first employee who helped me. I’ve never felt more like a bother as a patient in my life. This guy is flat-out rude.

    I use medical marijuana for PTSD and this guy did nothing but exacerbate my symptoms. My experiences were so bad that after the last visit (where I was handed my Meds without so much as an “enjoy, come again,” (Nope, nothing. Utter silence and an a snobby glare.)I have decided that I will never go back to Reef again. I had even dropped some money and luckily another patient (and the nice employee who’d helped me on my first visit) pointed it out, because Barry, after wordlessly shoving me my Meds, was out the door but quick.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but other than my first, all my visits have been pretty uncomfortable and unpleasant. They lost a patient. I will not go there and I would discourage anyone else from goin there as well.

  787. benz420lb

    relax environment great meds
    Ira is awesome took the time to make sure I got the best stuff

  788. Stephmoney420

    Security is really cool and awesome service and product.

  789. pinklady420

    Cool jars! Good deals

  790. 80sKnight

    While prices are a little steep for the more premium strains, the product quality is unlike anything I’ve experienced in Arizona (the Fruit Salad will change your life!). Not the largest selection of flower but still a good variety of indica/sativa as well as prices. The collection of oil cartridges and edibles is huge, I was definitely impressed; their concentrate selection is beautiful as well but I haven’t tried them. I love knowing there is a dispensary close to my house and I can’t wait to Lee exploring their products.

  791. Dallin11

    love the place the people and,then experience

  792. anissamerida

    This place is my favorite, it’s close to home they have awesome deals and I love their strains they carry!

  793. donnaomalleystonedaf

    Reef dispensary is a terrific dispensary. With quick check ins and short wait times. The bud tenders are always helpful. The place is very clean & products very well displayed for easy purchase. The $5. Pre rolls are always great! I would highly recommend Reef Dispensary to all!

  794. telly92

    This my favorite place to get my medsdY'”dY'” always good deals nd great strainsdY’-

  795. Cruz_missile

    This place is always top nothch! The bed tenders are always awesome. Go see Ira down there if your having a bad day his comedy is sure to lift you up

  796. couch.killer

    lowest prices in the east valley. my number one stop for $5 pre rolls and $25 1/8th. staff is always friendly and knowledgeable.

  797. smonkwed420

    Great prices and great quality. Killer deals on concentrate. My go to spot

  798. dylolsen23

    Top quality meds forsure!! Best dispensary in Arizona! Staff is super polite and are quick! Don’t ever have to wa