Health for Life Ellsworth

Leafly Pickup is available



7343 S 89th Place, Mesa, AZ 85212


33.28197, -111.6395217




8:59 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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**New Patient Deal**
– BOGO up to an 1/8th of Flower, 1 Gram of MPX Concentrate (Including Sauce), OR a 500mg MPX Cartridge.

**Eligible Discounts**
– Seniors(5%), Veterans(5%), Disability(5%) , and Dispensary Agents(20%).

CASH/DEBIT – We have an ATM on site($2 FEE) and A DEBIT TERMINAL at the register ($5 FEE).
(Tax is NOT included on menu pricing)

Located on Pecos and Ellsworth right off 89th Place in Mesa, Arizona. Look for the A-Frame Sign 🙂
7343 South 89th Place
Mesa, AZ 85212

Front Desk Phone: (480) 888 – 0247

Health For Life is known for its friendly staff and comfortable environment. Welcome Home!


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1,600 reviews for “Health for Life Ellsworth

  1. ryan53417

    I have been 100% satisfied with the service, compassion, and medicine here. I have been to other centers and now that I have found Health for Life I will not be going anywhere else for my meds.

  2. Charweezyv23

    when I first went in I was very anxious and everyone there was very helpful and understanding. they helped make me feel alot more comfortable.

  3. NoFearChopper

    Always buy a shake over there because of cheaper to burn up the dollars dY’u

    Also I found other place Pre-roll only $5 and all stains only $8-10 a G, you should do that too.

  4. thorton719

    picked up some blueberry muffin H4L flower the other day and it was the best ever. It’s a must try.

  5. SammieG

    AVOID this location & visit their sister instead in North Mesa!!

    There was an incident a few months back where I called ahead to ask about the special of the day, prior to making the 30 min drive. Used specific key words like aEURoeBuy 2 Get 1 freeaEUR and aEURoeFree for allaEUR where you get to choose which daily special you want. I get there & they ring me up & of course it’s not the price I’m used to & asked about the special. That’s when I’m told that that wasn’t today’s special. But had I came the day before or come back the following day, I could get that special…

    This made me very angry because the girl would not admit fault. She confronted me & said her & I never exchanged the information listed above.

    I left a voicemail with all the details, and never got a follow up call. I will NEVER return to this location!!

  6. ZenPuppy

    One of my newest go-to dispensaries. Their MPX live resin product is VERY good and priced very competitively. They also have cartridges of #kind and #theclear. The new patient discount is available at each store separately.

  7. RebaBeba

    Being my first time, the staff walked me thru everything. They were nice and polite, knowledgeable. The shop was clean. They had much to choose from. I will definitely be going back. Two thumbs up!

  8. Slhlwd1

    The customer service was very good. They took their time to educate me on all products. I do wish however they would expand their selection of vap devices. I would recommend to a friend.

  9. stefan480

    great bud for you value

  10. Hot420Daddy

    this is the first and only dispensary I’ve ever been to. it’s everything I imagined a dispensary would be. everyone’s super chill, it’s open all the time, excellent selection, the prices are great especially cuz it’s all good ish. it is seriously like a peek into utopia. if I was damned to spend eternity in AZ then at least I know I’d be healthy for life east. also I entered in this username as a joke cuz I never thought I’d use this account to post anything but I <3 health for life east so much that I had to post. "why not just create a new account?" a person may ask. you know what I'd tell that person? Go to Health for Life East.

  11. crosenthal

    This is the only place I go…great service great products…

  12. kickroxbiitch

    wonderful location, Jessica helped me on my first time ever in a dispensary and she was so helpful and knowledgeable I’ll definitely be coming back. 🙂

  13. hippie.chic


    Sometimes you get a good budtender here, and other times, not so. The manager who worked this location for awhile never seemed to like his job, or maybe he just doesn’t like people. When this location first opened, it was great. But as they expanded, they changed. 🙁

    And the lobby is among the smallest in the valley.

  14. jacen2

    there’s no other place is rather go to than health for life ! the service is great ! the flower , concentrated is
    amazing! I just wanna say thank you for the good service

  15. Sprky22


  16. Dmcamden

    My go-to favorite place! I’ve been in a lot of dispensaries and by far H4L is my hands down favorite place. The product is awesome! Everyone I have ever encountered there is knowledgeable and friendly. This will always be my first choice. Thanks guys!

  17. dvsninja1

    Ellsworth and Pecos.I’ve been to alot of dispensaries. This is my new favorite. Staff was super cool and the meds are great. can really smell the strain.

  18. Chrislegare28

    Love these guys they know there shit when it comes to answering questions . great group of people to talk to and the meds are always top notch.

  19. Rejetta

    Been coming for months. Great selection, knowlegdable crew, and quality products often available throughout the week at a discount depending on the day. Ill always be coming back =D!

  20. Steven2raw

    only negative aspect about this place is the tax. There prices don’t include it like other locations. Other than that 5/5

  21. SHarmsen1

    Great Staff!

  22. bknoll

    Great customer service, friendly and informative.

  23. 4anon2ymous0

    I love H4L!

  24. codyb85

    love this place. always have a great experience with h4l

  25. aaron12341

    All i really have to say is everyone at health for life is a straight bad ass, there all nice and will actually talk about there flowers and glass with you. I picked up on some fire papas jr. and papas OG dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkk let me tell you that lol smokes great!!!!! cherries dankly !!!!!! lol anyways i will come here again and again..and last but not least that somango was a lil harsh out of my zob but it did its job 🙂 thanks again guys!!!!!!

  26. trishahippie

    The staff here made my first time visit to a dispensary a great experience. All questions answered and the help and guidance I received was incredibly fun and assuring. Thank you!

  27. Yaahhoo

    just saying quality has not been there for the price of top shelf 3 strains only next day it’s on the bottom shelf I just payed top shelf price for mine so I say if you like paying for a 45 dollar 8th that’s dry with sticks this is the place to go

  28. ace4yrn

    Love this place not along wait !!

  29. oceanemerald

    This place was your average AZ dispensary. The meds were actually kind of old and not that great for reg donation rate. definitely not 20% stuff. good service but not worth the donation rate.

  30. buttcyst

    every time I go to h4l, the atmosphere is always comfortable, staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. Still the only place I have found that does not pre-package their flower. thumbs up

  31. kiiinnggme23

    Great place i recommend going here .

  32. Loamj

    Excellent customer service. Great products, I will visit again. They treat new patients well, and have discounts for new patients!

  33. Tdrivera

    simply awesome. from the phone operator/front desk, budtenders, managers, just simply amazing. fairly a regular here and they never disappoint. have seen a lot of changes the time I have been going to H4L and all of them positive, keep it rollin guys 😀

  34. macprincess

    Really disappointed in the THC syringes. At $75 a gram, it is far inferior to ‘clear’ featured at other locations for the same price. The thin co2 distillate is hard to push through the syringe without way too much coming out and I lost 1/4 gram all over my bed in the learning curve. You wanted $100 for thc distillate (clear) with no flavor. When it’s $65-70 every where else, with flavor. I had heard you now featured VAPEN clear, but was no where to be found. GG#4 was fire. Which saved the review. Just disappointed I spent so much on co2 before realizing how subpar it is. Guess that’s on me. I’ll be back…for flower. Lol.

  35. sunsetsNblunts

    I LOVE when my buddy Keith is on the floor!! Always puts me at ease remembers what I like so I always get the best flowers for my pain and bitchiness.. He’s awesome always smiling & upbeat. You ROCK

  36. cottonmouth116

    Great place. Great atmosphere. People are knowledgeable and helpful. No better place to go in East Mesa.

  37. Jessicabiggs480

    great service. and plenty of choices.
    flower is very good quality. this is my #1 choice

  38. zfwillia

    Fantastic customer service and medication.

  39. varney223

    Everything is amazing at this place! I just don’t recommend phone orders! Have messed mine up two times now and have had to drive all the way back out there from aj and wait again! Think they would ya least ice you something for your time and mistake

  40. dbrown3

    My favorite dispensary! Have great meds, great deals, and even better people!

  41. bammsmokealot420

    shopped here a few times would recommend that you guys check out you’ll love the people and marry the meds check them out

  42. connorpassante

    The best place to go for any sort of concentrate! They are on top of the game

  43. Spapa

    Exemplary Dispensary, the Gold Green Standard of dispensaries. Best practice business model and incredible personnel and customer service training. You will notice every visit you are listened too carefully by staff who ask non-judgmental clarifying questions to assist you to get what you need. Lenae, Marina, Sean, Keith, Michael, Brandon, Kelly, John, thank you for who you are. H4L: excellent products, bright pleasant contactful staff, classy enterprise.

  44. bri3710

    this is the absolute BEST dispensary I have ever been to. the employees are so cool, friendly, and patient, the atmosphere is very welcoming and the quality of the flower/concentrate/edibles etc. always exceeds my expectations. thank you Health For Life!

  45. Islandboyfiji

    Awesome location not too far from home. Always great help n quality buds. Thanks

  46. Diddatree

    Little more on the more costly side I feel. Put meds in plastic/foil bags, that to me seals my crumbs, kief, shake. Otherwise they got this granddaddy purp cartridge. Ohhh wow as for pain good thing I wasn’t working I went a lol heavy accidentally Cos it was some good shit. Tasted really fruity too like fruity pebbles. They got that on point and I’ll definitely be back for more of that GDP, rather it’s n a cartridge again of good ole waxy wax or the flower the stuff was perfect for me

  47. cakelady

    Okay what can I say about health for life. Simply put amazing. I have never heard anybody complain I have zero complaints. I love the bud tenders. Always super helpful and knowledgeable

  48. Raduckl

    Great place! Wonderful staff and great meds. On my way there now!


    Great easy quick location to get some fire meds! the budtenders are all well knowledgeable about the products.

  50. cari

    Once again H4L East has amazed me with the fabulous service, the employees are both friendly and knowledgeable, the best flower it is always fresh & great smelling . my most favorite place besides home is H4Least

  51. beeson235143

    Sorry my last review should of been all five star. setting record straight. just go they are awesome.

  52. osbornmark

    Love the new price points, you should have more specials on flower, and not just bottom of the barrel specials.

  53. Motherif6

    The guy was rude, this was my first time time as I just got my card. I am elliptic and need CBD will not go back!

  54. msayer1995

    Very knowledgable staff! Excellent quality flower! Superb first time experience. Will defiantly be coming back to fill my meds.

  55. lmw91679

    Great place. Good shatter selection and good prices.

  56. wdyer00

    First I want to say the atmosphere is nice the service is nice, the highest top shelf should be mid grade. Their green is very leafy and their highest testing green was not strong at all, I went there for the honey oil and when I got home I was very disappointed. I feel I paid way too much for a half gram, for the quality it should cost maybe $10. I would not recommend the store to anyone, and I hope nobody buys that so called honey oil it’s a huge rip off and a waste of money. Sorry to be so negative but I’m only telling the truth.

  57. sarahlea93

    This is one of my favorite dispensaries to go to! Awesome atmosphere and people!

  58. AceBoogie0102

    First time going in and I was hooked up!! 20% discount on my total sale, a free t shirt, a free gram, a curing jar, and not to mention some amazing medicine. The kong is legit enough said.

  59. zippers1


  60. Grick

    Amazing staff! The information on CBD was awesome! Couldn’t have asked for anything better at this Deli style location! They even had me out the door with a few free bees for the first time visit! Thanks again!

  61. timhern66861

    I love this place. I can always just go get a special kind of pre-roll for that special kind of night, bad day, good day or just wanna sit back and relax, they always have my back!

  62. prouddaddy268

    First time in got the Chem dawg concentrate and let me tell you I’ve been to places all over the valley east and west and I like the concentrate here the most, 1-3 dabs and I’m done AWESOME

  63. dewbie420

    so HFL is one of my favorite shops, but the management who opened with it and the new management are completely unapproachable. the new blonde lady whos the new manager (who you rarely see or talk to) is very rude and unprofessional. When they opened I was welcomed as if ive been a patient for years, but now I cant even get a hello. But the staff and budtenders are knowledgeable and very friendly! Keith is usually the main tender, laid back and pretty funny, but the other tenders can realte to you as well.. but all in all management should step it up and go out of their way to make a patient welcome.

  64. JSSwife

    everyone was soooo helpful!! first timer and I felt really listened to! definitely be back!!

  65. motherofdragons01

    Keith was amazing as always!!! He took the time to show me the juices on special & give me a little more information. He has helped me multiple times and is great! Thank you so much for having an amazing, welcoming staff & great products!

  66. CL312

    Kinda pissed I just spent 10 bucks on a pre roll that’s not even close to half full?? this isn’t a common thing for you guys id hope… not a great visit. cheap

  67. amok187

    This place is amazing!!! Fresh Flowers, amazing selection, amazing customer service, awesome prices..definitely am going back!!!

  68. Hednclouds

    Great location great people. For a video review, visit

  69. turokhunter89

    great staff great buds awesome price’s and amazing place i always shop here

  70. OnetrueOneil

    Very easy, very quick via pick up. Knowledgeable and helpful, great variety of products. To value for your dollars.

    And, they improved the ATM machine, it’s way faster and cheaper now.

    I will continue to recommend this place. 5 stars!

  71. franciscoverde

    Great service as usual. Picked up a cavi cone and some delicious blue dream. One of the best dispensaries in the valley.

  72. FAMS420

    went for the first time. staff was very helpful, deli picked Budds. island sweet skunk pre roll had me on point:)

  73. kowhite11

    Very helpfull and knowledgeable!. Returning is a high possibility! !!

  74. JohnnyGotem

    good quality meds great service

  75. gimmy420

    love everything about this place . always have good deal.

  76. carefreeangi

    H4L is the place to go for some great Green Crack. Always love there buy 2 eighths get one free. So far have not been disappointed.

  77. pattitime2


  78. LaTiNaBaRbIe1992

    OMG! Do these people EVER stop smiling? 🙂
    I ABSOLUTELY will never find myself at another dispensary besides #H4LAZ just because of the friendly service, new remodel (which is fabulous BTW) && there product is just as great!! I’m telling you!..I am a Concentrate Queen myself but there flower is ridiculous! The Funk by #H4LAZ is some Grade A++++.
    I will keep driving 30 minutes out of my way to medicate with their product. Thank you #Kyle for your fast && friendly service !
    Stay a+’

  79. GloBoyEdries420

    The blueberry muffin Caviar was really good and I was high the whole night definitely Goins back for Some more

  80. GreenSerenity

    excellent concentrates, best in the east valley. would definitely recommend this clinic whether you are looking for shatter, crumble, ice or sugar wax. very friendly staff.

  81. chrislegare72

    love this place and the people

    wicked cool .meds are top notch .

  82. Esummerdayz

    I Love the “crew” at H4L!!! everyone is so friendly!! I would definitely consider myself a “regular”. 🙂

  83. sativahippie

    first time in like the atmosphere, staff was nice and very grateful. like how it’s a deli style and how everything is set up as far as products go. and patients are nice to. love the location. be back soon

  84. NeedsMeSpinach

    If you’re going to change the hours and pricing maybe you should have the staff to support it?? I went there a little after 9 o’clock probably 9:15 didn’t leave until after 10 on a Monday morning…patients were getting visibly frustrated with the wait time…how do you guys expect to see more patients a day if you don’t have the staff to accommodate? very disappointed with the service today you guys are better than that…I hope the kinks get worked out ..

  85. Thiswitchylife

    Loved the gdp. Please get it back!

  86. triippy12asr

    awesome location!!! wide selection and will be coming back!!!

  87. Kat92801

    I was a first time patient and they were very nice and helpful. I look forward to returning.

  88. shocker21

    Now that they have co2 wax, game changing. Seems to be way stronger than any concentrates I have tried. I give the service a 3, because you have to wait in the lobby. Rating by comparison of peer dispensaries where you can walk up to a window and pay as soon as you find what you want. Sometimes 1-1 service isn’t necessary and it should be optional. Waiting in the lobby for extended periods of time is not fun, especially if you have had to drive 8 miles to get there.

  89. herdfam

    love the quality and service location is great people are great atmosphere always wonderful and I’ll going thanks

  90. watercolor

    Love the place and the weed

  91. cobrion11

    I made my first visit a few weeks ago and I’m going back today after work because my experience was that good. Bud tenders were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Not only did they give me a 20% discount but I walked away with some new strains that definitely worked as advertised.

  92. mrsstone420

    Health for Life has the coolest staff and they all know their meds for sure. Their edible selection is amazing and fits any tolerance level. I’m a regular there specifically for their shatter. It’s top quality concentrate! (they even have awesome glass!!)

    Always recommending them and giving out cards when I can.

  93. kerstenj

    This dispensary is the BEST!!! They always have a great variety of meds and they are weighed out in front of you. All the staff is extremely nice and professional. Caleb, one of the employees there, is especially amazing!! He is so knowledgeable about all of the meds they carry and he always gives you his honest opinion. He always trims long stems before weighing and is simply a joy to talk to. You will not be disappointed if you go to this dispensary, especially if Caleb services you!

  94. mjholiday

    First visit,like this location.will make this my dispensary.;}

  95. Kushaid

    first time at this location. flower is ok but the concentrate selection is better and have good prices. staff was super friendly

  96. Ren218

    This is my go to place. Great staff, great product, and great pricing.

  97. Mplsozzy

    Great place, cool people. Edibles and smoke are the best!! Definitely will be back!!

  98. Mary Jane

    Love this place! Super awesome staff! Keith helped me find the best way to help with my pain management, and it totally has helped! I couldn’t be more thankful! This place is amazingly informative and seem to really care about their patients and not the all mighty dollar!

  99. Phephe

    The employees were friendly and helpful. Everyone was very knowledgeable and could help with my specific needs. Definitely going back!

  100. marcus555

    Great atmosphere and very knowledgeable, and professional staff. They understand my needs. I recommend to anyone. and I have gone back several times. primarily because of location and customer service.

  101. hound09fan

    great people, great product, excellent service and quality

  102. kmd212

    love this place, its clean, and the workers are knowledgeable, honest and helpful. not to mention the meds and the specials
    thanks Kim D

  103. Sonofabrokenman

    I am so glad to have this spot so close.The quality of the erbs is superb, perfect burn, taste and buzz. im old school and still smoke flower in a bowl, going here snap a small nug pack a bowl
    knock knock, whos there?
    wasted head, Wasted head who, go here and youll be a wasted head too.
    help out the heads. lower the bud to 5 a g. thank you.

  104. Booped

    Worth the drive from my place. Great people.

  105. azautotech

    I’ve appreciated the service and helpfulness from this place since the first day, always a no rush, what do you need vibe, always help you get the most bang for your buck, I appreciate businesses who appreciate customers!

  106. DreamCheeze

    Was referred by a friend. Great atmosphere and good service.

  107. gvujtech

    Visited Health For Life for the first time today. Was really impressed! Staff was courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. The facility was clean and well maintained. Never felt pressured or anything like that. Prices also seemed reasonable, if not a little better than some other dispensaries.

    To think…all this within 5 minutes of my Gilbert home! I will definitely be back, and have already recommended them to some of my friends in the area!

  108. xBabyyxDollx420

    Amazing place, beautiful high quality flower and great vibes with excellent service, only the best.

  109. jakobe42

    location nice i was a 1st time guest and never got or was told bout my free that was a disappointment

  110. Dmas

    Today was my first visit to H4L and Torin was kind enough to assist me. He was very patient in explaining and showing me all of the strains that would best benefit my needs. He also took the time to explain in detail, the vaporizer I was getting. The product line that this dispensary has is quite extensive. The facility itself is very neat, clean and professional looking. Overall, the staff was very friendly and welcoming. I am quite certain that I will be returning.

  111. nanaterry

    The staff were incredibly sensitive to my needs and curiosity about a dispensary. The facility is very clean and welcoming. There was no pressure and everyone explained the processes and the benefits of each type. One of the most relaxing ‘first time’ experiences in any type of shopping experience. I will be back and definitely recommend this location to anyone looking for knowledgeable and friendly service.

  112. Osuchin

    absolutely love this place and all its staff. I’m not sure the guys name but he has a shaved head and was employee of the month and is one of the coolest people I’ve met.

  113. gizzle357

    Great place for good concentrates and definitely continue to come

  114. melissa1

    love going to health for life. would recommend of you have never been

  115. ThisOneDuude

    Great service and the prices aren’t that bad. A little tax but overall worth the quality

  116. Orientalmexican

    Have gone to many dispensaries during my 3 years of being a medical patient. I feel like Health for Life provides quality medication and knowledge about their product is something that they always have.

  117. ortnec

    Service was lacking with the last visit. The tall bald guy just stood there… No advice, no suggestions and one word answers. They weigh it in front of you, but you can’t see the scale anymore.

    Meds are good. I guess that’s the most important thing.

  118. ripperfan

    Great staff and awesome meds

  119. Chris4200

    Great service, recommend

  120. smokinprincess

    Health for life is a great dispensary! They recently changed up their patient specials and have even more amazing deals!!

    The MPX oil is always amazing! Great flavors, and a great price!!

    Thank you for always making me feel welcome and part of the H4L family

  121. MrReviewer

    Always the best…… Their concentrates are better then any around seriously if people aren’t tying them they need to…..

  122. surtiny

    well what can I say I gotta give h4l cultivator props on this got sum of there white widow master kush was not to shabby if I don’t say so myself. luv the taste the onset was all slow but when it hit it hits I had no worries. and I’m luving what there doing to the place the new look is looking great.

  123. Kryptonic1

    Amazing product, service and Store!! Always have great deals, friendly and helpful staff. Thanks Keith, Chris and Wendal!!

  124. Kenzier1017

    MPX is the best and the staff at H4L is the best! I’ll go out of my way to stop by here!

  125. Shat1c

    Amazing place!

  126. wossamatta22

    Great place. Awesome staff. Always friendly and a great selection too.


  127. ladeeinredd

    I love this place! Great stop on the way home from work if you live in QC or STV.

  128. gevans1117

    customer appreciation is legit! Can’t wait for my ounce!

  129. tjstephe

    It’s perfect just wish they had full grams of concentrate instead if having to buy two halfs. Greenpharms has full grams which is why I go there for concentrates now. Hope to see something new come from the concentrates.

  130. blazinclipsy420

    Nice helpful great flower and consintrates

  131. coreyba

    I have been to the med. disp. several times. All I can say is AMAZING. They have helpful and knowledgeable staff, not mention beautiful ladies and like I said amazing products all together.

  132. Dose70s

    A little out of the way, but definitely recommended. Good selection, high quality flower, reasonable prices, generous specials. They also weigh and bag your buds in front of you from the actual jars they offer for inspection (this makes or breaks a dispensary IMHO as otherwise you’re rolling the dice on the quality you will actually receive). Friendly budtenders and staff as well. Worth the drive!

  133. bigredsmoker1

    I love this place! The people are super friendly and polite. The hours plus the prices are great!

  134. azrondean

    Had a great experience here. love the professional atmosphere here. I will be back.

    Thank you,

    Ron Emerson.

  135. SleepingKnight

    I absolutely love HFL. The entire staff is helpful and very well educated. The daily deals are great and a good price. The product and staff are second to none.

  136. BrandonGreen

    Got helped by Kyle today, very friendly and knowledgeable. Love this place!

  137. Crzynut

    Staff is friendly helpful and knowledgeable.

  138. xXxShortiexXx

    First time coming in and everyone was super awesome, I got a tour of their selection and a really great price ^-^ thanks guys dY’s

  139. Queenlove

    Good people!

  140. nylamarie14

    they are awesome always go back

  141. Alexismarquette

    Great pricing, customer service, flower, and edibles.

  142. gregbags

    Budtenders always great! Love your Blue Dream! Keep it up!

  143. AshFulch87

    Never had any issues. Great service and friendly staff. Lots of varieties to choose from and great prices. Definitely would recommend. dY’

  144. diz1117

    So satisfied with this place so friendly!

  145. junior2414

    They have a good amount of different strains with good pricing

  146. emmasue44

    I love coming to this place. The employees are so awesome! Keith always helps me find the best meds when I don’t know what to get! The med quality is beyond amazing!! You can’t help walk out of there with a smile on your face.

  147. natertots1985

    I want more DISNEY OG!!!! Good god that stuff was great!!!

  148. skittles420

    great and wonderful dispensary awesome staff excellent meds

  149. dove17

    Jessica was very informative and patient with my questions.Her experience with recommendations was helpful.

  150. usssolle

    This is my fair honest review of this dispensary as I walk into a blank white room with the TV on the wall magazines on the desk. I feel unwelcome as I give the front person my ID and I sadly wait for my turn to be called. My name is called and I enter a big white room with no excitement and jars on the wall as I get close I want to go look at all of them to see what I’m looking at like a buffet. I was politely asked that I was not allowed to look at what their inventory was stand behind the counter please.stand at a distance so you can’t see the inventory you have to ask one by one to see them, and you’re going to see it without a magnifying glass very unprofessional. The thing I don’t understand is that this is a retail establishment aimed to let say your a number now gimme your money on lower quality Meds at 60 1/8. Will I go there again?
    Yes for location in Queen Creek.

  151. skyhigh33


  152. tstephens2208

    This dispensary was my first. I still love picking up my meds here because of the staff.

  153. BLUNTLADY23

    I was referred by one of my Gf to go and see Rob and have him help me with my issues. I was a little uneasy explaining my female issues with some guy that i have never even met, but went for it anyways and wow, I was blown away at how much info he had for me on the different types of mmj and what it is used for. Everything he sold me was in fact what i needed and had been not able to get at other dispensaries. Def will refer my friends to Health for Life and to see the easy on your eyes Rob! lol

  154. stonerhippiechick23

    I actually don’t mind the drive. there location is great, easy to find. I enjoy the staff, they are always friendly. I love their prices, and sometimes, when the #MesaNorthHealthForLife doesn’t have a strain I want & I check #MesaEast and they have the strain I want I drive right over! <3 keep up the great work guys!!

  155. blazinjason

    Excellent bud, service, and prices. I also enjoy the drive out there, very nice environment.

  156. ReneeChristensen48

    I moved from WA where I had access to the best medicine and great staff. I went to several valley locations and now that I discovered Health for Life Mesa East…I don’t go anywhere else. Excellent products and friendly staff that are great about explaining meds based on a person’s condition and needs..they get to know you and suggest helpful products. Chris provides a high level of great customer service..very friendly and well as the rest of the staff. I also like their rewards program and daily specials & deals. You will not be disappointed!

  157. uknowit

    Man, this place has gone downhill! Now the apathetic drones that work there act like they’re doing you a favor by waiting on you, and they don’t seem to know much about the strains, potencies, effects, origins or additives. And the budtenders would always weigh out anywhere from 0.1 to 0.3 more per gram as goodwill. Now if they weigh out 0.01 too much they take some away! Madness! And before you could look at and smell the bud in the jars. Not anymore. I can’t speak to the quality of the flower since I havent used any yet. I can only hope that it hasn’t gone down as well. They also don’t update their menu on Leafly very often. Two flowers that were appearing on Leafly today had been out since yesterday. Will not be going back.

  158. Happycat6613

    Thank for the awesome flower you have. The budtenders are all great.

  159. Tbone19

    great place awesome meds and even better people

  160. Appychickww

    Quick but quality service. Good selections,friendly staff,and phenomenal location!

  161. jloop23

    probably one of my favorites that I have been to so far. they have a great selection of concentrates. and a wonderful informative staff. highly recommend

  162. Peachspet

    They truly are one of the best in the east valley, for me I perfer to call the budtenders – budologists. Because there is so much more to MMJ releif, even with severe dental issues, flower has helped me keep up my appitite before I can go to the dental academy for help. ;-( (‘-‘(`~

  163. DizzieBeanz

    Finally found a shop that is close to perfect! Thank you Kimberly for the tour and taking the extra time with a newbie like me. I am loving my CBD Oral Spray and that Malana Hindu preroll. These guys are very well educated, treated me like family on the first visit and SO COOL! I want a job there! Thanks again Kim, you were right about the Qrazy Train!

  164. Jayknows

    this location is the BEST hands down in the east valley. Great low prices with quality meds. My first visit i received 20% my entire order and a free preroll dY’OE.They always have specials everyday that knocks the competition out of water. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable having you leave as feeling if you were VIP. I felt like other dispensaries were taking advantage with long then needed wait times , charging more for low quality bud. The down fall of ratings on this app is that people rate 5 stars so they get a free preroll. I did not get offered anything to write this review. I wrote this because they truly deserve the 5* rating and as a Thank you for the great service and great prices for good med without breaking the bank. Bye other dispensaries found one I’m sticking with for good

  165. Rocckett444

    First timer, didn’t know what to expect. Was very nice and informative. Will definitely be my go to place. Great prices, staff and atmosphere.

  166. falconsandfatties

    I had a great experience here. They were low on mess which had to have something to do with the quality. I was informed that there is usually much better selection. All together very happy with this place.

  167. SeantheJeweler

    First time here felt very welcome upon entering and they had me in within minutes. Rose was very helpful with showing me around and explained everything they had in stock as well as showing me the flower they had in stock. I picked up some Sugar Cookies which was top notch. Even gave me a free pre roll for my first visit. Would go back again.

  168. jonr420

    Great wax and friendly staff gonna recommend this place to all my friends

  169. oakazdude

    Health for life is the bomb dot com. The staff is great and patient. They dont care if your buying a gram or a half, they take the time to help you. Keith and Nathan are very knowledgable along with the rest of the staff and always seems to have your best interest in mind. For a Upbeat, friendly, positive atmosphere, with high quality meds this is the place for you.

    lv out enough said

    by the way grab some jilly bean good stuff there grow.

  170. kiwi51666

    i love hfl!!! i would recommend it to anyone who is in need of relief. I love the staff, atmosphere and quality of the product. the store is emmaculate. Happy Holidays !

    Kim Morgan

  171. kiayanna

    my new go to shop! as a newbie I got a warm welcome, guy explained everything and answered all my questions. going back again soon great first time special! a~+a~+a~+a~+a~+

  172. clueless.sue

    Very clean.. Meds always good.. Staff always happy, always helpful, always look forward to coming in.. Awesome place & the only place we go!

  173. DanHitchcock

    I am a new medical marijuana patient and I went to this location and could not be any happier. I don’t know very much about strains and concentrates and whatnot and the guy who was taking care of me was so helpful and kind that it made the whole experience amazing. He explained the differences of the strains to me asked me what I was using marijuana for and suggested the best thing for me to try. 100% satisfied!

  174. stoneywelder

    Great place! Got a free pre roll and 20% off for it being my first time.

  175. Longville

    Visited today for my first time and I am very happy with my purchases. I had tried other places on the recommendations of my friends but I should have explored on my own. This place is my number 1. Now I have an awesome place I can recommend. Right here Bro!

  176. joshe910

    After having an amazing experience with the north location I went to this east Mesa location expecting the same experience. Unfortunately I was disappointed. My budtender seemed very rushed the whole visit. I asked questions that he did not know the answer to which is fine except that he made no effort to ask anyone else to try and help me. There was a point at the end where prior to him running my card I asked him to stop because I saw something else I was in to, he stopped answered my question half-assed then went ahead and ran my card. Bottom line for me is that I will drive farther to have a better experience and a deeper menu to purchase off.

  177. jayy83

    Best dispensary in town

  178. junior408ca

    great new location. always great medicine an friendly staff

  179. jpolve

    everyone is always friendly and helpful. they always have good deals

  180. bmwiggin

    I’ve had a half of Health For Life’s Co2 honey oil before, and was shorted almost .2 of just water.. My second time visiting, one of my half grams of shatter was shorted almost a whole point. They short. and that’s unprofessional, they have good meds but you aren’t going to get what u donated on

  181. Jb7hansen

    I have been coming here for 5 years!! My top pick to go anywhere….until now. I will be re thinking before I come here again. So disappointed!!!!! I came for flower, got home and realized the old gentlemen gave me the wrong one as I had just opened to smell it. I called and went all the way back to find out they wouldn’t swap cuz I opened the bag. Thanks dude. You cost me a whole 1/8th because you couldn’t make it right!!!! Disappointed!!! Sincerely Brea!!

  182. dougiestache

    The meds are typically 4 star, and availability is usually 5 stars. Lost a ton when some bonehead stole a loyalty stamp and a bunch of cards. I really like that they store in big jars on the shelf, and package to order. Disappointed in the staffing changes over the last year and a half….Kinda miss the eye candy, especially the hottie with the short red hair….

  183. dlawson81

    I love this location and all the ppl that work here! H4L has the best edibles. I can always count on them for the best deals. David always takes good care of me. thanks H4L YOU ROCK

  184. kushking23

    went in friday and it was packed and all i kept thinking is 1 hour plus but i was in and out in 15 mins the staff was awesome very Professional and Educated, Rob was helping me and i have no idea the name off the top but was spot on with the relief i received for Chronic pain, I like they all are patients he stated so they know their medication will definitely try concentrates never had co2 he said was way cleaner and healthier. also the store is so clean like a Gourmet Pot shop!!

  185. Jonese3

    I had a wonderful experience. Would love to go again.

  186. toonz0325

    Great FLOWER AND nice staff

  187. Mickey

    Excellent selection and knowledgable staff. Totally recommend!

  188. grandmanaz63

    quick and they had a great selection to choose from

  189. TToesRS

    love this place and will continue to be a regular customer

  190. eds23

    Awesome spot for us in the east valley. Nice staff and great prices. Smoking on Jesus OG fire!

  191. Stephwski

    Love this Dispensary and location! Best staff ever!
    Love the top shelf!!!

  192. donnaomalleystonedaf

    Health for life Ellsworth is a terrific dispensary. The place is very clean & products are very well displayed for easy purchase. The bud tenders are always very helpful. The $5. Pre rolls are terrific. Always a pleasant experience ! I would highly recommend health for life Ellsworth to all !

  193. Curious420777

    This dispensary is set up so nice… The staff was so knowledgeable… And I love that you can pre-order… Definitely coming back!…

  194. ashleyjeanae

    Best deals on bud from ANY dispensary a$?i, Amazing staff, such as Chris, Rose, Bryan, and Carina will make this place feel like home! I’ve been coming to h4l since I got my card and I will continue to come for as long as I have it. This place is my fav. dY’-aoe”

  195. hxcgreps

    Quick, affordable, and great quality.

  196. Dest8485

    Girls workings there’s inpatient rude!

  197. chriskjorstad

    Awesome staff!!

  198. brittney.ivanov

    Always stop by health for life when I’m in the east valley. Their customer service and meds are outstanding!!!

  199. Morghulis

    FTP and first dispensary visit as a new patient. Awesome professional atmosphere. No sketchiness which was great. The bud that I saw was not the prettiest, but all had fantastic smells. Got some blueberry muffin and it’s great! redhead OG was awesome as well! Small Buds but awesome deals and they work great! My only downside would be maybe that they have to dry the bud a bit more. Most seemed kind of moist ish.

  200. Mystro313

    Has the best staff in the valley hands down.. very knowledgeable and informative budtenders.. and by the way TRY THE GREEN CRACK

  201. themccloskey

    Good spot for meds!

  202. cengstrom

    This is the best place to shop. I really like how they weigh it on the spot. Rose is an awesome resource, she knows what shes talking about, she’s very courteous. Excellent employee

  203. Sintaya

    This was my frist stop after recieving my MMJcard.I should of wrote this sooner This is a review of all 3 times combined i have had the pleasure of coming here.These budtenders know thier stuff.Just a wonderful experience all around!I will always come here as it has become one of my top fav’s to go to.If your not happy they will make it right as in they will work with you if say you got some meds and they seem not to work well call them with any problems they will help.Such caring wonderful staff not fake like some places.5+ in my book.

  204. jsp2

    The store front was top notch. The gentleman who helped me was very knowledgable and helped me find exactly what I needed. The meds were some of the best quality I’ve purchased to date and I’ve been a card holder for 3 years. I will definitely make this my go to spot. Thanks!!!

  205. hmu3


  206. mikethemanimal

    Professional and great Meds

  207. sabbath

    first time in WOW!!! nice place love that you weigh out the meds in front of me good knowledge about the meds friendly staff this is an all around good dispensary the BOGO W O W what a deal keep up the good work and remember price and deals will keep people like me who live far away coming in on a regular basis PEACE!

  208. 89kbkiller

    the Blueberry Muffins live resin smells and taste just like blueberry muffin it’s crazy best tasting live resin. i come here for the oils anyways

  209. JustinMC

    Very clean and friendly staff. They always have a great selection. This is the ONLY place I go!

  210. RamMcc

    I like health for life a lot except their prices they do have a great deal menu now I’m lucky and live close so I can stop by whenever that teamed with quality in flower always its my number one stop let’s get some better concentrate deals going tho $25 dollars grams in west phx for those who get around!

  211. superpatient

    This is my first review but not my first time in. The staff is friendly and great, they’re more then happy to give their honest opinion on any items in their shop. This is one of the only shops in east mesa that offers high quality indica over 20% thc. Great flowers great edibles I give this place 10 out of 10

  212. WS311

    Health for Life Mesa East has a very relaxed, clean and modern environment. The selection of products are amazing along with their friendly and well educated staff. H4L is great!

  213. SPEAKtheTRUTH

    I have to say they only have 2 to 3 amazing nugs but I was quite disappointed though because their service pissed me off when I was first in line and got skipped for no reason. I would’ve thought first come first serve but not here. I don’t plan on coming back especially if they can’t
    respect their customers for waiting patiently.

  214. Juelz33

    Like the atmosphere and the different varieties to choose from.

  215. Mestrocks

    I really love the people here!

  216. boondock13

    Very welcoming! I really enjoyed my experience here as this was my first visit to a dispensary. Tge staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. I will return time and time again for my medicine.

  217. MyGreenDiamond

    I really like the products from H4L. Calvin was cool to work with mad props to him! These guys have opened my mind to CBD products for areas I didn’t realize it could help with…. Thx, See you guys soon!

  218. TokerTommy

    good spot

  219. bulbulian

    you guys only have 4 strains on your fire shelf. the kimbo kush and BlackBerry aren’t fire. the cannatonic and campfire cookies came from trumed in Phoenix. those are your most superior strains (cannatonic being 6.5% thc 8%cbd) and campfire cookies is barely pushing 20%thc. step up. think David helped me last time I was in, GREAT customer service but disappointing med selection for sure.

  220. tracefacey

    I would give 6 stars if leafly would let me! I had a problem with my order and was charged incorrectly. I went home and contacted them and the manager made everything right. Great customer service! I will be back for sure!

  221. hnh420

    Awesome place! I just tried the thc glycerin tincture. Omg instant pain relief. Thanks for all you guys do. IT MATTERS!

  222. Krondle

    DEFINITELY will be coming back. New pricing is great for good quality buds, staff was very helpful and it was very clean. The only issue I have is that it’s pretty far from me, but worth the drive.

  223. fisherg

    great place definitely visit again

  224. wriggs28

    The new strains that MPX are running have good flavor and are potent. Thx for stepping it up!

  225. singe06

    I have shopped at several dispensaries and by far the staff (Rosie and Keith) at Health for Life are the friendliest. They are always happy to share their vast knowledge of strains and always make you feel welcome. It’s a very clean yet inviting store.

  226. sleepygramy

    Love this dispensery. Staff is super nice. Buds are excellent.

  227. Barrington

    great buds and people

  228. beede52

    Good people fast service

  229. chezbu

    Everyone was great and a pleasure to work with. I’m definitely going back soon…. You should really try them out….

  230. Justlikeapill911

    I have been nothing but pleased. I searched around and made the decision a few months ago, this is my main dispensary! My day to day choice is definitely H4L

  231. zacomalley

    health for life ellsworth is a great dispensary. quick check ins & short wait times. the bud tenders are very helpful & informative. they have great money saving specials. the top shelf prerolls are excellent. all products are very high quality. id highly recommend health for life ellsworth to all !!1

  232. ghsas

    Went again to HFL and as usual had a great experience. I met with Celeste, professional, compassionate and knowledgable . Recommended deep sleep for my medical issues. great choice. Great friendly environment. Will continue to return.

  233. DeanSki

    Good place, quality bud.

  234. nikkeebee

    Thank you Lindsay for having answers to all my questions. I will be back. My new favorite.

  235. blinky602

    Thank you guys for the Alien Bubba! Finally something that works very well with ptsd. Please keep this strain going. Was great to see Mike at this location too.

  236. anthonylbg

    the special wasn’t as special as it sounds. the blue dream was average at best and the blue kiwi looked like rabbit terds.

  237. orbitingearth

    Drove 25 minutes, waited in the lobby for 5 minutes before I was greeted and all they had was shake complete waste of time.

  238. Keri420

    terrible employee and product. cant ever get an express order together and then blames you as the customer because they cant get a simple express order together. terrible business and dispensary

  239. Neurophysiology

    Dope top shelf strains, clean setting and nice staff! Frosty Flowers! Definitely returning as a regular!

  240. shellyrwall

    great service..good quality

  241. Victorhidalgo96

    Great service and great flower.

  242. Hunter313

    I had a very great experience here the last few times I was here. I recently had a bad visit, but then the customer service I received was out of this world and changed my thoughts. I love this location and thank you

  243. yo62

    very impressive, huge variety, and my purchase was of excellent quality, and affordable. Bud tender was very polite and helpful. I will make this my go to location!!!

  244. Vidaca

    It’s always a great experience when I come in! Friendly faces and great concentrates! I would recommend this place to anyone!

  245. reginastene

    Very helpful to this old lady, probably not your oldest (62), but up there. Lol I want to understand what I’m doing and the staff here are all extremely helpful. Thank you to all of you.

  246. brbrandon

    Been here twice and keep coming back

  247. russell1975

    the workers there are very nice and very helpful you have questions they will help you.. great place it the only place I go..

  248. ryan.willette

    I’ve been going here for a while now.always exceptional customer service. The medication that came from on site not from out sorce growers was phenomenal A grade product.
    Many thank you’s from the Great Council

  249. cav72

    excellent service and quality product

  250. Nordicman

    This place rocks! At first they had what i call “Beginner strains” as they were getting their first gens going but now they have very potent flowers and also strains from other growers. nicely manicured and very well presented by the bud tenders. The staff is well educated in all products and extremely courtious and nice. They also give it an extra trim before it hits the scale just to make sure you have the best nugs and will let you yay- nay if you see one you like or dislike. This is a true connoisseurs Dispensary in my opinion. They also did a nice price reduction recently and it has had zero affect on quality or quantity. Give em a try tell em Blair sent you and its your first time.

  251. Hfi16635

    I had an awful experience. I went her a few times and its hit and miss. The time before last I picked up several things, amongst them .5g of shatter. I got home and attempted to scrape the oil saturated paper and got nothing but paper scrapings. I brought it back and thought it may have been a mishap, they shrugged it off and said oh well. I was treated poorly and am completely unsatisfied. will never return.

  252. Misty72

    it’s great! people are awesome!!! Weed call is in time!!!

  253. azlazyboy

    Bomb buds great location

  254. arkbar54

    amazing atmosphere est place ive been yet and has the largest selection of medication i have seen yet definetly going back.

  255. Jmarreola11

    Always my go to dispensary. The staff, the medicine, and the prices are absolutely amazing!

  256. Tanyaruth1

    Always friendly and has good meds love this place

  257. topher2488

    Love this spot!

  258. lmagoulas85

    There home made concentrates are garbage…. Horrible quality never consistent. And there extended hours are not true I have come three times now 10-15 min before closing and the gates are already shut!

  259. katt005288



  260. Roady5

    First time we went we were escorted to our vehicle by several employees as it was after dark when we left. Next visit I was catered to by a fellow and they will never hurry you. You are the #1 priority when you’re there.

  261. AnthonyEdwards480

    Great dispensary awesome location
    I love the variety of flower too

  262. ganjamama0420

    I love this location! Wicked friendly staff and super buds. you guys rock. totally my fav place to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  263. mommycyn

    love this place! super chill, with awesome weed education

  264. cierradenay

    Very professional and courteous. I love this dispensary because they are very helpful and total professionals. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  265. calimeri

    Always the best in town… Extremely pleasant staff and always fair in pricing….thank you!!!

  266. Cannibob420

    I go here for my concentrates purely because I know I will recieve the best service and pricing with my medicine. I would recommend H4L to anybody for their medicinal needs!

  267. classified69420

    Great flower and product and excellent employees

  268. paulyc420z

    great staff and great meds

  269. Richard138

    Been coming here for months and have stopped going anywhere else.

  270. GETCRAZY42

    I like this location the people are nice and also They are well will talking to get to know the patients

  271. Fraggle

    Great Product, Great Customer Service !

  272. ed209

    I was quite impressed the staff was quite knowledgeable and friendly and a nice selection and top shelf meds I will return again

  273. KatrinaKay89

    Very friendly and great customer

  274. buddeals

    one of the most cleanest friendliest place always have good product

  275. anglbby420

    the dispensary is great but blue kryptonite gave me the worst migraine

  276. Rideordiegirly

    I love the variety, selection and people!

  277. highfellow

    I usually visit H4L for good specials and excellent concentrate. Worth the drive, nice staff. Please produce more caviar!

  278. jpn101

    Great place! Excellent customer service definitely be back! Highly recommend stopping by.

  279. HerbOfPeace

    this is hands down one of my favorite places to get meds. reasonable price and the quality has yet to let me me down

  280. 420treee

    Great girlsdYtmf good bud dY”Y=quality service.

  281. capobud

    best in area…

  282. Senpai420

    excellent selection with phenomenal service

  283. hurlyboy

    Ryan was totally helpful on my first time in I will totally be back and I highly recommend him

  284. Emeraldtrashu

    I’m getting really frustrated with this place. They need to stick to their schedule deals. They got rid of their Instagram which was the only way they’ve sent news out lately. Either stick to your deals or use your text reminders to tell us what’s up. Super frustrated right now

  285. iriedata

    I like the medicine over here,Im going to come back for the service and the quality.Mpx is my favorite.

  286. mwilso43

    This place is amazing! Very professional and knowledgeable. This was my first time going to a dispensary and they made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. The guy I dealt with knew a lot about his products and walked me through the whole process easily. I will definitely be back!!

  287. Jollyjandro


  288. autopilot

    I’ve traveled to this dispensary a few times now. Each visit, I have met with a different clerk. They have been patient and well-educated in all things cannabis. The set-up is great. The place is always clean and spacious. I haven’t tried any flowers from this location yet; which is why I chose 4 stars in Quality.

  289. Mrs.Minick

    Really cool displays!! Staff is out of this world!! And love their edibles the sucker are the bomb!! And the flower is amazing as well!!

  290. mdb81575

    Very friendly staff and nice atmosphere

  291. gavynmac

    Great atmosphere, always super friendly, very knowledgeable about their products. Definitely one of my favorite spots

  292. dragnazz21

    Love H4L! Chris was awesome and very helpful. Extremely knowledgeable about products and inventory available. Theyy make you feel very comfortable from the time you walk through the door! Amazing staff and amazing service!! The ONLY place to buy your flower.

  293. KayBaby85

    Always great product. Will call is a blessing. And great staff.

  294. seniorstoner

    Always love trying house specialties

  295. TicTacChris

    Great first time patient deals! the staff was SUPER friendly. GREAT quality product as well. DEFINITELY will be returning!

  296. ashleykeith1001

    Love this place come here all the time. ask for Chris he is the best! funny nice and suggest the best products!

  297. taijojo2013

    It’s been awhile since I had been in so I was surprised to see all the great new products. Staff are still very friendly and super helpful. My old pal Chris was out due to a car accident hope he gets better very soon.

  298. imcandi

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff. 20% off my 1st purchase and a free Pre Roll for my first visit. I would recommend this place to others.

  299. efthompson91

    I love this place! Especially the staff they are always so happy and friendly! They buds never fail me!

  300. cmoodyaz

    Simply, the best there is in the Valley. First time patient experience was helpful and hassle free.

  301. ICEtokn

    This location is very clean and well placed, I like the parking.
    No elaborate lobby or over comfy feeling. The good stuff is in the back like it should be, granite tops, well presented products and ATM in same room.
    Unfortunately after my second the customer service went down.
    Yes they were very polite and nice but when I first made a visit, all tenders acknowledged me. I’m not an attention whore (even though it sounds like it) second visit people walked passed and my tender was very quite.
    Came back for one of the house strains which I can’t find else where but disappointed in the prerolls. Cool they have displays and availability to buy them not just for show. I’ll stop in to give another shot.
    Signing up to get notifications is a blessing, since they are always changing.

  302. apkallu

    Definitely a good experience each time I go there. Some great prices on some excellent meds. I definitely have a love for their So Mango, one of the better high CBD strains I’ve tried, great for pain and still great for some relaxation. Not had a bad strain from them at all, and everyone has always been very helpful and are all quite knowledgeable on what they have in stock.

    Very upfront with the specifics of the strain tests, and the tests definitely correlate to the quality you’d expect from the posted contents, which sadly doesn’t always seem to be the case.

    Mostly I’ve just always been made to feel at ease when here and would definitely highly recommend it.

  303. spleefer412

    Great staff, decent prices, but the product not top shelf. Two types of bud I got, looked great, smelled great, but definitely not picked at correct time. Black ash in bowl means not cured enough. THC content not high enough to be considered top shelf. High only lasted 1hr max. Also got their brand of vape oil, smoked good , tasted good, no high again. 5 hits and weak high. Again THC not at usual standard for me.

  304. amgrossano

    I LOVE HEALTH FOR LIFE! Every single staff member that works there is an absolute angel! Thank you guys so much for quality meds and sweet, friendly service!

  305. Jrsygrl860

    Very clean great place

  306. jamielee01

    Always good vibes when you enter. Friendly and helpful staff. Good quality wax and bud. Waiting on that alien hallucination to come back in wax. 😉

  307. BigPapaOG

    Clean and bright facility with attentive, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable staff. Excellent products and service. I will be coming back very soon.

  308. stinkyprincess

    this place has amazing selection and beautiful products. friendly staff and good prices.

  309. redman5star1

    both locations are great staff in medicine is of the utmost quality definitely better than some of the other places I have gone I would recommend if you haven’t tried this place you should health for life for life

  310. bugzymalone

    I liked it!

  311. Rambo81

    By far the best place for medical marijuana! Not pre-packaged….Hands down my favorite store in ArizonadY’dY’

  312. NickelBrain

    This is a review for a strain I picked up here called
    “Diamond Og” I suffer from BI_POLAR 1 to the extreme and am just off the charts, Im a downward spiral,and yell at people all day long and argue with my self all day and in sleep. Diamond Og hits my reset button.. its amazing the difference in how I feel after 1 bong rip, see but now I go into guilt mode for being such a MANIAC, and I will be apologizing for days. But the mental pain still sits and waits for me..Its an every day battle between me and my mind.. But this Diamond OG is better and faster than all my meds.
    Thank You Health For Life For Introducing me to her.
    Whats with the store ? Everyones @ Crimson now..!?
    I heard zero laughter and excitement when I came in,
    It was like a True Pharmacy.. ps if your in the waiting room with 6 other people , be funny or just polite.The stiffs I sat with (you know who you are) were not only silent and non sociable,but when I made a pretty funny joke and the guy at the reception laughed his ass off,All I got was stink eye.This is the only place in AZ where I never lose it, I love going to dispensaries because it helps tremendously for my Social Anxiety Disorder. Pot people are usually the kindest,obviously sometimes not,losen up patients and talk with others to learn new things you didnt know. LIKE Diamond OG is the absalute best strain for BI_POLAR 1.

  313. Stackshot

    I can’t say enough how helpful the employees are. They get to know you, they care about your interests, and they are always working hard.

    The selection is great on top of the wonderful service.

  314. donyale123

    always a nice place to go to be where the people treat you nice great service

  315. Cheetone6

    great flowers

  316. aharrow0908

    this place is awesome great service great meds and awesome staff makes a great atmosphere. there edibles are bomb as well. gonna try me a rice crispy treat.yum thanks for being the best.

  317. amela101

    Love this place, not only is they’re bud beautiful and dense but also a maaaajor pain reliver at that. Always has great prices and deals on the daily and is my go to place for good wax 🙂

  318. RamonWernett1974

    love the display of the weed wish you could smell the prerolls before you buy them but they are always good

  319. raegneros

    this location is great. was my first time inside got welcomed in by a very very polite staff that was extremely knowledgeable in the different strains and their effects. only dispensary i will be going to in the future even if it is a long drive.

  320. ajshaw

    I love you East! a$?i, always have always will and I’ve come to you guys for 3 years now! Keep up the awesome service and bomb deals. The 150 ounces are poppin

  321. spenceria

    Great location. Really close to my house. Very friendly from the time I walked in to the time I walked out.

  322. svitalec

    I love the weekly specials. I visit my local H4L several times a week.

  323. William2017

    Amazing staff and location. I highly recommend health for life. I love the great prices. dY’adY’

  324. bigsexy480

    really good service nd super flame tree. definitely a must to visit. Fuegooo fuegooooo

  325. anac00

    I love this place! Always super friendly and helpful! large secretion. I will only shop here. This my store! thanks to every one that works there 🙂

  326. Drennon4e

    Good people! Good meds!

  327. Stella3

    Wonderful staff, amazing service and superior medication !!!

  328. joshuabryant1068

    love this location amid all the meds

  329. tfallucca

    I had a great experience here. Karina greeted me kindly and Brian was very helpful and took the time to find exactly what I needed. Great atmosphere and quality. I will definitely be returning many times!

  330. chuggo

    we went to several shops looking for my friend Keif, who was not to be found. I drove to these cats late on a Sunday, met “Joe” who showed me the bomb Kaviar and a better way. LOVE these peeps!

  331. Nancid42065

    I wish the online menu on leafly was like it use to be, it was way better.

    Thank you

  332. claysmagic

    There very knowledgable about there product and great fast service.

  333. coachmarley

    Friendly Staff!! Very helpful and knowledgable about their medicines!!

  334. cazcheryl

    Glad they’re here

  335. whitney19

    Always come to Health for Life East for a great desert drive for the deals! Love the MPX brands shatter is the best!


    The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Definitely coming back to this dispensary.

  337. areed273

    Great shop to go to with an awesome selection of flower! Staff is friendly and helpful.

  338. Hurleyguy7855

    Val Venis referred me aka Captain Cannabis. thx 4 the awesome experience

  339. tjoseph1

    great place to get flower awesome quality.

  340. vannzee07

    this is the first dispensary i have ever been to in my life and i am in awww. this place has not only everything that you could ever need but also has an amazing staff. ryan was the one who helped me the first time i went and he gave outstanding service. i am constantly here, LOVE IT!

  341. basillouise

    This dispensary has their own line called MPX ‘The gold standard’ it is not in my experience a high quality product. One is much better off paying slightly more for the Timeless brand in Cartridges. I cannot talk about other concentrates in the line. My cartridges leaked! Two out of three and my no brand pen was blamed. I got two more for free and one of them leaked more than half of the liquid. Durning a separate promotion I got an all in one throw away pen. It wasn’t hitting well and then about half way the battery started flashing. I took it in and they tested it and it was defective. They replaced it and now my replacement is also having trouble. I feel like they are not worth the effort of taking in and I feel weird getting continually defective materials.

  342. rkthehead

    As always, top notch experience, nice people, nice meds! Ty H4L.

  343. godmike11

    amazing local and knowledgeable aboug meddicine.

  344. Dabaholics710

    Went in a couple days ago and was served by Calvin. Recived excellent service and he was extremely helpful on what product would do best. Thank You.

  345. melbear

    Some of the nicest people,and very helpful

  346. bushikake

    Professional presentation

    Friendly staff competitive prices

  347. bevy602AZ

    Prices are unbeatable here and I love their specials. Their customer service exceeds all expectations any customer could ever have

  348. joeortiz1990

    love this place great first time discount great people and great quality

  349. P_stone

    Great location, appreciate the help & knowledge! Great first visit, will def be back!!

  350. sharimyk420

    I love this place the flower is amazing prices r even better I love how they move their top shelves around to the other’s

  351. WeedToker49

    I enjoy this dispensary, I really do. Prolly one of my favorites to go to in reality. Good flowers, good wax, friendly employees, fairly quick, and flowers for patients of all price ranges. The 25$ eighths that are always on sale everyday cant be beat for the price compared to the quality of the bud. The bud is phenomanal for how cheap it is Every. Single. Time. Seriouly, I am not kidding! No matter what strain they have on sale, it is always good and always leaves me extremely medicated.
    Anyway I went in to H4L Mesa today and picked up 2 of the 25$ eighths and a tiny brownie. So one eighth of the White Widow for 25$, and one eighth of Critical Haze for 25$ So all in all a quarter oz of some discount flower and a small little 75 mg edible brownie just for funsies. When I arrived home I noticed the bags looked a little lighter than usual. So I figure what the heck, maybe the buds are denser than usual, Ill jus break out the ole scale and weigh it out before I smoke any of it. In my mind though, I honestly espected it to weigh out properly. Surely a legal, tax paying, law abiding dispensary company putting out the amount of bud they are would be able to not have to short their customers .2 – .4 everytime. Please trust me on this, I am not a scale noob here, I cleared a good, clean, level space on my dresser with no obstructions for a foot around the scale as not to get hung up on other objects. Now, of course I completely understand that my scale isnt a state of the art, down to the 100th of a gram cocaine scale by anymeans at all, but it is still a decent scale that works good none the less. So I went ahead and pulled the scale out real quick, restarted it, zero’d it, and then I placed a dollar bill on it to male sure it weighed out to 1g. As it did. Perfect. So I open the sealed bag of the critical haze and loaded it on the scale. It weighed out to 3.3g….Well now, thats not right, should be 3.5g but okay, I wont trip overA .2g. So I figure Ill check the eighth of white widow I picked up as well. So after making sure the scale was good again using the dollar bill trick to make sure it weighed out to be a gram again, as it did. And I zero’ed the scale and went ahead and weighed out the eighth of the white widow and it comes out to 3.1g! I even resart the scale re-weighed the bud, and still comes out to 3.1g. Now, I try to not be an a–hole and make a fuss over the tiny stuff, and move on past the small things like getting screwed over on 7 bucks, but dang it, I just got shorted a little over a halfgram by a legitatmate company that pays taxes and aims to serve its customers and theyre sorta rippin me off! So I called H4L and told them my issue with the eighths I was sold being short and I was then told thats not really their problem and they do not package the 25$ on sale eighths. They just recieve them from someone else and sell it already baggedup and weighed out… Okay wait up, youre now aware youre selling people shorted sacks of their medicine that some people require to carry on with their daily lives, and youre still gonna charge full price? Thats like a pharmacy saying “Oh sorry we shorted you 10 pills on your script but also we arnt going to reimburse you cause our distributer messed it up not us.” The lady on the phone also informed me my scale was probably just a cheap made scale and that their distributor only uses a $2000+ scale that allegedly is perfect at all times and they never mess up. dY~, lol. Okay. That seems to like a pretty typical generic answer to get me off the phone. Its just hard for me to believe that even on a pretty junky scale, which I assure you mine is not a piece of junk. On my scale I weighed a dollar and it was 1g exactly, like it should be, then without moving the scale AT ALL, I put the bud on the scale and its four tenths of a gram (.4) short from an eighth… And I even weighed it twice! I made it very clear to the woman on the phone that I wasnt really overly upset about the situatin or that I even wanted them to make it or givee free stuff for that matter I just wanted them to be aware of the situation they are selling bags advertising them as 3.5gram bags bit they are actually 3.1 to maybe 3.3 gram shorted bags for full price. They didnt really seem to care too much though. If I wanted to get shorted over a haIf gram I could have just called my friend down the street and he could have just delievered it to my front door. And paid almost the same ammount after you factor in the taxes I paid and the time driving. Paid for 7 grams, got 6.4 grams dY~.

  352. astein12

    Great meds at competitive donations. Will do business with again

  353. sirsmokesalot334567

    everything has always been good. the flower is grown right and don’t leave a chemical taste in my tonsils.
    prop 205 is going to oligarchy the dispensaries. a lot will sell out!! I just hope , health for life does not.

  354. Rae1913

    Can you guys pleaseeee include the tax in your prices! Would love to not pay a chunk more in tax just for top shelf. Feels like a rip off at times.

  355. MatthewDalton

    great place. nice people. even better product.

  356. beachball


  357. JamesG

    Love the meds and never have I been negatively greeted or felt out of place while interacting with the staff. Overall a great establishment, can’t wait until I get there!

  358. BudTender420

    Professional setting with friendly & knowledgeable staff.

    Worth the visit.

  359. JenaLouise

    Convenient & helpful. Great knowledge of products.

  360. dpe87

    great prices and nice people!!

  361. Zujoxna

    Love this place, great Ultra Tincture. Love the flower choices. Bottoms up!

  362. Hipana

    My east valley go to spot!! Great service, great products and specials are always running! Caleb was great last time I came in. Thank you!

  363. HarveyWallbanger

    Great flower and staff. Ask for Chris, he’ll get you exactly what you need. A+ top notch service

  364. scook1247

    For CO2 concentrates and honey oils I have not found better quality for the price anywhere! BHO everywhere else or not as good if you find any CO2. Also picked up a CBD spray for nausea associate with Radiation that worked great, thanks!

  365. senpaiuzamaki

    Great service. Nice local place

  366. Craziecasie13

    The medicine and staff get better by the year. This has been my home dispensary for years and recommend them to everyone!

  367. gavibob

    Always happy at health for life, friendly service and great prices

  368. Cookies_OGs_Glues

    Well on 420 I called ahead too see if I could combine it with the offer they were doing for 420 (20$ MPX Cartridges) and the guy on the phone suggested that I use it a different day (I didn’t know they did that but was pleased too hear I could do this and avoid the wait at the dispensaries closer too where I live) so I come back today (4/24/18) after paying a friend of mine too drive me there. I have 37 bucks which should be just enough too buy a cartridge and get one free, and im told that they are not allowed too give me the ftp deal since its my second visit, I then tell them everything I said earlier and they told me that the person who answered the phones on 420 had been there for well over a years (basically saying that im lying) Guys it is NOT easy at all for me too get places currently as money is short because of my hours going away because of my seasonal job, so wasting 5 bucks just too go somewhere too be treated like a liar and have a anxiety attack over a 32$ cartridges….32$… If you guys really think i’m going to go out of my way to hustle a cartridge off of you I feel bad for you and are losing someone who actually had high hopes about going too your dispensary in the future

  369. Godofyourworld

    Best place in as for your medical marijuana needs

  370. Guielmo

    All these guys are great. Especially the guy with the aw some beard. He knows his flower and always gives me good flower. I am pretty much a regular due to quality product and the staff that works here.

  371. jesdmon

    This was my first time to a dispensary. Everyone made me feel welcome and took the time to make sure I was happy. I feel like I got a lot for my money. The buds I looked at where not to fresh, good quality but nothing amazing.

  372. RML18

    Heading over to Health for life Dispensary, for great Cartridge deals , thanks Health for Life.

  373. DankbudsNgoodfriends

    reeeeeeallly dank weed just a little high in price lol. I just wish they included the tax in the menu so I don’t show up thinking I have enough for a half oz but then the tax kicks in and I’m short the money. but other than that amazing weed amazing people

  374. caddyshack84

    Had a great experience at this location. I’ve been to both and thay are by far the nicest facilities ive encountered. The meds are always great and the service is the best in the industry!

  375. Athenagg13

    there in house bud is awesome. sugar cookies and all.

  376. Kcooper480

    Very helpful and excellent staff!

  377. phrosty52

    I think this place is the bees knees.

  378. mvco

    Great location with fast and friendly service always. Prices across the board are great for those with a lower budget as well. Thank you HFL!

  379. Kobeiverson38

    greatest place on the planet!!!!! thank you

  380. jdpil

    Great atmosphere. Great hours and awesome staff. Hands down, the best concentrates in the valley. mPx green crack live resins tastes like infant angel tears….!!!!!!!

  381. jordan19

    This location is amazing the staff is always friendly and there flower is always the best will go no where else #h4l

  382. jkossel

    staff is very professional, meds are very good , will be back

  383. twardzikm

    I ALWAYS have excellent service when I go there!! Lots of smiles friendly and knowledgeable people there! Its ALWAYS EXTREMELY CLEAN and organized!! Not CREEPY at all!!! Usually have pretty good specials too!! It is well lit and easy to see the product. they have almost everything you may need.

  384. jayjay1133

    My go to spot for concentrates

  385. DayneDaGreatDane

    This dispensary and their employees care about what you want and need. They have treated me wonderful every time I go there. Great strains to choose from. They have agreat variety as well, edibles, pre rolls, concentrates, caviar, kief, glass products, wraps, cones, etc. I love Health For Life 🙂

  386. FIREthePyroFox

    I have only been to 2 dispensaries reef and this one. this is easier to find than reef but both are super chill and nice. real smiles and people.

  387. thecarpenter

    “oh how the mighty have fallen!” Upon returning to my favorite dspensary after a out of town work oddissy, I was saddened to see shake filled jars of so-so flower. this saddness quickly turned to disappointment when I discovered a price in excess of 65.00 an eighth was expected. disappoint turned to anger when a demigod of a woman forced me to haggle over agreed upon price and then dispatched me in the rudest of all fashions. I have slightly worn h4l t-shirts and many reward points available for anyone in need.

  388. SarahA020

    I love coming to this location. the staff is always friendly

  389. Ceeeeeeeeee23

    awesome facilitates great staff and can’t beat their prices period would definitely shop here again

  390. iliketupac

    This was my first ever expirience in a dispensary, and I loved it. Got 20% off my order and a free pre roll from Calvin as a new patient! Definitely coming back!

  391. liquidfx

    Probably the best deals in the East Valley. I know I can count on getting quality flower at any shelf they have. The staff are also fantastic and very knowledgeable.

  392. bludragonfly

    Everyone is very down to earth and they have a good repore with all the customers. They keep a clean location and organized. I have and would pass on their information to friends and families. It is also a great convenience to have a location in our area because we are still very rural.

  393. Honestpaient420

    I was in there today 8/2414 and was not pleased ! Your menu says you have girlscout cookies and sugar cookie still at 1 25 pm!! yet you have been out since yesterday? But if gsc was like your other hay smelling meds u showed me I proably would have been still not pleased I ended up settling with killama what ever stuff its just barely ok in closing u need to update your menu so people dont get mislead you guys are just like every other state license

  394. jmagdaleno

    Excellent service and product!!!

  395. hopestonge

    I go here quite regularly. Staff is super friendly and helpful. Daily deals. Can not go wrong with this place. Worth the drive. Bud is on point i?1/2

  396. jjhandymaninc

    This is a great place. Conveniently located.

  397. kito196

    Been coming here since I first got my card never any problems. I bought the 4 grams for $25 of Alien hallucination and it was bunk. After about a bowls worth and 30 minutes I felt nothing. I feel as if I was robbed.

  398. strangelyME

    Never disappointed at H4L Ellsworth or any other. Strains are top quality, concentrates are to die for. Well worth the trip if your a little bit farther out.

  399. Sdennig

    Home away from home! Love the staff and daily deals rock!

  400. quietpack

    Amazing place, love the deli style of looking for flower

  401. ganjababe90

    They have great “top choice” meds and always a more affordable option for the smoker on a budget 🙂 the staff has been nothing but friendly and helpful to me since my 1st visit

  402. tlunetta

    Started here as a first timer and have loved it! Great people with knowledge and a wonderful choice of flower. I am going back!

  403. lizottepj

    Staff was both friendly and very knowledgeable. Bryan was very quick to help with any questions i had and help guide me to the correct strains for my personal use.

  404. cory35

    Great service, quality bud

  405. Grams4ambs

    Love the deals! 🙂

  406. Autumnstover2

    Fast, helpful

  407. DMichiZ

    Very professional staff and great selection. Their bud is always potent. Prices are reasonable as well.

  408. ArmyOfNugz

    Jesus himself would buy his trees here.

  409. katpau1932

    Haven’t bought Bud since mid-70’s. Had some concerns, qwikly relieved. The open dialogue and education was SO welcomed.
    And… I like a business that wants my business!! Looking forward to the many specials offered

  410. Dlok

    Very generous about letting you come in and get your free monthly pre roll without purchase is the coolest and nicest thing ever!!!!

  411. embriyah

    I like this place it has good atmosphere and nice people

  412. ljuice3048

    Friendly, helpful staff. Easy access. I week be back!

  413. doobwalker

    Wary first time visit, as I’ve been going to my local and the people there are the best… but the prices and quality of flower… not so much. Saw H4L was on the way up, had my favorite pain killing strain Blue Widow in flower. Decided to take a chance, glad I did. NOW I know what top shelf and fire really mean. Seriously, seriously great flower here, and I don’t impress easy. Sorry, NW… but I think my go to has just changed. Cheaper and WAY better quality. Only gripe… waiting room is lacking enough comfy seats.

  414. RayB420

    I love coming to this place! Everyone is always incredibly friendly and helpful. Top notch service and meds at great prices.

  415. STU1321

    Great people, great prices, why go anywhere else? I would recommend these guysto everyone that needs medicine!!!

  416. HisQueen13

    My go to shop! Wonderful place!!

  417. katiesmith427

    Literally just got my med card in the mail today so I was really anxious about going to my first dispensary (considering I didn’t know what I was doing). Melissa was more than happy to help me and educate me and figure out what would be best for me. She was very nice, all of the staff was. I felt really comfortable there and it was a great atmosphere. I’m definitely going to be a regular here now!

  418. Zentech

    Great place! Fast friendly service. It was a pretty long drive out of my way but it was worth it. I will return!

  419. Devin171tho

    I love this location because of the amount of selection and knkwledge. I always walk away happy here.

  420. kencare

    Great flower deals 25 dollar eighths can’t go wrong

  421. ecelder2

    Very pleasant staff and good quality and fresh products. Staff are very knowledgeable and I have been pleased with their suggestions for my needs.

  422. Slopez32

    always love coning here

  423. Unicornzzz88

    I was a new patient at Health for Life Mesa with a lot of questions and a few specific needs. I was helped out by Ryan, who was just amazingly patient and walked me through all sorts fun stuff. Plus, I walked out getting a great deal on quality products. Thank you! I will definitely be back.

  424. crimsonguard

    Always get the Melting Point stuff. Just do it!

  425. mhesser123

    Great customer service , everybody is friendly.The meds are always good.

  426. curlysgod

    It was suggested that I try the h4l vapor cartridges. The staff claimed that they were better than the 250 mg open vape cartridges for the same cost. The medication was a weak and the cartridges lasted about 2 1/2 days each. The open vape cartridge is much stronger and last twice as long as those cartridges combined.

  427. anomalous_90

    Chill staff, nice open location

  428. docwatson

    Great place, it gets busy though. Will call, is the way to go.

  429. JL42

    Very friendly environment ! Lots to choose from many choices available . Quality Meds you get what you pay for .

  430. ferrelc3


  431. MrOrigami69

    Went in with my girlfriend, who uses CBD to keep her seizures down, and we were told CBD does not count as a concentrate. Our plan initially was to BOGO a gram of CBD isolate, we were told this wasnt possible because CBD was on a different system. We were able to do the BOGO at the crismon location on CBD first time. Also got home, and found that they sold us a container without shrinkwrap on it, my guess is display model, so no guarantee how long it’s been sitting there exposed to the elements. I will be posting this on social media and other review services. Affordable access to quality medicine is something we need in this state. It should be for the patients not for the pocketbook.

  432. LovelyBones17

    Very friendly staff ready to answer questions. organized and clean facility for easy navigation

  433. joe46

    they have stepped up their game and their flower potency shows. If you have not tried these guys give them a go you won’t regret it.. where else are you gonna find a $5 1gram prerolls great job

  434. beaudalton

    Beautiful bud and people

  435. azcherokee98

    Best dispensary I’ve ever been to!

  436. abgdaf

    nice place. good location. great product. super good people. great prices and ddels.

  437. Antwon21

    The blue dream I’ve had from here is amazing hands down. 06/12/18

  438. dannieRexx

    great place amazing people and amazing flowers

  439. dabr23

    dropped in a couple days ago and finally coming down from my cloud to get a post out…. H4L probably by far is the best shop in the East Mesa area!! from the groovy and knowledgeable staff on their flower,wax,etc. I will always go to this location for my medicated needs!!! If they have that BlueBerry Muffin on deck it’s a must…. but don’t worry any other strains will do……

  440. cosmicd73

    It was my first visit to any dispensary so I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found was a really professional yet comfortable atmosphere with friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Choice and quality of meds was excellent. I went to another dispensary and had a completely opposite experience – I think Health for Life is doing it right.

  441. Dlong4875

    Awesome place, finally cheaper prices with great quality!!

  442. TonyVuitton

    great service even with new management. always great medication and knowledgeable bid servers. ask for Keith as I feel like he knows what stands are the best.

  443. sweet57

    Great meds nice staff

  444. dilweed

    I hear this places is the best from my old man all the time going there for my first time today

  445. AshUndead

    Very friendly staff. Great selection. Convenient hours/availability. Would recommend to anyone.

  446. gria2515

    This place used to be my go to but the last few months the prices have gone up, specials went out the door and it seems like quality has gone down a bit. I only go here when I have to now. Pretty sad. They had such a great thing going.

  447. Beardedstoner1

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Willing to help with choices and any questions. Great medicine as well. Thank you for all you do!


    NO PATIENT CARE. True care means make accommodations for patients medical needs. I have been here many, many times over the years and thought they had progressed in quality….

    I understand you cannot re-introduce product into your shelves, but if a patient spends almost $100 being told flowers are ‘very good’ without being able to sample, then you are placing the integrity of the quality on your salespeople and letting the patient suffer the consequences for people who get sales bonuses. That’s a double whammy for a patient to witness.

    I got my meds home and maybe this is why they are on sale- because I am more nauseated after sampling a small amount of both. (I am a heavy medicator.) THIS PRODUCT IS FOR RECREATIONAL USERS, NOT MEDICINAL. GETTING HIGH IS NOT ALL I CARE ABOUT!!!! I have used MMJ for over 20 years and the terpins are just as important as the THC. Today’s growers are pumping too much crap into some and POORLY FLUSHING some strains as well , which is what this tastes like. FERTILIZER. I was told to maybe make it an edible….If I wanted that I could go get some Miracle Grow and add that to my salad! What will remove the toxin by making into something else edible or ingested???

    He could not even credit me anything to my account. Other dispensaries over the years in special circumstances have always been accommodating.

    This told me all too much today, and though convenient, I will never return after this poorly managed decision to not service a patient who is using the medicine for the actual medicinal qualities.

  449. biggamejames58

    This is my go to place. I like the friendly staff and they are knowledgeable as well. They have food deals and selections.

  450. anissahbyers

    I have been to this place twice and I will continue to go. The Costumer service is fast and friendly. There selection on sale is a bang for your dollar. Try it out!

  451. glassofstone


  452. stevejc

    good strains

  453. jbiz

    Found this place a month ago. Couldnt be happier! The staff is so nice and knowledgeable. The meds are always fantastic and the variety is wide. Will always have 6-7 strains.

    I mainly love this place for the specials they run every week!

  454. soupcanbob76

    It’s a bit of a drive for me however the Flower is really good. Bud Tenders seem knowledgeable.

  455. Garrettg91

    First time at this location and it was awesome both cashier and either was training either way both very nice and polite took an interest in me and my needs even tho I felt like I was rushing them but I wasn’t let’s just be clear there lol butt no they were super cool helped me find a sativa I like and even made sure I got the free pre roll and the 20% which was super awesome!! I will be coming back again dYtmOEdY1/2

  456. breezy.morago

    Greatest shop since 2012 I like how everythings up front n personal. Nice lookn meds bomb smell n healthy compact budz

  457. sleepyleef

    I feel that I’ve given this place enough chances to finally write it off. The flower is constantly overly dry and poorly trimmed. I bought three different “top shelf” strains that all looked the same and potentially the closest to “shwag” that I’ve seen from a dispensary.

    My advice is to take advantage of the FTP deal and any time they have a deal on edibles or cartridges. But if you really care about the quality of your flower, I’d suggest going elsewhere.

  458. JDUBW

    Best in the East Valley. To bad I’m going to move to Colo. I’m glad to have met them all.
    Take care.

  459. Yb420-1

    Love this place home sweet home

  460. kroyalty

    I really love both H4L locations it was my first timing coming to the east and I was just as pleased as when I visit the North #TeamH4L

  461. supermndahippie

    The staff was great, its a little far from me but this place was worth the drive! Quality flowers.. I was pleased.

  462. kfy2883

    when i walked in to health for life i was a little sketch the waiting room isnt much to look at but when i walked into the back and got a chance to see there flower i was blown away they most def have some of the best herb around and they have some awesome daily deals as well. comming back for sure.

  463. jpayne420

    Calvin hooked it up great place quality product best price

  464. XxCROxX

    It truly saddens me that you say you are here to help yet your donations are over $100 an ounce higher than several other dispensaries near by listed on Leafly. Either you are posting your own reviews, or these people giving you fives have never been to another dispensary before! Don’t be fooled people. Don’t throw away your money.

  465. TheBagman

    From DEVIN at the Front Desk to JEFF the Budtender ending with JESSICA the Cashier, this was an EXCELLENT INFORMATIVE First Time Patient Visit and I saved 20% and received a Free Preroll. Try the CONCENTRATES, the Blueberry is for real relief, real fast….STRONG MEDS!!!

    The Bagman
    since 1970

  466. Iwantyousoheavy91

    I have missed this place mucho! A lot more space than any other dispensary in the valley and the crew is so chill. I can not complain 🙂

  467. bbyg022611

    My favorite dispensary so far. Great people & love the set up.

  468. joshwolfman

    I got a couple of cheese prerolls that really helped me sleep:)

  469. jazzyjenn

    Super bummed! I just started coming here again and had the worst customer service experience!!! The bud tender seemed irritated that he had to be working with patients as he stated several times that he usually works in the back. To say he was less than enthused to be helping me was an understatement! So I already knew what I wanted and asked for the oz I was buying to be separated in 2 bags for freshness… Wow you’d think I asked him to build the Great Wall of China!! So he did it… Complained about it… Then proceeded to drop tons of flower all over the counter and floor picking it up with his hands… Also left huge stems on the flower with out properly trimming! Thankfully the flower is very good…only redeeming quality! Won’t be back anytime soon!

  470. Wildcats77

    First I have no affiliation with Health for Life, with that said. Their top shelf meds especially the house strains are some of the strongest meds in AZ. They offer great specials and will go out of their way to make sure your not getting extra stems so your getting the most for your donation. I’d rather donate to a good dispensary where everything is legit and they actually contribute to our society by paying their taxes.

  471. relawson05

    Every time I come here, these folks are so amazing. I really appreciate their customer service skills and kindness!

  472. azlazboy

    I don’t get down that way since H4L Crismon is closer, but when I do, you can bet when Hope’s Cookies comes in, I come running! dY’

  473. shayla710

    I love this dispensary! I usually go for concentrates & edibles but I imagine their flower is just as top notch as your hit with the amazing aroma as soon as you enter the door! Love the discounts and good price for top quality concentrates I’ve found so far, and I’m always getting new flavors to choose from could not ask for better! I was referred & refer any friends looking for a good dispensary. Blows Natures Wonder out of the water, thanx so much guys!!

  474. Puff_Puff_Pass

    A big thank you to Melissa and H4L for their outstanding customer service! You made a customer for life out of me today!

  475. naenae777

    always awesome to visit, best prices in town!

  476. melljimmy

    Not only have been there as a client but as a ride for others they are always friendly, fast and well informed. I have already referred a friend her and she love it too

  477. Suzieisbarefoot

    Great staff, Great Flower! Great prices! Been to this location many times and will continue to frequent H.F.L.

  478. jon2149344

    Staff is friendly. They have a good selection on edibles and the new price drop is cool but need to drop the price on edibles to.

  479. C.Gordon

    Hubby and I tried this place about a month ago, and we’ve been back 3 times since. They have some pretty top quality meds and that was just in the $10-$15 a gram suggested donation range!! All the meds we’ve gotten were the perfect balance of moist and dry, they also had fantastic aromas and a nice array of crystals, and above all, they did their job. The budtender was friendly and knowledgeable; He also made sure we didn’t pay for ANY stems. We’d highly recommend it and will be returning! P.S Health For Life: I would love you long time if you could find me some Black Domina and Pitbull. 🙂

  480. Vettelife02

    I have been here a few times and i like the way they do things!! Keep it up!! Stay Positive!!

  481. KaliforniaKush619

    I love coming here, amazing flower, the staff is knowledgeable and kind, and I love the new prices.

  482. Davecool

    i had high expectations of this place but my 1st visit here changed that. budtender, aswell as front desk staff acted and behaved like they didnt want to be there or servicing patients. would be a better place if they had happier more energetic friendlier staff.
    as my first visit, this does not make me want to come back.

  483. KharmaKills

    I started going here months ago and haven’t been back to my old favorite spot. This place has a great layout, friendly and knowledgable staff, and a great selection. I have always been happy with my visits and their products have been consistently excellent.

  484. RionaRawr

    The best meds, the best patients, the best staff!! H4L East is home

  485. hollybabe1

    I liked the quick and professional service, plus good product, fresh and really decent buds

  486. Purplepandabears

    Very clean inside, and a very short wait. My bud tender was friendly and personable.

    However the quality of the flower I purchased was awful! It was extremely weak.
    I purchased an eighth of Cali Trainwreck. This is the first time in a while that I’ve had something this disappointing. I understand it’s not top shelf…however it was still a mid..which runs around ~$35.

    I’m not sure I’ll return..the atmosphere is great but I’m most interested in good quality meds for a decent price.

  487. mrsaynomo

    Great place with knowledgeable staff, plenty great edibles to choose from.

  488. HazelBWag

    I usually get Kyle whenever I’m here and he’s always friendly and fast-paced.

  489. jrockdragon

    Great specials! I love coming in for the buy 2 get one eighth free, and the 4 gram sampler on Sunday is the answer to my Sunday prayers! Excellent work Health for Life. I’ll be your patient for life!

  490. coopvoss

    Great staff and weed!

  491. ambermenn

    Love, Love, Love this place. They make sure you walk out with exactly whst you were looking for. Great service. Stop by and see for yourself!

  492. SDGMa

    most amazing place

  493. ridedk26

    This was my first dispensary and the closest to my house. It’s very friendly and face paced. I personally go for the concentrates. They have great shatter which is my favorite. Can’t go wrong for the price this last time I got some sour cream shatter that I thoroughly enjoyed, good hybrid but indica dominant which I use for my back and knee pain, would recommend it to any one who has trouble sleeping or chronic pain.

  494. drolo96

    great shop always has a good selection to choose from.And the employees are also always so nice and welcoming.

  495. Landon2269

    Only dispensary I go to


    This place is super professional and informative. Everyone who works here is very nice and willing to answer any questions I had. They also helped me find the right strain I was looking for, even though I didn’t know much about strains. I recommend this place to anyone.

  497. vetteme80

    first timer. got the tour first thing, it was very informative. meds are top notch. the atmosphere is what sets them apart. they take the time so you get exactly what you want. thanks Rose for your knowledge. clearly the best in the east valley!

  498. Space_cowboy6

    I’ve been too most dispensarys in Mesa health for life is definitely my favorite great quality buds really nice ppl.

  499. Ryan0420

    Awesome as always with the best meds

  500. sedohrbee

    Great Prices Great Meds Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

  501. thatsjustlikeuropinionman

    I LOVE h4l! The staff is very friendly and personable! Very helpful and knowledgeable of all their products! Great selections every day and great specials!

  502. shellNaz

    excellent 1st visit. great flower & reasonable prices on their edibles. i’ll def’ly b bk!

  503. alwaysliftedz

    best service around!

  504. cgwnlw2014

    Great quality

  505. skewby

    Amazing assistance and great help in managing a nube like me 🙂

  506. rcl80yahoocom

    Was very knowledgable and helpful with all the different products. Already looking forward to my next visit

  507. dakulas

    I came in and decided to take advantage of the 20% off CBD products today. Everything was okay on that end, I live the CBD for life products… But I decided to get a topshelf gram of redhead18 flower while I was there, since I haven’t ever tried the flower at H4L. The deli style set up is cool and all but I literally got shorted on my one gram that I purchased. Pretty irritating thing to have happen when I purchase only one single gram. I’ll stick to using this place for the CBD products and that’s all. Way better flower elsewhere that’ll weigh out to what it should.

  508. LVXCouture

    Wow this place is the new definition of what a dispensary should be. The inside of this facility is second to none. The inside is very clean and simple and getting my meds was a breeze. The budtender I worked with was very helpful and knowledgeable about the product. It was just a total pleasure getting my meds from this place. I also got hooked up with a free pre roll 🙂 thx Health for Life ! See ya soon

  509. Michael.posey


  510. love480

    This place is awesome dY~dYfdY'”

  511. CerebralPolicy

    Great place! Love the wax and shatter selection.

  512. judimac1

    Love this location, great service,knowledge, very caring professional

  513. z0nin

    this place is perfect close to home great staff great prices and I always leave happy thanks keep it up !

  514. devilchella

    Great staff!!!! Great service, wonderful product.

  515. Amcyr18

    First time at a dispensary and was not disappointed. Service was excellent, knowledgeable and friendly, many products to choose from, great atmosphere. Reasonable prices with great deals. Looking forward to going back.

  516. yorston2316

    It’s great love the buds great price’s would refer it to anyone

  517. Felony182

    The staff is the best in the valley: knowledgeable, professional, and customer centric. They care more about your satisfaction than the immediate sale transaction. They are definitely interested in a long term relationship with their patients. On this trip I was helped by Jessica and Dave and they both exceeded my expectations. I also decided to purchase an ounce of their strain recommendation and wasn’t the last bit disappointed. I would definitely recommend anyone, including family and friends, to stop by and see Jessica, Dave, or anyone else on their staff for all your mmj needs.

  518. kitkatbaby

    Phenomenal, friendly and knowledgeable staff (Kim, Heidi, Ron, Josh, and the rest of the staff)! My go to place for great quality flower. They always have a great selection, and the staff is always spot on with their recommendations. Great job, y’all!

  519. leefinlol

    Good location with good MPX products. Never been disappointed with the concentrates here. Good pre-rolls.

  520. PKushman

    This is my Home Team. Been all over the valley and H4L has everything you need. Very Educated on what you need at time and very Friendly. Highly Recommended.

  521. Burkisaur

    After going to several other dispensaries around town, H4L has become my go-to place! The staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable, and they easily have the best medicine of any place!

  522. viki437

    Can’t wait to return.
    Excellent staff..dY~

  523. cdawg82

    A+ service with A+ meds. Any info needed that got you covered. One stop and only shop.

  524. Thatstonerchikk

    All the budtenders here are great guys, the prices are consistently lower and the quality substantially higher. I don’t want to shop anywhere else.

  525. aj1957

    Great knowledgeable staff. Reasonable prices.

  526. ThatGuy98

    great place!

  527. Knickovthyme1

    I find it in extremely bad taste that you choose to have a special on 9/11. ITS NOT a holiday and your only trying to generate sales. Shame on you. As you can see I gave you 5 stars on everything, this does not reflect on how you operate the business. Someone just made a bad call.

  528. jakeshipp1987

    honestly the quality is not too bad if you find the right bud but the staff is never friendly and not willing to show the product. I also only get 5% off of veteran discount which doesn’t pay tax and I can get 15% with no taxes elsewhere…. will not be shopping here again

  529. paulyd12

    This place is by far the best in town the customer service is the best and great prices and great flower. I’ve never gotten a strain from here that I didn’t like and they always have their CBD products on hand which is great they are by far the best!

  530. thedailythc

    Always Great Service By Everyone! No Matter Who The Bud Tender Is You Get Just Know Service Will Always Be 5 Star And You Will Never Be Disapointed With The Products!

  531. girlfriend1210

    This was my first experience with a dispensary and it was wonderful. I was treated very personally and it really seems like they truely care about each persons well being. I will definitely be returning. Thank you Keith!

  532. taxigerl1721

    H4L Ellsworth has been a awesome experience. They’re fast and very friendly. The flower is great quality also.

  533. brad21

    great place the staff knows what they are talking about plus its weighed out in front of you so you know what you are getting. the medication sometimes is lacking but I’d say 80 percent of the time its quality. Prices are decent compared to other places in Arizona. overall this is my go to place!

  534. kbibbers

    I like to visit places a few times before reviewing. H4L is top notch on every level- after multiple visits all I can say is keep up the good work guys & gals!

  535. 11Barbmarlie

    Love coming here best service best tree best dispensary period.

  536. Shrader8

    Always great easy visit and helpful and today Leafly here with swag

  537. deblkelly42

    Great peeps here
    Faat service

  538. Azgerry

    Just visited for the first time. Really good service.Dave is an excellent budtender, knowledgeable and friendly. The thin mints are excellent. The only negative is they charge sales tax and the leafly info says it’s included.

  539. Jgreer1972

    Great prices,outsanding customer service.
    Great flower variety. My go to place.

  540. tomsik72

    Love it!! Come here for everything staff great product great can’t ask for much more

  541. Robert_M

    I have only one gripe with this place. They have been selling the same bud they had when they opened a month ago. Half the bud they have dosent even have a smell anymore. Once they get new bud I will be back, until then I will go elsewhere. Also, they really could use a pure Sativa there like Sour D, Trainwreck, etc. I guarantee it would fly off the shelves!!!

  542. Tommy1204

    Nice clean friendly place good deals .

  543. jjoshua

    I think they are 1 of the best places to get meds

  544. therealwags

    This used to be the only dispensary I went to however in the past couple of months with their change in staff the quality and service has gone downhill. A couple weeks ago I went to take advantage of their pre-roll special and half of the pre-rolls I got weren’t even full; there was about half of the paper rolled up twisted.

  545. RayDogg619

    WOW, A lot to say about this Dispensary. The prices are the best I’ve ever seen, the bud is amazing quality, and followed up by their knowledgeable staff. This place has won my business, and will get more from every friend I recommend.. – Ray Erickson

  546. Moto636

    Great products!

  547. Joel818

    this place is awesome got the Girl Scout Cookie it’s so potent smokes great & really dense ! !

  548. daniel.moreno.07

    This place is great and also the suggested donations are a lot better then most in phx area

  549. xjryan

    Definitely my favorite dispensary to go to in the east valley, they always have great bud and a very friendly staff. plus they are deli style which always reassures me that I’m getting what i pay for rather than just some bag thats pre weighed. keep it up guys, very nice place.

  550. kimberry

    great location

  551. tasslehoff

    Convenient location quite typically in and out quickly. Good deals and friendly staff.

  552. Deboe22

    Loved it on my first visit. I’m new to medical marijuana and to be honest, feel goofy being 40 and needing to be walked through which flower, concentrate, etc and how to use a vape pen, cartridge and pipe. I had Calvin and he was awesome with all of that. Instantly felt at ease asking suggestions based on needs for my condition as well as something that I could take and still feel able to write/study. Thanks again to the entire staff and particularly Calvin, I plan on being a regular.

  553. lindamae1974


  554. HeyyItsMike

    Great little shop, organized, clean, friendly and most importantly the stuff they sell is quality. Big fan of the edibles. Keep it up guys!!

  555. jast420

    this is the best despencery in the valley. Staff is awsome always helpful and love there concentrate’s.
    love this place!!

  556. Prodriver7

    They keep me coming back!!!! Thumb’s up for the Platinum Trainwreck!!!!

  557. woodworker22

    Best deals in the east valley!

  558. Aerio

    Great place to come for good selection of flowers and other products.

  559. receptorloaded

    This location is great. The tenders there never steer me wrong. And the medicine has always been good.

  560. jag11

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff that is happy to share their expertise and their time to make every visit a positive experience

  561. stephenlanfor

    not bad…

  562. monstapuss

    This is a place where they actually care, educate & find the right strain for your needs! Thank you, Kyle! Thank you H4L!!!

  563. anna6890

    i moved here from Colorado, and H4L made me feel right at home. they even had Chemdawg which is one of my favs from home. the nugs were beautiful and the free preroll didnt hurt. the prices were great. I’ll definitly be back.

  564. ImSam.

    Health for Life is my new favorite dispensary! It was nice and clean inside and the staff was all very welcoming. I was helped by a gentleman that was very knowledgable and could point me in the right direction. I felt comfortable and well taken care of, I’ll definitely be going back to Health for Life!

  565. stubbsthazombie

    the place is the best. always a pleasant experience!!!

  566. Michaelbwalter813

    the staff is always extremely helpful and very kind. the bud is always top notch too.

  567. Timo-_-

    My first visit here was great thanks to a helpful and educated staff. I will surely be back. Thanks guys!

  568. bigbtassainer

    this location is great the staff is awesome and so is the bud!! always have great strains available.

  569. vfarrx12

    Good Place and good flower! highly recommend!

  570. SteelOvaries

    This place used to be my fabprite, and i hate to give them a less than stellar review, but the quality of the bud has really gone downhill. And the variety isn’t there either- it seems heavily stocked with sativas for the past couple of months and several of the reliable stand-bys have been out of stock. But the service here is top notch. Friendly, knowledable, funny, just good people. Please bring back the product quality!

  571. charnel26

    Love this place
    Wish it was closer
    Great deals
    Great bud

  572. BlackWaterKush97

    great place along with awesome prices

  573. dpontzius

    i love this daughters dog who is only 13 pounds got hit in the head with a baseball bat on accident he was only 10weeks old and he instantly starting having a seizure..he is on phenobarbital same anti seizures med for humans and thats not good for his litt liver…did some research and found that cbd tinctures 100mg works like a charm brings him right out of his seizure..cbd lotion helps the same way . spread the word cbd is a life saver when it comes to seizures with ur helps all sort of bodily problems in ur pet and you!!!! spread the word

  574. JBella0125

    Awesome atmosphere and great customer service. Staff is friendly and very knowledgable. Two thumbs up!

  575. Echolsd05

    amazing quality and amazing customer service! one of the best dispensaries in the valley!

  576. LucidMonster

    This dispensary was my first stop after recieving my Medical Marijuana Card in the mail. The atmosphere was professional and relaxed. The medicine was not only amazing, but the prices are the cheapest in the valley! My budtender Mike was very professional and knowledgeable about cannabis. I will definitely be coming by again soon!

  577. theswanz

    Love this place. Budtenders are ALWAYS on point, prices are reasonable, and specials are fantastic!

  578. happygirls

    best budtenders gives the best information and they have the best flower.

  579. kcoop316

    Very nice environment! My bud tender Ron was very knowledgeable, friendly and was able to recommend products on every level. Some of the best deals and pricing on items as well!

  580. Travage

    Good shop, good prices, good weed

  581. jkfoster

    Best in town!!!! Friendly service where everybody knows your name and the budtenders are well educated in the product. Their Green Crack is the best. 5 stars

  582. jaymagick

    The experience is great ! Awesome customer service ! Glad to be a patient here and will be back for more !

  583. CHItoPHX

    Best atmosphere and service in the valley thank you

  584. kyleishigh

    Love this place, very welcoming and got me what I needed as fast as possible.

  585. tannerb


  586. 420bigdog

    Please bring back the GDP!!!

  587. fgracielaa

    They always have a large variety, consistent in quality. Service is pretty great too , very knowledgeable and always put their patients first(:

  588. jasonaragon

    I love Health for Life, its been my local dispensary since it opened, the staff and product have always been top shelf. the intelligence, personality and professionalism of every employee is what makes this place so great.

  589. biggSNUG

    Always good for a quick visit.

  590. Azcowboy75

    Long term cannabis patient here been coming to this location forn3 years or so…showed up today and all single gram bags are gone…tender was new and offered no real explanation but offered to have me go to a new patient special at their new location?? Bummer cant.always afford an 1/8 of their bud…guess it’s only for those with lots of money.

  591. greer609

    Great flower edibles great customer service great deals great wax come in and see

  592. araecar

    This is my go to place. The crew that works here is great and super nice and informative. Wait times are never bad either, which is a huge plus. Will be a long time customer.

  593. ademendez25

    Great location and great staff

  594. AZviking

    Front area was clean, they were playing Alice in Chains, which is a solid plus. I was quickly greeted and taken care of. Friendly and knowledgeable staff

  595. bartmanfo

    So tired of paying retail prices! Its ridiculous that they base their price on what the street is charging. Cant wait until someone opens up a shop where that base their price on how much it costs to produce! Spent over 3,000 in 2 months there. No more!!!

  596. nSmiley

    great place. love the people and the prices. i will definitely be back 🙂

  597. Praried0g

    went to health for life for the first time and was stoked on the atmosphere and vibe. Quality meds, clean honey, and a huge selection of medibles and topicles. Get my preroll ready cause im coming back! THX!!

  598. incognitootter

    the folks here are informative, helpful, and friendly. the meds are fantastic. clean, welcoming atmosphere. my favorite so far. great specials. can’t say enough good things!

  599. Mabrown

    This is the first place I went to. Was very happy with everything. So helpful, and knew the product. Thank you. Be seeing you’ll again.

  600. Sando7

    Awesome place, friendly workers, very good variety from flowers to edibles. Good specials

  601. AgentAK

    1st time at this location and I was very impressed with the selection and quality of the products. The customer service and my budtender were wonderful and I am already planning my future visit. Thank you!

  602. misasi

    Amazing quality . Best service

  603. Funbob235

    Brand new store, bud tender was very friendly and helpful. They were still getting things together so things we around. Great prices, will keep and eye out for this store. Seems like it will be doing great here soon!

  604. 007trichome

    Dieseltonic is awesome!
    Platinum TW is pretty good too! H4L is always on point!

  605. UnicornRexie

    Everyone was really helpful and answered my questions. Definitely recommend!

  606. NerdsNeedAdabToo

    I just want to thank you guys for that help and services that you guys provide, especially the prices! but just the personal engagement between patient and Medtech is amazing because the med-techs actually remember your ailments and try to actually help you and not just sell you stuff!

  607. cameron1993

    best place on earth staff is amazing always so helpful

  608. rattlerhol

    They have CBD for my pups and it has helped them with any loud noises that give them anxiety.

  609. tayray1124

    I decided to give this place a try and I’m glad I did. When I first arrived, I wasn’t greeted and had to say hello first. Any who, once I went to the back, I was able to “inspect” all of the bulk flowers – they were low on sativas, but I’m still happy with my Plushberry purchase. I will definitely be going back.

  610. DeputyGod

    I love these people. They are all friendly and nice. There are a couple new budtenders who seem like they will fit well with an already great staff. The flower is great (I leave wax to the kids). Always great looking and tasting, they have the best prices. Do you need your car washed? That’s too bad. They do everything else tho.

  611. shabrada

    I like everything this dispensary has to offer customer service is good

  612. masonsmomma

    I love this place great quality medicine and friendly environment.

  613. Ltbands

    Can’t complain at all love the atmosphere ,the products are great as well as the prices staff is friendly and always ready to help definitely coming back

  614. babs4life20

    Can’t say enough good things about this dispensary. The quality of their flower is better than any other dispensary I have been to. Budtenders super friendly and helpful and their $5 joints can’t be beat!

  615. Kgarner75

    The best selection on flower hands down

  616. IsiahP23

    This place is great , they have great products and a great staff !

  617. cehler

    great staff -laid back, the flower there is very good. definitely will come back!

  618. katherine87

    I love the free for all option. Best idea ever! I purchased 3 cartridges today. 2 Vape and 1 timeless. I wish I could remember the man’s name who helped me, he was great! the bubblegum vapen is amazing with the O-Pen

  619. jshx2

    First visit here and I already see they how they are a step above other dispensaries. First off the meds are not prepacked. I had a knowledgeable budtender who took time to give me the best buds from the enormous jarful. Even breaking off stems so my weight was just meds. The 2 strains on special were nothing to brag about but beyond that the meds were potent. Papas og and white urkle are some fire for sure. Thanks Heath for Life, I will be back.

  620. sublime1992

    place is great. everyone there is really friendly and wanting to help.

  621. thawikidone

    Love this place!

  622. Joseph93cox

    710 sell is awesome!!dY”Y=

  623. deannsher

    Great help and knowledge. Josh provided excellent customer service.

  624. TheDudeOne

    Quaility meds and service. Definitely recommend!

  625. BlueDreamin2002

    Awesome location and very friendly! Believe Calvin helped me! Will be back!

  626. KiLLeRCoYoTe

    H4L is your one stop shop for all your medical needs! Thumbs up!

  627. bradhabitz

    I’ve visited the north location for the last six months, but made my first stop at H4L Mesa East just over a week ago. I was blown away by the service, selection and professionalism. I am so excited to know that I’ll be returning time and time again! I love this place.

  628. RainDance65

    First visit and is now my favorite place. Customer service is outstanding, meds outstanding, specials outstanding. Thanks so much Keith for your kindness and care.

  629. dualxdank

    I’ve been following on Instagram for a few months now and I have to say you have the best looking ads! Kudos to marketing! Love how you have daily special too! Location is Very welcoming, nice staff, dank nugs, and huge assortment!

  630. villaci

    Very clean, knowledgable and professional staff. A++

  631. chog

    I just got my card and I can tell you sincerely that once I came here, I didn’t feel like I needed to go anywhere else for my needs. They have the hands down best prices on everything. The quality is astounding, I got 2gs of Kilimanjaro for almost nothing on top of a free preroll for it being my first visit. David was the coolest, most knowledgeable and friendly budtender I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with, and I can say without a doubt this will be my go to location for the foreseeable future. 10/10

  632. walli420

    I can’t say enough about the whole H4L experience. The people are amazing and the range of meds, accessories and specials are unbelievable!! Thanks for everything you do and I can’t wait to check out this new SHATTERDAY special!!

  633. Lorelei1115

    This place is wonderful. Great quality in their products. Special thanks to Jessica who served me today, she is very nice and sweet. Took her time with me and was extremely welcoming. Highly recommend this dispensary and pretty lady.

  634. buddybudz710

    Good deals, quality meds. Agents are knowledgeable of products, and recommendations. Will return to this location.

  635. kevin107

    Great flowers

  636. Shaunhasty1

    Love this place to death! The staff is amazing! Prices are great!

  637. sistilio

    Solid deals, nice people, professional helpers.

  638. davesando2

    Locations is good, top shelf is all trash. Everything else is great

  639. Boss16415

    I am a long time paitent. Of course health for life is the best but i have a complaint about the new tier structure.
    I have always complimented on constantly giving us great quality at superb prices..

    this is my complaint the staff sold the new pricing tiers as good for us the paitient.That is not what happened they did away with the white label 3 gram jars for 40 and 60 replaced with tiers.Now on buy 2 get one im only getting a gram for free and now with the tiers im paying 40 dollars for what was 32 dollars 1 week ago.
    i used to come in on tuesdays and leave with 9 grams for 120 dollars now I can leave with 6 for 120 dollars …the white label had nice saucy terps with great flavor now the 20 dollars shelf has flavorless shatter…I have been dedicated and still am .But too the person that thought this was better for the paitient,pshhhhh..

  640. Ima.Pothead

    Been here a few times, not my go-to place by any means! Super friendly bud tenders & reasonable prices on glass but ovr-priced, low quality flower! Also, I’ve decided that I’m not gna drive all the way out when I’ve JUST received a SALE text b4 I’ve called to confirm details.

  641. cuntthumpin

    Got me 2 cookies a big o’l brownie c02 shatter and some free flower. love this fuckin place. dru420 is a dick hole.

  642. DeweyCoxxx

    Man I swear, every time I walk into the shop it’s like going home. The staff are all down to earth, and actually care about what the patients specific needs and necessities! Not only are the people cool but the flowers ate fantastic! Best in the valley!

  643. PEHOWIC420

    I recently visited for the first time. I am very new with my card so I wasn’t exactly sure what to do till Francisco helped me out. He was an awesome guide through the well put together shop! I enjoyed myself and the shop and will definitely go back.

  644. JJolson420

    I love how the staff tell you facts about the products. They make you feel welcomed. I love coming to this location due to the good quality product!

  645. Klotz24

    I love coming here great prices

  646. Vlad_D_Impailer

    I am so happy that Health 4 Life offers $43 1/4 ounces every once in a while. Which seems to always fall on my payday, and that is just fabulous for me. I hope to purchase a $150 ounce here soon, as that is mind blowing for the price. I also like how many selections they have.

  647. shelby25

    I been coming here for about 2 years now and still love this place . Easy going , fast and so nice !

  648. josh84

    great meds good price awesome staff .

  649. brandonrule23

    This is the only place I go to and it’s because of the great service and awesome weed!

  650. theoliverbud

    Convenient and wonderful employees! Good vibes, for sure. dY’dY>>dY’SdY>>aPS

  651. coopaloop

    Everybody was real respectful and professional!! An overall great product and great costumer service!!! Thank u

  652. bswoll31

    Been to many dispensaries since i got my card and this one had to be the cleanest and best location yet. On the flipside meds were described to have an “Earthy” smell and id have to say more than half of the strains i smelled, smelled like dirt…so i guess his description was accurate. Prices were a little too high for my taste. They have a few good strains but you will pay top dollar for it.

  653. macias480

    Love this place best in town I recommend everyone to go try h4l

  654. lmnash04

    Amazing and professional staff and great product!

  655. ninjasmoker813

    The Vapen inhaler are garbage! Over priced. Effects are minimal and it’s the nastiest taste. Check out reviews on YouTube Warning!

  656. doctorllamamd

    Today, tried the new Durban Poison kief, seemed like a good amount for the price, and definitely been wanting to try their own stuff. Hits incredibly hard, more than most kief hits I’ve had. Amazing taste as well (and the flowers looked VERY nice). Always loved it here, but making it better never hurts to get me to come back.

  657. medsinaz

    I recently gave this dispensary a second chance due to their lower prices. Unfortunately, the flower quality is still poor and their prices are still higher than other dispensaries in the valley. I can’t recommend them for flower, but the honey oil and edibles are decent. Staff is generally helpful and the facility is nice, but that doesn’t outweigh the poor quality.

  658. Cjames7319250

    It’s The Greatest Store Built

  659. tony.baird.75

    I love this place, I can’t always make it out here for my meds, but when I can they always treat me well. Thanks HFL and see you soon.

  660. SuperDave70

    I will start by saying that this is my go to dispensary. I have been here many times. It’s about a 20 minute drive from home, they have good meds and reasonable prices.

    However, there have been issues on my last 4 visits. Yes, 4 in a row. It is starting to seem like maybe it is not a coincidence.

    First visit of the 4, the special of the day is “buy 3 cartridges, get one free.” I’m charged for 4. Didn’t really think about it until I got home and looked at the receipt. Didn’t feel like driving back, chalked it up to a busy day.

    Second visit. Bought an eighth, paid cash, shorted $5 on my change.

    Third visit. Bought and paid for a quarter. Get home and open the bag, 3.6 grams.

    4th visit, today. Price on the menu is $45+tax for an eighth. Charged $50+tax for an eighth.

    I know all of these cases could have been avoided by me paying more attention. But I don’t go to a retail establishment expecting to be screwed every time. The lower prices on flower are nice, but not if you overcharge me or don’t honor your advertised prices or don’t give me what I paid for EVERY TIME. I don’t want to believe that this is intentional. Maybe it is just a lack of training. Maybe the computer systems aren’t set up to automatically honor posted prices and specials. Maybe they have a few dishonest employees. Maybe it really is just a strange coincidence. But whatever it is, is needs to be fixed.

  661. l3xi01

    Love everyone and everything about HFL! Meds are on point and so is service. It’s great to be able to have price points for everyone’s budget!

  662. Ciggs

    Out of all the dispensaries in my area, this one is my favorite. The staff know their products and are very helpful, laid back and remain professional. They have a great rotation on their menu, as well as classic strains people can always fall back on.

    Flowers are never pre-packaged and they are weighed out in front of you (deli-style), ensuring that you are getting exactly what you pay for. No dried out packs here.

  663. maxwell4274

    Awesome employees awesome tree and good deals. Well worth the drive.

  664. Hebrewhippie

    One of the Few places Nationally that Have Blue Dream Waxes and Caviar, selection is everything to me.

  665. darryl54

    This was my first visit to Health for Life dispensaries Very nice and knowledgeable staff. There is hardly a wait and I was in and out pretty quickly. Brian has a 20 percent discount for first time buyers at the dispensary. The meds I bought were tested by a lab and yielded a THC percentage of 29.9 percent. I purchased Kong and Durban Poison. They also have edibles like brownies, lollipops and other assorted goodies. The dispensary is very well set up. There is a front office for sign in. Once you are inside, there are displays of mason jars were you can choose your strain. There is an ATM present for cash transactions too. I will definitely be a regular customer because of the reasonable prices, and the best dispensary in the valley.

  666. Gilaldrete373

    They are always cool about helping me out when I don’t have enough change. Dude in the hat literally dumped out his tip jar to spot me .20 cents. Thanks for remembering my name Ms Maddie , this place is my new ATF

  667. rain4bongwater

    My favorite dispensary for CBD products

  668. k2b

    Awesome dispensary. Smells so good. Great meds. Great staff, always happy to see me and my money walk in. Great concentrates.

  669. Allstargoldens

    Been here once, going back today, awesome job

  670. Biggwreck

    Great service

  671. ukimb2

    This place is Awesome, the flower are fresh and potent. The staff are very professional and friendly. Hands down theeeeeeee best. For All my NJ peoples this is the Spot!!!! Keep your lighters up.

  672. daocsm

    Awesome products, great and friendly staff and environment! great weekly strain of the week deals makes it even better! come check them out!


    Love the smell as you walk up to the door. The concentrates are top notch. Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. Thank You H4L!

  674. sheabaybay

    Great place!!

  675. seedless1

    I’ve been going here since they opened and have always been extremely let down every time. thought I’d give it one last attempt since they have bho now. AMAZING. they have finally stepped there game up cherry pie shatter is the best I’ve ever had of that strain full of terps, price is right too. Most buds smelled decent still a little to expensive for larger amounts but for a g or two for the day will do the job.

  676. groovyjesus

    This is my go to place. Great flower, great staff and great prices. I highly recommend.

  677. kidkronik420

    Exelent service and great meds!

    exelent SoMango wax!

  678. ehector

    Selection and quality was top notch and sales staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely come shop here again.

  679. missy420420

    I loved it! everyone was friendly and never rushed me at all!!

  680. bfergu

    The dispensary is awesome. The staff is excellent and they offer excellent deals all day long!!! I saved around fifty dollars and I tried a new strain that is dynamite! Altered state variety

  681. DaKinePakalolo

    I frequent this location because it is close to my house. The bud tenders meet my expectations with regard to strain knowledge. I found two sativa strains I kept going back for until they ran out. Once the person helping me forgot to give me my change, it was just under $4 and not worth turning around for – but still… Inconvenient that it’s cash only. Location location location. I will keep going back.

  682. raeraecrazy071

    only my second dispensary but i know for a fact i’ll be here all the time. everyone there is so cool. love this place

  683. Gump2018

    Love this place always have what I want

  684. mschell3

    I enjoyed the first time patient deals and am definitely satisfied with the quality of medicine I walked out the door with. Only complaint is the fact that literally all 3 of the bags I received were short by .1 or .2. Like seriously? Put it at 3.6, not 3.45… Just for that I probably won’t come back

  685. union420

    Rose is the best budtender in the valley.

  686. RobTree


  687. skoobus

    top shelf meds always weighed in front of you, and always trimmed and weighed a couple points over. the best around!

  688. trinity1528

    I’ve been here twice, probably won’t return. Had the same tender both times and it just came off as if my questions annoyed him. Not impressed

  689. MiracleMedijuana

    This is the second of three dispensaries I went to being a “newbie” to marijuana altogether. Everything was top-notch, and I didn’t get the feeling that I was doing anything untowardly.

  690. JerryNelson

    Great place with helpful friendly staff.

  691. mindman

    this is SUCH an amazing place. the service and atmosphere of this location is always nice and pleasant. always excited about coming here. i refer h4l to everyone. definitely coming back.

  692. arizonamedman

    Great Place! Good Deals!

  693. karma1989

    good location, good meds, nice staff

  694. Tao4Now

    I appreciate the quality customer service. The facility is always clean and welcoming. Whether you need FAST service or INFORMED employees- they always deliver. Just wish there was a LOYALTY/ REWARDS PROGRAM!!!

  695. waxalufagus

    great prices and people. ..

  696. uzama

    They have the best strain variety in pre-rolls that surpass’ other stores. The Cocoa Brownie’s are amazing.

  697. ogkush30

    these guys are the best in the valley

  698. msditakevac

    love the people, great quality….prices are high, but that’s out.

  699. bartbuds

    bad attitudes, and bad prices, wait was long and short .2

  700. thern6686

    thank you for the service today and I do appreciate tomorrow being Shatterday but I will not be able to make it due to lack of Transportation but that’s an awesome gesture for us patience anyways. Thank you for your help tonight guys it really did help! I wish mpx had a cartridge.

  701. GreekLegend

    #H4L always takes good care of their Patients! Never disappointed when I roll threw this joint Top Notch Products and the staff Is definitely worth Five stars!

  702. GlowingOne

    The people are amazing and always a great help. Love the flower they sell.

  703. StickyfingahZ

    This is the only place I go now. I feel good going here, I’m always welcomed with friendly faces. The place has a professional look to me, very clean and organized. The staff have all been helpful and treated me kindly. One thing I like. Especially for me being pretty low income is that they carry budget mess. There’s always something I know I can afford. They’ve also got a great strain selection. These guys take care.

  704. i1dry

    This place has great top shelf medicine. The staff are knowledgeable and nice. Definitely need to try this dispensary!!

  705. Dru420

    the MPX concentrates are great. picked up some cheese, platinum blue dream, and some 818 headband. flavor is amazing on my 710 Life E nail

  706. Kellie510

    Rarely ever a wait! Excellent service!

  707. Jadenwashere876fuckoff

    awesome place and the concentrates are awsome, I wish you guys would keep the live resin in stock more because that’s stuff is bomb 10/10

  708. 420Demon

    will be here agin love the meds bud tender was verry helpful and I thank you on the med choice cherry pie is fire got stuck lol a~+a~+a~+a~+a~+

  709. Jarlaxle

    nice location. not a fan of MPX

  710. Bbolden

    aEURoeI’m loving this place more and more. The people there are outstanding “!!! Devin is the 🙂

  711. memarlie

    Great quality. Honesty! So real and true! Thanks!

  712. junioraa123

    place has some friendly staff, and and has some of the best around town

  713. dannyboy6996

    Health for life is awsome great flowers bud tenders and more went one time and loved the place need to go back and get more flowers here soon had a great first visit could t complain

  714. silly_socks

    I came in here when the computers were down at the north location and I love here as much as I love there. the meds are always weighed out in front of me. every one is very kind and helpful. they’re no joke. hope they stay around for a long time

  715. hondarace12

    I always come here. I love the people, and its such a warm place to be. Best stop of my day. Thank you!

  716. Beccabb071


  717. xnavman

    This is by far the best dispensary I have been to in this state. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. Thier “house blend” meds are amazing and well priced. The deli style service is great. I recommend this dispensary to all my friends.

  718. treatmelikegold

    love the prerolls here

  719. michaelggg

    Ower states his goal is to offer reasonably priced medical marijuana. Awesome people and great place. This is quickly becoming my dispensary.

  720. DjTwodrop

    The buds are far from subpar.. Best blue dream I’ve had and blue deisel… If you work with them on what you want to spend and are looking for try will make it happen!

  721. MaryJane1107

    Absolutely Amazing Staff! I was given a private consult and tour of facility. Every strain and med available was explained by knowledgeable staff. Rose was professional and knows her stuff. She helped me find what would work for me. I am a seizure patient and quality medicine is very important to me. Clean facility, helpful and quality meds.

  722. natetheskate58

    I don’t like dispensaries with waiting rooms outside the dispensary area. Most dispensaries offer veterans a 10% discount, this one offers only 5%. Edibles are weak and overpriced.

  723. schroeds7

    I have been to 5 different dispensaries and this one by far takes the cake! Very comfortable being there! And their prices are half of everyone else’s

  724. azflightmedic

    These guys are awesome !!!! They are there to help and they are very informative. They have never steered me wrong and have the best meds and best selections

  725. CampingSmokeSignals

    My personal favorite dispensary to visit all the time staff is super fun and helpful to make sure you get the best service all the time!!! highly recommend that you visit here dY~Z

  726. marlonOg

    This RBK Og Is Really Good For Sleep I Reccomend H4L East! They Have Good Meds! Great Customer service

  727. killy420

    Health for Life is by far my favorite dispensary. They consistently have a great selection of top notch meds, as well as a wide variety of edibles available. Everyone on staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this dispensary and it’s worth making the trip even if you’re not close by.

  728. paulyd21

    Awesome place..great service and great products..really good deals on you first visit and they had the and drops which I was looking for..

  729. Switchh

    “Pound for pound” (quality to price), best dispensary I’ve been to, especially for concentrates.

  730. shaunao5

    Very helpful and professional!

  731. Sunshinegirl21

    I had a first experience today and Keith made me feel not only welcomed but truly cared about my pain condition!!!

    Thank you and I will be back! =)

  732. loopmilt

    first time using my card and I was nervous, but I was welcomed and made to feel at ease quickly as they helped thru the whole process.

  733. Azslots555

    great place

  734. l3xi34

    Cynthia is a lifesaver. Thank you for always going above and beyond for your patients!

  735. jadezurn22

    This location is so perfect and convenient, the people who work there are so outstanding, lovely personalities and a wonderful environment. I definitely recommend!!!

  736. bigdiesel666

    Long time customer and i hate to say it but the bud quality has been going down. Not much variation on strains, always the same stuff, and been getting little popcorn buds for my 8ths. But best deals and values i town, which is why i still come here.

  737. -L7weenie678

    Love this place !!! Deals and steals!! Quality all over , Thanks to all H4L staff for keeping me coming back !!

  738. Azfraziers

    Love it here. Always helpful and they know their stuff.

  739. SirDavid

    I love the discreet location and the service. Very laid back atmosphere and lots of products!!!

  740. K28

    Was in there for the new year I picked up two vapor pens and a few pre rolls. The h4l vape cartridges had good flavor and longevity. The pre rolls were nice also. Thanks for the great medicine and service.

  741. Mizdre

    great flower and staff

  742. Redd480

    My main go to dispensary, always good stuff, lowest prices, staff is friendly. Calvin is fun to deal with his customer service is spot on. Biggest selection of everything in my opinion.

  743. howhighjerk

    I order weekly from this location over the phone. Today I was told by a snotty receptionist she couldn’t tell me anything about quality or look of the flower and I would need to come in to have these questions answered. How can you ask me to buy your flower sight unseen and offer NO DESCRIPTION WHATSOEVER. Customer service has consistently gone down since they lowered prices.

  744. djohnson420

    H4L Mesa East is the dispensary I call home. Friendly staff, a well maintained facility, and of course only the highest quality of flower, edibles, and my favorite, concentrates. You will not be disappointed if you visit this location. Health for has earned a customer for life.

  745. Sylviaa

    Had Girl Scout Cookies Yilo Edibles, on my very 1st visit and purchase when I got my card. Now they never have it in when I call and never offer to order it for me. Have to drive to a dispensary further away that is always willing to order it for me.

  746. MDL86

    The new flash sale you have going on are amazing. And every day you have another deal thank you

  747. Silverfun

    Absolutely the best in service, quality and pricing !!

  748. CKaufman1002

    people were friendly and very knowledgeable. they were happy to answer all my questions.

  749. N8c00k

    Absolutely great experience, from the second I walked I felt comfortable. Staff was very kind and informative. Being a newcomer to MMJ I had many questions, their patience and knowledge really made me confident in my purchases. Will be back! Thank you H4L East!

  750. rsuski22

    Great bud tenders and very informative. Mpx extracts are highly recommended

  751. kadurr619

    Great budtenders and meds

  752. brajoh21

    Friendly staff and great selection

  753. oconnbry

    Always a great atmosphere and very knowledgable staff!

  754. amberspicer102

    Bro, Chrissy ALWAYS is on point she’s super fun to talk to and makes you feel like you’ve known each other for years! always love when she’s helping me! swear I’mma bring this woman in wings from my Wingstop one day lol give her a raise.

  755. Jreyna4

    Very nice and clean set up, and the flowers are high quality

  756. Jamesking123

    A little hard to find so tucked away in there parking lot but great service great deals overall a good dispensary

  757. Joshuasobel

    ***One more thing from my review. Try the Deep Sleep! It’s awesome. Thanks H4L!**** PuNkS nOt DeAd

  758. GeorgeWkush

    been here a few times and every time it seems like I’m being rushed. yeah I come in medicated because I’m sick, so I like to take my time and check out everything the place has. when I want to peep something else they act like I’m wasting their time. these people need to chill. also when looking at other things in the store is it necessary to follow me around after I said I don’t have questions? I always wanna spend some more dough here but not when these ppl treat me like I got no money or as if I’m wasting their time. maybe I’ll try the spot again when I’m in the area but I’m sticking with other dispensaries for flower for now.

  759. flutterbyebye

    the staff are always friendly, they have a special going on every day, and prices are way awesome

  760. Ryno602

    Quality medicine for a very reasonable rate, the staff is friendly and new patients get hooked up.The shatter was twice as good as other dispensaries but half what they charge.

  761. derick421

    This place is the greatest . I love this place definitely recommend. Best product in town.

  762. Jbronx25

    friendly staff, amazing place

  763. HMalone94

    Excellent Customer Service, Very Knowledgable Staff, Meds are Very High Quality and for a Good Price, I really like how they package them in front of you, Would Definitely Recommend to a Friend

  764. jprice363

    Professional staff and environment. Quality product.

  765. Shearhostility112

    Everyone was very nice and cheerful. Recieved my online order with-in 10 mins. Everything I order was in stock. I was very pleased with the customer service.

  766. iamjpierce

    The whole staff is always super cool and friendly. Selection is always stacked with goodies!! My fav dispensary by far! Thanks guys!!

  767. sweetpotatoslim

    I purchased some of the Blue Dream which is stated as 24%. Though the Blue Dream smoked and tasted great, I’d be shocked if it’s truly 24% THC. A simple look at the bud structure of the flower shows that there is room for improvement and a Blue Dream at 24% THC, would be nearly flawless in structure. I would be highly interested to know where these meds are tested. I dare say it’s AZ Med Testing who is known for have horrifically wrong testing results. Not that I was disappointed with the Blue Dream, it worked just fine, but I also know what a 24% THC Blue Dream is about and this is not it.

  768. Kkoszuth

    my favorite dispensary. love the products and the prices.

  769. ZonaZ

    Long time customer…wierd vibe lately with new people. Specials not great, out of everything. Shatterday is “we are out of all those”. 11 mile trip not worth it anymore.

  770. mrmcdank

    Great place to get medicine really love the feel of the place very comfortable

  771. Rigchis

    Great dispensary. Awesome experiece! Try the Purple Apollo Shatter

  772. tfoggs06

    My favorite dispensary around! Specials are awesome and the staff is amazing.

  773. onlysmokethefinest

    Ive tried so hard to like this place but i always leave disappointed. Today i tried their so called “fire” which is barely top shelf at best. I believe it was purple urkle and it was such harsh bad tasting improperly flushed meds. Then i asked the bud tender if the disposable co2 pens are any good she said yea i asked which one she thought tastes the best she said the blueberry and boy was it disgusting tastes like some mersh probably was made from shake from the blueberry which the flowers werent anything special to begin with. Ive said this before but i have no idea how people think your meds are any good u need to do some research people and look around at other dispensaries there is much better product elsewhere i will never try this place ever again. Sorry i tried liking your dispensary but your product is not worth it im sad that i just wasted $ trying to like your dispensary one last time.

  774. GohanMarley

    Great location! Great prices! Always a pleasant experience 🙂

  775. nugglebunny420

    Heidi is bangin that’s all there is to it.
    go to her for ur bud

  776. Jennifer777

    Great customer service & really great product!

  777. Willzballz

    Place with respectable people who want to see you walk out happy. Great medicine also