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2918 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012


33.4810827, -112.0742021




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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NEW PATIENT SPECIAL – BOGO on flower up to 1/4 oz. OR BOGO on any item in the store!

2918 N. Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Curaleaf Midtown brings cannabis to the heart of downtown Phoenix. Conveniently located on the NW corner of Thomas and Central with plenty of parking, Midtown has 14 stations of friendly budtenders to help you find the best medicine for you and get back on your way.

We’re committed to the quality of our product and all of our cultivation and packaging follows the highest standards for product purity and quality, including lab-testing our flower products.

At Curaleaf, patients get the best value for their money. We have an ATM ($1.50 SERVICE FEE) in our lobbies for your convenience and we now proudly accept electronic payments through Hypur!

Curaleaf is also a positive member of the Phoenix business community, active in neighborhood events, and we support our community through charitable donations and service.

We know patients have a lot of choices when it comes to where they purchase their medicine.Come on down today and experience the Curaleaf difference.


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1,112 reviews for “Curaleaf

  1. kirkland1

    love this spot location is great lots of parking great prices great loyalty points program meds are fire people are awesome fast service doesn’t really get much better!

  2. eruiz80

    the budtender jonjon was very helpful and patient with all my question

  3. Ibeaslot

    This place just has good weed, the pre rolls are not done well but hey just put it in a bowl. People are very nice even when I got a bug up my ass..dY~~

  4. mcraig1211

    this place is awesome the quality is amazing and its conveniently right off the light rail

  5. moiyma

    Best place to be.see ya soon

  6. pmoney1964

    FTP changed to only 20% off.

  7. thefivegangvillan

    Wonderful environment love the staff great deals would recommend very many friends love coming here

  8. danoman47

    Love this place., very helpful. And prices are great.

  9. mrasher1983

    Midtown Roots is a very clean dispensary. Their smart budtenders are really knowledgeable and can for sure help you get what your looking for.

  10. Budman602

    Good times

  11. bedel

    Easy to get to

  12. JesusM81

    I really like the place and the people are nice. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

  13. COHKin

    really relaxed environment. Bryan was really helpful with helping me make my pick.

  14. noneother23

    Awesome Prices check them out.

  15. danielterry24

    Great service, good cannabis.

  16. captaincaveman420

    Looking forward to this wonderful looking place!!

  17. pablo75

    Love this spot! so nice to have a dispensary in midtown!

  18. chr2131015

    BEST DISPENSARY EVER, I drove down from tempe and arrived right at 7pm closing time on the dot, the door was closed but I called them up and I was allowed in after I let them know how far I came from. That was too cool so I was able to enjoy their BOGO free top shelf edibles. Also I was informed that I was still eligible for my 1st time patient deal, way too cool. You guys are the best!

  19. Compamike777

    Awesome location off the light rail and right next to wells fargo

  20. CRODD

    Always nice to go too with fast and friendly service

  21. KungFuKenny19

    Always keeps me coming back

  22. mrsballard2

    Super convenient location and great service. Couldn’t be happier to have this as our local shop.

  23. mrosoloco

    Great people and good customer service.

  24. Leyla_alyel90

    Love the location of this dispensary, Walked in a happy atmosphere with lovely staff dYfdY~OE

  25. Jimmothy0760

    Easy access right off the light rail. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, great daily deals!

  26. CPN69

    Great dispo.

  27. Lupasknows

    Well what can I say an amazing dispensary hands down one of the greatest discos Phoenix has to offer they opened about 6 months ago and they have these pre rolls called shorties they are $3 after tax and .25 grams I love them and recommend you grab one next time you stop by, trust me, you guys will love it dY~Sa$?i,

  28. jenna2725

    The flower was dry and really didn’t have any real smell to it. Staff was unprepared for my questions, overall unsatisfied!!

  29. g1969r

    Easy to find…right off the train…clean, friendly place to buy and learn about your meds.

  30. wabizabi

    Super knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  31. miraclemills86

    Lil commercial but still sick

  32. amdoty85

    Great location and friendly staff. Good deals!

  33. ChrisCool84

    I love Midtown I always come here the staff is very friendly I recommend you come in and check it out

  34. cgama1010

    Favorite dispensary, would recommend to anyone! Best quality and service

  35. dirtybird3

    Cool review set up. Always quick and painless.

  36. smkymcpot

    Mid town is legit with the prices the service and and the deals on top of prices, they’re pretty cool

  37. Sirnated0gg

    love there art/yoga room
    about to try the flower in a few ill let yall know

  38. Ryan2135

    haven’t had anything to complain about since going here! love it!

  39. Mikeshow

    Nice & cool environment ,professional liked the prices & quality of strains.

  40. heyjudyq

    Awesome place to go for the best patient care. Our budtender was very helpful.

  41. hightideinphx

    The best! 20% off vapes on Mondays and the best service. Thanks guys!

  42. Sparkle0590

    will be my 2018 vote for best dispensary. kind, devoted, upsale and fun! great deals too!

  43. sayuri161

    Love the location, in the heart of downtown! Also has great deals for first timers and quality flower for a lower price. Will definitely go back and try different products atm!

  44. ChongSnoop

    I don’t make here as much as I would like due to distance, but they have quality product and informed, helpful staff.

  45. Jwfish

    good flower great prices

  46. tr34dlightly

    I really like the atmosphere here and the selection is top notch.

  47. mrjdlc

    once again I must say how proud I am of Midtown Roots deals not only because of there affordable prices and great budtenders. More noticeably I think it’s awesome that they do yoga and have various doctors there to do renewal certifications so they make it in all encompassing medical marijuana stop. They have a multitude of Raffles I which one a raffle from baked Bros which was super awesome. one of the budtenders that definitely stands out is her name is Tara with the dreads she is a boss and a pleasant lady to have a conversation with definitely recommend here since they open up early and have an early bird special.

  48. Cculver89

    Great selection and affordable, at least compared to Prescott pricing!!

  49. Imetjordan

    The only thing doper than midtown roots is the medicated mavens who meet there!!!

  50. BlaznJaney480

    fast friendly fire Budd and concentrates dY”Y=

  51. Kushmin_

    This spot has so much to offer! They carry my new favorite strand Pink KushdYtmOEdY’dYtmOE

  52. esiv

    My favorite. Clean, simple, straightforward, good people.

  53. ewazdgc

    Love this place

  54. Burntman80

    It’s a clean great environment
    Good shatter

  55. The420doctor

    i love how convenient this location is for me when i take trips downtown. Parking is never a nightmare, like most phx shops. Always have lots of “healthy” strains. Sweet buddenders kinda like the Goonies of marijuana haha.

  56. allstar23

    I came in today as a FTP and got a great deal! Thanks Connor! I liked the space in the building. they were having yoga class and other activities here. the stories about patients in the hall are touching. thanks for a nice experience guys. I reccomend Midtown Roots and I would come back.

  57. Darkshadowedrain420

    Good environment and scrumptious frosty flower

  58. MaccTrucc

    My first time was great. Great deals helpful Staff fast and easy!

  59. AppleJaxi13

    love the grape ape!

  60. Jaymz006

    been there a few times now. it’s always consistently good flower. budtenders are awesome. I’ll be back

  61. ElfQueen

    Awesome service every visit!!! Love the flower and selection

  62. basedmom

    Always a pleasure to come here! I’ve never had to wait longer than 5min to go inside. Great deals too! My neighborhood go to farmacy 🙂

  63. danbo2275

    going to be first time in here..i have heard alit of good things about this place from alot of my friends..i live in the east valley so its going to be a drive from me crismon and university..i think its going to be every thing i have heard about this place!!

  64. E2thejay3621

    My first time was great …

  65. visionsofleo

    super helpful staff and i love all the variety available to you here. the location is convenient, the building is really clean, modern and comfortable. also the first four visits you get free gifts with purchases! i’m returning today to take advantage of one of the many great deals they offer. 🙂

  66. Purrplgoddess

    Midtown is my favorite dispensary! I moved to Tolleson but will make special trips back on the bus just to shop here. Their events are amazing! Do yourself a favor and go to a yoga or meditation class! Today I picked up some Sublime Cucumber Serrano hard candies. Yummy!!!

  67. AzDee1

    Great location and always great meds!

  68. Bpinjo

    Great servic

  69. Zimorino.n

    Awesome first time patient special, $50 store credit! Can’t beat that… I walked out with a Timeless Vape, lemon faderade, which was bomb, and a preroll and paid $5! Shoutout to my girls Rada and Alyssa!

  70. MimiEspi91

    i love the location and the people here. there is one girl who just gets me cause we’re both sicklings. she’s awesome and helpful and can’t wait to stop in next. (:

  71. SuperBomb63

    Great prices plus bogo hell yea

  72. chefbrown07

    Went in for a 5 pack of Baseline prerolls as I needed something to get me thru the weekend til payday… Simple trash, taste like lawn clippings and super harsh on my throat…. I bought a shorty and that was super tasty so I don’t know why that product is that way but I think it’s trash… people nice, atmosphere was great but that one product is trash and shouldn’t be sold to patients! dY~a

  73. MrWayne03

    Great prices for quality bud! Awesome first time bogo deal. Definitely coming back.

  74. phil991

    Nice people, but the flower is very low quality.

  75. Dazz86

    Love it! Budtenders are super helpful and it’s a chill vibe.

  76. CamRob


  77. Sunshineaz423

    Great place I would recommend it to anyone!

  78. Laker420

    shout out to billy for recommended awesome medicine and great service

  79. EliBaker

    this place is great.

  80. TwistLime

    My favorite thing here is the front desk girl she is a cutie. I always stop in for edibles. This place is one block away from where I live

  81. charvey17

    laid back environment

  82. obitwan66

    Great selection of edibles and very friendly staff. Also a great location!!!

  83. SkinnyButDangerous

    Great spot to shop……………… …..

  84. taro89

    I went there in the middle of the day when it was busy and I was taken care of in such a reasonable amount of time. It was my first time there so I didn’t know what to expect. The people there were really nice and I didn’t feel rushed or pressured. They were knowledgeable and were able to get me what I exactly needed. Will return

  85. tcastillo1972

    Love Curaleaf’s deli-style flower and their variety of pricing.

  86. rbunny

    Large selection! Nice location & parking especially for the area

  87. cookiemonstereats

    love this place. in and out . excellent services

  88. GDP21

    Great prices 🙂



  90. onlygot1life

    I love this location great deals best quality love the atmosphere

  91. Carie121215

    I love this location and the people that work here! everyone is so helpful and always gives me great recommendations on products.

  92. misterstoney

    I love the Roots rew, super knowledgeable about their craft.

  93. drewzz14

    Overall very good place BUT check the grow date. I was a first time patient and got a great bogo deal. They had a lot of flower to select from. One of the strains was great but the other was super dry and I could break it up in my hand… didn’t grind it at all; said it was from April was harvest date. Came in a tin but was the driest bud I’ve have ever. Budtender was nice and helpful and the white hoe is fire!!! Just check your product.

  94. Eddie420lb

    they got some backdoor bud like, its Identical to the weed that people sell on van Buren

  95. dhoop

    First-visit was excellent! They have discounts for light rail passes as well as a deal with the yoga studio next door. Great quality and pricing as well.

  96. Dcane23

    Good flower and good environment to get meds from

  97. california1989

    mid town roots is conveniently located on the light rail and has prices set to get quantity for your dollar

  98. jacobdelahuerta

    Best shop in Phoenix! Great service and even better bud !!

  99. emgee

    been in a few times, convienent location, friendly bud tenders, good product, no complaints

  100. Patty420Cantu

    Fast and friendly staff easy to find

  101. jaygarcia542

    love the prices and the quality of product I recommend that you go here

  102. MrsWilsonDupree

    loved coming to this place. Great deals friendly and helpful staff. Good bud cant beat that with a stick go check them out

  103. shadowboy91

    awsome staff, pretty good meds

  104. CalmStormOfRiva

    awesome ou people

  105. Jacob2800

    very good bud tenders and very helpful on way to get.

  106. coolbreeze313

    My first time here they went over everything with me and explained the specials. the meds were amazing!

  107. jo0089

    Great location. Staff is very knowledgeable. Great prices !

  108. AzPlantBasedVegan

    I live out east, but was in the area today, so I stopped in for my first time. The quality of the two strains I got are amazing. I haven’t had the munchies like this in years. I wish this company would expand to east Mesa.

  109. Stopwatchdave

    This place rocks! GREAT PRICES (tax included) tons of selection on both flower and concentrates!

  110. doncamlop

    Great location and flower. Bud tenders are knowledgeable and friendly.

  111. cnidarian

    This location is amazing, quick service and knowledgeable bud tenders

  112. Madeinitaly

    Great prices

    Really good flower and always friendly staff

    Always leave satisfied.

  113. Picklenis

    i love the new tincture selection. and as always the staff is super nice!

  114. victoriawilder

    Love the vibe here! They always have such amazing deals and sales.

  115. Niny_baby

    great customer service

  116. UnclePHX

    Went in last night and was so happy I took the trip .was treated so well and the product is on point see you guys soon!!!

  117. Kingsmom2014

    love this place

  118. repunzel

    love the convenience

  119. chisgetshigh

    Great coming back for a 2nd try

  120. Kaylanding

    Great staff

  121. ryanmclose

    I have been going to midtown exclusively for a year and a half. I spend easily $1000 a month with midtown. Today I arrived 10 minutes before 7pm. Doors locked. Called them. Asked why they closed early. She said they close at 7(it’s 655 at time of call) and rudely hung up. I’m pretty forgiving but this is where I draw the line. I have been in the restaurant business for 32 years and the LAW is never close early. Quality of products A1. Atmosphere is professional looking. But being lazy is unforgivable. I’m high all the time too. But I do my job very well and never half ass it. Maybe it’s because curaleaf took over. If so folks it’s the sign of the times. Now I have to look for a new dispensary. This happened 11/30/18 at 6:50.

  122. G4oo

    Always nice & quick

  123. qweenme22

    great location

  124. smiles01

    Great location friendly staff good prices

  125. justlisa

    This is a great shop. A huge amount of different types of medicine for all your cannabis needs. Kat was so super helpful to me, answering all my questions with her vast knowledge and helping me get the most bang for my buck! Thank you so much guys..see you soon 🙂

  126. Arinb711

    I love this place, good people, good prices and good flower!!

  127. Brandon0308

    Awesome Quality, Kind & Knowledgable Staff, and a wide selection of products. The tax inclusive pricing is AWESOME! Conveniently located 100 feet away from the Thomas/Central light rail stop, why would you go anywhere else? Keep up the good work!!

  128. ojdafirst

    I really liked the “deli style” service, never seen that before, thank you, I went outta my way to find gg4 here, and also got introduced to ALIEN FIRE FRUIT- FLOWER WOOOOOO (Rick flair) lol FIIIIIIIRE, Smelled beautiful didnt want to pull ur nose away from the container, a NICE deep indica, with a Berryish fruity taste…also the LA CONFID. was also on fire, for a hidden classic

  129. phxctk

    Very convenient location and good discounts. Quality is good and wide variety

  130. SteveKerr

    This place is super convenient
    The staff is great
    You have to check it out!

  131. lavelle-3

    I love this place. The flowers is on point. The budtender Juston was very knowledgeable in his products. I will be back

  132. azjoshua1990

    location is convient. there star berry soda crumble is dank.

  133. brooklyn4041

    midtown is a great place to stop by especially on my way from the hospital the staff here are really helpful and courtesy and the place is always spotless.

  134. greenchiles

    great location. pre rolls are excellent, have choices between indica/sativa/CBD & hybrid strains

  135. 420baybee08

    i loved my first time here they have really good quality for a fair price 🙂

  136. omnicube

    Worst new patient deal in the valley – buy an ounce and it doesn’t qualify. Midtown wants to nickel and dime their customers. Choose a dispensary that appreciates patients.

  137. gritso88

    I really like this place the staff and I really connect on a personal level great medication great prices couldn’t ask for more keep it up you guys great job.dY-‘

  138. kickined

    I think for today being their first day they did everything pretty well. It was a bit hectic but that’s because they were busy. The check in time took a little longer than it needed to because there was one person at the window who typed slowly but that was alright too. This place has some solid potential and I plan on being back. Thanks for a great First time experience.

  139. AmyKlaus

    Knowledgeable and friendly location

  140. Cardsnation

    Best part about being bedridden is getting my meds delivered to me

  141. jstrobehn246

    I love this place it’s my favorite people are great too.

  142. cwhite1978

    Great people and products. Try their flower. All strains major fire and open craft carts here are super tasty.

  143. Ninja2416

    My favorite place ever in the world

  144. ohsoesavage

    Definitely good quality weed always taste smells and looks good . Always walking out satisfied!

  145. jpalm14

    O pen reserve cartridges are great. the dabaratus is AMAZING, i dont even have enough words for the quality of their vape/concentrates. A+ imo and ive tried just about every dispensary in town. best opening specials i have ever seen, concentrate quality is off the charts, good price as well. one cartridge didnt work, only complaint. staff was superb, the manager was awesome (estevan?). even the employees were complimenting you on being an awesome manager. PERFECT physical location for me, literally 10ft from the light rail stop. if you havent used the light rail or been in downtown phx much, its perfect! 10/10 very surprised how smooth an opening it was. great job midtown roots, you are my new go to spot 🙂

  146. Hillarya

    First time visit, was greeted by a very friendly and knowledgeable front desk agent. Nice friendly knowledgeable staff. Very clean relaxed atmosphere.

  147. Mommy.vanderwagen

    Great place they are always friendly im always greeted by someone in back who seems important and asks what conditions i have they are very into what works for what patients!

  148. Louisiana

    Justin is a great server

  149. Ruh

    Convenient location. Professional atmosphere and wellness focused. Extreme selection and nice discounts that change daily.

  150. Graceermamontijo

    First off thank you for the amazing first time patient deal great BOGO amazing quality medication and extremely affordable. The Chem#4 is an excellent choice in relieving stress and helped tremendously in reducing pain caused by my sciatica. Also cannot forget to mention the speedy and amazing costumer service. I wish I could remember the bud tenders name but we’ll refer to him as my medicine man for now. The enviorment is hands down the most inviting atmosphere I’ve encountered in any dispensary. Once again thank you!

  151. bmachadolhc

    Katie is always on point with her recommendations, prices on point. I will be back!

  152. HighTendenciezzz

    Best dispensary for edibles. They carry all the best brands. Flowers are decent. Concentrates are flame.

  153. imjustagirl1979

    My first time at Midtown was a super positive experience. The dispensary is clean and the budtenders were friendly. There was absolutely no wait time either.
    The Best Part was the Baked Bros Sample Bar – where you can try all the different gummies (non-medicated of course) – it helped me make my decision on Baked Bros. The pricing is perfect and affordable. If I lived in the area, this would be my go to dispensary! So next time I’m there I will def stop by. Thanks Tara Brown and my Budtender who i can’t remember your name! you rock!

  154. djdollabill

    Budtenders were knowledgeable and very helpful! Inviting location, and selection is amazing. Definitely would be coming back!

  155. lunchbox1334

    Love this location They always have a deal going on competn
    itive prices friendly staff and great customer service by far
    Thank you mid town roots

  156. JrPrz

    Great location, buds, and budtenders. Always a good visit at midtown.

  157. 94JEA

    Love this place, always come here

  158. MrFigueroa91

    Excited about the Curaleaf brand, Midtowm is a favorite of mine. Can’t wait to see how the dispensary is now!!! come by and have a nice j aoeOEdY’s

  159. Nicxmoneey

    Great place to come in the city , Great pricing great staff ..

  160. Ed1og

    great staff and products

  161. Derrickgh01252013@gmail

    first time and u loved it thank u Leah my budgirl she kno her flowers

  162. Nudiaus

    Really enjoyed the vibe here. Deals were great and the silver back Gorilla was on point!

  163. csirhc03

    Great staff and awsome location. Good flowers and prerolls on point.

  164. rsell710

    This is the nicest looking terrible dispensary I’ve ever been in, I checked in with two friends I was the first to lay down my card and last to go back I watched my friend go then some other guy then my other friend everyone checked in after me. Then I got denied my ftp special because I bought the $150oz that looks pretty but smoked terrible. I don’t recommend going and I’ll never go again worst experience in a dispensary ever

  165. MellissaD

    great 1st time deal

  166. carrotstickz

    I’m always greeted warmly and taken care of whenever I stop in. Their deals ate EXCELLENT and I have never been disappointed.

  167. futbol1021

    Decent flower cool and informed staff and great daily deals. Large flower selection and GREAT OZ SPECIALS!

  168. thedlack

    Great atmosphere. Tons of great products!

  169. LSB

    It has a weird layout but it’s cool set up! I don’t like the flower it seems dry and packaging could be better. But the staff is smooth. Lower your prices like the rest of the valley and add some hours see if it helps a little!

  170. polishpounder420

    I love the tax included in the price. Great deals!!

  171. chamin623

    Midtown great meds great spot

  172. amandagarcia731

    I loved the location… Very fast and friendly loved it…

  173. nickels2dimesjus4u

    Very good flower

  174. Ajvalencia

    The employees there are always nice and helpful and make the atmosphere chill!

  175. papi1984

    Midtown Roots is a great place to get your meds and the bud tenders are amazing

  176. THC1369

    Always a pleasant experience.

  177. Heffery

    Friendly knowledgable staff! Great deals! Highly recommend!

  178. jjlawrence

    Great selection and very helpful staff. awesome daily specials.

  179. dblood13

    Heard this was a good place to get medicine I will check it out soon

  180. Hennyjones412

    Best dispensary on this side of town, the facility is really nice and clean and the staff is great. The flower is great and they have some pretty dope events !

  181. torres04

    dank weed!!

  182. RTSmitty

    Totally the best place to come to. Staff is super nice and helpful. Knowledgeable on products.

  183. trojanmane

    awesome place great products great deals very nice and lay back employees love the setup of the place.

  184. lyndagurnz

    Awesome selection of flower and edibles! Helpful service. Will definitely be coming back

  185. Marco121887

    Awesome location great deals

  186. riotlife1934

    Cool place a lil wait but not bad worse part is found seed which made me second guess the quality

  187. ZombiexJen

    Amazing people and meds will come back!

  188. cgeorge97

    One of my favorite dispensary’s. Lawyers a great selection of some of the best buds in town

  189. johnnyblazez

    Absolutely the worst weed in Phoenix definitely outdoor grown and overpriced. 90 percent of the weed smells like grass. had to walk out empty handed.

  190. Hyper4ctive

    awesome budzzz! cool staff, they are always helpful!

  191. jasond1215

    I love that you can use your card, most places are cash only

  192. nhgoogs2017

    As a Combat Marine. MMJ works for my PTSD and I’m still very active, so when I’m out in Public. I use CURALEAF HEMP LOTION, which does help with my pain. Thank you for supporting VETERANS. Curaleaf

  193. SurgeDiesel

    great location near light rail and very friendly staff makes Midtown Roots one of the best dispensaries I’ve been to. I love the wellness center on site also…

  194. pcbever

    great local dispensary, awesome people!

  195. miggyaf

    Love it

  196. JoeGregorash

    its an awsome place to visit. thw bud-tenders are freindly and well educated.. it is located right off the light rail and that is really convenient for me and other people that ride public transport.

  197. StonerViking707

    Nice place with a good selection and friendly budtenders. I like how they include the tax in the price too. I would recommend you check this dispensary out

  198. pato602

    awesome people awesome place

  199. egherrera

    Nice selection of quality flower. Must visit when I’m in the area.

  200. Ellie718

    Location is perfect for me! Tara was amazing and was able to give me great recommendations that met my needs. The prices are right on. The rest of the staff was so pleasant. I will be back as much as possible!

  201. EliasTorres94

    this place has the best tenders an there flower an concetrates are amazing

  202. iSparkziT

    Amazing new dispensary with an awesome FTP deal! I will be honest getting to anything downtown Phoenix is mildly frustrating, but by far not in a terrible location. The flower quality is for sure spot on. I purchased two quarters of flower (BOGO FTP) out of the $70 tier and the Chem 4 will be highly recommend. No doubts that the higher tier strains would have been even better.

  203. Daverocks

    This place has the cheapest pre rolls. And their not too bad (considering it’s shake). I usually buy 5 for 20.
    Their soda collection is pretty good too

  204. seth_m92

    amazing location

  205. oliverioemilio

    The atmosphere at midtown roots is welcoming, the bud tenders where very Knowledgeable about about the cannabis at at hand I would definitely recommend I midtown roots to my friends and family, I will definitely be going back

  206. thad12009

    Great place can’t wait to go back again

  207. sgourley201797

    Nice people good interaction and conversation

  208. laciebaby88

    Some of the best flower in town. Best edible bogo deals around.

  209. joero111

    Great location great pricing great selection I’d recommend to anyone

  210. eduardoarellano53

    grate place near down town area

  211. Christopher1989

    Mid town roots is a new dispensary of 2017 and making their mark in the medical marijuana industry. Mid town roots offers great patient specials and competitive prices.

  212. Y0urRoyalHighness

    Great deals! I love that you deliver!

  213. rmclaughlinazdeaf

    Neat place and friendly people who have knowledge with my questions..

  214. ImAwesomeOKAy69

    Well they are awesome they know how to connect with the patients and give them the specials. Love the mmj love everything about this place

  215. KingYp

    great dispensary with a great set of staff. awesome meds and great every day deals..

  216. BUCK_1961

    great customer service

  217. BobcatSpiderMonkey

    This place was really cool and obviously popular because it was very busy so there was quite a wait. I’d go again, the staff including the lady at the window, we’re sweet, knowledgeable and helpful.

  218. rainbow775

    There is a lot of good parking but he lobby is a little small and cramped for how it was set up. Good bud and good prices. Will be back!

  219. amv1980

    Awesome 20% off everything for first timers. People were nice, was very clean inside. Someone tell me the artist name who painted the cactuses (brain and heart), i loved them!

  220. aperez88

    midtown always has good deals on flower,I have not once been unsatisfied with what I walk out with good meds here dose my body good

  221. Charming9in

    awesome location awesome staff awesome Meds

  222. Biggniaha

    this is still one of the best places to shop for top meds at a low price

  223. Budsforus

    Had a misunderstanding w/ a special deal advertised and Bryan went above and beyond to make it right. One of the best dispensaries in town coming from a 7 year card holder.

  224. Jacobherbaltiger

    Beautiful store , nice people …but horrible first patient policy deal that u can’t get other specials along with it.

  225. Sundaymike

    Midtown is the best dispensary I have been to. It’s not as upscale as some and not as grungy as others. Like Goldilocks it is just right. The perfect chill for your medication needs. If you can’ appreciate Midtown, you just don’t like dispensaries.
    …and they have the Midtown Shortie!

  226. jkgingo81

    I have to get my bud tenders name because she’s awesome every time!
    Got the TinaDanza and it was really great flower!!

  227. Solo4547

    Great location and great flower..

  228. Cjack36

    I had an awesome FTP experience! Very nice place! I’ll definitely be returning!

  229. justmya

    looove midtown, they are my neighborhood dispo. not only are they convenient but the bartenders are always friendly!! they always have my fave strains

  230. FingerGunz

    Great improvements with the management team.

  231. Mattie1980

    Great Atmosphere And Had Excellent Service. This Was The First Time I Had Been Back In Since They Switched Over To Curaleaf.

  232. HighStandard

    Flower wasn’t too great. Their double gold label product wasn’t particularly strong. I also got a lot of ammonia smell from a few of their strains. A few others smelled as if they weren’t properly cured. Location is pretty convenient though and comfortable if you appreciate a “hospital sterility” type of feel. If you do, this is the place for you.

  233. gavibob

    Always happy with midtown roots, will be bavk, always refer to friends-gav-10/05

  234. SmOkeByThEBeACh87

    Great location, great staff, good flower.

  235. randyequis

    I was ripped off at Midtown.
    When I brought it to their attention, I was ignored.
    Whichever employee steals their product is also in charge of their email correspondence.
    I expect businesses in this industry to take the medication factor seriously, and not pinch from their customers edibles, but when it comes to Midtown, it’s every man for themselves.

    Do not shop here. Any mistake will go ignored and I’m prob not the first customer they ripped off.

  236. bnasty96

    best dispensary in Phoenix. good deals, one of the best first time patient deals, and great buds.

  237. slowmode69

    I have been coming here for a couple months now the staff is always knowledgeable and friendly good selection of buds and tax is included in the price you can’t beat that. I will definitely recommend this dispensary to all medical patients I know

  238. ShufflerSlade

    Pretty great visit, Steven was extremely helpful and a great conversationalist, looking forward to future visits here!

  239. hannabaenana

    I just visited midtown roots for the first time and I was very impressed! The bus tenders are patient, educated, and friendly. Nice facility, great selection and deals!!! 🙂

  240. psyry

    Good weed, good service, amazing specials. This place is worth the drive from Mesa for me.

  241. Bigodeezy

    its a pritty decent place to get ur medications there facilities are very clean and quick service plus the best part is that tax is included!

  242. mopepsi4me

    I came in as a FTP, they took good care of me. My Budtender (Brian) discussed my condition(s) with me and I choose a handful of potent Sublime Suckers(50 mg). I played some Bingo (thanks to Stephen Vega, Destini Vinson, and the whole D’T AZ gang!) I can’t wait to come again! (Pepsilove Sez)

  243. mentalfreedom

    The product was terrific. The location is wildly convenient. Right off the light rail. But I was most impressed by their efficiency. I was in and out in under 10 minutes and it was my first time there.

  244. mbv69

    Chelsea was great.

  245. Tslaughter

    Nice location

  246. chillydill

    this place is amazing. top quality flower, awesome edibles, and very friendly staff. my new go to place

  247. delove91

    Definitely a nice location very neat clean friendly staff can’t wait to come back and try some Strains

  248. birwin

    these guys are great will def be back

  249. suzyphx2017

    The location is awesome . The staff is super cool …their bud quality is interesting .. last time I got 1/4 split between 2 strains and both strains were brown and dry . I tried it and it was ok so no big deal. I have bought 4 O pen cartridges and had issues with the mouthpiece falling off and the cartridges break VERY easy . Avoid those pens at all cost !!
    Manager refunded twice but I am tired of this horrible quality. . Have a call into O Pen …

  250. Thanksp

    I love you r location and the strains u have to pick from

  251. Destrada0422

    Location is perfect! Convenient and very accessible. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly! Would def recommend!!

  252. ikisaac420fan

    Have been here a few times, and impressed with every visit here! The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and always willing to help patients out!! I would HIGHLY recommend this dispensary to any MMJ patient!!!!

  253. 420dabberchick

    My first time there, great product, great budtenders, and great service. These guys are just starting out, there are going to be hiccups. Give it a month and they’ll be running smooth and even more efficient.

  254. jesstsmith

    Came in at about 7;30 on Saturday evening. There were 3 workers, none of which wanted to take us so we waited and waited and finally one of them got up from the back and did it. He was rude, interrupted me when I was asking a question, assuming he knew what my question was going to be… he didn’t… just a bad experience… worst I’ve had yet

  255. MichaelMariotti

    Some of the worst flower I’ve ever seen. All of it’s very pale. Reggie quality with top shelf prices

  256. elziav

    I had to give another review. I specifically asked for indicas on shatter and was sold sativa. I was the only one who picked an indica strain out, blackberry cheesecake. I think that’s a good strain but the others are not what I asked for and it makes the budtender look ignorant of products.

  257. felix0089

    was educated well by staff

  258. doubled420

    This place is f@#$ing awesome. Went in the other day bought 2 almond crumb cakes and got a free .25 gram of some pho sugar wax oh man it was complete dY”Y=a>1/2dY$?’. Keep up the hard work, good deals and most of all updating that menu lol love you like family!

  259. juniorlerma

    Absolutely love that this place is so close to central very convenient to get too! They treat me so good every time I go always holding me up with a edible or pre roll they are all just so cool especially the girl with glasses she’s very down to earth love this place love the flower and the deals!

  260. auggiedoggie22

    Love coming to mid town!! Friendly and great deals !

  261. avillegas24

    Great friendly environment with great costomer service. Great meds. Always a pleasent experience. I am a regular here

  262. Patrickmer

    Friend me Bud tenders great products great deals and awesome new patient deals

  263. wife1

    the smoke was good the opposite where was good but very disappointed in the fact that your senior citizens was 60 and now you changed it to 65 really guess I have to find a different place to go

  264. pdgirly77

    Friendly staff! They have some good prices and specials.

  265. anitagraham

    Love this place! Jason is the shit

  266. ericrosenberg13

    Great location near my work that I can go to on lunch break. Great staff and high quality meds. I personally love the Aeriz BOGO deals and make sure I stop in when have that special!

  267. Kwit610

    awesome Place great prices in the best meds friendly people

  268. TJtheSpaceman

    efficient, friendly, and smiling staff. great bud, and a wide selection of edibles and vapes. i’ll be back !

  269. allynosaurusrex

    Amazing service, location is perfect, and overall pretty rad.

  270. el8d1

    Great place for o.pen and bakked products! Not to mention everything else! Check it out great staff as well!

  271. kclancy

    The dude in the front was awesome!! Great atmosphere with he kush was OK but I’m sure it will come with time !!

  272. ATEK1

    great location!! love the prices…

  273. sadiee13

    The staff is great and very knowledgeable. Very nice and friendly customer service!

  274. croynubis

    Midtown is the best dispensary. Great prices, nice people. Close to home!!

  275. greenbutcher

    Awesome budtenders and always helpful! Right next to the lite rail for convience as well!

  276. akolb91

    Very remote but clean dispensary enjoyed my first time there would definitely recommend the Lucid Blue.

  277. Morlindar

    …as a patient with mobility issues, the first consideration is ease of access via public transport, so this location being immediately adjacent to the light rail and two main bus routes is very helpful… additionally, a bank of america and a wells fargo are within a one block radius as well as a starbucks and a panera bread co within two… great for getting to the early bird specials…but more than all these are the additional services appearing weekly including an onsite medical evaluation team ( check website for schedules ) as well as meditation, music, massage and even non-patient events ( check website )… all in all one of my most recommended dispensaries and my personal favorite…

  278. BearGreenpaw

    Best prices on the Pax Pods! I love it!

  279. JC49

    It was my first time and to be honest the flower here is so horrible, especially for the prices.
    Most of it looked ok but the smell was just not there and the potency sucks.
    It all smelled so weak.
    I smelled every strain of flower they had and I was far from impressed with each one.
    I feel like I was looking at pretty decent Regg from back in the day, definitely not medical grade bud at all.
    I already smoked my whole $40 1/8 that I just purchased a couple of hours ago and all I got was a headache and buyers remorse.
    On a more positive note, my budtender was friendly and trying to be as helpful as possible. I appreciated that.
    I just wish they would step up the quality of their flower big time here.

  280. bootboi318

    Heard great things about this spot and it’s not a long drive. Can’t wait midtown had to offer.

  281. Abdurahman2018

    Amazing costumer service

  282. kursk

    Really enjoy all the parking space!!! Budtender was very professional. Good selection, and I intend to visit again!!!

  283. jlalande96

    great staff and great medicine

  284. milwaukeebuck

    Cool spot close to the light rail…

  285. markrvra

    Totally dissatisfied with my visit. Called to ask about iLava, got all the way there just so they could tell me in person that they were put. Completely unprofessional and waste of time

  286. JJG143

    Great place! Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.

  287. Angelicam

    Midtown is in a convenient location and always have good deals and wonderful flower dYOE1

  288. dimples602

    Beautiful people. i will definitely be returning the love and vibe was amazing.

  289. Juradojon5

    Quality flowe and amazing deals. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone

  290. moontang

    Midtown Roots has a nice hidden location right next to the light rail. I took advantage of the ftp bogo and the indica flower I purchased was fire. Nice buds. Bud tender was super nice. Fast and friendly service and great atmosphere. Definitely going back soon

  291. codeyfriend

    people are knowledgeable and chill

  292. ShaunEdwards1714

    awesome possum

  293. Kingarod

    Great place great selection on flower

  294. rich.broncos

    haven’t been there yet but i go to the one on bell

  295. darthvt

    Thank you for helping me find what I needed!!! Gods gift was relaxing and helped out with a lot of my symptoms. But Blueberry was really good, and perfect for that insomnia.

  296. 420Geene

    I like how when I came here last they gave me a free brownie for like 3rd visit super awesome flower every Shelf. Budtender super fast. It was kinda convenient being of the light rail that day

  297. Brendaw2

    Midtown roots Dispensary
    Good deals
    Flower is good
    Employees are cool

  298. Samantha303

    very nice and cool place . good bud and respectful budtenders!

  299. bryankuhlman


  300. tailz408

    This place is slower than shit ……..don’t come here if you got shit to do……seriously

  301. Smackdilly42

    This place is brand new and offering a lot of specials. The people is what make this place awesome. they are super nice and willing to help you find what you need and they have a great selection. The location is pretty awesome to for being centrally located. Definitely check this place out and it will be one of your favorites!


    love it!

  303. xxBUCKETSSxx

    It’s cool. Different how everyone waits in room with the products. But it’s alright I guess.

  304. azblazin1232

    Midtown has great flower at good prices and staff is friendly and very helpful be back soon

  305. chetbitterman

    great buds!

  306. Edvis420bs

    Nice place, nice people know what they’re talking about. Specials rock usually. Good location great access to parking.

  307. domasjefferson

    Just came across this place on Leafly the other day and saw they were new and had some specials all week so I dropped in to pickup a few of the O.pen vape cartridges that had for buy one get one free. The place is nice and they have a really great selection of products! Tara and Justin both did a great job in helping me find what I was looking for! They also gave me a free pre roll. I will definitely be back. Thanks!

  308. Silent1az

    Today I took a friend for her first time and the bud tender was very rude and not kind his name was Paul

  309. steezybudz420

    First time stopping by I tried 2 of their homegrown products because they have a buy one get one for FTP and I was very happy with both of them dY’1/2

  310. LadyMinorB

    Absolutely delightful spot to drop by and head home from a busy day. dY’zdYtm<

  311. velena91

    Super clean and not in some creepy back ally! The bud tenders were friendly and informative.

  312. TacoKisses922

    Very friendly staff, knowledgeable.

  313. buddha808

    Great staff and good selection

  314. nValenz88

    the extreme cream was bomb!

  315. BananaDiesel

    Super friendly and informative edibles were good I’ll be returning c:

  316. sexyjenkins

    Bartenders are the best. They are very friendly and helpful.

  317. ryanandangelica

    Bud tender was speaking unclearly and when I walked in I told him right away I wanted to use my FTP bogo because I wouldn’t be on that side of town again. Long story short I ended up paying full price because he didn’t think it was worth using on what I was buying

  318. Pittylover2012

    So happy there is another Central Phoenix Dispensary and On top of it all THEY’RE AMAZING. Friendly towards myself and my Service Dog, they know their flower, great quality meds. Just wish there was a points system or if they could add $$ to said point system from previous visits.

  319. kjolseth

    Perfect location great product!!

  320. bill2million

    great place. very friendly staff. and good parking in back

  321. savethemusic420

    I appreciate the “Waze” the Bud-Tender’s and Staff here run the show.

    The ‘True’ Feeling of being “Welcome” is exchanged within this Palace through; Compassion, Empathy, Customer Service, Positive Energy, Smiles, …almost like I remember Childhood being. Like…. Family.

  322. sleevesipoo

    perfect location. Best flower and staff. Forest deals too.

  323. RbcTha2nd

    very nice atmosphere and friendly staff

  324. 1frankeny

    Awesome staff, cool location and atmosphere! They also have wellness classes. One of my favorites

  325. Kj_85015

    Awesome deals great Atmosphere recommend to any and all

  326. dethoz480

    bomb place

  327. Kervynhoes

    Great customer service and tree

  328. asue123

    Super cool dispensary and really nice workers!

  329. kendallcigan

    Love the place they have such great people and great products

  330. AlissaMTR

    I love the RugBurn OG! Beautiful atmosphere and friendly staff! Great day of the week specials too! Quickly becoming my favorite place in town!

  331. marqweetos

    I really liked this place this mid town I will most definitely come back

  332. thethirday

    There are better quality buds around the valley.

  333. Anthony074

    Have very nice FLOWER good variety prices are great .. I like that the tax is already included…

  334. chefdat1224

    Most of the staff is nice. Good deals

  335. boriku55

    Great staff, clean, friendly folx! New pt and first visit was professional. I’ve had MMJ card for 1+ month and have spent more time doing research, reading reviews prior to just showing up. Read many concerning reviews…I was glad to see immediate/visible security when i walked in the door. Will def right f/up reviews on medicine soon. Thanks!

  336. Hoopgamenasty

    Good quality, good buds. Thid dispensary can always get my money! keep up the good work.

  337. smokey198

    This place is awesome and friendly

  338. spybrtn

    Midtown is now Curaleaf, but theres no need to worry about any changes. Staff is top notch and quality is still superb! Worth my 20 mile drive every time!

  339. Jambhudda

    Midtown Roots is absolutely the best dispensary out there. Nobody can beat there deals. Best flower around as well as the best infused soda pops around.

  340. hipstercake

    The staff was so helpful. They new a lot of bout there products. They also didn’t try to up sell me on everything.

  341. 31natas

    everything!!! great people. great products. great selection. great prices!

  342. KingGazer154

    My first time was nothing but smiles and helpful conversations. Can’t wait to be back!

  343. corvette

    I just love this place and always have a good experience whenever I come here.
    I love these bud tenders they know there stuff and help me out quite a bit.
    Thanks Katharine D you help me through a lot of my questions.
    Happy New Year Everyone

  344. AmanPerry

    Love this place! Nice budtenders and great how they support the community. Happy to show love here. Try a yoga class in the wellness center 🙂

  345. gaystonerboi99

    I really like the accessibility

  346. Piper0420

    So far Midtown Roots is my favorite dispensary. Great deals and staff. I wish they would open up one closer to me I live out in Maricopa . But every time I’m in the area I make sure to drop in and grab my edibles. I have made Midtown Roots my go to for edibles.

  347. Beckerooo

    My Cousin told me about Midtown Roots and the great experience he had there. He lives in downtown Phoenix and I live in Ahwatukee. I made the drive to check it out myself and was not disappointed. Knowledgable staff, great discounts and a fantastic variety. I will continue drive the additional miles and visit them again.

  348. Mrmime7

    This place is the absolute worst.
    Bought a disposable pen through their delivery, they brought me a completely different pen.
    When I tried to return it they told me it was only store credit.

    Also, bud quality is terrible.

    The “deals” they claim to have are the absolute worst in Arizona.

    Guaranteed you will get better quality and save more money if you go anywhere else in the valley.

    Also other places will refund you if they make a mistake on your order.
    That is not the case here.

  349. mmmcboop

    Love this place! I rarely wait and good products and deals. Great bud tenders and cool vibe.

  350. darylkonrad

    it’s a very nice place. service is great just need better flower got the gorilla glue and cheese both are very dry very dissatisfied

  351. unixphill88

    great selection of product. courtesy staff. easy parking.

  352. devonmarcus

    Great location, with a good selection to choose from. Good prices, and always helpful and friendly people.

  353. Ryleyking

    Fantastic dispensary! Honestly probably the most well rounded dispensary in the state! Great prices! Outstanding products! And even better staff! This is my favorite dispensary and I’ve been to almost all of them in Phoenix, tempe, Mesa, chandler, and Scottsdale THIS ONE IS THE BEST FOR SURE!

  354. Twalls420

    Bad experience with Budtender Kate, felt unappreciated. Might not come back.

  355. dalton3226

    This place is top notch, their bud is amazing and they always have have deals. Their bud tenders are very informative and excited to see you. Well worth the 20 mile trip. Thanks guys

  356. Bulllee

    I have been here 3 times buying different items each time I visited. First time was day 2 of opening and I left without buying anything (prices were way out of line). The service at the front is sketchy. Sorry I’m no hater but you loose me and you perpetuate a lot stereotypes when you have the classic stoner chick up front representing your business. The first time I purchased green crack and God gift, both strains were very old and broke into dust! And they were virtual look a likes ? Second time I picked up a Newtons Soda and a vape pen. No disp vape pens on hand. However the budtender knew his product line quite well, And he did the upsale beautifully. Shout out to the Sweetheart with the dreads and free edibles, your very good customer service rocks! Bottom line Do the basics and do them well. You need some good flower, not all the same generic crap everybody marks up. A few signature strains that you do really well . You don’t need a ton of options out there for concentrates and edibles. Stick to proven quality manufactures. Just like the world of dining, people crave consistency not only with their dining experience but their cannabis as well. The physical layout of the place is beautiful inside and out. With a few easy fixes like decent flower, they have the potential to be a powerhouse in downtown.

  357. donone53

    Great store, with knowledgable personnel. James was helpful in understanding the options and making the right decisions for treating my neuropathy. Thanks.

  358. MrOrigami69

    I came here for my first time visit and left thinking I got a really good deal. When I got to the lodge, and started to break it down, that’s when the disappointment came. The 8th of Kilimanjaro I got was garbage. One giant stem, and a couple medium sized stick as well. The flower was dry and turned to dust in my fingers. It was prepackaged as well. Overall a disappointment and waste of good money. My budtender was cool, and I liked the setup, but really the only impression I will keep, is the low standard of quality set by this dispensary.

  359. paulrod

    This location is perfect it is conveniently located right of the light rail ..

  360. T4tiff

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been in so I wonder what type of specials that they’ll have this week or this month was really looking into doing the yoga meditating but I don’t have time for it so I do the yoga and meditating and medicating at my house LOL

  361. leopride2801

    all the staff were very nice and super friendly.

  362. RadiantOne

    Steven was so helpful.and got me my medicine quick.

  363. FRNY1103

    Friendly staff/ poor managers

  364. THCprod100

    great staff super friendly high quality!

  365. Lightheaded17

    Omg. I have been to a few dispensaries and this one is way up there on the list. I picked up some flower and was not disappointed. They have a huge selection of edibles and stuff I had never seen. Definitely returning

  366. jasneeva311

    I enjoyed the attention to detail,given by the employees very pleasant!

  367. bimmer2

    Professional, welcoming, efficient.

  368. WhiteRootsMountain

    Found this location easily accessible from th light rail downtown. Never a wait. Nice menu selection of flower. Lots of BOGO specials on concentrates and edibles. Going there again today.

  369. Kiddx

    I got to say they have a great set up you can see everything they got I liked my Bud Tender Jason was really cool and helped me choose the best definitely telling my friends

  370. bayolamusic

    The best hands down!!

  371. Oliciabennett

    Smells good great specials

  372. mylove35

    jus started working down town And its very convenient its clean and nice inside budtenders are very helpful

  373. Yomama123

    Hopefully cura does better than midtown, last time I was in, bought a cartridge, opened it up a week later and found I was sold a EMPTY cartridge. Learned my lesson dY~PSdY~-

  374. Lacricia

    Favorite new spot. Place is very nice and clean. Bud-tenders are fab. Products are nice too and you will always catch a good deal!

  375. stonersimpsion42000


  376. belindacastro

    Love the location! #1 flower and very friendly staff! would definitely recommend Midtown Roots!!!

  377. Jambudds

    This is an amaizing store. the employees are always very friendly and knowledgeable. My all time fave is those super power midtown shorties.

  378. rkburns86

    The staff is knowledgeable, professional, and builds real rapport with each patient. Well done!

  379. Ginger1905

    the best of can never go wrong

  380. AD1998

    I love this place… everytime iv gone in it’s been nothing but good times I even got a coupon from another patient for just being nice.

  381. amallahi

    great, friendly staff and no complaints about the bud either! regular customer for sure.

  382. Ericmarker


  383. Kevinbaconator

    Awesome location! Love stopping by here after work.

  384. wphansen

    Great new dispensary with some extremely helpful customer service. Flower I received weren’t the largest buds but other than that it was a great quality product. Looking forward to seeing these guys grow.

  385. Pokeballgo28

    I was pretty anxious since it was my first visit to a dispensary today and I was blown away by how amiable and patient everyone was. Kudos to the bud tender with curly hair (forgot to get his name) that helped me out! Awesome customer service. I will definitely be back! Soooooooon

  386. serna26

    I had the pleasure of having Stephen K as my budtender today he was so nice and very informative of cannabis and the deals i will def be going back because of the awesome in and out timing the great customer service amd cool deals

  387. randybobany

    So simple ordering from Supurb

  388. tinalynn7

    very nice store, nice budtenders but the flower was extremely dry. crumbles into shake its so dry. glad this my 1st time patient bog or i really wouldn’t be happy

  389. Eminemfan

    Excellent service and product

  390. rohar69

    For me, the location is great. I’m about a mile from this place, but I will gladly drive to other places to get my meds. I was treated fairly well by the staff, for the most part, but when I came in complaining about the dried up crap I bought from them, I felt they laughed it off. I have been in a few times, and I want to like this place because it’s close to my home, but the product SUCKS! The top shelf grams are 15 bucks. In today’s market they are worth about 6 dollars at the most. I could start a campfire with the dry ass shit I have bought from this place. The only reason to return is to collect the shitty preroll I’ll get for the review.

  391. artyology101

    Its centrally located

  392. Jessiegirl84

    So friendly and knowledgeable to help me get the right medicine for my needs.

  393. Shade1324

    great variety

  394. Brianaz

    Waited for 26 mins after check in.. then the new patient is only on select bottom tier.. was suggested 80 1/2 minus 20% 64.. the weed is super harsh on the throat even filtered through a bong. High is short lived already smoke 1/4 in one day. This is not heavy indica for pain. Disappointed.

  395. anitahit

    Love love love midtown roots! Great location and service!! Close to home, and work! I High-ly recommend stopping by!!

  396. SketchMcPanda

    Convenient location and the quality never ceases to impress. Definitely coming back

  397. drcue923

    Haven’t been here yet but heard good things

  398. woodstockchick

    this is my new fave dispensary!! Great people quality products and a great location not in a sketchy area like some places. A wide selection of everything!!!!!! They carry my fave cartridges and turned me on to a new for me brand BAKKED. love the blueberry
    cartridge the best. Oh and the best thing is it’s like 5 min from my house. Yay midtown roots!!!

  399. JimmyDiesel

    worst dispensary I have ever step foot they’re selling part 6/g for 12 and up. over priced for garbage medicine. was 9 cent short because I didn’t want to break a 100 and they wouldn’t cover it so I left. will never return again not worth the Hassel at all would not recommend don’t think they will be in business long. I wouldn’t lose out on 38/40 dollars for 9 cents someone should go back and take economics

  400. XtinaRusso2

    So happy that this is the local dispensary nearest to me – super fast and the employees are always wonderful

  401. insanesmoker

    It was convenient because it’s next to light rail and the service was fast and staff was friendly. Thank you

  402. 711jwoods

    good meds and the accept credit cards when im out of cash legit af

  403. thawikidone

    Extremely clean and friendly!

  404. alecjar91

    really loved this place , very open and roomy feels nice and comforting not sketchy or all dark and no windows kinda vibe, but loved their ftp deal, and their dispensary agent deal is even better at 30% ,it’s the best in the bizz, bought the regular brands of shatter, muv, and high grade, good stuff and at a good deal , loved the bogo top shelf brand cookies , I bought 2 variety packs and it was only 13.20 , what a steal, the employees and everyone made me feel welcomed and like I was a regular , I will recommend this dispensary to everyone!

  405. beth32

    Amazing service and Paul is so funny! Made my first time so great.

  406. Noel

    Great service and awesome promotion s

  407. mgidget

    love this place, been coming for years

  408. breakerfall9

    Great place beautiful location!

  409. Phillips3213

    Very clean, friendly budtenders, and good flower

  410. Donna434

    The Staff Is Amazing

  411. blackmagic713

    Headed there for a second time! Kinda far from where I am but great quality meds and people make I worth the trip

  412. gabsssalot

    My first time in! They were out of what I came in for. My budtender was knowledgeable and informed me of every special they had to make sure my trip was cost efficient!

  413. Michealblack

    Very friendly and helpful they always make sure I have what I need

  414. Thieh

    Hands down one of the best shops in the state. A must for all patients.

  415. domophx88

    Great Location and Deals

  416. gdpqueen

    Worst flower in downtown area. Brown bud way to over priced. other shops near by have better flower and deals. Seems like another shop just trying to push outdoor falsely claiming indoor. Definitely was not worth the drive.

  417. MkeAmerciaBlazeAgain

    Got a text from Supurb about a BOGO 8th. Great flower and friendly driver!

  418. Pammie

    great product

  419. bobbigamble

    My experience here was great! I bought flower called Gromulan and HG shatter called Harlox man I’m high as a a f—k! dY’ I can’t remember a better buzz!!!I’m a oldie Pot Head over 45 years! Very high tolerance build up! Thanks for taking care of this old hippie. I loved this place and the products !! a$?i,

  420. T.barton

    Been here a few times. Love the atmosphere. Love the service. ND the medicine is on point too. Recommend this place to everyone.thank u midtown roots

  421. Rob13m

    One of the best dispensaries here in central phoenix in my opinion! Fast service, they always have a lot of deals! I also like their meditation sessions they hold monthly. Been to one loved it.

  422. illrasta79

    Awesome place to get all your medicated needs. They’re conveniently located across from the Thomas/Central LTRL stop and the butenders are friendly and knowledgeable. Along with the FTP you also get a free gift on each of your next three purchases.

  423. Echer

    My first visit to this shop. Stopped in today for the bogo deal. Positives: The lemon banana sherbet is soooo nice. Very happy with it. The nugs are beautiful and smell fantastic.
    Negatives: The grams I purchased in two other strains had a LOT of stems. Good looking flower but, I don’t want to pay for branches.
    Overall had a good experience and this Lemon Banana Sherbet is bomb!!!!

  424. 420goldenhour

    Love that they do deliveries!

  425. BigSkinny92

    These guys are always running specials, especially for Sunday Goods. Always looking out for their BOGO on cartridges. They have one of the best prices in town with tax included.

  426. bostonkyle5

    wow great place great people great everything go check it out

  427. sethm92

    awesome location

  428. rayrey

    good location and helpful staff

  429. njoypot1963

    I love this place,I wish I could go everyday, and now they have yoga that’s Awesome!! Good flower,Good prices,Great people !!!! dY’saoeOEdY’s

  430. amberchavezaj

    Awesome people, good buds dY$?–

  431. blessedhandz

    heard alot of good things about this shop well ill see

  432. BigRed3200

    would come again for the high quality flower. The atmosphere seemed like a court room or police facility. could use some life.

  433. issalynn

    Great staff. Tara (I think that was her name) was so patient and understanding with me. She wanted to get me exactly what I wanted. The staff was very educated and polite. Great flower!!

  434. tg4realyabish

    I think this location is great. just moved to the area and definitely one of the better ones!

  435. bigbdaking

    love the location and prices are pretty good

  436. Donica

    My favorite place in Phoenix for my meds.

  437. Prinsess420Stray480

    Sucks. New patient deals suck. Location is convenient, too bad the dispensary is terrible! Started out advertising as $6 & $7.50 grams, then raise them a day before opening day. This place is bad business. Don’t go here. They have no Skills. My advise to the shop; Don’t bite off too much you can’t chew, ’cause I don’t to see you talk with a mouthful.

  438. Marc223

    highly recommended

  439. Herbividual

    what kind of dispensary offers 20% off for their ftps? plus I’m totally not okay with the huge windows. i don’t need everyone and their grandma seeing me sit in a pot shop.

  440. cierra0916

    Quality is there. Bud tenders are super friendly. Great atmosphere.

  441. toastsmalone

    Flower is always on point and bud tenders are super friendly as well

  442. gvmurillo

    I loved this spot, and especially loved that they have a yoga studio next door. Great selection too.

  443. LegalizeItLeaBlog

    James was awesome as a bud tender. gave me good education on the bud! I’m always nervous going into a new place but it’s a very calm atmosphere. my new dispensary!

  444. m3gajuana

    Friendly place, awesome selection, and THEY TAKE CREDIT CARDS. Hallelujah. Also love that they carry Flourish edibles.

  445. gardnerm

    good place

  446. tjtony

    Its real nice in here so far let’s try the weed !

  447. KaliYari96

    Lovee This Place dY’<

  448. mk2

    Quality Friendly Convenient! I will be back! I just had a really good experience at Midtown roots and the staff is very helpful knowledgeable and the product is always top notch.

  449. Coffee4blood

    3 things. 1. great people work here. 2. quarter gram pre rolls are the perfect size. 3. Aeriz top shelf is the best flower in the valley. gg#4 ftw

  450. thelifeofqueenb

    I like midtown roots they always provide the best customer service . Bud is great and wax is amazing , I wish they had better deals but I still Always leave with a smile .

  451. jhall212

    Best dispensary downtown! Prices are amazing so is product! Plus the staff is super helpful! Highly recommend!

  452. skunkiisnumber1

    great staff

  453. stonergirlD

    Theae guys know their stuff..and always have top quality meds!

  454. Renabell

    I’ve heard great things about this place can’t wait to check it out!!

  455. Jillaspicer75

    This is a very nice location, with great products and service to Mach.

  456. mm55

    Unfortunately I have to say this dispensary is not worth anyone’s time or money. The folks are nice but the product and the quality??!! Not sure how it can be called medicinal…..Sorry Midtown but it’s huge thumbs down

  457. samwisee33

    Awesome staff, very knowledgeable and friendly! Recommend this place to anyone 10/10!

  458. Louieman1

    Great staff an meds love it here all the people are friendly an they got tax free

  459. Da_great_808

    great service took real good care of me

  460. cmullally

    2 weeks ago was my first time in. i loved it. My budtender was amazing. i got some great shatter and will be going back tomorrow

  461. kervyn

    Great customer service and bud

  462. jessnovoa

    Midtown meds is super convenient, close to work, fast friendly and efficient. Great flower!

  463. EuricyChan

    Good people, clean shop. Awesome meds!

  464. Arizona1911

    Great location, most dispensaries are in shady areas. Very helpful staff. Kept Newton’s sodas instock, hard to find most places. I’ll be back soon.

  465. Manny92

    1st time visit was great can’t wait to return and try all of the flower / high grade concentrates also my budtender was very helpful explained everything I needed to know 5stars

  466. Sursmokesalot84

    love the alien rock candy. great deals on flower

  467. atli3n

    Great location with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  468. gdziekan

    Knowledgeable staff, great prices and good location.

  469. GanjaGregg

    Excellent spot! always enjoys stopping in at midtown

  470. Theresa1540

    I like them

  471. elseveral

    great spot the budtender James answered all my questions

  472. kitschbitsch

    Very friendly and accomodating bud tenders!

  473. BigPanda23

    great deals and really love the shorties

  474. Ericacantu

    I have had the joy too find this place they have the best prices deals an service!! You can go wrong here i would reccomeen this place too everyone i know come check it out!!

  475. blak3carr1ngt0n

    You guys are awesome! I’m here fairly often because the location is perfect for me. In fact, I’ll see you tonight.

  476. jillbrady

    The best dispensary in Phx! They always have a great deal and new stuff coming out! The staff is great and very knowledgeable! If you have tried this place check them out for sure!

  477. Deebkoy

    i think midtown is a great spot !

  478. diego420

    Perfect location right on the rail. Great atmosphere, knowledgeable budtenders, fuego selection… Hit them up

  479. Donmakesplays6

    This place is awesome I love how it’s right on central and gas the downtown vibe.

  480. Turtle602

    Lol. This place just picks and chooses products from other dispensaries and JACKS up the price $40 for a gram of nature’s concentrates? Haha just go to Nature’s and skip this Middle Man posed as a dispensary. Such a joke I can’t stand to see places that are only about money

  481. yupers

    Midtown always takes care of me I never had any complaints the meds are always top shelf and the staff are professional and friendly check this place out.

  482. AndreaG12

    Great service super friendly!!

  483. CarlosRuben

    Fast and easy, great priced flower and hip customer service. Perfect for students and light rail users. Amazing first patient deals and so on!

  484. juniors420

    Great staff amazing deals and a awesome atmosphere

  485. KWZ1968

    Great deals here

  486. Kushkiller00

    Ok dispensary. wish the staff was more informed about their reviews System and the own dispensary In general.Wait time for this location is extremely longer than others do expect a long delay

  487. note3blazing1

    this place is great come here all the time always great flower.

  488. theemadcap1

    Wanted a quick gram of there best, terpiest weed. The sample jar smelled real good, so I got the Gummy Bears. Got it home and it is dried out and almost zero smell. Smells like hay. Bad batch or not cured right? Bad business to not have the weed you sell be exactly what I am checking out.

  489. SuperSpeedo

    Product is great and the staff is very knowledgeable.

  490. jackstonersimpsion

    amazing product but would come back agina

  491. Frogg73

    Rad customer service, staff, atmosphere, product and deals. Highly recommended!!

  492. tgoody420

    I love coming here. The location is perfect and they have good prices. I will definitely shop here again. Keep up the good work guys.

  493. Ciscoleafly

    Decent bud too high priced tho but they’re Always friendly

  494. spliffy710

    $150 for a zip of zkittlez? Gonna have to check that out!

  495. tmoney677

    Great prices and a great selection

  496. bormann0ss

    love ppl and place, great vape product flower. urkle was amazing.

  497. ChaseLeafly

    I always love to come to Midtown roots. Easy access from the light rail. And they always have great specials

  498. gstatpro

    Beautiful facility and good service.

  499. Hddragon

    Clean atmosphere great first time patient specials very friendly staff

  500. bea2beaa

    love this place

  501. Pooaauce1016

    Was told they have good meds

  502. i.want2bme

    midtown roots is amazing.

  503. memogg1226

    paul was the best highly recommend it

  504. kingag623

    I think it’s a cool place. Awesome vibe in there. and I think it’s great that they give out bus cards to their customers on the light rail.

  505. Manueluna

    First time was a good experience. Great service and even better flower.

  506. demonswife

    Great new dispensary, everytime i stop yo get my meds they arw so friendly and helpful. Like the deals. Keep up the great work. Coner(the guitar player) was very helpful and nice and Bryan thank you for remember mine and my husband name its nice to walk in and someone remember your name

  507. dwntwnphxgrl

    Steven helped me out today and I’ve gotta say he’s rad. Great to have a knowledgeable but tender to help me out, also really nice conversation. Thank you for the recommendation and I will definitely be back! By the way, I really love the pick up service available here. Super convenient.

  508. TuffLuck420

    Metro Meds Has great product and even greater staff all very friendly dY’

  509. ryanestes3322

    Clean. Good quality meds. Good prices.

  510. mon2154475

    My first experience here was excellent. The staff is friendly and helpful. The bud tender that helped me was very knowledgeable and helpful as well. I’m looking forward to my next visit!

  511. joeinazyes

    I drove 20 minutes, past several other shops to get here. I really appreciate the secure, welcoming, professional atmosphere. The first time patient incentive was generous. Two eights of outstanding strains (Golden Goat and Jedi Kush) plus a gram of Northern Lights for $39, out the door. Gooey, fresh, quality flower. Paul was a great help at the counter. I’ll be back. dY~2dY~udY~oedY~


    Tomorrow is my birthday!! They’ve been taken care of me since I started coming. Only been here a few times the staff the buds and the pricing is too legit to quit!

  513. azfablss1

    One of my favorite dispensaries! The location is great, but the service and quality are what keep me coming back.

  514. Adr420

    I love this location, right off the light rail and their selection and prices are fantastic. The staff is really friendly and extremely helpful. Highly recommend this dispensary 🙂

  515. TayTay94

    I’ve been to midtown a few times and the last few times I’ve went it has been very very good! All of the staff is very knowledgeable of the products and the product itself is absolutely amazing. I’ve already recommended this place to a few fellow med card holders!

  516. ganja_bella

    So happy Curaleaf Midtown now has Vapen carts! And the service is always fast, no long wait times and the service is always friendly & accommodating.

    Thanks Curaleaf!

  517. n.Pars45

    Always take great care of me!!! Good buds and great prices!

  518. gloco420

    I love their set up. the atmosphere was great. thanks Taura for the excellent service will be back soon

  519. ElMoreno602

    great quality weed ,friendly people and aways great DEALS

  520. marysastone

    It’s very clean fast service and great budtenders!!!

  521. bhomonster

    Great location, close to work. Very helpful people and awesome selection.

  522. GnarlyKarli

    I love the location of this place and everytime I’ve been here they are super helpful and nice.

  523. KeoshaJ

    Can’t miss out!!!Right off the light rail must stop. They have some of the best bud’s. The Atmosphere is peaceful and large. The deals here at pretty good

  524. Darrylnumber1

    Nice open shop with friendly tenders!

  525. Gomez9741

    So many times I’ve confused a first time patient BOGO or had friends get confused by their budtenders I just have to say .
    Direct a first time patient so they don’t give themselves a bad deal or a lesser deal , especially when those Flowers are well past their shelf life.

  526. PBSmoker

    Keep the BOGO sales goin’! Love the deals, product selection, locale and peeps!

  527. JustBe444

    Best place for deals, quality service and goods

  528. kldemarco2

    Great job by Konner (Konnor? 🙂 ) helping me out during my first visit to Midtown Roots. He was very patient and personable. Thank you!

  529. LGARNOLD67

    best place in midtown is midtown

  530. vik475

    Great place to get flower great pricing and location

  531. 420SmokinJoe

    Very knowledgeable and great prices!!! love coming here and excellent quality service and Amy was really impressive how she remedied the situation at hand and highly recommended

  532. PowerfulLopez

    Friendly staff and a great selection of products!

  533. temazepam666

    Midtown Roots is legit. This place has great daily deals. I have picked up some really dank buds at super cheap prices. I haven’t tried the edibles yet, but I love the shatter and flowers.


    Love this place its close theyre friendly and great specials. Def recommend

  535. wolfe3

    Can never go wrong with a $150 OZ from midtown all day everyday

  536. Omarquez4627

    Awesome and easy deals dY’dY>>

  537. Salsap8

    marlayna did a nice job, explaing eveything about the products, she was very helpful and helped me find what I was specifically look for I most definitely look forward to coming back.

  538. FixedIt

    Always good product and good info. I never feel rushed when I come here.

  539. Purpleluv1


  540. sjf8760

    drop sunday goods its straight garbage greenhouse grown crap.

  541. louis4

    They have good quality here an I love the prices …there a lot of good flower thats worth what you pay for

  542. D201347

    Was in the area and since I received a text this morning on the pax era and pods I picked them up at Midtown. Awesome service! I was explained everything in great detail on how to put it together. Will be back. The shorties are dY”Y=! Thanks Midtown

  543. lancer2020

    Mid town roots is beyond amazing…
    First off first time patient special is a great then they hook it up with a card for 4 free gifts each time you go. Great specials everyday of the week. Go check them out…

  544. IamPuma

    awesome service! great selection!

  545. kyle1851

    first time visit! 10/10 would recommend

  546. Memphistn

    Midtown is on of the best places to go to wheneva I’m n Phoenix..the flowers r da Truth dY’OE

  547. yellowkitten

    I love midtown roots. They always make me feel super welcomed and the prices are great. Make sure to check them out.

  548. beastboy34

    My first time visiting the store the staff was friendly check in was quick in and out but most of all the prices was perfect I went on the opening buy one get one free I got a sweet deal on some dab flower and cartridge I would recommend to come to this store in all I’ll be back here good job guys

  549. DankDiaries420

    Midtown Roots Wellness Center is a place the community needed!! Love!!!

  550. ellesalome

    Great options!

  551. angelica420jovanni0108

    best dispensary in Phoenix I love there quality !!

  552. JosiahB

    cool place, everyone there is great and very knowledgeable about products.

  553. s1kkmc

    Midtown has the perfect downtown location with easy access to the light rail never really that busy but you can call ahead and skip the line dY’

  554. joe32288

    This place just opened 8 weeks ago, and this is already my favorite dispensary. They have great specials. Also, this is the only dispensary I’ve been to that allows anyone into their waiting room. Pro tip: come in the first 2 hours after they open and save $10 on bud.

  555. alidaze

    Great first time patient deals, that actually go on for the first 4 visits! The flowers are great, and the edibles are also good! I tried the coffee cake, which is very fresh and delicious! Plus the daily specials really come in handy! Lobby is nice, and easy to navigate.

  556. lotwsandyw

    SandyW. Love this place. Delivery rocks. Great herb, amazing staff!

  557. heg1988

    They were really helpful they helped me on some wax. Everyone was really nice and informative.

  558. Elbarto66

    very good weed grate deals and very friendly people best part they do 3 first time deals!

  559. satvalenz

    as a first time patient I was happy, plus the convenient location is great.

  560. DannydeVito4president2020

    Nice spot! really dig the setup!

  561. gdd420

    Great place and location i will b there possibly today again

  562. Vendt84

    Great facility with premium meds and high customer service. Would recommend to others and will be headed back very soon! Thank you for everything!

  563. mistybutler1974

    rad place!

  564. shina

    This dispensary is garbage my first visit and last visit here was Wednesday my flower was dry and it scrumbled into sawdust I was offered a new BOGO for the dry flower they sold me but I am stuck with a half of ounce of flower that I can’t smoke the staff were nice and the establishment was clean

  565. Adam.710

    Great deals and a friendly staff!

  566. kyle108108

    Love the people, great new place. Love the variety.

  567. shydie

    GOod stuff. Excited about distalelie!

  568. samilam82

    I love this place! Has great buds, service, location, and prices.

  569. baseddad

    The cactus og from here is a MUST

  570. ejsr89

    Everytime i visit vwry friendly faces. Knowledgable staff members who look out for changers best interest in products both within and around the world of dispensaries

  571. choates

    i like the selection. i came in first time and got a cartridge bogo and was happy to see workers with actual knowledge

  572. AZcookies97

    this place has great variety and a friendly staff

  573. nutorious

    Don’t be fooled they are not deli style like all the other Curaleaf locations. And the service is trash rude staff.

  574. kaykay22

    Best first time patient experience I ever had

  575. kushito5

    I think Midtown roots always has quality meds for a good price.

  576. sdriscoll

    Great location, product and staff! Good selection of products and always a good special.

  577. HoneyBadgerT

    Friendly and convenient to downtown phx. A+

  578. Devincoolin

    This dispensary just opened up and I’m instantly in love

  579. Aztadpole

    Great place, with super product and convenient location. Great specials too !

  580. Stanb454

    great ppl enjoy service and good gsc

  581. YanksterStudioGangster

    Great deals, great staff, and phenomenal products.

  582. patmac2320

    brand new location still working out the kinks.
    Dank buds, buds in the bag look and smell better than display nugs, which is nice. Stick to the gold tier
    Good daily specials

  583. mruelas

    Clean place with nice ppl. First time stopping by and won’t be the last. Flowers are great all around.

  584. BTS420

    This Shop is My Go To Shop in Town. I have to recommend this Shop to All Veterans Since it has the BEST Discount
    in Az at 20%. They also accept All DEBIT cards No FEE! They are right off the Light rail which makes it VERY CONVENIENT. Thanks Curaleaf Midtown

  585. tmyers692002

    Great place

  586. dabieber

    Absolutely love this place!! James is the best bud tender in the world!! I tried everything!! I will defiantly be back and tell my friends and family about this! Downtown location is awesome!!

  587. Angerjames

    I love the location. Right off the metro and right next to the bank. the prices are excellent for there quality of weed which id also excellent. keep up the good work midtownd!

  588. azarborpro

    Awesome place…great staff paul was a pleasure

  589. PAdisu12

    Good Timeless cartridges and prerolls.

  590. carrethersralph

    do you guys include taxes on your prices or taxes differ from the price. im asking because I’ve been calling and you guys don’t answer

  591. happypappy5

    Fantastic! Will come again!

  592. Platinumwrecked

    I love the store! It beautiful. The flower I bought also dY”Y=dY”Y=

  593. dezknoll

    great place great service

  594. AZJH16

    Love that you guys are carrying Nature’s AZ concentrates now! You guys kick ass, best industry discount around! Thanks!!
    – J

  595. Lemuel84

    Beautiful nice staff flower. Great place

  596. ticotacos

    The best dispensary in Central Phoenix. Lots of events and great flower!

  597. juniorboy29

    be there pretty soon just waiting on my renewal card on the mail

  598. tkarnes

    convenient location, flower looks and smells good. great staff

  599. kyusi23

    Definitely one of my favorite places to come too! great deals weekly also the lovely staff that bring smiles to the patients!

  600. Luzecita24

    I loved it!! Conveniently located, Customer Service was great and I loved the atmosphere. Looking forward to attend the classes that they offer, 1st dispensary that I know of, that offer these.

  601. MikeHatt

    Happened to see the sign for the dispensary on a building I pass often while waiting for the bus on Thomas and central. So after looking around on leafly, I found out that my chance visit, was on grand opening day. The crew from baked bros were there and these guys were very helpful in educating on dosage and the product they offer. As for the storefront, the set up was laid back and welcoming. The staff was very helpful and attentive. My budtender Erick helped me make my day with some tasty liberty haze.. Definitely a killer day high that puts you in the mood for music. Thanks Uptown Roots for completing my day on a good note!!

  602. RyanLee3

    Great location. Better cannabis 🙂 🙂 love the deals they give too

  603. nellie_rubio77

    Midtown roots rocks! I got to try blue dream and it worked wonders. Plus they have unbeatable prices. Roll through if you haven’t!!

  604. Tomthebomb

    caught a delivery last night. thanks again!

  605. marklemon

    great location very helpful staff great meds

  606. sydneyswain420

    Great location and good experience. The weed is bomb and the bud tenders are nice 🙂

  607. ladysith666

    Super nice and great quality ! I also love the debit card system thing they have set up ! Ask them about it. Definitely gonna be my regular stop coming home from work. I ride from tempe to north Phoenix and pass by it every day on the light rail. They even give you 4$ off a 20$ a purchase for riding the light rail !

  608. JoesephUIgnoramus


  609. Dakota75

    Great selection.
    Easily accessible.
    Cheap and effective

  610. JordanArizona

    Chill budtenders, good product. My new Go-To Dispo.

  611. rachstockdale1992

    As soon as you walk in , you think very fancy . They check you in as a new patient that’s very nice and bud tender was awsome thanks John John and bud was superb . Will be back

  612. alxrco

    Fast service, good quality products, & overall amazing atmosphere. Unlike any other dispensary they have unique classes to offer, for example, yoga & meditation! Will be back soon!!!

  613. toneloe

    The ppl are friendly and helpful

  614. dave0712

    love it got the 1000 mg brownie:)

  615. Mrslawson91

    Stephan was awesome great customer service and personable

  616. taylorpastonie

    Awesome staff and bomb meds, always have a great selection and low prices 😉

  617. THCritic

    Concentrate prices dont make sense. You can travel north 20 minutes and get some of these same brands for 5 to 7 dollars cheaper. Everything else seems nice about this place minus the pricing on concentrates. Flower is top quality.

  618. hereforpizza

    The employees really make it worth it

  619. PinalsFinest

    This dispensary is phenomenal. The staff is helpful and knows their stuff! The selection is prime.

  620. SmurphCraig

    One of my favorites. Great service all the time. I have had a couple product issues but management and staff handle issues like customer service pros. The flower I’ve gotten here is great. My only issue here is with their vape selection. That’s usually the only reason I go elsewhere. Otherwise I come here because their loyalty program and online ordering system is phenomenal. They welcome me with my baby in tow which is super important. I also love their commitment to community and wellness. They have great wellness events.

  621. LouAnn61259

    very helpful. always friendly

  622. jessicalynnsmith168

    Very disappointed with my first visit to this shop. Prices were not as advertised- My new patient deal was supposed to be BOGO on a 1/4. I was told all strains within a certain shelf were the same price so I picked 2 that I liked. Upon leaving I checked my receipt and noticed the second strain I picked was not the same price and substantially cheaper than the other strain. This should have been brought to my attention when being rung up. I would have picked 2 from the same shelf for quality reasons. The rep complained about his schedule and admitted he had no time to try or test product. This made me doubt his product knowledge and I did not feel comfortable with the suggestions he made after leaving the shop. Prices were much more expensive than other shops and quality is sub par. The security guard was outside on his phone and I did not feel safe walking to my car in the parking lot. Nobody looking after the customers when they leave?Will not be returning here.

  623. mikhailw

    I like the midtown location because they have great deals friendly staff and I always leave satisfied

  624. Bear999922

    I got my card December 2017.
    I was looking for the best place to rack up points, at the place that had the best rewards.
    I chose mid-town because or their re-certification perk.
    I racked up points all year, and in July I asked the lady if they had any plans of getting rid of it. She say no way.

    1-1/2 months before I needed to re-apply, you guys took it off the loyalty program.
    I racked up 800 points and was counting on that. By now I would have had the full 1,000 points.

    I guess I’ll use the rest of my points on a way lesser reward, and probably won’t shop here any more. Definitely false advertising. Definitely not a happy customer.

  625. cdsjedi

    It was first time here. Justin helped me out a bunch, and was patient with me. I haven’t even tried anything I bought yet, but I got such a sweet deal that I had to write about it. I only wanted grams(trying a little of everything). First timer gets a bogo. They have daily specials – today was 25% off flower w/purchase. I ended up getting 9! different grams(9 of them!) for $70….mic drop

  626. jaythort94

    Amazing staff and amazing variety!!!Will definitely be back!

  627. SpicyAsianSauce

    This place was awesome. Huge menu. Staff was super friendly. They have a nice ftp deal.

  628. bwise202

    Love this place

  629. LoriJackson

    Nice location! adn their FTP is Bitchin!

  630. aaronlindsay

    My favorite place!

  631. Stunna93

    awesome place would defiantly come back

  632. chelcdub

    Great staff! You can take your time and the staff is knowledgeable!

  633. EjFelix

    Great place great quality

  634. shes420

    The atmosphere was very calm and the staff is very friendly and informative.

  635. cgohgrl

    I like that midtown is right off the light rail. I rarely get a chance to go often, so I make a special trip just for their great service and friendly atmosphere.

  636. guebara420


  637. Sberks63

    Super friendly staff and conveniently located!

  638. burnsfire

    Was my first time in last week. great staff and great products, from bottom to top teir. will recommend and be back.

  639. Desmond555

    Love the atmosphere to this place it’s so layers back and everyone is so friendly and knowledgable.

  640. anggab

    always the best service.

  641. chefgrouch

    What an amazing experience! Thank you

  642. skyhighest

    good option in an area with alot of options

  643. Redshells

    ALWAYS satisfied with the products amd service

  644. MrWe3D

    Good meds and peeps.

  645. dboydavis

    Friendly bud tenders always enjoy my experience here.

  646. JaxOneLove

    I’ve recently attended a Timeless Meditation class + a yoga class at the Wellness Center inside Midtown Roots and absolutely LOVED it! Medicated Mavens did a fantastic job at assisting me in getting my mind + body relaxed. Very positive, loving energy all around. Thank you Anna, for suggesting the yoga class to me + turning me on to such a great resource! PS – gotta love those goodie bags that come with each class!!!

  647. magbug49

    I think you have the spot. downtown, downtown. steps from the light rail. traffic can only get heavier. way to go. corey

  648. Azmade9388

    was a good sativa petrol for $3

  649. markbeck

    by far one of the most upfront and honest places I’ve ever been to this is the only place ill go to

  650. TaylorGang2

    I love the design of the building and everyone is very helpful.

  651. b0bmerlin

    excited to see this new partnership with midtown and curaleaf

  652. Samanthann

    Came here for my 1st time, was in the phoenix area and was glad I stopped here. Definitely will be back dY’dY1/2

  653. allen.richpv

    Quickly becoming one of my favorite dispensaries.

  654. 1991dre

    I love this place to get my meds and good deals and good pre rolls

  655. Space_savvy93

    great products at good prices . its awsome convenient location right off the rail and life rail discount is worth tge visit

  656. nikbran12

    As I have visited this dispensary twice now I must say I really like them. They have a good selection and a very nice staff. Both visits were pleasant and my budtenders were extremely helpful. Will be back soon.

  657. Justaseed

    Friendly staff. Quality buds. And smoking deals.

  658. candy007

    So glad I got to meet the reps of d’treatz! Bomb samples ! And the specials you had going on were the best !

  659. agodinez

    Great prices and awesome customer service!

  660. Nixonbianca

    Good weed and amazing specials love this place

  661. BJsmooth838

    Local AF

  662. Gregoryshoe

    creepy maze like building. staff are not trained well. flower all smells like hay. dont expect to be able to get your discounts

  663. marijuanasatan

    I’ve only been back to a couple locations and this is definitely one of the ones ill be back to thanks to all the lovely staff and of course who helped me. special thank you to that budtender Tara dY~S

  664. bigwormsworld

    Love this place!! Great deals, better weed!!

  665. shilton

    It was a great experience my first time I’m coming back for an second round to get quality

  666. 5FDPMainFan

    I can always count on this team to get me what I need even if there is only 3 minutes until closing

  667. Nanadarlene

    Fabulous customer service, never wait, always in & out

  668. ladyspade

    for the new comer that is looking for a pleasant atmosphere and needing or wanting someone to help educate you on your needs Midtown Roots is going to be your choice. After your first visit you will also realize that more than likely this is going to be your dispensary by choice. My first visit I was greeted by an older man that had all the info I needed and he definitely provided me with the proper medication as well . I was highly impressed and satisfied with my medication. Not to mention the sweet pungent aroma of the beautiful flower AKORN. Wow!!! High five to Midtown you’ve definitely won a place in my decision making when it comes to looking for a dispensary to get meds from. your always my first choice.

  669. limetwist

    Love this place it is super close to me

  670. 23leonel23

    Great set up with great people and the flower is amazing!

  671. MizTai

    Like that they have a doctor on site

  672. milliguys90

    I would definitely suggest this location for one to get there medical plus a good education. it’s one of the best ones I’ve been too.

  673. Fuccbitches666

    Great clean and friendly place love it will be back

  674. blueslim

    this place is great

  675. Jakemwp

    love this place, best prices and best bud

  676. chitown77

    Very awesome location friendly staff much see!

  677. eliasburboa

    great service str8 up

  678. nessad

    Love this place even had to tell my friends so they can come and get in on the goods

  679. Robert77

    went to Midtown dispensary let me tell you great prices good bud lots of choices and great customer service


    Great advertising and first time special

  681. jc1879

    I think this is my favorite dispensary, I just wish I lived a little closer. The employees here are very kind, accommodating and knowledgeable. They worked with me to help me find what I needed and made sure I knew what I was getting.

  682. thebudist

    love to see an education and community minded dispo. staff like B T and K make it a pleasant experience. surprising discounts too!

  683. leaflyguru2

    They guy with dreads rocks. Has great suggestions. Knows flowers well

  684. Lysadri627

    1st time coming in and I’m definitely coming back! Love your deals for the flower and concentrates! ***** (5 star for sure!

  685. savage420

    I’ve been here a few times now, and I am always impressed. The flower is fire, the people are positive and atmosphere is awesome! Definitely check them out if you’re thinking about it. Always in and out. You guys are doing it right! A+

  686. EdInPhx

    This place is great! Right on the light rail, and there’s tons of parking if you’re driving there. It’s new, clean, well lighted, and attractively decorated. My budtender Tara was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Will definitely go back.

  687. geetoosmooth


  688. emilyburi

    Great place in the middle of the city which is great. Nice people and great prices

  689. atriche15

    Overall, a great first visit. A bit of a wait with one budtender but eventually the staff came to help the $$(customers). All of the bud I looked at looked and smelled good. Tried 3 strains and all came through. Not completely dried like most others, the buds were pretty fresh. Also, good prices. A

  690. dkohanlon

    Very friendly staff, good products, no paperwork to fill out your first time. lots of selection, especially on edibles.

  691. MedGirl420

    I was welcomed with a smile and lots of awesome info. They place was clean and organized. I appreciate an organized -clean business

  692. PrinsesStray420

    I was very excited about the opening of this dispensary, then dissapointed by the price increase two days before. I didn’t appreciate the false advertisement. The new patient deal wasn’t very good either. I’ve noticed they’ve changed a few things, including the new patient deal. (B.O.G.O. up to 7g.) I’ve decided to try them out and give them a chance. The staff were very helpful and friendly over the phone. The location is very convenient. Inside the setup was nice. The staff were very friendly but young and seemed inexperienced. Not the best dispensary, but not the worst. I got a Strain of flower from the Silver shelf, it was weak.

  693. AntDinAZ

    So I go here on my lunch break, wait a bit for one of the only two employees, ask for a midtown shorty, and the guy says, aEURoewe’re out, only 5 packs.aEUR I would recommend staying in stock of your product, and further recommend the willingness to break a 5 pack into singles when aEURoewe’re outaEUR

  694. Silentnomore

    I love Curaleaf dispensary! They have the most reasonable prices for meds! I love that they are always friendly!

  695. mizchamp67

    I really really enjoy the convienece of o midtown not only do they have great deals their wax is really really superb clean and worth stopping in for plus I also like all the different events they have along with deals I also won one of their raffles dY~!dY$?–dYOE!i, can’t forget the staff who are always friendly and very knowledgeabledY’

  696. Faith93

    My second time returning on Friday and they had a Great deal that helped me with my budget! Thanks! Billy was my budtender; very friendly, patient, and knowledgeable!

  697. Vickyblaylark

    the staff is very friendly

  698. RicTRE3S

    a great location good people awesome place

  699. 420gene

    Best buds so far

  700. brycejordan

    Great service!

  701. Mateo03

    Chill staff. Decent prices but great product

  702. Samdaman5

    very nice and well put together place, good atmosphere, just a little warm, especially in the winter. Jake and Maria at the Leafly table were informative, and fun to chat with when I was waiting

  703. Amir6ix

    Sounds great cant wait to go

  704. heidiharu


  705. TheRealChavi95

    It’s Great

  706. Mcdankster420

    Great selection, good product, nice staff, and great deals. I will be back.

  707. Buddies67

    Midtown’s flower is amazing quality and there staff are very helpful they have great deals come in and check them out I will recommend all my friends

  708. Oedoko

    I love this place! Great meds, staff, location, and events!

  709. akg8

    Had a good first time experience, referred a few friends. Bought a Vape pen there, it was pretty sweet. Unfortunately I had a question on the pen so i call to ask the question and the employee named Alyssa was straight up just rude didn’t give me a chance to ask my question. Won’t be going here again nor will I be referring friends anymore. Customer service is EVERYTHING, every visit, call whatever. Have some respect or find a new job.

  710. tiyyataylor

    Good vibes when I come here I just love this place !!

  711. BANK1BABY

    GREAT location


    Fantastic bud at a great price. Staff is always willing to help. Always new stains coming in too.

  713. BudManhassmokith

    This dispensary has more edibles than any dispensary in the state. Products I never knew existed.
    Thanks Midtown see you again soon !

  714. BurninateDabs

    I really like Midtown Roots. For being a newer dispensary, they are very knowledgeable.
    They offer online ordering which strain snobs like me appreciate. I like knowing the medicine will be there when I get there. Nothing’s worse taking a long bus ride only to find they ran out of the strain .
    Convenient location right @ central & Thomas, directly across the street from the light rail station.

  715. friskolay

    Just stopped in for the first time.. awesome BOGO.. they take debit cards!!! Got me a whole lotta sweet skunk!!! OLAY!!!

  716. jjTheJetPlanerr

    Had a massive feather with hairs surrounding my sauce. I don’t know why the dude sold me that.
    But had to pick out a big feather only to get disgusted with a product I bought from a dispensary.
    This is something expected from a low life drug dealer but not a dispensary. Not pleased with the sauce you sold me that I cannot smoke. Many of the staff was nice and helpful… wish I could say the same about the products.
    (Check your products and recipe; just in case)

  717. JessGill

    Love the location, love the staff, love the meds!!!

  718. letsroll

    Great products and friendly staff!

  719. hollatz

    The workers were extremely nice. They were very informative! The prices were very reasonable. & there quality of marijuana was incredible. I’d recommend this location to anyone looking for wonderful service!

  720. atrizzle420

    Went there today for the first time and was highly impressed overall. Amazing futuristic look with big L.E.D. screens in the middle hub showing all the menu items. The staff and budtenders were all super nice fast, and knowledgeable , Jason helped me today and he was really awesome, this guy knows his sheit! lol The bogo is pretty good I got a free top shelf 1/8 and they have great specials. Good flower, oils and edibles and they take debit cards there and atm on site. Parking is good too for being downtown. 2 green thumbs up!

  721. svallej0

    my first time visit was great. my bud tender Paul was super friendly and had great flower recommendations. i love the central phoenix location, definitely coming back.

  722. MrFunFella420

    location convenient for me had wrong Leafly order. still a bit expensive but I’ll b back!

  723. lazybusinessman

    I really like this place. budtenders are always super friendly and knowledgeable. I have never had to wait very long either! keep up the good deals and I’ll keep coming by.

  724. kirscen

    Happy Birthday MIDTOWN

    You are what Cannabis Community caring is all about..thank you from within the mind body and soul of a grateful Veteran who is healing with MIDTOWN ROOTS WELLNESS CENTER

  725. treybard

    I love the deals and the quality of the weed and services stop by if u haven’t

  726. B420good

    I think the products and service are above par over most other depensorys!! a must visit 4 sure!!

  727. wulff54

    First time visit to a dispensary in phx, and I couldn’t have been more satisfied!! Justin was a super chill dude, well educated, and gave good suggestions on strains. #teamindica

  728. quietone85

    This place is great. Fantastic deals and premium products. This is my third time here and haven’t walked away empty handed. Bud tenders and staff are knowledgeable as well.

  729. oso623

    Staff was really rude

  730. cnpmlp8905

    an overall good spot. Nice staff, nice strains.

  731. ody95

    great bud and prices

  732. Dawgfantoo

    This is a great dispensary to go to when hitting downtown. Love the first time patient special. Lightrail discount also.

  733. jameelah1970

    Great people, great recommendation 🙂 helped me out first time. Made me fall in love with the island sweet skunk 🙂

  734. kraewa

    Love the location. Great environment.

  735. bringdaruckas

    Super friendly staff and great product! Midtown Roots is the best dispensary in Phoenix.

  736. noelle378

    They’ve only been open a week & I see great things in their future. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, & took the time to make perfect suggestions for my tastes. Of course I’m biased towards any dispensary that has King Louis VIII in stock. 😉

  737. taytaytay1

    Great place to shop , have a great selection of strains

  738. Mac2beez2322

    they got a crazy selection…by far one of the best shops out… will b Back

  739. Daisy42p

    good deals and people are great

  740. dabuhhdoo

    Love this place and flower

  741. Azlatino520

    Its awesome to have such a convenient dispensary right off the light rail. $5 gram black friday sale was not bad Dr. Who , bubblegum are the strains i picked out for today. also have an awesome bogo 1/8 for first time patient deals.

  742. trapelijah

    I dislike the wait and I also dislike the flower that’s lower tier. I don’t like the prices either but what can you do when Arizona keeps raising taxes. But still ..I like the shatter.

  743. azdcgal

    got another amazing announcement of specials at Midtown. Always glad to receive these because the quality of the flower is so good it’s an incentive to drive a few extra miles out of my way to stop by.

  744. MMajor5

    Quick in and out and I recommend the indica of any strain you can’t go wrong

  745. iknowwhatimdoin420

    This dispensary is very legit. I can’t remember experiencing such professionalism before. They got me in and out quick. Best thing is the flower is all of top quality at every tier. I highly recommend Midtown Roots Dispensary.

  746. viviansmithaz

    Love this dispensary. Conveniently located downtown

  747. greenthinker7

    the quality flower here always great prices and deals love coming here ..and very convenient if u need the lightrail and right next to 2 banks as well as atm inside midtown nothing but good things here

  748. meech666

    There’s no word to describe the service here it the best

  749. herbascen

    great location & friendly/knowledgeable staff

  750. rickhashimoto1

    First time at midtown , lots of parking and nice place . Kate was my bartender, I asked what I needed and what I liked. Everything she picked was awesome. Just as I left I met Chad from OPEN VAPE. HE gave me there new variable vapor battery. It has 4 different setting and is the best pen Ever!!! It has changed my vaping life. Thank you Kate, Open Vape, curealeaf for great products and staff.

  751. traciwright

    Wish it was closer to my house!!

  752. forrestgsasquatch

    Dope prices
    Dope bud
    Dope people

  753. Cookiesman

    Great selection with superb customer service. Good deals throughout the week and convenient location right off the rail and they will pay for your ticket!

  754. jaepadilla

    gotta love mid Town they are very friendly here!!!! love the display cases they are so cool

  755. QueenIndica602

    I smoked flower from Midtown Roots with my son. The flower was good. On my way to check out the awesome new patient deals.

  756. cocolocodyonis

    Here I Go Again! Back to Midtown Roots!
    Love the Early Bird!

  757. DaynaDayn

    Midtown Roots is the best dispensary I’ve been to so far! First, there’s ample parking. The space is pretty cool. They have a large selection of everything and an ample selection of sativas, which is key for me.

    The bud is sticky and fresh and the employees seem really knowledgeable about the products. They’re also really friendly.

    Plus, they have great deals each day!

  758. Sethschick2015

    great spot to find fast easy and great experience my first time

  759. erikevery

    Love the location downtown.

  760. jjswoosh

    The bud was okay, unless you get the top tier it’s not really worth it, wax is not bad at all as they had a great bogo deal on it, as well as the edible bogo for a root beer soda drink was a great deal. Love the idea that they are using this week as a test and having another grand opening where everyone can be a first timer again

  761. wsmp28smiley

    GG4 fire at midtown dispensary staff are very informative and very nice The concetrates are very good come here and have a nice J

  762. Bingbingbongbon

    The set up is far from the hole in the wall dispensaries. The variety is fantastic as well as the workers . And my personal favorite is their venom turp sauce

  763. pampered2princess

    Went to Midtown roots for my first time today. The prices seemed very comparable but the atmosphere was top notch. Everyone was so kind, friendly, and helpful. I was able to rack up some loyalty points by ordering online. An added benefit to ordering online – you get to skip the line! 🙂 I found that the edible selection is AMAZEBALLS! There were over 150 edible options which is way more than what I see at most dispensaries I visit. I highly recommend for anybody in the downtown area, and anyone anywhere for a wide variety of edibles.

    cons: located downtown so the traffic and parking could be an issue depending on date/time

  764. 1Mojo

    They DONT HONOR THEIR OWN LOYALTY. PROGRAM..PERIOD. WILL NOT RETURN NOR RECOMMEND.. SO disgusted! Quality of FLOWER terrible anyway! And furthermore if you’re going to have a loyalty program that says you get anything free I shouldn’t have to make a purchase to get it if I was told I could come back and get it the next time I come and obviously if I ain’t been there since April it’s because you don’t have what I really want but I should always get what I earned! So… When speaking to management at the end of the conversation felt terribly disgusted by this place not honoring their own loyalty program or even what I was told by a staff member even if it was a miscommunication not interested in returning ever nor giving you guys any more of my money to get what I earned or what I already paid for..Period!

  765. LVGPCFL

    My Favorite Dispensary. Staff is amazing and medicine is superb as well. Thanks for helping us patients obtain quality medicine.

  766. kapngreen

    brian and derrick helped me with extra information and very pleased with kindness and politeness.

  767. decoy67

    This is my new favorite place! Nice people, great medicine. Very Helpful, THANKS MIDTOWN!!!!!

  768. pancho12

    great service and great trees the king mamba was fire thanks Mariah and Angela for fast and great service

  769. kkmmj

    My favorite place a$?i,

  770. Bigmike210

    Location is awesome, and there product is the best! Staff is friendly and helpful!

  771. vaaannaaah

    i love it. its good service. good bud. all around perfect environment. friendly

  772. arielst23

    bomb strains for good prices

  773. wiermanre

    Midtown is AWESOME! I always ask for James!

  774. 4maddog

    Love the pick up option but I really love the staff and the set up. Always friendly and knowledgeable.

  775. flacko40

    Great vibes and awesome service everyone’s super cool to talk to and they are very knowledgeable

  776. taraannbella

    Great people and good deals.

  777. SirLewLew

    i have been but havent purchased yet, however its a very nice setup. My roommate has purchased and the quality is about a 8.5

  778. loudmail

    Amazing all around. Very good quality and excellent service.

  779. LambieLynn1994

    I love the variation on prerolls that have been in stock, and the atmosphere is always welcoming at this location.

  780. krystalC34

    Amazing staff, GREAT FLOWER

  781. toker247365

    orange sherbet dY~dYZ%0dYZ%0dYZ%0dY~

  782. rgonzalezssaz

    this is a great place with great staff and a great variety of flower to choose from:.

  783. ibakedeskimo

    Great please to go… I love the atmosphere but I don’t come to this side of town nearly enough to benefit from this great establishment

  784. tlebron420

    I come here a lot. They have great products, prices and staff.

  785. X0MB13D0LL

    out of every dispsenaries…best of all

  786. trapqween018

    Great specials. Best selection of Edibles

  787. meshadow2003

    I like it here. So nice and clean. I love their specials are great too. I love their pre-rolls. The Birthday Fun is here too.

  788. Reyna1986

    this is the best place I’ve been to. They have very good quality flower the people there are very knowledgeable and friendly.

  789. fredo141

    Best dispo ive found on his side of town hands down i womt go anywhere else

  790. dyster6

    I love Midtown Roots!!! Best service in town!

  791. Richc76

    so not sure if my budtenders were really trying to help me get the best for my dollars n made a simple mistake or were playing me n trying to make me pay more for what I got. check it out n you decide. went in for the ftp bogo, I said I wanted a 1/4 n get a 1/4 on my bogo for a total of a 1/2oz. I was choosing my strains n asked if I still got the 20% off on top n she said no not for that but we can do this, 1/8 then bobo a 1/8 then do 20% off the other 2 1/8 s she said. it made no sense to do that but I said ok let’s see what it came out to n 125 is what it came too n I was like **** no!!!! do the 1/4 of your best and give me the bogo on the other 1/4. it came to 82$ for the 1/2oz so I asked why she was trying to push me on her recommendation sale when the way I originally wanted to do it n yes I did what I wanted n it was 50$ cheaper. she had nothing to say. so it was odd very odd. I felt like I was trying to be hustled by them n had I not said no to her n wait a minute why is that so much when a qr is 80$?n the other one should be free so why so much ??? I would of paid full price for that n my bogo straight waisted

  792. mandible93

    One of my favorite dispensaries

  793. JenHenisHungry

    One of my new favorite shops!

  794. Marlaun

    lovely place to shop

  795. jturnerjr

    My favorite location. Place is great and all the budtenders are very helpful!

  796. cemery

    Very nice location! Will be back!

  797. rickmckinley

    Awesome location and great service

  798. regimedragon

    great staff and good product. a must visit.

  799. achay22

    The indica flower is fire and does the job. I always feel welcomed as soon as I walk in. The staff is very knowledgeable and will help with all your needs.

  800. andimijo

    Definitely a place to check out! They have a wide variety of flower and concentrates!!

  801. cece1512

    Friendly staff great flower must top in

  802. ericaah

    great place to come in. they’re so unpredictable, they’re very friendly. recommend coming in if you are ever around

  803. KingSyris30

    Awesomwe place and people

  804. cormac

    Such a convenient location, friendly staff, and wonderful selection.

  805. Kittykat olivas

    First time experience entering a dispensary and the overall effect was so calm and relaxing they made you feel so at ease and comfortable I highly recommend your visit there is a must.

  806. larryalanphoto

    this place is amazing! great service, great prices and a comfortable atmosphere. will be going back for sure.

  807. Navi602

    The boi ken plugged me on my first visit there … fire merchandise here ! dY’-

  808. Sdriver420

    It was my first time in and I really enjoyed it, will for sure be back!

  809. Sunstone77

    dY’~ comingheremidtown have great prices and product. Rocky D and Jack Here are the best

  810. Flavio18

    The Best Place Downtown To Get Good Buds