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1842 W Broadway Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202


33.408754, -111.871391




9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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At The Good Dispensary we are dedicated to helping you feel your best at reasonable prices! We accept phone orders and online orders. Phone orders require a 1 hour wait prior to pick up. Online orders are the quickest way to get your medicine. We will send you a text when your order is ready for pick up as soon as it is filled!

(480) 900-8042 for Phone Orders for Online Orders
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685 reviews for “The Good Dispensary

  1. puffpuffpass67

    First time in and pleasantly surprised. They are still getting up and running however what they have now is impressive.Meds are priced right and something for all budgets. The specials are best in the valley. Deli style and weighed in front of you so you see the weight. The Thursday special looks like they will be busy! Thanks Gio for your recommendation, on point. Give them a try, you will be impressed.

  2. ChiefinDine87

    Kryptonite is da bomb….must try

  3. NugWhisperer

    You can find some mids here if you’re lucky all outdoor. The aEURoedealsaEUR are what the product should be priced at based on quality. Dirty store, confused staff, bad experience. Reminds me of the illegal collectives back in the day no thanks

  4. allstar23

    I really like the $60 half ounce sales. I can usually find a $12 a gram strain that’s pretty good quality. Today Teddy mad my experience a good one. I still feel like the good is a “Welcome Experience”!

  5. azlaker

    Relativity new to the Medical scene, so I’ve been trying new Dispensers whenever I see something that will help relieve my pain.
    I hope I’ve found a permeate home, because “The Good Dispensary” has some top notch medicine. Their GG4 is excellent…nicely flushed, well cured, great taste!
    Their Ghost Train Haze was also spot on, just like the GG4.
    And thank-you Mike, my budtender for all your help, making sure I find the right medicine.

  6. Cainmom78

    I love this place. Its quick and close to home. Love the deals and the staff is amazing.

  7. E.burt6

    I came an hour before closing so there was a big line but they got me back within 25mins. The bud tender was really great, he was so helpful knowing and having tried most of the strains I was looking for, he gave me really great feedback. I didn’t get his name but his customer service made the visit for me.

  8. Richc76

    location, staff,budtenders have always been cool heads, knowledgeable n made me feel welcomed every time I came in. the products n deals they flash every day are always good n affordable. like a dummy I walked in forgetting that i had something in my pocket that should of stayed in pocket n accidentally pulled it out when i got my wallet out for i.d. (nothing illegal i might add) but definitely not something you see every day n they didnt make a big deal about it or make me feel awkward either n they all saw what it was in my hand.

  9. JayJohnson_2

    The best customer service Dispernary I been to..right when I walk in the Security Guard Greek me by saying good morning idk I think he native r a islander really cool dude…Michael check me in really helpful my bud tender was Jermey he no what he talking about from flowers to wax…top 3 Dispernary in my book…

  10. IAMIT

    What Happened ???
    I had always been pleased with your top shelf. This organic sour diesel is honestly the worst cannabis I have had to pay for in thirty years. I stopped smoking tabacco a month ago and this stuff actually tastes like a cigarette and smells nothing like cannabis. What is this stuff ?

  11. DispensoryCritic

    lame…top shelf has no tricombs(crystals). They need a sample display to see and look and smell instead of looking from a far. Only good is it carries others product. They need new grower or better supplier. Get it together.

  12. monstapuss

    LOVE the Leafly pickup & Express! Forgot how much fun it is at The Good!! Janessa was absolutely fantabulous!!! Thank you.

  13. cablefishaz

    This dispensary is very unprofessional. After filling out my paperwork, I was shouted at from across the entire lobby by the front desk personnel asking who my primary care doctor is. Being that there were other patients in the lobby is this not a privacy violation? So I walked back to the reception desk and asked why that information was necessary. I was told they just ask for marketing purposes. Uh…what? Dont even ask about their check in system…also very weird vibe there are two stages/waiting areas and awkward staff. Dont waste your time.

  14. Dre230

    I was a loyal fan of Az Elevated until now. Jeremy knowledge and service blew me away and the product stood behind his claims. I will definately be back

  15. mayes2267

    good bud great prices will be back

  16. Selethia729

    So far so good

  17. dv112885

    They have some nice specials, and the place looks cool. However; the bud tenders are not very helpful, and this dispensary need to keep better track of their patients records. On my second visit, I was invited back as usual, but when I tried to make my purchase, the bud tender said I was not in their system. The tender began to grill me about the authenticity of my card, and even questioned my condition before reaching out to a coworker to send me back up front to complete my records for their system. They did not honor any first time patient specials because I told them I had been to their dispensary before even though they didn’t have me in their system.

    On my most recent visit, I had to repeat my order several times to the bud tender. They weighed up the wrong strain first, then weighed the wrong amount. I eventually left my order at the counter, fed up with their service. I may be back depending on what is on special and if I have the patience. You can get just as good of quality flower anywhere in the area with better hours and patient focus along with service.

    This dispensary’s display of organization along with patient care and focus are sub-par at best. I will no longer be making the extra effort to get aEURoehomeaEUR after a long day of work. Thanks for the waste of time…I got what I was looking for else where. They get the good review!

  18. raleroy

    I’m new to having my card so I’ve been roaming dispensaries. I came across this one because of location and was set on visiting because of their deals. (You MUST check them out!!!) I was lucky to get Dalton as my friendly and knowledgeable helper. He was very helpful in choosing CBD strains as well as other products that will help me be able to function daily. I REALLY REALLY like this store and will definitely be a constant regular!

  19. Real420grower

    Very overpriced flower . First time visit walked out not buying anything. The flower is kept in jars and handled over and over again. Absolutlty no smell but a odor of hay meaning vert old bud. Made a remark on the popcorn size buds and was told by budtender ” thats just from the buds breaking down after time” . i watched that youtube vid and it explains it all ,you guys need a real experienced grower. let me geuss about 35 to mayb 45 watts per sq. Ft. You guy’s aren’t hiding stop being cheap and turn on some lights and check your curing process those flowers based on the strains you claim them to be should be way way dankier . Before you say what does thing guy know hmm 20 years of growing experience under my belt thank you very much…..

  20. skeksis420

    Really liked this place, staff was friendly and had great prices. Would definitely come again.

  21. Nessi87

    i love u guys! but please get some more blueberry muffin! that is now my favorite flower u guys have ever carried

  22. Fubar70

    This is one of the best. prices & quality.
    Dank You.

  23. artfoesmokes

    Not a fan of the good dispensary. Receptionist was great, decor and atmosphere are really ritzy and gaudy if you’re made uncomfortable by that (like me). Short wait, luckily. Went to the back and walked straight to the menu, but quickly yelled at by the designated bud tender chick, who also yelled over me when I was saying I just wanted to look at the menu, didn’t really feel comfortable after that as a patient with social anxiety, maybe she didn’t know lots of people looking for bud could also have anxiety and panic when yelled at. So I sat down and waited the 45 seconds before I was called back up again? The bud tender dude that helped me seemed uncomfortable as well and mostly repeatedly asked how my day was. Got my bud, tangerine dream, and my free gram, however it’s nothing but little popcorn buds. I won’t be back.

  24. ZombieChicken

    This place is the best… not only because of the great quality… but mostly because of the wonderful staff! I was helped by 3 brilliant, beautiful, and funny members of the Good team the last time i was there (Leah, Sam, and Katie)! Thanks for your help!

  25. ashlynlee

    it’s in a great location
    I have been to a few different dispensaries and this is by far my favorite place to go. the staff is amazing and always happy I always walk out of there satisfied with my service. Thank you for being amazing keep up the awesome work.

  26. sammielynn1945

    I love coming hone

  27. johnnyngowow

    tony always hooking it up and giving the bombbomb!!!

  28. slamdog00

    This place has the best prices on shatter that I have found in East Valley. They are usually busy. Their online ordering works well except for the first hour of day. When you place order online and then go pick it up, when you get there you skip the line. Awesome little service they have with good prices.

  29. gculpepper

    For those that use medicinally this place is respectfully modest budget wise, as for quality the strains were as described bud tender was good with the recommendations, a must if in Mesa.

  30. blazedfox812

    Love the interior design of this place! Although not complete you can tell it’s going to look pretty badass. The bud tender was awesome! We were 3 dollars short on our order and he took it off the bill so we could get what all we needed, super nice. This should be called The Great Dispensary, it’s more than good y’all.

  31. Pistolpollie357

    I enjoy coming to the store meet new and nice people.

    I only wish that you would give out the T H C’s and the C B C too
    so the infor in all together.

  32. Brandon0308

    Poor Quality

  33. Thomc

    great meds good prices

  34. drew237

    the best dispensary in the valley

  35. lucky78

    Easy to find, great people taking care of you with good medicine and good prices

  36. Jess113

    Great quality & great selections!

  37. rldombek

    Great products. Fantastic prices. Everyone is very helpful

  38. leiahbeiah

    It rubbed me the wrong way to hear the staff say, aEURoeWelcome homeaEUR every time someone came in. Maybe others go for that, idk. Frustrated at a policy that doesn’t allow for the exchange of *unopened* product. Probably won’t return.

  39. delta9eyes

    wtf your selling high grade for 25 and its cheaper othet places.

  40. cory35

    Great product great price great service

  41. NakedSnake

    After coming in my first time I knew I would return, and its been homebase since. It gets a little busy so wait times hit 10-30 minutes during peak times, but express orders come in handy for that. There’s enough literature, menus, deal lists etc around to give you a good idea how damn big the selection is and the staff is more than willing to help you with a smile. The only thing lacking for this dispensary is the restroom, they do have one it’d probably just be best to not use it sometimes.

  42. iwarren17

    Rocky Dennis is one of my favorites!!

  43. shempbotha

    So far so good. This place has many different Flower options. Can’t wait to try them all. Crazy Miss Hyde was acquired on first visit, great taste. Well worth the visit.

  44. stilltokinafteralltheseyears

    I love the meds at this dispensary. I make edibles that allow me to actually sleep through the night……which is amazing.
    Prices are good and I really appreciate the $7 grams, which are a good way to try a lot of strains inexpensively.

  45. DrLove2016

    I like it far away from home but I love the $25 eights out the door great job it’s new give them a chance I love it dY~

  46. MommyDanger

    I like this place. The bud isn’t spectacular but the lucky 7 deal is great and I like the deli service.
    Receptionists are iffy but budtenders are always nice. Much better than the place across the street.

  47. smvilla5

    Customer service is great. Cris was patient and helpful dY$?

  48. Steven1335

    awesome love the people

  49. Ping123

    They didnt honor first time patients deal. Drove 2 hours just to get there for the deal. Charged full ounce price for 17 grams! Rude! Didnt recieve the kind i wanted. All around the worst ive been to.

  50. SoulessGingg49

    Love the Wifi OG from here, one of my favorite strains. Came in today for a second time for that strain. Love that it’s deli style so you can see what flower you’re getting. The lady at the front was very polite and welcoming, Cabaniss caregiver was really helpful and picked me out some fine little buds dY~%0. Love the location real close to home.

  51. rlherring99


  52. nathanleary

    My favorite in the valley

  53. ShannonMcD

    these guys are great when It comes to needing something good and not having much money. They seem to care more about the patients needs than their own. It took me until my 5th visit just to use my first time patient deal (ftp) because they have great prices all the time, not just special occasions.

  54. Sorgan

    This place is awesome, lots of choices and awesome people!

    Tim is a super fucking cool dude, he brings it all up to a new level.

  55. hashisaki

    What a nice place, great serivces especially from Darren, he knew his products and just perfect customer service! They are still setting up shop but it’d about the people, and knowledge. Good job guys!

  56. Gary219Smoka

    Amazing…..Thats all i have to say…..Their is nothing you can say bad about them….

  57. Chronickim

    Great location!!! Always great customer service, great sale prices, just overall good.

  58. Kevinthatsme

    VERY good experience for my first time I’ll go again!!

  59. lukeatthat

    $7 g’s are still sticky, dense, and potent. I love the deli style, and just being able to watch them weigh the herb in front of you ensures you are getting what you pay for. Tim is super kind, and gave me a very pleasant patient experience. This place is a true blessing to have so close to home.

  60. chr2131015

    Very nice staff great atmosphere but buds were a little dry and kinda small nugs

  61. swipe231

    Frist time I came here it was good the flower the deals it was goood I refured my gf here good place to shop at

  62. flackosmokes420

    Weird spot weak buds dude hyped this weed up and it wasn’t what I thought.also couldn’t find the place

  63. santij

    first time there, and I loved it! great producst, great deals and great prices, I’m definitely gonna make a drive 4 this place

  64. jajajajenna

    Tim helped me out truly get me the best out of my new patient special offer! He was super patient and understanding and ready to answer all of my questions. Thanks, Tim!

  65. DannyBoyKush

    I have come to call the Good my home away from home. I frequent this shop not only because its the home of Venom but because they just do things right. from their deals to their bud tenders everything about this place screams top notch. would recommend to ANYONE looking for a new or local spot to frequent.

  66. Killshot23

    Everyone was in a great mood and helpful

  67. breededconecpt

    Great pricing best I’ve seen in the valley

  68. 420gene

    very good location

  69. botybell

    Tim gets 12 stars for customer service!!! The dude spent a lot of time getting me exactly what I needed, he made me believe in customer service again, cuz guess what, I have a choice of many dispensaries and I don’t go back when the customer service is bad, product is also good and great specials, I will be back Tim!!!!

  70. Moonpie890

    Nice & local. Pop in & pop out or ask the specialists what works best for what. Prices are well in balance (sometimes cheaper) than other dispensaries.

  71. Deionavery198

    Great dispensary, and the daily lucky 7 is my favorite thing about the good

  72. themanechef

    This was the first dispensary. The entire staff is incredibly knowledgeable! Leah is one to ask about CBD’s! She’s got down and so does Amanda. Their flower selection is amazing too. If there were hole in the wall dispensaries, this is one. So good!

  73. scorpiogirl1982

    I love the Good dispensary. All the staff is awesome, knowledgeable. The meds are great.

  74. Victoria_V_78381

    The staff is extremely helpful, they have so much knowledge and they do not mind answering all your questions.

  75. jahnasty

    Not to sure what age you have to be to purchase or be on site but I love they cater to children such a great thing for the community. Makes me feel better knowing that I can help someone with their homework. thanks

  76. HonestReviewer101

    The only dispensary in the valley without a referral program. It’s 2019.

  77. CHEECH56

    flower at this place is not worth it. tasteless and dry

  78. Grizzly2001

    the good dispensary is amazing the customer service always makes you feel like family their flower is really good like for the prices it’s amazing and I love the deals that they do just so you know shout out to my homeboy Antonio I love you guys, you guys make me feel like I’m family

  79. Dinolee

    I can’t say enough about the staff, I’ve been to many dispensaries including out of state and The Good has very friendly and professional people. I am always treated fair and friendly, when it’s said” welcome home ” I’m home away from home. Thanks to all the staff of The Good, thanks for going above and beyond.

  80. So480Lit

    I would only go here for the $7 gram special, but even then the buds are small and stemmy, budtender didn’t cut off any stems left these little tiny nugs with long stems on them, and the flower was average. If you’re looking for average flower at $7 a gram this is your place.

  81. Bigdump

    This place is horrible first time paient they give you buy one get one I got home and my whole bag was seedy. I called to tell them that. They said to me “all we can say is sorry. All flower sales are final. That’s why we let you look at it!” But here’s the thing they don’t let you look at it. they have it in a big jar and when they let you smell it they put a coffee filter over the top then proceed to shake the container then you have to try to smell it thru that. Your never allowed to really see if they have seeds in it!!! Shop here at your own risk !!!!!! They told me hopefully next time they can make me happy!!! Well there won’t be a next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would give them a 0 start if was an option!

  82. Jwfish

    Great selection, great prices

  83. acarrillo01

    I love this dispensary!

  84. DankestDank

    Great place to go, only problem is I went on the same day they had this ‘organic’ Sour D. It was the worst bud I’ve had, I came on wax day and bought plenty of that, but when I wanted to get flower it’s like, pffft. This is all you have? I got a gram with my wax just to see, it was as bad to smoke as it was to look at. “Put a good deal out for wax, give them crap flower!” I still like this place, but 42$ an eighth is still too high when Nova around the corner has 35$ daily. Good thing about The Good Dispensary, their top shelves really are random as to what is thrown out to lucky 7 strain but its like they picked the worst of the $6 strain to put out on wax day and called it top shelf.

  85. Katbeeston

    The environment itself, plus the knowledgeable staff make coming here easy and helpful.

  86. trufflesmoke1000

    My New Spot in thr Mesa. Hit it up 4realzzzzzz

  87. ThomadSharpVth

    Alfred was excellent and totally full of great advice and ideas. I’ve been around to different places. This is one of the best. The lady at the front was excellent as well as the guy who was at the cash register. I can’t wait to come back. Tom from Chandler

  88. abridinger

    Sam G was super helpful. had a great experience.

  89. Selena8e

    They have some computer issues sometimes but they always make it right if youre waiting a while. If i wanted to be quick I would’ve called in my order, so its no sweat to me. Molokai Frost, their private select strain is, and the lucky 7 strain keeps me coming back. Keep it up you guys are great.

  90. vanessamoore

    awesome place love coming here

  91. KushLife84

    Love this place, been going here since they opened. Very convenient, nice atmosphere, excellent meds, deals, prices and great staff. Tony one of the bud tenders there is very knowledgeable, courteous, and has great customer service, thanks The Good Dispensary, keep up the good work.

  92. sensimillasaurusrex

    The Good has a great feel. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They’re products always seem fresh and I like that they weigh in front of you.

  93. Joel818

    Great dispensary awesome deals

  94. SnoKing21

    Great dispensary! Christobal was very helpful and provided me with all the information I needed for the products I was looking for. The Buds that were suggested were perfect!

  95. itsanewday8

    I have found the right combination for night time pain relief and sleep! The 24K is the designated Night time remedy for pain and sleep! Have purchased more than once and have recommended it to others.
    And the Elderberry seems to be very, very, pleasant for PTSD and having to travel in any automobile!
    Thank you To The Good Dispensary!

  96. tyronebrown100

    good selection and friendly staff

  97. tylerpbrgang

    Over priced mids

  98. elkushman

    One of my fav dispensary in mesa they have Good deals and The bud is good and not that expensive . Shout out to Tim really awesome guy.

  99. botanisci

    honestly its an ok spot found a bean in my “top shelf” i also got flower that wasnt top shelf more like mids all day and to be honest these budtenders dont know much at all i asked if they tried a product you cld tell they said ya and sold me on it to make the sale the rec i got was dissapointing step the game up

  100. joedown

    good service but wouldn’t honor first time patient deal for mix match ounces. if I can’t mix and match then why is it advertised as such?

  101. Delta-Nine

    Wonderful flower by great companies grown both traditionally and aeroponically. Do not listen to one uneducated person who spreads hate and false accusations. Go to this dispensary and try it for yourself and you be the judge.

  102. justin7567

    Always dY”Y=!!!

  103. PackGod-K

    Great products at really competitive prices

  104. DTreatzAZ17

    i love and enjoy this dispensary , not only does their service and quality amazing but the diverse section of flowers and strains is large i would defiantly recommend this place to any patient that need good quality service and high grade meds.

  105. ELI42069

    mid grade flowers for top shelf prices.

  106. slablab

    hoping to see a lot more extracts here I’ve noticed the several different extracts you guys do Carrie they all have the same containers and I’m not able to tell which company they were ran from also the quality of the oils is pretty low lot of dark stuff please bring in a higher-quality

  107. Amberah199

    Love this place! The lucky 7 deal keeps bringing me back! a~oi,

  108. ClairzCutz

    Customer Service is Excellent and the Staff is very knowledgeable about their Products.

  109. strikermaverick

    Great location very first clean my bud tender named Tim was awesome very knowledgeable and very personable made this visit an awesome one! Thanks Tim

  110. patrickbanish

    They are really look at nice to me there. Especially the Sam and katie

  111. Aedric1110

    Absolutely amazing
    I ordered online walked in …there was a waiting room full because Pura Earth carts were BOGO….and was out in 5 min. BEST DISPENSARY IN MESA!!

  112. allycake

    Rude staff and was shorted

  113. Yaya278

    love this place

  114. alexz90

    Their flower is above what you would expect. their lucky 7 strains are alwAys top shelf. nice people too.

  115. TrillNiggyIggy

    Walked into the shop and instantly smelled the freshness of the buds and felt so at home with the atmosphere and vibes very roomy not in anyone’s way and the service was amazing

  116. CattarinaLuv420

    great meds quality buds amazing atmosphere and the people treat you well.

  117. holywauns22

    The product was good but that waiting room seems endless … it seems like this is the only dispensary where if you don’t order online you will be there waiting for 84 years.

  118. IAmMeND

    When I get home, I double weigh my stuff out. This is twice now I’ve been shorted in my eighths. I get anywhere between 3 and 4 eighths of different stuff at a time. I’m at a total of a little over 2 grams short now from the 2 trips. Weigh your stuff out when you get it home people!

  119. rxdavis53

    love this place

  120. calbillar

    Horrible, unfriendly staff. When you sign-up for deals, they text you deals that are not clear making you go out of your way to go to them, then they don’t honor their text message deal, and get attitude about it.

  121. Sabby32free

    I love coming here so much the people are awesome

  122. 420yumkitty

    I’ve been here a few times and each time it gets more and more awesome! I love the welcome home, it makes me feel so at home. Sam and leha are always so welcoming and today I had Katelynn as my tender she said it was her first day and she did an amazing job! thanks good dispensary for other perfect visit! oh and try there fucking incredible!

  123. FerrariVarri

    Shoutout to the Good Dispensary for always taking care of their customers. Even though they always call me Caviar dY~,dY~,.

  124. Brandoooon

    First time stopping in and really enjoyed them and the green. Stop in and check them out.

  125. jadezurn22

    This location is Amazing i love the space and how friendly everyone is. I definitely recommend there products over other places!! love them!!

  126. Tomassabedra24

    Flower is good and it’s nice they stopped the coffee filter thing! Also would be nice if bud tenders weren’t so in a hurry when your trying to pick out your meds! Other than that good prices

  127. kodaone

    well i just left “Home” and as always it was a good experience! TIM was very helpful and i give them a ” 5-star”!!!….thanks again!! see u NEXT TImE!….

  128. social_outkast

    really like it, good flower for low prices. they just run out a lotdY~”

  129. GEEmf16

    friendly service and big selection

  130. rsuski22

    one of my favorite dispensaries. awesome deals awesome staff and awesome product

  131. kassidysunshine

    Man, everyone was super nice. Definitely will be coming back, thank you for that good dank!! dY’-dY’OEdY1/4

  132. Cutler90

    I shop here all the time. I had an issue with service once. They more than made GOOD on it. great job!

  133. Omniamm

    I loved this place! They have great deals and a great selection. Kyle helped me out so much! He was knowledgeable, helpful and gave me the best customer service. I’ll will definitely be returning.

  134. bonniegreatorex

    They don’t update the website for 3 days! Rude on phone when you call

  135. trapunzel

    It’s lame they close at 7

  136. LordPigeonz

    Been here a couple times now. The full staff is very friendly and the budtenders seem to be on point with knowledge and experience. Haven’t bought a bad bud yet, but the prices are a slight bit more expensive than other dispensarys.

  137. LoyalRoyal

    Great customer service. The budtenders recognize me by name after only a few times going. They are knowledgeable on the products and always give great recommendations when asked. It’s clean restrooms and lobby and the security always open the door to welcome each guest. This is my go to place for good prices for great products.

  138. diane123

    Greatt location

  139. Drama911bbb

    nice people good place but horrible flower. even the so called top shelf was trash. good people thou

  140. awv

    From the front door to the counter, this place is like a meditation center. The people are a very calm kind, & the design of the place is all so artsy & Zen. They have phenomenal deals & variety. If your a foody, they even have baking shake! How perfect is that?

  141. Anayavee1

    They are great! totally cool and understanding. Picked up order as designated time, staff was super cool and understanding.

  142. SammiStAyHiGh420

    friendly and I luv the Strand I got. I’ll be bak most definitely.

  143. Mrascon17

    They always give the best service smiling faces and great product. This is my new home


  144. dpenquite

    Sam and Amanda were super helpful and knowledgeable about the location and current promotions. Super laid back staff and excellent experience.

  145. Danyelle21

    Good atmosphere

  146. Alwaysbest

    Great atmosphere everyone is very friendly and tries to make you feel at home. The service was awesome everyone was helpful and answered all my questions. They have the largest selection of flower I’ve seen and it’s all great quality. I will be coming back. Not to mention the location is very convenient near 3 major freeways.

  147. Lexxrae23

    Drove 25 minutes to get there and they wouldn’t accept me because my ID was expired but that was after I waited there 10 minutes for them to tell me that… Great service guys lol dY’ZdY>>

  148. heidilolo22

    Jeremy was very helpful with my mother

  149. Randykiddy

    Love it, great flower and concentrates, super friendly people. Great place

  150. JenOaklief

    This is one if my favorite dispensaries. I love the deals. I love the medicine. Very friendly and laid back staff.

  151. Vallie0609

    Mehh….&kind of blahh.
    Not what i was expecting.

  152. LovelyBones17

    clean facility with knowledgeable staff eager to help.

  153. cesar48

    Nothing out of the ordinary here. Bad ganga and bad sevice

  154. G.budler

    This place is great!! Way better prices than anywhere!.. big selection of flower (bud)…Gbudler

  155. JediJ66

    red berry kush

  156. Purpzbydapoundd

    Went there for my first time and defiantly a clean upscale friendly place! The lobby is very cool with a Cali dispensary setting, really good prices and also flower! Will be back soon!

  157. dreamingPinky

    like this place alot awesome location and good top tier

  158. monique4480

    jeremy helped me out with my first visit, blew my experience out of water. hooked me up, was friendly and knowledgeable! hope to have him help me again dY~

  159. peaceloveweed

    the name of this dispensary is perfectly fitting. the quality is that of a backyard grow opp. really not worth the price they charge. hopefully they will raise the quality or lower the prices in order to stay in business. there are so many shops with excellent quality and fair pricing to compete with. I’m sorry to have to leave this honest of a review but it had to be said.

  160. weezyf310mob

    the good my home dispensary shout out to Chris Sam Kaitlyn you guys are the best but the good has Good Meds the quality of their product is great if you go you got to try their luck at 7 you’ll come back from top shelf hair is the best would recommend it to anyone so check it out

  161. thedjpeterock

    My go to

  162. Ariann123

    I LOVE this dispensary, it’s classy decor and amazing buds are top notch. I reccommend The Good Dispensary!!! ~Ariann Cavazos

  163. kgthepoet74

    waited for 30 minutes just to get in. decent flowers but would recommend going somewhere with quicker service if you have something to do in the day.

  164. DeeiLLest

    nice and clean low quality bud for top shelf

  165. cybercy18

    They will switch the prices on you. Did an online order for a $21/8th and when I got there they tried to charge me $28! Also, they herd the patients around like cattle, they make sit down and you can’t pursue the products on display. I’ve never had a good customer service experience there. I’m never going to set foot in that store again.

  166. fireball3877

    Very helpful and kind staff. Will definitely be back when I’m in the area.

  167. taraannbella

    Disappointed. I got nothing for being a first time customer. Staff was nice. Don’t know if I will visit again though.

  168. mechi079

    this place is nice

  169. cannabisseur84

    Excellent…_Great selection of meds,..
    front desk customer service is very friendly and attentive.. *”SAM. B”* was my budtender.. this guy was so respectful, kind, friendly, genuinely honest and knowledgeable,…. he needs serious recognition and major thanks for the BEST customer service i have ever recieved in the MMJ business.. trust me.. wherever your at THE GOOD… the first quistion u should ask is: ” may i shop with “SAM. B” today? PRESIDENTIAL service is worth the wait should he be assisting another fellow patient… thank you so much Sam.B.. that 1/2 oz of sour diesel was on point.. #TEAM_SAM.B..

  170. tdevree

    They are courteous and knowledgeable. Awesome service. I call in for express order. Has always been fast. Nice dispensary

  171. weenieweed

    Love this “welcome home disp!”. I’ve only had one person not be awesome (he was NOT a 5 star rep) at this disp! I wish they were closer to home but are worth the drive!

  172. Titiputter

    Love this location. Budtenders know the answers and if they don’t, they’ll find out.
    Very nice folks.
    Occasional waits, maybe cause they’re good!

  173. PhatTommy

    stopped by last week to see what was on special. (Note; in addition to the items listed on the “Big Boards” in the lobby, I found additional info. on my phone). Ethan suggested the JG OG. It looked and smelled great, so I bought a quarter. You can count on seeing me again (and again). PhatTommy Says

  174. itsMYSTIbiiiitch

    everyone is awesome and treats you like family!!
    Jeremy- you da BEST!

  175. Beansanrice

    Very knowledgeable lobby

  176. splyphzilla

    You are all in for a treat. Coming soon, soil grown meds, that blow away the rest. From Big Girl to Bull Rider, there will be many house strains that will have you coming back for more so stock up when they hit the shelves. Hardwork and Love put in and lead by the Slablab Dr himself.

  177. jturas

    Good luck trying to get ahold of anyone on the phone..

  178. abrawhite

    Always the bomb.

  179. Roland4426

    this place is awesome man went in nothing but kind people the guy that helped me was a legend showed me the premo buds recommend to anybody

  180. Tylaniss

    going into the good dispensary was one of the best things I did. Moving to Mesa area it was the closest one to me. I have given the name out to a few friends and plan to go back soon.

  181. alexlong420

    customer service is on point and the bud is good definitely will be back

  182. Atine88

    Love u guys when im in the spot…ill come to see u all and u all only..keep it up.

  183. Gloria101

    Professional atmosphere, friendly staff. I will be coming back. Also like the location.

  184. pcho602

    nice spot

  185. IrieIkanaka79

    its like being at home

  186. machapko

    outstanding service, the quality of the flower and the price keeps me coming back

  187. ksweetnumber

    they sell their worst looking weed for more expensive. I couldn’t even justify getting a full 8 because buds were so small you can tell it’s been sitting there for a while. I’ve been here at least three or four times and I’ve never left happy I’m not going to make the same mistake again I won’t be back

  188. davidsawatski

    super friendly people. I have been here once and as a first time patient they were very helpful. the top shelf cookies are great. they give a free gram to first time patients, I got the Black Lime which is super good. the bud tender slightly overweighed the gram too. I’ll be a happy customer here for a long time.

  189. Draconyite

    I’ve been coming here since Feb, so I’ve got to see a lot of what they have to offer. Their lucky 7 strain is usually on point, however every once in a while it’s not.

    And even though it might not irk some, it irks me, as usually “top shelf” strains, which the lucky 7 are supposed to all be, should be their ‘best of the best’, yet often I find their top bud is still lacking something or other.

    For example, today, they had organic Sour Diesel as the Lucky 7 strain. However, staff told me the strain was obtained from a new grower, had no test results, and the bud structure and smell was ATROCIOUSLY BAD (low crystals showing, very leafy, smelled like rotten tea).

    I felt a little shocked that this batch of bud would ever be placed on the same shelf as some of their *actual* good bud such as: F’ing Incredible, Diamond OG, Super Critical, Critical Widow, Rug Burn, etc.

    Normally I give these guys 5 stars, but I feel they’re slipping up a little here, and patient health is on the line. As someone with years of experience in the medical field myself, I find it insulting to see this kind of stuff happen.

    I hope the Dispensary sees this message and is able to correct the issue.

    Please don’t try to sell “organic” Sour D as your top shelf when it looks, tastes, and smokes WORSE than your $8/gram strains.

  190. demonswife

    Love new dispensary, came in to try out the flower and man this place has some good growers. So many strains to choose from and 6 dollar grams everyday!!! My bud tender was Jeremy, he was very knowledgeable and super friendly. Great place must come check them out

  191. mizwaite08

    This is my favorite dispensary yet!!!! Jeremy! Hands down to you Sir! You never let me down, you know exactly what I get every time I come in, and you always recommend the best quality flower and wax concentrate yet!!!! I get him every single time I come to this place! Except for the few recent visits, I have gotten Sam who is such a caring young lady who helped me pick out the right stuff when I was going through a rough time with my family! Her recommendations helped me so much to get time to relax and take my mind off of the stress in my life! Thanks guys! Your staff is awesome!

  192. Awwwwwyeahhh420

    How is a dispensary this bad? What is going on here?!? Not a good FTP experience. You have lost my business!

  193. Meds4thePatients

    The Good Dispensary – February Review (Soft drop)
    With a large variety of strains at multiple levels of affordability, The Good Dispensary provides clean, potent medication from $6-12 a gram. G13-Haze was incredible! Cheesecake/Medibud were worth getting, and good quality for the price. Multiple discounts exist here, with regular deals. 3% of all sales are stored as cash to be used at any time! 6.5% sales tax

  194. hadleydre

    This place has a great incentive towards your renewal. Also they have a cool “scarface” vibe with their interior design. Grate place to buy.

  195. Heffay2189

    Great quality medicine and knowledgeable staff on site! Pricing is good and would recommend

  196. sakeSETPurrp

    Sweet location great meds friendly staff overall suuuuper sweet spot ! I appreciate The Good service. 🙂

  197. CambricTea

    The best part about going here is the receptionist with the bright hair. She’s so positive and friendly. Every time I go she’s so welcoming. The bud tenders seem to be up and down. They often seem short/rude. I’ve gone a couple of times and I’ve only had one genuinely nice associate. I also wish there were more edible deals.

  198. Craziecasie13

    First time here and I will be coming home again soon. Great experience and very happy with all meds I purchased there today.

  199. FebInFlames

    I suffer from bad knee and lower back pain from an accident. My stomach was getting messed up from all the meds they had me on, so I wanted to try something else. I picked up some Charlotte’s Web Everyday Plus, and this stuff is awesome! It does a really good job at keeping the pain and swelling down so I can get on with my day. My only problem is with the price. It’s expensive and I can’t buy it too often, but I’ll definitely buy when I can!

    Thanks for being so friendly and welcoming to me on my first visit!

  200. HeidiCash

    Love it thanks guys your always a great help.

  201. Krondle

    Been here a couple times. Always receive an attitude when I come in, except for the girls who run the pick-up orders. Good deals. So, I think I’ll stick with pick-up.

  202. cordlinam

    I go to this dispensary probably 4 times a week. I love it. If you’re in Mesa or really the east valley in general their lucky 7 beats prices you’re going to find in gram sales. And the quality is Good! I mean we’ve all been smoking a while so it takes quite a bit to wow some of us now but their buds aren’t bad quality and occasionally you’ll see a gem in there like a good batch of Molokai Frost (2 batches ago it was beautiful). Also the staff really is friendly and low-key a couple of em are cuties. They remember my name usually and that’s impressive cuz I don’t know theirs. It males the experience of shopping for my medication much better. And the shop is clean and a pretty decent size. I didn’t expect it the first time I went in but this is my favorite dispensary.

  203. ambd61

    Some strains are a little overpriced for the quality and the short dark haired girl with tattoos is rude. Both times she’s helped me she acts like I’m putting her out. My other visits were much more pleasant. I like the location, never a long wait, and the specials are good tho.

  204. vlone55555

    Great envoirment and great customer sevice

  205. ganjaguru710

    It’s a little on the janky side as far as some of the dispensaries I’ve been to but I’ve also been to worse.

    I feel quality is hit or miss but when you do swoop a decent strain it’ll knock your socks off.

    I’d probably try em again.

  206. Emmonaut

    I started going to this dispensary in February. It seemed they were still new and getting started. A patient program was offered where if you spent 3000$ I believe it was, your next card would be covered. It was great but now I no longer see it listed.

    The staff before used to be absolutely amazing. Lately the staff doesn’t even know how to use the computers correctly. I was almost charged an extra 50$ until I broke down the math for them. Ordering on the phone takes about 20 minutes because they don’t know their stock and had to run to the back every time I said an item to check if it was in stock when before it was a quick 5 minute call. I understand stock can run out but I’m not sure what changed in the past few months. It’s also frustrating trying to place an order and asking if a certain brownie flavor was in stock told be told no. When I asked what flavors there were, I was listed the flavor I asked for. dYtm,, Going and picking up an order is a pain because half the time the order isn’t correct. I went in and had to wait an extra 30 minutes to fix the order that I called in for. I call in orders so I can pay and be on my way. Days I decide to go in and wait the two hours to be called, they end up calling newer people first and just upsetting the people that decided to wait for the disorganization. It’s honestly making me rethink my dispensary because the new changes haven’t been good and I’d expect good changes from the good dispensary. dY~”

    Other than the new changes and the front staff with organization problems. The budtenders in the back are great people. Very informative and nice. Great prices.

  207. kushqueen1996

    I really like this dispensary! Gave a 4 in service because I’ve been called out of order twice here. Regardless, their bud is of good quality and Tony is an excellent bud tender. He always makes the best recommendations!

  208. Mani2

    Menu item with no description of Gromulan. Agent said it is rumored to be such and such…in a medical enviorment I dont buy rumors if you dont know what it is dont sell it!!!! Or describe it properly.

  209. DominiqueWagner

    I enjoy going to this location. I go to this one pretty frequently. Everyone is always cool and friendly when I get there and so far I like all of the bud tenders. Sometimes my flower is really dry or has a sh!t tone of stems but I always go back

  210. Motanation602

    Amazing love the environment and the employees

  211. revjack11

    First Timer: I have been using MM since 2000 (Hell I still have my “Vote Yes on 215” pin) and I can tell you dispensaries have changed so much since I first visited the sole dispensary in Berkeley CA! The folks at The Good are great, from friendly Sam at the front counter to knowledgeable and kind Dalton, my , er counselor? Oh well. (grin) He made a good call on his recommendation. I am glad you are open Sunday and will make The Good my dispensary of choice.

  212. BlaznJaney480

    i love the fast friendly service the good gives.

  213. wilkosdoggfather420

    Went in tonight for the first time patient BOGO. Got a half of D-kush for the price of a quarter, young lady who helped me was friendly, knowledgeable and provided wonderful service.

  214. CamdenG

    Very quick and good weed

  215. alecjar91

    Good flower and concentrates and friendly staff!

  216. JusB

    Excellent service, and Tim made sure that the experience was nothing but good vibes!!

  217. angryaaron

    So far I have never experienced a wait, other than the ATM being slow. Great prices on the flower, the Lucky 7 deal is enough in itself to visit, at least once.

  218. Tucosita1212

    have always gotten great service and very nice people

  219. Lucciman228

    Good morning!! Im so excited to go hear the first time patient deals are golden good. Sounds exciting as the menu looks i cant wait…Ive been looking for a new. genuine GOOD dispensary.. and my wife and i love doing reviews for GOOD dispensaries…a$?aoeOEdY’

  220. maclop88

    I’m just a dabber, but when I used to smoke flowerdYOE, I did get it from here. I do agree the deli style has to go, it unfortunately dries out the bud. The constant opening of the jars for patients to check it out has them breathing on the medicine.
    That being said,
    I’m really happy with the concentrates here. Although nothings really under the wax selection on their Leafly menu, if you call or go in you’ll be nicely surprised.dYZ
    Their Garden of Eden concentrates are BOMB DIGGITYdY’PSdY’PSdY’PS! I had the Molokai Frost &dYOE’dYOE< HawaiiandYOE

  221. ache1

    Satisfied with the quality and budtenders are always helpful and respectful will definitely return

  222. Valivira

    A+ service!

  223. RipDez

    Best location in Mesa

  224. Jennifer1234

    I love the good dispensary, Briana L. was very helpful and very nice I will be going back!

  225. 420lovebug

    Kevin helped me today. Very friendly, pleasant, and doesn’t make you feel rushed. Easy to converse with, and puts out a positive vibe. If you’re looking for someone to share, or hear opinions with he will not disappoint.
    Always a pleasure to visit here. Always feels like home.

  226. stretch1810

    Great place! long drive,worth it.

  227. jdwoods424

    When they first opened staff was knowledgeable, product was top notch.
    In the past month their product has gone very far downhill, customer service is probably the worst I have experienced anywhere, budtenders move slower than molasses in winter.
    I am done shopping here.
    Is there a negative star rating?!

  228. skyleredward420

    My first time there the other day. Chris took care of me. Very good service and very good meds. Can’t wait to come back and try that top shelf I was smelling. Thank you all, Happy 4th.

  229. jkossel

    great service love the Acapulco gold strain

  230. Greengurl4200

    I had another great visit at the Good! Jeremy, thank you for another great recommendation on the flower! I have yet to be dissatisfied when I ask “what do you suggest?” Your patience with me is greatly appreciated as sometimes I come in frazzled. And, I could not leave out a special thank you to “Tiny Tim” for listening to my dr story and offering me a much needed hug! You guys are more than a dispensary to me and when I visit I do feel at “home” I love this place!
    Thank you again!! RW

  231. SugaBee

    This is one of my favorite spots! its convinient location, great prices and high quality product make it one of the best dispensaries I have been to! Not to mention the awesome customer service dY~S Jeremy helps me most times I go in and he is always very knowledgable and helps me find what Im looking for!

  232. Timmy_G

    Have I said how grateful I am that these folks serve you deli-style? Beautiful flower and pre rolls. I am going back right now!

  233. skipsantos

    I’ve been to this dispense twice now, the first time the doctor there lacked customer service skills, the second visit I was assisted by someone with some manners so I’ll give them two stars. I’m really writing this review because I didn’t want to put my phone number on my ftp sheet, due to the fact I don’t want to receive any promotions, the lady at the front desk told me it was a requirement and I won’t revive those texts.. she lied. So to top off the poor customer service, they also lie.. go figures

  234. Robds183

    Nice place with a larger selection of flower than I anticipated. Jeremy was very knowledgeable and gave me lots of flower options to choose from. Prices are so so and it would have been nice to get a better first time patient discount. Nonetheless I’ll return and buy big again from here. Saturday is the best day to go as you can take advantage of every discount they have available. Only tried flower but they had lots of other options for medication

  235. diegoparedes

    Always a good spot to get good deals at for quality flower

  236. MicahsDad

    Best dispensary in AZ!!! Sara and Kyle definitely make you feel at home as soon as you walk in. Literally, they welcome you home. The express girls are amazing, all the budtenders are knowledgeable, and the “deli style” is a wonderful addition! The prices you cannot beat ($30 quarters, $80 halves top shelf, etc)

    The Good is where it’s at dY’adY3/4

  237. nickt4200000

    This place is the best. They always make you feel at home. Tim was the hands down best budtender ive had in months of going to local spots. He ensured I got the best half ounce out of the jar he was serving from and also made sure I got the best meds they had to offer. I will definitely be back and recommend this dispensary to everyone!

  238. njkitzke

    Love this place! It is my number one place to shop!

  239. smkymcpot

    The absolute worst I’ve ever been treated in my life

  240. danbo2275

    this place rocks..kee9 up the great work.awesome friendly place clean place ans aqwsome greens

  241. lowtymr

    this place is awsome! staff is great and professional and the products are amazing!

  242. Kimsnyder1019

    Love this place great location,employees are always friendly and prices are amazing.

  243. DakotaRegan

    What ever you do don’t take the deal where they sell you an 1/8th and Sunday Good cartridge it’s a ripoff. I got that deal and was smoking the cartridge out of my palm battery and the pin of the cartridge was pulled out by the magnet so I called them up told them about they said come down and they will handle I get their like yeah I’ll give 20% off a new one Sens you smoked it already more the halfway. I said hey bro this is your product and it fucked up and now you want me to buy more when I haven’t even finished the first one Iv got. The is bullshit I would not recommend this place to buy any cartridge, not unless you get a great deal. And if you do beware if the cartridge fucks up then your screwed too.

  244. kengaleigh

    I love this location! I recommend it to everyone who has a card. Sam is wonderful, and extremely helpful. he was very good at explaining the particular strains that worked best for me, and he was marvelous at explaing the deals to me. all around favorite dispensary.

  245. Fatcat85

    This spot is def what’s Good!!! Great flower great price great People Thank you guys for being my home dispo!!! Stack them bud bux!!!!!

  246. nicolekesner

    After reading some harsh reviews, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try Good, but the BOGO on their carts got me there. The security guard was super nice and welcoming (albeit pretty intimidating lol), the girl at the front was super nice and helpful, and my budtender John didn’t waste any of my time and was so nice and made my experience very easy and relaxed feeling. He knew prices and in stock availability right off the bat and informed me that their new carts (Good powered by Venom) are actually Venom extracts inside, I ended up getting 4 1/2 gram carts for $65 out the door- haven’t tried one yet but I’m excited to! Thanks John!

  247. Lovelylynn88

    Grape pie dY’dY’dY’

  248. ab25

    good vibes all around.

  249. GreenDave71

    great place, very knowledgeable staff, AWESOME daily specials F*ing Incredible is on Point!

  250. SoulRewrote

    Great herb knowledgeable people

  251. jpruitt

    One of my top go to dispensaries a$?i,

  252. llopez71

    Love this dispensary. The flower and daily specials are awesome. Casey at the front desk is always so nice and helpful.

  253. Ian_L

    Staff is very knowledgeable and personable. Very fair prices AND daily deals. Has become one of my favs

  254. BigJ808

    my favorite spot they have best prices for top self products

  255. Sativax666

    Went today for the BOGO cartridges when we show up the clerk tells us they ran out of the 0.5 grams. We ended up paying $72 for the 1gram which is more than we expected to pay. If you’re gunna have a week long sale don’t run out the second day, or at least have the decency to update your website. Also, offer a student discount already, you’re a mile away from a college.

  256. TracyAnn73

    I will never go back again , they let their employees do whatever they want , even chase & stop u from.driving away just too yell at u BC you complained about how rude they were …

  257. BurlyBoyE

    Their deals cannot be beat. Plus the staff is awesome. This is the place to go!

  258. zackmcneil

    Awesome that $7 a g is a life savior and its always a good strain all the staff is awesome, gotta give a shout out to Tony

  259. Leedsmith

    Good? More like alright. Their best buds were dry and lacked impactful scents despite the deli style. Budtender also was talking about things he didn’t understand and expected me to just “trust him” that it was better than it looked. Sorry bud not for $200

  260. eastsideboi

    grate flowers here

  261. kekowyatt

    Love the atmosphere great bud

  262. amazinglyhi

    the bud tender was nice! She recommends snowflake. awesome bud. nice buzzy head high

  263. SuperZbeast001

    amazing spot for medicational needs and very reasonable prices. recomend to stop here for your medical and wont be disappointed.

  264. sololuv7

    I like too try all dispensaries at least once. From the moment I entered I felt a bit rushed and felt like I was being talked down to. I am going to try again with them today because I was over here and low on gas.

  265. SemiiSwagg

    Honestly seeing these same couple of people that constantly make new reviews just to say something negative about The Good are probably regulars that only buy from the $6 shelf and cause problems and complain the whole time they’re there. EVERY visit I’ve had here has been nothing short of exceptional. All the budtenders are knowledgeable, honest, and deeply caring of myself and every patient that walks through those doors. They greet you by name and with a “welcome home!” every time you come in. They ask you what your needs are and take the time to not only go over the medication, but they’re own personal experiences with it. I have personally witnessed the staff go above and beyond to accommodate the handicapped, the blind, the inexperienced and even the deaf more times than I can count on my fingers and toes. I have seen both magment and budtenders walk through their entire stock to find the exact medication for that patient’s specific needs AND educate them to the best of their knowledge with a smile and great attitude. They consistently have the best deals and pricing in the area. When I walk in, I know I am in a safe and comfortable space surrounded by FAMILY. It’s not the only place I visit, but it is absolutely my home store. The GOOD isn’t the right name, it should be(and is) The BEST Dispensary. Much love, you guys shout out to Casey, Jeremy, Cody, Marcus, Daman(?), the new girl Jude, and the fine ladies at the front desk. See you tomorrow!

  266. refusetodie

    Could not have had a better experience for my first time visiting this location. The selection alone is enough to write home about. The flower was absolutely amazing, packaged for you in front of your very own eyes as opposed to pre-packaged. Staff was on point as well. Will be visiting repeatedly.

  267. Caingregory1121

    Crappy weed. They say they have gorilla glue #4 and it is not even close.. doesn’t even deserve to be called gorilla glue #4. I will not be going back 🙁

  268. Demres

    really caring and informative caregivers would go back again

  269. SarahP14

    Thank you for having a big selection of flower. There’s almost always something on the menu that will work for what I need to treat. The staff is always friendly, and I love being greeted with “Welcome Home” every time I come in. I tend to come in on Sundays and rarely have to wait. I love that you are deli-style as it adds to the patient experience and shows me that you’re about patients, not profits just shuffling as many people through the doors every day as possible. I prefer deli-style dispensaries and wish there were more of them. The only thing that may need a little improvement is strain information – the hybrids that don’t have a description available really need to have one written in. Patients need to know what to expect, if the strain will help them and what the negatives of that strain are – that’s the one thing that stops me from trying strains that have no information available about them. Other than that, keep doing what you’re doing – you’re one of the few dispensaries I’m comfortable in.

  270. CandiceJoanne

    This is a clean establishment and the staff is very friendly. This is the only dispensary I go to. Be warned if you come more in the afternoon there will more than likely be a wait, but I would rather wait 20-30 minutes and get good product on top of great customer service than go somewhere and be in and out quickly with no personable experience. These are people that I may see 2 or more times a week and everytime no matter who my bud tender is they greet me with a smile and ask how my day is and make conversation. Love this place!

  271. shay92

    My budtender Tony was amazing && made sure for my first time that I was hooked up right with nothing but the best

  272. Kkarlzbadd

    i love the Good. sometimes i have to wait about 20 minutes to be seen, but the budtenders never rush me when they see me. friendly environment, great deals and great flower. i love Venom extracts and the cartridges that the Good and Venom have teamed up to do. keep up the good work!

  273. precious8

    Tony is a cool individual that really knows his stuff!! he’s super funny and genuine. he makes every visit worth it (:

  274. kclark89

    This place so far has lived up to its name . It is the Good Dispensary . Some of the best flower ive found in AZ thus far. I had the dark helmet and the pre 98 bubba kush. Unreal how beautiful the flower was for the price. Can’t get better than that. The flower has been consistently fluffy bud, sticky and covered in tricomes still .They weigh it in front of you which is amazing i think all places should be more like that. The bagged shit just seems mass produced . I give this dispensary 2 thumbs up.

  275. CBDank

    Great variety, fantastic service, very informed staff, and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. If this dispensary wasn’t such a long drive from where I live, I’d make this my main mmj stop. The only thing I could say is that I’d love to see some more CBD-dominant flower and concentrates. That being said, there are a number of edible options and a couple strains of flower that are CBD-heavy, which is more than I can say for other locations I’ve visited. GREAT overall experience and I’ll definitely be back sometime, hopefully soon!

  276. Toker2016

    The best dispensary in town! Great products for the best prices, and super friendly staff!

  277. rogue420x

    love this place great people and products. on line order was ready on time. great prices. love going “home” awesome vibe

  278. Isidoromaldonado

    Best in town recommend

  279. Cirese

    there’s a bit of a wait, but we’ll worth it. great service, good stuff and it’s cheaper than most!

  280. MZAZL8DY

    love this place. love their deals and they have carts that are amazing. the

    budtender and staff are friend

  281. Justryme

    Won’t go back. Been to dispensaries all over the state and this one was not one I will return too. Not many I can say that about. Front desk didnt manage patients well and they told us to sit on floor in the dispensing area DESPITE empty chairs in front. She was very dingy and not very customer focused. Flower was dry and music is so loud… we left not getting everythinh we came for.


    The good has my name in it MR.GGOOD AND FOR A GOOD REASON phenomenal service!! And great quality buds!! 🙂 Definitely feels good to be home!!

  283. The420doctor

    They opened the beginning pf 2017 and as of a month or two ago sold out or “changed management” The quality was bad for a good month after that. Also the overall feel pf the place is different now. Ultimately their biggest downfall was gettingvrid of the “patient for life” program allowing 3000 spent in a year to get a free card reknewal. i still luckily get mine this year but its unfortunate because i was hoping i had found a dispensary to be excluaive with but now i can shop around because bud buxs isnt enough to keep me coming back anymore. I represented them strong for a long time and feel hurt knowing how they are treating tge patients.

  284. pet1437

    The budtenders are always friendly and super knowledgeable. Great atmosphere and reasonably priced meds.

  285. ericrosenberg13

    The flower and $7 grams are fantastic! The staff is very outgoing and helpful. Only negative is that there frequently is a decent wait…but it always seems to be worth it

  286. AtreusNate

    best deals for the best flower and concentrates!

  287. maryjane310

    I went in there for the first time last week and the staff was amazing with beautiful souls. It. Chris was my budtender and was very informative. He got me some edibles that had me rollin. and some flower that had me believing that I was in heaven. Thank you Chris! I will definately be back!

  288. macias480

    best in town

  289. SmellzGood

    Thanks to my BudGuru Tony. Really listened to what I was looking for then suggested one I wasn’t even aware of. Will DEFINITELY be returning. Great product for a great price.

  290. Smokey_Steve

    Good buds but a couple strains were a bit dry.

  291. Shes420XXX

    No longer selling extracts. Should really update your page !

  292. marklemon

    great place one of my regular stops

  293. madisonlestrange24

    Since the flower is kept in those big containers they open all day long , it’s dried out a lot of the time. I’ve also had a few experiences where comments were made by the bud tender that just made me feel uncomfortable. I only came here because of the lucky 7 deal and their Saturday deals, but it’s not worth it anymore unfortunately.

  294. Tialeann

    Definatly my first choice everytime I purchase my meds. The deli style way they despense their flower is my favorite thus far! Always great customer service with staff. Chris is an employee that always has a welcoming attitude. I have NEVER once had to think twice about visiting this despensary and watching them thrive, becoming more beautiful is always a pleasure. dY~S

  295. sarfer12

    are you kidding with this top shelf Sour D!?!? It’s terrible!

  296. CadillacCollis

    Great meds – good staff, and i like the facility – location is good easy to access – in and out – Thanks yall ill be back!

  297. Brbac903

    wasnt too fond of the old prices but since they’ve been updated.. this is one of my favorite places to go in the valley

  298. vksolano1

    A great friendly and knowledgeable staff. Convenient location.

  299. ryanboino27

    I enjoy the laid back atmosphere and always knowing aEURoeI am homeaEUR

  300. Happyme1

    This is one of the best stocked, best staffed dispensaries I have visited. Great variety and good bud! The budtenders are knowledgeable and helpful. Tony is awesome to work with, gave me some great advice on CBD and it’s effects and it is working perfectly for me.

  301. Ariah

    good bud, awesome staff, and great environment! plus the deals are sweet dY’*

  302. bkueyez1964

    I really like the atmosphere and the friendly service. Everyone treats you so kind. Prices are reasonable

  303. yoya_s

    best staff

  304. omgkelsss

    Love the wax specials

  305. leahwaz73

    I stopped in at the Good Dispensary today for the first time. The staff were all extremely friendly and helpful. Great prices, nice variety, good location, quality meds. They also weigh the flower right in front of you, which is very cool, and have different specials throughout the week. I may have found my new favorite place!

  306. Ryan_S

    The flower and concentrate are great for the price.

  307. SquareOne

    Crowded. Need more lobby seating. Perhaps give bottled water as good neighbors. Jeremy my budtender was 110% great in customer service. Product knowledge. Smooth, quick, seamless information and satisfaction. I came in unsuredY$?”I left quite happy!dY~Z

  308. chasesreviews

    Awesome deals, love the edibles

  309. favalos123

    Came for the rewards program, stayed for the awesome staff. Keep up the great work!

  310. xjimmyx

    The fcking incredible minis are fire!

  311. OceanWater

    Great location.

  312. Rebekahontiveros

    Awesome place! Fast and convenient! Great quality flower too!

  313. rayrod007

    Great prerolls. Friendly environment in midtown. Good prices on wax and flower. Definitely returning so good I don’t even remember stopping in.

  314. Loree

    I have been a patient for 2 years. This is truly home. The minute you enter, you are welcomed with a warm aEURoe Welcome HomeaEUR and treated as family all through your visit. Thank you for being there. Loree

  315. medominguez72

    worse dispensary in the valley

  316. poca74

    I love this place has great deals

  317. meggxo

    Awesome place! Quick to get called back and the staff is super friendly and helpful. Will definitely return! Thanks good dispensary a~oi,

  318. hunghopkins

    Their 1st time customer BOGO up to 1oz for Flower ..

  319. Aemw1989

    like this joint a lot, great selection, and friendly staff.

  320. archais

    I have been coming to this dispensary almost exclusively since they opened. The quality of the flower and concentrate has always been amazing and is continuing to get better as time goes on. The staff has always been extremely friendly and welcoming. Their daily deals are amazing especially for patients on a budget. If your looking for a place that has great meds for a fair price and service with a smile, then try these guys.

  321. MakeMindSincDeyOne

    This is a great dispensary! It’s small, great location in Mesa, & awesome selection of products. As the AZ MMJ community grows so will this dispensary as will many others! One thing that bugs me though about this particular dispensary isn’t all that bad. Idk if it’s just me, but there has been times where my order is simple and I am in a hurry and the lady who is my bud tender takes forever & is really slow & almost seems very medicated while in the job. Other than that I would just say that other places do have better flower but to each is own! I would always recommend!

  322. jgourley

    The daily specials here are great. Staff is very friendly as well as knowledgeable.

  323. Subwizzle

    I’d like to give MAJOR ups to my guy Joseph. He is a truly awesome budtender; very attentive, highly knowledgeable, and tremendously hospitable.

    On two occasions he’s gone out of his way to fix issues regarding express orders I’d made, and both times has been incredibly kind/prompt in handling it.

    Joseph is essentially the poster child of good budtending.

    Everyone else who works there is pretty great also (naturally), but if you’ve got Joseph filling out your order he’ll hook you up with that good customer service and get you exactly what you want.

  324. girlanytime

    From my experience every time I visit The Good, it’s all good allday… StraightdY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  325. katiedid420

    I love coming to the good for my flower and wax ! everyone is so helpful and nice and never give u that face of omg u don’t have the exact change ! lmao ! my favorite place besides my own home !

  326. amberchavezaj

    Awesome people, good buds dY$?–

  327. kenstew

    this new place is awesome! check it out and ask for jeremy!!

  328. taylorpastonie

    Nicest staff and dank meds always! They consistently have lows prices for quality medicine, would highly recommend!:-)

  329. THCj710

    The vibes are always top shelf and their deals are ALWAYS keeping me elevated regardless on my cash flow!!? But for sure the best part is the staff, every time I go I’m greeted with a friendly energy by people that seem like they wanna be there. My man aEURoeTimaEUR is an amazing bud tender who is always keeping everything real af and helpful as hell too!?? I definitely recommend checking em out!!!

  330. MimiMedical88

    excellent customer service. Shout out to Ethan great recommendation

  331. mrtantrum480

    The Good Dispensary is honestly one of the Best MMJ Dispensaries in the Valley! Definitely impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the staff, and to be honest, nothing but good vibes all around. Great experience. You have to stop in and check them out!

  332. D-backsbaseball

    Very poor flower quality and the environment was offputing

  333. StayFresh82

    The name says it all cuz it’s literally “all good” here. A wide range in pricing and quality to fit any budget and medicinal need. Don’t have enough for the full quantity you want? Don’t worry its all good! They will serve any dollar amount!!! That says alot. Great staff full of smiles and hospitable service.

  334. 1bytchymom

    they are awesome people especially at the front desk very friendly staff n very informative on product. will continue to go back

  335. bronep

    I liked the idea of being able to go to a dispensary over going to a friend because – I would think a business would be able to keep up on it’s stock. But I’ve gone in 3 times in a row and had what I wanted out of stock.
    It would be one thing if it was every now and then, or just the menu here on leafly – but to be out of a strain first thing in the morning and not update your in store menu? That’s just bad business especially if it is a habit.
    I also wanted to spend extra today on an edible but got jipped and had to spend the extra money on bud that isn’t worth the $2 extra a gram. ..And to top it off some grower was there today advertising their products like they were flexing quality…HA!
    This is the only dispensary I go to, I spend at least $100 here a month and based on what I’m seeing; I might stop coming in.

  336. BurninateDabs

    Thanks for listing your concentrates, strain snobs like me need strain lists. Look at how many reviews I’ve done 250+ 90% are strains. The variety is also appreciated, yesterday I was searching like ten dispensary menu’s for something I wanted & no one had anything I haven’t tried. So before going on an adventure to some dispensary in Phoenix I checked TGD menu once more. Bubba Fett terp sauce which I’ve never had, then Secret Weapon which I have had. Only $25!
    Keep it up guys

  337. DrHazey22

    Tony really knows how to make you want to purchase fire stuff willingly. And the best techniques to receive better results. aoeOE

  338. colinaz

    Very clean relaxing place. Staff was friendly enough. Good overall selection of flower. Flower I bought was great quality better than most others. Will go back.

  339. Dannynez

    Just make sure you guys check how much Grammy guys get.dYtm because I was short it dY~!but my receipt says the correct amount.. so I don’t know how they weigh.. maybe they made a mistakedY$?”

  340. timdabs

    Staff was rude and product is ok at best. All of the strains smelled the same.

  341. Cflores84

    Excellent customer service. Products are exceptional and this is the best place in the east valley to go to. I highly recommend this place over any other.

  342. NickiiLynnn

    Everyone at this dispensary is super friendly. I usually do a leafly pick up and I’ve never had any problems. It’s always been quick and easy. I usually go here when they have a awesome deal. Once in a while they will have a really good BOGO deal.

  343. Laflare710

    These guys were just flat out unintelligent. Drove 20 minutes to get to this place for a BOGO and they forget to give me back my ID!! Not my med card, my actual drivers license. Would’ve been screwed if I was pulled over. And it would’ve been just because they’re dumb staff don’t know how to operate. LOL!!!! Do your SELF a FAVOR and DO NOT shop here…..

  344. Cnation82

    It’s got great people good stuff fair prices this is usually my go to place

  345. Goofyserferdude

    everything is on point exept they don’t take card yet ! hope they adopt it !

  346. LadyK2

    Great first time experience! I came in Saturday and worked with Kevin. He was on phone orders And I accidentally went to him thinking he was bud tending. He was VERY polite (and cute too) and helped me even though he was on the phone. He recommended to me the Mendo Breath and Road Dawg for my back pains, and he was dead on! Will definitely be going back to this place. Great vibes and great employees.

  347. robin328

    Nice place…good quality meds and great specials all week. Wish it was closer but I
    make the trip cause it’s worth it.

  348. SarahRenee

    Always provides a variety of strains for each tier. Staff is informative and professional.

  349. tuppp

    dude ive been coming here for a long time and I got to say it my favorite dispensery in arizona by far everyone there is so nice and so tight Marcus is also mega helpful and tight alroung super tight dY’

  350. taxigerl1721

    Tony is the best and friendlies budtenders out there. Love this location.

  351. chiefsmokemout

    I write reviews after 3 visits so what I’m about to say isn’t just random bullsh*t….. Every time I’ve gone there is always parking, staff is very friendly and very on point with their product. I’ve purchased off every price point…..I don’t know if my tolerance is through the roof but in my personal opinion all their flower is subpar for medical grade cannabis. If your on a budget and really don’t care this place is for you.

  352. Ar1zastoner2

    They were very nice and helpful And had great first time patient deals.

  353. mozzr9523

    Tony thank you so much for always
    recommending stuff Everytime I come i. I enjoy your service

  354. Steph58

    This place lost my business today. I was waiting in a very packed waiting room this evening when two guys came in trying to get patients to buy flower for them. I could tell that it was making the people inside uncomfortable including me so I stepped outside the front door and called to the security guard who was chatting with another employee on the side of the building. After telling him what happened he went to look for the guys who were now out of the building and nowhere to be found. The security guard then comes into the very packed waiting room a few minutes later and proceeds to call me out in front of everyone, telling me next time I can talk to him instead of screaming at him. I didn’t scream, reason why I called to him from the front door instead of walking over to him to get his attention is because I have a broken foot and can barely walk as it is, which he can clearly see since I have a boot on my foot and I limp when I walk. If he was doing his job this would have never happened in the first place.

  355. candycane69

    like it the staff is nice

  356. bassanova

    This place looks really cool from the lobby and the medicine room. I think it’s weird that budtenders don’t come and grab you, instead you’re called in and someone waves you over to their station but who cares. I primarily medicate with flower and the only thing I don’t like is the quality of the buds as far as looks. What’s considered their top shelf looks like second of third tier at other dispensaries so they shouldn’t charge that much for it when all their buds looks the same as far being all pop corn, dry, or really leafy with little to no crystals. Will try again maybe when more bud rotates in.

  357. GonzalezJ72

    Terrible service, rude staff. I could think of many more places I would rather go and spend my money then the good. After my experience today!

  358. etk123

    It was my first time here and a friendly girl named leah checked me in! Her knowledge and friendliness makes me want to come back more!! thanks leah and the good dispensary for great service 🙂

  359. surefiregamble

    Made me feel like a second class citizen here.

  360. betheejaymes

    the atmosphere is wonderful the staff is great and products good

  361. llnew33

    Today called to make express order,male bartender was very Rude. I came in asked who handle the calls and again male staff waa rude to me in front of other patients. I ask to talk to manger and as I was speaking. The male bartender was rude for the 3rd time making unpleasantly faces and making rude comments as I was speaking like it was ok to be disrespectful. Im done with this place !!!

  362. Cwalker1

    If you have a problem with them, you’re the PROBLEM . It kills me when the weed snobs get on here to rip a spot. With their infinite knowledge on strains, growing techniques and expertise on measurements. Etc,etc….dude it’s weed smoke it n STFU!!! OR NOT….Don’t be a hater all yo life!!! I give the staff and location a thumbs up. The selection varies which is good. The ladies are GREAT, Jeremy is aight dY~,dY~,dY~,.

  363. wulff54

    Totally recommending this place to all the homies, only deli style dispensary around! I was welcomed in by the lovely smile of Samantha from the front desk! She should consider doing an Oribit commercial with a smile like hers, just saying!! Then had all my questions answered and some good suggestions on strains by Leah who was my budtender! Great job girls!!

  364. awesomeangela13

    Good is the only dispensary I’ll go to! The deals are amazing and the budtenders are so awesome! I always call ahead for an express order. Highly recommend doing it that way rather than wait. Every time I arrive I’m greated by at least 3 people welcoming me home. I always get exactly what I want and it’s the highlight of my day to go pick up my medicine from these seriously kick ass people! One time 8 people said goodbye to me by name. That’s a home right there! Love you guys!!!dY’-dY’-dY’-dY’-

  365. LCC920

    This place is the best. You’re immediately greeted with “Welcome home!” by the friendly staff. They get you set up and explain their innovative patient for life and bud bux bonus programs. The flower quality and pricing are superb, and the great selection is refreshing to say the least. Service is super fast, especially for a brand new location, but you’re not rushed at all which is great because you won’t want to leave. The atmosphere is cool, and the location is impeccably clean. The Good Dispensary is definately on the right track to becoming the best in Mesa.

  366. RaverBarbie

    it’s a very GOOD dispensary

  367. CatchTheFade

    GOOD BUD, GOOD PEOPLE, GOOD PRICES. really does feel like home. make sure to talk to Tiny Tim, hes a cool cat and is GOOD at his job. Might even say he enjoys it.

  368. crazysuperman

    Chris was amazing, very helpful… love this little place.. always has great meds

  369. hightai

    lots of selection, nice budtenders, good location

  370. lalalalexxi

    I had A+ service today from budtender Casey. She was very knowledgeable, but what I really appreciated was that when she wasn’t 100% sure on something she took the time to ask someone else and look something up for me, ensuring I got the proper medical products I needed. There was also an issue (not my fault nor The Good’s) and Casey and the manager went above and beyond to resolve it for me, ultimately saving me a nice chunk of change but still getting what I needed. Will definitely be back again!

  371. littlebodybigopinions

    The first time I came was my first dispensary experience. And after a month, I still always feel special when I walk into five staff members telling me “Welcome Home!”
    I’ve never been to another dispensary still because I have placed my trust in this one!! Everything is always professional and the budtenders always make me feel less anxious about it all.
    As for the medication, all the flower is the best I’ve tried and every shelves has amazing options. All of the flowers are effective medications are for great prices. Thank you for making my healing affordable!!! I love you guys!

  372. Shannyquu

    great selection fast check out

  373. bluejaykiss

    It’s fancy.
    Kyle helped me out; very knowledgeable and professional. dYOEz

  374. happygirls

    the budtender was awesome at showing me all the awesome medicine there to help with my chronic pain thanks, great place with great peeps.

  375. tsd55

    Amazing location with incredible staff!!

  376. eyecue626

    People there are nice but not knowledgeable about flower and some products. They say what you want to hear “great strain, euphoria feeling, etc” when you can clearly see it’s a lower grade flower (not all flower but some I looked at was at best mids and they’re trying to pull off as top). however, most dispensaries do this. no one wants to admit they’re flowers are weak, it’s a business after all.

    however, my biggest gripe was how you get to view and smell the flower. they take a huge container, use a coffee filter to tip it, and hold it up to you. so you essentially have someone holding each huge container to your nose. really?? you cant use dollar store spice containers at least? the bud tender gets annoyed after you want to smell a few but they should be annoyed at the ownership for that horrible system of viewing and smelling flower.

  377. unombk74

    Great deals. Good quality. Jeremy the bud tender honestly provided such good customer service I’ve chosen to make them my primary dispensary. He is definitely great for the environment over there. Overall great experience everytime.

  378. billowingmeadows

    I came in after work today, check in, but then instantly full panic after passing the gold door. Inched back out, hyper ventilating, gross tears lol and my body was just not having it. All I could utter was that I suffer from ptsd to the front desk and she grabs me some water.
    After I calmed down, I get called up to a pos system with a male and female assistant. The only face that was familiar was the man, Jeremy. He and I had met months before from my very first visit so I was honestly more relaxed knowing the sound of someone’s voice. Sadly, I didn’t catch the woman’s name.
    Jeremy knew what was going on, popped out two strains, gave me all I needed to know about both, gave me options, worked with me, went well above and beyond, and acutely aware of my budget just to make sure I’d be taken care of. Not only would this be where I’d have the honor of getting the best medicine I’ve personally received for my ailments, I’ve never more than ever wanted this to be where I’d hope to express the same compassion and passion for cannabis. Or apply trying, haha.

    This was kindest thing I’ve ever had done for me all year. I’d recommend this location and it’s merchandise, any day of the week.

  379. greg300

    Been coming to this location since it opened and I have yet to find another place around that can match their quality of products, service and pricing!! This is my Home Store!! Thank you For caring for us as the consumer!

  380. hayleyaniece

    I had an amazing first time visit! Kyle was very helpful and laid back, I even was a little difficult and he had no problem helping me out ! The women up front with the blue hair (I didn’t catch her name even though she told me!) was so inviting and welcoming when I came in ! All around amazing ! Thank you!:)

  381. webdiva

    Thank god a location near me with great prices and selection.

  382. salmoreno14

    beautiful people beautiful trees hand’s down.

  383. Los420

    7 lucky strain making me come back sometimes it’s on point sometimes it’s not

  384. Hddragon

    Staff was super nice and helpful

  385. azlou

    I made my first visit here recently, and I was very impressed. Dalton took care of me, and he was genuinely interested in showing me around the shop. The prices are competitive and they weigh out your purchase in front of you. They have their own farm where some of the product is grown, and from what I tasted, it’s very good. I am putting this on my short list of favorite dispensaries.

  386. jerame79

    Great place for deals and good selection!

  387. DrDockter

    Hands down the worst dispensary I have been to. Came in because they’re one of very few places selling The Clear carts, and I can’t believe what I saw. All bud is kept in one large clear plastic container for each strain. Everything is out in the open exposed to light and containers are not even vaguely air tight. Every nug is expectedly hard and dried to death. I doubt they’ve retained half their original potency.

  388. sammieetellem

    Great place to be. I love the dispensary. Amazing flower. The love is real.

  389. FingerGunz

    This is my go to location. The prices are always better than their surrounding competition. The staff is hit and miss, front desk and tellers can be a bit off putting sometimes but the budtenders are always friendly and helpful. Depending on the time you arrive depends on the service, sometimes it’s slow and you’re in and out smiling, other times hopefully the battery on your phone is charged because it gets busy.

  390. lisapetrucci60

    It seemed very loud. Receptionist’s voice carries to the whole waiting room. seemed more laid back than I had expected. Not necessarily a bad thing though. Security was on premises which felt safe to me. I will definitely be returning.

  391. Jstevens54

    Samanda was very helpful and honestly I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get my meds just because of her. (high five)

  392. fatdabwildo

    i like it talk to them and tell them wat ur looking for they will help havent been disappointed yet.. the line tho can me a 10 to 30 min wait some times… so use the express but even when u do have to wait the staff try to keep it fun with trying to start conversations.. it truly dose feel like home

  393. mesamage

    Really good deals and Jeremy is an awesome bud tender

  394. MrCup

    Always on point and great prices!

  395. C2cbullys5

    great place cheap prices great meds

  396. TreyArther

    Ah shux guys…just when i think u cant get any more awesome, u give me the best Dr Who of my life! Ive only seen flower this beautiful and purple in pictures. Love u all but Seth has a special place in my heart for introducing me to the best flower ive EVER had!
    …And Dalton, Seth and i want to come work for u after we finish our Doctorates in botany dY~,,

  397. Ehvinchi23

    Clean, neat and tenders are bomb

  398. daugh071

    After two visits, I’m definitely impressed by the flower. I recently tried their $8/g blue suede zkittles, and it had an extremely strong, complex flavorful. I asked the bud tender which stains were crossed to make it, but he did not know because it hadn’t been tested yet. The reason I gave 4/5 for quality is that the lower tier shatter they sell has a lot of residual butane. It’s the same shatter as encanto, and not worth the $25/g. I will definitely be back for the flower though.

  399. cheaterfive411

    The good dispensary Not in the area anymore have moved but the time I have been in this place is fantastic

  400. SarkisKosh93

    My favorite facility in all of Arizona and Las Vegas.
    Quality medicine, excellent staff, and a great energy to both enter and leave with. I applaud this dispensary, and with an encore. Your professional service is appreciated. – Sarkis K.

  401. babyboo928

    this location is nice good prices, some of the bud is dry so it burns pretty fast. if you order Express you still have to wait so i guess its not much of an express other then your stuff is already packed n you just go pay once they finally call you to the back.

  402. yeyoof3

    I have been coming to this dispensary since it opened over a year ago. I have never had a bad experience. The staff and bud tenders are always willing to help, share their experiences and recommendations. Above all, I’m not in barest to go purchase my product when my depression or my anxiety is heightened. This causes me to cry, or become a little angry. Once I have gone in, got my recommendation from my bud tender, maybe a hug, and I’m on my way home to get better. They mean it when they say aEURoeWelcome HomeaEUR.

  403. Hz.420

    My first time I went I didn’t have enough weight to buy anything.
    The second time I went I was able to get the free gram and I bought some other items. Michael was super chill with lots of energy and really good knowledge for their products. They definitely won me over and will be my go-to spot. Just need them to extend their hours.

  404. Dakcrum

    The people were nice and friendly and the selection was great definitely coming back

  405. Space_savvy93

    the good always provides me with helpful strains that help ke manage my PTSD

  406. dabs187

    Great Flower!

  407. Kwit610

    great place ,good meds

  408. MDL86

    I love the cartridges they are my absolute favorite! Priced perfect!

  409. skunify

    I got a sample of nanofarm gummies the other day absolutely phenomenal please tell me that you guys are going to carry them I cannot wait to pick up a pack please hurry best tasting dummy I have ever had hands down

  410. Johnnyblaze1984

    I will never get anything from this place. Super granddaddy kush was full of seeds. So shitty to pay $40 for some Reggie at a aEURoedispensary aEURoe . Should have named yourself the aEURoeeh ok dispensary aEURoe

  411. Fozzy86

    Love this place!!! Everyone go say hello to Lea and Sam they rock. And are super nice. dY’dY~

  412. PTcruiser89

    I came here because I saw some good reviews…worst dispensary I’ve ever been to. Anyone who likes this place is missing out

  413. tyerae01

    Best dispensary In the Phoenix Metro by far. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly with genuine good vibes. It’s the only place I get my buds from. Best daily deals, bud bucks and the lifetime reward program is awesome. You cannot beat the prices and deals. I would recommend to everyone!

  414. cannabam

    I rele LOVE this dispensary, i went in and Seth helped me get everything i need & was so informative, sam and lia were nice too!

  415. tuesdayallday

    great experience as always and we came for the advertised deal and everything was in stock and the quality is always on point!

  416. calebnat95

    By far my favorite dispensery in the area ! Not only do they have quality buds, but the price and customer service is just as great ! If your looking for top grade quality and a good price i would highly recommend going here !

  417. Cubancutie91

    Friendly employees, great product & very friendly environment. I would definitely recommend coming here

  418. Sell8

    long time customer in their deals are not so good anymore I get the same text message everyday it seems like it’s the same one all the time like come on guys put something good on the menu not the some old stuff all the time

  419. embruh

    the best ever

  420. jwhite0302

    Awesome Staff, Booming Deals. and Sweet Programs. And don’t forget the In House Doctor Santos

  421. Dru420

    dude with long hair at the desk was super rude, over 30 min wait and rude bud tender, dY’ZdY’ZdY’ZdY’Z

  422. lesliek420

    dalton was a great letting me know what each one was . and getting to know me. my for my first time being there it was amazing! so classy and elegant!!!

  423. rsimon3300

    They have the best selection and the friendliest Bud Tenders. I’ve been back several times.

  424. brand1angel

    first place ive seen in a store setting an with a bar next to it , thought to myself thats cool. but this is a bad area super ghetto, left feeling like the bar next door was jot a good thing, alot of people lingering outside.

  425. kcoop316

    Went in and was welcomed immediately by a very friendly girl at the desk but here is where it gets better. I do not know the guy who I worked with otherwise I’d shout his name out..but he was the most informative person I have EVER come across in a dispensary. he was INCREDIBLE and I would come back just to get my products from him. he answered every question and confidently too. will be going back, amazing prices too!!

  426. Misty72

    Great Place!!! I was a first time patent and bought a quarter and got a quarter free!!!! Top shelf is not expensive!!!! I will be back!!!!

  427. MurkFlow24

    Sam and leah are amazing! Every time i come in they provide great customer service and have the biggest smiles on their face when they see me ! They need a raise asap! Also the buds are always on point you dig !

  428. bigperm74

    I love the location

  429. aemw89

    Good quality, great service!

  430. Amscharmann13

    one of my favorite places!! always awesome people and products

  431. dwarren21

    Great customer service off tops!

  432. BCCD

    First time patient special is trash so I wouldn’t recommend it to someone. flower was decent but usually try a variety with the FTP discount but didn’t get a chance to.

  433. mikesny

    Excellent experience in a quality atmosphere. Thanks to Tony for the great service. Great selection of quality flower.

  434. shayrye

    Great location, very nice staff it’s the only dispensary I go to a~oi,

  435. hannahrt7849

    Best dispensary hands down. Always nice, best deals, and good flower! My number one spot.

  436. GinoMidnight

    I really think this place is cool. The people here are really nice and the quality of the quality of weed is pretty good. The thing I want to let people know is that there is NO ATM and they don’t do card. The nearest ATM is at 3 gas stations down the street. MAKE SURE TO HAVE CASH WITH YOU IN ADVANCE. That’s the big thing to note. I know it’s hard to get an ATM and do the card because of legality issues but there are barely any dispensaries that have either. If there is a way to get around at I really hope they find it because I think that’s the one thing that’s holding them back.

  437. Valenzuela6751

    I live they reward points and u can order online the also have thus awesome new product of flower, I recommend this place!

  438. Escobararts

    I’ve been to the good 3 times and they always run out of the only strains that work for me. It would be nice to know that before I wait 25 min to be seen. Not the friendliest staff either.

  439. dionsolo9213

    I love how they say welcome home! really good bud!

  440. Maryjanesmymainbitch

    Seth was simply phenomenal! He was one of THE best budtenders I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with! Please see that his exceptional customer service is acknowledged!

  441. Mskittydabs

    I love the staff, prices are always great, love their point system best in town!

  442. juniorlerma

    Went here so glad their is a new dispensary close by with good quality flower and good pricing the staff is very informative and professional definitely will be coming back again!!

  443. MrOrigami69

    So went into The Good dispensary, and my God was it bad. The service from my budtender was great. The meds we left with are ok, but that’s not why it was bad. I took these pictures while I was waiting to go up to the counter. So when I get up to the counter, I had the manager Jeremy come up to me, and tell my girlfriend she can’t touch the jars of weed, which she’s new, but when someone puts something in front of my face, I hold it. And then he proceeded to tell me that I couldn’t take pictures in here cause someone lost their job cause someone posted a picture of the dispensary and lost their job. I DONT TAKE RANDOM PICTURES OF PEOPLE LIVING THEIR LIVES OR GETTING THEIR MEDS. And I tried to explain to Jeremy that I was taking pictures of my girlfriend and I understand where he’s coming from, and then to shut me down, he told me to quit arguing with him, and he could ask me to leave. Jeremy no need to be a fucking jerk to a patient and if you dont want pictures taken, put up some fucking signs maybe that say no cellphone use or pictures, instead I had a manager speak rudely to me. We will never return to that place.

  444. dawn913

    love the deli style, good product, helpful knowledgeable budtenders

  445. sleepyleef

    Trash dispensary. Skip it.

  446. Kabbott020

    Tim was very helpful and knowledgeable about the products. I will definitely be coming here again.

  447. gcal07

    Tony was my budtender and was great. Took home some Fucking Incredible and some Platinum Huckleberry Cookies and I was not disappointed. They are both nice and heavy. The prices are great, especially for the quality. I will be back.

  448. aly461

    I love this dispensary. It’s my Go-to for the best priced flower on the East side of the valley. And the Bud Tenders are always friendly.
    Also, highly recommend the Pink Kush strain. It looked beautiful, the high was perfect for me and I got it at $7 a gram. Truthfully, I’m writing this review to rave about this strain. 5/5 stars all the way around.

  449. leafblade77

    super friendly great product sometimes small popcorn buds i would recommend the lucky 7 special the 6 dollar strains are so so my favorite person there is sam

  450. couchlock1979

    Great selection of the copperstate and aeriz Flower which is cheaper here than anywhere and got me to come back after all this time. also $20 grams of venom is always nice. Those of you with the bad reviews just stay away from their house line of flower (GOE). I will come back from now on to get that good cut of flower for the best price!

  451. bigsmack1212

    not bad

  452. BunnyShawe

    I was very impressed by the atmosphere at The Good Dispensary. It was laidback while being fun.
    The quality of product was also impressive. And, I loved (and, took advantage) of their sales.
    Last, but, certainly not least, was the customer service. Jeremy was fantastic. He was knowledgeable and professional while being great fun to talk. to. I genuinely had a good time talking to Jeremy.
    I highly recommend The Good Dispensary.

  453. FelaGlose

    I always have a pleasant experience dYtm,

  454. tlagunas

    I saw the great prices and it brought me to this place. I am anxious to see the staff. Looking forward to what I saw on the reviews and the hearsay I’ve heard.

  455. nsourath

    There was a lot going on. The front desk kept forgetting who was next. The wait took a while and people brought their kids in who didn’t behave and ran all over the place. The front lady seemed all over the place too and wasn’t all there.

  456. mobob63383

    Afraid to list thc %?

  457. TCBARAGRY87

    Super friendly and awesome products. A must if ur in the area

  458. athena13g

    Great location and great service. Love the vibe and the way the staff wears scrubs. I had a few top shelf and my fav was bubba kush. Will come again and shop. Staff was very helpful as well.

  459. MalaMali

    the vibe is great, the prices are reasonable,and the cannabis is dank thank you Good i enjoyed it.

  460. bbsusie2003

    Came here for the first time they have an amazing New patient deal, the receptionist was super sweet and my budtender was Kevin he was also super sweet and super helpful. Will definitely be going back.

  461. sp4zz7ic

    Amazing, This is an incredible deli style dispensary. I went for my first time today at the very end of their business day and still got incredible support, the bud tender was more then eager to show me many of their great selection and awesome deals. I will be back.

    Try the Molokai Frost OG its amazing.

  462. CornWheeliusJones

    This is the first time I’ve ever went to a dispensary where the product was so bad I chose to throw it in the trash can instead of smoking it.

  463. DesireeMG89

    This location PERFECT for me the people AWESOME FRIENDLY SUPER KIND it really is HOME dY$?– keep on keepin on guys you’re going to blow up. Took me away from all the other dispensaries lol best deals in MESA

  464. BananaLanna

    In regards to Leafly pick up please consider reaching out to the person when the item is no longer in stock to see what they would like as an alternative. If I had not checked the bag before leaving I wouldn’t have realized it was replaced and there was no note explaining it was out of stock so the person had to go check. Overall a nice place with helpful staff.

  465. nightbadger

    Yep, this is the good dispensary. Lives up to it’s name as far as the quality and quantity of meds. They did not have a bike lock outside, but the office staff was more than happy to let me park my bike in the waiting room, which was greatly appreciated. Tony hooked it up and I gotta say all the flower I got is fresh, sticky, and smells great.

  466. seeairuhh

    definitely my favorite place to go, just like they say “welcome home!”. I enjoy every single experience here…the weed is great, the service is super great, the whole atmosphere just makes you want to go just to go. I come whenever I can and I just love it.

  467. jimbovalentine

    Decent location. Some odd decorations but the service is always amazing. sometimes the wait can be a little long but it always seems to be worth it. They have amazing deals and help patients save hard earned money.

  468. SunDolphin

    I love coming home to the Good Dispensary, the staff is welcoming and always helpful. The variety is plentiful and the prices can’t be beat.

  469. JerryNelson

    Five star most definitely

  470. KuntaKinte420

    I went in to The Good Dispensary only after discovering the hidden treasure tucked away in the corner of the plaza I was doing laundry in. I needed change and happened to stumble across it in my search. I went in and was very impressed. I had gone to a dispensary literally right across the street two nights before and I had to walk out because it was just far too confining & garbage for flower. I was helped by Chris today who was more than helpful even though they were out of a couple things I was looking for. We definitely found some killer substitutes and he really helped keep me under the budget I really had for my medicine.

  471. liaminator2

    Great dispensary, although I tend to go elsewhere a lot due to them not updating their menu daily.

  472. KTOG

    First off what a cool floor. Love the black and white graphic. Went in as a first time patient- guy at desk asked if I wanted to get text blasts, I said aEURoenoaEUR.. very next day I start getting them on my phone. I bought a Newton’s soda. The bud tender told me it was 100mg, I paid $12 for it… went home and drank it, turns out it was a 10mg that retails for $4. Soooooo that being said, a little more attention to detail and coherence on the employees part would make me a lot more enticed to return. Everyone was very nice and friendly, but I would honestly take rude and accurate over niceness when it comes to my meds.

  473. mistral82

    My home dispensary! love it here. Went on my birthday and got my special preroll! The Good is my go to. The quality, staff and specials are fabulous! This place is a must go to! can’t wait to return.

  474. kcollins38

    been in and out a few times. newer place in the process of a really nice dispensary. love the glass fixtures. the weed was “fuckin incredible”-Tahoe driven. the shatter is good and $ is the
    average for Mesa/Tempe areas. it’s a solid, well placed disp. the budtender I have seen is spot on. GIO. (if I spelled it right). he’s so nice and points out the best goodies EVER. being an older user…it’s nice to know I’m in good hands…at the good disp. haha.

  475. iriedata

    ftp deal was 7 a gram get a gram.I go on Sundays so I can get$ 7 grams plus tax,You guys can do better.

  476. HeyitsBri

    I absolutely despise this place. I’ve been twice and waited over 40 min the first time. I thought I’d give them a second chance,well I had to wait about 30 mins to get called back the second time around.The bud is okay I’ve had much better at better prices it’s costly here and the neighbor hood is shady

  477. Kaykins

    Great staff- wide selection of flower

  478. 6yyyyyyggh

    big ups to Jeremy!;!

  479. WhitneyCarbone

    Today, I am ultimately disappointed with this Dispensary!!! I called ahead to place an express order for 2 grams of Venom concentrate that was on sale for $20/gram and BOGO Free. I ordered Rocklock and Strawberry Cough, both of which I asked if we’re still in stock and available for me, and I was told yes to both questions. I was told my order would be ready in an hour and a half. Upon arriving at the good Dispensary and after waiting in line, I go up to the express counter and tell the girl my name. She comes back with a bag containing a gram of super glue and a gram of king Louie.?. WTF. I asked where MY order was, the Rocklock and Strawberry Cough, and she comments that they “ran out.” But I called in an express order ahead of time, where I was told it was in stock and available. The girl commented back that they fill express orders 2 hours after taking the actual order and by that time, they had run out before getting to me from all the other express orders that were called in before mine. This is bullshit!!! On top of it being bullshit, their operating system for express orders is stupid. There’s no point in them even having an express order if when I go to pick up my order, and I have something completely different from what I wanted and asked for. I SHOULD HAVE been called back and told that they ran out of my preferred strains and at least asked me if id like anything else instead. That’s just bad, shitty business and not to mention this is the 3rd time this has happened to me!! Not only do they mess up orders, but they could care less about an individual’s feelings and business. I will NOT be going back to the Good Dispensary and Im telling EVERYONE I KNOW who uses medical marijuana not to go to the good Dispensary as well. No attempts were made to correct or ease this situation. They simply just did not care. Not even a simple APOLOGY!!!!

  480. r8derz

    my go to spot for top notch buds

  481. chase25

    they are on top of there preorders today but slammed for walkins had a great visit

  482. andrades

    Great great people

  483. pheazy33

    wait is too long. need more employees, should not have to wait 45 mins to an hour

  484. Antoine602

    My go to spotdY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=from the Security guards to the budtender to the Manger’s everybody cool…the only person I got a problem with is Cami bad attitude like girl you just started her when don’t need that here..

  485. XDkitty22

    very nice , the place was clean , the workers well mannered , the flower is very good . I like fruity , and I am one happy customer.

  486. beabdip89

    bud tenders need to learn how to weight out faster . and learn the prices better

  487. allysha12

    It’s a great place to get good products at a great pricedY~SdY’

  488. WARPIGG

    The good dispensary is a great dispensary with a great first time patient special and fantastic everyday deals. They also have great customer service a and a great variety of quality canibus products.

    William Wallace Warfield

  489. p3a85

    Their Mendo Breath is fire right now!

  490. roxyngos

    Best prices and quality in town. I love the daily specials too. Friendly staff cool atmosphere. My go to spot!

  491. Marcostranostra2014

    Excellent Location

  492. Omgwadh

    I’m a regular at this excellent dispensary and stopped in yesterday for the the sale. They made a mistake and I had to stop back tonight to ask them to make good. Not only did they square the deal but went further than expected. I was already really happy to have this dispensary just up the street from me, now I’m a customer forever.

  493. stonejoey

    I received a text blast 3/19/18 with a B1G1 vapen cart. Went in and was told oh that was a mistake we have a company that sends those messages out and they made the mistake. Several other customers were there for the same deal. They would not honor the ad. Bad business practice.

  494. JohnnyGotem

    only reviewing to say the good dispensary is good I’ve been here more than a few times honestly I ain’t rich so the lucky 7 is always on point and to avoid the lines I call my order a head of time works out always and to the 3rd_d whatever their username is saying it’s in a shady place bring protection lol at yo bitch ass haha

  495. countryqt69

    love this dispensary my favorite one I highly recommend it

  496. eli1313

    the people were very nice and inviting and the atmosphere was very relaxing

  497. PhxJewel

    If you get an express order check each individual item and make sure you are getting what you are paying for!

    I have been going here for about seven months and yesterday I had one of the worst moments because of their mistake.

    I ordered an express order which included CBD honey but they gave me THC honey instead. Something I would have noticed if I was given the chance to check the bag of the contents before purchase.

    Granted they tried to remedy the situation the following day but it completely screwed me when I got to my destination the day of the purchase and realizing I had no CBD while already having an anxiety moment and being too far away to even make it back to the dispensary the same day.

    Even though they tried to make things better because of an employee’s mistake I will still have hesitation to trust their staff on an express order.

  498. HennyMTE

    Honestly my favorite place! Everyone is always in a GOOD mood!!

  499. Jillbilly

    Great location,friendly staff, good quality

  500. wzrds420

    I have been coming basically since you opened, my last two visits I left without a purchase because you did not have the products I wanted, no vape in the flavors i like, no prerolls and no bag of 20mg cookies, singles or multi pack, I was even told by one of your bud tenders to try the dispensary across the street, they had lots of options for the products I wanted, I will probably continue to go there from now on, i used to like coming home to good but not anymore

  501. freshndevr

    enjoyed how fast and prompt service was . also the staff member who helped me out was very knowledgeable

  502. timhern6686

    this place is a pretty decent place, not too bad flour good people satisfactory with my overall first-time experience there!!!

  503. hazyazgurl22

    This store is awesome!! I mean REALLY awesome! The workers are knowledgeable and very friendly. The selection is top shelf and prices are the best in Mesa. definitely will be coming here all the time

  504. mercerjustin86

    Everything about this place is great. 5 star dudes and dudettes.

  505. bobgregg

    my favorite by far really great selection great flowers always fresh at best prices in town and really cool I ask alot of questions and they was happy to answer all

  506. Ninetthe

    Second visit, drove over an hour here and will do again as need be. As soon as you walk through those doors you’ll feel the warmth of family like literally! From the front desk ladies to the bud-tenders I can genuinely say they are beyond amazing, caring, welcoming and overall EDUCATED! They aren’t just trying to sell you anything they will walk you through it and educate you on the types of cannabis & which may best suit you. Visit JEREMY and or TONY you will not regret this visit. THANK YOU THE GOOD DISPENSARY! You have all gone above and beyond for me.

  507. Herbsbro

    Best quality and environment, definitely will be back!

  508. StonerRockGod

    beyond amazing, super friendly, extremely knowledgeable on their meds and products. very fast when it comes to taking care of a full house, quality meds from quality growers!

  509. Bithpudding

    I love this place. Homegirl hooked it up for a first time patient. They had the worst day today and she went out of her way to please, she was so informative and she loves burritos! She did more than what was expected from her and I appreciate her honesty and the way she treats her clients. She’s the second cashier on the left. LOVE HER So Hard!


    The good never fails and is always legit!!

  511. nasify

    Convenient location, price is right for selection. Plenty to choose from.

  512. missmeka86

    I love everything about this store except for the fact that I seen the doctor for renewal 6 days ago and haven’t received my confirmation from the state that Dr.Hoover submitted my application. What I find strange is that my application wasn’t submitted while I was in the office it was done over the weekend when I was seen on a Thursday before my card expires and here it is Wednesday of the following week and nothing. I would recommend this place for flower definitely not for patient renewal

  513. tbonix

    This place has some bomb-ass nugz!! Thanks for recommending that Starburst!! That’s one of my new favoritesaEUR

  514. devon313

    I would refer a friend it was great service ..Seth is a really good bud tender I would recommend anyone but Seth is cool!

  515. futbol1021

    Top tier good decent specials.

  516. CowboyGucci

    If a shady drug dealer decided to open up a dispensary this place is exactly what it would be like

  517. Kalisdryke

    Always love coming inside and getting that beautiful weed smell hitting you in the face. This place is in a horrible section of Mesa but once you’re inside all’s well!

    Staff always makes sure I know the deals, give good suggestions and have always been super friendly. Love the deli style too! (That’s where the flower isn’t prepackaged and weighed, it’s in jars and you can smell it etc)….sad to be moving away soon. I’ll have to stop by on 4/20!

  518. Christopher1989

    First time patient…but i was impressed with the quality of service and the knowledge of the tenders. I would recommend the good dispensary to anyone looking for the highest quality medication and for those searching for strain specific relief. The good dispensary keeps building their menu and keeps available the strains you count on.

  519. skyswartz

    the good is my go too do so. they always have great deals!

  520. Domi1229

    I think the deli style is working for them. I actually prefer it because I hate getting pre packaged flower bc it doesn’t stay fresh as long. Yes deli style is time consuming BUT they know what their doing and are very fast. And if you hate the deli style just call your order in about an hour ahead and pick it up! Great customer service, great deals and great flower! The decor could be Less green and gold, but certainly not an issue.

  521. GBlanko

    For this to be the first dispensary I have gone to the service an atmosphere were so great;! The flower choice was fantastic as well I will definitely be going here again

  522. jshipley69

    I have loved this place since they opened their Mesa doors. Great people, great variety & quality of products (they have something for everyone), & great prices. However, there seems to be some changes going on. A little expanding, a few new faces (Jeremy is still my favorite budtender), & changing up the Daily Deals. I love the new Daily “Lucky 7”, but I miss the standard Daily Deals. It gets confusing and harder to plan on a fixed income with limited transportation. The Daily Deals even kind of rhymed & easy to remember. It is great to expand & to try new things. But don’t forget why we all call it “Home”.

  523. CNotalot

    I will only go here and that’s because of one reason…TIM! He is so kind and helpful. He is what makes this place shine!!

  524. jwarren

    Great place

  525. ShirleenKR

    Quality flower and service.

  526. Keri420

    Ive been coming to this dispensary for awhile so it hurts me to even write this. I wish they would update their menus to reflect what they have and be aware of the strains they have and specials.

  527. JustVincia.94

    Great place

  528. tanner1017

    First time at a dispensary EVER! Jeremy was very knowledgeable and friendly!

  529. NateConcentrate

    GLUIE !!!!!!!! straight up fire

  530. Freyaslair

    Great flower

  531. desert37smoke

    Great Flower and Customer Service. Definitely will be coming here more often.

  532. tamir.hill

    Stop lying sitting up here saying this despensary is really great. This despensary needs to step there game up majorly. Snoop dogg would walk in this place and turn around immediately. Flowers are dry and not potent at all. They need to stop it. Go in and youll see that its a waiste of money

  533. aperez88

    came here for the first time and got everything i needed for cheap Rocky Dennis is really good going back for more my bud tender was really helpful and welcoming

  534. Austin1234_

    good store would recommend

  535. willken49

    ive had a card for 5 years and the good dispensary is by far the best ive ever been to.the indica is phenomanal.i will never go anywhere else again. Amanda does a great running the show. i had 12 people in front of me yesterday and i was in and out in 20 minutes. you wont see that anywhere else

  536. mdgreen03

    Best weed when you’re on the road good variety even lower shelf smackable

  537. reviewmaster

    rude bud tenders and receptionists.

  538. shmarti


  539. Lotusheart

    The Good dispensary is BAD! Once you wait forever in the lobby you have then have to wait in the back again forever!

    It is all MEN and if you are a woman in a room with 12 men staring at you it is UNCOMFORTABLE and SCARY!!

    I left and will never be back!

  540. Bwilliams95

    Previously I had great experiences here. Today was the opposite. Entering the security guard decided to body shame with a joke about my weight. I was EXTREMELY offended by his comment. He has no idea of my life and health circumstances. I expressed my anger to my bubtender who made a great effort to apologize for the unnecessary comment. A manager also expressed apologies. The guard then tried to apologize but did while interrupting me speak. I was more by the attempted interruptions. I am not sure if I will ever do business at this dispensary again…

  541. Ddog45

    One of the best dispensaries in Az highly recommend going to the good . Good people Good selection Good prices !!!

  542. zoniekat54

    Somehow my previous review was 4 stars… Mistake. It is 5 stars. Great staff, atmosphere, prices, specials and product. I’m very happy with The Good.

  543. zhyl

    Thank you Amanda and Cris on guiding me to the right flower. Your recommendations really helped! I’m so happy now I found a new home!

  544. bunted

    Great service

  545. lonsterbudmonster

    Excellent Prices
    Impressive Selection of Flowers
    Quality Customer Service
    Knowledgeable Staff!


  546. jedeacon27

    love this place dY~dY~dY~

  547. jonnyq34

    great environment and service…Sam suggested crazy miss hyde…..potent!…no pre-packaged buds, which i prefer, so i will definitely return

  548. BudBurnhemp

    this place has top quality buds, friendly & helpful staff, & super excellent daily deals, love this shop !

  549. indeee

    I like the good dispensary. They have great prices. I had an issue with a vape cartridge and they fixed it right away. They also have strains like molaki frost that others don’t carry in valley.

  550. Greggs94

    You guys should re-do the venom extracts bogo! Kinda crappy when you go in an hour after you open and your out of all the terp sauce and crystals! Over heard that you guys got 200-300 units each of terp sauce and crystals and over a 1000 units of shatter??? Then I jokingly asked my bud tender if y’all put some terp sauce and crystals to the side for you employees and he smiles and says yes! Good answer lol NOT, lucky I didn’t say you’re not all out of terp sauce and crystals then hahaha think before you speak…

  551. Timthemc

    Great flower and great staff! My budtender Dalton was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I will be back!

  552. schristias

    This is my new favorite spot. They have something for everyone. They have a big selection, I tried some top shelf flower and the quality was great. The prices and rewards are unbeatable. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.

  553. Lexxluther

    Fast friendly service

  554. sweetSarahnade

    Had a really cool bud tender… I think her name was Sarah but that’s my name… so it could be the Pura – purple kush I’m vaping for pain talking. Great customer service from the front desk all the way back to the bud tenders. Cool atmosphere – I want the black damask wall paper to live inside my house.

  555. Yazy420

    I love the good dispensary! It’s one of my favorite places in the valley to go. I love that they have the daily deal and I also love all of their bud tenders. They are one of the best dispensaries in the valley.

  556. Gpietsch

    Great selection! Everyone needs to try Fucking Incredible. Thank you Chris

  557. csburnsonlythebest

    It in a very easy to find place abd i love their selection, ill b coming here every time im in mesa

  558. Jfnagy86

    I really like this location. Great variety to choose from. love the shatter deal for a $100. Went yesterday picked up dab and some tree called alien rock candy….it was awesome btw. the bud tenders are really cool. I got Marcus yesterday, he did a great job.

  559. Mysteryman1023

    Very fun atmosphere to be in!!

  560. lvon1277

    The flower is so-so at this location!

  561. Antonio_Molina

    Great weed. Unbeatable

  562. aliciahernandez

    This location is awesome! Best deals and always the best service and quality!

  563. MsBossHarris

    My man Tony always put me on to the BEST INDICA! The best budtender in AZ! Always dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  564. alkemistoner

    This was my first and very last visit here. The place stunk like b.o. not the places fault that people stink. So after waiting for about 30 minutes I was finally called back. I understood it was Friday and busy. No big thing. So I got my product and I thought I would be very happy when I got home. Instead I was greeted with a quarter full of seeds! Not just one or two but 84 seeds in total! Before writing this review I did call to see if they would do anything about it and was told no and I’m stuck with it. Needless to say I don’t smoke seeds so I threw it away. Waste of time and money at this place! Never will return here

  565. existentialcrisis

    this place had everything i needed. cris answered all my questions and truly made my experience a warm welcome. i wish i had his hair though.

  566. ricky.chavez.1787

    I love this dispensary, this is the only one I go to. I just started pre-ordering, which I think is a great idea. the only problem I’ve ran into, I just ordered a 1/2 oz. of the “God Bud” that I have had before but not from The Good. When I got home I was Disappointed in the quality of the bud. I’ll make sure I get a strain that I know and like. Besides that this place is Great! The bud bucks, Lucky 7, I like everything about this place and I will continue to keep coming back.

  567. kushgod602

    Flower is coo and they’re daily specials!

  568. melodyblu

    I can’t think of a time I have come here and been disappointed. They have good quality flower that they weigh in front of you. I LOVE THAT!
    The budtenders always have a positive attitude, but I would expect that… They work at a dispensary! Who wouldn’t be happy working here?!?!?!

  569. Victor928

    Love this location very friendly people and fire treedYtmOEdY1/4dY”Y=

  570. josepadron2121

    The Good dispensary has great quality products and prices. I like shopping there.

  571. akeele

    Favorite dispensary so far!! Jeremy is great 🙂

  572. classy83

    Awesome customer service!

  573. purpleeverything

    Best place to get bud in Az

  574. AZChronicTeam

    Step it up team

  575. cpd84

    Everyone was extremely helpful!! Took the time to listen to my needs fallowed by top of the line recommendation as I requested. All around the place to go! YOU WONT REGRET IT.

  576. thedude79

    This place used to be a Chinese restaurant back in the day. Not the best part of Mesa. But I used to live right around the block. Inside is like a nice hotel in Vegas. Plenty of selection. Great prices. Got the sour double. dY”Y=dY”Y=

  577. aushirley

    Great place and atmosphere!!

  578. kikikush15

    I love the new remodel and new name !

  579. jolear96

    I went for the first time the other day and it was really cool! Leah was my budtender she was so awesome and help she knew exactly what i needed!

  580. SmashDaRealist

    gotta show love to my 2nd home IT aint CALLED THE GOKD FOR NO REASON

  581. HagbardCelineAZ

    The Dr. Who that I got here was some of the best flower I’ve ever seen. The old Chinese restaurant decorations are also somewhat amusing.

  582. MPXdaily

    I came here today to try the new patient special and the budtender told me they won’t give me recommendations because I might come back and tell them that their recommendation didn’t work for me. What other job do you have as a budtender if you’re not going to help me select my bud. It’s not like I know what the strains of Jaws is and other hybrids you guys have. Then after I paid he told me what his favorite was and it wasn’t what he told me..

  583. Ewoodstl

    Awesome location and great meds!

  584. ogtechead

    very helpful and professional

  585. gomer79

    decent product, vast selection and several price ranges – my go to spot when I’m low on cash. staff is top notch and very caring

  586. Dillinger70

    great deals on shatter !!

  587. Javaz88

    Quality of product was Mediocre, there were so many stems I will not be returning.

  588. TomChill

    The Good is a suitable name as every strain I taste from here is full of terps and of course they work wonders. Tried the Bubba Kush and got it for 7 a g on Sunday, awesome. And their private reserve is under 50 an eighth, and was provided by MuV, amazing!

  589. Caliking7528

    amazing dispensary great customer service very knowledgeable..will recommend good dispensary to all my friends.

  590. brianakarla16

    I love this dispensary they have really good prices and amazing people!!!

  591. alwaysthetruth7

    I ReaLLy LoVe the Express line. “Bruce Banner,” WoWdY’Y=! You’LL see.dYOEYdYOEYdYOEYdYOEYdYOEY

  592. chayromine

    I was quite surprised by the exceptional quality of service that I consistently receive here. My main budtender Dalton is just amazing, he takes the time to explain everything and expresses interest in each patients medicated needs. This most recent time I ended up getting another gentleman, Tony. He was kind and worked to ensure that I got the best flower possible. The best days to go are Thursday and Friday for the sales. Definitely recommend this dispo 100%

  593. shabrada

    Love this place all the way from queen creek actually it’s the only dispensary I buy buds at and I have been to plenty but none compare to the quality here

  594. HoneyPuffin

    This is my favorite dispensary. The service is excellent.

    They are actually knowledgeableaEUR<, which I find is often confused with "willing to answer" in dispensary reviews. Their product is on point. Their top shelf is actually moist dense and stinky, while their value is just a slightly drier, lighter version of the same quality. My one complaint is that they drive to the west side of town, buy shatter from a certain dispensary for $25/g, and then mark it up and sell it. It leaves a really bad (figurative) taste in my mouth.

  595. shimma

    Love my bud tenders! I love hearing welcome home when I come in!

  596. IcebergLV

    Just picked up some TOP quality Redwood Kush.

    This is the reason you come here solid selection plenty of quantity, great specials.

  597. ItZiarek

    Very welcoming people, great deals everyday and the products are great!!

  598. BeastFsho

    One of the best location with variety of strains and always the best deals, every day! Highly recommended.

  599. tpea62

    This is truly my home away from home! They always have FRESH bud. For me, I like budtenders who listen to my preferences and then give me recommendations accordingly. That’s what I get from The Good! Also, I like that the meds are sorted, picked, and weighed from the same jars I smell inside the shop while shopping. Nothing’s prepackaged so I know what I’m getting there

    I’d keep writing but I’m headed there now!

  600. tsk1968

    This was one of the best first time visits I have experienced in 2 years. From the friendly front desk to my amazing bud tender Diana was so helpful listened to my needs and a little personal thing to walk out with a very happy patient. I will return again. thank you

  601. 1Mojo

    Waited for this place to open this morning got there and they did not honor my first-time patient deal then this is the third dispensary I went to in the valley this week when I asked what is the best indica they have in the house it’s Mendo breath boring there are so many other higher indica strains the staff in this dispensary was not convincing nor knowledgeable.

  602. scorpio113

    Thanks to the staff and security. Always a good time. Thank u.

  603. GutterGlitter

    I LoVe The Good, started coming here a few weeks ago and haven’t gone anywhere else since then! Their staff is very knowledgeable and will help with anything you need. They weigh the flower in front of you, and they’ll actually weigh out the exact amount you need- say you have $13, they’ll weigh you out exactly $13 worth! I absolutely love and appreciate that feature. They have lots of edibles, quite a few 100mg varieties for under $10. The prices of flower are fantastic for the quality, even the $6 strains are decent in a pinch! Add their daily specials to that and their prices are really unbeatable! The store itself looks cool as well, I love the tile. I can’t recommend this place enough, 6/5 stars!

  604. JaysforJesse

    Great people, that get the job done right.

  605. Lonhorntreethorn

    Thanks Cris for the advice today on my purchase and making my day easier. Great job. Definitely will be coming back.

  606. fuckthepolice12

    cheapest shatter $15 a gram

  607. Cookiemonsta909

    my second visit this place always has that dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=very knowledgeable and affordable.

  608. Guitardevil

    Great Location for business, staff is always helpful & friendly…love the Express Order option…

  609. Keenan73

    Great bud and wax deals on the daily and good positive people . Not too busy , get in n out quick

  610. storyofmylife14369

    I liked the enviroment

  611. mystic49778

    Wow!!! Can I say wow! This dispensary has made great leaps and bounds to accommodate their clients since opening. Each team member is very nice and welcoming to everyone that arrives. They are always willing to take their time and never rush the patients and are very knowledgeable and informative. The overall appearance is stellar and the decor is extremely attractive indoors, outdoors is okay it’s much more welcoming once you get inside. They also have security staff at all times I have gone. Tons of specials daily and the cheapest prices on dozens of strains they carry in store. Tons of specials to gets lots of weed for really decent price. Love getting products from this location hopefully they will open more locations.

  612. ChroniclesOfNarn

    The ghetto dispensary

  613. Glock13

    love this place! love the $6 grams and love the Friday special. this is now my go to place for sure!

  614. batmadd

    There’s just something off about this dispensary to me. I’ve been a twice and each time i have had bad feeling afterwards. The waiting room and sales floor are very off putting. My main consumption is edibles, and although they have a decent selection to choose from my bud tender had little knowledge of the products. The flower is unimpressive as well, small popcorn buds that just turn to dust in my grinder. The staff is overall very friendly, but lacking in professionalism and knowledge of cannabis.

  615. Janeblazin

    has a really cool environment that I really enjoyed. It was a super friendly experience and I feel like the budtenders really know their stuff. I always know what I’m getting, plus a little more! They have amazing deals. Definitely leave there feeling excited to medicate. I love that they weigh it out in front of you! Good Dispo, never stop doing that, please!

  616. tylerellis92

    far from good. No wonder why you guys were trying to sell that bunk “thca Crystal” for $25 a g, it was brown and not crystalline.

  617. jasminealexandrea

    Went here for the first time this weekend and it was great. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. Even the front desk clerk was really friendly and trying to spark up conversation between everyone waiting. Herb is good too! I will definitely be back.

  618. lowkeyjazz

    I love that greeters call it home 🙂

  619. flyydollaz

    It’s very close to my house and always have a Good selection of flower for me to choose from. Most Definitely recommend my friends to come here

  620. MadMamaz

    love the idea of the golden door. the staff is super nice. my cashier Dolton was very knowledgeable. I will be back

  621. tmac

    Good flower and good deals perfect location.

  622. aclark20

    loved it the first time i went in. the 2nd time not so much. great environment & everyone was friendly(jeremy was awesome) i did find 3 seeds in my top shelf 8th. highly disappointed.

  623. LamborghiniMercy

    WOW! I walked in and was Welcomed Home. No Buzzer doors, no glass windows, and friendly service made me feel comfortable, prices and F*cking Incredible made sure this was my new home. No Pre-packaged BS. Thank you for the most amazing
    dispensary experience I’ve ever had (In any state). Found my new home.

  624. Tony123Hk

    This place is the best in Arizona. Interior is so beautiful. Stuff is so knowledgeable and the flower is the best. I give them 5*

  625. MrsHouse16

    Great Place! Jeremy was awesome helping me choosedY~fdY~fdY~f

  626. mindman

    I absolutely love the good dispensary. i come to this location all the time!!! Best product in town for the best price. Always a nice visit everytime. Love the staff always so educating and friendly. Hands down my favorite storefront in arizona without a doubt. Highly reccomend 🙂

  627. Lateefah

    I love hearing WELCOME HOME LATEEFAH…. I just melt when I hear my name lol…. Thanks Jennifer and Tim for always making me feel right at home

  628. Messi143

    Legit All The Way Around.

  629. arrow2023

    I bought 2 grams of wax today and I am missing one. By time I got home from work and opened my bag and realized you guys were closed…. please help I was charged for 2 as well.

  630. Rekmod

    Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Dalton helped me pick out some good meds that I haven’t tried before and did an excellent job. Will be back.

  631. Mehnea

    This is the best place I’ve been to so far… Budtenders never push you to buy big… I love having bud bucks!!! I have yet to purchase dry bud, like I have in the past form other places… Prices for vapes are great…

  632. qbertaddict

    This was my second visit and it was even better than the first. everyone is nice and patient and know their meds. they went out of their way to help me today and i am very greatful. customer for life

  633. HereticAZ

    Not impressed with the quality. Overpriced for what they sell.

  634. Jaydennnnnn

    great people great place

  635. LaurasWorld420

    aEURC/Good Dispensary where “it’s all good”

    Good nameaEURC/Good staffaEURC/Good productsaEURC/
    aEURC/NO FRIEND REFERALs-or rewards for this review like most places but they do have aEURC/decent quality affordable buds-
    aEURC/helpful knowledgeable friendly staff
    aEURC/Bud Buck$ credit earned from all you buy when you have ca$h to collect &cash in when needed to reduce your total co$t
    aEURC/ when you walk in they always say:
    “Welcome Home” -gotta love it aoeOEi,

  636. jenjen13175

    the location is vwry convient

  637. nickmar

    Love this place amazing tree at ridiculously low prices no doubt THE place to pick up Tony helped me out and he was super cool really helpful I’ve also had a younger well dressed dude help me and he was just as nice the whole staff is awesome!

  638. Kimmersky

    I drive over 2 hours to come to this location and I’m happy every time I do. Fair prices for great product. I love the Good!

  639. littletianna

    First time here. friendly atmosphere, chic decor. budtender pointed out the strain redwood. spot on. earthy, aromatic, 25% thc. felt it on the first hit. mellow vibe and smooth hitting stuff. thanks for the free gram! I’ll be back. dY’3/4

  640. byron121999

    I love the good but haven’t been here in about a week and there is a new blonde girl at the front desk and she is very loud and obnoxious. We all smoke we get high but I do not feel that an employee should be under the influence. whether she is under the influence or not she is very disruptive of the waiting area. would appreciate if she wasn’t so loud.

  641. Tigrr

    best quality bud ever great location

  642. resinfarmer

    the blue Skittles is actually tangie lol but most of all I heard no more goe/nate concentrate extracts so bummed out… I jave tried to press rosin out of maybe 15 different strains and prppf is in the pudding these buds have little no no resin no wonder its so cheap

  643. SalGov

    Count me in on this spot… Great Flowers Great Service… Really Cool deals too… Do yourself a favor and check it out.

  644. kkjphx11

    super chill and fast. prices are best. budtender Tony knows his stuff, get at him. the Blackberry Kush was killer >

  645. jacobch480

    This place is awesome and has high quality flower at a good price. The customer service provided by Jeremy was top notch and I will definitely make this my regular go to place.

  646. varsonv

    they really need to drop the deli style, cause no one wants bud that everyone’s been breathing on. the staff is always nice, and they have great specials.

  647. burningcpu

    I liked a bunch of things about this place, but the decor is extreme. I’m autistic and have visual / auditory sensory issues. This place freaked me out within 10 minutes.

    If you have anxiety issues, you might want to skip this place. It’s a Bettlejuice nightmare.

  648. josedurand10

    Very convenient. The staff is incredible and very knowledgeable. The quality of their product is awesome for a great price. Their flower is one of the best in valley. This is my 3 time frees m glad I found this place on my way now lol

  649. Juelz33

    Is a great dispensary I would recommend it to any of my friends anyone I meet that has a dispensary card reasons being it’s a really great atmosphere and they have really great prices

  650. johnny13rotn

    I love this place

  651. MamaGast

    First time customer and I probably won’t be going back. The receptionist was friendly but when I was called back it was odd. There was weed all over the floor and the girl helping me whispered that I should check it he ingredients in the free gram she was about to give me??!? The whole seen felt shady.

  652. jolenna

    My first time there everybody was very friendly and professional I’m I love the way product is labeled with descriptions great flowers and appreciated the part the first time per gift

  653. kylelistrom100

    It was nice

  654. dramaticblu

    I don’t know if it was because I came at the end of the day, but I felt like the budtender spent more time talking to coworkers than she did to me. The customer service left ALOT to be desired but the buds were phenomenal so I will try again and hope I get a different person.

  655. Amber718

    this place is awesome!! great deals on everything and shout out to great service from Tony who helped me. thanks again guys! will definitely return.

  656. BlazinBree

    I love everything about this place. AMAZING flower for an amazing price and so many other products! Their point system is awesome too! love love love it! This IS home! dY’tmdY’tmdY’tm

  657. JimmyDiesel

    Horrible experience today will not be coming back here and I was a regular patient. Got screwed on the price and they offered no solution to issue. It’s deli style how can you not weigh it out correctly? If you can’t you shouldn’t be working in a dispensary. Would not recommend this place to anyone customer service has gone down tremendously. The new staff are half whittled at best. Will be calling the state for improper business practices.

  658. madison120908

    So I’ve been to so many dispensaries around town. Store fronts and delivery. This place by far is the best. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or awkward around anyone. Everyone is just happy. This guy just listened to me vent for a few minutes after a bad day. Sorry about that. It was still fresh in my mind and I was pissed off. However you truly brightened my evening and got a couple laughs. That’s just the staff they are great.

    So far from what I have bought it’s excellent. The vapes last me so much longer and for the price it’s great. If you like edibles I REALLY like theirs. Best I’ve had so far I went back twice.

    I don’t have much money and they have never pushed me to buy expensive and their attitudes don’t get grim when I buy the cheaper stuff. I’m leaving this review because this is a great place. Your opening soon. I’ll be there!

  659. dave4the2bong0ripper

    the people there are great they have good attitudes and the weed is good too

  660. loriinmesaaz

    I’m SO glad there is another dispensary with COMPETITIVE pricing in the East Valley! And these people will go out of their way to take care of you. I showed up with my dog on 100Adeg+ day so placed my order over the phone from my car and when they heard about me having my dog with me the woman helping me rushed my order & let me bring my dog into the dispensary to pay for my meds. Next time I’ll plan better, but I was truly grateful that they did that for me. Love their prices and the quality of their meds. Thanks again!

  661. momschlink

    I LOVE this dispensary! I will drive the 2 hours it takes to get there 🙂

  662. Sopas_N_Cupcakes

    Had waited over a hour to be seen. Budtender was either having an off night due to how busy it was, or was new, but seemed rude, pushy and uninformed. I was also a FTP and I did not receive my FTP deal. Will not be back again. The flower was good, but the whole experience ruined it.

  663. zkjev01

    Echo extracts are next level. Better than grow sciences.

  664. MajorCheif

    Beautiful people, excellent service, brilliant knowledge of products, awesome selection and the value is undeniable the bestest

  665. snadual

    this place rocks!!one of the better dispensary I have been to

  666. evealvi

    good quality flower & customer service

  667. sdelzer

    Absolutely love the employees. They make you feel welcome. Every time I’ve come, the meds have been amazing! Thank you everyone!

  668. gillboii

    this is the only place that has the fucking incredible this is the only weed that I have bought twice I love it it helps me everybody should try the f****** incredible

  669. TDawson79

    I gave this place a second chance and was disappointed. I can understand the long wait time if the cannabis justifies it but in my opinion it doesn’t. I didn’t enjoy the strain I got, which was from their in-house grow

  670. lampica

    The Good is in my opinion one of the Best MMJ Dispensaries in the Valley, (I visited almost all of them…)Definitely impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the staff, and to be honest, since my first visit, nothing but good vibes! In addition to variety and good product selection, I had great experience with their loyalty program (saved me 150$ for my card renewal dY’dY>>). I highly recommend to stop in and check them out!

  671. jwells0325

    one of the best dispensaries in the tempe/ mesa area. staff are super chill and super knowledgeable. daily deals every day. wax is definitely on point. the flower is off the charts good on all tiers. this place is definitely one of my favorites and is like a second home . definitely worth checking out

  672. ascott62

    Great prices, Sam was very helpful. I will definitely be going back!

  673. therealwillsmith

    I live this place. great products@a descent prices. I would of gave 5 starts on service but the lady that helped was rude

  674. destinyhazel

    i wont be going back, staff was incredibly rude.

  675. Byclops

    Budtender was super in my experience. But the “meds” are garbage.

    You know, quality weed is going to hit you like a jar of Vicks vapor rub,or some magical alien menthol, some crazy fumey spice, gasoline flavored jolly ranchers,etc. There’s literally nothing on Goods shelf that help my breathing problems. Which is why he only reason I use weed.

    I cant wait until a real natural pot farmer comes and shuts these places down. I’ve gotten good pot from dispensaries a hand full of times. I dont know what the deal is. They seem to HATE the natural medicinal properties of weed,adding additives and steroids that completely ruin everything useful about the plant. I could almost understand since most people just wanna get high, but the effect cats pale in comparison to the natural product with its overwhelming fuel and Spice aroma. I’ve never smelled weed like this in my life, before getting my mmj card. Og Kush doesn’t smell like salty onions and taste bad, anywhere in the real world.

    Why can’t i find some weed that smells like weed? Why can’t the people of AZ differentiate the flavors they read about online, from the non-cannabis contaminants they get from dispensaries? Weed should give you cotton mouth and activate tastes buds down in your core that you never knew existed, just dry-hitting a bowl… Not make you wanna puke..

  676. kristenlynn

    I have had very good and informative service! Tony helped me out today and he was very helpful. Helped me get just the right one for me.

  677. 3733

    Good bud always friendly staff my top 5 dispensary

  678. mstazdiva

    The good dispensary is a great place to get good product.

  679. 420genester

    I been enjoying this place more an more. best staff an great meds

  680. EdieSpaggetti11

    Just got the BOGO deal here with the Vapen catridges, and I see why they’re buy one get one free. Looks like someone’s been “vaping” on my cartridge, smelt used. Thanks guy’s.

  681. Blazindo

    good service, Good Vibes, big fan of their deli style for flower, great deals great prices.

  682. Tdrivera

    Always an enjoyable experience at this dispensary. The new girl Brittany is very inviting and a nice person. Thanks for being awesome like always Good Dis. Call me Brittany 😉

  683. niely2

    I love Cassey & Jeremy they are awesome and make every experience Great.. however I do not like the new menu on this site U can not learn anything about Ur products before U go. I do like to shop when I go , I am not an Express person but I kind of like to have an idea of the type of products that are available before I go. For instance the the THC or The CBD or anything.

  684. kare0829bear

    Love it! Only a mile away from home dY~~dY~~ Super Awesome customer service.. I like the deli style thing they have going on… Some people in this world are picky… For Arizona… they are my number 1.. dY~~dY~~dY~~dY~~

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