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14 S. 41st Place, Phoenix, AZ 85034


33.44749, -111.9919091




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Bloom Dispensaries’ commitment to our patients shows in the high quality medical marijuana we provide at the lowest cost in the state. Arizona Medical Marijuana Card and In State ID are required upon any very purchase!

Our goal is to ensure that each and every patient enjoys the best overall marijuana experience they can have. We want to make you happy! Our Patient Consultants are deeply connected to this continually changing industry with a vast knowledge of the marijuana plant and its beneficial properties. Our dedicated grow team is extremely talented with years of expertise aEUR” they love what they do. The end result is our unrivaled quality and value, which are second to none.
At Bloom, we take great pleasure in helping every patient and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Text the word "BLOOM" to 1-866-208-8998 to receive texts about our specials, discounts, and promotions!

New Patient Special: 50% off an eighth.

*Vet Discount- 5% off flower, prerolls, concentrates. 15% off vapes, edibles, and other products. Must provide Military ID or DD 4.
*ADA Discount- 5% off flower, prerolls, concentrates. 15% off vapes, edibles, and other products. Must provide Social Security award letter.
*Student Discount- 5% off flower, prerolls, concentrates. 15% off vapes, edibles, and other products. Must provide valid student ID.
*Silver Sunday Discount- 5% off flower, prerolls, concentrates. 10% off vapes, edibles, and other products for patients over 60.
*Industry Discount- 10% off all products for DA’s and MMJ Certification Center employees only. Must provide DA card or pay stub with DBA/CHAA.


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3,879 reviews for “Bloom Phoenix

  1. tsisson3

    Multiple locations – good prices – creative specials/deals – good quality meds.

    Ordered online for the first time – would save time if it were busy, but I went mid morning so this was a trial run. Online ordering was simple.

    There are 4 dispensaries within 5 miles of my home – I shop at Bloom 20 miles away because of their pricing, specials, selection, and quality.

  2. Luckdezzy

    excellent service great prices

  3. haleyreining

    Good quality at great prices and I love the late hours!

  4. DigMyHerb

    Decent meds at a decent price. Can’t go wrong, if you’re on a budget.

  5. dabbernaut

    beautiful medicine. amazing service. nice building.

  6. hwinchester

    Very easy to get to once I figured out I wasn’t going to the airport good parking

  7. Nicky

    I had the great pleasure of meeting JuJu on my 1st visit to Bloom. He was extraordinarily informative and educated on cannabis. I will definitely be back for the Sensi Star, as soon as it’s finished. Great shop, great meds, great people!

  8. john.phelps.3517

    Bloom is convienently located by the sky train for traveling patients. Good selection, people, prices and menu.

  9. rachOalone2

    Overall, great experience for first time visit. A bit thrown off with moving from room to room to room by quality of edibles (240mg caramels) and flowers were on point. Really appreciate the hours, especially considering I work in a bar and sometimes won’t make it to a dispensary before 7 or 8 pm.

  10. casper602

    For my first clinic in Arizona i was very impressed and thrown off at the same tme. Most clincs in cali seem like store fronts, but here is the southwest seems a bit more classy. Bloom was very legit, clean and respectful staff from who I met, especially JuJu. The chick in the front desk is cute always talking to make you feel welcomed. The wait is pretty long though, I think they need to add another person to take orders. The strains are really good, and are some of my favorite. I wish the OG strain was a little bit more stronger thou, its not that normal OG punch I would normally feel. I love Indicas and I hope to see stronger strains soon! 🙂

  11. blacky420

    Great place! Cheap, quality bud and very friendly staff!

  12. missyjo710

    great people and great meds!

  13. john.janecek.16

    This place is great

  14. anthonyd602

    Anthonyd602 I thought it was a great experience good quality medication and real friendly staff

  15. slorts0808

    Not the nicest location on the inside, they could use some remodeling, but the medicine is high quality. They are definitely on the pricier side. The dos vape cartridges are great and the people are awesome and friendly.

  16. BubblerMcbong

    Awesome place, great quality, and affordable meds!! Can’t wait to go back!!

  17. sgtgreeneye

    Today was my first time at Bloom and it was perfect. I didnt have to wait very long, the staff were all nice and welcoming, and the facility was inspection level clean. I was helped by, “Juju” who was knowledgable, efficient, humorous, and patient when i was deciding. I cant explain how awesome my first experience was. Plus they have a killer referral program! Trust me, this place is the best. 10/10 will go back.

  18. dinococowinston

    Bloom has been a Favorite Dispensary since I got my Medical Card! Always Great Quality, Service and Speed!

  19. elseveral

    hope they fix there bud for the oz days

  20. ElBelouso

    I like bloom a lot! They have a great variety of flower and awesome costumer service.

  21. stumbleweed

    Friendly staff and easy to find. The location was comfortable however the person filling my order after I placed it did not pass muster. I did not receive one of the flavors I ordered. It was subbed out for another without my being told

  22. CRODD

    love how all the prices on the medz are all the same & alot of strains to chose from

  23. NotladMoney

    Bomb chronic, prices aren’t very nice though. They tax what seems to be near 20%

  24. reydiesel

    the staff are awesome , they show me love everytime I go in , the new environment is looking dope and the
    flower there is good for the right price

  25. rm1711420

    It’s a great place to get yur trees great price too

  26. greek

    this place is very clean and the atmosphere was easy going and professional .I would recommend the place to my friends for all the med needs.

  27. xani420

    This place certainly has better ganja then other dispensaries. and i been to many in mesa and phoenix .

  28. Smoke567

    Been going here for about year now, and I can confidently say that this has the best weed around, service is great too!

  29. Johnx710

    im done with delivery services they all suck. but bloom is my favorite dispensary

  30. acorzo06

    This dispensary has been great. Every one has been very helpful and friendly. I enjoy coming her out of most dispensaries in the valley.

  31. Mr420allthetime

    dude worst time ever so called special not so special dude who helped me Jamal was rude and very un helpful sad experience probably won’t be coming back

  32. TtheManns55

    I love Bloom dispensery, they hav the best strains and best prices in town. Keep doing what your doing Bloom!!!

  33. AZGoodguy

    Excellent selection with great daily specials. Thanks again

  34. saltypeanuts

    Bloom is the Best place in TEMPE!! Hands down great menu and amazing quality!

  35. CatieRaya

    Effing love. Coming back like every day. Super clean, great prices. Lovely showroom.

  36. tybennett3

    Great selections and frienmidly people!

  37. jamesr1313

    they are the best much love

  38. ChauntillP

    The staff is alway friendly and smiling, they have great prices and good quality products. I literally go back every 2 days

  39. Erica76

    First visit to a dispensary since receiving my card. Bloom is awesome! The staff is friendly and very knowledgable! I’ll definitely be back. Thank you.

  40. Skeetr08

    Great location, great knowledgeable staff, excellent pricing especially for eights!

  41. romeolesk

    This location is open late and their service is friendly and efficient.

  42. brittsf61589

    sorry guys, I hate doing this but I’m really upset. was helped by the must unhelpful bud tender in the the business. just sitting there looking at me with a blank stare and then just saying “it’s good” when I ask about a strain. the samples in the jars are dry and have like no terpeness to them so you can tell they don’t switch shit out for fresher buds. I got an 8th of Golden Panda because I was told “it’s good” first few buds I grind up, I pull out 4 seeds. Hits super harsh and leaves you with a gross headache and an unenjoyable high. I guess you get what you pay for.

  43. Naetoven

    decent location. was kinda hidden off the main rd. also their flower is kinda dry but for the price that you pay its worth the trip!

  44. Drewsmmj

    Everything was perfect. Prices, meds, and service. Best dispensary.

  45. Tshffer3191

    favorite dispensary in the valley! best prices and quality. Everyone is super chill and nice

  46. luckyme3891

    Ftp deal is why I ended up here….. Half off first 3.5! So I paid nineteen dollars out the door for an eighth of berry white. Hands down worst flower from any dispensary I’ve been to so far! Even though I only paid 19 bucks I still fell like I paid 18 dollars too much. I had one maybe .4 nug that looked like it could’ve been some fire at one point in time but the rest of the sack was a totally different color than the one ok nug. Never been more disappointed even though it was half off… So that’s saying a lot. If your in the area I would come get the ftp deal other than that please do not come here. This ish was borderline reggie. But to each his own…. If your going here beware….. I will not be back.

  47. kushy915

    there big white is fire everything else looked middle grade edibles good

  48. MichelleDerby

    I love the people and the prices! Ultimaley my favorite dispensary!

  49. CMK21

    i had some good laughs with staff and other customers wait was short and the flowers are stupid smooth but I’m not an expert just a guy who likes to smoke

  50. VampyJFAd

    This wasn’t awful, but it was clearly the worst of the 3 dispensaries I’ve been to so far.
    I went w/ a friend who referred me. This was only his 2nd visit there, but he wasn’t happy, either.
    1) I went thru the line & into the consultation. Then I asked if the line outside that room was the line for the check-out & was told “yes”, but after a few min “in line”, I found out the others weren’t in line.
    2) when we arrived, my friend was told he didn’t need to check in since he was only getting his referral bonus. But by the time I got “into checkout line”, he was still in the 1st room, so I txtd & told him I was done. He talked to the front desk & was told he hadn’t been checked in, so he wasn’t going to get called in. So she was going to check him in & he could wait another 40 min! Fortunately, she was able to do a basic order at the desk, which is all he needed, but it was still an aggravation…
    3) my friend finally got to the check out room & they didn’t have what he ordered, but ended up having what he really wanted anyway, so that turned out well, but they started not to give him the referral bonus until he reminded them & then didn’t end up giving him the rolling papers, which were part of today’s special!

    ARGH! Just a less than pleasant experience, but not awful, either…

  51. colt24-

    Bloom was awesome!!! I went in for my first time yesterday & the flower I got was A++ the Edibles were also the best I have ever had,I’m heading in for more now

  52. jessierochelle21

    very friendly, always quick with getting people in and out. i prefer going to this dispensary than most. and can’t complain about prices.

  53. StayGdUp247

    Bloom is a great place for good Quality Meds and would recommend this Location for its Awesome service.

  54. tleyva

    Excellent service and atmosphere. Usually very pleased with the quality, however the flower tends to be a little dry. Overall, very positive experience and very affordable medicine.

  55. Chortfuzed

    Love the new prices and selections.

  56. diverrandy53

    the best place to go in Phoenix Arizona the best customer service the best strains and I would recommend this to anybody is that friendly and handicap friendly if you’ve never been there go

  57. porteratanga

    The products are top quality but I’ve came here 3x looking for a certain strain and even if I order it online it’s somehow always out. I’ve called each time to verify they have my order ready and the items in stock and every time I get there, they’re out of the product that I had already reserved. I want to like this place so much but I don’t like driving 60 miles just to be repeatedly lied too. I rarely do reviews like this but I have had the same experience to many times. I would like to give you guys another chance in the future so do better please.

  58. jayInks

    This place has best quality for the price!

  59. JayR89

    Absolutely Love this Dispensary Best Prices In Az great flower

  60. mandarose17

    This place is amazing! Super personal really friendly knowledgable: made me feel really welcome. Stephen was super sweet and very helpful! My new regular spot for sure

  61. rude3468

    Every time here is awesome!!!

  62. Valncrystal4

    Bloom Rock’s ! They got that dY”Y=

  63. Markus33

    Stevemo was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. I’m brand new to the culture and he took the time to understand my particular issues and made insightful recommendations based on that info. His service was excellent and I’ll look for him again.

  64. mattjamesbitch

    it was out of the way in a low key location the service was impeccable

  65. xnykid

    Good flower, excellent deal $99 oz alien or, nice bud. Used leafly pickup. Great service amd got a cool,short. Thx

  66. senorstrain

    This place is a little shanty building right by the airport. The inside is clean and inviting, the staff was relatable and catered to what I wanted, I am going again. Use your 1st time thing wisely cause I didn’t realize how great the offer is and spent it. Bloom, you should bless me another 1st patient offer ,hmu bloom

  67. mista602

    I was impressed with this dispensary from the second I walked through the door. The gentleman who greeted me at the door was polite and helpful and the young lady at the check in counter was polite as well. My wait time was minimal and well worth it. I felt very comfortable with the therapist who assisted with my order…she was very nice and knowledgeable. 10/10

  68. sliverback73

    for first-time patient I did not get what I expected they do have good weed and good prices they could work on the customer service

  69. carolinestarr

    This is my favorite dispensary in the valley by far. They have the best quality bud at the lowest prices, have you in a out quickly (even if it’s packed!), and the folks who work here are really awesome (thanks Adonis!). Y’all have a forever client here. Thanks!

  70. Fishtankwillie

    great place to get trees very good service

  71. NaichMoney

    Love the vibe there and the layout is really unique.

  72. MedusaOg

    great people good medicine

  73. Ryan97

    Very good quality and very affordable. Express ordering is very is worth the drive if you live far like I do

  74. Danitzastars

    Love this place good prices and employees are super nice but sketchy neighborhood and some sketchy patients tbh

  75. spzee


  76. Jesslest92

    First time visit and I will definitely be back

  77. grantR

    Please if you add new just received your card do not come here they’re weed taste like pesticide I just got blue Frost which is supposed to be the top shelf for $7.50 in the s*** taste nasty I’m almost thinking about throwing it out if it wasn’t the last gram that I had please do not come here there other places to go who weed does not taste like pesticides even for $7 this is a rip off I’m thinking about calling the Health Department because I think it might be synthetic marijuana it looks good but tastes horrible you don’t believe me go waste the $7

  78. AZ420480

    This place is the best place to get my medicine

  79. purplebluntz

    Okay so ill start with the Med Quality. The top shelf strains never have any herms in the display case but then when I drove home the Trinity Blueberry had yellow nanners popping out of it (male parts) and so did the Blue Widow, and BlueBerry Diesel. The Trinity also had what appeared to be clear white fly eggs in the cracks of the nugs. Health hazard? maybe? Now I am no genius but I think your master grower should fix the environment your plants are growing in. If a pizza shop burns your pizza do you think they still sell it you? NO. So why are you guys selling burnt meds with male parts on them?

    The service was good and the Bud tender was honest with me about some of the strains.. I wish I would have been able to see him weigh out my meds in front of me so I could ensure I was getting good nugs without issues..

    The atmosphere on the 3 occasions I have been there is very quite and seems safe. I just dont like the fact that I have to wallk from one room to the next with no real directions or signs, just security guards who seem to be talking all the time anyway..

    I am from Oregon and I have grown marijuana for a few years. I use Medical Marijuana for pain at night so I always look for very strong Indica strains.. Sorry Bloom but if your weed didnt have Nanners, perlite, white fly eggs, and other issues maybe you would have more business.. I hope your grower figures out his atmosphere problem.. Maybe Nutrients issue too..

  80. jeffa967823

    love this place great prices and extraordinary knowledge and help

  81. Sioro

    I decided to try out Bloom, with the great first patient discount, daily specials and being close to my work, I wanted to make this my go to dispensary. The front office staff and consultants were friendly but the cashier could have been more personable. They have a good selection of strains that look and smell good but when I made the 40 mile drive home and opened my eighth, I was greeted by a nasty uncured grass/hay smell which was nothing like the pleasant aroma the sample of God Bud had. The free pre roll of NYC Diesel I won in the raffle was the same way, grass smell instead of the sour fuel smell I expect from diesel strains, it also tasted awful and was extremely harsh. Both the eighth and pre roll are potent, they’re just not enjoyable. I was going to go back and try some of the kush strains that look and smell great but it doesn’t appear I can trust to get the same product as the sample and there is no way to guarantee it before purchasing because everything is prepackaged.

  82. sparky5

    Good meds, good suggested donations, best bang for the buck so far in Tucson!

  83. jr31es

    Great prices great medz friendly staff

  84. nymetsgbb

    fantastic concentrates, good flower, good prices and great service. i continue to go back to bloom

  85. Mason1

    Great staff , great product

  86. shanti26

    I have visited a few dispensaries now and even though Bloom’s location is a bit of a drive, it is well worth it! Selection of meds and specials are always appreciated. The people are wonderful, especially if you have the privilege of working with JuJu. He knows his stuff. Happy hour, prices and quality of meds again, keep me coming back.

  87. peachez

    Amazing place! Everyone is friendly, they are very knowledgeable on their products and always helpful. The dispensary is clean, modern, flows well, overall it’s a great place! I drive from N. Scottsdale to this place regularly because you cannot beat the quality & price. There’s always great deals too – you can’t go wrong. <3 BLOOM!!!!

  88. GanjaQueen71

    my first time here and the flowers are tasty at blooms it was an Awesume deal I came out with that BerryWhite …am definitely recommending my friends everyone is friendly and knowledgeable

  89. 420consiourdude

    Love blooms service and selection, it just gets better with time, snoop dog OG is the best and is worth waiting to come back on the menu thanks bloom

  90. daguyace

    June 2, 2016- I arrived with not too much time to spend waiting around considering the NBA Finals game 1 was soon to take off . It felt as if it would’ve taken forever with the amount of people that was there when I arrived, but as I placed my card down I was able to order in the express lane. The budtenders up front were able to recommend a great selection for my choosing and I was in and out in no time . Without having to examine the medication I could make a blind purchase and know for a fact I am not taking any losses by doing so . Thank you so much for being so reliable , Bloom !

  91. NicoMober

    I love coming to bloom for concentrates! Love how they give you a percentage of thc. Fast and friendly service. Great prices. Will be back again!

  92. Jmo78

    Very good service. Exceptional quality and the atmosphere smells like EUPHORIA!!!dY~dY~dY~dY~dY~dY~

  93. HolidayOfUrLife

    Bloom is always doing it’s best to give back to the community. weather it would be for our current hurricane disasters or even back to school drives.
    with a great selection you are bound to find something that suites your every need.
    friendly staff is an extra bonus

  94. baby.cass

    One of my favorite places in the Valley. Definitely check out the thin mints if they have it in!!

  95. bradysmokesdankness

    I used to think bloom was decent until i weighed there packages all there 8ths weigh 3.2 or 3.3 me and my friend both weighed our packages on 2 dif scales and it was off ive also heard other people tell me they bought a quad and they skimped them as well also there prerolls suck. And dont smoke at all so dont bother buying them theres tons of places that have way cheaper bud thats just as good in quality my advice is to go once so you an get your free 3.2 and then only return when they send you your free birthday 3.2 because they charge top dollar and are a state lincensed place there stealing from cancer patients in my oppinion anf be sure and weigh your bag when you get home.

  96. Nphxmmuser

    Very nice people, meds are fair and priced well.

    However I felt like I was going on an alien voyage. Think i am just to old for the room to room shuffling. You may enjoy it.

    Worth a visit to make up your own mind. Thx Mark

  97. Rikuii

    wonderful easy and great buds

  98. Rickmangary

    This was about the most terrible experience I’ve ever had. I have been coming here for years and have seen the slow decline. Somehow they have been telling me for months that my over 4000 points have “disappeared” and if I have an issue I should contact the company they pay to maintain these records. That is over $4k spent to earn these points and now they have a sign at the desk that instructs you to simply not ask. Wtf then I have the rudest front desk girl help me to re-register since they have lost all their info…annoying. I wait for over 30 minutes watching people come and go In front of me before asking how much longer and she simply tells me she doesn’t know and I can order there if I’d like. There is literally 1 person in the back to help one person at a time with 30 people waiting in the lobby…bad business. The restrooms were out of order, there was a security guard who bombards you before you even hit the door for ID and the flower is the worst I’ve ever seen. 1 star for low prices but of course who could charge top dollar for that trash!

  99. laceylou23

    this is one of my favorite spots to get the medicine I need to heal my ailments. all of the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I enjoy coming to this location.

  100. cnick

    I absolutely love this place! By far and away, Bloom is one of the three best dispensaries in the city.

  101. Williamrom21

    It’s a great place to be!

  102. patientzro

    this location is awesome. environment is friendly and very helpful

  103. Rmz602

    Location is very convenient right off the freeway and the light rail goes by also. Nice staff and great price on the best meds around.

  104. Teejaybaybee

    Great place great prices and products

  105. Huckleb3rrykush

    Beautiful location, with making deals


    First and still a favorite place to shop. Great Prices!

  107. traviefiasco

    Amazing prices and quality, my go to dispensary

  108. BigBlunts91

    Out of all the dispensary I’ve ever been to it has the worst quality bud it’s dry I spend 200$ on dirt weed please don’t go the cheap price is tempting but I promise you’ll do better off spending extra cash somewhere else please close this place down

  109. ggg789

    not too bad…

  110. indigo333

    great job here. nice edible selection

  111. ellenahcirolf

    Really great vibes in both the Phoenix and Tucson locations. I have been frequenting both for about four years and I love the people and the amazing specials. The employees are highly knowledgeable and can help you find whatever you’re looking for. The only place I ever go in the Valley or the T (:

  112. 70cinnamon73

    Great place, treats everyone fairly. Knowledgeable staff.

  113. mediCaliSleigh

    Monday’s have become more bearable with 3 grams of shake for $20

  114. sheblindedmewithrocketscience

    Waited in the packed lobby for 20 minutes as a new patient and was hassled the entire time by 2 regular customers of theirs to use them for some referral reward system? I decided to leave instead. If you have the patience to deal with that kind of unprofessional nonsense, best of luck to you.

  115. banksa

    BLOOM is definitely one of the go to dispensaries! Being from Tucson I usually visit the one there, but when in Phoenix I always stop by this location. They have some of the friendliest staff and their specials are always worth it.

  116. 1Bigdaddyd2

    Strains are always great ! Good pricing too! I love bloom!AND AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  117. williamtil

    Great Atmosphere with Friendly Staff !

  118. richy1xo

    great place Kenny and Mathew we’re a lot of thanks guys

  119. yotesfan

    This is one of my favorite dispensaries in the valley. Love their prerolled Wednesday specials. Also want to take advantage of their $200 ounces on Thursdays at some point. Great, knowledgeable staff! If you’re in a hurry they can take your order up front for you.

  120. qori

    Bloom is the Best in the Valley. I love coming here!

  121. lalapinkshoes

    welcoming, easy, knowledgable

  122. therick1015

    Love love this place ….

  123. heywood_jablome

    Bloom used to be the best dispensary in town. Every time I have been there in the past few months, they have only 3 or 4 strains. Also, they are very unreliable. I have to drive about 40 minutes to get there, and they apparently purchase in such small amounts, that their menu is only accurate for approximately 1 hour.

  124. Otaku

    Great place to go for the first time-I had a referral card from UMMC and saved it for my birthday. Introduced to Steven-I hope I have his name right-educated and great service-thank you so much.

  125. cognance

    best spot ive found for flowers 🙂
    love jenny and her kush

  126. klehman

    Love this place has amazing deals fast service thanks.

  127. Imyoli

    Location not that easy to find, my 1st trip here. Probably won’t go back. I prefer places w/budtenders who know me, know how to weigh out bud in front of me and won’t fleece me for my meds. can find the same quality for less at other real dispensaries in the city, seems like they’re charging for the guy at the desk and the “budtender” and the two unfriendly chicks in the dispensing area. None of which were that fabulous at customer service.

  128. thevagitarian

    The employees here don’t seem to like their jobs. They all are mad and stuck up. It’s bad energy and the product is just eh for the price point. The only reason I would use this place is because no where else is open.

  129. ohector845

    Good customer service n great prices!

  130. MrsDavis09

    usually it’s an awesome experience but lately ive been skipped no one wants to wait sitting 20 mins .!

  131. afganDreiik420

    Most employees are great up beat super nice. Had a bad experience paying once with a male employee but thanks to the experience I had the following day with different employees changed my mind about going back.overall great meds

  132. SOBchef


  133. byguiyu15

    One of my faves!!!

  134. suzan.adkins

    Love it. Bloom is the greatest to deal with. When they started the essays in December 2013, I was 1 of the first 10 lucky people to get my card and dr paid for, tells me they care. I don’t go anywhere else. Blue Dream was the first I tried. Everyone is the best.

  135. AntDub

    Awesome meds….great custome service.

  136. Velowrench

    This is my usual spot mainly for their prices. For the most part, service is friendly and quick. After today’s visit though, I feel they’re staff isn’t trained to handle complaints about the product. Went in to buy more product as usual, but I mentioned my last bag of flower was not up to par. In fact, it just wasn’t good. This particular flower is my go to, so I knew immediately something wasn’t right. The smell was off and the taste was very chemically and bitter. When I mentioned this to them, I figured there would be some kind of quality control protocol or return policy. Basically, their response was they sell product under quality all the time and that there is nothing I can do about it. It came off slightly rude and I wasn’t pleased with their answer. I left with 2 bad tastes in my mouth.

  137. qdauzit

    Every time I go to Bloom I have a most wonderful experience. From Juju, Clay, to Say-Say [Seijo], Mike, Ashley and everyone else whose names I may not know but surely their faces are always warm and welcome. They are so intuitive and know when you’re not feeling the best, and they always make you feel better. Meds are great, atmosphere rocks and I always get a good price. I will always shop with Bloom no matter how far I have to drive!=] ~MoniQue & Ricky D.

  138. Gabbixiv

    Not a fan. You need at least an hour to deal with their multi-step process before you ever see the budtender. Product strands were dry, some smelled like fresh cut grass. Smoking it was like lighting lent on fire, gone in one hit. The female budtender that assisted me had Zero understanding of her meds, nor could she look up long enough from her personal crap to answer any questions I had.. They only accept cash & I was offered free stuff for a 5 star rating (most of these are probably a fake 5 star for that free bud)..Bloom gets a big fail from me. Never again. 0 stars.
    For those reading this Urban Greenhouse, has treated me the best so far.

  139. Garyneil

    Great prices, great staff.

  140. JG410

    love this place great flowers and friendly staff…

  141. OkiDokiTokiLoki

    Great deals and tons of selection

  142. LuigiVampa1775

    I love Bloom of Phoenix. The best Flowers at the best price in AZ. Did I mention that the loyalty program is also awesome. What other dispenser in AZ has $200 OZ specials, on selected Thursdays at least once a month. The Variety available at Bloom is second to none. There are a few undesirables who show up from time to time in their pajamas. I recommend showing up as early as possible at Bloom. Thursdays and Mondays are ultra packed , because of great specials. Oils are a bit pricey. Shake bag Mondays are probably the best deal in town. If you like Amsterdam mornings (Coffee & Flower) Bloom is for the early birds. Great hours.

  143. london1111

    Excellent service and couldn’t be more helpful unlike the review I just gave another dispensary. The prices are great and they respect veterans.

  144. QueeneA

    This is the Best Dispensary In Phoenix, AZ hands down….

  145. lildubs10

    This is the best dispensary in Arizona, they have their selections of flowers for the most part, and all docs are very well educated. I am a weed snob, and I love going to bloom just to talk about all that they have, the flowers bloom has are amazing, the most minuscule amount of nutrients are still remained in the flower , 2.34% un cured is what my test gave me. That’s the best of any Arizona shop yet. Long story short, go to bloom

  146. Drennon4e

    They have a great variety of AAA meds here. The bud tenders are awesome! 5 stars all around!

  147. jjtay

    Nice spot next to Skytrain, has great bud!! 10/10

  148. Kr8zygirl80

    I love it!! Friendly people and very quick and easy.

  149. Jl1234

    This place is the best! The service is great. I’ll never go anywhere else.

  150. jemak

    amazing first-time-customer specials and top-notch product. recommended highly.

  151. Iwannablunt

    Went there to get free 8th thought was cool. Place was 25 mins out of the way. I got the casey jones and man idk what the heck they were charging 55 for this was top grade no way. Not even one complete nug it was super dry and when I went home and smoked it I put it down and flushed the remainder down the drain. Horrible meds. my recommendation if you want good meds dont go here. I will stay loyal to the good guys over at monarch!! They not only have quality meds they are really conveniently located.

  152. la09

    I’m never disappointed here

  153. audrianna1244

    Great service&quality awsome prices a1 staff (:

  154. liftedforlife

    I have been stopping by for a while now, and I mist say… There’s too many flavors and friendly faces to not keep coming in! Thanks BLOOM!*

  155. kingeden

    Been coming here to bloom for years ever since they opened.always has been a good experience thank you bloom.

  156. AZMEDUSER70

    I shopped bloom for awhile until I found other dispensaries. The staff at Bloom is very young and under developed. I have been a cultivator in CA for more than 15 years and the staff at Bloom probably younger than my experience in the biz would not let me touch or inspect the product. I found that a bit offensive when the meds smelled of mold. It is very clean and safe place just not for me I prefer a more open inspection of product not being sold by newbies.

  157. gcolson

    Best dispensary in Phoenix, HANDS DOWN!!!! knowledgeable and great staff, great environment and beautiful facilities, and some of the best meds around! If I could give them more stars I WOULD!

  158. brichards62390

    They can’t get any order right, and they shorted me on one of my pre rolls. CHECK YOUR BAG EVERY TIME, otherwise they’ll rip you off. I’d rather pay more for better quality and be able to trust that I’ll receive the medication I PAY for

  159. Bug59


  160. Giz440

    very good place to get tree. The staff is very friendly & they know there weed.

  161. IBlazeLounge

    Ive been here many times and the prices here are hard to beat , alot of times its worth the trip from the north valley!

  162. swik

    One of the better dispensaries ive visited.Great meds,great service and I will be back to hopefully get the same quality & service!

  163. vincejsmith1994

    Awesome atmosphere and great meds!

  164. domzinaz

    I liked the set up. Allows good one on one time if you need it. I do. Amber was very knowledgeable and a huge help.

  165. pyro73082

    The people here are as great as the products!

  166. BigAndy

    Very proffessional atmosphere and very kind staff . Thx to Dave for all the info and awnsering all my questions. I look foward to my next visit .

  167. jbutina

    Bloom has GREAT specials and terrific selection. Flowers are average, but at far below average prices.

  168. markcapriotti95

    Awesome staff great weed

  169. fdawson

    great service by far my favorite

  170. t00nz0325


  171. bluebuds

    I love Bloom and it is the only dispensary I shop at. They may not have that boutique look for the hipsters and some say the meds are weak, well I’m not a pot snob and nobody can beat their prices.

  172. Aaron982

    Love the bloom, great prices wonderful staff. Drive all the way from mesa to go here.

  173. Californiacated

    boooommmbb snoop of allday

  174. RickyBooby

    it’s very clean and well managed

  175. realblaudio

    Good prices. Good flower. Great Service

  176. saul1er

    this dispensary is awesome grandly staff plus the flower prices are affordable and they are open till 10pmdY’dY’

  177. magonz22

    I love Bloom. I always go on Wednesday for their Wednesday pre-roll deal. Nicest, knowledgable and very professional employees.

  178. Bhill414

    Good Meds & Decent service

  179. Cslannholm

    Everything about this place is great. I just wish there was one on the Westside, I could work for you and bring in lots and lots of revenue. Seriously you guys should think about it.

  180. dcbreeser

    Even though I’ve moved 40 minutes away I still drive to Bloom Phoenix for my meds. The best quality for the best price. These people truly understand the medicine. Daniel with the black glasses I think is his name, Matt and Casey are all fantastic. Daniel always makes me feel welcome here. Thanks for being great.

  181. Jasonharden

    Bloom Dispensary has great meds with more than fair prices. The people that work there are very knowledgeable and friendly. Also check out there Tuesday specials. I would recommend them to any patient.

  182. gerardos23

    Awesome workers, and great customer service. Also very clean and updated.

  183. bandini355

    Great place – variety , quality , very nice bud tenders

  184. smash420

    great dispensary VERY professional also helpful..Meds were are top shelf and great variety..

  185. Sparkle0590

    Great first experience. Ill be back 🙂

  186. kustom42

    This place sells out their good meds in an hour or two and the customer service about it is terrible. I had called for several weeks letting them know I was waiting for a particular strain, called them the day it showed up on their menu and by the time I got down there sold out. Every time I call this place or go there its a worse experience than the last time.

  187. Scorpiojaeg

    super nice staff and good quality

  188. josefvillegas86

    Bloom is simply the best place for service with a smile and buds that will make you smile as well.

  189. haight

    Best prices in town

  190. jaygrow16

    good location all buds are priced the same. which can be a good thing. but the strains don’t change as much
    u pretty much gotta find the best for you cause everyone I’d different. I on one hand love a strong Indica. bloom is alway clean. and meds are alway good. 1st timers get half of 1/8. pretty bomb huh. I’d recommend this place to more ppl. They are a good place especially if you on a budget. you might want to pre order in advance if you dont like a wait time with the daily deals it will be a good thing to do.

  191. happygamer94

    the Berry White was just best high for that cruiser days 10/10

  192. Marijuano602

    Great place nice selection definitely coming back

  193. esalazar0114

    I decided to try out Bloom this past Friday. I have to say its one of the nicest dispensaries I have visited. Their flowers were amazing. Since it’s my first visit I was given a free eighth of sour diesel. And since they also had a special that day I received 3 free pre rolls for buying an eighth of blueberry. Awesome!! I also decided to get a pack of chocolate chip cookie edibles. The only problem was the service. While I was waiting to give my donation I noticed some people in front of me would complain to the cashier that they’re missing something. At first I thought they were lying just to get more meds. But when I was up next, I noticed they forgot to put my pre rolls in the bag too. I ended getting them after I told the cashier. But once I got home, I noticed I didn’t get the CC cookies I ordered. Instead I got granola fruit bars. There was no way I was going drive from Tolleson to Bloom at 5pm to fix my order. Love the place and meds were awesome.

  194. CandiceJ

    Customer service was wonderful, everyone there was very happy and informative. Buds were good (a bit dry), and the daily deals are awesome. I’d definitely go again.

  195. irie169

    Awesome selection of medicine!! Got the job done. super friendly staff.

  196. super_MARIOphx

    very friendly staff

  197. Brownwaterkush

    good stuff ,for the price blue lights is really good

  198. Gregoryshoe

    There are way too many places that have great meds for 30 is dollars. bloom is a waste of money. i wouldn’t pay $20 for the eighths they put together. the atmosphere is terrible. every employee seems like they hate their life. with swell and parc nearby , there is no need to go here. if my choice was bloom or somewhere in Sun City, I would make the drive to Sun City.

  199. whodat420

    Honestly reading these reviews I wonder if most people even know what good Marijuana is, because this place just straight up doesn’t have it. Spread your wings and try them all and see how many better places are out there. The system is terrible and the buds have no flavor, it’s hay!! I have tried all the dispensaries and there are probably only 4 that are good and this place isn’t even close. I am a 20+ year veteran and I got better stuff when I was in high school on the east coast!!

  200. thethirday

    The meds look good but I have been twice and both times I grabbed four different strains of flower and all were dry as can be. Not heavy Indica as told.

  201. Fuccbitches666


  202. Jah7507

    Great! went on a Thursday and got the zip deal! Couldn’t be happier

  203. kyle85234

    I just spent 45 minutes waiting for bloom to fill my online order that I put in yesterday. I watched their waiting room fill up and empty three times and no one called me. Finally I just left empty handed. They are understaffed and overwhelmed, if you are going to open a business on a holiday, staff it. Horrible service, I will never go back to Bloom, and will tell everyone I know how much they care about their patients. Simply the worst.

  204. Illeagle

    Bloom is definately one of the places I’ve been to. You can’t beat the prices and everybody is very friendly. Even when it’s busy they are great at getting serviced as quick as possible. I’d definately recommend this place.

  205. sashaq

    Met some really cool patients there. Super trained budtenders who were very patient with me explaining each of the 10 strains and how they might help my arthritis and insomnia.

    They have medical backgrounds here and it’s run like a real pharmacy. Exciting to buy medicine I can trust.

  206. Jbrignoni829

    When I first got to Bloom I was a little worried with the way the building looked and the location, but when i walked into the dispensary my views changed completely, it is very professional its just like a pharmacy basically. the Staff was friendly, the person who deals with ordering the medication from y ou was very nice to me. I received a free 8th just for going there and I was able to choose what i wanted. I chose to get Green crack and Sweet and sour. The sweet and sour was my favorite the smell and everything was fresh. the taste was amazing and it was a good body high. i will def keep referring Bloom to all the patient that come into Our clinic.


  207. Mudrup3103

    Best prices in town plus a very helpful staff that is truly awesome!

  208. codyshea1

    This place is absolutely the best in the valley! The customer service is on point, I had an issue with some of the medicine I purchased and they told me to come back and they will make it right. Bloom was one of the first dispensaries I went to and after trying a few other places I know this my place for good. Thank you to everyone at bloom for having great meds and even better customer service!

  209. FinntheHuman996

    If you wanna get high, you gotta go to the airport, and by that I mean you have to go to the dispensary next to the airport, Bloom. They have the best deals, best variety, best hours, and best set-up in the Valley.

  210. Frymn3000

    I only tried one of the lower shelf strains and a pre-roll, both with fair potency and fair pricing. Very nice to be able to get a receipt for once! Also very clean, efficient, safe, and overall welcoming! These guys are definitely setting the standard. ADK (ice, white romulan pre-roll)

  211. Sunny42069

    grate location grate selection love coming here.

  212. jdude2011

    Great product and service

  213. jsef11

    I’ve been going to bloom for about a month now although there are closer dispensaries to me in Tempe. Worth the extra drive for their reasonable prices, friendly staff, and good selection of flower.

  214. sammmanthajane

    Service is wonderful, prices are hard to beat. Quality is good, you’ll be able to find something that will make you happy every time you visit bloom 🙂 Order online, seriously makes the biggest difference on wait times.

  215. Adomingueze

    Great staff and friendly and great prcies!

  216. redheadedchameleon

    I’ve never had a bad experience with the staff or the products at Bloom, other than maybe getting really lit on some of their edibles! But that was me, not them. From my first medical marijuana purchase their staff have always been patient and carefully listened to my needs and then tried to guide me to the appropriate product to tamp my chronic pain down. In the two years I’ve been a customer of theirs the prices on their flower have actually DECREASED with no change in the quality of product! Passing their savings on to their patients as their business grows is not something I would expect to see and it makes me feel cared for. Bloom is my “go to” dispensary and I always recommend that friends check it out.

  217. Dominick225

    Staff is always super friendly and helpful.

  218. azsoxfan

    the prices make this place. 25 eigth or less can’t be beat. fault specials are good as well. it is usually a process to get in and out. not being able to choose the exact bud you get is a negative as well. overall the wait is worth the prices.

  219. hydrosnow1329

    Tried to rip me off today. I’ve been coming here every week since opening. Never had an service like this before! Quoted me 2 different prices. The second was higher than the first, swear to god! Spoke to the manager he was cold and lacked any type of customer appreciation/service. I called and left a message for JuJu after I left. Have him call me back or my friends and I won’t be coming back. I’m the best grudge holder you’ll ever meet

  220. elziav

    Great selection and deals; very convenient. Great dispensary!

  221. KatTastic789

    Ryan was awesome! He knew so much, told me about things I have never tried and products that could help my dogs.

  222. akumahaku

    I love this place the people there are great and very friendly and always have good buds

  223. Biltmore_Ice

    my favorite!

  224. fnkymnky

    very friendly and helpful staff. fair prices. easy location to get to.

  225. jgunz86

    Not a fan of not being able to pick your own purchase. Having someone choose what you’re paying for is a tad bit on the yucky side. As a connoisseur, I would’ve preferred having the option to pick what bag of the strain I want. Some like little nugs while others prefer ginormous ones. Just sayin….Highly likely I will not return as their pricing does not include taxes already also. Get with the program, Bloom. I’m writing this review and have not even tried the flowers yet. I’m hoping I don’t come back for a shitty flower review after this one. Just gave it a two rating for flowers to hopefully not jinx the strain and have this review go through.

  226. Angerjames

    Bloom is easily accessible. they have a very wide variety of strains. the price is affordable for those on a budget also

  227. sleepykampol

    I was oknthe security gyard was cool dY~Z af the dYOE2 is ok its not super fire dY”Y= but hey your paying 25 a 8th 26+ after taxes so considering the price I say it’s straight. The vibe was pretty weak though no enthusiasm in their profession dY~”dY$?*dY1/2aEURatm,i,

  228. gailranne

    love all the strains

  229. mmmkay825

    Awesome service and even better hours. Prices are great too, lots of selection! Will keep on coming back.

  230. exgarcia03

    awesome service awesome people. great hours

  231. Macross

    Great prices, selection and the staff are helpful and friendly. Long live the human species!

  232. Sean138888

    Great location and daily deals!

  233. jtoptimus

    Blooms be always having the hooks ups everytime I pull up , the green there smoke good as hell to

  234. Cheex

    THEY WILL MESS UP YOUR LIMITS in the system and you wont be able to buy from ANYWHERE and they take DAYS to fix and don’t hook you up at all!!!!!!!!!! I went there for an eighth and got ran up for 2 oz. in the system so I was not able to purchase the medicine that I NEEDED for 3 days! I don’t live near a dispensery so when I had driven all the way out to one and found this out I was pissed and in lots of pain! called bloom to speak to a manager, manager still has not called me back (4 days now) and I was just told that I’d get a free preroll.. is that supposed to make up for me not being able to buy the quarter I needed to make my medicine with? plus I heard that those prerolls are TRIMMINGS .. thanks but no thanks, I was excited to find out this was the nearest dispensary to me, so I can have a go-to now but not going back til they understand the severity of what went wrong. you let down a DISABLED VETERAN that deals with PTSD and CHRONIC PAIN.. aka a LOYAL new customer.. i had to suffer for a whole weekend and I get a preroll.. thanks but no thanks. not even an I’m sorry.. PRETTY SORRY if you ask me!!!!!!

  235. trentsanford23

    Really nice location very easy to find the day I went back it was a special going on so I haven’t tried it since but if u are in they area stop by and give them a shot very good gsc there

  236. bkasch

    the Grand Daddy purp was fucking amazingI really like coming to the dispensary especially when I know I get something for a great price these prices are just unbeatable..

  237. vjosh79

    good place to get meds

  238. Camillealen

    it is Great

  239. oshiosh5980

    On my first visit, the lobby was packed and I worried that it was going to take awhile but my wait time was less than 10 minutes! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the quality of med’s is superb!

  240. jreiners

    Great Dispensary! Would recommend it to everyone!

  241. Eyesontheprize99

    Very professional, great service

  242. chunxtheman

    Bloom is one of the best dispensaries around highly recommend. Some of the best selection and good quality.

  243. Gugumon

    Nice place to shop.

  244. vfarrx12

    Good Flower and Good Customer Service!

  245. EBaehr

    very convienent, friendly, fast service.

  246. Jennifer84

    Very cool.

  247. JPOW76

    Great prices! The CBD rich Chronatonic is, for me, a perfect CBD/THC balance. I’m a big believer in these working together.
    Other favs here: Chocolope & J1 (Great anxiety free sativas!) and Rocklock (A new favorite indica!, though I have many favorite indicas.)

  248. thewinner

    great dispo with many options and great quality

  249. triciaxrivers

    This place is killing the game. Theres a grumpy blonde girl that needs to turn her frown upside down. Sometimes half the strands are plucked too early or something still on the hay side. But lately someone is taking care of stuff. Also stop letting babies and children run around there. Does not make it plesent. Maybe a security guard up front. Faster checkout and maybe better organization would make this place grade a. But they are trying you can tell. I love the hours makes it convienent. They,are on their hustle. Maybe more deals through the week would be awesome.

  250. jazmynkay

    I order online and I’m never in there longer than 10 minutes dYtmOEdY1/2 friendly staff even the security guards out front!! Definitely leave happydY~SdY~S

  251. smithjesse

    Best place to get flower in the valley for the price! Can’t be beat. Great quality too.

  252. t1tugboat

    easy to get to

  253. unicknn

    I went into this place for the first time this morning because they are the only place awesome enough to be open at 8am on a Sunday. I got an awesome recomendation and it’s some of the best stuff I’ve bought since I got my card. It’s a little out of my way but I think I’ll be stopping by there more often.

  254. Bubba-Stash

    Third visit, second review. 5 stars for the Thin Mints, Godfather, and Master Kush, 4 stars for the Skywalker(still a good smoke, tastes like it was back-crossed with OG again). Now for the other part of the review… a big 1 star for the White Zombie, poor bud structure, and 0 mature resin pods in the “buds”, just a bunch of little white specks that looks more like stress beans than resin pods. Looks and tastes like it was pulled early to avoid pitching a hermed-up grow. Very hard to smoke, and didn’t look anything like the bud in the sample jar. I will say that this is the first time out of the several strains I’ve purchased that I’ve gotten that type of quality from Bloom, and hoping that was just a one-off. I will be back Friday morning, but I’ll be more discerning at the pick-up window.

  255. thawikidone

    Love this place!

  256. tnm87

    I love this dispensary! I come around 3 times a week thanks to their low gram prices. Can’t find a better deal with such good quality and their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and barely any wait times.

  257. changee

    Can’t beat Thursday’s at Bloom. $200 oz. There on-line ordering system is a blessing.

  258. WyntSells

    GR8 MEDz

  259. Gonzales881988

    it is the best one I have been to yet. I come here instead of any other place

  260. Bowedaddy

    Loved everyone

  261. rachellelee

    I love this location everyone is AMAZING and friendly great customer service and great quality product .

  262. 420Demon

    Been coming here for awhile now, and still killing it with great flower. Tried there 6 dollar gram and have to say it was just as good as other dispensary top shelf. Thanks bloom

  263. rdub23

    They like to skip you when you were there first smh they were cool will be my last time coming

  264. astanley

    Convenient and good prices!

  265. AndreDaneDru

    These dispensary is definitely the best I been to yet in the Phoeinx area.. Clean, Nice, Respectful and great customer service

  266. prayingmantis1

    I’m not going back to bloom because of Chris behind the counter the other day you gave me an attitude it wasn’t very professional so you lost a customer . What a jerk he was. USMC

  267. Nickels2dimez

    buddy if mine had some that alien tasted really good had to run. to get me some of that

  268. Frogzilla

    After getting lost at checkout today I will be shopping for a new dispensary. Looks likes Emerald Palace maybe getting my business… Thanks for the memories Bloom.

  269. Guielmo

    Very clean, very courteous and attentive. Bud tenders eager to please.

  270. azanimal

    Free 1/8th for new customers. I am so going to recommend others go to Bloom. Everything was meticulous and everyone I came into contact with had big smiles. Came on a raffle tuesday and had a chance to win an additional 1/8th with a purchase. A ton of additional perks available like a reward for leaving a review on Leafly.

  271. Jeffrizzle1212

    Great place with great meds especially for the price. Pre-ordering here is so quick and always allows me to get in and out usually within 10 minutes or less. Definitely recommend this place especially for the quality/price stand point.

  272. brooklyn55

    great prices good quality i like this shop for sure.

  273. Xaviergrantxxg

    Awesome dispensary this is the only one I go to they have they best customer service out of all of the ones around. Security is great as well. You will love your meds

  274. leon.yoakumii

    200 dollar ounce is a nice price. product is so. so. I have been here 4 times. Front staff are nice. Budtenders not so nice and even less to answer any questions. They seem to sit on their tablets and basically ignore the customer. 2 out of 4 visits I could taste mold on the flower.

  275. NYTOAZ2013

    The service sucks & so does the layout; I haven’t been back since my last horrible visit (where not only was I yelled at by managers in front of other patients ) but was also disrespected by the executive director. You’ve burned your bridges with me already Bloom. And with that said, several hundred more patients that I know now have the same feeling. You never know who your dealing with! Just remember that. Your chances were given, and you choose to be big shot big mouths; your entire establishment is run by people who just don’t care for the patients, and wow is that apparent. Only thing ya care about is money! Furthermore bloom never gave a damn to offer an apology for the unprofessionalism I was exposed to time after time. Stay clear of these goof balls! They are all about the money & will bait & switch you !!!

  276. simplyypolo

    A real one stop shop they carry it all at reasonable prices. Been shopping for years don’t plan on stopping dY$?’aoeOE

  277. bestnug

    Great location great prices great staff love the setup

  278. DedraD

    i love their prices and customer service skills.. the quality could be better, but for the price cant complain

  279. jjrobin1

    awesome ppl great location and just all around a great experience everytime. everday there is a new deal and they have really good meds and knowledge.

  280. she0f7

    This is my favorite dispensary! Great quality and great people that work here! I Will continue to come here for as long as they are open!

  281. StonerVicks420

    My first time here & it was alright. Thanks for u guys service.

  282. jsize

    It had a very professional atmosphere and the consultant was very informative and willing to talk about MMJ that I wasn’t even purchasing. The meds were of quality, and I will definitely be going back again.- JS

  283. RedBone

    I love the fact can order online. Staff is awesome… even the security guard out front.

  284. Aardvark607

    simply excellence

  285. ezekielak

    Bloom has always taken excellent care of my needs. They have awesome deals & specials.

    their Quality is top grade their hybrid indica is the best from here to california

  286. NavyVet420

    I stopped in on 10-8-2013 as I was waiting to pick up my wife and daughter at the airport and Bloom is right there.. I waited a little bit which wasn’t too bad. Busy, but worth the wait. I was called back by Ju-Ju and let me say, this guy is a riot. He was personable, funny and Fn knowledgeable. He explained everything to me and what not.. Being a first timer, I got a free 8th ( I chose Blue Dream) just for stopping in. I also got their TB line of Choco Chip cookies. 1 cookie helped me sleep better. I also got a few pre-rolls. I haven’t had a better experience at any of the actual state licensed ones yet. Thank you to the nice lady at the front desk. The security guards, Ju-Ju and the ladies behind the glass dispensing the meds. Everyone is top notch. Jason L.

  287. whatzupaz

    I pre-order online. That’s the only way to do it. Bad area, combined with an uncomfortable sitting/ordering area. Bloom needs a face-lift, coupled with some tips of other highly, awesome dispensaries on the receptionist, an ordering room, and whats wrong with being able to see your product? Why can’t I touch it or smell it? Wake up call ….

  288. piroysqrd

    large selection of cartridges. great prices.

  289. MzCollins

    no complaints

  290. greenworks420

    Bloom is awesome! You people are so whiny about everything. Be grateful that there are places like this where you can go and buy your medicine legally!! I came in on the 31st to bank my prerolls, knowing that they would likely not have them in stock because it was such a busy day. I came in on the 4th as soon as they opened and happily picked up all 20 of my prerolls. Now they aren’t the best quality but it sure is nice to have something to smoke when I’m all out. I will continue to shop at Bloom and enjoy it! Everyone needs to take a break to medicate and relax, this place is awesome!

  291. cman95

    great dispensary awesome budz

  292. hikushoo

    This was the first dispensary I ever went to and it’s remained a favorite of mine ever since. The atmosphere is so friendly and professional, I feel super comfortable asking questions about strains without feeling embarrassed (I’m a new med patient and didn’t smoke before it became legal so sometimes I feel like a “newbie” when I go to dispenseries but not at Bloom!). Great specials all the time, free gifts, great employees.

  293. TD22

    The best in AZ. All staff has been great to work with. Everyone helps out to explain and inform. Pricing and quality here at Bloom Phoenix AZ is also the best. I let all my friends know to take a look here, especially the folks outside of Phoenix. Customer service is above average.

  294. krisenos

    very friendly and they know there

  295. donnaromero

    Everyone was very helpful.

  296. Azums7

    Everyone is always friendly.

  297. Brittnymmj420

    Walking into Bloom i feel right at home! The staff is super friendly and willing to answer any questions! They interact as if you’re not only a customer but part of the bloom family! Fast no lines hardly ever any wait! 10/10 Stars for bloom!

  298. kelliebennett

    Luv the hours and Sunday shakes day

  299. zerostealth

    Great place and very friendly staff

  300. kendallnoah

    best ive found in az

  301. nikispitz1982

    the product is pretty good but the employees are rude and they’ll make feel stupid if you ask questions and they talk negatively about the customer in front of them

  302. tyjova

    great deals, awesome staff, good green

  303. leeroberts

    close good deals nice staff

  304. cclarkm

    Bloom has Consistent, quality meds with a wide selection. Rolled up Wednesday is the way to go. Online order and breeze in & out.

  305. mstepp

    Martian candy was a good strain this is my go to place..

  306. mannyr880812

    Last two visits have been disappointing. Not coming here until they have FOUR “budtenders” and better quality. Really liked the place my first few visits, but they have gone down hill since.

  307. dabearsrock1010

    Great place! Love the strain reviews.

  308. dissatisfiescustomer

    Best location in Phoenix. Shout out to JuJu. Worth the drive because the location is personal and professional.


    the staff are super friendly and helpful.

  310. felixmorris123

    Best in AZ

  311. stzabear

    Bloom has the best prices and best concentrates in town. Well worth the visit.

  312. salient73

    This place has a nice setup but meds are hit or miss. Papaya and Kosher Kush were good however nothing else is really as strong. Pre rolls are ground down too much when you try to smoke them it just burns a big cherry and it’s sort of a waste better to break it open and smoke a bowl.

  313. TaylorGrace

    Bloom is most helpful as I am trying different strains to figure out how this medicine can best help me. I have Multiple Sclerosis & this medicine helps me quiet the inner mind babble & just do the task at hand. The doctors at Bloom have been very instrumental in helping me pinpoint what I need. Thank you, Bloom!

  314. Daqueen26

    Love that they stay open late and have great customer. Service

  315. SpicyAsianSauce

    I love this place! Best meds for the price

  316. courtneyfaith

    Bloom has some fantastic employees that are genuine and very friendly. Each visit has been excellent, whether ordering up front or going back to check out the products. The products are more affordable than other dispensaries but they don’t jip on the quality. My only complaint would be the small check-out room, but other than that I am always warmly welcomed and cared for here. Security is also very cool!!

  317. TedBailey01

    It was a fast and easy experience. The staff were helpful and pleasant.

  318. garybo

    very nice building/parkinglot. people were as knowledgeable and helpful as possible. great selections with lab results for better informed choice of meds….will shop here again soon.

  319. JustBrad

    DMV of dispensaries. BOO!

  320. chrisbdrizzy

    Amazing best deal come in free pre roll and beat product

  321. bigjunedozer

    great location awesome people awesome service and dave is the best , when ever I have an issue its directed and solved I would definitely refer anybody to shop at bloom perfect place for your medical needs thank you and please keep up the good work

  322. harryhays415

    Only dispensary I go to!! Dope staff and great medicine!!

  323. VLODUR

    Amazing customer service to go along with service beinf provided

  324. Bowtie666

    Great clean good service good meds

  325. sasquatchcabbie

    only place I go when on Washington and looking for that great knowledge!

  326. lofi381

    great shop. staff was helpful and knowledgeable. quality of meds very good. i will go back.

  327. Bruceclan

    best place in town
    worth the drive from wherever
    great flower
    great price
    great people can’t go wrong at bloom

  328. thorhazluck

    Nice place, decent bud

  329. jonah5757

    Love bloom, everyone is so professional and truly caring, thanks again bloom.

  330. dirtykane

    What a waste of time. I drove out from 83rd ave and buckeye because I was told Bloom has high quality medicine. First off, after seeing everybody that was behind me get there medicine then leave I asked when my name was going to be called. The inexperienced girl in front never even gave my name. Finally got to the budtender who must think she is a real doctor with her lab coat??? I was super happy about receiving 50% off my first order. I went in specifically for the bubba kush which looked and smelled ok but that’s what works for me. So I get home and there are seeds in almost every bud and it tastes just like dirt mixed with chlorafil. I really feel like going back and asking for my money back. Especially after the whole speech the Bloom rep gave me about them being all about the customer service and medicine quality. I would not recommend this for anyone who is not a novice and knows there medicine. I understand hermies happen but come on man this is ridiculous….

  331. whiskeyechoserpent

    This is my favorite dispensary.

  332. boyflowers

    It’s has very good prices with well grown flower

  333. Iotabeanas

    Always able to find what i need friendly knowledgeable budtenders. Great affordble prices can’t beat the 20/25$ 8ths of quality medicine.

  334. danbo2275

    love this place every time I am down in Phoenix I stop by

  335. KatieBaby710

    Good customer and super clean location.

  336. biggie1392

    i Difenintly recommed this spot. it has fire meds at a low price and they always have awesome deals!! another great thing about bloom is that they open till 10pm!

  337. dgrimes03

    Store is a sight to see, along with the trees! Trish was by far most educated about the product at any dispo I’ve been too

  338. gggreatone25

    Love this location!!!! Has really good deals for those of us who like to pinch a penny great staff and a very comfortable environment.

  339. Darps

    Great prices at this location

  340. mrlanpp

    Wish there was a bathroom for patients.

  341. Blitzkrieg420

    I’ve actually made this dispensary “home” and I live in Cave Creek, Arizona while the dispensary is just east of downtown Phoenix! There’s SO many dispensaries between and only one reason it has been selected as Golden, it’s superior! The Elite service you don’t expect, hands down.

  342. nirvana3169

    loved it…good system in place

  343. chucknewmanaz

    Really wanted to like this place, but there have been too many incidents for me to continue returning here.

    Been here a large handful of times, on more than one occasion I have been shorted on my flowers upon opening and weighing at home and in some cases considerably. I also one time had medicine mysteriously missing from my bag about a month ago. Interesting story. yesterday after driving my fellow cardholder friend I briefly spoke to a gentleman outside who had the exact same thing happen to him after opening the bag, he was missing half of his very small order of just two items. Poor guy didn’t get his indica after surgery and was left with only a preroll and was visibly upset. I watched him walk out of the store and pull open the stapled bag in his car so this is definitely a shady place to say the very least, especially with story after story of things like this I hear and see around.

    *I’m pretty sure this is against a law and the customer can be held liable for that, beware.*

    I asked to speak to a manager two visits ago and was not so politely told no. I have tried calling and emailing about my concerns, and neither were returned. Reminds me of a title loan type business instead of a supposedly compassionate and caring dispensary. I’ve been around the industry in AZ for years and you get what you pay for completely rings true here, there are many many other alternatives that don’t have these issues and it didn’t used to be that way with Bloom. I would avoid like the plague let alone recommend Bloom to anyone on premise of very poor customer service, shady practices, and hell maybe even legal issues that could present themselves which is very disappointing.

  344. TabGarza

    love this place. great product great people

  345. tlbimpact

    I loved how quick and easy it was to get my medicine in and out in a flash would definitely come back.

  346. rybonaz

    Love coming here, staff is always friendly and the medicine is very effective. Very professional and courteous environment.

  347. jdubb232345

    thank you to everyone first time and the deal is great 50% of your first eighth can’t fit the Snoop OG and it was bomb would recommend it highly I’m going to bring my sister back next visit

  348. StellaArtavia

    never did me wrong. I love blooms never disappoint

  349. EBlack67

    Bloom is the best!!! Amazing prices, large variety and they give student discounts.

    Shout out to Andreas for being super patient and helping me pick strains for the 5 for $99 concentrates deal.

  350. Tevansjr

    I really like this place.

  351. coloneleustyss

    Really awesome staff. Very knowledgable and looking to suit to their customer’s needs.

    For those with fibro and pain, try the cbd balm. It’s $30 but worth it! Works practically instantly!

  352. Sid8150

    Easy to locate. Good pre roll prices

  353. azjoshua1990

    Great location & the bingo pajama is dank

  354. jkossel

    Nice place great staff,will be back

  355. bkirk

    You don’t get any better than this place

  356. billyjb2112

    a little bit out of the way but worth it.

  357. adastra

    Bloom is great prices and weekly deals and I love that they’re open until 10pm, but a lot of their flower that I get seems to be pretty dry every time. I know people’s preferences vary so if you like dry bud you’ll theirs. Other than being dry they have decent quality medicine available.

  358. dabman420

    Ok Buds and meds

  359. tommy0728

    Came down to take advantage of the 5 pre-rolls with the purchase of a eighth. Wow, what a “smoking deal”. I got to pick the pre-roll medication I wanted, so I took Sour Kush and bought White Zombie. The zombie is awesome medication for daytime pain use. Extremely good quality on this one. Had not tried the pre rolls yet. Thanks Bloom. Keep it up.

  360. smokin_og420

    The medication is fresh & tasty. and the pre-rolls are the Best!

  361. Diggs964

    It’s a great location…especially for business

  362. Fraidycatt

    Best meds, prices and employees!!! Love you JuJu. You have never steered me wrong. You are kind and compassionate. <3

  363. baykitty

    I love it here everyone is always really nice. It can get crowded but still never feel like it’s taking forever. Rolled up Wednesdays are the BEST!

  364. jonahcleaver

    Very friendly

  365. Hussien420

    Heard great things abt people an quality of bud ganna check it out soon I heard alot of good!

  366. b2hudson

    The location is great and so is the selection. The largest issue I have noticed is that the staff does not seem effectively/efficiently trained on the menu and pricing. Upon asking questions I was told my check/total was three different prices. When I asked questions I was spoken down to as if it was my fault I had a question. The bud tenders were fine in back, just a larger issue like with the reception desk and their attitude.

  367. Mattie112

    just love the atmosphere. always feel happy when I come here

  368. crapricorn

    Quick summary: they have improved a lot!
    I stopped going last year because the bud was low quality and 10 a gram. I went back this week and the bud not only improved significantly, but dropped in price. Its not the best bud you’ll find in tempe, however for the price it may be the best deal! Shatter and edibles were good too. Service was extremely quick and they’ve always had great customer service.

  369. JJerk304

    Quality flower Jenny’s Kush and Afrodite had me feeling just right! I’ll be back

  370. transplant314

    The way this dispensary is set up is the most confusing layout I’ve ever experienced in a dispensary, and I’ve been to more than I can count in several states. I had to constantly ask questions while I was led from room to room, with no instructions on what to do.

    In the shopping room, you can’t smell any of the concentrate samples. This makes no sense to me, as there are already samples of each strain for you to see through glass, but they are entirely encased. Smell is perhaps the most important factor when deciding on what concentrate I want, instead when shopping at Bloom I am forced to rely on whatever looks the best (and looks don’t always mean anything). Sure enough, I ended up with a completely flavorless/odorless gram of Echo Gems.

  371. asusundevil08

    Disappointed in the quality of the meds. Not the worst meds around, but definitely not the best places

  372. jwitherington

    Last week I had to apply for a new card because my card expired one day before I noticed that it expired. I used a Certification Clinic from Bloom Rewards website and it only cost me $60 for the clinic fee and $75 for the state fee that’s $135 total. I don’t think you’ll find a better price anywhere in Phoenix. Bloom takes care of their patients!

  373. iwarren17

    Bloom Phoenix always has the best prices with quality weed !

  374. Danndann

    It can be hit or miss, pretty much really great or eh. I have gotten worse from other local dispensaries. Good concentrates!

  375. THCLATE421

    best first time deal in town..some dude there is rude wont say names..juju is cooooool!!.if you can deal with paying a little more for meds its a great place..come check it out!..

  376. Suzieisbarefoot

    Do not waste your time, money or gas shopping for flower at Bloom!
    The flower I have purchased at Bloom is low quality at it’s very best. The customer service at Bloom has been just terrible. Rude, and condescending bud tenders that have an all around bad attitude. I will not tolerate this as a customer. I have been to Bloom 3 times and each time the service has been very, very poor. I will not return to Bloom and I will conduct my business with companies that treat customers with respect and courtesy. Parking at Bloom is awful. They were playing Toto in the waiting room. That music sucked the day it was recorded, what, 40 years ago? Again, DO NOT waste your time, money and gas shopping at Bloom.

  377. bluudream

    Visited most of the dispensaries but this one just takes the cake. All the specials and deals make it worth the trip. Thanks guys!

  378. yupers

    great location friendly staff awesome meds 🙂

  379. tokinfreak69

    Any time I come in and there is Slevin on the menu, I’m happy! Went in for 1/2 oz and ended up getting some Slevin shake 3g for $15. a~o

  380. Alecesco1104

    don’t let these fake reviews fool you guys. this place sucks. they tax everything and habe dry bud, low quality for pretty much 30 bucks an 8th. when nirvana or ponderosa and everyone else is doing 50 a half ounce for better quality.

  381. clarissaj

    Alien Cookies omg my favorite
    Good prices love this place

  382. nesace23


  383. Cpeezy97

    The staff is friendly

  384. Chynah

    Clean and nice employees

  385. ArizonaChaz

    horrible. trying to be something it’s not. too much of a process getting the bud plus the Bubba kush I had tasted like reggs. won’t be returning

  386. scorpio53

    Bloom has great flower and great prices

  387. Tannerleemcaden

    One of my favorite customer service experience top quality flowers best in my book

  388. YungBenji27

    I love coming to bloom because I always get the best quality flower each time I visit

  389. reaglebeagle420

    I love this place always

  390. AskCali

    first time there was great. good people…great prices and I like that they’re open after 7…unlike most places…
    “My go to shop in town”…

  391. SamoaJoe

    BLOOM PHX has a great variety of strains and even better service! Their flower THC levels are slightly lower than most places in the valley but they DO offer strains that are in the high-20’s

  392. Newglassware3

    the receptionist staff is absolutely welcoming. Until you get into the room with all the flower and medications you will be not greeted but waited Upon a bitter lady not quite sure of her name but her service was absolutely questionable she had lack of enthusiasm and when we ask simple questions concerning first-time patient deals she simply retorted back in a monotone voice… not happy with her.. the rest of the staff is very Happy and chill tho as they should be..

  393. DickeyintheDesert

    Best f,ing dispensary in the valley. Awesome meds and cool staff. Great experience…patient for life.

  394. rickayyy

    Bloom has the best FTP SPECIAL!! I love it here! I will definitely be back!!

  395. AntEaTerAnt

    Pretty cool location, decent but not impressive flower selection. Cool atmosphere. Great set up. Not to shabby place…

  396. azau

    Always have a good experience. Prices are better than others when you combine the quality aspects!

  397. rubioman12

    Great dispensary. Great prices.

  398. memegoodlife

    great location and prices. point system is amazing.

  399. DrGreen420

    Awesome service and great environment. Bloom is the most professional and honest dispensary I’ve ever been to. Plus the meds are great and priced well! Will be going back sooner than later!

  400. chelsealj3

    This is my preferred dispensary. The product is superior and the prices are the best. Everyone is super friendly and helpful.

  401. JAMJAMturnup

    Love the atmosphere here !! Everybody is always so welcoming . And the KNOWLEDGE of the bud-tenders is so vast when it comes to cannabis , my wife may hate me for saying this but I have truly found my home away from hole

  402. xsuzy19x

    My First Visit..Got My FTP Deal ,Birthday Gift..And A Free PreRoll For Memorial Day..This Bud Looks So Much Better Than What I’ve Been Trying..Big And Pretty..I Hope My Search Ends Right Here..The Best FTP Visit Yet..Out Of 5 Other Dispensaries I Tried..

  403. Jamison

    Bloom Dispensaries was an awesome experience and the lab techs are very informational and friendly an for new patients you get a free gift ……I’m very pleased…

  404. Ali3

    Nice atmosphere with friendly and helpful staff, I will visit again.

  405. jjn79abq

    I’ve been a long time bloom customer and I have started getting really concerned about the quality and the online ordering system. Every time I order something online it is either out of stock or they never had it to begin with. I have had my online order deleted before even after they called me and I still have to order when I got there. I spend a lot of money for medication and well this is a good deal the quality of the meds is falling, especially their flash sale items. Other dispensaries in the area are pricing their medication similarly. Bloom you are losing your edge please do not make me go to another dispensary I really like your staff and the people that work there but the system you have set up is not efficient. Your online ordering system needs to be corrected.

  406. beautifullymedicated

    always a pleasure coming here super cool staff.

  407. sund3vilstateofmind

    Good staff, good prices, good strains, good daily deals!! Highly recommend Jennys Kush!

  408. 64chevy

    nice place the guy that helped me was awesome. pricing is good all be back


    receptionist was rude and product is overpriced by a lot I would not recommend going here especially since I’ve never been and just from one personal phone call where I got laughed at by the receptionist this is one dispensary I will not be shopping at anytime in the near future.

  410. sampottet258

    Blooms u are best dispensary ever

  411. massoud

    Got a great little batch of j1 tasteful sunky sweet aroma. Also some SourD. Thanks bloom employees.

  412. Saaammm

    Love all the deals available and low prices with still good quality

  413. chase.black01

    Out of the 5 dispensaries I have been to, I would have to say that Bloom is BY FAR the best. Highest quality meds, knowledgeable staff, great donations, and truly compassionate people. I cannot stress how great this shop is! I will be back!!!

  414. BoogieKnight78

    Great dispensary! Diverse selection and great product. This is where I go for all my needs. It’s super quick there if you order from the front desk, even on 4/20. Great point system too.

  415. ShonOGee

    The staff is amazing flower is always incredible definitely my favorite place to get meds

  416. alberto602

    Great meds and a friendly staff. Have been here a couple of times and like the service I receive.

  417. ReyDS80

    The bud tender was awesome. Can’t say enough!

  418. raleroy

    Joshuwa was awesome, very knowledgeable and helpful. I’m definitely going to be making this a regular spot.

  419. MasterKief227

    Great service and Staff! In and out in a timely manner and you get really god product for a great price. Would recommend to anyone!

  420. loralicia

    one of my favorite places to go.. good prices and good weed.

  421. Moreegirls

    My friend told me to check out this place, so I did. I was a little nervous at first but I also thought it was funny because it does look like a prison. You park in a parking lot next to the building with barbwire fence surrounding you. The building is painted a prison grey with large bars on the window. The front door is a jumpsuit orange color and a security guard (who was very friendly and put me at ease) is at the entrance when you enter. It is a different experience if I may say. You check in at the front desk, and then go into the next room, which is a waiting room. You wait until a guy in a white lab coat to come out and call your name. You then go into another room and pick you choice of medicine. After that you go into another room (I felt kind of dizzy going into all these rooms) and wait. This room is very impersonal. There is a wall that acts like barrier between you and the cashier. You don’t get to see your stuff weighed out in front of you. As different as it was I think it works for that area. Maybe they could soften the setting a little bit and hire a decorator, it wouldn’t be that bad.

  422. brainfrz1999

    Cheap dry weed, don’t expect much when paying $25 for an eighth.

  423. ar51095

    Good $25 dollar 8ths. Tried candyland, pretty good. I’ll go back soon!

  424. Virginia18

    awesome atmosphere, great service!

  425. sugarma

    i love the experience of a professional environment I love the white lab jacket made me feel important…lol

  426. Miles86

    Just left from here, pretty packed as expected, but not a long wait to pay and go though lol.

  427. AMsmoking

    Convenient location with Security placed outside parking lot.

  428. Langdonstreet

    As this was my first visit, I really didn’t know what to expect, but everything about my experience was excellent. The facility was secure, very clean and up to date and comfortable. The staff, including the security greeters, were welcoming, friendly and very efficient. I needed a lot of education from the person to doing patient education and he was very clear in his explanations and answered all my questions, and I never felt rushed.

  429. Wacko227

    This place was referred to me by Steven2229 and I have to say this has been the best dispensary I have ever visited. Not only do the have the most potent and amazing strains but the educate you on all the effects. The customer service I received was amazing. ju ju is an amazing employee as well Im always met with a warm greeting. He’s very knowledgeable and good at what he does. This Place deserves an absolute 5 star rating because they are the best there is.. Def a Must go to!!!!!!!!

  430. sativafied

    Centrally located, smooth service and consultation with good 1st time patient special. Papaya and Sour Kush were really good. Thanks Bloom!

  431. RedBull1370

    I have been going to Bloom for over a year. I like their central location, their staff has always been pleasant, they have a great selection ant I really like the prices on their medicine. I often take advantage of their Thursday ounce deal. But on August 1st I bought a $99.00 ounce of G.S.C. and so far 4 out of 4 buds have each had a SEED in them. That is 100% of the buds each having a SEED so far. I am very disappointed to find SEEDS in my medicine. I guess you get what you pay for.

  432. KingDSling

    First time visit was quick, fun, & easy. Will definitely be back again!

  433. kmac79

    Excellent med and great service. This is definitely one of the best places to get high quality meds.

  434. therealricothetruth

    One of the best that I go too. And the people and staff are friendly.

  435. carter.keenan

    This was my first time here and the service was outstanding I got the Pineapple Express strain it wasn’t my favorite but I am definitely going to give them another try. Their edibles where awesome as well as there pre rolls. Great prices as well

  436. Cruzhector12

    good to work with. nice environment

  437. webdiva

    Great location. Friendly service and nice flower.

  438. angelica420jovanni0108

    love this dispensary

  439. txazstate141

    the nearest dispensary to me, so great location, service was very helpful and seems like the best prices in the area as well! would reccomend

  440. chr2131015

    aEURoeGreatest prices

  441. smokelotpot420

    Shout out to the amazing team at Bloom. It might get packed in there during happy hour but it well worth the wait. Always great meds and service I would recommend this dispensary to a friend. Keep up the good work Bloom!

  442. HankO

    I got my card yesterday. I picked this place as my first visit. Mistake. First off let me say : Dirty floors, dirty tables, fingerprints all over the bud samples, dirty walls, uncomfortable waiting area. I specifically told the tender that I wanted a straight Indica. I asked about RSO and got one. And the the patient special is sorry at just half off an 1/8. No discounts or anything. I asked for some pre-rolls and he sai $62 for 5….I about choked.
    So when I get home with my 1/8 and my RSO I grind up some bud, put it in a vaporizer I bought ELSEWHERE (why? No discount…thats why) it was dried out and not at all aromatic and not at all potent. And when I say not potent I am saying that I have not smoked cannabis in over 7 years and I have not smoked regularly for over 30 years. So if I say its not potent…trust me: Not potent. So I got online and looked up their menu. So the guy sold me an 1/8 of a Hybrid called OG Kush. (realize that to me, cannabis is just ‘weed’ and i don’t know Kush from Push. Anyway, not what I asked for. Next the so-called RSO is priced as if its real RSO and its not. It’s a 50/50 blend of THC oil and coconut oil. Priced like its the pure THC oil. You can make it at home with $200 ounces and get 2 times as much oil as you could if you bought it from them. Anyway….not what OI expected at all. I’ll keep trying new patient specials until I land at place that lives up to their.somewhat suspect ‘reviews’.

  443. thelm394

    I love this place they always have the best prices and strains

  444. doobwalker

    1TP, 1st dispensary visit, ever. Spent the last month on Leafly carefully comparing all the Valley dispensaries. Literally made a spreadsheet for cost and feature comparison and Bloom won out across the board for price, selection of strain and product, and positive reviews. Drove from the Faaaaar East Valley for these reasons and I must say… I’m glad I did. Went on a Thursday, not knowing that this was a busy day- and was still in and out in just about an hour. This as a first time patient and with a packed waiting room. Both front desk clerks were very polite and very efficient. I’ve worked in customer service myself a long time- and the staff here from start to finish get my nod of approval. About the only suggestion I would have is more comfortable chairs in the waiting room. Evan, my budtender, was very knowledgable (I know, because I do my homework beforehand) and answered all my nitty gritty detail oddball questions with aplomb and an infectious smile. HEY! BOSS PEOPLE! You have a gem in Evan here! Seriously, I don’t impress easily. The whole process was very streamlined, the prices excellent, staff polite and efficient. Bud quality looks great, well trimmed. I will definitely be returning.

  445. Pablo01

    the first time I visited was pretty good and cheap

  446. snarfsnarf2006

    2nd trip. Favorite dispensary by far!

  447. nickrazza

    Definitely in the top dispensary’s within Arizona.
    Large selection, GREAT prices, FTP deals, Refer-a-friend Deals. I walked in on a friday night with a line of probably, 20-30 people in front of me. I was in and out in less than 25 minutes as a new patient with filling out the new patient forms, going over the product with the budtender, & paying. Impressive service. Impressive buds for the price. Some really friendly workers and also some not as pleasant/patient workers but all in all, truly a great dispensary!

  448. reliabledave

    great place always good bud been a customer for a year,and have always been satisfied

  449. 01tinkerbell

    Great variety. Friendly staff. 5 star!

  450. sampaque

    I love bloom they always have such great medicine and new strains every time I go in.

  451. SirApallo

    Great location with the best prices!!

  452. hatmaninblack

    The staff at bloom are nice, knowledgeable, and professional. The selection is good and you are not looking at bullet proof glass like a criminal. All in all good job guys.

  453. dbeeder01121989

    I love this location best price and best quality. Dexter Beeder 03/24/2018

  454. azbballa10

    Just finished the last of my pick up from last week. From an “eighth” of Holy Grail which was actually 3.2 g’s, I had .9 g of stems. Other strains weren’t nearly as stemmy, however I don’t like paying for 3.5 g of flower when I’m really only getting 2.3 g

  455. Loree

    This is the best of everything! Service with an incredible welcome and a selection that outshines all others. I love Bloom Phoenix.

  456. jerzeyzking

    Today I got my card. So a friend took me to Bloom. The service was great. everyone was friendly. If I know someone I’ll refer them to bloom.

  457. MzTee40

    Would go again! Friendly service and helpful ppl

  458. Greendream33

    Great product, great prices and great hours.

  459. ronpro

    5 or more people lounging and standing around doing nothing, yet no one can answer a phone person to person to let one know of availability of strain listed on menu. i can call any legitamate medical dispensary and consult with a person about questions and concerns. Twice i wasted my time , gas, and effort 80 mi. round trip for nothing because this place does not have the professional courtesy to handle phone calls personally. certain strains have proven effective for my condition and not just any other works as well. This is a fact! legitamate medical pharmacies can restock their specific medicines and keep them in supply. If this is a pharmacy, then it should conduct itself as one. elsewise it appears a mockery attempt to be medicinal. Fix your phone contact system!

  460. yellamunk


  461. shanknfelin

    What’s going on with the $200 Ounces they used to be bomb? I go in every Thursday but if this is what your selling its crap sticks stems leafs. not going to keep me around.

  462. smburgess8

    Very professional, friendly and extremely helpful

  463. Ian77

    Bloom is helpful every step of the way. The staff was very friendly, medicine was wonderful, day to day knee pain has been more manageable.

  464. jasonmmorales

    It was a great dispense to visit! The ftp special was amazing and my man Nate who works there hooked it up fat with 3 grams and a preroll for 22 dollars. Meds are amazing with great prices. I definitely will have to go back! Also would like to visit their Sedona location!

  465. daherbman

    Very professional environment. Discreet location. Comfortable atmosphere. Edibles were potent. Free 1/8th oz for first time patients. I went during happy hour, 1pm-3pm and got a free pre roll. Reasonable prices. Will be going back. Only negative is that they don’t have concentrates.

  466. rngdog

    Great Dispensary! Quality Meds, Money saving specials, Professional service, Best all around spot! Highly recommended.

  467. xxjr31xxes

    Always have good medicine.

  468. profit

    love this place every time I go i see the same friendly faces and always willing to help… if I could remember his name I would mention him but he is a great staff member excellent social skills…

  469. Hanuh

    Great meds great staff, this location is top notch. A+

  470. Lilminx0420

    great monday and wedesday deals, plus they have a waiting room.

  471. dom1993

    great facility! keeps me coming back

  472. kingtupac

    Great everything!!!!

  473. QueenKush993

    Love how the workers show care and are very helpful

  474. SpittingBull

    This is my favorite dispensary in Phoenix, and I’ve been an MMJ cardholder in AZ since the first batch of cards went out (when there were no dispensaries – and we all grew at home, legally!).
    Let’s start with quality – Bloom has some great strains. FOr me, their Emerald Jack (a Herer cross) is easily the best local Sativa in town. It’s constantly good (I’ve seen several crops come through) and the buds are full, crystal heavy… and the buzz is an EXCELLENT moving, laughing Sativa buzz. Their Golden Panda, Chocolope and many others are usually excellent and well cropped, as well.
    They have GREAT sales – Mondays are Thursdays the place is packed for the Shake (Mondays, 3 grams for 20$ with a pack of king sized papers; Thursday – $200 ounces).
    The staff remembers folks who return – I am on a first name basis with 3-4 of their regular folks.
    The loyalty system is great. They have a point system (which many in the valley are starting to use, now) which gives credit for dollars spent that ultimately lead to free stuff back (grams, edibles, prerolls, and up.. all the way to $500 in credit if you go far enough).
    They have an online order system – it’s easy, USE it! The wait times on the afore-mentioned sale days can be long at rush hour times… but if you call in, they’ll get you through in decent fashion.
    They also carry some great concentrates (the shatter and crumble here are great) and edibles (too many to mention, but man do they help sleep!) and are happy to discuss them with you.
    Seriously – this is my go-to here in Phoenix. Don’t pay twice as much as some dispensaries (some right here in the neighborhood by Bloom) when you can get good flowers with good staff and earn more free flowers just by shopping here.
    Thanks, Bloom, honestly. I’m no paid writer and came here just because I think Bloom deserves some rep. If you go in – tell em Spitting Bull sent ya 🙂 You’ll be GLAD you went!

  475. jluna

    I’m custom to primarily ca Dispensaries. so ad a first time experience at a local.
    Friendly people and service. Good choices a little pricey when coming to donation. The only complain I might add would be that sometimes the product is a little dry. But good none the less

  476. weezybreed420

    amazing place great bud

  477. tkirschman2112

    By far my favorite place to go for super good meds. They always have great deals that keep me coming back.

  478. thebiycj

    great medicine and customer service I’m going back I love bloom

  479. fukushima

    i go here often it is always super fast and friendly. I was in and out in about 5 min. Tried Dr . Who and Fukushima OG, great quality!

  480. kgreen82

    Great meds, but the specials are what make it worthwhile to keep coming back. $200 oz. That is legit.

  481. MusicnMakeup

    great selection, helpful staff, wide selection, and best prices (most $10 grams out of any dispensary I’ve been to)

  482. miss.chrissy

    Been there a couple of times and it is always a great experience. The free 1/8th for new patients is an awesome deal. Love their royalty program and great daily deals. Only wish they had a greater selection/variety of edibles.

  483. Psyke

    Great place with amazing strain selection. Ultra friendly staff, and great pricing. One of the best dispensary’s around!

  484. Joyclyn

    been a bloom customer for years. the staff is friendly and the quality of medicine is 1st rate.

  485. Spookster

    Very disappointed with my last visit to this dispensary yesterday, I had ordered my medication online then proceeded down to the dispensary, I went through their check in and Verification that my medication was being filled and and ready for pick up me, then I waited nearly 20 minutes to get to the medication at pick up window just to be told that they were out of my medication, this is the second time this is happened to me at this dispensary. I am very disappointed in this dispensary and doubt that I will ever return.

  486. paytonomb

    Love this place! Customer service and meds are always bomb.

  487. DrPatchABlunt

    Sweet potent stanky hi quality meds! love this place!

  488. azsaint90

    great meds for an awesome price I would most definitely recommend anyone to come here and check them out.

  489. Frankey831

    I am repeat customer, and I will continue to be. They have a great specials. First time patient reward is awesome! Staff is top notch, strains are top notch. This spot is a must for new and regular patients!

  490. nateotar

    I’ve been coming to Bloom since I first got my card and they are definitely one of my favorites. They got a huge selection and price range for flower! And run a lot of daily/weekly deals which is a great perk to take advantage of!

  491. ray.hampton19

    Great meds , Great staffing… also i’m lovin those pre rolls some of the best ones out of all the places I been too

  492. naanipunaani

    The BEST Gemz!! I come here specifically for them lol

  493. nbglendale

    This is a great place with
    excellent meds. Always doing specials. The pre rolls kinda suck. like if u get some blue dream flowers, and them a blue dream pre roll, it not even close to the same thing. but whatever i prefer to roll my own anyways. still the best place i’ve been to.

  494. Ivylynne

    Has large strain variety. Veteran and disabled discounts, daily deals with low every day price on every strain. Flower taste great and enjoy effects as much as product paid twice as much for. My favs are east coast alien, San Fernando og and snoop og is supreme. Site is well staffed to accommodate large volume of patients.

  495. bigswagnasty

    great place to visit, topshelf meds and jus all around a really good atmosphere.

  496. Geesey

    good selection, quality cannabis and low prices

  497. karalee77

    I love Bloom! Best deal in town on Tuesdays.

  498. Sarsa211

    Phoenix Bloom is a beautiful and clean dispensary. Steve helped me choose the right strand for my needs and was very patient with me while I took my time deciding which strand to get. I also received 1/8 for FREE! I went with Casey Jones, which is one of the best sativas out there! I will be returning to Bloom.

  499. stobo

    Good product and prices. They do a lot of business so they can be crowded at times.

  500. AdamAtem

    Decent spot. My main issue is literally everything I’ve gotten has been short. I even recalibrated my scale, still short.. I just got 4 eighths and a half ounce today…all of them are .25-.30 under. I’ve let it slide a couple times, but 4th-5th time now…kinda getting over it.

  501. droshawn

    the best bud in the city with the best prices, and speedy service that is currently getting even speedier!!!!

  502. damion31376

    my second time here. love the meds and the staff.

  503. Phoenix_Flower_Girl

    The deals are unbeatable, staff friendly and abundant , just to keep up with how popular this place is

  504. jboo1300

    I love it its good

  505. TH3MUZZ

    the services and buds they have is absolutely incredible

  506. ricnroll

    First time visit yesterday. I was impressed with how professional and private it was. Best eighth prices. but still need to come down a bit more.

  507. jarrodm1991

    Pretty cool place overall answered all my questions.

  508. bwardell16

    awesome vibe and great experience

  509. Sheresse

    fast service nice people good deals

  510. msgls77

    Everyone at Bloom is knowledgable, friendly, and helpful.

  511. mcdaniel89

    great buds, and specials!

  512. Deitab

    This was my first visit to Bloom. While they didn’t have a lot to choose from, what they did have was what I wanted, and the flowers are BOMB! I met with Steven who was beyond AWESOME, very comfortable, knowledgeable, like someone you’d like to have as a neighbor… just a good guy. He made my visit enjoyable and fun. I will definitely be back, just hope to see the selection pick up some.

  513. Impackintheheat

    cool spot to pick up some meds and fast in the mornings not so fast on the weekend overall check this spot out

  514. azelliot135

    This is my late night go to dispensary when all others in the area are closed after work. Good prices and I’m usually in and out in a reasonable time. They are usually busy so a little patience goes a long way.

  515. Jencraft

    Everything was good

  516. sergioalcaraz602

    great prices on flower and edibles. friendly staff and good atmosphere

  517. jlbeauchamp2003

    Great specials, awesome selection!

  518. Deadboystress

    perfect tucked away stop and shop, meds are always flame the staff are extremely helpful and the deals are always outstanding

  519. Haresha

    Everyone was very nice and helpful, wait time not bad at all, and good products, I enjoyed the experience

  520. DJY-IT

    Excellent medicine and low prices. How can I complain? On top of that, the staff are all friendly and informative. By far, my favorite dispensary in Arizona!

  521. Timmy2Putt

    I had a good experience here. The customer service was professional and knowledgeable. Juju did a great job of making sure I left with exactly what I wanted. The deals are excellent. I made out like a bandit for being a new customer.

  522. icpluver01

    Always my go to spot..everyone is friendly and knowledgeable

  523. Rdubbbb

    Awesome dispensary …helpful budtenders and my go to spot for gemz…

  524. millsaptoke

    Good prices

  525. kmk4life

    Bloom is awesome came here once havent went anywhere else the quality of the meds is outstanding and the people are nice too only this is there’s normally a line so make sure you got time to kill whilst your here. other than that this dispensary is great

  526. beckstylin

    Bloom has really upped their game with their flower, and decreased in price! Turbo Mind Warp is money all day!!

  527. Supaflithc

    I love bloom dispensary they have amazing prices, great meds and, a fantastic environment

  528. Chillan79

    nice and friendly and knowledgeable of the products

  529. 2metalchris

    Awesome service and great weekly specials!!!aEURoeConstantly having the best selection of flowers and concentrates. everything about this spot is great. no complaints. will continue to drive 30 min just for the best.aEUR

  530. matchewbc

    Always a great selection on flower!

  531. Queenyb88

    I loved how professional everyone was and the girl that helped me, was very knowledgeable and friendly. She also gave me other advice about helping my migraines.

  532. Tarajo3333

    Very quick. Service was kind of awkward.

  533. wildbillcody

    facilities are clean and comfortable. plenty of help.

  534. detrash

    best place to go cuz it is locate near me . thank you bloom .

  535. ej3ej3

    Great customer service

  536. MandiXup96

    poor quality, poor music, the employees seem a little “Ghetto” listening to their rap music.
    my flower had a caterpillar in it, its always way to dry, and the employees dont seem knowledgeable. they seem like they are just there to make that paycheck, but dont actually care about the patients wants/needs
    ill never go here again. id rather pay 50 dollars & 8th.

    this place is for less fortunate people it seems. 6 dollars a gram dY$?PS of the worst weed ever.

  537. nate602

    Great atmosphere, very clean, professional and welcoming. Top shelf medicine, great variety, decent pricing(don’t forget the sales tax). I will definitely be visiting them again very soon.

  538. Guitar13

    Bloom’s prices are consistent and the product is always as advertised. The specials are great, but prepare to wait a while on Thursdays because the deal is that good and that popular.

  539. 420legalbeagle

    Good spot, I like their flower and the concentrate prices are reasonable. They get really busy but they do a pretty good job of getting people in and out. $10 g are always the right size too! Worth the drive dY$?~

  540. Lordvella

    its a great location plus always has great deals that nobody else has..

  541. chaveslarry400

    don’t go here go, that new girl is rude as hell.

  542. jmatsock

    Great prices and great flower!

  543. FamGrower

    Hay weed and not always flushed well enough. This stuff doesnt sell, couldnt be given away in any other state. Does the word ‘medical’ mean something different here??? No wonder the employees all seem sad and oppressed

  544. mwilliams89

    Really amazing experience at bloom! Great one on one interaction and friendly service! They make sure you get the meds you are looking for!

  545. nick7347

    one of my favorites in the valley! huge selection across the board, and I love that the bud is priced all at 10/35 gram/eigth. there shatter was also amazing quality for the price! my only complaint was the disposable vape pen lacked in potency, but I’ve noticed that with all of them. love coming to bloom!

  546. onecrazyredhead

    Best prices in the valley!!

  547. maurice.conerly

    Bloom dispensaries is The top of the top of dispensaries great choices and great service. You must goo to have what im getting. Bloom dispensaries A1

  548. shortyb313

    I like the deals and the people there are so cool. would recommend this location.

  549. annissavega

    Tony was a great help he had great customer service and the lone went pretty fast

  550. JKHoliday420

    Dusty dried out flowers… I’ve bought five different 1/8’s.. all were dry and leafy. They clearly don’t know how to trim their buds. Don’t waste your time or money.

  551. nizhoni9

    I have been coming to Bloom for quite sometime now and I have yet to be dissapointed. The customer service is superb. Any time I do have a question they promptly give me an answer. The flower here is worth the value and trip. I do appreciate the reward points and the newly imposed student discount. Thanks Bloom, you have my loyalty as a patient.

  552. Chastastic

    always the best in town

  553. Cmd29az

    The bud was good, but out of Grand daddy purp as is always
    the case everywhere 🙂 service was great

  554. faustena83

    great prices. everyone is friendly and smiling

  555. ab25

    its been a while but I love all the changes and price lock.

  556. LucciLeafing

    great staff and meds

  557. huntron22

    Definitely a place to check out. Went for my first time yesterday and i was impressed by the service and the help from workers.

  558. JackRabbit89

    Easily one of the best dispensaries to go to in the valley. Great deals, awesome products and wonderful staff.

  559. Stephanie94

    I love how convenient it is to place my order online and come right on on to pick it up. Love this Dispensary!!!

  560. Pittylover2012

    so its now it’s almost September. STILL NO POINTS BACK. they told me if I have reciepts they’ll add it to my “new points”. SORRY I didn’t save $1,000 worth of reciepts.

    so when will these points be back up from MARCH??? 5 months? seriously?

  561. danielleg

    I practically live here!!!
    I love Katie!!!

  562. yankeered2k6

    The gentlemen who helped me seemed like he wanted me in and out and didn’t really look happy to be working there. I grow and I love bud, this place needs a revamp and it’s only my first time visit. Bud quality is good, I purchased the Golden Panda, with low THC numbers it still got me a good night sleep. The way you buy your weed here is weird too… see for yourself.

  563. Joel818

    it seems like your growers are cutting the plants to early & the curing isn’t there need to get more informed people

  564. dmarcaro

    They have great flower at a great price. Always quick and easy.

  565. skyguy37

    Great service, nice people, and top shelf meds.

  566. richjg17

    great place great meds highly recommended

  567. Joshua11165146

    My experience at Bloom was not good. My budtender wasn’t helpful at all and the flower product wasn’t appealing at all, I will never go back.

  568. ntmintz

    Always great product with a wide selection of strains.

  569. Tonylove79

    The place was packed but with leafly pick up I was in and out 10 minutes tops

  570. boroviakm

    I’ve been going to bloom religiously since they started the $200 ounces. I’ve gotten some amazing sour Kush, Katsu and a few other nice strains. HOWEVER the recent ounces are HORRIBLE! I was beyond insulted to see the stems and shake their offering as a special. Whoever chose to allow that poor of quality at a medical dispensary should honestly look for a new job. WOW

  571. GingerJac

    Fantastic experience

  572. kalebwolf3

    Excellent service, the staff knew what they were talking about. They were able to help with every question I had. Definitely will come again soon!

  573. lmhersch

    For patients who are serious about their medications – this is the place for you! Knowledgeable, caring, great quality – what every dispensary should look like!! Highly recommend!

  574. rkburns86

    My favorite dispensary by far. It’s actually the only one I go to. The care is compassionate and knowledgeable, and the facility is clean and the product is the best in the valley.

  575. Artztofresh

    Bloom bomb fire dank

  576. Base08dt

    This location has great long hours, the product is subpar compared to other locations in Arizona; nice low pricing. Fits the need when everyone else is closed. They get a few strains that are great, however few and far between.

  577. JJones1928

    Martian candy OG is a must have everytime it’s on the menu. Staff very speedy and friendly.

  578. ilikewafflesmmm

    this is hands down the best place in phoenix. on your first visit you get a free 1/8. everything is quality and the tenders are always helpful. everything is priced fairly and you could never go wrong here.

  579. Meisenslimer

    Bloom is the best deal in the valley. They offer awesome perks, great prices, and the flowers are high quality without breaking the bank. They are always the first place I check.

  580. Mweedon0388

    Very quick!! Considering how busy they were. Very nice staff and amazing meds for a really good price. Would definitely recommend, and I will be return for sure.

  581. gmm242

    I love this dispensary. They have great prices and the staff is always fast and friendly. I have made this dispensary my go to place for medical marijuana.

  582. phxbred

    Purchased meds here a few times. However I will not be returning after I picked up the seediest 8th I’ve ever seen..thanks for the headache. It’s the first time I’ve ever thrown buds in the trash..easier than picking out all the tiny white preseeds. never again.

  583. aubreezy24

    Awesome ! All the employees were super nice !

  584. ash480

    The environment and workers are very friendly and always give you information on the deals for that day. I would recommend this placea$?i,.

  585. Siegrest

    I love bloom! the early bird open times kill the competition and the staff is all very knowledgeable and happy to help!

  586. zenzeno

    Helpful staff great products!!

  587. bkwave

    the location is prefect for me and I come from queen creek…. and I have no problem driving an hr for the quality, price, & easy access from a hwy

  588. stevemengel

    Very professional and informative.

  589. mattsbuds

    I went in here last night and it took me 45 minutes just to get my order. Then when I was paying, the cashier got confused and didn’t know how much money I gave him. He ended up not giving me my change and just acted like it was my fault. Some of the worst service I’ve had at any business mmj or not. Would not recommend this place to anyone.

  590. azkitty79

    My first few visits were nice n sweet… But the last 2 visits not so sweet! I was in there today hoping for (jennys kush) it was not available in grams except for what was in “Chris’s” pocket!!! Yeah the budtender thought he was being funny telling me the only grams left are his in his pocket as he laughs!! Not sure that I will ever be back!

  591. sandgiebaby

    Always top products. Very knowledgeable staff.

  592. mel.serpa

    pretty nice place, a little pricey

  593. cozvrt666

    It’s always busy but cheap prices

  594. jayhawk1993

    very friendly employs with great customer service and very clean buildin

  595. Belle1

    I discovered this place after driving 18 miles to pick up my meds. I really like the staff very friendly and helpful. Definitely a lot closer to my home!

  596. sueing77

    This place is awesome, I love Mondays and Tuesdays specials. The prices are always great, the meds are great, and staff is very friendly.

  597. alwaysliftedz

    terrible choice for meds.. flower looks okay but is dry and has no medical value.. the lady up front is off putting and rude. holding a conversation with her is like talking to a piece of cardboard. overall a horrible experience. wish i wouldve spent my money else where.

  598. chito1333

    I believe having a value menu for halfs would be great for business, I see 165 and 180 but no 135 what up with that and why can’t you include your tax to make it come out at 165 or 180 not 165 +tax ..your Meds ain’t that great trust me I know. .

  599. dom480

    Bloom Phoenix is awesome!! Has some of the best meds and the best pre rolls!! Every visit i feel welcomed. I will continue to shop here!!

  600. ragnarok90

    Bloom has always been amazing. Prices, deals, service have all been great. This last time the trinity blueberry unfortunately had a decent amount of seeds in it 🙁 i will be back of course because this has only happened once. The strain is still amazing, though disappointing to see seeds in dispensary packaged medicine.

  601. rosebudd007

    Bloom the place looks Great! Great
    price & nice staff

  602. JesseALewis

    the staff is always very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. they offer high quality meds at low prices. I appreciate their fantastic customer service as well.

  603. Jimenez1015

    dopest dope!

  604. Treekay

    Just went for my first time, everything was great! Friendly people, very knowledgeable and decent prices. I will definitely be back.

  605. DTREMEDY5

    easy access… good prices too. diffinitly go back therrdY~ZdYtmf

  606. cdddudley


  607. maclop88

    Calling all dabbers:
    1. Bloom’s wax tests between 69-93%THC
    2. They have a variety of strains to choose from as well as consistencies to choose from (crumble, shatter, sugar wax).
    3. They have the Dabaratus for $50. If you haven’t tried dabbing distillates or haven’t tried the Dabaratus is HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do. Dabbing distillates is so much more tasty.
    I got Qrazy Train and I still have 80% of it. The Dabaratus makes it so you don’t use too much. You can also eat distillate!

    Bloom is a good dispensary for new comers. They have a variety & it’s cheaper than anywhere else.

  608. jacenn2332

    i really recomend bloom phx! the flower is amazing

  609. Davidlaurean98

    Best non tiers dispensary they have a huge variety of strains to pick out.

  610. sweedyweedy

    I love this place, the staff are awesome and everything is always fresh. I also love all the free stuff I get.

  611. cc2337

    Very helpful, and friendly

  612. earthandtone

    The best thing going for them is hours. Staying open until 10pm 7 days a week and opening at 8am is the best thing about them. The flower quality is truly hit or miss here. You know that you can get some flower anytime but They dont carry shatter!

    Bloom was organized horribly. You check in and wait for express or to look at flower. Then go to a waiting room with 2 bullet proof windows to pay for your meds. Some places have 5 checkouts. Bloom is the busiest forsure. its walmart of az dispensaries. People like the sour kush, its not that great.

    Bottomline bloom is good when its 9pm and you run out of flower and everyone is closed. Its never my first choice but sometimes you get lucky. This place has lots of strains and great hours but if you want potency then your gonna pay because bloom has mid shelf 98.7 percent time. I cant believe itch to much, because when everyone else is closed and you need meds, mid shelf is better then no shelf.

  613. thalorenzone

    love how early and late they are open. they are pretty quick with getting people in and out

  614. foxtrot1

    Awesome (-:

  615. swisherdrew710

    Dopest dope I ever smoked love Monday & Wednesday best deals u can find

  616. 3rdman

    great meds very helpful staff

  617. Spookybro

    Bloom has amazing flower, the sour sativa I got was unbelievable!!!

  618. firelogic09

    Been going here for over 4 months now and its now my go too place to buy meds. Super friendly too and great bud at a good price

  619. Fermin

    Their Monday special of 3 grams of shake for $20 is a good deal.

  620. afherna1

    It’s really clean and music is pleasing to the ear. Let’s see how the bud is.

  621. Cannahaveit

    Location is great, just had a renovation. Service is fast, online ordering is pretty good (hit or miss on having it ready before you’re there but good overall). Good quality especially for the price, the prerolls are fantastic!

  622. Celisa

    Great service and staff! They’re very quick with getting the line going so you’re not waiting all day and they always have great specials everyday!

  623. kingarthur314

    the new Echo strands are amazing make sure you try the blueberry.

  624. jacyb

    super helpful staff

  625. chitown84

    Flower is pretty bad. I bought a couple of eights Blue Lights and Medicno something. Both left me feeling sick and really out of it. Sorry guys not digging it but best of luck.

  626. kokirobles

    First time at bloom was great, very calm atmosphere, the staff is really helpful, no rood people at all, and for being first time patient bloom gives out a free 1/8 of your choice, TOP THAT other dispensaries that give out dry ass pre-rolls!!!!

  627. NewUser16

    Great place to go and get medical marijuana. Great people and great medicine. Definitely recommend!!!!

  628. serrengotti

    I got good mess and good donations prices. I was happy with my quality of meds

  629. liltaste77

    hands down my favorite spot to shop

  630. MiaRome

    Bloom has some of the most potent strains. Friendly staff. Clean facility. Positive vibes all the way!

  631. yelow128

    This is the only place i shop for my meds the staff is fast friendly and knowledgable. Great flower with alot of choices.

  632. crazedaz

    Said I wasnt sure if I had been there before and I wasnt in the system. they said I couldnt get ftp special since i wasnt sure but made me fill out the paper work. Place is super ghetto as well as all behind glass and staff was extremely rude. Will never come back.

  633. katiehouseholder

    I love visiting bloom and have been for over a year. My go to dispensary

  634. cnichole2831115

    My go to on a regular basis! Get you a half oz for only $50 on Sundays of popcorn buds…DAILY deals and get up to 6 grams of shake for only $25!

  635. inez79

    far from my home.but well worth it!

  636. Bevleaf

    Happy inside but felt somewhat vulnerable outside, happy with meds and tenders.

  637. starnuts77

    Great deal and weed yummy.

  638. morecito

    This is a really nice dispensary, medicine was very very good. looking forward for my next visit.

  639. victphx

    Best dispensary I’ve been in. Loyalty/referral rewards cant be beat!

  640. lotusdabz

    I started coming here a few weeks back, I first called to test the knowledge of the dispensary. They are highly educated on all of cannabis they offer. I am a marijuana connoisseur, when it comes to “Top Shelf” Bloom knows exactly what you are looking for!

    I strayed away one week to another dispensary only to be very disappointed in the quality and grade of the meds. (not doing that again)

    Back to Bloom I go! Guess what?! Remodeled! Check-in and waiting room, is now an open area, combined with friendly knowledgeable staff (Sayjo and JuJu are my favs. so far) Along with high THC % and CBD %, their cannabis is by the best i’ve seen in this area!

    They have Daily freebies, and Weekly drawings and you can literally walk out something on top of your purchase everyday. PLUS at the end of the month they give out a free OZ. BAZINGA!

  641. dead1ock

    Great looking meds. Although they have already dropped the prices, I hope they continue to do so!

    The consultant behind the counter explained to us that more strains are on the way, and that we can expect prices to continue to drop! (I hope this is true guys.)

    The setup is very professional, streamlined, and there was very little waiting!

    I will definitely come again.

  642. jacspann

    I love it. Great products.

  643. mrwills

    my new favorite place! and Katie is awesome dY~S I love the organization of it

  644. Aliquippa

    Amazing service!!

  645. 213weed

    Wait to check in, wait forever to see budtender, get rushed out every time instead of getting help, and to top it off, wait even longer to pay. This place is a total mess as far as management, but they have a wide selection and can’t argue the price.. some buds are very nice, some are bunk so watch out.

  646. Samz0698

    Great service and environment. Great deals and friendly staff

  647. sunsfan12

    Best dispensary by far in the valley… I enjoy the $10 grams and the weekly deals bloom has. I also like receiving the points for a rewards system! I’ve gotten a few free items already! Staff is also excellent and never had bad quality buds…

  648. invariablyleaf

    TLDR; Bloom rewards should not be depended on, and loyal customers will be shafted. Expect to be treated like a number, and hostility from management.

    I’ve been a weekly customer with Bloom for three years, taking advantage of the ounce deals for flower that they typically run thursdays. The quality of the flower will vary from week to week, and sometimes the flower is not fully cured (ie still slightly wet) which means you are paying for a bit of extra water in those ounces. I was a loyal customer despite this known shortcoming.

    Bloom has a poor rewards system, amounting to less than 5% back on your purchases, if you’ve spent $10K. They advertise these as “instant credits” at various reward tiers. These amount to 5% back after spending $10,000, 4% back after spending $5,500, 3.5% back after spending $2,800 and 3.3% back after spending $1,500.

    Bloom neglects to inform customers that these are not actual credits, they are coupons. Whereas a credit is typically considered something that is tracked on an account basis, a coupon is typically limited to the single day of purchase. For example, nobody would expect a coupon at a grocery store to be applicable to the subsequent purchase. However if I overpaid a water bill, credit card, or similar my account would be credited, and thus subsequent bills would apply the remaining credit before continued charges. Thus, I was never informed about “instant credit” actually meant coupon.

    This presents a problem for me as concentrates and edibles adversely affect my body. Thus, I must buy flower, and carefully manage when I buy flower to prevent hitting state-imposed limits. I saved $5,500 worth of points, and on attempting to apply a $250 credit to a purchase I was then informed of Bloom’s unique interpretation of the word credit in their rewards system. As I cannot take advantage of concentrated products; I could not purchase $250 of their products in a single day.

    As a loyal customer for 3 years, a low-ball estimate of the money I’ve personally spent at Bloom is above $20,000. 52 weeks, times 3 years, times $130. Their prices used to be higher, so this number is inaccurately low. After loyally spending so much at this location, I asked to speak to a manager about this miscommunication in their policy. I was frustrated this policy was never stated in signage, or on their website.

    This was the first time I applied rewards points, in my three years shopping with Bloom. If you are mathematically inclined, this might be a surprise. I should have points well exceeding the 5,500. But Bloom’s computer systems were supposedly hacked, they lacked proper backups, and thus they lost the ability to track all points. Management at the time posted signs saying the points would be recovered in time, but alas they never were.

    Today, I was forced to use a $100 credit, as the $250 credit was impossible to spend. Assuming I ended up applying two $100 credits, I now loose $50 of credit due to their policy. This is in addition to the roughly $525-$600 (Bloom’s coupon / real credit) I was shafted during the Bloom hacking incident.

    Bloom’s manager was confrontational when I attempted to explain what happened, and had no attempt at empathy for my situation. His reasoning was as follows:

    — “Instant” implied it’s a coupon.
    — Computer systems cannot track a credit.
    — Prior notification of policy is not necessary.
    — Ownership does not care, it’s policy.
    — Only three people have complained, so my concern is invalid.
    — My complaint will not be passed along.
    — Ownership only cares about, or reads, Leafly reviews.
    — I should just buy concentrates, despite negative reactions.

    Clearly, I disagree with the meaning of the definition of credit. The way credit is defined by most businesses does not apply to Bloom. As a computer programmer, if you can track points, you can easily track credits. Add a new column to your database. I am not responsible for Bloom’s computer system failures. Hiding behind an unannounced policy, does not make for good business. I’m penalized, and my problem is irrelevant because not enough other customers have noticed the issue. The manager implied I was therefore stupid. Ownership doesn’t care about anything but their public image, fair resolutions with loyal customers is not a priority.

    In the end, I’m embarrassed to have been so loyal to a company that is only interested in treating me as a number. I’m sorry I ever recommended Bloom to others, and fully regret saying how great of location it was. I’m sorry for apologizing for Bloom to others when Bloom was hacked, and not pointing out how badly it reflected on Bloom’s leadership to lack simple database backups.

    Bloom does not care about you. They do not care about wait times, customer experience, honoring their own promises, or even provide an iota of empathy for customers that notice these discrepancies.

    I will seek out alternatives to Bloom, and I urge you to do the same. I am embarrassed to be a loyal Bloom customer.

  649. LindaMoore

    BEST DISPENSARY IN THE VALLEY! The staff here are very well educated, treat you respectfully and great. They really care, as opposed to some places that make you feel like they just want your money and don’t care. BLOOM is definitely my dispensary!!!!!!

  650. Terencebrown

    This is my preferred dispensary. On my way rn riding from n. Phx to get some panda and chill with my luv Lee. Great service friendly staff. Customer for life. Highly recommend…

  651. jgbballin

    I love this location friendly staff great product to hits a good place to go off you never been

  652. EddieRaymond

    I love this dispensary the location is very convenient Bloom is right across from the Sky Harbor airport and the Metro Light Rail. I am impressed that they have different ranges of flowers all for a reasonable price. No eighths exceed $25 wow!

  653. blazedJason

    good deals on meds.

  654. Greengurl4200

    Ok, Ok, Ok, can we please stop with fake reviews for a free preroll. My first time at Bloom was in 2016, the bud was good, the budtenders back then could actually answer my questions about certain products/flower/vapes. Grams were 10.00 and the flower was much better than whatever it is they are selling now (shameful). The flower gave me such awful headaches I had no choice but to seek out other dispensaries and I have never been happier (as a seasoned smoker i prefer quality over quantity and with Bloom, I have been getting neither)
    I was out and about in Phoenix and decided to hit up Bloom and see if my points that I have been waiting almost a year for have been reinstated. I really hope a manager reviews this because I’m going to tell you about my last visit. I walked in and the smell was horrible, it smells like a locker room (not a medical marijuana dispensary) paper and receipts littered the floor and the 3 people sitting at the front desk looked like they could care less. I asked about the points and was given the dumbest look (they know nothing and cannot provide a number to call) when I asked about flower strain all three of them had no answer for me. OKAY.. I don’t remember when “I have no idea” was a answer from a dispensary worker but “oh well”. I wanted to let everyone know who is thinking of visiting Bloom in Phoenix. Go the other way!! This is coming from someone who was a loyal customer for over a year! step it up bloom..RDW – Tempe

  655. Ksaran

    Cheap weed. You get what you pay for. Half the stuff seems like the same stuff. Anytime I do an online order they never have the strain I orderded.

  656. lisatruth

    completely satisfied. Long drive from surprise, but worth it. Great prices, staff, and meds.

  657. QueTip30

    best place to get meds!!

  658. moontang

    i go to bloom almost everyday and i have yet to be disappointed. very fast service and the best prices and qualitydY~EUR

  659. LegalizeItLeaBlog

    its nice if not crowded

  660. amyewing333

    Best nugs for best price in the Valley!

  661. Ziggie85

    I’ve been to Bloom several times over the past few weeks. The folks at the door and at check-in are usually quiet, but friendly. Nice waiting area with a large screen displaying the current menu/prices. I’ve never waited any longer than 5 minutes at check-in.

    The bud-tenders are excellent — always quick at getting you in — knowledgable, chill/smart/cool vibe. I’d actually love to work the job myself, especially with great crew like that. Nice layout of the grass — small cups with magnifiers. Great assortment of edibles (more candy options than most).

    Once you’ve made your selections you go to a plate-glass, cashier area to pay and pick-up. They’re always good about confirming your purchases and getting you on your way, quickly. I’ve never waited any longer than 1-2 minutes at the cashier.

    Building is nice. Seems like it’s in a sketch area, but it’s cool — plenty of secure parking spots in their private lot.

    I had to knock the meds down a star for a freshness issue. I purchased an 1/8th of Pineapple Express and an 1/8th of Tangerine Dream — both fairly dry. They do use bags, which isn’t my preference either. However, an hour with a baby carrot and all was sticky again.

  662. cuznp26

    I bought the Chronatonic and never in my 14 years of symptoms have I been given relief that quickly!!! To be able to not be hunched over and unfunctioning was amazing. I was able to prepare for my week and accomplish the task at hand. Definitely worth my drive from northeast Gilbert!!!

  663. Cannaisseur

    The Good:

    The people and place are nice, professional. It doesn’t feel shady like other places I’ve been. It’s nice to have a selection available to view and smell. They have a good size assortment of flowers and edibles. Lots of specials.

    The Bad:

    The majority of the flowers that I checked out looked alright, some better than others. The problem is lots of them smell and taste like old grass or hay. They weren’t properly cured and aren’t worth purchasing. Dont think the stuff in the sampling jar doesn’t smell because it’s constantly opened, I took that chance and lost. Not sure if i’ll go back, there are other spots that are as good if not better.

  664. jmowdy

    not bad, the selection is huge.

  665. Bmoreno3

    I love this location! Best prices and products in the Phoenix area by far!

  666. Gypsie244

    Professional, best 8 spots in town

  667. TCL

    Love your daily specials

  668. sabbott

    The Bloom Dispesary has been a great blessing, convience, & pleasant experience for me (Except one time my medical card expired.) I want to say “Thank You” to all the staff, especially Andre for taking the time to listen attentively to my needs and providing quality feedback in a way that shows true appreciation & passion for a Wonderful Plant I happily call my medication. The staff @ Bloom is Rocking the valley helping to facilitate this “Rose to Bloom in the Desert!” May the Universe continue to bless you all!

  669. AZcaregivin

    Meds are great. Good selection also.

    But what is up with the advisors? Sitting at a small tables while someone just stares at you when looking at the flowers made this a VERY awkward visit. They also wear lab coats? Are they trying to look like doctors or something? Odd. You guys do meds right, but the rest of my visit was just not pleasant. Also when i asked about CBN numbers she said you dont have them but iv never seen a lab test for THC and CBD but not CBN. so whats up with that?

  670. Superfun99

    I would like this place if they would update there site. every time I go in the site will have the strain up but they are out. WTF How hard is it to update a website……..

  671. abridinger

    Awesome service for my first time. Popped my dispensary cherry in the best way possible. Joanna was super helpful, will definitely be back.

  672. Kevinkj777

    I love the Thursday town special great Med great staff keep up the good work Kevin Jay Loud Farms Arizona

  673. highinachevy

    Coming to bloom is great especially since they open early and I got a busy schedule . Meds are on point and staff is knowledgeable

  674. kkp420

    Love the bud tenders.

  675. lawoman

    good customer service

  676. Caaz

    Great meds.. Great prices.. Great staff.. Great business hours.. My go to spot for sure.

  677. skip9391

    great place to go very friendly

  678. JoeyTHEPLANTE

    Very helpful staff,and awesome specials . Place was busy and I was in and out in no time…Bloom is the greatest!

  679. caseyjones84

    This place is always easy. Quick lines. Helpful staff. Good prices.

  680. handyandy555

    the staff here are amazing. they know me by name. n are very knowledgeable on topics. very friendly. I know I put review on here n am not wanting anything from this but had to say it’s my favorite place.

  681. QueenHart

    This place sells pre-rolls that are filled with trimmings and not actual weed! I could not believe it when I opened one up after I noticed it didn’t taste right, and saw nothing but plant trimmings, no actual flower. Every one I’ve bought from Bloom has been this way. They also sell shake one day a week on “special” that is mostly trimmings, with a few bits of actual shake in there. I’ve checked pre-rolls from each dispensary I have been to and all the others were filled with quality flower. BUYER BEWARE!

  682. doncohlman

    literally the best spot. this is the one I measure the others against. best prices. good service. good meds….

  683. Brownoso420

    I think the staff is great. and very helpful on my medicine thx bloom. keep up the great work

  684. JohnWarnstaff

    Great overall

  685. deltaair3

    Definitely my go to place. Low key spot. Easy to get to. Short wait times. Great flower! Great prices!

  686. beautygreen69

    Best dispensary bomb flower for cheap !!!

  687. sadpolo

    well my friend who is also a patient, told me about bloom and he took me with him to pick up his flower, and i needed too also. Anyway, i said he referred me and the person at the front desk said we were unable to do that cause when you refer someone you get something? so he was pretty heated but other than that everything was great.

  688. LOCO619

    Got to go check Bloom out free 1/8 for first timers good quality meds and a very helpful staff. Have everything u need/want and more i really recomendchecking them out thanks Bloom

  689. igethighalot

    sorry guys, but i have to give you a bad review…again.
    was in a few days ago, bought some white widow, cuz that’s the only thing you can get for under $50 an eighth. wasn’t that good at all. should be ashamed to call it whit widow … NOT PLEASED with that herb at all.
    ALSO, the main reason i even bought that low grade shwag was to get the 5 free pre rolls, which was the deal of the day. that was 4 days ago, and they still have no pre rolls! all i can say is they had better be some phenomenal J’s, if they ever get there.
    ADVICE: Don’t make offers you can’t come through on.
    I will be back to claim what is owed to me, then i will redeem my royalty points, and you will never see me again.

  690. Laker420

    i think it is a great location and amber hook me up 🙂 thank you for great service and meds see u soon

  691. Shatter67

    So they charged me for a Gemz and I didn’t receive it in my medicine bag somehow in their aEURoeflawlessaEUR checkout process got all the way home to find out it wasn’t there. Wish they would hire competent stoners for employees

  692. reba182

    The prices at this dispensary are better than some other dispensaries I’ve been too. Unfortunately, great prices aren’t worth the less than professional attitude of some employees. The girl that checked me out today was quite unfriendly. If she doesn’t want to be excited about her job then she should find a new one, instead of letting the patients experience suffer.

  693. mikem1973

    Great location, I had a great Experience at Bloom, budtenders were cool allowing me to use my First Time Patient deal on my next visit rather than the first. Heard so negative comments but took a chance and now Blooms my favorite dispensary! Great prices and great selection!

  694. jimmy62

    This dispensary has become my go-to after patronizing a few others. The variety of products is first-rate, the atmosphere and customer service always friendly and accepting. Knowledgeable folks and great strains. What’s not to love about Bloom?

  695. troseWhite

    Had an awesome experience, it was really packed but they still got me in and out in a reasonable time. the meds are amazing quality and super fresh! I will definitely be coming back!

  696. Mcfly1800

    very pleasant

  697. BuzzedLiteyearAz

    It’s quite formal. They take it very seriously. Their stuff is great, maybe a tad dry. But I only tried 3 of 15 kinds. They are worth a try if only for their first timer special.

  698. jakeyb

    great location, near the greyhound park.

  699. AZBloodSport

    I go to Bloom quite a bit and really love it. The meds are solid, especially their sativas and sativa hybrids. LOVE their Green Crack. Also enjoy their White Zombie, White Romulan and Papaya about as much as any hybrids I’ve tried – tasty, great medicinal effects as advertised. Haven’t been as impressed with their Pineapple Express, a strain I love but found a little rough and lacking here.

    The service here is the best I have found. You sometimes have to wait, but that’s because they do not at all rush you and do a really thoughtful job of matching your needs with the most appropriate meds.

    Very solid place.

  700. lsgrosie

    quick service, friendly staff, and p good pricesdY~,,

  701. Chele0122

    I ordered through Leafly but it took longer. You should have a line for Rapid Pickup so it actually pays to use it.

  702. Volund24

    one of the first, and still one of the best in the valley! Love them!

  703. NaNa326

    I love this place. haven’t been anywhere else since coming here! The price is bomb!!!!! Service is cool. Do yourself a favor and come to bloom!!!

  704. Paulb2016

    Great place. Enjoy the visit each time

  705. ButchManowski

    At first I checked out a couple dozen dispensaries.
    Settled on Bloom. Good product. Weight is right. and the cost is very competitive. I go twice a month.

  706. lnicole

    Bloom is exactly what Arizona intended state licensed dispensaries to be- a clean, safe, well run organization with a friendly, knowledgable, extremely helpful staff who take their time to help you find exactly the right medication for your specific needs. Anyone who hasn’t visited Bloom definitely should- you will not be disappointed!

  707. Killahkush

    Always happy with the product.

  708. gmenez88

    Easy to find located right off of the 202 Iwas in and out of there in 20 minutes as a first time patient. Great knowledgeable staff with streamline dispensing knocked it out of the park Bloom thanks for the great meds!

  709. Gdftony

    Extremely disappointed! You would think with them being approved by the state they would be a little more professional about their hours. I understand when the states website goes down you guys are unable to dispense medicine, understandable. But how about putting an update that you are closed during your normal hours on leafly/weed maps/your own damn website. So for us patients who choose to visit you don’t get screwed when they drive 30 minutes out of their way to see a friggin post it note in your door saying your closed. Not only did I waste gas but I waisted time as it was too late to go to any other store. Really pissed me off don’t plan on keeping this as my regular store visit. Nice one guys.

  710. vexcursion

    First; the positives:
    1. great, friendly, professional customer service
    2. easy access location & parking
    3. comfortable atmosphere & nice building etc
    4. affordable price for products offered

    Second, the negatives:
    1. Product Quality of Flowers (my preferred) can be a toss up! I typically order online (another nice bonus) and appreciate that you can walk in, register @ front desk & pick up your medicine without having to wait in a long line. HOWEVER; this method of ordering (as with “express” ordering @ the check in desk) leaves the patient unable to examine the medicine quality – yes, you can see the packages through the glass @ the pick up window before you pay and although I’ve never personally called in and complained so I can not vouch for how they would handle my call – I imagine they would extend some sort of offer. . . but overall, the quality of the product is a REAL toss up . . . you aren’t paying top-shelf prices and you aren’t getting top-shelf prices.

    Won’t knock them for it I suppose, but I still find myself disappointed sometimes in the potency of some strains VS. what I’m expecting.

  711. Ralphdogg

    That snoop dawg &purple master please believe IT!!

  712. Firewolf930

    Bloom is the best all around place to get whatever you need. The people there are really chill. Never a bad experience!

  713. Sw7

    Every flower I tried from Bloom gave me really bad headaches.

  714. akinglion85

    I absolutely love this shop. they are always friendly and helpful. the buds are always on point.

  715. d12tall

    This place is cool. Way to wake up your senses. Coffee and cake lol

  716. lmsmith2104

    I’ve been here lots of times and never had issues until I accidentally got the wrong cartidge. I called they said they would exchange it but when I got there they said they couldn’t because it left the building already. they could
    ‘ve said that on the phone and saved me an extra trip. Everything was still in the packages and everything. I guess I’ll have to find a new dispensary.

  717. Zakcizzle

    Great flower, staff and efficiency

  718. PCbra

    Love this place great vibes and meds

  719. MissFit88

    I love this place. Definitely give them edibles a chance. You guys have a good selection to chose from. Thanks.

  720. almaskye

    very friendly and helpful!

  721. Herlocksholmes48

    I go here all the time great selection great prices and great people. Only dispensary i choose to go to anymore

  722. samboslice

    this place has come along way. I shopped here a couple years ago and vowed I wouldn’t shop again but the prices compelled me to go back. The quality of the flower keeps me returning, nice job!

  723. Jaclowe87

    Great deals and awesome rewards program

  724. tinman85

    This place was great. shiny and new. friendly people and quick service. this is how this thing should be done. way to go!

  725. eastendgoods

    Great selection and quality! Great Staff! And by far the best Specials and Prices! It was my first time as a patient and I’ll be back!

  726. birwin

    this place has the best prices around

  727. sammieetellem

    one of my favorite dispensaries by far

  728. jballhard

    Really good prices and friendly, knowledgeable staff

  729. JoeFTW

    I used to be a regular at Bloom, key phrase is “used to be”. After emailing in a complaint about the meds being super dry I got an email back from the GM stating that every one else loved it so she wasn’t sure why I didn’t. To add injury to insult she offered me a 10% discount my next time in. Sorry but I wont be back and your offer to essentially pay for my tax was about as half hearted as it gets.

  730. Floridaze

    This was my first visit and they did not have papaya when I went in. Watched the website to see if they updated their Manu and it took almost 10 days to do so. I will not go back for this reason and I agree with Captain Kirk. Don’t get fooled by the menu, there are other places around town how take the time to keep you informed. Good luck with sales, people will get fed up waiting for you to update your menu and you are losing sales daily I would imagine. Picked up sweet and sour as well and tried a bowl and never touched again, dry, harsh and not to good. there is way to much good stuff out there to settle for second best and we should not have to.

  731. jojer66602

    blooms is a great dispensary with good meds at cheap prices love this place

  732. bzentner

    The meds were dry. Other than that, everything about this place is cool.

  733. AZJH16

    Came in for shatter and was very pleased with the quality. I asked 3 different employees if echo extracts was Blooms concentrate brand and got 3 different answers. No consistency in budtender knowledge or training. Also no public restroom? Lame. So I’m gonna ask for a fourth time, is Echo extracts Blooms concentrate brand?

  734. profitt1

    def my fav place in the entire state hands down

  735. Chrisjohnson438

    Convenient for me as far as driving distance nice staff and good product for very reasonable prices I can dig you dig

  736. amberbenn91

    Great Staff, great meds, great prices.

  737. sweetdaddylongtoke

    Best prices around and amazing bud!

  738. StrongMoney

    I like them a lot they have great low prices they’re flowers are perfect and the people there really know their medications.

  739. seoshi

    Could be better quality (but $10 grams) but the staff was very friendly and the place was clean and organized.

  740. gloria224682

    Atmosphere is nice and friendly

  741. jcsodope

    greats service, quality cannabis at an
    excellent rate.

  742. Hyphyag87

    Your last batch of Dr. Who was shameful!!! Even the bud tender admitted this batch wasn’t up to par and IT WASN’T!!! $55 an 1/8th for some basic green bud grown wrong. Your deals were cool when you could combine deals on days and times but poor Bloom wasn’t making enough money so changed the deals and no more combining. Then the bud quality goes down. Example your bubba kush used to be purple and big bud, NOW it’s small Christmas tree like bad taste no smell bubba kush grown wrong. You claim to have these strains but I fear where your getting it from is misleading you. Your deals and bud quality lost me and several people I have sent your way. Maybe you will change back then again maybe not

  743. BlackWaterKush97

    great deals along with friendly staff

  744. adreamofspring

    I’ve gone twice, and both times I enjoyed myself. Friendly staff and good meds (papaya is my favorite). I am looking forward to going back soon.

    Pat M.

  745. GR33NTHUMB21

    I won’t go any where else, the employees are awesome and the medicine is always great quality. They are very giving with specials and have great deals. Bloom rocks!!

  746. holywauns22

    As a first time patient here when i walked thru i was a bit confused in which direction to head too. Straight-forward, left or right i choose left and walked up to the pick up side. Maybe a little bit of clarification when patients come as which direction to go too. The ladies at the front where checking in patients and calling them. When it was my turn they asked if i wanted to go to the back. They were very helpful. The product selection was perfect for what i needed.

  747. CynSmoker

    Great friendly atmosphere. Excellent location. High quality meds.

  748. trustin

    They Snoop Dog OG is nice i would recommend highly this STRAIN is.Tight. TRYIT. n JUJU. u have came through once again.

  749. Breezy9

    One of my favorite places to go to! Friendly stuff and fire meds for bomb prices dY’

  750. Uelllo

    Amazing, FREINDLY

  751. junuorphx420

    Kenny is the man Zellys was the shit

  752. wopp773

    Always have what I need good prices

  753. iloveher050515

    bloom has always been one of my favorite dispos and ive never had a bad experience here..5 stars all the way

  754. edrifter

    I give this place great marks across the board. The building is in a nice accessible spot, the staff is friendly, the inside is well lit and maintained and the product is fantastic.

    The prices are OK and the discounts are decent.

    CAVEAT: Today I learned that you can only get one discount applied per visit. As a veteran I have become accustomed to receiving an additional 10% discount on top of other offerings. For this reason I will likely NOT return to Bloom as other providers apply the Vet discount regardless, which IMHO is the proper stance.

  755. AZPatient7777

    Wonderful meds!

  756. Steboabg18

    Bloom fast service and great flowerdY’-

  757. babyontheway

    love this place the energy an people are awesome, great deals always got whatever you need

  758. private1000

    Came in a while back. I chose my free eighth for being a new patient, which was sweet bubba kush. It was good in taste and effect, but the buds were very stemmy. Not a big deal by any means: I’m sure it was a fluke.

  759. nousername2

    Agree with the others, Bloom needs to revisit their business model. I have (the operative word there is have) been a loyal customer but I’m done now. Most of the “bud” tenders have zero education when it comes to the use of their medicine. The process just sucks. You wait in line for the receptionist to take forever to check you in (really – how long does it take to swipe the card), Then wait in line for the “expert” bud tenders. Then you are show a sample of their product – NOT the actual product you a buying but a sample. Then you go to yet another room and wait again to pay. That is when you see what your product looks like. If you choose to go here be sure to check your product before you leave and check that the pricing is correct. At least 3 times I was shorted a portion (which was caught at the purchase window) and twice got home and didn’t get any special pricing that I should have. Both times I reported it to Bloom with no response. Interesting that Bloom management seems to only respond to positive reviews and yet many complaints are the same year after year without any changes made by them. So bye bye Bloom.

  760. loudpck

    Quality flower at insanely low prices and amazingly streamlined process.

  761. lilc3

    they 20 $ 18 is fire. Great place and location!

  762. artfoesmokes

    Amazing bud at amazing prices, great service, usually quick! Love this place so much. Thank god it’s the closest to my house, I’ve tried almost every other dispensary and nothing compares!

  763. phear

    I love this place there service is excellent so are there meds its an really great dispensary on of the best I think we have in AZ:-) I will be back soon

  764. Va8deraded

    Love the atmosphere and the edibles

  765. DeDe14

    They are very helpful and kind. They are very nice and willing to help me understand and answer all my questions. I will tell others about Bloom. You guys are great ! Thank You.

  766. metalhead720

    I’ve been to a few places and bloom is by far my favorite. Not only are they well educated, but they are friendly and really are there to help! Plus they have good prices for having really good medicine.

  767. jtbrown420

    Awesome sherbet on my last visit. Always friendly and several good strains. Good location off lightrail.

  768. Anayavee1

    This has been my spot for over 3 years, they have never done me wrong! happy customer

  769. msmmj18

    Great deal ! You need to improve more front desk for fast service.

  770. SmotPoker

    Great choices great quality