Debbie’s Dispensary

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20340 N. Lake Pleasant Road, suite 107, Peoria, AZ 85382


33.6685668, -112.2808276




9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Welcome to Debbie’s! We know you have a lot of options when it comes to your meds. That’s why, at Debbie’s, new patient freebies keep coming after your first visit. We shower you with love and more discounts on your future visits. Come by and say hi.


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221 reviews for “Debbie’s Dispensary

  1. rdb1984

    this is a very laid back relaxed place they are very knowledgeable about their products and they have great pricing I highly recommended coming here

  2. CobainLies

    Debbie’s dispensary it’s December at Debbie’s. First time patients make sure you check out the deals / at Debbie’s. awesome staff very knowledgeable. make sure you check out Debbie’s today I am.

  3. Yungrex1

    Best product I have ever had. The white… OMG! Amazing I forgot her name but she helped me out. Definitely coming back for that cotton candy

  4. tbrown5804

    Great place! Friendly and helpful workers and fair prices!

  5. cnpmlp8905

    Best spot in town

  6. toys4most

    absolutely awesome! best first time deal anywhere!

  7. LexiA

    I love Debbie’s!! Great deals for first , second THIRD AND FOURTH TIME!! Pretty cool door in the lobby too. #goodvibesonly

  8. dontrell

    Best strains in Peoria!

  9. Jaleonluten78

    Really nice people with really good medicine

  10. Smokedope420xxx

    Mohave county’s one stop for all things THC

  11. fredrickpickle

    I love Debbies! Love the quality. Love the selection. Love the staff!

  12. Beelzedub

    I like just about everything except the distance, but that can’t be helped. The Staff were quite wonderful and we’re extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I enjoy my purchase very much. Will return.

  13. LadyLoyd

    fire bud. double down at Debbie’s!!

  14. nballin

    Debbies is one of new favorite dispensaries. Quality flower and service dY’OE

  15. Smileybig28

    cookies flower is really nice for the price hybrid shake is really nice tasting smokes good come here and have a nice J

  16. Doja602

    my first visit was great, friendly staff. would recommend coming here forsure. good flower and products!

  17. cml20

    This place is great. Just opened and it is so nice inside. Great people, great environment. I met one of the owners and she was so down to earth and extremely nice.

  18. Arizona1985

    hands down best smoke on this part of town!

  19. Amham

    first time visit was great

  20. ewheeezzy

    Stopped in to take advantage of BOGO vapen cartridges. I love this place already! Thanks

  21. GreggDj

    Pleasantly pleased with the level of quality of the buds here. Great deals and very helpful budtenders. A little outta the way but will definitely will be back

  22. Tara7770

    Love everything. I love receiving the texts, and the flash sales. I think the quality of the flower has been amazing! I’m a new patient at the Peoria Location just visited for a second time today.. LOVING the new patient deal!!! Such a homie feel, and very friendly folks! dY’-

  23. romanzo

    My first visit and I don’t know if I will ever even go to another dispensary. Everyone was super chill and welcoming. 12 out of 10

  24. tcoles1869

    great atmosphere great service

  25. AJLittle

    Haley always remembers me and has an infectious positive attitude whenever I come in

  26. tmoney1987

    Great first impression, in a nice area and blends in with the surrounding buildings. Got a first time visit reward with a BOGO on timeless cartridges. Denis the menace was awesome, great service and very friendly. Thank you!

  27. Leiasmom

    First visit was a great experience. Super professional friendly staff, amazing prices and excellent product!

  28. Markopolo1987

    Perfect time , great quality flower, amazing prices plus no taxes sweet

  29. corynm

    Atmosphere was the nicest I’ve been too. Product quality was excellent.

  30. michellechalabi

    Debbies has awesome specials every single day! Staff is helpful, never have had a bad vibe for anyone that’s helped.

  31. Troublesome364

    very upscale. quality product

  32. AZPatient1

    Great shop, super friendly and helpful staff, I’ll be back!

  33. Kittymac

    This centric location captures a modern and crisp feel to the green culture.

    I highly recommend the friendly & characteristic bud tender, Emily.

  34. GOLDIE309

    Had to go back for a second visit you can’t beat the Thursday deal
    Forgive me but I believe my bud tender was Carrie.
    I’m medicating at the moment dY~oe

  35. Kallista1016

    Five stars all around!

  36. Bleaque314

    Caitlin was the beez kneez. she took the time to go over the flower along with what I was requiring medically. thanks homie!

  37. CHARGER440

    Great FTP deal, awesome Mohave shatter and excellent service !

  38. ocpunx69

    Loved this place very well put together and the staff were friendly and informative. I will be returning. The flower is fresh and excellent.

  39. Jerscott6

    I really liked the different varieties of concentrates they have and they’ve got great customer service!

  40. 420PFRMP

    Great place and quality of product and facility is up there!

  41. AzSuper$tupidFlame

    was treated rudely and felt rushed out.

  42. joshyoung

    Love this place!!

  43. mrsskibbe

    always amazing people. one of the best places in arizona.

  44. Eminemfan

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great dispensary

  45. TheReefer

    Nice place… The prices is right on…

  46. Kalekharab

    Great and awesome service. Very friendly.

  47. EvilMcBeaver

    The folks here are great, and their product is in-line with other great shop. Unfortunately, their price breaks on quantity are poor. Other shop deals crush them on pricing, with little to no quality difference. If their prices come more in-line with the rest of the community, I will definitely shop here again.

  48. SBGInc011

    My favorite spot! love the THC Bomb. Can’t stop buying in bulk!

  49. D-strick

    This was my first visit to Debbie dispensary everyone was very friendly told them how far I drove to get to them told me to drive safe to get back home good prices taxes are already included in the pricing which is nice this dispensary is like most cash-only which is okay because it’s in the same parking lot with a Walgreens with an ATM or you can get cash back up to $20 at Walgreens they also have an ATM in their Lobby for a cost plus whatever your bank charges but that’s still a plus if you can’t get to your bank and need your meds I will definitely be going back to this dispensary most likely tomorrow as I am a big smoker and they had good deals on stativa pills which is good to use while working.

  50. mich13

    Impressed with my first visit
    Staff , Products and promos
    Going back for my second today

  51. Heart210

    Jade was a great bud tender. I will be going back soon

  52. mrhands18

    Great customer service and great price on flower

  53. Dz21

    This place has the best first-time patient deals I’ve seen! Also, the Purple Urkle is a great indica. After just one bowl, my body felt completely relaxed and after about an hour I was ready for bed.

  54. Lori86442

    Shawn, Thx for helping me the other day. You were right, the Pink OG did the trick. All of u are! See u soon!!

  55. wsmp28smiley

    J1 is a very strong sativa definitely a must try taste is very strong this strain is top favorite flower but there Skywalker is very nice i come to Debbie’s when i need to have a nice J

  56. sethschick

    very good quality in flower the madman OG it is definitely worth trying plus any of their other meds they have are you recommend anyone to go if you’re in the area or just looking for some good quality meds

  57. midnighttoker72

    love Debbie’s!!!! the budtenders rock!!!

  58. McKenna_jones3

    Best dispensary ever! their flower is amazing and they always have great deals going on, all the budtenders are funny and informed

  59. Belly41

    These guys know what they’re talking about. Great selection, awesome daily deals and first time patient specials!

  60. KeAnnaKae

    called to check about a free review preroll, they said they did I drove super far to get it just so at the last second they said I headdddd to make a purchase. super wack, very inconvenient. won’t be coming back

  61. ReddBeauty

    They were awesome! We showed up at exactly closing time and they were awesome enough to still let us in and were still super chipper and polite. Kevin helped us and he didn’t rush us at all plus was really knowledgeable and helpful. They really did make it an over all outstanding experience and we will definitely be back to show our support at their grand opening!

  62. Sburgmeier

    Emily and Bree literally made my entire day! They were so nice, definitely look forward to coming back

  63. jeeliza13

    Debbies is awesome! great prices!

  64. suncitysinner

    everything is great,except white widow shake all leaves,not really shake (hence the word shake,what falls off buds is shake,not cut up leaves) but i continue to come back!

  65. PrincessLadyStoner

    It was my first time yesterday & I came back not even 24 hours later! Their strain Chiesel is amazing quality and their Skywalker is on point ! High recommend !

  66. Mt3ck

    awesome people love stopping in, product is always dY’dY’

  67. Sellweed4u1965

    Great Wasy Westside Location
    Beautiful and Elegant Peaceful Store
    Love this place and what a Great Rewards Program

  68. o0willywiggles

    Great staff, rewards, and birthday specials

  69. Oldsoulstoner420

    I love going here, the people that work here are always friendly and know how to help! The bud is great here 🙂 I’ve had the edibles as well and they were enjoyed . I would recommend to try this place. They have great deals too! Not just one they have the deals up to your fourth visit. I say yes to Debbie and I will keep going back

  70. rannis

    great place. cool staff

  71. 420chas17

    This place has awesome deals.. turps Tuesday is the best deal.. came here first time patient an I was very satisfied with the service I got..would recommend friends to come here..

  72. platinum4182

    I had a great experience and very pleased with the customer service. I felt at ease and every question I asked was answered so professionally.

  73. AGalindo

    Usually on point but this time rude receptionist. While with budtender the receptionist was giving dirty looks and asking the staff about my business as if I was a threat. Very uncomfortable feeling will not go back.


    This was a all around good experience. First they offer a BOGO up to a OZ. The meds are beyond good .they have some of the best buds I’ve seen anywhere. I got skywalker and deepsleep. Good flavors good feeling real well cured bud tender Sierra was very helpful and knew the buds as well as questions about the store. Thank you. Everyone at Debbie’s dispensary

  75. Edomike

    Great new place… Definitely will visit weekly

  76. DjxAllie10

    best budz!! wax is great as well the thc bomb lives up to its name

  77. thatchic2014

    great spot. the staff is friendly and helpful. the meds are amazing. I love the fuzzy prerolls. keep up the good work guys.

  78. tmthomas83

    Love this place! Stellar decor, good service, plus deli style flower!! So glad Debs moved to the neighborhood.

  79. brevier87

    Great flower every time

  80. jojo1028

    Great place

  81. thethirday

    Very proud of the experience this round. Everyone has bad days. The gentleman on my last visit was not my budtender, however I noticed his interaction with the patient he was helping and A+. Kuddos to Debbie’s. I have been involved in the industry over 24 years.. just at 25 and Debbie’s care about it’s feedback, quality and patients. I will continue referring Debbie’s as one of my top 5 best dispensaries in the PHX AZ Valley.

  82. tonemonty

    awesome prices in products great staff friendly. highly recommend the4 first time deals

  83. IamAA

    Nice place, nice time, nice smoke !!

  84. rickmckinley

    Awesome location and great service

  85. Gene_christian__

    very flavorful!

  86. Matchboo

    it’s perfect and extremely friendly I love debbies!

  87. MrsInkfamus1

    Awesome little place That ks the Gods that a new dispensary opened up Right by my House FANTASTIC SH!T Can’t wait to meet the Folks that work here they will Definitely be seeing me ALOT!!
    Peace Be The Journey!!!

  88. ILoveGSC

    Come on debbies… I love you guys. And look forward to you flash sales.. I’m not cheap but I’ve been smoking long before it was legal so I’m use to getting great deals from the homies.. But a free eighth of aEURoeshakeaEUR when you spend 100 is a joke and should not be considered a flash sale. Nobody likes to smoke shake and when you sell pot, it’s what you end up getting stuck with.. please please don’t start getting greedy like the other shops around town. Don’t loose what made me love you atmY=i,. Thanks -James aEURoethe cool guyaEUR lol

  89. C420Villa

    I love it.

  90. sunnampsandweednaps

    Visited Debbie’s for the first time today. Nice location, great first time patient deal. Horrible service and ok flower. Budtender made me feel rushed and like I was bothering him. Would not offer any recommendations on what I was asking for because he’s aEURoean indica guyaEUR. Don’t know if a better budtender could lead me to better flower choices here, but color me unimpressed.

  91. BUCK_1961

    great place and great customer service

  92. 0dazedone

    Great , the ppl make it great and make you wanna come back and of course the weed is great too .

  93. Bdutch916

    Had a great experience here. The bud tenders recommendations were spot on and great customer service. Atmosphere is awesome as well very clean. I will be back today

  94. Cvilla808

    Best dispo in Arizona

  95. Jazum

    nice spot with fresh nugs and great special. what more can you ask for ?

  96. streetphiter

    I heard they have great deals

  97. Tyrell777

    Great first time experience my budtender Emily was amazing very knowledgeable about the products and took her time with me and answered my questions never leaving me feeling rushed. I’ve only tried the one strain so far out of the 3 I got but the gg5 is pretty good and I’m excited to try the rest

  98. CannaLifeFinancial

    Debbie’s dispensary is a welcome addition to Peoria, AZ. They have quality meds and a great selection/variety. I highly recommend. CannaKen

  99. Musiqkraze

    1st time here, Valley OG=dY”Y=dY”Y=
    Definitely worth my drive!!!

  100. HappySmokin4120

    Quality flower!

  101. Austin1234_

    great place good tree vary frendly would recommend

  102. JUY.SUN92

    This has to be the Worst Debbie’s location! I usually stop into Debbie’s North but this one had a vendor day on and my strain on shelf at the right price GG5. I checked the leafly menu at 9am and it showed GG5 at 10 a gram but by 1030 when I went in the price had gone up. i dont live close to this one and i came in specifically for a 70 quarter and only had that much to spend. when I got in I asked the Receptionist what had happen because the price jumped up and she said it had just went up, and seemed apologetic for it. after telling her my situation and she said she would go talk to manager to see what they could do. when she returned she reassured me and said they would help me out when they took me back but they did absolutely nothing and said they couldnt do anything the Budtender I got seemed to only care about getting me out the door FAST, when it was dead. she even took my money and forgot to give me my change till she noticed I wasnt leaving with out it. I’ve never received this treatment ever from debbies. sad because I’m completely faithful to Debbie’s and mohave cannabis. I went in for a quarter to leave with a half and walked out with half that. so so sad

  103. meilahn04

    Wedding Cake is strong asf.

  104. Theghostof420

    was chill in and out type of person area was really clean and neat

  105. kkd623

    Clean and friendly atmosphere with a nice selection of quality meds.

  106. ac130b

    Great bud tenders they’re very knowledgeable and answer any questions you have.

  107. BayleePayge

    I love this dispensary soooooo much they have an amazing deal for your first 4 visits!!!!

  108. Teddyrob

    Best pre-rolls in town and wonderful buds great first time patient deals

  109. Iam4ou

    Great shop great prices!

  110. sabrinabland

    Absolutely my favorite place to shop! When I go else where I end up wishing I would of just went to Debbie’s. All the tenders are super sweet and funny as well as knowledgeable! And the bud? Well I mean it speaks for itself! Pure gas!! #fuego

  111. nos5150

    went to Debbies AWESOME! Friendly helpful kind and one BIG extended Happy Family of mine Makes you feel warm and welcomed! Love you all My Budtender was a caring and listened to my needs and was like my daughter and got a HUG love Debbies! Go check it out for yourself you wont be sorry!

  112. drliaison

    My best dispensary with great customer service and meds!!

  113. Pothead8583

    great spot only been here once but it was a great visit I got the BlackBerry Kush and it was fire dY~ just wish it wasn’t so far from my house i would definitely recommend to anyone

  114. Msilvahe

    Best first time patient deal EVER!!!

  115. daisy330

    Love them so much!! A+ medicine and serviceaEUR”a must use!

  116. ESkee

    bout to go check this place out. menu looks legit tho.

  117. hthrcarr22

    I loved it, it was a Sunday and a bit understaffed, but again it was Sunday and usually not that busy.. The lady at the counter was nice, the as my husband called aEURoemuscleaEUR lol was awesome and so were the other customers. When I went back, I didn’t feel intimidated or any of the awkwardness I have felt at other places.. Def a great place to go!!!

  118. tsedwards

    Went here 3 times. Decor nice, though overproduced with wasted space. The budtenders also nice, but all 3 I’ve had couldn’t answer some basic questions about strains. They also were hard to talk to because they were distracted by the long weighing process. The flower was OK, but not great, and many strains weren’t very potent, a little dry (deli), and can be found elsewhere nearby (didn’t have any classic strains or any weird new hybrids). If this was the only place nearby Id be OK with it, but prefer Greenhouse or WMHC.

  119. F1shscale808

    Da best

  120. coolbreeze313

    I really love everything about this place the atmosphere is adorable the staff is super helpful and all the meds are really great at any budget definitely check them

  121. harry2pair

    stopped in for their “flash sale” picked up some of the THC bomb.. 30% by far some of the BEST flower I’ve had since I can remember!! so oily and sticky your fingers literally stick together you can see the oil strands when you pull it apart.. had my card for years been too many dispensaries.. I’m 38 been smoking since I was 15… honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve had anything of this quality!! great job Deb!!

  122. wmbarros76

    Best quality flower I’ve had in a while! Highly recommended a visit.

  123. kylehaug

    so couple days ago broke my kind nechar cart shattered the pen .not ever having luck taking back a product I was not happy with or defective I decided to try I got to the desk and with out even checking in Jeff was like it’s happened to me and that they would happily replace it for me thank very much Jeff and my bud tender who I believe his name was Early and surely will be returning to debbies

  124. tcastillo1972

    Was an amazing first visit at Debbie’s dispensary. Very impressed with their deli-style flower that has huge buds in jars. Definitely will be coming back.

  125. Atone1988

    dope spot.always got the best deals …the setup inside is very nice

  126. Flamingnipple6969

    pretty disappointed this time around. I’m pretty sure I was shorted a preroll. I spent 115 and only got one preroll.

  127. bdotgotbeats

    regular customer here
    it was nice to meet debbie during my b day
    she hooked me up
    quality flower and good customer service
    little to no wait times…

  128. Manny92

    Really great concentrates really flavorful and heavy hitters

  129. Jim49

    I have used Debbie’s since they opened and found their deals to be outstanding. There has been a learning curve for the staff (friendly, informative and fantastic service) but each time went above my expectations.

  130. Kbusier

    I absolutely love everyone who works in this dispo. Not to mention they have the dankest tree and widest selection of medicine in Peoria I love you guys !

  131. Kristivo

    Love Debbie’s! It was not busy at all. The decor is super cute! Best of all they have my absolute favorite vape Tropical Trainwreck from Flav!! I will keep on buying them if they keep on selling them!

  132. LostKeys46.2

    I went to Debbie’s not really knowing what to expect. The staff were very friendly and the bud tender was very knowledgeable. She helped me find a medicine that I really enjoy

  133. KevoBob

    your flower and concentrate are top notch. your customer service is even better as your bud tenders are knowledgeable.

    customers, the budtenders may refuse a tip, but if you’re a decent human being and respect the fact that you’re getting quality ganja, buy the bud tender a gram you cheap fuck.

  134. MatsuD

    I love Debbie’s! The location is perfect for me and best of all they carry my favorite (hard to find) strain. The staff is pleasantly friendly and courteous. The new patient deals are awesome!

  135. maniko729

    My favorite budtender is Jayde excellent service and a great smile

  136. sparkly42010

    great place, fast and friendly employees, always great deals, and advice.

  137. Derickmanley

    What a great place to get good good flower. Always a really nice high. You guys rock rock rock.

  138. LALUVSJ247

    You may think you are getting a better deal elsewhere, but you get what you pay for. The quality of flower from the Debbie’s Team can’t be beat! So a little goes a long way. Don’t waste your time or money. Only go to Debbie’s!

  139. Siegrest

    Dope prices, cbd strain is on point, friendly staff

  140. Genesis13

    good prices great staff

  141. J.M.

    My weekly dispensary when I need that quality flower..

  142. Grimm7252

    Great flower top of the line product. great attendance very informational.My cashier was very kind and helped find the best flower possible.

  143. InkfamUs

    Awesome Dispensary we have here , and amazing that it is next to my house thank the Gods !! Will be some allot of me and my wife for sure thanks Debbies y’all Kick @$$ , Peace Be The Journey!!!!!

  144. Young1001

    jayde the sweetest bud tender! awesome flower!

  145. Catlady73

    Perfect location

  146. sean1217

    it’s a good location all by it self selling sum of the best products

  147. richierich17

    Emily hooked it up with absolute fire. Highly recommend, new spot for me in and out in less than 10 minutes.

  148. Angel247

    I love it here at Debbie’s they have some dY’PSass meds some dY’PSass service and some dY’PSass deals can’t go wrong here people

  149. bambiejake

    One of the best I recommend to everyone. Thanks again you guys freaking rock all day long. I hope you all have a nice Christmas love u.

  150. Ryder808

    Overall a great place.

  151. lunchbox22

    Conveniently located right off the 101, I purchased some purple punch and wedding cake both have phenomenal taste and smell!! Some guud buds

  152. kirstenkgk

    dope place love flower

  153. Bry7

    Great place!

  154. Stereophix

    Kevin was a great help, great location, very welcoming! U guys are the shiznit!

  155. Dpaladin4199

    Buds are good

  156. Cacatanga

    Good weed……great prices…..nice

  157. Jmoneydollabillz

    good quality, fast service, kind budtenders. ftp deal was amazing ready to go back for my 2nd visit deal!

  158. doodles120

    best dispensary i have found
    great prices
    great location
    fabulous people
    i love you

  159. Dantegue

    Debbie is the most genuine sweetest person u could ever meet! she treats her patients like family. Early was my budtender and homie was the shizz! very informative and kind. debbies IS my FAVE by a long shot. The quality is beyond anything ive seen in arizona yet. BEST DISPO IN AZ

  160. Alecesco1104

    bomb ass flower here. these amateurs that dont like your flower because the taste is too much?? lol in the weed world of true smokers thaats a good ass bud and tasty good shit.

  161. Alikaye35

    great place, great buds, wonderful deals

  162. Azgirl10

    This is the best place for flower! I drive past many dispensaries to come to Debbies because nobody else has the quality bud that I can get here. also both Amy and Kayla are excellent bud tenders…always so helpful and friendly. See you soon!

  163. Clayday3xr

    I Love this place. Dope people, Good weed a great place to be when your in need.

  164. twilightskies

    I can walk or bicycle there I’m so happy!! Great staff quality flour love the way it’s displayed in the way it’s packaged love over stuff Thursday’s great specials nice location nice and safe!!

  165. broncosrule16

    I enjoyed the clean shop good vibes however as a first time patient I felt as if I was rushed but not even served at a fast pace, it was 15 minutes before closing but there were 5 people in the shop but only one budtender to serve while the rest were cleaning to go home as I walked out the lights were shut off immediately I was a little bit discouraged by this.

  166. JoeyTHEPLANTE

    They have the CBD and THC shatter I need and great Wensday spacial to stock up. Super friendly staff, this place is AWESOME!

  167. YungMase305

    great selection of flower and nice employees

  168. Kurt134

    This place popped up on Leafly recently, I was in the area so I stopped in, man I’m glad I did, the deals and the flower are phenomenal!! Deep Sleep does what it says. Night all:(dY’$?

  169. Dr.THC

    Went once and they had me with their great quality flower. I have a very high tolerance but their flower had me feeling amazing…specially that THC Bomb

  170. sarahlizap

    Absolute favorite dispensary, excellent bud for the price, always getting rewards and deals everyday. Really cool people, had some really cool conversation with all of the staff.

  171. Swolo

    TLDR: Just go – You’ll be happy you did.

    I have found my new go to place. Nice place, super clean. Great atmosphere, professional and knowledgeable staff. But most importantly the product is amazing. They sell all their own strains, I was recommended to try their Valley OG and Purple Urkle. Their Valley OG is amazing, possible the best flower I’ve ever smoked. It’s what I’ve been searching for. A hybrid that is energetic, happy, and functional. Easily able to maintain focus but if you let it you can just as easily get lost in thought. Was also one of the best pain relieving flowers I’ve ever used as well.

  172. statuegal76

    fun staff & happy environment

  173. MrFigueroa91

    GG5 is super dank and sticky. A must try!! aoeOEdY’s

  174. mikeb47

    Get the deep sleep about to be in a deep sleep

  175. WeezyC

    Debbies was my first medical m.j experience and as soon as I walked in It was the calmest spot I’ve ever been to. Everyone was really cool and gave information and tips about different things. I’ll be back soon for sure. dY’-dY’

  176. soniagrs

    5 Star service and quality! so far I’m impressed.

  177. Niny_baby

    great customer service

  178. sidneyj23

    Best flower in the valley, I know that phrase is overused, but it is true. Try them, the first time special will make it worth your trip. I come all of the way from Avondale.

  179. itsjhughes

    Place is the best, best budtenders

  180. kingklick0420

    They have good flower at good prices

  181. SpruceLee

    Today was my first time trying Debbie’s flower my budtender Richie was really helpful easy to talk to got the Afgani Bullrider Bomb!!! and Blue Lights also good but more of a clear headed mellow body high will be great for a wake n bake!!! very Happy!

  182. nophoguy

    Debbies is great. Jeff is what people working in the industry should aim for. The mohave flower is good too. thanks Debbies and Jeff

  183. OG86

    Great first visit Kreemsicle was out of the world thought I was enjoying a nice popsicle in the Az sun refreshing is all I can say. Looking for to my next visit and trying another great strain. Staff was extremely helpful and upbeat.

  184. Brenda92695

    This place was great as a FTP. My budtender was very friendly and knowledgeable. He was able to give me great recommendations.. 10/10 pleased 🙂

  185. kaileemurphy

    I love this place. They always make you feel like family, and they reward their patients with great specials. Tonight I spoke with Eli and he was fantastic. He’s so knowledgeable! Thank you Debbies!!

  186. JfedOG420

    It’s a good location

  187. CaliF

    Love the new patient deals!
    Great super inexpensive “shake” but it’s not! it’s basically what everyone else is charging 4A– more for “popcorn nugs”

  188. fatpat623

    Amazing quality!!!

  189. Casual_chris

    Awsome place and good deals

  190. HarleyYvette

    All I have to say is, I love the flower selection’ I love Debbie’s and love Mohave Day’s!

  191. mistybutler1974

    Love the staff

  192. mmjmomlegalizeit81

    This is one of my new go to places for top quality meds at affordable prices. The budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable and the whole place is patient centered. You won’t be disappointed!

  193. Beach-bumm-pot

    always helping me with decisions and very knowledgeable

  194. jayyare23

    Great people great bud

  195. ArizonaBamm420

    Nice location!!! Nice Bud tinder’s, Flower is great also…. Taxes included in pricing is always a plus!!!

  196. javistint

    best bud in town

  197. p2pstoner

    i love this place

  198. Kindred_ray12

    Awesome thanks

  199. Riesterclifford13

    I would recommend anyone to come into debbies they are all extremely friendly and helpful

  200. pirategirl13

    Staff was super friendly even an hour before closing and on a holiday no less! Great deals and products. Will definitely be a return customer.

  201. trollop

    Good people always some new deal and good prices

  202. Meg_Pidge

    The dispensary is easy to find, and it’s in a convenient location.

  203. dsd2394

    Just stopped in today for the first time, very happy with the service and smiling facing. I as a norm only but edibles. I never get new patients bonus cause most places only do flower well today I was giving a big surprise thank you very much for you kind help today. They are even checking on a product for me that I love from the copia line. I will return just on CustomerCare allow. Thank you again susie

  204. BillyActionJackson

    Great weed

  205. smokeyonekenobi

    I was drawn to the place due to the good reviews on carts. Well come to find out the got nice flower on deck. I will return for that. The newbie deal is legit so you get to use it 3 times. Peoples are nice too and homie had answers for everything I threw at him. Worth the drive so far.

  206. OnTheBus19

    I just recently learned about Debbie’s from a recommended source and I am amazed each and every time I visit this dispensary because of the customer service and the quality and cleanliness that they represent it’s what every dispensary should be.

  207. Marczachery

    They r great the best medicine

  208. LucyB

    Love this place! Good vibes, best medicine out there. Bud tenders are always friendly and helpful

  209. Daedae143143

    Today is 08-23-2018…I’m on my way to the best dispensary in az…. it’s call Debbie’s dispensary… if you don’t know about it.. you better ask somebody!!!!!!

  210. Imrg1114

    my favorite dispensary so far. awesome selectections good prices!

  211. Natesstrain

    Very nice and friendly, always treated well here.

  212. mandoe818

    Flower is on point, staff could be friendlier but overall a chill spot. Definitely coming back.

  213. bleeblahnixh

    coolest place to buy meds hands down my favorite staff is cool too

  214. NatashaAngelina

    haven’t been here yet want to read reviews on the meds, NOT the budtenders!!! I’m not tryin to break down and twist up a budtender- HOW IS THE FLOWER!?!?

  215. itsteabie

    Awesome location

  216. dviddvis

    Great Dispensary! Great employees! Great environment! I always enjoy stopping by Debbies!

  217. verokcard

    Debbie’s is the only dispensary I got to, I drive 30 min from Surprise. I love the environment, and their bud tenders have also been very kind an helpful. I only gave a 3 bc I have to show your bud tenders how to measure to the dollar amount. If I ask for up to $50 of a certain flower they try to tell me aEURoeyou can’t do that, it has to be gram, 1/8, 1/4, etc. and I have to always respond with no, the beauty of deli style is being able to order to the dollar amount. I always have to show them how to put in the dollar amount in the system to tell you exactly how much to measure. It’s getting pretty frustrating to have to do that every time I go and I go once a week. Otherwise I love Debbie’s!!

  218. Autoglassgoo

    Best deals around. The flower is very good. They have my business from now on

  219. don.reamsr

    You guys rock 🙂 orange creamsicle I love it. I’ll be back and I do recommend this to all my friends and I hope they use me as a referral you guys have been great!!!

  220. Patroni987

    Has great buds, friendly staff and amazing daily deals. They really hook up veterans as well!

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