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7200 W. Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226


33.3060858, -111.9662376




9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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True, steadfast and always there, the dependable Cannabis Guides at Territory medical marijuana dispensaries supply a longstanding expertise and educational compass for your MMJ journey. We aim to inspire and preserve a made-well lifestyle for our patients with a good-natured shopping experience and premium product line.

Offering Veteran, Industry and senior discounts our bud speaks for itself, each individual strain has a character of its own. Once you find the right bud that enhances your life, you’ll be happy to define it’s character to others.

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204 reviews for “Territory Dispensary

  1. Joserubio88

    best spot in az byfar! all budtenders are nice and definitely know there products. there products are AMAZING! especially the prices.. i recommend to everyone!!

  2. Mesquite19

    Territory is so unique in the experience. Staff are well educated and love to share knowledge. Brittany is a wealth of information.

  3. Ottomike

    most people write theses fir a pre-roll or a gram. this is NOT one of those. I went in Sunday morning for first time special to try their vapes. A very different feel to a dispensary is what first impressed me. The staff was the second thing to impress me, which I dont impress easily. But what drive me to write this was to tell everyone… the Hi-Klas vapes are absolutely positively indisputable the VERY BEST

  4. CannaBri91

    I had an awesome first time experience here Sunday! My bud tender spent quite a bit of time with me explaining everything I had questions on and then some. Very knowledgeable and patient with me. The rest of the staff was also welcoming and nice, I’m happy with everything I purchased and I got a killer deal! Thanks again!!

  5. MelAsh

    Two thumbs up!

  6. thekidsh20

    Budtenders are so helpful and their open floor plan is awesome showing you all their great products!

  7. Longhairmarc

    Nice place with knowledgeable people who know their strain. Friendly atmosphere

  8. Brandoninoazqp

    Dankness got a great ftp and the staff was supurb

  9. jeremyhacker

    Id like to see cancer patient and disability discounts.

  10. RoadkillUnicorn

    Bud tenders are friendly and I like the open floor atmosphere. But their menu isn’t updated, they have a dumb policy of making you hold on to receipts to get their 2 for 1 deal (they have my purchase history in their computers) and I’ve been here more than five times, not once have I received a discount for Maricopa residents.

  11. varsonv

    I came in for my ftp special and was happy to see a nice selection and friendly people. At the full price, I’d be upset about how dry the buds are. Fortunately I always have humidity packs just in case. The purple larry and sour tangie were super tasty, but gsc was a little bland. Overall I’m glad there is a new place to go with good flower.

  12. ghorn998

    Bert Helped me out and hooked it up great experience suggest to try it out !!

  13. NickelBrain

    Great people here! Really Great tasting flower…….
    Only question is why do ya have deli style in jars but sell me prepackaged? Are your $75 strains all prepackaged?
    If so this information needs to be explained to the patient. Im really against prepackaged Flower..All 3 strains I picked up are TASTEY!!!! Will be back on the 9th for the grand opening. Upsets me I used to live 2 miles from this location.. now in San Tan Valley and if you would open a shop here,youd be killing it!! We have 2 shops 35 minutes away that are TERRIBLE(you know who you are). Please Open up shop in San Tan Valley!

  14. behrdabs

    Shouts out to Adam real cool dude the shop set up is awesome u can go check out there flower and products before even being called so it’s no hassle once they call u very fast friendly staff as well best shop I’ve been to yet the flower is very good the fax is wonderful

  15. Jesse1111

    I’d find this location convenient and for the most part can be fairly quick to be in and out. However recently I had a visit and I have purchased the high class 5 pack pre-roll. when I return home it seemed like only two of the three roles were grams I had three of them that were not even a half grams worth.

  16. MrDabs123

    This place is great all around. I had came to this dispensary just by chance and I’m glad I did. The day I went was opening weekend and I entered a drawing for K.I.N.D. concentrate pens. Just a few minutes from returing home I got a call saying I won the K.I.N.D. pens. so glad I walk into Territory dispensary that Saturday afternoon.

  17. Dre230

    1st time patient and Zach was a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be back.

  18. miggyaf

    Great location, very convienient. BEST OF THE BEST

  19. beth0603

    I like this place! Good prices, friendly service, and an excellent layout where you can see everything. Plusa coupon for next time! I Will be back !

  20. jturas

    All around great dispensary! I went here as a first time patient and Alex took care of me. Was very knowledgeable and was kind enough to second guess what I was about to purchase. Introduced me to some other options. So happy he did! All four strains I purchased were from the peak tier. Don’t think I would buy from any other tier! I definitely recommend it this location to anyone who has not yet been here! FTP deal is BOGO up to a quarter of flower. Definitely worth stopping by! Don’t just take my word for it though. See for yourself!

  21. noogie11

    Better than waiting in line, great atmosphere.

  22. WckdLibrn

    Horrible hours.

  23. KTOG

    Seriously the best dispensary. Customer satisfaction is key. I’ve had a few issues with their Leafly menu not being accurate but they made it right for me twice in a row. Great management and the staff is awesome. I really have no complaints except I wish I lived closer! Worth the trek! Shout out to Meeks and the GM for making my day.

  24. itsrobfosho

    epic selection. always running worth while specials. the employees are amazing.

  25. Leedsmith

    This area is notorious for above average prices and you could win a lot of hearts with the right deals in place. You’re supposed to be selling medicine and patient’s want to feel like patients not cattle

  26. dragondamage

    Super friendly, super casual, it’s a dream dispensary! Staff is friendly and minimal wait time. dY~>>

  27. okspeck

    Always friendly & upbeat service, comfortable atmosphere, convenient location, quality product, decent prices and I could go on… so far, this is the best dispensary I’ve found in the East Valley. Keep it up, y’all!

  28. chito1333

    this place is awesome, I got greeted by Danielle she so awesome and beautifuldY~I’m glad I was able to see her,Zack was really helpfull and patient with all my questions the herbs are good and the first time bogo is awesome, I will recommend to my other buds

  29. MadMamaz

    This place is so Friendly and Chill. I personally get nervous going into new shops. But I strolled in and right away felt comfy. They have Fantastic Quality! I will be returning, Good Job 5 Stars

  30. Ark9one

    awesome ppl

  31. sjwebb

    love the buy 2 get 1 free on the receipts.

  32. desert37smoke

    Great Flower and Customer Service. Definitely will be coming here more often.

  33. 420hitter

    I loved my FTP experience here. Everyone was attentive and friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you! I will be back.

  34. Faithking

    love the location
    and product

  35. CaboZabo

    Best customer service out there. I love the deals and they are always working to hook you up with the best value. This is my favorite dispensary.

  36. 1ndikaman

    Yes awesome spot

  37. FranzTheHuman

    I had a great experience here! They helped me find exactly what I needed, staff is friendly and really put you at ease. This will definitely be my go to from now on. Highly recommend. aoeOEi,dY~S

  38. bruceclan99

    great store, good product ,great prices
    great people
    I will definitely go back

  39. kare0829bear

    Awesome! Okay I just wanna give some serious kudos to their customer service… Super friendly.. I came in today for only the 2nd time… It was a month ago that I came in… The original chic that helped me actually remembered me… That’s pretty cool… I have tried their Pineapple Chunk, Arnold Palmer and Jesus OG… I’ve yet to be dissapointed… Awesome job!!! Ya that’s all dY~~dY~~dY~~dY~~

  40. Juicy1609

    It’s a great dispensary , the place looks amazing, great quality, the staff is really friendly , and the manager is great !!!! dY~…

  41. dimeschanel

    I always get treated like a queen when i come to this dispensary. All the employee are beyond friendly and always helpful. Can never be in a bad mood leaving here.

  42. Huggie445254

    Cindy was great excellent service awesome environment.

  43. jonjbrownaz

    Clean store and professional staff. The gsc and gg are bomb. Would recommend.

  44. quincyh3

    Great customer service all the time. Some of the best deals and credit back at any dispensary in he valley.

  45. chasemarshall420

    Top 5 dispensaries in the state of AZ! There’s no assigned station, as you’re free to move around freely. With multiple stains in the 28% range, I eat impressed by their flower. It was also a breath of fresh air NOT to see the played out brands every other shop carries.

    FTP special was BOGO on flower or concentrate….This place was dope, HIGHly recommended.


  46. Zavey

    Very disappointed with this spot! I don’t appreciate the fact that I was told I could use my cannapages coupons on the select elite cartridges by multiple bud tenders but come to find out the day I actually try to use that coupon they would not honor it! Not only was it misleading to tell me that I could use it on that but the fact that they wouldn’t honor just shows they don’t really want to take care of the patients. I thought I had found a good spot close to my house to shop and buy my medicine but unfortunately I was wrong.

  47. RyleyMeyers1313

    I wish I could give you guys more stars then 5 because you all deserve it. I’ve had my card for sometime and have been to just about every dispensary in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, chandler, and Gilbert but this dispensary is by far the best. The dispensary it’s self inside is incredibly nice with out trying too hard to be flashy. The staff is amazing and so friendly and truly caring. Their products are high quality at extremely great prices. I have had my card for years and have a hard time finding a regular dispensary to go to, this dispensary is now the only one I’ll go to. Thank you for all the hard work your workers put into making this the best dispensary in the state. It truly is the best.

  48. MrBst

    Was my first time going. Really just wanted to check them out. Totally surprised me. Flower quality is amazing and potent. Will be going back for sure.

  49. FDUBC27

    The base camp aka natures meds bottom shelf SMH dY$?|aEURatm,i, explains the high price for mids at best. This place could have been a daily stop on my way home but disappointed dY~” time after time. Dont think I’ll ever give this place another chance.

  50. bulletsantos

    Blueberry Muffin is bangin’!!!!!dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY’dY’dY’dY~Z Pineapple Chunk is great for my daytime use!!dY’dY’dY~Z The staff there were very nice and took care of what I was interested in purchasingdY’dY~Z The two types of flower I bought were great!!dY’dY’dY’dY~ZdY”Y=dY”Y=

  51. thisguy221

    Picked up some GREAT undergod og from go science…also got some top tier bubba kush which is good but the growers trim job is awful…..i highly doubt they were hamd trimmed but ran through a trimmer. What happened to pride in product.

  52. jeflack

    This place is fantastic. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went anywhere else in AZ. The team works hard with you to find the exact item you might be searching for that day. They are super friendly and will remember you. The prices are the same as, if not better than, other places that carry lower quality products. You get cashback on every single purchase – it adds up quickly. It’s also nice that the prices include tax – there is no guessing on your total. I can’t say enough positive things about the staff. They genuinely care about their patients. To the people that had a bad experience at this dispensary, give them another chance – you won’t regret it!

  53. YungMullet

    Goldsmith extracts and awesome and chill vibe. @ Territory Dispensary.

  54. allysha12

    Great place to get your meds and good prices cool staffdY’

  55. MommaFae

    This was the most amazing experience I have ever had hands down. Friendly staff, amazing knowledge and a comfortable, friendly environment. I don’t think I will ever go anyplace else.

  56. Vizz

    1st time at Territory. Liked what I saw and how I was treated. But first timers always get the royal treatment. Regardless, I will be trying them again.

  57. kushdaily69

    Honestly, the past two times I’ve Been In recently my flowers That i purchased were very dry, crispy and stale…. I shouldn’t need to go out if my way to re-hydrate them after purchasing….
    Maybe try keeping a boveda pack or two in each drawer to contain more moisture because your aEURoeair tightaEUR vacuum sealed packages of flower are experiencing major moisture loss to the point where it’s ruining the quality of flowers you provide for us true cannabis connoisseurs and it’s making it a stale smoke that isn’t enjoyable. I Probably won’t be back in here until this issue is resolved or you come up with a way to preserve your flowers better. No disrespect, just speaking the facts 🙂
    Thanks to whoever reads this and takes action <3

  58. Hooligan4life

    The staff was great and very helpful in what I was looking for. Unfortunately one of the flowers I purchased was super dry. Not sure how old it was but now I will be more cautious.

  59. hails 42

    love this place but the shop was closed before 7pm dY~

  60. swerve360

    Great store. My #1 in the area. Great ppl, modern store layout, and the best deals day to day.

  61. scoobie480

    This place had me excited. But their first time patient deal policy is absolutely terrible, their in house concentrate is defiantly sub par, and the prices are insane. I understand they just opened but I’m never gonna give this place a try again.

  62. pyrominiyak

    awesome vibes. great flower.

  63. kamm08

    they have real good concentrates and they hook you up with there deals

  64. reliabledave

    not bad I can get better fresher more potent for less the first time deal was the norm for a bogo a

  65. manshein92

    Been here about 3 times now and i gotta say am loving this place a lot i like how your allowed to freelance thru their product’s and when you need help or have a questions they were quick to answer them all in full so i wasn’t confused.

  66. Canibchef

    Wow the Rude Boi….is probably the secret best strain they have. I shit you not I pack 1 bowl and I struggle to finish it. I am heavy smoker and this hits.

  67. spyoptic10

    The staff is awesome!!! Very helpful and has specials all the time!! My favorite dispensary in the valley

  68. Pinooch1970

    Great place

  69. jjrody327

    Their house pineapple chunk is fire I hope the owners read this and drop it in a cartridge I’d buy both

  70. Remarkoner

    Great buds as well as the selection. I love this place.

  71. GutterGlitter

    Went here for the first time today and I’m in love! It’s out of the way for me but I think it’s worth it.
    First off, they don’t make you fill out paperwork! You can give them your number to sign up for reward points (of course I did- 1500 points pays for your renewal!!) but even if you don’t, they still give you 3% cash back in store credit! Very cool. The front desk girl was super sweet and explained everything really well. The new patient special is fabulous, there’s something for everyone AND you don’t have to use it your first time!! I really appreciate that, even though I did use mine.
    I took advantage of the BOGO quarters and was able to split it up into 4 eighths, which was so awesome. I picked 4 of the “Peak” ($15/gram) strains. All are between 26%-29% THC which is perfect. I love that they list the THC & CBD % and what their parents are on each strain! Their flower is kinda pricey (in my opinion!) at $11-20/gram, but they are worth it. There are always different strains for $20/eigth so you can always get affordable quality flower. There are a lot of daily specials in addition to that, like I got an unexpected 20% off on a cartridge. Lots of reasonably priced edibles too, I got the Vital Sour Sensei Stripes gummies (120mg for $16) and they are actually really tasty… like I had to stop myself from eating more.
    Literally everyone I spoke to here was SO sweet and fun! It’s set up so you can browse everything on your own (LOVE) but the budtenders are very helpful if you need them. Between them and the 20% discount on my second visit, I am definitely coming back- and next time I’m bringing a friend!

  72. masterkessonkush

    Favorite dispo off rip always leave with what I need and always something in my price range great customer service

  73. slamdog00

    Went there this morning looking for a specific strain of shatter. Checked their online site and it was available then. I would have ordered online before I went but I wanted to be there when they opened since I was in a hurry. I asked 2 different reps there for it. They both stated they did not have it and the bud tender stated he didn’t remember ever having it. What a wasted trip. It is still available on their website to order it.

  74. gracebish6

    I love this place! I come to this dispensary the most cause I love the vibe. Super friendly people!

  75. Leahphx

    Love this place!

  76. markfraboni

    Learn how to grow, if you need help LMK

  77. Robrudes

    I love this location! This was the last dispensary in my area that I went to and boy was that a mistake. from the front desk greeter to all the bud tenders the service is awesome friendly and easy. they have a great selection of cartridges and have great choices for everything else. they’re extending their hours tomorrow finally to be open until 10 p.m. instead of 7 p.m. which is AWESOME! there’s a budtender there with blue hair that is so cool and fun and friendly. Sorry I don’t remember her name but I look for every time I go in. overall a 10 in my book.

  78. meelinduh

    I’ve been to this location twice and I like that they do include the tax within the price. However, I was disappointed both times I got pre rolls that were .7g for $10 and they didn’t look like they were actually filled the twisted tip of the pre roll was so long it wasn’t hanging over down the pre roll. It’s a pretty cool place I just don’t plan on getting anymore pre rolls there.

  79. Zokeskills

    Nice selection on everything. Good stuff

  80. Resdoe25

    Disruptive concept to the existing model. No waiting room, all product on display and staff works with you when you’re ready to purchase. Ever’s was super knowledgeable of products and offered great recommendations for CBD products and flower. I will be back!

  81. panda03

    I went there today after work and I have to say I felt like I was at home…. the location had a honey atmosphere and the budtender i had Dolton I believe his name was…he was very knowledgeable and gave me some good information on future products to look into for future visits!!!!! I give 2 thumbs up and major kudos to him!!! thank you territory dispensary for the awesome ending to my crappy day!!!

  82. Morghulis

    I was really impressed with this dispensary. Great location and it’s nice to see a dispensary that isn’t pushed away into a weird plaza, area etc. Went during Grand Opening and got an Ounce of God’s Gift and felt odd getting so much of one strain that I haven’t tried let alone gone to this dispensary before. no regrets on it actually and it was nice to see the testing info. Love that. God’s gift was exactly the indica I was looking for. Another big appeal for me was the open floor plan. It was nice to look at the selections at your own pace without feeling rushed to let the next person come in like at a separted lobby location. Also used my FTP and got some sour diesel shatter, purple Larry and pineapple chunk sugar/sap (hi-klas). Really impressed with the Sour Diesel and Purple Larry so far. Will definitely be making the trip from Gilbert every now and then for the experience and great products. Good First Impression here.

  83. Mrblazedman

    Amazing place!!! Glad I found it. Was a little hard to spot on the map but it’s a hidden gem! 10/10 service James was a great help as well very friendly and helpful thank you for the great experience! Keep it up!!dY~ZdY’

  84. Hailieigh

    Very friendly staff and very knowledgeable on their products! Good deals on great quality meds!

  85. Ronniemacxx

    Cindy was a great help great concentrates

  86. c715py

    This is what will kill any chance at legalization. These big businesses, with their crusty dried out “medication” only care about their bottom line. Worst flower in the US here. Disgusting.

  87. iggytheknight

    I tried some of the forbidden fruit, and it is great. Mellow, happy,less pain is what I feel as well as calm, does not make me tired, you don’t what to wait, it hits fast so hold on to your socks.

  88. AZHerbExpert

    Nice location in a decent part of the Valley(unlike the seedy areas most dispensaries are located here in AZ). The service was good, I had a very talkative but laid back guy help me. He was pretty informative on the quality of the strains on the menu, and had tried several of them which is always a good thing, as my #1 concern when it comes to flower quality is taste.

    The quality of the bud I got from the Peak shelf is pretty good. The GSC is a 9.3/10, nice taste, great bag appeal, decent smell. The Purple Larry is like a 8.5/10. My only gripe would be the flower is kind of drier than I’d prefer. I think it’s the packaging. It comes in a mini zip lock bag, but is not heat sealed at the top, like most other dispensaries do with pre-bagged meds.

    It looks like the menu prices are the with tax included, which I always prefer too. Overall a nice place, that I would return to.

  89. geospy8

    Easy to find, easy and plentiful parking, nice open layout after an effortless yet friendly check-in and everybody who works here is super friendly and easy to talk with and the flower I’ve had has been exactly as expected. I did have one 1/8th that was dry, but I popped a Boveda pack in my glass storage jar I use and it was perf in a couple of hours and still had a strong terpene profile. The discounts and specials dY’dY>>. They now have little flashlights to view the display bud, I suggested rubber coated ones to Dalton who was very knowledgable btw.

  90. nosent

    Every time I come in, the person at the front desk is happy and kind. Don’t know her name, but freckles and glasses always shares a laugh with me and it makes my day better.

  91. AZJH16

    I came in yesterday as a FTP and was very impressed. Killer first time deal, amazing customer service, knowledgeable budtenders, and top notch product. Got the purple larry terp sauce and it is FIRE!! Looking forward to my next visit. Thanks again!

  92. Tonerely

    Great service and-selection of flower. Would definitely recommend!

  93. AgentAK

    Very impressed with this dispensary and look forward to their grand opening, (glad their open now tho!). Nice open store and located in a great spot. Friendly staff and great deals for some great products (flower so far has been fire and nice size nugs too!). Thanks Zach, my budtender. I dedicate this Volcano Bag to you.

    Pros: Great deals and specials. Flower is top noch. Great atmosphere & friendly, helpfull staff.

    Cons: Should be closer to my house, lol.

    Overall: I will be back and plan on becoming a regular customer. I highly recommend you check ’em out!

  94. HighStandard

    They sold me some Bruce Nanner that did not smell like what they had on dislay. When I bought it to the manager’s attention. He literally antagonized and told me to fill out a ocmplaint against them. So i did. Aboid this place.

  95. taylorpastonie

    Quality meds and best staff! Consistently have great deals and dank meds always! Would highly recommend this is my go-to dispensary

  96. yawknee

    Love this dispo. I had driven all the way from California and ended up going here and I was on my way to pick up a new puppy so I only had $25 cash on me to spend for that trip to the dispo. I ended up getting 2gs, 2 pre-rolls, lighter and papers all for $25. The guy who helped me was sooo cool and helpful and really gave me my money’s worth. I deff. Will be coming back when I’m on the east side. I live in Tucson and go to chandler ALL the time. Not only great service but really clean and the place is spacious and welcoming. All the product is laid out like an Apple store. The bud was really good and I’m happy I tried this place.

  97. Minimegathor

    Close location to me, flower is okay. Terrible customer service. Weren’t given the deal pricing and were argued with. Paid for 1.5 ounce and only got an ounce.

  98. Vageyser

    Best dispensary in the area! Great staff, great product, great deals. I will definitely be back.

  99. SymbioticSix

    Nice place, no wait, staff was great. Bought two eights. Gorilla Glue and White Fire Alien OG. Floor samples looked and smelled great. Got home and opened the packages. One was so dry it just falls apart, the other too wet to smoke. Both have the same stale-chemical smell and taste harsh, lacking any discernible aEURoeflavoraEUR. One is 24%, the other 27% but neither do anything for me. I’ve got a 1/4oz that I’m not looking forward to using.

  100. AZChronicTeam

    Join the Journey! Love it.
    Prices are TAX INCLUDED, different deals every day! Student discounts, veteran discounts, and more! Your team always goes above & beyond to assist and provide me with everything I need. In recognition of the fact that Arizona now has over 110 dispensaries to choose from, Territory Chandler is my home indefinitely. Only 6 and a half months old, I’m happy to go through the minor growing pains and improvements to come while I continuously support the growth of this operation.
    I’ve seen the best of people and the worst of people (in my own perception, based on presentation) walk in, and the Territory family serves everyone just the same.
    To those of you who strut with a high chin and blissful pretentiousness, please be courteous and realize these are people too.
    When patients come in pushing the limits of acceptable behavior, rigid restrictions and policies are put in place to avoid confrontation.

    Be happy, greatful, and smoke some tree! Territory is the place for me.


  101. zacksly

    Territory is a very good dispensary. Zack took care of me very well and I was pleasantly surprised to find out the prices include tax. The atmosphere was very open and relaxed. I will be back soon!!

  102. soterodelgado

    nice place had an issue with price but they fixed and honored the leafly price which in my opinion is awesome thx treye for your help today and the manager that did that for me. #HiCindy as good seeing you

  103. ecelder2

    Great prices, service, and products! Especially impressed with the helpful staff and Brittany, who handled my purchases. She is very knowable and showed me products that I did not know about along with some specials. The “open” display allows you to check-out the products and get information from staff members before you make your purchase. Quite a ways from my home but worth the drive and I WILL return.

  104. chr2131015

    No gimmicks awesome FTP deal and their flower is FIRE Doggy

  105. roman520

    Been here twice. Once w my friend then solo. And both times they switch up the packages. I got some flower i didn’t want it was lower shelf. Maybe if you guys got some real lights in this building. Your workers wouldn’t switch out the packages. Pissed. Both times they did this

  106. ebmmj

    The bud tenders here are so awesome & really helpful and nice! I loved the openness of the place and the ability to browse on my own

  107. BobaFettTokes

    Love the set up and meds. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Will be back.

  108. frankthatank775

    One of the best Dispensaries I’ve been to. Make sure you talk to my boy Meeks! He’s awesome. the prada is noice!

  109. 091075

    Love the vibe think aEURoedisjointedaEUR!!!

  110. pjeezy710

    Really nice store, you can’t judge this place from the parking lot. Super cool employees, you can tell they are thrilled to be there. I am very satisfied with the 4 strains I picked up dY’OEdY’OEdY”Y=dY”Y= Concentrate looked bomb, I know I’ll be back dY$?tm

  111. chaz21

    FiancA(c) and I had an Excellent experience, really chill, aEURoerealaEUR feel from our budtender and the staff. Freedom to walk around and decide when you wanna check-out. Grocery style

  112. jaydiaz97

    good buds always

  113. thedlack

    Really nice place. Two things. First, the guy said aEURoeno, we won’t send you daily deal textsaEUR when I asked. But I get them everyday now. I don’t mind the texts but I didn’t like that. And two, I had to ask to apply the daily deal because the girl charged me full price. If I didn’t know about it, she wouldn’t have given me the deal. Two kinda big ones as far as customer service. But nice atmosphere.

  114. sevensixmc

    Showed up at 6:59 today and would not help me while they all where standing around

  115. DesertApollo

    It was 4/20. They closed at 7pm. I arrived just before closing time, stoked to go there for my first time and they locked the doors. Super lame that they close at 7pm while most dispensaries in the area are open until 10 PM. But they should at least be staying open later than 7pm today because it’s 4/20 and that would help differentiate themselves and give them more business since they’re brand new dispensary.

  116. nisi42

    They are awesome and all their products are of great quality! I recommend them to all my friends!

  117. petey1987

    Very nice place good people good atmosphere good hella good meds!! I will definitely come back for more.

  118. mvs7514

    just stopped in for the soft opening and I must say it’s my new favorite spot. Even though they are still figuring out their operation they were very attentive. Michael helped me through the process and was an awesome bud tender. as for prices I must say I like them a lot especially on their in house vapes which for 90% could run up to 80 bucks here it’s only 40. I must say great job to the Territory team. this is my new spot.

  119. atriche15

    Unfortunately, this place NO LONGER has the best deal in town. With the change of their Sunday Deal, it just doesn’t make sense to pay more for the same product. I’m upset that I voted for these guys to be best dispensary…oh,well

  120. chihawks19

    The best place I’ve been in since I got my card, these guys are always fantastic. James and Andy we’re awesome today! I’m a patient for life for sure.

  121. SUNNY75

    The flower is DRY all of it….. i dont know how old the flower is no batch date???? I’m pretty sure they switched a bag on me…. they showed me a fluffy moist ounce and what i got was a ounce of dry brittle flower aka (gods gift) ?? sorry……

  122. spencerjowens20

    Best dispensary in the area in regards to customer service and product. Everyone who’s helped me out has been great and knowledgeable. Mike and Lauren are great, they were able to answer all of my questions and give great recommendations. The receptionist Keena is amazing herself! Overall a great dispensary, quality medicine and awesome people. Highly recommend.

  123. Josephus347

    Very bad service. Called to verify 99$ oz because i drive 45 miles to buy product. Spoke with one the workers he said yes they had 99 oz. I even got an email and text so i drive up their. And they tell me they had no 99 oz. They were not accommodating at all and a somewhat rude. I will not be returning.

  124. dexter26

    Great products with a lot of good strains and they have good deals going on. The included tax helps too!

  125. jgunz86

    Flowers are done in this industry fellas. It’s the way it is or the homie who still has the fire’s way. Otherwise, roll with the tides and pick yourself up a cartridge or syringe of oil. It’s the only way to go nowadays if you wanna get lit off your ass without complaining about your flowers smelling like miracle grow or being dryer than the Arizona weather.
    It is what it is and capitalism has taken over. This is not a rate per se for territory itself but the industry as a whole. Sad but true. So bad I even say no to a free 8th of flower at other dispos. aoeOEi,

    At any rate tho – Territory dispensary is a diamond class customer service spot. Made a mistake with me once over 20% and converted the mistake to a BOGO. If that’s not top-notch service, idk what is. Blaze up!

  126. Tonebone2

    Very professional. Bud quality exceptional!

  127. k14r1

    i was impressed with tax inclusive pricing, daily deals, point system/check in …and apparently there is more to come with brands they will carry.
    “back of receipt deal” always available is nice!
    *FTP deal bogo HiKlas cartridge
    *was leary of trying rando cartridge, however HiKlas skittles strain, not bad at all, don’t typically like fruity flavored, but the RESULT is as good as using Kind Live, the Clear v3/510, puraearth or timeless cartridges, seriously! (i’m extremely picky)!
    Anyway glad to have another dispensary in my area!

  128. ElleDevine

    Best gummy watermelon slices and great prices

  129. Lozano1

    new red head needs better ppl skills… where patients not idiots….thanks territory

  130. johnarch79

    This place is a joke. It’s 2018 and they are selling 20 dollar grams. They don’t even have 10 dollar grams. This place is a rip off and needs to catch up to the times. Look at these bullshit prices.

    Whoever said good prices is a joke this place is a rip. At least have quality with these prices.

  131. mrlattsaz

    Update to earlier review:

    What I said in th review a few posts below is absolutely true. I love that about Territory. However, I must say, I have been there 3 times (almost 2 hrd round trip each time) and each of the 3 times had horrible experiences.
    My first time, I had an adverse reaction to their GG#4 (I think they packaged their strains incorrectly that batch) which I have been medicating with for years and years and am clear on its effects.
    When I went back to rectify that, another error on their part, correcting their first error left me stranded wirh no medication and no allotment to get it elsewhere (they overreported the remainder of my allotment). As a result, I was out of allotment for over a week when technically had not exhausted it at all.
    Today l went back to collect what they owed me (it was calculated to be 11g, so a little over 3 1/8th. They were also running a bogo on 1/8ths today. It was all crystal clear. Black and white as far as what I was to receive and why. No Gray area.The amount of stress and anxiety the manager caused me today was unacceptable. He was very matter of factly, and made me feel horrible as if it were due to an error I made which had brough me in today. He made me feel like I was an inconvenience, and not a paying patient. It was only after I finally got angry and proved that I was right the entire time, that he eased off my grill and gave me what I was entitled to, as every other patient there. Funny how there was no hesitation on his part keeping me there at least a half waiting for me to accept his incorrect solution to my problem. Once I physically showed him in writing that he was incorrect, and he realized he was wrong and had to honor what I was entitled to, I found myself in my car and out of that lot in under 2 min…
    I believe (and don’t quote me) that Territory is/was owned by/started by at least 2 medical doctors, the passion for genuine help is there to their patients. I get that. However, better, ongoing training of employees, especially management, is definitely something I encourage, from a patient/paying customer’s standpoint. The managers should share in the owners genuine desire to aEURoehelpaEUR their patients rather than enforce their apparent, implied authority over them. It’s even worse when they (the management) are incorrect. The bottom line here was that the end result was a patient who came their initially for their medication to treat and relieve their anxiety and stress walking out the door with 3 times as much anxiety as they came in with. It’s disappointing, and with a smorgasbord of dispensaries closer to my home, makes it pretty safe to assume that I will never return. I love their operational process, but I’d rather wait longer elsewhere and ensure a seemless, pleasant experience.

  132. zamy124

    Love the staff here. Andy was very helpful and attentive to my needs. I LOVE the flower here. I thought I had high tolerance and that this flower wouldn’t be as potent as I needed. But one bowl of the GG4 put me on my ass. I’ve tried at least 10 different types of flower from here and it’s all fire dY”Y=. I’ve also tried some of the vital edibles and I’m very impressed with the taste of everything and how well these edibles have been helping me stay asleep. Open floor plan is nice and feels homey and comfortable to walk in and look around. Much different feel from different dispensary’s and that’s why this will be one of my favorites to visit

  133. Brandon0308

    You can delete my Leafly reviews, but you can’t delete my Google & Yelp Reviews. Just can’t accept that you had a budtender that woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. How sad.


    Very BAD experience!!!Young budtenders that did not know what they were doing at all!First time patient deal Bogus! bogo,but the weight is terrible,BOTH Eighths were off,1 just a bit,the other was barely 2 grams!!!!they said it looked small because they had it in a quarter bag!Total BULL! On top the weed was terrible,both strains dry and dusty!NEVER will shop there again!Been to 40 places in 2 years….TERRITORY is by far the WORST! Stay Clear of this place!

  135. donjulio1976

    Great job. Quick and courteous

  136. boojaman

    immediately after walking in I thought it was the coolest most relaxed set up nice clean store wonderful lighting everyone had a smile on their face it was quick and clean the manager helped me out what a nice guy can’t recommend this place enough they have such a large selection and the first dispo I have been to in a year that actually had 100%wax go here!

  137. islandboy760

    great service, great product! two blunts up in my book

  138. webshark25

    Territory has been my go-to dispensary pretty much since they opened. Their staff is always extraordinarily friendly and extremely knowledge in whatever questions you might have. Highly recommend – shout-out to Britney in specific for being extra fantastic!

  139. aroush

    Great place! They have amazing customer service and product.

  140. Licensed2Doob

    My favorite dispensary!!! Customer service is always excellent and stands out compared to the other dozen or so dispensaries I’ve been to across the valley. Been going here since the first week it opened. I always shop the discounts and daily specials. All of the bud tenders are excellent and are always tossing in free edibles or pre-rolls, I always leave happy. I personally have never had dry flower from this place, but I have at other dispensaries, it’s going to happen at every dispensary eventually it’s just part of the manufacturing and harvesting process, allot of flower is processed! I can say however I have had almost too moist of flower from this place a couple times now, which is really not bad it just goes out so easily! As far as prices are concerned they are right in line IMO. I used to drive across valley to get $99 oz or $50 or $60 1/2 oz. No need to anymore, seems every couple weeks they have the same or similar deal! They also have 20% off specials off something everyday, for example; Mon-edibles. Tuesday-Flower etc. Sunday’s you pick your 20% discount! In addition they have surprising flash sales if you sign up for texts. Tax included on all items, 3% cash back on every purchase which is excellent in case your short or want to put a little $ in the tip jar for them. On the back of your receipt they alway have a buy 2 get 1 free on 5 different brands which includes Vital, Stickie Lickies, and Hi-klas for example. On top of this you get points that can be used to renew your Med card or other swag type items! It takes 1500 points for a Med card renew, seems like allot but since it opened in March I have collected 1200 pts! 6 mos! So I know my Med card renewal fee is already almost covered for next year! I often ask if they have any other discount items or bargain bin items, they always seem to find something good for me! If there was anything I’d like to see improved it would be extending the evening hours to 9 or 10 pm. So glad my favorite dispensary is the closest one to where I live, talk about lucky, this place is great!

  141. chase25

    awesome location best meds my favorite

  142. JoeyG1985

    Dude, this place rocks! Fantastic atmosphere! Great buds and the staff members are cool also. My budtender, Mike, was super chill and knowledgeable and can hold good conversation! Definitely recommend this place and I certainly will be going back. There are only about 7 or 8 dispensaries that I’ll give repeat business to and this dispensary has made my illustrious list! I’m VERY picky about my dispensaries and my flower in general. Quality totally counts and this place has some straight kill!

  143. Spike21

    Great people , prices and products

  144. sno283

    Found this place by randomly searching Leafly and it is only about 15 miles away, but the FTP special and had strains I really wanted. The place is very nice and big inside. Very open. FLOWER= Anyway I picked up Purple Larry, GSC, and GDP. I am impressed by the quality and for me i love the bag appeal of the Purple Larry lol and GSC. The GDP wasnt blown away by. Id give the flower a 4.3 out of 5 only bc all 3 strains were a little on the dry side I hope this changes. EDIBLES= I picked up a bag of watermelon gummies made by them they were only 100mgs, but wow seem a lot stronger! CONCENTRATES= When i was there all the half grams of stuff was $24 way to pricey IMO, but i see now they have other companies with better prices. LASTY they have some pretty nice glass pieces for cheap. The staff seems to listen very well to suggestions i have no doubt that ill be here quite often even know it is 15 miles from me and i have 2 dispos 4 miles away.
    PS to the STAFF*** change your Sublime edibles on the menu to what they need to be KOROVA. You have Sublime on all the Korova edibles.

  145. Clay28ton

    Great location. Friendly, knowledgable staff!

  146. Chari33

    This place was absolutely amazing!!! The facility is nice and open and all of the staff is friendly. Mike took super great care of me and was extremely knowledgeable. This is my absolute new go to spot!!!

  147. ccdragon

    Clean store, with a great location. A little pricy for my usual taste, but the way the God’s Gift crumbled between my thumb and forefinger made me forget about that!!!! Very nice staff and customer service. Keep the deals coming Territory!

  148. hsdalley

    Excellent service, excellent product.

  149. 4RCHIE20

    I think I just found my go-to dispensary! I felt extremely welcome the moment I stepped inside. The staff is knowledgeable and super friendly. It’s also close to home, so that’s a plus dY~S Looking forward to my next visit! dY’s

  150. Ballsonyourvideo

    Love this place. Great atmosphere friendly staff quality meds and easy access. Not sure what else you could ask for except easy parking and they have that too!

  151. TabathaH

    Discounts for Maricopa residents! Discounts for every day of the week. Fast service. Great quality flower. I will definitely be back.dY’dY’dY’

  152. KingsKrush

    Nolan and Andy are absolute sweethearts!

  153. JimmyDiesel

    Horrible and I was a ftp they can keep their special will never come back to this place again. Very unprofessional staff was not knowledgeable at all. Advice for any new patients stay away.

  154. germaineos

    Today was my first visit and I have to say I love this place. Super chill and spacious, staff is super friendly and helpful. I was able to talk to them about different strains and what helps some conditions. They had a good variety of strains, specially hybrids. Product is fresh, grabbed the last of Tina Danza to try for my headaches and it worked amazing! Definitely will keep coming here…

  155. MrFigueroa91

    Can’t wait to stop by as soon as you open up shop.

    P.s. Here’s a little tip to attract the MMJ community: HAVE A GOOD FIRST TIME PATIENT DEAL. We will be on a good FTP deal like white on rice trust me haha


    Flower is firedY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= couldn’t be happier with the GSC and GG#4. Great staff, the open floor plan is very sharp and represents AZ to the fullest. The Hi Klas distillate cartridges are dope, very comparable if. It better than Timeless and only $40 a half gram!! The Hi Klas THCA Diamonds I tried at Errl Cup and I’m stoked this is their homebase for me to try all the Hi Klas concentrates. Vital Sensi Stripes are flame!! Amazing specials, awesome and knowledgeable staff. I will be back!!

  157. GinoMidnight

    Living in Maricopa, we recently went through places not delivering or having dispesnaires in Maricopa so hearing this place is opening makes things easier because you guys are the closest dispesnary to the city so I thought i’d give this a try.

    I really liked it here. The bud is great, the people were really nice, the first patient deals are awesome and the 2 things I love the most is that you aren’t secluded by a wall in the waiting room and you have no form to sign for your first patient. You can just walk right in! And I love that so much. It’s something i’ve wanted in a dispensary the past 2+ years i’ve had a med card but never thought i’d see it. Keep it up you guys!

  158. heidi1022

    Great new place, awesome staff, superb product. Would definitely shop here again!

  159. joechef85

    Absolutely love this place! A little bit out of the way, but always worth it! The bud tenders are always super nice, I love every one of them. Good variety and quality of flower and great prices/in-store specials. Lots of quality concentrates as well. This is the only place I go to now.

  160. zelims

    Great staff and great atmosphere. My only problem is it’s a little pricy but the crumble i got was fire.

  161. allstar23

    This place is growing on me. It has specials that you excellent and super flower. Great location! Excellent staff. Great atmosphere, love to shop with NO pressure or an employee following you around or having to stand at their station and forget stuff. Great deal with the Select BOGO today!

  162. gghart

    HI KLAS IS FIRE! Great location and atmosphere. Top shelf quality over here so if your looking for cheap dirt weed or terpless value shatter, it ain’t here. I will be a regular.

  163. ss12olson

    I love it, the staff is always awesome.

  164. LittleKyet

    Little weird you have to show your card before you get in (and with no sign telling you to show your card..cmon it’s easy and really convenient I promiseeeedY~%0)
    Came in for the grand opening and got that $110 oz of pineapple chunk and BOI. That’s some good shit. Tastes kinda funky and it’s not really my favorite but it’s tolerable for sure. Will definitely come back for the FTP discount !

  165. lkrissyaz1961

    Excellent experience

  166. aincardone

    Welcome home bud lovers. Great people, great product, even better location.

    Already gone twice!

  167. mrbubble

    I have finally found my neighborhood spot.
    The GSC is in a league of its own. Wow.

    Very knowledgeable AND fun staff.

  168. jiujitsugabe

    It was my first time in and it was a great experience! Great atmosphere, friendly employees, and great quality medicinedY’OEdY1/2 GMO Cookies is straight fire dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=, please keep it stocked guysdYtmdY1/2dY’dY1/2dY’OEdY1/2

  169. MommyDanger

    Territory is simply the best dispensary in Arizona. Great meds, awesome people, and daily deals that can’t be beat! the budtenders always find a way to get me a discount, or remind me of my reward dollars which rapidly build up without me noticing. Even their bottom shelf meds are amazing. Going back tomorrow for $99 ounce sale. From the minute I checked in and the nice lady at the desk told me I didn’t have to fill out paperwork then said welcome to the family, I knew I found my spot.


    I’ve been to territory and I must say!! They are legit! Live down the street from them very convenient and affordable. The quality is amazing!!

  171. TT1983

    First off, location could not be more convenient right off the I-10. I stopped by during their soft opening and was flat out impressed. The space is beautiful, unlike any dispensary I’ve visited. I was buzzed right in and helped within seconds. The staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The flower (I purchased some Purple Larry and Sour Tangie on my FTP special) was absolutely fire. Huge nugs and quality was some of the best I’ve found in my three years as a card holder. Staff was awesome. Extremely friendly and very knowledgeable/helpful. I can’t wait for their grand opening (rumor is $110 nug ounces). I will definitely be back and plan to make this place a priority on my dispo list. Bravo Territory, very well done all around!

  172. Yungwoodzz

    Just a update to the last review, the reason why the bud is dry is the harvest date was back in March..

  173. slvrms

    Been excited for territory to open up for a while now and I was not disappointed. The staff was super knowledgeable and helpful about the products, even with it being their first day open. The quality of the bud is fantastic. Great first time patient deals too.

    Biggest reason to come back are the environment of the dispensary and the great customer service though. It feels artsy and well thought out. It’s like if cartel and REI opened a dispensary. This is embodied even more by the friendly staff, the open floor plan, and the enticing branding. This dispensary feels like it’s for a true cannabis enthusiast. The staff seemed excited about their products and knowledgeable about the specifics of each strain.
    I would definitely recommend territory to any patient that wants a really comfortable and fun cannabis experience.

  174. bra2090444

    One of my best dispensary experiences to date! My bud tender James E. was super knowledgeable about strains and crosses, he sold me on the cherry all-star, hazelnut cream, and crunch berries. He was spot on and all his recommendations were straight fire! Territory has always had the best bud and I highly recommend stopping in. 5/5 for me!

  175. Kiki0613

    Love the place!! Staff is so knowledgeable and friendly.

  176. danbo2275

    this will be my first.time coming out from east mesa to check you guys out..I like the go go deal for.first time patiens..also people wrote good reviews about this place.

  177. tdaz

    hate it that sometime I get the Maricopa deal and sometimes I don’t all depends on the person. and that crap just is not right. got other places to go to.

  178. zkjev01

    Budtenders are cool. Management is not.

  179. spicoli7

    Very friendly but pricey for pre-packaged and quality isn’t on point for the prices, too bad cause nice spot and cool people. Nugs were super dried out crumbled to dust very disappointed with quality. I wouldn’t pay those prices for this with out the bogo my opinion when u can get fresher better quality for the same price at several dispensary s in the general area

  180. LoudMouf

    Great Service. Manager Is Awesome. I Enjoyed The Tour. DosSiDos from grow science was fantastic. Awesome Batch. HighGrade Dr.Who was good as well. tho this batch wasn’t as good as ive had the Who. but it was definitely a good smoke. Overall. I Will Return. Customer Service Was Great. GrowScience Ty For Bringing The Fire Back To The Desert.

  181. Positivegolfer

    Great place… I took advantage of the concentrate sale and the crumble is some of the best stuff ive ever had…i would recomend there house brand concentrates.

  182. domfezz

    great bud for the price can’t compare anywhere else. must check them out if you haven’t yet. dY’OE

  183. Adonzella

    Been here twice now and was given undivided attention! Love the small atmosphere and the staff along with the deals.

  184. TiggyTendy

    Today was my first visit, I will be returning. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. The atmosphere was welcoming. Outstanding all the way around.

  185. Lilbast1

    I found this place via Leafly map search while shopping in the area. Sign up is quick and easy, open floor is nice!!

    Service is good, purchased BOGO True Vape, strawberry cough and fruit punch. Both have good taste and desired affect. The vape was in a quality C-cell cartridge that does make a difference.
    MARICOPA residents must check this location out for special discount.
    This looks to be my new regular place. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  186. Robert505

    love this place wish more places did the buy2 get 1 free coupon you offer

  187. kjkj23

    LOVE LOVE LOVE TERRITORY!!!! Love the dipensary set up, love the staff, love the location! My favorite dispensary in valley! and a shout out to KINA!

  188. dabyelluuuh

    So happy with my first experience here. Very very friendly staff. Andrew helped me pick out my concentrates and edibles and the prices here are really good for the quality of product you’re getting. I’ll definitely be back.. 🙂

  189. kylehaug

    I will start with this dispensary really wants you go walk out happy I drove from Goodyear to buy a 60popcorn oz and when I got there they were out and I really was limited to my cash instead of leaving upset and disappointed I was taken very good care of by a man named Mike to make sure I left with my meds and a happy patient thank Mike for going above and beyond to service my needs and I look forward to coming back

  190. Quadrillion3401

    Great place to visit love it

  191. Babo21422

    Great medss

  192. MacMin84

    Better get in here and pick up some of the GMO! The GMO is the best I have seen in awhile!! WOW!!

  193. Pointflyer

    What an experience! First dispensary I’ve been to in the
    East Valley that I felt comfortable and welcome. Heard about it yesterday. Almost left after I saw the line today. Happy that I didn’t!

  194. Jbeaves

    Seriously $55 an 8th? Just got a full oz. same strain $85 so $30 more get 7 more 8ths.. U can keep it.

  195. thecheyenneing

    I love Territory so much! The budtenders are always incredibly helpful and genuine. I get the daily sale texts as well. The quality of the product has always been good, and I really like the cash-back loyalty rewards.

  196. Asshats6

    Wide open showroom to browse everything, awesome first time patient deal, super helpful, not sure what else you could want in a dispensary. Can’t wait to stop by when I’m in the area again!

  197. jrose0199

    I have a high tolerance but the Royal Kush is potent. Thanks.
    Its nice and skunky and does its job incredibly well…couch material.

  198. danielb710

    Visited for the first time earlier and was very impressed! Great setup where you browse at your own pace, good quality product, friendly service, and good rewards/discounts! I like how all the flower is tested for potency and the grower of the flower/harvest date is labeled. Will likely be back despite living quite far away.

  199. cgeorge97

    One of the newer dispensary’s in area yet one of the best. They have thc test results on all there flower so you really know what your paying for and a guaranteed safe product. They run some awesome sales from time and always have b2g1 concentrates one the back of the receipt. They also really care about there patients and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you leave satisfied. I strongly recommend this dispensary for there quality and prices.

  200. SmellzGood

    First time here. Really liked the open air atmosphere of this place. Impressive menu as well and a lot of opportunities to save you some $$$:coupons, vet discount etc. Bud is beautiful and very easy to to get the smell and look of it in the open showcase area. I’ll be back here for sure!

  201. dubketrubl

    The staff and the flower is pretty amazing at the spot I definitely recommend it

  202. BrandyJJ71

    this is by far my new favorite dispensary the staff there is awesome special shout-out to Trey he’s been awesome the two times I’ve got to work with him he remembered my name after meeting me once! prices are good quality is good and they know their products highly recommend!

  203. osh

    dry dry dry dry dry that’s what I think about this location all the flower that I purchased was dry except for one

  204. Desertburn

    DRY flower. Almost dust. BEWARE!!

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