Valley of the Sun Medical Dispensary



16200 W Eddie Albert Way, Goodyear, AZ 85338


33.4094656, -112.4069754




8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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Valley of the Sun Medical Dispensary, Inc is a State Licensed Medical Marijuana Facility located in Goodyear, AZ .

Premium Indoor Grown Cultivation offering affordable pricing, a safe-secure location!
Ask about our AZ Super Sour & AZ Super Skywalker OG #9 Strains!

All new patients receive 35% off total purchase on all TOP SHELF Original Flower Pricing!

Veterans/Military discount: 15%
Senior Citizen discount 55 +: 10%
Disability discount: 10%
Cancer Patients: 20% off
(Proper Documentation needed before discount can be applied)

Please visit our website where Online ordering is available:


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Money Back

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964 reviews for “Valley of the Sun Medical Dispensary

  1. SusieUzi

    Lime green flowers and daily specials, keep me a dedicated customer.

  2. 6Marijuana9

    Thanks VOTSMD for the hook up and having great service. All of you guys are great and always positive.

  3. Herbchild420

    the shatter here is on point I just ran out of the free crumble I won on 420 🙂 thanks for the food as well dY”Y=dY’dY’OE

  4. Derek0206

    Always love going to the Valley, always the best Meds, and some of the Friendliest Staff in town!

  5. sidneyj23

    I picked up a 1/2 last week and I was reminded why this is my dispensary. The staff makes you feel like family, the prices are great, 15% discount for vets, and the meds are the best in the valley. Keep up the good work guys.

  6. ThatBoiKB68

    Great herb and nice employees.

  7. magicmkv

    Second visit and meds are excellent. Will definitely keep coming back.

  8. Namaste54

    I’ve been coming to VOTSMD for 3 years and I’m a happy camper! I’ve also patronized Arizona Cannabis Society in El Mirage and the Phoenix Relief Center, but I keep coming back here!
    The bud tenders are knowledgeable and friendly. Their products are excellent and offer something for virtually any budget.
    This is definitely my go to place!

  9. mybarra91

    From the security guard to the bud tender it was great service for my first time. It was my first time even at a dispensary and he was very helpful with the strains I wanted. Highly recommended AZ Super Queen !

  10. OVO7RJ

    The atmosphere is all good vibes!

  11. mrhernandez

    Great location, great staff, and excellent products.

  12. cairalisameow

    Everyone was extremely friendly and outgoing. Very helpful seeing it was my first time and took their time to go over their great selection with me.

  13. Kevin4aces

    Great quality strains best dispensery in AZ.

  14. IamG

    the best in Arizona good flower and
    bomb concentrate….ILL BE BACK

  15. MrUnknownStoner

    the people are very friendly, helpful, and kind.

  16. Niny_baby

    great customer service great management

  17. patwilkins

    I like this place. they good meds and great budtenders. I will return.

  18. Grimmlock

    Great place. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Quick service. Most importantly, fantastic meds. Been to other dispensaries and I have to say, Valley of the Sun has the best. Fresh, fat, smelly buds, picture perfect. They are constantly putting out a wide array of strains. Also a nice selection on medibles and infused products. Highly recommend this place to everyone. I have become a regular. Check ’em out. Well worth it.

  19. molineben

    Best product within miles of where I live. Love that they cultivate their own stuff. Great staff great place thank you

  20. Aragon23

    great quality bud

  21. deucestickly69

    never got my pre roll

  22. kushkillz420

    Nice place,good herb.

  23. amc427

    The first dispensary I ever went to. Prices are good and they always have awesome patient appreciation events and giveaways. They seem to really care about their customer base. The service is always good and they do a great job of keeping things running smoothly when it gets busy. I generally stick to the flower and I’ve never been disappointed. Their new patient special is awesome as well.

  24. swissceez83

    vote dispensary has the best flower and concentrate in arizona hands down. The staff is great and a variety of meds to choose from.

  25. Eve.st1218

    The staff was super nice and helpful , the selection was great and I’ll be back !

  26. mikedphipps

    Great spot, little to no line I when I went.

  27. specials

    awesome meds, great service!

  28. cbr420

    amazing staff and you have to try there supper sour og

  29. poloblow

    Good strains

  30. onecrazyredhead

    Love VOTSD! The bud and staff are top notch!

  31. Sigmyst6h

    They have the best concentrates in the Valley

  32. teetamike1

    The people that work here are awesome. Always a smile on their faces and very willing to help you with what you are looking for. Very knowledgeable about their products. What a job to have!!!!

  33. MrsJenkins

    I love Valley of the Sun the staff is great the weed is great and they’re all around five stars

  34. Devzdabs

    Great bud tenders always got me lmao and always know their stuff

  35. 420chas17

    Love the new 4.20 pre rolls… people here are awesome..

  36. jaimeecutz

    Went and got some of that fire AZ confidential. Cool chill staff nice visit overall

  37. azcoigreach

    Had my first visit here today. Very nice staff. Very helpful. 20% first time discount and a free pre-roll was awesome.

  38. trodawg

    what’s up with the outrageous tax? My purchase came to $85 and after tax $103! That’s around 20% wtf? Awesome pen cartridges but the flower isn’t as good as it use to be, Looks like I’m going to Natural Selections from now on until the tax, price, and meds get better. Update the deals on leafly too once and a while cause they suck

  39. Diana101

    Not far witch is good

  40. Azkingmack

    Sweet ass location dudes dank herb

  41. kale4life

    great shop with great service. didn’t get the 5 star cause of how much trimmings are left on buds which was over 3gs worth on an ounce purchase. other than that meds were magnificent.

  42. smoke1012

    Valley of the Sun is one of the best dispensaries out in the West Valley that AZ Super Sky 9 is their number one strand I don’t care what anybody says

  43. nbushong

    Friendliest people and best tasting bud

  44. SirChucksALot

    still my fave!

  45. James8911

    Best j around

  46. mizowski

    I am very disappointed with how they went from always doing 150-200 ouces to 200/250 to now being rarely 250. They should also follow suit with the other shops and include the tax price into the product which would make the customer alot happier.

  47. ElScuti98

    Shatter tasted more like chemicals then anything and didn’t provide a good high. Wasn’t to satisfied with this place. Also don’t like that they’re concentrate products are made with butane

  48. 8Devyn8

    Been here multiple times and love it! Great bud and wax especially!

  49. Vet19vet75

    While driving up to the location I noticed the facade was very factory like. as I entered into the factory like dispensary I was greeted by a metal detector a man behind the glass window who asked me to empty my pockets into a basket and stepped through the metal detector. after a quick id check I was moved into another room where I was handed a clipboard and filled out a quick after a quick ID check I was moved into another room where I was handed the clipboard in filled out a quick page YouTube of personal information and how how I heard about them. i was then taken into another area where all of the medicines are out in small glass jars and where I could smell look at, touch and feel the medicine. the Budtenders were generally knowledgeable on the specific strains and quickly suggested the right bud for me. I asked about CBDs and they said they only had gel caps and some edibles. so a limited selection. overall VOS met my needs but it needs some improvement to get away from the factory like feel of the place. Also the Budtenders may need a bit more applied knowledge on their inventory.

  50. jboo1300

    Honestly I’ve been looking for a mmj dispensary that’s consistent with real top shelf quality meds where the flower will taste like the first time you tasted that particular strain even weeks later. The AZ SuperSky16 is a definite winner as well as the Purple Death. Also dont overlook the dream queen because it packs a definite high cbd kick to it.

  51. highlymedicated710

    Very potent medicine and I had a great first experience there today. They give 20% off and a free house blend preroll for first time patients, so that was dope. Closest place to me and I wasn’t disappointed! I will defiantly be back, I appreciate it y’all .

  52. TattooJay

    This dispensary is AWESOME!! With these things comes the staff…. From the front door all the way into the Weed Room, these people are straight up AWESOME, chill, relaxed, knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly these Budtenders care. Now the selection here CANNOT be beat, ever so fresh with the selection and variety IS GREAT QUALITY!! I am a repeat client and I even brought my fiancA(c) here when she first received her medication card.

  53. pnorris1987

    The Best selection in Phoenix

    Huge selection of very potent Strains

    Great specials running daily

  54. o0fabian0o

    I think this location has friendly customer service along with quick service. You don’t have to wait more then 15 minutes to get your medicine and get out. Plus they have pre rolls for 4.20$ which you can’t beat.

  55. smokimonkiwi

    tried the lemon tree and it was very potent i didnt like the taste it left on my tounge it was a bit harsh but the high was nice

  56. thelm394

    I love this place, some of the best meds in town

  57. Izzymactde

    Very discrete but nicely put together

  58. jitsusoldier

    It is a nice drive but well worth it!!!!!
    Amazing flower.

  59. tiraycoleman

    They have the best strains around I have to admit. I have had my mmj card since it first became legal in AZ and out of all the dispensary this one has the quality top shelf that everyone talks about but dont really have. You can stick there medical to the wall with out pressing down hard…

  60. MadMedic

    Lately, the buds are so leafy, I have had to go elsewhere. Sad because the Super Sour rocks! But I am tired of paying premium prices for leaf. Sorry…

  61. sanchito83

    this place is good and has all the best name’s to serve awesome tenders great prices highly recommended to all

  62. TiffanyW86

    I love this place they always have the best product I want every time I visit.

  63. Emilycup

    This is the closest dispensary to my house and I’m glad because it’s a great place! The staff is really patient and kind, prices are reasonable, atmosphere is clean and nicely decorated.

  64. shaunmorrison

    see ya tonight if you havent had a chance to come here DO … always fast and exelent service … thanks

  65. opalguy

    Its convenient and it has great meds!

  66. CaptainBuds

    went in for my first visit and it was perfect! Got a cool jar and a preroll that smoked amazing AND a discount on my purchase. The staff was well educated and the flower was great. Highly recommended AZ super sour

  67. sparkly42010

    great place.. clean Lobby great deals.. customer service is nice professional and fast!!

  68. Johnef

    The premium rolls are outstanding. Thanks VOTS for honoring your elders and especially our VETS.

  69. TheBryanSanchez

    I always stop by for their exclusive strain of that AZ Super Sour.

  70. fishfin

    Awesome staff and great products to choose from

  71. jimdock67

    best bud in the valley wish you guyz would grow a original haze but with you signature az style


    fu q

  73. Sabi69

    best og in az

  74. lctwinsmomma

    Love my friends at VOTS! Always know their products & introducing new strains. Flower & wax awesome!

  75. delbert13

    This place was great!! Very friendly and knowledgeable!! Was even asked what my condition was and was asked to write them down so research could be done for the next time I went in!! Was awesome to hear that!!! Prices were best I have seen yet and the quality was great!! Top quality, great look and smell!!

    Over all wonderful place, will be going back for sure and suggest anyone to make the drive out to them.

  76. jjason

    the bud tenders make the trip worthwhile.. and the quality of the bud is the best*

  77. Channoka

    Not sure what to say. I bought 4
    Pre rolls, and 3 of em had seeds.
    Amateurs. Never going back!

  78. mptc651

    great place. really friendly staff. great deals qnd their flower selection is top notch. . will back.

  79. jennyasis

    Great quality meds, and super friendly staff. My go to for good night time meds atm!
    Love az user sour

  80. kcetwin

    Great customer service and great bud dY’dY1/4

  81. mmj89

    Great dispensary, great staff. Just all out a great place. home of the best skywalker.

  82. JDever7

    Very friendly staff and clear environment

  83. frannyfrann

    what a wonderful experience

  84. barnell27

    Pungent smell always upon entering,
    Awesome deals and glass.
    Never a hassle as the receptionist Bobbie is always helpful and truly wonderful!!

  85. thethirday

    This a throwback to the old school. Good meds .. chill atmosphere Bodega like and great budtenders.

  86. slackvana

    I got a few different flowers from here, and they were decent. Got sparky in the bowl tho…. felt like a wizard. The metal detector that seems to go off regardless of the actual metal situation is also not my favorite sound early in the morning pre-smoke. Screw coffee, I need some weeeed to pick me up.

  87. trav420king91

    amazing place best in the valley by

  88. Jbunny420

    Fast friendly and quick

  89. muffassa6277

    You guys rock. I love everything there. your products, the set up, all you employees are rad. everything!! thanks for carrying some of my favorite strains like GDP. and blue mystic. love you guys

  90. bongripper69k

    great dispensary awesome prices and really knowledgeable budtenders definitely love to get meds from here!

  91. Divers-Ion

    Ive been going here for the past couple of months and will continue. Great meds, THE BEST PRICES, and outstanding service. What more can I ask for.

  92. ragarcia17

    They are my new go to place! This AZ confidential works like magic for me! Definitely recommend

  93. jerseyslugger18

    it was awesomeness!!! i was a first time patient and Eric helped me out. he was very knowledgeable and did a great job

  94. mrbernal

    very good stains good service

  95. mdoyleaz

    This is the best place I have been to so far best meds not to dry and smell amazing try the mango kush it fire. And they also give you a 1 gram pre. Roll of there az super sour

  96. LoveMeSumOG

    Great Service Good Meds!

  97. mikeysandoval16

    awesome place an I like the people who work here.. I like the blackberry kush it was good indica

  98. Sierra94

    I went & got an eighth of some Gelato today shit sucked found about 20 seeds in it .

  99. CopeRebel93

    I love the location and most the staff is friendly. Gotta say i love the edibles they are bomb! I am a little iffy on the greens they were very leafy and when i weighed out for myself nothing came up on my scale (my scale works everything else i weighed came up properly) i guess i jist prefer the greens be weighed out in front of me. Also i wish VOTS would do special deals here and there but overall the location the level of security measures, staff and atmosphere are awesome and i put y’all in the #4 spot. “Straight Outta VOTS”

  100. ScottG

    Great bud and awesome deals! Super Sour is off the chain!

  101. msims

    when i come from Tucson this is my first and last stop….best all around

  102. Sharlarod63

    Vots # 1 !!!

  103. wowza411

    Awesome location very friendly and informative. Coming in today for my birthday and some edibles. Very good medicine and good value

  104. johnleon420

    Meanest moon rocks

  105. truword1

    Top quality service, with top quality strains.

  106. MightyQ420

    Very cool place with a nice lounge while waiting to visit budtender. Flower looked and smelled nice. Super Skywalker OG was on point! Very good first time patient deal and you get a neat glass jar. I would definitely return.

  107. DirtyBirdsATL

    worst dispensary in the valley.

  108. shalynn77

    Love it favorite dispensary !!!!

  109. drthunder

    always a great experience. there is even movies playing while you wait. not long of a wait though. fast and knowledgeable.

  110. glockslap88

    Epic prices, selection and quality. What’s more to say?

  111. ImLuAndImProud

    Great place for edibles. Can’t beat 25% off every Tuesday for eds.

  112. caroo25

    This place is awesome! They have some great strains & the people working there are really friendly. I’ll definitely be coming back again!

  113. IBlazeLounge

    Ill be back as quick as i can!!!

  114. cheynneg

    They have really good deals here all the time and they have great quality in weed and wax. There service is also good.

  115. achefslyfe

    Greatest extracts and flower in the valley, hands down. I refuse to go anywhere else.

  116. ic0n82

    for whatever reason my reviews keep getting erased. I love this location, but can you please bring back your 30$ eighth special!!!

  117. StreetlightEcho

    Feels safe and casual. I felt comfortable chatting with everyone on my first visit, never felt rushed or prompted. My meds were amazing. Soft, dense, moist. Fair pricing doesn’t hurt either. This place is high grade all around, I highly recommend!

  118. StonedSoul21

    1st time patient & very happy with my visit ! dY’s great service & very good quality dY’-dY’OE

  119. PickyPatient

    When I first walked in and had to empty my pockets and go through a metal detector I was taken aback as I’ve not seen that in the other dispensaries. Well intentioned.

    Security Staff was awesome! He was very polite and professional, made me at ease.

    Reception/Check-in process was simple and the lady behind the counter was very quick and polite when registering.

    Budtender, Mike, was great. He pointed me toward the AZ Super Sour which is what I had come in for so his pick for me was right on. He even helped out when I didn’t know there was tax added to menu prices.

    Product: Az Super Sour

    Freaking awesome. I’ve been a green patient for quite some time so I have a high tolerance and this stuff just blasted me off. High is like the best parts of Headband and Trainwreck for the first 30-40 minutes then mellows out to a comfortable level for several hours. Nugs were huge, sticky, and stinky.

    One Complaint: My 1/2 oz was light. Even with some large stemmed buds it weighed out at 13.8. Checked scale calibration. It was accurate.

    Even with my complaint I will be back. The medicine is too good to overlook and the service was hands down the best. The Veteran Discount is awesome! See you guys soon

  120. eddieg87

    very friendly people and good quality meds will come back for sure

  121. pixiesugar

    I have been buying at this location for 6 months. Last visit I purchased RSO Monster Cookie Syringe. I have never tasted anything so nasty. Just looked at the package today EXPIRATION DATE: 03/21/2107 EXPIRED OVER A YEAR AGO. Money down the drain. Quinton is the only person who is helpful. I am ill and this nasty, expired item cost me $45.

  122. DeadheadRasta

    I’ve been medicating and meditating for years now. I also have worked in a dispensary, and been to a few out of state. my hats off to you guys. very informative, understanding and the medication is always on point.
    Living out in rainbow valley you guys are the closest I just happened to get the lucky you’re also the best! Sincerely diamond in the desert!

  123. bambiejake

    Such a good place to get flower always. The best deals and sometimes a freebie too. Also their first time deal is great.

  124. simplynathan20

    Cool staff with a good mixture of bud, wax, and edibles

  125. rdavis1276

    You absolutely can’t go wrong here. Flowers are top notch!

  126. irvflo27

    Best meds in (AZ) hands down come and see for yourself

  127. ganja83

    The super sour og shatter was amazing. Great taste, great high, and at a great price

  128. sohood2020

    great place to get your bud from

  129. Hyphyag87

    Used to come in here for flower but switched it up to concentrates and started coming back here…I love when the specials are $20/$40 where it should be! Or honor discounts on $25/$50, just personal opinion! The crumble is Top Shelf, The super sour crumble is more less budder but nonetheless it’s Top Shelf! The Sour Diesel shatter is the best here hands down! Keep those text specials coming with $30 g on crumble and $20/$40 I’ll keep stopping by every time all the time! Good job guys, loving the inside of the Budtender room, feels like a real place keep it up!!


    Top Tier Dispenser! I’ve been to about 25 across the state.My tender,Jaokiem,was excellent! He opened his mouth and you could tell instantly that he knew his Product.Display Flower was fresh,fragrant,and looked well tended.I brought home Az Super Skywalker OG,and Grand Daddy Purple.The OG was Fat,shimmering with Tri,and Fragrant as ever! Rolled it smoked beautifully,the taste was fantastic,and it was about as potent as it gets,Super! I got some of the last of the GDP,so it was a group of smaller buds.The buds were hard,dense,tight and fragrant;in the Best of ways!The GDP Potency was OFF the Chart!Some of the best herb I have ever smoked!Worth the Drive….99% chance this place is a Much Better then where you are going now!

  131. atltx

    Budtender worked with me through describing ailments. I was using words that others don’t use…I was not making sense. Instead of the guy saying wtf?…he maintained a straight face with a calm, patient and professional tone while he schooled me. The gentleman was not short and did not drag the process out. Tried to get someone to do this at another dispensary and was blown off after 2 recommendations. This example of a great budtender may have just secured my business even after I move to the other side of the valley. This place is for down to earth people who value extremely good meds.

  132. Dagnabit420

    Have had the following flowers from this dispensary on many different occasions,

    AZ Super Sour OG = 5 Stars!

    Blue Dragon OG = 5 Stars!

    Big Wreck = 5 Stars!

    Dutch Kush =4 Stars

    XJ = 3-1/2 Stars

    AK-47, 2-1/2 Stars (paid full price 🙁 2 days before it was on clearance sale)

    Overall, great place, good location, great prices with discounts (Veteran and others), and great customer service with free stuff too! Keep up the great work and I will keep coming back often. Thanks

  133. naterboii

    VOTS is one of the BEST dispos in the valley ! They have some of the greatest smoking and smelling flower out there for the BEST prices! They have amazing wax as well for a low price ! There customer service is also amazing 24/7! Would definitely go back!

  134. andy1234

    The people here are always so nice and helpful with the strains and deals you might like. (:

  135. MagnumForce

    Great deals, great strains, great service. Highly recommend shopping here.

  136. pjkorff

    Great product and worth every trip. The staff is awesome

  137. BrckoBiH19k

    AZ Super Sour; nothing else compares – straight fire!


    I love this place they have the best bud in town

  139. BroadCityRules

    I love VOTS – its the West Valley’s hidden jewel! The Moon Rocks are a treat & Eddie is the best!

  140. Bigmike210

    Valley of the sun has the best flower in the valley and fast friendly service.

  141. abusta20

    Lot of flower to pick from and always good

  142. DearShe

    Very polite no wait time. Haden’t been in about a year as I lived 45 mins away.

    Just moved back into the area, purchased two grams which I’m too upset to even burn

    Dude laid out the flowers and grouped in $0/grams

    Vs. the other

    I looked at the ACDC which states Indica.

    I get home and get ready to open just to see the label says high CBD. I’ve just called Valley to see if I could exchange as this was my last $20 towards flowers until payday.

    I haden’t cracked the seal so was hopeful.

    I call and the lady tells me she Altho on the jar it stated Indica and the dude never told me “hey u know this is high CBD not THC I would not have purchased.

    The receptionist tells me since it had left the building I can not exchange only get 10% off my next visit assuming they notated my account.

    Very upset as I have no broken seal, this is Valley’s mistake as the verbiage for the type of strain should b clear on the jar not on a label.

  143. crtical

    The place has bomb herb with an array of different essentials and on top that the staff is very friendly.

  144. brandon3970

    close to my house. Friendly staff

  145. ford1trk

    not the best location but some of the best buds I have ever had.

  146. kellzdagreat

    I always make it to sun valley for the skywalker the force is strong with this one

  147. xavier1210

    bomb ass weed. good ass service. i fuck with this location

  148. Cantstopdavids

    Amazing alien orange cookies sativa I’ve ever had

  149. teeja711

    I love this dispensary. They are very friendly and very professional. The medicine is good the atmosphere is comfortable.

  150. Duanew1

    The staff has gotta be the most nicest people in Goodyear. Very knowledgable and very patient. I WILL defiantly be making this my only place to go!

  151. Country004

    I have PTSD, and XJ is amazing for during the day for while you’re at school or work, keeps you alert, happy, and focused. Excellent strain for depression, anxiety, etc.

  152. Pavlovbetty

    Awesome freebies when you are a new customer and stellar sales that keep you coming back. Don’t miss out on all the fun at the VOTSD!

  153. Toons24

    Used to be my favorite place,but now everything they have for top shelf says no discounts,being a vet..I appreciate getting a discount,traveled. A hour one way just to go there. They are acting like drug addicts not wanting to sell there last bag and raising there prices.

  154. robNelson16

    Great place. My favorite strain is white fire og and bbhb .staff is very friendly

  155. jsmn

    Stopping here is a must when I am on the west side! The flower is nice and prices are decent.

  156. Omarg31565

    Quick and easy also shout out for the help on unlocking my car

  157. madisonsagastume

    Love the Blue Dream tree!!

  158. blazedallday2420

    good med and service thanks az super sour

  159. Young4boy20

    #VOTSMD Nominate for Best MMJ Dispensary in the valley! #VOTE #VOTS #VOTSMD NOW! #BEST OF PHOENIX 2015 Readers Poll #VOTE #VOTSMD clink link to #VOTE #VOTSMD readers

    – David

  160. katieburton

    Definitely my favorite dispensary. Great flower, top of the line concentrates, and a great selection. Knowledgeable friendly staff. I’d recommend this dispensary to anyone!!

  161. Smr420

    Best meds ever

  162. fulkrum

    Such a great place ALL around and after about a year of coming here, the place truly keeps getting better.

    Strainwise, I greatly prefer indica-dominant hybrids, if not full indica and I am VERY happy with their selection.

    Every staff member I have worked with has been both kind and professional, but a special shout out to Paul who has shown extra patience.

    One thing that I have noticed about this place is that the patients, like the staff, are down to earth. genuinely good people. Maybe it’s because of VOTS, or maybe it’s the people of Goodyear.

    IMHO, people and places like this are a good illustration of what MMJ should be. you guys rock.

  163. Theoneo

    The homies very friendly! Good concentrates & prices!!

  164. RuckaDon

    this location is very good that have the best quality meds around

  165. titolingo

    Great service and good quality !

  166. qgka

    love the prerolls!

  167. Skibof

    Packages were not sealed. Staff seems like they are using most of the inventory. Customer service is non-existent.

  168. lharris7414

    This place is amazing and it has excellent staff members plus bombbbbb flowers.

  169. matthdsn

    Love the super sour!!! When I want that strain this is the only place I go. They have lots of other great meds also but that’s a personal favorite.

  170. anthonymendoza14

    This place is well kept and the staff is great! It’s an organized dispensary. The flowers are top quality and they have a great selection for a great price. Definitely will be back!

  171. Qbonilla

    great selection and awesome prerolls!

  172. betohurtado

    bomb flower. qualified staff and exceptional service. was helped by Paul. best place in town for herbs hand down.

  173. johnmelinda2014

    they were pleasant and
    knowledge able and there super sour is too die for too me its worth the drive….. MG

  174. CBDizzly

    I went for first timer deal on my birthday a while back. Service was exceptional. Don’t let the metal detector and seemingly stern man at the front fool you. I respect that it’s there for everyone’s safety, and he was a super nice guy. In fact the staff were all really helpful and friendly. The medicine quality is … wow … just wow.

    The AZ Super Sour get all the attention (and it is deserved) … but that Super Confidential … OMG … it’s perfection.

    The E2 wax deserves a mention. It was a surprising gem and felt incredibly full spectrum.

    I waited to long to write my review so I can’t remeber his name, but my patient consultant made the whole experience great.

    Free jar is awesome! New patient deal is awesome! Medicine quality is awesome! Staff are awesome! Worth the drive!

  175. ddharrisaz

    I like it because it’s close to my house and they have Skywalker og , my favorite there right now. very friendly layed back not to pricy if you get they deals love V.O.T.S SEE YA soon. peace out y’all

  176. jdecastro

    Very nice people, always feel welcome. Choices are fine, always have specials. Definitely recommend this location if you’re in the West Valley.

  177. mwh7808

    best dispensary in az …best wax best weed best service

  178. Sinergy

    Super Sour OG’s a favorite and this place rocks it like no other! Great place and friendly knowledgeable staff! Hope you open a new location closer to Scottsdale it’s one helluva drivedY~<

  179. daguilera

    it was a little bit out of the way but worth it. great staff, great meds, just all around great shop

  180. chilloddessy88

    great hybrids in both flower and concentrates there pre rolls and pipes are also the best!

  181. Lankie93

    Awesome ,Friendly & Organized!!! Never felt out of place. Buds are on great. Got Og Grape yesterday. Looks and smell were 9/10 but smoke and taste was a good 2/10. I really do hate how there harvest dates are like a week or two-ish before its on the shelf. Dont want to have to put in jar for another month to let it completly cure. I guess you get what you pay for, Other than that awesome place

  182. AubreyB

    Low key area and has a friendly staff. Not sure why they had to post a “please no vaping” sign in the facility when we as adults should know when and where the appropriate place to do so. You wouldn’t smoke a cig or light up a joint at the dispensary would you? I digress.

    Bud quality is good but I wish they offered more “daily deals” for selected bud instead of offering a cut n dry price for a ounce. I love the price for the ounce! Just wish they would offer more for say a half ounce or a quarter for those who can’t “ball out.” With that said though, you can bet your ass that these prices do reflect quality and their $15 top shelf stuff is stellar. Be sure to visit an hour ahead before they close because they only have two cashiers operating at a time and if you come 15 minutes before they close you will be stuck waiting for loooooong time.

  183. houseman

    First timer to Valley of the Sun and won’t be the last. They take care of first timers like none others thus highly recommend you make the not too bad of a drive. The AZ Super Sour is just the bomb. Not gonna find much if any better quality than that. Prices are best in valley hands down and again, they take care of the first timers…, they know you’ll be back unlike many others I’ve visited.

  184. bisonte33

    Been with VOTSMD for a year now and never go anywhere else unless I have to. The group there is knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions. the flowers are top notch and there is a wide variety of medibles. theyre also open on sundays now, stop reading and go!

  185. properkal

    Small cozy please with good product and great people

  186. BUCK_1961

    great customer service

  187. Anthonycota13

    Valley of the Sun is a good place to go goes got some good buds grafa tenders got some good weed love the KK so it’s good

  188. km1120

    Great service, great products I will keep going back

  189. marieraquel11

    love it

  190. harvdizzle1488

    they always have been real nice and take care of mel

  191. crvzo

    great dispensary on the westside, great choices of Sativa strains.

  192. ddj05

    Great edibles. Nice flower too! Worth the visit.

  193. dannyd0991

    first time ter was bomb got jar plus free gram bud tenters was koo will recommend to all !!!!!!!!!

  194. DocAndy319

    I hope this place rebounds back to what they used to be. They formerly honored the veterans discount on their concentrates unless they were running the sale for $40. They no longer do that on their full priced $50 grams which is disappointing considering they grow the strains in house and they aren’t doing nug runs or anything special. The staff are pretty friendly, excluding the skinny guy in the med room who needs to smoke some sativa and cheer up.

  195. AsianWhipCream

    Some of the best Skywalker OG that I’ve ever had. The service is fast and always have a decent price for some quality bud.

  196. kromeskullz

    I love this place it’s one of my favorites great Bud and awesome People

  197. junior42099

    awesome place, people, and meds

    thank u

  198. hecguzman

    Good service but better buds.

  199. massoud

    Great dispensary especially for first time patients. Got free nug jar.. Pretty rad. A free pre roll(houseblend hybrid) and 1/8 for $36 of some fire Skywalker OG. Which is 5*.

  200. grantR

    Very good place to come to to get everything you need and want anytime you want open up early close late great products great service

  201. Thiqquelocz

    I started smoking for the first time in my life 2 months ago (I’m 35 and a disabled veteran) due to my chronic pain and everyone here made me feel very at ease. No one made me feel stupid or silly. The guys there are knowledgeable and kick back. I’ve been to a few other dispensaries, and I like VOTSMD the best. They have excellent strains for pain and they’re reasonably priced. They also have a good selection of bud. I definitely recommend this place;)

  202. Clouds_Of_Dank

    Great meds! Great service! and great prices!

  203. KarmaAndy

    Very nice selection of flower and other products. From the front desk to the bud tenders, the staff is very friendly and helpful. Very clean and comfortable setting. Highly recommended!

  204. dantroxell89

    They are super expensive and I was really pissed about the deceptive new patient deal, they make you think you can use the new patient discount on your entire purchase, but it’s only valid on flower. I might go back on occasion if I’m in the area, but they’re in the middle of no where and way too expensive. If they had 26+% I could justify a $40 eighth and a drive to the boonies, but that’s not the case. So nah brah…

  205. supremecam

    Dopest spot in avondale/goodyear area. Staff is nice and mad friendly, the flower is FIRE. Definitely recommended to any body on the westside!

  206. Voicelessstoner

    This is one of my all time favorite medical dispensary in Arizona. The staff are always polite. The medicine has always been good.

  207. polosmokin

    Good customer service good vending machine in the waiting room

  208. rdaz978

    I have been here multiple times and always top notch. Always quality meds, good selection, prices. Consistent. They take care of their patients. Worth the drive from anywhere.

  209. Antone405

    I’ve been a loyal customer since the first time I visited. (Which was the first dispensary I EVER visited.) Always top notch staff knowledge. All flower and concentrates are fairly priced and very potent. I just tried a small dab of Ripped Bubba shatter and am completely satisfied.

  210. garcialovee

    Let me just say yes! and thank you vos for your patience with me 🙂

  211. strdust101

    Awesome staff! Great medicine

  212. dburciaga10

    This is by far my favorite dispensary! Staff is super friendly and knowledgable, top quality meds at amazing prices! Love this place!!!

  213. flinds14

    This was my first time here and only second time ever at a dispensary. I had a great time and was treated really well. I plan to come back!

  214. Mazur

    The bud tenders are always very helpful and personable.

  215. mb123

    Fantastic bud selection with great customer service ! They never disappoint

  216. monster_35

    The very first dispensary that I came too when I first got my medical card. Friendly staff, awesome customer service, and they have a very good sour diesel.

  217. Alecesco1104

    they are overpriced for stemmy flower. and that FTP special is garbage. one of the most greediest dispenseries here in AZ

  218. oldschoolamerican

    My first visit today. Very impressive budget priced, large selection. Walked out with 4 different strains and a free pre-roll today. They give the flowers a final trim and weigh it out right there at the counter. I’ll be back soon 🙂

  219. MissionMan

    Decent prices, good selections, and the friendliest staff in the Valley!

  220. Jefferson1006

    Great service. The medicine is always fresh never had any issues with the medicine. Great strains. Thanks for the awesome service!

  221. toneloc

    First of all i would give this place a 10! Best meds in the valley. Never been let down by the quality. If your looking for great quality meds i recommend this to EVERYONE. Az supersour and trainingday is some ridiculous fire. I love this place.

  222. Edwin1488

    What can I say about this place? The security guard was nice.
    It was a little weird walking in, I didn’t know where to go, the parking lot was strange. there wasn’t anyone there to greet me, nor were there any signs on where to go. Which do to go through to get to the dispensary.
    the receptionist was extremely rude, I kinda chalked it up as to a Sunday, but when two women showed up after me she was all smiles and joking around. she was very short with me and unengaging. The selection of what I was looking for was narrowed down to one strain of cannabis. The lack of selection turned me off to this place. The knowledge of the bud tender, Eric, was very lacking. when asked what the THC to CBD ratio was on the cannabis he was selling me he told me I had to look that up. That he didn’t have that information. So how can you suggest something if you don’t have the correct information on the product??
    I do NOT recommend this place. I won’t be back.

    Thank you

  223. Wildbill89

    I think that VOTSD is a warm and friendly local pot shop that welcomes you with good vibes .

  224. Gsclove78

    I would be here all the time if prices were more competitive like all other dispensaries. I drive 50 miles 1 way seems like the deals could be better also.

  225. Roadhog

    Great place to try. I did years ago and its the only place I shop now. The different daily sales are a great way to help budget.

  226. jrogel

    shatter on point


    Pretty good tree yall got.

  228. katyren

    The staff was absolutely wonderful here !

  229. dudetwo

    It’s close but not my first choice. Medicine was damp and quality was off. Too expensive for what it is. A good 1/8 for an 1/8 deal would help.

  230. Mandi710

    Love this place! Been coming here for years. Great products and prices!!

  231. towls

    Perfect location and dank ssOG!

  232. Garet1218

    I’ve been going here for a while, no where else compares to this quality of service.

  233. ANTHC

    Nothing but positive things to say about Valley of the Sun anybody who says otherwise..Your Crazy..
    staff excellent
    medicine quality excellent
    prices suck but hey . where else can u go and get high quality safe medicine legally…
    VOTSMD .. #1 in AZ

  234. Leahcim123

    I think this is the best dispensary in AZ. The staff is pleasant and the prices are great.

  235. Ssosajr

    Amazing staff,very fast service. Flower and CBD!!

  236. Dway420

    Good place to spend your money

  237. shawn7272

    Skywalker the best

  238. CapAndres

    I think VOTS is an excellent place to come and get your meds. They have a variety of tree ranging from AZ Confidential to there own Sky 9. I recommend this place to anyone, they have great deals and a big first time patient deal. VOTS will remain as one of my go-to

  239. MikeHoncho4realyreals4dub

    Since Day one I have Dreamed of a Facility like this one”. Its Has the AZ Super Sour OG and has an Awesome Friendly Helpful Professional Team of Workers dedicated to the true healing of mmj patients. Thx guys keep up the Awesome Good job….

  240. YungShameless

    25$ 8ths, free food and drinks im there!!! Best on the West!dY”Y=a>1/2i,dY’OEdY1/2

  241. marc666

    love this place. 100% on their game all the time. have never had a bad experience here and have never been disappointed with the quality of meds. keep up the good work and keep on carrying those little miracles calle cdb cannacaps.

  242. diverrandy53

    Good personnel quality knowledgeable veteran kind handicap accessible

  243. Kathy987

    They are so helpful at this location. They celebrate the holidays with excellent deals and food!

  244. Kiwizzle

    Great flower. Great concentrates for low prices. Friendly staff all around. My only complaint would be that I can’t work there:)

  245. Tezz.600

    I just left an I always leave with a big smile s/0 to Paul he helped me out

  246. azmmj95

    They had an amazing first time special, 35 percent off of top shelf, free pre roll, and a free jar. amazing staff dude was cool. would for sure go again

  247. StrokeMyGibblits

    great knowledgeable service and.spacious environmental

  248. cathdelgenio

    ok,good people Headed tomorrow for some critical mass for pain!

  249. antmactown

    always good bud here

  250. alicianicole06

    I absolutely love, VOTSMD!!! They always have the BEST meds in the valley!

  251. kaylagrubin93

    oh this place is great I absolutely love it.

  252. Californiacated

    bomb marijuana outstanding az super sour az flight

  253. DK19xx

    Pretty nice quality friendly atmosphere with good service would defiantly come back again.

  254. wyld1

    Awesome deals!! Best bud in town….fast and awesome customer service. If you want quality & satisfaction…..this is the place to go!! Good job keep up the good work!!

  255. Jojo_Bean15

    I love the guys at valley of the sun! They are amazing and super friendly staff! They make sure if you go in there with a certain amount they hook you up and make sure regardless you leave with something good!! I definitely love this place! a$?i,dY~~

  256. scribs420

    It’s great love the flower

  257. rxose

    Love VOTS so much I rarely go elsewhere. From the flower, to edibles, oils, CBD products–I’ve never been let down. Guys in reception are always friendly and cool. I feel like family here. Must try Blue Mystic, Super Sour or Dream Queen strains.

  258. RenotserQueen

    With a highly professional staff and an even greater sense of security, V.O.T.S creates a unique atmosphere than most other dispensaries I’ve visited. Being my first ever dispensary visit, I left feeling giddy with all of the wonderful deals they offer first time patients. They will keep me coming back!

  259. OG.boobyray

    the AZ SUPER SOUR OG does me right every time love my sativas

  260. rworkman

    One of my favorite places to go! Great stuff and great customer service! Thanks!!

  261. bnourse

    The AZ Super Sour is probably one of the best sativa dominant hybrids in the Valley-period! Get some before it’s gone

  262. Drobot88

    THis place is excellent. The AZ Super Sour is one of the strongest meds myself or anyone has ever tried. AZ Confidential is super nice too. Great staff. I like that they create super-strong strains and throw AZ in the name too!

  263. KxSavvy

    Great place for a first time visit will definitely visit again very nice strains

  264. Polish

    It’s a hour drive for me but got the product you want find any where else every time I’m in goodyear got to make a stop

  265. BgBudde53

    Great place close to home ! Good meds ! Budtenders are really knowledgeable. Only problem bought a TopSHELF PREroll came home and it was busted ! Did some surgery and all was well ! Thanks guys I will be back soon!

  266. azblackrifle

    Fantastic first experience. All the people there are helpful and have a great attitude and knowledge toward the medication. Thank you!

  267. kry20410

    first choice for medicinal 100% satisfied with flower and concentrate great deals and promos # 1 in the valley

  268. chaoticdreamer007

    On my very first visit I was a bit nervous but the people who work here hold a professional yet friendly attitude and that I think is what made my visit so nice. They answered all my questions and helped me better understand medicinal marijuana. I’ve already returned since my first visit!

  269. johnnyblazez

    This is the best deal in Goodyear love the meds and the great deals.

  270. squashlocon

    love this place has the best moon rocks in the westValley omw now too pick some up

  271. greyna86

    Man This place is fire for real u want sum bombs stop here it is a Lil far cuz I stay on 71st Ave n Thomas but well worth it….

  272. TheWord666

    Without perpetuating the concept in faulty customer service, Valley of the sun not only issues proper care and consideration, but carries the medicine of our dying nation.
    Thank you valley of the sun, for revealing a product and distribution that feels beneficially done.

  273. Supadupa

    I visited this dispensary a week ago for the first time. They were renovating but still made it a pleasant visit. I can’t wait for the finished product. I purchased a timeless vape cartrdige and I couldn’t have made a better decision! The absolute strongest vape product that I have ever tried. Also the price point was $90 for 1.5 grams of medicine! I will definitely be back to try another flavor!

  274. dmanp616

    Absolutely love this place, large variety of flower to choose from as well as concentrates and edibles. This location always looks super busy, the staff does their best to have you seen in 15 minutes.

  275. chrisLincks99

    Had shatter for 25$ for .5 50$ a gram. Got a gram a sour D and .5 GSC. Both of em bomb but like he told me the sour D was the best and the clearest I’ve seen in a while. Couldn’t even see it on the brow wax paper it was such a clear yellow BOMB. hope they have more sales on their concentrates more often.

  276. tdbentley

    Loved my new patient discount and their flower is amazing. also the shatter is damn good as well.

  277. Moss57

    The employees pleat put you in a great mood.

  278. Stealth13Rip

    Dusty old expired tasting flowers and chemical tasting concentrates. Whoever thinks this place is the best spot for medicine either owns the place or has been nowhere else. This is one of the worst quality medicine I’ve seen in the valley. Pre packaged and stale. Do us a favor and shut down, I’d rather chase down a tumbleweed & smoke it because it would provide more of a medicinal effect than any of the medicine they try to sell. On top of being expensive, they are slow. Even if you pre order there’s a long waiting period just to receive your products.

  279. blues1580

    The concentrates here seem old and pretty much suck if you ask me. AZCS has way better wax and it’s de-waxed and way better for you than this garbage. Sorry, It was AZ Super Sour Shatter which was more like taffy and not as potent as they say and tasted weird to me.

  280. Westvalleyoil

    I walked in and thought I was at a swap meet or a daycare. The waiting room is crowded and behind the counter it looks like a hoarders house. It’s very unorganized. They sell mass-produced glass and a back room with the dispensary. Their wax is $50 a gram. Too expensive. flower genetics must come from herbal wellness that is if they don’t buy it directly from them. same strain looks the same and it is fire don’t get me wrong, but not very original. The guys behind the counter couldn’t tell you a damn thing about the concentrates except that it was BHO (hydrocarbon extraction) won’t be back

  281. JR_8

    Great atmosphere, and never too busy.

    Knowledgeable staff and great prices.

    Product selection could be a little better though

  282. gusman

    I love this place. Not even 5 miles away from my house. Most of the people are smiling and are nice and helpful. I will be going back for more.

  283. Bhill414

    Long Drive But worth it for Bomb Meds

  284. hailmaryjane

    Phenomenal first experience the concentrates here are fantastic the people are very friendly and helpful and their daily deals are hard to beat

  285. OHIO29

    first time in one pretty chill desk girls friendly

  286. Jsanch871

    Bsrely went two days ago for my first timw ibhave to say this shop definitly won me over its a oittlw bit of a drive but thw buds were dank every single one i smelled atraight fire and the preroll was actual shake not trim or sugar leaf this place hand down is the best ive been to skywalker 18/15 straight kill love this place i stay in glendale and plan on going back today

  287. adamc05

    very chill…great buds…can feel the
    family in westside hands down

  288. JairusDurbin

    Great dispo with excellent selection of both flower and concentrates!

  289. Lysadri627

    Fire flower and some of the best concentrate options! Love the different deals you guys have!

  290. Aturner403

    Very educated on product

  291. Swifty4420

    good meds good tenders I like it I love it we need more of it!!

  292. HighGuy4Life

    I live here and goodyear and I am very excited to say that this new dispensary has not only legit service, but also very legit and strong meds. The donation prices are reasonable for the top shelf strains and the variety in person is impressive. I will be going here from now on!

  293. 420bigjerm420

    awesome staff and great products always top notch

  294. Mholloman

    Love love this place! Always great customer service and flower choice.

  295. skatj23

    Hard to find

  296. mbaldenegro84

    best flower and prices in az

  297. jarias13

    good flower love there glass containers

  298. babyyblue

    This was my very first time going anywhere! The people were super helpful and gave me a lot of insite on the different strains! So thankful dY~OE

  299. I.vielma

    great service and good pre rolls and shatter dY~

  300. Kruiz

    Really good deals on prerolls !

  301. sisco2423

    Great quality strains for decent prices

  302. guerisid

    faster service

  303. Kennedyzassasin

    Absolute best flower in the valley! Hands down! The Super Skywalker 9 is a drive out of your way must have….I prefer extracts and theirs is real good as well but the flower is top notch!

  304. MiguelMartinez

    Great deals on there products and great staff

  305. susancox7

    The staff are friendly and quality products.

  306. mynamjo

    The weed was good, I will give them that. Everything else was awful. I’d like so start off by saying no one wants to walk through a metal detector when they get their meds. That hands down made me so uncomfortable I won’t go back. I finally got in the back and the serves was not great. Hardly anyone would look me in the eyes, the staff knew nothing about the products but in the dudes defense he seemed new. Regardless I want to feel welcome in a shop. I felt like I was in trouble with the way everyone talked. I feel bad leaving a bad review but at the same time there isn’t much positive I have to say. Their first time patient gift was great though!! They just really really need to work on customer service.

  307. sandraruiz

    great sale @ $99.00 ounce. friendly staff

  308. vanessa0627

    Eddie was my budtender and he is awesome atmY=i,

  309. Budbobby

    I like the quality and quantity prices are okay nothing

  310. Golfnut004

    Really impressed with the flower. A first time patient I got super bee and super sky 9. Fantastic. I don’t get the daily deals yet but when I do I will be back

  311. jcamilo13

    Great location near me with awesome quality flower.

  312. meghanjean06

    Nice location, amazing specials, and awesome flower.

  313. JoshyMuse

    I’ve been coming here for months, almost daily and am known on a first name basis. Great service, great medecine. 5/5

  314. TheMightyInhaler

    Love this dispensary I am never disappointed with the quality they produce! Awesone staff very friendly. Love the selection they have and buds always look gorgeous!! Keep up the awesome work guys!!!

  315. 1spaz

    It’s a ghetto the service is horrible they’re always out of stock and they’re quite rude they allow their employees to cuss and be rude to their customers which is what happened to me and been told I can’t come there after being called horrible names because of the way I dress

  316. azmmj2016

    amazing 10 dollar grams and that super sour og pre roll is always on point.

  317. shelleyburris

    there sky 9 is some dank Sticky weed, i love it

  318. aaasbel

    Their first time patient special is awesome.

  319. mhess1234

    Made me feel like a criminal. Why do they have a metal detector at this one while none of the other west valley disp. do? It was a useless piece of equipment because it beeped & I said “it’s just my cell phone” & they waived me through. If you’re going to have a metal detector, you might as well do full cavity searches don’t you think? I mean what’s the point? My budtender was unfriendly & short. Seemed more interested in playing with his phone then helping a customer. Medicine was decent but nothing I can’t get someplace else. I’m heading back to El Mirage & Northern.

  320. mike_baker4

    King Kush don’t pretend to know what I am saying. I came in to take advantage of the $40 cap. And to get some Super Sour. I left since I can get the same quality for less from a local dispensary and like the Super Sour for its flavor. After three trips totaling 180 miles and no super sour. it’s not worth the drive. So mind your own damn business

  321. KbAz

    There’s a lot to like about this place, but the price of flower is sky-high. The edibles and concentrates are competitively priced, however. The quality of the flower is outstanding and the selection is impressive. They also have a great first-time patient special.

  322. Ossman87

    This is the spot for your meds. A bit on the outskirts, the quality of the meds and the service is worth the drive. Never a long a wait, great variety of strains and a very knowledgeable staff, this is my favorite dispensary. Their AZ Super Sour Diesel is always great and available, & the strains only get better from their. High THC concentrations and also a great selection of edibles!

  323. luminousmoongoddess

    When you drive up to this place you can smell the natural mystic blowing through the air 😉 It’s a cool place and the staff is so friendly. I am broke so . the $5.00 house blend pre rolls are an awesome deal. I think it’s getting an amazing deal cuz it’s shake from all the strengths of different flowers. I can’t wait to go back. I would definitely recommend this dispensary.

  324. KaylaEye1998

    By far best dispensarie in Arizona ! I’ve been coming here for almost 2 years and will always choose this dispensary over any other one. I will only buy concentrates from valley of the Sun they are just off the charts. Every bud tender knows me by name and always makes me feel welcomed. I’ve never had any issues with anything I’ve purchased here and I walk out with a smile on my face every time. Valley of The Sun keep doing what you all are doingdY~EUR

  325. Tony42O

    Vots is one of the furthest shops from My house so u cant go here much but when i do its super fire.. The platinum is killer and the 30 a gram concentrates wow just unbelievable and its honey color not that dark bs… Good job vots keep it up

  326. gloccem6

    Great Staff Great Medicine Great Deals

  327. jsims555

    great prices, friendly service ,amazing quality

  328. mookiewilson90

    I like it here good bud and the customer service is great they always looking out for the customer

  329. jroque8

    I really like the atmosphere and the friendly staff

  330. Marc83071

    Best dispensary in az

  331. RosettaRater

    Great location for the west valley

  332. slorts0808

    Close to home, staff was friendly. Good discounts for first timers

  333. blazerbaugh

    I visit about twice a week to the Valley of the Sun. This Goodyear location is great. This dispensary has the best prices believe me… I have been to a lot of them. This place has the friendliest staff. I always leave there happy and I plan on going here for all my medical marijuana needs. Thank you Votsd. Everyone I give them 5 stars you must give them a try. You will be satisfied just like I always am.

  334. mj7mendez

    Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about the CBD oils. I was in and out within minutes.

  335. Ariann123

    I love this place! The staff is always caring and compassionate.

  336. triplejackmoo

    I walked in a little nervous, being that this was my first visit. And everyone was very friendly and welcoming. In their lounge they had a tv playing an awesome movie. in their shop area they had a radio playing awesome music. And they had awesome tastes, because when I mentioned this we struck up a nice conversation. made me feel so welcome I doubt I will go to another dispensary unless I move out of town!!dY’OE

  337. cnt170

    Great location, not far from my house.

  338. Way2Slow

    Amazing service and qualitydYtm one of the best in statedY’

  339. racer3456

    Vots is kind of hard to review for me. First off, most of the flower looks and usually smells amazing. I have acquired some decent fire from here. BUT… the problem I have is that sonetimes it looks and smells like fire, but the effect is more like, meh. The SkyWalker is good. The White OG is one of those where sometimes it’s good, and other times it’s not. The metal detector is kinda ghetto and makes it feel as such. The people at the front are a little prickly. The budtenders are usually nice, but not as nice and helpful as other places. So overall I recommend at least to try it and see if it fits your need. The wax is consistently good.

  340. Flea12525

    V.o.t.s best 25 dollar 8ths on the west side.

  341. kingkong1000000

    Very small.
    Low/ no inventory.

  342. littleputz5

    great dispensary great location would recommend to all they never disappoint product is on cue

  343. Edward07

    Awesome police great meds!

  344. Mxcano1

    Love going here their alien orange cookies is the the best

  345. Lazycamper

    I have to agree with the previous poster. The last batch of AZ Super Sour i got was very difficult to smoke – I left the jar open for a week and still had trouble using the grinder. I mentioned this to the budtender on my next visit and he admitted that batch was no good and threw in a free pre-roll. Why did they even offer it like that? Then the Afghani Kush I just picked up was dry as tinder and is burning super fast – is there no happy medium? This place is very convenient for me since I live in Goodyear, but I hope the quality returns to where it was. I’ve gotten more than a dozen strains here since it opened and just recently have had reason to complain.

  346. Angel247

    bomb meds will definitely come back

  347. marijuanatoker623

    Yesterday was my first time going over there and the staff was awesome great meds

  348. SlowBurnah

    The Erbs I find here help with chronic pain and muscles spasms I deal with on a daily basis. It’s hard to find quality leaf but I found wha t I need here and haven’t had the need or notion to go anywhere else. A great place to shop indeed dY~S

  349. AllSick

    Best concentrates.
    The staff treats you like family literally.
    The AZ Super Skywalker shatts will blow your Face off.

  350. mikebroom73

    I just left surgery and they allowed my cousin to carry me into the waiting room then they offered me a medical card so I can be mobile inside their location customer service was 10+ in everything I seen was a high quality I purchase in small amounts but everything seems to be top notch I really enjoyed my visit

  351. Cheifsalot420

    great place staff and meds

  352. oliverioemilio

    Great atmosphere and great bud-tenders . I will for sure be back to this location

  353. smiley28

    AZ sour diesel very tasty flower wax is point

  354. dopecope

    AZ Confidential is probably the dankiest bud I have ever smelled or smoked. Appearance is OK

  355. YogiSpaz

    fantastic selection amazing customer care definitely coming back

  356. Madvinn

    Great meds. Very potent. Great staff. Highly recommended.
    – V.’.Noriega

  357. arizonafrog

    They are super friendly and helpful when it comes to figuring out what works best for ya

  358. con6389948

    always have great product edibles are absolutely delicious

  359. thechosenjuan7

    This place has literally the best available bud, it’s legit top shelf in comparison to the rest of the valley

  360. rhispect

    Super helpful and knowledgable. Recommended incredible products for each of my multiple issues, while making sure I felt welcome and comfortable. Definitely will be back.

  361. zeaklexii23

    love this place they got the best shatter in town. nicholos m schmidt 12/13/15

  362. EyeHoleMan420

    always good bud and friendly faces

  363. aztoughjeep

    as I pull away right now disappointed in the quality of service regarding a battery that was defective for wax… I live a long ways away and I purchased an adapter for my vape battery Which is far more Superior when and return the defective battery asking for store credit and was refused very rudely… I passed two different dispensaries on the way to this place and I will not come back. You lost my business today

  364. devz1121

    This is a good spot to get your medical need

  365. Rozzyrocket

    My favorite place to shop in the West Valley! Ultra Mega Dank Buds

  366. SweetieC

    So glad that I have a store to enjoy in my neck of the woods. I always enjoy the service, variety, buds, and ointments. I’m never disappointed and I keep coming back.

  367. coolbreeze313

    friendly staff, awesome cartridges. I’ll be back

  368. brazy5

    This is the neighborhood spot. They welcome you, they have fantastic prices, and the products are the highest quality. This place is treats you like family and offer great specials just about every single day!

  369. LSB

    They still got the west valley covered. Great staff. Awesome deals.

  370. lildane13

    Very nice dispensary overall, and the prices are fair.

  371. Zaglife33

    The Chernobyl was the bomb. Headed there now!!!

  372. percbuster

    I stopped here for the first time and got an 8th of AZ super sour OG and a gram of some shatter. the shatter was bomb definitely a good deal but the flower I was a little disappointed, for a $50 8th I’ve found about 10 seeds so far…. it’s good but that’s a lot of seeds for top shelf. the flower prices surely need to drop or make some $100 popcorn oz available or something I mean look at all the other stores and prices and they’re deals

  373. zypherthe

    great place always stocked when I go and I usually get the deal of the day mostly everytime I go.

  374. Tybefly

    Open till 8 please it’s literally impossible to get my meds with your current hours. I want to come here again 🙁

  375. ZERE

    It’s a good dispensary near me. It’s a bit pricey but otherwise my 3rd favorite dispensary I go to

  376. etesjosh

    you got good people and good product I mean shit, do you need anything else?

  377. rmunoz187

    The service at VOTSMD is top notch!!!! This was my first stop after numerous recommendations from friends. The budtenders were very helpful and my first time discount for top-self flower was amazing!!! Will definitely go back.

  378. CPon9168

    I love coming to Valley, greats meds at a great price and it’s the closest dispensary to me

  379. sf49er

    this place is awesome or should I say SUPER! SSOG! only can find it here cuz that’s theirz, my all time favorite strain hits hard taste smell long lasting! VIVA SUPER SOUR OG!!

  380. nowellab

    good selection and prices!

  381. JpKushy

    Feels very safe and secure. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Less variety than some places, but what they do have is exceptional. Fresh harvest dates.

  382. terry623

    would definitely recommend

  383. karmababyyy

    Always amazing staff, great selections, and prices that can’t be beat! The AZ Super Sour OG is the best strain I’ve tried!

  384. Sigithe_zypher

    most friendly environment, great staff, and their concentrates are unmatched

  385. jimmystreety

    I’ve been to a few despencery and this one is by far the best I’ve been to. It’s flowers have always been top notch. It’s totally worth the drive. Can’t wait to go again.

  386. JAZMAN85388

    Not worth the attitude from theIr ‘receptionist”

  387. ealfers27

    Great place friendly staff and best flower in the valley!!

  388. gassmokin

    everyone at vots is so knowledge and dope , the concentrates are flight and also the flower is too!

  389. janfarris

    come here all the time. staff is so friendly and always answers my questions I have about medical marijuana.

  390. Laodpaccrazo

    great choices of sativa strains

  391. Yayahecht

    Budtenders are friendly! Great deals every day.

  392. thewinner

    great dispo! never disappoints!! love the environment and meds

  393. FarmerJohn32

    Staff is great and the weed is awesome. Amazing dispensary

  394. fayewrey

    BUYER BEWARE: I was sold the wrong strain or a very, very substandard Super Sour ounce! 353 dollars for an ounce and it was the worst quality for top shelf I have ever seen!
    Dishonest service and not at all living up to their prior standards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  395. ndhthccbd4

    Definitely worth the drive! First timer and had an overall great experience. Had to try the Az super sour and gave me a nice cerebral and nonchalant high,,,also got my chemdawg preroll that hasnt been lit yet,,,thank you for the fantastic customer service and top shelf meds!

  396. lazyt

    best flower on the west side. awesome staff. always a pleasure stopping

  397. jakeygreenglow

    Always love VOTSMD been going here a lot since December 2015 amazing flower and concentrate the pipes are awesome too

  398. queeenbee24

    Product I always fire! Fresh and tasty!!

  399. SigiTheTenno

    very potent high quality concentrates with good fair prices

  400. JAnderson

    The AZ Super Sour is some absolute dank, long lasting and very tasty. Be sure to pick up a gram of kief while you’re there. One of the top spots in the area for the past 2 years that I’ve had my medical card.

  401. wlktimo

    Every time I come in I always find something good. when I’m in the area I live to visit Valley of the Sun.

  402. tlagunas

    Love this place. Have been coming here since I got my card. Always with the great deals and great fast service.

  403. mstovar

    you guys are awesome…always #1 to me

  404. horticulture44

    amazing everything very quality flower. with great aromatics.

  405. girldiva8888

    Great dispensary with cool and knowledgeable people.

  406. Jbubbbler

    great location, recently updated with more registers for faster check out process. All bud is fire dY”Y= and will impress you to say the least. Don’t take the $4.20 prerolls for granted either.
    They’re top shelf prerolls, and did I forget to mention they are FULL GRAMS too. dY~Z
    Deals everyday of the week and that first time patient special is Legit dY’-.

  407. cat42061

    If you want good prices and friendly service come to vots my favorite spot in AZ!!!!!

  408. SethStewart

    really like the people, very knowledgeable and polite. great medicine never lets me down

  409. Redmutang97

    would recommend to a friend they are cheap and have good prices easy to locate fast and friendly

  410. Dboykulpa1

    Good quality good Prices

  411. titans3452

    This location is top notch. Shout outs to Paul, Weto, Feto, Art, Eric, Jaquin, Gabriel, Letty, and Bobbi each and every one of them provides excellent customer service. VOTS meds are fantastic as well. Super Sour og is the bomb and the super queen concentrate has no words to describe it.

  412. baydub

    some of the best bud I’ve tried and great customer service

  413. Bwood

    got some grape og crumble not bad for the price. also got some of their premium shatter, straight kill

  414. tykane7474

    I honestly cannot find better meds in valley. and here’s the catch, it also happens to be very inexpensive!! love it

  415. staytrippy211

    I love comeing to valley of sun all the ppl that work there are kool top shelf $55 doller 8th worth it

  416. smokkkkyy

    Close near me great strains enjoy going

  417. StonerViking707

    Good bud and friendly budtenders. A bit of a strange setup with the metal detectors and buzzer doors.

  418. vhappy

    safe location. great daily specials

  419. moanibear

    this location was hard to find at first but after finding it I absolutely love this place. The people are friendly and the marijuana is high quality.

  420. 711jwoods

    great concentrate hope new laws dnt stop them from making some of the best meds avail

  421. akatmadeinjapan

    Staff seems uninterested in patients needs or well being. Tried the place out on 3 separate visits and each time I felt more like a bother than a patient.

  422. awesomesauce86

    Love the flower at this location. Helpful staff and great selection. Love this place!

  423. katie.phx

    Quality concentrates and top shelf. Love the staff!

  424. swipe231

    Valley of the sun been comeing here sense day one always good strain new things all time enjoy

  425. tonio93

    love this spot, was my first time, great customer service, got some az diesel the other day now I’m in love!

  426. keontael27

    love the flower, and concentrates, with the drop in pre rolls, ($4.20) I definitely recommend them to my friends

  427. Javierzacarias

    best buds in town

  428. thechosenjuan77

    I’m not going to lie, this place has the best flower , even they’re homeblend prerolls are top grade

  429. Zengestu3

    the location its alright the people who run this shop are very rude and unprofessional. employees shouldn’t be talking trash about a the customer thier about to serve.

  430. ant4591

    Very clean and good people

  431. alextate

    I love this place! The people are awesome and the deals are amazing. I’m just glad they finally put a dispensary closer to buckeye!

  432. GCSativa

    Fire concentrates and flower!

  433. s1n3r


  434. oates1252

    great sevice wonderful flowers

  435. McSmokeALot

    it was a cool experience and I will be back soon.

  436. staytrippy232

    The Og grape good love getting it yes

  437. ryohannes93

    Great location and some of the best buds ive seen

  438. eddiemack908

    Best dispensary in the town og skywalker #9 is the best

  439. nomorepainaz

    great staff great meds

  440. spacepimp26

    I live all the way across the valley and have many more closer to me. The knowledge from the staff is great and friendly. Feel safe with the fact of a metal detector at the door. They have some of the best quality in the valley and a great selection from just about anything you are looking for. Definitely will make the trip across town and send anyone else there.

  441. Zeenie1969

    2.9 miles from my house. Superb dispensary. Everyone is so friendly. My strain is AZ Super Sour, and I’ll never change! Love your events & all the people!!

  442. acynecki

    I really liked this place. The employees are friendly and helpful. I think the prices are very good here and the meds are great too. I will also be back for more az super sour

  443. BakedJaeyk

    I was slightly annoyed with the metal detector setup at the beginning, but probably only because this was the very 1st spot I have been to that had a metal detector, but I totally understand why its there too. Moving on, I learn prices do not include tax at this place, so I gotta run back to the jeep, and get all the coins and barely made it with 3 cents leftover to party with later. 🙂 So, now I know to call head, save receipts, etc. to figure out the tax. No worries…The young woman at the front was pleasant, although slightly disassociated, due to the fact that she was far more concerned with her “smarty pants phone”, than to give a shit about her job, so that, now reflecting on it, was sort of a bummer, just saying, if I were fortunate to be employed there, you sure as shit wouldn’t see me playing on my phone, unless I was on a break. Don’t take my honesty as being harsh, but there is no reason to be on your Facebook or whatever when you’re on the clock. The older guy that was kind of sitting behind her and off to the left was super helpful, and I was amazed by your extensive educational materials section, a mini library if you will. Loved all the good info, I grabbed a nice little stack. I did get a free preroll for being a new patient, the label said that it’s expiration date was almost a half a year ago, it was like 3-16-14 or something like that, it was only slightly harsh, medicated decently with it. It worked and it was free, and unexpected, so I am thankful. My main concern are all of these additives listed on the label: First off, is all this crap I cannot pronounce in my weed, or in the cone (I assume a RAW?)? I went ahead and came to the conclusion that it was the paper, not the weed, but I would like to know from you all, what is up with all the additives? I think I may have seen that on another dispensaries joint once before that, not sure where though. I just don’t wanna be inhaling chemicals, additives, or GMO’s, you know? Anyway, last but definitely, not least, new patient deal, 35% off, grabbed me a quarter of the #AZSuperSour! I walked out of there with that quad of lab tested, at 23.65% THC, medicine for $63.65 after tax, like a boss! 🙂 Not bad, especially at one of these stated licensed joints. Just thinking about this strain, makes my mouth water, do you guys deliver by chance?? I even passed on one of my “go to strains”, to get this, and I was very glad that I did, and that is an understatement. For those of you who haven’t tried it, you need to, if you live across town and were considering a road trip to the middle of the desert to find this oasis of a spot, you should, just to try the strain I got. One of the budtenders did recommend this strain, he also said I had just barely missed out on their AZ Super Skywalker OG P.R. E.R., something or ‘nother, E-I-E-I-O! Perhaps I’ll get lucky next time, and it’ll be back in. I still wanna try the #RippedBubba, AND the #TrainingDay, as recommended by a fellow patient. I was surprised to see almost a dozen strains of medicine in the $10 a gram range (which is about average for what I am comfortable paying), so I would like to check those out too. Overall, very nice! I love it! Keep up the good work, it is now completely confirmed: the west valley has the dispensary game on lock! #Baked

  444. cloudydesert

    It is a shady location and you feel like you are entering a prison but it has a spacious wait room and good selection of edibles

  445. 2tight3

    Perfect dY’OE location !!!!! Very convenient dY~

  446. jvela30

    great place. very clean and chill. Porta Vet love

  447. jarid1

    I liked that my bud tender was patient and helpful. I didn’t like the drive. But the large selection of flowers made up for it. Awesome thank you

  448. Dixieg29

    Love this place!

  449. magicberries

    Great prices and friendly staff. Love the moonrock

  450. cmgirom

    This is a very great friendly place!!!!

  451. mikebeezy84

    best place in the valley for all meds

  452. nancy85018

    After nearly an hour drive I was very, very pleased by the service and selection. I didn’t catch the name of the budtender but he was very helpful and also nice :-)This was my first time visit – Definitely will be back … THX!!

  453. Danilion

    Everyone needs some moon rocks dY~dY’OEdY1/2

  454. rebeccafernandez03

    was in and out. prices are reasonable too

  455. rickylua59

    valley of the sun medical dispensary has the best strains yet. I love the bubba kush & there concentrates are at good prices. there customer service is very friendly & I’d recommend you go here for your first time visit 🙂 .

  456. corky2747

    Love this place! Will be back!

  457. Richardgiarrusso

    Good people the place could use some paint and remodeling

  458. 1yung3cp

    good bud

  459. drew651976

    Best dispensary I’ve been too. Flower is top notch, really good daily deals on top shelf. I highly recommend their super sour strain, also if you have a chance check out their gg4 and skywalkers ,,, havnt had any bad experiences with VOTS, always friendly service , always quality flower,, dont have to worry with the guessing game on weather or not the flower will be potent , it always is , thanks

  460. budviews420

    my first time was great. little sketchy when I walked in but turned out awesome. they only had a few strans but it was some great flower and they gave me a free jar, preroll and 35% off

  461. bigshaq55

    Another great experience here with the new layout it feels a lot more inviting

  462. Bundle623

    Eddie is always a pleasure. consistently great quality flower, clean set up, and usually pretty fast. just wish they had some better specials since it’s close to home but, definitely still worth the asking price…

  463. Boofer623

    best spot for top quality meds in the West valley !!!

  464. Grizzly93

    I think valley of the sun has the best concentrate and of course the flower is great

  465. Namaste420Grateful

    Welcomed by a metal dector, different than other dispensaries for sure. Yet, I actually appreciate safety dY’S.
    Totally worth the long drive, great experience all around, thank you. Best New Patient deal so far. dY$?’Impressed

  466. pjw121

    I tried some of your flowers. they are really relaxing flowers so smooth and mellow buds.

  467. tyd

    Great service great people great product

  468. Consystnt

    the best!

  469. kaywesttt

    Went from tears of pain to tears of laughter and ease. I suffer from muscle spasms and as a young woman also has stomach cramps. With the recommended dosage of Vital 100mg tincture + a dab of Votsmd ExxxClusive Shatter & finished with AZ Confedential Preroll I am out of my pain able to take my time and write this before I take a well needed rest. When you’re a pain patient its hard to treat it but all of the Votsmd employees with help your medical needs , not just try to sell you weed products. They are the best for that reason. I love the happiness I felt once I tried the tincture I was recommended as soon as I felt it a tear dropped I couldn’t believe it because I’ve been an ultra smoker from North Hollywood CA so I’m impressed that tinctures were so effective to a veteran smoker like myself. If you haven’t been to a dispensary that helps your medical needs then YOU SHOULD GO TO VOTSMD dY~

  470. Gazerbeam

    Valley of sun is Bomb!!!

  471. rephtar

    Valley of the sun has fire waxes and concentrates! The staff is always helpful!!

  472. DrEarrly

    Best Shop in all of West Valley..Best Flower around town..shout out to Strain Paris OG..Fire!!!!!!

  473. Azstevens

    One of the best dispensaries if you’re on the southwest side of town, also has friendly staff

  474. mentalone

    Huge selection on many things. Prices are good. It’s worth the long drive.

  475. slakercaptain

    decided to try this place for some new strains – the flower here is easily of the same high quality.

    would definately shop here again though i wanted to know if the bud was organically grown or not and the bud tender didn’t know – i also like to know what additives are used as some contain plant growth regulators that aren’t fit for consuming.

    first dispensary i have been to that doesn’t list additives (just says house blend).

    if i have any reservation about going back it would be the lack of transparency.

    but over all very nice bud and atmosphere, a pleasant overall experience.

    would certainly recommend to a friend.

  476. luismelen97

    Love this place but they need more strains and cheaper prices on some of the Weed.

  477. MarkDogg

    Dope Meds great service nice location!

  478. Crisleaps89

    Valley of the Sun is hands down the best all around dispensary in all of AZ. They are the friendliest, most down to earth people who truly care about every single patient. I feel so welcomed every visit…if its not the staff that separates this spot from others…it is surely the medicine! The 1st time patient special is very nice, and the AZ Super Sour is ridiculously frosty and a must try! Keep it up VOTS!

  479. fullrace2

    let’s see some skywalker ounce specials!

  480. arizonerak

    I’ve been twice to this dispensary and once to one other. I am new to MMJ and this whole experience has been a little scary and daunting. First, everyone including security, were kind and helpful. When I went in the first time I had done a lot of research on strains and ways of delivering medication. I went in with a list of items I thought might work for me. I showed it to the staff and they made recommendations based on my need. Some of their recommendations were the same items that were on my list and some were to eliminate items on my list that they did not feel would be a good fit for me. Some of their recommendations were items I had not heard of. I can’t say enough about how helpful and pleased I was with their service and the results of the recommendations that they made. Spot on. I feel comfortable, safe and well guided in this dispensary. I can’t imagine going anywhere else. I feel so fortunate that my entire experience was so positive. 😉 Thanks VOTSMD!

  481. Manny92

    As super sour is always a heavy hitter 5starts to your grow team

  482. MrFigueroa91

    As of today, Valley Of The Sun is in my top three favorite dispensaries in Az and looks to be gunning for that number one spot. I purchased some Az Super Sour OG for my depression and some Az Super Sky 9 for my pain (fractured my ankle twice in high school and broke my leg in middle school and since it all happened to the same leg it still has lingering pain after a 12 hour shift) and let me tell you that the Az Super Sky 9 is the PPPPEEEERRRRFECT solution for deep tissue and bone pain! I medicated this fine morning and my ankle was instantly calm and no longer aching so thank you VOTS! Now I can enjoy my days off and play with my son at the park. Will be going to the wife’s office party at The Main Event tonight so I’ll medicate with that Az Super Sour OG and let y’all know how it goes haha To be continued… aoeOEa$?

  483. mischa1

    Love this placeGreat quality meds extremely friendly staff

  484. wkm2009

    This place is awesome. They have a great selection of meds at an awesome price. The people there make you feel welcome and give you excellent advice to help you choose the best meds for you.

  485. tomito13

    man that AZ SUPER SOUR OG is some fire thx votsmd

  486. Aubsxoxo420

    Great flower and 1st time patient bogo 8thdeal is awesome! Prices kinda high but always have great deals

  487. KeepSmokin420

    Damn they have some good strains. There’s a strain called Lemon Tree and it looks like it came out of the mountains somewhere.

  488. Lifted118

    This is the closest dispensary to where I live, immediately you’ll recognize that the people who work here are friendly and don’t rush you or get irritated. The product here tends to have a good enough variety of edibles concentrates and flower. Pretty good quality as well. Would recommend.

  489. sdwilson777

    I thought the flower selection and quality was superb!
    Very friendly staff, great menu 🙂

  490. andy69rich

    great people, always get good service. love the sale updates

  491. mendezad1604

    Love the atmosphere and flower! Good choices best one in Avondale.

  492. log4n2j0nes

    Service and staff is always kind, quick and helpful. They have the best prerolls in town by far. They keep me coming back

  493. hydroporn

    super skywalker was the best ive had best customer service ive had at any dispensery@!!!!

  494. dimples602

    best dispensary in Arizona hands down I’ve been to Peoria surprise Phoenix Metro Phoenix in South Phoenix Ahwatukee Chandler Tempe Tuscon hands down valley of the sun the employees make it the best dispensary most friendly and I just really appreciate the love and the good vibes in the atmosphere in this dispensary never pissy like most places I drive 15 miles to get there

  495. PissedOff

    You guys need to check the difference in your prices, for real. How is it $8 for a gram of ACDC, but $30 an eighth for the same strain? The prices don’t add up, it’s cheaper to just buy all grams. I haven’t been here in a few months, but after seeing this senseless discrepancy in prices, I don’t think I’ll be visiting today afterall.

  496. mrfernandez92243

    awesome low pro location security is super tight which i like the meds are really good A+++ i recommend this place to everybody i will definitely be going back thank you guyz

  497. bullrdr013

    Love this place I get all my CBD’s here.

  498. medpharm

    I’ve been to this dispensary a few times. Each time I spend, on average, $300.00. What’s with the bullying security guard at the “greeting” desk? Guys got a major attitude and it’s why I will not return. I would drive from 200 miles, form flagstaff, to this location for its specials but, I’m not putting my money into this jerks pocket to feed his family. I’m a “patient”. I go there for my medicine. Not to meet with a dealer with some jail time attitude problem. Ask kindly, do not boss me around, explain yourself and SMILE! Every other dispensary I go to, I’m greeted kindly, with a smile and some have the security guard open the door for me. This guy is bossy, rude, doesn’t explain himself nor, his position and, I’m not putting up with it. Go here if you want to be treated like this dispensary is the only place you can go to for your medicine. I saw this guy treat some girl nice and when it came to me, major disrespect. There are other dispensaries.. Goodbye

  499. fly420

    First off what meds did you get LindaMoore? Cause as a regular patient here Ive never had a problem with the med quality. Maybe you should do a little more research yourself before going into places and checking out there meds. Sounds to me like your from another dispensary. Especially since you cant flush a med that’s already been pulled from a plant. The flushing takes place in the final two weeks of growing not after its harvested. So becareful you may cause mold to your meds which is even worse for you. Educate yourself on what meds you take whether its from a dispensary or from a Pharmacy

  500. 1player

    always good flower and concentrates

  501. 25yearvet

    I wear too much metal to go back to this place. WTF

  502. jose93

    Love their prices service and flower! Must stop!!

  503. rolmos81

    The 420 pre rolls the best in town and the Kk is where it’s at the best sativa in town and the staff always friendly and helpful

  504. dro1987

    I luv this place! It’s cheap and the the customer appreciation days are super sweet. The AZ super sour og is the best I have ever smoked before. The best dispensary hands down. And #LETICIA is f**king awesome!!!dY’

  505. victor623

    great location best meds

  506. Reyesnisela

    The people here are very nice… I would go back

  507. QueenLiz

    The best place to go

  508. Tiray

    This is the best shop in Az right now hands down. Im also saying this because I have literally been to most of the legal shops out here since marijuana became legal. But dont take my word just give them a try for yourself and be amazed.

  509. Duane75

    best quality west of the 101

  510. skyhigh88

    amazing place and sooo close to home

  511. naa1ortiz

    love the service and all the bomb meds!

  512. bmoreno818

    I went in today for my first time and everyone was super helpful. The guy behind the counter recommended what he felt was best for me and I couldn’t be happier.

  513. Eddi38

    Great place with a chill vibe. The staff is always very accommodating and the budtender I saw was very friendly and informative. He answered all of my questions and made me very comfortable my first visit. Fantastic buds too! I’ve been to 10-15 different dispensaries around town and VOTSMD is my go-to. Consistently top notch.

  514. Remarkoner

    Great place for quality bud!!!

  515. dblood13

    Love this location the super sour is lovely great flower selections

  516. ryangregory420

    Amazing wax and bud can’t go wrong with anything on the menu especially the wax!!!!

  517. dcary

    Great deals, the monkey glue strain has to be one of my favorites from the shop. Great staffing as well.

  518. jaepadilla

    love this location as always I have to give it up to the staff and the meds!!! wait time not all that bad the glass is priced pretty decently

  519. aclarke424

    Valley Of The Sun is an amazing dispo and I love the quality of there supply’s and I love the people

  520. miss_deleon89

    Best dispensary in Phoenix can’t go wrong coming to the Valley of the sun good flower good prices great customer service

  521. Sublime1993

    Close to my home, they’re very friendly and chill with me. They also answer questions if I have any concerning health issues I currently have.

  522. glamlife

    good prices on all good quality choices friendly environment friendly staff

  523. onesimop

    great customer service and products

  524. Booberrydelight1

    the front office girls are amazing as well as the cannabis staff is very informative and the smoke is awesome!

  525. dainhicks

    So far one of the best one I’ve
    been too and I’ll always go to them love these 420 deals

  526. Loco21

    Best place in town period. Staff is the best too

  527. paul.medford.568

    Best buds any where

  528. RedRyda420

    their Super Skywalker OG is prob the best pot I ever smoked. I been smoking for over 20yrs so that’s saying something.

  529. pachinga

    Great place to buy my meds. The AZ Super Sour is my favorite. VOTS dispensary is my favorite place (I’ve tried 3 other local stores). The staff is friendly and prices are good. They run specials a number of times a year and the special deals are worth waiting for. Some days they even have customer appreciation BBQs. Does it get any better than this?

  530. TopShelfTHC

    I love this place and always go back. Shatter is soo goood

  531. daddybc94

    Best dispensary in the valley . come here twice a week. Never disappointed

  532. Fketschek

    Decent specials and staff. atmosphere can be intimidating as you enter through metal detector before checking into waiting room. Pay attention as they call you back verbally which can be hard to hear.

  533. iatarola

    Excellent customer service. Explained everything. Freinday. Staff . Very knowledgeable. Place of choice

  534. daysha

    Went to this place for my first visit. Everything was clean and organized. All employees were polite and made feel at ease. Still working on all the different products I bought at 35% off top shelf and edibles. Free first time jar and pre-roll! Can’t get better than that.

  535. rittonbay63

    I’ve been coming here for years no where else like best in Phoenix in my opinion can’t go wrong here

  536. harmnizzle

    Worst experience ever! Walked in and stood there for a couple minutes before anyone even noticed I was there. When u purchase they put a new label over their old to hide that their product expired months ago. Looks amazing I’ll give u that.. But it’s super stale gross tasting buds. Got 3 different kinds all the same result. Their “moon rocks” are also done incorrectly and taste awful. Feel terrible leaving such a bad review but I’ve been to many places and never experienced something like this before.

  537. EtherealGirl420

    Friendly and helpful staff, quality flower and amazing selection of products!

  538. Laha86

    Out of the way but wide variety

  539. ajwelch3

    My #1 Place – I have grown in the past as well as visited 7 or 8 dispensaries around Phoenix, Tempe & Mesa. This is the best one!! I will hit up some of the others for certain strains when they come in but VOTS has the best buds. Only place that properly dries and labels their medicine. If you are tired of buying medicine and getting dried up buds that turn to dust… GO TO VOTS!!! **AZ Super Sour – 23% THC – Tastes great

  540. erichb

    I drive from the far east valley every time and never regret it. Super sky nine, super Skywalker, super sour, Arizona confidential, OG grape, all of these are amazing. Hands-down the best staff of any dispensary as well. You’re just wasting your money if you go anywhere else.

  541. bigbag1

    Best flowers in az man. Great people. az super skywalker is fire

  542. herbntimes

    The staff here is always smiling and you can really feel the positive vibes. Good meds and good prices.

  543. 1jasper

    gravy omw

  544. punisherpaco

    They always do right at this dispensary. One of my town favorites. Can’t go wrong with flower an shatter

  545. kyle.thraen

    the az super sour is the real deal.

    best place on the west side of town

  546. azjeepin

    place is awesome. wax deals are straight fire. buds are grown in house and are always killer. never ever disappointed

  547. Lovetroublexoxo

    Great location & bud

  548. br8kk

    this place is awesome the have great meds and even better concentrates prices are affordable also, new favorite shop !

  549. TCAZMP

    Best spot for high quality meds in the Valley!! Check out the AZ Super Sour OG!!

  550. Sandrac0

    The actual oils advertise as a gram when they are actually .8 please don’t advertise what you can’t give. Otherwise great place.

  551. thereal0zzy

    Great place great tree


    This is a very helpful place to go with any cannabis question… i love the blueberry shatter

  553. JoeyTHEPLANTE

    Awesome specials!

  554. darlafavela26

    I love this location. The sky walker is my favorite

  555. sleepykampol

    All the bud tenders are so nice and the flower is always siracha dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= I love their concentrates as well i hope to be able to try their carts pretty soo

  556. BearGreenpaw

    The best peeps in town! Nobody is doper!

  557. jmfc89

    excited for the new strains!

  558. Ricedesignsarah

    Best gummies and concentrates!

  559. Psalm34

    Best Best Buds! Reasonable Prices!

  560. acidpanda311

    always good stuff never disappointed. and nice how its not to far

  561. Cphilistine

    My favorite dispensary. Very close to my house and the staff always bring a positive and happy vibe to the atmosphere. Prices and product are always on point. Would definitely recommend to all patients in the West Valley.

  562. MariaSweetCheekz

    This is by far my favorite dispensary. The staff are so friendly and helpful, and the products are always great. They constantly have sales which always have me coming back. I highly recommend VOTS.

  563. brianallen67

    Arizona super sour rocked!

    great meds, selection, and friendly knowledgeable staff made this a top pick in my Phoenix reviews.

  564. pontification

    Interesting check-in process, but this place is my favorite in the West Valley. Good flowers, great edible selection, and always well stocked! Thanks VotS!

  565. JustHerb

    Frequent visitor. I know I already gave a review but upon trying the bhang bar and the new oil concentrate, you guys have outdone yourself again! Thank you for being in the west valley.

    Shaun M.

  566. merkz023

    Always coming out with a smile . Their top shelf 1/8th are the best out in Goodyear !!

  567. azweed95

    great place, good prices, and products. if you’re in the avondale, goodyear area check this place out

  568. erikevery

    It’s a drive for me but it’s worth it.

  569. cococarlos

    sketchy location, sketchy bud, sketchy bud tenders, worst dispensary in the “valley” even though it’s in the middle of shit town usa

  570. mstovar1

    The meds are awesome. I love the Skywalker…The bud tenders are all very friendly…..

  571. momx3n08

    easy to find

  572. AZMedicineMan

    Buds are good, but overpriced. Bud tenders are without personality and location is pretty ghetto looking inside. Not sure if its just the area but the patients are pretty rough too that go there. Lastly, they never have on point with their menu, so you have to call to confirm any prices or stock.

  573. Geo1995

    great place great people and great variety of wax for great prices highly recommend #ValleyOfTheSun

  574. KushKing30

    I came to this place and was very happy with everything, the service and bud was very good, i read a few reviews and from what i seen they cant read the special fliers very well, it clearly states that az super sour is excluded from the 40 cap, which means it regular price, get a dictionary and learn to read before leaving bad reviews because of your inability to understand a flier

  575. Denisem

    complete awesomeness !

  576. chr2131015

    a little scary way out in the middle of nowhere and metal detector needs to be updated but really dank stinky flower, you can smell it from the parking lot big time. Be picky and smell the buds, you will be happy you did when you get home. n

  577. samuel222

    this is the greatest

  578. Desi.des91

    Such awesome atmosphere and great staff made me feel so comfortable on my first visit. Great quality I was extremely happy and will most definitely be back!!!

  579. psycho26

    good quality flowers at a good price

  580. oyelib

    Great location, courteous, friendly staff. Awesome tho see older clientele.

  581. maze90

    this is the best dispensary in town best prices and friendly staff

  582. sundowne

    good quality!! Nice selection too

  583. khunter50

    These are my people. Best place on earth

  584. kiminkme

    Wonderful folks and great contests
    I won one 🙂 choose platinumOG
    Helped with pain // and hot flashes
    Everyone there is informed and polite 🙂 and the air conditioning is lovely and comfy .

  585. ajenkins089

    Vots is the best I love there deals and the Staff ! When I walk in I am treated as family ! I recommend everyone one visit valley of the sun !

  586. phd143

    Best in the west!!! best bud and budtenders around!! I buy as little as i can at a time just so I can regurlary stop by and say hello!!!Always a new strain it seems every other day!!! superior service the minute you walk in the door, then passing thru the lovely ladies at check in and patiently waiting your name to be called in by all the fine gentlemen serving up your super topshelf strains, drinks, edibles , concentrates,pet products, cbd specialties,all extremly cheap glass wear ,headwear, apparel , I could go on and on.. Welcome to Cannabis Candyland !!!

  587. MMJ94

    amazing place, good flower.

  588. that1leaf

    Best first time patient special in the valley. Great oz sales if you sign up for their contact list. Also great edibles selection. A little slow, but very professional.

  589. DavidStanley

    this is a great store I got wax that was alien something I threw away the paper but it was a great taste and a strong high it made my back pain go away in about 15 minutes this is a great store with friendly bud tenders

  590. allstar23

    I drove 50 miles or so from Chandler on 12/26 for the FTP “holiday” special and they did not disappoint! I was thrilled with SEVERAL strains like the GDP. Then the infused products were excellent the Ganja Goo BUDderscotch, giant 150 MG cookies and plenty of gummies and. I got discounts on glass and other accessories. Man…PAUL was really awesome because I had him ringing up a Fry’s size bag of meds and glass. Best FTP experience EVER! WOW!

  591. Hydroponic1

    Love this place. The buds are amazing and the guys are cool. I recommend this place to everyone.

  592. raerae27

    good prices, we’ll educated in meds

  593. Whipdog420

    Eddie was cool, hooked it up with a couple a free pre rolls and good deal ok some good flower

  594. Ccruz23

    Great environment , bought some of their AC/DC and it’s amazing! . Also got a gram of the AZ Super sky 9, I’m looking forward to trying that next 😀

  595. TheDankManCometh

    AZ Super Sour OG and AZ Sour Diesel are two of the beds strains in Phoenix. Great deals for first timers and on Wednesdays too for everyone else. Don’t expect the building to amaze you like some others in Phoenix but the buds are WAY better than the nice looking ones you won’t be disappointed.

  596. dankyraider

    AZ SUUUUUUPER SOUR! is where it’s at I had stopped going here for a minute due to bad trim jobs and seemed like they were rush the cure but I recently stopped in to see what was going on and man they fixes all my complaints theses guys got it down beautiful dense night that are just danky and potent all you guy need now is a delivery driver… Keep up the solid work

  597. warbyrd420

    just left Valley of the Sun have to say very impressed Paul was my budtender very knowledgeable and friendly great flower awesome special 35% off for new patients and a pre roll ma offer an extra 10% off on your next visit for any dispensary agent if you were in the West Valley do not waste your money anywhere go to Valley of the Sun you will not be disappointed

  598. txaz

    Budtenders are very cordial, knowledgeable, and helpful. Security and reception employees are awesome also! Love this dispensary and the workers.

  599. areyes2442

    Worst establishment I’ve ever been. I’ve been to so many places and everywhere I’ve went the workers were very helpful and nice. I drove here all the way from tempe because I heard good things. I thought since I was a new patient they would explain things better especially with their new patient special. I ask the gentleman who was helping if a specific strain was part of the deal and he told me yes otherwise I would not have bought it but since he reassured me it was I got it. I spent $260 there and the only discount I got was $17. I spoke to the guy in front and he says it was not aplicable to my order because it was on sale. I told him it did not say that on the website, it only said it’s good for the entire purchase cost. He also didn’t even know the cost of it until they told him it. I would expect a little customer service and knowledge. I also explained over and over that I was told the discount was good on this item. Apparently they don’t care what they say or website says they would not honor what it and they said. I guess customer service is out the window here and don’t care about the customer here.

  600. ProjectPete

    real good customer service.nice selection of buds.good prices definitely will be perfect location for West valley….

  601. Colinb24

    always consistent with their product! Also my favorite wax spot.

  602. 3kingsmkin

    great ftp special but flower was not cured properly had a bad aftertaste would not recommend

  603. Goldengoddess11

    Everyone is so helpful and nice love it

  604. lrmac

    Happy player’$ places. The meds are
    Always worth the drive. Please believe this help is needed from meds great quality & always needed.

  605. Damian2424

    The cotton candy looked bomb
    The wax is so nice especially the crumble
    The guy at the front explained everything
    Overall it was perfect

  606. Stephiee96

    Enjoy the deals,yet customer service was an negative for me

  607. Kevinn92

    Great prices good deals

  608. dazdoob

    Great oil selections and the staff is always on point. Great atmosphere every visit!!

  609. PitaBonita

    love this place, its been awhile since I’ve been in they still remember me, very friendly place and quality flowers.

  610. KushYesPlease

    Garbage, garbage, garbage! First time here and picked up 3 different stains. 2 of which were recommended to me by the bud tender. All 3 were awful! It’s a shame because I just bought a house 2 miles from this location. Seriously the lowest quality meds I have purchased in the valley. I will not be back.

  611. Sunflowersbudz

    Great wax! Super potent! 🙂

  612. cabrera1224

    Very good customer service!

  613. Lovelacem

    Friendly customer service, great flower ftp deal!

  614. atafoya07

    Always cool at VOTS. Great meds, great deals. AZ SuperQueen for my top shelf days and OG Grape for my mid shelf days. Both fire. They are all good people, from the security,to the girls checking you in, to the budtenders. Great recommendations. Keep up the good work guys.

  615. GrapeNut

    Make my rounds to try to support the locals but I will keep my on call delivery service. Being a Vet I expect to see clean cut people running shops in the medical field. When I fell I need to pack a piece to buymy meds its an issue. Way back in BFE goodyear, Lots of Tatted up Young Hispanics working, escalades on 24’s in the parking lot, Customer rolling in with Wife beaters and cholo glasses. Dont feel safe leaving the place with meds, maybe if they had armed escorts to the car. Meds were cali Light depo, dirt smell, the top shelf wasnt fresh might have been local but to dry to tell,

  616. nickrazza

    Great prices & Great buds.

    Great deals for F.T.P.

    Large, professional dispensary with smaller selection, and also buds are pre-packaged not deli style.

    smell proof bags are nice, but you lose crystals on the inside and all your buds are deformed, with no structure to the nugs.

    but, like i said, quality is solid.

    Oh, and prices shown are not with tax. so add 9%ish to the prices shown.

  617. FuntionallyElevated

    6:45p and they’re closed. clearly days 7. poor patient care. or poor admin work. update your leafly or stay open like you should.

  618. hempman369

    Great people, great waiting room with awesome original Hemp Art by local artist Roberto Ortega.

    I by my medicine there because they have the concentrates and edibles that I prefer. I have asthma so I avoid flowers.

    VOTS Medical Dispensary has everything I need and love their discounts, especially for veterans.

  619. thewhiteowl

    Best concentrates around! Great flower too!

  620. Shimar123

    Paul and Eddy are the best Bud Tenders I’ve ever met.They were very knowledgeable in the product that they are selling.Sky 9 is by far the best grapes I’ve ever tasted And thanks for that new patient deal y’all the best Big Dawg

  621. queenmckee1

    This place is A+ I always stop by for the edibles and 4.20 prerolls. Staff are friendly and helpful. I suggest trying the peach rings!!!

  622. sillymesyl82

    FTP was cool . Edibles are bomb! Pre rolls were as well and my timeless cartridge was dope too.

  623. MANGE

    awesome selection, great prices.

  624. Daingurse

    Great service and very strong flower keeps me coming back to VOTSMD.

  625. dollavee

    Quality meds all year round, took a peek in the back room today, very clean and organized. Glad to see this family business booming!

  626. Redmustang97

    I like the quality they offer for such a good price

  627. herrin02

    I love it!

  628. hairynutzach

    great service with quality flower and concentrates. very friendly staff. best dispensary in AZ

  629. bostontoazmom

    Ive been a customer for a year and love this place! Friendly, Helpful staff, good selections, great prices and Points Rewards

  630. xjimmyx

    Top shelf flower in my opinion

  631. lalogamez

    Great service and good flower!

  632. glsanchez

    Great! First time coming to this dispensary and all the staff were friendly and very helpful with helping what would work best for me.

  633. Dank_Breather

    Az Sour D is still one of the better strains around the valley. Hoping you guys have some new variety when I stop by today.

  634. Thenexiouskeeper

    love that you guys are not surrounded by sky scrapers

  635. Supergroovybaby

    Hey hey hey it’s me again. I love all you groovy groovy people dY’oedY’oedY’oe valley of the sun is beyond the best dispo

  636. cruzenation15

    Awesome place. great buds. AZ Super sky 9 AND AZ Super Skywalker og. great flower worth the drive. drive 40min to get this.

  637. juniorboy29

    420. on my way to you guys I’m a new patient ready to get hooked up

  638. Lorena1

    Awesome staff, great affordable meds, chill atmosphere….
    overall great experience!

  639. guadalupe.s.1

    Nice staff great medical products

  640. Mike0z

    Best in the Valley . Love coming here

  641. danmooreski

    Always friendly and super helpful. Love this dispensary!

  642. Hunter18

    this place is great and that 40 cap is a damn good deal! Best dispensary hands down

  643. kyle108108

    Heard great things from some friends, can’t wait to come by.

  644. JareBear113

    Love coming here is has to be one of my favorites

  645. alr3ves

    Valley of the Sun always has some great medication! Even the mid grade is more than suitable! Always friendly service!

  646. stayblazein

    good strains just taxin
    g little much

  647. Roxxstarr37

    Best meds in the valley hands down! If you haven’t tried Az Super Sour you haven’t lived! This is the best strain I’ve ever had and it’s their personal strain. You can’t get it anywhere else. It’s not the only flower that’s amazing at this dispensary. Their flowers are consistently exceptional and I am never disappointed. I would drive halfway around the world to get my meds at VOTSMD. They are the best.

  648. bugg714

    I love this dispensary! The people ate friendly and always greet you and wish you a good day. The product is always satisfactory my favorite is the blue mystic. I definitely recommend this place and its friendly people!

  649. jbaumann
  650. KAIREY

    Very comfortable setting. Friendly staff. Good quality!!

  651. braapracer

    Dopest dope ive ever smoked

  652. N8N

    Love this place great prices, awesome staff always willing to help

  653. Bigdeals

    This is the best dispensary in the West Valley their flowers are extremely potent prices are extremely extremely competitive I will pass a location just to come to this one because of the quality don’t waste your time come here

  654. tbone26691

    all the strains at vots are fire not one will disappoint you and there concentrates are the best!

  655. Ryno602

    Best meds in Az hands down with a kick-ass staff to boot

  656. lisval

    Best place, great customer service and knowledge of product.

  657. Cashout101

    just love how they treated me with kindness their bud is great nice and clean and I love the way it smells it’s always been a good dispensary took me and I will be coming back I hope this was helpful

  658. dirtykane

    Been going here over a year and the quality is great but there always out of top shelf strains which are never offered on specials. AZ super sour is very potent but the buds are not dense and weighed while very wet. 1/8 doesn’t even last me a week. The whole prepackage thing has to go. I clearly get more from dispensaries who weigh my meds in front of me. If you want to pay high prices for top quality go here but you can find better prices with same quality elsewhere.

  659. weedmaan21

    Amazing bud and glass

  660. Buddzyyy

    That AZ Super Sour though! I bought a Zip of it and i love it . Except that the buds weren’t as dense as I would of liked but I did get a nice chunky nug weighing 3.5 dY~,, The taste is exactly how it smells which is something that I look forward to when it comes to top shelf

  661. brighteyesskye

    I am very new to the world of mmj. In fact, I just received my card 2 days ago. The staff at VOTS were extremely nice and knowledable. They explained each of the different strains to me, didn’t pressure me into buying anything and even showed me how to use my vaporizer. They have a repeat customer for life.

  662. blowingtrees4ever

    Those vatos at Valley of the Sun Goodyear Az grow some phenomenal mota. The quality is the best grown in AZ …. and the az super sour and the big wreck is fire …. I highly recommend this dispensary.

  663. jinxie

    #VOTSMD is like my home away from home. I absolutely love the staff as well. Everyone there is awesome, from security to the Bud tenders and everyone in between.
    VOTSMD was my first and is my only dispensary. I would highly recommend them 100% of the time.

  664. ElEddyMarijuano

    AZ super Skywalker OG has one the best tastes and highs in the valley!

  665. devonc1991

    Have to stop by this place any time I’m in the area. Check it out.

  666. pogboom

    Always the friendliest service, best bud around!

  667. Mr.Programmer

    Super impressed with this dispensary! Excellent staff, customer service and meds. Far superior to any other dispensary I’ve seen in town. This is now my new dispensary home!

  668. n77

    I’ve been blessed with being able to visit VOTS 3 times and have been extremely satisfied each time. Great customer service and they even helped me with an issue I had with vapor cartridge.

    These guys have the dankest buds I have seen. I picked up an oz an a half of their top shelf meds and my whole bedroom stank like hella dank chronic. It is awesome medicine!

    I’m a little more impressed with a competitors wax products but I’ve only made a few grams purchase from a total of two different dispensaries so far as a MMJ patient.

  669. Kimbraadams1

    this is always the main place I go to. Fr fr good bartenders and great strains

  670. stew55

    The location was a little further away from where i live, but VOTS was the closest location that had the GDP. Joaqain (hope i spelled his name correctly ) provied excellent customer service. Will go back again.

  671. kashmeire2004

    love the pre-rolls!!!!

  672. 1lefty1982

    I cannot say enough good things about this place ! First off their Flower is absolutely the best tasting I have found in Arizona , they have really good Pre Rolls and a Discount for Vets . I Salute you Valley of the Sun , Well Done !

  673. katscratch

    I live out in Surprise so it is a long drive but well worth it. Thanks alot for making it such good experience .You guys are very helpful and patient while I look over the meds.Sorry it takes so long but all of the meds are looking so good! So whats a girl to do but go shopping!!!! and I did and I am HAPPY.You guy got it going on.Thanks again

  674. BullCricket

    Awesome product and people!

  675. Cmorrison

    Love this place for 24/7! No joke.

  676. dbabyjohnson

    I love Valley of the Sun. It way very first dispensary so it will always be my favorite.Fantastic bud and staff.

  677. MangoDown

    Very good flower and some of the most friendly staff in the valley. AZ Confidential was absolutely delightful.

  678. changy749

    Love this place is fire!! Concentrate is nice!! Flower is off the chain!! He location is key!!

  679. queensmoker21

    i love the place and will go there again

  680. aggroculturist

    I have been a Mmj cardholder in two states, Colorado for 6 years and the last two here in Arizona. This dispensary has the best service, consistent quality, great daily specials, and some of the best range of medical product I have seen. I love to visit and have absolute confidence in every dollar I spend here. Great place to go.

  681. wildekat59

    its not bad, but needs better selection of flower, no kushes were available when i went there.

  682. akolb91

    Amazing shatter and great prices. My favorite strain here is AZ super sour. bomb ass high

  683. stefan

    I’m gonna miss u guys when my card expires here in a few days and I wish I had the funds to continue my medical marijuana experience but sadly I do not. I would recommend this dispensary to anyone looking for quality meds and an awesome staff I love you guys and I’m gonna miss coming here you guys are great! thank you for a wonderful year

  684. C0lt420

    Awesome flower and great staff! Will be back!

  685. AntsOnAnthony

    Best weed in AZ

  686. CHARGER440

    The AZ Orange is for sure in season. Thank you VOTSMD for the great price & quality.

  687. Wendyrobbins

    I went in for the first time, everyone was so knowledgeable and friendly. The bud was great.

  688. tessi

    Love the quality of the flower and how cool the budtenders are. Merry Christmas

  689. raulsalgado420

    best bud and wax all the time …

  690. Beautiful40fem

    Great service like friends

  691. Sweetz1

    Great product! Fast and friendly service!

  692. Nena360

    Great Atmosphere,Great Customer Service

  693. mikewhodat

    definitely not top shelf the on the cp30 had seeds and so did the GDP 4 seeds I found per 8th no bs. ordered last Friday that’s terrible

  694. Waterbuffalo38

    I won the Raffle!
    A beautiful Grace glass water pipe.
    Excellent service and wonderful staff.

  695. SilentSpring

    WED Super Sour OG 250 OZ – – – F A I L 🙁
    Careful before driving out to this one…just got back 5:15 pm, Wednesday, 68 miles and with no A/C,

    and…NO FLOWER. 🙁

    So I’ve been making this trip every 3rd or 4th Wednesday for the AZ Super Sour OG, buying the $250 ounce special, for the past few months. Get there today, am told no deal on the Super Sour, regular price today, supply low, but 7-8 ozs easily visible just in that counter’s bins alone. Ripped Bubba was on sale instead. A bit heavy. Tried to plead my case but…Nope. And the deal is still listed here on Leafly right now as I type this…Wednesday Super Sour OG 250 OZ. (Older LBGT patient.)

  696. tdogg2284

    as i said before no ones has better skywalker than you guys prerolls are very good as well staff is cool never have you waiting to long

  697. AmariJustine

    best donations and the best meds in AZ!!!!!!!!!!!

  698. lbBaby

    2nd time here yes it’s far but I’m noticing they r a great place nice budtenders..the day I went they had free food and $10 grams 7pre rolls waaaat

  699. 01galvan

    Love the flower selection and the friendly staff

  700. Flowerrrchild666

    Horrible customer service my first time was my last time just because they tried to tell me how to spend my money told me to buy in bulk next time instead of 8ths

  701. CJ420CJ

    Hidden gem of AZ.. Everything was awesome!!!

  702. EddieMonster

    Bobbie B. Yoy rock…the whole staff and herbs are top notch..thanks guys..

  703. mistie88

    staff is super chill here, it was my first time visit and I got a free pre roll of just there house blend and it was bomb! Great prices, great selection for small area..

  704. Bullycat1

    the weed hasnt been doing it for me. what happen to blue berry headband?. that was the best

  705. Cristiang4588

    quality over quantity BUT fairly priced. I’ve been a loyal customer since day one and none can compare! keep up the good work you guys.

  706. Lgnd100

    Great flower!! It’s a great staff not only does this show have some of the best flower I’ve ever tried but what a good selection in pipes and rigs and more. This shop is my favorites everyone Head there

  707. Bigdpower6927

    Employees are very knowledgeable and have great customer service

  708. Jvela33

    All fire everything!!! Daily customer. My peoples

  709. RuleBrule

    The AZ super sour is never disappoint fire love this place

  710. amom4life

    This place was professional and pleasant to donate to for my meds and if had to would come again there product is not dry and is fairly decent compared to Encanto Greencross Dispenary and do get a thumbs up!

  711. Derickmanley

    One of the best places so far I’ve been too. Such a great place to get flower. Everytime I leave here I feel so much better. Thanks again valley of the sun.

  712. toodirty

    very friendly staff they were out of the strain I was looking for but they hooked me up with some thing equally good it’s a little out of my way but they’re the only ones who carry the strain I’m looking for

  713. jcole2688

    awesome people good place even better meds 🙂

  714. HeavyD

    Everybody needs to try this place awesome deals and very high quality meds. The ( Az Super Sour) is truly one of thee best strains out there so far. Very sticky and very sweet to mellow taste would highly recommend this. but dont listen to me go in and try them yourselves you wont be sorry. Thanks again Mr Paulie for the wonderful service and great tasting flowers. Munchas Gracias. D

  715. Winston1984

    Didn’t like the multiple window setup or the meds, they look good, but overall, I just did not like the dry or cure on the flowers in comparison with some Cali flowers I get at another collective, overall, I give them a solid 3 for the effort for Med Quality

  716. blackancestry

    Happy New Year to everyone at Valley of The Sun.dY’< They are one of the best & extra most consistent Dispos in the West Valley. OMW to see what's good!!! dY'OE

  717. choosysuzie92

    Always very friendly and efficient. 🙂

  718. 11scjb27

    it was kinda tucked away… should be more visible..

  719. Winterrose71

    The only dispensary I’ve visited but when you find the best there’s no reason to try the rest. Nice atmosphere, friendly and knowledgable staff and great products.

  720. phxjosea

    Metal detector and a security guard staring down my medical card first, then the waiting room has loud music banging from behind the wall (not soothing at all), they finally lifted their ban on phone use in the waiting room (no dispensary ever cared about phones), closest dispensary I live by but if I can go to another for an extra 20 minute drive, it’s worth it, also I never see top shelf on sale -_-

  721. Charliebricks

    nice pre roll for my first time, platinum GSC.

  722. KingSyris30

    Never been here before but I heard good things about this place can’t wait to stop in and check it

  723. melgo

    Good meds great staff

  724. _.jimmy._

    Best flower in az hands down

  725. Lavynnder

    best price on edibles. One of my favorite prices.

  726. chocolatecity76

    My fav! Friendly clean! Great flowers!

  727. 25katsu55

    My to go spot, the flower is amazing! Blueberry headband is lit! The gorilla glue is off the hook couch lock. I love the check in gal with the short hair she’s always smiling and laughing and showing off the newest pieces and what they do. The guys in the back are helpful and know their stuff.

  728. Loraith

    The best quality bud I have seen in the phx valley. Green dense buds. lots of tricombs. Really the best looking buds I have ever seen. Customer service is also very good. check out OG Grape, Super Sour to name a few. They are very knowledgeable on what meds to use for what ailments you may have.

  729. Bhaz413

    Service was fine, atmosphere clean and professional. But quite disappointed by the quality of flower so far. I broke up 1 nug of what I was told was premium quality and its loaded with seeds (cp30). It smokes good, but seeds add to the weight of the product and at medicinal grade that’s unacceptable.

    I did try a house blend preroll and some concentrate, to which was on point.

  730. boostedLSX

    VOTS has been there for me every step of the way. from acquiring my card to helping out with the best meds for pain relief on the far West side. if you don’t stop in you’re really missing out!

  731. amster420

    Best concentrates in Az!!

  732. RJloves420

    Best bud, best concentrates statewide. I’ve never been disappointed in the quality, price or customer service. My #1 favs are the AZ Super Sour OG and Premium Bubble Hash. Highly recommended:)

  733. Sunshine1303

    Love this place and their bud tenders! Great people ! I always come back

  734. GeeMelanin

    I love going to this dispensary, the environment there is very welcoming. I’m always met with smiles from all staff members I love joking and laughing with them. Eddie the bud tender,chill guy & funny. The bud tenders there are very informative, which is helpful especially for newbies, like myself at the time.I am always satisfied with their cannabis, I love both the indica & sativa but I’m more partial to their sativa. It’s soothing and relaxing but it also gives me energy depending on what I am doing. Lastly, their edibles are top notch in my opinion. I suggest taking it slow because the more you consume the longer it last. At least from my experience. I’d recommend this dispensary to many friends.

  735. kushking14

    best dispo in the valley close to home strains are super duper dope and prices are great and great staff and budtenders awesome place to shop..

  736. scotttorch

    great place with a ton of frosty strains to choose from.

  737. nikole

    this was my first dispensary ever and i was satisfied that i chose this place as my first. the wax i got was a little rough to hot for my liking but was not unbearable. the watermelon kush slices tasted like crap but that is my personal option of all gummy edibles. the staff was very nice and even gave me an informational new patient packet which i found to be very helpful.

  738. Time2420

    Great, Friendly and Knowledgable staff. Great Meds! Love the Skywalker/ Confd shatter.

  739. th3guycast

    Amazing deals on glass some of the best flowering seen

  740. Pullintubes85308

    Stopped in for a free birthday gram and there AZ Super Sour blew me away. Incredible strain. You guys are awesome. Thank you

  741. Poohman1218

    Always have great strains and service

  742. Bayleef

    First time jar and pre roll were really sweet!

  743. ClockridgeCA

    Best dispo on the west side!

  744. deuce79

    top notch place great flower

  745. 42OGCLOUD

    Very great great people mad love thank yu for everything all strains are fire top shelf… shhout out to everyone….shawn R.

  746. ross17623

    best despensary in AZ. best meds around . no other despensary in a competition .. VOTSD best hands down -ricardo reyes

  747. RjN13

    valley of the Sun always taking care of me, the budtenders are soo chill and helpful.

  748. MagdaP

    My first visit was just a couple of days ago. Love love loved the Super Sour OG. I need to drive the distance just for SSOG.
    I really enjoy the taste of this one and it’s up there with Silverback and Tahoe ( in my opinion) in head high, pain reliever and total body relaxation.

  749. alyssacrass

    This was the 2nd dispensary I went to after getting my license and even though it was super busy, everyone was so nice and the person helping me was patient, even with the big line awaiting him.

  750. masterShake90

    good place to go love there og grape

  751. prestonwayne99

    Fantastic service, awesome friendly staff, great bud and good prices, will be here a lot

  752. StStephen

    Two words: Moon Rocks. Location can be busy at peak times but online express ordering helps. Great new patient special. Awesome giveaways during special events. Decent specials and deals. Discount for cancer patients undergoing chemo or radiation. Regular price meds a bit expensive, but they more than make up for it in deals and perks.

  753. LindaMoore

    DO NOT GO TO THIS DISPENSARY! I was very disappointed in the budkeepers lack of knowledge. Regarding most strains I got the answer aEURoeI don’t know.aEUR I specifically asked for aEURoean energizing sativa.aEUR I was assured the strain they sold me was exactly right. I bought meds after being told it was sativa, and very energizing. I find out it is a hybrid, WAY too heavy on the indica side. It made me tired, VERY nauseous, and gave me a horrible headache. I had used vacation hours to get there, spent two hours and money on gas. What I got was medicine I absolutely cannot use as it makes me feel ill, and is NOT the “very energizing sativa” I specifically asked for. Now I have no usable day meds for two months as I spent my entire two month budget there, thinking it was a good deal (NOT). I am very disappointed. I have a sealed 1/4 bag of really bad medicine and I had to flush the other A1/4 oz. I will have to flush the sealed bag as well, as this was extremely BAD MEDICINE. Their business practices are terrible with budtenders with no knowledge, selling meds that aren’t even close to what I asked for.

  754. mdro12

    Best shop I’ve come across ice been all over the valley just stiped in got a 40 dollar 8th and some wax 27buxs super fire this is the place you wanna be trust Bay Area lungs

  755. kota47

    the new strains at VotsMd are the best around!!

  756. grayghost

    What happened? I have been coming here almost monthly since August buying an OZ at a time. Was there last week and got the AZSuperSour and it is so wet you can not grind it. It is like a place used to buy from occasionally who would spray their flowers with water so they would weigh more. Not only is it WET, it smells of wet grass and not medical marijuana. I have it drying out so I can vape it. The AZWidow#2 I got looks pretty good, other than being a bit too brown, but it delivers no medical benefit that I can find and it really stinks as well but not of wet grass. It may have not been harvested at it’s peak but allowed to grow past it’s prime. I can’t describe the odor but all I would say is smell it before you buy it. Also, do not rely on the bud tender to be able to answer your questions. I am so glad a friend of mine did not come with me. I have been telling him how good the products are (were) at VOS. My last review was 5’s across the board but now don’t know if I will make the 2 hour round trip drive out to Goodyear for crap like this. I sure won’t buy anything there without smelling it and not just the samples!

  757. strainluvR

    Stopped in to check this one out today, had to park away from this one because I was on break with my company vehicle, so I walked a little. Was greeted to a big metal detector, thats a first, I wasn’t sure if I was at the courthouse downtown, or Fort Knox, I mean really guys, Circle K pulls more change that you guys do, no one is going to rob you for meds or $$$. I was also questioned by the first window staff member “where I parked”, uh prying….. Herded to a second window, then wait, then finally bud room. Meds are prepackaged and readily available for viewing, lots of different strains. Received a freebie of the Super Sour, I liked it the best out of the three I tried. Overall the flowers were about mid range for me, I did not like the cure on them, they seemed a bit rushed, I guess thats what the free jar is for.

  758. JLM22

    Some of the best medical cannabis in the west valley and great staff to help with any needs.

  759. mzdevious

    very friendly answered my questions
    will come back

  760. msims555

    great meds great service

  761. erndoeaz

    tried the 710 express and was not disappointed keep up the great work

  762. Biggniaha

    always have the best meds for a cheap price

  763. chackakahn

    High quality strands for a good price with some pretty good deals. Alien Orange Cookies is a go to every time.

  764. doughthegreat

    Cool place real cool bud tenders alright bud has some good ones has some alright nothing really horrible

  765. Jenneric1

    Good flower, nice staff, way over priced $50 1/8. Extremely high when there are places with flower just as good for $30.

  766. Lia69

    Great products, knowledgeable staff, specials days are fun!

  767. jj23j

    Vots has some of the best meds in the vally. They sometimes have deal for their flower so keep an eye out.

  768. Edgaritsthattime420

    good prices verity of meds and
    great bud tenderd will recommend.

  769. NickiH3

    love this place. Friendly atmosphere, great customer service. Awesome flower. Love the $25 gram waxes!

  770. adrianmontenegro50

    great buds and great staff !!!!

    love coming here

  771. exar2145

    This is the place to go for the! The staff is super friendly. The have a variety of strains too choose from. Eddie, Paul, Q, Eric are awesome these four introduced me to their Blue Frost(my fave), Az Super Sour OG, Skywalker OG, Az Sour Diesel just to name a few! Oh, their prerolls are a gram as well! Along with the great buds the atmosphere is amazing and keeps me coming backdY~EUR

  772. dubedude

    az super sour very good medication and recommendations from staff. iam very pleased I will be back!!! 🙂

  773. weeman710

    tge best shop in the West nice clean place staff is great always ready to help meds are dY”Y=

  774. TheJohnsons4

    this has the best buds and love the friendly service by all employees

  775. Diablo13

    My Boy Eddie Will take real good care of you ! He’s the Man And Always gives Great service I feel Like home Every time .

  776. 420buddysmoke

    great location, with outstanding customer service, non rushed environment

  777. bob9

    went with super sour og, fantastic strain. strains here are usually always great. the service is different, the bud tenders have no personality, didn’t ask what I was looking for, just there to give you product and take your money

  778. desertlos

    Meds are impressive and excellent customer service. Highly recommend this gem and I see no reason to go anywhere else. Cheers!

  779. mrhavoc24

    good selection, bad prices. It’s tough to pay $3XX an ounce and $40g when you can drive 10 minutes to Glendale for $200 ounces and $25g. I’ve yet to try a strain that was over $100 better in terms of quality. Gotta get with the times.

  780. KD911

    Top notch!!dYOE3dYOE3
    best meds In AZ!!! Can’t go wrong with the AZ SKY WALKER OGdY’OEdY1/2dY’OEdY1/2
    Super Chill environment and all my bud tenders have been very cool… Over all if you have to travel a lil but it’s defenetly worth it

  781. ToastedToast

    Best service I’ve had at any dispensary I’ve been too. A little out of the way, but worth it. Will definitely be going back 🙂

  782. AZsoccerchamp5

    staff is legit and knowledgeable, good spot all around

  783. betterthanyours

    Best dispensary in Az!!!

  784. Kingjay6710

    I absolutely love this place! Been coming here since the start and years later still remains one of my favorite shops!

  785. rudy39

    my spot to go when ya need a gold star flower and the staff is great

  786. cgon801

    super high quality. one of the best on the west side

  787. edwynjaimes

    Intimidating location. Staff is not very friendly. Waiting for about 30 minute and a man, out of uniform with a huge gun sticking out of his pants come to me and tells me to get off my phone to continue waiting. I ask for one quarter of grape with is 60 on the website. I come home and see I was charged for 2 1/8s at 35 each. Not happy.

  788. DoobieWillis

    VOTSMD has great product and super friendly staff. They do a great job of communicating deals and have awesome flash sales. I’d like to see them add a couple more bud tenders during high traffic times, but if you go often enough, you’ll figure out the best times to avoid crowds.

  789. Rwr0304

    The meds here are worth every dime. The budtenders are awesome! Quick Service!

  790. SmokinO.G

    Purple monkey balls was fire thank yu valley But I do gotta admit your guys GDP IS JUST SOME FINE PIECE OF ART!!!! Lol thanks