Level Up



14980 N 78th Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85260


33.6211591, -111.9091653




9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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The best dispensary in Scottsdale, MedMen provides a wide range of high-quality CBD and THC cannabis products. Anyone looking for a marijuana store near Scottsdale will find what they need at MedMen. With knowledgeable sales associates and a safe, inviting atmosphere, we are your go-to cannabis shop for vapes, flower, topicals, edibles, gummies, tinctures, balms and more.


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780 reviews for “Level Up

  1. SpicyAsianSauce

    Love this place. They always have good cartridge deals!

  2. vickieme

    Notified their fine and the medication works great for me Vickie and they’re very good dispensary

  3. NancyMastrilli

    Love the atmosphere, set up and the knowledgeable bud tenders/customer service. Ethan was so helpful and made sure I was satisfied. How could I not be…great place. Love how they love us seniors.

  4. dimas84

    its a good location easy acces on and off freeway. did my first time patient got an 8th of master kush and 8th of the white!!MASTER KUSH WAS AMAZING!! best ive had here in phoenix!!

  5. Thath1ghk1d

    Great selection of quality and awesome deals through the week. Patient for life program is a major plus. I keep coming back.

  6. smoke438

    love the dutchies. tried the korovoa edible and it was good.

  7. gene1mingo

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Easy to find location and plenty of parking. First time visit went smoothly. It was very nice to be able to sit down when working with the bud tender. The prices are the lowest around. They come in at 30% or lower than any others in the Presscott area or

    Verde Valley. This is my new dispensary of choice and I live in Cottonwood.

    Thanks for keeping the pricing low and the quality service. Will see you again.

  8. TheCannaisseur76

    Went to Level/Up to pick up my Road Dawg after she was groomed. Looked good, so good I picked’em up a Cookie treat and headed home. Me & Road Dawg had a smoke and Dawg wazz zo good I gave them a cookie!!! They wazz HAPPY, all, day, long… Probably hang out next weekend??? Wooo!!!

  9. chefbj

    What a great store. The staff was super friendly and very helpful. One of the best new patient specials in the valley. The road dawg is something special. Can’t wait to go back and I’m telling everyone how to level up.

  10. keithzab

    The best dispensary I have found near Prescott. they have MUCH better quality flower then SWC and Yavapai Herbal. would recommend to friends!

  11. magicmandan

    Always stop in when I’m on this side of town. Friendly staff and awesome deals.

  12. dom225

    Amazing dispensary, there is a bald guy, he helped me out. He was great, he offered amazing suggestions, as well as being friendly and showing the utmost hospitality.

  13. Vega08

    Great first time experience! Definitely worth the experience.

  14. Amerikaavila23

    Level up has the best flower in town it’s always good quality and they hook it up .staff are friendly and very helpful ..

  15. oldmossy30

    The staff is very friendly. Great quality products at great prices. It’s kinda like Cheers, where everyone knows my name 🙂 Saturday is my favorite day to go 😉

  16. heyjudyq

    This is the place to come for great customer service and awesome products

  17. mcarusoiv

    Really enjoyed the first time patient deal, and was surprised by their specials for Friday too! Great prices and even better flower

  18. azfniguy

    great staff very helpful will return

  19. jahnasty

    Some of the best pre rolled joints ive had! Most are packed way too tight and the weed was grinded down too fine. They had some super fire UK Cheese today as well. Repeat customer

  20. tsuresh


  21. cburnsmed

    Amazing looking bud, have not tried much yet but what I had was great and can’t wait to try more.

  22. Elmardo2015

    Perfect location, clean, awesome staff that is very helpful. They know my name now. LOL. My favorite place.

  23. susan14

    love the variety and their system of “tier buying” can’t beat their concentrates and the specials stack with other discounts you may have, knowledgeable and friendly staff, whats not to like?

  24. Takeoff26

    the management is horrible they would not resolve the issue and hung up in my face when the admited they were wrong and made a mistake they stole my money

  25. celestealvz19

    By far my favorite place! The first time in was a really good experience. The people here are great and the flower is great quality for the price!

  26. neferguson

    Great staff, great dr office, great budtenders, exceptional products and b1g1 events are a must. Their delivery can be long but it’s hella convenient. Recommended to everyone. If ur lucky u might even be able to go join an epic boss raid.

  27. Snobsdale

    This place is great, great quality buds with some sort of discount every time you come in. It’s not in a ghetto area, it’s clean, nice and safe. Everyone was friendly as hell. Definitely a top dispensary.

  28. original13739

    i drive over 25 miles just to come to this dispensery, absolutely love this place. hands down best dispensery in Az

  29. David.mick

    Think of the most amazing thing you have ever seen. This place beats that! It can’t be topped. So what do you do when at the top of your game?! You make great deals for people and really tend to their needs. This is what this place does. It makes you want to hang out there, heck I drive 35miles to this place. Even though there are seriously about 9 closer places. That’s should say it all.

  30. goldyjr

    I never ever write reviews. I’m writing this review because I had the WORST experience I have ever had at a dispensary yesterday. I renewed my MMJ card across from the dispensary. Afterward, I went into the dispensary to utilize the free credits that I was supposed to be receiving. This part is 100% my fault……but I was under the impression that when you renewed your MMJ card, you received 3 $75 vouchers to use at Level up. Now the reason I was under that impression is that my girlfriend renewed her card 3 months ago and has already used 2 of her FREE $75 dollar vouchers (I was with her both times). So yesterday after renewing my MMJ card, I’m talking to a younger male budtender at Level up about wax/shatter and when I asked what he liked he said aEURoeI don’t smoke dabs, I’m not the guy to talk toaEUR ok no biggie but pretty strange. I was now going to check out when the budtender informs me that I have to spend $150 to get $75 off? Once again went about it very rudely as I was not understanding. Here is the icing on the cake. An older lady who was working across from my budtender aggressively jumps in and says aEURoeyou just renewed your card today right?aEUR and I say yes. She says you signed a form that informed you about the $150 to get $75 off. I said I was unclear about that. She tells me to follow her to the clinic. She barges into the office, tells the current patient she is aEURoeso sorryaEUR for interrupting and proceeds to rudely hand me the form. Just like she said, I did sign a box that explained what the deal was. Once the extremely rude lady left and went back to Level up I asked the lady who was at the desk what was going on. Her response aEURoethey made a mistake at Level up and were never suppose to offer 3 free $75 vouchers.aEUR WOW! That’s shitty! I understand mistakes get made, but the way I was treated yesterday at Level up was unacceptable! To end this great experience, as I was leaving, I hear a woman call my way to ask what had happened. I begin to explain to her what happened in my situation. She informs me that she drove across town after receiving false information about a free MMJ card that is available to people who have government assistance, like food stamps, and security escorted her out!! I’m really just writing this long, shitty review because this is not how most dispensaries treat customers in the valley. NOBODY SHOULD GO TO THIS DISPENSARY!! I know I won’t be back.


    P.s. I only left star for service because you can’t leave zero.

  31. peejay75

    Great customer service

  32. Happycat6613

    L/U Scottsdale.. great budtenders and great flowers. Very knowledgable team you have. Thanks for being awesome..

  33. FireOwl

    Been in 3 times, & no complaints. Today was exceptional! Black Friday Sale, & they always have good meds, plus I’m ticked off at the local “store” – so why not! I didn’t have time to notice the atmosphere, ppl were leaving just as I came in & we took care of business. Devin & Brad made my sxc dog & I feel welcome, & when I told Brad what my problem was, he took real good care of me. It’s worth the drive now & then, today for sure! THANKS!

  34. Spikerdoodle80

    Such a nice and clean place with wonderful and friendly staff!!!

  35. Bigmikebar

    seemed unwilling to help with my first time in.

  36. blazedandconfusedgal

    Like it, friendly from the time you walk in. The selection of flower is great, and love that you can see and pick your flower. Owen is awesome, all the staff has been really nice, he helped me
    pick two nice strains. Went back to try the KIND rosin and am happy with that too. Will definitely be a regular here!

  37. pcakesboogy

    won’t go back

  38. bigskates

    I liked the taste of the pre roll and it helped a lot. The staff is very helpful will definitely come back!

  39. tbock

    everything is great with there refillable syringes. prices are cheap and the staff are incredible

  40. AgentKent

    My first time here, they told me about all their aEURoedealsaEUR and then I was overcharged, twice. When I caught the first one it was because the price seemed high and the bud tender fixed it. It was while walking out I noticed the second mistake. I told the frontdesk people they made me wait before telling me that if I wanted my money back, I’d have to go back through the system, refund my purchase and then rebuy everything. Seriously?! You guys made a simple mistake, but made it so complex to figure out how to correct it. It took about 10+ minutes to figure out what to even do. Their medicine is good, but I wouldn’t go back there based on the way I was treated when I caught their mistake. If it truly was an error, then have a manager reach out, apologize and make good on their mistake. Issues happen, that’s understandable, it’s how you handle them when they do that separates a good business from a bad one.

  41. Donna888

    It’s close to home, everybody is happy and helpful. A great knowledgeable staff and great products. Love to order online and pick it up!! Great specials, too!!!

  42. mufasasdaddy

    What are great place to just walk into! The atmosphere is amazing, evern with co struction! Ethan, Pat and Corey, those guys are so excited to talk about their products and the way the new construction is going to make it even better, even though I didn’t think it could get any better! Great jog you guys and I’ll see you today.

  43. Lshadow

    Friendly good deal

  44. doc101198

    The service is great and they are helpful and courtesy

  45. Stymie

    Well managed. Great Oil cartridge Meds.

  46. cjohnson602

    Seriously nice place, upscale and very comfortable, the staff was outstanding and the quality was outstanding, my new go to.

  47. tonyacarter78

    love this place. knowledgeable staff and very friendly.

  48. heathmanm

    awesome place! looks like it belongs right out of a movie set!! great atmosphere, awesome people and products!

  49. DerfDank

    Great store, love the 50mg keef cola rootbeer!

  50. AnandaDharma

    Nice shop, good experience. Staff was helpful, and now realizing the selection is strong.

  51. sammieetellem

    Great place to grab your flower. Great budtenders. Come check them out anytime of the week…

  52. mary.lloyd.54

    went in yesterday specifically to get a indica for my medical condition. the girl behind the counter recommended a “really good” indica strain explaining that it was one of the heaviest they had. I use indica for seizure control. I got home and medicated. to my surprise, the mmj was a sativa hybrid. I am upset because the budtender wasn’t knowledgeable about mmj and strains, it was a good strain, but did not give me the medicinal help I needed. it kept me up half the night and did not give me the relaxation in my brain that I need to have to keep from having a seizure. please educate your budtenders on mmj, we need experienced people, not some pretty ditzy girl who is there to get patients high.

  53. 710guru

    Staff is super helpful!

  54. drewtokes420

    thanks for the delivery!

  55. Iamdjtati

    First time coming here; I drove about 22miles to visit location because I seen it here on leafly and wasn’t able to actually go in because they didn’t put up a notification or anything on site that they were closing early. Talk about a waste of time and gas

  56. johnnyschoeneman

    affordable and great prices

  57. Devtonn

    Awesome atmosphere and great meds!! The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable!!! Best Dispensary around for sure!!

  58. stonerhokage420

    This place is awesome love coming here!

  59. beccabugs22

    I really liked this place. Flower stays fresh in their containers. I drove a ways to get there and it was worth it. I will be back.

  60. bigskates417

    this dispensary should not be in business with how some of the workers treat there patients and how people get ripped off a lot not cool

  61. azbmx3r

    Super good meds, great prices and veryhelpful staff

  62. xsaj70

    This location and the location in Tempe always have friendly smiling staff, very informative about the products on hand. An very willing to help… I thoroughly enjoy both locations.

  63. Danndann

    One of the best in az, I am very picky and this is one of the 5 highest quality dispensaries in Arizona!

  64. Laflare710

    Great selection of quality meds

  65. Bjdubb

    They’re very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Easy to ask questions.

  66. Roobaj

    Love the enviorment, everyone so sweet, friendly, helpfull. I have a great love for this place. Ill only recomend this place to anyone … prices are PERFECT… even if it was expensive, id go here just beacuse of the enviormemt.

  67. JBRRoybal

    Always very professional, quick and quality. Staff is positive and helpful, atmosphere is 10/10, Quality is absolutely supurb!

  68. 1fenderfan

    This is honestly my go to dispensary in Scottsdale. Besides the bud being amazing, Moose and Lobsta is my favorite. The customer service is what really makes it. They always remember my name and the type of medicine I need. Always very friendly and very accommodating. Also the place is beautifully interior designed, looks like a classy hotel lobby. Would definitely recommend

  69. purity710

    This place is the greatest

  70. Herbertpot

    Great atmosphere ok bud nice staff good first time patient Special

  71. rbud

    This place is great no need to go else ware been coming here for yrs now never a problam
    Staff is great meds great price

  72. DSD420DABBER

    Well, the pictures I see are what drew me in and yes, it’s a very nice place. Product looked average and priced a tad high for the quality. Unfortunately I left without making a purchase as I’m a concentrates guy and they offer no ftp special for them. Boooooo 😉

  73. tpringle23

    Great products and always have what you need! Best dispensary in Scottsdale!!!

  74. musecamenta

    A little gem of a dispensary in the quiet town of Mayer–who’d have thought it? Great flowers and knowledgeable service. If you’re going to Prescott, check this place out on the way–you’ll be happy you did!

  75. kelsd

    This place is amazing. Thank you guys for being so awesome and for answering all my questions. Y’all rock!

  76. whitedeere

    Level Up is one of the nicest dispensaries i have ever been in. the staff is extremely knowledgeable and has great suggestions on strains similar to the one you are looking for. i have gone in to buy a certain strain and walked out with something different then i was going to get for the better.

  77. Davidlaurean98

    level is on a whole different level specially with flowr they have the best selection of strains

  78. doodle

    I’m so happy there is another option in north Scottsdale! The staff here is very friendly and knowledgeable and the quality of their flower is superb! I also like that they have many sativas and the prices are fair. Will definitely be back!

  79. TeakaTG

    Great location new look is awesome only dispensary I go to now. Workers always helpful and friendly

  80. grimstr

    don’t buy into patient for life program , it’s bogus and you will feel cheated

  81. Jamyez

    Product is amazing, the staff is worth it on its own to be a regular shopper here. They are super friendly and the know their stuff! I liked this place before, but now they have done a renovation and it’s so dope. My favorite dispensary hands down.

  82. CelticWarrior88

    All the employees were very helpful. Their flower is great. I tried some indication flower and like I was hoping it put me to sleep. I will definitely be coming back.

  83. alexaaiello

    Great service, good quality, and never a long wait! And I love their rewards program with the stamps! Nicole is my favorite Bud tender she always knows what will help!

  84. dlking

    Great people, very knowledgeable, very helpful. great product recommendations. reasonable prices and specials. I’ll be back soon

  85. warioman420

    Great meds, great service

  86. kaylagrubin93

    I really like this dispensary the flavor and smell of the trees makes my heart melt.

  87. mmccolley

    Nice people and good concentrates.

  88. rjh3

    Super friendly staff, great first experience in a dispo

  89. nazsti

    Killer meds good donation prices

  90. mrnash420

    great place to go worth the drive for shure

  91. maddxlee

    I appreciate their range of concentrates…(Echo shatter, diamonds, and crumble, KIND, Mohave, Venom, Goldsmith, MPX…. aka VARIETY!!) Their stock is refrigerated too, which is so amazing for consistency!! I am always here, and I am always so amazed by the peppy staff. They all flow together! It’s hard for me to remember names, but Melissa is the HOMIE!! All of the gals there are a true joy to see. The only things that could improve are cartridge variety/deals. Love this location and the vibe.

  92. allstar23

    hi Level Up guys! i just wanted to say thanks again for the BOGO Kind Clear Daze event. I think that it was as well thought out and orchestrated. I got there and waited 30 minutes until open and 45 minutes later I was done! It’s hella busy at Level Up on Kind Clear Daze! thanks for the reward system and the excellent customer service!

  93. jgabler

    Great place great people great greens

  94. hadleydre

    This place sucks, horrible new PT deal. Flower quality is terrible and way over priced. The front desk is rude and unprofessional. Way too far and too many better dispensaries around, like Harvest or natural selections! Do NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!!

  95. Cbelsito

    I love this place! The budtenders are awesome people, super friendly and helpful, even hooked me up with a local business discount as my company is based less than a mile from location. Products are always on point, bud trimmed nicely, wax pens function properly and concentrates are always high potency and good tasting! I shop here atleast once a week, would and have recommended to friends!

  96. CadillacCollis

    Thank you so much for opening the Tempe location – its ten times closer to my house – so now when im at work in Scottsdale i can shoot to your Scottsdale locale and when im home in PHX i can slide over the Tempe local … this is just great, thank you for everything – CJ

  97. MmjTj

    First time in and my budtender, NICK, was super helpful and gave me the rundown on things at LU…he also helped me maximize savings by taking advantage of daily deals and the epic first time patient deal (2 gifts!)
    Got the Bruce banner and yoda flower strains both great quality and delicious.
    They make it pretty hard not to come back…I’ll be a regular now for sure. Thanks Nick and LU!

  98. Alpha4Life

    Really could use a remodel but the customer service was excellent

  99. Brevier

    Love all there product and the service

  100. Hkirk42

    Came for the birthday deal and got the hook up! Always love coming to this shop and getting taken care of. I got a ton of freebies when I redeemed my punch card too so it’s definitely worth it.

  101. mike4207

    Great choices with great pricing, a little out of the way but would go here again, recommend it to anyone. Great fast call service too, lot of places lack that, this place is great.

  102. 420greens

    It’s going to be my last stop for 2018 I been told to visit all year so I hope it’s got some fire dY”Y= anyways On my way! I hope I fined some good lol

  103. Bear999922

    F this place. 100 percent.

    I saved my alottment so I could get a BOGO ounce in Wickenburg. Drove all the way out there and said I only had 40 something grams left.
    I was 100 percent sure I saved my alottment.
    So I only got an ounce and a half, For the price I would have paid for the whole.
    And the lady says compaines are good at making it up to you.

    So I go o level up Scottsdal, and they say there is nothing to be done. What Complete bullcrap. They gave me a pre-roll. And I said that helps, but what about the other 13 freaking grams I would have gotten.

    I don’t have a lot of money to be spending like that. So when I miss out on 13 free grams, Yeah im gonna be pissed off.
    But I do have a lot of free time, so I will put a lot of time into making sure none of my friends go here, and as many people I can talk to.

  104. shayne25

    referred by my old roomate and definitely a good referral. one of my fiance and mine favorite new spot ! they have an amazing ftp deal and excellent customer service every day.! quality meds and everything just keeps getting better :). keep up the love !!

  105. suttmiller

    Close inconvenient. Great staff Supra products reasonable prices. Will come back for more

  106. farmerpat420

    This place is without a doubt the best addition to the area. The Redberry was super dank

  107. jtn_13

    Great meds and great donations! Definitely my new go to spot for flowers!

  108. jason.w.jaggers

    Friendly courteous service from Devin and Brad. The location is convenient for “out of towners” and a nice drive for Prescott’s quad cities. The little trailer is easy to miss the first time so pay attention around the Harley place! The flowers are kept moist and fresh. Everything is weighed in front of you – no dried out prepackaged flowers here! This place will be my regular flower shop, how about you?

  109. highdefnition

    Really going to miss this place serving the needs of northern arizona and the tri city area. Consistently great meds and even though the old location wasn’t the most attractive on the outside its the people and the product on the inside that mattered!

  110. jboo1300

    My first time going there they had a strain called gorilla glue number five
    omg that was the best loud ever

  111. dapperzan

    What a great place with friendly staff. My budtender Jake was great, and described in great detail what the shop was all about. They weight the weed in front of you and is stored in metal jars (unlike most places…). Prices are fair. I will definitely be returning

  112. William21

    Great selection and prices.

  113. azarborpro

    aesthetically the best dispensary in Arizona. top shelf meds with an amazing knowledgeable staff will definitely go back.

  114. big_nate

    Extremely helpful and friendly staff. Quality medicine and great deals daily, thanks guys!!

  115. Carlosd

    Great looking store, the staff is very friendly and helpfull. They have a good variety of great strains…

  116. btwix

    This is one of the best dispensaries I have been to and I have checked out a lot looking for my Mary Jane home. Kind pen cartridge= best. Ganj= top of the line! And 48 differing strands when I went! It boggles the mind! Jason the bud tender is the man! He knows his green!

  117. Rubywick76

    This is by far my favorite dispensary. Good quality and friendly staff. Can’t beat it!

  118. Lyall1

    This place has great flower and quality. The prices are great too.

  119. Azkeely

    I was pleasantly surprised to find this dispensary-by far–the classiest dispensary I have set foot in!! From Deedee at the front to all of the great bud tenders and excellent selection it ROCKS!! Great deals and great location this is a MUST visit for all!!!!

  120. diego.maloney

    It’s great

  121. Raz45

    I love this shop. Everything is top notch..From their products to their staff..Best flower in the valley in my opinion..Very helpful and always a pleasant experience. Recommended highly…

  122. Piranha10

    Excelent selection of meds and the stamp card was a extra surprise
    The staff was outstanding quick courteous service. I wool visit again

  123. reliabledave

    great place very welcoming, professional and informative my tender made the whole process easy

  124. dustyxshane

    My experience at Level Up was one of my best experiences at a dispensary in Arizona. Every part of my visit hit it out the ball park. I wound up leaving with some Zkittles and King’s Lemon as well as a gram of Superman OG (which was phenomenal). Grace was my amazing bud-tender who recommended the Superman. GRACE IT WAS AMAZING. Will definitely keep taking the recommendations and most definitely be back!

  125. SlyVixen79

    Really friendly and where helpful when I needed questions answered. Will be returning.

  126. redheadcon1

    AWESOME quality & selection here! reasonably priced too. Soooo worth the 40 minute drive. I will return to shop 4 meds.


    Well worth the drive. The meds are top notch and the employees were easy to talk to. Will return for sure!

  128. alecjar91

    By far the best flower In The state. Very beautiful dispensary , literally looks like something out of a magazine. Best bud tenders around , really know their products, ftp deal is amazing , can’t wait to visit again!!!

  129. blondie2

    Soooo many strains!!!! Everyone was super nice! So happy i found this place!!!

  130. papaclark

    best of 4 I’ve tried in Yavapai County. Well worth the short drive from PV. This will be MY dispensary from here on.

  131. oJermzo

    Absolutely love this place. First off the staff is super friendly and the medications are always on point. There is a variety of everything and always something that fits your pocket

  132. marynoonan12

    I’ve never been disappointed here. Can be a little pricey but usually worth knowing you’re getting good product.

  133. bugsbunny12

    Amazing deals amazing flower best prices and town I’m kind products

  134. jonnyhop

    Great flower and service, but you guys got to do better with the your pricing. You have ounces for $330. That’s ridiculous. Please adjust your price points.

  135. Izora

    Very upscale boogie dispensary.. LOL. I went once and it was clean, the staff was friendly and the Redberry I picked up was pretty good in addition. I haven’t went back, but, I would if ever in the area.

  136. gilahopper

    Easy to find. Great donations. Straight forward. First visit. Will be back

  137. Nilla420

    loving the beautiful new look, staff and selection still amazing!

  138. HooliganFP

    Been going here for a month now. The staff is always super friendly and makes great suggestions on meds. Got the god bud the other day. Very nice and potent. This is my home away from home 🙂

  139. seanbean1985

    Awesome staff, super friendly and informative! Big selection of products from the top manufacturers of edibles. Large variety of flower with some nice deals pretty much every day, especially for first-time patients.

  140. sethaub87

    I just got my new card through the mail and I went to this dispensary for my first time and it was the most extraordinary experience I’ve ever had! There is countless options in here that not only brings euphoria to your nostrils but also true eternal happiness! My favorite strain is Jack Herer and I got Ultra Jack Herer shatter and a rosin pen and I can honestly say smoking out of this new pen is one of the most amazing highs I’ve had. Level Up Dispensary is OG! If I were to die and go to heaven, I’d be in Level up Dispensary! It is truly amazing and it’s some of the best quality ganja I ever smoked. And my experience just made me wanna live in their weed jars! I’d give them 6/5 Stars Great vibes, people, options, quality and Dispensary!

  141. pizzachef420

    OG 18 and PGSC……I wish it were easier to see top shelf on the “top shelf”. Other then that, best price for kind live resin on Wednesdays obvi.

  142. SMQ1985

    great location nice staff

  143. ashlelia

    visited for the first time yesterday to pick up some cheese, quantum kush, and Bruce Banner. super friendly staff, great wide selection of meds, and the location is discreet. the Tuesday preroll deal is also A++

  144. Mommymouse952

    Thank you for all the help with my questions. Was friendly and a nice place that I will be returning too.

  145. imjustagirl1979

    There’s always parking
    No wait
    And great variety of products

  146. pyrominiyak

    LOVE LOVE LOVE level up. amazing specials, quality flower. this shop is clean af. I will gladly drive here from south tempe.

  147. DamagedGoodz

    Botique luxury feeling environment that very much befits the quality of the product they offer, and the top-notch customer service they pride themselves on… A little bit off the main path up near the Scottsdale airport, like literally behind the runway it’s nice and private. I would happily go there exclusively except it’s 25+miles from where I live. I was just in the area and checked them out, which I recommend you do as well 🙂 I think you’ll find it well worth it! Very knowledgeable and helpful staff who will take all the time you need to make sure you find the right fit for your needs…

  148. Sugagreen

    I’ve given this dispensary plenty of business and I even renewed my medical marijuana card here at their exam center. I’ve been given misguided information that is untrue and wasted multiple trips to this dispensary excited to receive the deals I was told about and guaranteed And left frustrated and unhappy. I’ve been there for an early bird special and when I got there the receptionist was on the phone and didn’t take my IDin time and I missed out on the early bird special because of her. I have left this dispensary unsatisfied many times and wish their customer service and compensation was more client friendly.

  149. slevetin

    I love your place and your product!!
    prices are high at some times, but if you guys were to do like a deal once a week like you did for black Friday, you’d get a lot more money out of me in the long run.

  150. Cbdisthekey

    Definitely a classy a classy place! solid products and good budtenders!

  151. greentom38

    Well worth the drive. I’ve always been impressed with the flowers here & the staff is helpful and friendly.

  152. belindacastro

    Was recommend by the hubby, gonna check this place out. Great ftp deals!!

  153. Fubar70

    go to one of my favorites.

  154. Rubyyannnn

    Level up has the best flower around its always fresh and smells amazing and there wax is gold and potent !

  155. mlc229

    A great little dispensary. The young gentleman who assisted me was very knowledgeable and patient. It was my second time at any dispensary, so I was a little overwhelmed, but he answered all of my questions happily and helpfully. My favorite part about Grass Roots though are the prices and the quality. The Blueberry Diesel was awesome, exactly what I needed. And the prices are the best in the area. Will definitely come back!

  156. Calim0420

    Love love love this place! Absolutely the nicest and best in the valley. All the girls are great and very knowledgeable. I live in San tan and work in the Scottsdale Air Park and prefer this dispensary to any other. Literally visit it daily they’re specials are great dY~

  157. joshonthenet

    Super impressed with Level Up. They have the best deal on Rick Simpson oil that I’ve found! This is definitely my new favorite dispensary

  158. SFrankel

    excellent dispensary from start to finish.. thx for the freebie. the redwood was a perfect recommendation.

  159. TheSaint928

    Wide variety, nice and helpful, meds are amazing, definitely coming back!! And highly recommended as well!

  160. bigdaddy423

    Even though a little hard for me to get to, I wanted Purple Kush, and they had it, so I went. The reception area is nice, sparse and cheery. the receptionist herself, very nice, simple first time visit. Great price, AWESOME packaging, and Great quality. Good price value as well. the first patient perks and the reward program are amazing! I will go back, even though a bit of a drive from my place.

  161. hecguzman

    One of my favorite dispensaries if not the best…

  162. kimoaz

    great quality bud.

  163. 707Transplant

    Great meds at great prices. The service is excellent and the many choices of strains make this place a must visit. The lemon skunk is superb!

  164. Kyle.94

    Awesome establishment, knowledgeable and friendly staff! Come give these guys a try!

  165. zmdyer

    Everyone here was great. It was my first time in and I was immediately welcomed by the front desk. She was very sweet and attentive. The tenders where very knowledgeable and set me up with great deals. Will definitely be back!

  166. Greenie81

    Congrats on the fantastic newly remodeled facility – beautiful! Still the most friendly & very helpful employees. Great products, good prices. Wouldn’t go anywhere else , even though it’s about a three hour drive round trip for me. Great job, Level Up!!

  167. weedkitty

    No you’re not reading it wrong. You go to get your card renewed and between Dr fee and state fee for the card. A bit steep to budget it in. But here, the $$$ you pay is given back to you in product! Yes. You get really amazing products with some of the best service around and this place is unbeatable.

  168. dawnbantilan

    Love this place. Great prices. Staff is wonderful always makes you feel like superstar.

  169. tkushman

    by far my favorite place to go in the valley. great selection of flower or concentrate or even edibles. nicest people as well!! overall I stopped going anywhere else due to the every day specials! good prices for great quality. I’d recommend everyone go take a stop by!

  170. kcampbell1122

    Great place! They have great specials, especially for a first time visit. Will definitely be going back soon.

  171. Jrod21

    The bud tender was amazing. Very patient while I examined pretty much all the strains. I forget his name but he was very helpful and knowledgable. Get the AC fixed for the man! He was burning up inside the dispensary. I highly recommend the K.I.N.D live resin atomizer/cartridge. It is amazing.

  172. joanpetersen

    Nice people work here. They are knowledgeable and the prices are fair. Great deals as well.

  173. olielonline

    Amazing staff. Great experience. Jasmine was very helpful and Alexis is ALWAYS there with a smile.
    All we weed is love!

  174. TonyDee

    Finally made it back for Halloween and it was totally worth it!! The flower was fantastic, the pen was a dream, and the service was awesome as always. Now that I can find it, I’ll be there more often!!

  175. misschohoh

    I love the location near the airport. It’s the best place in my neighborhood to go to for sure!

  176. chrissclimbs

    Helpful staff, great product and nice location

  177. LKBR

    It was simple yet elegant. The service was amazing and the quality has been great

  178. PizzaCat420

    Was sketched out at first by the security guard, but the selection made me forget about it! This is the place to go for concentrates!

  179. ccaaiittlliinn

    This place is beautiful. Such good deals. Seriously first time patients get two free items

  180. Chelsfergie

    Awesome first visit. Jasmine knew so much and helped me find exactly what I needed.

  181. Suzips

    First of all, I LOVE K.I.N.D. products and first saw them at the convention this past fall. L/U is a well-designed dispensary, although it is very hard to hear in there (acoustics). Budtender was new to the job as he came from growing and his training seemed to be non-existent and more on procedures than on patient education, strains and care. I came in knowing what I wanted, but on a first visit, I usually give the budtender an opportunity to show me what he’s got so this was a missed opportunity for both of us.

  182. motation

    It’s the nicest one I’ve been to. Very clean, staff is friendly and helpful. Flowers are fresh and tasty. Great selection. Will definitely be back.

  183. Phhd3210

    Definitely a Level Up from Most. There’s a reason for the name,, if your prepared for the drive thE energy and everything is on point. I come from queen creek so that should speak to itself

  184. mindman

    amazing service. quality product for good pricing, cant go wrong. definitely love this place

  185. Sunstone77

    So in love with this place. The people are so lively, knowledgeable, and very good on recommending a good product for your needs.

  186. tophercaringo

    This is one of my favorite dispensaries! the flower is a lot better than Nat. Selections down the street, and the prices are very comparable.

  187. MarvinNotgaye

    Who ate these insane prow leaving positive reviews? Please close down. If there were regulations in this state your would have been shut down long ago. Why does anyone think this is acceptable quality?

  188. mrlattsaz

    Love their edibles! Flower is always great quality! Jake rocks!

  189. Spunkie

    The staff are great… and they products are even better. So many discounts, best strains I’ve gotten. I thought the prices were a little high until I tried the flower. So worth it. The PFL program is worth it alone. It’s not the closest but my new favorite.

  190. mikecee

    Bomb flower great concentrated friendly staff

  191. asapbeard

    Great deals thanks for the option to schedule deliveries to ensure I have my meds when I need them

  192. Lorraine7

    I’ve been looking for a home! This place is awesome! Best Budtenders and large variety of excellent quality bud!


    Level up Scottsdale rocks!!!

  194. bud2day

    Nice close by

  195. Lucciman228

    Great staff an meds love it here well be back tommrw thanks again (:

  196. lftd

    Great spot jasmine always helps me and does great!

  197. Denise2

    I’ve said it B4 and I’ll say it again! Best dispensary in Az!!!!
    Love the people best of all and the atmosphere is like home

  198. Greggs94

    About to go today but just wanted to be the 500th comment ayyyyy. See you guys soon can’t wait!!

  199. moebly26

    Great convenient location, super friendly people, high quality selection and knowledgeable staff. Will definitely be back again and again.

  200. Anthony074

    a lil far but very and safe location

  201. rabbo8500

    they was cool as hell and got good tree

  202. amazonwaryr

    This place is beautiful, a shining, high end example of what a dispensary should embody. Sunlight, glass, and rows of unique silver display canisters. The prices are good and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It just feels like a cool place to hang for a few. Highly recommended.

  203. sesmas15

    Love that all the employees are so helpful at choosing the correct strain and also from desk is very assistive.

  204. Bizcut1

    Terrific bud tenders who really know their stuff. Great and comfortable atmosphere. Really like this place! Five stars all around – thank you!

  205. chrism2913

    Was kinda bummed they hadn’t started my pick up order even though it was ordered 1hr before. It totally cut my lunch short and I was in a hurry. Get it together guys

  206. Smokin420Chick

    This is my favorite spot! The product is always top quality, they have awesome sales & deals, plus the entire staff is super friendly.

  207. JMcNeece

    Good people with good meds.

  208. daddydonuts

    Flower quality is pretty weak. Pricing structure is tiered and poorly
    displayed. Won’t be returning, much better options!

  209. sallen480

    KIND products are one of my favorite concentrates out there and love their live resin cartridge. Level Up is the only place you’ll find a huge variety. Love the location and the bud tenders are very nice 🙂

  210. butterflywaltz

    The outside may not look fantastic, but the inside is very nicely decorated…more importantly the quality of their products, the service of the staff, and the prices are hard to beat. It’s worth me driving out of my way just to get my medication here because I know I will not be disappointed. I HIGHLY recommend!

  211. loubou

    great flowers and great prices!!!!!

  212. ssjwam

    not much to say about service and quality. it was ok. but man….7 seeds in one gram? the fu**! I have seen that since the high school days. BTW I didn’t even break it all up. it was 2 nugs with seven seeds. I threw that bud away. should say enough about quality

  213. l34hm4r13

    my all time favorite dispensary

  214. lnuanez

    great location easy parking

  215. bunnylu

    I think this place is the best! Both their flower and concentrates are awesome! All the people there also very friendly and helpful when trying to pick out what I want. In addition I would also highly recommend this place for renewing your card when it expires!

  216. robin42018

    this place is the best I never leave disappointed and remember always be patient. 🙂

  217. jjetson22

    Great atmosphere, great products!!

  218. janedon

    Everything is great at Level Up!dY’ Flower is always on point! Staff is super nice and knowledgeable, especially Karina/Corrina (not sure if I spelled it right) She is super sweet and always a pleasure to see her and have my day brightened. 🙂 Love visiting this dispensary!dY’


    Grassroots is my favorite dispensary because I feel comfortable buying my medical marijuana through them. Andy and his Staff are always friendly, courteous, and helpful when selecting the strains that work for your particular health needs. The products are always very fresh. I would highly recommend Arizona Grassroots to anyone !!!

  220. admarti5

    Friendly staff and very knowledgeable

  221. mermer9

    Happy Holidays to the best dispensary in town! Terrific specials and even better staff!! dYtm,

  222. Theeunburnt420

    Easily some of the highest quality KIND bud I have come across! I sampled the OG18, Blue Dream, Double Dream, GDP,GSC. Each strain is one of, if not thee best version I have smoked from any dispensary! Price is right.

    Budtenders and staff are knowledgeable, friendly and more than willing to answer questions with a smile.

  223. 430ilove

    it’s one of those places where they charge dramatically different prices according to what strain you get. which of course means the Lesser price stuff is garbage and the stuff you would want to smoke of course is overpriced because anything worth smoking they call Top Shelf. at other places they just charge the same amount for all strains which is how it should be. half your strains are garbage the other half are overpriced

  224. Manny92

    Budtenders always are very helpful into getting me what I need

    Best flower for my needs

  225. GoldenWookie

    Wonderful service and selection!

  226. colton09

    The best dispensary in AZ! They have great discount days along with a great loyalty program! Everybody that works there is helpful and knowledgeable about the products!

  227. Odin4President

    Great buds, mind blowing concentrates, but the systems are always down or having problems. It takes extra time to pick up from here. The staff are friendly.

  228. baykitty

    I love it here! It’s a little further away from my house then some other places but we’ll worth it, so many stains to choose from and the K.I.N.D cartridges are my favorite.

  229. sativaqueen29

    They’re in no rush to kick you out, bud the bud tenders I’ve interacted with over the last two years are always sensitive to their patients needs.

  230. isab3lle07

    quality is great. deals are great. mackenzie is an amazing employee she knows me as a patient and what my needs are and never points me in the wrong direction. i’ve loved every single product she’s ever recommended. great service everytime! she is 80% of the reason why i keep coming back.

  231. maggie1995

    Great spot with great products! Highly recommending to my friends! We will be back soon.

  232. Alyinate

    Scottsdale’s premier dispensary, Level Up – Scottsdale is a very high end establishment featuring medical cannabis strains of the highest quality. Everytime I buy from level up in Scottsdale, I know that I’m paying for top shelf products that are renowned for their quality and potency. In addition to the high quality inventory they have, patient service is one of the best in the state. They also have a good reward system based on how much you’ve spent there. The more you spend, the closer you get to a reward. Its a great system and will keep customers coming back ^^

  233. LSCXV

    The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They helped pick out the right medicine fast and easily. The flower was not prepackaged like some dispensaries so it was nice and fresh. Definitely coming back. Think this is my new spot.

    Topher Andrade

  234. jpatti

    I love this shop everything about it from the quality of the flower and cleanliness of the shop all the way to the quality and care of the tenders at this shop always friendly and understanding of your needs. Love that it is deli style too !

  235. DannydeVito4president2020

    Nice dispensary and friendly staff. I was informed that they were the makes of kind brand cartridges. Shouldn’t they be cheaper than any other shop then?

  236. Badwolfrose10

    So it’s my first time at level up and the staff was very friendly and it was a good place to buy from I will be going back and I recommend Level up for the good staff and vibes thanks

  237. Eminemfan

    Great dispensary.

  238. marigoldcottage

    My first visit here and it was a pleasant experience! Staffed by very polite and friendly guys who know their product, I was impressed with this dispensary. The prices are better than some of the other places. It was well worth the drive from the Prescott Valley area and plan to return. Thanks for your help and patience!

  239. WinRocAZ

    Easy access and AAA quality!!

  240. DudeAstro

    I love this place! The menu is so large, they have everything. Very reasonably priced with lots of daily specials. They have quickly turned into my favorite oasis!

  241. jessrichalex

    Jason was awesome! I had him as my bud tender for my first experience and he was super patient and willing to show me anything and everything.

  242. nophoguy

    just had a great experience utilizing Level Ups patient for life program for my renewal. This is truly a gift and a no-brainer, if you aren’t familiar check it out. Dr. Santos was kind and professional and provided a great service. Overall, a wonderful experience. Thank you Level Up!!!!

  243. Dawn23

    Love the location

  244. iampakman

    cool chill lil place with friendly staff, came in on a Wednesday and took advantage of the 10% off concentrates. walked out with a kind cartridge for a great price and some pretty frosted sour grape flower. will definitely be back!

  245. toastybob

    awesome service and amazing quality. level up baby. excellent customer service super high-quality and almost too many strains to choose from. good specials and all around Good Vibes!


    Good vibes and without that NEW Scottsdale snobbishness that translates to overpriced prepackaged dried out BUDS

  247. TimmyBuckOnee

    Absolutly great! the meds are top grade…especially if you know your way around a tree…if u dont they will guide you. My man Noah in the back is very personable and very educated in the department…love doing my buisness here. when i walk in it feels like home. everyone knows you by your first name. I use the delivery hub for a reason

  248. graysen


  249. johndoyle07

    Just got my medical card, googled nearest dispensaries and, the my great delight, was directed toward Level Up. Beautiful offices and super cool displays which allows me to see and smell the goods up close. Was served by Jason who gave me great advice and multiple choices. Great discounts (especially for first-timers). Going back.

  250. TopShelfTHC

    i like all of their choices. especially preroll deals. wax/shatter is good but a little pricey for trim. All around a nice place to try.

  251. DJH68

    Love the place you couldn’t ask for better price and atmosphere, especially with there constant deals and great people, I also like how discreet the dispensary location is

  252. Rygg

    I am terrible with names and for that I apologize. Went there for the Space Weed, Bro !!! I’m a DA elsewhere and found the two at the door and my patient assistant to be very approachable and courteous. Level Up is very comfortable and everyone else was super friendly, even saw a familiar face. Thanx again, guys !! m/

  253. alietz1983

    friendly staff, nice environment, good meds and good prices…recommended

  254. yahgirlKT

    I don’t like dispensaries in North Phoenix and/or Scottsdale, with one exception. If you’re wondering what the exception is, well I mean take a guess. Every time I walk in to Level Up, I’m comfortable and the staff always gives good complements to people, myself included. They’re very friendly and personable, and golly gee do they know a lot. Their rewards and deals are pretty darn good too! Do yourself a favor and Level Up. (Ofc that pun was intended.)

  255. moeazy97

    Ethan was very helpful, and cared for the quality of my
    med experience. I will definitely come back for more of this wonderful flower!!

  256. mrbubble

    I bought blue dream back in November from Level Up.

    Not proud people… it took me until this weekend to try it. It was dry, still unopened.

    I’m not sure how it’s possible but it was some of the best flower I’ve had all year-

  257. winston6079

    Great prices and awesome selection

  258. xScottK

    I’ve hit up a few dispensaries in the Phoenix area, and I’ll keep coming back here. They have a great selection, and the staff is amazing.

  259. Mikestoller

    Honestly, I’m trying hard to like this place. My overall experience was a 4/10. The drive there was no easy task, but when I arrived at Grass Roots dispensary the wait wasn’t too long and they had a good variety of medicine. But the quality of the particular strain I chose is the only reason why I would go back. If you’re a first time patient don’t expect any warming gifts, unless you spend the amount they want you to. It is a cash only dispensary, if I would’ve known that my purchase may have been bigger, but the misinformed gentleman at the front desk tried to tell me it’s written on Leafly “on a computer”. I walked out the door of this establishment and dealing with this place has drastically changed my mood and not for the better. Maybe their medicine will help, talk about a paradox.

  260. Dre230

    great staff, great location

  261. bmesh13

    Honestly this dispensary is tops, from staff, their knowledge of product, the cleanliness, it’s just a beautiful place!

  262. msarconi

    JJ was very helpful and very informative what a wonderful experience I had

  263. mssloane2

    First visit staff was very helpful, good quality meds. comfortable atmosphere. Will be a return customer

  264. EdwinJames

    Best prices on K.I.N.D. Cartridges and best selection of them, too. I will definitely be stopping by on Wednesdays, for sure

  265. Audreymlee

    When I first walked in I felt like I was in a very nice and luxury house. Its cozy yet fancy; I love the interior. I was helped by JJ, who is the sweetest and funniest person ever. He should be employee of the month lol. I was treated like family and I’m definitely going back!

  266. j_mads79

    Best in Scottsdale! So glad I found these guys; HUGE selection of flower, weighed right in front of you, not prepackaged. Friendly front desk staff and helpful and knowledgeable bud specialists. Definitely my new dispensary!

  267. biancacullen14

    very nice staff and great deals, in and out quick

  268. windtounge420

    it is a pretty good place to go for your meds didnt mind the drive prices are pretty good far as the meds i have no issues very good

  269. Stacy333

    Ftp special, you must buy more than I was willing to purchase on a first visit not knowing their product quality…well, good thing I forgo the ftp amount, and try only 2 grams of flower. Both garbage. No thanks. It is pretty in there tho. Improve the flower please, and the budtender I had wasn’t much help in that I won’t buy anything but flower. I had to repeat the non-desire for concentrates he was wanting me to buy. Overall, won’t be back anytime soon…will keep checking reviews to see if it improves…

  270. tpatron

    Best dispensary. Great meds and great staff. Always have great selection.

  271. LilBuddy

    Wow!! Don’t let the low prices fool you into thinking that it means low quality. Drove all the way from Sedona thinking there had to be a catch. No catch!!! other than they want your business, which is good.

  272. ricky024

    selection and prices were most awesome. bbs

  273. Dmoney22

    I love the individualized attention and the great strainz!

  274. puffer32

    Excellent bed tenders!!

  275. Wendy1980

    everyone should get their mmj card and flower, etc., at this location. first time customer today, Jason, thank you for all the help, explanation of product, discounts, and future promotions, if you are disabled, veteran, senior please give them a try at least look them up

  276. tleyva

    I came in to a wonderfully clean and staffed establishment. Greeted with a smile and was immediately served!

  277. mscottpackey

    love it!

  278. martylsd

    New ownership has made this into my favorite dispensary. Nice folks; very large menu; fair prices. I’m in a rural community so locations a plus for me. Stop by and check these guys out when you are in the area.

  279. chito1333

    Just want to say this place is cool , Jasmine is awesome dY~ she is the best the bud is also good I would recommend try this place out.

  280. cmm13

    One of the nicest biggest selection of flower! Nice people from the desk girl up front to the bud tender in back that helped me. Definitely will make this a go to dispensary!

  281. starseedbeauty420

    my new favorite dispensary!!!

  282. TCL1977

    Nice friendly and very good product

  283. linzyle23

    Visited level up for the first time today. The staff is extremely friendly/personable. I purchased a faulty cartridge and they took care of me without any hassle at all. I will definitely be back!

  284. joshlebeau

    Love Az GrassRoots Dispensary!! They Have the Best service and Strains available in the Area. The Donations are great and the customer service is top notch

  285. daman1030

    No ATM

  286. 42Twisted

    flowers are on point, and staff is very knowledgeable and courteous.

  287. smetzner55

    Best Dispensary in Yavapai County!

  288. FlowerPower_

    Very uncool people. Dried out garbage. Sorry but true.

  289. tstultz79

    Best selection in town! This place has a quite a few strains I’ve never heard of. Great quality and great staff!

  290. CosmicOwl420

    Great dispensary! Unique design feels like a futuristic high end Chinese medicine vault. Diverse menu with tons of options to choose from. My bud tender Michael did a wonderful job explaining the menu and had a excellent sativa recommendation with their white dream!

  291. CashedEyesAz

    great first experience will call this place home.

  292. Santi123

    Gr8 place people where very nice. And helpfull

  293. allmost60

    Great, people, meds, price

  294. nickdenton3

    Great environment and great service, would recommend this dispensary to anyone.

  295. xotomc

    So happy to see they have valley og!
    I’m telling all my buddies 🙂

  296. mpangrazi

    5 star dispensary!!! Always the best quality and they make you feel like family, I am a level up patient for life

  297. VernLeaf

    This is the nicest, most professional shop I’ve visited. The staff, from the front desk to the great folks who help you with your purchase, have been friendly, welcoming and helpful every time I’ve gone in. This might not be the closest shop to me, but it’s always worth the drive. Level Up is fantastic.

  298. Atine18

    Happy new year guys u rock
    ..keep the vibe up…nice spot…doing a good job…ill be back for sure…

  299. judyblack

    My favorite dispensary in Scottsdale. Great selection, quality and daily deals. Customer service is unsurpassed. Shoutout to my budtender Story. You’re the BEST!!!

  300. smokeymkpot

    ordered through supurb and had a great experience. got my delivery at true food during lunch. this works for me!

  301. flyydollaz

    Super DOPE an a very nice facility dY’-

  302. pca2002

    THE place for concentrates … these are the guys that make the KIND concentrates you see everywhere and they have them at the best prices in town.
    A full gram cartridge of 80% THC oil for $49? Yes, please.

  303. Sweetcheeb

    Initially, I thought L/U was Heaven on Earth. I never thought an experienced at the greatest place on earth could be ruined. It has been my last two visits by horrible employees, and I think one was the boss/manager. Never going back to this location, see you in Tempe.

  304. stacymonyer

    Great product, friendly & educated staff 🙂


    just got served up in the most unique dispensary I’ve ever been to very classy and very elegant and straight-up fucking awesome my budtenders name was story and she was very very informative on everything they had and not only that the bud selection is that greater than the mighty Avengers themselves bottom line best flower in town they have so many selections and so many rewards for patients how can you not stop in and see what’s up and now I’m about to go back to the crib and kick it and relax for the rest of the day and enjoy the rewards of my fruitful pickings what a great ending story-of-my-life . Thanks to level up everyone should experience it for yourself

  306. hazyhero

    I really like the selection process

  307. jojorios77

    going to take advantage of the card renewal thing. can’t beat what they offer.

  308. jayalb14

    great prices and awesome concentrate. there cartridges are hands down the best in the valley.

  309. agemini03

    Every one was very nice, great flower

  310. granitestatelove

    Love their oils; by far my favorite. Favorite flowers; king tut and green crack (I hate that name). Their 2 for Tuesday deal is the best. Their staff and service is always great. Great product and bare bones atmosphere. Curious to see it after the remodel.

  311. bbergh1

    going tomorrow can’t wait amazing specials!!

  312. BillyBatz

    Laid back place, cheaper prices, knowledgeable staff. Thanks for all your help and insights. I’ll be back!! (The guy from Chino Valley)

  313. Goatfacekilla

    that 1/8th of lemon meringue you gave me with my delivery is amazing! thank you.

  314. Allstargoldens

    Killer deals FTP IS AWESOME bud tenders Rock, friendly faces and Superior guidance 2 find the correct medicine

  315. mrbigman602

    My first time was not as smooth as I had planned and I ended up having to turn around and go right back. First I pre-ordered online so that I could be in and out. The check in was super smooth and I only had to wait a minute or 2. However, the bud tender I got was new and she took a long time just applying my FTP, free pre-roll from a previous referral and the free battery since I was getting carts. The price seemed high at check out and I already did the math ahead of time so idk why I didn’t say something then but good thing I went back. Turns out that the new girl charged me for the pre-roll, gave me the wrong battery(instead of the KIND live resin battery she gave me a discontinued KIND battery) and the woman who filled the pre-order also gave me some iffy looking carts because they were exchanged also upon my return. Ultimately and even after all that I’m still going to give them the full stars because they made everything right, were very apologetic and much faster on the exchange. I would still go back. But I gave the quality only 3 stars for them giving me a discountinued battery and for giving me the bad looking carts the first time. ALWAYS ASK TO LOOK AT THE CART BEFORE LEAVING THE STORE. BUYER BEWARE!

  316. MulaDaGreat

    Great service

  317. lucifersdaddy666

    this place was a great find! one of my new favorite dispensaries in AZ. I’m not sure how someone could say they got shorted; they weigh it right in front of you! I was surprised at how good the buds were and the guys working were super friendly. I highly recommend checking this place out, it was way better than most of what Phoenix has to offer!

  318. J6329562

    Love this place.

  319. Shannamthames

    Great place! Great people!

  320. mallen5750

    Went in for my first time and I gotta say budtenders to me usually don’t stand out. But this budtender named Zack was hands down the best budtender I’ve had keep up the good work Zack!

  321. ford98svt

    This place is a little out of my way but worth the trip. The Green Crack is the best!! Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable.

  322. Nativewarrior13

    I like the place, beside how small it is. Nice people good and informed people. Wish they use the tubes saves the weed not so dry.

  323. love2laugh35

    great atmosphere and staff. Flower so tasty cornbread helped me sleep. along with edibles. will be going back.

  324. felixmorris123

    Great building location

  325. HoneyHoney

    I loved the variety available, the price and the fact that they weigh it in front of you is a PLUS! he staff is kind and friendly as well as knowledgeable! Will definitely keep going and recommend!

  326. fly_away_gryff

    I like that the location has a discrete exterior and beautiful, immaculate, luxurious – yet comfortable interior. I’ve been twice. My first visit, I was helped by Darien. Super cool, chill and knowledgeable guy. He helped through this new experience and was really great about it. He never made me feel rushed and answered all my questions. My second time at Level Up, I learned of all the many edibles there are available! I’m trying to move away from smoking all together and having a multitude of concentrate options and edibles interests me the most as I move forward.
    I’m recommending a friend for the Patient For Life program. It is beyond an amazing deal and I can’t wait to come back.

  327. HaleyCht

    Such a dope environment and great selection of product!! From edibles to flowers to concentrate!

  328. Blooberry

    The location is very easy to find, nice flow with customers, and Melissa, Patrick, Jacob, and the rest of the crew at this location frickin ROCK!!! They always listen to what you need, and have never let me down! keep rocking!!!!!! dY$?~

  329. aglick4

    I ordered this time by pickup order & was so easy if you know what you want!Staff is, as always is very professional.

  330. tunney81

    Great staff and top notch concentrates!

  331. craigmiller

    Mondays are the best day for flower at level up

  332. SoulessGingg49

    Love my first visit! Grace was my budtender and she was awesome. Plenty of strains to choose from and all sort of other goodies. Got some strawberry cough and nightfire og both smell look beautiful, not to mention hit really well. Looks like a jewelry store for smoke, loved it

  333. elektrica

    July 24 I came in to level up upset with the Dr. Santos Scottsdale certification after I was told I would get 2 credits of $75 at level up with out no purchase necessary if I renewed my Mmj card I called and make sure and I was told I had to spend $75 in order receive my $75 voucher I did call Dr. santos Scottsdale verification center before I did business with them so they wouldn’t be any hidden terms or conditions mind you guys I live on south Phoenix and this office is in North Scottsdale I was really disappointed in them But Jasmine and Julie across the way in Level up welcomed me helped me made me feel at ease they even tried to go get the doctors to speak with me but he didn’t have time for me so for this ladies at level up Jasmin and Julie to go out of there way to make me feel better and provided the best customer service I was sold with level up and their kindness

  334. alidaze

    Customer service is amazing! First time patient deal is also great, with many options to choose from. The flower is top notch, as well as their daily deals. I will definitely be going back for more!

  335. msjanet3217

    I have recently been coming to this place and have to say that I enjoy the atmosphere. The staff is exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable.


    First time patient,buy 1 get 1,was led to “their own grow”the white….UNSMOKABLE,totally Moldy!Had to throw it out!I have read some of their reviews and there are 3 recent people with same complaint! Unacceptabe! On the other hand the place looks good and the budtenders are Very nice! Unfortunetly,there are too many great places in the valley to ever take a chance there again!Sorry.

  337. sergagt123

    great quality. best in town.

  338. Cookiesman

    It’s with some regret I share my anecdotal experience here at Level Up Scottsdale.
    I arrived as FTP along with a good friend of mine.
    Everything was copacetic with checkup and the initial signup process. Gentleman st the front was friendly and helpful.
    This is where it all goes south for my experience.
    My budtender called me up and I walked up with my friend so we could shop together. The budtender was clearly not thrilled about helping two new patients. Body language says it all. With that being said, she provided my friend with subpar customer service and provided very little detailed product info during her shopping experience. My friend needed info on the cartridges and the budtender was blasA(c) about answering her questions. It really upset me as my friend is visually impaired and a complete angel who is spending top dollar not just on product but for quality customer service as well.
    When it came my time to shop, I made basic inquiries about the flower strains that the budtender could not answer. Not one question was answered completely or in detail. Fortunately I have considerable knowledge and insight as to what I wanted but her overall lack of knowledge and lackadaisical attitude made my shopping experience that much more arduous.
    For example, I asked my budtender which cultivation facility grows which strain. She simply replied with I don’t know and made no effort whatsoever to find out. When I went to read the package label to try find more info on the cultivator she actually pulled away the lid and package label and clearly became indignant that I had more insight to her products than she did. At this point I about lost it. She actually became indignant that a patient knew more than her, rather than was humbled and excited to learn. This is both a character issue and lack of training and accountability.
    When it came time to check out the chronic thunder, the jar was extremely low and before I could scope out what’s left she looked at it herself and pulls it away and tells me there is none left. Turns out there is just under 5 grams of which I purchase all of it after requesting again to see the medicine. Upon completion of my transaction, I asked who the manager was and she made the claim that she didn’t know as well. At this point she wasn’t even able to answer the most basic of questions like who her direct supervisor is. Based on this anectodal experience I highly recommend avoiding that specific budtender as I have no doubt there may be more helpful, more willing, more humbled individuals. The privilege of being to serve others in the capacity they are doing so is just that…a privilege. There are hundreds of people chomping at the bit to get in the industry. I was not going to write a review but I was inspired by my less than stellar experience and dumbfounded by the entitlement of the individual who served me. Not once did she introduce herself and also made the bold claim that she did not know the store manager’s name. That alone was enough to sour my experience, but it was consistently poor throughout the transaction. Acting indignant and pulling things away when clients are trying to read and look at the medicine is a sure fire way to sour the experience and enough for some people to never patronize your establishment again.

  339. Lennon1975

    Got delivery while I was headed across town, met the driver at the spot I chose and it was insanely easy. Bomb flower deals too!

  340. aquilifer

    The woman helping me took extra time to look up the answers to my questions while visiting, and making sure I found the best relief for my ailment– even though it was nearing close, and the lobby had been busy. Despite being busy, they managed to move pretty quickly and I wasn’t disappointed by the wait. Excellent recommendations, and the employee whom helped me was like a dispensary actuary– she calculated every cent I could use to my advantage.

  341. 1oldguy

    Excellent quality, large variety of strains and fresh with accurate weight. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Best prices with discounts for seniors and vets and reward card. Worth the drive.

  342. krygs89

    First time visiting Level/Up yesterday and I felt right at home! Tiffany was awesome answering all my questions as I took my sweet ass time (just got my card recently). Love the vibe and the flower is fireee. Will def be back. They also are K.I.N.D. so sweet prices on live resin!

  343. mra33zona

    best bud in the valley by far, don’t waste money for flower at other dispensarys

  344. roshi10

    best dispensary in the valley by a long shot. Check their weekly specials and their patient for life program and you will understand.

  345. DankyKang89

    Worst dispensary in AZ. Overpriced Mid grades and they didn’t give me an ftp special because i didnt spend 40 and they said it wouldn’t carry over to my next visit

  346. OldRonin

    Tell Troy what you’re looking for and he will nail it down for you.

  347. b2hudson

    This dispensary is by far visually pleasing, but not only does it look great the experience is bar far pleasing in a variety of ways. Effective and efficient service also lay in the positive attitudes and large smiles.

  348. Mayor10314

    this place will always be my goto, it’s close to home, best prices and great discounts all the time! love it!

  349. Grumpy

    This is my favorite place to go to. Flower is phenomenal 100% of the time. Been around this place for about 5 years. Great PR, Knowledgeable about about all product. Level-up is thee place to go.

  350. KWF420

    First off the staff here is super friendly and knowledgeable about their products. As for the products they have the best/strongest vape cartridge on the market in AZ. The cartridge i am talking about is the live resin cartridge, for $45 for a 500ml cant beat it anywhere. Also the Dr. Who is back and they did a very nice job on this one very nice. I highly recommend this dispensary. Thanks

  351. Hauncy

    Great place! People are friendly and extremely helpful answering question posed. Very pleased every time I enter shop! You will be too.

  352. SirReptar

    Was slow and calm, first dispensary I’ve been to since getting my card and was surprised at how painless it was. Got a gram of Redwood and was actually surprised at the quality. 10/10 would recommend to friends.

  353. Neiko

    Flashback Friday is p rad

  354. Lysadri627

    Awesome staff! Good flower and concentrate options! Love the different deals you guys have everyday! And all the kind products!

  355. jaepadilla

    thought I love love love they make the keep sodas at my favorite product I literally go out of my way

  356. Pooka3Deep

    Love the setup. The staff is friendly. They always have great deals and top notch product.

  357. Ed1968

    Not as classy as Prescott Valleys dispensary but great service and seem to take care of there medical Patients!

  358. brandocam

    Solid deals:) great sense of humor staff, big plus in my book!

  359. MamaBear62016

    Don’t go here unless you’re a high roller or have a large MMJ budget. High prices and a staff that’s only nice to those who can afford it are what you’ll find, but the quality on the flower is very good.

  360. wolves5364

    This shop is always a go to spot and a must visit if you want quality product with excellent customer service.

  361. richardtorbett

    This place has the best selection in our area. Better than most phx shops. Also they will sell concentrates in .25g. Can’t wait to come back.

  362. AZPatient1

    Decent product, staff not great, could be more professional. May return, but definitely not one of my favorite shops.

  363. sweetSarahnade

    love this location. favorite dispensary. Customer service is the bees knees, product is great!

  364. Autumn98

    Level Up is a great location to receive your medicine. I absolutely love their Patient for Life program and they referenced some great product including Moose and Lobsta. Their shatter is fire. Highly recommended.?

  365. ArtianUnkyOni

    On my 1st visit to Level Up I was running late and had just enough time to get there before they closed, but I followed Google Maps directions and it led me into a residential neighborhood. I called Level Up for directions and the young woman that answered the phone was familiar with the bad directions by Google Maps and very sympathetic. When I did get to the dispensary it was 1 min after closing time. They let me in anyway. Jason assisted me and gave me a lot of valuable information on how to get the most bang for my buck at Level Up. The people and the product are top notch at Level Up!
    I absolutely recommend Level Up.

  366. GenSkid

    It was my first time visit to this dispensary, I looked at Leafly and the first time patient deal seemed to state that with a purchase you would get a choice two of the following, ranbow roll, gram of flower or a bunch of other options. Not true, it was that you would have to purchase 40 dollars worth of product to get any of the deals 🙁 boo….disappointed compared to other dispensaries. However, to the good point. The gals in the reception area were very friendly, the budtender was pretty informative although didn’t have knowledge of all the strains. He was good and helpful as I asked many questions. I tried a recommended flower “arnold palmer” that was right on and very good just as he suggested.. I am not sure I will go back because of that miss-conception on the deal..

  367. patwilkins

    Will be passing through this weekend can’t wait to see what you have

  368. Smokeawaythepain13

    I love the amazing selection of flower, oils, edibles, and basically anything else you need to ease your pain. The OG-18 is phenemonal, helps me a lot with my sleep issues. Their new blue dream is also headache relivever. I would recccomend you go there and get their top shelf !!!

  369. basssard

    excellent location

  370. SeymourBud

    Very busy but the staff did a great job. They still took they their time to make sure I got what I needed. The flower was amazing. Deli style is another plus.

  371. BigTanamal

    The go-to dispensary in Scottsdale, prices are good, bud is even better! Plus they have weekly and special deals all month allowing them to compete with cheaper but not as high quality dispensaries. Had help from Jason selecting my medicine last week, he mentioned Arnold Palmer and it quickly became a top 5 strain on my favorite list! Knowledgeable staff, good process, amazing deals and bud, level up your marijuana experience and hit this place up!

  372. Realtalk

    All bad!!!I took my gf to Grass Roots dispensery in Mayor. She wanted to get an ounce to make edibles, she has a hard time w/ her lungs. Got the ounce home and it only wieghed 18g….it was 10g short!!!! We tried to call, and they wouldn’t put a manager on, I called again the next day,, still no luck. I don’t know if management is aware of this going on or if the employees are unqualified. I’m very very disappointed.

  373. 420gene

    This place simply the best all around great service too. Like u would expect from voted best in az.

  374. annieh242

    The dispensary was very calm and peaceful. The man who helped me was very kind and VERY knowledgeable. I have recommended this location to several friends and look forward to my next visit!

  375. closetcase

    Disappointed. My husband drove me from Casa Grande to Scottsdale, passing dozens of dispensaries for a specific strain that works on my inflammation. Got there by 10 am and they have been out since before today. While there, seemed to also be miscommunication with a replacement pen, customer first turned down then clarification it was already approved replacement. For me…. not worth 60 mile drive to get what I could at home cheaper and cleaner concentrate. Front staff was very friendly.

  376. 1kimamy1

    Everyone was so incredibly friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back.

  377. golfnug

    Like the set up, very cool, and have never had anything bad there, which leads me to the service..seems always slow and last visitation took forever to get served.

  378. jgambetta

    They have the best selections and information on the specific strain I wanted for spinal fusion back pain.

  379. Jim49

    My first visit left me very impressed with the service, atmosphere and quality of goods.

  380. strictlystrong

    So nice to find real og funk in Arizona. Knowledgeable staff. I miss seeing og 18 though. Great selection of concentrates and edibles. Great guys.

  381. Linkhayes

    this is my favorite spot for all my medical marijuana needs.

  382. Kleaflady

    Love the deco and the deals dY’

  383. randyequis

    Awesome first time! Biggest selection I’ve ever seen!

  384. Aquarius13

    Came here for my first time to get k.i.n.d. products that I had tried over thanksgiving and was very pleased with the service. Very friendly and informative staff. I will definitely be back.

  385. ocboyd

    First time there, yesterday. Awesome place, great people! Great goods, and various classic strains.

  386. JQ333

    First time at a dispensary and I loved it! Very friendly, and taught me so much. I will definitely be back!

  387. JoPaz

    Great deals and became a Patient for Life. Perfect program for a new patient seeking alternatives.

  388. nickoliNy

    1st patients rates look ok..I’ll be down to give them a try

  389. slothmaster

    I really enjoy coming to this dispensary. Everyone who works their is friendly and knowledgable about their products. I really like how they weigh the flower in front of you. The honey b and Arnold Palmer are some of my favorite strains.

  390. robinjones420

    love this place just got the new live resin dual coil cartridge they are great even better when you get the kind concentrate battery specifically made for the kind concentrate live resin cartridge come to Mayer and try it out great medication even better prices and always friendly staff.

  391. Swinn4024

    This location is a little out of my way but the service and people were so engaging and social it was an awesome visit.

  392. goldendoghair

    Love the KIND products. The cartridges and the syringes are like the best around.

    Came in yesterday for the half off Flourish’s Ranch Dressing. Very tasty. Also had a trial of the White Chocolate and Strawberry macaroon. Amazing. Need to try the higher strength macaroon.

    Try the Redwood OG. Good stuff!

  393. LincolnsHammer

    staff really knows their concentrates, listen to their suggestions! top tier!

  394. Buckado

    great place cool people good concentrates

  395. Paytonsan

    love this place. Dee Dee is so awesome and I’d recommend to everyone

  396. Firednbelow

    I went here once. The service was ok..the product was very limited with just a few strains. At that time the staff was so-so…nothing to shout about and the service was about the same. Probably good folks, but, I may visit again sometime if they ever get a decent supply of varied thc and cbd items for my particular issues.

  397. BostontoAZ

    One of the more quieter dispensaries I’ve been to. However, don’t equate quiet to poor bud. Great bud, great service, very informative. Will definitely be going back.

  398. carolland

    Very friendly & knowledgeable staff. Awesome specials on great meds. I haven’t shopped anywhere else since coming to AZ Grass Roots in Scottsdale! Fun location for aviation lovers.

  399. iTzFox

    love the selection on concentrate. KIND is top shelf. Best Dispensary in the valley. Definitely stop in and see their product. Huge selection on flower as well.

  400. Brandon0308

    This is definitely my favorite place to shop whenever I am in North Scottsdale! Level Up features a relaxed ambience from start to finish. From cannabists that truly care about the patients; to the K.I.N.D. folks up at the front desk, it’s always a pleasure stopping in! I hope that this new movement with MedMen doesn’t stop you from pushing the awesome specials! Keep up the great work!

  401. Mariahmiller1993

    I like dispensary they are very nice people and they help alot

  402. Josephwboyd

    They have a wide variety of flower. The guys working there too are down to earth and seem to know what they are talking about. If they don’t know something they’ll find someone in the back who does. I got to pick out the nugs I wanted and, because it was Sunday they through in a little extra and also gave me an extra punch on my card. Great service and great prices for all types of bud.

  403. Stonershelly

    Quick delivery when I need but I love that I can schedule for a later time! Thank you!

  404. Fatphxguy

    I live in Mesa and had my meds delivered to me from level up. I can honestly say I have never been disappointed, even with the 10.00 grams I mean FIRE!!! On Friday I will be making the trip to go inside the store, it’s a 2 and a half hour bus ride but I know it worth it. So far they have the best medical strains for insomnia,inflammation, and depression I have seen in all of Arizona. Can’t wait to come to the dispensary physically.

  405. OldSchoolNewbie

    I Had an Excellent experience for my visit. They were receptive to my comment I had about not updating their daily specials on leafly. The selection was plentiful and they even had the hard to find pixie sticks that I could not find elsewhere. The product information on concentrates was very helpful and I plan to return there for their KIND products in the future. Extremely Satisfied. For my pleasant experience I can dismiss them not having updated the site and upgrade them from my previous 4.5 Stars to Giving them 5 Stars

  406. merryaz

    My second favorite spot in north Scottsdale. Quality is good. Always have northern lights and redwood! Can’t complain. And best deal on KIND live resin. Definitely worth a visit!

  407. DabsUptheAss

    First time visit staff really nice and know their stuff and good meds

  408. Baremetal

    This place is great. Very high quality flower and a lot to choose I mean a lot! I love that they have all the prices posted and all the flower right there for you to inspect as opposed to having to ask you bus tender to see each one. Can’t wait to go back

  409. Duber

    I enjoyed my first visit . Very high quality medicine. Great selection and the best part, they have bud tenders ! I enjoy have my medicine prepared before my eyes. I never liked pre-packaged . I’ll be there again, very soon.

  410. ttmee5

    They had an amazing selection of kind oils and their flower was very smooth and a high quality. For sure reccomend

  411. Jsteel26

    This is a really great down to earth shop! The people a first class as well as there products. Very clean and well run professional facility with a laid back feel!

  412. tacosandabs

    Shelby an dee dee were very helpful , made my experience welcoming . as a formal dab an budtender I was impressed .

  413. Folger1219

    The staff is always very friendly and helpful!

  414. one071713

    Great place, awesome customer service and amazing selection!

  415. Darps

    Great atmosphere at this location and good quality flower

  416. olsmoky

    Love everything about this place. The staff is amazing and super helpful dY~

  417. AdamWA

    Great location with an amazing selection of quality cartridges

  418. Gabben4now

    people are awesome and daily deals makes it even better. so glad to have found a place that knows what they are talking about and friendly as well!

  419. MrUnknownStoner

    great place to get the meds from!

  420. Nonbnon1

    So great

  421. jcc527

    awesome deals! great bud!

  422. Popps

    If you vape, try the Blueberry Muffin. The best buzz and flavor!

  423. katiekatattack

    The best dispensary in town! Great staff, great concentrates!

  424. leahtortilla

    Friendly & knowledgeable staff. Extremely convenient location & nice flower. I’ll be back.

  425. erynnilana

    Went here to meet snoop dogg initially everyone was so great ! Stopping in to make my first actual purchase and cant wait staff was so friendly and atmosphere is gorgeous so is layout of shop 🙂

  426. Auzzo

    This place has great top shelf product and the fact that it is deli style and not pre-packaged is the main reason I will be going back here. The FTP deal was levels above other places and everything was super easy. The concentrates and flower is great. The top shelf flower is a bit more expensive at 14 a gram then some other dispensaries but that’s because a lot of other places have garbage product. I would rather pay for flower that has been flushed properly then sub par flower that has not and the daily deals offset the price anyways. I highly recommend this place to anyone who likes quality product.

  427. pardz

    One of the nicer dispensaries iv been to and a great choice of everything u can possibly be looking for.

  428. jpersch

    Very good product choices at prices which seem appropriate and affordable. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies to the building and location. While the place isn’t as big or as employing as many budtenders as other Dispensary’s I’ll be back while recommending this Dispensary to anyone and everyone I know.

  429. yeyoof3

    I happened to be in the area and decided to stop by. I must say even though I had to climb three flights of stairs, I’m glad I did. The place is clean and the service was great They carry things that I have not heard or tried before and the first patient deals is not bad as well. I look forward to visiting again and the other location that they have.

  430. aaronseaman

    clean and friendly

  431. Mrcelli420

    Love this place got some good stuff

  432. AZJR

    Horrible selection of concentrates. The High Grade crumble I was sold is 4 months old (packaged Jan 2018). I would not recommend this place if you are looking for concentrates. Their flower selection wasn’t bad, but the Deathstar I got that supposedly tested at 27% had absolutely no smell. Really disappointing overall. I may be back in the future if they offer a better selection of concentrates.

  433. JWjackie

    This place is awesome I love the fact they have trokkie. First time for this product and it’s the best by far. and the guy that helped me I want to say jason but not sure of name. he is very informational so I had a good talk about products.

  434. ajphx001

    Best place for meds in the valley hands down! Can’t wait to try the new nectar shot out to Alexis Julie Nicholas Kylie Jake McKinsey they’re all awesome bud tenders the help you out for sure

  435. 420genester

    My favorite dispensary I get to meet Tommy Chong here an they are home of chongs choice vapes. og 18 usually here an my favorite when I get it here. flame asf gas here always

  436. cypress61

    My first time when I walked in this place it looks amazing I loved it was very welcoming Love the customer service was great the whole vibe I would definitely come back

  437. chasegurule

    AZGR is my favorite place to go! the have very high quality products and great costomer service!!

  438. chiich

    This place is A+++ certified dank! The dispensary is set up was excellent and contemporary style, the bud tender was awesome and knowledgeable. The cannabis is absolutely dank aka fire!! Arnold Palmer is my new top strain 100% it’s stinks of marvelous concentrated dank fire! it looks just as good too the stem is small and it’s mostly meat…I will be coming every time I need medicine. I recommend this place to everyone.

  439. Sydfitz94

    Great people who are all very knowledgeable and will get you in touch with the bud tenders who are most able to answer your questions about specific products!
    Also great prices and atmosphere

  440. coachgss

    new strains, great deals. super bowl of dispensaries.

  441. mariachalabi

    Maybe it was just the fact that I got the end of a batch but they didn’t have much selection and the quality wasn’t that great. Although it looks nice inside.

  442. averyclark2570

    I absolutely LOVE this place! Great location and I ADORE Mackenzie! Best customer service EVER! Oh yeah…the prices and quality are A+!!!

  443. Matyrael

    I love this dispensary! Best buds I’ve seen from a dispensary in AZ. The service I recieved was exceptional, and their concentrates and live resin K.I.N.D. cartridges are absolutely top-notch quality. I’d recommend this dispensary to anyone!

  444. markn1

    Great prices and knowledgeable bud tenders. I will definitely stop in again.

  445. rneubert1

    Level up was awsome would recommend staff was great.

  446. LeopoldStatch

    I really like these guys. Their flower is not the best, but better than the closest alternative by a long shot. I keep going back because they change up their edible inventory all the time and I like trying different things. The blonde guy behind the counter has given me several good recommendations on edibles and they always have something on special. Today it was wax, last time lollipops. Hopefully they will start being a little more picky about their flower. They are decent mids in my opinion. Their FTP special was a gram of journeyman the first time I went and it was suited for in a blunt in my opinion.

  447. Morganrae1417

    Love this place! Melissa and Damin helped me out. Melissa came in clutch for me!

  448. GingerSnap317

    Level Up is my favorite dispensary. The flower is always quality and well worth what you pay. The budtenders are so knowledgeable and friendly. Tried a Naked Vape cartridge on a recommendation and I love it! Sai Bubba Kush! I think I found my new cartridge brand. So good! Thank You Level Up- Scottsdale!!

  449. GEEmf16

    First time was a great experience. the staff was more than helpful and medicine is wow. Will definitely be back.

  450. allenharney

    Love this place great flower, best rainbow prerolls, well if you use the there flower to make them they are going to be the best.
    Great people to, always looking out for you.

  451. Shardon

    Perfect location. Great medicine at an awesome price.!!!!

  452. SarahRose420

    Best dispensary located in Scottsdale! You’ll find friendly faces and quality buds here, not to mention awesome prices!

  453. Spawn11111

    Great selection, and knowledgeable staff.

  454. DoorToDarkness

    Every time I visit im greeted with smiles,great strains and efficiency. Reccomended for all!

  455. sleepyleef

    I went in for their awesome FTP deal and will probably be back. I got 3 different types of flower that are all excellent. It seems a bit stiff in terms of pricing, which will limit my visits. it doesn’t seem that they offer much when it comes to daily deals.

  456. tigerlily17

    I had an enlightened experience coming to this dispensary. firstly, nice location and immaculate inside. Loved the variety in flower and edible, esp the fact that they carry rare breeds and in-house products. First time patient specials are better than I’ve seen anywhere. BOGO and then a gram/amazing root beer infusion.

  457. MC41

    Great service, and menu (and how it’s displayed) was great. Impressive flower choices and great syrup selection, looking fwd to trying new flavor.

  458. AD1998

    I love this dispensary even tho it’s a little out of the way I dont mind it iv always got good vibes from here

  459. abotley

    Super clean dispensary. Couldn’t hidden but still has great bud

  460. Dsaads

    I am Soooo glad they opened up in Scottsdale. The quality of concentrates (KIND) is unparalleled. The GSC live resin was amazing. Still new, which is why they only got
    4 star on atmosphere and service. They had so much awesome stuff, it just wasn’t all set up yet. BUT, I CANT wait to go back for more. I’m sold!!!

  461. digdesertaz

    I am impressed with the entire operation. employees are knowledgeable and professional. the over all feel is very calming.

  462. tzohar23

    Everyone is so kind and knowledge, not to mention the incredible buds! 10/10, well done!!

  463. dabyelluh

    This is the best dispensary I’ve been to. Got my card through their patient for life program, staff is so friendly (jay jay & Justine are two of my favorites) very clean, all the staff in the back takes their time to explain things to you. Grace is awesome and so Justin sad that he’s gonna go a~1i,

  464. hatmaninblack

    I have been here twice now and it has good quality and has one of the best new patient hook ups. The 50mg Keef grape soda is great. Jason was a very helpful.

  465. dopesicknasty

    You pay for the atmosphere. Not foreign to paying $280 for my ounces, but damn $330 was robbery for the “high quality” meds I got. Wish I hadn’t gotten the whole thing now.

  466. stonerhippiechick23

    amazing. great people, really know their products and what a customer is in need of!

  467. baggedtoy1

    Far from me but worth it! Best and cheapest vape around. always in and out quick too.

  468. Regan.bond

    The only dispensary that actually gives patients what they see when they buy it, what they say is what you get, and what you want is what they say. This is by far the best dispensary in Scottsdale.

  469. PersonalTrainU

    Location is close & convenient.

  470. jfitz0916

    Nicest dispensary that I’ve been to so far. Great service and great selection.

  471. SarahRenee

    not the best enterance and exit

  472. jronskiiz

    Awesome staff today. Enjoyed my visit.

  473. ckristina0527

    I was impressed

  474. peacefrog9

    Best prices and quality in the area. Definitely worth the drive.

  475. andrewsmith420

    Let me just tell you what this is the first dispensary I have ever been to with my card. The staff was unbelievable kind and the wanted we to get the best medicine possible for my condition they knew what they were talking about. Will be coming back Forsure and bringing my brother along with me!!!!

  476. tashafaye124

    Came here in March.. forgot to leave a review !!! This was the first dispensary I went to in Scottsdale and I love this location !!! Level up has exceeded me expectations for quality service and flower.

  477. az-lizard

    They were all great. They educated and gave wonderful suggestions. I’ll definitely go nack

  478. zenbinded

    immediately when you walk in you feel fancy. This dispensary focuses on quality products and convenience. If you use the doctor in site for a renewal or new patient you get to be in a patient for life program. Basically, you get credits for the amount you paid on your card, for medicine! That is amazing and unique.

  479. DaveHuz

    since the reopen of this place it’s first class! Very nice knowledgeable folks, zippy service and a hybrid shake that keeps the cheap smoker smokin!!! Thanks for the shake

  480. Tiffanytimmer

    Ez to get to

  481. sjwebb

    Very cool place, very, very comfortable inside. Great knowledgeable employees.

  482. candy007

    Flower was fire dY”Y= and good first time patient deal! Lots of options. Thanks dY$?~dY>>

  483. NickelBrain

    With 84 strains its so ridiculous to look at chrome tins and ask to open every single one just to make a decision.Put the flower in jars so we as patients can see
    what we would like to check out, It would save you people some time also. Now this is what steams me..
    Drove around trying to locate the shop for an hour with 7 phone calls to be sent directly to voice mail..
    We almost just went home. Your apologies were not
    kind ones, your flower is the same as everyones, will not be back.

  484. santij

    I have no idea what took me so long to come here, but this place is great, and amazing selection of flowers and products. Patrick was very knowledgeable and helped me get what i needed. will definitely be back soon.

  485. meanyleany987

    Love the containers they use for the flower! Keeps everything so fresh!
    Service is awesome everytime im there. Havent complained about any Bud Tenders yet. They have all been awesome. 😉
    Will be there again soon!

  486. JayLSugay420

    great selections,fire ass meds!!highly

  487. bunted

    Like the trokie

  488. andy3412lu

    great place great wax friend place

  489. broncosmama03

    This is an expanding company on the rise due to the effectiveness of their medications. Freshness,potency, taste, color, texture,crystals are all there no matter what your purchase. From flowers, concentrates,oils & more you will find exactly what your looking for. ( Carchy Rhym) best part is you do not need to drive far no matter where you are at in AZ. Their secret has been labeled as K.I.N.D and their brand is is many dispensaries all over az and if you want to meet the men behind the magic they are just a short drive located in Mayer Az.
    The fun and friendly staff will make you feel right at home.

  490. JLCrane76

    Great selection. Great atmosphere. Very welcoming. Very helpful. Will definitely return. 🙂

  491. jayenn

    I went to get my card renewed and it was an uplifting experience. Best experience I’ve had during the renewal process and then just across the way, dispensary. Again, great experience. Everyone’s attitude was so refreshing. Will be my regular renewal spot and dispensary. Thank you!

  492. mgd121480

    Nice discreet location. I wouldn’t take the elevator unless you’re in need. The buds are organic and delicious. I’m a fan of their promotional give-aways. I’ll be back…and back.

  493. bagman1301

    Everything at Arizona Grass Roots is top notch, from the staff to the product. An overall wonderful experience. I especially like “The Wheel”

  494. ThomasKirkham

    If I can afford it, I’ll be in for some Redwood, & hopefully a pre roll?
    You always have Redwood available & for that I thank you. My favorite by far.

  495. Phillips3213

    The bid tenders were all awesome! Very kind, helpful and knowledgeable! And the flower is dY”Y=!!! I’ll see y’all again real soon!! This is one of my new favs

  496. loadit

    A very nice dispensary with a good selection and great service.

  497. Jeanettescornell

    Absolutely nothing to dislike, well maybe the stairs, ha… I have bad knees. In and out in a breeze. There must have been a half a dozen medical assistances. The place was busier than a night club. I’m thinking they were getting some business from AZ Natural Selections that was nearby. At AZ Natural Selections I spent at least 30 minutes in the waiting room… So when I get to the back they have no flower selections to choose from. Seriously?!!! That’s 45 minutes of my life I will never get back. Great job guys! I’ll be back next time and refer everyone I know that need your services. Extremely happy!

  498. NathanHernandez

    My bud tender was awesome! She knew her stuff, have great quality product as well! Will be back!

  499. AZHerbExpert

    Nice location, very nice layout of building. I like the C-Vault containers storing the meds, very helpful staff, and very clean and organized.

    I got some GSC, Grape Krush(offered by the bud tender), and White Widow. I enjoyed the GSC and the White Widow very much but didn’t like the budtender’s recommendation of the Grape Krush. It was darker in color(not purple, more brown), lacked trichs, and didn’t taste as terpy as I would have liked. I told her I was specifically concerned with taste, and she said, “It does, it tastes good” . It didn’t! Some times I find this has been a common theme at other dispensaries as well. And I suspect that they are almost encouraged to offer up a strain of less quality as to get it out of the store faster because if something isn’t popular it will just sit for a while. And for a lot of customers that works because to them “weed is weed” and “it all does the job”. I’m more of a conoisseur and don’t want low quality ever offered up to me.

    I would still give them another chance, but probably be more instinctive on my choice versus listening to a budtender.

  500. UndeadOrange

    Great prices and kind people, room in building was a bit hard to find though

  501. pvtlightning

    awesome place, incomparable service, and above all phenomenal product. one of the best in the valley

  502. trashangel

    I love this dispensary! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. AZ grass roots has great quality flower at great prices. i love coming here 🙂

  503. Zono

    Great Staff oh wait I already said that didn’t I?

  504. Frederick0240

    Wonderful Atmosphere, Friendly Staff, and Potent Flower, what more could you ask for?! They offer a Huge selection of strains from several price and quality levels making it the best Deli-Style location i’ve visited. The RedBerry and Colorado Grape are both delicious indicas. They also have Kind oil which is THE BEES KNEES. I would Highly reccommend this place to anyone looking for quality Medicine and a Versatile Selection!

  505. 420Demon

    love this place and the meds are the best and so many to choose from thanks to you all

  506. dcruz

    Wait was TOO Long, barely even moved after an hour of waiting in Line outside. So much for My 1st time Visit…… Too far either way, Great Location for anyone who lives in the Far North Scottsdale part of the Valley dY~’

  507. diamondvogue

    love the atmosphere! I leave satisfied and happy every time .


    I was helped by story and she was amassing! Very nice formative and got hooked on keen cola!! Stop by and you won’t be disappointed !

  509. infinitesouce

    This is the best place to buy flower in the valley it’s always fresh. The staff is very helpful.

  510. moogan27

    This place is awesome. Check out the Tuesday preroll special

  511. Hangloose420

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this”AMAZING PLACE” I tell you what…..this place is by far the best dispensary in the state hands down. If you have not tried the K.I.N.D. live resin then please don’t waste anytime and get some……they have a new strain called “Aurora” and let me just tell you it is so delicious I’m glad they added to the already awesome strains.The service too is so good…..when you walk in and they know you by first name out of hundreds of patients….you know they care about their patients. Mackenzie… not sure if I spelled that right…lol….is a super kool bud tender I go see her almost every week…another reason I come here….AMAZING everything keep up the great work and most of all keep making the great medicine. Much love to all the people that are Level Up…….SteveO

  512. Ariah

    Great weed, awesome people! And cool environment!

  513. Missally254

    Came here for the first time and I have to say the quality, service and atmosphere were amazing! They carried a wide range of flowers and concentrates! The staff were wonderful and Owen who helped me, let me take my time to go through the all different varieties. I would say I would recommend this to anyone who wants amazing quality and service. I will definitely be coming back for more!

  514. gereadleeforman326

    love the banna og is a good choice just want to say thanks to you and hope to see u agin soon

  515. Kayman1992

    pleased with the all around services and best quality of goods and special. help with keeping us up to date on all special. i love the one on one service. they help me feel better. help me and my dr keep me healthy and happy. thanks for all the help and the future looks great. go see the guys at grass roots if you want a great dispensary.

  516. cauge4

    Michael was my budtender and it was my very first experience and it was absoulety wonderful! He was knowledgeable and even better he was personable. I will be back for sure because of how wonderful my experience was.

  517. elmaschingon710

    fun time good service.

  518. Svipul

    By far the best dispensary I have been to! Clean, professional, great prices, fantastic selection, I cannot say enough good things about Arizona Grass Roots!

  519. pnorris1987

    Top Shelf Flowers only
    Great selection of Indicas
    Always running great specials
    Come see for yourself

  520. racerreck

    Absolutely amazing place to get what you need, i’ve been here numerous times and all of the budtenders are very knoledgeable about products and are committed to finding exactly what you are looking for

  521. Derickmanley

    Really really good place to get flower. Good good deals all day and all night. Everytime I leave here I feel so good. Thanks again level up for all you do.

  522. Sublimedoubt34

    First time patient, everyone was super knowledgable and quick to help. I was in and out and couldn’t even sit down before being helped by Melissa. Patient for life program was pretty useful as well. I would definitely recommend spending the minimum to get 20% off!

  523. NomadDragon

    Charles and Ethan need a raise. They know everything about their products and could answer any questions I had. This dispensary is definitely my favorite that I’ve ever been to in Arizona.

  524. JohnWarnstaff

    Front desk lady very rude! Asked about first time patient and lady must of been aEURoeon oneaEUR I asked if flower was on the bogo and she went off! Saying let me talk .she mentioned everything but .. being reported dY$?–

  525. jakejones73

    First of all best looking store in Arizona. Super high end and you don’t feel weird when you walk in the door like a lot of low rent places. Super friendly staff Nicholas helped me out and actually advised me on ways I could save money and get the most for my money. And the quality of the product I’ve bought has never disappointed I will be a loyal customer for a long time

  526. TropicalGalaxy

    I have been going to Level Up for almost a year. They always have top quality flower. They way they preserve the cannabis in air lock bowls and measure out each order individually demonstrates their focus on quality.
    The staff is friendly and welcoming and I highly suggest following their recommendations if you are not sure what to get.
    I have always appreciated this dispensary but i finally decided to write this review because the Chocolate Hashberry I just got is amazing and highly recommend at least checking it out

  527. AZJH16

    First time in Level Up but have been purchasing KIND products for the last 3 years. Cartridges are the best around, flower is unreal, but the shatter is kind of crappy. Tried the Cactus OG & Blackberry Kush KIND shatter and neither were very potent and tasted cheap. Will not purchase anymore shatter from here.

  528. mlseeman

    This is a great location for meds. Very nice great customer service and location. Some of the best flowers around and great prices. A++

  529. DrRum

    Love their Thin mints. Cool people overall!

  530. dbyrd501

    Very sleek and clean inside area to make your selection. Staff knows their stuff, able to mix and match when buying higher quantities. Low prices

  531. dhoward69

    was my first time in Dr and staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about there wide variety off products will definitely recommend level up. great atmosphere I will be back.

  532. momotanpopo

    very nice location, good strains for decent prices

  533. tdelgallo

    Level up is Not only is the atmosphere dope but the staff is very friendly and they have some of the best prices on flower in the valley!!

  534. gmontez

    When I first went to level up the budtenders were really nice. I also like the way they took the time to go through all the product with me. I would recommend them to everyone.

  535. nighthawk44

    came in the other day and Owen was super helpful in getting me what I needed. absolutely went above and beyond.

  536. marijuanarick

    Besides being very clean and just gorgeous on the inside, I have never had a bad experience with them before. Bud is always good (even the $8 grams!), and the employees are very knowledgable about all their products. Why are you still reading my review? Go to Level-Upppp!

  537. QueenChiefa75

    I got my license through level/up and received the 3x $75 credit. I have yet to be disappointed. The lovely strains I’ve receive with the credits have been beyond on point! Even when I have used up my credits I will coke back. I’m seriously…quality bud. dY~3 (serious face)

  538. sandra.alv73

    I loved this dispensary everyone was super friendly and it was very clean inside and felt at home!
    Not to mention best first time patient offers I’ve seen.

  539. fayequita

    Love the great experienced staff. Everyone is extremely helpful and super awesome products!!!

  540. Redwood74

    It’s great close large selections guys like are totally awesome. They have an excellent (what I call) bedside manner. They will not treat you like your an idiot unless you act like one.

  541. Rafafari7007

    Came down from flagstaff, couldn’t of been happier, the man Brian really welcomed me and explained deals, strains, etc. and made it a place I will visit again

  542. Clem311

    Great service, will be back regularly!

  543. TheXamin505

    One of my favorites in the Valley. Great staff, wonderful medicines, and the atmosphere is spectacular. Definitely NOT your average dispensary experience. Exceptional.

  544. garrettbusch11

    I was referred to Level Up by Dr. Santos who is an excellent homeopathic practitioner.

    From the front desk staff to the bud-tenders, I could not have had a smoother, more welcoming first time visit. The bud-tenders will ask you specific questions to understand the root of your medical issue, then prescribe which was a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend making the drive out to Level Up.

  545. CyanBloodbane69

    Average prices but stellar staff and product! Would recommend to anyone!

  546. Sirenkhaleesi

    I absolutely love this place. The selection is abundant and everyone there makes you feel comfortable. Not overwhelming like some places for not so novice users.

  547. toastsmalone

    Nice location! Bud tenders are great and the meds are pretty fire.

  548. chikaharma

    Love this place!! Great meds and customer service

  549. twill80

    great service, great product. Good friendly people to help you with whatever u need… awesome store. thanks guys

  550. Greenveteran

    The staff here is always incredibly friendly. Relaxed environment with a home like feel. Top quality flowers that are fresh and sticky.

  551. chadlovesthc

    great location great prices beautiful bud and a large variety and cheap concentrates

  552. bigbadmoose

    Great staff. Quickly in and out. Great prices. No BS. All other Scottsdale dispensaries are inferior.

  553. vonjibbler

    Never been to the location. But was lucky enough to order their flower from Supurb delivery. Couldn’t be happier with the quality of their flower. Nice and fresh and chunky yummy buds.

  554. Adreanna89

    First impressions are everything. And I was extremely impressed. Everyone was friendly and informative about what I was looking for. I will definitely be returning and telling all my friends.

  555. jayherb222

    I got my medical card at Level Up and received a $25 credit for nice visits!! This dispensary is awesome!

  556. GMAN5656


  557. irondall

    I feel like this place is where I can go to get the biggest bang for my buck.

  558. Yurione

    Place is always awesome. Agents truly care about your needs.

  559. boozman23

    Great looking store, great staff, Jasmine is very knowledgeable

  560. nashtile

    stopped by on Saturday and had a great experience talking with Owen and pat very knowledgeable people I’m very happy thay are part of the team

  561. ArizonaBamm420

    most beatifulest shop in the valley, and the green is so good got me saying beautifullest

  562. MoFear440

    Luv my friends over here so friendly an professional great deals to

  563. drgreenthumbs


  564. amr37

    best candies ever and OG Kush love this place

  565. gsmith6

    Stumbled upon you guys, staff was super friendly. Bought 6 rainbow rolls and cheesy headband, will come back 🙂

  566. Jleavitt92

    Melissa was awesome! Very knowledgeable. The whole vibe was good! I’ll be back for sure

  567. mrsnash420

    i enjoyed my visit very nice quiet friendly atmosphere and a high quality in meds its a little drive from prescott but worth it

  568. sampson967

    The best! Friendly, knowledgeable staff, no wait times, quality product, great daily deals & the best vape pens in town! No need to go to any other shop.

  569. radfinney

    Yo. I’ve only been here once but the flower was incredible going to stop in again today

  570. Ceeeeeeeeee23

    awesome facilitates great staff and can’t beat their prices period!

  571. illyki

    best meds in the valley

  572. yourfavoritetoker

    The new Scottsdale location is amazing! I tried several strains in the 12-16 dollar a gram price range and all were amazing.

    The live resin syringed for dabbing are the best taste and high I have ever gotten off any concentrate.

    Both then manager and bystander were very helpful.

    Insane selection of everything you could want.

  573. indica-tor

    Even though this place is small, intimate, and no-frills, the employees are helpful and friendly, and the products are excellent.

  574. DVNT2g

    Grass Roots has become my go to for Meds in the Tri city area. Great buds, good deals and excellent customer service. A+

  575. stevedave1234

    It’s clean, always good product, and everyone is always super friendly. Since I found this place I don’t go anywhere else. Thanks for everything level up team!

  576. Jgreenday

    Great knowledgeable staff. Excellent flower choices and awesome weekly specials. Atmosphere is low key with cosmic sounds of music to set the attitude and mood.

  577. ran1mo

    Awesome people!

  578. Drewkobe24

    Great place

  579. bmt620

    Great buds and oils,also good prices and good vibes will be back!

  580. HIGHerEdu

    L/U is, aesthetically, the best dispensary in the Valley. The customer experience is one of the best and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Their first time patient deal is among the best around…the flower is solid, but there’s some potential to get better. Bottom line: I’ll be back and I definitely recommend checking L/U out!

  581. Lordsmith8883

    Does there cultivation even know how to grow cannabis? It’s quite absurd they call this medicine. It’s definitely not.

  582. thatkidmaurice

    One of my favorite dispensaries!! Great people, and great service

  583. southst33z

    Good place can’t wait to come back!

  584. tw0k0i

    Dispensary is awesome but Dr Santo has 0 customer service for his patients. Cant answer simple questions with out letting his ego get in the way. Then when the going gets tough he denies service instead of figuring out the issue. I had an appointment and even confirmed it over the phone an hour after being in his office. Called today to confirm before I went out there and now I’m magically not on the appointment log with no rhyme or reason why. When asked, Dr. Santos can’t give an explanation and can’t even be man enough to admit something happened with my appointment. Instead his way of solving this problem is denying me service. This guy is a complete joke of a Dr and so is his office and set up he has going. The only reason he is in business is his connection to LEVEL up dispensaries. I will be spreading the word in the MMJ community at every event I attend, which is basically all of them!

  585. IHSmoke

    This “was” my favorite shop but in recent trips the vibe and service is not what it once was even a month or so ago. Great when you first walk in, but alot of new faces in back who seem to not really be interested in putting forth the effort to show the different strains and products. Only get shown what I ask to see and after a couple it’s clear it’s irritating them. Please make this my favorite location again.

  586. Lupusgal

    I think this may be my very first bad review ever, I’m pretty easy going and don’t let things get to me.However,this is a matter of principle……
    Not too long ago I decided to try Arizona Grass Roots dispensary in Mayor. Everybody was friendly,that day they were having computer problems of some kind, it took the guy several attempts to access my mmj card info,only after calling their sister store in the valley could it be done. No biggie. Then I go back into the office, to pick out meds. They have nothing on display at all, you sit at a desk with the tender,there are boards on the walls listing the different products. The tender weighed the meds right there in front of you. I was not totally paying attention to that because I was busy reading all the boards, and plus I have not had any issues at any other dispensary I’ve been to. Because of the computer issues that day, they couldn’t print out receipts or labels on my packages. This was the first time I bought an ounce, so I didn’t recognize how short it was, the nice kid at the register couldn’t tell how much it was supposed to be…. the tender who weighed it shouted out to him that it was an ounce. When I weighed it out it was 10g short! Not exaggerating…I have no reason to make this up, I did try to let the dispensary know, I was very nice about it,but they were quite rude and implied I was lying…
    My advice…… stay away from this one……

  587. Chatafugup

    Patrick is a legend…super helpful,no rush when i was checking strains,very good advice. dY$?tmdY$?tmdY$?tm

  588. djbernal12

    Great products, friendly staff, one of my favorites in the valley!

  589. Cbzboccieri1

    I think it is perfectly located in Scottsdale. The place was clean and nice. I liked how they weighed my purchase in front of me. Would definitely come back again.

  590. Gigiwave

    I received a gram of wax that was the consistency of glass and completely shattered to the point where you can’t even dab the smaller pieces. I called and left my name and number to the manager whom I have not heard back from. Also if you want good tasting bud, go somewhere else. Their lemon skunk and Berry White taste so bad it makes me not want to smoke it. Level up is overpriced for what it is. The reason why I shop here is out of convenience since it is close to me and does supurb deliveries…

  591. J.B123

    good overall experience, thanks guys

  592. LamborghiniMercy

    sic, high end store. great deals. They got The real Moonrocks! Those are hard to find. left very happy and will be back again even though it’s pretty far from me.

  593. cdchavez4

    Place was awesome with some sweet deals! Jason took care of me and was very helpful and friendly!

  594. blueenergy007

    The budtender that tendered me had like a attitude problem but like she was trying to hold it in. I would ask her questions and her responses were very ‘short’ like I was taking her time or something. I was a new patient and I can tell you I definitely did not feel the love.

  595. tigerLilly13

    Quick service and good wake up flower!

  596. MynamesRodandILiketoParty

    love that they deliver, supurb was easy to use!

  597. nikpool

    Very friendly

  598. qweezy25

    love going to this place happy hour 9am-10 and getting an additional10% off everything!!!

  599. DankestHour

    Amazing love the staff and the flower is top quality 🙂 thank you for being the best

  600. jim_parr22

    meds is dryed out.turns to power.

  601. tyallen1406

    Honestly, this is one of my favorite dispensaries in the valley. Their bud selection is second to none and a very high quality. There service is great and the store location is incredibly easy to find. 10/10 recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a clean high quality dispensary!

  602. gbenhart

    first time here, so far so good

  603. AZvilas

    Great selection of meds. Friendly & helpful staff. A+

  604. highkaren

    Congratulations on being one of the Leafly.com top 10 dispensaries in America!

  605. archivaldo935

    Nice place . I like the new name . Gives it a little more class .

  606. Eemaw

    Location is easy to find. I was happy to find they had an elevator.

  607. daisy_b

    Best dispensary with the best weekly deals!!!

  608. donbirr

    good selection of meds friendly staff i would recommend and shop there again

  609. Syari

    10/10 one of my favourite dispensaries in the Valley, great location, super friendly staff, always looking to get you as many discounts as they can on some quality tree!

  610. DarlaR

    Very clean, professional and good prices

  611. HappyCamper60


  612. Murrmann

    Level/Up was my first love and holds a special place in my heart. If you don’t know about the Patient for Life program then give them a call now!! A big supporter of AZ events, like disc golf.

    If your day has got you down then it’s time to Level/Up!!

  613. hilly_blaze

    It’s home. Cool staff who know the products. Fast service. Wide Selection. Deals/Offers combined w loyalty card makes it so affordable.

  614. Hardkor86

    This place is great! Plenty of parking and don’t let the outside fool you…inside is beautiful, and the staff is scoop nice/friendly. They have a large selection and the flower I got was amazing. will definatly return.

  615. itsme132

    Very knowledgeable and friendly staff it mmade my first visit easy and painless. I definitely recommend!

  616. TMarie33

    julie and nicole were amazing. they are amazing budtenters

  617. Cgen01

    Stopped in here on the way to Prescott. Very helpful customer service and good selection of flower.

  618. miket7phx

    awesome staff, great flowers, will definitely be back.

  619. issalynn

    Favorite dispensary in Scottsdale
    Always friendly service and tons of product

  620. gavibob

    Always happy with level up dispensary, go here when i want the best flowers around, will definitely be back and recommend to friends

  621. abel0151

    Very nice people who take care of their patients, they keep you informed and always make sure you’re taken care of

  622. cnidarian

    Love this place. Each time I’ve gone in I’ve been very pleased with the quality of the medicine and the helpfulness of the staff.

  623. MuZacMan88

    Been in many times now still love the super lemon haze and the Bruce banner

  624. Hurleyguy7855

    the 1st time patient special looks AWESOME. I will be in for sure! plus ive heard great things

  625. akameg9

    Love both locations. Best prices and most importantly the budtenders are amazing! dYtm,

  626. Sweethell

    I’m so glad this place offers the patient for life program. I basically got my card for free! Received vouchers to spend at the dispensary equal to the cost of my card. Great dispensary awesome customer service beautiful atmosphere.

  627. Bubbles1973

    you have to check out level up they have the best customer service, and the best flower I’ve had yet with a lot of choices to choose from.

  628. ItsOB1

    I’m from down in the valley and can’t find such variety at great prices like this. Product is weighed in front of you also! That’s the part that really sold me the most! I will be returning, it’s totally worth the drive.

  629. papagreen

    Nice place, great name and good deals for first time patients , didn’t like the set up seems a little distant to the flower, needs to be more.open , but great people and great products

  630. jdmdad

    Great service, awesome selection of medication. These guys do it right. thank you for being a great dispensary!

  631. Old_dude

    Good service. Good meds for great donation prices. Low key key atmosphere. In Mayer, Its a decent drive from Prescott but this is my new favorite place.

  632. cheekiemunky13

    Sherice from the front desk was so kind and helpful to me. I needed to renew my card and she gave me info to find what I needed. My bud tender was Christina who gave great recommendations. The Kiva bars (dark chocolate variety) tasted great. I also liked the LR disposable vape pen was great.

  633. DamonB42

    Has to seen to believed. Mellisa was fantastic at picking out products for me according to exactly what I described my needs for and they worked great.


    I just had a wonderful experience !!! Great flowers and wonderful service !!! Plus the prices couldn’t be beat. Worth the trip !!!

  635. chasesreviews

    THIS PLACE OFFERS AMAZING DEALS AND PRICES ON LIVE RESIN/CLEAR SYRINGES, I’ve been to so many dispensieres and by far this is the cheapiest place you can get them and they are top quality!! I also looked on there menu as saw that they have honey sticks filled with concentrate 9$ for 120 milligrams along with other high doses for a crazy awesome price, I can’t wait to go in tommrow and check out there live resin and honey sticks!!! Thanks guys, and you get a gram for your first time being there,, can’t wait 😉 Chase S

  636. huntermckibbin1

    great staff and beautiful product.

  637. labquality

    Great quality shop with an amazing patient for life program. Great quality flower and good first time patient deals.

  638. danielterry24

    If you’re looking for quality meds, and a friendly, capable staff level up is definitely the place to go. I live an hour away, and it’s worth every minute of my time to get here, never have they disappointed me, NEVER…

  639. johnemitchell

    I’ve been shopping here about 3 months and have never had a bad experience. The people are very helpful in picking out meds. Very friendly .

  640. cmphox

    Great dispensary, good quality flowers, nice location, competent service. One of the better dispensaries in the area, the only quibble I have is that their selection of flowers, especially Sativas, gets stale. I love variety.

  641. eclipseg3

    my first visit was nice, learned some new information. the bud tender helped me with my choices. also the BOGO free for FTP is nice, and you can even go to their other location to get that same BOGO free.

  642. wheresthefire

    Went in twice for concentrates but wish it had only been once. Decent prices but low quality concentrates. The “live resin” cartridge was sub-par and their shatter is weak/ not concentrated enough. Might give them a chance another day.

  643. rogerrunningtree

    By far the best experience I’ve ever had at a dispensary in Arizona. The bunch others were very knowledgeable about their products. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They had an incredible inventory selection. Not only flower, but also concentrates edibles topicals, you name it they had it. I will definitely be making level up my primary Dispensary while I am in the Phoenix Scottsdale area. I would definitely recommend this place to anybody looking by far the best experience I’ve ever had at a dispensary in Arizona. The bunch headers were very knowledgeable about their products. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They had an incredible inventory selection. Not only flower, but also concentrates edibles topicals, you name it they had it. I will definitely be making level up my primary Dispensary while I am in the Phoenix Scottsdale area. I would definitely recommend this place to anybody looking for Quality weed and a quality experience.

  644. Dajg20

    I love the product and the service, keeps me coming back.

  645. peachykween

    I LOVE this place!! Their grow produces beautiful buds! Their flower is amazing. I’m not sure why these reviews are saying the flower is moldy – I’ve had the white, Arnold Palmer, old grandpa, white scratch, and more from their grow. Their flower always turns white by the end of the bowl. It smokes so well and is so tasty. The white and it’s babies are always a bit musty, so I can understand that the taste is a bit aEURoemoldy,aEUR however, I’d had no issues and I’ll be smoking more of this batch of the White and their other flower til I am blue in the face 🙂 Thank you, Level Up!!

  646. dannyjax

    This place is beautiful! One of the cleanest dispensaries I’ve ever seen, with a very nice and knowledgeable staff and healing great product! New favorite!

  647. RobgRok

    Another satisfied trip to Az Grassroots..

  648. ceesco

    Level up is awesome and carry quality product. No one in town does a Patient for Life program like these guys. Look up patient for life and read about how Great of a place this is. All of the employees are very friendly as well. Whatever your needs are they have everything here.

  649. Bwilliams95

    I would have written this sooner but I’m still enjoying the where’s my bike!! This place is awesome and I’ll be back to see all the pretty ladies there!!

  650. pauldisner

    Beautiful building, friendly helpful PAs. They have a nice selection of Quality bud. I’ll be coming back.

  651. Kmanic

    I drove 15mi out of my way to get a specific strain only to find out they don’t update their online menu very often. I’m annoyed because I have to go all the way there to see what they ACTUALLY have. I’m not going to call these people and ask them if they ACTUALLY have what their site says they have. I just won’t go out of my way to go there anymore. I checked 3 hours after I was there, Still said they had Zkittles…they don’t. Maybe this wouldn’t have been so bad if they were at least sympathetic but they just shrugged their shoulders @ me. I guess they quit caring what patients thought of them.

  652. Im3knucklesdeep

    I think this place is amazing

  653. richg777

    Probably Top 1 or 2 in the Valley of the Sun. Warm receptionist, Ultra Modern feel and magnificent lay out.
    Bud tenders friendly and knowledgeable. Menu is….Unbelievable!
    Discounts to Veterans & Seniors. Thank You.

  654. jmardmnd25

    great meds outstanding strains also good discounts.

  655. Larry116

    Love this place

  656. ar51095

    Very welcoming, good ftp deal! I will be coming back for more flower. Also, student discount was a nice bonus.

  657. 01tinkerbell

    Love Level up. Great staff. Always friendly. Helpful. Thank you.

  658. SenpaiAZ

    love it. great employees and dank buds

  659. bootboi318

    everything is just awesome.

  660. msgryzz

    Very knowlable about products. Good selection and donations. Definitely will be back!

  661. amparrish602

    Great deals

  662. freezymfe

    Amazing store with great support!

  663. Sneakerfreak420

    Purchased some kind vape oil in a syringe. Was very disappointed in the taste and effect of the bubblegum melon. Was super harsh. On a positive note Dee Dee and the staff were nice I just prefer higher quality concentrates.

  664. Azladywolf

    From the moment you walk in you feel very comfortable. The budtenders are very knowledgable, of course I have my favorites. The flower is top notch and well worth your trip here. Not pre packaged here either this is the best way to be able to receive the freshest flowers available on the market. By far my favorite dispensary and the patient for life program is amazing.

  665. ggizzle86

    Holy fuck I cannot believe the discounts I got for being a first timer I walked out of that bitch with 2/8 of fire and a Keef soda for under $20!! Bitch you have to fucking go check them out!! Sooo Bomb!!!

  666. sweetwass

    it was alittle confusing to get to but i was really impressed with the service and the product

  667. asue123

    This is such a cool dispensary! Great deals and products!

  668. encore

    Good selection. Owen rocks.
    Probably the biggest selection of concentrates in the state.

  669. Gtizzy

    Enjoyable people and atmosphere

  670. pharosphilopator

    Employees did nothing but trash talk.

  671. BigJ808

    my favorite spot they have best prices for top self products

  672. nSmiley

    Beautiful dispensary, great staff, fresh sticky buds, lots of first time patient specials. Very impressed. I can’t remember the guys name, but he recommended one of those Korova edibles and I’m glad he did! New favorite dispensary dY~

  673. slim81

    This place is inviting, the product is great, and the prices are low…what else can a person ask for?

  674. alchemy666

    Clean location and great atmosphere !!! Different selection of quality meds and friendly staff. Will definetly be back

  675. mceffertz

    clean, friendly, well Knowledge

  676. Nrsnaz

    staff is very friendly and helpful. they have a an amazing selection of everything and the quality is by far the best I have found! I will definitely be returning!

  677. hope12

    grassroots and Mayer az is an awesome place to pick up your medicine they go way be on duty no se the extra mile thanks for all that sour diesel down there guy keep me posted would you awesome

  678. HeadHighEyesLow

    Love this place!awesome staffs,danks A1

  679. chr2131015

    I went and got the FTP special and got to choose a free gram from any tier and also receive BOGO free eighth. At first I had planned to get 2 40$ eighths but was told I had to choose from only 3 strains, at first I thought that was pretty lame because most places do BOGO free any strain equal or lesser value, but once I got home I realized that the strain I got to pick was of greater value than the one I paid for and It was bomb. Come to find the strains to choose from are actually Top Shelf strains. Was very pleased with special I received and Tangerine Dream and Zkittles is bomb. Only thing that could be better are bigger buds.

  680. gregkwondo

    It was a long drive from surprise .we headed up to Prescott and after carefully review we picked grass roots for our meds .I can say its worth the drive no matter how far you have to traval. I have explored quite a few dispensers and by far GRASS ROOTS IS THE BEST .the guy that helped us was awesome so friendly and new his stuff when it came to meds.we can only use indica .this place has a huge selection and not pre package either just amazing fresh buds in big Mason jars .menand my girlfriend have decided this is our only place to get our meds from know on .prices are amazing they make it so adorable .grass roots if you guys made tee shirts we would totally buy and wear them .trust me this place is soooo worth a try you won’t be disappointed ..

  681. KingDre916

    I love this place

  682. buddancemanchilove

    Have the best buds an staff !!! Hands down ‘

  683. CBD_Unlimited

    This is the most impressive dispensary in Scottsdale. The facility is gorgeous- looks like a luxury jeweler for the interior. I’ve seen about 5 different budtenders at Level Up, and the customer service is some of the best in AZ. While a bit pricier, the flower here is top quality- the top shelf at Level Up is superior to their competitors. Best prices for KIND Live Resin and great concentrate selections as well. Their rainbow roll is the best priced (2 for 10 on tuesday) and highest quality that I’ve seen in the area as well. Overall, Level Up is my favorite dispensary for summer ’17 and couldn’t recommend it more!

  684. Sbhirsh

    It was my first time at a dispensary and the gentleman who helped me was nice and professional.

  685. SarkisKosh93

    I LOVE this Location!!! Can’t wait for the new one in Tempe to open either.
    They have flavored Original Moonrocks at Level alsodY~ must try. #DJGOJi

  686. mackelprangb

    Seriously my favorite dispensary! These guys rock!!! Awesome prices for outstanding quality meds.

  687. IronLionZion602

    went in for my first time and the vibe i got was not good. def felt like they didn’t care at all. i asked for flower and all i got was a sheet of paper to look at. the budtender had an attitude with me as well. def did not expect that but okay. I will not be returning. thanks guys.

  688. Aritheartist

    Love it, can’t get over there as often, but always good. Great clip on the NBC National News

  689. Id3002

    Love, love, love the place, the product, and the people. Can’t get much better than the discounts and everyday good deals. Tenders are worth tipping as they know their product and don’t try to just sell you. Takes their time with every client, hardly ever a wait! Be ready to be wowed!

  690. js1965

    This is a very up scale dispensary. It’s pretty much the only place I like to go to. Good selection and deals.

  691. VentureBro

    New location is fire, great prices and a very comfortable environment that doesn’t feel like a big box store. All of the staff was very friendly and helpful.

  692. osmosis27

    This is one of the nicest dispensaries around. Knowledgeable and professional staff. Jordan helped me out and got me the best medicine for justy situation. Level up is the best.

  693. Bwalds

    Love coming to this location! Have great products and they get you in and out quickly

  694. Dru420

    best quality meds I’ve seen in a long time in AZ. the hostess when you first enter is so polite and pleasant. extremely informative and patient with their clients. definitely recommend to any and everyone. the selection in also quite elaborate and exclusive, many different strains and options.dY~dY-‘dY-‘dY-‘

  695. krisnespinosa

    Grassroots in Mayer, since moving to Prescott, we’ve not been out there in a while, but your great staff and awesome prices are missed! Especially the fatty pre-rolls!

  696. Dukeofearlie

    Awesome strands ! Great service from them!

  697. mpm1215

    This is an excellent dispensary I Will definitely be shopping here more often.

  698. Conrad3ring

    absolutely loved it. the front was very welcoming. talked with them for a few. had the pleasure of being assisted by Shelby. she was awesome and knowledgeableaEUR<. her energy was good. overall gotta say it was a great experience. one negative and that's cause I've been spoiled, would love to see no ATM fees. lol thanks guys. I'll be back.

  699. ElMoreno602

    great place to come for Edibles wax weed Etc friendly people

  700. Siabrae

    Super friendly. Helped me pick out just the right stuff. Zack is fantastic.

  701. goatroapr

    This place is great. They have a large selection of bud and/or extracts for your medical needs. You can place an online order and your meds will be waiting for you at check-in when you arrive. They also deliver but have yet to use that service.
    Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Always a pleasure to bs with.

  702. Rojo1995

    I love there wax and the service

  703. lrkorn73

    Great place. Nice upscale clean atmosphere. Great selection of flower. GG # 4 and Grease monkey, off the hook.

  704. 813Egypt525

    For a first time experience at a medical dispensary I was so very happily impressed. The staff was wonderful. friendly and informative of their products l definitely be returning again. Thank for a great 1st experience.

  705. efthompson91

    Love the buds and the vibe! I’ll definitely be coming back!

  706. Lamurda

    I came in as a FTP and bought some top shelf strains, animal cookies, gdp and it was anything but top shelf. Dry, horrible taste and worst of all came with seeds. If I ever go back I will be complaining about their flower. Worst dispensary I have been to yet.

  707. desert7744

    Bought 3 different grams got home only one was marked and no labels very disappointed

  708. kungfucow

    Disappointing. I really just feel tired from the concentrate which had a soil smell. Usually decent but not this time.

  709. Bambi2017

    My favorite spot to go in Scottsdale. Always quick and friendly.

  710. Impermanent1

    great first-time experience at Arizona Grassroots. the widest selection of flower in North Scottsdale / East Valley. the frame gram for a first-time purchase is great, but it would be nice to pick the strain. I will definitely be back to try more flower and your concentrates selection.

  711. stardust710

    Is this a diamond store? SOOO NICE! Love how clean the place is and the staff is even better! I hear they deliver I’m gonna try that and let everyone know! 😀

  712. alexgrun

    Great dispensary with a wonderful atmosphere and friendly people. Tried the OG-18 and was very impressed.

  713. onassis7

    Great staff and selection. They have price matching which is superb, definitely a solid choice. the location is sweet too.

  714. taylorpastonie

    Best meds and best staff always !!

  715. ugpurpdawg

    This dispensary is amazing. Beautiful location with a very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Will was especially helpful. An amazing employee with just a month of time in. Will definitely keep returning.

  716. tonemonty

    great deals and productlove the staff as well

  717. thinkingreen90

    AGR has become my #1 stop for all my medical needs. their flowers are amazing, staff are great, and prices help with any budget ur on. I can’t say enough great things!

  718. debpete

    Great location and friendly informative staff.

  719. phxgenetics

    Wish I’d noticed this dispensary years ago, this place is straight bangin’ for sure. The place is gorgeous, it’s conveniently located for me, the selection is outstanding, service is very quick, and the budtenders are great.

    My budtender was Colin (I hope I heard that right) and his suggestions were totally on point. He gave me his honest opinion on basically everything in the store, even when it meant he wasn’t particularly fond of a product. I really appreciate that.

    I walked out of here with at least 8 grams of fire herb for less than 50 bucks. I know you can find cheaper flower around the valley, but not flower this good. Level Up’s first time patient deal is unmatched. They have plenty of other great sales too. I’ll definitely be returning here frequently.

  720. patienceisvirtue

    Owen was great !!
    Really took his time with me and explained everything ! Really appreciate it Owen , you have a forever patient here!!

  721. kmnh98

    My bud tender was Jason, and he was absolutely amazing! He helped me with everything, informed me on what would be best deal for my price range and also hooked me up with a dope battery. This place is definitely a go to, and I will be back. Ask for Jason if you ever plan on coming here, I promise he and the place is worth it!

  722. gdubb816

    Very personable staff and classy atmosphere. Excellent product. My favorite place to go, they take care of you.

  723. wizardpockets

    Had a really good time here, they just remodelled the store and it looks great. The employees were really nice and the prices were good. I’d recommend checking out this store.

  724. sy420

    This place was great. My tender was very knowledgeable and personable. He made me feel at home. Meds are fresh and potent. I’ll be returning soon. Lemon Skunk was on point.

  725. wendash

    love shopping here, great pre-rollsdY~Z

  726. uwillbuy

    To start, this place is K.I.N.D. With that comes the Live Resin pens along with Keef Kola. Great products!

    This is a very nice dispensary! Staff was EXTREMELY helpful and atmosphere is top notch. This is my favorite among the others in the area. FTP deal is the best I’ve seen.

    I picked up the Thin Mint and Northern Lights combo. Their flower is golden. Fresh undisturbed nugs. Top notch product.

    Level Up, you will be in my dispensary rotation for a long time to come!

  727. inachair

    Asked for a gram of distillate. Got home and had a half-gram of live-resin. JUST BECAUSE IT’S IN A SYRINGE DOESNT’T MEAN IT’S DISTILLATE!

  728. bkmorris

    I am a Dispensary Agent at a grow facility here in the valley. I needed to get my patient card and was recommended to Level Up and their partner Scottsdale Certification Center under their patient for life program.

    If you are unfamiliar. If you were to spend the money to get your card with their certification center, they would give you 3-75$ vouchers(equaling $225) to use at Level Up to receive free meds. They also give you 10% of every purchase towards your renewal with them. Fantastic program. I had a coworker go through it with no issue and raved about their service and products.

    The service itself I received was great. Dr. Santo was great. I was approved and received my card.

    However, I am choosing to never visit this dispensary again for this reason.

    I went into Level Up to receive my vouchers. Upon receiving them I was informed that in June they had changed their program. Now in order to use your 3 $75 vouchers you must make a purchase first equaling the $75 dollar voucher you wish to use.

    I had read a review before getting my card that this change had gone into effect, but I looked on their website and saw nothing that showed any sort of change had been made so I decided to go for it.

    The ol classic bait aEUR~switch. At least for me. Their website now reflects the change. I’m sure this dispensary is great. However my personal experience was not.

    I live quite a distance away but made the trek. I was hoping that Level Up would love Up to everything I had heard. A dispensary really doing something great for patients. Especially those that struggle financially. But for me I decided to leave with nothing and am choosing not to go back. Really unfortunate as other coworkers were hoping to take advantage of this program as well.

  729. azanimal

    great location near the Airpark in North Scottsdale. One Level Up has a fabulous selection of flowers to meet all my needs. Thanks to Grace for making my first visit a snap and my medicine choices as easy as well.

  730. DeBest

    Good flower

  731. adamsinaz

    Arizona Grass Roots is an awesome spot to get quality flower. The staff are attentive and friendly, and the environment is clean and secure. I would highly recommend checking them out, you won’t be sorry.

  732. revjack11

    As an old f**k let me tell you how much I appreciate your organization and the good you do. Today I had the pleasure to work with Nicole. What a phenomenal budtender! Compassionate, caring, funny and made my trip (which can be a trial for me) totally pleasurable AND the front desk receptionist was very helpful and she too seemed to have her compassion cap on today! Thanks y’all

  733. lowtymr

    best place in az !! budtenders are super nice. very knowledgable. the quality of products are very. I recommend to everyone!!

  734. Exotikxtc

    Great staff. Very knowledgeable about the strains and products that are available. They have reasonable prices.Edibles are fresh and delicious. Very clean
    waiting room. I will definitely be going back.

  735. uknowit

    Two days ago I wrote a glowing 5 star review of this dispensary and now I feel like a fool! The inventory manager had told me that all their flower is fresh and harvested within a month of being sold. Well, as soon as I got home and looked at my flower, not only was it all very dry but some of it was harvested back on 10/19/2016! Both of my attempts to report my concerns to a manager at Level Up failed. So, they have lost me as a customer.

  736. Memphistn

    Level Up Scottsdale is great fa wen u looking for good quality flowers @ a good price..I was surprised wen I arrived there & got everything I need in 1 place & it was all that & some dY’OEdY’

  737. slyce1987

    Great location, friendly staff and amazing selection!

  738. Arizona2015

    Very nice atmosphere and educated staff (Karina).. I live in Buckeye and it’s worth the drive.

  739. kkawaiikat

    It was so quiet and not busy at all. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. The prices are reasonable as well.

  740. elisabethwinn

    The people are so welcoming! I will be coming back

  741. Azombiepenguin

    Integrity. Great staff. Quality meds.

  742. PhatTommy

    I read a note from Steve Vega of D’Treatz AZ that his crew would be sampling CBD edibles last Friday (5/25) at L/U Scottsdale. I road over and was quickly called in by Budtender Nicole Ortiz. She was wonderful to talk with, very knowledgeable to deal with, and sold me some delicious D’Treatz AZ Gummies at BOGO free! Needless to say I was thrilled. Thanks to Level Up for taking good care of their patients, Thanks too to D’Treatz for the yummy goodies! (PhatTommy Says).

  743. aumfie

    Always friendly and knowledgeable. Love the daily discounts. I’m there 2-3 times a week sometimes.

  744. filmex

    Tried these guys out a couple of weeks ago, drawn there by the fact that they stock product from Royal Choice Farms.
    They couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful. I had a discount coming and they switched things around to make sure it applied to offer the best possible discount. They didn’t have to do that, and I wouldn’t have known better had they not chosen to be so helpful. Color me impressed. I will definitely be back.

  745. letsgetlit420

    I came here for one of my first visits a couple weeks ago it is by far one best dispensary I have been to yet! My bud tender helped me get the best deal possible, with the best weed. The quality of weed was some of the best I have seen in the valley. Overall great service and great bud. I really love how they trim and weigh it out right in front of you! I will definitely be back!

  746. BethanyFrederick

    I absolutely love this dispensary! Great variety available and super super friendly and knowledgeable people who work there! I just keep coming back!

  747. paulostapczuk1977

    cool place

  748. ThatNastyKid

    This place is awesome! FTP deal is by far the best in the valley! The quality is amazing and the service was excellent!

  749. SirBocks

    Level Up has a very professional atmosphere, always great selection in flower and concentrates. I make the drive for the live resin cartridges.

  750. Rasta420Mane

    Amazing flower and location.

  751. HigherthanCheshire

    Fantastic location that fits Scottsdale very well. One of the best pre-rolls I have had in my life so far. Flower is fantastic and the staff are fun characters each one of them. This is my dispensary, the place where I pick up had been granted to Level Up

  752. StayWavvy

    I really like that the bud here is not pre packaged. Great staff, excellent product, can’t go wrong here!

  753. Jateme1

    I think it was really nice clean , cute trees in the bathroom lol fast , and I loved my bartender Karina she was awesome and very patient with me while she was training someone new .

  754. Trock1985

    Great selection of flower and kInd products! Glad to see more dispensaries in the north Scottsdale area !

  755. caingregory

    Level up in Scottsdale is a awesome place to get meds from. Friendly staff and reasonable prices

  756. Cheybless

    Great products,knowledgeable staff, and reasonable prices are amongst the reasons I call Level Up Scottsdale “home”. They never give me a reason to go anywhere else, as they always have what I’m looking for!

  757. teachdent

    Great place. Great medicine, good prices, friendly staff. They are currently remodeling & expanding.
    Will be coming back !

  758. ashleylavallee420

    i loved it it made me feel very welcome the atmosphere was good aswell i ususaly have a hard time talking to people but not here i will deff be using them all the time plus 12 dollar grams come on you cant beat that

  759. friende3333

    Great selection

  760. Eastsidedamu

    Excited 2 check it out read an article that there the best dispensary in the Valley

  761. Dumbplace

    Absolutely the worst place I’ve ever been to. People were rude. Very bad management. All around piss poor business. Whatever you do do not go to level up.

  762. Desi.des91

    this location is beautiful and the staff is friendly. but most important the quality of the buds are exceptional.. best OG18 I’ve had

  763. userunknown

    everytime I’ve been here the budtenders are really cool, the flower selection is great and always covered in crystals and the place is one of the nicer dispensaries.

  764. EthoEmn

    I was told by a friend that this place had a great selection of tree and that all the top quality are fresh

  765. gary

    Very nice Dispensary. Clean,The Flower also very good and having K.I.N.D. products was a plus I will recommend this to my friends and I will return

  766. hollis

    So good, I went back the next day. Great service, one-on-one personable staff. Got my senior discount while I am young enuf to enjoy. Also a free gram for my first visit….THANK U….was Moby dick! Gotta go back 🙂

  767. mjmoore26

    This new showroom is beautiful. The variety and selection of the strains that are available today in the flower are spectacular. I find it the medication I am taking these days are helping me to survive and be a better person and dropping some of the other medications that have caused so many other issues in my system that made me have to take more meds to cover the issues from other meds period I have to compliment all the bud tenders as well.

  768. jtravers

    First time and staff was helpful and knowledgeable. I am going back tomorrow. Nice place

  769. ChampRC

    Andrea suggested Road Dawg to me. Great!! Motivation and creativity at mid-voltage. Thanks Andrea. It’s worth the drive for me to go to Level up from Tempe twice a month. Everyone there is friendly and knowledgeable.

  770. drgonldy

    When buying K.I.N.D. concentrates check your syringes for huge air bubbles. Very doubtful you are getting full gram for the cost.

  771. Inxomniak

    They never let me down! Budtenders are nice and listen to your needs. Great product!

  772. thumper2431

    these guys have great deals and they are never afraid of being honest