Arizona Natural Selections of Peoria




9275 W Peoria Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345


33.5803709, -112.2576738




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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The Arizona Natural Selections concept began with an ambitious idea to evolve the cannabis dispensary model. We have created a place that is comfortable and healthcare driven, where patients are treated with warmth and respect. We employ aA team of expert horticulturistsA to grow our medical cannabis to the highest of professional standards. We take pleasure in introducing our patients to theA numerous medical cannabis varietiesA that we have available, while educating them on cannabis’ many beneficial properties. We regularly introduce new strains, so check out our menu to see what we have in store.

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4,985 reviews for “Arizona Natural Selections of Peoria

  1. AZGanjaGrower

    A little bit pricey on concentrates but the meds are clean and as described. They usually run various sales like wax Wednesday. The staff here are great and really make it worth the drive down. I will say all their meds weigh out out correctly or are within .04 of a gram.

  2. miahonee

    Josh was very helpful. Great variety to choose from. Clean and safe place.

  3. Jake7895

    Nice clean and friendly will be a regular customer.

  4. DAV2113431

    This location was the best so far in terms of appearance, service, and staff. Lets admit, most the of time waiting rooms suck, but when you have stuff to look at that keeps you entertained and engaged, you forget that you’re even waiting.

    When I visited Natural Selections I was entertained by all of the cool stuff to look at while in line. The stuff you read about on the wall really told the story about what Natural Selections is all about.

    Zine who was the one that assisted me was so passionate about what she does and it wasn’t hard to tell. She answered all of my questions and took the time to explain anything that I wanted to know.

    I’ll be seeing them again very soon.


  5. amyklein12

    george and coozy were great!! as a new client they made me feel so comfortable there very knowledgeable and professional thanks guys!!!

  6. bubbajames

    This place was neato mosquito. They give you a run down of what they offer and give you a brief history. Was awesome to spend time with FIN as he made the experience quite personal. Highly recommend and will be a repeat customer.

  7. rizukinu

    Loved this place. Its close to home, the people are friendly, and it looks really high end. they took the time to speak to me and my family about different strains and products that would be best for me.

  8. leotejano

    awesome , its on my way home

  9. shaylene.miller

    This was my first visit to any dispensary and Kyle was very helpful in educating me and finding me the right products that would benefit me. The Peoria location is very nice and professional!

  10. needitnow89

    Love it friendly pplegood choices

  11. NatashaAngelina

    Grape Valley Kush is definitely on point!!!! And I’ve been tokin flower for 20+ years. Hella good strain. Slept like a baby

  12. auggiedoggie

    Only my second time going and already can tell you I will be back.!!!! I picked up Blue Dream and Blueberry Hawgs Breath both made me a happy customer!! dY~

  13. hisiriKris

    This dispensary is top notch. You will sense it as soon as you walk through the door. The service is amazing!

  14. thefunnie

    Lovely staff, & great buds. Everything is super colorful & welcoming dY~SdYOE>>dY’*aoe”aoe”aoe”

  15. tinagarrod

    The customer service was excellent. Will go again. Very helpful people.

  16. firecircle12

    I got greatted like I was at a doctors office and the staff was very knowledgeable and the service was great

  17. Achambry22

    Very nice and friendly staff very helpful and educated at product.

  18. Courtneyjxoxo

    Love this dispensary!

  19. Kacosta09

    best first experience! Lisa was very friendly and patient and knowledgeable. Highly recommend! My favorite and first place to go.

  20. tjbrooks77

    Great service, fast, very friendly.

  21. oneandone

    This was my first visit to AZNS in Peoria and I was very happy with my visit and would definitely return. Luckily I got there at a good time because they where able to get me back almost immediately. My budtender was very friendly and she was able to answer all my questions quickly and accurately. Being a ftp I was able to get 40% off my order so I was able to walk out with a quarter of some fire flower for a little over 40 bucks. Would I recommend this dispensary to other MMJ patients.

  22. jdaniely

    excellent service, good prices, and cool atmosphere shot out Saira for helping me

  23. AZTina

    Clean and attractive environment, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and top quality medical flower at reasonable prices!

  24. Kingsave74

    Great experience definitely will recommend to all my friends

  25. shortyb313

    I like this location nice staff and relax environment.

  26. boggsjosh1

    Awesome knowledgeable staff, great flower! Will be back!

  27. Wanda2018

    wonderful concept with recyclable tubes. awesome & friendly staff. phenomenal environment!

  28. SlidewayZenki

    Very friendly staff and a great selection of meds! My favorite spot so far!

  29. tonygunz39

    This place is awesome, great bud and great service

  30. leahd923

    Love this place, their service & their products!

  31. Darianson97

    Awesome staffing and high quality product. Not to mention , it was my first time and they greeted me with a smile and never a bad vibe whatsoever. Overall very awesome experience and will be back very soon. Probably like 2 hours to be honest

  32. mercyas50

    The flower here is amazing.

  33. chroniccaveman

    very clean more boutique type dispensary. They supply quality flowers and their in-house oil cartridges are top notch. The staff is very friendly, personable and knowledgeable. Prices are a little higher, but you do certainly get your money’s worth.

  34. docgb72

    I love the strains

    I love the staff

    Im there once a week!

  35. JosephMcClain

    first time patient, i was in and out pretty quickly. good service. ill be back

  36. mmcdevitt

    Awesome place, best bud in the state, friendly knowledgeable staff, would definitely would come back

  37. erschleder

    The dispensary has great deals that I have not found at any other location. That is what keeps me coming back!
    The help is friendly, helpful and knowledgable about the products they sell.
    I gave the Quality a 3 because I have gotten a few bad oil cartridges. There is no way to return them after 2 days, and they went bad part of the way through. If I had not been able to salvage my $50 worth of CBD oil, I would have given it a lower rating. FYI, if it happens to anyone else…I used a Vap pen from Walgreens and transferred the liquid.

  38. xPTxHippie

    this place is amazing just went yesterday working on my free pre
    rolls and thanks to every one there fpr helping me

  39. dyerofsanity

    Love this place. Awesome flower and friendly staff. Definitely returning.

  40. rockquel033

    It’s very close to home and is a very organized and welcoming environment. I would prefer if they had the edible prices and a list of all edible products earier to see

  41. bryanfloyd03

    This is absolutely the worst dispensary I have found so far. The staff is very snooty girls and very poor knowledge. There first time visit was 5 dried up leaf rolls that taste like dirt. There flower is very very dry and in a lame package that is hard to get flower out without smashing it. If you like dry powder flower and snooty girls this is the place.

  42. m1ssBanks

    Dope space, staff & strains!

  43. dm1280

    1st visit was just a convince factor. Then with the help of Raymond I will definitely be a returning customer. Respect the donation of their tips to charities. Going to enjoying earning the points with my tube.

  44. cheeseveins

    on my way back! I LOVE their medible selection, one of the largest in the valley!dY~S

  45. manshein92

    Am telling you right now am very picky when it comes to my Meds and from the flowers to the prerolls just great quality would like to see more strains to pick from and I love their point system so i will be coming here more often.

  46. jamesb86

    First dispensary visit. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable.

  47. cartrin2000

    Awesome service! Loren helped me and was very knowledgable and answered all my questions. I will be back!

  48. specialED86

    Great service and very helpful. everything i got was on point too definitely going back.

  49. xbielecstasy

    good cookies.

  50. BLAAKK

    This place is awesome. Shout out to Zina.

  51. 147922michael

    this dispensary has a great staff abd quality buds will return soon

  52. Aaron4537

    Exactly what I think of when I think of a dispensary. Clean, safe, well organized and professional looking! Raven was my bud tender and she took time and explained things I had questions about. She recommended me Blue DreamdY’dY>>

  53. datiff

    Super chill, good vibes all around. Great great meds and service!

  54. MastaSplint420

    Came in today on my birthday for my first visit today and it was great!!! The staff was very helpful and I got a free gram for my bday and for being a new patient! worked out great! Very good strains and buds also! Will be back for sure!

  55. ThaReal

    This place on my first visit had the worst selection everything was brown and old smelling. I only left with my free gram but went to buy 3 eighths. Second visit to buy 3 oil cartridges for 99$ but actually costs 107$ then they had no batteries the special runs thru December so i show up on about the5th and the tell me they ran out of batteries so i ask well how am i suppose to smoke then and the guy says well i could sell you a battery for30$ lol so now i leave with cartridges and no battery plus no dank drank cuz again they ran out so now one of my cartridges will not amoke and they wont replace it cuz its past 48 hours even though its more than half full in my personal opinion this place is a huge ripoff then when you try to ask questions like why not?? They get rude and start repeating themselves to you like your deaf what a joke this place is ive given 3 fair chances and they failed everytime without any concern if you want quality and comfort this is definitely not the place but if you like feeling like an idiot and getting ripped off then this is the place for you

  56. rubenG27

    This place was amazing. The two girls helping me were named zina and erin. They were great and had answers to all my questions. They made the experience even better. And recommend great strains for me to try

  57. HoldenBlunts

    Great first time deal and very comfortable atmosphere. Saira was more than friendly and made experience even better. Very helpful and will be going back.

  58. mizowski

    Place was wonderful and very accommodating. Wasn’t to picky with what I wanted and Zina was great at what she picked out for me i will be back.

  59. arikgriggs1

    Great shop for my meds. Great customer service. Employees were able to explain to me the strains, where they were grown, and how they were grown to insure me I was smoking what I was paying for. recommended clinic.

  60. Lia69

    Kyle was my bud tender. He was full of knowledge. As a first time customer, I was given some nice items. I tried the Lamb’s Bread which was soooo smooth. I, also, had train wreck which was also smooth and potent. I enjoyed both strains immensely. They had so many more strains I would like to try. Needless to say, I will be returning.

  61. henry.orozco3

    Very good for meds everyone the super nice number one dispensary I’ve been to

  62. motavated1

    great meds for good price and no long lines quick and great customer service very knowledgeable about the meds shout out to josh for recommending the obi wan OG flower very tasty and nice high dY”Y=dY~$?dY~ZdY~’ stay motavated

  63. th3one669

    I talked to bud tender Jess she was very knowledgeable on the strains and was very helpful. Great location in Peoria close to home and great selection. Will be back

  64. gemzodiax

    Quality flower and edibles, plus if you remember to bring your colored tube back it’s 5% off each time.

  65. Andreking82

    knowledgeable staff,nice buds and sweet deals

  66. lilshortysonia

    Great place . awsome deal for first time patient . And juan was awsome as well answered all my question. I would recommend to my friends 🙂

  67. kevzucker7

    Great location, great deals, nice staff and quality bud. I had a great experience here:)

  68. highmanberg

    Clean Display and Qualitu Flower!

  69. Patioking

    Very good customer service.great frist time gift bag:)

  70. 420writer

    Thanks Saira for outstanding service and knowing your product!

  71. dbs1969

    Friendly people who make you feel invited and comfortable. They are kind and patient to explain different types and strains, will aid you through your whole purchase to ensure you are getting what is best for you condition. This place is fantastic, and I could not recommend it any higher so perfect 10/10 from me. Will have me as a customer for a long time!

  72. Drawsaholic

    it was a cool selection on the organix. .. I will definitely come back…

  73. Lesslie24

    I absolutely love this place the flower is really good! The service was so amazing I felt so welcomed I was very satisfied with the service and quality!! Another thing I thought was very benefiting towards us as patients was how we can rack up points every time we go in I feel like their really here for us and trying to help us out, I really love the atmosphere and I will definitely be back 🙂

  74. G3o

    Love the location and staff. Great choice of flowers too.

  75. StreetDreamzbyWish

    one of the nicest dispensers that I’ve been to, people there are super friendly and they hooked it up big time the first time.

  76. harley28quinn

    Jaun was great in explaining how edibles work. i told him i have a very high tolerance and need something strong to help me either sleep or get threw the day. he was great and very informative ill def be back and for that other chocolate.

  77. SneakyPete82

    Great First Time experience, will be returning for sure and I would highly recommend this to my friends!

  78. armenta2156


  79. herbalist04200240

    there selections are awesome and there customer service is amazing

  80. missball

    nice staff bomb flower ok deals

  81. Kwit610

    great place,love the prices

  82. azgrandmanet

    The customer service is excellent, Jesse was so helpful and informative. The quality of what I brought was outstanding. Nice store atmosphere.

  83. evilive78

    I went here for my first visit and recieved a free gift!! The place is very professional. I felt real comfortable and relaxed. I would totally come back again!!

  84. m2y

    2nd dispensary ever visited..awesome service fast and friendly (joe you are the man) quality is good prices are reasonable. (Taxes not included) tried death star shatter very nice purple urkle not too bad either…thanks guys. Will Be back soon

  85. encore

    My new favorite place. Bright and clean!!

  86. lana77

    Lo was cool

  87. unlovelyrainbow

    Love, Love, Love yhis place both customer service and quality of meds. I drive out of my way to come here now.

  88. valentino313

    Great Customer service

  89. hopeforangels

    I like this place. The atmosphere was nice.

  90. jahod8

    this place is great. nice flower and cool staff. Will definitely be back.

  91. wjj032

    I really enjoyed the cleanliness of the facility, the knowledge and professionalism of the staff, and the quality of products available at this dispensary. Great all the way around.

  92. jcasta2414

    Very nice place, good selection, Jordanne was very helpful.

  93. Bammbamm1132

    I got a couple prerolls gorilla glue, elmers glue, and orange zkittles. I really like the taste of the orange zkittles and it was a pleanst high. The gorilla glue #4 was a very active type high. I just sat around and did paintings.

  94. kingswizzle

    this place is my favorite one of the best in az a must stop by and see. they have great quality flower, always have sales they just good people…

  95. johanna23

    Awesome atmosphere

  96. ringworldwu

    These guys are one of my favorite dispensaries in AZ. They have by far the nicest storefront and very very nice buds. They also have an amazing peanut butter bar edible that is a good price too. My main reason for going there though is they don’t stigmatize me for bringing my children along, and they just wait in the waiting room.

  97. SunnyinAZ

    Clean, professional, compassionate, knowledgeable; high quality, lab tested medicine! Great place, I will be back!

  98. raymesa09

    Very friendly staff

  99. Sinner78

    great time great meds I am going back today the first time patient deal isnt superb but the herb is they are tops

  100. doubleamc

    bomb A** Meds, good

  101. thechosenjuan77

    I went for my birthday and I honestly got treated so nice. apart from getting freebies for my birthday, they also made my day

  102. ashleyj12

    Favorite oil cartridges here

  103. lovebirds

    This was my first dispensary walking into and right when you walk the employees are nice, knowledgeable, and very helpful! Josh is a sweet guy and explained just about everything to me!! There shatter is amazing!! I love this place!!

  104. AaSsHh85

    My first time at this dispensary and I think I have found my forever dispensary. My bud tender, Josh, was super uplifting and friendly. He helped me find strains for the problems in my body and they helped. Nothing short of a 5 star experience.

  105. BuddhaThai

    Jess who helped me make my selections was really knowledgeable. Great place with good meds.

  106. dperry92234

    nice and relaxing experience. The service was excellent. Medicine is good quality. Will shop here again.

  107. med2016

    Awesome place. Staff are very polite & knowledgeable. Great meds & lots of different types for every medical need.

  108. DamnitDelicia1289

    Lovely Establishment, Awesome New Patient Perk, Cool Staff, Reasonable Prices, Top-Notch Product…. Def recommend to anybody in the market for a solid dispenserie

  109. aaasbel

    Great location, all the employees go above and beyond expectations when I’ve gone in.
    Great products!!

  110. Kitta7o2

    Professional staff.

  111. timrachu

    A little robotic, but overall a great experience!

  112. nicholas1234

    very friendly atmosphere, the bud tenders helped me find exctly what I wanted

  113. oraine

    Went there for the first time today ,was a great experience very nice people

  114. Muahh1152

    loved it!! great selections of flower

  115. Krissylee1225

    Great service and very informative.

  116. strongcologne7

    natural selections is my go to place for concentrates. product is ALWAYS top notch and the service is superb

  117. lbudzzz

    This place is so nice & friendly. Great selection of flower & concentrates. Also located in a convenient location on the west side.

  118. wngsfn99

    This place is truly great! Always have great specials to help us patients out and are always very knowledgeable about their meds. Sometimes strains are hit or miss, but for the most part this place rocks! ANS is now in my regular rotation of stops. Thanks guys!

  119. Hoogiebear829

    very clean, well organized, extremely knowledgeable and nice people. Loren helped me out and did a fantastic job!

  120. manlety

    great building, very professional. I love the reward system and the collectors bud container

  121. russell.marley.79

    My last two visits have been poor at best. When I left there the last time I was told my points would be added into my total evidently they had some type of system problem. Went in today same thing she had to go in back to find my old points and when I wanted to use them no go a supervisor has to add them back in you will be able to use next time you come in. There won’t be a next time. Too much competition much better deals don’t have to try to use points if for some reason never can get to

  122. Chica21

    amazing freebies for first time patients 10x1gram free pre rolls with the purchase of an eight card grinder cool container rolling tray lighter and poker.

  123. rejeana79

    I loved the urkle train haze!! My budtender suggested it and she didn’t let me down! Plus I love the perks for first-time patients! I will definitely be back!

  124. AJLittle

    The woman who helped me made my first time experience at the dispensary very pleasant. I was serviced quick and left with a smile on my face.

  125. ciscoguy

    Go see Juanito!

    Excellent customer service matched with outstanding knowledge.

    A.N.S. of Peoria has the best top shelf medicine in the valley

  126. lilonna

    very kind budtenders and very knowledgeable

  127. Mistywynn

    Great customer service and very knowledgeable

  128. zeaklexii23

    this place is tight Alex is helping me out right now with my service. she vary nice. love this place be back all the time. nicholos schmidt

  129. kram046624

    If you’re tired of dispensaries selling you top tier flower,then getting home and not getting relief,then visit Arizona Natural Selections. Always potent medication, great location and knowledgeable staff.

  130. ryanethomas21

    it was good place service was fast with hello good product. nice free things for frist time buyers loved it

  131. sansr6

    i loved it meds were on point!!!

  132. kiang

    was a very clean and well put-together facility I also loved there flower

  133. Theherblove

    This location is great for good quality bud at a pretty good price. They also offer special marijuana products, and have great knowledge of products and medicine.

  134. bgaucin13

    Robert was super helpful and informative! And they have so many options for pain relief! Defiantly going back!

  135. 520blanco


  136. Codyallissa

    grate place I drive a hour just to go here over the place up the road frome my house

  137. BakingArizona

    Being my first visit I expected a little paperwork and confusion, but that was not the case. Josh took care of me from start to finish with expert knowledge, compasion, and a friendly demeanour. With multiple choices of proucts, I had no problem finding everything I was looking for from a large menu of quality meds. I had a safe and satisfying experience from car to store thanks to observent and courtious security and staff.

  138. ssparacia

    The moment I walked in the door I felt welcomed. The staff has great customer service and knowledge of their products. I really like their rewards program and their environment conscious decisions. The fact that they grow their own meds and do not use an abundance of chemicals will keep me coming back.

  139. heywood_jablome

    Every strain I’ve gotten from here, ~6 so far, have had a chemical taste, almost sulfur-like. I mentioned this the last time I was there, and the bud tender brushed it off very matter of factly, indicating that they are aware of the problem. This coupled with not so great prices makes this a place I will not be frequenting. Maybe if they spent less money on their swanky packaging they would be able to source some better cannabis.

  140. alancelot

    I absolutely loved my visit. It was the first time I was able to use my card. The staff was very helpful and patient. I loved the coupon for being a first time patient. Great place. You will not be disappointed!

  141. shantelmenothing

    I had a great experience at Arizona Natural Selections for my first time there , second time ever at a dispensary , and everyone was great ! Shout out to Josh for being the best at what he does !!! Thank you for the service 🙂

  142. jmstrayhand

    clean atmosphere,and the people are

  143. shannonigans14

    My all time favorite dispensary! I was thoroughly impressed with this location. I was a first time patient and they took excellent care of me. Their products are phenomenal, their staff is knowledgeable and patient, their deals are superb, and everyone their was just as helpful as possible. Shout out to the young lady working there, I believe her name is Ray, she was very kind, smart, and patient with me, excellent customer service. 10/10, 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, AZ Natural Selections is the best!

  144. gmamj

    Amy was my budtender today…. she is awesome! The flower is excellent and I got a great deal thanks to Amy for helping me out! I will definitely recommend AZ Natural Sections! Ask for Amy.. she won’t disappoint!

  145. Niny_baby

    great customer service

  146. patrickkinnaugh

    There product is very high quality for affordable prices. id recommend them to anyone.

  147. lickitylicha69

    Best deals in Arizona! The daily deals are amazing!!!

  148. Cslannholm

    I love the Atmosphere, very laid back and friendly! They always have the best flowers.

  149. 602Moose

    love the quality, got me super high

  150. turp0708

    AZ natural selections was an amazing dispensary! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and all the products were very good. I ended up buying a gram of concentrate and I am very happy with it. I will definitely be returning to AZ natural selections 🙂

  151. Killahkush

    Its hard to leave this please without a smile Friendly workers and great quality meds .

  152. mrbigman602

    BUYER BEWARE! Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT EVER purchase their house brand BHO Cartridge because they are $35 for a reason…dY'(c)…Just garbage, they taste terrible and don’t try to use them on your own battery because it will just randomly stop working half way thru. The ONLY good thing that came out of my FTP was the measly free gram of flower, I chose GSC and it was dY”Y=. I specifically called the dispensary and asked if it was a flower cartridge or hash oil and he said flower…lol…the name starts with BHO and he still said that…ROFL…obviously their own employees don’t even know their own product. Run far away from this placedY’ZdY’ZdY’ZdY’ZdY'(c)dY'(c)dY'(c)dY'(c)dY”Y=

  153. The8thDeadlyCin

    I’ve been to the Peoria location several times, & they have never disappointed me with their selection of shatter & friendly, well educated service. Great strain selection & shatter quality is superb! Thanks guys!

  154. Pandaf20b

    My favorite place for oil cartridges an the staff is very helpful .

  155. bigmama_jamie

    really awesome place n very nice!! great quality!!!

  156. Jellybean

    Thanks, each an every time I have been there. I was treated with the BEST, SERVICE. …knew I was in some serious PAIN ,asked me if I needed a chair. I just really appreciate that. There AWESOME…..ALL OF THEM. THANKS…..

  157. reyest

    First time patient loved the free gifts and Amy was very helpful and friendly.

  158. instachinkaz

    I have been to the Peoria location two times in the last week, the first time, they were friendly and walked me through everything. So far this is the best quality bud for the west side! Well worth the drive. Josh the bud tender was extremely helpful and patient with me! I highly (no pun intended) recommend this dispensery!

  159. Huero13

    I love this place the service is fast and the prices are right I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  160. rafa928

    Good prices great employees . I really recommend this place . Best indica I’ve got .

  161. psalm51

    this place was spot on !!!
    found my new home when im in the area

  162. TcHall93

    Best costumer services and awsome strain

  163. gordito

    When are you going to have the concentrates available?

  164. LandSharklager

    Great service and Of course great bud. I’ll be back soon.

  165. grassroots34

    First off let me begin by saying i come from scottsdale near fashion square to come here sometimes, The specials and the flower quality are just unmatched in the valley accept a few spots in phoenix and the staff are also smiling and pretty welcoming. Anyway this would be one of my most visited dispensaries if it wasn’t over 35min to get there. If you’re in the area Check it out! Or disappointed with your areas selection/quality.

  166. twh8274

    I liked this place. It was set up nicely and had a comfortable feel to it. The product was good and the employees were pleasant.

  167. Jaydasob03

    Great selection and people. Prices are pretty good and love the direction of the company.

  168. Oldphx

    Super friendly staff that was helpful in helping me select my meds.

  169. Jsauce64

    AZ Natural Selections is awesome! I went for the first time and I loved it! Great bud!

  170. graybush33

    First time in and the people were great. Joe took his time with me and let me ask all my questions. The selection was not the best and the prices are high but good quality meds and staff. I will be back.

  171. monster1975

    Was my first visit, there facility is beautiful totally professional but with a mellow laid back atmosphere. Will be back again. Lots of love guys and thank you.

  172. Sasafrasquatch

    My first visit to a dispensary in Arizona and I was impressed! Very friendly and helpful staff, and my budtender Ester was super knowledgeable. First time patient reward was confusing compared to promotional ad I received from Sun Valley MMJ, but other than that, it was a 5-star experience.

  173. superwhitewidowhaze

    arizona natural selections has a great staff very patient and informative I will be back!! thanks again drake

  174. Toxicdelerium

    It was my first time at the dispensary and Chelsy Davis was the one who helped me out. He made my shopping and experience easy and enjoyable. He made sure to explain anything I was confused on and answered all my questions. Definitely will come here again!!

  175. Booniebadass

    I like it , only been here a couple times but I like it . Hopefully

  176. 5810sonorita

    Been looking for a strain of my past chocolate Thai or back in my day humbolt county chocolate Thai the very first one for me early 90s when this by chance came Thur I was a lucky one that got to taste the future as looked to see who had it and that it wasn’t still wrapped in thread aka thai sticks I had never seen it in bud form and pure what I got was pure goodness of a great grow again thank you guys keep doing what y’all doing I don’t want to say bye but high lol

  177. CamperOnTheEdge


  178. azTurTle69er

    I love Az Natural Selections. I felt very comfortable and welcome there. Everyone was very friendly and explained things every step of the way. I will continue to go to Az Natural Selections for ally medical needs. Thank you ANS

  179. sparkly42010

    great prices awesome deals customer service is always nice and have a lot of information

  180. stefan

    I love it here the meds are awesome as well as the employees they are friendly and do a great job at helping you choose what meds are best for you I definetly recommend this place

  181. tvango

    The staff is great, the location is close. I wish I could say that Arizona Natural Selections has the best product for the best prices but unfortunately it would not be true. kudo’s to the staff though, love those folks.

  182. griffin1020

    The location was really nice and the people there were very professional can’t wait till I go back!

  183. chella602

    Juan was my budtender he did a good job ..good selection and location very clean cute containers they put the meds in

  184. QueenV21

    Really enjoyed the shop. Great location awesomely friendly staff and bomb meds! Strawberry Blue is so happy and fun love it. Definately worth the drive.

  185. tattooed

    although I thought the were a little pricey I thought the.quality was superior and it was a pleasurable experience

  186. Vegeta24

    Easy to get to. Close to where i live. has great prices and products and i would definitely go more often.

  187. stonervet

    I visited today for the 20% off sale. Great service from Joe, and even better product. Top grade flowers. I’ll be back for more and to try the concentrates. Sign up for the updates to get the best deals.

  188. airchilo

    Clean shop and fast service. Enjoyed the help of the informative budtender. Also, she reminded me of Happy from the show “Scorpion.” So it’s a good place to get your happy fix!!

  189. jradhughes

    I dont care for the service or the flower..

  190. smiley28

    the pineapple express is tasty an Loren was real informative answered all my questions

  191. thatsdaddygood

    great staff very helpfull nice selection.

  192. azmx

    Very helpful and informative. Good selection and clean store. Was out of only 1 selection, but that happens. I will be back.

  193. sgtinlin

    The bud tenders here are very kind, and focus on creating a comfortable environment. The products themselves are some of the best I’ve smoked in the area. I do believe that some of their edibles may be improperly labeled, however, and I encourage users to be cautious with them. The 10mg gummy bears hardly affected me whereas one 5mg pill had me uncomfortably high for hours.

  194. JaeStylez420

    The flower was really dry but it still smoked really good i loved the atomsphere and everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.

  195. Ct640218

    I went here for the first time and Taylor aka BIG T (lol) helped me out and he was so nice and super helpful! The place was clean and they also have eco friendly containers!

  196. kilted

    We traveled from Wickenburg to get Northern Lights. I was very happy with the people we meet there. the young lady that took care of us was s u per helpful, and we look forward to a return visit.
    By the way Northern Lights is out of this world.

  197. jd3p0

    good services and atmosphere product is just ok. specials are dry. plus it is the most expensive store in west valley. 17 plus tax come on guys. most stores are $40 $45 tops with tax.

  198. Amyl

    My go to spot. Great selection and very informative on new strains. Great value.

  199. Lealieoros29

    Is was a very good experience in this dispensary for the first time jess did a great job !!

  200. JRyanAlexander

    Great vibes and wonderful staff (Erin!) and clean, quality medicine!

  201. hotpinkzebra

    The best I have found in the west valley. Flower is pungent and works like a charm. Most impressed!

  202. craig63

    Clean, modern store! Helpful and Knowledgeable staff! Appreciate how Eric took his time to educate me on the many different varieties available

  203. aprilbuns

    Loved this location! Raven was great and its a great dispensary! I love the biodegradable packaging, so cool. Thanks for the great experience!

  204. Marquell

    This isn’t my regular dispensery, but I was close by so I stopped in. Flower was ok, can’t say that I was completely satisfied. The staff though was great and they gave me a killer deal as a first time patient.

  205. tdmccain311

    I came In and instantly felt welcomed, I was a new patient and had expected to wait to be served. But they were quick! I walked up and they sent me right back. When I walked in I was amazed by the setup and how friendly the staff was. I was helped by a man named Juan, and he was fantastic! He went over all the strains, potency, and what he found to be the best strain based on sales and his own taste. Overall a great experience!

  206. MadTita0985

    I was visiting family and found this place on leafly. Knowledgable staff great sativas and great welcome package for first time visitors. Will definitely be visiting again.

  207. emccullough

    I came here for my first visit to a dispensary and it went so well! Josh was super friendly and informative and helped me find what I need, and I will definitely be returning. (:

  208. eastwoodathighnoon

    Love this place would definitely go again

  209. kkschwartz

    I had a great experience back in December. I was lucky enough to be helped by Puck. He was extremely helpful in helping me find the best possible strain to help me manage my pain. He was super friendly and fun to interact with. So thankful to meet him today.

  210. Gotoo78

    Great place an staff i love it there an great buds !!! (=

  211. dezmondim

    AZnaturalselections: Off the bat nice open floor plan, great atmosphere. They had a very nice range and selection of herbs.

  212. confidentiality69

    marissa was great excellent service very professional A++ meds

  213. BlueKushKing87

    Got some purple alien excellent place to get your meds

  214. Whiteboy1989

    I really like how they have everything sit up its really nice and the flower is great I well. be there daily

  215. samuelmarks3rd

    5 star for sure. great bud. must try folks dY’dY’OEdY’dY’OEdY’dY~EUR

  216. tammyjomojo

    So happy there is another option in Peoria. This place is awesome! I went on opening day and was treated well. It’s a beautiful dispensary and everyone I came in contact with was more than helpful. My only advice would be to make sure you have good directions to find it.

  217. taylormiklethun

    Love the atmosphere and the medicine tube idea! The staff was very friendly and helpful. Definitely my go-to dispensary!

  218. BluntMan1017

    Every time I come to Arizona Natural Selection’s west valley location I’m greeted by a friendly smile, fast service, and a laid back atmosphere. The staff is very knowledgeable and the meds are high quality! I refer everyone I know to Arizona Natural Selections for all of their MMJ needs!

  219. Jhickle480

    These guys are awesome. As are their products..!! Will be going back.

  220. JDsocal17

    I didn’t know they had oil cartridges for vape pens but they are definitely good! Best deal on those is on Tuesdays, you get two for under $70!!! I tried the chemdawg 4 & the deathstar. The latter was definitely more potent & now I’m dying to try the “doubledream”…

  221. candyapple52

    I like the customer service that they have

  222. DustBust

    Very organized and friendly.

  223. godandkarma

    Very clean modern facility. Security and very professional. No need to go anywhere else

  224. javier17216

    this is one of my favorite locations great buds and service

  225. jester.jackson

    This was a first place to shop after getting my MMJ card. I’ve been a total of three times and have tried a wide variety of herbs. They are potent buds but dry. It is kind bud but not exceptional quality that I would have though because they said they grow their own. It is a nice welcoming place that makes buying there like walking into a Walgreens. I wont be exclusive but will still go from time to time.

  226. kale4life

    the nicest dispensary I’ve been to so far. good quality flowers with great prices.

  227. Gil03

    Prices are a bit high compared to other dispensaries but the flower is good quality.

  228. RachaelC3laya

    everything was awsome

  229. Beckk15

    I really love this dispensary. The employees are friendly and very helpful when picking a product. So far, this is my fav dispensary!,

  230. Harry-PotHead

    Love this place the staff is friendly in the flower is always perfect

  231. Pinkwad

    This place is awesome! First time coming here everyone was so nice. Nice quality bud definitely will be returning!!

  232. Track58

    Super great place. Always bring my container and receive bonus everytime. Love that. I get points built up as well and can use them whenever they don’t expire !

  233. laha1234

    1st time was great. Zina was wonderful and very informative. Product was very good quality, but lacking in variety.

  234. ZtramM

    As soon as I mmc was delivered in the mail, popped on over for my first timer ‘deals’ and to check out how AZ dispensaries are.

    I have no complaints. My budtenders (yes, I’ve been back once more). I like the variety that is available as well as my ability to pore over their menu online, as to not waste any time.

    Stoked about their policy of being as green as they can be. However, individual water bottles were a bit of a surprise. hA! Trust me, that will not keep me from coming back to this groovy spot.

    Come in and enjoy folks, I am so glad I did!

  235. MDAllen95

    love love this place. it has the best
    service and great buds

  236. holysmokess

    this place beats all the other dispensaries I’ve been too. very professional and sincere with every patient. Amy was extremely helpful and made the visit worth mentioning! super high quality buds too!

  237. 80jay

    Great location and even better customer service by Saira…because of her and her knowledge I went back in to grab some edibles after i already purchased..

  238. JBeck33

    loved it Cody was extra helpful and was quick to get me in and out

  239. Dsnav

    I really like what this company is about.

  240. famousamous

    this spot is nice clean friendly awesome customer service……my budtender…Dylan…..thx hun…….that blackberry bubble was sweet……thx 4 the suggestion…..

  241. jessleej23

    Great place! Quality product! Awsome staff!

  242. AGalindo

    Well organized and excellent staff.

  243. abahena1

    Love this location! Staff is always nice and friendly and knowledgeable!! Definitely my favorite dispensary!

  244. ui3iquitous

    I’ve heard about this place a few times through the word of mouth. I really like the store’s atmosphere. It’s clean and earthy tone. The flower quality is superb and the real deal. Whatever is on their menu is the real deal compare to other competitions’ quality. Some places claim to have the real deal and after comparison, I know what’s real and what’s not. AZNS carries the finest and fire quality. It’s worth the extra drive coming out here. This place is in the top 5’s for the month of November. Check them out and you won’t be disappointed and be in some nice surprises 🙂

  245. AzSupermanJJT

    I love the medicine and the people here! I go for the awesome specials multiple times a week. Check this place out, it is right off the 101.

  246. superjen

    Very knowledgeable Great customer service

  247. lizardmaster1

    Very relaxed atmosphere, great selection and friendly staff.

  248. averysimmon

    Josh was very knowledgeable and gave great suggestions. I plan on coming back to this location soon

  249. coloringk8

    This is one of my favorite shops. Really good quality flower and great pricing. Get fluffhead and gogi bubble. So good.

  250. johnny571

    nice spot, great meds and great staff!

  251. ariesbabiiee97

    By far my favorite dispensary so far ! The inside is so fresh and clean. Got the best deal and the rolling tray and grinder you get for being a first time patient is cool .

  252. fungusmungus

    Great service, and staff was very informative! The deals are worth the visit

  253. 2JointsJohnson

    this place is really big!! Meds aren’t bad either

  254. Carilynn

    Lorin was awesomeness. had a great first time visit

  255. phassman

    Shout out to Loren for making our first dispensary experience so fun and educational! I will definitely be coming back.

  256. Consystnt

    Great place, great products

  257. victimsphoenix1

    Super knowledgable staff, great selection!

  258. puerco

    longer hours some free samples b nice

  259. toke1two

    They give you a card with hyperlinks to review them. Allegedly you win items upon their review of your reviews. I did so and now they claim they can’t find them. I won’t be going back.

  260. cavannah

    Great buds! I just brought a friend in and got some flame Durbin Poison, I loved it. The staff is so friendly, it’s a great place to shop.

  261. 6dean9r

    Loved the first time buyer deal and the quality of the medicine. Thank you.

  262. Eborja1991

    great place with some great deals on great product

  263. D-RECK

    They had a good selection and quick service.

  264. dboydavis11

    I had a great experience and loved the deals on the edibles

  265. contr1972

    friendly staff great environment very helpful and knowledgeable on there product. would refer to others.

  266. cbarnestoo

    Great establishment. very clean. Good meds and Stephen was very helpful.

  267. nigel909

    Cool place

  268. bree3

    Good vibes, great Meds, amazing staff!!

  269. Ms.AnthroAZ

    A Limerick:

    There is a dispensary in Peoria,
    Who proports to sell bagged euphoria.
    It’s weed is so dry,
    You’ll never get high.
    And when the oil cartridges break,
    They ignore ya’.

    Recommendation: Go somewhere else dY~S

  270. MissyD13

    First time at this dispensary and I was very impressed. I was newly diagnosed with cancer and they set me up with their consultant Lisa, who was extremely knowledgeable on how to maximize the benefits of medical marijuana for my condition.Coozy was my budtender and was also super helpful! All of the staff there were very friendly.Their quality and prices were amazing too!I will definitely be back, I highly recommend!

  271. Windwalker5150

    From the moment I walked in the door, I was greeted with kind and courteous staff that walked me through the entire process painlessly.

  272. jdmstoneraz

    there concentrates are really good!!

  273. mimi123

    My first time was last week great sales great vap pens products. Service was prompt and polite. Will be trying the flower this week .

  274. Rmuze36

    The service was great! So was the medicine.

  275. mlniven

    This is the nicest looking dispensary I’ve ever been too, and they really help you find what you are looking for

  276. smoke4weed20

    best place I ever been

  277. DaGr8estDrJ

    It’s my neighborhood stop. Always fast and friendly!

  278. goonzrus

    This was one of the nicest and friendly dispensers i have been in. The staff was super helpful my bud tender was Amy and was really helpful when it came to getting me the right medication I will definitely be back soon.

  279. heatherm420

    great environment, good prices, very unique compared to other dispensaries. and I love the reward point system.

  280. MikieB1

    Nice and helpful staff, great medicine and cheap prices

  281. therealmunky87

    recently on 420 I came and got a free Darwin hard candy caramel edible I appreciate the gesture from Arizona Natural Selections, but that candy was the nastiest edible I’ve ever had.

  282. kushcakes420

    This place is definitely going to be my new spot. Juan hooked it up with some really nice new patient material, and they even gave me a free gram just for coming in for my fist time.

  283. lildane13

    Great looking place, patient staff, and excellent flower (Triple Double was dY”Y=)

  284. toledo09

    very nice, staff very nice and knowledgeable. Will return.

  285. CadesJones

    They have a great selection

  286. slychica72

    went in ,staff was very helpful and friendly! I’ll be back soon!!

  287. JaeNicholson23

    Very nice facilities and knowledgeable staff wit great strains

  288. wax21

    Good atmosphere Would come back another time Loved the strains

  289. Dankotsu

    great place. Must go.

  290. Antwhite99

    great place to shop and the budtenders are nice….

  291. kimdazzo

    Friendly people and just a down right awesome place love the mix and match

  292. imdmillz1

    Visited this location with my dad, he loved it. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Jordanne was awesome and amazing!

  293. AaroTB

    easily accessible

  294. PugsNotDrugs420

    This place is awesome! Always have great deals and quality bud

  295. sherrio30

    Glad I came across this place, clean, great customer service and nice medicine! I will be back.

  296. alexzuniga97

    This place has some good Wax! Was able to mix and match 4 half grams had a little bit of everything! Will be returning!

  297. zone2

    lo did his thang go check him out he got major knowledge on strains all in all love this spot they take care of the patients great staff and it was quick

  298. mlsparks1972

    Knowledgeable staff friendly atmosphere decent prices

  299. Breezy9

    Favorite place!! Friendly staff… Great meds and good prices!!

  300. DeadmeatazMustacheMan

    Very good deal on oils will definitely be coming back and Jordanne was a cute and very friendly bud tender.

  301. Chalsie420

    AZ natural selections is a great place to get your MMJ in the valley. Their service is exceptional and their meds are untouchable!! The staff was very knowledgeable and helped me pick the strain best for me! (: Loved it and cant wait to come back!!!!

  302. DEMoNik623

    Good meds, very friendly and up front about meds as well. Very nice environment as well. I will be returning indeed.

  303. annraya

    I am quite new to visiting dispensarys so I was a bit nervous. I was helped by a man named Joe. He was extremely helpful and very knowledgable. He spent quite a long time answering questions and offering information without making me feel like I was taking too much of his time (45 minutes passed and I didn’t even realize it). I walked out of there with the Premium House Blend cartridge and it was the best thing I ever did!!! Normaly I get headaches with anything inhaled but this one does NOT bother me. And the best part is that it works, and it works fast!!! I would never have tried it if it wasn’t for the information provided to me by “JOE” . AZ natural Selections is safe, comfortable and they make you feel welcome.

  304. matticuz

    This place is great place. Fast friendly service

  305. KingHuitzil

    friendly staff & great meds

  306. wepfer420

    Great experience thanks for the help !

  307. ariza66602

    One of my top3 favorites! Bomb buds, awesome services, and great services!! Yeah they all meat,!

  308. AZMidnightToker3

    Just went here yesterday may 1st and still to try the flowers. I did take them out of packaging and they were quite dry :(!!! The service was excellent. The person who helped me was very friendly and helpful in picking meds with me. The first time patient goodie bags are a nice touch and very useful! Will go back.

  309. DM041k

    I visited this store for the first time today and I must say I was impressed. The office was clean, organized, and comfortable. The staff (Marissa especially) seems friendly and very knowledgeable. My only downside is I felt a little bit like I was in a warehouse. (large space) Great place and I will return.

  310. Phillip602

    went in last week Saira was my bid tender she was very knowledgeable and super friendly I will be going back!!!

  311. ibebri

    My first visit to this dispensary. I spent 30 to 40 minutes with Josh who was super informative, caring, and helpful. It was an excellent experience, I got some great meds and will definitely be back exclamation point

  312. beezy3621

    I like that a vast majority of products and good customer service

  313. Jvent82

    went here once on a referral from a friend. I saw coozy and it was a great experience. the flower I got was some of the best I have had from near by places as well. definitely will be back soon

  314. Jojojr

    Nice place. Friendly staff.

  315. Johnnyblazeaz

    Great service quality buds and they consistently have the goods. Juan gave me great service and even better wax.

  316. Nategrate1

    First time using this location, staff was awesome and helpful. Pointed me towards the right direction of meds needed… thanks.

  317. kingkanibisMonster

    This is by far one of my fav. Locations to get meds. They have a real good quality of flower an wax JUAN gave me a free cylinder box for my erb to take home plus some good info an reff. on the flower i was getting..

  318. jokerquinn

    Excellent strains and excellent service, love the atmosphere

  319. mgmt420x

    Over all Five stars on everything. enjoyed the visit.


    very proffesional, clean, knowledgable about their products will go no where else

  321. DeniseR08

    This place was very nice and overall clean. The team was absolutely wonderful and welcoming . dY’-

  322. outsider2014

    Every tuesday or every other tuesday i come to this place and let me tell yall its a great place to be. The guard opens up the door for u, they always greet with a smile and they are quick to get to the next customer. They offer honest opinions and i luv how they gave me a nice little thank you gift on my 1st visit. Great people and great atmosphere.

  323. sheadale

    This is by far my favorite dispensary! The people there were amazing, very friendly and welcoming. Ask for my favorite “TDM” Kyle. And all of the flowers were top quality!

  324. Sweet.tee

    Devin was great. For it being my first time, he really explained everything clearly.

  325. philly78

    5 stars for everything! This place and staff are fantastic:)

  326. Pelon/pelon

    The people where great it was a nice environment to buy my meds and the person behind the counter Eric was a great help on getting what I need I will be back for sure

  327. SirMichaelC

    The medicine is awesome with great pricing. Staff is always friendly and quick on service. wait times are normally really short. give them a try you wont be disappointed.

  328. Terranova77

    AZ Natural Selections is one of my favorite places to go, the staff is very friendly and easy to talk to and they have a great variety to choose from.

  329. hellenkeller420

    They a clean location as well as a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The Blueberry Jack was up to par and very potent. I will definitely be back.

  330. AZConnoisseur

    This hidden gem is worth the long drive from where I live. Great deals on some top shelf strains. The place is set up extremely well, and the staff was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Jordanne was an awesome bud-tender. Her recommendations were on-point, and I will definitely be back!

  331. pike12346

    great atmosphere security guard to provide security good prices lots of strands lots of edibles

  332. 3Stripes_Life

    This is one of my favorite places to visit in the valley! The people are great and the medicine is top quality! I would recommend this dispensary to anyone who likes a chill environment with very knowledgeable staff and great meds!!

  333. kerchakk

    Awesome flower . great prices!

  334. MatthewC

    I have been going to AZ Natural for a year now. About six months ago I went back to the first dispensary I went to before AZ. How totally disappointing. Yesterday I tried a delivery service as they seem very convenient. I won’t even touch the bad service, but their product was sub par to say the most. The problem as I see it is the staff, medicine, professional atmosphere and so on are so above excellent at AZ Natural Selections everything else is a waste of time and money.
    WITHOUT exception they are THE best dispensary I have ever tried. As of yesterday I have galvanized my opinion they are the ONLY choice if you want excellence.
    This was not written for anything free or a promo, they are just the best….thanks everyone!!!

  335. cordlinam

    The staff was very friendly and the flower was great. The Grease Monkey was fire. I also liked the Nuclear Cookies. Bravo Arizona Natural Selections, Bravo.

  336. Maydaybueno

    It was my first time in a dispensary and really enjoy the atmosphere. Will be going again. Thank you for great service!

  337. laqueena76

    I really enjoyed my visit, Lauren was very helpful and took the time to answer some questions. I highly recommend this location.

  338. RxoMCH

    Quality Buds , With Quality Bud tenders Great Experience At This Location !

  339. toddtuter

    very helpful staff, products are potent great specials and generous reward program. 2 thumbs way up.

  340. blueenergy007

    Has the best house blend oil cartriges, Staff is very knowledgable in education of products. speedy service

  341. orcus_oculus

    This is a high volume location but the being said I did not feel rushed nor was the wait excessive. I had to opportunity of speaking with Cosmin. He was knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Their flower is some of the best in the valley and consistent. I look forward to becoming a regular customer.

  342. divinevision

    One of my favorites I’ve been to. The purple urkle was wonderful and Thomas was a great help. I would recommend to anyone, and I will definitely be back!

    P.S. first time patient goodies were awesome, thanks so much for setting the bar for Arizona dispensaries so high! This is how going to a dispensary should feel.

  343. JustinV219

    This place was awesome. Very helpful staff, definitely going back again.

  344. rsackal96

    first time in a dispensary and I was greeted and was made to feel welcome. my guy Kyle took care of me and dropped a lot of knowledge on the effects and flavor of everything they had

  345. Biscookity

    By far one of the most professional and welcoming dispensaries in phoenix. Jess was very friendly and informative about the selection of flower and concentrates and answered any questions I had no problem. The quality of the medicine here is out of this world

  346. trodawg

    absolutely love this place you can not beat their weekend deals either!

  347. marijuanaforever1967

    Have only one complaint. The deals involving buy 2 get 3 rd free or buy 3 for $99. Should give us the option to get a variety flower, wax , shatter, lotion. Not stuck with 3 of a kind. It’s about keeping the customers coming back. Don’t want to leave a dispensary unhappy. That wouldn’t make sense .

  348. Valenzuela317

    Was very helpful would go back.

  349. ryangregory420

    Very good wax tree and service 10/10 great deals also!!

  350. _clearlystoned

    one of “Thee Best” new patient gift pack I’ve ever received and excellent service to go with it, meds were great nice selection will definitely be checking this spot on a regulardY’dY’

  351. mykoollayha

    thank you pia taylor made it just right all the info you need just ask . so come one come all but dont forget your card lol .love the holder its perfect thx.

  352. GalvestonGiant

    great flower…thanks again Loren on the choice of Mary Chino. good stuff! dY~’

  353. erickp29

    Very clean great buds and near the freeway its perfect

  354. DGX311

    This was my first time going. Joe helped me and he was great. he answered all my questions. the prices were great I can’t wait to go back.

  355. verokcard

    Jordan was very helpful and the rest of the staff was very friendly.

  356. Masterurk

    Great atmosphere and Clean products. staff was welcoming bud tender helped me out alot and new what products were best for me..thank you jess!

    Umar Khalid

  357. powdereddonuts

    There was a hella jolly person who worked behind the counter selling flower and it was incredible, service!

  358. bigbubba1

    Very friendly clean upscale beauty

  359. fullrace2

    Cool place nice happy people wish you guys would run $9 gram days every week! northern lights was awesome all tho it had seeds! didn’t see the hype over the purple erkle tho but it was still good

  360. Alpha121596

    Dank prerolls

  361. Lilunstable420

    The atmosphere was very chill. I found the employees to be knowledgeable and very friendly. They also have awesome deals. I used to frequent another dispensary but after visiting this one I wont need to go there again.

  362. imduffly

    I have always had excellent service & product here but, they had a NEW GUY that works there suggested a new strain PEANUT BUTTER BREATH. I bought an eight and I have smoked it twice. When I smoked it I get nauseated and my heart beats rapidly. The nausea last all day!! I don’t like to get a strain that somebody can’t explain to me! Now what am I gonna do with this strain I can’t smoke! Money went out the door! I never seen this guy before, I would never want him to sell me anything else again. Everyone else there is always been so helpful and explaining about each strain.

  363. MayBaby

    I am a first time user and I saw Josh at Az Natural Selections who was very helpful. He understood what my needs were and gave me information about the various strains and focused on what would be best for me at this time. I am so glad he didn’t bring out a lot of confusing things for me to have to choose from. I feel good about this dispensary and will go back.

  364. funkythangz

    Very nice place to go and very friendly.

  365. brozay


  366. FreeKilla

    Staff is very professional and knowledgeable. Having been 15 years since my last MMJ experience, I am once again a novice in need of guidance. The staff was extremely helpful and patient with my questions. I found the perfect strain for my pain and low tolerance! CBD/THC strain Harlequin works wonders for me with a relaxing pain free experience.

  367. connieriedel10

    da best in da west

  368. dblood13

    Great flower an concentrates I would refer a friend

  369. stosh83

    this has been the best place so far that I’ve gone Puck was very knowledgeable and answered my nonstop questions with ease and Patience

  370. theone2343

    Love the way the dispensary was setup, very clean and uncluttered environment. Very good edible choices, and fire bud. 5/5 for me.

  371. DboneCaponeAZ

    Thuroughly enjoyed the overall appeal of Natural Selections. Clean and bright with a well groomed staff that were polite and knowledgeable. Raphael was professional, informative and engaging. Overall upscale feel for the entire experience.

  372. SofaKingBlzd

    I really enjoyed the intro given to me upon entering the shop for the first time. Service was great and the people seem very polite.

  373. kaylynn

    4 stars because I didn’t get what I asked for. Jess was an excellent budtender but she gave me some SFV OG x Chem 91 instead of the Blue Frost I asked for. I’m sure it’ll smoke good though I ain’t mad.

  374. bigshaq55

    Another great experience these people keep me coming back. Great bud and great prices

  375. Arutledge

    Great service & education of the flower. Atmosphere is amazing and joyful

  376. fuckithoal

    amazingly awesome

  377. hiddeninkushleaves

    Great selections! Love the atmosphere. And that Ghost Train haze was awesome! Thanks Raven for my first time

  378. soapworks

    this place is great smaller selections and friendly ladies

  379. Erikahosey

    Loren is awesome!

  380. trentsanford23

    good staff goof atmosphere good product and a nice location

  381. seancal

    Great staff. Saira was fantastic

  382. alanL

    Great place

  383. stonerstacie

    the place is amazing! great buds and friendly staff. I absolutely love my little reusable medical tube thing. totally my favorite place to shop

  384. BringDaBagels

    This place was amazing and helpful, very professional atmosphere.

  385. mannyr880812

    Erin is a top notch tender. Knows her stuff, and honest. Critical Mazur was top notch. Second best strain I have had on my dispensary tour. A bit too pricey. Two of the three strains did what they are supposed to do. Pineapple Express was ok.

  386. Streetkat53

    awesome and helpful

  387. DCrazy1

    Professional environment, friendly smiling faces, and some of the best flower I’ve encountered in the local market.

  388. Hennyjones412

    First time in the receptionist was very nice and friendly and she was hot so that works. Raphael was a super cool guy and told me about everything. The other girl working there was also hot the place was very organized, very clean and the strains were very good. I highly recommend this dispensary!

  389. Backwoods13

    The layout of the store is really awesome and they have high quality medicine with high quality customer service

  390. Prncez7

    My first time experience was pleasant and all question were answered. Employees are very polite I’m definitely going back.

  391. diverrandy53

    you name it they have it great staff plus strains

  392. jeffmills89

    Top quality everything, from flowers and edibles to the customer service.

  393. Ant21

    one of my favorite dispenserys. bomb oil catridges

  394. babygirrl29

    It was my first time in and I have to say I’ll be going back. The girl that helped me Nicole was super sweet and answered all my questions. Good buds for sure. Exactly what I needed helps me sleep like a baby.

  395. thedius

    Always great flower and concentrate. Budtender’s are awsome

  396. schagolla

    Just tried the Chocolope I would definitely recommend. The staff was very friendly and informative!

  397. jumbo602

    I stopped by as a last resort because i dont really know to much of the west valley but from now on its gonna be my first choice whenever im on this side. Not only did the staff help out and explain how they run their facility but they were nice and answered any questions i had. Also the selection was nice they had quite a bit to choose from and the taste was great. Until next time

  398. msjanet3217

    I love coming to this place and have to say that I enjoy the atmosphere. The staff is exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. The products are fresh and potent. I highly recommend this place to all.

  399. JessieeBabiee

    Love the Hells Fire and Plantium Purple. Very clean atmosphere. Also love watching the plant grow more every time I go in.

  400. raemonte_

    I absolutely love the staff! Greetings with a bright big smile that’ll make your day.
    Been a fan since day one!

  401. mccraesnoles1970

    Great shop in a nice location. Staff is always friendly especially Jordanne! The flower here rocks!

  402. Sisact

    I have been here twice and have been treated with such respect. You can tell they truly want to educated you so you can be successful it your pain(in my case)management.

  403. Michayla

    Nice shop. Decent deals. I like it.

  404. NoLimitOmega

    Nice place, friendly staff. Tried Hell’s fire, I will be back for more. My Budtender was Sai, she was very helpful.

  405. cdawg92

    Its was great i love it!! First time was quick as was every time after and the flower and wax is always A1!!

  406. Ohmnipotent

    Impressed with level of consideration to the patient; got a quick tour of the shop, informed of 3rd party testing done on product to ensure quality, offered a reusable receptacle I could be rewarded for using on future visits and you can earn points for purchases that, if you save them up, can be used towards your next recert!

  407. drthunder

    nice place , but the flower was months old and dry .

  408. Jreynoso95

    Great customer service.

  409. Bcruss2

    First time here and it was aweaome! Staff is very friendly and helpful! Pointed me in right direction for my needs! Will be back here for sure!

  410. mikestew678

    Great meds and a friendly staff

  411. Case714

    OkaY. Location is really good because of the atmosphere and quality of Meds are excellent.. Loved the personal Staff member to help find the perfect stain for me

  412. BrittanyVanZee23

    This location was the first dispensary I ventured too. They had such knowledgeable staff, and were beyond friendly. Excellent quality, and delicious edibles. I only wish they had a couple more locations.

  413. jturk51

    Fantastic marijuana and even better staff. Everyone has high energy, enthusiasm, lots of weed knowledge and gives great advice.

  414. BossLady89

    I love the reward points and the staff was very friendly . the flower was fire and will definitely return and refer

  415. smilee4420

    good location right off the 101 good place

  416. damccli182

    Loved there buds, staff is very friendly. I’m very big on atmosphere and I loved it here, it is very upscale plan on going back!

  417. jessicaruiz60

    Service was excellent. This was my first time here and my bud tender was very helpful and didn’t make me feel rushed. She recommended the Larry OG and I love it! I’ll be back soon!

  418. ProjectFidelis

    Good quality products, selection, and knowledgable staff members.

  419. wildweasle

    I enjoyed my visit here. Josh was very friendly and helpful.

  420. tsmoter05

    The place was great. They answered all my questions, were very friendly and I like how they explained multiple options and how different strains affected someone in different ways. Definitely going back!

  421. ninjagaten

    love this place product is great long highs with no comedowns

  422. kmendoza22

    High quality

  423. jesse5900

    excellent meds and service.. will definitely be back .. highly recommended

  424. Bryanna20

    By far the best location! The staff knew every answer to every question I had! So patient!

  425. SoggyNachos

    Great selection, the entire menu was fantastic! Very clean and organized aswell.

  426. CBuze74

    great staff..great incentives program. probably the best selection of top shelf hybrids in Az.

  427. Byancadixon0829

    They didnt put my referal points in. Customer service was good and what thry give you as a new patient a box a lighter is great gifts

  428. Soult3k

    Surprising once inside, really enjoy the calm atmosphere here and the deals too.

  429. bluebunnymusic

    Love this location. Great personalities of the employees lol Robert is BOMB.COM , great location right off the freeway. Flower is nice and I LOVE that they are concerned about the earth.

  430. austinsmokesalot23

    this location is one of the best in az personally…juan was the bomb, as soon as I walked in I felt welcomed and relieved that he was there to help

  431. mstrmichael

    Best concentrate selection I’ve seen. The super hot chick budtender wasn’t just super dY”Y=, she also knew her product well. I stay away from places with hot budtenders but Amy was worth it. I stay out in Maricopa but I will drive back for my reups for concentrates. BTW that Amy is a hell of an employee. 420andchillguy4u kik

  432. thebryce

    Top of the line meds with great service.

  433. hismrs

    thanks Xena for taking care of me and my new patient friend. great first time experience

  434. bacchanalian

    -Professional and informed staff.

    -A broad selection of flowers, including some high CDB (>4%) strains. Edibles and concentrates aren’t usually my thing, but there are plenty to choose from.

    -I consistently get potent meds.

    After trying different dispensaries (and getting some unbelievably harsh Blue Widow from somewhere else), I’ve settled on Natural Selections as my go-to.

  435. vicpelayo

    first time there really cool spot.great prices for really good buds will be back.

  436. chinobling

    Great place to go for education and great service from the tenders. A pleasant experience.

  437. amiga2104

    Best staffed

  438. fenixsky23

    Nice clean environment! Professional & Friendly staff. Large variety of quality products.

  439. brooksnooks

    Great service, quick and easy!

  440. stephenfhooper71

    It was my first time visit. The people were friendly and knowledgeable. The pharmacy is very impressive! I will return.

  441. Richardgiarrusso

    Every time I visit I enjoy myself every one including the guard was friendly and the tenders are hot and smart walk in with a positive attitude and you’ll see they will respond

  442. ddbluntz

    Excellent flowers. Superb concentrates. This place is awesome. Incredibly friendly staff, beautiful presentation & great specials! Definitely will be going back to rack up some point for free stuff!

  443. Igo4nd

    Easy for me accessing right off the freeway I have referred my family and friends

  444. Nmiller3008

    Awesome place

  445. 11stix11

    Their selections of oil is superior. Love this place and staff.

  446. gorbutt

    Super nice place. My budtender, Robert, was amazing. this was my first dispensary experience and he was very knowledgable and took his time to thoroughly explain everything. His recommendations were spot on. Ill definitely be returnIng. 10/10

  447. Smokeking214

    First time there and they explained everything I needed to know! Buds were very fresh and had a wonderful selection! Thanks again guys!

  448. astroboi1299

    Taylor was awesome! The entire team is more than exceptional. Always an amazing time getting medical cannabis at this store. Thank you!

  449. flashychris

    I love it! Good products!

  450. SRT10

    Good concentrates, good taste!
    Great service, I do recommend,
    Pricey but good.

  451. OrganicMolecul3

    Natural Selections is very knowledgeable of their products, and they have some pretty good deals! Everyone who worked there when I went was very kind, & I got great advice as to what products would work best for me. The product(s) that I purchased was high quality, & I would most certainly shop here again.

  452. kodyizora

    first dispensary that i have been to.the staff was very helpfull and friendly.and the flowers were great

  453. Boobookitty1

    employees were very pleasant. alex answered all my questions and was super nice. product is fantastic. my favorite strain was there, ghost train haze.

  454. mleatherman

    outstanding service and good quality meds at a decent price keep bringing back

  455. 623MARIO

    jus stopped at az natural selections down the street and it was a good spot. picked up some wax a flower.. flower is great frosty and the shatter is great got some firefighter id come back and get it again. great FTP special will come back

  456. Munoz73

    My first time there it felt very comfortable and a great selection of medicine to choose from. They are very helpful and ready to assist you with your purchase. I’ll be back for sure. Thanks Dan.

  457. loyboy32

    loved the service had a very informative experience

  458. KilgoreZie7

    Awesome… Awesome people great flowers and good pricing ….

  459. dot2dot

    One of my sons brought me here… .There i into gs 1 paper to fill out…&…in no time, we were called into the back..(all 3 of together). Thats nice….. Its clean, they’re friendly…..the few products I bought, I have no complaints. . . . . .I plan to come here again,again,again.. .. ..

  460. darubio107

    I was greeted with respect and received the finest flowers.

  461. fatp420

    Ok so i find myself saying “this is my favorite dispensary” alot. But i can truley say this is home. I went for my free gram to see how it was. I got purple urkle it was amazing it was the first purple strain ive gotten that actually had that purp taste. My friend got the pineapple express one of the dopest dope ive ever smoked as quoted in the movie. MUST TRY THIS LOCATION. I promise u wont regret it.. Friendly staff, great tasteing with great quality at a good price. dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’.. Oh i forgot to mention i have a high tolerance and got where i wanted to be great job natual selection.

  462. Sublime1993

    Very nice place. The budtender that help me, Robert, was very friendly and informative.
    Will come here again.

  463. damadge83

    was really spacious inside and the staff was really helpful and knowledgeable. i was helped by Juan he recommended the Larry OG and it was so tasty i will be definitely going back just for the quality of meds

  464. jayare911

    great place. great service. shout out to my bud tender … I believe her name is jess. dY~S

  465. ElvenCannabiscus333

    I just moved to the Glendale area from Tucson. Down there, I have two favorite dispensaries and I am looking forward to experiencing the same quality of medications and service provided to me here in the Valley:) So far, I have been VERY pleased with AZ Natural Selections as a first time patient there (Oct. 5th, 2016). Their atmosphere and interior design blend so well, it is refreshing to see so much information on the walls and counters. As a first timer, I was greeted by a lovely lady with lovely locks:) who then made my day by complementing me on my earrings.
    At the counter, everything was neatly visible and organized. I ended up taking a free gram of the Mazar Kush and purchased a gram of their Girl Scout Cookies. Saira was very nice to show me a few of the other kinds available and was very knowledgeable 🙂
    The only thing I found was different from other ones I’ve been to is, there is no ‘list’ to show the percentage of THC and CBD/CBN in the flower. I am a sufferer of Endometriosis and look for potent strains high in both THC and CBD. Most times, I need the THC to be higher to help me sleep through pain and uncomfortability. It is just something I would find helpful to determine which one I should take home. Other than that, they have a sweet reward program and a great staff! I will be back:)

  466. markied

    This dispensary seems to have fewer lines–friendly and knowledgeable staff .

  467. OlJB

    This is the first shop I’ve ever been to. I found the atmosphere very clean and professional. They’re very informative on how their product is grown and processed. I’ve gone two times now the first time I was helped by Stephen he was very helpful and knowledgeable. The second time I was helped by an attractive, young, dark-haired lady whose name I didn’t catch I knew what I wanted and I was in a pretty quickly. I was very satisfied with their price, professionalism and quality of meds. I would definitely recommend the shop.

  468. vanderjack

    Great crumble and they always have good budz.

  469. sherelle

    This is an overall great dispensary! The staff was wonderful and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend checking them out.

  470. alazycake

    First time coming in, I asked for a Sativa and Saira nailed it with my favorite strain – Strawberry Cough! Thank you!!

  471. Tina-Bob

    This was my first time at any medical marijuana facility so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It so happened that I had one of the most extreme headaches that I have ever had due to the brain tumors that I suffer from. I was taken care of by Brittany who had so much patience with me; I had to have her repeat almost everything because of the pain. She explained how to administer the oils and how much to take of the edibles for the first few times. Thank you so much for the great and patient service from all the staff! I appreciate it tremendously.

  472. BakedPug

    The buds were fantastic quality, fresh and trimmed. I did have a good time here, and would recommend to friends and family

  473. crazydee73

    great service. good location. an they had good strains to choose from an good deals . check it out

  474. MrDowntownPhx

    Nice location with choice products. This place is all about culture. Tried medibles and flower, both enjoyable. Raven was a big help and stoked about the art competition. Will be back for sure!

  475. JohnnyBravo007

    Best dispensary I’ve come across so far!

  476. bdsmkr420

    Was my first time in was a really good experience Saira helped me and was very helpful and thoughtful. Would definitely consider this my location and would definitely tell a friend

  477. Beastie85296

    Awesome staff, very helpful. Nice selection of medicine. Very upscale.

  478. craftygal6363

    AZ Natural Selections has the best concentrates! Juan, my budtender, was friendly and knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to my next visit! 😀

  479. Dre230

    went in for the first time and Jess took care of me. great staff, great location, great meds

  480. AHerring

    Great customers

  481. Glynix

    AZ natural selections of Peoria. You guys do have great customer service, but sometimes its almost at a creepy level. Please stop pressuring your agents to provide ‘fake’ customer service. A good high hows it going, ok cool, lets get you some meds, and then I go on my way is fine. I dont need to have a 20 minute discussion about my day. Most of the employees are very nice though. Also, is there anyway to bring deli style to this dispensary? I doubt it since the high volume you guys do. I just hate that I get bud and its so dry it turns do dust because its been on the shelf pre-packaged for a month. I want dense, sticky, fresh buds, and that isn’t possible at AZNS. The wax is great here though. Most of the time the specials will only be on ‘select’ strains, even though a dispensary down the street will run the same price for all strains. The ‘select’ strains most of the time are not good and you must call them and ask every single time what is on special. They dont include the strains in the text, the site, leafly, nothing, you have to call to find out. Anyway I have good stuff and bad stuff to say about AZNS. All in all its a good dispensary and I will be back depending on what sales are rocking.

  482. punisher2kill

    First time going great staff

  483. matt711

    Love the employees and the knowledge they have for the flower. Makes me confident on what I’m buying for sure. The deals and the selection of flower makes anyone want to come back.

  484. carolognis

    First timer, was kinda nervous but they took good care of me, good prices, nice discounts very nice experience, I enjoyed it, quality products, good service, made me feel comfortable, I will definitely be coming back

  485. jessicakristint

    This facility has a clean, organized, modern and natural atmosphere. Friendly and helpful staff. Nicest dispensary in the Valley! Great flower recommendations from Kyle!

  486. tomierocko96

    Great prices! good quality!

  487. farley10k

    I saw another review that pointed out trouble with their replacement vap cartridges. I’ve had issues with the same complaint- they don’t work. At least A1/2 of them do, A1/2 don’t. I bought 4 of them all together and 2 worked. They did replace them but it’s a 80 mile round trip for me and trust me, it’s not easy for me to make that trip.

  488. brianball

    it was my first visit there it was pleasant and the quality was very good will definitely return for future visits. the service was awesome

  489. CelticsAZ1987

    Jaun made my first visit to a dispensary very informative and an overall great experience. He was very knowledgable in all the products and helped walk a beginner thru everything. ANS is very clean and organized and has a great selection of products. I will definitely be coming back! Awesome goodie bag also!

  490. Josephturner1983

    it’s a good location easy to find easy access off the highway. facilities clean secure definitely would be coming back.good buds great customer service thanx

  491. RjN13

    this place was awesome! I felt like I was in a jewelry store lol! and the flower from here is booommbbb!! dY’PSdY’PS

  492. movewithj

    Saira ! I told you i was going to give you your creds bruh ! This purple is great ! Real talk everyone if your looking for fast and reliable service go here. I was in & out in about 10-15 mins ( great timing for a 1st timer ) and Saira along with all the other members were super nice and knowledgeable about what meds did what for my particular needs.

  493. Isaiah12347

    This is by far the best dispensary in the North/West valley that I’ve been to so far. The kid women that helped me my first time their was wonderful. She knew her shit & recommend this place to anybody. Plus their prices are great. Plus the atmosphere will back 🙂

  494. joE12

    Great selection of medication! I ended up getting 4 different strains my first time in and will definitely be coming back soon. I did go to the cave creek location since I’m local here in cave creek which is super convenient. Everyone was super friendly, helpful and had great suggestions on what to try. They are getting all my business for the time being! I won’t go anywhere else!

  495. coleworld24

    Place was the shit, super helpful. First time trying this place. Good bud, pricing isnt too bad either. Environment is chill and comfortable.

  496. RodneyPbass

    awesome location. Taylor helped to hook me up on my birthday and as a first time patient. chill place even the fuzz showed up to make sure I was taken good care of lol. jk but the receptionist accidentally did hit the call button. we all shared a laugh with the police over the mishap

  497. Gu1stah

    Great prices and variety

  498. medcalf

    well the truth of the matter is that this place is to expensive the quality off there meds is good but not good enough to justify the price compared to other dispenserys

  499. williamg19866

    very quick and great bud

  500. girlrickjames

    Jordan is a great budtender here. this dispensary has very well priced bud and great edibles. 🙂

  501. Pegleg05

    I have been here twice now, the people are always very nice, and the atmosphere is great. Security has always opened the door for me. Overall I enjoy the experience and will definitely be back. can’t wait for new meds!

  502. yyzaz

    First time I’ve been here. Came for the buy 2 get 1 deal. Staff was nice and helpful and the place itself was nice. The flowers are beautiful and tight and frosty but like too many dispensaries smell and taste like hay. All dispensaries meds get you high, its the taste and smell that will make and break and no dispensary comes close to tru/med in quality.

  503. jtjtorresaz

    This place is great helpful and educated people here and awsome store it’s put together well its like a mix between an Ikia and a clinic ..I was helped by Zina she walked be through the strains and made recommendations based on things I asked… great people great place.. try the peach rings they have very nice one putts me in a perfect place 2 and it’s lights out Phoenix. Enjoy and partake responsibly

  504. brownd

    Great location, great selection, and amazing budtenders! One of the best selections of Edibles I have found.

  505. MrPink27

    First time patient here. Security at the door was nice even opened the door for me. Very clean facility with great setup for viewing product. My BT was very nice with a great attitude and expert advice. Overall great experience at AZNS!

  506. kingarthur314

    They give a really cool smell proof carrying case. Super friendly staff…

  507. BudBundles

    Very big selection of buds. The the staff are very friendly an helpful the buds are little dry but still got its job done. I will be returning very soon love the selections.

  508. JadeSaint

    It’s really sad when a “concentrates blowout” still has exorbitant prices. Theres no reason to pay more than $40/g for wax/shatter/etc, and you will always pay more than that with tax. The people are also very hit and miss when it comes to attitudes and service.

  509. DanielCC

    This was the second dispensary I’ve ever been to, and it really lived up to the standard. Everyone working there is a joy, smiles all around. Greg helped me through my first time, and hooked it up with the new patient deals. Both the flower and pre-roll were delicious and excellent recommendations. I’ll definitely be coming here again!

  510. BlackMoon

    I like how friendly the crew (Josh) was and how differently the place is. setup from other dispensaries. Great weed too

  511. bignerd

    The “Deep Sleep” here is great, and the Pre98 Bubba Kush in this strain is worth a try. The Platinum Purple is great too. Both awesome for winding down. Very knowledgeable staff.

  512. KingNemesis129

    ANS is the best dispensary I’ve been to my budtender was super helpful & very knowledgeable on the products I recommend ANS to everyone dY~dY~dY~dY~

  513. bittersweetali

    Beautiful facility and very close. My Budtender, Eric was very informative and awesome. Great experience.

  514. Larsensarahm12

    I really like how everything is visible, as well as the customer service. Impeccable! Coming back whenever I”m in the area

  515. ganaya11

    very clean, organized, educational, GREAT customer service.

  516. billyscoley2

    Great service, great prices. Highly recommend.

  517. AndreaJLove

    amazing atmosphere, and very friendly people.

  518. msrael00

    This place is awesome with great staff!! check it out

  519. TYme

    I arrived just before they closed one night, expecting that the staff might be cranky about me being a straggler. That didn’t happen and BudTenders Ray and Jess were very friendly and helpful, regardless of my late arrival on a holiday. The facility and services I received were outstanding, and they only thing that I found off was the demo flowers, themselves. The demo flower seemed a bit browned and dry from being available for over a week or two. I observed this in a few strains. The flower I received was great, although a bit more expensive compared to competitors and wasn’t aged like the demo flower. All in all, it was great service in a great environment. I would rate the service and atmosphere higher if possible- I was just surprised by seemingly aged demo flower.

  520. DjHuey

    Friendly staff and quality product. Great specials regularly!

  521. theresalways2

    great bud. great prices. cant ask for more.

  522. vinylz3ro

    I try a lot of different shops and this is the only one I have gone to more than 3 time. That is huge. This place is great

  523. johnnyjump420

    Jordanne and Jordan were very helpful and friendly.

  524. hiryse

    10/10 great staff with lots of knowledge

  525. RoxyZ

    First time customer, very pleased with the safe, clean store the service and selections were outstanding I recommend to all

  526. henry.bowman.96

    The best dispensary in town, hands down. Great facility, great people and great meds. My new favorite place. Once you’ve been here, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

  527. Healed

    I love the idea of free certification for loyalty points. Location is great. Pricey usually. I got the 4 cartridges of NS house blend for $100 on 4/20 and couldn’t use mu Vapen battery with it. Called they said they sell their own pens and for about $20 I could get one that works. So add that cost in, they are not universal carts. The quality was so-so.

  528. Canning421

    very impressive. steve was very
    knowledgeable and was a great help.

  529. Philly2phoenix

    very knowledgeable and professional. beautiful selection of edibles.. love that they are Green… don’t forget your tube…

  530. ps4438

    Amazing selection of meds and very welcoming atmosphere for first timers

  531. Jakezilla72

    On February 28 I experienced my first visit to a dispensary the staff at Natural Selections were courteous and helpful. A special shout out to Juan the tender who helped me he was great. Explaining everything thoroughly, it was a very very cool experience and I will be back…often.

  532. krobbins80

    You can’t go wrong here!

  533. bmunguia01

    I would come here again I have good customer service from Zina. she help me wht I need.

  534. desertvibrations

    It was my first time to a dispensary and I “was lost”. Devin was so helpful; explained everything in detail; made recommendations based on my need; and thoroughly helped me through the process. I would recommend this location and particularly Devin to anyone.

  535. jamesfisher846

    This place is well organized, the staff was very friendly and well informed. Most importantly the meds are very potent. I will definitely be back and recommend to anyone looking for a real grade A medical marijuana dispensary.

  536. DevilDave

    This was the 2nd dispensary I visited since getting my card. It was a lot more inviting, even the security guard was friendly & held the door open. My bud tender Saira was great & knew a lot about all of the products available, explained all of the points promotions & threw in a free lighter. I have TONS of experience with flower but not much with wax, so she helped me pick out 2 different kinds which worked great for my back pain & then she helped me pick out 4 or 5 different strains of flower. If there’s one criticism I have, it was the taste of a few of the strains. Namely the Purple Urkle (which looks exactly like the Purple Dream I got from another dispensary the day before. Even did a side by side comparison) & Blue Frost had kind of a chlorophyll like taste to them. Like they didn’t get a full, proper cure. The quality itself was good. In fact I even went back for another 1/8th of the Blue Frost simply because it put such a pain free grin on my face. But when the bud looks & feels that good, I sure as hell want to taste it too! I picked up some Larry OG & some purple something or other honeycomb wax yesterday that I was pretty happy with too. I’ll definitely be back again.

  537. Das_Boomin21

    Great dispensary. Was my first time there and definitely enjoyed the experience. Great variety of medicines. Lo was very professional and a great clerk.

  538. BritBratAttack

    shelf selections

  539. Cespinoza92

    This establishment is very professional, high quality Marijuana and very knowledgeable budtenders.
    Marissa was very helpful.
    I would definitely try this out if you haven’t.

  540. nevagive

    One of the nicest dispensaries out of the 30 I have been to in AZ! Never waiting, good service, bud tenders know what they are talking about. Great place for concentrates

  541. smokinonkiwi

    i love this location they have a great system as far as there display. they have good buds.

  542. wesleytell

    I love this place. They always have the highest quality top shelf products and always have great deals. Every employee that works here seems to be very knowledgeable about the products and strains they have and are always able to answer any questions I have. Thanks for the great service and I will be back again and again!

  543. jdh85381

    Great location , Jess was very helpful

  544. jccorona

    very nice clean organized location with knowledgeable staff! and great buds!

  545. N3VRMND

    I was treated very nicely from walking up to walking out. I enjoyed the tour of the back area, and the color system was easy to understand.

  546. greengirl1784

    This location is nice clean and super friendly. My budtender Lisa was great she helped me find just what I needed and the quality was great!

  547. wife1

    I don’t know that I’ll be back I’m handicapped woman that sit for 3 hours and you did not tell people that if you have enough points if you cannot read it today you cannot get your stuff that’s not what happened at Thanksgiving and here I am in a walker dying of pain for almost 3 hours and then you tell me that instead of having it in big bold letters on your website very disappointing I don’t know that I will be there I understand promotions but bull is bull and that was so uncool

  548. prettygreenbuds420

    Great location like that it’s just off the freeway. Concentrates were really good quality. And bud tenders know there stuff

  549. AZhonestwax

    Great selection of meds and super nice! Definitely will be returning asap!

  550. kjoyfordaz

    It was a very nice looking modern shop, the total opposite of most shops I have been to. The staff was great and helpful, very friendly and accommodating to what I was looking for. My favorite type I liked was the Tangie because it was so flavorful and very delicious.

  551. Azrichy

    Not very happy with this place! my 3rd visit and it was still a bad experience… I felt unwelcomed an they were RUDE!! I thaught maybe it was just me but nope each time I went I had a problem there. I will deffintly not be going back here!!! Every other dispensary i’ve been too. I always had such a wonderful, awesome experience. I just didnt want to leave. when I left, I had the biggest smile on my face!! thats the kind of experience I would like to expect. Im not one to complain but, AZ Natural Selections Of Peoria was by far the worst place i’ve ever been too!! P.S there plant inside was pretty dope tho, can’t lie lol!!!

  552. asralik

    From the front desk to the back, customer service was great. I felt comfortable. 1st time patient. I tried the sour diesel and wasn’t disappointed. Also took a sativa pre-roll, very nice as well. Will def be a return patient.

  553. lilRudy

    the best… all the above

  554. reysd13

    This place is great! love this place great flower Larry og and platinum urkle

  555. isler727

    this place is awesome! quick friendly service, and quality meds. highly recommend for all.

  556. shawn7272

    lo was very helpful..

  557. HIimDRrockso

    Everyone is always helpful and the store itself has a good vibe

  558. Miislucky

    Very nice people and always good deals!

  559. knowyourflower

    Very polite and knowledgeable staff.

  560. alexalopez3169

    Good staff. Good meds. The service was awesome and the first time patient deal was awesome! The urkle train at natural selections was impressive. I would recommend this dispensary to anyone in AZ looking for some great flower.

  561. oarlova

    Great first time experience. Esther was super helpful and knowledgeable.

  562. dakarman

    Great Meds! Great Service! Great Business! Ill be back!!

  563. kjscruggs

    I love this dispensary! Everyone who works here is so chill and they make everything so easy and always have a positive attitude, especially Marissa! I’d like you to have the manager call me personally so I can tell them what a great staff they have! Call Tom 623-256-7542

  564. patron187

    for sure coming back! very high quality strains!

  565. loveand420

    I love this location and the deals are amazing however, yesterday I went in and got two flowers. I got ChemDawg 4 which was green and soft then I got Platinum Purple. The color of deep purple, almost with black was so appealing. When I got home, I found that the medication was extremely dry causing the flower to completely crumble without the use of a grinder. The Platinum Purple burned quickly instead of slow and steady. I am not happy that I chose ANS to provide my some of my medications because I found no relief and wasted my money. I would come here again bt only for the crumble and shatter.

  566. zay602

    Great flower good service

  567. CwrekAz

    Great staff with a cool atmosphere. Free gram for your first time in.

  568. amyjs1

    Fantastic place, people, and meds! Very clean and natural feel. I find their meds to be wonderful! Highly recommend this place!

  569. llogan97

    great bud and awesome people here.

  570. bdotgotbeats

    nice flower great buds nice customer service!

  571. notkool

    Erin was very helpful for my first time there. The staff there are customer savvy. The pre-rolls are the best. So far,

  572. Thieh

    Josh 1 and Josh 2 were cool. Only ones in shop though, on a Saturday, at open. the only reason I’m giving this place a 4.75/5 is because they were the only ones there. But Josh 1 made going in at open worth it. We were a little rushed, but, I know what it’s like opening on a day when there should be more than one register. So that’s not on them. Anyways, I will be returning and I can’t wait.

  573. 92cody123

    The people who work here are super helpful and really cool. I love how the inside is designed. Natural Selections is a top quality facility, and they focus on organics and give you a reusable container to bring in so you don’t have to waste a bag! Love the concentrates here, also the Larry OG tasted great. a+

  574. tm87

    the customer service is legit and always fast. would highly recommend the concentration

  575. Megatron86

    very good quailty meds! the people are awesome aswell

  576. ediblemoney

    Great meds and great deals!

  577. andreaespinoza93

    there staff are good vibes there flower like any other has its good and its ok id go back but only for certin strands and for the deals of the day because not expencive but on some of the flower is over priced compaired to some others but for the most part a good dispensary

  578. lancer2020

    Very cool place very spacious. Staff their knows their stuff. Love the point system great specials as well, and flower is on point.

  579. azpeabody

    Awesome staff and great bud.

  580. alyssacrass

    Love this place!

  581. TheNate

    Great location, fast.
    I use the CBD pills to work during the day for pain,

  582. bobglendale

    nice people, high prices.

  583. gusman

    great place to get meds for real cheep. Stephen was real nice and he knew a lot. I will be coming back.

  584. badboybne

    Close to home. Great service. Josh was very helpful. Safe and secure.

  585. mepearce12

    Always professional and knowledgeable. Love the staff here!

  586. pyro11711

    come here weekly.

  587. sydnorita

    Very professional. It was my first ever dispensary experience, josh was great and helped me find what I was looking for.

  588. raechell

    This place was the best despensary I’ve been to. loren was very helpful and nice! I definitely will be coming back(:

  589. 22814juant

    I was very impressed with the dispensary one of the nicest places I’ve been too so far . Kyle was very helpful when giving me detailed information. Very good interested strains they have in this dispensary.

  590. JordanN9ne

    Went in on today, Saturday morning. First time visitor, and Joe helped me. Buce and friendly, I asked about their specials and ended up choosing one of those. Got a free canister instead of a bag, their way of going green. Free lighter too. They have a point reward system also, point per dollar. Good experience.

  591. Melfromhell

    Great place to shop, great selection, great service and it has a great location.

  592. PeaceUp

    Best Deals in the WS. Very friendly staff. & The bud is fire

  593. iv314

    I loved my experience at AZ natural selections! I like that they like to reuse the carrying cases that appear to possibly be made from recycled material. Oh, and the flower is top notch:)

  594. jgillman82

    The budtender Zina was very friendly. The shop is clean and well organized. Great Concentrates!!

  595. philfrg

    I had a great experience here–the bud tender was extremely helpful, there was a great selection, and the product is terrific! I definitely recommend!

  596. Thatkidjoe

    This is the greatest place. Their very friendly. The medicine is top quality. The new patient package was the cherry on top. I’m definitely going to come back.

  597. licensetoker

    Wonderful place great service and great product I will defiantly recommend my friends to this place

  598. AmbitiousStoner

    Drove pretty far out of my way for first patient special for the ten free pre rolls. I have been to the cave creek location multiple times but I thought I would get the new patient special at the other store since I haven’t been there yet. When I got there I was told that I am not qualified for new patient special since I have been at the Cave Creek location. I wish this was specified more clearly before I took the far drive. Ended up getting a cowboy cookie instead of quad I originally went in for.

  599. xivdboy14

    Loved this location and very friendly staff. The flowers were amazing!! Thank You

  600. huffsalotcisco

    Best deals and Great High Quality Meds . I smoke quality over quanity and this place never gave me anything but a smile when I walk out.

  601. 420Army

    WOW! Did you ever have anyone tell you how baked you acted or looked a day or two after you last saw them? I didn’t think I was SUPER baked after getting home from ANS, until I just read my last review for these guys…Thanks ANS!…Deli style service, just sayin

  602. WhatsOnTheMenu

    Have to give you guys your due, as ungraciously as the news of your POS system being down was delivered to me, your location has been far more supportive of your patients during the outage. At least you allow the public to see your criticisms, unlike Scottsdale who is hiding behind their comment approval process. Thank you guys for making a crappy situation palatable. Will be back again soon!!!

  603. bradyweber1233

    This location is extremely convenient and I always get quality service every time I come in. The flower selection is great and you’ll never leave disappointed

  604. ShadeAber

    Can’t thank you enough for all your help & understanding. I will definitely be back.

  605. kermitt22

    I heard good things about this spot.. Walked in and was impressed with the quality of the flower and concentrates..I was helped by zina she was super nice nd knew what she was talkin about I like the vibe here I’ll come thruu again oh nd the prices were Nicee too..

  606. Tolerence

    I enjoy every time I visit this dispensary and the tenders really take care of you! And the medicine tube is so dope haha I use it for all my products

  607. himmboyy

    clean shop excellent flower

  608. BitterLove

    The location is very convenient, right of the freeway. The customer service was very good and fast-paced :). Will be going back here for sure!

  609. axkh1

    very friendly help from zina

  610. ilovethislife420

    I love this place they hooked me up with a colored tube to carry my meds which gives you 5% discount!

  611. HeBrew

    this was the first place I stopped when I got my card in the mail and they were amazing, they showed me a little bit of everything told me what everything did, I got a free gram for my first visit, and they helped me out with a free 1/8 after buying two 1/8s. they made me so happy, I will be returning and recommending it to others

  612. JackRee

    Always fast service! In and out! Grams always seem to be more than 1.0 , $25 an eighth of bomb shake

  613. Whitemagik

    This location has great customer services they know everything about their medicine and they’re very friendly

  614. myluck96

    Awesome location off the Loop! Best service that makes you feel like coming back. Great point system and also like the text alert for deals!

  615. MayaMartinez

    I love this location! I will definitely be coming back and also referring people there as well. The quality of their flower is amazing and the service is on point! I was helped by Amy who was absolutely excellent, she was very knowledgeable about the product and provided me with the best customer service!

  616. Booger420

    MY first time coming here I was very pleased with the service they provided they are knowledgeable and have nice selection

  617. nenetokes

    Puck’n awesome service.. great points program. love the go green containers. my fav place so far!!

  618. gily414

    This was an awesome place. Friendly staff and good selection

  619. shara

    every nice

  620. Infydel0352

    Came in on April fools day and what an experience I had! This was the first time I had come in to this establishment and it surely won’t be my last. From the time I walked in the door to to the time the left, it was everything you could hope for. Got in really quick was greeted with friendly smiles by everyone. My budtender for this wonderful experience was George, and he really does know his stuff. He answered every question I had and was truly helpful. Although I came in with a really good idea of what wanted, which he reassured me were great decisions I also took one of his recommendations and couldn’t have been happier. This truly was a Great experience and I can’t wait to come back in.

  621. katherinedunnican43

    The location is less then 10 minutes from my house. It’s a very clean shop
    and the workers are very friendly and helpful.

  622. NotoriousSmoker

    Very clean and organized environment. Staff was very friendly and inviting as well as knowledgeable.

  623. Lastofadinosaur

    It’s definitely a very awesome environment. Sweet service. And the selections are bonkers. Definitely will be coming back.

  624. lililuv1

    Very nice service

  625. Rgeeleon

    Great dispensary! They are very friendly and the place is nice, clean and very spacious. Puck was really helpful. They have good deals and great flowers. They have great gifts for first timers and a points system. Love it here!

  626. Kbazin

    This store is definitely worth the drive. Brittany gave me such an awesome and quick first time experience. U enjoyed my presents

  627. donwood2131

    Very friendly and knowledgable staff. A pleasure to visit

  628. Alamas523

    super dope place love the decor and really love the selection got helped by an awesome dude named brownie who gave me a whole lot of useful info, much appreciated crew I’ll definitely be coming back

  629. Brisbane37

    Was a great location very friendly very clean all staff was knowledgeable and informative on all products I felt very comfortable

  630. Kingswagg317

    Number 1 deals in the valley will be back for there quality flowers I’m in love with the og strains

  631. Castonrob

    love it

  632. constvble

    Classy place with awesome staff!

  633. NSOVRalph

    One of the best show in town hands down!! From the selection to the service.. I give it 10 stars

  634. plumbhigh

    very helpful staff. raven was ausom very patient and answered all my questions. very good consistent quality of product.

  635. BigSmoky420

    this place was very nice, friendly staff and alot of good prices, i love they way they break down to genetics on their flower. They have gained a customer here 🙂

  636. LokiKizmet

    place was empty but I still had to wait 20 minutes while the staff finished visiting with everyone. payed for the top quality indica and it still has that grass taste you find from cheap flower. Also seemed to have “lost” my prior reviews when I tried to claim prerolls.

  637. kortney.spillers

    Informative staff with a really laid back atmosphere. Love their rewards program along with their nice hitting medications. Will definitely see me here again.

  638. Thehyerone3420

    great quality flower friendly helpful staff definitely a place I’m coming back to

  639. kiddwest92

    3D Is Where It’s At

  640. ZombieDaddy

    a very original kind of dispensary, right off the bat, I s greeted by some of these friendliest employees. Lauren helped me out, and was really informative and helpful. will return here

  641. ak0812

    Wow! This dispensary is by far the cleanest and professional atmosphere I’ve been too yet. I love that they are environmentally aware as well which makes getting high even better for a go-green person like me. Just outstanding

  642. SupremeVick

    The service here is amazing. Friendly & knowledgeable staff. Beautiful products & dope prices !

  643. caleb95eg

    I was nervous at first because of the reviews . Concentrates are good quality , bud isn’t bad but plus slightly pricey. Kara was my budtender and she was a great help.

  644. tristandemoss

    juanito was very knowledgeable about the medication. i will surely be back!

  645. pattyo

    Wonderful experience. Everything was explained so well by Michael. He had some great recommendations for what I was looking for and so patient since it was my first time in. I will definitely be going back to this location again.

  646. Nujabes221

    Definitely the best layout for a dispensary i have been to, service was excellent and the employees were knowledgeable and had easy to understand explanations on the product. Came with a complimentary contents holder and a free lighter, I will definitely be back.

  647. sbenear

    Awesome! Amy and staff were wonderful and informational.

  648. 419plus1

    Very clean environment, and lovely medicine

  649. Azgrl4evr

    Thank you for Urkle Train Haze 🙂

  650. Navajo30

    My first visit was great and the free gifts made it even better. The med quality was very good and long lasting. The staff was helpful with explaining the different strains and what best suits the pain you have. I will be back to try the edibles.

  651. anglin_az

    The staff was very helpful and answered all of our questions. They have an excellent rewards program. We will be back for sure.

  652. Marina420

    Jess is the best! first time visiting a shop.She help me out answered all my questions! cant wait to go back!

  653. michael78

    Great customer service and friendly atmosphere. I will definitely be going back.

  654. xctigerlily

    big open environment
    friendly staff

  655. JFells13

    great product, great price, great staff. tried their house made shatter in 24k gold, so smooth and tasty. definitely like this shop and will be coming back.

  656. thtkidwittheEJ2thtdabs

    Great service every time I go quick and nice buds

  657. poohasf

    I think the environment is awesome, everybody was very helpful and polite. The only thing that sucked was that they didn’t have some of the product I wanted. Overall such a great dispensary, especially for first time visits.

  658. ukalli

    First time in was easy, n welcoming. Little hectic to take in at first but very helpful to say the least.

  659. Cindabella69

    Awesome customer service. Jess was very welcoming and informative to start, Coozy my bud tender was truly a sweetheart! He was helpful in choosing what would be best for my medical needs. He loved his job and was very uplifting!!! The atmosphere was very soothing. I’ll be back!! Thanks so much. Cindabella69 🙂

  660. chris3412

    This place is the shit. I would recommend this place to everyone. The meds are top shelf and the staff is very helpful when picking out strains. I know I’ll be stopping in again today for some more green. 🙂

  661. Cindylou7458

    I love it, it’s close to me dY~Z and I like the employees thanks

  662. baseball121

    I like the place it has good meds.

  663. amandaweedeaker

    l loved my first time here. it was a good environment. Saira was very nice and knowledgeable. defenitly going back.

  664. PhillieMac4

    this place is awesome! very good meds and they make their own products. i like it alot. ask for eric if you go he is very informative.

  665. ogcmir

    Great customer service & good prices

  666. Walker40x

    Nice atmosphere with an outside guard. I felt comfortable.

  667. rey326

    I went in there last night to pick up some wax and was met by a gorgeous bud tender who reminded me of pre-rolls they owed me for padt reviews. Talk about awesome! Haven’t gone in on the assortment of pre-rolls I received yet but the sour d wax was pretty good. I will keep coming here for the polite staff and good meds.

  668. jonstuh

    I love this place. All organic and top shelf. The staff is very cool and knowledgeable and they have deals very often. Also my favorite place for concentrates, lots of selections and very very good quality. Nothing but good vibes from this place.

  669. dolantillman19

    Love this shop first time was amazing

  670. darkleaf2

    Worst customer service too busy too help like seriously I’m too busy to waste my time with Amy receptionist who would not place something on hold so I’m glad I didn’t spend any of my hard earned money there

  671. mrbernal

    the mango tango had a good taste and smell to it and burned real good and good quality for a good price

  672. Stewman0

    Received freebee on my birthday. Clean well staffed establishment

  673. Eastcoastreviewer

    Very nice staff! Everyone knew exactly what they were talking about when it came to questions about the different strains and their effects! Overall, very impressed with the very clean and comfortable atmosphere! The varieties were all neatly set into place for the patients convenience! You won’t go home unhappy!

  674. cman95

    Arizona natural selection is a great dispensary I decided to stop by and check out the shop I was very impressed with their Larry og

  675. mistie88

    everyone was very polite, I had the pleasure of talking to Josh as a first timer, and he did great e,planing everything!

  676. lazyt

    Really good flower and friendly staff. I love coming here

  677. stahigh702

    I really the flowers, but didn’t care purple I got the other day but I’m on my way back for tht Larry og

  678. gwmerri

    This is the a very good dispensary in Cave Creek. They have what we need and are always getting new selections.

  679. medistoned666

    Excellent selection. The cbd strains are pure and meet my needs.

  680. adriangranado

    Verry cool ppl

  681. emt855

    Fantastic, great specials, friendly staff. Highest and consistent quality. My fav.

  682. robertoa1025

    Good location, good medication, good customer service. Lisa C. Did a great job explaining the how everything works at the dispensary. I would recommend it to everyone I know.

  683. Norenrad

    great place. Loren was awesome and very knowledgeable. will be back!

  684. chief42

    My first visit after I got my card in the mailbox. Thomas was a good man, helped me find a deal quick, In and out in 15 minutes and hella anxious to get to down to business. Only bummer part was I was supposed to get five free prerolls for buying an eighth on my first visit but they were out of stock. Ahhh wtf? But it’s all good, he had offered me 3 free grams but he suggested that I wait to get the five free prerolls my next visit. So I waited. I’ll be back within the next week or so to collect anyways…nice place of business, make it a priority to swing by.

  685. mmboston13

    I Love this place!! The customer service is amazing,and the prices are fair. They took the time to explain to me everything that I needed/ wanted to know. Devin was absolutely amazing, however, every time I have visited i have had nothing less than exceptional service. I would recommend this place to everyone!

  686. Dxone69

    The service was outstanding and I love the rewards program!

  687. martawht

    great place to shop the budtenders are nice and 4eally helpful…keep up the good work

  688. MasonHyze

    Really enjoy the remarkable deals that Natural Selections has to offer, the outstanding display of strains and other assortments that they have available, as well as warm welcoming customer service that they provide each and every individual. Will definitely recommend to any patient seeking a good place for there medical treatment.

  689. usmnick27

    I think the shop looks very nice inside and has a wonderful selection. Also the staff is very nice and professional. As for there product, from what I can tell it seems to be a great product they are selling and for sure NOT substandard. If you go there you should try the Northern Lights.

  690. Kazztiael

    I gave it all 5 stars which seems unlikely but this dispensary is fantastic. The staff is utterly amazing friendly knowledgeable Lauren really made me feel as if I was receiving personalized service. The product is straight fire pick a strain you can’t go wrong! Amazing deals and best prices around.

  691. bigpuff913

    I liked da strains i got

  692. redghost5427

    great place to go great people work there. jordy was the one who helped me she was very good help and was letting me know all the deals they have.

  693. dudette0

    A little out of my way, but very easy to get to. Thanks for the help, Jordy!!

  694. TreyDee19

    I think this location was very well organized, informative and customer friendly. Definitely the best location I’ve been to.

  695. Je5terJackson

    This is a place that I find warm and welcoming. They are happy to talk about the different strains and benefits of each. I like that it is a discreet location as well.

  696. Jjj123

    Great flowers great prices. Definitely coming back. the staff i see are very competent and hard working. Thankyou azns.

  697. Lizarack

    Just a few things I love: deals change constantly, rewards point program to get free stuff, ATM, spacious, unique strains, and friendly staff.

  698. ethan83


  699. carsond17

    These people were so nice! They showed me around, explained their grow process, explained their manufacturing process, explained their menu set up, and then hooked me up with a newcomer’s deal. They also offered a lot of information about consultations for more information about medical marijuana. I found that very helpful.

  700. Azpothead22

    I think this location and members bring great energy and positive attitudes.


    This was my first visit to this store. I was very happy with my choice,Brittany was extremely helpful and knowledgeable . She loaded me up with good product and freebies also. I will most definitely be returning.

  702. mommyx2

    great service, very informative and very very clean. I would highly recommend this place and awesome prices

  703. komustangman

    Very nice and good quality product! dY~%0dY’

  704. Ricknastys84

    great atmosphere, awesome and knowledgeable staff.

  705. racerat88

    love the location and the customer service from Zina was top notch.. decent medicine and the sale was easy going.. prefer deli style though

  706. CharlieBrownja

    I’ve been to most of the dispensaries on the west side, and this is my favorite so far.
    #1 The paper work was simple, straight to the point and nothing unecessary. Some of the other dispensaries require an essay.
    #2 Brittany was very knowledgable, and gave outstanding recomendations based on my likes and needs.
    #3 I walked out with money in my pocket, which meant it was a little cheaper than I was expecting.
    #4 Free Water! Bonus!

  707. nelson1234

    Good service

  708. SirBerto

    awesome location
    friendly staff
    will surely return once again.

  709. Willlook

    Great strains! pleasant atmosphere!

  710. cardinals420

    Great place with good products and service

  711. andy69rich

    love this location. i had Steve help me. he was very knowledgeable and got me exactly what i needed. i would highly recommend you visit them. high end facility, very clean and high class.

  712. thatchic1001

    The staff was amazing and the prices were great. I found my new favorite dispensary! Their new patient gift bag is awesome.

  713. pmars1998

    Great selections of weed, and concentrate.

  714. Luv2jeep

    Staff where very pleasant and knowledgeable. Very good deals & close to home

  715. LeftCoastCats

    My first time there was a fantastic experience. I have visited quite a few dispensaries around town, and the meds at this one easily stand up to them all and surpass most.

    The Review:

    When I first walked in, I was greeted by a friendly young lady at the counter who quickly took my info. As soon as that was taken care of I was led out of the waiting room, and met with an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly sales person. I sadly forgot his name, but I am sure that’s common in this business. Anyway, he was from Ohio and really knew what he was talking about. So, I talked to him and picked his brain from everything about the products themselves to basic recommendations to a new MMJ patient.

    I was really hoping they were carrying some hash oils for a vape pen, but they assured me those are quickly coming, so I can’t wait.

    I snagged up the buy 1/8th get 5 free pre-rolls deal. The LA Chocolate that I was advised to check out is top notch, easily top 3 favorite smokes since getting the card. The pre-rolls also were surprisingly good. I am used to pre-rolls being just trim and leftovers. The salesman claimed the particular pre-rolls I recieved had a mixture of Sour D (one of my favorite strains and basically sold me then) and Blue Dream (a strain I haven’t had in years). I 100% believe their claims after a smoke or two. They also gave me a goodie bag which included an awesome cleaning tray, a card grinder and a pretty cool little nug box.

    Everything weighed out properly, the help was fantastic, and the entire experience set the bar high for all the other dispensaries in the PHX area.

    This will be my home for all my flower needs, and as soon as they get those concentrates in, they will likely get the entirety of my business as no other dispensary has come close to this place.

  716. ccountrymen


  717. eikooc

    Natural Sections is the Place to be. Awesome! Strains…Great hours…fabulous location always parking available. Friendly Loving Staff. Thanks Natural Selection

  718. kennyvee1

    First time customer. Marissa was awesome very knowledgable and friendly. Bud was fire, I’ll be back.

  719. wendyr8308

    I loved my first visit they were amazing very helpful will def go back

  720. Dreddd

    you guys really need to get some lower tiers of bud and wax like you guys stuff is just waaaay too expensive . i got my card for a lot of money dont really feel like paying a lot of money for wax

  721. govapeurself623

    FTP visiting NS Peoria, great atmosphere and staff. I was helped by Dan and he was super cool and helpful, I will be back!

  722. Herlinda

    The location is a bit of a drive but I Feel it’s. Well worth. the drive the staff is very knowable. And always ready to recommend medication. To help your pain. The site is very clean and safe area. I like going where you feel safe..Thxs…

  723. CMB1968

    Love Peoria location. Friendly and informative employee’s with good sense of humors. Carrie M.

  724. 123shyn3sun

    GREAT LOCATION in Peoria !!! great service with a smile. . and great prices. .. Sunshine N.

  725. scott1212

    First time into a dispensary. Amy was extremely knowledgable and her suggestions were spot on. I would ask for her advice again.

  726. lynnboo88

    I would go there more frequently it it were nearer my home because it’s a great dispensary. Juan was extremely helpful and very friendly. I got some quality flower at a reasonable price and thoroughly enjoyed it. Can’t wait until I’m back on that side of town again. I will definitely drop in. As it stands, if they have something I want, I will be more than willing to take the drive.

  727. MollyMeyer

    Great location, very easy to find. My budtender Jess M. was very knowledgeable, patient and pleasant. Great flower. I would recommend this place to a friend.

  728. f33rz37a

    This was a great visit to this dispensary. It was my first time going to this dispensary and everyone was so polite. Lauren was a great help and had a lot of knowledge and helped me make up my mind on what I want. I will for sure return.

  729. Thabearjew

    Was my first time and first experience at this location or any dispensary have to say it was a good experience Amy help me out really well told me a lot of good information on the different flowers had a lot of good knowledge. Was in and out fast on a Friday morning. Would definitely come back again! A lot of great choices.

  730. awkwardamber

    Quiet honestly, I love this place. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and answers all of my questions. The product is great!

  731. Rich_Az

    This location is great. Tay helped me out and he was awesome. He is very knowledgeable and respectful, an made me feel very comfortable. I will be back for sure!

  732. ReddBeauty

    They are very knowledgeable about their products. They make sure you are comfortable and they are very friendly. They offer excellent incentives for patients. It’s not even anywhere close to by my house but I still drive to them because of their customer service.

  733. Tuff11

    1st time here and when I left it felt like I’ve been here for years. Friendly, knowledgeable staff along with a classy, spacious location. A big thanks to Steve and all his help I will refer my friends for sure!!!

  734. kurtism30

    found seeds in every gram I got!!! WTF!!!!

  735. cjm41k

    first time in a dispo and i loved it even gave me a tour.

  736. lilstaples

    Josh was helpful. got me what i needed.

  737. bigbs1

    I like this place but they have specials on select strains and you don’t know which ones until you get there and they are not the ones I want. Otherwise the quality and service are top notch but other dispenseries also have good quality and service and I can shop online and know what strains are on sale before I go.

  738. BMDagenhardt

    Such a great place. I’ve stopped in 3 times so far, and I’m impressed with their pricing on the wax. Best I’ve seen since I have had my card. Definitely will be going back. Dig their point system too.

  739. Scoobysubi

    Bud tender Zina was super friendly and informative on the meds. Meds are good and I look forward to coming back!

  740. Kmcquay

    Love this place, they have a good selection. Staff is really friendly!

  741. Jasmine_2018

    Super nice very good quality very good stuff great people loving people understanding they take their time to talk to you let you know about different stuff but they’re great I recommend everybody there I love it I would always come back this is my new spot I recommend great prices great quality

  742. Ysaucedo1

    it was my first time there today and it was amazing and great customer service and very many sections of variety love it

  743. Drpie

    Great place to take care of all of my medical needs as well as those “just want it” strains. A BIGGY for me is that they grow/make all their own product and the quality is outstanding. Their return customer promotions can’t be beat either!

  744. Thegreatcowpie

    I loved it. Beautiful atmosphere, great people, and best of all, the most AMAZING flower i have had yet.

  745. johntran2222

    This location is great! Very friendly people and clean environment. Juan helped me out with everything and explained things clearly. Would definitely be here again.

  746. Dashes602

    I loved the place. Very clean. Meds were excellent. And 10 free pre-rolls for getting an 8th? Jeez!



  747. mdaniels0413

    The location is a bit to far for me to travel when there are dispensary’s popping up all over the place now. I wished they had more branches closer to Phoenix.

  748. dwright

    I came in last Wednesday and was helped by Marissa. I was the one with broken ribs. I got 1/4 ounce of Chocolate Skunk, in two eigth packages and mine was short in weight by over a gram between the two also. The Larry OG smells and tastes moldy. I got the new patient 50% off special you were running, the review would be worse if it wasn’t for that. $90 a quarter+, plus tax for your pre-packaged product is WAY too much.

  749. MUNCHIES247

    Horrible place ! Do not go here !

  750. kristinrp

    AZ Natural Selections is an amazing dispensary! Excellent store, very clean and organized. Perfect location just off the highway. The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating to my first-time visit there. Stephanie helped me with everything I needed, she was a fantastic help! I would definitely recommend this location, I look forward to my future visits!

  751. pasos0824

    Jess and Sai were amazingly helpful. Wonderful flower.

  752. anaz

    Nice atmosphere, great flower. Would recommend this to others.

  753. tomtheman

    if you like your meds as dry as dust then this is the place for you . I like mine moist &fresh so this is not for me . beware they charged me $17tax after charging top dollar on a Q very shaddy

  754. Enjoi.Blaziin

    Overall this has to be my favorite dispensary so far. Their concentrates are some of the best in the state and have quite the selection. Everything is grown in house and sent out for lab testing, which is reassuring knowing your getting the best quality of buds.

  755. Chuckroll420

    Great ppl! Very helpful. will come again 4sure!

  756. tgran25

    So this was my first visit to any dispensary since getting my card. This place is the shit. My budtender Jess was super helpful, knowledgeable and nice… She even hooked me up with a free lighter. The entire staff is absolutely professional and 100% friendly. I got a small tour of the facility and they were very good about displaying their message and their growing technique. I’ll be going back often. I would recommend this place to the novice and experienced smokers alike.

  757. debbie888

    Very comfortable atmosphere. I had a million questions and Juan took the time to answer all of them. Thanks for your help.

  758. 420bigjerm420

    very friendly staff (Lauren) nice location easy to get to and great selection

  759. cherylscakecreations421

    Clean & Friendly.

  760. ladik007

    Had only one visit. But looking forward to going back. Trying other facilities plus this one is not close to home.

  761. ChrisReed1986

    I had come across an amazing special online and went in as first time. Service was nice and the tender was very friendly, thank you. Meds were pretty good as well. Will

    Definitely come back. Thanks.

  762. ofito

    Definitely my favorite so far! Very organized and friendly. Marissa was 5 star customer service! Very knowledgeable and professional! Thank you, I’ll be back for sure! Rudy L.

  763. HoboJr

    I’m now becoming familiar with the area dispensaries and this place had some of the friendliest people and my budtender my first trip was incredibly knowledgeable. Top-notch product so far, but on my way in now for trip #2. Will keep you posted. 😉

  764. mikevetaz

    Awesome. Great prices on oil.

  765. TramaineB420

    I love it! Loren was really helpful and knowledgeable about different strains to help me better fit my needs. Definitely will be back and definitely will refer my friends and family.

  766. iam4u2nv

    I love the ppl” Jess ” the environment, the customer service is great, would like to see a Lil better quality products

  767. maryyjjane21

    The employees were so kind to me. I’m horrible with making the smallest decisions, and Jordanne helped me pick out exactly what I was looking for, while giving me the best deals. This Dispensary is one of the best I’ve been to. I would recommend anyone to go here, their wax is better including all of the organic marijuana.

  768. dashunicorn

    Saira was extremely helpful very polite! Everyone has a really great attitude and the personal attention that is recieved is wonderful. will definitely be going back 😉

  769. Scoobkat

    Don’t think my last review worked. The people here are amazing and make one feel comfortable and help you understand everything. I had issues about coming here. But they took that all away for me. Thx you. Scoobkat

  770. KyleReuter

    Very nice staff and good product!

  771. appreciate_trees

    Helpful people and a good selection of flowers. I enjoyed their Purple Urkle. Thank you for the new patient special.

  772. amontano23

    Great service great concentrates good prices really friendly staff got 50% off entire purchase highly recommend

  773. CheshSmiles

    This is the first place I went after receiving my card & I keep going back! Edibles are great, wide variety, and the quality is as good as I’ve ever had. Highly recommend!!

  774. majiclady1

    great place, staff is really friendly and knowledgeable , good prices and great selection

  775. shamusdunn

    awesome place feel right at home everyone is super friendly perfect weed i got some girl scout cookies, orange cookies, and hells fire which is 30% all for 32 bucks awesome. granted it was my first day and won’t be my last

  776. Rawbiiiie

    This location is professional and quality meds. The staff is amazing and not only help out customers but go out of there way.

  777. Sirgabe47

    Fantastic deals on the flowers and oils great customer service and professionalism!

  778. phish_phry

    This location is very convenient for me compared to the other dispensaries I had been going to. Out of the ones I have seen in the valley, the staff at this location is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

  779. alexvaldivia22

    Shout out Devon for suggesting the shatter !!! Very satisfied

  780. Jmoneydollabillz

    nothing to complain about here except, I want a deal on the Darwin vapes! 2 for 1! PLEASE!

  781. argosplomo9

    I love the wax here and the flower is amazing

  782. greenGIRLY1137

    I just loved when I entered into waiting room. It’s really high class and fancy. Great meds.

  783. MissMG

    New Favorite Farmacy!! Super friendly and very fast service!

  784. Mcolin69

    great product, friendly people

  785. Mirandajuarez45

    The location was clean, fast to get through, and is going eco friendly which is a huge plus!

  786. seabassfool

    Pretty chill little spot! Like the set up and the sweet cylinder shaped box thingy they give you to keep yer stash in. My bud tender, Jess, was very friendly and seemed rather knowledgeable of the products. Little steep on the concentrate prices but the bud is top notch and priced great! All in all…loved this place and will DEFINITELY be back soon =D

  787. Its1080p

    Great location, fast but real informative and knowledgeable about product, they have a great point system. Puk gave me great recommendation on meds to help me!

  788. cr623

    Very State of the art facility and super friendly people willing to help

  789. Hydroxity

    Lots of seeds. I started going here because it was reasonably priced, but after a while the quality went down and there was a lot of seeds and stems in the packets.