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4201 East University Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85034


33.4216158, -111.9910086




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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Local Joint (Previously PARC) is a not-for-profit, medical marijuana dispensary dedicated to providing its patient-members with respectful, compassionate care while offering them quality, affordable medicine.

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The current points system will end May 31st due to new computer systems in our store! Thank you for your understanding! New rewards program coming soon!

Local Joint operates in a responsible manner that reflects a community-minded philosophy. We at Local Joint emphatically believe that qualifying medical marijuana patients have a fundamental right to access their medicine in a safe, confidential, and supportive setting. From the quality of our medicine to our unique state-of-the-art, state licensed facility, our patients can always expect a safe and welcoming experience.




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2,848 reviews for “Local Joint

  1. jack3103

    Best Berry OG Tasted straight like Berries

  2. eddiez420

    PARC is a legit place to go get your meds. Of course do your research and know what you’re buying. For anyone out there reading the reviews, some of the ones over the last few days are the complete opposite of my experience with PARC. Every time I’ve come I’ve always been greeted and the waiting room is necessary. Sometimes, you have to wait if you go at a busy time, but if you do your research, plan your visits, and understand the reward points you’ll be fine. Over the course of the last few purchases, and with PARC’s Road to 420 I have received about $100 worth of some products I wanted to try. Definitely recommend for anyone who has never been to a dispensary before. They will take care of you and understand your meds.

  3. Bonniecdub

    Been coming here over a year now I love the customer service, they even remember my name!! The meds are high quality and the loyalty points rack up fast. Its the only place I buy from!!

  4. davinaxci

    a fresh clean environment and an awesome patient bathroom in convenience! great place for a quick stop

  5. AZsnipe

    Loved this place as PARC. Not so much as Local Joint. Top dollar prices, with no information as to what the THC levels are (and budtenders don’t know either)
    Quality has been hit or miss with flower.
    There are lots of other dispensaries with lower prices, better deals and a whole lot more information about their products.

  6. masonpuff

    Super friendly staff and good prices on some pretty fire buds

  7. spider42020

    Amazing place love the staff very helpful and nice must go to.

  8. EddieRomeroMusic

    Quality and consistent!

  9. diaraRatedX

    I love this place! of all the dispensaries I’ve been to, this one has the best meds for an even better price. The entire staff super kick-ass! They know what they’re doing. I love them all. Definitely check this place out!

  10. y2glaze

    Well… I neglected to review you guys after my 1st few visits, however I felt compelled to do so as you guys are fantastic all around. As a newb to the world of mmj, they were extremely helpful and the location is amazingly safe. It’s definitely ten steps above the location of the doctor’s office I visited to obtain my card. The staff is very helpful with regard to treating your needs and very knowledgeable of the product they sell. This will be my one and only place of medication. Cheers PARC!

  11. monster1975

    The staff was very helpful and Im very pleased with the medicine.

  12. eddiemack908

    Worst dispensary in Az the flower is trash the staff take long the review for the preroll they make you wait 2 days they are slow and nobody in there is working while everyone sits in the waiting room

  13. nikkidiamond

    My Favorite Dispensary So Nice and Clean And very lovable knowledgeable staff

  14. noteacles

    it was a very pleasant experience the flowers are pure fire

  15. letumride7

    love the Saturday deals here, I’ve been coming here steady for a month or so and have yet to be disappointed with there products. would definitely recommend this place to the next patient.

  16. ceejay9119

    Great staff and love having the choice of picking your own flower.

  17. Mattycd

    I absolutely love this dispensary and the people that work here. Always friendly and helpful and the location is perfect for me. Keep up the good work.

  18. PCRC

    awesome meds great prices

  19. Livitup

    this place is ALWAYS on point when it comes to da flower!! Fair prices as well!!!

  20. davidg

    Awesome place great meds

  21. errrhed

    Clean, organized and professional

    Staff are friendly and helpful. Prices competitive. I will definitely be back!

  22. Brandinperdue

    The wait was long but beyond worth it. I’ve been to over ten dispensaries in Phoenix and this is by far the besty for flower. $10 a gram for the best bud around…can’t beat that. Many choices as well. Bud tender was awesome!

  23. nayshonka

    amazing service and beautiful bud!

  24. arcelietvilla

    the cartridges are a good deal very smooth and tasty

  25. narutohigh

    420 here at parc sherbert

  26. tpea62

    I love this spot! The prices and quality of bud are as good as any. Staff is friendly and helpful. Definitely a 5 STAR SHOP!!!

  27. gizzle357

    Great staff fire meds

  28. Drewsta

    Don’t know what to say with this review. The people are hit or miss. Sometimes you’ll get someone who seems to know what’s up, and other times you get blank stares. I feel like the quality is lacking and the tenders will amp it up in error. Whoever is growing should have more care for the curing process.

  29. nygman

    Went there for the first time one week ago…flowers were awesome!! I’m so happy I’m now closer to this spot. I will be returning soon! NYGMan is a big fan!!

  30. SoulRewrote

    The people here are awesome and the flower is great. The place is always improving. I only marked service down because I have been given the wrong type of vape cartridge I was asking for a few times. Other then that I love it here.

  31. berber31

    I loved Jose! Best customer service! He set the bar pretty high. He was very knowledgeable and funny. I’m coming back bc of him.

  32. Dyronlindsey

    wow this last time customer service was some what iffy lol wow

  33. HempWorldOdr

    Perfect just like home.

  34. CarmelLatteLvr

    Friendly and helpful staff. I went in for sour diesel but is was all out, so I got the NYC instead which was good. I got a free preroll for first time visit, but I must say it was kinda too ground up for my taste making it hard to smoke. I will be back.

  35. rjz075

    Absolutely love them!!

  36. MsShugT

    The flower here are always great and they let you look and choose. All of the team members there work together, very knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks for being you.

  37. AZTrees4ME

    Just a Great First Experience!

    Great First Time Deal, with nice trees and glistening crystals much like the Holiday trees in The North Country.

    Fast Easy signup,Quick Service and a beautiful new facility with a caring professional staff.

    You really cannot go wrong!


  38. Flip

    Super friendly staff! Very knowledgable and forth right. I got a free roll for being a 1st time customer. They also let me choose from 3 different prepackaged bags of the bud of my choice! I really liked that! Not much to choose from, but decent herb! I will definitely be back!

  39. irnmnky10

    Sour D was off the charts

  40. Athenagg13

    I give this place another chance. They have excellent choices of bud just was out on things I wanted. I’m thinking about coming in today and hopefully they restocked for me this time. Other then that the location was great and very clean facilitie and nice security when you walk in. even asked to hold my purse while looked for my wallet for him to check my i.d. lol. PARC we will meet again.

  41. Treblake

    some of the best flower ive had from a dispensary plus the service was pretty cool will be coming back

  42. jayrwash

    Great product and atmosphere went in & made a purchase on a disposable vape pen and they forgot to put my pen in my bag so I had to drive all the way back to go get it. Would return though

  43. raymond.moon.92

    Cheap prices, great product, and friendly service

  44. uilleand

    I pretty much only come here for flower anymore. Good selection with variety, great service, awesome prices. Only dispensary I’ve found that actually bothers to cure their meds. No damp spongy flowers here, hallelujah!

  45. DarkCat

    They are the cheapest out of the dispensaries I’ve been to without losing the quality I have come to expect. Love u parc

  46. Bunnycub

    The staff are very friendly and they always have great strains!

  47. ZombiexJen

    Amazing people and amazing meds love coming here!

  48. bisonte33

    After a tour of the valleys dispensaries i almost always go to VOTSMD. I was far east the other day and decided to check PARC out while I was there. It was a great decision. The service and set up are top notch. The Blueberry Diesel is what I got. The only negative I have about the flower was it was a little dry. Not to worry, the potency and taste were very good. Anyone looking for a sativa should try this out. I won’t always be that far east, but when I am i will try and stop in there again.

  49. Bizcut1

    Absolutely the best quality – and that goes for the people and the meds. Bud tenders know their business and are an excellent plus to the experience. The training shows. Really, have tried most of the dispensaries and all are good. This one is great. Keep the standards up and the business will follow. Thanks – Ben.

  50. jmowdy

    pretty cool place.

  51. MedicalMMJMomma

    Awesome and super helpful staff!

  52. kaylagrubin93

    Its a cute little place, I enjoy quite a bit. The medicine is superb and on point always.

  53. JessieAZ

    Great location. Good prices and deals.

  54. sohighimsober

    First time visit, very professional and informative. Flower where great…. a little high priced when it comes to concentrates. Definitely will come back and refer other patients.

  55. Angel247

    Parc has somedY’PSass meds dY’PS ass deals dY’PS ass service love it here

  56. Daniaz93

    The Local Joint is my favorite place to pick up. The people are always friendly and helpful and every product I buy from here is great quality.

  57. cireone

    my new favorite spot to come to flowers are always top notch compared to other dispensaries prices could be a litter lower but willing to pay a little extra for some fire!

  58. EdwardJ

    best disp ever

  59. chris45654

    this place is great! great strains, great employees, great everything!

  60. Edsweebs

    This is the best despinsary in the valley. Great product at great prices

  61. dazedndn

    This is by dar, my favorite place to come thru. Prices are great, staff is laidback, recommendations never steered me wrong. Best of all, its a 5 minute drive from home and work. I probavly stop by there today.

  62. LiiiinB3

    Parc has exceptional product at a quality price. Staff is very friendly and knowledgable.

  63. holywauns22

    When I walk in the waiting room usually has many patients and i think the wait times will be long, but it really doesn’t take that long bc the budtenders know the product and help you with anythung you may find helpful for medical care.

  64. rortega

    this is my go to for meds, i recommend if you buy the house shatter you might be up for disappointment, when i got a half gram of the house shatter it was so wet, once i opened the plastic its stuck every where tried to freeze it to no help

    wont be buying the house shatter again
    flower and everything else is awesome

    still my good to place

  65. jerame79

    Great place for deals! Also high quality of flower.

  66. GunnaMane

    Groovy Spot & Prices HELLO!!! #TeamHello

  67. Alaska33

    Convenient location with great customer service.

  68. dbeezybaby

    If I didn’t have to comeback n replace my cartridge for my first visit

  69. kclancc

    Great dispensary–dank, fresh and cheap flower, and fantastic costumer service! My favorite dispensary!

  70. hsentg23

    dope shop. great deals. great service. cant beat it

  71. dcobos13

    Julie was amazing. Answered all my questions since I new nothing as a first time buyer. Loved the experience the quality and the service. Price was hefty but will return because of service

  72. Niit76

    Awesome! My first experience in a dispensary and they were very friendly and helpful! Thanks!

  73. bossman

    I believe you guys are setting the stage for this to go to the next stage of development ! Keep up the good work!

  74. maxxthedogg

    This place is very professional, knowledgeable and honest. The product quality is out of this world. I definitely plan on coming here again.

  75. mariebear19

    The overall atmosphere is welcoming and the staff really makes you feel comfortable. Definitely my new spot!


    PARC has garbage weed, all is bunk. They also sell defective Kind live resin cartridges, where it is harsh and taste like metal burning. Called them over the phone spoke to Alex he stated they have had several complaints on the live resin cartridges. He told me to brong it in so I drove out of my way as soon as i could. I get there and the so called inventory manager tella me there os nothing they can do for me. I would not reccomend going here stay away from this bogus place.

  77. Kaylenelou

    I love this Dispensary. I bring in new customers , and will continue to. The buds are always fresh

  78. TaeAlize

    fast respectful i like !!

  79. highitssierra

    I dont live near local joint and I still make the trip because the specials are AWESOME!

  80. Hammertime710

    I bought an 1/8 of Ancient OG shatter but when i got home and opened it up it was really more of a sugar wax! Still was a great price and good quality, just a little disappointed by their “shatter”.

  81. Veedawg

    clean, secure and friendly. super fast check in. loved the fact I got to choose my packaged flower instead of being handed what ever was on top. they had both of my favorites strains so no more driving to multiple dispenceries. my new go to place for meds.

  82. ShonOGee

    I loved it here for a first time visit it was quick but the bud tender did take her time with helping me with a selection

  83. LamarB

    Best pre rolls in town

  84. nightlife23

    I love the fact that they have $10 grams no matter what happens. That is awesome cannot get any better than that!

  85. kaila2113

    the best prices and flower! they’ve upgraded they’re point system I love it. Brandon is awesome hooking it up and love his help with everything!

  86. D1012

    I have never used marijuana in my life. This was my first time coming in and the staff was EXCELLENT! I was very nervous and had NO CLUE what I was doing or what I needed. The atmosphere was very professional and everyone was willing to help. Thank you!! One question… is it customary to tip or donate for others?

  87. dannyrom

    Amazing quality and amazing prices. I only wish I loved closer. PARC is my new favorite dispensary.

  88. Jmjr88

    Great selection great prices and some of the best people in the business behind the bar. Two big thumbs up.

  89. Omoumene

    Great location great budtenders great prices

  90. Dwoodard480

    Hell yeah free goodies

  91. asiLRox

    Quality meds for a good price!

  92. HeSmokeGud

    Very happy with my first time visit. The staff was very helpful, knowledgeable, and polite. The meds were great exceeding my expectations. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for top shelf quality meds or low prices.

  93. Zaglife33

    This was my first experience. First thing I noticed was the polite security guy and cleanliness of the business. Receptionist was professional and staff was awesome. The flowers were tasty and long lasting. I recommend the GDP strain. Will be back soon

  94. Ceeeeeeeeee23

    awesome facilitates great staff and can’t beat their prices

  95. Spike21

    Great place and people customer service is top knotch

  96. purpledreams35

    this location is great. we will return. try the gummie bear edibles. out of this world.

  97. moontang

    location is great, just off the 143 freeway. staff is knowledgeable and the atmosphere is clean. i highly recommend Parc Dispensary.

  98. refusetodie

    My entire experience at this location was top notch. Will definitely be visiting again in the future.

  99. ceesco

    This place will take care of you. They always have a variety of strains available and for a reasonable price. It usually is pretty quick to get in and out too. Come try this place out.

  100. acbuettn

    Great meds, nice staff, and super fair prices! 🙂

  101. frank89

    Parc is a great dispensary, the staff is always friendly and informative on their products. I am usually in and out within a 10 minute time frame. Their product is great, I’m an indica type of person, and I’ve never been disappointed with any of their strains. They also have huge screen TV’s that display their menu, so that’s nice, as well as a friendly gentleman who opens the door for you. I love Parc, it is the go-to-place!

  102. tnwakesurf

    This was my first visit to any dispensary and was not disappointed. I had read reviews about my options in the Valley and from the reviews, the option for a sampler (being a new patient), and the quality of meds (from reviews) I had to give it a shot. I went for the sampler and got NYC Diesel, Blueberry Diesel, White Widow, and the OG Kush, with a free pre-roll of Maui Cheese. I slept better than i have in months with the OG last night. Thank you!!

    The ladies working the shop were very friendly and seemed to have genuine great personalities (how could you not working here). I will definitely be back for another round of sampler to start to see what medicine works best for me. Thank you for your help and great service.

  103. victorjim

    amazing quality and atmosphere. also my best friend is a bud tender so even more cool.

  104. adastra

    very friendly, welcoming staff. everyone is knowledgable about the products they sell and can answer all of your questions. they also give you honest opinions on certain things which can be super helpful. they also always have dank deals 🙂

  105. jackie0713

    Great quality, service and really interactive with their customers! I had a great first experience.

  106. FamGrower

    If the growers grow something nice, theres never a lot of it. This places likes to advertise whatever they just ran out of. These people will grow anything from a seed and put it on the shelf if it looks nice. But was it dried and stored right? Theres where half the quality goes on most their inventory. Hay and tea and not cannabis smells. They are the scent of FAIL

  107. toddadair88

    My experience was good, didn’t have to wait to long , staff was friendly and the product works great.

  108. bburns91

    great place

  109. COE

    great place to visit

  110. Yazmika

    These ladies and gents are amazing. Can’t say enough amazing things about them.

  111. coreyrayweberg

    there is a great selection of flower at all times. love this location.

  112. Zsa-smoke

    Great first time in, love the meds for the price Will b back again

  113. Hike420Mike

    Love the bud here. Inexpensive and consistent

  114. GhettLee

    The first time I used a dispensary I used PARC. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what the standard was but my experience went well. The check in process was very easy and simple. Plus the receptionist is always real cool. I will say inside the med part the big glass window that security is watching you from makes me a little uncomfortable. It makes me feel like I’m picking up from the mafia or something.
    The flower is always really nice, but I find their grams a little small. I always go with the 4 gram sampler and being able to chose from the options is great.
    Every time has been a good experience

  115. wossamatta22

    Since I was in the area I wanted to stop in and try this place out.

    The staff were friendly and very knowledgeable. Nice atmosphere.


  116. Hennyjones412

    Great place, from the front door to the receptionist to the Hot girl at the counter amazing place!

  117. gabeestrada3

    Amazing staff with great prices and quality!

  118. Fishtankwillie

    best dispensary in Arizona best customer service also

  119. AppleJax13

    I always feel like welcome!

  120. LeafyV

    life this place. it is convenient and has friendly staff and kind buds.

  121. cherylscakecreations421

    Good Deals !

  122. Kato321

    This was the first place I went to after I got my mmj card… I told myself that I wouldn’t come back… Months later here we go again… I absolutely love NYC Diesel its a flower I know very well. BAIT AND SWITCH!!! I’m a responsible mmj patient, and I don’t open my meds til I get home. this place make me wanna open my meds before I leave dispensaries now. not going back.. For real this time.

  123. Saintcloud420

    Absolutely Amazing! especially Justine!! dY~ZdY~,,

  124. tawniduren

    Great service and AMAZING flower

  125. stretchwilliam

    great first dispensary!

  126. TDLR

    Excellent Meds, Great People, Very Nice Dispensary!!!

  127. twinder27

    This place has the best variety of flowers and every single strain is great. U can’t beat the value either. This is my favorite place in Phoenix

  128. Milanioluv34

    I was provided with useful knowledge very friendly staff.
    Great customer service.

  129. Orangefan

    First time visit, had a great time learning. They showed so much patience! They have a great supply of edibles. Recommend!!

  130. staceymejia

    it’s friendly but the streams of flowers seem short than it really should be, the prices are good though. and nice brands of flowers to choose from.

  131. Mclay3

    this location is always nice and clean, they have the friendliness staff…and one of my fav strains platinum cookies. Would recommend

  132. azbun

    Very friendly and knowledgeable. The price and atmosphere make this my home base. Very clean, organized and fast.

  133. bad_dan

    My favorite dispensary in the valley! Definitely recommend to everyone for the slab deals!

  134. Reverend420

    Place is legit. Quality flowers, friendly staff, alright alright alright.

  135. Cal777

    Great sale prices. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Quality is on par with other dispensaries in the area. Will def continue to visit Parc.

  136. case1988

    They are very kind and helpful

  137. orbitingearth

    Love this place! Super friendly and they’re excited to see you when you come in. Not only do they stock my favorites but they let me know when they come in. Just a good group of people with fair prices can’t be beat!

  138. marcano

    I was at Parc the day they opened. I am a cancer survivor and I just happened to drive by when I saw their sign. I have to say that this dispensary is really clean, and has friendly staff that makes me feel good and not like I am doing something wrong by buying medical cannabis. I am going back today, so I called to find the times they are open, the nice lady on the phone said they had a discount coupon on the college times. Most places will not tell you about their coupons so they can make more profit. I got my coupon at hand and I am waiting for 10am to go buy more cannabis for my discomforts. Even though I have being many time in my doctors office, and this dispensary looks like one, I was very comfortable being there. it has a professional atmosphere, yet amicable. Folks who really need medical cannabis should go to Parc Dispensary. This people really care about their patients and not just about another sale. I truly recommend them.

  139. hype310

    its one of the best ones in Arizona .

  140. isaiahmayne

    Really good service great meds everyones really helpful all in all great place

  141. coltenkramer1995

    Great friendly and educated staff with best prices on meds in the valley! Professional and setting the bar for this industry

  142. Gingercaldwell

    The best service in town. Everytime i work in it’s like home. Amber/ Amanda (idk) is on great cashier but you all are. Quick Service and good bud

  143. Rick24f7

    I stopped in for the grow sciences half special. I figured even if they are smaller nugs it would be worth the lowered donation. It was not worth it. I would suggest sticking with the 1/8th jars. I also picked up the grow sciences hash rosin and unfortunately it is the worst rosin I have ever tried. Based on their regular flower I figured it would be good. I am guessing it is 2nd or 3rd press. It tastes like when I would repress my old rosin patties

  144. ihellalurk

    had a great visit, friendly staff and GREAT meds. BLACK DREAM.

  145. xxericrxx

    Excellent everything down to selection I only wish the medication wasn’t pre packaged

  146. seanbean1985

    Some of the best quality flower I’ve found. They had Sour Willie which became one of my new favorites! Everyone is super friendly and informative. It’s a little far of a drive for me but it’s worth it.

  147. milla86

    My first visit…They had a deal advertised, something like ‘pick 4 grams for $50’. No grams left of any strains on the menu. So I have to buy one of the last pre-rolls left. When I got to pick my free pre-roll, “no we don’t have that one…or that one…or that one.” I got one that I never would’ve picked. Free is free but come on…keep up on your stock. The girl that helped me didn’t seem very knowledgeable or friendly either..

  148. stardust710

    Talk about specials and great products! These guys know what they are doing and very knowledgable.

  149. mpejlovas

    Great atmosphere, great buds. Had a great experience will be back soon

  150. Nascarman1

    I went to PARC for the first time on 10-26-13. Guard outside makes you feel safe, helpful and very nice. When you enter you are greeted with a smile, check in easy. Few min. later I entered the bud room, very clean tenders helpful and know what they are talking about. Lady that helped me, can not recall her name. I was happy with her help, very smart found strains for my pains. I picked up 7 gram of LTW,1 gram maui cheese,1 gram chem dog,1 gram purple mazar,1 gram blueberry diesel,1 free pre-roll trinity blueberry. All strains were good; good for my pains, and good prices. If meds were not so dry, Every strain I tried was dry, Chem dog was not as dry but still dry. The pre-roll also dry, but that’s OK just a joint. I looked up all 130 reviews, only two people said meds were dry. Some folks with same meds as me, or close that was a MONTH AGO said buds were MOIST.18 dollars a gram should be no more then 12-13 a gram. When top shelf gets old and dry, it should be cheaper. U guys do have GOOD BUDS AND GOOD PRICES. We will see what happens next time I go down there. I drove about 50-53 miles round trip. I spent about one hundred dollars there, I AM a disabled vet. ON A FIXED INCOME. So money is tight for me, and to make a trip that is far from home, its very costly. And again this place, and the same about bud tenders and everything was great. Except of the dry meds. Well that’s about it for now, thanx guys for everything. NASCARMAN1

  151. sweetmamalove

    My visit to parc was pleasant the the product was very good in stopping pain. The staff was very friendly and helpful I recommend parc to all my friends Great Place sweetmamalove

  152. bdagold

    nice place, very friendly staff, quality of meds was decent

  153. sevensjourney

    Love the meds, prices, and staff!!!

  154. Coffee4blood

    The ambiance is really nice. the budtenders are knowledgeable and very friendly. all of their product is quite nice!

  155. Lulu93

    Staff is great, they have a security guard outside that is very nice. Weed quality was ok, nothing really special. Prices are good.

  156. Agnusthecatastrophe

    PARC is great, everything is 10$ a g and their staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the strains. only downside is tax on the purchase. but the quality is deffinatly worth it!

  157. jessnovoa

    Lilliana was amazing and fast

  158. W0lfg4ng

    easy going, friendly environment. good strains, and crosses you don’t see often.

  159. Orangie

    They said that the person that referred a new patient would recieve a free pre-roll, when we got in back to purchase an eight for me we were told you have to buy one preroll to get the free one. They advertise this and then when you get there they dont keep their word, I wonder what else they are not honest about. On top of this we traded text messages and I was accused of wanting something free, I came to purchase, however, will never go there again.

  160. Tobias916

    They are fantastic delicious and fast I wi be going back here for sure 😉 my first time felt like I’ve always gone there

  161. timmiller14

    Just grabbed some Kali Kane this tree is flame!

  162. OneLoveAz

    I’m very picky with my flower and let me tell you it was phenomena, also very friendly staff will definitely come here again and will recommend to others!

  163. crtical

    This dispensary has great pricing and on top that the staff is very friendly.

  164. sjohn13

    I love this location! 1st time there and right when I 1st get in to the door. A very man greeted me and help us. on are way to signing up. and as we got to the front desk she ask 1st time said yes and handed us clip boards and we just put are name. And ask us what we like and then on are why. soon after that. we where called and a very well Manny and layer back young lady helped us. She so intuitive on all the strains of bud. I myself like the flower. Any who she let us know what is what. and helped us choose the best one for us. which is mango kush hybrid.
    Will me my self have chronic pain on both knee. Some time I can’t even stand. when my knee buckles. and my husband is the same way and he also has spasms on hi whole left side. front and back. and with this we only need one hit. And we are done. For a couple of hours. we average about three hits a day for us. with it not that bad.

  165. NellieRubio

    Absolutely the best customer service in the valley. Wide variety of ten dollar grams of flowers.

  166. dramirez480

    this place is awesome

  167. lwd52213

    Just left and wooooooo got some dY”Y=dY~+!

  168. strainconnoisseuraz

    Great meds, lower prices than most shops. Knowledgeable and friendly staff

  169. lino480

    I recently came to this location last weekend. I was looking for a certain strain but I didn’t see it, however I was shown some better buds that were great. I also tried the hemp lotion that was awesome even for a person that doesn’t like wearing lotion lol. This place will quickly become one of my favorites.

  170. JacksonKarman

    This is my 2nd review of Parc. Since they’ve lowered their prices on raw marijuana, I think this is actually going to be my new regular, go-to place. I have been going to Bloom nearby for most things, but I think the quality and freshness of raw bud product is superior from Parc, especially for vaporizing. Plus they’ve got a much speedier customer service process. My only complaint is the same as in my previous review. Parc doesn’t have the greatest vibe. It’s in a building resembling a quansett hut in an industrial location near the airport, and it has a discount environment feel to it–which makes more sense now that they’ve lowered prices.

  171. kushhsmoke22

    Awesome meds ! Great service !

  172. kelsizzo32

    They have really great products and specials. Really liked racefuel preroll

  173. low801

    New favorite spot! good product cool people and good prices..

  174. gingermcpherson

    very clean and very friendly staff always has great deals and good quality! I would definitely recommend!

  175. thinlinebud

    This place has everything you could ever need and they always have great deals! Check this place out if you’ve never been. You won’t regret it!! dY’dY’dY~ZdYtm…aEURatm,i,dY$?*aEURatm,i,

  176. paulyc420z

    great ends and service

  177. esegan26

    The budtenders where awesome and very honest, I was very happy with what j left with and will definitely be heading back soon!!!

  178. cbr420

    I have been a patient with PARC for over a year now. I am pleased to never have any complaints. The staff is amazing, they are extremely educated and polite, always making me feel welcomed!

  179. starcastle22

    Most, not all of their meds seems like high grade home grown not medical grade, thus their cheaper prices. My guess is they aren’t curing it properly or something like that. Also when you ask for a certain strain they give you something different and if you don’t look on the back label you get home and realize you they gave you a strain different that the one you ask for. This has happened to me twice. The GDP and Blue Dream aren’t what they seem. I didn’t realize all this until like after my 15 visit, lol. But they could improve in some areas.

  180. CadillacCollis

    I have loved this place for years – they were awesome as PARC but now the Local Joint is helping me with all my needs – from cartridges to edibles and obviously flower. The staff is some of the best budtenders in PHX – id rather go here then bloom any day

  181. rugburner

    Rarely a long wait, decent meds, decent prices. And since they are local to me, you can’t go wrong. Great folks here too.

  182. lohan

    great prices on quality flower

  183. dubketrubl

    everybody here is awesome and sweet. also the flower is exceptional!

  184. Redd65

    I love the staffing the people are really nice I will definitely b back thanks.


    Good customer service. The staff kno they’re product

  186. andwendy

    Wonderful people, from the security guy out front (cute!), through the young women in the lobby (very welcoming with great senses of humor), to Anthony in the back (really helpful and extremely patient). I’ll be back for my senior discount and with any available coupon in hand!

  187. empj0105

    good location and great flower and helpful budtenders

  188. jaygarcia542

    I think the prices and quality is on point definitely checking it out!!!

  189. Bhales

    Very discrete location, clean and very friendly staff. Also first time I got a pre roll for free and it was pretty bomb! Def will be back.

  190. Vtown85

    Love parc and staff great experience every time

  191. smowtigers5

    Awesome place, very friendly people!

  192. mahabra695

    Great quality 100% of the time, friendly staff & great atmosphere!

  193. deathreaper

    Its great !!
    No need for a usher at the door tho.
    Staff is really helpful.
    More strains and more variety would be awesome

  194. Rhc34

    Good quality. Good location. Good prices.

  195. nightbadger

    I think this is a decent dispensary, and I usually don’t ever leave reviews, but my visit to PARC this evening was so awkward that I feel compelled. First, Mr. Host man practically met me at my car, not with a decent greeting, but with “come on man, you’re killing me bro, you know we close in like five minutes right?” Imagine walking into a restaurant and someone saying that to you.. I almost felt like leaving, but I was already there. I mean, come on man.. We all have jobs, none of them as easy as yours, and we all have to accommodate for customers that arrive before closing. You open doors for weed patients in a nice, air conditioned room. Sorry you have to do the easiest job in the world for another five minutes. Don’t make people feel guilty for bringing their business to your establishment instead of the other 10 dispensaries in town, even 5 minutes before closing. Especially when the one right up the road is open later than you guys. Seriously, this person does 1/19th of the work of any other job and is complaining to people coming in at 6:55? Try working in a kitchen where there are hours worth of work you have to do for closing and customers are still coming in. You’d appreciate your job opening doors for weed patients.. On my way out, he goes “thanks for the hustle, buddy” like I was accommodating and really hurrying for him. I wanted to say something about how important it was to me that he gets home on time to get high and play madden, but whatever. Just do your ridiculously easy job, buddy.

  196. villians

    Great place! People are friendly and helpful. Love the express window!

  197. MsElisa

    I love coming to Parc. Happy hour deals are the bomb!!!!

  198. JohnDenver

    Great service, awesome staff!

  199. Ericas1981

    Some of the best strains and deals around!

  200. keefgoals13

    cookies just wants attention this is top notch in all categories much nicer and better quality than Colorado at least

  201. awall2023

    Highly recommended. Great quality and a amazing Staff. Keep up the good work.

  202. lio2727

    Its ok a little far but worth the drive

  203. bluedream19

    Convenient location with the best prices around. Great bud, never disappointed! Friendly staff and a great atmosphere!

  204. nezboyz

    damn I picked up some fire on Saturday… that cherry ak got me into a diesel wreck….haha…lol….some good meds…taking a good flight on this magic carpet….thanks to all the great people there at PARC….awesome job keep it up…..

  205. Greenqueen89

    Great prices, quality and service! My first visit as I’m checking out new shops. I’ll definitely be back!

  206. poloblow

    Good gas
    Good strains
    Awesome customer service

  207. dahveed818

    ok so I definitely feel duped!! I relied on previous reviews when making my decision to go here only to find out from the last review that they bribe people with a free pre roll if they right a 5 star review! yeah not cool! get good reviews by providing excellent service, great meds, and a nice atmosphere ( which looks like a mobile storage unit with some turf grass lol. meds were average and i tried a few, even found 2 seeds in one nug of over dried meds. step it up PARC and dont worry you dont have to give me a free pre roll which i dont qualify for anyways.

  208. kaya0929

    I can’t say enough positives about PARC Dispensary. The staff is helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. The product and selection is awesome! Most importantly on top of all of the above, the price is fair and reasonable. I love this place!!

  209. cnugget23420

    Pre-rolls are trash. They come squished flat and are unusable.

  210. MuzzDogg

    best place to get meds always have the choice if I want nugs or a big fat nug
    this place is great

  211. joe_casillas

    Everytime I come in, I get great costumer service on top of the different flower options there are to purchase. I recommend this place to anyone thats looking for a new location to purchase their flower.

  212. Welshrose

    Love this place. Great staff.

  213. Swanny05

    Awesome service, really enjoyex the budtender that helped me. Good deals,fair pricing!

  214. garyk777

    First time in PARC was an amazing experience shop looks amazing and has a good feel to it not mention the best selection of flower and a huge selection of edibles and concentrates a must go even if you live in the west valley great excuse to take a trip to Tempe for the day

  215. Tucsongraybush

    I love PARC and every time I roll through Phoenix I stop and get something. One price is nice for stocking up on multiple strains. Last time I was in, they had the same strains and were waiting for a new batch…they actually helped me locate another dispensary that had decent meds, but nothing like PARC! Thanks!

  216. arcanine

    amazing location always come back all the way from Chandler!!!dY~

  217. Wolfpang

    The staff is always upbeat & professional and the medicine here smells clean, is always at the lowest prices, and more important: POTENT! ~Wolfpang

  218. rmarshall619

    excellent and quick service. great deals. love it here

  219. anissahbyers

    PARC is an awesome dispensary. Everyone is incredibly layed back and helpful. Medication is always on point. Only downfall is medication is prepackaged and you don’t get to pick out your own buds. Other than that, awesome dispensary

  220. bigdongwong

    Quality is good, but would go somewhere else for concentrate because theirs is ridiculously high priced. Honestly though idk how you’d guys have those prices so high.

  221. amyandgordon

    staff unsure payout products. Didn’t know the the levels or cbd levels….

  222. rabbo8500

    flame for the 10,I gotta keep going dere

  223. Rob13m

    I would recommend trying their aEURoeDr.whoaEUR strain wow…. got me stuck to the couch but a nice euphoric feeling. The staff are really friendly here too.

  224. N3V3R84

    Great people great place

  225. JAB44

    I was very impressed with my first visit here! Medicine is good quality! Prices are great! It’s very nice inside and out! Taylor was very sweet and helpful!

  226. michael602420

    very nice flower and prices along with a very helpful staff as usual

  227. k2rider2k1

    cool spot xj14 bomb

  228. bigpuff913

    Love it


    Parc is one of a kind!!

  230. carsonww2

    Great selection! The workers were very friendly and helped me make good decisions!

  231. compaq14

    great spot with quality flower on the low! definitely a spot to hit up

  232. jaxonjaxonjax

    Great quality and very professional.

  233. 5wolf9

    Check the menu, call ahead, drive 20 miles one way for the strain that is the MEDICATION that works best for me…arrive to find only one eighth on the shelf!!! No offer to set aside. This is the TWO other times, I checked the menu and then drove over to find that what I wanted was out-this time I called ahead to make sure and IT STILL HAPPENED TO ME AGAIN!!!? You’re failing as a MEDICAL dispensary if you don’t provide the medicine that works on a CONSISTENT basis. THIS IS MEDICINE! Who takes Tylenol for heartburn…its the same thing you expect of patients who must settle for something other than what they came for-ITS TOO EXPENSIVE to keep playing guess and fail!!!

  234. Mikiaelijames

    The bud is always amazing I’m a faithful and loyal customer.

  235. DeanF11

    I love the Parc Dispo, my medication location of choice! Brandon the bud tender helped me today, couldn’t be happier! Will be returning!

  236. dhoop

    First-time experience with PARC was solid. Quick, clean facility with quality product and fair prices. All you can ask for!

  237. Superman11

    great service. knowledgeable good prices.

  238. ben93

    Im pleased with the prices. All grams and 1/8s were low priced and high quality.

  239. srrjason

    Close to work, clean, and great meds!

  240. kroyalty

    Best Bud and Budtenders in Az!!!!

  241. bitchdabb420

    love it

  242. Roxana21

    good concentrate options!

  243. ArizonaStoner

    They need to start cutting the stems off their buds. Other dispensaries will clip stems or even de-stem individual grams. I am paying for weed after all aren’t I? Not happy when I get home and a lot of my gram weight is coming from stems. Either lower prices to reflect medicine quality or reduce the amount of non-smokable material included.

  244. el8d1

    Been so long! So loved this place when I was on a different shift 🙁 can’t wait to visit again tomorrow!

  245. smtb1316

    Absolutely love this place. Always have great specials and very friendly staff; from the security to the people in back. I will not go anywhere else as their prices are the best I’ve found for the amazing quality they grow. love you all!!

  246. thatdudenovi

    The customer service was excellent. I was in and out. The workers are very helpful.

  247. mlatts

    I love Parc Dispensary! Every week I come and see Jose, who is amazing! He is always so helpful and patient who makes awesome recommendations! See you on Friday!!

  248. tlk1966

    friendly staff huge selections great quality!!

  249. Keweze

    PARC has the best medicine – it’s smokin’! Also the product is priced very reasonable.

  250. tdog4207662

    best meds in valley

  251. lotwsandyw

    Great location!!! Quick service, gray customer service!

  252. Rodg74

    This was my first visit, but upon entering I was pleasantly surprised by the professional atmosphere and clean environment. I will definitely return and recommend to friends.

  253. staticm23

    Very informative and friendly staff. Great products, events, and prices. Best dispensary in town by far. Only wish the business was open later.

  254. Whaaaaat

    Great atmosphere with alot of selections

  255. robertoa1025

    Good medication, good customer service, and good location. I would recommend it to everyone I know. I had some 3 kings recently and I was motivated. I also had Berry White and it helped my neuropathy.

  256. zesati07

    friendly and professional

  257. tylerwithrow

    PARC is the definition on great customer service! There isn’t anything better than a friendly and welcoming environment to acquire your medication. I’d recommend everyone to try this place at least once! Thank you PARC!!

  258. agemini03

    Great selection and very friendly staff!!

  259. skatesalty

    Awesome place! So friendly and clean! Great meds at a fair rate!!

  260. D.Rich68

    very easy accessible location

  261. Hz.420

    Desiree put me on The Sauce!! She answered all my questions even threw some recommendations my way. She was awesome!

  262. CindyPhxAz

    Got two pre-rolls for my birthday, the products are potent and I never have to wait too long.

  263. slee

    This place is great and I could talk about medicine with them all day like they were old friends. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Good deals too. Sad I missed the new years Eve special. Prices will make tjis y new local for sure.

  264. randy602

    Was in and out, in a timely manner was overwhelmed with the menu so much to choose from with awesome bud tenders I believe Drew was very helpful he went above and beyond to satisfy my first time visit 🙂

  265. jojorios77

    great staff!!dY~S. love the sales they have and the medicine they have is some top notch.

  266. vanp

    luv it best buds on this side

  267. ian2626

    Very professional, quality service. Will come again.

  268. DD09

    Very first dispensary visit so far while living in az, and it was a great one!! They were very helpful and the sign up process was quick. The meds are excellent..Tried out the NYC Diesel and its definitely quality. Will certainly be back again, I recommend to anyone looking for quality meds at awesome prices!! Trying the edibles next.

  269. Cali2azChamp

    This location always has great flower an awesome prices I really love going in here it has a nice atmosphere as well

  270. Tialeann

    awesome people and flower definitely recommend!!!

  271. 420native

    This place is in a reasonable location doesn’t take forever and the medicine and services are always top notch must visit soon

  272. MattyP21095

    Great close by stop for me love their 10 dollar grams all day great quality flower

  273. MrMagoop

    As always the staff was knowledgable and nice. I saw alot of new flavors of flower there today. The Girl Scout Cookies and Tahoe Og are fire. Their CBD Kush is a must try. It was like a muscle relaxer mixed with caffeine. This is, by far my fave

  274. JBLOCH

    Everyone here is very knowledgeable and friendly. I’ll be back for sure!

  275. satvalenz

    awesome quality and prices. I love the people here and the place, too

  276. medicorpsman

    I like going to PARC because it is near my work and has a very professional feel to it. The staff I’ve dealt with has always been knowledgeable and able to help me pick the right strain for me

  277. GetReadyBettySpaghetti

    you can get good bud here, but only 1 or 2 strains usually. Some of the best around but the rest, (what they grow themselves probably) not so much. Im not sure I understand the incentive to spend more money, i dont quite understand the flat rate plus tax thing. At least make it 10 at 28, not 10.87 all the way up to 70g limit.. Theres no reason to buy more of what you like, the price doesnt drop one cent. We know how this is supposed to work Parc..

  278. mayrely

    I loved it here great flower

  279. Westvalleyoil

    WhenI came in and the staff was friendly and knowledgable. Their flower wasn’t anything special though when your normal is Cali’s forum cut cookies REAL GG #4 genetics rascals white fire etc anyways I got the sensi star crumble. I get home and find out it’s not crumble but some form of high quality solvent less hash. the hash is good, just more of vaporizes on the nail instead of melts. Really good quality like I said I just wish it was properly labeled so I could have got the hydro carbon instead

  280. leotasoliz

    the people are very nice. I highly

  281. jrfso

    Great meds and friendly staff.

  282. Rollup4demon

    I love this place considering how close I am and the Slymer I got was fire dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  283. mstepp

    It’s def changed quite a bit in the last year since iv been here…. I like it good job and still good quality buds

  284. Hailey1254

    The guy with the beautiful beard recommended I try the hemp wick and for my first time using it to smoke its like I’m tasting my medecine for the first time thank you

  285. endlessparable

    PARC has super quality bud at good prices, very cost efficient, the concentrates and wax are a bit over priced but reliable buds

  286. patientzro

    great place helpful and friendly through-out

  287. Nelsonbrandonl

    Agent that helped me she was very helpful she asked me questions. Not like some of these other places they just want to take your money.

  288. briarRabbit

    My valley spot when I come down for a visit dY’OEdY3/4dYtmOEdY3/4dYtmOEdY3/4dYtmOEdY3/4 always great flowers an awesome prices

  289. vero602

    best customer service and have good weed. would recommend to a friend

  290. garcia11

    best quality and prices hands down !!

  291. happytrailz

    alway a pleasant experience

  292. blazedJason

    good bad and excellent service one of my favorite dispensaries

  293. girlanytime

    Always satisfied when I come thru this joint… Local Joint good place dY’-dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY'”

  294. iowa0204

    great medicine great selection!

  295. bigreece69

    first time in awesome

  296. Psyckojoe

    First an possibly only dispensary I’ll need. Sucks that Veteran discount only applies to edibles and concentrates since I am more a of a flower person myself but hey, at least they have one in case I decide to sample some.

  297. Atine18

    Love tje vibe and i love the flower keep it up u vuys ill be coming back time to time…enjoy ur new year…ill be back soon…

  298. username_12345

    Great staff! Very friendly and helpful. Love that all the strains are the same price across the board. Can’t wait to try a chocolate bar! Will be going back.

  299. samuelshuba1025

    great meds great staff

  300. Craziecasie13

    The meds and customer service are A+ here! Highly recommend them to anyone.

  301. SmokeyMedicated

    well its my 3rd time being here, i think i already wrote a review but, i just tried the nyc diesel, maui cheese, and a few others. haven’t gotten around to the girl scout cookies or the other. very nice dispensary. i would recommend them to any of my mmj patient buddies.. will always be back for more. good meds too. for a nice price. real impressed.

  302. justin093

    This is the only place I shop. I highly recomend it to everyone!

  303. Sbeth1985

    this place rocks! I am a wax smoker and they have 3.5g slabs for a great price! I’ll definitely be back! thanks!!!

  304. SchpiltMilk

    Very nice and has great dank bud and deals to come along with it.

  305. Bgray21

    Best location in Phoenix great strains, great prices and great service.

  306. shanno0420

    “parc” luv u guys tried “Mojito” amazing and luv all the efucational material.

  307. hawkguy

    I love this place. my first visit was on Halloween and they were awesome. my second visit tonight with Davin was awesome! Thank you!

  308. Jeffaz02t

    The prices here are more on par with what I feel is fair for MMJ. $45 across the board for an 8th is not a bad deal, so I decided to give this place a try. I opted for the 4 grams for $50, which gave me the chance to try 4 different strains.

    Overall, the product quality is a 2.5/5, but I rounded up to 3 for this review. The buds do not seem to be cured very well, and were too wet for my liking. This resulted in a harsher than necessary hit (“green” tasting) and a sub par taste on all but one of the four strains I tried. I was hoping this would be the dispensary that allowed me to stop going to the co-ops around town, but if this was a sample of their overall quality, no way. The co-ops (or clubs) I go to have much better product, albeit for $5-10 more for an 8th, however I prefer to pay that extra cash to get top shelf quality.

    Their concentrate selection was weak, but compared to other licensed dispensaries in the area, they are about right on par. Concentrates are just starting to catch up here in AZ, so dispensaries are still slightly behind the curve (while clubs and co-ops are already meeting customer demand). The thing that irks me about this place is that they charge $45/ half gram and $80/gram of HOUSE concentrate. This is not even strain-specific! I am not sure who they think they are fooling, but anyone paying that price for concentrate that is not strain-specific is crazy. That is more than other places charge for nug-run, premium concentrate made from single strains.

    The service: All were very nice. However, when an employee tells me they do not have their card yet, and really do not know a lot about the product yet, I am wondering why the hell this person is helping me?! As nice as she was, I prefer knowledge of the product over a friendly smile. She knew little to nothing about the strains… Not that I need a whole lot of guidance, but it is nice to get another perspective when making choices on which strains to buy.

    I will continue to monitor this place to see if their quality increases… However, if your main priority is obtaining the FIRE, and not saving cash, this place may not be your first choice. Their flowers are not terrible, but their quality level is certainly two levels lower than what is acceptable to me. I require the fire, and will pay more to get it.

  309. Smokemeowt69

    great customer service. super helpful and convenient. the pre rolls are whats up!

  310. SLDossey

    One of the better dispensaries in the Phoenix area. Thanks PARC!!

  311. zues0608

    really good flower

  312. arianna123

    Really nice people there but in a weird area.

  313. MaddRaven

    This is the best dispensary I’ve been too by far. It doesn’t have some weird….go to the bulletproof window desk, then go to this room, then go to that room and back to the bulletproof desk….setup.. The staff is down to earth and seem legit. Great setup. But most importantly, the quality is the best I’ve found for the price! True medical grade at humane prices (because some of the other dispensaries’ prices are laughable!) To the dabbers and munchers: I have not tried their concentrates or edibles so I can’t say anything about those. But the flower is top notch. I fully recommend PARC for all of your medical marijuana needs.

  314. lhurvey

    Great I love it

  315. leahvela

    Dope spot! Really great prices and friendly staff!! I would recommend to anyone!

  316. hermit

    Had an issue with a purchase and the made it totally right for me. Would recommend to others. Nice facilities and people, especially the manager.

  317. Antoniom32

    On my way!

  318. radioryan

    Great place for medicine and Anthony was a great tender! I would recommend this location to ANY person looking for QUALITY!

  319. D7johnG

    Best place for quality

  320. 421love

    Best price, people, and product in town.

  321. MattyBBoston

    Went to Parc only cause my buddy insisted I go. Ever since then, I haven’t been anywhere else. Wicked helpful staff and very friendly. Their flower isn’t dried out like some places I’ve been to.

  322. vapedog

    Helpful, friendly staff. Clean, professional atmosphere. High quality medication. Highly recommended.

    And their pre-rolls are easily the best I’ve had. I didn’t go there for the pre-rolls but got a freebie. I think it was NYC Diesel. Perfect burn, excellent taste. None of the wacky burning characteristics (i.e. canoeing) that a lot of pre-rolls get.

  323. Myreeezy

    chill bud-tenders, I liked the recommendations. they are an honest business interested in providing the meds I needed.

  324. plur4200

    Went back in tonight to touch base and they made it right. Thank you PARC for being model for all state licensed dispensaries.

  325. TkellZ07

    the bud here is pretty good, dont try it much, everytime i have came here tho it was good : )

  326. shdydls

    Great rates, great service, great product. No need to say more.

  327. Maitreya84

    I have been a patient for the last few years and PARC is one of the most fairly priced well balanced selections around! Definitely a solid place.

  328. mark.vonhagen

    easy access, friendly, helpful staff, good selection

  329. NikoAz

    very good place for the right prices as well as the quality is! will be coming back

  330. lhallett44

    This is a beautiful store with friendly, helpful staff and good products.

  331. bringit99

    good flowers

  332. asue123

    Came here on 4/20 it was super cool!

  333. herbmaster1

    Awesome bud, awesome price. My new spot.

  334. jigoblin

    grate buds good people nice place to stop !

  335. iday21589

    It is a great atmosphere for sure. There are also some very relieving strains and the potency is amazing and i will say the price is right haha.

  336. lockears81

    still my favorite place…always a great experience!

  337. susasfuxk

    Anazing tree… looks great and smokes great.

  338. kfpictures

    Great, cheapest in valley. Need to test percentages, big bummer.

  339. cortwaddell

    PARC is the first dispensary I ever visited and still remains my favorite! It is so hard to find $10 grams but here you find quantity and quality! Everyone is super helpful with suggestions and its never taken me more than 15 minutes to get in and out! Thank you guys for a great experience.

  340. Benally

    Excellent product and fast convenient service, highly recommended.

  341. Luckdezzy

    I think it is a wonderful location love the prices excellent flowers

  342. demon420

    great prices and meds are amazing

  343. richross

    great place and leo was awsome teller….

  344. TimLamont1

    Amazing selection and presentation of different strains and the prices are just as amazing

  345. CaptainCannabis777

    Great deals here! Bought a $40 dollar quarter, and used points for a free gram of kief to top it all off. This along with the $100 shake Oz that is really just a small nugs, and you can’t go wrong with PARC. Learn how the point system actually works, and you will see it’s a great deal!

  346. Ericphx23

    First off thanks for offering great deals on mini slabs. My only concern is online it said $70, on the deal sheet in the office it said $70 and when I was on my way home I noticed I was charged $80 retail prior to my FTP discount. Is that correct or was I overcharged $10. I would not give a bad review over $10 bucks but feel I might if got upsold because I was a First time patient. Please make me feel warm and fuzzy again! Great dispensary BTW

  347. Antonio_602

    Local joint is the spot they have good flower for the good price

  348. Adroitsixx

    This was my 1st time here and right away when I walked in they were super friendly and it smells really good and they have very good deals

  349. dayvu

    was first time there. was busy and still didn’t take long. bought 7 different grams all was good plan on going
    back soon. would and have already recommended.

  350. expectthemax

    Jared and Gio always hook it up, best deal in the valley for flower, check it out!

  351. joshluck

    really cool n nice staff

  352. shepardryan

    My first time there, placed my order online then went to pick it up. Everyone was so friendly, great atmosphere.. Quality meds! Thank you PARC!

  353. ShitheadJerm

    I love the location, great parking area, nice people and great medsdY’dY1/4

  354. tanner1017

    Great $6 grams

  355. areyrey

    Great staff! Check out the Witch Stick, it’s amazing. The flowers are always sticky not crumbly.

  356. ZachAttack

    Been touring a couple different places since recently getting my card and this place has the best prices around. Some places can charge as much as $65 for an 1/8. Consistent prices across the board is awesome. And the meds were exactly what I needed. Strong and potent. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

  357. mhubbard1999

    This place is the bomb. friendly bud tenders that know there product

  358. HiiTy

    PARC is my dispensary home. They are truly like my family. Everyone here is amazing. They care for you here. They are always willing to answer any and all questions you have. As of lately I recommend the Korova Products they are perfect for anyone who has Leg or back pain. Go visit my PARC friends today you won’t be disappointed.

  359. daniellequinonez

    Great quality but they run out of inventory fast and often or atleast it seems that way when I go in lol but that the result of having great product!

  360. willy1will

    was great has good flower and were very friendly. I would recommend these guys to all me friends!!

  361. one071713

    I am very happy with my experience at PARC….the staff is friendly, super helpful & knowledgeable….they have a huge selection of high quality strains and reasonable prices…. I will definitely be visiting again!

  362. pglove2188

    This was my first visit to Parc, and I must say I came away impressed from my experience here. The place had a very inviting vibe and was clean and modern. The staff was knowledgeable and Leo answered my questions. Thank you! Preston

  363. asapdrop

    Great flower love it top quality

  364. azteach99

    This dispensary is AWESOME!! Staff very helpful and donations are great!!! I’ll definitely go back!

  365. ravioleh

    Awesome dispensary. Great flower, staff, and deals.

  366. misslaurenn8

    PARC has become my go to! Awesome team and their meds are top notch! Plus, $10/gram! Thanks for being awesome ladies & gents!

  367. foxyCorona

    on the 5th I picked up some pre rolled blue dream that was so difficult to smoke I’m not sure what changed. . In the past I’ve never been disappointed but this go around has been so upsetting and frustrating. dY~!

  368. whitones8

    Absolutely LOVE this place!!!

  369. skeksis420

    Would definitely come back. They have great staff and great product

  370. Nykky6

    Great specials great customer service. awesome deals

  371. misstinababy


  372. Nico520

    love this place been coming here for awile and suggest this place viod prices and very nice quality meds. I’ll be coming back over and over!

  373. Gnobtj

    always quality meds and the bud tendors always on point

  374. dboydavis

    Great experience nice and friendly staff and fast service

  375. tannerb

    It was my first visit and pretty decent meds but I’ll be back and try some prerolls. I recommend this place for customer service

  376. ahlyall

    Great dispensary they have good strains

  377. Viking55

    Very professional and high tech place. Budtenders are helpful, meds are some of the best I’ve seen, and very open and welcoming atmosphere.

  378. tempedude2013

    I recently visited PARC for the 1st time. I had a great time and I will be a returning customer! 😀

    FYI, the building has some AstroTurf out in front, so it looks different than many of the more industrial buildings. And there is a car shop next door, so there can be a lot of oddly parked cars across the street.

    Once inside, the budtenders were really nice. The wait was minimal. I really enjoyed the medicine. They had a lot of options and it was easy to check them all out.

    If the scale was out of 10, I would give PARC a 9/10, but it deserves a 5/5 instead of a 4/5 on the smaller scale.

    I see myself being a repeat customer! 😀

  379. MizzTai

    Love the atmosphere

  380. nelsonkush

    Best dispensary ever! Good prices and good motta . Quick and friendly staff

  381. arnellstevensjr

    great location great flower i always come here downside they close a bit early

  382. jnumber5

    great prices, great meds… I’m actually referring someone now

  383. muffdiver32

    first time was great. the staff is excellent. the buds were beautiful.knowledgeable.the buds were fresh.

  384. cjayg

    I recommend this place. Friendly staff and quality meds. Good specials and a nice selection to choose from.

  385. bigmess

    awesome place! Donni stuck around late to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for. I’d send anyone here!

  386. NaNa326

    These guys are great. Flower is yummy!

  387. brandonbudz94

    People were short, un attentive and borderline rude. No customer service whatsoever. Bought an ‘8th’ of Maui waui, only weighed out to 3.2 on my brand new scale. Weed smelled way too fresh. Not cured enough. Had to let it air out myself. Called to ask about improper weight. Phone rang for 2 minutes then to voicemail. Not likely to ever return. Was there March 5th late noon. Never even caught staff names, no one said anything to me.

  388. bkneuss

    good service and meds.

  389. skyswartz

    PARC was an awesome experience. Staff and amenities were excellent. I’ll be back asap

  390. tombombadil

    I stopped here on my way out to the East Valley one night and was pleasantly surprised by how kind the folks operating this dispensary were. Top flight service for sure. The atmosphere is quite nice and the meds are top notch. I will recommend this place to all my friends in Tempe and Mesa. Its a bit far from me, but I’ll make sure to come back when I’m in the neighborhood.

  391. Taur26

    Great location. This dispensary is awesome, great product, great prices and helpful budtenders, how much better can it get?! Would recommend to anyone!

  392. goddyline

    Nice place. Staff are super friendly and helpful. Little disappointed they had no Kosher Kush, but the Girl Scout Cookies were worth the trip. Meds were a tiny bit dry from the foil packs, but not enough to complain. All in all, I would recommend PARC, and I will be going back today.

  393. smokindevil

    Definitely my new go to place, always top quality meds and great prices. Tatiana has helped me the past couple times and been great help, very knowledgeable and friendly.

  394. Ionizedasu

    Excellent service and amazing bud

  395. alecjar91

    heard about this place for a while so I thought I’d give it a shot I was a ftp and it was big 3 grams or more and you get an 8th for free, I got the rolls choice and something berry, forgot the name but both are bomb af also received a free preroll, I got the starburst one which I highly recommend taste just like the candy, staff were super friendly forgot my budtenders name but she was awesome, knew her stuff, deff will be coming back, and prices were awesome too!

  396. DedraD

    super convient and great selection of flowerssss

  397. WyntSells

    GR8 MEDz

  398. swhitis

    I love PARC! from the friendly security, the helpful budtenders and front desk staff, this place can’t be beat! and the meds are always on point!

  399. Cory2589

    Yesterday was my 1st time there and you guys are awesome thanks for the suggestions and the speedy service! I’ll definitely be back dY~%0

  400. jmh138

    Great deals, timeless vapes a must

  401. Mskittydabs

    0 Stars!!!! They have the worst customer service( horrible attitudes), way over priced, their flower and concentrate are the worst in town! Do not waste your money or your time I wish I could give them negative!

  402. purps420az

    High quality flower at great prices and friendly knowledgeable staff. Definitely one of my new spots.

  403. marcosjb

    pre rolls are trash, they barely hit, you cant really enjoy them. Maybe if the bud wasnt grinded down to dust they’d be great.

  404. Chammy1

    Great staff, high quality bud and great prices.

  405. jackiesmash

    Their crew is sick and I love that pre-roll pack!! One of my favorites in the city dY’OEdY1/4

  406. joekikass

    they have great prices, want to get a purple buddha and got a free gram. and the gram was a great flower I forget the name but the girl who recommended it did a great job

  407. Cashonly31

    It’s was great my 1st time hear. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend this place especially for 1st timers.

  408. IsaiahArana

    Prac is very professional the way they handle there business. There prices are really good and the quality of there bud is always amazing .Also there employees are polite and easy to talk to . when I go to Prac I usually get Headband or Gods Gift .

  409. 1owegee

    great severe definitely be back

  410. TKazino

    Awesome place with amazing staff. Loved the FTP (first time patient) deal of buy 1 get 1 on 8ths!!! Plan on coming back!

  411. ithinkimasofa

    picked up some sour cream and GDP. great meds and friendly staff. love the new pricing structure

  412. bender140

    Excellent flower and concentrates. Very nice people. Security people are very friendly.

  413. jezedaker

    I just wanted to shout out to the budtenders at Parc for their great work, smiles, and fun atmosphere. Justine, Anna, ‘with a K’, and all.

  414. smkqueen

    was the best

  415. Guruvee

    Skeptical of one size fits all pricing, I tried 4 in a limited variety of strains offered.

    Each and every one matched or surpassed the top shelf offerings of a former clinic at a lower price! All humans were friendly…….a must try for all.

  416. preeflight300

    haven’t been here but gonna go today .

  417. myracain

    This my go to spot for flower because I bargain hunt. It’s always fast and friendly also from the security to the staff ALL saying bye when you leave. It’s all around decent which I appreciate!

  418. Imyoli

    Stopped by on Friday and picked up purple Bubba and sour diesel-Whoa!! Excellent quality flower, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and taste of both, simply delicious! $20 gram quality for $10, which is the right price! Definitely put this place on your list of dispensaries to check out!

  419. tjgnob


  420. soccerstudddd09

    Cheap prices, awesome bud tenders

  421. jdlee

    Came in for my birthday the two free prerolls are awesome always great strains when i see you guys. Definitely will be back.

  422. michaelmuth1988

    great continent location. the medicine is amazing and taste great. about to try some more strains from you guys.

  423. SirMichaelC

    The medicine is awesome with great pricing. Staff is always friendly and quick on service. wait times are normally really short. give them a try you wont be disappointed.

  424. Tigrr

    awesome pll awesome bud great location smells great also

  425. Dreams_Of_More32

    My absolute favorite dispensary! The staff is awesome & the meds are fire at an affordable price.

  426. dwntwnphxgrl

    This is the first time that I am writing a review for a dispensary. I went in not expecting much and left quite happy. I had amazing service and the quality of product is definitely five stars. I went to another dispensary that is nearby and they don’t even let you look at the flower before purchasing. I’ll definitely be going back here for my medicine. Awesome 1st time deals too!

  427. omeezy0410

    I love Parc not only is the meds amazing but also the customer service is A1 everytime I go here they are so friendly and very imformative about there products plus you can never go wrong with there price.

  428. scorpiogirl1982

    I love going to Parc, all of the staf are friendly, knowledgeable and the quality of meds are awesome.

  429. Dubb2747

    PARC was a great experience, all the flower is out in sample jars, a nice magnifier with light is provided. I liked the Northern Skunk, Super Silver Haze and Tangerine Dream.

  430. budderlove

    love it

  431. jelombroso

    This place is awsome really good product.

  432. Anonymous49

    I love the short wait times and the excellent flower options. The service is quick and informative.

  433. BAKED2DAY

    Decided to check this place out. Prices are decent, but tax is NOT included. The other place I usually go, their prices include tax, so there’s only a $10 difference. I tried the Maui Cheese, is this a Hybrid, cause it’s not a Pure Indica like I was told. Has some Sativa traits, but this strain isn’t as strong as it should be, claims to be 21% THC, doesn’t feel like it. It’s not that bad, I was expecting that pure Indica buzz, maybe that’s why it feels weaker to me. There’s definitely a slight Sativa feel, maybe a 70/30 Indica dominant. I like it, just not what I was expecting. The staff was very nice.

  434. Peteonthestreet

    I’ve been to most dispensaries in the valley, and PARC is by FAR my favorite. My first time going here I was helped by Brandon (I’m pretty sure that’s his name, if not it was something close) and he was extremely helpful. I would say he went above and beyond what he is required to do on the job. As for the dispensary, it’s on the smaller side, but they are filled to the brim with the best deals in the valley, as well as the best product in the valley! Even on a busy Friday I am in and out within 30 minutes or less. If you haven’t been to PARC yet I’d suggest leaving your current dispensary and giving them our business instead! You’ll be glad you did.

  435. jj16361

    Best flower for the price in the valley. Good setup, kind budtenders, awesome location!

  436. kimber0042

    I decided to visit here for my first visit last week. Everyone was professional and knowledgeable. I have chronic pain and the staff was immensely helpful in helping me select the appropriate strain. Prior to coming, I investigated a strain online that I wanted to try however you were out of it but you were able to direct me to another strain that was as effective. Thank you for the clean and professional service.

  437. harnden2

    Came here for my first time and got hooked up! All of the bud smokes great!

  438. phoenix4200

    impressed with the meds they have, nice and frosty. and only 10$ a gram all the way up. great spot to stop at while in Phoenix.

  439. bjthestoner

    last time i came i had a great experience on the way back now for great meds !

  440. brian85008

    Today was my second time coming here and it was great! Everyone was friendly and they had great specials! This dispensary is one of the best in town. Keep up the awesome daily specials!

  441. autcher

    Great staff and awesome point system!

  442. Bmizy

    one of the best places in town I go there all the time

  443. jblepracon

    I was not expecting much when I went here and was blown away. The help and quality of meds was great. I will be going back very soon!

  444. Teejaybaybee

    Loved it

  445. Profhet

    this is a great place to go the Red Dragon was excellent very alert great taste smooth inhale would recommend this place if you are trying to get quality and not spend a lot

  446. 47naut

    PARC was a great experiece. High Quality flower with high quality service. Will recommend.

  447. azilla602

    great herbs edibles and staff … parc be to trees what key be to lock : p

  448. ADP575

    PARC is a top notch medical facility that puts the patient first. The staff is knowledgeable and always willing to help their patients find the right medication for their condition. I will definitely be returning and I would highly recommend PARC to anyone that needs quality medication in a friendly and welcoming environment.

  449. VictorSoto29

    first time i went was pretty awesome, chill vibe and friendly enviroment nice buds

  450. phishsmmertour16

    people are fantastic, products are even better

  451. roxievw

    Wow this place looked totally different on the inside then I thought it would . They were very helpful beings it was my 1st time in .

  452. thefirstmimzy

    this is absolutely my favorite place to pick up my meds. I drive all the way from south Tempe for the best prices and highest quality. it really cannot be beat by anyone.

  453. mjlawler

    I love this place dY~

  454. axander

    best dispensary in town

  455. letty4angel

    great place very helpful staff will recommend new patients wonderful customer service.

  456. Greenhead3

    Great products awesome prices and the staff are very kind and helpful very nice atmosphere..gota see for yourself !

  457. Dubbz420

    Great facility, great prices

  458. Steven4201080

    Awesome Place !!!

  459. smearCase

    I have been to PARC a few times in the last couple of months. There prices/quality of flower and concentrates will keep me coming back. keep up the excellent work PARC!

  460. crazyspartan5

    Absolutely great products, great atmosphere, and awesome customer service.

  461. tonybillard91

    Excellent customer service, superior quality products.

  462. pancho308phx

    good place loved it will be returning

  463. breeanna1218

    very nice staff, clean and chill atmosphere

  464. stevreno

    Good quality, good staff, very convenient !

  465. weechowobbler

    The medicine is good, but update your menu. I drove all the way there, then you say that you are out of that strain. I specifically went there for the Sour Bubble, and you were out. And I am on your site again and you still have not changed it. other than that you guys are great!

  466. jdvannoy

    I love the dry bud and the pricing. I drive out of my way just to come here. I mean, why pay more for high quality meds?

  467. chinkyeyez77

    I love PARC dispensary! The flowers are great and they give EXCELLENT customer service, they always have me in and out in no time!

  468. ahamiltoncpht

    Everything seems top shelf. The employees, the building, the medications, everything. Everything is tested and they have affiliation with az med testing so I dont believe the lies below. That is just slander. go see for yourelf. Sad people will try to slander other businesses like that

  469. jgrossi562

    Everyone here is so awesome!!!! So much info they give you about everything they have. Only thing I wish they did more is the Spin the Wheel wish it was a everyday thing lol

  470. waldo1981

    I think this place is GREAT!!!!! Fast friendly service and superb meds!! Oh yeah unbeatable prices.

  471. bigTaz

    They were out of crumble even though their Leafly page and board in their waiting room said otherwise. Bud tender was flip and told me to come back tomorrow but call first, fat chance. Be prepared to wait a long time. I felt compelled to buy something so I got a gram of flower – it was prepackaged and did not weigh out. The bud is not very potent either… Too many good chloices to waste time and money at PARC!

  472. Lokita

    I never used MJ before not even for recreation but my headaches and stomach issues lead me to trying MMJ. I loved PARC the staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. They are also very professional. I ended up with meds that not only helped my problems but also help me relax. Thank You PARC

  473. Calagg.inc

    Good meds at an even better price…

  474. treezpleez840

    Extremely please with the customer service I just recieved from Brandon over the phone. I have never been to PARC but he just convinced me to try it.

  475. BOMBBUD78

    best place, and good

  476. 8thyistartist

    Amazing experience at PARC. I am a newbie patient and I was so impressed with this place. Nice waiting room & receptionist, great security & lovely meds room. I was helped by Scott, who was so awesome! He REALLY listened to all of my concerns and questions about medicating for pain. I will always ask for Scott when I return. 🙂

    I bought a Trinity BB & got a free pre roll of BB Diesel. The Trinity BB was nice but a little bit dry. The pre roll was a nice freebie, but it was really dried out. It had a date of 10/10/13 on it, so maybe it was just a little too old. Oh well, free is free. 😉

    I will definitely be back though!!! Great place!

  477. Boneznnc

    had a great selection very knowledgeable and friendly staff enjoyed the product very much! coming back for sure!

  478. Mcwoodman

    Good location and mostly good buds. The blueberry haze was not good at all, hence the 4 stars for quality, but the blackberry kush was phenomenal.

  479. zap420mvp

    Awesome meds and staff

  480. Ewoodstl

    Loving the 20 dollar 8ths always have me coming back for specials

  481. Couchlock73

    Hands down one of my favorite dispensaries . Consistent good quality flowers , great price and staff are always nice and friendly and funny . New rewards system makes it even easier and faster for freebies . Definitely will recommend a friend

  482. hoarder

    Amazing location…very relaxing waiting room with great staff. Always get amazing strains and at $10/g cant beat it!

  483. anonm23

    Best dispensary in town hands down. Always a great selection plus excellent quality. Love this place

  484. TooflessWonder

    When I first got my Mmj card, Parc had good cuts. I guess they were buying mids from cali at the time cuz the new stuff has the lung expanding resin but taste like ass and looks like leafy cocoons rather that buds. Greed or whatever, i guess most az potheads just remember the first visit to every dispensary when they judge it. Not me, i stop going when things change for the worse.

  485. Tcma

    Parc is awesome! Been going there for years and they never disappoints!

  486. Eminemfan

    Awesome deals and meds dY”Y=

  487. aGloriousDeath

    PARC is really seperating itself from the rest. Great Meds and the ONLY thing that could make these BudTenders any better, would be less clothes. Jessica is always so sweet and I bet she could rock a bikini.

  488. yungc

    Location is polished and customer service is great all the while remaining high professionalism and knowledge.

  489. crunkstar

    Great deals and fire flower! It is a little busy but counselor with the wait.

  490. thr330h5

    Parc competes with the best, best customer service, and quality buds.

  491. ashesgrrl

    Knowledgeable, welcoming and friendly.

  492. heywoodjablome

    love the mini slabs of wax

  493. MakeMindSincDeyOne

    This is a great location close to ASU & the airport & they always have great & competitive deals.

  494. DMNSeed

    Nice place, helpful people and great prices. Can’t go wrong!

  495. zjbudz

    great staff. and buzz. dY~EUR

  496. izamarie20

    Everyone is super friendly. They get you to the back quickly. Their deals lately are too good to pass up!

  497. rayblair91

    I’ve shopped here everytime I’m in the area and swear it is completely great service everytime, such passionate people and so informative and great quality bud.

  498. 1bytchymom

    the guy at the door was an awesome greeter n offered us water n candy n then inside they have the best customer service

  499. jayholland

    So I was in this morning back from the weekend to get some GDP. (favorite strain btw) I previously got kosher kush, which is the point of me writing this. I still had some kosher and got an 8th of GDP cause, hey. ITS MY FAVORITE. So when the girl grabs the 3 to choose from, she even says the crop yielded more purple buds than normal. GDP or purps in general aren’t always going to be purple, and i know that IM the one who picked what I took home. But when I look at my supposed 8th of GDP why are there nugs lighter than Green Crack or what White Widow would look like? Purps and or GDP Should have dark green to purple buds. I even put the lighter ones (which look more like kosher kush but aren’t.) in 1 grinder and the Darker ones in another. The ground up product looks completely different. they smoke entirely different. Ones harsh and hits lighter while the one that looks like GDP, tastes like grape, smells like GDP hits JUST RIGHT. And fits all characteristics of GDP.

    It’s saddening cause I’ve always said Cannabis is fun when it’s time for fun. But all other times it’s medicine. GDP was a favorite before my diagnoses of MS, but since I’ve found it’s a strain that will ALWAYS work for me.

    And I know not all weed is created equal. But, a Granny Smith apple should taste like A Granny Smith and not a Red Delicious no? A red apple shouldn’t taste like a green apple. If I ask for diet coke, I know the damn difference in taste from diet dr pepper.

  500. whiteboy931

    my new home dispensary. quality meds excellent staff and prices are outstanding

  501. MrTravis

    My favorite ax dispensary quality all around thank you PARC

  502. aorourke

    great mini slabs!

  503. aclark20

    always fast and friendly, and all there bud is the same no tiers which i can appreciate.

  504. sdelzer

    Love this place. Good meds, from what I’ve had so far and good people. Wished I lived closer.

  505. jermhubb82

    always a nice selection of product and staff super friendly!

  506. Mayzingart

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff with great prices.

  507. greenworks420

    Went in for my first visit after calling about their new patient special. I was told over the phone that you get a free gram so I figured I would check it out while I was in the area. The location was fine, inside looked nice and clean. Nothing about the medicine impressed me much, but if I was given a gram to try I might have a different opinion on that. For a new patient special I was given a free pre-roll. I am really not a fan of pre-rolls, I don’t like to smoke them, I prefer to taste my medicine. Sub par experience.

  508. JG410

    hands down best place in town. people are great management even better

  509. jrocket600

    system always goes down. good cart Variety

  510. jordanklaes44

    great people great place

  511. twistedsoul1967

    great bud and great service if you go get their girl scout

  512. itsasecretdude

    My favorite dispensary in the Valley, by far. I work nearby, so I stop by often on my lunch break. The service is always quick, every single employee is both kind and friendly, and it’s the cheapest prices I’ve been able to find ($10/gram across the board). I’ve been to over a dozen dispensaries; PARC is easily my favorite.

  513. BobDix

    Great experience! Friendly staff, as well as convenient location.

  514. bakingcake4200

    Really nice quality flower and very friendly customer service. Prices are also affordable! Definitely recommend checking out PARC!

  515. RipDez


  516. mrlms89

    pretty nice little spot. meds are B quality but priced just right. their cherry pie is decent I make sure to pick some up whenever they got it. would recommend if on a budget

  517. azelliot135

    Best prices hand down. Staff is always awesome. I just wish they were open later.

  518. evelynavila

    I love this location, I always
    recommend this place, great workers, great meds !

  519. sav209

    First dispensary I’ve seen with thc n cbd levels on all strains

  520. boutthembudz

    this location is awesome. I was tired of paying 20 dollar for low quality med and decided to give them a try. after doing so this is now the only place that I will go. the flower is great and not rushed like most places. this is definitely worth giving a try

  521. Gari86

    PARC Dispensary has the best selection medication at the best prices. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and service is prompt. Less than 3 miles away from ASU, this is my favorite dispensary in Tempe.

  522. sallen480

    I enjoy visiting this location mainly because of the quality of their medicine. A lot of the flower they carry you’d find in the premium tier at other dispensaries. Cant beat the prices for the quality. Bud tenders are always upbeat and friendly. Definitely a place worth visiting.

  523. amilync

    at first I was skeptical because of the prices but when I came in the quality was as great as the higher-priced at other locations

  524. ShroyalHighness

    Highest quality flower for the price in the valley. Well worth the drive from Chandler.

  525. dipdnsawse

    I love the location & friendly staff!

  526. effyuoh

    So clean! Very professional. Great quality meds with outstanding quality.

  527. riqzta

    great location

  528. lamant

    Parc is a great dispensary to go to has a great selection of flour, and gives amazing customer service.

  529. lvalenzuela07

    great selection abs great customer service

  530. BigJ808

    my favorite spot they have best prices for top self products

  531. LaDiDaDe

    It was my 1st visit to a dispensary & Lily was very helpful & informative. I am so glad I chose PARC as my 1st one. It is employees like Lily, that will keep customers like myself coming back. Thank you for a pleasant 1st impression.


  532. Bharat1009

    best place the $20 eights are worth the price and also they offer some discount when you reach each 50 oints or so will highly reccomend

  533. 69mynug

    not a very good selection and defenetly more then a 10 min wait for a new patient

  534. Connort11

    Favorite dispo! Great prices on flower and extracts! Love the $20 eighths

  535. RushU

    Great meds, great prices, great location, friendly staff…Can’t ask for more!

  536. Wook4Life

    This place is great i think, im not sure honestly my memory is a little hazy, but that could be a side effect of the fiiiiire meds i was provided with. The bud tender that helped me made sure i got exactly what i was looking for. Rachel i think her name was, cool hair and pendant. Anyways, if this gets reposted a few times im sorry, these meds are just A1

  537. sdcityboy

    I never give 5 stars unless I grew it myself but the meds I picked up are excellent. great service. the budtender was very nice and the donations are the best I have seen in phoenix. I have been to literally hundreds of dispensaries and this is a fine example.

  538. L3egalize

    Went here once and always find myself going back each time. I feel safe coming here and it’s such a cool vibe.

  539. puppeee

    Stopped in yesterday and picked up some Berry og and apple juice. The staff is all very personable yet professional. Their edible selection is top shelf and I’ve never been disappointed with any YiLo product I’ve brought home. The Berry og took care of my nausea and stomach pain as I was assured it would, being a very mild smoke easy on the throat and I can taste the berries!

  540. TtheManns55

    It’s an convient location for me and the staff is great!!!

  541. mlg344

    This location had always had great deals for okay quality dry bud that kept me around. Idk who ownership is now but it’s not the same that made it less appealing aside from lesser quality.

    And from one dispensary agent to another, your corporate office needs to educate the staff on the HIPPA laws. I called in just to ask if I’d been there before so I wouldn’t waste gas since I’m on a BOGO kind of budget. The receptionist directly lied saying it was a violation of HIPPA law to give out patient info. I wasn’t asking for patient info, just to know if I’d been there. Working for a dispensary myself, you can, according to HIPPA, check a patients’ state allotment but only if they are existing in the pos system that has the up to date patient card, expiration, and that they verify their full name and birthday. What an inconvenience and poor knowledge of the industry you’re in when I just wanted to know if I qualified for a deal that would help me more than she tried to. Next time, just verify with your boss because mine has literally had to call the mmj program office to verify HIPPA laws and policies. On top of which she felt the need to pass a message along to my coworker after I decided to not go in, to tell me I’m a big jerk. You guys really have some top notch employees keeping patients from coming at all.

  542. zaeeMoney

    I highly recommend this dispensary to any patient. Parc has sone really good flower at an even better price. The staff is very friendly and down to earth.. I come here all the time, this my main dispensary to shop.

  543. blazzedbeauty420

    I love the options there is, the service is great. Price was the best I have seen . Hands Down Best Dispensary in Phoenix . I Will Keep Returning

  544. jerrajuana

    I’ve only been here once, but can’t wait to go back! I totally loved how comfortable the entire process was. I have and will continue to recommend this place!

  545. Elekjappa

    Love PARC dispensary! I find myself returning here regularly as the meds, location, atmosphere and staff are all fantastic. I like how it’s reasonably priced for a state licensed dispensary as well. Lots of discounts and incentives to come back. This is my new go-to place.

  546. skelefriend

    Seriously one of my favorite dispensaries! The price is great and so is the medicine! 🙂

  547. slambam316

    The employees are always super nice and helpful and the lication is nice!! Got a free shirt last time I was in!! Great place!!

  548. JJones1928

    I love going to PARC. Bud tenders are knowledgeable,friendly,and very helpful. One of my favorite places to get Meds.

  549. mrlewis06

    Leo was amazing, hooked it up for my birthday and first time. I will be visiting again!

  550. RoyalTone

    Great place to go to

  551. Milenko143

    I don’t know what else to say other than I thought I was walking out with a couple of joints and I ended up walking with 2/8 for $20 plus tax WOW!!!!!

  552. kinglizard3

    Potent medicine at a good price. The CBD strain I purchased was a bit dry but okay for my tastes as the flavor and strength made up that deficit. Friendly people, clean environment good medicine..that’s all I need to know.

  553. Demres

    haven’t been in a while but it is one of the best quality in the valley

  554. ParchedDreams

    Great meds @ a great price! Love it!

  555. cristinkerbell

    It’s definitely my go to place for flower! It’s always a great experience. Love the pricing!!

  556. Wafflehouse_420

    I went into parc today and it was great! Answered all my questions, good prices and great atmosphere. Bud tenders were very patient and friendly. The buds were on point! Topshelf indeed! Will be coming back!

  557. dreday602203

    I love parc need to get there

  558. ninjaman

    PARC is one of the top places on my list. The staff is very friendly and more than helpful. The meds are quality and work very well for my chronic pain, and their prices can’t be beat, it’s worth the long drive for me. I do wish that the Leafly menu was updated daily or at least more often, as it is a little far out of the way for me, and would like to know what’s available before going without having to call each time.

  559. Dvelarde

    Not happy my 8th that I purchased on Sunday was filled with premature seeds

  560. Giz440

    Great place with great service. The location is close to everything…

  561. madijane6913

    awesome budtenders and amazing buds!

  562. jeanniegirl

    I think they have the bomb ass music playing when you walk through the door .it made the wait most bearable. but I only waited cuz I was there for the K.I.N.D. BOGO event. plus as a first time patient i got a BOGO 1/8 as well. score score score. only good things to say. great atmosphere, great service, great reading material as well

  563. Jayrod89

    Best prices on the best flowers! The people are cool and friendly, the service was great and if you need help finding the right medication for you, then this is the place to go! PARC is my new “go to” spot when I’m in the area

  564. perpetuallyunkempt

    decent location, really enthusiastic staff when you enter. some appealing strains were available, a few of which unfortunately retained chlorophyll content. it was vexing to be rushed and I didn’t receive any first time perks but that’s marginal.

  565. dabsoul420

    P.A.R.C has a very nice waiting room and a very friendly staff. Also one of the shortest waits of any dispensary I regularly go to, and I live 2 miles away as a bonus. Best weed of any of the places that do all 10 dollar gs in my opinion, I just wish it wasn’t prepackaged because they don’t always have what I want available in grams, and it usually seems to be the better stuff too, but still good weed nonetheless.

  566. Jdnavarro

    very good place to visit good prices and they always have good deals.

  567. Noah1993

    The wait can be iffy depending on the time of the day. But the staff is very chill and informative. Thumbs up dY’dY1/4

  568. Natashawes111

    I keep coming back to Parc because the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, bud is bomb and they always have deals!

  569. brbagirl22

    Good location, clean, friendly staff, cool atmosphere. It’s sometimes hard to find a balance between good quality meds & decent pricing & I believe PARC is one of them! Will continue to purchase from here!

  570. sarahbk17

    I love going here for $10 grams

  571. nixonskush

    Great location. Very clean and safe. The staff was knowledgeable and took their time with me. Will be returning.

  572. trblewlkn

    great meds freindly staff

  573. Christopher23

    Parc has great medicine an great deals i will definately be returning and refurring

  574. jessq

    Best dispensary in town!!!

  575. Arycca

    Clean and organized place with a friendly staff and great meds!

  576. rerick

    I love this dispensary. great meds. great staff. great environment.

  577. cptspaceman

    Was referred to PARC by a longtime friend and am glad I was! Meds are BOMB and staff is relaxed and friendly. Even the big security dude outside was cool and knowledgeable and told me to mention I was a referral so we could both get our freebies. That was nice. Inside the place was beautiful and relaxing, and the music fit the scene. Staff was friendly and engaging, and seemed like they really care about their patients. Some really interesting and exotic strains too, and a good mix of I, S, and hybrids. I will be back many times, and I will refer others too!


  578. MrMo0

    Great prices, service and product! I stop in every time I’m in phoenix!

  579. hadesangel

    great products with great pricing

  580. zerojeremy

    excellent quality… friendly staff… smokes so great I almost forgot to review

  581. Austin2125

    Awesome location and very friendly staff. Close to home. Best point system out there with many great rewards. Plus can’t beat the price.

  582. BruceLeaf

    I receive email campaign newsletter describing special for ounce and first-time patient BOGO 8ths.

    Always call before you go in – ask questions – turns out you can’t get ANY deals or discounts on “Private Reserve” flower.

    I didn’t go in and don’t plan on it. Deceptive advertising says a lot about a business.

  583. anthonylbg

    Nice place great meds nice lay out

  584. jtclay420

    Great medication! I got an eighth of XJ13, a pre roll of blueberry, and the 4 gram sampler platter with XJ13, Jack Herer, Blueberry Diesel, and Kosher Kush. Every single strain is extremely potent. I’d recomend the XJ13. It’s great. Best weed in Arizona!

  585. bole420

    Parc is the best dispensary they are my favorite dispensary they always have bomb kill

  586. Chucky1016

    My Favorite. Staffs are nice. Only one I faithfully go to.

  587. webdiva

    Always helpful and the flower selections are spot on!!

  588. jesus7777

    This is one of best dispensary I’ve been to…great customer service!!
    Great prices and quality meds ! Have recommended to many patients.

  589. hungrylikethewolf

    the best choices in product. quality and prices topped off with an amazing staff with outstanding customer service. I drive out of my way to visit PARC, have been to most places inbl the valley and nothing quite compares to the all around quality at PARC.

  590. Rojo1995

    Their weed helps me sleep and the atmosphere is great

  591. ChefJonnyblaze

    This place is awesome, every time I have come here they are quick to get me in, they always have a great selection of Meds of all different kinds. I definitely recommend to anyone who hasn’t been.

  592. MeepleMeister

    Quality Location and Service

  593. kataytay32

    This location is one of my favorites, the bud tenders are very insighful and friendly and their bud is amazing quality a~oi, I recommend to everyone !!

  594. mr713

    Always good for the potent flower at Parc. wish they had deals on timeless.dY’dY3/4

  595. GrandMastaGloop

    Great people, great meds

  596. Alieyah420

    Like this set up and people and meds

  597. Jonjones1923

    Friendly staff very helpful

  598. ccoleman15

    my name is Courtney Coleman and I visited this clinic 1 time and I will never be going anywhere else. this clinic is going to be 1 of the best AZ has to offer. California quality right here

  599. vicki.pettet

    I love your store. Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful. I love the variety you carry at all times, and your sales can’t be beat.

  600. treeday

    its all good

  601. Husker48843

    The customer service is A+. Strongly recommend this place. Staff is awesome.

  602. rayphx

    Very good meds at very good price A++ will be my default from now on

  603. AZindica

    This place is the best. I have been to several places around the Valley and this is easily my favorite. Quick wait times. Friendly staff. Cheap meds and the best quality. Keep that Indica coming.

  604. careebaer

    I love parc, it’s my favorite dispensary I visit all the time. Such and nice friendly staff

  605. freddy9698

    Love the service and the flowers

  606. dp702000

    I had not been in for several months due to a unfavorable visit of which I kept to myself; however, I tried again because of the crumble special and the service and product were both top quality. I wish I could always get this quality of crumble for such and amazing price. Good job PARC!

  607. frank2231

    I would like to say, if the members give PCRC strong support it will expand. Excellent meds, excellent price.

    Member # P71

  608. dillontimboe

    Best in AZ

  609. abdigunz

    Great selection and awesome deals!

  610. amontano23

    Great service good buds remonend if in the area

  611. jitsusoldier

    great professional place and great meds

  612. shell0422

    GREAT service and prices!

  613. RMaese

    great display

  614. Buckeyenana

    Really cool place with super friendly people. Product is superior quality. And dog friendlydY~EUR

  615. Poohman1218

    Great strains for great prices

  616. Beastboy24

    Very nice location with an extremely friendly staff. The guy helping me suggested Rolls Choice and Sour Tangerine. They had a no-go special so I got two 1/8 for the price of one. The staff is very helpful and the facility was clean and we’ll taken care of. Definitely coming back and recommending them to friends.

  617. p0l0130

    This is by far my favorite dispensary in the valley great prices and great service!

  618. jboo1300

    The sharks breath was dope

  619. NewUser16

    PARC never fails to deliver. Every strain same price 10/g can’t beat it. Flowers are high in THC which I love and there’s also CBD strains for when I need them. Love this dispensary it blows every other one away!

  620. BlackJohnson

    Great place with great staff. I think good quality weed is sold here. I like coming back for that fire

  621. djtati45

    its pretty cool and from what i seen always friendly

  622. LuGottiTheGod7ave


  623. Leo14

    Awesome Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff that will Answer any Questions U might have on all their Top Shelf Quality Strains..

  624. smgoff

    I love this place. Wednesday’s they have some really cool specials. They also have a rewards program and discounts for Veterans!!! The bud comes prepackaged 🙁 but u get to choose from a few packages. They generally carry mostly indicas because of the pain relief it is known to have on patients. Check them out, u may like them as much as I do.

  625. Nicole420J

    Easy to get in and park, security guards are cool. Atmosphere and staff are exceptional, especially for my awkward self. Usually in and out and you rack up points quickly. Good deals throughout the week, open early which is awesome and most importantly, the product is good, you get to what you pay for (so far every top shelf strain I’ve tried has been great) amongst tons of other little things I’ve yet to try. Definitely my go to dispensary.

  626. DymondStudded

    Quality flowers

  627. RiceBoyFresh

    Staff is nice & friendly! Great strains at a good price!

  628. xotomc

    Great knowledgeable staffdY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2

  629. Feine

    The prices are some of the best and The medicine is always really good quality, but the staff is what makes the place great. They’re super knowledge and extremely friendly. It’s like talking to your friends, except you give them money. But Idk your life, you might do that already.

  630. hapa09

    I love Parc it’s my go to dispensary

  631. phxwildflower

    Amazing customer service great prices potent meds!

  632. edrifter

    Nice place, convenient location, friendly staff.

    I have only been there twice so far and already PARC is looking like it will be my goto place for marijuana meds.

    They also have nice deals that really help stretch your budget and their standard prices are very reasonable by any account.

    I give this place 5 stars across the board.

  633. eecrounse145023

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff, clean. Good selection and great prices

  634. msarmieloera

    Awesome dispensary great buds!!! Aj killer service great herbal recommendations!!!

  635. undercoverjesus

    Parc is a nice establishment. All the staff members are great, the selection is pretty varied, and everything is fairly priced. One of the better places I’ve visited.

  636. bazookaclown

    the Bud was excellent when I went into here my first time. it’s just a little far for me. besides that it’s supurb

  637. Marisa_Artista

    Flowers are on point. Packaging is awesome, you can clearly see what you are picking out. Great pricing, discounts, specials AND incentive programs. Security creates a safe environment, which I appreciate.

  638. 0dogg

    awesome buds and the best service!

  639. thalorenzone

    knowledgeable staff recommendations are pretty when you’re not sure what to get

  640. garyunderwood86

    Fantastic!!! Great strains, Lots of edibles, Awesome environment and all around dedicated and passionate team! Jordanne was my bud tender and she was great as well! Thanks again and i will be back SOON!!!!

  641. mommabooshay

    I love it here. I’ve tried several dispensaries, but I’ve stuck with PARC because their prices are great, the strain selection is awesome and the staff is the best. always pleasant, informative and friendly. I love PARC!!!! dY’oe

  642. lancer2020

    Very convenient location right by work awesome. Great atmosphere nice pricing tons of selections.

  643. spalover

    Everytime I come here you outdo yourselves! The crumble is amazing!! Great budtenders who always smile.

  644. Balin31

    Great first time visit, friendly and knowledgable staff. Clean and fast service, awesome product. Would definitely come back and I recommend to a friend.

  645. jdblends87

    great place!!!!def coming back!!!

  646. Luna1177

    This is my absolute favorite dispensary thus far! I have been to other dispensaries all over Tempe and Chandler and this is the only one that has had the most consistent product. They always have new strains which is fun so you don’t get stuck in trying the same thing. Everything has been amazing but get it while you can some strains come and go quick but are beyond worth it. Definitely recommend this place to anyone!

  647. purplepalmtrees10

    Awesome bud at a great price! My budtender was Leo, he was pretty awesome! 🙂

  648. THCLATE421

    Best spot!!! Check them out!!

  649. ashmarley420

    the shatter here is amazing doesn’t get better than this place and they normally have great bud!

  650. esvela

    Staff is always generous great deals and my best choice for flowers

  651. jele2432

    excellent service and the best concentrates.

  652. velociwreckher

    Great customer service, bud tender was super nice and knowledgeable. Def will be coming back

  653. BarberJR

    afgoo is like Tatiana and green crushA’s like Taylor too diff but both r fkn bomb!!.. hot chicks and good strains, thats all i mean 🙂

  654. KingBishop

    Great Meds for the best donation price. They have friendly people there and service. Will be a regular for sure.

  655. dejazmath246

    I live downtown phoenix, it was worth the trip, the staff know their meds: as a result I feel healthier. JOHN,E

  656. pakalolo85

    staff! quality of flower! And point system is amazing! I stop by at least 4x a week…. Sunday Goods provides them with some real bomb shit! the pre rolls are also Sunday goods…. Trust me guys. next time you shop here you have to ask the budtender to point out the Sunday good pre rolls…. In house pre rolls are .7 sunday good pre rolls are full gram…. SAME PRICE… most days they have them on sale 2 for $10…. Enjoy dY$?tm

  657. keontael27

    I love the flower here, and the staff are very helpful and friendly!

  658. maiden555

    I’m writing this review because I plan on going here for lunch tomorrow and they said I’d get a free pre roll for writing this.

    And really good quality top shelf meds for really good prices for AZ.

  659. ibakedeskimo

    The meds were on point. The patient advisor who helped me was less than helpful. I was blamed for ruining that person’s day and treated like I don’t know how to do basic mathematics. The meds are always on point but the service has gone down hill!

  660. Kyler91

    Bomb tree for a good price

  661. joeex21

    Not bad.. flower quality is consistent with a few other dispensaries nearby. However my concern is each package of flower was underweighed. If it were 3.47+ i wouldnt care. But 3.4 on 2 eighths and .9 on a gram? Free gram at that but still all underweighe. I feel like I’m buying from a sketchy weed dealer who packs light to make more money. And the bud is extremely moist so all the moisture is not left the bud! So more lost weight. Should have just smoked my own meds rather than try out a new spot. And the smell of the cookies is not very appealing to me. Oh well, live and learn!


    I was a regular customer. Constantly got sweated for my I’d from security guards to front seat clerks to the back that’s too many times I have to pull my I’d out. To top it off I went in Friday before closing it was a full house so they came an got a few patients so I waited & waited all just to be told their system is down and I couldn’t get my medicine instead of informing me when I arrived and I couldn’t even make it to any other dispensary so that meant all pain & no sleep for me. I advise you to go anywhere else other than parc it’s obvious they don’t care about their patients.

  663. gghart

    great prices great quality, great service

  664. sosw33tbutterfly

    I love it

  665. meilahn0404

    love parc

  666. irishjosh420

    Thank you guys. Top notch meds. Keep the assortment deal going. Best low price deal in the valley. Pain mgmt is tuff and finding the right meds is difficult unless you get a variety. The GDP is the best ive seen in a year at least. Thanks PARC.

  667. flywithcy

    Such good deals and products dY~dY’- bud tenders are curteous. Will def recommend to other patients

  668. dnimful

    Awesome dispensary, great flower friendly employees,

  669. bashes

    Very friendly people, they always make me feel welcomed and the quality & price are amazing!!!!

  670. sohood2020

    great place to buy your meds dude i hate that i live so far.

  671. lutontownfc

    just love this place cheap meds right near my house too want more can i ask fir

  672. bandit42nd


  673. madswed247

    great lovin the location, the people an d service

  674. tnimmons88

    very good strains just get in before rush hour lol but even then the quality is worth the wait….definitely one of my favorites an close to my jobdY’

  675. pacone79

    Very cool dispensary budtenders know their products!.good prices and good medication.

  676. Garkicks

    First time patient and.the environment is amazing very friendly and helpful as well

  677. twrekz

    The people who work there are friendly and really helpful. They seem to know what they’re talking about.

  678. liftinbig03

    Great staff and great products, Would recommend to anyone!

  679. reviewmaster

    The buds are ok for the price. The bud tender was very knowledgeable which is a rarity. The only problem was that I was shorted some flower. If you say I’m paying for “x” then I should get “x”, not “z”

  680. Brian_85008

    I had a bad experience with your over worked and very tired bud tender Jared. Yesterday.Your point system rules are stupid. I earned the points I should be able to use them when I’m broke with no money and need some meds. I’ve been a patient here for over 3 years and I honestly don’t plan on ever coming back to parc. I’ve forsure seen this place go down hill in the last 6 months or so .

  681. OG.boobyray

    delicous $10 grams and friendly quick service

  682. jmardmnd25

    The local joint has great quality service with friendliness once you enter and awesome at customer service, love the flower, and keep up the fantastic work. This is my go to shop for flower and all.

  683. eliolivsz

    They have great meds good prices and the staff is very helpful and nice

  684. Jessicared420

    love this place . They always have a great selections.

  685. marty122

    This dispensary is classy looking. The people are extremely helpful. My problem is that when medicating the first of the 3 grams of S Diesel I purchased, there was no effect whatsoever. I tested it and it turned out to be very low in THC. When I informed the dispensary of my displeasure (politely), I was informed that they don’t accept returns and after a few phone calls they agreed to exchange the remaining 2 grams. A truly professional dispensary would have at least apologized and offered me something for my displeasure after 50 miles of driving and now possessing only 2 grams for the price of 3.

  686. jesuschavez382

    Great service very happy with my first visit here!

  687. Gizmogly

    My new favorite place for meds! Friendly, professional atmosphere with very nice staff. Quality for price is excellent.

  688. azguy240

    I enjoy going to all the dispensaries around the valley and this one would be lower on my list. The atmosphere was more, run down dental office, than high end dispensary. I like having an exciting experience and this made me unexcited or interested in returning; in addition the staff was too motivated to make me a return costumer that it sacrificed the experience. I felt like they thought I was an idiot, explaining what sativa and indica strains were, as if I just started smoking.

    However, their quality of product was excellent. This is one of the few dispensaries with a large selection of high end vaporizers and gadgets you just can’t get anywhere. Will definitely be back to check out other products but not necessarily because I want too, but because they are simply the only ones that offer it.

  689. Frankey831

    Quality flower, good staff….. Will definitely be back

  690. countryazhell

    Good weed, koo prices, their 420 event was awesome!

  691. spikey55

    Been buying there lately & liked all. Last visit the Tri Harvest cartridge was introduced to me. They are very difficult to draw on & used different batteries that work with my Timeless cartridges. Just called in & asked go talk to someone about it. Girl who answered said she could discuss. She was of no help & offered nothing. Look at how much Ii, have spent there since my first visit. Guess biz is too good (wait awhile in lobby when visit but ok) for you go care. Won’t be back. Larry Hyde

  692. Fonzoh

    Staff is super chill and helpful. Always suggestive of products inventory updates constantly. My main stop to go for my medicine

  693. JoshuaB93

    really enjoy this location, the meds are very good quality. I drive all the way from Gilbert to come here. would definitely recommend this to a friend!

  694. fleaswithknives

    Very professional and friendly.

  695. mannyr880812

    I DO NOT give good reviews for freebies. I call it as I see/smoke it. This place does have great buds. One of the girls got an attitude when I said I will only give a good review if the product is good. Don’t worry, I’m giving a good review. Bubba Tahoe is very good.

  696. brooklyn55

    one of the top in phx great place great people great meds.

  697. dtrain60

    Great location by my house, good atmosphere, definitely coming back!

  698. kripler68

    This place is the cleanest and friendliest I have been to in Az.

    I would definitely recommend to anyone who likes good meds and quality people.

  699. melo518

    great bud for great prices. Ended up getting a great deal on a quarter with some free goodies as well. the girls we’re knowledgeable and helpful, will definitely be back! 🙂

  700. Rajraj21

    This is my favorite place, Ii, work near by. Friendly staff, great deal and pretty good bud. Ii, can usually handle my business during my lunch break!

  701. ForeverLitty420

    This place rocks !!! Buds are always legit

  702. corycalhoun344

    Good price, Good Tenders, Good quality…… Recommend too anyone…..:)

  703. mikedaking91

    Definitely the cleanest dispensary I’ve been to. And some really boomb meds!!

  704. Blaze14meAtl

    Their staff is very friendly

  705. skymall72

    I went for the first time the other day and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of bud and customer service for the prices, I definitely plan on going again

  706. Mdc8me

    Nice Atmosphere, freeway friendly. Good meds. Awesome online ordering system.

  707. skip9391

    great place to get your meds at only down side is most times there busy which is a good thing but the wait man other than that great place

  708. DesertDre

    I love their timeless vapes shatter pens. They’re the most potent vape cartridges I’ve found.

  709. Spart4n420

    My first visit at PARC was my first to a dispensary ever, and damn was it great. They were really nice and helpful and I got a great black friday discount. When I went back they had a special where I got some free pre rolls, and the bud is definitely great, especially for the prices and specials they run. It’s not cannabis cup level, but just below for sure. Definitely going to keep them in mind and frequent PARC for my medicine.

  710. dlsturbd4llfe

    staff is fasrlt and friendly i appriciated it so much i came back 2x in one day!

  711. TongueTiedTattooed

    I bought a pack of Bubba Kush Dutchies on my last visit. Absolutely perfect for an after work wind down! Great place to find new and unique products!

  712. JmL

    Nice building, nice staff, just poor meds. quality is subpar compared to other places Ive been to.

  713. Scorpiojaeg

    Awesome location and meds!

  714. mrwills

    It’s been remodeled so it looks way different. More organized, and I love it!

  715. tparker11

    I love this place! The people are great and the deals are always amazing

  716. MaddyKai

    i used to love this place but ever since the beginning of May, every single time i picked up from parc my flower had SEEDS in it, & it disappointed me cause ” medical” flowers should definitely never have seeds expecially a dispensary getting voted to be #1 in phx…

  717. Saleen281

    my first dispensery experience and it was awesome. knowledgeable staff and great atmosphere.

  718. noniiddeen

    Parc is awesome place

  719. tums559

    They’re really nice people there and the prices are always good

  720. perspective4u

    They really have quality strains and the best edibles in town.

  721. CannabisCuresEverything

    Not the best dispensary I’ve been too but it definitely is worth checking out!! Medication was pretty good for the price and the staff is friendly 🙂

  722. EdwinJames

    Nice establishment, courteous budtenders, good suggested donations on prerolls (perfectly fine with them being slightly smaller) and the chocolate haze is delightful. All good things

  723. jacobch480

    This place is really cool, it has a nice chill environment, and the staff is all around great. Lily was
    my budtender and she was awesome. I definitely will be back

  724. sundevil4326

    I drive 30 miles to get here and pass many shops on the way simply the best

  725. diverrandy53

    clean peaceful service strains priciest are good affordable

  726. MattStevens

    Personally, PARC was a little shady.
    My experience was hindered because the staff was young.
    Not the most professional staff I’ve ever seen..
    Over-priced flowers and sketchy edibles.
    This place should seriously consider new help.
    -Matthew S

    **god bless**

  727. Jaydukes87

    Great strains and great customer service!!

  728. applejuicekush

    PARC has consistently gone above and beyond to help me choose the best meds for my condition. The excellent customer service and attention to customer satisfaction will keep me coming back for a long time. Thank you PARC!

  729. 420Demon

    love this place and flower is super good can’t wait to come back agin

  730. ayousif33

    I love this place! Only been there a couple of times and everyone is super nice! Will definitely be a regular!

  731. macgabe

    the best one so far

  732. Guy55aaron

    It’s A1!!!!

  733. AceVking

    usually pretty quick svc great deals.

  734. Sheresse

    love the deals and flowers

  735. Stalofab

    I went in there as a first-time patient thinking like any other store top shelf buy one get one free not this place.. If your first time patient spend your money somewhere else

  736. pcapitan

    Excellent products and customer service, I highly recommended this place!

  737. Bill

    This place is amazing. The employees truly care about their patients and that type of personal care SHOULD be the standard in the MMJ industry…

  738. bryguy111

    great deals and location. staff is very friendly 🙂

  739. izzygilbert

    Awesome will be back!

  740. Jrod21

    First time to this little cannapharm. I have to say they have the best prices out of any dispensary I’ve been to in the valley. The quality of flower was lacking but I found a couple of good strains that I went with. The budtender Leo was amazing. He checked on something for me not regarding my purchase with no questions asked, was knowledgable and friendly as well. Thanks Leo! I’ll be back soon. Bangarang! PS that Italian girl was unreal! 🙂

  741. Tomasa420

    I love the flower, always the best!
    Also best budtenders!!!

  742. Conbon757

    I think it has great quality flower for great prices and the staff is super duper friendly 🙂

  743. Hotswiss2

    This location is great! The medication is supreme.

  744. smmrshn

    I love this place. Very helpful bud tenders and quality product for unbelievable prices!!

  745. Emari3

    It was great actually ..I know I’ll be back especially with their great prices !!!

  746. og3trill

    I LOVE this dispensary! Their flower is always on point, and their prices are as good as it gets. You will not be disappointed! Thank you Parc

  747. DallasWutscrackinaz

    They’re your friendly neighborhood dispensary. Guest service is great and if you’re not cheap and purchase from their premium shelf, then there shouldn’t be a problem with quality. Step your game up if you don’t like the quality. 5stars

  748. iamgster

    I have been coming to Parc now for over three months and it is my go to place. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Their rewards program is one of the best out there.

  749. kaylapineapples13

    was very lovely & trees are superb along with great prices!

  750. cowardlylion


  751. yuthanachan89

    The flower are amazing!

  752. Kbandin83

    Arizona organix shatter for $20 a half gramdY~,dY~, just drive to azo and buy a whole gram for $18 that mark up is ridiculous

  753. neo03

    great service, excellent specials and awesome prices! !

  754. jessica42069

    Great place for meds…. great staff….will be comming here more often,

  755. dagrayvis

    awesone shop! nice selection, good service

  756. PestyDesperado

    Great service. Great selection.

  757. 7250rlc

    I will start by saying that I have been coming here since October of last year and was very happy with the product and service. Within the last few months owners and some personnel changes have been made along with the entire structure of the company in regards to marketing, product and pricing. It is the few people left that I even give 3 stars for atmosphere. It used to be a place where it felt like family when you walked in and the price was 10 dollars across the board since this IS MEDICINE right????. Well, that has changed. They tier the prices tempting you to think you need to pay more for better and honestly, it isn’t great at all and I speak from experience. The THC content bragged about isn’t evenmature thus the testing methods are skewing the results anyways and giving substandard medicine half the time. I’ve gotten wet flower with harvest days only days old which is not good as flower needs to be cured to be really effective. In addition, I have had 4 grams where I found seeds in the flower so I know the medicine is not always up to par and compromised in the growing process. My most recent visit and the straw that broke the camels back is as follows: I attempted to apply points only for flower until I was paid Friday. Something that was always acceptable and in fact they had prided themselves on having available if in a pinch. I was told the policy has changed and they wanted to force me to spend 10 dollars I did not have with me in order to apply any points. I will say I was embarrassed and absolutely mortified that this facility has gotten to this point. In sum I will say this, what used to be a pleasurable experience with little wait time has become a lengthy wait to remind me that they are now part of the corrupt system people so rightfully despise and are drinking the corporate kool-aid. I will go back with my 10 dollars plus tax, use the last of the points I have and say fair well to this dispensary and give my business elsewhere.

  758. Goadams11

    The staff is very friendly. They always have a big selection of buds. the prices are great! best bang for your buck in town!

  759. gpayne42

    one of the best in the area with prices and quality

  760. VicHern78

    my first visit at PARC was fun. I really enjoy the atmosphere and the employees seem to know their products very well.

  761. HighFromBedStuy

    the location is great, nice step up and good flower!

  762. mscottpackey

    great place, very comfortable.

  763. cliquekaila

    The staff is incredibly friendly, the prices are great, and the wait is very little. I definitely like this dispensary!

  764. dlatkins

    Good prices and trees

  765. zackgramza

    Awesome place great budtenders

  766. PricklyPear

    Nice atmosphere, well lit, and excellent prices! First purchase went smoothly and the flowers are high quality.

  767. Lavarm

    Great people and prices

  768. Booger420

    I liked the atmosphere prices were good really nice people

  769. hotmamas420

    I love it ! the staff is always so kind and helpful

  770. mrsdivall

    It’s not close to me but offers items I LOVE that no one else has.. love it

  771. zmarsh

    This place is super friendly and definitely worth checking out. Good quality for the price. @ $10 a G, I have no complaints. One of my favorite dispensaries I’ve checked out!

  772. Bwilliams95

    This dispensary is one of my absolute favorites. The staff is awesome and the products are always solid.

  773. EjFelix

    Great meds great people

  774. Alliessia

    Wow everyone is so nice, the place is nice and clean and their are so many different flowers to choose from it took me almost 20mins to choose a 8th! lol. If you haven’t been you must go to Parc! See ya there

  775. FrankieB

    Great location and staff, really liked the comfortable atmosphere. The prices are some of the best I’ve seen and I really liked the shatter they had! I’ll be back for sure!

  776. Brandon0308

    Recent changes to inventory, pricing, and discounts are amongst the reason PARC has lost me as a customer. A Rewards program with a list of stipulations a mile long, comparable pricing for sub-par flower, and above average pricing on everything but the $20 eigths. Only thing that made it worth he trip was the $70 BYO slabs; in which they DISCONTINUED. I will not be returning and will be making my way up the road. Thanks.

  777. jetdoc1

    I’ve had a GREAT experience everyone I’ve been here. Meds are definitely comparable to that which is available at other dispensaries. However, they understand their pricing. You get a bigger discount the more you buy as it should be. They’ve done their best to keep prices down as there’s only ONE other dispensary in the ballpark of their pricing, but they’re out in El Mirage and that makes them “GUD”! (Geographically Undesirable) :-D. I’ll shop here again definitely!

  778. bloodybonnifer

    super safe, easy and fast. greated by a wonderful security guard, then a nice pair behind the counter. once I went to the back to choose through the medications I had plenty of information in view for a fast expirence. she also recommended the edibles which I will be back for!

  779. reignofdubs

    The staff is always friendly and helpful, would like to see more jack strains, prices are great, thanks parc for being close and keeping me medicated.

  780. Kimsnyder1019

    can’t wait to try this place out since the place has changed it’s name prices look great and the products look great.

  781. Drewarmenta

    Great meds! Very friendly staff that is knowledgeable as well. Edibles are on point as well. The three levels of potency is nice, the reds can be pretty strong so I recommend taking half at a time. Instant regular

  782. 1ronman

    Wonderful experience, professional staff, great meds ,I suggest this place for newbies and veterans

  783. harmnizzle

    The grape ape was the best but good quality stuff great staff

  784. Leflertfm

    Exceptional service! Great prices!

  785. Thightower34

    My bad for taking the free pre-roll bait. You get what you paid for.

  786. greg1

    my first visit was outstanding.
    staff was very informative and the meds is by far the best I’ve had n Arizona. I’ll definitely be Makin the 4 5mns drive asap

  787. Etchavez

    Love the flower and location! Great staff

  788. racevo20

    Great people and even better tree! Would recommend to everyone!

  789. slavevioletjewelry

    Great place, great service. My new favorite dispensary.

  790. shadedxdreams

    I recently referred my friend over due to your great customer service and products. We had a great experience and Nancy the general manager went out of her way to clear a small misunderstanding and gave a great example of how to treat your patients. Thanks again for everything! The Trinity Blueberry was amazing!

  791. MyLeafyLogin

    I loved it! Was small and very comfortable. Like a family and all smiling. I learned about crushers & the power of Kief (SP?). I look forward to making the my “go to” dispensary even if it’s out of my way.

  792. MELKS

    The Local Joint Is The Best Place To Go!

  793. MrDrMatos

    Felt like a super safe and secure environment, friendly faces and attitudes, excellent quality medicine and awesome prices 🙂 definitely a new favorite!