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1613 N 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008


33.4662834, -111.9952308




9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Conveniently located off of the 202 and 40th St in Phoenix, close to Sky Harbor Airport…we promise to impress and exceed your dispensary expectations every time you visit us. Our Nationally-known dispensary offers one of the cleanest, friendliest, highest-quality cannabis retail experiences you will ever enjoy. From our outstanding OG’s and sweet, juicy TruMed Blue Dream, to our wide-range of edibles and infused products, you will always find what you are looking for at TruMed.

Check out our specials and come and see for yourself why we get 5 star reviews. We are excited to give our patients the best quality medicine and friendliest service around– at some of the best prices in Phoenix! TruMed is your dispensary: reinvented.


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4,672 reviews for “tru|med

  1. since08

    Best dispensary in the valley! Great selection of OG’s would recommend Tru Med to anyone looking for top notch meds. Plus the staff is hella cool an very helpful. Shout out to Tru Med!!

  2. lolpuffpuff

    i absolutely love this place
    people are friendly and so knowledgeable…there also pet friendly my gunnars luvs to go with me he knows the name from around house and friends it’s funny anyways please try this place the buds are the best of the best you can not go wrong here!!!!

  3. cgeee54

    I really enjoyed the flower. Very nice quality and affordable prices. The shop was quick and my bud tender was knowledgeable.

  4. dustinlee89

    Great place, the quality is top of the line and service was awesome. I will be making the drive to get there instead of where I go more local to me.

  5. trinityvista

    The wait is never long enough to be considered waiting and the quality and variety of the product offerings is top notch.

  6. Ethann22

    Really convenient and always has respectful staff willing to help you with anything you’re looking for. Top quality meds from a great looking dispensary inside and out. Prices are worth it especially with how many deals go ondY’OEdY1/4

  7. DragonbornB52

    Organized, informative, friendly and good prices.

  8. WestEndDaylin

    Extremely professional.

  9. Azlatino520

    This is a ggod place to go in East phx for top shelf strains. Ashley was very helpful in answering any questions I had. She made my visit with useful information for thc products.

  10. Djdigeno

    beware if you go to Tru Med and don’t have an Express order every bud tender they have will take an Express order before they take a walk in. so you better hope no Express orders come in while you’re waiting or you might be waiting a while. I never been to a dispensary that does not have a designated Express order pick-up.

  11. cman0652


  12. tbonix

    love tru med! best wax and edibles

  13. gia.heller.5

    Tru|med, if you were a man, I would marry you.


  14. rwe23

    My go to dispensary in town. The flower is always on point and the bud tenders are always friendly and helpful.

  15. kaywrig

    Amazing ! Fast service. Great quality

  16. benpollard

    Lilly was really awesome with helping me out, especially on my first visit. Flower was top quality of course and I loved my free pre roll!! Would highly reccomend, and will definetly visit again

  17. MzCTRL

    Nice atmosphere, great selection of products on offer and available. Quick and efficient check in process and associate was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I will definitely be going back they made my first experience a good one.

  18. perpetuallyunkempt

    thanks to tru|med ive been able to maintain a level of functionality and wellness that I had once thought lost in other treatment options.

  19. TeilaArtz

    First time here as a first time patient and it was hands down one of the best dispensaries I have been to yet! Clean, organized, good service, and a wide variety of strains. Scored some killer flash sale and first time patients deals on some fire flower 1/8ths. Defiantly will be making a trip back here! a~oi,

  20. drtasty420

    we all know the free pre roll reviews to be completely honest their product overpriced. only good for the first time patient special and they won’t stop texting you ever! plenty of cheaper competition with better quality

  21. McK1987

    this is by far the best despensary in the valley… if your looking for great flowers, Tru|meds is the best place to search.

  22. hilarypuffff

    Tru med is one of my favorites! My experience there is always amazing and the flower and concentrates are A1. Some of the best in the valley in my opinion


    One of my favorite places to go if you happen to get Madison as your patient consultant you will be pleased

  24. yotefan101

    They were the best.Friendly informitive,caring.Helped us understand everything there was to know.Great products.

  25. lemonhead92

    i love the location, staff and products! one of my favorites!

  26. LukasBiltmore

    great location!! always has the MOST strains and the BEST set up ever! their Blue Dream and bio shock there are off the chain! conveniently located off the 202 in east phoenix as well. thanks guys!

  27. thirdeyemind

    Love it at Tru Med! Staff is friendly and knowledgeable every time, medication is ALWAYS on point, and they always are running bomb specials that make prices low as well.

  28. Pooledog

    I felt right at home good service and flowers. The cop at the door was weird but he made my wife feel safe.. all in all good place

  29. wubattle23

    tru med rocks is how I some it up. good flower, knowledgeable staff, awesome ambiance. all these things keep me coming back. would live to work there because those are the kinda of people I can work with. keep up the good work, see ya on 420dY~dY~

  30. LordSquatch

    it was my first time as a patient here and it went extremely well. The staff was knowlegable and very friendly, they got me my meds quickly and efficiently which was awesome! The buds and concentrates both were top quality and very potent, will come back and recommend to fellow patients!

  31. TomC95

    Great staff, and flowers.

  32. Layne365

    My favorite dispensery by far. everytime I go somewhere else I regret it and wished I would have spent another 20 to 30 bucks for trumed. It really sucks buying meds and not enjoying them cause they taste so bad. After experiencing trumed its hard to go back anyhwere else.

  33. jgard250


  34. sarahmrx

    It was quick and staff was super friendly…

  35. Hershsheridan

    Favorite dispensary. Purchased a 4 gram sampler, got a free gram, purchased two half grams of ‘the clear’ and a half gram of jilly bean shatter. All top notch, incredible bud.

  36. marklemon

    yesterday I stopped in for the 1st time and picked up a gr. of the sour that’s on special. the meds were top shelf, the staff was very helpful. I think it was Scott that helped me and he was friendly and very knowledgable,and even threw in a free pre-roll. I will recommend tru|med to anyone looking for a top notch dispensary

  37. justdouja

    Great products!!

  38. moosey2213

    great place, great people defiently one of my top favorites

  39. barela

    Very knowledgeable on there products:)

  40. markied

    Surly front desk!!! Demanded new information even through card was current and had purchased there last week. Definitely NOT WORTH the hassle! The other dispensaries are far more welcoming. Avoid.

  41. Cookiesman

    TruMed is hands down my favorite dispensary in Arizona. My friends and closest confidants agree it’s the best.
    Location: Conveniently located off the 10 Freeway, adequate signage, and ample parking (I have yet to not find a parking space upon my many visits). In addition, they have a security guard posted outside the main entrance who checks ID’s and monitors the parking lot. Very well thought out and gives us peace of mind while visiting.
    The design of the shop is simple and elegant; always appears clean. I especially enjoy the design of the waiting room wall as it often reminds of how perfect it would be for American Ninja Warrior training. Fans of the show/competition likely share a similar sentiment, but I digress.
    Staff: These guys/gals are great! They’re enthusiastic, professional, and well versed in their products and services. Very personable team who all appear to share a passion for quality cannabis. They always seem to be on point and content which leads me to believe TruMed not only takes care of their clientele, but their employees as well. This gives me added comfort in choosing to do business with Trumed almost exclusively. Shout out to the rockin’ staff and tons of respect to the owners for your apparent professionalism and class. True leaders in the industry.
    Product Quality: You can always count on TruMed to carry among the most exclusive, effective, and overall highest quality cannabis available. Judging from their menu, it’s evident they’ve built solid relationships with seasoned, professional growers. The strains are quite reminiscent of the quality and types that Southern California, more specifically Los Angeles and San Diego establishments have offered historically and very successfully I might add. Strains such as Sour Diesel, Sour OG, Skywalker OG, SFV OG are sure to capture the attention of self-proclaimed aEURoecannasaeursaEUR and the newly introduced alike. Not to mention Tokyo OG, the origins of which may be highly debated. Some say the strain has yet to make it out of Southern California, more specifically Ocean Beach, but who knows reallyaEUR|.seriously though who knows?
    Not only are the strains carefully chosen, but they’re procured by true professionals. It’s striking how many establishments around the valley offer product not properly flushed, fortunately this is not the case with Trumed. Their cannabis routinely burns down to smooth white ash in my bowl, with a clean flavor and smooth expansion. It’s something I’ve grown to count on from TruMed. The terpenes/fragrances along with the potency are almost always brought to their fullest potential.
    In all fairness, I’ve experienced some minor inconsistencies as of late that I attribute to aEUR~growing pains’ (no pun intended) within the likely rapidly expanding enterprise. These consist of finding numerous premature seeds (less than 10 overall) and a few (2-3) mature seeds in some of my purchases. The mature seeds are a blessing in my opinion, but that is a matter of perspective. In addition, it is my belief that a few strains may been harvested prematurely. One strain in particular this harvest/last purchase was Tru OG. Just looking at the bag, there is a clear difference between previous harvests. The buds have a very close trim, less robust than usual and the scent is just a little off upon opening it at home. The faint hint of fertilizer/nutrients strikes my nostrils, followed by the plant’s natural terpenes/fragrances. Most of my bowl did eventually burn down to greyish, white ash, but it wasn’t as smooth as usual. A lot of the bowl burned black throughout. I experienced a slight head rush upon exhale and immediately recognized the smell/taste/effect of stored nitrogen/fertilizer within the cannabis. (Nitrogen is used during the vegetative stage and should be all used up by the plant by harvest time.) This is the primary evidence for a premature harvest in my opinion. Needless to say I’m slightly disappointed; mainly because I feel the product isn’t quite as effective as usual and leaves a bit of a funky taste in my mouth. Literally.
    With all that being said I can be a harsh critic and I realize this. The aEUR~growing pains’ I described earlier could be as simple as a grower or key employee moving on from the company or even just taking a few days off. We all have lives and we all have families.
    I understand the unique challenges the team can face and I’m ever so grateful for the work they’re continually putting forward for all our benefits. Highly recommend, despite my slight criticisms.
    What I’m attempting to illustrate is the fact that TruMed is deeply rooted in the culture and comes from a place of experience. This should give anyone the confidence to give TruMed an opportunity to be their number one source for quality cannabis and professional service. It’s worth the drive, trust me.

  42. Canuckarican

    I’ve watched with baited breath as this dispensary was built, since its the closest one to me. Located in an old mechanics shop, the adaptive reuse of their building isn’t the only cool thing about TruMed. The interior is decorated beautifully, making you feel like you’re at a swanky boutique buying meds. They had a lot of specials to take advantage of, as well. Good spot.

  43. Scottsliving92

    Such a good place. Honestly, and legit one of the best places I’ve been too in Az. Clean, friendly, knowledgeable budtenders, and very professional!

  44. jdyscorpio

    Love this place definitely has the best flower in Arizona good prices and a great first time special

  45. Lespaulover

    Top notch service and product. Worth
    the money.

  46. Rizpurp19

    came here the other day and was recommended by Jarrod to try headstash shatter, it’s a little more expensive but worth out if you like being so medicated you can’t think lol some great stuff and very flavorful, will be trying more soon!

  47. shello

    Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I refuse to go any where else. The medicine is the best.

  48. Jonesisdirty

    Tru-Med has been my favorite Dispensary from the day i walked in. I love that tru med only has a top shelf too choose from so i am always assured i am getting the best medicine. Larry the bud tender is always extremely helpful and drops some knowledge on me every time i walk in!

  49. timfek

    If you want it the way nature intended in the best means available then look no further. It’s hard to go wrong with 100% cultivation-to-consumer oversight.

  50. Bryan5421

    Lots of good deals ,, great flowers

  51. DJClivehistory

    Great service and knowledgeable staff. As a first time patient I received a gram on the house along with the TRUE OG strain I purchased. Great Meds !

  52. yankees1127

    Great place with friendly employees and top notch quality on ALL products! I will be back most definitely!!! 🙂

  53. MattRDon

    This place is nice bud is great service is good I liked it. Prices were just normal, but I also didnt get any deals soo. Its a good place

  54. ACBosssssss

    Awesome location, varieties, and staff!

  55. aschandl

    I forgot the name of the person who helped me but he was awesome, very helpful. The suggestions he gave were great for my conditions, back pain and ptsd. The quality of the flower was great, I have nothing to compare for the concentrates I got. The atmosphere of the store was great, everyone was happy and upbeat and the store looked great

  56. biggsy64

    Larry and Jake were great to work with

  57. D201347

    FINALLY made it to the East side to check out TruMed, AMAZING quality of flower, nice and danky and somewhat stanky !! They even want dogs to come in with us!! Love it !! You guys rock! Will shop here again

  58. Ymedina

    Wow amazing flower I will definitely will be coming back here. Pre-roll are straight packed and hits smooth and clean.will recommend!!!

  59. RafaD2

    One of the best places to get wax and the presidential OG was fire!!

  60. alwaysconcentratedgram

    Great staff and nice meds

  61. DrPatchABlunt

    I Loved the people and Meds!

  62. VeeTruthh

    I loved it they where awesome dY’dY1/2

  63. HeadHighEyesLow

    great selections,good sale prices,great customer service.very proffesional staffs and informative on multiple products.A1 store front for sure

  64. Faithking

    man I love the flower here

  65. girlanytime

    Just another way good people get looked out for by other good people…dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  66. noniiddeen

    great place great flowers

  67. Pittpunk666

    Super friendly staff, and good quality meds.

  68. thaddeusburton

    Great service. Love it

  69. YoungYeps

    This place is pure quality! Come stop by 40st and McDowell best o.g in town. The shatter had me sleeping like a baby! #trumed the truth

  70. DJH68

    Honestly the best bud I’ve had in the state, you can’t go wrong here, there price is very on point for the quality, it’s a little far away from me but it’s definitely worth the drive, don’t pass up on a chance to visit

  71. alan602

    This location is awesome, fast, and convenient! Very friendly. Pay top dollar for top shelf well worth it!

  72. onlyyoucanpreventforestfires

    Keep up the good work! Cheers!

  73. l0p3zc

    great tasting flower, best meds in town

  74. MarisaFortier

    My first time, the staff was amazing!!!! The leads were super green so far I’ve tried the Blue Dream recommended by the staff and it’s amazing!!!!!!!

  75. 420goldenhour

    a little pricey but unlike other places in town, here you get what you pay for

  76. rivaldez

    I have been to a few dispensaries and this place is by far the best. It’s clean and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They seem to always have some sort of special going on. Parking isnt the greatest, but besides that this place is top notch

  77. nadeemhasan96

    Great all around thanks again guys for making it a pleasurable experience!


    great people great place!! the bud was a little bit to pricy for me, but don’t get me wrong it’s definitely fairly price for the high quality buds they carry!! I was drawn in Because it was the only place who had my favorite strain of bud in shatter form it was called Dr who!! I received a free gram of shatter with purchase of a gram of shatter!! as ftp deal I have been back for the shatter several times and it never changes consistentcy! I will be here more times in the future!!

  79. rrking24

    Definitely one of the best dispensaries. Hands down top tier flower all the time and great deals on there shatter n wax. If u haven’t shopped here it definitely is one u wanna check out

  80. AngieRomero7070

    It was great ! Awesome service and people, definitely will be heading back again!

  81. Kashedintempe

    Amazing staff with even more AMAZING flowers especially the OG strains hands down the best dispensary in AZ

  82. Kevinbaconator

    great product and budtenders

  83. WYShep

    I didn’t feel good about this place in comparison to another dispensary that I go to. The person was just telling me the percentage of THC, but he put several jars on the counter and I couldn’t remember which product had what amount because there were too many jars. I felt confused about which strain to pick from and the person was not patient with me. I am new to marijuana and needed more information.

  84. WildCatsRBetterThanSunDevils

    This place is great and it is right next to my house so I can walk here anytime

  85. freshndevr

    love it very convenient

  86. drgreenthumb928

    Nothing but top shelf flower. Best I’ve seen yet! Definitely will be back. Definitely get what u pay for! Amazing meds!

  87. Pinooch1970


  88. djlecavalier

    Best dispensary in Phoenix.

  89. Fabianf

    Best dispensary in Arizona

  90. Indysativalibra

    The medicine they provide here is top quality… Recieved a free pre roll, vaped it in the box and and could NOT believe the difference in quality..
    Make an effort to come here since.

  91. christine.m.board

    friendly staff, easy trip, quality flower

  92. MattyGTrees

    Tru|med has me dead. Literally on my ass with every indica

  93. zerojeremy

    very high quality flower.

  94. riotslug

    Although it’s located on a busy street, and the parking is a little awkward, the dispensary is friendly, clean, and has a great staff full of extremely knowledgable people: if there was a dispensary employee training school, they would have graduated in the top one percent of their class. They are patient, kind, and the prices are high because you get what you ask for: ACTUAL top shelf bud with a dispensary that has a (relatively) good loyalty plan. I haven’t been anywhere else; I don’t need to!

  95. HarryDog

    Came in on 710 and got some shhhaaaater. Awesome Deal! Expecting 3/100 & got 4/100! Nice selection.

  96. mins

    This is one of the most high quality spots in Az plus it’s the first dispo with pax era so mad bonus points for that!!!

  97. AP1k

    I like the concentrate selections. Always the best for the right price.

  98. tarzan2020

    Great meds great staff an great location for the right price

  99. kingswiftskush

    Great helpful place some of the best eatibles

  100. Bandz.scum

    I love it and thats the tru. Tru|Med

  101. spacepimp26

    Updated and great service. Very nice flowers at a reasonable price compared to others in the area

  102. pancho15


  103. steven.toussaint.203

    Best dispensary I’ve been to in The Valley. Everything here is top notch, from the buds to the professional and friendly staff. I’ve had Jack Herer, Blue Dream, and Skywalker OG from here, and they’ve been some of the best nugs I’ve ever smoked. The Skywalker hits HARD!! My only complaint is that it isn’t closer to where I live!

  104. Sampson419

    I also would like to write my thoughts on Trumed. I have been a long time conniuseur of fine medical cannabis. I have lived in West Los Angeles (Santa Monica/Venice Area) and have smoked in my opinion some of the finest pot. The generational indoor growers in southern california have it lock down. I MUST NOW SAY, they have met their match. The growers at Tru are absolutely the finest, look at the layout of their grow operations on Instagram. Lately its dropped so hard I am gonna go broke buying so much, hahaha, jk. The extract are the best, omg, the Pure Kush lit my world. The staff: The best customer service every, from Andy to Jared, to all the cool people at Trumed. It is so clean and nice. THANK YOU TURMED STAFF AND CULTIVATORS!!!! The finest medicine in all the land.

  105. gigiluv

    Always guaranteed good quality!!! specifically went for cartridges and they always have a good selection! Never disappointed!

  106. eclipseg3

    the place is clean and the staff is always helpful. if you are in the area, I would suggest you take a visit.

  107. ClassicCannabisCutie

    First time in today, and I was really impressed. I was a little concerned with the location and that it might not feel safe but that was not the case at all. All of the staff was very friendly, for the AZ industry the prices were reasonable, the environment was great; very open and clean. I also really like that they had everything packaged ad ready to go, and that they write the percentages on the actual packages. The little attention to details and the customer service made for a great experience. Will definitely be back!

  108. apexbryan1

    Tru|Med is by far one of the best locations with surprisingly good loud. I was a little skeptical on buying a few $20 grams, but decided to went for it because their flowers are actually really strong. This dispensary comes without saying it’s on the top of my list if I were to ever want to buy the best weed to smoke. Highly recommend this place if you’re looking for the best high to look for. The environment was also nice and friendly. Definitely will be back soon!

  109. Harold61

    Good choice of stock.
    Good environment
    Great service.
    Very good location..

  110. Oranga

    Staff was helpful and friendly, good value for strong strains

  111. 21Average

    Great Flower! probably the best in the valley!

  112. Timmy_G

    TruMed’s flower quality and product knowledge have always impressed me.

  113. AZ_Fire420

    Came in the other day and got some of the Headstash #1 and MAC. Must say it is some of the best herb I’ve smoked in awhile. All the flower looked top shelf. Would definitely recommend.

  114. boosboo

    I’M LIFTED!! just picked up some more of TRUMEDS Og Kush….feeling great and it was just as dank as the last time that i had picked up from these guys. The service is the best , John really knows how to produce optimus prime flowers. I love this place. Thank you guys again for the gifts, Dj Short Cut is really choice. ****boosboo**** p.s. if you haven’t been here , your missing out , NO LIE!!!

  115. marcster44

    The best place for OG Kush in the valley imo. Their Pure Kush reminded me of some Og from SoCal. Keep the Kushes comin guys. Love it.

  116. ohshitimonline

    This place has some of the best Rx in the valley!

  117. brandongalster92

    Tru|med is a clean and friendly environment with plenty of strains to choose from. I will be returning thank you Tru|med!

  118. karinerivet

    I really like the boutique feel, the location, the customer service, and the quality of their products.

  119. mshea11514

    This is the second dispensary I tried – and only one I go to. Nice atmosphere, fast & friendly.

  120. clarkinc

    Awesome customer service.

  121. couchpotato

    Super easy access! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Good quality products.

  122. cliffaj

    Unbelievable selection and service ! What a beautiful building as well

  123. Packgods

    trumed is by far the best grower in arizona. with perfectly cured, trimmed and grown flowers 100% of the time

  124. liquidfx

    I felt quite welcome there and got outstanding help when looking for which strains to try. So far the Cannatonic I picked up from them is fantastic as well.

  125. mmajors78

    Great Staff and Great Flower. Right around the corner from my therapist office.

  126. Daedae8876


  127. Amanwithnomoney

    Best quality in az

  128. Every420

    Very nice an helpful staff been going here for a while now an would recommend this dispensary to anyone

  129. AZ_SHAMAN

    Place has been off the chain lately with all the exotic cookie, kush, and og strains – keep it coming! No doubt the word is out about Tru Med superior QUALITY – you gotta be fast to new harvests. I think it’s been smart to stagger the release of some harvests to give people a chance at different times. But all in all, there’s been so much consistent fire that it really just comes down to where you’re jumping on the ferris wheel.

    The caring owners, dedicated staff, and extremely talented growers do all the little things right here – I’m not the least bit surprised that your reputation is really blowing up now. Even with the recent additional grow room, you’ll probably have to expand further! What a solid position to be in with legalization on the horizon, setting the bar for quality and service in AZ.

    I’ll second the revamping of the reward system and club pricing for your biggest spenders and fans – you know we won’t stop shopping there! I’d also give the hats away at a certain tier – it’s free advertising and people ask about my hat all the time.

    I’m a health nut and take great pride in this dispensary. I really appreciate the transparency of your organic processes and the care that goes into everything on Instagram. Thanks to all.

    I would like to request the strain LSD.

  130. 420rick

    Had a good first experience here and also received a free 8th of some dank . For sure a place to visit again .

  131. mpalach24

    Great place with great staff that were not only friendly but had a ton of knowledge about the strains. I will be back for sure !!!

  132. ryan.ball.735

    5 stars is too low

  133. whodat420

    Tru/Med is hands down no doubt the BEST dispensary in AZ. From the staff to the mess, top notch!!! I have tried them all and nobody compares. I will only shape here!!!

  134. ProphecyLane

    The service was great the staff was wonderful friendly I love the atmosphere they have a wonderful amount of good quality strands and the medicine actually works, 10 thumbs up!!!

  135. ILoveGSC

    Best in the city

  136. Live4guitar43

    I love trumed have been coming here for over a year now or so and have had nothing but consistency and the staff there is also amazing!! probably my favorite dispensary in the valley.

  137. mobyjuanjabroni

    Great costumer service, very knowledgeable, great selection, and a beautiful location.

  138. iluvbewbies

    I like the shop and the concentrates are high quality

  139. Phhd3210

    Tru med for real! Highly recommend but be ready to pay the price 😉

  140. demonswife

    First time going here, and i have to say there flower is some of the best smelling and looking flower around. Have to come check it out of you like quality flower.

  141. delee505

    One of the cooker looking dispensaries I’ve visited as well as higher quality flower in my opinion.

  142. Ddomia9313

    Perfect convenient location friendly helpful staff always in and out great quality buds definitely recommend to anyone who has not been Great Job Guys dY$?tm

  143. DjxAllie10

    amazing OG’s!!!!! best in the valley

  144. mattfitch2015

    Clean, classy place with helpful, friendly staff. A+ quality and variety that’s very hard to match

  145. TeeBodom

    So far the customer service was excellent, great variety of different strains of cannabis. Clean, organzied and had a positive atmosphere, all in all, two thumbs up!! Definitely my go to.

  146. NavyVet420

    I’ve been coming here for a little over a year now and I must say, compared to most other dispensaries in the greater Phoenix area they have the best quality medication Every Time! You can get a quad of their Blue Dream on a Monday in July and it’ll be the same quality on a Tuesday in February.. no questions with this place. Scott seems to run a tight ship. his tenders, Jared, Stephanie, Kiersten, Andy, Luke, and the rest, are knowledge, friendly, and always take their time with the patients. The flowers are fresh, grown right and potent. Since the flower is correct, so are the concentrates.. Sometimes there is a wait, but never more than 10-15 minutes on the busiest day. They have mini bottles of water on the way out, nice touch, as I don’t know of anyone else who offers this.. Their new concentrate bar is a nice touch and is usually well stocked. I found this place last year by chance after the “farmers market” was shut down. Boy I’m glad I did. Thank You all.. we as patients are lucky to have some of the highest quality meds available in our own backyard..

  147. bowoy

    Best quality flowers in town. Very helpful staff

  148. phxazmmj1933

    My favorite spot. The budtenders are the best in the valley. Good selection and consistent quality.

  149. dillon4392

    trumed never lets me down. been coming here for a while now and still yet to find something bad. the flowers are so fire and some of the best I’ve seen. I went to Denver for the cannabis cup and the dispensaries around there are okay but nothing compared to the quality of trumed. I was shocked I thought Denver would have better bud. trumeds concentrates are one of a kind too with their crazy terpene profile you always have to scoop a gram. and to top it all off their customer service is absolutely amazing they are all really nice and go the extra mile to help their customers. I love this place definitely recommend if you’re looking for grade a flower and concentrates. thanks again trumed

  150. pklee

    Amazing quality that i didn’t think existed inAz!

  151. dicbake84

    Love the quality! Definitely one of the best around. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

  152. Mastafarian

    Dis dispensary be poppin B. On da real doe, dis place got da straiyt phyre.

  153. trenttolley

    great meds great staff recommended if
    you near the area.

  154. aug1961

    good for me.

  155. WS89

    It was nice, parking can be challenging. i asked for a vapor the lady. Took me to show me there selection. And said this is all we have. No instructions or advice on, How a first time user may be familiar. With their first vapor experience. Little to no details about the vapor battery or its need to be charged. So it was not an experience that a first time user should feel. I felt like a rookie. Wait i am a rookie at this. So i am getting myself educated in medicating with vapor. So i aint window shocked in my next visit.

  156. bvick09

    Best flower I’ve had in az yet!

  157. Zangief17

    Great place, love the variety

  158. The_Dude2

    It’s always worth the wait. The staff are top-notch. There has been a surge in mid-shelf and organic sun-grown. Their top shelf is the best in town.

  159. k5dizzel

    great quality products

  160. ericchiefs

    Great selection, Professional environment, And good people!

  161. MikeyaShanee

    The best Grand Daddy Purp I’ve had thus far in the valley, so beautiful and so damn dank. Mellowed me and still remained productive and unbothered by life’s bs and randomness

  162. ARII0317

    Best flowers & great service!!!

  163. barnell27

    Tru med staff was very knowledgeable of their product and friendly. A bit far from me but they are always having deals worth the drive. dY~dY~dY’dY1/4

  164. 8331884

    Tru med has got the best meds anywhere around for miles and miles! Believe me my fellow lovers of cannabis, I know what a proper dispensary should be like… Before AZ allowed medicinal herbs, CA however did, and I had my card out there and I went to many of the dispensaries throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando valley, my personal favorite was a place called GourmetGreenRoom and tru med is very much a dispensary of that superior kind of quality that is rare indeed!

  165. chrissysue

    very organized & friendly staff the valley girl is the best helps with pain & sleep just what i need i will be back for sure alot more !!!

  166. C2009M

    Just went here this morning, usually good meds. That wasn’t the case today. I got a 1/4, and a 1/8 was dry to the point of power. Granted I got two different strains, but quality is quality. The standard should be higher than low budget dispensary’s.

  167. repunzel

    easy conveniance

  168. Phoenix_Flower_Girl

    Very clean, hard to see mobile menu

  169. jrk91

    First dispensary I’d visited in AZ in a long time and wow have we come a long way! Totally professional, great selection, knowledgeable employees, and great atmosphere – I’ll definitely be back. One knock is the prices are a little steep but so far I’d say the difference in quality alone is worth it

  170. villalobosgirls01

    Awesome place, Quality over quantity. Lots of choices of flower and edibles… Definitely a great dispensary, and love the professialism.dY$?–

  171. lok777

    Best meds in Phx

  172. TYG651

    Always a great experience. Nice selection on meds and top customer service

  173. flackosmokes420

    Best spot in AZ hands down they always got the high grade stuff ! Best 420 deals by far !

  174. ericcasty

    Flower is amazing if you can afford it. I only trust Tru Med now for consistent high grade flower and potency.

  175. chuckthirst

    it was organized, and a great location. very helpful staff and great meds as well. thumbs up


  176. Kingjae90

    Amazingly the flower is A1 got some Animal cookies OG and some Larry OG both very Gassy and well worth the money! Best dispensary I AZ!

  177. CRODD

    Always a good place to go to with fast friendly service with good meds , always have nice deals going on

  178. erin0710

    First time patient, easy going, very well laid out, definitely going again

  179. Hperez420

    I think tru med has some really good concentrate I haven’t tryed the flower yet but I’m hoping to soon as for there concentrate that I have tried and let me tell you it was fire af it has a gold look to it and I love the taste I’m definitely going back for more pretty soon

  180. blondebetsy13

    love this place! people, quality, and atmosphere are amazing! definitely worth my drive!

  181. noequintana

    awsome place great people and good medicine. 10/10

  182. geli0085

    they got new prerolls packaging!!!much better! thank u guys everyone is so awesome…. you could go somewhere else for meds…but why?when u got the best.
    thanks trumed staff
    _Angelica n D ( n of course Brooklyn haha)

  183. gabbers13

    Went into TruMed for the first time and the atmosphere was very pleasant! The building is very clean and has a great visual.

  184. Austinjames697

    Been here once. Fast, convenient, friendly, great stuff.

  185. JWA1962

    Great education & customer support!

  186. Margomagoo

    The location is clean & welcoming. The staff seem very knowledgeable, are friendly & helpful.

  187. wpatterson88

    Wow the flower here rivals the best in the state! Highly recommend!

  188. saltwaterreefer

    Very high end could not be more impressed

  189. taraophotos

    I thought the location was very nice, very upscale. I love that they grow their own product.

    I purchased OG and Pre-96 Bubba, both of which I really enjoyed.

    The service wasn’t bad, but I felt like the guy helping me wasn’t really excited to answer my questions, and as a new patient (only had my card just over a month), I still have a lot of questions.

    Great product, great place, maybe next time I will get a more enthusiastic employee. But I also get that everyone has off days, so I’m not upset about it.

  190. meinsnyours

    Love this place great meds

  191. dsmman96

    I love this place they have the hands down best meds in az! Prices are a little high but the quality will blow you away!!

  192. locosdedos


  193. potheadandy

    Good weed. Great people

  194. Laura.jones08

    I really connected with the staff they are very helpful and nice I keep coming back for the great deals

  195. Brownsbuds

    The only dispensary I will go to going forward! Great location, excellent customer service, and the concentrates are to die for!

  196. NicoMober

    Great service friendly and nice flowers will be back Forsure!

  197. FxyRdHd

    Ms. Jessica was my budtender; she is always pleasant, friendly and super helpful everytime I come in; as are all the staff when I visit this dispensary.
    They continuously have the best strains with the best deals. They’re also pretty good about keeping some of the same high-quality strains time and time again.
    I would definitely recommend shopping here. You won’t be disappointed.

  198. LiviaT

    Easy to find! Great flower, of course dY~

  199. Samantha11

    The staff are very friendly and the product is always good quality

  200. GoSpeedRacerGo

    This place is one of the nicest and cleanest in town. Conveniently located.

  201. 0ceanhippie

    Tru Med is the best! They won me over with their flower, some of the best tasting, most potent I’ve ever smoked. Drip concentrates and pods are fantastic too. They take great care of everyone, I’ve never had to wait very long and their customer service is unparalleled.

  202. sammysosaa

    this place is one of the top shops I’ve been too in all Arizona 😉

  203. dtaylormade

    had a dope experience shopping at Tru Med dispensary OGKB flower& concentratedY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=banana LarrydY”Y=dY”Y=the budtender Pablo was good new his stuff that OGKB waxa~ dY’EURa~ dY’EUR i highly recommend thanks Pablo for the great customer service

  204. moet917

    After going to quite a few places in the area this is by far my favorite…. From the great environment to the always consistent products this place can’t be beat… Not to mention the incredibly knowledgable & extremely friendly staff… Lauren, Ashley and the rest of the crew there are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS…. So if you know like I know you’ll make TruMed your premiere dispensary in the Valley of the Sun…

  205. cury

    love this place, A+ strains, A+ quality.

  206. wannabesurfa

    Awesome location

  207. marcusmcgruder

    i would have to say,this is my favorite Dispensary on that side of town.

  208. randybobany

    Their sauce is the truth!

  209. brandonronnie

    The staff is very friendly and the products are better.

  210. Jerscott6

    This place has really good selection of products and always has great customer service!

  211. muffdiver32

    thanks you for my first time . the staff were excellent to me. knowledgeable of the flowers available. I was really please. thank you again.

  212. skelefriend

    great location, great medicine! 🙂

  213. filmster81

    Flower here is some of the best in valley. Prices are high but quality is there. Bananas and Cream is awesome. Concentrates are too expensive to even test quality so can’t review that. If you are looking for top quality flower I would recommend them.

  214. Blackflag240

    In the last six months I made a point to try out every major dispensary in the phoenix metro area, and Trumed is on a level of their own. Make no mistake, they have the best flower in the valley and it’s not even close. Only shop I’ve been to whose products rival the best of CA, WA and CO. If they say their flower is at 28%THC it really is, I’ve done side by side comparisons with other comparable product from other shops and the difference was amazing. I hope the new store can drop prices a little bit because I’d be in there every other day instead of every month. Overall, best product in town and thats what matters at the end of the day, right?

  215. jgaray1083

    great service great flower!!!!!

  216. alvarado480

    Best Dispensary In AZ FIRE KUSH

  217. frankiesays

    This will be my visit to my 2nd dispensery and man you can’t match the atmosphere and customer service. They let me smell without asking and the guy that was helping me pointed me in the right direction of what to buy. If you’re not far from here give this place a try

  218. tesyatoh

    The absolute best top shelf flower in Arizona. I’ve been to almost all the dispensaries in Phx and tru|med has the best quality I’ve seen in town.

  219. swishertosweet420

    Dope spot if your trying to pick up that pack! Everyone is really friendly and The atmosphere was great!

  220. embsupafly

    World class meds, facility, and staff! I haven’t been to a better dispensary yet and I’ve visited more than 10.

  221. Jasonfeelsrelaxed

    Greatest 1st Time Patient deals in Phoenix!!!!

  222. Kaos1999

    Staff is friendly. They also have bomb flower

  223. JZAR

    Nice environment! Good lounge area! Great staff! Luke is dope, thanks for the assistance and knowledge man!

  224. D-nice

    Seriously some of the best oil and flower in the valley. Never disappointed with the service and quality.

  225. boboc2

    Great customer service. Answered all my questions, took their time. Felt appreciated. Place was clean as well. Will definitely return.

  226. JenxZombie

    Amazing place! I love the atmosphere, the great customer service and the amazing meds! I found my place!

  227. aztomex

    Amazing meds! But the people are even better!! I won’t go elswhere.

  228. beng92

    For my first time it was pretty amazing! Not a long wait time and quick service. The Valley Girl strain is INCREDIBLE. In a cool location and I definitely think I’ll be back!

  229. apexdong

    the bud is sensational

  230. itsjake

    yesterday was my first trip to trumed at this location on 40th, very nice and clean place. Lauren helped me out and was very knowledgeable and helpful, she really knows her meds which did not disappoint even though their meds come in pre packages which I have found cause it to be dried out by the time I get it. to my surprise the buds were still moist. I liked everything about this place but the pricing seemed on the higher end with minimal discounts or specials unless you become a loyal member. …….

  231. dalton3226

    This place is great, every time I’m been in their it’s been amazing. It’s a far drive from me but it’s well worth it. They have good deals for quality medication. Easy five stars. Thanks Trumeds

  232. allstar23

    tru|med is just that. high potency flower with unique strains that actually have enough Cannabinoids that it’s able to help my I.B.S. and P.T.S.D.
    Matt was especially awesome and helpful. Excellent, Excellent sale on 9/9 with all of the mid-tier is $99 an ounce.

  233. mrsskibbe

    Easily accessible, Friendly staff, attentiveness was awesome.

  234. Butane1937

    best bud in the entire valley. Cool place. my favorite dispensary by far. hope everyone gets to try tru meds

  235. beccabugs22

    By far my favorite place. Great service and even better flower.

  236. JonDoe94

    overall it’s a great environment has wonderful buds and concentrates.!

  237. inez79

    very good products

  238. ogdopey1

    best in Arizona!!!! best OG’S in the state. check leafly cause there flower goes fast! pretty much only shop i use,have tried a lot of others and this is by far a real connoisseur shop.

  239. Lawrence24J

    Never shop anywhere else. Plain and simple if you like top shelf OG this is the one stop shop. You pay for quality so don’t settle anywhere else.

  240. MarieJade

    Best dispensary for flowers in Phoenix, fresh big buds. The quality is worth the drive and the staff is professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend.

  241. 14j

    Shopped several dispensaries after becoming a new patient, and TruMed had the most consistent quality hands-down. I grabbed a sampler and an eighth, and each strain both tasted and looked amazing. Check out the grapefruit!

  242. ajjbroncos420

    love the staff and the meds are always on point. Love the deals they have on the drip products always dY”Y= for sure. Would recommend to anyone.

  243. sinloc602

    best flower in phoenix grand daddy purple was actually purple i love this place

  244. dlynch1957

    love it, great meds, the best!!

  245. jkossel

    Great personnel ,clean and safe place the fire go was great will be back

  246. AZHARTZ90

    I feel the store location is convenient and secure. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend this dispensary.

  247. xthejakex

    WOW, WOW, WOW! REAL TOP SHELF MEDS…! This is truly the best AZ licensed Dispensary, HANDS DOWN. NAME SPEAKS FOR ITS SELF GUYS! unlike most sketchy compassionate clubs on leafly now adays.. This place is the way to go! From how luxurious the facility is, to even an official security guard greeting you out front of the building; so you know your safe (women and elderly people). After the quick check in, you are Instantly greeted by an amazing energetic hands on staff. They are so genuine, and there variety of TRU|MEDS are RIDICULOUS.. LITERALLY you have to GO CHECK THEM OUT, True top shelf is hard to come by nowadays. And if you go here, you will be IMPRESSED. Not to mention, all organically grown, no pesticides or molds.. Also you can check out all percentage levels such as Thc, Cbd and Cbn. No more sketchy drug deals!! Tru|med is the place to go.. honestly. They may have a little bit more expensive prices, but if you really believe its medicine then YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.. Top Quality meds, over any Quanity of harmful substances for your lungs, that people are trying to pass off at most Other places I have been. ALSO check out their SPECIALS, on there overview each day. I got such a deal last time, picked up sour og and blackberry kush. Gave me there quarter SPECIAL, which was amazing.. and they gave me a Free pre roll. GO CHECK OUT THERE (SOUR OG, BLUE DREAM, AND STRAWBERRY COUGH) You will THANK ME..
    -peace love and happiness

  248. msutter11

    hands down THE BEST dispensary in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area. every member of their staff has always been super respectful, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. always super clean and organized on the interior. nice layout. the buds are always top shelf and fresh. thank you tru med for always bringing the heat dY”Y=

  249. Meissner69

    Convenient location. great attitude

  250. sobrindisi

    overall great place prices are slightly higher however

  251. Dr.GreenthumbAZ

    The herb at Tru Med is awesome, this is one of only a very few spots in AZ with TRUE TOP SHELF Meds. Love the dank guys, and your concentrates are on point too! Thanks for the bomb guys, keep up the good work!

  252. miissliiz1904

    Hands down best dispensary in the valley!! BEST meds, awesome helpful people and the environment was very inviting. Worth the drive every time.

  253. Esp001

    The buds were in good shape little dry little sticky the building was organized the people are friendly

  254. jabbo_az

    it is convenient for my
    commute. great meds. great staff

  255. dreamingPinky

    awesome dr who….. my fav….. love this place!!

  256. SweetSuedeCJ

    Jake is the man please request his service his bid tending skills are amazing!

  257. KiefyKevin

    Hands down the best meds in town, great quality, great people.

  258. jcarlton18

    Best OGs in the business

  259. oceangrownkush21

    Flowers are top notch but the free pre-rolls? What is in those bruh. I almost died inhaling it. Dust in my throat. The ash burned black and there were stems flying out the paper. That ain’t medicine. Youneeeed to roll them proper or don’t roll them at all!

  260. maday23

    best dispensary I’ve been too . budtender and cashier were both very great help

  261. hydroknowledge

    hands down best in the valley

  262. frnkmoraga1904

    the prices are a lil up there. but the flower is one of the best ive seen in the valley. good stuff.

  263. california1989

    knowledgeable staff, high quality medications, need better pricing and more locations. a must try dispensary.

  264. garycreswell

    All of the strains here were smelled and looked great. Tried all 3 of the pre rolls and they all tasted bomb, on may way back right now for some more!

  265. qdawgy

    cool yall keep the best better than any other in phx

  266. justindabdabcity

    very nice flowers the best around and great deals

  267. Dracotamer

    Always the best. Best fresh products, always a friendly staff from security up front to everyone inside.

  268. Salmonnjmeds123

    Came to trumed for the first time this week and the experience was awesome. Everyone was friendly and knowledgable of all there products. The flowers are all top shelf and are amazing. Will be coming back.

  269. peacefrogOG

    Debatably the best medicine in town
    Expensive but supreme

  270. melickalicious

    very friendly staff. lots to choose from

  271. Mikeshow

    Very professional liked the quality and taste meets all medical needs.

  272. douglass

    This was my first visit to Tru-Med. The staff took their time showing me the MANY strains. Friendly and clean, and my Blue Dream… WOW! on sale at $90…there are several versions of BD out there…this one rocks!!

  273. drew646888

    Best flower in town! Will be back for sure.

  274. LEL2

    They are definitely true to their name! Best quality A+ bud N bud tenders! Great friendly attitude! Very knowledgeable, good information!

  275. StormEWeathers

    Best bud tenders in town, if you ask me!

  276. WolfDaddy13

    A clean place with friendly service.

  277. junior31es

    good meds shatter skywalker & pink panther good meds thank you

  278. PrincessJJ


    I am stopping in tonight. Sooooooooo clean!

    Soooooooo professional!


  279. dummyteamaz

    Holy Wow… Sour Diamond and SuperMax!!!! Good Job!

  280. Indigo11

    Love this place. Clean, professional, and friendly.

  281. Juanc12

    This place is the best! Very well educated employees, and there meds are hands down the very best in AZ, most importantly the staff there once again educated and helpful they really take care of you. Bravo!!

  282. AntonioKB1

    good quality buds and good prices and cool budtenders will refer lots of freinds

  283. lmosley

    The best place in Phoenix

  284. joe90710

    Wish there was another one more north !

  285. gutts929

    These people do it right from product to service. Whether you know what you want or need help getting the right medicine this place is for you. Thanks you

  286. Zman74

    it was my first time to any dispensary. They took their time showed me around and we’re very informative definitely will go back!

  287. jrfso

    Great location and nice staff

  288. Trippymark

    Bomb marijuana great service great point system

  289. rurias

    Friendly knowledgeable staff, great location, great space, amazing product. Thank you.

  290. chicagoslimreviews

    best place hands down

  291. Ryguy1212

    Wonderful first time experience. Very helpful staff and high quality product. Will definitely be back.

  292. mascot8975

    I love it. Safe and friendly

  293. bc64

    Outstanding, new card, first time buyer, and can’t believe it gets better this. The guard outside was cordial, the girl behind the window was smiling and nice, and got in right away only to be met with the sparkling eyes, and warm smile of Kirstie.

    She led me around the entire store, took her time, and explained all the strains of the Flower, Vape , and edibles. She did all this while being patient, kind, and educational.

    The place was super clean, super safe, and super easy. Great place, will definitely be back.

  294. frannyfrann

    Good medibles. Finally starting to see enough potency in the edibles at the dispensaries. Keep up the good work.

  295. bretwcarroll

    This dispensary exceeded my expectations. It has a wonderful design with a huge selection. The growers are turning out an outstanding product.

  296. bradyc02

    So far the best flowers I’ve seen in Phoenix. Super knowledgable staff and a great Sativa selection!! It’s a well run business and the prices do reflect that, but the medicine does back it up compared to the competition. I will be back for sure.

  297. patientno.376

    anytime I go else where I sincerely regret it.I really appreciate trumeds medicine

  298. JDWubba

    Great overall dispensary, the flower is tasty. The CBD isolate has been working for me, although I couldn’t get sourcing info. Appreciate when they have guest strains as the flower is pricey. Had an issue that was taken care of by the manager Luke and I appreciate that. Was receptive to the feedback given. Prerolls need some work, most the time I’ve gotten them they are ground up to fine. Either it runs or doesn’t pull right. Usually you can tell when flower is pulling though the mouth piece. Keep those guest strains and specials coming. Thanks guys dY~,,dY$?tm

  299. falseprophet9

    Seriously the only people hating on these reviews have to be other dispos! lol! You dont get this many positive reviews and this many thumbs down on the reviews unless someone is a vested interest in thumbing down positive reviews… like other dispos…

    As for Tru|Med? from the first day I walked into their shop 3 years ago the service and flower have been consistently above par. This was the first dispensary I went to and it was hard to find viable alternatives to the quality and service I received here. I like that their products are tested and that they consistently have strains that I know will work for me. Yes the price is higher, but, you get what you pay for and Tru|Med has never let me down. So if you cant always afford it, there are other dispensaries but it is definitely worth your while to treat yourself at least once to their offerings. come on… you owe it to yourself… you deserve it…

  300. Bentleybrooke

    it’s convenient and friendly. Great harvest products. I like coming to this place because it’s clean and usually always stocked.

  301. Sknauer480

    . Love the flower here. Some of the best quality around. shatter is off the hook too. come check them out

  302. OscarAZ11

    Good stuff, prices a bit high, but overall great service and the decoration feels really clean and trendy.

  303. leeandodie

    Easy 5 stars. Everyone is always nice and willing to take extra time to answer questions or help with your needs. Great quality and always a short wait in lobby. Only downside is a lack of discounts or specials compared to other places around the valley. IMO is a huge bummer.

  304. mrsstoner2u

    First time in 1/31. Easy to find, the wait was pretty short. The bud tender, I think his name was Josh was friendly and knowledgeable; however, he didn’t discuss any pricing with me. I got TruOG and Larry OG. Both great quality. Larry was good on my pain. The downside was my receipt showed pricing a bit different than what I thought so I called to ask about the new patient special pricing. I was on hold 9 minutes. When the budtender got on his tone was off to me and he said “You were charged right. The thing is I never said I wasn’t, I asked a specific question. He then let me know the system auto prices to a quarter when you get two 1/8s. That would have been helpful to know up front. Anyhow. I’ll be back

  305. bknowledgeb

    Great service, very nice medication

  306. Fourtwenty_2018

    The older blonde woman (who wasn’t wearing a name tag or uniform) was very rude when I told her I didn’t like the concentrates i got the first time I came in. She told me “the staff hasn’t had a problem” so whatever I decided to still make a purchase anyway and asked her which ones were sativa and indica and she had to ask everyone around her which ones were sativa/indica! I’m so done w/ this place I won’t be coming back.

  307. ganassif

    clean. friendly. good quality meds.

  308. nsawy28

    Everything here is on point. Meds are fantastic and the people are awesome!

  309. Shelbizzle

    Very good first time experience here! Will definitely be back soon. Friendly, helpful staff team, and a supercool environment! This bud is worth your buck..$

  310. cpp24

    Among product, remember you’re paying for quality!

  311. Vendt84

    Great facility with premium meds and high customer service. Would recommend to others and will be headed back very soon! Thank you for everything!

  312. Dank74

    Great place and budtender was really cool. Valley Girl! Damn!

  313. Kindabaked

    Good quality meds, staff is awesome and super friendly! One of my favorite dispos.

  314. JamesT2014

    best place in az IMO

  315. Dupree78

    nice place to get your bud from cool people.

  316. roxanne1

    Always has top of the line tight nugs.most visits are in and out quickly.

  317. arizonablown

    Stopped here on my way to sedona and picked up a 8th of the OGKB it was straight dY”Y= also got an 8th of Dr. who for ftp special that was also dY”Y=. I would definitely recommend to a friend and I will definitely be back, later today lol…

  318. roxybunz2000

    Love how it’s off the freeway and easy to find+ great prices!

  319. Bandelario

    Went here for the FTP special last week. Green Crack and Banana Desiel is what I got. Banana Desiel flower has me thinking of her all day. Will go back for Banana Desiel if it’s available. Enjoy!

  320. missdabbypants22

    always the best flower concentrates it’s all great! and the budtenders are always super helpful!

  321. J3n3

    Always a great experience at Tru Med. Friendly staff, great promotions and nice waiting area. There are other dispensaries closer to me but I choose Tru Med.

  322. camilove

    came here after earl cup yesterday everyone was so nice and super educated on their product

  323. asheiner

    Great quality the best product in Phoenix. Service was great and really friendly atmosphere

  324. ajkonkowski86

    its beautiful inside and they have the best quality stativa (Chem Dog) I’ve ever had.

  325. c.fairfield

    Great med quality that’s what iam all about prices are high but to be honest they are on par with most dispensarys but a cheaper then some. I would put there up with the best as far as med quality. Which in my book is the most important thing.

  326. mallen5750

    Great service great medicine great atmosphere will be returning for sure!

  327. fbf818

    These guys/gals offer clean legitimate meds the only place with true oG in my opinion. And they don’t treat people like they are stupid and don’t know the difference between good or bad. These guys will consult u and not sell u that’s s big difference

  328. hinks77

    Great selection and helpful bud tenders. Always have good deals and product quality is supreme

  329. phxmm1

    Very knowledgeable and attractive young lady helped me from start to finish.

  330. glazic1

    Conveniently located and super great staff. Good selection as well! I will definitely be back!

  331. ch3353h3adinAZ

    Very clean, welcoming, and fast service. Amazing product, best I’ve had since I started going to stores.

  332. LoneNinja

    The Atmosphere alone is awesome looking at modern atmosphere with the moderate cafeteria feel to the dispensary it’s pretty freaking epic if you ask me

  333. budviews420

    I moved a little farther so I can’t come as often as I wish bud when I do I’m never disappointed. Trumed still is top notch dispensary.

  334. BeeMarie33

    my favorite dispensary

  335. REShediac

    I have nothing but great things to say about Tru Med. They make what can be an overwhelming process as easy, welcoming and educational as possible. The staff is amazing. Their set up and space is phenomenal. Thank you everyone.

  336. brianfree123

    Amazing quality here.

    Prices are a bit high but its truly the best around.

  337. Arycca

    Friendly staff and newly prices strains are an added bonus. Awesome meds!

  338. DrkClark0227

    Enjoyed my experience. Definitely will be heading back.

  339. Lo2014

    So this place is to expensive you can go down the street and get double for what you get here and they only let you redeem one pre roll ever. Just lost my business sorry folks

  340. happypappy5


  341. Damien34

    Amazing staff ,great attitude ,love coming here .

  342. victorialeal

    Such a great location. Extremely helpful staff, great variety, and the quality is in point. I was really impressed.

  343. cooks420

    i loveeeeeeeee TruMed ! i have been to countless dispensaries & this one is most definitely my fav!

  344. kay210

    Very friendly and convenient.

  345. Tricense

    Pretty snazzy decor, yay weed

  346. tamato3

    Love the atmosphere and the people at Tru med they have Solid OG flowers but they are highly overpriced. Picked up two gram of the Tru clear the other day and I was pretty disappointed. Tried the grape and the raw. I estimate that between the two air bubbles in my syringes to everything that was left on the side of the bucked that .3-.4 grams were lost in total. The taste on both was wack and the potency wasn’t as advertised. If paying $70 a gram for clear stick to the original clear concentrate Tru clear was def not worth it. Love your guys flower and Bho but your guys clear needs some work

  347. Nugs

    The medication quality is tremendous! Always kept fresh & never dry! Great staff always supportive & customer friendly. The atmosphere is super professional and high dollar. I definitely recommend this dispensary (:

  348. 420choloaz

    great great

  349. DankAssDixon

    Best meds, best customer service, best atmosphere IN THE VALLEY!

  350. tunney81

    Awesome products and clean friendly staff, on my way there now for their Labor Day special 🙂

  351. Azga


  352. Adriannaa

    My favorite dispensary! Amazing & very knowledgeable staff I appreciate they’re patience.

  353. Milanioluv34

    I enjoy being the employees were resourceful and polite, clean and they made you feel very welcome.

  354. canoedogs

    Best dispensary in the valley. I highly recommend getting the sampler because you can’t go wrong with the quality. In the pines for sativa and are 88 bubba indica would be my top picks.

  355. billyscoley2

    great place to stop by for a lunchtime snack! Cool people, good product. ….good times

  356. jcalibo2004

    Awesome customer service and amazing flowers.

  357. Rd7kz588

    Bud tenders where all friendly and had great flower

  358. goohooroodoo

    Great store great staff, was helped by Lily and Jen. Very knowledgable about their product and excellent customer service. Definitely coming back.

  359. cvillareal

    beautiful buds and great customer service

  360. bluedreamin

    For the standard of medical marijuana dispensaries right now, this place far surpasses the other shops. This shop has the best atmosphere I’ve seen out of any shop, a very open roomy setting, and the meds are incredible. You can tell these are not only professionally grown meds, but high class, well attended, professional meds. The quality is apparent on every level. Very quick great service also. Doing good Tru Meds!

  361. NeverAmor

    Absolutely loved this place my first time visit was overall perfect and everyone is super friendly 10/10 would recommend

  362. TonyMa33

    Reasonable prices anf great customer service.

  363. jimblekimble

    TruMed is the best. I’ve been all over the valley and tried most of the big vendors. Nothing compares to TruMeds flower quality nor DRIPs top notch concentrates.

    I’d say I get about 80% of my meds from here. Their flash deals make the top shelf very affordable.

    Love you guys! ~Nic~

  364. Arianaphd

    I had heard this dispensary was the best of the Phoenix area. I finally made it in and do agree, Tru med is Truly superior. All products are top shelf and the higher prices aren’t really much because the quality is plain to see. I got flowers and concentrate and will be back ASAP!!

  365. madjoey

    Great shop to visit. Quality and a variety of products at competitive prices. Check them out!

  366. jpfr1985

    I went to this place for the second time in a week today to get medical marijuana of really good quality. Two times in a row it is made my day great after being stressful initially just by being able to relax and enjoy the product that True Med has provided me with. It might be off the beaten path for me to get to True Med but it’s definitely worth the extra mile that I must drive for the quality of the medication provided by this dispensary. I would definitely recommend this to anybody that wants some good quality smoke for an affordable price.

  367. Baldwin87

    My first time to Tru Med I wasn’t a fan. I now believe that this was due to my previous tour guide not having a clue about the products he was offering. I just went back today to pick up the free pre roll and I have changed my mind about this place. I will go again as long as the stoner looking dude still works there. He know’s his product and I now trust his opinion. Thank You Stone Man!

  368. ian2626

    Very professional, quality service. Will come again.

  369. Ttiny28

    Love this place. Pre rolls are the best here.

  370. Jooooooo602

    Always super fast and the friendliest people. I love the edibles and prerolls are my preference.

  371. Zumah

    Pretty neat place with good greens!

  372. RegCustomerr

    I come here every few days and its normally fantastic. Today they were entirely out of every form of concentrate (except keif which isn’t really a concentrate). This isn’t a terrible thing, companies run out all the time and TruMed is getting more and more foot traffic. But the reason I’m leaving a slightly bad review here is the lack of notification that an entire wing of your product line was out of stock.

    Now, you will probably call it my fault for not checking the menu, and to be fair the menu reflects the lack of concentrate.

    But I get a text message every week or so detailing your specials, and so it logically follows that you can notify your customers that concentrates were out of stock. Then you also get the rush when you announce via text that they’re back in stock.

    I just would like to see you guys use that system of yours for something forward-thinking and different, instead of just basically spamming us with ads.

    Anyways. I’ll be back to the store of course, but not until concentrates are back. Sorry to leave such a melodramatic review, but squeaky wheels get grease and all that…

  373. jeffmayne

    Thanks for not putting flavored sugar additives in your OGs like others do, but the prices are still insane for the medicore smoke. No fullness or lung expansion, strains seem to be missing something, only catching one terp off each rather than a spectrum. Some of your other strains were way off: Sativas are always a joke. Hopefully prices will drop next year.

  374. Shayboogie111

    Friendly and quick

  375. bigBrowndogg

    great shop, clean, nice stafg

  376. andimijo

    My first time at trumed was as good as it’s talked up to be. They undoubtedly have the best strains on a consistent basis when compared to other dispensaries in the valley. All workers are very friendly and knowledgeable, especially Jake who helped me out. A must try dispensary for top notch strains!

  377. vcallwood

    awesome. love it. the best dYOE?dYOE?dYOE?dYOE?dYOE?dYOE?dYOE,,dYOEfdYOE++a>o

  378. Jbuck3az

    First class

  379. iv314

    Enjoyed the bids and the location has nice ambiance

  380. RasDanielJoseph

    Bless Irie’ Location at this time.

  381. AstroLos

    Hands down, the best in the business! The quality of meds is second to none. And the folks at Tru Med always take care of you. The deals are nice too. First timers are able to buy an eighth of world class meds, and take another one home on the House. Once you see for yourself what is in store, you’re guaranteed to return. Don’t sleep on happy hour either.

  382. GeeHoff

    Truly the best meds in the entire valley. Grown with care, trimmed with love & packaged with utmost respect. There isn’t 1 bad thing about this place. Flowers are fire as a volcano & concentrates are out of this world. Customer care is amazing and they’ll answer any/all questions you have. Keep up the fire work guys! Can’t wait to come in again & again & again. Totally worth the drive & price

  383. petey480

    Today was my third time at this place like I said before best dispensery in the valley top shelf best buds no BS!! Really really good good meds! Plus this day is very nice and knowledgeabledY’dY1/2dY’OEdY1/2dY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2dY~Z

  384. gmariscal

    Really great selection from fresh flowers to shatter. Most the harvest dates were within 3 weeks. I was told to check out Tru|Med several times and never got around to it. Now it’s my 1st choice.

  385. abusta20

    Best flower in town hands down

  386. Greens12

    Prices are a little higher than other places but the quality of the product is worth it. Usually in and out pretty quickly; not a lot of waiting.

  387. Domain1

    great customers service great flowers that u will enjoy

  388. Miked601

    Best dispensary! Great experience every time I open go in. Super helpful and friendly staff.

  389. zombiegnosis

    Friendly, Clean, Professional and great prices. It was my first time at any dispensary, I’ll be going back regularly, Thanks guys!

  390. ARICSThc

    Good folks, felt comfortable.

  391. Migtrick15

    I usually go to a different spot for my concentrates && flower but lately quality has been poor first time at tru med its much closer good service and best quality I’ve had in awhile

  392. AKidwell47

    Best place in Arizona always love going here,meds are best around!!

  393. chadlovesthc

    Great Store beautiful Buds and Concentrates

  394. Aidangray

    Great flower, great staff!

  395. Jag1phx

    Excellent service great knowledge

  396. md8888

    Returned for another go around, this time Tangie and Orange Crush!! Beautiful strains that taste as good as they look!! Top quality, every time!! Thank you!

  397. Chrisvzla22

    One of the great dispensaries in az, definitely recommend to anybody

  398. sirwillthe3rd

    This place really helped me out for being there my first time. They were out of prerolls but accommodated me with a brownie and a coupon. Thanks guys, really appreciate it!

  399. qgka

    great bud great people love it here

  400. Atine88

    Love the vibe here…keep up the good work…

  401. azsmoke93

    first time patient. the staff seemed very knoweledgable on strains and were very cool and easy to talk to. i would definitly recommend this dispensary their flower is top notch. im excited to visit again because i would like to try their concentrates i hit my limit so i couldnt get any lol

  402. dabstarboss

    love the product and price cant beat them any where… love the 30$ basket.. comes in handy

  403. mooreave

    It was awesome super great products. The concentrates were phenomenal.

  404. mrlms89

    By far the best quality meds I’ve come across in the valley! You get what you pay for here. I picked up their animal cookie, presidential og, and pure og all of which were fire. Dank dense and very flavorful no complaints here. will be back tomorrow!

  405. Jwilhelm04

    great customer service

  406. lorenzo1996

    Really dank products! picked up some wax and really got me ripped will be back!

  407. Ricusmortis

    TruMed prides itself on being a “Boutique Dispensary.” It only has boutique pricing. They do sell decent quality flower… if you only like OG phenotypes from budtenders who are marginally knowledgeable. Sometimes, they can’t even tell you if a strain is theirs or a guests. Decent quality BHO concentrate, but again… budtenders are more concerned with moving you out the door than answering questions, assuming they know anything about the product they are selling to begin with. Flower is prepackaged and often needs rehydrating as packaging dates can be months old. They don’t offer discounts for disabled people. Sales and promotions are few and far between. They had a punch card system that someone hacked so they dumped it and left patients with unclaimed punches. Location is terrible. Difficult to get in/out on weekends and during rush hour. Been a patient sporadically since they opened, but not sure if I’ll return again. Each experience is more frustrating than the last and I enjoy looking forward to a dispensary visit, not dreading it.

  408. 420lovebug

    I came here the other day, and want to say Michael helped me. (So sorry if I got it wrong:( ) anyways- immediately saw my favorite OG (Larry) and grabbed a beautiful dense 1/8th of it. He had some great recommendations as well, and didn’t just stand behind the counter quiet, waiting for me to be done. He showed me the lucid dream and mentioned GDP was available. Picked up a little of each of those as well. 100% satisfied with the GDP and how purple it is. Great grape taste, and the effects were exactly what I needed. The lucid dream smells like candy, and was exactly what I needed for during the daytime. I love this location, and do not mind paying for the quality that trumps so many others. I will visit more often!

  409. michaels.medicine

    Awesome place! some of the best bud i have seen in my life, and also have the best deals, make sure you get the text updates so you can get that cheap bud!

  410. Ziggy57

    Best in Town !! I travel a distance , passing several other dispensaries to get to Tru Med.

    The staff is great , the flower is fantastic and in general they beat the rest by a bunch!!!

  411. tbrown8712

    Best meds this side of the light rail. Best meds could rival the west.

  412. EdgarGaliz

    Best shop in the state !! Flower & Concentrates are always on point . Budtenders are helpful and easygoing. The wait is never too long & the first time patient BOGO deal is Awesome . Everytime I leave this place Im 1000 % Satisfied.

  413. Sacha2011

    Love Trumed,the staff is sweet and helpful, always go out of their way to make sure I have what I need 🙂
    They have an amazing selection and a calm atmosphere, my first choice dispensary

  414. bee6992

    Me and my dad love trumed! Loyal customers to the fullest! Collin rocks!
    I recommend all of my flower friends dY’*

  415. heyyogompie

    The best prices!

  416. TheDirtyDog

    My first experience at Trumed was great. The staff was kind and knowledgable and the product was top notch. I highly recommend checking them out!

  417. kaseyn94

    They never disappoint! Always bomb!

  418. Marcos505

    actually I have a question if u can email me back is there any dispensary that accepts out of state patients???

  419. melsonqb

    First time patient, tried the gram sampler so got 5 different strains, my favorite by far was the Larry OG, I have a pretty high tolerance and it still kicked me on my ass, excellent taste. I was also able to get most of the OG’s, I liked the Presidential and Skywalker, Cotton Candy had a crazy good odor. Overall, with the flowers here, if you have a perc on your piece, I swear it feels like a vape hit, so smooth, that’s how hIgh quality the meds here are. You just have to come in to try it for yourself. Nothing like it. Keep it up over there at tru|med, they know what’s up!


    Trumed has that high end feel when you enter the dispensary. The budtenders are very informative about abut all their products and their effects. I will continue to shop at Trumed since I haven’t found another dispensary with their quality. A little pricey, but my favorite place hands down.

  421. Dgreezy

    They have the best meds in town . And I am very picky but hands-down the best

  422. Mnewell237

    All flower strains are top shelf and even the guest strains are pretty bomb. No need to go anywhere else.

  423. nikkii4502

    TruMed is the Truth to Great QUALITY of med. No other dispensary in AZ can compare every strain and individual flower is perfect in its own way. Dense nugs that are not filled with a big stem! Covered in trichomes and the flavor is always smooth. Perfect for anyone who is as picky as me with my flower


  424. mloc1984

    love this place. this was my first time in and found it to be very clean and modern looking also the staff is knowledgeable and the medication was top notch definitely headed back in for a second visit!

  425. SteveBruleMD

    I’m from Oregon where anything “top shelf” is above 25% So, I’m a bit confused as to how everyone down here says “top shelf” when it really is mids. As far as selection, well you guys were good at one time, but I guess that time has come and gone.

  426. mrmykeyoung88

    Its in the perfect location.
    Just want more of the new strians.keep up the good work.

  427. madkill

    The staff was super friendly and professional! 10/10 would go again

  428. THCalchemist

    great place. they need to stop doing the grams only bs when theyre low, or need to sell half 8ths. Fucking drives me nuts when the only 2 strains I want obviously have a half or more in the jar but they say gram only. go in the back and pre-package me an 8th wtf. i spend 6k a year here. give me some perks

  429. kushgod602

    came here for the first time the other day and it was great. didn’t get any flower but did get some concentrate. my bud tenders name was Shane and was kool. took his advice on the animal cookies and was very terpy and good. I also asked if he can hold on to my ftp deal and he spoke to the manager and everything was good. thanks a lot man but I’ll be back today for my flower

  430. annamjq

    I really like how everything they offer is top quality. I’ve never taken my medication home and been disappointed!

  431. darlynnrahm

    Really great flower!!!

  432. ThatNastyKid

    This place has some dank! I picked up some Banana Larry flower and the Pax pods. I hate that I live so far or else I’d be coming here everyday! Some of the best flower I’ve seen in the valley definitely check them out!!

  433. johnnyblazez

    Simply amazing meds.

  434. akhughes47

    Great meds, good people, good service. I’ll definitely be a returning customer.

  435. truestoneraz

    AWESOME! Great quality meds. Weird experience but good overall.

  436. benally86

    This place is alays great to visit, very knowledgeable employees..

  437. k8loftus

    My favorite by far quality and staff are great this has been my go to dispo

  438. cjsalmond

    Had a great time in here! Great selection and a very helpful staff!

  439. swagdos

    Wow! First off I will give trumed some amazing props! They have some of the best trees I have seen in phoenix! Their service was decent. They didn’t really wow me but the budtenders do have great knowledge. I looked for a little more personality as well in people especially in the service industry. The pricing is really high even when you do finally become a member but you are definitely paying for what you get! I mean don’t get me wrong if you want good quality you have to pay the price but you can find pretty close to if not better bud elsewhere for a cheaper price! Overall it was a good first experience and I do think I shall be back!

  440. mikesloan23

    Very clean, sleek, and awesome place. Tucked in a nice spot. Got some great quality and good tasting meds. Will be back for another visit in the future.

  441. naughtyrebel1

    Cool design layout, very friendly staff, super knowledgeable. My 1st time at this dispensary. I will most definitely drop in again.

  442. trapelijah

    Bought an eighth of orange crush and the bud was very dry and crumbled easily. That was something I didn’t like. Great options strain wise. Staff was very good at serving me. Very professional and respectful.

  443. PackGod-K

    Was recommended by a friend and was not disappointed. Got a really good product for an amazing price.

  444. Timlagunas7

    Great customer service.

  445. xzavier.olivaz

    From the moment it stepped into this facility to the moment I walked out, I was highly impressed with this place. The staff is nice , helpful, and very knowledgeable of their meds.

  446. tyler2puffs

    has amazing quality meds and service.

  447. jazminedragonfly

    the budtender was very helpful and informative. so stoaked that theyre home to baker brothersdY~

  448. mikebiggmcl

    This establishment oozes class and friendly vibes. It’s got a nice interior and a well trained staff that is well informed on the products they carry. I only come to this dispensary.

  449. legalizenow

    Every single cookie variation I’ve purchased here was so delicious!! Not to mention the rest of their flower/wax/edibles which are A++. I easily pass 2 or 3 dispensaries while on my way to Tru|med without hesitation!

  450. Angel41

    Tru med has some of the highest quality flowers I’ve had in a long time… it’s definitely worth the trip from West Phoenix.

  451. usernxm

    One of my top places to get quality flower. Highly recommend purchasing your meds here.

  452. reggaejunkie

    the staff are helpful and quick. .. nice setup

  453. SpeenoMac

    This is my favorite AZ dispensary. They always have what I need and i an always count on the quality. Top shelf is the best in the valley. Thanks Tru med!

  454. Roblc3

    Great meds, great people, clean save. I will be back

  455. Breezy1989

    it was awesome. good service and great buds

  456. DesertApollo

    Very clean dispensary. The staff was also very friendly and knowledgable as well. Lots of different strains to choose from and edibles I didn’t even know existed like hot sauce lol

  457. glencipriano

    It’s easy to get to

  458. EmmieS00

    One of the most beautiful dispensaries I’ve been too. Very helpful and knowledgeable

  459. jocelineduarte602


  460. Snobsdale

    You get what you pay for. Definitely applies here. The flower is fire, honestly some of the most potent, fresh flowers I have ever got, but at 17$ a g. It’s expensive. Bogo ftp is a great deal to get your foot in the door. Building is updated, clean and nice on the inside. It felt dirty and unsafe outside.

  461. John_C

    Came to TruMed a couple of weeks ago. Great that the location is just a few minutes away from me. The staff was super friendly and helpful. Meds are Top Notch! Definitely my go to place from now on. Thanks TruMed!

  462. ChrisOhmart

    Great people and always great products. Recommended to anyone looking for a sold dispensary.

  463. Newyork175

    Best flower in the valley hands down

  464. Tumbl3w13d7

    It’s in a great location and a nice building. Employees are exceptionally friendly. The flower is good quality.

  465. flowwithjazz

    Honest review- this spot hands down has had the best quality flower I’ve seen available in the valley with several impressive options. The MAC & Gellato are excellent. Also love that the owners are the cultivators .. the quality work is really obvious.

  466. Bananajack420

    So far I’m new here and also it’s my bday a few days 2/14 and they hooked me up well wasn’t going to buy anything but I will now

  467. Mack816

    Great Flower!! Always the best

  468. chicagojabari

    This place is the absolute BEST. The budtenders are friendly & informed; the specials are off the chain! 10/10 would recommend.

  469. Ebizlife1

    Had another great experience here the shatter is amazing

  470. ilovegoodbud69

    great bud I love me some trumed!!!!!!!

  471. mayo3284

    this was the greatest xperience i jabe had and rhe bud is grea the best

  472. Darklinkk

    great staff! always helpful and friendly, and ready to take on and answer any questions you throw at them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who’s willing to make the trip out there.

  473. phattychung

    very good dense buds will be back again

  474. mrh182

    Super friendly staff and a great selection! I have come by multiple times in the last few weeks since my first visit!

  475. tfa

    No wonder this place is rated number one in Arizona. By far the best service, the best flower and a nice convenient location right off the freeway. Even with a packed waiting room the wait went very fast.

  476. eyeslow420

    Love Tru|Med. but their new point system is a joke. 25 purchases over $50 to get a free 8th lol..i spend 100 each time that’s 2500 for a free 8th.. all about the money and not the patients that are in pain and in need of good meds.

  477. guitarplayinfool

    I have been going to Tru/Med since they opened and never have gone anywhere else. The service is excellent and every salesperson I have dealt with has been extremely knowledgable and helpful. Very pleasant environment and professional staff.

  478. Richrod

    Every strain is Pure Quality! Staff is very informative. Far Drive but way worth it!

  479. Madeinitaly

    Friendly staff and great flower

  480. gberset

    True top shelf meds! This was my first time, but definitely will be back!

  481. TalibanSlayer

    Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.
    Awesome products and clean and welcoming environment.

  482. Loccdawg

    Great service

  483. 13_12_O_O_1k_S

    This is simple the best in AZ. Everybody else is dropping prices to sell bundles of hay! I will keep paying top dollar for top meds at TruMed. Sorry I took so long to find you.

  484. jennalb3309

    Will continue to return here! Awesome quality and service!

  485. Chris.Luvsbud

    Nice set up. Very friendly and helpful staff.

  486. Serena1983

    Little bit higher priced but worth it. Great environment friendly staff.I like ot

  487. selmermarkvi

    I had a great experience and will definitely be back. I haven’t found many dispensaries offering a solid quality on shatter and other concentrates until I went here. Great place, great people, and great medicine.

  488. harmnizzle

    Very helpful! My fave is the presidential og the best so far!

  489. baltazarbuzani


  490. Zer0602420

    great flower, great service, great location.

  491. lampica

    Great service, reasonably priced flowers and nice atmosphere are reasons why I don’t mind driving an extra mile to visit this dispensary weakly.

  492. muffassa6277

    You guys carry Larry og. seriously the best strain possible. I love you guys

  493. wesmokepressure

    overcharging patients. no one should ever pay 20 a gram

  494. kevinluong

    Nice place. I like how your in n out in no time!

  495. JSmokin

    I’ve noticed lately you guys haven’t been texting about new strains on the menu (wouldve really liked the GSC and Northern Lights), kinda bummed I wasn’t given a heads up. Also, I work a full time job, but it seems like a lot of patients dont. As a result many of the FAV or rare strains are cleaned out before I can even get there on my lunch break. Been coming here for over a year, patient 384 I think. You guys have definitely gotten more popular, which is great, but also making it much more difficult on me for getting the strains I like. Can this be improved? (Maybe limit rare strains to no more than an 1/8 per patient so more ppl can get a taste, or allow meds to be set aside in advance, you guys used to do this for me in the past, but the past two times I tried that I showed up and no one had set my order aside). Still coming back, but really wish this could be improved. Thx guys.

  496. memeh

    Love this place! Always providing quality medication!

  497. DeeVee0819

    Love love looooooove it here!!!! Can’t express it enough. No matter how I’m feeling I always leave this place with a smile on my face and it’s not even because I just got some meds. I love everyone there, they make the most out of my dispensary adventures. I’ve learned so much from everyone there, they are beyond helpful with answering any questions at all and they’ve thought me more then I asked for. I haven’t been able to work with my chronic illness for the past few years and it’s been a journey trying to find something I’m passionate about. I’ve always been super into marijuana and thought it would be awesome to work in a dispensary one day, but it was always just a thought. Now that I’ve been to trumed and fell in love with so much there I hope one day I could get a job at a place exactly like that or even better TRUMED! I’m very thankful that I found this wonderful place I don’t know what I would do without them. Thanks guys you all effing rock my socks!!!!!a$?i,

  498. Mr.bear

    need more store in phoenix.

  499. Namastestoned

    Such a great place! Super friendly staff, I lost my sense of smell and taste so obviously it’s a little harder for me to judge what I would like, they were super descriptive and really helpful.

  500. christopher.evans.82

    best place ive been to yet love the meds

  501. Joel818

    It’s good premium flower just the prices need to change. it’s not gonna bring in a lot of people.

  502. idbanks

    I love the atmosphere the people are so awsome and helpful they keep me laughing

  503. Dgano124

    everytime i go the customer service reminds me why there the best in az!only trumed!

  504. koeppen040400

    AWESOME QUALITY! Absolutely agree with reviews below. I have been to EVERY dispensary in the surroundings. No one has such consistent high quality smoke! Thank goodness it is close to me, but I would drive many miles for smoke! Also the staff is all knowledgeable and most are wayyy cool! HIGHly recommend dYY=|aoe…dY$?’

  505. Anasamerican

    Great experience with these guys!!

  506. shelbyhelb

    Very nice and clean store. Huge variety of quality products and accessories. I bought some bomb shatter today, very happy. Will be back.

  507. scooch88

    Last night, Friday.. stopped by tru|med and it was my first time after being recommended by many people from the area and also the east coast where i just relocated from. Quality medicine, great prices and some amazing customer service.. being in the hospitality industry for 10+ years I can honestly say my budtender could have kept me around than most bartenders! Knowledgeable, informative and helpful. I got 5 different strains and a few free pre rolls during happy hour. A must go to when looking for fire medicine. Thanks!

  508. mrmendez

    Great quality and prices and outgoing staff all around

  509. Kyleh1423

    Best spot in Arizona!

  510. skip9391

    good place to visit good first time patient deal

  511. 777GAH

    I love how you are greeted and door opened upon arrival. The overall appearance of tru|med is very appealing and modernized while the service is always quick and awesome. Meds are A-1! Thx tru|med!

  512. zenmama2000

    Best quality in a dispensary hands down

  513. calimike0000

    It’s easy to find. Everyone was very nice and helpful.

  514. avalente

    This was my first experience with a dispensery and the staff was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. The facility is stunning and the service top notch.

  515. Hamat0y0shi

    Clean and friendly

  516. jmoinaz

    Amazing Service!!! Was nice to be in a place that feels comfortable and has great customer service. The girls that were working ( Sorry cant remember names) were awesome. They were very friendly, informative and helpful. The Lemon Jack they recommended was perfect. Cant wait to go back again.

  517. Drewdoit

    Trumed meds smell good look good and taste good. Top of the line meds for sure! Great location. They always have 10-15 flavors and there all amazing! Its always hard to choose

  518. cameo28

    Come check out the Leafly tour bus ! Definitely worth a stop

  519. goldie1

    Super clean shop. Everyone is very nice and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend this place to anyone.

  520. sleepyfeelinggg

    best dispensary

  521. lightningSuperfly

    customer service is fantastic and great selection

  522. Brody500

    Luke and Gabby great team

  523. MrHAT

    Hands down the best dispensary in Phoenix. The flowers are always of the highest quality, and they have everything else you could ever need. Best part – these guys actually listen to their patients. I asked them a couple times about live resin, and now they now carry live it!!!). Thanks Tru|Med – you guys are the real deal!

  524. tomas480

    worth every penny amd dollar!!!
    great service workers are nice and cool af!!!

  525. Gilbertoa71

    Great place good vibes

  526. Pillo23

    Clean / Safe/ very knowledgeable staff.

  527. WecksInstruction

    True Med was my very first experience at a dispensary and I was super impressed. Very modern and stylish looking, very friendly staff. Jessi was a very knowledgeable, helpful and great energy bud tender. And Luke checked me out as gave me even more info on how to stay updated with true med thru this app. A+ first time experience and I will be back soon!

  528. krabtrei18

    The absolute best flower,I travel over 25 miles to shop.#trumed.

  529. indacalover

    I just picked up my 420/Easter meds!! I really liked the fact that you guys launched new strains for the 420 weekend, and gave me 20 pre rolls for picking up four 1/8’s!! I would like to see more specials like this. All strains are exceptional as usual. I will see you again next week. Thank you Tru Med!! Happy 420!!!

  530. nickmarquez1978

    the best buds in the valley

  531. samrarhuasa

    everyone is super friendly and supportive. I love going here!

  532. mjay0806

    My 1st dispensary experience.
    Very cool. Nice and informative.


  533. jokerjoe

    stopped in here monday. liked the fact they had all level clearly marked on each strain. the staff was great to deal with. there flower looks to have the highest levels across the the board. just wish the price was a bit lower.

  534. brookylnAZveteran

    Tangerine Cookies and staff amazing

  535. Sioro

    I’ve tried a lot of dispensaries in the Phoenix area and Trumed has the best flowers around, by far. Everything I’ve tried from them has been truly top shelf and never disappoints, I can’t say that about any other dispensary I’ve tried. It’s a sixty mile drive for me to go to Trumed but I’ll keep going there because the meds are just that good. They also have a friendly staff that seem to truly care about the patients. I highly recommend Trumed!

  536. adambh73

    The crew here knows their stuff, I had an amazing first visit and will definitely be coming back!

  537. vaughnpacker420

    By far the best meds in As!! 🙂

  538. BunnyShawe

    Friendly, helpful staff. Excellent medicine.

  539. alysonvon

    I love tru med! Very clean, quality location and professional people working there.

  540. LooknOriental

    Great customer service, special deals all the time and a perfect location for me. Can’t beat it.

  541. weedqueen710

    Tru Med is my favorite place to go to I will drive out of my way to get to it to make sure I get good quality

  542. FallenMurphy

    Great place! Everyone was very helpful and friendly.

  543. quetip14

    Great place with great service and good product. They gave me all type of free stuff my first visit lol. I’m def going back.

  544. StanCran

    Really enjoyed my experience at TruMed. Staff are hella cool and service was quick! Already referred friends to the location…will be going back mos def!

  545. entegrator

    I had a great experience for my first visit and will be back. Customer service and budtenders are top notch. Jake assisted me in picking the best bud I have tried to date. I have shopped at over 15 valley dispensaries and this place has the highest quality bud by a long shot. However it is also the most expensive. Get what you pay for.

  546. michaelthomasAZ

    I enjoyed my first visit to Tru|med. Great service, excellent quality, awesome display setup. All-around worthy of a 5-star rating. It was a recommendation from some friends, and I brought another first-timer along. Got some Bananas & Cream and some Supermax OG. Their OG strains are notorious, and definitely live up to the hype if you’re a fan. The Bananas and Cream is delicious. (Especially on a fresh palette.) I also bought a Presidential OG cartridge for my pen. It wasn’t compatible with my purchased battery (non-adjustable heat) and made a crackly noise when I took a hit. I tried it with another battery (3 basic heat settings) and it was less crackly on a low heat setting, but progressed with consecutive pulls. It has to be a compatibility issue though, because the Vapen cartridge I bought works with both batteries. Maybe something to do with the difference viscosity. Will investigate later.

    Anyways, a must-return for sure. Appreciate you guys! Thank you again!

  547. pgranzella

    Great selection….wish they jad more of 1/8th instead of alot of gram only other than that no complaints; very professional and friendly. Right around the corner, trumed will be my go to dispen. when I need more meds.

  548. TykoWagner

    Fantastic service, great tree!

  549. mediumworm

    The only dispensary with real terps. Everybody else has nasty bud, terps from a bottle.. Just picked up some sensi star from another shop and its that fake smell so back to Trumed for overpriced barely Ogs but hey this is all about that money, they way they grow it. It’s like, “the dispensary version” lol. Hardly the bay… You dun know weed bro.

  550. Alexbruhh

    Good Meds good prices good staff

  551. ysl20

    every time I go there they always attend people with great service, it’s a mustyo go back

  552. Goodvibes55

    Quality flower, good service & fair prices!

  553. KingRae88

    Close to Scottsdale always friendly service

  554. mariaphet

    love trumed. the quality is great and I love the buy 3 get 1 pre roll free. well worth it as they are totally filled and not twisted 1/2 way at the ends. I also really enjoyed the Black Diamond.

  555. jocab

    They were very helpful, took time to answer any and all questions that arose, plus it is close to my place.

  556. ddrroonnee

    I am a new patient to Tru|Med and was helped by Andy. He was knowledgeable, friendly and professional. He listened to my symptoms and was able to make some great suggestions. After making my choices, I checked out with Luke who hooked me up with some specials. I will definitely be a return patient!

  557. princessbubblegum

    TRU MED ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF! I recommend everyone

  558. Smolder

    Very nice staff. Every time .
    And oh yeah… it’s all top shelf.

  559. jays420queen

    best concentrate deals in the valley! I absolutely love this dispensary, always high quality for the best prices!

  560. sdriscoll

    Friendly staff, well lit and clean. Love the open vape pens. Dedicated philanthropists also.

  561. mike37sotelo

    has the best flower ive tasted in a long time.

  562. Rocky1720

    excellent service, knowledgeable staff, very short wait time; the entire experience was great.

  563. outofthemix

    Best selection of top shelf bud in the valley. Friendly atmosphere and a knowledgeable staff make for a quick and easy shopping experience. I would highly recommend TruMed to anyone.

  564. jsinphx


    is hands down next to

  565. VanGorp

    Service with a smile

  566. allwashedup

    Want high quality MMJ? This is the place.

  567. XOllCoolShay

    Great Selection of terps and Rosin!

  568. Nick7kind

    Top 5 stores in state of az

  569. higawhat

    I have been to TruMed a few times now and always leave very happy girl. Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable. TruMeds always has the best top shelf flowers & their concentrates are phenomenal. I love that they give you the choice of bags while you checkout. I have yet to try any edibles but plan to check them out next visit. Keep up the good work TruMeds & if you haven’t been yet your missing out.

  570. Chachh1902

    Fast and friendly staff good deals

  571. BecauseWeed

    I love the new concentrate pricing since I pick up more than a few grams each time. I always go off the budtenders choice because they’ve never steered me wrong. Fruit Cake and Blue Cookies are dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  572. azmedicalpatient

    Ftp- great experience! Pablo helped me and was very informative and knowledgeable! I will be back, thank you for my BOGO hookup!

  573. Edvis420bs

    Hadn’t stopped here for quite some time. But figured lets go see it’d things have improved. Well to my surprise much much better.

  574. Newguy420

    Great meds

  575. drewzz14

    Very professional looking shop great choices, customer service is excellent. Definitely a safe easy place to pick up some good flowers

  576. KeefSweat216

    Great Atmosphere, great selection. Will definitely be back again!

  577. reffacheefa

    A little pricey, but you get what you pay for. And what you get is tooooo fire.

  578. Caldwell120

    Tru|med is by far the best dispensary I have been to in AZ hands down. extremely clean facility, friendly staff and superb medicine. As a new patient, Nico gave me the rundown and I was browsing flowers within 10 minutes. Very efficient and would definitely recommend!

  579. ineezilyburt

    fire. best flower on west coast… ah who am I kinding..: best weed ever… Ramses is a wizard…

  580. maniac89

    Awesome place some of the best flower I have ever seen

  581. TGroove

    I have never been to a dispensary before so I didn’t know what to expect but I was extremely impressed with how professional and clean trumed is. The staff is very friendly as well as knowledgeable making my experience very pleasant. I recommend this dispensary for anybody.

  582. rayrod007

    Sticky prerolls extra resin and nice taste. Very potent can’t wait to get more.

  583. DankestDank

    Nice place filled with great OG strains all of high THC percentage and buds of the highest quality. Will shop again.

  584. dwmusic

    Fantastic flowers, Fantastic people, Fantastic atmosphere !!

  585. wendibleuze

    love this place friendly great people meds r really good shatter pens rock

  586. Lizziesmokes420

    Amazing place to get flower. People need to stop complaining about the price, it’s TOP QUALITY.

  587. ElJefeJuan1

    Tru|Med is a wonderful establishment. This was my second time in and u was just as impressed the 2nd time. This trip I purchased the Obama OG and was truly impressed. This cannabis is extremely fragrant, with a true OG flavor and effect. The flower structure is excellent and shows care in the production process. I really appreciate the quick, knowledgeable service. I will be back.

  588. ShaniquaPinche

    Great location and a lot to choose from with good quality

  589. Jeffere

    It was my first time at any medical marijuana dispensary. They were very helpful, informative, and understanding. Great experience!

  590. Derickmanley

    Dispensaries like this are why I keep going back. I went to a dispensary yesterday that was really rude to me. so I went here and the people here are very very very nice that’s what I will keep coming back to trumed. And they just have extraordinary flower that’s it.

  591. ghgmis

    Best dispensary in Phoenix. Everything is tested so you know what you are getting. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the product. Great specials. This is the only place I go even though it is not very close to where I live.

  592. net45

    What an awesome first experience! Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable with great recommendations for anything you want; they took the time to explain anything or answer any question i had and made me feel like i was the only customer around. Cool atmosphere and vibe & the nicest staff from the front doir to the registers.

  593. ontonette

    They are amazing! Buds are fresh and smell amazing! The employees really take their time and explain the strains! I would defiantly come back!!

  594. DylanRo

    Tru med is definitely top shelf in AZ ! Thanks

  595. murdavale5300

    Jessi was awesome
    She was he best good help and knows her meds

  596. ghost00

    the best weed in Phoenix az king Louie lll is the best

  597. rockstarsearwaxxx

    The best place to score a lid. The good strains are becoming more known about so therefore are becoming harder to score. Pre 98 Bubba is their best, Presidential I would say is next and once in a while I will fuck with the King Louis. The greatest customer service the industry has to offer. These people are accommodating and always pleasant, all the way down to the security outside.

  598. lobsterboy

    centrally located, parking is discrete.

  599. Provo23

    This place has a nice variety and high quality. Strands

  600. Shortcake

    Your caviar provides all the very medicinal benefits of a MMJ concentrate as well as the very old school hippie experience of just truly enjoying really good weed! Wow and thanks! dY~Z

  601. PHXBOI602

    she did a great a job keep it upp newbiedY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=yu guys need 2 put tip jars out soo patients can show a$?

  602. JPCarm3

    Best greens in town, also good selection of edibles and awesome concentrates…I am a repeat customer.

  603. weedman219

    they so good i had to leave two reviews ok im done now Trumeds yall!!!!!!!

  604. Princessjj777

    Thank you for this free gift.
    I am a trauma victim with no income and EVERYTHING helps !!!

    It does matter to me.
    Today you helped change my life with this free pre roll and i appreciate it so very much +++
    Princess JJ

  605. Allenclassof04

    Nice looking dispensary. Open floor plan. Great wax selection.

  606. outliketrout

    thank you for being a true dispensary your marijuana is not hype I will pay the price and at least I will get the long lasting effects when I go to your other competitors there marijuana smells like salt and pepper and they want me to pay that kind of price I’ve been there 3 different times and I’ve decided you are home base for my medicine I really do appreciate the quality of the flower the good looking staff and the overall welcoming feeling when I come into your establishment keep up the great work because your place is not all the hype it’s just pure and genuine quality at its finest your competitor by the airport is all a joke and I don’t want to pay for salt and pepper bud

  607. jeff.garrett.86

    my favorite dispenserary ever great and friendly environment as well

  608. mister1992

    Tru med the best quality med around great service and atmosphere

  609. 77

    Great customer service. Perfect location. Would highly recommend.

  610. jpofaz

    Thank you Lauren for the awesome phone service and Larry for the in house experience. And the icing on the cake is the fire trees dYOE2dY’Y=dY”Y=

  611. countryazhell

    My new favorite place. A comfortable secure location with really good weed and simple pricing. I’ll definitelyaEUR< be back often!

  612. yourhighesthighness480

    I was pretty stoked to try the Pink Lady shatter and the Banana Diesel shatter, but was extremely disappointed. “Shatter” shouldn’t be this plyable. #butanesoup #poopsoup #falsemedsru

  613. mikkid4311

    the only dispense I have gone to that has offered me a tour! pretty cool. The staff does a wonderful job making you feel at ease and welcome. Cayla helped me out last time I was in there, and she was very helpful and informative. I will be returning!

  614. dutchmaster760

    I really thought this dispensary was great. Came in for my first time, I was late to the whole dispensary scene out here. Just couldn’t break down and spend the money for a card. So happy I did, great meds at this location. Some of the nicest looking bud in town by far. They grow most of it themselves and for the most part it looks flushed properly and what not. I would like to see more shops out here utilize glass to store their buds. Coming from CA where I had my card it was nice to get my bud in glass, it always seems to be more fresh. Here they do some sort of vacuum seal which is better than nothing. My buds were relatively less dry than some other stuff I’ve gotten.

    Other than that great space full of cool people. Everyone seems excited to work there, as they should be loldY~,. Anyway great meds currently getting hit in the head by this cookies.dYtmdY>>

  615. jamino

    I’ve been coming to Tru|Med for some time now with no negatives to speak of. Great meds, great service, great atmosphere. If someone reading this says their prerolls are no good, please leave a review stating which dispensary has prerolls that are not leaf and shake. Answer is: there are none The prerolls are subpar everywhere, but the meds are better here, hence the prerolls are better. If I was to give any negative remarks, it would be that they don’t open until 10. The stupid rounding up of everything to the nearest $5 also, but that is common practice everywhere.

  616. elimts

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!

  617. Justchillininaz

    Staff is AMAZING!!!!!!!! They always are super courteous and know you by name. They always are very genuine in providing exceptional customer service. The whole store is always spotless and smells like walking into a fresh bag of cannabis.
    The last flower I got was a private reserve quad I believe and it was loud, o g smelling, however when smoking it the taste was not quite right. The taste was grassy and kind of like gorilla glue. Striked me really strange to see such mediocre bud being sold, but then I remembered….. The SUMMER!!!!
    Every summer in Arizona, all the dispensaries usually produce average quality flower. I still have been coming here for edibles.
    I do also realize that marijuana is a winter plant but indoor cultivation can make the environment like winter or something??????????
    Moving on, I have been wondering if there will ever be any flowers eighths for $20 or grams for $5?
    Also, adding photos of the flowers on Leafly would greatly help and decrease boredom when looking at the menu. People love pictures!
    Mad Love and wish everyone at Trumed a Tubular bodacious day!!!!!!!

  618. X0MB13D0LL

    LOVED it there…great atmosphere…HIGHLY recommended….

  619. jesse5900


  620. RobbIt

    Very helpful and patient staff!

  621. drostillsmokin

    need to bring out a Tru Meds to the West Valley The Best Meds in Arizona Hands Down This Spot has the Real deal none of that washed up Named Bullshit thanks Tru Meds U guys r the shit

  622. meshadow2003

    I like it here. So nice and clean. I love their specials are great too. I love their pre-rolls. The Birthday Fun is here too.

  623. cademack

    This dispensary is by far my favorite in AZ. They’ve always got a wide selection of strains as well as great prices. I was assisted by Lily and Colton and they did a great job helping me get my meds.

  624. BuddyBudDog

    Best dispensary in town!!! Absolute best flower!

  625. iflyhiiqh

    Great Buds!! Just drop your damn prices. 20 a gram 55 eighth lol

  626. Biggs99

    Solid service, super friendly I’ll be back

  627. Gigum

    love the shatter. great place, nice ppl working the shop.

  628. Scott113

    Great deals. Looking forward to getting a free gram for leaving this review. Thanks!

  629. Buddzyyy

    My favorite dispensary in the valley by far

  630. ggabaldon

    Definitely one of the best spots in the valley quality wise, everything is always fire, friendly staff and welcoming environment. I always stop by when I’m in the area.

  631. ireland

    Although I have spent many years in chronic pain, I am new to the world of medicinal marijuana. My first introduction to a dispensary was amazing and Luke went above and beyond to educate me about the various options that were available and what products would be most suitable for my ailments. The facility itself if awesome and all of the staff were extremely knowledgable and helpful. This was a great experience and I will definitely be back!

  632. regina19

    Always, always, always super satisfied with the flower! The service is good, never a long wait, & the staff seems pretty knowledgeable. Loyal customer for sure.

  633. Cannon21

    Good products but I got 4 (1/8) and each one was .5 off….Gita check ya pre packaged product. No scales no proof of weight till your gone

  634. revugee

    i gave this place a pretty good review last week…then i went into collect my “free preroll” from Tru Med for writing the leafly review…i was informed by staff that they were “out of free pre-rolls” I have been doing this long enough to know that that means Tru Med is rolling up trims and scraps in their promotional prerolls…that is a bogus way to dispense subpar medication…that’s like picking pills up off the floor and putting them in the bottle.

  635. aaronallery

    Good service and technicians. Product variety is a little lean but good quality of the product there.

  636. cookiemancookieman420

    @azherbexpert ! Right on brother or sister Trumed has the best OG in the state, I’ve even been to Vegas and they got them beat !!!! Great job Trumed

  637. KenSpliffeyJr

    TruMed came highly recommended, and I was not disappointed! I understand why many consider them the best in AZ. Great flower/solid service and very worth the drive.

  638. KindGodess420

    I had been looking forward to visiting this location for some time and was rather disappointed in the overall experience.
    Nice storefront, good parking, clean, fine selection. My Budtender was friendly and efficient. The flower seemed overpriced, however I am pleased with the vapes and edibles purchased here. This location was convenient for us to access from Scottsdale so we might give TruMed another try next season. Please consider I’m picky about my herb, been enjoying MMJ for several decades now. “This is KindGodess420 & I approve of this Review”..Be well, stay high & legalize, my dYOE+-ly Friends! “Jah &aoeOE”

  639. ObamaSucksAss

    Excellent staff, I always feel like part of a family when I’m there. The environment is very confortable and contemporary…but most importantly the quality of the meds is the best.

  640. emmanuelcorpse

    Very good selection of wax

  641. mondo1011

    I just got off of work and It was a convenient dispensary to go to so I tried it and this place is great. They were friendly, VERY helpful and patient with me. They assisted me when I barely walked through the door. They had a peaceful and comforting atmosphere and had a lot of different strains on the wall to choose from. Staff was helpful and other patients helped me decide what were good strains to choose. They even let you pick your OWN bag of weed. Lol would come back there again for sure.

  642. nicole.ramseur

    Location is fantastic, very easy to navigate and locate. Do not miss the chance to stop by and pick up quality items

  643. megray23

    Great service

  644. poloboi420

    Best shop for quality flower in the Arizona! NO DOUBT!

  645. softailcarrie

    Kind of off-putting with the gates and armed guard checking I.D. on the way in and the exterior looks like a jail or a storage unit, but this place has 150mg brownies for $10 that can be refrigerated and then cut into nine or ten “portions.” Smoking good price for so many “doses” of medible medicine. Best brownie in Arizona, by far! Aunt Sally’s, I believe it was called. Hope they are in stock tomorrow: going by there just for brownies! Despite the building exterior, I received excellent service and products! I fell in LOVE with their preroll Blueberry Muffin, as well!

  646. dubiesnackyo

    Great dispensary! Everyone is super friendly and knowledgable! Always a great experience!

  647. cvital420

    Great dispensary friendly staff and quick service

  648. acidDogG

    great service, great buds and nice location! definitely going back

  649. yupers

    One the best places ive been nice ppl good medicine…

  650. laurenwyler

    Tru Med is the best. Coming from LA I’m shocked at how nice and clean dispensaries can be. I will NEVER go anywhere else

  651. destiny42095

    I went in cause it was near where my job takes me but I might keep coming back cause the lady was vary helpful dY~

  652. free1004

    Great experience. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Quality bud and the brownie edible was awesome. I will definitely be back!

  653. 4lyssa20

    Very hip, very modern

  654. james173

    Great service very friendly staff

  655. ekabakes

    Love them and their product!

  656. michelleandrewsssssss

    I have shopped here a few times and I have always only encountered friendly and helpful staff. The entire place is very clean and well organized and the staff really know their stuff. I love this place and can’t wait to go back!

  657. Dustinlittle

    This is thr best place for your medicine. And the the people are the some of the best that i have met

  658. letsbehonest

    Always great medicine and professional staff.

  659. shilton

    Not sure about the customer service, seems like they take priority in customers first before anyone else and small confusing parking space.

  660. OGSpence

    You gotta check it out! Great work!

  661. SmOkeByThEBeACh87

    Great place to go…I stay on the Westside of Arizona and I pass up a few dispensaries to get there, and yes its worth the drive LoL . Flower is SO ,SO, Fire!!!

  662. loki2840

    i cant remember my bud tenders name but she was awesome very knolegeable and i will be back for sure

  663. BobJ54

    Amazing service. They keep test results on file. Will return here!

  664. mattsbuds

    I was really impressed by the staffs knowledge of the products, as well as the quality of the products. I would recommend this dispensary to anyone

  665. steviedactyl91

    I have been to many of the dispensaries in the valley and have to say this is by far and away the very best. It’s in a great location with a knowledgeable and friendly staff and their meds are great. Since I found this place, I haven’t gone anywhere else.

  666. kkjphx11

    chill environment. great selection , coming back again.

  667. The1

    Clean setting, knowledgeable staff, welcoming atmosphere, A+ med quality.

  668. jman7957

    This was my first time at trumed, and I must admit, I was really impressed.

    Luke was my budtender, and he was awesome! Super friendly, knowledgeable, and totally cool spending 20+ minutes giving me a tour of all their products and answering all of my questions. I really appreciated his patience, with me being such a newb. Oh, and they have a refrigerator full of complimentary ice-cold water – nice touch.

    The dispensary itself if beautiful inside and out. Nicely landscaped exterior, inside they have hardwood floors, white quartz countertops – everything feels very clean and upscale.

    Their products seem upscale as well. Luke was telling me that they are a little more on the pricier side when compared to some other dispensaries, but you know what they say, you get what you pay for.

    Overall, very impressed, and I’m looking forward to returning!

  669. jomarwraps

    Easy and quick

  670. AdamJQ

    Great meds & service I love this place !

  671. dkaps

    Buds are absolutely beautiful but prices are a little on the high end. If tax was included in the posted prices it would be fantastic. Not a big fan of smooshing the nugs in the bags for prepackaging and my last bags were .1 and .2 short. Wouldn’t stop me from coming back for the amazing buds just a little frustrating. Overall some of the best nugs in the state.

  672. Jcollins12

    I really like this place, everyone makes me feel comfortable in every way possible from security from the front door to the person helping me select my medicine. I go here often and I will continue to:) Thank you!

  673. morecito

    Really good atmosphere and a great place to get meds. I recommend OG kush, very strong.

  674. Cheeseburga

    It was my first time ever going to a dispensary. I’m still fairly new to the cannabis community. I went on my birthday which was Dec 20th. The reception person wished me a happy birthday. I walked in and even though I dont know how to roll up, they offered me a pre roll. Since it was my Birthday I even got an extra pre roll for free. I appreciate their patience with me and educating me on cannabis. It was very clean in there and organized. I would highly recommend this place to others

  675. Nido

    Great service

  676. mlq19

    best meds, will be back!


    Jessica was helpful with picking out there private reserve strains

  678. weblazekushmafia

    This place has very high quality bud, the pre rolls are sooo potent it’s incredible I’ve had a lot in my day from a lot of dispensaries and they take the cake.. the Larry og is so relaxing and calming with a narcotic like feeling and the banana og like a ton of whisky till your numb, I’m a very experienced smoker and I had to take breaks on both pre rolls which floored me. I usually smoke a few grams at a time of top shelf stuff from swc Tempe, what I like about tru med is they have organic products. The bud tenders are always super nice and always are happy to fulfill the deals they offer and are very kind and smart.

  679. Rojo1995

    The medicine was good very helpful

  680. tempechef

    love the atmosphere

  681. BrittanyRae

    I really like that they have a Wide and Good selection of buds to choose from. The service was very good and friendly! Definitely would shop there Again 🙂

  682. flolfcopter

    Some of the best flower I’ve ever had, love the variety. Shatter is just as good of not better.. Great enviormemtnt friendly staff

  683. BIGIZ13

    Always on point,product is always right on,one of the best if not thee best in my opinion. Always a pleasure spending my money here!

  684. canabear

    I love you guys, hands down best dispensary in the valley. I have to agree with some of the comments below though… for the last few months the selection has been disappointing at best. You used to be able to walk in the door and know you had good quality and good selection, because it was all your product. I understand you all are making some changes to your facility, but you have loyal patients you are really letting down. I just logged on to check out the menu, and I’m glad I checked before I drove down there. You guys need to get back to what set you apart; awesome staff, and your stuff is quality… just need it back on the shelves.

  685. jrreyesfam

    Now you want to talk about some quality?? This place is the best f the best, there is no topping this dispensary in az. All that needs to be said. Best Everything lol

  686. Beagel

    The cutest skinny white budtender girls around and i dont mind paying the 60bucks or whatever because its always 10/10..

  687. BringoBrango

    I chose this location for my first dispensary ever. These guys were great. The gentleman who helped me was really knowledgeable , wasn’t rushing me, as it was my first spot. I was in awe… It was well lit and had a professional atmosphere. I would recommend this place as I don’t know any better. I had a great experience though.

  688. NickyLarson

    Quality of the bud is amazing! Hush Breath may be the best sativa I’ve ever had. ATMs suck though.

  689. emadrid99

    had a great experience for my first time going

  690. Christopher1989

    Great location a little pricey but TOP quality meds

  691. Pyra

    Very friendly and professional

  692. AppleJaxi13

    Live the Presidential! I love the staff! A little pricey but worth it!

  693. salmoreno14

    beautiful people beautiful trees hand’s down. 100%.

  694. dagrayvis

    Cool place but over priced and try selling their own product and act original when really they have nothing special. Bought their vape pen they sell in house and again a place pushing a product that is mediocre. good for edibles i guess but over priced.

  695. slimjimbud

    Phenomenal Meds and Service normally went here until I found out about delivery! Love you guys

  696. thankyouangels

    outstanding customer service. very knowledgeable staff.

  697. hyyerrfrank

    Thanks again Nick !! Very satisfied on what he helped me purchase. Half gram of blue dream shatter and blackberry kush shatter. The blue dream is great, very potent. Smells nice, taste good and smoke smoooooth :D. Haven’t tried the blackberry kush yet but I’m sure it’s great. Because it’s looks so beautiful. Has a very Amber and orange look to it. And smells great. I’ll put up another review later tonight on how it smokes. Can’t wait. Thank you again Trumed! Love you guys !

    – Rupert

  698. LizV92

    Love the vibe. Bud tenders were very helpful and patient. Will be back again.

  699. Captainfinn14

    Top dispo in the area hands down! Prices aren’t the lowest in the area however the quality makes up for it and more!

  700. mahabra695

    Very friendly staff, quick service, great quality product. Even with a lobby full of people the wait time was still less than 10-15 minutes and that is hard to beat!

  701. benjamminhard

    Love their concentrates, got adapted to the 45$ grams! Sad to say I don’t want to pay close to 70$ for the same thing anymore..

  702. SRT10

    Tasteful concentrates, good service, great relaxed environment, i will be coming to trimed again!dY’

  703. Couchlock73

    5 stars all the way around , professional , classy location . Feels like I’m in a fancy hotel lobby . By far the most potent and best quality flowers in the valley . Pricey but for this quality money well spent . I especially love the 4 gram sampler for $60 . This is my #1 dispensary of choice from now on

  704. followthegreenlady

    Walked in, very professional and friendly! Got some campfire cookies, was totally impressed! Thanks guys and see you soon!

  705. juju26

    seth was super helpful with all the concentrates

  706. jammie2470

    Awesome Service, Great meds! You definitely get what you pay for a 🙂

  707. mark602

    Trumed is the best dispensary Ive been to yet. They have great strains. Well rolled prerolls as well as helpful and friendly budtenders! I recommend this location to other patients!

  708. TheCannasseur444

    Why do you never do deals on sauce???? I love the stuff but refuse to pay 50 dollars a gram . if you did it 3 for 120 at least one day out of the week would be nice. instead only the platinum tier shatter 3 for 120 always excluding sauce though wtf. also a half oz special on premium would be dope. like 140 would be perfect

  709. raevenfairchilde

    This place is legit. Quick and courteous service. They let you choose what to walk away with with full recommendations without being pushy. Nice atmosphere as well. Ask for Larry! 😉

  710. Rob2209966

    Always love coming to tru med. It can be a bit pricey but always have good concentrates and herbs. My favorite has to be that Tangie Shatter.

  711. Jonathon6574

    Great place ~ staff was extremely knowledgeable and the facility is beautiful.

  712. Niny_baby

    great place service

  713. mrwolf1017

    it’s a perfect location. it makes it easier for me to stop by after school to pick up my medicine so that I may focus on what I need to do. Thank you for being there for the community

  714. aakridge

    Tru|med is by far my favorite dispensary in the area. Their medication is always top notch and I’ve never been disappointed with my experience there. I would recommend to everyone definitely check it out and put them at the top of your list!!

  715. paradoxrey

    This place was great. It was my first time and I didn’t know what to suspect. The salesperson walked me through the entire process in a way that I understood the hows and whys. It was a good experience.

  716. squidly20

    I LOVE TRUMED, they have hands down the best quality and best bang for your buck! Love these guys!

  717. Bianca24

    Nice clean upscale environment with top shelf goods.

  718. KronicPain

    this was my 2nd time at TRU-MED and gotta say WOW!, OG’s are tasty and heavy and almost all their strain choices were DANK,give em a shot now while they are having their $85 quarters in Aug.

  719. andrewred1

    Great selections, Great buds, and they have an awesome express pick up feature.

  720. aliann14

    I couldnt agree more with the review about rushing the meds to patients.. it couldnt be more obvious by the bait and switch with the pre packaged deal…. it would be nice to buy the buds from the jar.. some strains are ok but until you stop curing your meds in plastic bags.. the quality will remain subpar…I also called to complain and was met by pure resistance.. These state licensed facilities need to get their med quality up.. Also your Dj Short Blueberry ,must have been bagged months that why its always so crispy and falls apart? until you dispensarys get a master grower or a grand master your meds will only help the ones who dont know quality…

  721. asala91

    Great people, best product in Phoenix area hands down.

  722. Crobink

    Best deal and some of the greatest inbrand products

  723. sharimyk420

    I love this place the Yolo edibles are amazing

  724. blahblah44

    Never been here before, but the reviews do not lie. This place is a must try for anybody. A little pricey, but well worth it, plus the deals just keep coming.

    Keep it up.

  725. vonita

    Don’t know why I haven’t been here before now …I know it’s top of the line …everything was cool except I got a banana diesel preroll and it said LucidDream…called dispensary back they said it is Banana Diesel…fired it up and it tasted nothing like it was supposed to….I will go back but won’t be paying for any prerolls

  726. emoticonsking

    The location is hard to get out of, its like a traffic jam zone sometimes. But that’s location. The medicine, however is why there are traffic jams.

  727. jrohde12

    Awesome place best in the valley!!

  728. Geraldine888

    I had just gotten my Med card and I chose TruMed. Jarred was patient and extremely helpful by making great recommendations. The place was a calming atmosphere.

  729. tomobrien1

    Very nice staff. A1 Quality Product

  730. sagebrushwolff

    Love this place. Good people, good product, good price. Would recommend them to everyone

  731. GreenThumbCisco326

    Very pleased with stopping by today at Tru Med dispensary. I understand that money can be short sometimes but quality over quantity is better when you got the money. Animal cookies did it again, very pleased with medication it’s Fire. one gram from Tru Meds is better than two grams from the other guys. But @Tru Meds what about the day when we only have 10 or 15 bucks and would like flowers and not a pretty roll. can you add a shelf for those day.

  732. Darps

    dope dispensary and everything still wondering what’s going on with the points system I know I’ve spent a good amount of money here

  733. bdub421

    Awesome dispensary knowledgeable staff superb flower grown with organic nutrients amazing concentrates

  734. Mavian

    Went in recently for the first. Had my card for awhile, but prices and selection never had me try them. But recently they started offering house concentrates and competitive pricing, so I stopped in to try it out. Wow, great stuff. Their GSC shatter had immediate effect and long lasting. The Lucid Dream was mellow and shorter lasting, but still rather good. Definitely going to try more

  735. padawanpony

    Nice flower, good atmosphere

  736. urgetoherbal

    Only place I go. Everything they sell is great

  737. srbarkley960

    I was one that was given an IOU by this location for being a first time patient I’m still waiting it’s and actually been more than 2 month and still nothing…obviously there is no reason this should take this long..Make good on your promise True Med and I will come back u still owe me an 1/8 and a preroll and I’m still waiting

  738. Bisraone

    Great dispensary. Clean nice looking place with a great super friendly and helpful staff. Their flower selection is amazing. More quality over quantity but still had about 10-15 varieties. All of which are top shelf amazing looking and smelling flower. This place is what you want a dispensary to be. Keep up the awesome work! Try the Bay 11, best flower I’ve had in a while.

  739. sterben

    First time patient visiting this dispensary. I went to this place because I hear a lot of good things about their flower. It was great, but check your pre-rolls before you leave. Filter on mine was damaged and fell out on removal from the package. So check yours before getting home if you get them. Not a huge deal. Still great flower and a great dispensary.

  740. schristias

    best flower in the valley and the customer service is great!

  741. Dogratzoo

    A great dispensary with great indicas, and centrally located. The people here are helpful and friendly, love their mix and match special. U guys rock.

  742. drewtyler318

    This is hands down the best dispensary in Arizona. The flowers are amazing and the service is the unbeatable!

  743. TheOGFatmac

    grate shop excellent flower what more do you want

  744. NekoSona

    First time, haven’t tried the products yet but the service was amazing. extremely helpful and they know a lot about what they are selling which was amazing for me because I don’t know much about things yet. would defiantly recommend and will be going back for my next purchase dY~,,

  745. Rollinmeds480

    Awesome set up! The meds are top notch! Highly recommend you go see this place.!

  746. varsonv

    One of the few places worth the extra penny. I will be back.

  747. madyvony

    Great place! The FLOWER is amazing!! I got the
    God Father- Indica & my free pre-roll of Private Reserve!dY~dY~fdY’My first time going too dY~%0dY~SdY”Y=dY'”dY’dY’OEdY’<

  748. Ponzy1

    I went to the Tru|Med location with a co-worker for the first time. It was secure, friendly, and very informative as well as great product. I would and will refer to them to other patients as I run into them.

  749. Zokeskills

    Best spot in town. Always top notch flavors of flower and concentrate. Never been disappointed. Friendly workers all around good spot.

  750. LoDown295

    This place is awesome! It’s comfortable, they’re quick and the workers are friendly.

  751. XDeathxBunnyx

    Tru Med is one of the first disps I went to after moving back from Cali and boy was I glad I checked it out.

    The product is always great and the variety is good. I like their drip cartridges and got my friend hooked on them haha. Also like that they let you look at and choose which packaged flowers you want before you pay. Super glad they carry Korova edibles as well, was scared I wouldn’t be able to gey my fix of them here after growing to love them while living in Cali. The inside is chic and cute, definitely a plus as well.

    The wait can sometimes be a little long and it can be a little hectic sometimes once inside but I attribute that to how popular and busy they typically are. Not a big deal.

    All in all, deff check this place out if you haven’t. Good products and good prices!

  752. TylerIsaacs7

    Awesome experience. Free prerollll

  753. minivick9

    An Oz should never cost 300-350+ unless its top top shelf. This is AZ.. don’t lie to me and tell me this O is worth 13/g unless it was imported from Cali yesterday and its a brand new strain to boot. No dispensary should even be charging in the first place, as donations are the cannabis culture. $280 for an ounce or I won’t even pay you no attention. Stay Blunted. Medical Marijuana isn’t here for you (owners) it is here for us patients and let it be known we are all sick and tired of your operations seeking to turn extra profits out of it. You DO realize the point here is to doctor-up people, its NOT a store so show you actually care about your patients and their lives as people are coming to you with debilitating conditions they are suffering through and you are nickel and diming people instead of putting them first like a real owner, employee, doctor, professional, etc should and would. ALL THAT being said.. I would recommend your flowers but only to someone with way too much money to blow on their medicine in the first place. Tell me how you charge $360 for an O and places all around town can offer $200- for an O. Ohh, y’all should get some more SuperMax OG in stock.. that’s that top top shelf from cali.

  754. PERKliphe

    Love it!! Every time I come in everyone has a smile on their face and their edibles are amazing!!! Never been? Get there!!

  755. Jay5

    Without a doubt, the best medicine in the valley! Top tier buds with top tier, friendly, and speedy service.

  756. CitizenCush

    Absolutely blown away from the flower quality. I’ve had their flower before, I’ve just never stopped in personally. The tenders were very nice and helpful with anything I could have asked, the FTP special was awesome. And they’re not joking when they offer 2 prerolls for following them on social media. Can’t wait to come stock up on some of their OG line!

  757. melodyslover3

    I LOVE Tru Med. I love that they have standards and straight up only sell top shelf. Please do not offend them by asking for bottom shelf lol JK :p

  758. saudimonroe

    First time visit very clean and the inside was very clean! dY’

  759. weedkitty88

    Staff super friendly, dispensary has a cool setup that really allows you to see all the product. They remember me whenever I stop by. Flower is great, prices are reasonable and there’s always some sort of special going on.

  760. QueeneA

    Kool place people and atmosphere ….

  761. chainsawww

    Lucid dream is awesome. Tastes like purps and haze.

  762. mcnavar2

    very helpful,friendly and had great product.

  763. AZALDEE

    Nice clean spot. Tenders are great and the grape clear was nice. Flowers were also of quality. Parking is tight during peak hrs.

  764. beautygreen69

    This dispensary has the best flower very high quality! Great dispensary hardly any waiting. Good service !

  765. Brandon0308

    That Peanut Butter Breath has to be some of the best flower I’ve gotten in the state of Arizona. It’s absolutely amazing! It has that true OG Smell/Taste that we all crave! Overall, this Indica dominant hybrid is one of the most potent batches I have ever gotten from here; treating both the body & the mind. 10/10 Recommend.

  766. shaowchief

    Was able to get what i wanted bogo and a free preroll!!!!!

  767. AZTrees4ME

    Classy Joint

    kinda like a “W” Hotel Lobby.

    Nice fresh meds, and the high end are potent and pretty!

    Attractive Friendly Budtenders and certainly a spot to stop by and check out!


  768. GreenAllTheWay

    That Tru OG is legit!!!

  769. annamarieb

    great variety of bomb flower and concentrates. fast and friendly service.

  770. sryan7312

    The best quality on all buds and wax but damn its pricey. Herbal Wellness Center is the only place that has like quality. But they got that kill here in every strain. Not getting anything for this review.

  771. hughmann

    The leaf meds here are very good. I’ve had the brownies a couple of times and they didn’t do much for me. I recently tried the concentrate of sour og and it wasn’t that good. The place and people are very nice and its centrally located. My only issue is the high prices. They do have good promotions every month at least.

  772. japony26

    This place is clean and prifessional! I always love coming back!

  773. monizzle93

    Some of the best strains in east Phoenix

  774. bart1984


    Awesome place to purchase your goods, friendly, helpful workin bud tenders, variety of goods and prices are good lol anything in life could be better no complaints here though I approve an recommend!!!

  775. moeknows111

    Been customer for a couple of years. Friday I purchased 1/2 of Girl Scout cookie and was not even close to what I viewed in the jars used for flower. There was not a bud bigger than a dime. I sent a sample to be tested to ensure the genetics are GSC and testing of THC & CBD. This is the third time this year that I’ve gotten a crapy 1/2 oz. compared to what I saw in the Jars to order with bud tender.
    TruMed needs to focus on quality more versus the quantity of strains they carry.
    I’m very concerned with this trend!!!!

  776. TRoseNewton

    The selection was amazing, it was clean, up to date and everyone was super super friendly and helpful!

  777. Kiananaa

    I absolutely love this place! It’s in a centrally located, yet discreet area. The building has a very modern, tranquil atmosphere that comes with an extremely helpful and friendly staff who really know their inventory. I am excited and can’t wait to go back!

  778. hazeygod

    DEF the best place in AZ hands down!!! Flower is amazing and great prices on edibles

  779. ellisleticia

    Close to home. Glad to have options. dY~S

  780. randerroo

    Upon waking in I was asked to fill out new patient paperwork work, which took no time at all. As I sat in the waiting area, I could not help but laugh along with other patrons at the animal clips playing on the TV. After maybe a 5 minute wait, my name was called and was helped by a very kind gentleman. He was very knowledgeable and professional. I told him what I like and what I use medical cannabis for. He made several recommendations, which I ended getting all of them due to the Memorial Day special. The atmosphere is clean, professional, and very welcoming. I will definitely be back!

  781. anonGamer

    Great shop, very friendly and helpful, fantastic strains.

  782. timsgirl420

    The person who helped me were knowledgeable and social not to mention the high quality medicine. I would recommend them to other patients. thanks

  783. Luxxery

    Nice atmosphere great quality product. Enjoyable experience