27 Princess Street, Kingston, ON


44.231342, -76.4799492




9:30 AM – 10:00 PM


9:30 AM – 10:00 PM


9:30 AM – 10:00 PM


9:30 AM – 11:00 PM


9:30 AM – 11:00 PM


9:30 AM – 11:00 PM


9:30 AM – 8:00 PM


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New to cannabis or looking to elevate your high? You’re in good hands. Stocked with quality, curated cannabis and staffed by a friendly team of experts, we invite you to stop by and let us lift your spirits. The end of prohibition is here. Enjoy responsibly!
*Please note that listed THC and CBD levels are approximate – visit us in store for in-stock batch levels.


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15 reviews for “Spiritleaf

  1. just_debs

    Clean bright space with super friendly staff

  2. TOCMuskrat

    Strain choices: Lots of Variety, Tons of strains to choose from I wonder if a year down the road will have the same strains or completely new ones. Personal recommendation- Blue Dream or White Widow
    Staff: Knowledgable, happy, positive, willing to chat and explain differences in products.
    Store: Very small, wish it was a lot larger, feels very cramped even with a few people and bud tenders. Very chill vibe beautiful store, lighting and environment is on point…LARGER THOUGH PLEASE!

    Prices can be very expensive, but there is cheaper options around 9.95-10$ a gram nothing less though which is very unfortunate.

    Opinion for improvement: Store be larger, more displays for cannabis products, prices and strains be posted in another form than paper booklets and on the TV sets (more open and bold in your face ya know?) Offer a recycling program for containers for repeat customers or a stamp card 10 purchases 1 gram free or something, Offer a discount price for 28G different strains..100-300$/oz.

    Store is overall 7/10 love the vibe and definitely would recommend to my friends and family but there is definitely a lot of room for improvement I think as do all things

  3. Brentgorrie

    It was absolutely gorgeous inside. The staff was knowledgeable and they had a good range of product. I wish they had more product with matching levels of CBD and THC. Most product was either one or the other. Overall I think it’s a great shop.

  4. Greekcub

    Great location, friendly staff; will be back again!

  5. Sibster70

    Very nice and professional shop! Great spot in Kingston (plus, being next to an ice cream shop and across from the Subway – genius! Nice touch with the Tragically Hip tie-in…ahead by a century, indeed!

  6. CdnSkiier

    It’s great that we have such a classy store right here in downtown Kingston. No need for any more online orders from OCS! I really like the layout and design of the space. Staff was friendly and very enthusiastic. Good selection of high-end paraphernalia also. I think this store will do well in the historic downtown area and seemed to have good stock and selection. Hopefully prices in Ontario will normalize as time goes on and the market stabilizes.

  7. mrchillz613

    Fantastic location! Really nice looking, well organized, and some great interactive sections!

  8. SpacedVapes

    Very kind people. Menu is easy to read. Menus are on paper or tablets in store. Was very smooth even for the first day. I will be back…

  9. trichomeguy420

    store looks nice…all sizzle no steak, clerks really didnt know anything about weed and all the strains are dry as popcorn farts , do better

  10. Telleyz

    Amazing service right from the door to purchase. Knowledgeable helpful staff, great atmosphere. Great Job.

  11. Kenchin

    Today was their grand opening. Line of eager customers waiting to go in from the minute it opened and still there by late afternoon. Staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Store is pristine and new. One noticeable thing, the windows are opaque. So while it lets in light, that deadly direct sunlight does not reach the jars of cannabis on display. Good thinking!
    The big question in everyone’s mind here in Kingston is the price of cannabis. In eastern Ontario we have the unique fortune of the Tyendinaga Reserve cannabis stores for the past years. While the prices of Tyendinaga are impossible to beat, Spiritleaf prices are not bad if you do not want to drive 30 to 45 min. down the road

  12. LiamC63

    I was quite pleased with my experience at Spiritleaf. They offer a wide variety of products and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

  13. CannabisSally

    Non-intimidating experience and classy store

  14. yanwzzz

    Improving upon each visit.

  15. Chuckwil

    Great costumer service

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