Nirvana Center




2 N 35th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85009


33.4481174, -112.1350928




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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OPEN 8:00am- 10:00pm EVERYDAY

We deliver thru until 10pm!

The Nirvana Center is a prop 203 state licensed medical marijuana dispensary located at the corner of 35th avenue and Washington in Phoenix, Arizona. All patients must have a medical marijuana card issued by the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS).


– Place a Leafly order with us and receive 10% off your entire order! No double discounts, regular priced items only.


– Pick-Up Orders please call: (602) 769-6388 *PLEASE ALLOW 45 MINUTES TO AN HOUR BEFORE PICKING UP YOUR ORDER*

– We carry edibles, flower, concentrates processed and manufactured with quality lab-testing.

– We strive to associate our medicine with the most modern and innovative forms of cultivation and product development, because we want your experience with us to become the center of your own Nirvana.

– Accepting Cash & Debit Cards

– ATM is available

– Taxes are included with pricing!

– Ample and secure parking

– Friendly and knowledgeable staff

– Most comfortable lobby in town

– Wide selection of flower, edibles, cartridges, prerolls, and more!

– Committed to providing top quality cannabis at affordable prices

– Committed to the comfort and service of the Arizona medical cannabis community


Price Range


Credit Cards

Money Back

All Inclusive




3,490 reviews for “Nirvana Center

  1. Thawood36

    I went in for my first time and upon checking out we realized that I had less than 2 grams available that I could get so they were willing to help me out in any way they could. I ended up leaving with nothing but I will be back as often as I am in this area for sure!

  2. kushkake

    GREAT DEALS ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!! Will be coming back!!

  3. Asmile4u

    Shout out to Bird… Great 1st time buyer experience. VERY patient and understanding. Answered all my questions and recommended exactly what I needed. Bluezzz is the dY’PS Definitely going back Recommending to all my MMJ certified friends !

  4. basedjon

    Great staff, great choices of meds, great hours. All around awesome dispensary!

  5. peach36

    This was my first time here. I’m new to all this and the lady that helped me was so chill and informative! It is clean and a friendly environment!

  6. ZonerSmoker16

    Great Flowers, Great service, Great atmosphere. Will continue to go there for sure!

  7. MsLvlyMarley

    Oh My Goodness Omar was the sweetest!!!! I recommend him as Thee best bud tender ever!!!! The atmosphere was very welcoming

  8. Aleeex

    LOVE this dispensary. Literally the best hours everyday! The prices are good, the products are great and the staff is super friendly. Definitely recommend to EVERYONE. You will enjoy!

  9. cheaterfive411

    Love the flower and the pieces they often have only been there a couple times but definitely will keep coming back

  10. tmstokes

    Love the location, customer service and the fact that the flower is deli style

  11. cheese16

    3rd visit back ,and it was a lot better then the time prior !!! i had a phone order..i had also got a free gram of shatter.. however I did not get to choose they just put it in a bag. Don’t know if was setiva or indica.. I wanted to purchase more when I got there, lobby is so nice.. just wish in was able to choose my medicine… same thing happens last time they chose for me

  12. Tony77Montana

    Hi I visited nirvana this afternoon and had a wonderful time there my bud tender was so nice funny and helpful her name is Shelly she even gave me tips about bully cops how to get them of your back lol she made day

  13. WhoIsSmokkeyDaBear

    good spot great selection and good atmosphere great daily specials

  14. SuperMT

    This place is great. love the bud & shatter. I tried out the purps lime cartridge & was disappointed with it. it looks great, but the taste was nasty. it didn’t taste like lime, it tasted like medicine. Gave me a headache as well & actually killed my high. gotta try out a different flavor next time. I really hope it taste as great as it looks! D-Kush shatter is bomb!

  15. JayDavis

    beautiful staff great prices and atmosphere

  16. ShannonMcD

    this place is one of my favorite places out of the 4 dispensaries I have chosen out of all of them in Maricopa County. they have great deals every day and the workers are knowledgable, polite and helpful. It’s worth the drive for me.

  17. LewisTheWise

    Well kept store and amazing products which budtenders are fully informative of

  18. Jstoneking710

    literally mu favorite dispensary. you never know when youll walk in and see a 65$ oz and the budtenders are always super nice.

  19. blowngood

    quality flower at very good prices and deals

  20. Scubasteve710

    Best deals in town! Product is always great and the Staff is even greater!

  21. JacquelineFelix92

    Like like like! I was well received by Mimi go check her out she’s awesome ! This place has a good selection of goodies also great on deals!

  22. kweenbaybee420

    Alley is the best!

  23. meeesh

    AMAZING DEALS and fire buds! Everyone was knowledgeable and friendly.

  24. Mandi710

    Great flower. Great prices. $15 half grams of wax-Enough said!!!

  25. matsun

    this place is the best. im here every week and they got the best. they employees are cool and known their stuff. i would highly recommend this spot to other patients.

  26. Reynaldo12

    Great place to shop, good tree

  27. 23leonel23

    mimi is the best ! Best flower and service.

  28. MrsJohnson01

    love the prices here and the daily deals are the best

  29. Ritapac

    This dispensary is the best . The budtenders are knowledgeable and always there to help . I am an older patient and sometimes I need help with my medication they always help . Flower is always fresh and very good . Going back soon thank you

  30. Mzzjazzyphae

    Amazing customer service deals I love how big it is

  31. sassie969

    favorite place love the people good customer service

  32. dlampp97

    Went to a few other dispensaries and this is still the best one. Best bud in town

  33. Kazumaki

    i love this dispensary everytime i come in its always a fun and friendly environment and always has very knowledgeable bud tenders

  34. bree3

    bomb meds dope budtenders great vibe. bomb ass coffee.

  35. Lgnd100

    The Nirvana Center is a nice new med shop with a large and great selection in flower! Not only is they’re selection in flower large but so is everything else like concentrate and edlible. Jared was my budtender and he was awesome knowledgeable and payed back I will be a regular customer to them!! See you guys soon

  36. E2thejay3621

    Loved it Here Would always come back

  37. michaelbush7793

    I absolutely love Nirvana. Everybody should shop at Nirvana.

  38. ChaunseFinnley

    Hey Nirvana it’s been awhile since I written a review so I’m here to let you know that y’all still have the#1 strains in AZ

  39. Bquiggs

    Kandy is awesome. very friendly

  40. jaimessr

    love this place nice people. I also love there herb very fresh and danky. I recommend this place for first time experience.


    Love the quality and customer service offered here will be returning no doubt!! aoeOEi,

  42. JsOnit1

    awesome spot to go to. proved to be most resourceful and helpful when things are down. My bud Specialist was more than helpful with their selections of both flower and concentrates.

  43. chadb1321

    great looking location, good product!

  44. fwphx

    Amazing service. Knowledgeable staff. Great location.

  45. saracords

    great quality weed awesome budtender Nirvana always has great Dailey deals with knowledgeable staff members who make the first time experience awesome!!

  46. Christiantokesitup

    great deals for Christmas eve and every week they have friendly budtends today i got 3 carts for 50 and a 3.5 of shater for 50 and oz

  47. PhillieMac4

    This place is awesome! nice and helpful staff great selection and product. definitely recommend this place.

  48. javas

    knowledgeable people

  49. sodoperichie95

    Great buds in az!!!

  50. rosiedlopez1003

    I always go back to the Nirvana Center, the staff is awesome.. They know what you want right away and they do educate you on what type of cannabis is best for you.. I always recommend people to be a part of Nirvana Nation!!!dY~Z

  51. maer

    best dispensary ever

  52. middaysmoker

    Place can be very busy at times especially during Peak specials. But don’t threat they have plenty of budtenders and you get in and out fairly reasonably fast. Ordering online is fairly simple ordering through Leafly!! today wasn’t very impressed no different than ordering online. I received a text that Nirvana received my order but the leafy app show that it was sent but never that is being process ready for pick-up or any of that so that might be the Nirvana staff not doing there and not sure.

  53. 420patientDean

    The atmosphere is very relaxed. The prices are good and the deals are great and they have an excellent selection. My bud tender wasn’t all that helpful however. Overall it was a good experience though and I will shop here again.

  54. SummerLynn420

    I love this shop.
    I love weed.

  55. SmokingThatHaze

    This location is BIG! They have a little something for everybody. I got some great Purple Urkle that was fire. I love the different specials each day.

  56. klondono1992

    Good quality flower!

  57. Nykky6

    best dispensary hands down

  58. smokinonkiwi

    I love Nevada they have good customer service and good flower I recommend this location

  59. TopShelf89

    Only place I go!

  60. GolfClub

    My first experience was awesome
    My 2nd experience was awesome
    My 3rd was my last time
    The pregnant lady was so rude and harsh to me, the other female bud tender even made a rude comment.

    Poison to the business. The owner should know of this. Passive aggressive and gross

  61. marynoonan12

    Nirvana Center is my #1 dispensary in the Phoenix area. The staff, the flower and concentrate’s are exceptional!! The staff is by far the friendliest around. The budtenders are helpful and patient. Thanks Nirvana!!

  62. sonic21

    every time I come I get the best buds and today tru blue was Fire keep it up guys

  63. daze39

    Love never disappointed me quick and friendly service whether im checking in or picking up

  64. jonroe1972

    The Grand Opening was fun and O.pen Vape was there. The dispensary is very clean with various ordering stations. They did seem considerably understaffed when I was there, so consider building some extra time into your visit until they get a better feel for customer flow.
    The staff is VERY nice and thorough.
    Nirvana’s first time patient deal is amazing. Above and beyond that, their strain variety and certain product pricing made it really worth the visit. DO GO SHOP HERE. Support the industry’s new locations 🙂
    Fantastically economical cost on select shatter! The best in the valley.
    I will return to Nirvana myself and recommend this location to others, though for me it will always be a daytime/daylight visit. I can’t comment on security at night. I went on a weekday during the afternoon.

  65. BuddhaSmoker420

    Favorite spot to go best deals staff very knowledgeable fire shatter

  66. Motakween

    bad experience overall, receptionist dont greet any of their customer’s, even when they almost hit you with the door. once we were finally in the back room to select our choices our “budtender” was not focused on her job. We had to repeat our selection several times and still didn’t get it right. finally when we were ready to pay she tells us finally they only accept debit payment from certain banks…payment should be told to customers ahead of time that way we dont wait a whole hour in line then have to leave without our medication because the staff is lazy unprofessional and the whole dispensary is unorganized .

  67. lunchbox1334

    Love this dispensary not only is the product great he people are too

  68. Yungtreas

    They are nice ppl

  69. smokingfist

    The are flowers r good and the keif was out standing..dY’

  70. rfreeland654

    Great place awesome deals will come back again soon

  71. Sopas_N_Cupcakes

    Without a doubt, best dispensary in the Valley. I live in the East Valley and drive pass 7-10 dispensaries on the way and its still worth it due to the quality, prices and selection. Every time I’ve been in, every budtender has been extremely helpful and informative. Most recently budtender Bri was wonderful and very helpful. Highly recommend Sublime and Flourish edibles, Purple Urkle is one of my favorites for flower. If you haven’t been yet, you need to check this place out. You’ll be hooked.

  72. buzzbuzzbuzz

    I love the online ordering because you can see what they really have in stock (vs. their leafly menu), and you get the 20% off. The people are nice. No complaints about the medicine. Highly recommend the online ordering.

  73. pastyhippie93

    I loveee Nirvana & all the staff is always sooo friendly. I usually place my orders online because then you get 20% off the whole order & just wait until the orders ready to pick it up. there’s been a few times where I placed my order & they called me up and let me know they were out of what I had originally wanted but asked if they could get me something else instead of what they ran out of and they always take time to listen to what I’m looking for or exactly what I need. That’s why I always go to Nirvana!

  74. mrasher1983

    I like this place! Their Flower selection seems endless. And it’s all Fire! Great Prices on everything store wide! Friendly, smart staff.

  75. khiryshabazz

    This place has the absolute best Girl Scout cookies but most importantly they have the best customer service Alex was great.. Glad I was her 2nd patient dY’dY~Z

  76. MPAragon

    My first time in a dispensary. Professional and knowledgeable staff. They were very helpful in making suggestions for my preferences.

  77. jessicaruiz60

    Favorite dispensary and lots of choices!

  78. Samz0698

    Dank wax here and dank bud deals. Will be coming back here soon

  79. bribri33

    best deals in town fire strains you can’t find quality like them in town always my number 1 spot

  80. N9ne_High87

    Very Clean Dispensary with huge selection. Bought an 1/8 of White Nightmare and got an 1/8 of Blackberry Kush FREE!!!dY~2

  81. ungroundable

    I like it here, but wait times are pretty long. also pre-order pick up is not very speedy at all. the little mics on the window where they call your name hardly work. supurb their delivery service or answering service, whatever it is, they are very rude on the phone.

  82. ATKasuse

    They are very friendly and I love their happy hour.

  83. 1991dre

    I love this place to get my meds and good deals and good pre roll

  84. Emwood13

    Nirvana is amazing. The budtenders are the best and very caring. I have gone here since they opened and rarely go anywhere else. Best selection in AZ.

  85. maryisawesome

    Love their meds never gotten any crap the budtenders are always helpful.

  86. corralejo32

    Nirvana is a great spot good staff and quality buds thanks guys

  87. amein3

    I love the flower and the employees

  88. satvalenz

    it’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I remember how bomb the flower is. I figured I come check this spot out because of all the deals for valentine’s day

  89. KingYp

    i love it here. best n phx.. so many deals…3-16-18

  90. jamesjamesjames1023

    i love this place staff are nice fast service buds great

  91. chevy412

    By far favorite strain is Tranquil Equalizer, It has little purple hairs! Fast and friendly service, always going to be my go to Dispensary.

  92. themandee

    Location was pretty tight the people were dope with helping me

  93. acsparks

    This place is nice

  94. KMarlet22

    Energy and people are great! quality is great and you feel valued as a customer 🙂 employees take wonderful care of customers. loved it

  95. skate1996

    nirvana is incredible the biggest and best selection of everything in the valley and they really know how to keep you coming back

  96. th3guycast

    Amazing staff and the best ale and bale special I’m the Valley! I’m here at least twice a week!

  97. rwillms21

    A+ Quality
    A+ Service
    A+ Atmosphere

    What more could you ask for!?

  98. Marlynnb

    Nice music in lobby. Nice bud tenders and good flower

  99. gsalyer95

    The fruity pebbles is actually pretty good, it smells almost like the cereal no joke.

  100. Lorirave

    I love this place. Great customer service, great deals, & the best people with great personalities that are really helpful & the atmosphere is really great.!.dY’-aoe”i,aoe”i, I highly recommend going to Nirvana Cannabis Dispensary.!.dY’-aoe”i,aoe”i,
    I will definitely be going back.!.dY’-aoe”i,aoe”i,

  101. HoneyToya

    Love the flower love the specials

  102. jhassell23

    great prices nice place and the people there have been on point every time I’ve gone.

  103. Kristikitty22879

    I really love and how quick and friendly all of the employees are ,they always make me feel welcome and comfortable. It’s a great place!!!dY~dY’–

  104. rBobadilla

    Great deals nice strains

  105. Edvis420bs

    Love Tuesday at Nirvana center awesome flower and great price too! Budtenders know what they’re talking about and are straight up with you about everything you all. Can’t wait till I get there today!


    This is the Number 1…… Dispensary in Town great customer atmosphere. Top Quailty Medication. From the 1st moment I stepped up to the Door the Quality Assurance was on point. Every Budtender at Nirvana is helpful informative and relaxed. My only Dispensary in Time.

  107. 1chelle3

    Always got good medicine and best
    deals in town

  108. rickhashimoto1

    This Staff dose Great there so busy , So give them a break ! I have never came to a place were there is so whinny customers !!!


    nirvana has great service i would recommend to anybody in phoenix area u won’t be disappointed

  110. AlphaMedia

    perfect prices good quality nice place all in all

  111. Michael4117

    Bad ass spot!

  112. chubbycheeks

    Love this place

  113. mascot8975

    Amazing staff. Amazing product. My go to dispensary

  114. bigdog77

    Great deal had good time! Great atmosphere. Ally was very funny and very helpful!

  115. adammcd256

    I’ve been to this location a few times now. Every time the bud tenders are very helpful and always has a lot of different strains to choose from.

  116. abotley

    I live their customer service and buds!!!

  117. Vega08

    extremely knowledgeable, great selection of flowers.

  118. 805valenzuela

    on point

  119. StevieWashington

    So far the staff is really friendly. The Lobby is a nice place to chill until your called to the back.

  120. josee12

    Best place I love and Mimi

  121. AZdabber710

    awesome first visit here , left here happy and stocked up !

  122. maritza010991

    Love this location and my to go to medicate budtenders are awesome and love the different variety of strains we have to pick and choose from

  123. Sheilas39

    I love the deals!! First time patient

  124. Darnell83

    The Nirvana Center is really great just found out about it but been there a few times already the bartenders are really great and knowledgeable the waiting room is big and really nice…great dispensary

  125. Gio13

    every e should come by nirvana today it a great place

  126. Yesska

    Wide variety of Meds. The staff is great, super helpful. Awesome FTP deal, got some GSC & Conspiracy Kush. Both strains are Amazing, definitely will be back!

  127. suavethereal

    one of the best customer service dispensaries….I always am satisfied with the flower i purchase….And yall be jammin when i go makes the place fell like home. Nirvana ROCKS

  128. CHARGER440

    Great service, awesome price on shatter ! A+

  129. UnclePHX

    Could you please update Leafly daily with your bulk oz special ? That info determines if I’m going to take a drive to you. I loved knowing late the night before if I see my faves I’m there first thing in the morning.

  130. Ellyssia93

    I love the prices, the bud, the people and would definitely recommend!

  131. iloveher050515

    great quick and friendly service with great deals

  132. mrlattsaz

    I absolutely LOVE that Nirvana carries Sunday Goods AND on top of it, the sales this weekend are ROCKIN! LOVE THIS PLACE!

  133. JUY.SUN92

    love the ounce deals

  134. Fmesa

    I cannot remember the guys name that helped me today. I used my coupon I found in the new times today. I suggest people go their for Elmer’s Glue! I got for $80dYOE^dY’sdYOE^dY’sdYOE^dY’sdYOE^ Thank You For Making My Day Nirvana!!!!! dY’dY1/2dY~dY$?–dYtmdY1/2dY|

  135. jovanie

    Dec 12 Alley and shela always very helpful on trying to help !my picky but out. thank nirvana for all my needs

  136. nessahiest

    Rick is always so sweet and helpful

  137. ambr602

    My absolute favorite spot!


    First time experience was amazing!! Very welcoming staff with great meds and prices! don’t sleep on this place.

  139. hogknocker

    Welcome to Nirvana! wow what a great place tons of strains and concentrates. friendly service and great deals so go see TYLOR at down at nirvana he will help you out

  140. Slizzle111

    I’m sooooo sad I’m moving to a another state & will no longer be getting my cannabis needs from my favorite shop. Thank you all for being so great, friendly & efficient. Cant wait to come back to see how they have grown!

  141. Mbacon

    This place is great! Best I have been to.

  142. bigdongwong

    Black Friday was lit. Excited to see what you have next year

  143. Phxredhead

    So sad they closed the Glendale location I will definitely miss my budtender JasondY~dY~dY~ he was the best ever…
    But at least the Phoenix location is still close enough to me so I can still get their great deals.dY~

  144. agmmj

    Great prices, knowledgeable budtenders, quality meds, and did I mention the prices, some of the best around, friendly staff, highly recommend

  145. kausmus

    By far the only place I will go to for Bud!! Just paid 47 bucks picked up an eighth of fire along with a half Oz of fire!! They just implemented a new points system that saved me 20 bucks today… I wasn’t even expecting a discount. That just put the icing on the cake for me! This place is top notch. Wouldn’t recommend anywhere else. They even know me by name every time I walk in which is pretty cool too! Thanks Nirvana!!!

  146. guero95

    always great deals

  147. ashmead

    love this place! very nice lobby & showroom with amazing specials

  148. Lucciman277

    Nirvana is the greatest dispensery in az marisa helped out with my order shout out she is the best !

  149. gxsr

    great variety of top shelf flower and good prices on wax! friendly staff and knowledgeable budtenders !

  150. DinaaZonaa08

    I love this location always have exactly what you need.Stop by Nirvana and pick up..

  151. AZHighLife

    great deal on their shatter number one spot for concentrates lines can be a little long though

  152. Bear999922

    This is is one of the best spots in the city. A little far from me but still I come back very often. Great deals and great staff. Definitely recommend to anyone in the city

  153. Mhuscher1974

    Good weed deli style at CO pricing on Mon&Tues!

  154. MRCHACON23

    Service is not koo. Would say much more. But leafly doesn’t accept explicit content

  155. creina

    I like the place a lot. it has great but that you can get at low prices. It’s sometimes packed but the deals are great and worth it.

  156. DavidG13

    friendly faces the moment you walk in till you walk out. Some of the best deals I’ve seen in a while.

  157. geezusknows

    This place is amazing , so live and vibrant. You can never go wrong with anything they recommend, I had Mimi attend me and was amazed at the great customer service she offered. definitely coming back and recommending!

  158. Whitelaw

    Great Location, Awesome deals

  159. Gabryela23

    I Love It Here!(:

  160. speezy75

    Concetrates are the best quality. Always a good special going on. Never disappointed

  161. tynissa

    This is the best place in town by far! The quality and the prices can’t be beat! Mimi help me she’s awesomea~o

  162. Hunchoniick


  163. pappadredz

    Every visit is a pleasure. Everyone is always super friendly. They also have that awesome WnB special.

  164. budbundy1117

    Nirvana has great deals in has best strains in Arizona and customer service is great

  165. esenene

    Great product for great price. I recommend everyone to come here. Definitely my one stop.

  166. Sunshyneluvv

    Awesome deal great location great buds

  167. jesselm

    the nirvana center never fails with prices or quality, I make a weekly trip here sense I live 20 miles away but always worth my time, thanks

  168. Frankie42043


  169. bigdaddy423

    Nirvana Center has the meds you need, the prices you like, and a staff that knows what they are doing, not there to pose and be cute. They know their stuff! Great quality, and great all around!

  170. Shaqtus1

    Definitely one the nicest facilities in Az. The customer service was excellent. Will be back!

  171. gandalfstonedcrow

    Great place, people and bud. Love the Wednesday special for ten dollar grams across the board!

  172. Christine36

    First time patient experience was so amazing! Staff is friendly, attentive and knowledgeable. The product I purchased is phenomenal (Kalifa Kush) and a BOGO on Timeless….it was an awesome experience from beginning to end! I worked with Max and he was an excellent patient provider! I will definitely be back as often as possible. Thanks nirvana!

  173. OrlandoV

    My #1 dispensary. Quality flower and helpful bud tenders.

  174. rosiesbudd

    Very nice inside people are really friendly

  175. alybabee

    really easy to find and great friendly service! the people are chill! loved their sherbetdY~+-

  176. cameo28

    Great place to shop. Have yet to experience bad customer service. Come find Sabrina she will definitely brighten up your day!

  177. TylerWS

    Made the mistake of going to a different dispensary the other day. Will never do that again. From now on Nirvana is the ONLY dispensary I will go to. Even though it’s an hour drive for me…. it’s worth it. Matter of fact I will be going to Nirvana tomorrow morning to get some more of their awesome shatter and flower!!!

  178. MizzTai

    I be waiting on Tuesday so that I can stock up on my Flowers!!!!!! Love that I will right around the corner

  179. Mrgerald77

    must check this place out!!! Concentrates are amazing at a great price and their flowers top shelf ive made this place my new spot service is on point you must check this place for yourself

  180. Ewoodstl

    This place rocks i really enjoy their flower always worth the drive! Keep it up guys

  181. elmaschingon710

    the store feels like I can make it my home and all good . love this place .

  182. Byancadixon0829

    Today’s visit started off horrible i just wanted to leave and never return to Nirvana again because of harassment from security but Skylar the supervisor and the site manager made my visit even better and i will be returning by the say the wedding cake flower is perfect thank you for turning my visit around.

  183. Kiarahcoleman14

    This is my go-to spot. The customer service is just as good as the deals! I’ve had the flower, concentrates, edibles, cartirdges… they beat a lot of dispensaries I’ve been to.

  184. ReefPhoenix

    good flower! and the edibles are gret

  185. Cesar9055

    My first time visit was cool, all he people who work there are chill, good vibes only. Their flower is high quality, very organized, and awesome deals. I would honestly recommend you check them out they have some of the best flower and concentrates around.

  186. maddie17

    Great place for quality meds. It’s totally wortg the drive. If you have never been there, give it a try, you won’t be dissapointeddY~Z

  187. hottiechemist

    love this spot…best selection for the low….been going here since they opened

  188. ej3ej3

    Love this location

  189. Vaugn1

    This is a great location with great prices and customer service. So great that it’s always busy and the wait time is a little long but worth it in the end. Thanks Nirvana for being the best.

  190. jjreyes

    Ricardo walked me through the process made it as simple as possible. Great service wide variety too. Simply amazing.

  191. deucestickly69

    number one location

  192. Joseph69parsons

    it’s nice product is good I’ll keep coming back

  193. mendogirl1

    I think it was Josh that helped me . first time patient had a great experience! got a great deal and I’m so happy with the concentrates I gotdY~ nice and clean lobby nice lady up front. so many choices of everything I loved it! the bud tender was really nice and very knowledgeable dY~

  194. Mrkent

    This place has the best purple flowers. My go-to for purple.

  195. PJH

    Friendly and knowledgeable budtenders. Huge flower selection and great prices!

  196. cali15

    This is my go to dispensary great ppl and a great selection of buds and other products

  197. atom7525

    very clean enviorment. staff is very friendly.. meds are decent

  198. JakePhx35

    love the shatter and great bud tenders

  199. Lgblaze

    Love this place! I will definitely be going back again for more flowers!

  200. Fukit30

    Well I drove really far for a specific bud and when I got home I realized it was horribly dried out. I won’t be returning. Thanks.

  201. ceasar.saldana

    Really great service and atmosphere friendly bud tenders…

  202. smokeymkpot

    Everyone is always so friendly at this location! not to mention the meds are always fire and the daily deals are killer as well!

  203. Jibarra74

    They really know what they’re doing and they always have great specials!

  204. p3a85

    The front desk staff suck. Didn’t even bother to purchase here just off lack of customer service alone.

  205. mzdevious

    Thxs Ari u helped me out a lot will be coming back.
    that tangerine kush was my favorite…

  206. osh

    I love this place great deals and great people

  207. shagster710

    I’ve been here for a couple times I was able to get a free pre-roll from the news-times also bud it’s good for any staff a nice environment would recommend people to go here

  208. bbbs

    Flower very dry, no stickiness or good smell
    Purchased 3 types to test and all 3 did not pass quality test.

  209. dinococowinston

    Go Nirvana! Always Fast –
    Always Good!


  210. emmett45

    perfect location not to far and plenty of room inside and out would highly recommend it to everyone

  211. chryss83

    service at nirvana by far exceeds anywhere around. the staff was so,helpful and patient with me. they made sure my needs were met and that I walked out with the best deal possible. Loved the flower quality also.

  212. 5h4wn4

    It’s a bit of a drive from where I live but I’m making the trip again today for quality flower with a great wake n bake deal. They are fairly popular so sometimes the wait can be a bit but every patient in the lounge made me feel like I was their best friend. Is there anything better than good nugs and good people?

  213. Ganjasking

    This place has really nice deals and good quality products

  214. Renzomenzo18

    I love the atmosphere =] First Time Patient Bogos and friendly knowledgeable budtenders=]

  215. cloverneko

    great staff! friendly and good bud! always has you coming back

  216. bmlee24

    Tryed 10/42 different strains and have not had any trash so far:)

  217. DarlesCharwin

    I was worried this place would be porridge quality with the area and the prices. I was totally wrong. Bud is amazing, I got Dr. Who, Skywalker OG, and White Nightmare and they were all great.

  218. Aaronj1900

    One of my best go to despensairys hands down! got the best strains and deals in the valley! this is a must go to cnt wait to see what new deals and strains for 2019!

  219. Shonnie72

    Great customer service buds are always nice staff are very helpful and you can’t beat the prices

  220. pnorris1987

    The Best selection in Phoenix

    Huge selection of very potent Strains

    Great specials running daily

  221. cousins31

    very clean and nice waiting room with coffee a~*. good strain selections and potent meds. ill be back again

  222. T2Tonka

    I love this clean nice one stop shop!! It’s my favorite. I pass three location just to go to Nirvana!!

  223. Conrad3ring

    been too long since I’ve been in. can’t wait to see what they got. seen the quality go up all around town so really excited.

  224. BuddhaThai

    Place is really friendly with high quality meds.

  225. Derek2112

    Came here for the first time, since it just opened. Louis was the employee that helped me and he was awesome! Will definitely be back due to his exceptional customer service and the awesome selection

  226. nelsonkush

    best place to get your motta in phoenix!!

  227. KuraiKazumi

    They had the most friendly and helpful staff to recommend some great choices and the deals are really nice too.

  228. Gueralocz

    fav spot love the tree wax is on pizoint best deals and bomb ass coffee my fav thing ever!

  229. Tonyh602

    Since the first time that I have came here this has been my go to spot I just love the atmosphere everyone is always joking around and having fun there and that that makes it one great place for me

  230. mac214

    Amazing location, im always taken care of when I come. The bud tenders make you feel at home and are very knowledgable about their product.

  231. wedo86

    good flower for low prices dY’

  232. gsp1300

    Hands down the best dispensary in the city I absolutely love the variety of flower they have the service is great and the staff is awesome and very informative

  233. karensalazar

    Great staff high quality weed

  234. jayInks

    Cheap prices with good quality dY'”

  235. CT34

    I like the bud tenders but it takes along time to get your pick up orders
    Otherwise the place rox!!

  236. Lcboy318


  237. mrsmcg79

    Very good quality medication. Love it

  238. Camillealen

    good flower good prices always come here when im in town

  239. meanyleany987

    Love the Tuesday special

  240. Huggie445254

    awesome place great service Sam did a great job helping.

  241. tonyf8104

    very impressed by the ease of access to this location. nice and clean excited to try the buds hear so more reviews to come!

  242. Txdaniel

    awesome great chill place

  243. NykkleBagofFunk

    great atmosphere – spacious waiting area with complimentary coffee. staff is always nice and super helpful! louie IV has good taste – shoutout for the recommendations! they have a cool rewards program and take care of repeat customers. you cant beat the deals!!!! HIGHly recommend this place for a superior experience and high!;)

  244. Msfaye40

    Ok it so big u don’t get that individual attention

  245. alidaze

    picked up Space queen, great bud, my budtender was very knowledgeable and helped me decide which bad to pick.

  246. AndyQ

    As a new dispensary, these ladies and gents are doing it right. I walked into the lobby and thought I was at a car dealership due to the cleanliness and fashionably minimalistic decor. Their couches and chairs are very comfy, and I wouldn’t mind a wait there. From their parking lot to their friendly staff, The Nirvana Center is very accommodating. It seems that they have more space than they need, but I see it as room for growth. The Durban Poison I bought here was reasonably priced, but fell short of my first experience with this strain’s perfectly cured characteristics in Colorado. (No fault of their own, theirs is excellent and quite tasty) This is a top-shelf dispensary in its infancy!
    Shoutout to my favorite smoke shop Herb ‘n Legend! Their beautiful glass pipes are for sale here, possibly making this place a regular stop for me if I keep up my clumsy streak.

  247. Mlaborin

    this place has EVERYTHING you need!!

  248. Mcano1634

    oops I did it again .the spot I like the most.

  249. Jdempster420

    Love nirvana flower and staff great spot

  250. domfezz

    Nirvana center has the best bud and wax for the price. Their daily deals allows you to get even better prices on their products. Tax included also. Best shop

  251. Joseph.JEN420

    Great deals, great staff along with flower and concentrates!

  252. highimvictoria

    my go to dispensary!! love the bud tenders and all the daily deals they have. they also have a great variety of flower and concentrates

  253. fdeatherage77

    Very nice place and friendly staff.

  254. cman95

    Great staff, great buds, cant go wrong here! love it!

  255. toostoned16

    Love this place always great meds even better staff… Keep up the great work Nirvanaj

  256. SmokeDoggRAW

    Nirvana is so awesome, I love the atmosphere and the staff is so friendly and informative definitely a fav.

  257. anthonymendoza14

    Their meds are top quality and always have different varieties with a great staff that cares.

  258. smiles1071

    Awesome! They break the stems off and weigh everything in front of you. Great staff, and lots of them, so there’s not really a wait. Good quality flower, smokes nice and lasts awhile

  259. Robert2424

    great PRICES

  260. keri1007

    Service is just really slow even when pre-order

  261. ngomez

    this place is awsome good prices good deals .

  262. danbo420

    first time patient here this place rocks.. it’s far from my house..i live in upper east mesa…lol

  263. xbielecstasy

    awesome place, great product, chill staff.

  264. Jaysias

    this location is always so slow I get they are busy but you can always hire more people it’s not hard they closed the Nirvana in Glendale and instead of bringing everyone from they let some go and keep some I’m still waiting for my name to be called it’s been hours would recommend to someone I don’t like never to a friend

  265. 420to805

    Can never get thru on phone to place pick up order… far from convenient…. flower and staff koo… need to re think pick up order answering and placing policy though….

  266. CatieRaya

    I love this place! Quality bud and knowledgeable staff. The last time I went in the guy gave me an easy edible recipe. The deals here are rad and they give you a discount for pre ordering over the phone. dY~dY'”dY'”dY'”dY'”

  267. kaila2113

    great service

  268. weeeenie

    Hands down best dispensary to go to! Great deals 😀 make sure to check them out!

  269. zayuh

    This time around Alix recommended the Northern Lights by S&D. I approve.

  270. Jimenezu

    Great dispensary always has good product!!!

  271. Hsjshdkd

    top shelf service loure was amazing and helpful

  272. vinniern

    Horrible service rude boy didn’t know his stuff and messed up my order won’t b back

  273. jballer422

    Awesome place great selection and prices.

  274. yaya2juni3

    Great staff. Wonderful environment and the meds are amazing!

  275. JS2314

    I avoided this dispensary for the last year because of poor customer service, but the product is great, prices are right and it seems like the customer service has improved as well….I’ll be back

  276. Hasekush

    it’s was nice and smooth the whole way Thur and even got better buds then most definitely worth trying out

  277. Anthonyg01

    Best prices in the valley. Very old flower

  278. Tito1129

    Best bud in the PHX metro area. Worth my 35 minute drive just for the deals alone. They’re always updating their menu so when I go in I don’t get the dreaded “we’re out”

  279. Bramall13

    Very Kool place I love it

  280. Gvillegas1022

    I love this place it always has good deals. I don mind the hour drive totally worth it!

  281. Orangeribbon4life

    LOVE this place!! Amazing first time experience!


    kool place love bud yeah

  283. rayrod007

    Great spot to get flower and wax as well as other concentrates nice points system for prerolls.

  284. gauchochamp05

    First time customer….and soon to be long term. This place is beautiful and really feels welcoming. I was lucky to be assigned Mimi who has been in the industry for 5 years. She was nice enough to walk a newbie through all the products and provide recommendations. 5 Stars to Mimi.

  285. chico30

    dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= always have the best stuff, wax is always on point, Ricardo always recommends the best thing in the store

  286. Whydoicare623

    Great flower and price! Happy hour can’t be beat.

  287. Adrian97

    great. prices!

  288. SkylerBowen97

    The atmosphere is very welcoming and they make you feel right at home. The products they offer are high quality and reasonably priced. Great place to go for first-time patients.

  289. Todoubledeezy

    Definitely the most comfortable lobby ever. Super friendly employees. Huge selection of flower. Mimi was very helpful and knowledgeable.

  290. Kruiz

    Nirvana center has really good deals on half oz and 8ths and they are very helpful on helping you find what you need

  291. tru1823

    one of the best places in the valley hands down!

  292. Nickens

    Staff is very friendly and helpful. The selection of flower is great. And they offer everything at a reasonable price. Very happy Customer, will most def be back!!

  293. leebergeron

    Slow af
    Not coming back

  294. Dboy00313

    Very friendly and laid-back

  295. ajparra

    I got two top shelf eighths of flower. amazing quality! great people. will be coming back

  296. mercyas50

    Best dispensary in all of az. my cashier Candace.. best budtender in all of AZ hands down!!

  297. zigi

    best place in phx always let it be known

  298. fctres

    Great prices on concentrate! Huge selection! Make sure you check them out!

  299. themagickush

    This place is great! The flower always looks good

  300. xtinamarie

    This place is great! Very clean and great atmosphere!

  301. MetalJunkie68

    love this place. great selection on not only flower, but edibles, cbd, concentrates and more! can’t beat their wake and bake special!

  302. barnell27

    Nirvana is always Killin it!! I love the deals/specials they have and how I can conveniently swing by and pick up my order after a long day of work. Thank you Nirvana


  303. chrisx2

    best spot in the early morn!!

  304. henryjackson

    Best buds easy to find location great customer service

  305. PELVICthruster

    Nirvanna employees are always cool an educated on their products. They have great flower and edibles. Definitely would recommend to a friend.

  306. SeymourBud

    Great dispensary. Huge lobby and huge back area. Lots of products. The Pucks edibles are great. Very friendly staff.

  307. physix

    I’ve been coming to Nirvana for a minute now I always come back due to the good budtenders n quality of flower I got Tyler n he was knowledgeableaEUR< n very patient with me he took his time n informed me on edibles n simply answered all my questions I would highly recommend Nirvana center for any patients in the valley of the sun keep up the great work Nirvana

  308. DaUsMsB

    This place is great! I took advantage of their first time patient deal and realized I really like this dispensary. They have deals everyday of the week with extra specials throughout the day. I’m headed back there later this week and I’m recommending this place to my friends. My bud tender Ricardo was very knowledgeable and made it easy to find exactly what i was looking for.

  309. amandaamall

    Nirvana is always super fast and all the people are always so nice and friendly. Always a returning customer

  310. Chicana4

    i love the flowers selection dYOE1/4
    budtenders are super helpful

  311. andy3412lu

    Great place great meds

  312. Indictiva

    love the state of the art space.
    friendly reception. notified me of specials right away.
    I picked up some cbd cookies. I always scoop low tier meds when I try new dispensaries. I figure if the low stuff is great, anything higher is sure to impress. very impressed with cbd cookies. mellow, sedative body high with a pleasant, thought provoking head high. I also scooped some cotton cough, cherry wonka, and a variety of concentrates. thanks for having s&d. their consistency is just what one needs for medicating. the orange headband has incredible terps.
    I will be back, in fact , I’d love to work here.

  313. PoloBeMe

    dY’oedY’oedY’oeBEST dispensary ever!!!!

  314. ChinoBlanco

    Worst location in the Valley no matter the time u could be the only person in building u just wait an wait an wait only time to ever come to this location is your 1st time bogo other then that avoid at all cost I give them a 1star because zero wasn’t a option

  315. KodakapoJVRI

    Great deals at such a small, hidden operation. Low key storefront for those who wish to be inconspicuous about their meds

  316. musser1987

    Nice spot love the deals love the atmosphere very knowledgeable bud tenders. Great after work spot.

  317. Gooser1

    The Nirvana Center is the best and newest dispensary in all phoenix

  318. privatemanuel1

    great place for bud and pens plus all the stuff has tax included.please check them out.

  319. jamesmercado

    mimi is the best ever and nirvana rocks

  320. Justchillininaz

    More specials lower prices please

  321. destinyhazel

    Had a great first visit. Max was wonderful, incredibly nice and informative. will definitely be back!!

  322. dylolsen23

    This is by far the best dispensary in Arizona!
    My bud tender was amazing! She was so friendly and she gave me a tour of the place and of all the meds. She was also very informative! Will definitely be coming back here!! Also easy to find and tons of parking!

  323. guyv3r

    I love the peeps and the wake and bake special

  324. biglou1369

    this is my one and only stop for all my mmj needs. staff is friendly and knowledgeable. product is on point.

  325. abbco

    Great meds awesome staff my favorite spot.dY~SSdY~$?

  326. sleeper33

    the clean concentrates are good

  327. JesusM81


  328. rickyshort

    vary nice people ok prices and ok meds

  329. MarkieDiamond

    great customer service! my budtender was awesome and Very knowledgeable! great dense buds! definitely my go to!!

  330. Patty420Cantu

    Great staff fast and friendly service fun environment

  331. SirDabsAlot623

    I was extremely disappointed this Saturday. I was 1st time patient and was excited to get bogo plus they were having a bogo promo which i asumed i would buy 1 get 2 free with 1st time patient and the promo just like I have had at other dispensaries when they had same excact deal with the promo. After I got there early and still waited over 1 hour they didn’t honor their 1st patient deal. The young guy that helped was not hearing what I was telling him just blew me off. I will never be back there or refer anyone to this place. I’ll tell them to stay clear they don’t respect there patients.

  332. wokedrea

    favorite place to come for my meds. they have amazing flower and their concentrates are delicious! I highly recommend coming here!

  333. athomas399

    Really love this location. They have awesome deals that are hard to beat anywhere in the valley especially with having tax included! The quality of their products are really good also. I would definitely recommend them. This has been my favorite go to spot as of lately and one of the only ones I am willing to drive 11 miles to spend my hard earned money at. Haven’t been disappointed keep up the good work guys! Good job on keeping the quality high and the prices low!!

  334. toonz0325

    great location many choices to
    choose from at a great price would recommend

  335. Poohman1218

    Best quality strains and prices

  336. beth32

    Amazing buds!

  337. 22Baked

    Great MMJ I usually stay on top shelf but all tears have great Strains.I will be back soon. Danks SF

  338. HitcSolo

    i love it you put it in one of the best places in Az

  339. johnnyholm

    I havee been coming for a while now young guy named Mark helped me awesome job.

  340. konejo

    great staff quick service good product five star

  341. Santana67

    Went in this past Tuesday picked up two 8ths both for 30$ each of there best stuff was not disappointed some Larry Og and some Jack Frost. Staff was friendly and got two free prerolls happy hour deals dY’OEplace is great all around.

  342. deuce79

    love the wake n bake special..

  343. chasesreviews

    fantastic prices! Great first time parent deal! Not too long of a wait and the quality is on point for the price! Definitely check them out!

  344. kitty123kitty

    Shout out 2 johnny the bartender and Clair the manager for great service and making sure got was able to get everything I needed. Great customer service. The best dispensary.ever I come all the way from Mesa…. Thank you guys so much.

  345. KhalifaKussh

    Best place for deals hands down. They have the best cartidges. very friendly staff. Come here all the time

  346. mlg344

    If you want to have the best experience here, kick it with the real OG Brianna! She knows her stuff and looks out for us patients with their fabolous deals lol Not to mention all these happy hour specials that go on throughout the day erreday

  347. SandraBabii420

    love the nirvana flower

  348. Owlgang666777

    just love this place with passion always smells great budtenders are great in and out quick slot of parking and great deals

  349. perla1234

    aEURoeHighly recommended !!!!!! Great prices to go along with their great flower. Been going here for almost 2 weeks and have never been disappointed . aEUR

  350. jmardmnd25

    best flowers and deals on cavier and moonrocks such a great dispensery definitely coming back every day.

  351. jluvsmikec09

    Eric was very helpful and extremely well informed about all aspects of products. Hevis also very accurate at suggesting a strain based on your needs. Thank you. Great selection and very friendly staff.

  352. Michaelnordwall

    I was first time visit and I like them they had a lot of strain I like a lot I will be back to see them soon and they were really help for to

  353. rodneyb93

    This place has become my new favorite place to go to. The selection is perfect for any way you want to consume your daily dose. The staff are very helpful and informative as well.

  354. Miceyboo

    Awesome all around!

  355. spaceghostpurp48

    Great weed

  356. TNAonTHC

    Best shop around in Phoenix. Salute to Vincent for good customer svc. Will be returning!

  357. jatb1975

    Today, I went in for the ounce specials. Great prices. Maximilian was my tender. He was very courteous and friendly. Great service!

  358. Alecesco1104

    why would you guys sale your glendale location to the harvest of glendale??!! it was close and convenient man! now i rarely go out of my way to you guys.

  359. Lamurda

    The weed is bomb, so are the prices but the sweetener isn’t. Please put real sugar at the coffee machine.

  360. nessad

    Always the best experience. Best quality dY”Y=.. thanks Skyler for all your help and of course patience dY~S

  361. Minutes666

    the best dispensary in phoenix.

  362. queenchapo90

    I love the their products and they always have great deals. The points system is awesome.they are open late which makes it so much more convenient.

  363. Gomez9741

    pretty busy happening location during my visit, friendly quick service.
    selection was nice , both top shelf strains I picked up had potential, until I smoked them .

  364. jlk1988

    amazing budtenders, amazing medicine, and just overall amazingaEUR< atmosphere. it's always a joy going here

  365. EVL1CAM

    the best quality bud in phx in my opinion the wake an bake from 8am to 10am is the best all grams 10 even top shelf

  366. Fmanna1317


  367. sfreitas

    dYdYdYdYI love coming here best dispo around I love there OGS

  368. Dread80

    shout out to bud tender Ryan! awesome place and great bud. got sin ment and Colorado Thunder and was impressed!

  369. josehugs

    Fast service every time and best prices

  370. Joeshmoo4

    The flower is superior quality. Nugs were small, it was the first batch, but the high was amazing and long lasting

  371. michaelwilliam90

    Such a great place for selection and deals, by far blowing other dispensary outta the water!

  372. michael3232

    Ryan the bud tender was awesome in helping me get the medicine I need as a new patient. Couldn’t be happier with the service I received, the atmosphere & all around professional staff. Thanks guys!

  373. justchill420602

    Nirvana has great speacials and a large selection of products. Everyone I’ve encountered here has been friendly.

  374. nasea420

    Awesome dispensary!! Always has a variety, deals and low prices! Definitely my dispensary of choice!

  375. cookiez420

    Dopest dope I ever smoked

  376. Daddy_123

    Check Out Their Review & Promo specials…….
    Can’t go wrong with this place…..Clean Environment…

  377. nosk8board

    everything. awesome place

  378. Sbeth1985

    Awesome product! Always have the best deals on was and great quality!

  379. RobotAV

    top quality products, try this joint if you have not yet!

  380. KaylaEye1998

    I’ve been coming to nirvana for a awhile now ! This is my go to dispensary. All the bud tenders are so friendly and I always get greeted right when I walk in the door. It’s a nice clean atmosphere ! And did I mention how great quality the meds are !!!!

  381. PBZR2018

    Great place, great service in and out fast

  382. dtre1988

    I love this place always have the best deals

  383. 143leafly

    great services. I live in Buckeye so I’m not near location but anytime I pass by it’s a must to stop by.

  384. legendari15

    Yooo this place right here is one of the best dispensaries around because the bud is fire Asf and plus they make sure your getting the best deals possible

  385. tyd

    Today was my first time in and it was excellent exact my eighth of Valley og I purchased weighed only 1.7 on my scale when I got home. I had my doubts looking at it on my way home but I figured the single large nug and small nug in the bottle were dense. I won’t waste my time calling to complain since it’s not likely to get anything done. Other than that I had an excellent experience at this dispensary

  386. Faeryfreak93

    Clean, very friendly staff, not the best part of town but the security guards help. Love this place! great deals on all products!!

  387. Queen_52

    Staff is welcoming and the deals are unbeatable

  388. 420xodusbaked

    1 star for service had me on hold for more then 20 mins when they answered again the person was totally diffrent and didn’t know what was going on got put on hold again and the phone was never answered. It’s times like these were I will take my business else where I’m a loyal customer of nirvana but it takes a small fuck up like this to piss me off will consider other options from now on .

  389. MayasGold

    Love this new spot and the variety they have over any others close to me. Very good quality bud too.

  390. pacosixfour

    love the kk..wicked concentrates..!

  391. suwarr7755

    Best dispensary in Phoenix

  392. gobstopper

    Always love this place and he deals. Great staff, great products all around. Try the pucks they’re fire if you like edibles. Try vanilla bean (I) or double tangle banana (s). I’m not really into hybrids for personal choice but I bet those are fire too. Gotta try this place over and over again.

  393. gtiguy2007

    Best hut in Az great flower awesome staff by far the best

  394. dabonlyatnightnot420

    I love it fire Og keep it up

  395. Robfuentes92

    The nirvana has a great selection of flower and concentrates. I would definitely recommend this place to other patients. 02/25/19

  396. bubblez1

    they the best n Phoenix great drals they super so nice n friend

  397. Hectrillion

    Great flower and super friendly staff!

  398. Tragedy7

    Eric definitely hooked me up when I went in a couple days ago great medicine as well two thumbs up

  399. Donna27

    it was an amazing experience like always and Khiry was an awesome person great customer service..

  400. stonehead4

    I cant believe you guys closed down the thunderbird location… I’m having a really hard time finding good flower for a decent price nowdY~C/

  401. bigmess

    great place! good location and awesome bud for the price

  402. Shizzler8

    BEST OUT THERE!! No other dispensary compares!!

  403. Milanioluv34

    Great location friendly customer service, First time visit was excellent.

  404. erickivangarcia

    love this dispensary the staff is very helpfull anx nobody beats their quality or prices NIRVANA CENTER ROCKS

  405. Kambake

    great product!! great people!!

  406. GodfatherAlex

    I really liked their first time patient deal. All the wax is amazing, and to buy in bulk here is smart! Make this a must stop.

  407. cjerez21

    I love this place this place has great specials!! 10-05-18

  408. troubleboy503

    the nirvana center has some kick ass products at a kick ass price. nirvana is my choice vendor due to there great prices and good choices. would definitely recommend the chocolate hash berry

  409. Gypsy3rdLung

    Mimi was amazing, understanding, and knowledgeable. while visibly busy I had plenty to keep me busy with a large (behind glass) selection of products and accessories to view. along with 4 large screen TV menus another 5th TV was playing a scientific documentary which was a welcome surprise. thank you mimi and the nirvana center see you soon.

  410. GodMaraj

    5 stars on every field! Friendly staff and friendly atmosphere. Took care of me in a good amount of time, will be visiting soon!

  411. GuyWhoTriesThings

    FTP deals here are GREAT. Tons of parking, huge lobby, and a LOT of Meds, from flower and wax to the Clean tablets, which contain THC/CBD and come in different configurations to meet your specific ailments. Recommend.

  412. sunuvchiba

    Great people with good attitudes and incredibly helpful info. if you get Viviana she is amazing, if not your are still in the best of hands! this place is, as it names says, the Nirvana Center!

  413. lancer2020

    Awesome place bogo on first time purchases. Saturday shatter days 15% off come check them out.

  414. DeanaRT

    This spot is my go to location for oz. Always the best and good prices.
    They are super busy so phone order is preferred but still awesome place!! Thanks!!

  415. dcab87

    Great service great products

  416. Tc856

    Best quality and customer service. Great daily deals, vendors always onsite

  417. bstate

    My favorite NEW spot! This place is super nice and more of the modern feel. Their product is some serious fire! Everyone has to check this place out! Not to metion they are the ones starting the $15 half gram of concentrate trend…
    5 STARS!!!

  418. bhomonster

    Very good deals all the time, and love the tax included being in the price.

  419. TrichomeBurner

    Wide selection of mmj products, overall nice dispensary. quality was okay and the service could have been a little better and more informative on strains and their effects.

  420. ramiroc

    good bud

  421. jose93

    At best, they are alright.. their deals can be confusing and the text messages that they send are very deceptive. I wouldn’t recommend copping from here unless it’s your first time for that FTP deal they have but that’s about all that they are good for.

  422. Leticia1988

    Great people! love the service!

  423. jrwilliams89

    Newly Open Nirvana Center flower here is awesome.The prices here are great. The location is also easy to find and plenty of parking. Very clean and fast service as well. will defintely go back

  424. dm0777

    Flower is great And concentrates….

  425. thechosenjuan77

    this dispensary legit has the biggest selections in edibles and flower truly amazing

  426. sandy419

    Love it! And I have to drive way out of the way to get here.

  427. relly10

    man this place is the best in town if you ask me ! also the best flowers and the budtenders are so awesome ! shot out to Mimi

  428. captnhowdy


  429. rey326

    FTP. I dont do reviews for prerolls (don’t even smoke shake) budtender was, i believe she said, Candace. She was awesome! Super friendly, fun, and knowledgeable. She sure does know her Sunset Sherbet!

    The meds are decent, on par with the cost of them. I dig the pre-order deal here, that’s pretty sweet if you’re a regular and know their consistency, you get a killer sight unseen deal on meds.

    Good shit. Go Here.

  430. devonc1991

    Nice place.r Ricardo was very helpful

  431. trevorbman

    good people nice experience good weed

  432. Amberdrake1

    first time being in a dispensary and Matt walked me through it. great place, highly reccomend!

  433. Jaymee123

    Excellent meds. Awesome facility. Clean and mostly friendly staff

  434. MrWilson214

    I would and will recommend anyone to go to NIRVANA for sure best bud, and pre rolls in phoenix az. Thanks so much for tge experience. And if you never been here you should go VALLEY OG IS ONE OF THE BEST FLOWER YOU CAN GET.

  435. collentheman

    where do I start? this med shop is an all around awesome med shop. Bud tenders very personable. They also have the best flowers west of Mississippi River. only wish they were closer to me.

  436. mejiaphoenix13

    Great flower at a low price.
    friendly staff. It was really
    clean and fresh. I would definitely go again.

  437. tonib1212

    Amazing location really wonderful staff love this place

  438. pissy55

    Best place in phx

  439. tfychi5

    Great selection and quality of flower. Their first time patient specials are great!!

  440. adk1979

    I will definately be traveling to this location… it’s not that bad of a location, peeps are cray cray who say that! Anyway, best prices and after going somewhere else for a minute when the Glendale location closed 🙁 I will just stick with my Nirvana… Nirvana Phoenix baby!!!

  441. trillnicko

    Great medication, love the free coffee.

  442. Nanadarlene

    Love the refreshments, karma jar, and bud tenders. I enjoy coming here. Always leave with a smile. dY~S

  443. TeeMo602

    Great shop! Friendly employees and quality bud!!

  444. mjoe58

    Very, very, good medicine. Fair pricing. Helpful staff. Comfortable lounge. Very secure. Lots of parking. Very, very, good medicine.

  445. Mark.j

    I love this place and the people in it. Nothing but good quality and great helpful people. I would recommend this place to everyone.

  446. IzzyCh91

    I’m liking it. Have yet to leave disappointed. The budtenders are pretty knowledgeable. Over all great dispensary.

  447. phxchuck3

    Awesome selection and prices!

  448. nrupp

    Big and comfy waiting area. Good, quality meds. Nice, stinky, and potent flower. Tasty medibles. And they even have a wall full of real top notch glass from Hitman and Jerome Baker.

  449. shaunazreynolds1982

    this location SUCKS!!!!!!! my wife and I always go back together and make our own separate transactions buying our medicine. this location will not allow two people to go back together and make separate transactions. what a waist of time

  450. MissFit88

    I love this place. Thanks Mimi, the meds were awesome that you recommended. See you soon.

  451. Sqeekms1

    Best despincery around. Fast friendly service and exelent product!

  452. danie09

    staff is always friendly when I come in. always great deals. need to check out

  453. buddyhutch

    Awful. I wish I could give this place negative stars. I just bought some of their $20 eighths and it was the driest weed I have ever seen and more stems than flower. This is the worst flower I have ever bought from a dispensary. I understand it’s the cheap stuff but it’s so bad I can’t even smoke it. Every time I come here the staff is unfriendly and unprofessional and have no knowledge of their product. This is a wholesale weed dispensary where they put zero love or care into their product. I will never come back to this place.

  454. mrBENHIGH

    love Nirvana they’re always there when I need them thanks for being the best depensery around

  455. sidneyj23

    The best specials in the valley. Dollar for dollar the quality is outstanding.

  456. araber

    great place, banging early bird special!

  457. maddyrilee

    Love this location! everyone is friendly

  458. elseveral

    I went to nirvana and bought (2A–50 +1free) liquid gold cartridges got home and noticed that some of them weren’t even half way filled last time i get liquid gold

  459. budman2103

    prolly my fave place to go
    really cool ppl

  460. asue123

    Great bogo first time Special !! Mimi was a great budtender!!!

  461. Kotaaa420

    Man, you guys are AWESOME!!!!!! Always friendly bud tenders and always on point! I love coming in and forgetting you don’t do tax, because it’s included and being even more pumped when I leave.. Thanks for being amazing.

  462. Hawaii2

    great people great location always leave with a smile on my face thanks Nirvana

  463. chad1979

    this is the best dispensary in Arizona by far. they have awesome budtenders and a clean organized facility. they have good deals all week

  464. Jessf588

    best dispensary in all of phoenix! always awesome deals going on and the staff is friendly

  465. Haynsupaman

    well first impression was pretty nice and wait at all got in quick. then the door opened and i get called and head greeting from the budtender. he did not welcome me in. all he said was flower, concentrate, or edible. not what is my ailments and how can we be of assistance. i felt like i was rushed and they wanted my money. so i brush it off and say flower. he then leads me to the flowers and i ask where are your sativas and all he gives me was two types. one low dollar and one high dollar..then you cant really see the buds unless u open the lids. the labels are in the way..stupid i the budtender just stands there and not say nothing, so finally i just got some crap weed called qrazy train and left.. that place is crap

  466. JoelParkerson

    Awesome dispensary great customer service great strains highly recommended!

  467. Reyna1986

    great place very friendly awsom great flower. love the place. they have nothing but quality .

  468. lemondrop

    U have called in 2 sepearate orders for express pickup. Both times they told me to wait an hour before coming in.. 1st time last week, i only waited about 15 minutes before they called my name.. it was cool. They were pretty busy so i understood.. tody i called in a an order, they told me about an hour. Cool! I waited an hour and a half before i took my lunch break to go up there, gave them my card waited over half an hour while 5 peole that walked in after me went back in and came out and left.. when i asked what was going on they told me it would be a couple more minutes. I had to be back to work. I didnt have a couple more minutes. I asked for my card back and to cancel my order, they then told me they lost my card and would call me when they found it.. great i wasted my lunch break! Very nice gentleman called me and apologized they had found my card and told me i had a free gift when i come back to pick my card up.. after work i headed up there, asked for my card, the chick handed me my card and told me to have a nice night.. i will never go back to that store ever again.. wasted my time!

  469. Profhet

    this location is always clean, friendly front desk. and the Tangerine dream for $8 smell good taste great really should be a 10 or 12 gram

  470. gudgunolie

    I was by far the most warm and friendly dispensary I’ve visited .

  471. mk123

    First time going to a dispensary so was kinda nervous but was greeted with friendly service ! Thanks Ryan definitely will be back soon

  472. ghostiejay

    love nirvana no doubt best flower in town

  473. rgonzalezssaz

    Awesome environment & good staff as well as a good variety of medication to choose from:.

  474. shopnaturallyaz

    the best flower ive seen around the valley! they were able to answer all my questions and we’re very professional

  475. shaygusters

    nivarna best on the west. love you staff so sweet. love the wake and. bake mornings

  476. DrRum

    Great selection of flowers

  477. zerobeeman

    Since opening I have been to this location 6+ times! ha I cannot wait til the Grand Opening on Friday! Bud tenders are learning my name and wait times are always less then 15min, usually less then 5min. My go to Dispo in the valley, and with $15 concentrates. #Win #Regular #Concentrate #Cannabis #Medicine #Medicate #Combust #AZMMJ #Patient #Flower #Bud #Shatter

  478. vegtsai

    This place is dooope!

  479. abe3211

    first time patient deal is BuyOne GetOne on all flower up to an 8th.
    Prices range from 10$ grams 12$g and 16$g, I bought a gram of each price range, THEY WEIGHT EVERYTHING OUT IN FRONT IF YOU to some that’s really important .. Good flower for the prices. very nice setup clean and modern. only thing was the prices on everything else that wasn’t flower was a bit high for me. will definitely visit again.

  480. anitagraham

    I regularly visit this location and order on the phone to save 20% Flower and edibles are great and they have a good selection of pain relief medicines.

  481. ChiefinDine87


  482. tuesdayallday

    Haley H. is the F-ing bomb! Hands down the best bud tender I have ever met! This was mine and my husband’s 1st time here and she was not just a pretty face she knew her product and made suggestions so we got the right meds! She is amazing and you are lucky to have her as an employee. We live in mesa but we will be back!

  483. AmanPerry

    Love this place great budtenders pretty flower and awesome deals! I drive out my way to come here

  484. JamaalWilliams

    awesome deals and delivery service, always so friendly! cheers!

  485. Animal87

    Good specials. Fast service. Friendly. Would come go again.

  486. bangzz

    The location is kinda far from where I come from but can’t complain. The flower is always on point and there concentrates are just flawless. The stuff is so friendly and open with you as a patient.

  487. Traylor19

    goid deals call in is great

  488. Drew2u

    First time here,and was impressed by the nice flowers and a great first time patient deal, I cant wait to go back!

  489. samanthaherold

    easy access..

  490. yourbfswaifu

    My first time in was awesome. Friendly staff. Informative.

  491. rowguh

    Great prices and great meds. Always worth the drive

  492. SynikalTK1

    Its definitely nirvana!!! Great people, meds and atmosphere. Quality products and quality service!!!!

  493. konagoldohana

    Would definitely recommend it

  494. Toker2016

    Nirvana was always good, but it’s even better! Greater flower, quick easy online ordering? They are the best!

  495. pegasusgirl5289

    I’m always pleased with my purchases. The prices are great and the staff is always kind and helpful

  496. Mdeperez

    Awesome service! Great staff!!

  497. Moneek194

    Love the 20% off online orders, love the friendly staff as well. Strains could be a bit better but other than that. Awesome dispensary

  498. Cadillacchacha

    Didn’t get bogo on my entire order only on 1 gram, but I purchased 3 in total. Also was suppose to get a free gram pre-roll and was only given .5 gram. Budtender was ok but didn’t seem like he wanted to promote deals. But overall good Flower!

  499. ava4

    It is always great to walk into a place and immediately feel welcome. The prices were great, the quality was great. Over all I give the place a 100%

  500. fox01


  501. Brianaz

    Love this place

  502. jcc527

    great buds, service was slow and unhelpful

  503. vincentleafhead

    Nice waiting room with coffee, friendly staff. Large selection of buds, even some glass and gold wraps

  504. Taetae181920

    I love the deals here at nirvana its great 06/01/2018

  505. KoalaCate1

    Clean, organized, easy to understand. Ryan was very informative and friendly. We thought it was great

  506. Mantzey

    word of mouth is this is the place to go excited to visit today:)

  507. strongcologne7

    best deals on QUALITY products. I love HAPPY HOUR

  508. sueing1982

    This is my favorite place in Phoenix, you always know what you are paying for great quality meds. They have opened a new one in Glendale which is really cool they are open till 8.

  509. francM

    Love this place

  510. psalm51

    I was closer to you guys. it takes me 2-3 hours each way on the city bus. YES ITS WORTH IT.
    somedays my pain simply won’t allow me to travel that far. If I could I would DEFINITELY be there EVERYDAY !!!
    Thank You

  511. huffmanZac

    Fast quick and always reliable

  512. Cathy602

    Great customer service staff there is always so helpful and they also have amazing deals

  513. pchung6606

    The only dispensary I go to now. The best location.

  514. Lightheaded17

    Horrible service. Shame great prices, but horrible experience

  515. kmason4

    This place has the best staff ever and is my favorite place. Keep up the good vibes and energy

  516. LoveBudPHX

    The nirvana center -This dispensary has tge best prices, and high quality medicine.I would recommend anyone to this dispensary.They are in a convenient location near the highway which is great.

  517. High623

    they are very nice,Bomb as weed and GREATTTTTatmSS DEAL$$$$$$$. FROM VICTOR.C.

  518. Kodacat1997

    they have a huge selection and awesome FTP special. staff is very helpful as well, definitely check this place out

  519. slow1980

    roomie clean good coffee with quality product

  520. Cheyyeezy94

    Just got Girl Scout Cookies dYa So fire! Scale one to ten definitely a 10!!

  521. azcactus

    Great staff and deals.

  522. bigbbrown1106king

    oh my goodness their concentrates are always the bomb

  523. raulsalgado420

    best Bud and prerolls always taste good

  524. Thatgirlshel

    Jesse was really chill. He has good vibes and knows his stuff about the products. dY$?tmdY1/4

  525. 42lucky0

    Excellent place! Great prices and superb service!

  526. Angelbabee

    Best place by far great specials always I choose this place before any other one and they’re always so friendly will definitely

  527. tbauer

    good flower

  528. MattG19XX

    Definitely my first choice everytime! I love my concentrates and they have by far the best selection of everything. if you haven’t been there check them out and get that First Time Patient Deal!

  529. LambieLynn1994

    Lotus extracts are worth the deal, flavor and effects are pretty great. Enjoying the selection.

  530. Thalby21

    Love the seasonal deals! enjoy access to top shelf flower without having to spend $50

  531. mannyort

    Nov 3 2018
    This place has great deals Great location and great staff

  532. sobrindisi

    Awesome spot!

  533. Dulcediaz2

    Always can get what i need every weekdY~Z

  534. dee g

    Premium choice buds!

  535. mikeg8732

    very cool people. and great flowers

  536. dannyboy6996

    nirvana is awsome great employees and flower camt complain got what you need at great plrices will always bw a life customer

  537. mSQUADD

    This place is my go-to whenever I want quality bud at a reasonable price. The staff knows me and knows what I want as soon as they bring me back. Keep doing a great job guys. I leave with a smile every time that I get meds from you. Shoutout to Johnny and Viviana. You guys are the best.

  538. Stephybaby89

    best flower best deals

  539. BRBLIVE

    Great Location and Concentrate Prices.

  540. SosaV

    Great selection. Had a very easy and quick transaction with Rudy. He was very knowledgeable about the products!

  541. XtinmankenX

    I placed an online order this morning and received a confirmation a few moments later. Thirty minutes after placing order, I received an email informing that my order was complete and ready for pick-up. I arrived at the location a few hours, handed my card to the receptionist and informed her that I have a pick-up order. This has been a weekly occurrence since their opening.
    After several minutes inside the establishment, the bud tender open the door and called out my name and then asked aEURoeonline or phone?aEUR I showed Ashley both text confirmations and was informed that my order’s weherabouts was unknown. (2nd time). She returned to the back after asking my original order. 1/2 Valley. When I was escorted to the back, the Valley jar was on the counter and all that remain was popcorn and dust. I asked if my order was filled with popcorn and was told aEURoe oh no I got you all the big onesaEUR. Went to home, opened it up, all dust, sugar leaves, stems and small popcorn. Obviously lacking in integrity and honesty here.

  542. Ry82AZ

    I travel past 5 great disp’s, before I get here. Total storefronts I pass nearly 10. I haven’t been to this shop as many times as some of the others. That is besides the point, now that I Have found this Joint… I can’t see going anywhere else, well… maybe on my birthday. Outside of that, it seems they Always have some kind of good deal. Morning Noon or Night. The lead I have spoken to everytime I have been in, his name is Parker. This guy, I thought I knew my stuff… The information he shared with me was fresh, the excitement was there. These products are… On Point, Sir/Madame… As well My budtendress Vv… Is very personable and super friendly also she knows her stuff. xD. It’s fun visiting I always have to pry away from these people they are very well placed individuals. Thanks again. I would have that speak for the company as a whole, in my opinion. As well, from my point of view there is not excess room for improvement. Something for all! Enjoy. –ninja.

  543. KingJayys

    one of the best places for my purps love them

  544. Hperez420

    yo shout out to alix for her good service lady is funny and makes me wanna go back every time 😉 and the bud is A1 good 🙂

  545. jimmyjam6648

    very nice. highest quality. coolest staff.

  546. Kmanic

    I liked it until I realized the “bartender” was kind of dishonest. This was my 1st visit so I had a buy 1 8th get 1 free deal. I could get 2 top shelfs. So I told her of course I want to get top shelf. She sold me 1 top shelf but gave me a bottom shelf for free and told me that it was a top shelf. Do your research and make your decision before going in.

  547. dannyd0991

    quality meds koo bud tenders and great customer service keep up the great work and still waking and baking tas what’s up !!!!

  548. MiguelGarcia01

    great buds great staff good deals all day long and all week long can’t beat that.dY~,,dY~Z

  549. xhowhighx

    10 grams of top shelve 8am thru 10am

  550. budman23az

    Best dispensary in phx!

  551. KWZ1968

    Love the Tuesday special

  552. jaesouthside

    This place is awesome they have awesome service and even better medicines. Thanks guys!! Keep up the good work guys!!

  553. DanCast35

    The best flower

  554. Khalil88

    Good people

  555. Cwalker1

    Store is big, looks good product was EXCELLENT. I have a high tolerance but the telephant eranqualizer.. or whatever it’s name is. Is straight FIRE knocked me on my ass. Forgot the big guy who helped me out name, he was cool as the other side of the pillow. I’ll be back dY-‘dY-‘dY-‘dY-‘dY-‘

  556. thalia847

    love the staff, love the flower and love the specials!!!

  557. randy602

    Every time I come here I wait like 15 minutes to get to the back that’s cause there is always a full lobby of people who really like this place myself included the bud tenders are all so nice Ally helped out so much and honestly made my day better not just with my medicine but with the interaction

  558. Azrichy

    the best place to go for your buds!! love the service and the friendly staff. I’ll definitely be back!

  559. Jessesnow

    Everyone is awesome and the flower is always great

  560. bumblebee1


  561. ladylibra85

    I love the flowers, and the staff. Thanks for everything Sofia, you are the best…. I will be back there again!!!

  562. NewUser86

    This used to my go to place. It has in the past few months gone down! the staff is very ruin and don’t seem to care about customer service! I’ve ordered a few times on line and each time has been a issue. I would not recommend this place to anyone! great deals but the will not be returning due to shitty staff!

  563. Brenan111

    Very friendly staff, great medicine, security guy sprinted out the door and stopped the perpetrator from hit and run(ing) my car he stopped the vehicle before it was able to leave the parking lot and also took care of the information exchange wonderfully and I was able to continue shopping while he verified phone numbers and copied registration/insurance information. He is definitely the MVP!

  564. Felonymph

    great place and I can’t wait to be back for strawberry tahoe!!!

  565. Lilgucci09

    Nirvana centers are by far some of the best quality I have seen here in the valley. The atmosphere that it has as well as the nice smell always makes my days. I had the Best Buy go to the only spot I go to and once you come in here you will know why

  566. shannonj1968

    Great product

  567. drewtokes420

    Always a good experience when going to the nirvana center

  568. Latiem

    Nirvana has great customer services, great specials and awesome new patient specials.

  569. Vante8019

    Best place too get your medicine and good deals and $10grams out the door

  570. Vonallyse

    Besides the updated sales, one of the best places to shop for daily deals! Wednesday is Zensday and One of the best days for ANY flower special they done during the week!

  571. chipzilla

    great friendly people who know their flower, always have great product and deals, I always come here even if I’m not in the area.

  572. eddiecox

    great service all the time sofia is excellent to serve you

  573. trimmell1

    this facility is awesome, people are so friendly and help so much. their strains a some of the best

  574. Slick171747


  575. lbc90805

    Great flower, great deals and most importantly great deals

  576. zippergutt

    Great flower

  577. Omarg31565

    friendly and helpful service by the bud tenders

  578. mac3655

    love this location friendly staff and great product

  579. Kidcudiman

    This place is amazing! Very clean. Organize. Friendly.
    One of the budtenders Alexandra helped me out and I was short 1 dollar and she told me it’s cool. I was very shocked and happy but I’m going to pay her back on the next visit!!
    Coming back here again!

  580. Chillu1978602

    I love going to nirvana. They are always helpful. my bud tender Randy M was awesome.

  581. BlazedSamurai

    They have some good deals and that’s about it. I went in to get a half ounce and the women was friendly. She helped me find some good buds, they looked awesome. I asked for a half and she started to get my order ready then I noticed she took two big buds out that were on top. First come first serve right? Nope, whatever the reason I will not be going back. That is not cool very stingy and disrespectful.

  582. Jacob_S

    Best dispensary in AZ. They have good weed, prices, and a clean store

  583. bellaannie30

    I am so excited to try this place!!! it’s my birthday!!!

  584. mrleroywilliams8714

    it’s home.

  585. paidinfull1k

    Nirvana always comes through with some high quality flowers . It’s a great environment and the staff is awesome . If you’re new to the Metro I would recommend going to Nirvana if you want to have the best medicated experience . It’s a convenient location , always great deals available everyday of the week . The trees are potent and smell good . Burn them in a Backwood

  586. aliciado

    like you can never go wrong stopping by here

  587. sunnyb42

    I love this location, it’s a little far from my house, but worth the drive. Great flower and huge selection of flower, concentrates, and edibles. Great deals as well.

  588. iheartpurp23

    They always have something for everyone’s budget.

  589. xotomc

    Great deals alllll the time! Love their different strain selection! The crumble is always great!

  590. guebara420

    great location.. friendly staff.

  591. ericmarticorena

    Best dispensary in the valley huge selection nice staff best medicine and low prices!

  592. bevans92489

    Great customer service. Great weed!

  593. Jonmrlong2

    Great people and staff always on point have a good deals!!

  594. MsMina_83

    I placed an order online came in and my order wasn’t ready I was told I was too early for them to fill it and it won’t be ready for another hour. So I had to check in and wait 25 more minutes, I had been waiting 15 minutes prior before they told me I was too early. I’m not coming back to this location again the one in Glendale is quicker and more friendly. I don’t recommend this location

  595. BarryAllenski

    I’m down with The NC! Their Flower is FIRE! Cherry on the topper would their Dank Deals! That 45 min drive on the way back it too Lit. Guaranteed!

  596. amster420

    Best priced ounces in AZ!!

  597. YungMullet

    Bulk specials stay on point. Thx Nirvana Center.

  598. cheetopuff1017

    great selection

  599. sebvsbeltran

    great service amd great experience ive had here and love all the cool accessories.

  600. TwistingTreeznAZ

    I love the set up-plenty of space. Deli selection is the best 🙂 awesome quality flower choices with good price ranges to get you thru.
    Take advantage of the BOGO for 1st up2an eighth 🙂
    Kimbo Kush and Chronic Thunder both were amazing! Looking forward to their growth; ediables, concentrates etc.
    Love this new despensary 🙂

  601. Soult3k

    Great new place here stopped by this morning took advantage of the FTP BOGO deal and got White Nightmare for tonight and my favorite AK-47 perfect for anytime, perked me right up once I was home! Huge and way different variety of flowers here must stop! Huge parking lot too! I liked there choices of vape cartidges here also, would like to see BOGO deals for them.

  602. addiane

    laid back atmosphere, excellent flower. bud tenders know what they’re taking about. great prices.

  603. craziebaby

    Excellent customer service and product quality for the best prices around! would definitely recommend!

  604. Skullbroz

    It is great all the budtender are great nice and friendly environment

  605. Bybypain

    I love that you guys are open early, it was my first time in and my Budtender was Sidney and he was awesome. He helped me find some great strains and told me about all the daily specials. I will definitely come back to this location and I will wait for Sidney. He made my experience better, thanks.

  606. MastaSplint420

    Great location with a huge selection. They always have great deals. They’re also down the street from my work.

  607. lwelker21

    The hire happy people that are well knowledgeable on helping consumers

  608. savage420

    One of the best dispensaries in the valley. AMAZING selection and great deals. Definitely come here as often as I can. Great waiting area too.

  609. Chevyallday420

    the flower here is always on point. there is much to choose from which is great. shatter is great to.

  610. Dawn23

    A bit far but worth driving for Jose’

  611. lsdwxll

    Helpful, quick, and kind

  612. Uzi562

    Best meds in town

  613. jasmine9420

    Super nice staff free coffee and candy in the waiting room no large selection good weed 🙂

  614. BozoBagginz

    after finally getting here i walked in and let the women know i had been trying to call a few times to ask a couple questions , not only did she not answer ny questions they don’t even answer the god damn phone.. when i explained i was calling a few times thru out the day she replied “sorry” , didn’t even ask if i still had any questions still completely disregarded the fact i was upset that i couldn’t get information first time and last time patient visit what a shit service lol ill be sure to let all my med buddies to know as well.

  615. starnuts77

    Always good service and great deals.

  616. iSparkziT

    Been coming here for 2 years. I still love this place. Daily deals are outrageous, selection is outrageous, and it’s worth the troop from wherever you are in the valley. Largest selection of flower by far.

  617. aglassguy

    Wait time is forever. Bogo free eighth for bogus bud. their top shelf is meh while their mids aren’t much worse, and in some cases, are better quality then their top shelf. Took a look at their dabs, 2 varieties of “shatter”, BOTH looking like some garbage stuff I used to buy from people who made it in their garage. Long story short, spent over an hour and bought nothing. Plenty of dispensaries with much better weed, for much better prices, for even better service. Other places treat you like you’re a patient, this place is more concerned with what is convenient to them. I won’t be back, the place is run by amateurs who do not know how to treat patients. And I highly suggest no one else goes there, it’s not worth it.

  618. ktillis1989

    Clean nice verity of strains an friendly staff

  619. Sanch

    It is a great place to go. They have great knowledge in the product they have. One thing, they tend to sell quick on a lot of their strands.

  620. vampman05

    Was told this is the place to go, so i made sure it will be the first visit i do tomorrow on my birthday

  621. mallen5750

    Best deals during the weeks love the location and the medicine is always flame would recommend to anyone

  622. bleeblahnixh

    hands down my favorite spot the meds are fire and the staff is fast and friendly

  623. WavyHeadIvan

    Amazing selection and A1 customer service. #Nirvana

  624. agirl006

    Best in AZ!!! I live i Casa Grande and well worth the drive.

  625. jmckay2112

    Amazing place amazing staff “Bri”love how they pick of the steams and scale the bud up in front of you.

  626. kpelletier315

    I get my dog the CBD treats because he has bad hips. He loves them, you can tell they help because all he wants to do is play just after he eats them.

  627. Alfonsob

    The wait time is no more than 10minutes and the budtenders always help me find what I am looking for

  628. superFly1023

    big store great selection very friendly environment.

  629. ickydaddy

    Very nice, everyone is friendly, bartender made an excellent recommendation but they are very pricey.

  630. DDD57755

    So many options good prices and the staff is very friendly.

  631. massoud

    This place like a offshoot of Natures on Mc Dowell. Deli style service, large waiting Room. Spaced out service for patient privacy. However quality of flowers are not as premier as other dispensaries. I took advantage of the BOGO 1/8… Went for the Platinum GSC. 3 seeds in a .3 bowl. @ $55 an 1/8 should have been 0 quality of GSC is there nevertheless. Not paltinum quality. Kinds disappointed. Nightmare Haze was dense still not @ $55 1/8. They’ve got other quality strains @ $40. Like Jellybean.

  632. JoeA1

    Great customer service, nice deals love this place!

  633. DenzelWill34

    Honest and retro ppl

  634. Becca.61636

    A bit out of my way but way worth it with the prices

  635. youngsavy22

    I love this place. Great parking lot.

  636. Nicomob

    Great place to shop always quality flower (: customer service and prices awsome!

  637. confidentiality69

    A++ My number 1 spot staff is knowledgeable Thanks nirvana 🙂

  638. IanGBrad

    I’ve heard this dispense has very quality stuff and I’m glad I’m visiting it!

  639. jokerjoe

    First time patient. Great waiting room, relaxing. nice selection of flower. great pricing structure. like that the tax is included. I went with the rockstar and durbanOG. I’ll be back!

  640. Tazenupa

    This was my first time purchasing my medication. The staff in the front office made the process easy and had pleasant attitudes. When I was taken to the back, the gentleman who assisted me made me feel comfortable, answered all my questions. He made me feel comfortable with my first visit and his knowledge of product. I am extremely satisfied with my experience here and will be a returning patient. The quality of flower did not disappoint, and neither did the quality of edibles and concentrates for my medical needs.

  641. Jaszie

    They have soo many strains to choose from, most i can’t find anywhere else.

  642. ac520

    Very good medicines and prices and awesome environment

  643. teeburon

    the two strains I’ve tried from here so far we’re pretty good. the staff was very friendly but weren’t intimately knowledable of all of their options (there are many). given the fact they hadn’t had their grand opening yet the disarray was a bit understandable. I’ll give em another shot

  644. drtymemo

    I’m happy with the clean concentrates. Thanks for the clean meds

  645. manifestzen

    Nirvana is a wonderful dispensary that has plenty of deals going on too. wake n bake wed ftw

  646. msjanet3217

    I came in for the super sliver haze and it was mind blowing. I have been in here a couple of times and have say that the atmosphere is very welcoming and relaxed. the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. great deals and specials. I highly recommend.

  647. DYoung_0622

    the first flowers I bought here were Amazing!! I’ll see u later today!

  648. Tony42O

    My first visit was great.. Got some casey and skywalker and both blew me away…top notch meds for affordable prices

  649. dsmprincess

    This place is amazing. Everyone here is so helpful and kind, you feel like you are part of a family. My number one go to spot!!!!

  650. Kraftuser2014

    Got some kimbo kush and power africa half oz for 45! Both smelled delicious and tasted great! Got some sleep! Thanks Omar! He was a great help. 11-11-18

  651. purplepalmtrees10

    Fantastic customer service, awesome flower selection, very spacious lobby. Definitely recommend.

  652. stonersimpsion42000

    alexandrea Q was so helpful and thoughtful great cashier keep doing your thing great service

  653. Myuser123

    Nirvana has the best deals around. They’re an amazing environment and the budtenders really go above and beyond to make sure you’re well taken care of. Awesome place!

  654. taliesen420

    great environment and staff

  655. she2fancy

    the only dispensary I go to now. very clean and a lot of options and accessories and the budtenders are really helpful and nice . great quality for the price .

  656. lotwsandyw

    SandyW….Love Nirvana! Great herb and an excellent location! Great sales on a variety of items everyday!

  657. pcampos27

    Pucks are my shizzzz

  658. Couchlock73

    My favorite dispensary in the world , great product and phone orders . What more can u ask for

  659. LakerRen

    Great atmosphere, all the bud tenders are very patient and helpful! Awesome eye catching name. the black Friday deals we great!

  660. gardnerm

    good prices

  661. bryanparm

    Love this place. Hope Glendale location opens soon. Order online gets 20% off & 4 prerolls per month free

  662. randybobany

    some of the best deals in town

  663. Dizneygal

    The Nirvana Center is my favorite dispensary! Everyone is always so friendly and they know their shit!! I love this place!!

  664. s9l0a4

    Great place to go good and friendly budtenders great selection of flower and edibles dYOE+-dY”Y=

  665. JonC

    Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. One of the best locations to visit!

  666. darienleyva1

    big shout out to costume contest thanks for letting me enter you guys are awesome

  667. michelleamolina

    After having my goodies delivered to me by these guys long ago, I have never had to step a foot in a dispensary again. Thanks guys you rock.

  668. cheeseveins

    Chill atmosphere with helpful staff. I’ll be back!!

  669. dimas84

    awesome deals throughout the week also great flower quality and variety. great customer service and knowledgeable budtenders.

  670. larrygreen1252

    Amazing deals, helpful staff, and great selection. Must visit!

  671. markgmiller1979

    My go to spot! Best prices and selection in town!

  672. Voodoo480

    It’s real legit ..

  673. meakrtvk

    my favorite spot. has the biggest selection around

  674. D201347

    Nirvana is great! I love coming here. But after today maybe not so much, and it’s not the first time you have gotten complaints on this guy. your rent a cop who thinks he’s bad. I get it, safety and all, but it’s COLD outside and everyone is sick, y’all need to fix that issue cuz y’all just lost a loyal customer. I’ll be takin my happy self elsewhere from now on to avoid dealing with that.
    As for the product never fails. I love love love TIMELESS!

  675. linus15

    The managers and budtenders are very knowledgeable and very informative. the meds are great and can’t beat the deals here at Nirvana!

  676. Yappledapple21

    Well Nirvana I tried the Clean Concentrate cartridges and…. Absolutely LOVE them if you’re looking for a strong quality cart at a good price. I highly dY~%0reccomend the Clean Concentrates cartridge (Jack HdY”Y=) at Nirvana…I’ll be back to try them all

  677. 9thgradr

    quick informative

  678. bachulugh

    Great place, great selection. Would recommend.

  679. Sway23

    Gotta Send a Shot Out to Sabrina For Hooking It Up,
    I See You Scorpio

  680. joelow

    great place hook it up for the first time and the bud is priced right and friendly staff

  681. JuneBug2363

    I’d have to say that Louie was the best part of my first visit here. Louie was extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable with your medicinal line of products. It was a great experience and I will be sure to return again.

  682. StephenO12

    Great deals all week and great prices, can’t go wrong over here!!

  683. destinid92

    I love this location. very friendly staff. always ready to help. and very quick about getting you in and on your way. thank you for the great customer service

  684. hippie.chic

    Nirvana has some seriously competitive deals and great bargains. My first visit didn’t start off too well. If you plan on asking a lot of questions, it might be best to request a budtender who enjoys answering your medical cannabis questions about their products. The manager had to step in to assist me upon my request after the budtender I had got a bit mouthy with me. It was awkward and weird moment and she knew immediately that she messed up. Even before I responded to her mouthiness, she asked politely if I would like a different budtender to wait on me, and I replied that would be a GREAT idea! lolol I never had such a rude experience at a dispensary before like this. The manager was more than courteous to make up for her mistake.

    Either way, this is a large dispensary with a huge selection of concentrate, flower, edibles and pipes. It’s in a sketchy area, but it does not feel that way inside. I will be back again, but probably will ask not to be placed with the initial budtender.

  685. MikeG9393

    I most definitely love it here knowledgeable budtenders great bud for awesome price

  686. powskier13

    The building was very very nice, staff was professional and educated. I felt as if I was at an elite dispensery.

  687. BrittneyD

    I like the quality of their flower and the waiting room is very welcoming. I also like the phone order process.

  688. mrmatt14

    amazing service.
    thank yoy

  689. AustinStockton

    your pricing is messed up for the presidential strain. there is obviously a typo two grams shouldnt cost 140 dollars. Maybe if it was shatter then that would be possible. Please fix the pricing mistake. Thanks.

  690. DSD420DABBER

    Time after time this place brings the best product at insane prices!! Thanks for being so patient friendly!!

  691. veronicananis

    love this place! will always come here!

  692. jrAZ218

    This place is awesome the environment is great and the weed is on point hit em up if you have not

  693. Garcia13

    Good people best medical marijuana doctors in phx

  694. Savvouise1

    This facility has a great amount of novelty cannabis items. So many items to discover and they are eager to explain each one of them to you. Great deals texted to your phone if you sign up. You will love The Nirvana Center.

  695. Ldano

    the atmosphere is good but I’ve been here two times and I’ve ordered twice through Leafly and both times when I went to go pick it up they switch it out for something else when I order on budline it’s supposed to be reserved for me they told me that when you ordered on bud line that is not reserved for you it is first come first serve and that is not how the budline works I know how it works so unfortunately I will not be returning to this place

  696. DGTMMT

    Great dispensary! Awesome products and great costumer service. Highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t been. They constantly have great deals too!

  697. cottonmouth2177

    awesome place! good deals and great bud

  698. Dickout

    it’s far from me but worth the drive.

  699. OgDemigod

    i come here all the time for top notch flower been smoking with they’re flower on stream for 4 weeks now maybe i should get a sponsor 😉 check out my channel

  700. CutterDave

    From what my daughter has already told me (yes, I’m cool like that…), Nirvana is where to go for
    flower. I’ll let you know.

  701. Hoopgamenasty

    love this dispensary! always stay with different strains. Cant wait to see what this place brings in 2019

  702. kingwilliams702

    great people love this spot

  703. doger

    I like it for the waiting room

  704. 4krystalgarcia

    I love coming to nirvana their service is awesome. The people are friendly and very knowledgeable.

  705. Hermein

    My go to place for all my MED’s..

  706. Doublepinkeye

    Great daily specials and awesome for 1st timers.

  707. haro97

    Real kind and nice people

  708. Izzylocc

    The nirvana is the best in the valley i think! thier lobby is so cozy, and thier budtenders are sooo chill. the bud there is bomb too for cool deals. Tuesdays is my favorite deal! come see them!

  709. Mynzah

    Great product selection…Very friendly staff…Nice prices and the BOGO is appreciated. Thank You.

  710. getmissy

    I have truly enjoyed being a customer at Nirvana, I am on my way to see the new location in Phoenix and hoping to see some familiar faces. The location in Glendale was wonderful and I expect to have a wonderful experience at this one also as the people are always so friendly and the medication is always so nice.

  711. renabell23

    Great environment!

  712. scrivy81

    awesome staff. great service knowledgeable budtenders!! amazing deals!!

  713. nic34711

    staff is helpful getting informed about the buddha. they know a lot about their chronic, dank potent med marijuana. fanaminal system and how everything is spread out.

  714. Vmc07

    went in a few days ago, i think my budtender was ryan? great reccomendations, picked up some banana peel and he explained deals.Great bud, great quality. will deginitely come back

  715. Psybeje

    This is one of the most friendly and comfortable dispensaries I have visited. the staff are warm, knowledgeable and the product is superior!

  716. Louieman1

    Great staff an meds love it here they got 8ths of moon rocks fir the low !!

  717. NEPatriots

    staff here is always great always helpful and nice awesome flower too!

  718. ChinaOdell

    I love the deals and service

  719. BE14

    this place is bad ass!

  720. TravisCrosser

    The nirvana center is awesome. Definitely one of my top dispensary. An its only been open for like 3 weeks.

  721. ddmc

    I come from Avondale because of the staff and flower! Awesome prices too!

  722. jonathanochoa27@yahoo.ciom

    love this place dY”Y=dY”Y= dY”Y=dY”Y= dY”Y= would highly recommend staff are amazing as well !!!!

  723. Bianca42020

    They have the best cheapest bud out there.

  724. Tendaz24

    I love you guys are amazing good deals all the time when I walk through that door and Jerry he is always the best thanks

  725. fglez

    El numero uno!! Always have the best of everything!

  726. kyle9586

    The very worse dispensary I have ever been,False info about pricing and discount , continue to always have issues with pre orders and never satisfied with out come… never will tell anyone or recommend them to the nirvana center!!!

  727. edrieslikeskush

    This place has everything the only problem i have is the staff, they need to be faster and know there prices instead of always looking up the prices and they charged me for my free pre roll, They need to pay attention what there doing but other then the stuff this place is awesome

  728. bahdahbing602

    Great environment with quality products. Wake N bake everyday special is crazy!!!

  729. robert.stojakovic.92

    I love Nirvana! Not only is the flower very good they carry Clean Concentrates THC caps.

  730. Bhales

    By far one of the best! Dispensarys in the Valley. Def will be back plenty more time. Love the bud selection.

  731. romancv96

    Awesome place, i been here before sadly not as a patient but as someones ride, while i was there great service and awesome atmosphere cant wait to go back for myself.

  732. krazykush94

    Great place good flower. Good staff

  733. Nilla420

    this is the place to go for clean concentrates honey love love lov

  734. andyflowtree

    Love this place.nice set of staff

  735. Car2197233

    I really like how they have the best prices around!!!

  736. rob6993

    I think it is a great location and atmosphere is nice waiting

  737. Team-K

    Great selection of flower, helpful staff, good prices. I’ll be back!

  738. fredo141

    I love the flower here and they have a great selection and it’s a nice place too!

  739. jayrazzee

    I loved this place but lately I have been pre-order my stuff and flower has been a lot of stems in my 1/8s. I’ve not been satisfied and when you call them about their sale..they want no responsibility for the stems even when if is horrible and a half a gram or an grama short of the products that are just stems. They don’t even give you anything. They are suppose to be deli style for that won’t happen! You would think they would be more professional and actually sell you flower instead of stems. Especially being a professional environment you expect to get the product you are looking for not stems. I guess they include flower and Stems all together to equal your 3.5 so even if you don’t get 3.5 of flower , your stems is your flower even though it’s not smokable!!!!

  740. Meds4thePatients

    Nirvana!! With a wide selection of medicine and concentrates and affordability this is always a nice stop to make.

  741. Chapo1

    Candice is awesome with the preoders best spot in az hands down

  742. floresrandy1

    Loyal Customer who UNDERSTANDS that Staff may get a little busy from time to time but tends to every customer in order arrived….been going for some time…NEVER a bad experience…

  743. mangokush9292

    great prices with great quality. number place to shop. best dab 15 a half gram ! staff is amazing

  744. saestrajayna

    The pucks did not disappoint. My budtender was super knowledgeable.

  745. jojofrias12

    Nirvana dispensary is one of my favorites in all the valley. There service is always fast and friendly. The prices are great and the buds are dank. Definetly recommend this location.

  746. natieberry

    Best dispensary in AZ! Best selection

  747. oldstonerog18

    Absolute best flower of any dispensary. High quality. Also the best daily deals

  748. Kbrizzle87

    Rapidly went from my favorite dispensary to my least favorite in the matter of 24 hours. After 3 fruitless visits between yesterday and today, idk if I even want to try and go back. Apparently their Glendale location is having issues which is what’s causing their Phoenix location to become overrun and unable to serve their regulars, which sucks all the way around I guess. But apparently they opened a new location in Globe today so hooray (sarcasm). Maybe they should focus on maintaining their current locations instead of stretching themselves too thin.

  749. Tylerizme91

    i absolutely love this place and recommend to anyone.. staff is awesome and prices are great!!

  750. Exixus420

    Love how they don’t even pick up their phone!!

  751. ajarmy

    saving time in and still my favorite place

  752. Lennon1975

    Thanks for the deliveries!

  753. Dunerat420

    Awesome staff. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Clean and organized. Bud was great too. Definitely worth checking out.

  754. AndrewGton

    Great buds, great people. Would recommend!

  755. taraannbella

    I am typically very happy with the service and deals. But unfortunately it appears that the hiring standards have dropped. My last visit was only my 2nd call in order and was a complete mess when I arrived. Instead of trying to fix the problem or find some way to make things right they dismissed me and made no effort to apologize. The unprofessional crass attitude of your employees reflects badly on nirvana as a company.

  756. VargasAdjfie

    its amazing by far the best selections

  757. dominicanochulo1

    I love Nirvana, hands down best of everything.. Customer service A plus and good quality products… Highly recommend

  758. Naranjoj05

    Cool people good deals

  759. Rbancroft46

    Great place good meds 🙂

  760. VicHern78

    Made a call before my first visit and the staff was so helpful I just know my visit will be awesome.

  761. eazyluna

    Great choices of medicine, great service, quality, and consistency. Find your enlightenment at The Nirvana center.

  762. chefdat1224

    Great deals

  763. dlaina

    I think I’ll be coming up here more often, very great vibe.

  764. Nikki7

    this place was amazing! my husband and i had a great time there. the coffee in the lobby was a total bonus!

  765. keith9290

    close to home great product amd awesome people working here one of my favorite bummed that the hours changed but i still keep coming back

  766. SmokinO.G

    Hell ya I got some more chocolate hashberry kush n some fire khalifa Kush dammm thanks nirvana I love your guys flower mad love to yal even tho yal were busy as fuck but still satisfied

  767. Holotropic_Mind

    Great location and great selection of flower. Always a pleasant experience. Best place in Phoenix.

  768. Breezy9

    Love nirvana !!! I live in Scottsdale and make a trip at least once a week even with traffic which is over 35 minutes just to get to them! Best specials in the valley, best quality and price ! Gotta love nirvana you guys are doing it right !

  769. bris710

    Great quality, good service and great concentrates. S&D shatter is awesome! 🙂

  770. vero14

    this place is awesome they have great prices and always has great deals going on and there flower is bomb… the staff there is awesome they always teach you new thing about these flower or wax

  771. JessieeBabiee

    Great store nice staff i love the seletion… I would go back and bring a friend…

  772. Benjimam

    Great staff very helpful. very good prices on flower all in all it was a very good experience I will be returning!

  773. mmbagley

    Great service

  774. afinn717

    First time experience was awesome!! I live in Chandler so it was a little ways out but well worth the drive!! Best tree I’ve had in Arizona & a huge selection

  775. akatmadeinjapan

    I continue to be impressed by the outstanding people at The Nirvana Center. I really look forward to my visits because I know I am going to receive a great deal accompanied with fantastic staff. The ladies at reception greet you with a warm smile and the budtenders are very knowledgeable and spend quality time helping you get the perfect product to help you out. Their facility is the cleanest and brightest shop I’ve ever been too. Thank you for the care you’re providing your patients Nirvana! You guys are the best in Arizona!

  776. Jessemjd

    Personally I like their flower. they have a wide selection they just tend to be busy between 12-1.

  777. Jairoatayde01

    Best buds in town always recommend to people !

  778. dotyblunts

    Make sure you get your change. Budtender kept 50 cents and only gave me $2 back. I know it’s not a lot of money but it’s a big deal when I can’t trust the budtender. J wish they said the name on the receipts because I come here regularly. This budtender must have thought I wasn’t paying attention, he was chatting with other employees while finishing my sale. I ask for my change as hes handing me my bag with receipt already stapled to it. and just say “oh, my bad”

  779. KbAz

    Great dispensary. Amazing selection, outstanding quality and competitive pricing. This place is totally legit.

  780. AZgreen14

    best meds and service in phoenix

  781. Y0urRoyalHighness

    5g for 100 bucks is killer! Take all my money why don’t you. This place is always a busy spot, they come through with delivery though!

  782. prawjohnson

    This is a really great spot to get your meds , they have some really great meds and great people here apreciate you guys..

  783. SuzyQ1982

    The only thing I don’t like is trying to order from the website, it hardly ever works right. If you guys need a new web developer look me up. I’m going to a different dispensary today because the website wouldn’t let me place an order.

  784. Kyleh1423

    Great customer service!

  785. abdigunz

    Best selection & best deals in all of Arizona!

  786. bryguyismepg

    Really, totally got screwed because they closed an HOUR early! Shady! No apologies. Never again.

  787. jojo1028

    great wax n bud

  788. imsmyln710

    The selection of products here is amazing! I LOVE the energy drinks, they’re the perfect pick-me-up. And the tea is wonderful for my insomnia. One of the managers, Mimi is awesome and so incredibly sweet. I’ve never had a bad experience here. The staff is really nice, definitely not stuck-up. However, some of the staff aren’t as knowledgeable about mmj as they should be. I had one agent tell me that if I want pain relief I definitely want an Indica. Um, wrong. Very few Indica strains are specifically for pain (thank you, Leafly, for keeping me informed.). If the staff were more informed, it would help a lot. This is definitely my go-to place for selection and finding products that I can’t find anywhere else.

  789. dragon3333

    Love it here. Best deals and best flower selection. Brie is awesome!!!

  790. jackslater1

    great selection friendly staff!

  791. myke.underwood

    Does not staff a according got the young ladie answering pick up line and checkin. can’t call in pickups and wait forever. tried for 3hrs on Tuesday to call in. drove all the way there and they wouldn’t place a pickup I had to call. no concern for patients time

  792. DanielC74

    Great selection of cannabis along with a wonderful facility and excellent prices! !

  793. mayrely

    I like the flower good quality!!

  794. kisilibtch

    BIG variety of flower,
    a nice new patient special. and quick service.

  795. heypost

    staff is very polite gave my mom free coffee …the bud is on point and their prices are amazing

  796. erndoeaz

    first time in here and didn’t have any complaint all good reviews they have a variety of strains to choose from and all different prices so

  797. 710Dabmatser

    Friendly staff and meds were good!

  798. Direheart

    This is the best dispensary I have been to yet. Always informative, respectful, and professional.

  799. MellissaD

    great deals n b-day roll

  800. Frankie805

    Clean and awesome environment

  801. Bhosier84

    I showed up as they were closing and there was zero rush to making my selections. Everyone was really cool and they have the best first time patient deal anywhere.

  802. tyronebrown100

    Super friendly tenders and a huge selection

  803. jopivo

    Want to love it. Great deals. Terrible explanation though. Isn’t that great when u think about it.

  804. tonemonty

    awesome friendly service great product love this place

  805. LoveMeSumOG

    Friendly People

  806. joeyrooman

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff, superb flower with a welcoming atmosphere, what more could one need? Great prices? Then look no further as they’ve got that too! Girl Scout Cookies and EJ’s Skywalker Bubba were top notch, will be back for more! Thanks Nirvana Center dY~%0

  807. crzee13

    Nirvana is the best dispensary in Phoenix, I recommend this place to everyone.

  808. BigTanamal

    Visited this place a few weeks ago, was amazed at the high the bud gave me. One of the strongest places I’ve visited for flower, decent prices, and great service make this a must visit dispensary.

  809. 701Dabbr

    great selection. friendly staff. good meds