Untamed Herbs Dispensary

Untamed Herbs Dispensary



200 N Tonto Street, Payson, AZ 85541


34.2425372, -111.3281894




9:30 AM – 6:00 PM


9:30 AM – 6:00 PM


9:30 AM – 6:00 PM


9:30 AM – 6:00 PM


9:30 AM – 6:00 PM


9:30 AM – 6:00 PM


9:30 AM – 6:00 PM


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## Misson Statement ##
Untamed Herbs is committed to creating a safe place where patients can receive high quality medicine created by nature and supported by science, while working alongside our patients, community and the State of Arizona to inspire, educate and drive industry innovation. Visit our website at http://www.uncleherbshealthcenter.com/
## Vision ##
We strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all our patients and guest by providing excellent customer service and high quality medication. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help guide you through every aspect of your visit. At Uncle Herbs we believe that education is the key to helping our patients determine the best treatment options for their specific condition, our medical director is on call at all times to assist patients with any specific questions.



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161 reviews for “Untamed Herbs Dispensary

  1. storyofmylife14369

    I think this is a very professional business but also has a very friendly vibe (:

  2. Hellyeah32

    Great customer service and very friendly atmosphere. Prices are a little high but it is ok not a big deal

  3. Irish44

    I went to get a half yesterday. Was about to spend a little more than I wanted but the staff talked me into one of their half specials. I don’t usually like them because they just don’t seem to b as high quality as their top shelf. But I listened saved some cash and got a half of banana diesel. Wow I am very pleasantly surprised. Very good taste. Very good quality!!! Thx fellas for changing my mind. And it’s a sativa blend. I usually only like indica. It’s a very nice blend!!!

  4. MLBonghitter

    This was my first and last trip to this dispensary. It was hard to find, it was expensive, and they’re selling other dispensaries buds. Out of 10 strains only 2 from them. The bud in the case that I picked was not the same bud I was given at checkout. I bought their best blueberry and was given the snicklfritz. Save your money for the valley people…. Herbs is garbage.

  5. Pat_K

    Speedy,friendly employees made sure all my shopping experiences here were pleasant ones. Serving consistent, top-quality products in a timely fashion. The inside of this building also has a sort of retro-urban aesthetic that has always made for a relaxing,unique environment and experience. I would definitely recommend other visit this small gem of a shop at least once.

  6. yankeered2k6

    This place was well worth the 3 hour drive from where I live in Phoenix. Their ice cream is really tasty, and it’s made in home. Everything besides the flour is reasonably priced, the purple forest was pretty good and complimented my ice cream and drive back into the city. They have pieces for sale inside as well, definitely a plus if you forgot/broke/lost yours because they are reasonably priced as well. I’ll be back to try your live res! FTP discount was pretty great too dY| but you MUST try the ice cream, I chose chocolate.

  7. budninja

    The edibles are magnificent and they are way ahead of everyone else in AZ with their concentrates. Great first timer discount, too. If you haven’t been to Payson lately you might want to make the drive.

  8. groewlight

    nice chill place very knowledgeable

  9. BrianStrm

    I left the valley with really poor quality medicine, so I stopped by my usual place in Payson- UH, and they helped me and I left with good quality medicine. Im thankful they’re there.

  10. lmhersch

    So friendly, vibe was like a country store. I loved it. Oh and they are the real deal, growing, manufacturing, cooking…they are not just doin’ it either, they are winning awards! Great products, great service, excellent prices.

  11. SoCoolAZ

    Super clean super groovy with a kitchen right on site! Love this place it’s one of my faves in the State.

  12. Dabmaster80

    Very impressed. Overall very nice and professional.

    Impressed with the house grown flower for sure. Edibles are on point & cheapest I’ve seen.

  13. Clizzle

    I enjoy the atmosphere here: not too clinical, no lava lamps. A welcoming “country general store” feel, and a staff who knows their stuff. Say Uncle!

  14. Peckerwoodpimp

    These guys are the best always very helpful and kind and always have the best quality concentrates and flower

  15. ohms

    Very informed and very helpful….Thank You

  16. bmxfoo123

    I really enjoyed the atmosphere and friendly environment! Michelle was an outstanding bud tender.

  17. jessicadietel

    I love this Uncle Herbs and the people who work there. they make me feel comfortable. When i tell them my problems they show me exactly what i need.

  18. Blazedinaz

    edibles and concentrates are on point and best prices in the state facility is extremely nice upscale never feel like your in a dope house I even feel comfortable sending my mom there

  19. tammyphxaz

    great service great product

  20. CKaufman1002

    home grown options were amazing!

  21. blueballz

    Nice place chill people. The edibles are awesome and nice selection of concentrates.

  22. tornfishnets

    They’ve started lowering prices and offering slightly better specials. They could improve prices even more and offer even better specials, though this is a decent start. Good job, Herbs. A few more bucks per gram less and you’ll actually look like you’re there for the patients, not the profit!

  23. tumuch7

    The meds are dry and I don’t think the showcase has been changed ever the prices are high but this place comes through in pinch and the staff are great. I think the problems are in management. I hope they get it sorted out.

  24. wifey15

    Great variety and price on edibles. I have seen their edibles all over the state and was happy to pay the higher price, but was pleasantly surprised when given the price at their location. Time to stock up when I’m in town!

    The Flower was reasonably priced, and with all the in house specials they had running (even if I didn’t get the 25% off for new patients) I was very satisfied. I liked the strains they personally grew the best out of the assortment I chose.

    Staff was kind a patient, I never felt rushed like I usually do in Phoenix.

    Great job for a small town dispensary!! Keep it up!

  25. mjmedic

    It’s my home town dispensary and I just love them. Carla is the bomb bud tender! Just got some sweet Zkittles Orange Pebbles and I’m loving it!

  26. 21BIGDADDY1991

    it was a very friendly environment

  27. spitfire425

    friendly staff great prices!

  28. UntamedHerbsPayson

    Great Location, <3 the staff! Good people and wonderful medicated ice cream!!

  29. lilbambam213

    A great stop if your in payson az . shout too Maria and Michelle great bud tenders! And to Logan very helpful in the store

  30. BlueBrian

    The staff is great very knowledgeable. I would like to see more connoisseur grade products.

  31. msdanielsii

    best customer service in the state of AZ. Staci, Michelle, Carla, Erica, Chealsea, Alex, Logan, …. = amazing!!!! great location for short notice when camping!

  32. cabokey

    Very bad business practices, mediocre flower and edibles. They don’t stand behind what they sell

  33. rgeorge12

    I love this place

  34. stoic777

    Very helpful and friendly staff.

  35. RebeccaLynn

    Love the atmosphere, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The medicines are always good quality. Uncle Herbs is great at bringing in Doctors on the site to answer questions for new patients to help them understand which strains are best for them. The employees work as a team, Uncle Herb’s Health center employees really care. Thanks uncle Herbs

  36. Matty24

    Great place good selection for flower to edibles and wax. Very clean awseome staff very patient. Will definitely be returning thank you Uncle Herbs. Doing great!!!

  37. Codyfreeman1788

    I’ve been going here for 3 years I definitely like the people and the couches

  38. AZK1

    The Naked Vapes are the best you’ll find anywhere. The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. They are all awesome but I have to mention Logan & Karla especially. I have learned so much from them. Great Flash Sales if you sign up for text alerts, and the email newsletter every month is very informative! The edibles are so good they deserve their own review!

  39. Shy94

    the blue dream was very good, nice taste. helped with my migraine and to eat. also got white lavender was very dry and burnt up super fast.

  40. Esorbud

    Helpful Staff, take the time you need and answer questions. Great place!

  41. PhatTommy

    Ever since my first experience with Uncle Herb’s Edibles, I have been a fan! You need look no farther than U.H. for high-qualty, consistent, and affordable edibles. I especially like the Hard Candies (including Cherry, Watermelon, Lemon, & Green Apple). Regardless of your preferences, you will not be disappointed! Sometimes, we patients fail to adequately convey our Thanks to the Guys & Gals at Untamed (Uncle) Herbs Dispensary. PhatTommy Loves Uncle Herb (in a strictly heterosexual way.) LOL

  42. Ed1968

    Great ppl once in the person burst greeting you seemed hyper but the tenders knew there stuff and were welcomed any questions

  43. ccryder77

    Love it!

  44. anniebme

    Only tried the edibles (good and wide selection) so far but a solid dispensary, staff was super helpful and kind. Will def be back!!

  45. mselvey420

    I come in almost everyday as this being my hometown dispensary, and I love the staff, all very knowledgeable. They recommend things I’ve been missing out on. Great flower and even better concentrates.

  46. Lostboy767

    Awesome staff. Good Herbs.

  47. samoanmama76

    Customer service is awesome and the medicine helps.The location is centrally located and nice

  48. Kaustinrose88

    I love the staff and products! Everyone is very knowledgable and personal. 10/10 recommended every time!!!!

  49. Das_Boomin21

    Great service, great medicine. Friendly faces. Love this place.

  50. LegalizeItLeaBlog

    cute! really cute! what wasnt cute is that it took them 47 mins to process 4 people… will not be back. it was supposed to be a quick stop and yeah an hour. so if you are a med paitent passing through I would just bring enough bud to last you. edible chocolate is celiac safe though but still… i mean I paid 21 for the edible and about 40 mins of my life I cant get back.

  51. Josh45866

    Staying in payson for backpack adventure and uncle herb was there when I forgot my Medcine at home lol.

  52. FlowerGirlAZ

    This is by far one of the best dispensaries in the State! They have a huge selection of edibles, concentrates and flower, beautiful inside and the staff was knowledgable and friendly. I received 25% off as a first time patient! Loved the watermelon drops(which were on SALE also ) and the sour lemon was a tasty & relaxing experience ! I will be back for sure.

  53. mkstevens1973

    I Love Uncle Herbs. and the staff is AWESOME!!! The staff are very helpful and friendly. I found uncles herbs friendlier and more comfortable then any store I been at. I get weird feeling at new stores and this one never did that too me. It’s a friendly, warm, inviting feel every time I go in.

  54. flyhighmedia

    above average of any dispensary I’ve experienced.

  55. DallyDawn

    Uncle Herbs has an excellent selection of quality medicine, along with great service in a clean environment!

  56. jeepin4x4

    Love it everyone’s amazing!!!!

  57. IvyLynn12

    Great Bud Tenders! I’ve loved this place since I got my medical card. One of the best edibles I’ve ever had! Reccomend their 1,000 Mg Chocolate Bar!

  58. tomboywolf

    They always have great products – I have never been disappointed in what I’ve gotten there – the employees are incredibly nice and informative – I absolutely love Uncle Herbs

  59. Jamesdiam420

    very close to home and convenient. flower is very good quality and the staff are all very kind and knowledgeable about typically any question i have for them involving cannabis. i would recommend stopping in if your in the area.

  60. ruffoloalicia

    I stopped at this spot about a week ago on the way to hike Payson water wheel. I loved the music and the vibe in the shop. It was clean and well decorated. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. One member of the staff hooked me up with some Uncle Herb’s gear! Great selection and awesome pricing on their edibles. Thank you!


    Great place to get your meds… friendly budtenders

  62. CSL

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, great wax and pretty flower too

  63. one8charlie

    supporting a local business was never easier. there’s always some sort of deal going on and every person you contact wants to help.

  64. Simply_fortunate

    Great place. First time swinging through and received amazing customer service from all, but special mention for Mark, super knowledgeable and helped me leave with the best.

  65. whitewolf101

    I have been to Uncle Herb’s dispensary twice. As a new patient I was a bit nervous but found that I had nothing to worry about. The minute I walked in the door I was greeted by an employee who showed me around and made me feel very comfortable. All the staff are very kind and especially helpful and knowledgeable. It’s nice to know that as a new patient I can go in and be directed to the medicine that will help me the most and I don’t feel rushed at all. It’s also nice to know that there is a doctor available if I need any additional help. Thank you, Uncle Herb’s.

  66. ZNOFOB

    Like mentioned in other reviews, I must say as a terminal cancer patient that Uncle Herbs just don’t give a shit if I live or die, it seems to be all about profits. I’ve literally begged for discounts and only ever gotten a ten percent vets discounts. So in my opinion the owner operators of this store are without compassion.

  67. LenusLiore

    Great location for a small town in Arizona. I enjoy it very much here.

  68. charlessullivan69

    Awesome!! I always swing through here when I’m going through Payson. Great shop, never disappoints



  70. StonedFramer


  71. topthat420

    They have the most Friendly Educated Pharmacist, I have ever meet. I feel like Norm on “Cheers” :o), when I go in there. They have the best edibles, wax that they make at the shop. They only negative is that some of the Flower is to dry. They just won , the best chocolate bar of all AZ . “Bigfoot 200mg bar,” kick As@s. I would highly “no pun intended :o)” if you ever in payson, or make special trip just to visit. All new patients get 15% off purchase. Yes I’ve been to other shop’s around AZ, just was not impressed, as UH. And yes I have had Better Flower at different shops, but this is the best little shop in all AZ, and now a Shoot out too my favorite peeps. Michelle, Karen , Logan

  72. Rubycay

    Awesome friendly staff and atmosphere. Great prices on top quality herbs. I love coming here!

  73. AutumnHunsaker

    They are super friendly and have had great product everytime I have been there… A shout out to T And JD

  74. SweetRage

    I absolutely LOVE this place. I do love how the store room manager Logan helps and educates me on all device’s, cleaners, and other tools.
    My favorite BudTender is Whitney! I have enjoyed my budtending services with Thomas. Everytime, I go to Uncle Herbs I get a very pleasant welcoming. the waiting area is NOT the BeetleJuice waiting room vibe. I strive on BudTendes requirement’s of education and recommended on products to me and my medical needs. I don’t have this problem with the UNCLE HERB’S staff and crew. Sometimes I get lucky walking out of Uncle Herbs and the is a hotdog vender there waiting to sell me all his munchies.

  75. PriestessKadee

    Staff is awesome, medicine far outpasses most. Grown with love, you can taste it! A little pricey, but worth it!

  76. popmcbolts

    Unlike many dispensaries I’ve visited in AZ, the atmosphere in Uncle Herbs is very pleasant. Their building is easy to locate, while being tucked away from the public eye. I never felt rushed as the staff kindly provided me w/information about their edibles, concentrates, & other new products. I have no complaints, especially after seeing so many volunteers in UH apparel cleaning up the trash alongside our highways!

  77. Nicker727

    The place was really nice. Was a very cool setup. I was just disappointed in the flower. Got two strains and they were dry and mild in potenecy even though it was there highest thc%. Service and staff was awesome though. Pretty step for the quality.

  78. vksolano1

    A great place for all your medical needs! Friendly staff. I would recommend to anyone!

  79. lonelystoner87

    Good dispensary!

  80. Booner Booner

    My ride is here and we can go from there to the dispensary can get a back

  81. supersilverfan

    super helpful!
    no stress environment.
    almost no wait time.
    had everything I was looking for and answered every question.

  82. weevil1983

    Friendly staff. Great quality and location.

  83. cronk

    it. the best edibles I have ever had

  84. kursk

    Just stopped in to buy some Bigfoot bites. A big thank you to Karla who helped me out in a bind. This spot and crew are amazing. Good selection with the best edibles. If your driving thru payson, deffinetly stop in and see these guys!!!!

  85. mattleekwiles

    When I’m in town I have to stop in I liked this place the first time I came in

  86. streetfield

    The best quality medicine edibles I have ever had. I went in recently and tried my luck at the gumball machine and my luck was golden. I won the $50 credit golden colored gumball. I really enjoyed the Rainbow candies most, but dig all of your edibles. The flower is bomb too, I just personally choose edibles over flower when I come to Uncle Herbs in Payson Arizona. Thank you.

  87. DanMelies

    the best Blue Dream and Kong in the entire state. friendly staff with a great relaxed atmosphere, stop by when you come up to the cool pines.

  88. RealBJ

    My favorite place!

  89. AzSouthpaw420

    I only come here for the edibles because they’re half the price then Phoenix. I just wish they would learn how to seal a bag properly.These bags have a zip lock,but are heat sealed so close to the ziplock that they’re impossible to open without screwing up the ziplock.Please come up with a better method of packaging

  90. 21gramz

    Passing through the area to camp and was a pleasant stop along the way. Thoughful and helpful budtenders and knowledgeable staff behind the glass table and scenes. Good spot!

  91. cincool

    Not a fan of pre package. Way too expensive to buy quantity with variety.

    I will try the valley next month

  92. tanyatkp

    I’m a newby and received my card a short time ago. I have now been to Uncle Herbs dispensary twice. The atmosphere is comfortable, with plenty of seating and reading material provided, in case there is a wait. (I didn’t really have a wait the first time and only a short wait my second visit, and this was during the Christmas holiday.) The personnel .. well, they all just made my day, on both visits. I walked away feeling confident about trying the marijuana I chose for pain control, as well as the paraphernalia I chose to try it with. I was sent home with literature that helped to educate me and was informed of a doctor who does rounds up at the dispensary and who will be able to help me with any questions I may have specific to my own chronic ailments and the choices I have of the different marijuana processes. — I was one of those patients who may have made someone wait a bit longer, because I had a lot to take in and learn, while I made purchase choices. I was never made to feel rushed, but rather was encouraged to ask questions. If they treat everyone with the kindness, compassion and knowledge they treated me with, we can all feel pretty great about our local dispensary.

  93. Tinksweet

    I love my local dispensary. The people are so knowledgeable and really nice. The look of an old fashion apothecary makes for a pleasurable experience. If you are in Payson or visiting stop in and see these guys.

  94. Fattat666

    Great oil great staff thanks for the hard workA!!!!

  95. bloobie

    wish everything wasnt prepackaged. the nugs that are on display have sat awhile and have lost there aroma. Honestly a little overpriced. but overall a good experience.

  96. anugent19

    They care more about your medicine than themselves and help you when you need it 5 stars

  97. BDMHasher

    Easy to get to in the center of town

  98. aincardone

    I’m from the valley but was up in Payson for a few days this week. Figured I would stop in to a dispensary and see what was up in the North of AZ. Holy hell! This place is the real deal. It is more like a caregiving atmosphere where The employees are knowledgeable and everything is top quality. Their selection is off the hook and prices are even better. Highly recommend! Even living 2 hours away I will be back!

  99. PineMileHigh

    Here is an updated review:

    Prices on flower have dropped considerably, and there is stuff here that is unique and delicious – like Cannalope OG.

    Their medibles can be found state wide, but the best place to pick up your cookie/coffee/chocolate is at UH. They sell their medibles at the wholesale price at their store in Payson. Great deal.

    The staff is fantastic. Super helpful and friendly.

    UH is a quality dispensary.

  100. clarkjj007

    the event was amazing amd yall have a great group of employees..will be back from all the way in Gilbert

  101. Infinitedreams

    Decent product

  102. ChiliRummel

    FALSE ADVERTISING I drove there out of my way for the 25% off first time patient discount. After I had my order ready they informed me that only certain things qualify for that?!? I told the lady that’s not what your page said and she said oh well. No customer service on how to resolve the issue, just get your stuff and too bad. If you can make it to Phoenix, wait and pass this place up. If your stuck in Payson, this is your option, I know because I am in a town with no competition and they can do what they want. I just drive to Phoenix where they appreciate business. Place is clean and orderly.

  103. torigravely

    Just visited for the first time…. Amazing!! The staff are so knowledgeable and friendly! The edibles are to die for! Will definitely be making the hour drive to visit again!

  104. rachelnaomi85

    Was visiting from Washington. Such an adorable little shop. Thanks for being here!

  105. jenssmith129

    when I make trips around Arizona I like to check out different dispensaries. I used leafly to fine one in Payson, I stumbled upon uncle herbs. The location was confusing. Being a first time patient they offered a discount which I was grateful for. However when I made my purchase the total was only $3.00 less then my normal dispensary. I look at it and notice all the stems. I break up the flower and there is 4 seeds in the small amount of flower I used. I would never go back there! The prices are outrageous, the quality of the flower, let’s just say I’d be embarrassed to be an employee there. I made a comment about how big the dispensary was. The employee told me the have their lab there, and the farm there. I would never ever want to honestly say that straight faced to a patient. I’m horrified that anyone would willingly want to put their name and face behind that quality. The last thing I
    want to do is have to sift through every piece of flower!

  106. taylorjoxo

    everyone is very friendly and helpful

  107. buckaroobongzai

    Purchased their current highest potency strain, Blueberry (vendor grown) on 91515. Should have asked but later noticed the harvest date was 6/10/15. Quality was not to the level I prefer.

    Love their fruit drops!!! Highly recommend them especially with the pricing discount at their shop.

  108. EvetteCobb

    Staff is very helpful and informative. I try to catch their specials every chance I get. Their ice cream is the best medible ever! Love my local dispensary!

  109. i.want2bme

    this is my favorite place to

  110. sfreeman13

    The edibles are great and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I love their customer appreciation parties!

  111. brendyboo

    Best dispensary I have ever been to! Great service, great meds, great experience overall! Definetely will be back!

  112. chuckgreenweed

    great store great staff real good meds

  113. meaganpeach

    I just recently moved to AZ from CA (had my medical card there for 2 years) and this is the best dispensary I have ever been to! I have never been to a location that not only grows and makes EVERYTHING there but the staff is knowledgeable and full of great information about their products and marijuana in general, Kami was so helpful explaining all of the salves and tinctures. I’m moving to Sedona in the summer but I think I’m going to make special trips up to Payson to come to UHs for their flower and edibles!

  114. DarrylZ

    Great location and an awesome dispensary.

  115. Lenus2142

    I believe that the people at Uncle Herb’s HC are doing great. I really love the direction that this dispensary is going seen some good procedures and practices implemented at this dispensary and I’m looking forward to seeing how this dispensary turns out in the future.

  116. Nailme62

    Very helpful large selection

  117. hbizz13

    Uncle Herb’s is such a cute place with friendly employees! They make their own edibles!

  118. PhoenixAz

    A well hidden secret, at the gateway to the rim. Budtenders are well educated on available products, friendly service.

  119. alohaarizona

    Great atmosphere, friendly knowledgeable staff. Great meds!! The naked vape came highly recommended and did not disappoint.

  120. Desi1

    I love this place and the employees! Everyone is very friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxed! Prices could be better but I love the deals
    and promotions!

  121. crazedaz

    Cool staff very friendly

  122. KbAz

    The price of flower here is absurdly high. There is a zero percent chance I would ever purchase flower from this location at the outlandish prices they are currently offering. With that being said, some of their concentrates are competitively priced and many of their edibles could even be considered a bargain. Great selection of edibles as well, as Uncle Herbs actually produces their own line.

    The customer service left a little something to be desired. My budtender didn’t seem all that interested in answering my queries. It was as if I interrupted her while she was in the middle of doing something and she didn’t appreciate it. I felt a little rushed as well. I could have simply misinterpreted the entire situation, but that’s the vibe I was getting.

    Oh, the 25% new patient discount is decent. Just make sure you spend it on edibles or concentrates, and not the overpriced flowers.

  123. yohobodan

    I bought the eighth of flower, and when I got it home, I weighed it and it was short.. by .1 grams
    Then I put the bud in a crusher, and it actually turned the weed into dust. Way too dry

  124. lysastrata18

    You could not ask for better budtenders, they are the cat’s pajamas!!

  125. Amstef

    Uncle Herbs Healthcenter rocks, great atmosphere, everyone is nice and cordial. If you go Stacy, Brittany, and Lindsey are the best, thats only because they help me the most, but everyone in there are great.

  126. Benpaul6

    Second time coming to uncle herbs and I’ve had an awesome experience both times. Fire meds awesome staff! Get those gum balls too (: will definitely come back

  127. MEEVANS79

    it’s walking distance and the only one we have here in town .

  128. Tkegbert69

    They are very nice, helpful and informative.

  129. fgdragoneye1

    Nice and laid back staff. I got some big foot bites and they were delicious and nutritious and felt much higher quality than Valley edibles. I’ll be back again!

  130. 1987daddydave

    good prices and smart staff

  131. Bwhite73

    It’s the best one here lol. But seriously the people are great and it’s a comfortable laid back atmosphere.

  132. nevildog

    Vets pass on this one!! As a disabled vet, I have to say thus place is pure robbery. First time there I purchased an 1/8th of Purple wreck. pre packed of course the weed was dry hay. When packing my first bowl I heard a pop when I hit flame. Pulled 4 seeds out and half a cord of stems. This time I’m stuck here in town and had to go back. Adter telling the so called help there my story.. she said that it happens now and then. First for me. ALSO they’re grams range from 16 to 35!!! wow. and a 20 dollar gram isn’t 20 bucks….this place dosent include tax. Adter voicing my disapproval…the old woman who helped me said not to come back….right after she said she was just a clerk and had no control over the product. Finally when asked about the huge warehouse they’re in and claim to grow and test their bud…they were silent. Feel sorry for the locals stuck here with thus place jacking them everytime. sad.

  133. frankozepp

    Everyone is awesome. They really know my needs and make great suggestion.
    Thanks to all staff at uncle herbs

  134. dsepanski

    couldnt be more disapointed….drove 2 hrs to get here. got lost for 10
    min….arrived at the door 4 min after closing. long ass drive for NOTHING

  135. nanaof6

    It is perfect for me. I am very happy to have Uncle Herbs here in Payson, AZ. The product, staff, and location are beyond ideal. Gotta check em out.

  136. leon.yoakumii

    Best meds I have found yet

  137. nSmiley

    I visited this dispensary yesterday for the first time and I am very impressed. The staff is great and very welcoming, and I love how its set up. They have a lot of meds to choose from too. I highly recommend checking this dispensary out sometime even if you dont live in Payson. You will not be disappointed. 🙂

  138. weedologist31

    great place great employees and place where you find happiness in a jar

  139. rusted

    Happy 4th BiRtHDaY Uncle Herb’s! Way to throw a party! Lots of fun, friends, food, & freebies! That was YESTERDAY …so, get on their mailing list for NEXT year, I anticipate their 5th will be even bigger & better!

    UH always has specials which they will text you if you get on their mailing list. Their edibles are out of this world, 1/2 the price of anywhere else & award winning as well. Their staff is knowledgeable & friendly, so helpful when it comes to helping me find the right meds for me.

  140. ExtinctionXl

    They really gouge patients with these prices. Would not visit.

  141. journeyman95

    Since I was out of town and on my way to pay son I had forgotten my medicine at home, I stopped at this place and the atmosphere was amazing very friendly service and good prices, definitely stopping by here every time I’m in town, they took care of my needs and made sure I got what I was looking for.

  142. doris.kroupa

    Excellent service, atmosphere, and product. Bill higher than anticipated, but that’s NORML for me. Karla is a Great bud maestra !

  143. FNM5599

    Just made it in before close. Budtender was very knowledgeable and helped me with some olive oil drops.

  144. cmaninaz

    stay away.. bad meds. taking advantage of people. but their best most expensive highest strand THC possible and it was the worst I have ever had. I feel bad for the people in Payson that have to use this place they do not know what good meds are nor do they know what a good price is. maybe if you quit selling accessories and paid more attention to the quality of your medication you wouldn’t get so many bad reviews. Listen to the people

  145. joshuaebirt

    Friendly people, great atmosphere, and by far the fastest dispensary I have been to. If your in a pinch or just passing through totally worth checking out. Glass was really cheap for great quality.

  146. darni


  147. Meatbagz

    Top quality facility and that’s not justhe facility it is the employees and the product!!

  148. SuperDave70

    Went in for a couple prerolls when I was in the area. I had no problem finding the place. The employees seemed bothered that I was interrupting their day. The meds were dried out and weak. And it was double what I would pay in the valley. I understand that they have zero competition and can sell and charge whatever they want, but it wasn’t worth it to me. I will not go back.

  149. Fletchdog55

    It has been a pleasure to be a patient at UH since it has been open. And, Happy 4th birthday by the way! Specifically, I want to mention Karla (with a “K”, ha), Michelle, JD and Logan. Their knowledge of their product and how various parts of it can help me personally (THC, CBD, CBG, etc) has allowed me to overcome so many issues in my life. I’m diabetic, have high blood pressure, arthritis and recently was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. However, thanks to the crew at UH, my life has never been better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  150. Wargamar

    This place is amazing. awesome, friendly and knowledgeable staff!!!

  151. jet597

    awsome people love going there there indica is fanominal they make u feel like ur family

  152. dadof484

    Love it! They make you feel right at home, very knowledgeable, and friendly. great dispensary with a good selection of edibles, flour, concentrates, and even cbd dog treats. Overall a very well balanced relaxed atmosphere.

  153. Speshled

    Are these reviewers all from Payson and just don’t know any better? I couldn’t believe what I saw when I went there. Literally the highest prices I’ve ever seen at a dispensary and there average THC is 12%. They wanted $260 for a half oz!!! I just got back to the valley and picked up my half oz of top shelf for $140 from Emerald Palace. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE unless you’re ok with spending absolute top dollar for garbage.

  154. calzonafan77

    this dispensary is nice and all, but you can tell they market their prices to take advantage of the people in that small town that don’t have vehicles to make it to a larger city with more fair prices.

    they obviously pass their transport fees onto patients, which is shifty business to begin with. $65 for what other dispensaries in the state charge $30! can you believe it? i would have hated to have been stuck in that town with no way to get to another dispensary and try to pay those prices.

    these people are holding a lot of medication people need hostage for unfair prices. they don’t care about the patients at all. it’s obvious. and so sad. if you’re coming to payson for any of the town events, like i was, be smart and hit a dispensary before you head up the mountain. their “specials” aren’t really cost effective, and they reportedly have no low income kinds of discounts, like other dispensaries in the state have.

    this place is a disgrace and the people who own it should feel bad about themselves for taking advantage of their clientele.

  155. captainxwho

    I absolutely love the people that work here. They are very helpful and informative. Whenever they don’t have a strain that I like, they suggest something similar. It’s awesome to be able to have a conversation with the people that work there. They value every patient. The only issue I have is the price, but that’s not their fault. I understand since it’s located in a smaller town.

  156. MrsInkfamus1

    love what yall do for the MMJ community, thanks a million for everything you help me and everyone else out there with ,UNCLE HERBS YALL KICK @$$
    Thanks & Peace be the Journey! !

  157. gabe3434

    Best place for deals. Medicine is so cheap for the quality. Really enjoy the atmosphere here.

  158. CodyFreeman

    I think the people are nice and they have the best deals on edibles and the general store always has a great selection for good prices

  159. specialk1321

    absolutely great service from kara with a k

  160. Tramp22


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