The Green Halo



7710 South Wilmot Road, Tucson, AZ 85706


32.1125689, -110.8587221




9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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340 reviews for “The Green Halo

  1. Andrea_Dre

    I love this place! the staff is awesome and the product is divine

  2. jesta_j

    The GDP at the halo is never miss for my sleep issues.

  3. Lokoboy

    Great edibles and flower I will be back soon

  4. wedpro2

    Great staff.

  5. mando86

    been coming here 4 a while… best BUDS in town.. best PRICES…. the staff r great especially the girls there hot lol…… thats what keeps me coming back..

  6. daddygat

    First time patient. Decent drive and brilliant location get meds and munchies for the trip back. Like all other dispensaries clean and relaxing front room. Impressed that their menu also publishes thc and cbd %. Selection is good and home made edibles to boot. Free gram ftp Fruity Chronic Juice very nice meds. Best day for flower smokers Tuesday 10 a g. Will be back

  7. Chris0214

    i love this place best one ive been at so far thanks to my lady cherry she was awesome!!

  8. tgomez2011

    Very polite, wide selection of flowers and edibles. Fast.

  9. natedawgg420

    Like leafly it such a relief that I can see what’s one the menu before getting to green halo

  10. Santacruz0809

    This dispensary is really great, their flower is so good ahah dY~,dY~,dY~,dY~,

  11. sl1524

    The edibles are not the only tasty product here.
    I love their concentrates.
    I’ll be back and back again, just like I have been for the past 4 years!!

  12. Karinda36

    love this place

  13. greenzqueen

    Best buds hands down! Always fresh never dried – concentrates are also amazing here

  14. efontes1

    I love the concentrates here, very potent, extremely tasty and amazingly smooth. The quality is consistent throughout all their products and it shows. The budtenders are caring and genuine, Adam is always a pleasure to deal with being friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you!

  15. rvcachick

    Pretty awesome crew they help you out to the fullest and the produce here is beyond amazing will return for sure. It’s a must visit if you haven’t been.

  16. Cnashb7586

    love Halo

  17. Dorkeyllama25

    Always good vibes here! Best place around!

  18. lurrilu

    Definitely found this dispensary to be solid. Great variety of strains, all decent quality.

    I tried their gummies and tinctures and was happy with both. I’ll go back again.

  19. linaalvarez

    Thank god it’s been a long week I can’t wait for my pain to end on my way green halo dY~++

  20. Mercedez420

    Green Halo definitely has the green thumb here in town.

  21. dclaussen04

    definitely the place to shop if you want the best quality…and at the best prices!

  22. Vvestrella

    love this place

  23. JG99

    Hit or miss flower quality, usually a miss…seems different batches aren’t tested regularly/consistantly

  24. AdamBau89

    Great products, edibles are top notch, and has a knowledgeable/ friendly staff

  25. colbyi

    Great place! Clean ,friendly and easy in and out. And On the way home is a plus.

  26. itsausjjmsc

    I think the prices have gotten a little out hand on edibles and because of that they have raised prices all over the state.

  27. bringmedamuffin

    This place is clean and professional and also has a very relaxed environment. Of all the dispensaries in tucson, this one takes the cake. The staff is friendly and SOBER. Some of the other dispensaries in town are sketchy af…

  28. fatboyz101

    best so far Larry og my favorite is always in and out never along wait they also got the best 10dollar grams wen u can’t afford the best I always come here

  29. jgomez420

    I love going to the Green Halo. They have the best prices and great employees. The product is always fresh and delicious. Keep up the good work!

  30. amanda_alvarez

    Awesome place such good products

  31. shep1975

    I really like this place. It always has great product.


    Always very clean, friendly employees and extremely helpful and always have some great advice on their products!! My favorite!

  33. Skrewloose407

    the strains are outta this world, Mondays are mmmm good for edibles, staff always helping me I love it

  34. Kev808

    The best edibles and flower in Tucson. Dark Helmet, Yoda OG, Gorilla Glue #4, Kosher Kush, Purple Cheddar, are some of my favorites. The staff are all pleasant and helpful. Well worth the drive.


    We need more

  36. Jewleskush

    Best place in Tucson

  37. wbrown88

    Two weeks ago, decided to stop by and pick up some shatter.So I ask for a high CBD strain, budtender starts to tell me well we dont test the concentrates but we test the flower, night train has some of the highest CBD. So I pick up a gram, all good. Fast forward to this weekend and ask the same question and was told we never test for CBD, I can’t tell you about the CBD levels. Just sharing my experience, hope it was helpful.

  38. ohana2015

    love 10$ Tuesday’s

  39. ScoobySnacks93

    This dispensary has amazing flower, the service was ok (probably since I went on a busy time) and the budtender made it seem a bit awkward and kind of did everything in a rush. But overall the place looked clean and professional, they had more than alot of products (which was awesome), and the best part of it was the quality of the strains. This dispensary has some great products and if you haven’t been here I would recommend going here.

  40. risk5150

    great prices and great quality meds

  41. Chefgregcarracoyote67

    Great dispensary, knowledgeable bud tenders and the best flower around. Oh check out the great specials!

  42. 0pokemonmaster0

    first time was on Monday edibles were bomb back Tuesday grabbed the any strain for 10 had blueberry skunk OG GHOST TRAIN HAZE yum and blue dream all fire super awesome everything and the staff were cool

  43. Redhatchsss

    this place is great the staff is awesome and their prices are really good

  44. momma2E

    best edibles in town!!!!

  45. Knosaj

    Nice Flower, and who doesn’t like Shatter Day, it’s awesome!

  46. ayolex

    The only place in town I go to. They have everything!

  47. MissEllie87

    Friendly staff

  48. ksoukup11

    always a blast and great products

  49. Summerleon

    Love love love this place

  50. medicinemon420

    Green halo kicks ass!! This place is the best for edibles, flower and concentrates!!

  51. TopDawg951

    Great all around dispensary. The Agent Orange is killer right now!

  52. Danimal77

    I love the Halo, every time I am there I never am waiting long and I’m always greeted with friendly staff

  53. GinNIce

    when I first saw the Green Halo I thought the GPS made a mistake – ain’t no way that a gas station has a dispensary in it! But once I got close and saw what was up, I went inside and was greeted courteously. I was promptly seen and given a thorough rundown of the Green Halo’s wares. The prices are unmatched, the service is attentive, and the quality is superb. It’s a bit of a drive for me, but I can honestly see myself making the journey again. Awesome dispensary!!

  54. Arosemenac

    Excellent quality, consistently .

  55. trisha72

    Excellent friendly knowledgeable staff

  56. Hamms

    Best product and staff

  57. ricebabyaz

    Kosher kush is the best

  58. Infam0us420

    awesome flowee great people. Deb was great and easy to talk to.

  59. CynnyCynCyn

    BEST EDIBLES IN TUCSON, hands down!!
    I’ve never tried much of their flower because I have a different preferred location for that… But edibles are made from scratch right there on site.
    Convenient location if you need gas at the same time! Staff isn’t friendly at front desk NOT AT ALL!
    Go for the goods, not the service…

  60. snazattack

    I visited The Green Halo for the first time this week. The flower I purchased is high quality and the staff are friendly & very helpful.

  61. c1090

    Awesome place, I would recommend to anyone!

  62. N0N0710

    They have some really good shatter, good edibles! I would definitely try out the juice. Good customer service. I like going there all the time.

  63. Artmendo

    out my way

  64. hello_somebody_

    Amazing people. Amazing bud.

  65. mojomik

    I have been going to this dispensary since it opened. It has best flower in the city. I like the gorilla glue 4 and high cbd strains also. The bud tenders are great.

  66. kschmidt65

    Love coming here for the edibles, but with all the great products and prices, I usually leave with other things as well

  67. Crosby16

    My favorite go to spot for supplies.
    Great selection, Staff & PRICES!
    Convenient and easy access.

  68. catfishghj

    best dispensery in tucson, bloom is cheaper but the flower is better here

  69. stt111

    Shatter and edibles are the best!!! dY’OEdY>>

  70. drizzlemynizzle

    Super good products and excellent staff

  71. bruno2010

    Love the flower, Love the staff.

  72. Daveswife

    The Halo is a great place to pick up edibles and has friendly people working there. It is a bit far from where I live though. The facilities are clean and well lit up. The only thing that I do not

    Ike is that their leaf is prepackaged but on Tuesdays $10.00 grams are superbe.

  73. Cowgirlslade

    I wish I could remember the ladies name that helped me but I love her and want to keep her LOL! Great Place so helpful and caring! Great products! They make all the edibles themselves…the brownie OMGsh sooo good!

  74. 520farmer

    Wow they raised their prices today and they still have the cheapest, most potent, edibles in town, and the best sales! I talked with a woman who seemed to know what was going on as she was vary friendly and helpful. I would recommend this place to anyone the best dispensary I’ve been to yet and my new go to spot!

  75. momma048

    Love it! dY’ dYOE1 dY’ They are just consistently improving, striving to deliver top product to the consumer, top medicine for the patient. Even where I didn’t think there was room for improvement.They are always about making a visit to their dispensary a treat! And speaking of treats, their edibles are always the freshest because they make most if not all themselves by chefs not only experienced at cooking but experts at cooking weed! There super Mega brownie is to die for but don’t try to eat the whole brownie at once or u will just get sllowwweer until u pass out! But a quarter of a brownie at once is perfect and They r nice big brownies and very reasonably priced. Their juices also, especially the O.J., and they freeze them immediately and they stay that way until U thaw them. So they taste fresh and I think they are reasonably priced too.

  76. wsh0088

    No dispensary in Tucson can beat $50 quarters. Especially of Skywalker OG. The ladies are super helpfull!!

  77. Shortfat1

    Awesome people, awesome products. This place is hands down the best in Tucson

  78. Mgonzales2168

    love it here

  79. Alexisa1

    Great customer service and edibles

  80. dreallen

    Great atmosphere

  81. rainbowrat69

    Love this place, staff and new lobby! And they have great specials to go along with their high quality goods! I love the Chronic Thunder and the aEURoeunknownaEUR Vanilla Bean!

  82. MBarnes78

    Green halo is the beat dispensary in Tucson great flower and staff Yoda chronic thunder very good strains

  83. theknewb

    Great place, good bud. I enjoy their knowledge and their quality products.

  84. 36st

    best dispensary in town

  85. Raynewolf

    the staff is very friendly and helpful!! thank you so much! The flower is always amazing!

  86. PhatTommy

    I made my monthly pilgrimage (250 miles round-trip) to Green Halo to pick up Chronic Health Tinctures, Ointments, and such. The medicinal value of Chronic Health is spreading across the State of Arizona, and I am glad. Thanks to NICOLE (my Bud Tender) and all the great folks at Green Halo. I will see you all again soon! (PhatTommy Says)

  87. Travisray726

    I’m very satisfied with the green halo. They always have high grade strains, and great deals all week.

  88. dchaos

    Very good service, great quality merch.

  89. MannyF05

    It’s a wonderful dispensary, definitely coming back for the friendly budtenders!!!

  90. Bobby--45

    I have always had great experiences @Halo

  91. Robgeezy77

    I have never been treated so bad in my life. There was no one in this store. When i showed i was upset the kid that works there told me he had to put inventory away… what more important?

  92. becquett

    Super chill, great prices, best products;)

  93. Keshama

    Quality good customer service

  94. Sagey2010

    They have great customer service.

  95. sndjay18

    og clear is amazing

  96. timebombb420

    Great service and flower

  97. Prplstckypnch

    I love this shop, right off i10. the Apple juice is so fresh and tasty. I’ve only had the Dixie elixir drinks from other shops and after having the juice here I won’t dose the other kind anymore.

  98. jaboyak

    All the staff were super friendly, especially for my first time. The customers had nothing but great things to say about it and they were bragging about the edibles, saying they were the best in town.

    I’d definitely recommend it and I’ll be coming back again.

  99. boomstick429

    Today was my first trip into the shop, was skeptical to go due to the fact I live out by marana and it’s a long drive. however I must say that it was well worth the drive! The lobby was generic but very comfortable and the woman that helped me was fantastic. I wish I would have gotten her name to give her the proper recognition but she was extremely helpful with selecting my flower and walked me through their cloud vaporizers. not to mention getting some very good Larry og and what looks to be one of best free grams I’ve gotten in Tucson.

  100. vaidaalexxa

    Great shatter and exceptional customer service

  101. Davidb1986az

    great place to go great quality stuff employees always friendly and informative

  102. basik420

    The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and the flower is delicious.

  103. emilydavisX

    lovely place to go! I have literally never been disappointed. Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday are way cooler with the Halo, and their edibles can’t be beat for the price, or basically any price. I wish their flower was a bit cheaper the other six days of the week, but just wait till Tuesday 🙂 thanks Halo!!

  104. kinglouie89

    best shatter in town, also try the edibles!

  105. Pug5286

    awesome place! awesome selection!

  106. Lollipop4

    My one stop shop for the bid and location

  107. Joedirt520

    The halo rocks my socks

  108. Sabali520

    It was my first time going here and the quality of meds are great. I got some of the Aunt Ellie’s Medical Brownie. By far they are the best brownies in town. They taste great and medically work amazingly. Keep up the great work guys. As long as you keep making the brownies I will never go anywhere else for brownies.

  109. Aiimzs420

    Perfect spot very laid back place! Great customer service.

  110. joesuey69

    I love this place it’s close to home the deals are great and the staff is awesome!!!

  111. Lorri2160

    quality is great! a little bit of a long wait

  112. TammyLB

    Always have good Buds and edibles.

  113. Juliocolon

    I love the flower and also all the specials they run are great. The Cronic thunder is great for stomach pain

  114. Kinger356

    Great service, Amazing strains and good prices !

  115. LLchocolate99

    long drive for me live on northwest.I do stop by time to time.Can say always worth drive.

  116. Jessburg

    My favorite Tucson dispensary!
    Great products and awesome customer service!

  117. Staystrong3ml

    great staff, great experience! good deals, repeat Customer

  118. sarah8810

    I absolutely love The Green Halo. It is by the best dispensary especially when it comes to quality and specials. Is recommend it to anyone who lives in Tucson or passing thru.

  119. Joey13

    great location next to gas station right off highway I live in Phx must stop when in Tucson best flower around hands down tried chronic thunder now my favorite can’t wait for another road trip

  120. timebomb0420

    Very nice place and very good flower

  121. BarnesM

    My visits are always great at Green Halo everyone’s friendly and professional and flower and products always the best just had the Yoda OG and yes it was good. Never a doubt.

  122. Jadaaakisss

    Great choice of flower

  123. lrose16

    Great shatter, easily best in town..I don’t go anywhere else. Just recently tried the value og clear concentrates they got, cuvee and Durban posion pretty good stuff.

  124. Millardka14

    Remodel is awesome!

  125. Manndyyy

    LOVE the lemon cake!!!and they always seem to have it.

  126. Cortez512

    Great people, great products.

  127. ElenaN

    This location is awesome. I also got some 24K shatter which was amazing. dY~

  128. heatherfogleman

    My favorite dispensary in Tucson. Always great quality and prices

  129. jj520

    Been to this location a few times. Every time I look on the menu and see something I like they are always out. I guess this place does not stock up before the next day. They will put something on the menu and only have very small amount of that but keep it on the menu all day even though it’s been sold out many hours ago. I am very hesitant to go back because you never know what they have.

  130. Johnathan96Gregory

    It’s a great place with good quality Medicine.

  131. Grandmommapurpz

    I know a lot of folks know about thc, but if you need information – and great information – about CBD, go to the halo and ask for Hunter! she is very knowledgeable and patient with any questions you have. thanks hunter and green halo!

  132. stfualondra

    i love green halo!!

  133. AZNICK

    Awesome staff and great deals!

  134. DeeKush420

    love the service and product definitely coming back

  135. paulabirckhead

    love the Green Halo be going for a fee years now I have questions they pretty much have the answers .My Halo Family

  136. Mamaof3green

    close to family’s house…great quality. staff knowledgeable and friendly

  137. JordanWentzel

    This Is A Great Dispensary! Love The People, Very Informative & Easy To Talk To! Favorite Place To Get Medicaid!

  138. Martin74

    Staff was very friendly and professional as always… and DJ Short Blueberry was on point!dY$?tm

  139. memyselfand710

    I only go for shatter however, the wait for the sale day is horrendous. The shatter is top notch every time but most times it’s over an hour wait. for medical marijuana patients that is an abnormally long time to be away home and family. With the location being on the outskirts of town it’s an easy two to three hour round trip. home and family. With the location of being on the outskirts of town isn’t easy 223 hour round trip.

  140. 1428ricc

    great atmosphere

  141. mrfelix

    Fantastic meds at The Green Halo. I have tried 4 different strains and all have been potent and sticky sweet. Their prices are below the average in this area as well. I would recommend this place to everyone in search of the best quality meds in town.

  142. lvscruggs

    The best store in town the flower is great

  143. Rebeccajoy

    Love this place
    Best price and friendly service

  144. dreallen748

    Great atmosphere and bud tenders

  145. apfaffe77

    The best place to get meds in the Tucson area hands down. Top quality meds matched with a super knowledgeable and friendly staff make for a winning combination that will be hard to match elsewhere.

  146. HaterProof520

    I reside really close to the Green Halo. in the 5 or 6 times I’ve been there, the staff is slower than snail shit. going for a quick pick up before the big game? don’t pull up here. You’ll wait 25 minutes to buy a $10 pre roll that doesn’t pull because its rolled too tight. Each time I show face to give benefit of the doubt it’s a disappointment I’ve come to the conclusion their management needs major tending to. My review is based on my personal experience. #Merica

  147. Bronan008

    fast and friendly service

  148. g0ttahabit

    first time at the green halo and I got a free gram!! the staff was professional and friendly as well.

  149. Bluediamond84

    If you want good quality product, then come to Green Halo.

  150. cgarcia8

    i love all their products and staff!! best in town!

  151. posey13

    I love this place! Great prices and great medicine:) the specials blow everyone else out of the water!!!

  152. Deadhead78

    awesome staff, awesome deals, pretty good on quality but hit or miss…

  153. mattmoves

    After spending over $30,000 here since opening a new little weasel named Eric quoted me the previous week’s special which had ended the day before. This was a simple mistake as he had just opened and it was all still fresh in his head. When I arrived a few minutes later and explain this he argued with me despite having several witnesses that heard him quote the last week’s price. And the manager Dominique ignored me on this issue and refused to honor the $10 price on my several hundred dollar purchase losing my business forever. I took my card and if not returned. Out of over a hundred dispensaries I have frequent Ed between 5 States they have the worst and most ignorant check-in system taking up to five times longer than any of their competitors. Too many better options in town. Avoid like the plague over principal moral and ethics

  154. marysolc123

    great bud

  155. dmoneydiego

    Best shop in town hands down. Prices are unbeatable & the Gorilla Glue is something special dY”Y=

  156. jmmoreno85

    Most Excellent Indeed! Best VAPE Pen Deals In The STATE! Excellent! Thank You All For Such A Great Product & Service Guy’s!

  157. JurassicMark

    I stopped going here after quite a few trials and tribulations with staff and the varying potency of their edibles, not to mention varying price tag too. Seriously, leave this place alone.

  158. ciriaBeas

    love this spot flower is awesome worth the price atmosphere feels good every time u walk in

  159. Jmayne193

    Staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the flower is good

  160. Belle420star

    fantastic budtender is amazing

  161. Myko4Dub

    love the vibe

  162. adrian420allday

    This location is cool they treat very well and carry great strains

  163. Youlovekianaa

    Quality of the flower is awesome!

  164. Echoathena1

    This dispensary is in a very convenient place and the people working are kind and helpful!

  165. imblazn

    Quality material and merchandise and knowledgeable.

  166. BeaverMan1

    It’s the best dispensary in town. I love everything about it

  167. wcblack

    I love the hot sauce here can’t get enough

  168. Soggyrainbow

    Best gorilla glue in town.

  169. Davidb32

    great quality buds great service informative great deals and good prices

  170. foxb

    Great Store and products.

  171. ptosis

    BEST price for Mint Milk Choclate Bar 60/$9.25 – get it on discount days and get 35% off, ($3.24 less) = $6.01!

  172. kacyr

    Love Monday’s! Treats and budtenders are always top notch! No wait!!!

  173. AbelGutz

    My favorite place to get meds love the flower

  174. Jtwintucson

    Best in town

  175. dorkeyllama

    The best concentrate and eddible s in town!! And everyone is always super friendly and quick to give great recommendations for products!

  176. Squeek87

    love this spot great flower awesome service

  177. Amandamatrecito

    Love the Green Halo can’t wait to go get some greens .

  178. Vtec420

    staff was amazing Mercedes was the lady that helped me she deserves 10 stars

  179. gomwzgabe820

    It was my first time and wanted cataract kush and instead had gotten a different strain. It was way out of my area and couldn’t backtrack to change it. As a first time patient I expected more but got less. The buds were good-wish it matched the service.

  180. dethpod

    this is the best shop hands dow, nowhere in Tucson comes close

  181. Shadoww

    Consistent still and great quality even after a full year.

  182. Khristina22

    This location is clean and profession. The product is great and the prices are affordable.

  183. DollazandCents

    The bud tenders here are pretty rad. One day I was talking to one of them who has dark hair and glasses who suggested the exact right bud for me to cure my ailments. At the time I was despondent over my golden retriever Cisco who had succumbed to scarlett fever the day before. When I got Cisco he was all of 6 weeks in a litter of seven. He had two siblings who had very serious deformities of the skull because these dogs are being selectively inbred in a manner similar to white tigers, and we all know the horrific effect that white tiger cubs suffer. Every white tiger on earth is the offspring of one single male tiger who was actually a captive bred hybrid of two different species of tigers. It is a lack of genetic diversity that causes the deformities. Whiptail lizards are an interesting subject because although there are male whiptails they are not involved with reproduction. The females lay infertile eggs that somehow grow and hatch. They call it parthenogenesis and it has been observed in a handful of other types of reptile. The green halo is also next to a gass station so it is convenient if you need gas.

  184. noccart

    The Green Halo is awesome! Noce selection of flower and concentrates! love the Gorilla Glue! Woo! Staff is great and friendly. I love coming here.

  185. BMariie

    No wait and great service!

  186. ngricetastic

    This dispensary is outstanding! The staff members are knowledgeable and attentive with great advice for patients. The quality is the best in Tucson no contest; the flower is always exemplary while being fairly priced. While the MJ Freeway system outage prevented every other dispensary from providing for their patients, the Green Halo stayed open using hand written documentation and patients were assisted. The Green Halo goes above and beyond to put patients first, that’s the quality care that makes a customer trust their experience will be amazing every time.

  187. Lompocsflowers

    Love the green halo, this place is always on point and the staff is awesome!

  188. mikefitz

    It’s on the highway so it’s great when you are leaving town. It’s CLEAN & staff is freindly & informative. Also they usually celebrate holidays!! They also have $10 flower stains other days besides just Tuesdays.

  189. tuc13520

    far from me but great meds helpful budtenders

  190. Nobull

    They listen patiently to my griping and don’t say anything until I leave.

  191. Beaver520

    best dispensary

  192. elgrande243


  193. Ceeroseaz1

    By far no other dispensary in Tucson has good quality and excellent employees. They always assist me 150%. No other dispensay can ever compare.

  194. Mamaviking17

    Great deal calming environment

  195. CLK1985


  196. yOuRtRoUbLe

    Green Halo has great budtenders and awesome deals.

  197. richarno

    first time patient heard good things about hello’s shatter day

  198. cynz2787

    Great service

  199. NitaPack2

    I love the Staff, great people to be around an talk about new products.

  200. StevenTuttle

    overall if you want top shelf flower without having a Hike in Price this is youre 1 stop shop!

  201. SCMH1403

    Great quality product and have continued to receive great service every visit. I’ve been seen by Jenny every time and it’s always been a pleasure. Have tried different strains each visit as well and haven’t gotten a bad strain yet 🙂

  202. Neitousama

    This location has some of the BEST meds, and from what I’ve seen, considering I’ve now been everywhere, (minus Catalina Hills Care), other places buy TGH’s crops.

    Why waste your time with the rest, when you can have the best?

  203. FramedInfamousX

    Amazing service, great quality medicine, and knowledgeable staff

  204. hls1147

    Great location! Attached to a gas station.

  205. alonad88

    there is a reason I travel 2 hours…. amazing staff and quality

  206. Mickeyg1928

    nice place

  207. bbamariieh

    Always have great flower, customer service & good deals on wax.

  208. Ladystina81

    I come every Tuesday!!

  209. Sarah_0088

    Green Halo has the best deals in town. $50 quarters of top shelf on Tuesdays and Fridays. Plus the workers are super friendly.

  210. maclaren22

    Always a good experience love the meds can’t go wrong

  211. Dragonmind

    I love visiting the Green Halo. They are always kind and very helpful

  212. ElbowRoomAZ

    Buyer beware! This is another dispensary which pushes wax while calling it shatter; can’t take it back, no refunds, returns, or exchanges. Pay your money and take your chances; cheap lying bastards. Arrive at your destination with your “shatter” only to find you got stuck with a gooey mess of wax. Won’t see me there ever again; keep your “Shatter-day Saturdays”, I will take my money to where real shatter is sold.

  213. datham97

    The best

  214. jes135

    best edibles lobby is nice

  215. Juggaloclown3

    Best wax and flower

  216. LexyHeart108

    I had a great experience at Green Halo! Derrick was super informative and really helpful. I will definitely visit Green Halo again!

  217. j.RyanM

    Friendly staff, knowledgeable. Also quick and convienent location off freeway.

  218. DDpere22

    it may be a drive sometimes but its well worty the stop. especially on Tuesday or on events where they give you a bonus with purchase

  219. MannyDawg

    Great deals on 420!!! Great customer service!!! The homie Jay hooked me up really nice!!!! Good smelling & looking flowers, good tasting and great high edibles!!!!

  220. JCgreenhorn

    This is Tucsons #1 location because of the quality of the flower here is top notch. Also there Sat shatterday is the best.

  221. AlyxAF

    It’s great and I get a joint for reviewing haha

  222. tankgirl42088

    I have never been steered wrong when I ask for suggestions on what I’m looking for; the budtenders here are very friendly and can always help you find exactly what you need.
    Mireya, Hunter, and Cherry are always dope budtenders!!
    Ask for them, I recommend their service!!
    Shout out to some of my favorite budtenders from the past, Derrick, Mercedes, Sam, Debbie, thank you all!!

  223. seanc0803

    Awesome staff and the place just keeps getting bigger and better !!!

  224. emusitano

    Love this place! Always get what I need and always love learning of the new items they carry. Love their tinctures and edibles. Best dispensary in my opinion. Clean waiting room and bathroom. However they do need bigger chairs for larger people. They used to have a mix of seating but now it’s all office chairs that are uncomfortably

  225. chunxtheman

    Great dispensary, good knowligable staff with great variety. Will be recomending to family and friends.

  226. Riccbailey

    Great customer service. The flower is dY”Y=. The employees were able to answer any questions and have us coming back Friday.. Very good environment. I Brought a friend In for her first time and she is happy with it.

  227. Willow66

    Always nice and dont get annoyed when I ask a lot of questions. Love Ya!

  228. Joey_canaseed

    sigh [ dY++dYSdY

  229. Queenhazy

    Best dispensary in Tucson

  230. omgirl

    This dispensary is the farthest from home but I keep returning because of their very knowledgeable staff and great selection.

  231. Squeek1987

    love this spot flower is awesome great price dYOE?dYOE?dYOE?dY’zdY’zdY’zdY’z

  232. gettinit2296723

    Friendly staff and fire edibles

  233. TracyDreadstarz520

    My favorite spot hands down!!! Flowers and company are great

  234. blowers02

    I have been greeted with the best service and they have the most amazing clients, very helpful!

  235. SleeperEg420

    Amazing product

  236. cassma

    Medinle Monday is my favorite best deals in town on edibles

  237. OutlawKush

    As Always the staff is fun, friendly and knowledgeable! product is great and price is not bad at all, especially on sale days! It is right on my way home from work, so I am extremely happy that they are such a great place.

  238. lilbitz1217

    Super secure, great service 10/10 would go again, patient pot head approved!

  239. Onemoreliving

    Love how close it is to i10. Very friendly staff too.

  240. Summerov1983

    I love the location its right by my house. They get you in and out very nice people in there.

  241. Gogobye

    my go to for all my meds…nice quality, nice ppl awesome place.

  242. NiC_KolE

    Always friendly and helpful.

  243. VicOfTuc1011

    Nice staff, great quality flower. overall a great dispensary.

  244. tucson718

    the budtender was friendly and extremely knowledgable. recommended some great medicine to try this week. 100% satisfied with my visit.

  245. beas87

    love this place great edibles fresh flowers

  246. cy70x7

    Excellent quality of meds. Friendly, knowledgable staff with a family type atmosphere. Definitely my favorite dispensary in Tucson! Ten Dollar Tuesdays rock!

  247. IlikeCats520420

    I stopped at the green halo June 14th and 28th when i was in the area for a dentist appointment. It was 10 dollar gram Tuesday both times so i just couldn’t resist! Chase and Debbie were my bud tenders they were great, made me feel welcome, knowledgeable good people. The lovely ladies at the desk checking people in were friendly too. Sorry didn’t get you guys names. :o( FTP deal was good (free gram) to be honest i was more excited for the 10 dollar Tuesday if you’re a FTP flower person you should go here on this day IMHO. Since I kinda lived a far drive away i decided to make it worth the trip and buy a gram of almost every strain they had to offer over the two visits so i can sample a little bit of everything and find out what strain works best for me so i feel more confident buying a bigger amount next time. Overall a lot of hits. batting average is pretty good with these guys. Chronic Thunder, Rug Burn OG Kush, Blue Dream, Cataract Kush, Vanilla Bean, Purple Cheddar, Purple Monkey Balls, Larry and Moe OG Kush, OG Ghost Train Haze, Grand Daddy Purple were all good. I am familiar with some of these strains and they are true to the taste,smell, effects were great felt medicated and relaxed. Chase was right the Indicas are where its at. Good job Chase. I didn’t really like the Sativas but hey 10 dollars a gram might as well give it a shot. They weren’t BAD BAD either to where they tasted like smokey tobacco and smelt like plant they did taste good and smelt good but i just didn’t like them compared to hybrids and indicas. Everything was prepackaged too which was my 1st time with this type. It wasn’t that bad as some people make it. Nothing was dry and crumbed to dust in my fingers and some bud was really sticky like Larry OG and Cataract Kush, Prices are VERY competitive for the quality 310-280 a oz? Sounds good to me. 1st time i moved in and out pretty quick and there was hardly anyone there. The 2nd time they were swamped with people and short staffed. Debbie apologized for the wait. It wasn’t that long about 20-25 minute to actually get back there to pick out your stuff. I understand it happens its cool. They did do a good job moving people in and out though being short staffed there was a bunch of people ahead of me and almost no sitting room when i 1st arrived the 2nd time. :0o Waiting room is a waiting room. It got chairs, walls, coffee machine music sometimes people are sitting in there lol. :op j/k If you luck out you get to sit in the comfy couch chairs up front! :o) Overall this place is great. Prices are fair. Tasty bud. Good specials with 10 dollar Gram Tuesday or Shatterday. Thanks Chase, Debbie and ladies at the desk! :o)

  248. eberry2

    The bomb dot com don’t go anywhere else!

  249. Josebracamonte1

    Halo is awesome

  250. johnnymendez2016

    I really like this place highly recommend Larry OG is just dynamite everybody should try it will return was a great experience.

  251. jesus1a13

    best brownies nd best lobby in tucson az

  252. grandmommapurps

    kiana is a really helpful budtender! she makes great recommendations on everything. make sure to stop by for a free gram on Wednesdays when you purchase a quad!

  253. tokersmoker420

    my favorite place by far

  254. zhewhirlybird

    always amazing flower, deals are the best – they stack their deals and really care for their patients!

  255. RedEyedRabbit520

    Love this place. Very professional yet chill atmosphere. Staff is super friendly and always helpful when it comes to recommending strains for my indecisive self. Although, their product far exceedes (or is on par with at the very least) anywhere else’s in southeast AZ that I’ve tried so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any bud you get from here. Going on year 4 of having a card btw.

  256. Willisp

    the people are awesome

  257. Mis_520

    the service is amazing and the product is even better…

  258. Shantelecker420

    This place is awesome love the flower

  259. crystald85

    I love halo, their chronic thunder is one of my new favorite strains aside from their awesome Larry og.

  260. Flipmode1

    Great service and friendly bud tenders ! Very knowledgeable and always try to find the best deal for your needs

  261. tftwsalan

    After making the rounds in town as a new patient, I find myself coming back to the Green Halo time and time again. The staff is friendly and courteous, and their product is top notch. It’s a little bit out of the way for me but well worth the trip.

  262. ABEN2112

    Love this dispensary!

  263. Quica1924

    This location is great. Convenient to travel to is only a walk from my house. Employees are great!! Quality is very good. Deals are also what keep me coming back.

  264. Kwahrer

    Awesome flower they always have the perfect strain. Always an enjoyable visit, always friendly, and they care. Love ya guys. dY~dY~,,dY~,,dY~dY~dY~dY~

  265. JVlz520

    great bud tenders and awesome flowers… definitely be back.


    I love the green halo!!! They always greet me with a smile, remember my name, and help me pick the best medicine for my illness. I’d recommend them as one of the top places in Tucson any day!

  267. therealpuffdaddy1

    I love the service I get from Mercedes she is a great bud tender and always knows what’s what I’m always going back because of her

  268. coridorey74

    great place, good selection, good friendly staff!

  269. Miguelfabian420

    Best place in town a by far best dispensary
    best staff and grade a meds

  270. JayBoy569

    I go to Green Halo every Saturday like clockwork. Not once have I encountered one rude or disrespectful to the clients or myself! I highly recommend this business n services..

  271. Skunky520

    Love this place. Best flower.

  272. wayne4201

    Yes awesome dispensary always good buds and friendly Employees!

  273. teddie

    great place for great meds

  274. TucsonGuy85711

    The redesign and staff here are amazing. Very relaxed and calm energy! I will definitely be back on Saturdays. Thank you DK.

  275. MadDog317

    great products all around visit plus close to home

  276. hquinn71

    Great products and great prices!

  277. yvette36

    I love this location every dispensary should be like the green halo

  278. Aracelimendoza

    best edibles on the outskirts of town

  279. Coleromick446

    awesome place great flower

  280. shanam

    Their CBD glycerine has given my dog back his quality of life. He is 16. He was in pain from old age all day long. Now he can hear us, now he sees better. He was blind, deaf. It was almost time to put him down. We put the tincture on seaweed.
    He has been on cbd for 2 months. A life saver. We will have our dog comfortable until he goes naturally.

  281. Mendez420

    Love this gem in South Tucson area. I plan to be a regular on Shatterdays. Great selection on meds. Favorite for sure.

  282. blueberrie

    great atmosphere….great service…great flowers…dY$?(c)dY$?(c)

  283. Sunny30

    this place is awesome the staff is awesome the product is awesome if you’re awesome person and you want to practice awesomeness you will be awesome and go to this awesome place

  284. Ericasmith

    Everyone is so very nice and very helpful

  285. Mmartinez5866

    my favorite location in town. staff and meds are the best

  286. IndicaJess

    Great products. Great people. Great Atmosphere.

  287. Moontreader

    Halo has a great environment, and even on busy days, the wait is never very long.
    The quality is good, and there are plenty of great deals to be had on pre-packaged halves.
    They are superior in their offerings of edibles; as I have found none better in town.
    I am especially fond of the CBD/ THC tincture; it knocks out my nerve pain, and enables me to walk without pain in every step. If you are an edibles person, or know someone who is; I highly recommend Halo for your medicine.

  288. jarthe3

    I must say I was very very impressed by their products and employees. I’ve been to dispensary’s up and down the state in Vegas and Colorado and the shatter here was some of the best I’ve smoked and the flower looks and smokes great and compared to other places flower there’s is definitely the freshest I’ve found on a consistent basis!

  289. Guzzardo

    Fair prices, excellent products

  290. Ktriny68

    awesome service and very great products and prices

  291. jmartin13

    Super chill and beyond amazing brownies!

  292. Dk_Miles89

    The Green Halo is by far my favorite place to make my medical purchases. They have great products, which I have never been disappointed or dissatisfied with and their staff members are well versed in the products, and so friendly! I don’t waste my time going anywhere else!

  293. gotbodyink

    love Larry shake, Jamaica dream shatter out of this world!

  294. Stina81

    my sweetness

  295. Miguelitoxoxox

    Just awesome!

  296. bertalv23

    Great customer service as always, never disappoints. Product is always off the charts is taste and high.

  297. guess36

    Always bomb dY’PS

  298. Monkeygirl67

    They are awesome.

  299. Kelilovescannabis

    Love their house strains! I love the fact that they make their own edibles as well!

  300. GWbme23

    A little far, but worth the trip

  301. bishysbudreviews

    Great flower and shatter. Love Larry Curly and Moe OG strains. If you love sativa Agent Orange is another good regular. Only complaint is they don’t rotate new strains in a bunch.

  302. murillasar

    Da best flower

  303. Veroyjorge

    fast and easy to get to with friendly workers and some great deals and let’s not forget the good green..

  304. kking267

    The Green Halo consistently offers quality medibles and concentrates. the flower is excellent and is very rarely dry if it’s your first time I definitely recommend trying the vanilla bean or whatever their talented bud tenders can show you for your specific needs. dY’-

  305. Rpedigo

    Excellent product and super friendly staff. This was my first dispensary experience and is still one of my favorite places to go. Very professional menu and a wide selection with daily specials every week.

  306. 22bsmith

    best flower quality in town.dY’–

  307. Miss520

    i like the new showroom

  308. jinger

    Always a good time! Nicole was a good tender!

  309. shortfatpunkgirl

    So far so good, and the deals are a huge attraction!

  310. steeze67

    the best in tucson, better deals than earths healings.

  311. Tzylks

    The most helpful place to get your medicine. The staff is more than willing to talk with you to ensure that the product your buying will meet your individual needs. I even had an employee spot me a few bucks just so I could purchase something. Love this place

  312. Katiet1211

    The new distillate products are amazing! The gorilla glue is Great for pain and instant relief. Can’t wait to see a High CBD distillate!

  313. azphanatic

    Kind of unusual next to a shell gas station but it works
    I walked in and it was BUSY but they surprising worked everybody THRU in Good time

  314. supergiantbuttholelicler

    IF I COULD GIVE NO STARS ON SERVICE I WOULD. They have my mmj card to the lady that came in AFTER I did and her transaction ended up on my account. They have good flower and edibles but how do you lose an I.D of someone’s when it has pictures on it for a reason. Not to mention I am 18 years old and the lady they gave my card to because they thought it was me was in her late 40’s. What the fuck

  315. alix18

    Very easy quick and the staff is very helpful!

  316. Denasambrano

    I love it and the weed is awesome

  317. JonathanL

    The people are great! Very knowledgeable and have a wonderful understanding of each patients needs!

  318. Lumpy520

    This place is amazing, deals everyday awesome staff and great medicine

  319. ManMadeAids

    At first I was confused but it’s the place with the green door. duh. Mercedes was my bud tender and was really nice. She’s helped me out twice. The 35 dollar eigths aren’t bad. I’ll probably be coming here from now on as their prices on wax are good and live resin. Only 55 for a gram of live resin on shatterdays. I haven’t seen a better price than that.

  320. sasparillasally

    I always stop by the Halo when going through Tucson. The staff is very knowledgeable and is honest about which strains that would work best for me. The only problem is sometimes the wait times are long especially on weekends, I waited one time for 45 min but other than that I would high recommend.

  321. emmarie1226

    the best dispensary in arizona, best customer service & strains.

  322. ramon959

    love this place great medicine and service
    and one hottie that works there too

  323. StevvGee

    Hunter helped me out a lot plus she’s really nice !:) looks like I’m coming here more !!

  324. SpadeVxx

    Great customer service, got exactly what you need and know what they are talking about. Quality at a great price!

  325. JahHerbalist

    Halo used to be the best in Tucson by far for extracts they even had Rosin that was great. Now its a desert dYOEu in the extract section.

  326. tinyl

    I’m glad I moved closer to it but it’s still about 7 miles from my house…

  327. CaseyJ0nes

    I miss a lot of their regular house concentrates! But this place is still my favorite, I love you guys dY’s

  328. Mariah6270

    Love going to the green halo the friendly staff always makes my day

  329. nataliefataliee

    Love their edibles. Usually get seen pretty quick too (:

  330. dabudz420

    Really good all around! I drive from Sierra Vista to get meds here!

  331. SDH2057

    I’ve been a patient for three years now and am always pleased with my visit. I enjoy their brownies which go very nicely with my morning coffee but the gummies are excellent as well and nicely dosed for better control. Recently I picked up some Gorilla Glue pre-rolls which were very enjoyable. The products and service are always first rate.

  332. EROSE1919

    Some of the best wax in town! Can’t beat half gram of shatter for $15

  333. nhenshaw

    The people here are cool, the bus is good, and I like their topicals.

  334. bubba03

    The edibles are my favorite but WOW increase in price by almost double is harsh.

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