Leaf Life



1860 N Salk Dr Suite B-1, Casa Grande, AZ 85122


32.881056, -111.70716




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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We are a patient focused Arizona State Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary. We are located next to the hospital in the medical complex in Casa Grande, AZ. We offer a discount to all Veterans.
520-350-9880. Order online at www.leaflifeaz.com.


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612 reviews for “Leaf Life

  1. ogkushgod1997

    good weed

  2. jocelynj138

    There are several dispensaries within miles of my home in Chandler but I choose to travel to Casa Grande because of their service, prices, and quality. Thank you! 5/5 dY’OE

  3. YayaGwalla

    Very friendly staff and very good meds

  4. Mort48

    Only one word…. GREAT

  5. yallgrl9


  6. HeadHomo86

    Great service great people and great prices

  7. splitlife

    Drove in from Marana for the Wednesday wax deal. Nice selection, beautiful interior with the aged wood veneer on everything, and super friendly staff. My budtender was awesome and super informative. Can’t remember her name but she had LOTS of tattoos, and was ridiculously hot. Like, dangerously good looking. Sorry. Just call them as I see them!

  8. azlazyboy

    Bomb bud. Great location

  9. babagrlshell

    My favorite dispensary. I live in the Valley and work in Casa Grande and prefer this place over any of the Phx valley dispensaries.

  10. BrinaK

    My favorite place!

  11. wwynne

    so my last visit I got an eighth one of the lower grade strains. you are so horrible I couldn’t even get high on it and I can get high off of Mexican Reggie.
    today I told the guy about it and I only had to say was yeah. almost any other dispensary what it said oh wow we’re really sorry about that let me give you a few bucks off or at least just a dang apology. I am less and less impressed every time I go here.

  12. BlazeNDoritos

    Knowledgeable staff and great service. Recommend any to drop by!

  13. kitkatbaby

    The fast, friendly and efficient staff make this a great location to visit. They have a great variety of products to choose from and are conveniently located. Not sure what you are looking for? Ask the agents for their recommendations. They won’t steer you wrong.

  14. HippieSativa

    Customer service is awesome. They have a good selection and awesome specials. The online ordering is super convenient.

  15. Sydfitz94

    Great tenders and excellent selection. They carry the best edibles out there

  16. dtstunna

    great products. great staff

  17. thefarmerischfamily

    The place is cool looking. I like that they give you a gram of each strain to examine & smell before you purchase. The front desk guy was really cool.

  18. azamg67

    Gods Bud is exactly that,,,very very wonderful

  19. Skitzo512

    very knowledgeable budtenders excellent experience would shop here again and the medication was outta this world triple like

  20. Chrisp94

    great ppl, great product and service

  21. KKlouzal

    This is by far the best dispensary I e ever visited. The people are awesome and it’s always super quick!!

  22. bclay

    This location is great and has stepped up with more Flowers, variety, and a great selection of edibles. Great local dispensary.

  23. merrimanwm

    I an 55 and way past the Head Shop days. I appreciate the professionalism and the quality products of Leaf Life in Casa Grande AZ. Well Done !

  24. coltenkramer1995

    Overall for a Casa Grande location I am impressed! Super convenient for in town and competitive deals and pricing. Check it out if you’re in the area!

  25. ozmetheus

    Don’t come here regularly, but stop by whenever I’m in the area to check out their concentrates. They have one of the best selections, both variety and potency, outside the valley. On top of that they are always running great deals and their bud tenders are super helpful.

  26. JoeyG1985

    Good dispensary. Good Buds. Wish the prices were a little lower and that their daily deals were betterbut overall a decent dispensary.

  27. hnh420

    Prices are too high for the middle of the road flower. Prerolls aren’t worth it. Full of dried out herb with stems. Sucks

  28. XxCROxX

    This dispensary is ABSOLUTELY UNRELIABLE. I posted a negative review before that never showed up. They have overcharged me 4 out of my last 12 visits. I’ve wasted over hundreds of dollars on medication with little to no medical value. I’ve gotten product several times with many seeds. The two times I asked for an exchange they gave it to me, but marked it down as double sales. So the next times I went to a dispensary I was told I didn’t have enough on my limit because of them. They fixed one of these and refused the other because “I” didn’t have my 2 week old receipt. Both exchanges I was told I could exchange the product for whatever I liked, but both times that was a lie. I find it somewhat unethical for them to offer discounts for leaving positive reviews! The staff has been rude to me twice. On Father’s Day the closed early even though I had 2 text messages saying they would be open. UNRELIABLE

  29. Aaready

    amazing place great customer service and great products and even the best deals

  30. samgrrrean

    Made me feel really comfortable

  31. Boxer98

    Great staff, great quality, great deals for great prices.!

  32. Nellslilzer

    Place is always great. Appreciate the service.

  33. hollyjollyfella

    Best place ever and friendly staff!! a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,

  34. Hfi16635

    its hit and miss with the bud quality. that’s what you get when qualities aren’t tiered though. great prices friendly staff. quick and easy.

  35. Davidmartling

    great staff and daily specials!

  36. pitchman

    Great staff and competitive pricing on specials days. Location is awesome because there isn’t much else around.

  37. lilhomie420

    great daily specials
    great coustmer service
    great enviorment
    love it 5/5

  38. Danitate33

    Great service, fast and super efficient.

  39. TruPisces

    I love this spot

  40. lorettamae

    I think it’s a great atmosphere place the Bud tenders very excellent they were very friendly the building was very neat and clean I will be shopping with them more often

  41. desertgypsy

    Great place, with fabulous weekly/daily deals. Staff is fabulous! Highly recommend this gem. You won’t be disappointed!

  42. calebb2010

    Awesome place love to go there

  43. MICHAEL.23

    very knowledgeable, nice atmosphere and great flower.

  44. queenmckee1

    Very helpful and friendly staff. always stop in when I’m in the area

  45. Kamikaze1738

    Love this place, it’s my go to, super chill, great staff, fantastic customer service.

  46. apex7491

    picked up 4 8ths as a ftp, weighed all of them out and every last one of them was 3.3 or 3.4, doesn’t seem like much but I bought 4 8ths and all of them were like that. essentially I was shorted a little less than .5. not a good business practice will not be returning, they mess with your sales too, she told me one was on sale with the lower tier flowers but when she rang it up it suddenly wasn’t and I needed to select a new strain from the other tier. why’d you even mention it then?? we are becoming too well known of a community for people to be shorting people!! this is my medicine not my jr high lunch break!!

  47. jonnyaydent

    one of the best dispensaries in Az. they got a lot of fire just wish it was cheaper . still my first stop for meds whenever – JA

  48. adlomar

    This is the worst dispensary in the Valley by far!!
    Quality is well below average and the prices are too high. Staff was unfriendly and so was management. Save your money and go elsewhere!!

  49. spidy03

    Very nice place, the staff is super. Never in a huge rush to get your money and ship you out. Love that feeling of take your time. Keep the excellent service going.

  50. martinezduhh

    Always fast and friendly service

  51. DaKinePakalolo

    Nice location & atmosphere. The person that helped me took their time, understood what I was asking and exceeded my expectations of a “bud tender”. Tried a hybrid and sativa which effects were mid grade at best. The free indica pre roll was great, wish I knew what strain it was… Based on location and that they accept debit / credit cards, I will likely return and try a another strain.

  52. skunkguy23

    all ways good environment. love the deals and loved the
    banna split

  53. S.Rahn

    Great quality great prices. The Staff is caring and extremely knowledgeable.

  54. DatDudePolk

    Great visit all the time. Young Ceaser P..

  55. monkeypigrancher

    The people are so nice and truly helpful. I had an issue with my last purchase and they made it right, no problem. The specials are amazing.dY’~ The quality is better than most I’ve found in the Valley. I’d drive down just for Wednesday and Shatterday!

  56. blowondeez

    Very educated friendly staff, was in and out.

  57. insaneone

    Love this place great meds great ppl

  58. katherine87

    I love this location. I came in expecting an OK flower. I purchased African cheese by recommendation of my awesome budtender.

  59. knicole


  60. saravinson87

    Great service!

  61. clarence98

    Very homey place the staff are very knowledgeable about the sativas and indicas and they were able to show what strain is best for my chronic pain in my leg and their selection is good and good prices not too much and not too less just right. I’ll always come back to leaf life it’s on the top of my list

  62. teresa520

    I would prefer if the flowers were put in glass jars to slow down respiration process and would love to see everything weighed in front of me

  63. Thomas06

    I love coming here the staff is very friendly and helpful.

  64. JLTerry91

    everyone is awesome here. I highly recommend this place.

  65. meilahn0404

    hearing good things about the flower

  66. StonedRaidersAZ

    great budtenders! and great prices ! I love the deals!!

  67. vgd561

    Best place I’ve ever been too!

  68. Country004

    good bud

  69. awomack

    Awesome bud and awesome people!

  70. Danthemanvicari7

    I think the location is perfect. The place is great I enjoy going there .

  71. buddeals

    I love this place the staff are awesome very nice always helpful

  72. luv2blowpurps

    Everyone is so friendly. Budtenders are great,friendly,know their products,and never have felt rushed they’ve answered any and all questions that
    I’ve had. Never had to wait a long time. All around great experience!!

  73. Petrulsky57

    Super friendly and fast, especially after 7 p.m.

  74. grneyedmommy

    First off the people are amazing. never a unhappy moment. they always makes you feel special…. best edibles and flower is always on point. worth the 45 min drive from where I live.

  75. tkarnes

    every thing you need…knowledgeable staff, great location & the flower is fire.

  76. Tara131520

    I love this place the marijuana is great quality.

  77. Kninebirddog

    The people here are awesome

  78. Chrisdp

    great buds good deals

  79. CptAwesome

    Since the first day I stepped into this facility, it had a homey feeling. Very comfortable people to be around and full of knowledge. Great products and plenty of choices. Make sure to try this place out.

  80. 4runnerPauly

    My first AZ dispensary. It’s a little bit pricey, but at least ya know you’re getting dank.

  81. POOCHE

    The folks at this location are always friendly and helpful. See for yourself , I think you’ll agree.

  82. boltz

    Always impressed by this place never let down you will love it too I guarantee it

  83. Wingsformissy

    This is one of my favorite locations and they have great service

  84. Leguion5.7

    The quality is great and the staff are friendly I definitely will come back again

  85. sbauer44

    great staff always very friendly and helpful

  86. Bvjmt3

    Sadly this dispensary raised their prices outrageously (min 10$ per flower) with nothing said to their patients. No reason why, and despite a couple strains being different the rest are the same. The cheapest sublime is $10 more than it was. There was no improvement to product at all too even try to blame the prices on.

    When I’m told as a customer “that’s just the way we’re doing it now in the new year” it tells me they are quite cocky that they will retain their customers. Well, not me.

    Happy New year to you too. Also, New year… New dispensary as I’ll never go back there.

  87. sleepygramy

    Budtender was awesome, Bud and new patient special excellent. Next time!

  88. Impackintheheat

    fire always

  89. profitofpot


  90. JBent

    Outstanding service and great environment. Comfortable without feeling fussy, nice menu screens in the lobby. Knowledgeable counter folks and weed tenders and no pressure to feel rushed at all. Amazing selection for the prices. My loyal dispensary now that Ponderosa in Maricopa shuttered without warning.

  91. Jayy2Fresh

    Very helpful. They give me information on the strains and other products that I might prefer trying.

  92. Alwilt

    I love this place!!! Staff very helpful!

  93. asue123

    Great first time Special !

  94. Jauinvt

    Great service friendly staff.

  95. austinbuzz

    Great place

  96. iv0ng

    Leaf Life employees are always happy to help out and give you the best service you can imagine. definitely would recommend this location to any other medical users dY~

  97. kushgodz12

    very good meds and friendly staff !!!

  98. heavn420

    Pre-rolls are smaller AND more expensive than most other dispensaries I’ve been to.

    (.89g for $13 vs 1g for $10)

    Overall price seems high for level of quality. Prices would be more realistic at $2-3 less per gram.

  99. Adriannaa

    Best spot around town & the bud tenders are knowledge about product.

  100. CamBlake21

    These guys are great, never have to wait too long for awesome and helpful service from everyone there. Plus they’re always running specials all week to hook it up! Worth a trip even from out of town to at least check them out!

  101. wbwynne


  102. IzzyMedina

    Great service and medication in casa grande, az

  103. stephy2002

    Great staff. Very helpful.

  104. Jazzyw

    They’reeeee Greatttttt!!!!!

  105. wkillworth

    this is a good location if you are in Casa Grande. Its the only one. Decent first time special.

  106. Mrndvs

    Convient close to the freeway so as I’m passing through on business I don’t have to detour to far

  107. CannaBri91

    They were my very first dispensary visit and I was so happy! Great customer service, knowledge and kind staff. I was pleased with all the products I purchased and I will definitely be back here 🙂

  108. Dankster35

    Great people and I will definitely come again. Love their Shatterday sales.

  109. enrique.santiago

    Been to this dispensary a few times to pick up tincture (yet always somehow leave with flower as well) as my parents live in the area. Absolutely fantastic meds and service. The bud they grow themselves is absolutely delicious and reasonable suggested donations.
    Highly recommended for all medical needs. Staff is very friendly and meds are fantastic all around.

  110. ralphcarter

    service is great nice clean place

  111. Bbrowm

    Love this dispensary! They always have great products and some of the best prices. The bud tenders are cool and knowledgeable and always professional.

  112. azskunk520

    always fire… great deals..

  113. autopilot

    Comfortable setting


    Great location

    Well informed staff

  114. Treezy10

    Always great service and fast!

  115. Chuckles86

    These guys are amazing! I went in today, and like every other visit, there’s not much of a wait. I tried the new Lemonhead OG, and i definitely recommend it. Leaf Life keeps me medicated!

  116. sbravo

    Great Place Nice Workers

  117. kosherkris

    Solid dispensary

  118. HaleyRose420

    The staff is awesome!

  119. erik6447

    great service, good prices and it’s on my way home from work, wat else do I need.

  120. M3D1NA520

    love the place. good people. good atmosphere. good prices.. what more can u ask.

  121. shortstax92

    Great place one of my personal favs great fast and friendly service I highly recommend this dispensary over many others I’ve been too

  122. Ashess1107

    I’ve been here like 4 times and I haven’t been disappointed yet I highly recommend the sublime carts best price I’ve seen in az so far for the quality!

  123. alfanzo

    online service rocks!!!

  124. Thenotoriosskywalker

    Good Bud, good wax, good products good Budtenders. Need to get a Points/loyalty program going spent over a grand there by now and I Love free bud.
    p.s I do get a free pre-roll for this

  125. levisworld09

    this location is easy to find, not in shady area or neighborhood, the staff is very knowledgeable and super friendly, memorable moments treats each and everyone with highest respect and will remember you n always make you know when you leave you won’t feel regret

  126. ebraun09


  127. chiraq779

    far but worth it great halfs on Sundays first time they treated me right a1 shop only bern here twice due to distance but will be back

  128. ArmyVeteran420

    LOVE IT. My go to Dispensary in CASA GRANDE.

  129. strictmama

    Everyone here if great. Always patient they get to know what you like and are full of recommendations. Billy is hilarious. Daniel always has a smile. And Chase well he’s a great guy full of surprises. Go bye and say high.

  130. Ben-157

    great price on 8th of flower also I like the sunday $80 deals on 1/2-oz’s. The budtenders are great and very helpful -Thank you!! B.L.

  131. crittercrat

    Good location and excellent service, product is usually pretty good. Fair prices and good deals keep me coming back. Flower quality has definitely improved over time.

  132. Aschwegler

    I love this location the people are always friendly. the wax is always amazing and helps with my nausea and appetite. the lemon cake is one of my favorites helps with relaxing your body.

  133. Sschwegler

    Top knotch
    one of the most fun dispensaries everyone is having a great time and always helpful on new and upcoming products

  134. lunalove614

    great place great meds will come again

  135. mmorris1876

    Awesome people..very helpful. And enjoy the daily deals

  136. WYSIWYG

    Great place… And the best meds at great prices…

  137. Alexo86

    Very disappointed, flowers are half trimmed! Very non informative! and Rude

  138. Julieann89

    These guys are Awesome!! So friendly never has a problem answering questions! Friendliest place to go to in Casa Grande by far!!

  139. Joelomas

    my peeps..

  140. gordaylindo

    Good location near medical offices. Bud tenders are helpful, and seemed knowledgeable.

  141. reconjohn

    This place is great, im a marine veteran that needs good meds and i finally found them. The buds were clean and top quality. First I tried bubba OG and it blew my mind, very relaxing and great smoke,like lemons. So i soon returned and tried casey jones, it had me motavated and cleaning the yard with no back pain. Very pleased, this is my new place.

  142. domacio7

    Came in with my girlfriends mom who recently got her card. I was super impressed on how they treated her. Makes me happy as customer to know they treat not only me but my family with the up most respect and care. Thanks again

  143. htrdhpy

    Great people,quality & prices what more do you need?
    Worth the drive.

  144. kyleecakes4

    I love the staff; they’re super friendly and helpful. I normally ask them what I should try for various pain & sleep issues and they lick out a strain that actually works for me! I’ve had no issues with stems either. its a nice convenient location & the wait time is short so you can be in and out. I love it there.

  145. Cabuka2012

    Love the peoe and the meds it’s well worth the drive

  146. JackieSunsFan

    Excellent meds, crazy knowledgeable and friendly staff and competitive prices… My favorite dispensary!!!

  147. mrsmaccrabbit

    I love the staff especially RenA(c)e and rosemary y’all make every visit great. I like some of the flowers but there quality has gone down had to try Maricopa

  148. KingSammy

    I kove this little weed shop.

    I travel all over tue country. This one really feels like home

  149. Buildabudd

    great staff great prices highly recommend

  150. smerced19

    Great staff, great prices, and great product!

  151. Rachellejb

    I love everything about this place!!!

  152. katmeow25

    Always friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional!

  153. Rev.Andrew

    A most wonderful place to visit …..a great variety of strains @ fair prices. You’ll get a real home like vibe, the staff if super wise and willing to answer all those tedious question! …….

  154. Toomire

    Awesome job guys!!!!

  155. cuhhcuhh23

    Still a go to spot always I’m out in a jiffy. Loved the blue dream

  156. bblas28

    Bomb service and buds!

  157. jsmokeaz

    great place to get your meds!

  158. Charlie1873

    The people there are great! Very knowledgeable and they don’t make you feel like an idiot, when you need something explained! Thank You!!

  159. 0dogg

    Smoke good weed with a bad b****

  160. Richter08

    Well worth the trip from Copa. I do it at least once a week for the bomb budz and great service. 420 stars my friends, keep it up.

  161. Nico520

    awesom place! I’ll be coming back alot often.

  162. PenguinLiz

    Dropped in today on my lunch hour. Check in was super easy, even for a first timer. My budtender, Elizabeth, was a doll. Will definitely be back.

  163. Zenglish9

    This location is amazing and the
    Atmosphere Is prefect staff super friendly staff

  164. Indoblaza

    Great prices and product 🙂

  165. DaedricKing

    I love the environment. The strains are great quality. Love the vape pens. Will be going back

  166. Ddawg11

    I love this place they are super friendly and fast also have a great variety!

  167. Bsmith1691

    I love this place. The staff is very very knowledgeable. And have taught me so much in regaurds to my health care needs. And the most welcoming cari g and personable. The owner in exceptionaly kind, caring, knowledgeable gentleman. Who really shows that he cares about each and everyone of his patients and employees. Highly recommend them.

  168. shaycooper

    The location is good, the prices are great but they should go back to the old formula of their Jay Bomb prerolls. There’s definitely no difference between the Jay Bomb and a regular preroll!

  169. TylerWS

    The service was awesome! The budtenders are great and answered all of my questions. The flower is perfect and I will DEFINITELY be back for more!!!

  170. Sandralee14

    best budtenders

  171. mfishkind

    amazing wax Wednesday deals love the ak shatter

  172. tonbon420

    one of the best dispensaries in pinal county. Make sure you stop by on Sunday for affordable ounces

  173. cpolk

    Awesome customer service..

  174. flacotrina

    cool spot to get meds, variety of strains, knowledgeable tenders

  175. ruvi323

    Best place south of phoenix. Great service and meds l.

  176. Lungscollapse

    The staff is always great, but that’s where it all stops, the meds used to be top quality, really frosty and tasty, my last couple of visits have been nothing short or disappointing. The meds suck now, they barely relieve any of my pain. I don’t know what happened, but whatever you guys changed needs to be unchanged, your meds are weaker then ever now

  177. 38blue

    It was a fun experience, very good service

  178. dabzilly710

    I love this dispensary! They always have good products and have affordable prices.the employees provide great customer service to their patients and are really helpful.id reccomened this place to all patients.

  179. Collin1121

    best clinic and staff in Pinal County, hands down!!!

  180. caileycheeba

    Great dispensary!! And friendly employees definitely worth going to !

  181. Rchvee

    Great place to shop.

  182. erikevery

    Location is supererb. A mile off I-10, so conveint for people passing through.

  183. vtserendipity

    Great staff and amazing selection. My go to shop!

  184. jovaghn


  185. Tacocat13

    Love em gladly drive from coolidge just to go here

  186. heeter

    Everyone should hit up the 15$ wax
    Wednesdays !

  187. eeper23

    better prices than most dispensaries in Phoenix

  188. jacob.avalos

    Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable about the products i ask about , plus everyones pretty chill and easy to talk to.

  189. fredo79

    First off let me start by saying what a wonderful wonderful establishment this place!!!!!! This was my first visit and I was greeted with smiles, knowledge and genuine decency. The meds were absolutely fabulous and I was treated with the utmost respect. They even offered me a pre roll of grape krush. I purchased the ginger ale and let me say it’s top nop!!!! The prices are also very very reasonable. I was going to another place and was literally being 67 an eighth for th same meds. Love this place and visited it a few times while down in CG. Would recommend to anyone and I mean anyone who needs a good respectable place to acquire their meds.

  190. itsmerick97

    only a few choices bit what they do have is good so cant really complain..
    recommend to anyone

  191. cody7088

    Arizona’s all around top dispensary!

  192. MadameLucy1

    I love the whole staff over there. They make you feel so welcome from the time you walk in the place until the time you leave the place big thumbs up to Dave and Brian and Teresa.

  193. dawnfriedrich99

    the staff is always so nice an very informative about there products. . 🙂

  194. jlgamez99

    great buds at great prices

  195. SativaSoprano

    I absolutely LOVE this dispensary. I live in Tempe, AZ and often drive down here to pick up. Their bud is such high quality and their edibles are the best I’ve had. You will not be disappointed!

  196. Jafrina

    wonderful store. staff members are great and friendly. good selection of products.

  197. Ostewart

    best place too come in AZ

  198. gwharrisonjr

    Great staff, clean environment and good medical cannabis products from which to choose. Haven’t been to Casa Grande for a while, so going to drop in and visit. My recommendations are the cream and tinctures. The Jilly Bean and Blue Dream strains are good. The Sour D prerolls are also good.

  199. EazyEsai

    This yhe Best dispensary. They shatter game on point. Great service as well shout out Liz

  200. greensmokehealer

    Passing through casa grande here and there…I found this beautiful little shop. Seriously classes up the industry!

  201. CaptainKushCakes

    The experience was excellent and the flower quality was good but could be better for the price.

  202. beautyunderneath

    got FTP BOGO deal on an eighth! King Louis Cookies & Glue 75%-AMAZING QUALITY AND SMOKE. Popped in on a Friday and got 15% off a Korova edible, potent medicine and yummy 🙂 Will definitely be back again.

  203. Rdehaan828

    Love the atmosphere and the people who work here great place quick friendly and clean

  204. Avila13ESE

    the workers are fast and friendly,they always answer any question I may have and the product is always satisfying.

  205. turtlefairie

    Very helpful and friendly

  206. Razwan65

    Under Construction….Sublime has quality meds, dont let the price fool you…asked for an 1/8, received a solid, lemon-ish size ball of Cherry Face off….really nice. I suspect it will be pretty nice once the remodeling is complete, but a definite stop on the way to Phoenix from now on

  207. BabyGrud

    always my fav place to go!!

  208. drivingmissdaisy

    I couldn’t have been happier. The prices were better than anywhere near where I live, so the long drive was well worth it. Quality products. Nice atmosphere. I was at ease and very pleased with the whole experience. I am looking forward to returning shortly, and frequently.

  209. nativemonster420

    great interaction and medicine. this location provides an uplifting, at home vibe when you come in. very social and respectful. definitely a place i will return to and recommend to my friends

  210. KushDaddy520

    Awesome Sauce!

  211. herdfam

    places outstanding love the atmosphere flowers wonderful easy and reasonable to get

  212. sonsiney

    absolutely the best dispensary. excellent stuff and product always a good sale or discount I give it 10 stars.

  213. Cronicman155

    Flowers Are Becoming To Over Priced & Not The Best Quality Found Either One To Many Seeds Or Just Harsh Smoke , Don’t Know What The Problem Is But Needs To Be Fixed ASAP

  214. Holguin520AZ

    nice clean and very discrete location & service. I love their pre rolls especially when I’m on the go. very cool staff as well. The flowers are Ok but I find are suited more for new patients with lower tolerance etc. they have been known to have mid shelf buds w seeds 🙁 but they have new grow facility and new harvest coming soon I hear, good luck leaflife I hope you guys can step it up for the truly experienced seasoned connoisseur

  215. KNACcherryPOP

    I’ve been to leaf life a few times and am always impressed with them. Great atmosphere, tenders are very knowledgeable, and the prices are ok. Definitely recommend them.

  216. Alfred30725

    Great hidden location. Awesome staff and superior product.

  217. omarm97

    Good service and deals

  218. Jumajai

    Beats any dispensary around…including all of the ones in the valley! Very knowledgeable, always has great specials, and very friendly!!

  219. Mikea555

    Great overall dispensary.

  220. youngcease

    Awesome!!! Great customer service and variety!!

  221. kushedupMarkeys

    love this place..leaf is always a good choice..and the customer service is awesome..bomb smoke too.

  222. Shibee2121

    This is my favorite dispensary!! I’ve been to others but this is is the best! The bud tenders are very knowledgeable and friendly. It’s a great atmosphere when I walk in

  223. DankMan12

    Good products and nice prices

  224. TalkinTerps222

    Came for my first time and didn’t get what I paid for so I called and they can’t give me what they left out? I have never been so dissatisfied as a customer. I HIGHLY recommend not going to Leaf Life. Bring your business elsewhere

  225. ygee

    This is a great establishment. It was very professional, fast, and have an awesome selection. Elizabeth helped me and she was very friendly and knowledgeable about the products offered. Would highly recommend to anyone.

  226. chronicgore

    leaf life is the best if ur ever in the area stop by and get some meds

  227. EazyEsai3289

    This dispenso really steppd the game up i was already happy now im ecstatic.

  228. MikeG9393

    always here became my 2nd home

  229. Nathan024024024

    This is a great place with a fantastic atmosphere, the bud tenders have never let me down and I always enjoy the overall experience. Short wait times also

  230. michael.48

    This is the spot, I’m never let down my man daniel hooked me up with some fresh dank ass nugs. Thx brother

  231. fireball3877

    Excellent service. Great deals.

  232. fibrosucks

    Wonderful people.. Very knowledgeable.

  233. Julio

    Always fast and friendly service. Always make it a point to go here

  234. DaBeticEnt

    these guys are so awesome! they are very knowledgeable and always help me with what I need. Great selection and awesome edibles. thanks guy.

  235. NeoTheONE

    another “Great” patient experience over at leaflife. Made 2 trips because of Mistake on menu pricing, being “only Human” as the female budtender was rationalize would’ve been a acceptable excuse if They made right by Their pricing error.

  236. DankSmokingtonTheThird

    Great flower, and great customer service.

  237. dailytokindank

    After trying out other dispensaries I came back and noticed a complete makeover. I got a gram of dosidos and the whole trip was worth it.

  238. 520fumar

    Great products, better service!!

  239. prairiegirl61

    budtenders are very helpful and always have a smile!

  240. DjDA3Z

    best place in CG!

  241. phxgax

    I came here for the first time today. I took advantage of their Sunday deal and my budtender recommended Sublime brownies. I got an Oreo one. I love edibles. I’m a big fan and connoisseur of edibles. Sublime brownies were hands down the best tasting brownie edible I’ve ever tasted. Seriously, EVERYONE who goes there should try one. I’m gonna have to start taking more trips to Casa Grande.

  242. TwisTedmeTal95

    Friendly staff, And great place to get my meds close by.

  243. qbertaddict

    good bud at great prices the staff is very nice and does not rush you out the door

  244. JerryKP

    My first time visit was easygoing, professional, the staff was patient, knowledgeable, and helpful. Discount was good, preroll very nice.great store.

  245. Budda1

    Bn goin here since dey 1st opened..Gr8 place 4 all pockets.lower level bud 4 lil $,n top shelf 4 d people wit more $.Something 4 all people 4sur…a definite must stop by if ur in d area,or travel n check it out u won’t b disappointed at all…thnx gr8 place much love Budda

  246. sschaser

    great bud

  247. Gawd13

    This location Great Customer Service very knowledgeable budtenders. I would recommend to all my friends, family..

  248. X1134x

    From Florence I drive past the dispensary in Coolidge to leaflife in Casa Grande because Leaf life is so much better for quality and affordability.

  249. Jdman069

    Great personable & knowledgeable staff. Will visit again.

  250. YoMonica

    My favorite place to pick up meds. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, decent prices and quick service.

  251. nettie67

    I have returned to this dispensary twice since my last review. I was pleasantly surprised with the new update/construction, it looks very nice. I was very happy with the service I was given. From the receptionist to the budtenders. I have to give props where props are deserved..I plan on returning again when the need arises.

  252. Flacco291

    Great dispensery with great products!! Definitely recommend

  253. Chaslee2001

    I am very disappointed in this dispensary, flowers are nice but the concentrates are awful! They have no idea what they’re doin. And the prices are absolutely ridiculous! This place is for themselves not the patient. Your better off driving out of town and use the extra $$ you’d pay them for gas!

  254. StretchyMinaj

    Wish they would have a bigger and better selection….

  255. jasong8s

    knowledgeable staff, great product! love it

  256. risarenegade

    Love the different deals every day! Thursdays my favorite

  257. JackM93

    they offer great service and they’re well-informed on their products

  258. zack024

    This was my fifth time here and i gotta say the staff are Extremely friendly, and know a lot about the product! I highly recommend this dispensary to be Your dispensary!

  259. awells1203

    best place I visited since moved here

  260. BeardedOne25

    let me jus say that triple double is amazing have the most experienced smokers putting it out half waydY'”dY'”dY'”dY’-

  261. Greatness93

    my first shatter pre roll was amazing great recommendation from everyone was worth it sitting on another planet dY’OE

  262. Frotus

    Super awesome!

  263. bturps420

    Great budtendets friendly and helpful and a nice supply of wax.

  264. marine82

    I was glad to see a Dispensary in Casa Grande. Gotta say very good service and the meds was not bad at all except for the Bubba Kush, I expected more out the Bubba but not bad. Now the Blue Widow; now that helped me a lot. The prices are sort of high but if you check the other Dispensaries in the surrounding areas they are comparable. But I am glad they take care of the vets with a discount. Will be coming in again

    Thanks LeafLive………

  265. bearhands10

    I come here all the time and keep on coming! The Sour Tangie us one of my new favorites! Thanks guys 🙂

  266. PotGod41

    this place has good product and even better prices

  267. Mario710

    Best shop ever!

  268. kentrell777

    everytime I pop in here it’s always love and dope pricing have been multiple times and will continue to come!

  269. randyequis

    Love that I can come to CG and get a great experience. The deals are actually better than in Phoenix!
    Going again just because I’m in town. Thanks!

  270. 420at480

    best place I’ve been too! will be coming back again and again

  271. Kkoszuth

    wide selection great staff

  272. mmjmedluv

    Everyone is very friendly, and answers all your questions. prices are comparable of other dispensaries.

  273. tshelde71

    love this place good flower

  274. hightai

    I like that they have the tax included

  275. 001jebpoet

    Hey, what about the 8 to 5er’s? By the time we get to the dispensary, the really juicy selections are gone. Can we put a little back? I am sure it will sell!

  276. Faustinus_

    My favorite place to get quality bud and a good price


    Very nice..and plentiful. …great selection

  278. DevourMyself

    Best prices in all of arizona. Great employees who care about their patients, and are knowledgable of the products sold. My new favorite.

  279. Boarder79

    this has to be one of the best dispensaries I have been to some I got my card. the meds are fantastic and the people are always friendly and extremely helpful

  280. June92

    Great bud and great prices. Great budtenders.

  281. spidybri

    Another great trip to the shop. Always fun. Love the new oil! Thanks.

  282. dblukas

    first time visit was great

  283. Pitapie

    Today was my 2nd time placing an order online. The 1st time they sent someone that didn’t know the total, kept going back and forth to his car to get the information of my order. Today I placed my order at 11 am, I received a text notification that my order would be delivered today between 2:00-3:30pm . At 2:25pm I received a call asking me if I was ready for my order to be delivered, of course I said yes. The person then stated there would be a $15.00 delivery charge with my order. I informed them that I was not informed of this when I placed my order. I also informed them I was not charged a delivery charge the 1st time and that when I place the order it didn’t indicate it on the total amount nor was there any mention on their website that there would be a delivery charge. They informed me that’s why they were calling me now to inform me that there would be a delivery charge. I informed them that I placed the order at 11 a.m. and I ask them why they wouldn’t inform at the time of the order was placed and they did not have an answer for me this is very poor customer service and my experience with them has not been good hopefully Casa Grande able to get a different dispensaries.

  284. trblewlkn

    great meds and friendly people, if they lower the price id come there more often because its close, but at 17 @ g its more cost-effective to . drive to Phoenix.

  285. eluna831

    Very friendly staff. Very good strains and cheap prices. Don’t have to go to other despensarys they got it all.

  286. J10Ride

    This location is a nice chill and easy dispensary to utilize.

  287. Channabis08

    I love this place. They are mom friendly too! <3

  288. cabuka

    Great products and the people are very friendly and helpful. Thanks everyone

  289. Pnutbutrlicious

    Love this location! The daily specials are great and so is the service. The flower selection and prices are definitely worth the trip.

  290. blazedjacks

    Stopped in on my way from Gilbert to Tucson and was not disappointed. Great Meds! Top shelf Dr. Who is SUPER good and the mid level Superman is also pretty damn good too. Can’t say anything for their concentrates but I would imagine they are bomb too. Customer service was great I spent a few minutes in there and didn’t feel rushed. They also have great weekly deals, rewards pts, and a ftp deal. If I lived closer I would be here weekly for sure. Keep up the good work LeafLife! I will see you next time I am passing through. aoeOEi,

  291. d_greenlee2

    Always great customer service!!!

  292. Villescaz

    Very nice and comfortable environment

  293. joshorspooner

    This was the first dispensary that I ever went to, when I arrived I was greeted nicely and professionally. I had just enough time to look at the deals they had on their convenient tv until they opened the door, really fast service. I am very impressed with the medicine too, it helps alleviate my pain. They have constant great deals and overall my favorite place to go to. Would recommend to everyone. Got a free pre-roll too for my first visit! Thank again Leaf Life!

  294. Richelle39

    They always remember me by name. I love this place they always have a smile on their faces.

  295. savyang

    That REDWOOD KUSH though! dY”Y=dY”Y= dY”Y=

  296. Smokey_Steve

    Love visiting family in casa grande just so i can go to this dispensary! great prices, good people and great meds!

  297. Stoner.Godmother

    Other than the location, a great place with some of the coolest people ever. I just had the biggest shock of my life whilst picking up my order. The fluffy mexican up front really smilesdY~,dY~,dY~,

  298. MG78

    Great Overall Experience. Staff awesome and courteous definitely comfortable place to shop

  299. karenmrosov

    Very good people, first time experience about a month ago at Leaf Life, the flowers where on point,picked up a Haze, I really enjoyed. I also picked up a few cartridges for my pens which have been leaking, would like to return them.

  300. Jonnytrees

    Awesome bud tenders great deals all week long!

  301. btyphoon00

    Still is and always will be my favorite place to go when I get the chance, worth the drive from the valley! Every
    day they have awesome specials, you can’t beat their 25$ 1/8ths!

  302. abbzflowerz

    I’ve always heard amazing things about this dispo and their flower is amazing!

  303. pealms28

    righ on

  304. aztroop

    Awesome place with great service and good prices

  305. mocrab

    Everyone is really friendly and they don’t mind explaining their products even when they are busy!

  306. ArizonaHeat520

    very good prices and as well as the quality is! I’ll be back everytime I’m in town to visit.

  307. Alexzander1

    super convenient location

  308. Araelynn420

    its a great place to get meds from. great service

  309. Ramron187

    Great service


    great service great bud tenders!!

  311. gearsfam68

    love this place. very friendly. great products. even when busy they don’t rush you. let’s you take your time.

  312. clibourne

    This place always had good meds and David was always so nice and very informative. My favorite is their brownies. Great donation price and soon good. Nothing like a good edible. I just wish I didn’t live so far away from them so it was easier to visit.

  313. robnineteen68

    Great place, VERY knowledgeable staff, always willing to answer any questions regarding their products. I have been to a few dispensaries, and I have to say, this is by far my favorite!! This is where you should get your medication.

  314. Dragonmurders420

    Love the meds. Some of the best shatter & wax.

  315. Manny92

    Far drive for me but well worth it this place always has the best concentrates and great deals

  316. Pod59992

    I love my local dispensary never had a bad experience

  317. Wilkesboro1

    best in the business great staff, great product. great prices and great sales. except loyalty program. I love leaf life favorite store ever. #leaflife’sthehighlife

  318. elodav

    Very friendly atmosphere. Reyna is always very helpful and very knowledgeable about strains, Rufus at the front is always smiling and upbeat

  319. dontesmom

    enjoy coming here good flower
    great friendly staff

  320. Marcos91Jimenez

    This was dope for the my first time to any dispensary forgot homies name that help me recommend some High Grade Girl Time it was super good they had some new stuff called sour cookies made by ITEM9LABS an let me say that’s some heat would definitely go back …

  321. konagoldohana

    Love this place and the staff

  322. thedabbler

    Good selection of cartridges, the sublime brand are pretty good especially if on tuesday.

  323. feltdogg88

    great place. love the staff

  324. basssard

    great people top shelf selection….affordable prices

  325. Bay_Raw

    Great deals

  326. Yobabyyywassup

    Great Place!!!!

  327. 21gramz

    Leaf Life is the Best Dispensary in Pinal County. They offer a wide variety of products all in various price ranges with every patient’s budget in mind. From amazingly affordable Flower, to powerful cough-inducing Concentrates…all the way to scrumptious Edibles; Leaf life will have what you need. Awesome and friendly staff and a great Patient Rewards program. No business is perfect, but Leaf Life is well on it’s way to defy those odds.

  328. k8tmx

    This place is awesome!! super friendly staff! Definitely one of my favorite dispensaries!!

  329. mrlove

    bomb meds def will be going back

  330. Muffiecake2

    This is the most helpfull and clean and calming Despenser i have ever been to the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly as well as the best in price for all medsdY~EUR

  331. James.T

    It’s conveniently located and near the freeway. It’s very easy to get to for me.

  332. KuraiKazumi

    They always have a great atmosphere and budtenders who are willing to help you out on what is the best for your smoking needs.

  333. nate420dizzle

    try the Jupiter OG its really good

  334. derek138

    it’s a great and friendly place to visit love the staff great people.

  335. OMG13

    The staff were knowledgeable about the products lines. The overall atmosphere was relaxing and enjoyable.

  336. zombiewoof67

    great people lots of products

  337. Mcdchavez12

    Went in today specifically only for grow science so I purchased an 8th high tier which was good after my purchase I noticed something else I liked so I wanted to make another purchase 1 second after my original when rudely I was told bye the manager told in pink hair no I have To get back in line meaning I have to go to the front turn my card in again and wait another ten minutes to be helped won’t be back here until she’s gone plain and simple

  338. marrom

    The staff is rude and useless when it comes to their mess ups. They encourage online ordering but their prices are somehow different online than they are in shop so you never know what you’ll pay for your medication. If you have promotions they will forget to account for them and blame you for it. I’ve seen this happen to multiple customers, now myself, and it should simply NEVER happen. Leaf life staff seems to have ZERO concern for their patients and their medication. This dispensary does not know how to run a business, or offer good customer service.

  339. JayyFresh

    Danny, and (Queen) Elizabeth are one of my favorite bud tenders to see after a long day. They both have great customer service.

  340. marylynn12

    Love it!

  341. Compton157

    Professional, cool and fast

  342. rachgonz80

    Everyone that works here is WONDERFUL!!dY~

  343. QueenMckee

    Great atmosphere! Great Deals!

  344. Shane0407

    I’ve been here like 4 times and I’ve never been disappointed with the product my favorite thing is the sublime carts I haven’t found anything with the same quality and price!

  345. Bettyboop1211

    The people here always friendly and helpful

  346. ss12olson

    I really am happy to have tried this location. Now whenever in the area, it’s a must-stop!

  347. michigan989

    I love this place I recommend everybody here

  348. JMJ2000

    I had an awesome experience as a new patient. Great service, and staff was very helpful in answering all of my questions. Can’t wait to go back!

  349. JustinDavenport

    Awesome staff..love this place

  350. brook25

    One of the only dispensaries with an awesome point system and I love the everyday deals . Keeps me coming back !

  351. Jarhead957

    Best place for quality A1 The Service is great A1. The Atmosphere of this place will keep you calm in the waiting game. Leaf Life and its budtenders are A1.

  352. JVlz520

    A must stop if you’re driving through… awesome flowers… love the purple cheddar. great staff too very friendly.

  353. robtaylor420

    Been a while since I have reviewed these folks, so here it is. I won’t review the flowers as I rarely purchase at this location, although I have tried a few and they seem to be in the right direction. The assortment of concentrates on the other hand, is quite impressive. They have the best prices in this category I have found plus the BEST qualities. They also stand behind their products 100aEURdeg.
    Veterans get a nice discount and they have great specials and a great staff on top of it all.

  354. LMR

    I’ve been medicating for 20 years so i know trees pretty well. I went to Leaf Life just to check it out and ended up leaving with some KILLER BUBBA (if you know good Bubba, you know good Bubba is hard to find in AZ). Happy to see some quality meds and professional atmosphere in Casa but DAMNNNN they do charge outrageous ($60 a eigth).

  355. hollyhoodhills420

    Convienent location, helpful and friendly staff. This is my go to dispensary!

  356. andy3412lu

    great place great meds friendly staff

  357. ldsrobinson

    I like this place. Good qualities and nice people, I would recommend it to others

  358. frybreadinspector89

    1St time in there,knowledgeable staff helped me out

  359. JonNorth

    Chill place

  360. cngf

    the staff is so friendly and knowledgeable about all the different kinds of medication they are so helpful and always smiling this may be the only dispensary in casa Grande but even if it wasn’t it’s the only place I’d trust

  361. cwilkinson

    Best store in Az hands down! Superior quality and staff is fantastic. I will go there again
    and again

  362. AzJoJo25

    This place has really great flower and concentrates, would recommend to anyone. And the bud tenders are alway great to talk too. Love this place

  363. Rais4

    fast and easy online ordering

  364. ascott62

    Excellent service. Staff very knowledgeable! Great deals!

  365. saw90

    Best dispensary in Arizona.

  366. RGonzalez

    Great job by these guys always. Nice atmosphere and fair prices esp if you take advantage the daily specials. Vet friendly too. Thanks guys.

  367. Markeyskushedup

    It awesome place ybe ppl there are grwst excellent service…

  368. loricia

    Good service and some of the best tree

  369. CrystalWilly27

    The staff is always very pleasant & helpful. Best place in the area to get flower. Hands down:)

  370. Lysadri627

    Definetly have some of the best deals every week. Especially the shatters! Leaf life will always be my first pick when it comes to their shatter!

  371. cannabisgal1

    I love it! Angie is very knowledgeable about the products and very informative, she always helps me with what I need. always can count on her for help. she is defiantly the go to person for the job!!

  372. tsanela

    Absolutely love leaf life! The staff is always friendly and helpful and their products are amazing! Definitely will continue to return to this dispensary as a happy customer.

  373. chevy4sure

    Great Peeps here, help me to get what I need every time.

  374. devildog82

    It’s always great the prices very squared away. The bud tenders the best.

  375. haylie7717

    This is the best place i have ever been to. The staff is amazing and the service is fantastic.

  376. Desertrat15

    great service and selection!

  377. Jenn19jenn

    They have great deals , fast service and very friendly

  378. Ogkushcookiez

    Great knowledgeable budtenders plenty flavors strongly recommend

  379. badkitty8

    Staff is friendly and is always helpful 🙂

  380. BlackfootColombian

    Ive been coming to Leaf Life since August and I have quickly come to love the staff, their knowledgeability and their genuine willingness to help. Great products, donations are a bit high but…Id rather not have to leave town.

  381. marcushatch55

    Great Dispensary people! I just moved to Casa Grande and had no problem finding the location conveniently located right off of Florence on N Salk Dr. Wonderful atmosphere as you enter Leaf Life. The saff is always so welcoming and are very fun and easy to work with they use their knowledge they obtain from the experience and products they have and also have wonderful insight and answers to all of your question so do not hesitate to ask!

  382. flyingsolo310

    Great people, buds, wax and the staff are always friendly ! Will always comeback and world recommend it to others!!

  383. tigervsbear

    Always timely and very friendly! 🙂

  384. Tbear67

    The people are great and the product works great for my pain.

  385. jarhead382

    Hey What can I say been coming here for years now. It’s been great for me great atmosphere and great budtenders. Oh yeah! The Flower’s are great.

  386. mersinary9

    one of my favorite places to go always a cool comfortable atmosphere with friendly people an fair an awesome deals. it’s the perfect place if your looking for some fair prices bud with great quality an recomdations the perfect place for first timers.

  387. jmailloux

    Awesome flower at a great price, staff is really cool also!!

  388. evilwaffle1377

    The fact my banger on a bong I bought there broke after 3 dabs and not reimbursed for it was quite disappointing. Staff and actual product is good. just don’t buy bangers or bongs or rigs from there.

  389. Thana

    they are always getting new flowers!
    better strains and better quality! This place is legit staff is super nice they make you feel welcome!

  390. Benjamin23

    Great staff an flower

  391. Meagan23

    Great prices, great customer service & great products!

  392. High5gabz

    Horrible !! Very unprofessional

  393. sdharris

    Their quality just keeps getting better. Their concentrates are they the roof. (Live resin)

  394. Davidb5788

    Very professional and organized

  395. Stateless

    The staff are knowledgeable in ways that help.

  396. GreatJT

    liz was great as always made my visit awesome and very fun

  397. Bdub912

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean professional atmosphere. Good quality products. What more could you want

  398. rgonzvar

    Discreet, clean & relaxing with great customer support.

  399. Kiki201700

    This place is friendly and has great costumer derive and great product

  400. wildwilliam

    great staff freat product fast service wonderful staff

  401. Sativasteady86

    My local dispensary budtenders & staff have made my first 2 months as a patient so wonderful. They have spent time helping me try different strains, different methods for each of my problems. Mostly related to spine disease, Lupus & Depression. Shout Out to Liz & staff & Happy Sunday.

  402. Jack mick

    I think it a awesome . Good costumer services all in all love the place

  403. SmokerB79

    Best shop around

  404. SourD43

    Picked up an 1/8 of Sour D (3.61) so good

  405. setnomeima

    I love this place, fast friendly service and amazing flowers 😉 The place is always chill and relaxed. Great customer service.

  406. PhilthyMoney69

    Always treated good!

  407. denver77

    Much Thanks.!
    clean positive people great atmosphere.
    An incredibly knowledgeable staff.

  408. geobabb

    Convenient, usually fast

  409. buddster

    This place is very professional. Angie is very knowledgeable and helpful.

  410. Brunokilla

    Like I always said the employees are cool ass hell
    Service is always great

  411. thelieismine

    I love that I can hump on Leafly and see what Leaf Life has going on and I can run down and pick up exactly what I’m looking for. It’s awesome to go in and the tenders are almost more excited for you. I’m always brought in quickly, checked out quickly. Great Job!

  412. leeparks

    Great products. Excellent service. Good prices!

  413. Royskii

    Always great service and great quality flower

  414. 2Geckos

    High marks in all areas, very good staff, quality at a fair price, and open 7 days a week.

  415. cconatzer

    It’s a great shop

  416. Joanngardner619

    From the moment you walk in to the moment you walk out all the staff treat you with outstanding customer service and very very friendly and clean facility. Love this dispensary

  417. micahj383

    Awsome atmosphere,roofus is very knowledgeable of the products they carry,great varieties.Live resin cartridges are the best at an even better price!!..thanks

  418. sich61

    love seeing everyone always happy and willing to recommend strands for me 🙂 love you guys

  419. danthemanvicari

    As a Cannabis enthusiast marijuana activist , I have been to 30+ stores in the state of Arizona. . In fact I went to the top 10 stores on LEAFLY . Let me say this …We are Lucky to have Leaflife available in the city of Casa Grande. The medicine and the quality of it is an A+, the prices are extremely fair for everybody that goes into the store. Grams from 10$,12$,15$ , and 8ths from 35$,42$,50$ . Everywhere I’ve gone stores have had me pay 17-20$ for a gram and 65-70$ for an 8th .Now the concentrates are pretty getting handed out on WaxWendesday/Shatterday. On Wednesday Wax is 20$ a 1/2 gram 40$ for a full gram. Saturday live resin and shatter are 25$ a 1/2 gram. I won’t consider going to the valley . I’ve spent to much money in the valley when I can get the Quality here in town. If anything were to be said about the “Management” , it would be that it is absolutely out standing . If you are new or want more detailed information as a patient , stop in the middle of Tucson and PHX for some professional patient Consulting.

  420. Jtucson

    I gave this a review a few months ago and I gave them a pretty high rating. Since then, I have noticed the quality has gone downhill. I have found seeds in a few different purchases and the overall quality has diminished. I am thinking of changing places because this dispensary is having some consistency issues that seem to be getting worse. I hope they can improve but until then, I will find somewhere else to go.

  421. madtokes

    I stop every time I pass through and get a few grams of wax. Best deals and superior quality. Must visit if driving by or live in the area.

  422. fuckyourelbow


  423. Obez

    Would not go back cause they short the grams, bring your own scale

  424. Rryder

    Nice location. Good flower happy with this spot

  425. Lozano1

    WOW! ppl in cg pay that much for shatter…

  426. B-ri

    I LOVE the Sunday deals 50 dollar 1/2. Great Selections!

  427. MarkO520

    I love this location. good strains good prices very customer friendly I visit this location frequently

  428. sheilak56

    I love the staff. They are very knowledgeable. Very friendly and always in a great mood. They know their product. Its always enjoyable to be there.

  429. RevAndrew419

    you where to go , the pk

  430. Bunz35

    This is my favorite place to shop now. From the concentrates to the edibles OMG!! And always something for everyone’s price range. Daily special’s and amazing staff, can’t beat that dYtmOEdY~SdYtmOEdY~S

  431. Tamtam21

    Very helpful. First time here they were awesome

  432. Sydvysh

    This Location Is Awesome the girls know pretty much all customers by names and get business done in a quick a timely manner to ensure all patients are taking care of!!!!!!!!!! Awesome job all of you tho!!!!!!!!!!!

  433. greenfire840

    please get more high end strains to try skywalker is some fire though!

  434. dercl1980

    such a great atmosphere , great people , and love the live resin.

  435. MrLongSausag

    This place has to be one of the best shops in az! Have great buds and every bud tender is very respectful

  436. JeromyEllis

    best dispensary around, great staff!

  437. HarleyEdmiston

    This is the best dispensory I have yet to come by they are all the way around a 5 star place very great people

  438. jreyna520

    leaf life koo but yall needa learn how to trim them damn half ounces it’s ridiculous the amount of leaves on that shit

  439. JoJo2191

    Friendly service great product with great prices

  440. niccnguyen

    under weighers

  441. hippie.chic

    The lobby was remodeled a bit so it’s roomier to sit and more comfortable. Good quality products. The budtenders here are knowledgeable. I never met one who didn’t know what they were talking about. Prices are competitive, but I like my deals, which is the only time I go. But the Phx area still has better deals. 😉 hint hint

  442. Snowcoby

    The vibes are gr8 and the ppl are always helpful

  443. Smarque1

    Great place , great prices . Friendly staff

  444. eloyaz0520

    great location great workers and great deals

  445. ac520

    Leaf life is always a good choice they always have a good variety and good prices

  446. Dragonmurders0420

    good meds great staff, off your in Casa Grande check out leaf life.

  447. elzorak

    Excellent service with decent quality meds. Thursday bogo brownies are my favorite

  448. WVHickster

    The only real bad thing about Life Life is that only cardholders can come inside. It’s a million degrees out there several days a year. I sometimes can’t get a ride because people don’t want to wait in the heat. I’ve went to a lot of dispensaries all over this state, and this is the only one that doesn’t allow people inside who aren’t cardholders.

  449. villegas1022

    I liked the new look! haven’t been here in a few months….. this is the first dispensary I have ever been too and it was nice to be back

  450. mashorejen

    This location is one of the best I’ve been to. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. Always satisfied when I leave.

  451. blueogcookie

    Best in town great flower and knowledgeable tenders

  452. mink1970

    great place for all your needs

  453. Loudone

    best strains in Az nice prices

  454. Headband19

    Good location, decent selection. Sublime cartridges are pretty good

  455. Joanna5150

    This location is great. Bud tenders are AWESOME.

  456. alexispacheco420

    love the flowers ! the budtenders are awesome and very helpful. can’t wait to try the lunar nugs

  457. Ant_Man420

    Awesome place, great atmosphere, amazing employees , good bud, outstanding remodeling dY’-dY’-dY’-

  458. sudofx

    No doubt this is the best dispensary in a 50 mile radius! Great meds, friendly, knowledgeable bud tenders and the best prices! I’m very fortunate to live so close. The only thing left for them to add is a delivery service.

    Keep up the great work!

  459. trose075

    Best place in town to get my meds.

  460. azmx

    Friendly staff and better pricing than Phoenix or Tucson. Decent selection but menu needs more info. Good location.

  461. jadsr

    Love this place. Nice friendly atmosphere . Bud tenders are knowledgeable to all products

  462. mannyfresh5151

    Awesome stuff

  463. bulletsantos

    Really enjoy going to this place. Very friendly staff.

  464. orbs15

    First time here, was a long drive but worth it, flowers are spot on, tried there live resin fantastic. the prices are right on. If you haven’t tried this spot, what are you waiting for.

  465. eweezzy619

    Great overall selection with a friendly staff.

  466. smu80802

    Great staff and great flower 🙂

  467. Drron369

    love the people, really dig the place. thanks for being here! 🙂

  468. MzTae

    Great local option! They really have improved the quality of not only their flowers but edibles too! Usually a quick wait and great customer service. Will keep visiting.

  469. rchlgonz80

    This is one of the best dispensaries I have been to. Great daily specials. All the staff is very knowledgeable and pleasant.

  470. elee1972

    I didn’t feel welcome.

  471. LPistolero

    Clean and friendly environment. Prompt service. I didn’t get my budtenders name but she was friendly and informative. Will definitely return when I’m in the area.

  472. BrendaLee1996

    Awesome dispensary, highly recommended. Thank you!

  473. T.Krejci

    I love this dispensary, most of the time there’s no wait. The employees here are knowledgeable and polite, and the flower is well priced and great quality. I always enjoy coming here.

  474. hydroknowledge

    Love the staff, Amazing Meds, always awesome deals, Variety of concentrates, top-chef edibles, stop in you’ll be back

  475. RavenStorm14

    great product at a great price with friendly budtenders ready to answer your every question!

  476. Ogrome3

    Leaf life nothing but good people.

  477. chito520

    I stopped by while I was in the area and the next time I’m in the area I’m definitely going to stop by…. they have a good selection for decent prices.

  478. agirl006

    Super great flowers and staff is amazing knowledgeable and willing to listen to what ur looking for

  479. sallen480

    Good location with a great variety selection of cannabis. First time patient to this location and certainly won’t be my last. The Budtender who took care of me was very polite and friendly. It is a drive to get to but overall I’d return.

  480. SSChase

    good customer service, Danny always lookin out hookin up with the best.

  481. XxWeThePeoplexX

    Dopest dope I’ve ever smoked!! dY$?a check this place out!

  482. blood7979

    the flower is really good at this location customer service is greatgreat

  483. stephlunder

    All budtenders are knowledgeable about their products. Super helpful.

  484. Dillonc0617

    Great location closest one to me since the dispensary in maricopa closed but great prices and great bud!

  485. TDLR

    Nice facility, friendly people, great meds!

  486. OILIFE

    This place rocks great service nice ppl

  487. Irishgreengirl

    First time to this location a week ago. great staff, knows their stuff. in 5 years never could find anything to sleep until their Kosher Kush. please bring it back! Thank you!

  488. Chrty

    Everyone is super helpful & professional!

  489. surtiny

    Need number to call if I’m going take a drive to them. not just a email……..

  490. Green_Turtle_Queen

    Honestly I never have a bad thing to say, great people, amazing medicine and absolutely outstanding atmosphere. I’ll never be in pain as long as I can make my way to my favorite dispensary atmY=i,atmY=i,

  491. pantallica420

    well customer service is alot slower than it used to be…but still a good place to go

  492. jeff0887

    Good meds

  493. fishbop

    I do not see any reason to go elsewhere as I can’t imagine they can do better!

  494. sparklecrone

    could not be more pleased, it is awesome to have such a great group of people and a great location… I feel safe and well taken care of.

  495. beede52

    Good service and good flower

  496. Reackter

    great customer service (fat shoutz to mah dude danny) and some great budz. keep doin what you doin n ill keep on comin back

  497. elijamesbush

    very fast & friendly! great coustom service. people that work there are AWESOME dY’OEdY’-

  498. walkbyme4evr

    Love the staff.

  499. leetha21

    Friendly staff and a great variety of flower!

  500. NavyVet420

    this past Tuesday was my last visit. the buds are not cured right. the Blue Dream of the only thing usable out of the half ounce I got. the Snoop OG and Sour Diesel taste like hay at best. the sfv OG crumbs and Maui crumbs tasted over heated. I can’t justify driving there anymore. sorry you lost a customer, plus you forgot my vets discounts 2x. no worries. the folks are uber nice. but the buds aren’t good and for being the only location in Casa Grande the patients don’t have a choice. please fix your grow issues. we the patients shouldn’t suffer with inadequate meds!!

  501. kushdaily69

    For some reason, every one who answers the phone is super rude & disrespectful. To what we care considered aEURoepatientsaEUR, I should be treated like one. I personally Would not recommend this place to any connoisseur.

  502. Jrod21

    I drove all the way from Gilbert to visit this little cannapharm because I saw that they had a batch of chronic thunder at 26.4% THC. I did have to wait 20 minutes to see a budtender but man the drive and the wait was well worth it! They have 3 categorized flower strains starting at 35$ 42$ and 50$ for the two premium strains. Which is what the chronic thunder was. All the flower would be top shelf anywhere else listed at outrageous prices. I will definitely be back in the future even if it takes 45 minutes to get here! Tell your growers well done and to keep it up! This is Colorado level type medical flower!

  503. boss.silvery

    I loved it.

  504. LeafLover88

    staff was very helpful in choosing what is best for me

  505. Jay120

    Great place and good flower.

  506. Ktc92

    yesterday was my first visit. I was overall impressed with how quickly I was called back. unfortunately I do not remember the woman’s name but her help was fantastic she was very polite.

  507. wajunk40

    I had a great first visit here. The prices were overall much better than what I’ve been seeing in other places and the product was excellent as well.

  508. BE14

    great service and great flower!

  509. angelof27

    couldn’t be more happy this season the Christmas deals were excellent

  510. Passdadutchie

    I love this place. It has great flower and great customer service .hands down best place in town to

  511. terickson

    Good bud, good people, I am a frequent flyer it’s worth checking out.

  512. leonthomas

    was a great experiance

  513. craigjohns

    If you can go to another dispensary then you should. This place is whack.

  514. tormentedbacon

    Upgrading my review from 1 star to 3 star. They added $75 half oz on Sundays, which isn’t a bad deal. Selection is a little low and that keeps me from rating higher, but it’s better than nothing.

  515. Pueblo1100

    Great meds, good prices

  516. gloc211wsc

    Love them great meds always

  517. aprilmae

    Love this location

  518. mzbianca313

    Love it

  519. wdusher

    This place occasionally has some of the best medicine ever, Buddha Tahoe yum. The staff is always polite and helpful. Great Dispensary.

  520. patar81

    simply the best dispensary!!!

  521. Desertburn

    Great service, perfect budtenders.

  522. mariavlopez

    Love using the on line ordering, fast service

  523. EXhaling

    love leaf life and it’s staff!

  524. sarahjadee420

    Awesome environment. Very friendly. Bomb weed. Lit AF.

  525. donyale123

    quality of service was good quality of flowers was very nice and the atmosphere was quiet I like this place

  526. azbilly0711

    Loved it got a quad of sour diesel smells and tastes amazing I’ll be back soon

  527. Albertgetsguap

    good environment

  528. tscott3425

    awesome staff

  529. jayherb222

    Leafy is awesome! They have the largest supply of everything, including various vapes and concentrates to choose from! The only dispensary in the area too. dY’

  530. misslizamone

    best place in town. good prices and friendly staff. bud is legit.

  531. Neitousama

    huge brownies very potent and great selection!

  532. 6foot4ninja

    I love the online ordering now.. fast and simple .

  533. MELVINjenkins

    Excellent location bike ride from my house

  534. mike1377

    Love this place great buds low prices !

  535. josh420smoke

    amazing product and even better customer service i reccomend all my friends here im lucky to have them so close to home

  536. Taylordrewmj

    Amazing staff, super friendly, and amazing product.

  537. tommyv16

    if you need advice E is the best help

  538. karma1989

    amazing strands, great customer service, very knowledgeable. would recommend to everyone.

  539. rhartley

    Tried a hot rod joint, very nice, bud tenders are super Thanks to all!

  540. bigmess

    great spot, long drive for me but well worth it

  541. eferg

    clean, friendly, lots of info on my first trip! 5dYOEY

  542. waymar

    Great meds, awesome staff. Always clean and fast.

  543. smiley28

    I’ve tried OG18 all over the valley one of my favorite strains an it’s a way better tasting flower at this location to bad I live in the far West valley but well worth the drive

  544. bjramos2010

    Upbeat, positive, with good information.

  545. PfonkLuv1

    One of my favorites. Great prices.

  546. Jumath55

    They are some of the nicest people and very, very helpful. I would highly recommened this place to all and I have.

  547. msstonee12

    Always have the best meds but
    Cataract Kush is dY’PSdY’- u all do a good job thank u leaf life staffa$?i,dY’dY>>

  548. edwardthegreat

    Great quality service, great quality products

  549. afwreck

    love this place great people great bud

  550. Badhopes

    Love this Dispensary, such a great crew who works there and lots of good deals they have and they offer vet discounts and they have it remember you in the system(mind blown). I would highly recommend at least stopping by here and getting you first time patient stuff. But if you live in cg or close by check out their daily deals on different things!

  551. 420kidfresh

    I have been to many dispensaries in the area, but this one was my favorite. They had a large variety of different strands – all great quality. I was helped by Angie and she was an expert on every leaf in the building. She was very friendly and helped me decide on a medication that was specific for my symptoms. I would highly recommend making this your ONLY stop when you need medication. Ask for Angie!

  552. ryanisbosss

    Hands down my go to again. Prices, selection and budtenders are all on point here.

  553. 420B0MB3R

    They have amazing Bud choices, for a wonderful price. And there HIGH GRADE PRODUCTS are THE BEST! Recommend this Place to Anyone!

  554. frizzyhuncho1

    I love Leaf Life. Quality only.

  555. doomy007

    Great people and a lot to choose from.

  556. sandra251982

    It has a wide variety and I like it.

  557. mattixa86

    sublime products, the best!

  558. AZSard

    Great buds and service, always find good deals. However, they need to put on their summary that they do not allow anyone BUT patients in their waiting room. That or be more compassionate once the weather starts turning warmer. It’s pretty inconsiderate having to ask my wife to sit in the car in sweltering heat when every other dispensary allows non-patients on their property.

  559. Kirkdajuggalo420

    Leaf life is a really good dispensary good bud and awesome staff

  560. scoobytats

    Love the remodel. Chill spot. Always improving product

  561. c0sm0s1s

    Already driving a full hour to get meds each week, I decided to make the one hour trip to Leaf Life instead of the normal trek across Phoenix. The office, located by the hospital, is modern and safe. The prices per tier are totally fair, and the quality matches or exceeds the best two shops in Phoenix. While the varietal amount is modest, the selections available are exceptional. If any of the product is acquired by wholesale, the purchases are wise. My mid level quarters of Jilly Bean and DJ Short Blueberry (seems like a true cut) are enjoyable and and effective, but I think I would’ve been happy with any of the products. My BT was cool and friendly. This place is now on my top 5.

  562. ganjqueen30

    very friendly staff, curious and fast service.

  563. Stevecall77

    Very friendly people.

  564. cottonmouth116

    Nice place. Quick service. Try online ordering. Nice deals.

  565. madi98

    This was my first visit there and it was around 30 mile drive to get there, but I was very satisfied with the visit. The dispensary is very clean, neat and everything is very professional. The receptionist (didn’t get her name but very nice lady) and the bud tenders, were all very good people to work with. I would definitely recommend this dispensary to anyone living in the S.E. valley, Maricopa, Casa Grande areas. Got a free pre-roll of Northern Lights for first time in, which was great and the meds are of excellent quality. I’ll be back for sure.

  566. Breannamast86

    Love the Butter Og. Love how it smells n taste. It’s definitely my favorite at leaf life.

  567. dizydyce

    Awesome deals all throughout the week always handy with the $20 1/8ths

  568. greg1

    the location is great.
    Great staff that’s very knowledgeable and top shelve meds. one of my favorite places to go

  569. vrgarza


  570. daniel.moreno.07

    Great chronic. The wax is fire and the staff is remarkable. Very knowledgeable on meds and very friendly

  571. amiewithajay

    Doooope little dispensary! The budtenders in there are always super helpful and great to talk to and vibe with! I went from driving to Phoenix, Chandler, etc to coming here like 4/5 times a week! Great bud too if recommend it to anyone!

  572. Don868

    Excellent service, fast, convenient and friendly. Very happy they are in town and I dont need to drive further north.

  573. meliorist59

    Staff is very personable and don’t make you feel rushed even if waiting room is full. Really know the products and which are best for me.

  574. deblkelly42

    Good prices
    Great staff

  575. hightech420

    love this spot that og 18 is awesome!

  576. VaporKong

    My favorite place, great selection and specials

  577. treewizardx77

    Great prices great bud great people!!

  578. nico1482

    Great cherry diesel bomb

  579. Jollyjandro

    Nice budtenders. Nice specials. Love Sublime products. Happy to find out that’s their label. Tasty shatter. Good price on good bud.dY~

  580. Jok3R913

    Great and Positive environment! Staff made me feel very calm and relaxed when I was getting a little anxious. Very Satisfied

  581. sololuv7

    Very. fast and friendly service. The quality of their products is excellent and a great variety in all price ranges.

  582. oriella20

    Everyone is always kind and very helpful.

  583. brogdog13

    It was my first time in a dispensary,I was really nervous about going in. But everyone says it’s weird their first time. Everyone was very welcoming to me and a stranger even gives me advice on how to get the best deals. It felt like I was initiated into a special club that everyone wants to get in to. The bud quality was excellent and their selection was pretty big. I’ve never seen so much weed in my life. I had a silly grin on my face that I didn’t mind keeping. They even apologize for the limited selection because they just had a sale in honor of the medical patients. I’ll definitely stop by here often, and rate it 5 stars all the way.

  584. foxtrot1

    Fantastic secret of the valley, always great staff, great products, never disappointed, Thanks Brian for keeping the quality high and at the same time accommodating all tiers and medicines for your patients, we really appreciate our dispensary.

  585. cduey

    Searched the East Valley for a long time to find high quality meds. Found them here today. The different strains I received were top notch. I tried the Co2 wax and was pleased to find it was the real deal. I will make the 1.5 hr round trip every time! Thank You Leaf Life!!

  586. sarena

    amazing dY~,,

  587. Nico520AZ

    Kylee thank you so much to help me out on the problem with my loyalty points! I appreciate you so much!

  588. chamin623

    Great Dispensary with good meds & good staffs

  589. ladieavon

    I loved this place. The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable, because I walked in not knowing much. They took the time to explain everything I didn’t understand. AWESOME place!!!

  590. GingaNinja6955

    Super helpful staff and relaxed environment. Great product as well.

  591. hippydann

    They always have a great wax selection and quality flowers service is always great and a nice atmosphere

  592. Sifuentes1990

    Great service

  593. native389

    FTP Heading there for possibly a canary the place is holding strong Right on.

  594. Tboneduzit

    gotta get more strains

  595. azrat

    Read previous reviews and all was true.Staff friendly and knowledgeable. I made the right choice for my 1st visit. Will return.

  596. TMStone

    I always find exactly what I need at a great price with Leaf Life. Exceptional Staff as well

  597. kandikisses

    love these guys great choices

  598. wesmilee

    This location is very good with options and service. Also a good location.

  599. dlok13

    Excellent service & helpful knowledgeable budtenders.

  600. KatzinAz

    Love this store! Always best selection, best prices, daily sales and easy to get to!

  601. Ariyana1226

    Always fast service and good flower, and super close to home lol

  602. chiich

    Today Danny hooked it up the new Twax 100mg paper which was dank also the Jupiter pen and sublime Jupiter sour apple cartridge was 1000% fire!!!! super potent and flavorful..thanks Danny *_*

  603. nichlas66

    Informative budtenders and relaxed setting. No pressure and the price is good for the high quality. Definitely recommend.

  604. BPEEPS

    Great place.. good bud good prices

  605. chakra88

    so far so good

  606. nhudi

    Nice dispensary with excellent an excellent staff. Always helpful and great product selection. Also great pricing. Highly recommend!

  607. Suth817

    the staff was great and wonderful could have clipboards to fill out information for first-time patient would be nice other than that a great environment very nice staff

  608. MelMalzahn

    Great people

  609. hula101

    love this place nice people… I will go back time and time again….

  610. JmChildress

    Customer service is top of the line, friendly atmosphere, and clean establishment!

  611. Alemonsta

    Great place with great bud and even better priced highly recommend going !

  612. dgoff25

    the strains are always good i never have a junkie problem there and the staff are nice

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