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10816 Macleod Trail SE Unit 252, Calgary, AB


50.9562128, -114.069658




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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At Nova Cannabis we carry an outstanding line of products and top brands representing the best in flowers, oils, capsule, seeds, pre-roll and more.
But, we’re more than just the product. Our Customer Experience Representatives are ready to help you navigate strains, product types and the perfect accessories for making the most out of every moment. Walk around and ask questions, because nobody knows what you need better than we do.

Be sure to bring government-issued ID showing you are 18+. Please use cannabis responsibly and don’t drive while impaired.

List of Brands you will find at a Nova Cannabis store:
aEURC/ Acreage Pharms
aEURC/ Aphria
aEURC/ Aurora
aEURC/ Canntrust
aEURC/ Canopy Growth
aEURC/ Emblem
aEURC/ Maricann
aEURC/ Med ReLeaf
aEURC/ Organigram
aEURC/ Starseed
aEURC/ Up Cannabis
aEURC/ Weed MD


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14 reviews for “Nova Cannabis

  1. Majat

    I was there Oct 24 and waited in line for 90 minutes. The dude at the door said it is always the same from open to close. Most of the higher THC strains were sold out. The 3.5 g (cheaper) containers were mostly sold out. I purchased 28 g from 4 different suppliers that the helpful staff suggested. I waited in another short line and my order that I gave previously to a girl with a tablet was ready at the till. I paid $338.39 and left with a large brown bag full of legal weed.
    The only problem I had after arriving home was that my receipt showed two 3.5g (@ $42.95 ea) containers of banana kush but the ones I got were only 1g.
    I was looking for a way to contact them but there is no phone number or email.
    The prices are too high for the small/broken popcorn buds you get and they are very dry and can be broken up by hand. Growing is a much better option IMO.

  2. Jessieli

    Great selection of product and friendly staff.

  3. Yelrebmik

    Clean bright store, helpful friendly staff, lots of selection and stock. Also a surprising amount of accessories, loved the wooden locked stash boxes. Am just getting home to sample product, so I can’t speak to the quality yet.

  4. Mamamak

    It works for when canada post is on strike and it takes 11 days for YOUR parcel to arrive stopping in and grabbing 3.5 isn’t to bad…they need more staff though…really bad

  5. bonnitab

    This is a great store with good range of products priced right for the market. Check out their daily”black market buster” deal for a $6.95/g strain. Quality of product is on point and service is great.

  6. bonesmegga44

    Great look and vibe, the displays are good for new comers with questions about the product, staff are wonderful and knowledgeable.

  7. Petebrian89

    Nova is going to be the Starbucks of cannabis !

  8. canadient83

    Cheapest place in Calgary, great atmosphere. High prices, but that’s to be expected for a while. The system of ordering the cannabis at the counter is a bit weird, but nothing that would stop me from going back again.

  9. Brizviz

    This place is like your favourite restaurant or barber, you want to tell people how great they are but also keep them all to yourself. They always seem to have a sale on. Which allows me to try something new, or stock up what I like. Huge store, you can walk around and decide in your own time. Staff remember me and what I ordered last time, always do their best to recommend something I’d really like. The one thing that makes this my favourite store is the price, they are the best priced I’ve found so far.

  10. KushHaze420

    Friendly, knowledgable staff. Great prices and they usually have a sale going on. Good selection

  11. ChantalAline

    The quality of bud was just awful. I bought 2 containers of 3.5 grams. When I got home I was extremely disappointed how dry the buds were and small. It felt like they don’t care what kind of product they receive and sell.

    Maybe they should be worry about the quality of the product they purchase for future

    Will NOT go back especially because street plants are better quality than what is sold here. Will not be returning.

  12. Pink-KushPrincess

    Walking into Nova left me extremely overwhelmed. My senses where overloaded with things to look at and I couldn’t find anyone to talk to for advice or help. I didn’t stay in the store long, the red aEURoeout of stockaEUR signs that where attached to almost every strain on their walls stuck out like a sore thumb. Maybe once hype dies down and they get more staff I might try to return. But as of now, I will be going to the many other stores in the area that have better customer service & actual stock.

  13. LilJalapeno

    Prices are ridiculous on average $45 and eight. Competitive prices yeah right just seem like trying to make 1 million bucks off I initial rush. Trash!!!

  14. why27

    Great environment. prices are good compared to others but still high compared to street prices.

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